Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 24, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 24, 1848 Page 1
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Si Vol. XXII. ... Whole io. 1110. nuRMXNTow, liinuv iioi:i.; a-ovkjibgr ai, is is. 'cw Srrics, Vol. 3 IVo. 31 I33tnc33 Carta. HAGAR & ARTHUR, Dealers in Unnlvvnrc, i-m..,,, nl Ac. Vc. 11 CORNER OF CIICRCII AND COt.t.lJE STREET S CALVIN B. EDWARDS, BOOKSELLER STATIONER, Constantly for nle a gencrnl assortment of SCHOOL, CLASSICAL, A X I) Jl l.St! :iW,.Y i:uiJN IIUOITS. The Cheat rent.tciTto.xs, lit. ink Hooks, Sta tioxtrv, Mimc.iL Hooks. Nn 1 Pecks' Hulltling,, gfe WRiSTA ELLIS AND CHURCH, Cttllrge Strict. AUGUSTUS HAVEN, with i.a. gut's' v t;o. IMTOflERS, AND WIIOLCSILE HEALERS IS Foreign anil Domes! ic Dry Goods, 'os. ISA- 1 1 Pearl Slrcct, w9m3 llOSrO.W M. OSTllEIM, i.iiPonTi!ii am) whoi.esam; rr.At.Eu is- ivi is i: s a si i ij i i v o R s , Clears, ' o u t: i a s i' n i: s i: n r r: .s , .$-: . Nn. 1 10 Liberty Mrcet, .(On the North Riier side if ISrvadicay,) New York. July 11, MS. o d&xvlyi R. E WHITCOMB, TEACHER OF DANCING, .middm: 1'itv, vt. good music runxisiuu) for cotillon's, Arc. Sept, 11, 1813. ilUltlJtwlilf i. sunnwooD & ros AUCTION AND COMMISSION STOKE, West Siiif. r-iirAiic. Constantly on hand Cabinet Furniture, Cliahs, IajoL- ing (Hisses, ,. c. ii. Jlirni-tMiTov, Vt. 1 CONSUMPTION. ASTHMA, AND LIVER COMPLAINT, ' 1; ax 111: critiin. It. llATCIJIM.DIlH'S , ROOT AM) SHOE .S TO 11 12. 1 ' !..., ..!... 1 C'h ureli-strert. New Vork, Huston, and I'arwell's T.nilies anil (JentlemeuN Unnls ri nil Sbnrs, I .fe.vervdi'sert)itiiMiruil sti-le.ruusiautlviiii hand. Start !t rfour notth nf .virtu's, and d'nertlii r.H.o- turn, nem s, near tlutcaia .iMre, Limicli .v. s.iai.i,i:y & I'liin.i's, ATTORNEY ,t rXSi:i,I.OIt.S AT LAW A NO SOLICITORS is CISANCEIty. j, LIVERY SUBlt,Mgt iw, a c us ii it ii sum1, By S. S. SKINNER, finildle, llnrness unit TrmilE Miinufacturcr. ctt side Ctiuit'ltuusr Sinaie J). 1$. IdlilS, M. I)., It o 1 a ci i c I' It v s i c i a u AND SU11G VOX, Wluoosl.i I'lilN. Vt. Clare over J. W Weaver .V. Son's Htore. ui:iiiifii: im:ti:kso., UFA I IK IV 0cTn DltY GOODS, ttri, Salt, Planter, U'indoir Sash, Glass, ItE.viiv Maije ('Loruixi;. Togeihrr willi n luge variety of other nrticles. ilEvr ixwr. xor.rn or the court hocse. " ApothrrffrleA Hull," GKOUOi: i:. HAUHlNd'TOX, yVo;ririir. WIIOI.ISAt E AMI Rl TAIL DCVI.ER S DRUGS AND MEDICINES, Jlarrtiisloii Jinitaiiiz, Lor. L hutch ( oueze-st PACIFIC HOTEL, Nn. 10 IRI .V l.'.li iti:i:.von ii sti.hht, NKW YORK. Ilonr.l per ilny. S,00 per week, wtinfi' A I'l.OWIllt. &trOlls IlooliHlt fc Co. j ut.vLis in iicavv Avn siu i.r fESSB'WA'iriD ehni'wHTo V&ZB 1'n. Cutlery, batl.llry. Mc-. I oois, llnuse 1 in- i.bii.2..Nais.(ilass,Wi.l Iron. Steel. Tin Plate. Sneel Iron. Wire. I j'A.v7S. oil, ri.ocn, SALT, PI.ASTEH, Criml .Slimes. Dry (.loi enes. Arc. General Agents anJ Commission Merchants, A. Tiinjirsox. Hast Side Court IlomeSfiaare U L. ST RONO , 1 B. tl. doolitti.e.) Church anil CallcgC'fitrs. JOHN BRADLEY Si. CO., wholesale iji vllrs ix English and Anierienn Har, lioli. liud.rilit, Hoop and HAM) IISON, Pig hon.Coal, Sheet Ii an. Tin, Unit and SheetCopper NAILS, Ol. ASS, I'l.ASTrR, Wet ami Dry (imeeries, l'lour, Fait, Rurr Mill Stones, Hulling Cloths, Fl.i'i-ungs. RTOItACi: AND I' O I! W A It I) I X (5 Cvttom.hfiHse Agents and Commission Merchants, Joiix- Hrauiev, ) SulI, yfmtr Natii i. A. 1 1'CKrr., . ' Tim's. 11. CAxntLD. ) Itl'llI.IXdTOX. U PHAM'S 13fiK0TUARY ! Tins cki,k brated remedy tor Piles, nt wholes-tie mi l retail by TIIi:o.A PUCK. Kovfinber7.18ls. vvia V. H. Aell.ins, ROOK Rl.SUKU, I'Al'lUl UVI.lUl, AND BLANK ROOK MAKER, In the Free Press lluilding, College Stieel, C. I STAiIFMS &V.o7 DEALERS I.V rA.VCV AXI) STATLK 6BfeY OOJ"5J .Mn. ,,-, Hugs. Floor Oil Cloth, 11 indnw Shad' s, Paper lang- tug'. IimAim; (llassrs,if all sizes. Flowing lilne, I, mill Mine mill White Crilllile SV. Villi also, China and Glass Wnre. GnocEitiEs, Kins, Kutits, &c. Church Street. gi c. w. intinv, Vpi Chair and Parixet MAxiTArririiErt, ' ' Two Doors Smith Cii'inty Ilnusr, C.irRcii St , Hrr.i.iMiTOv, Vt. All kinds of vvoik in the above hue made to order on the shorlest notice J. MITCHELL, mi: Il C 11 A MP 'PA II. O II avo fienernl llcudy-.Umie Clothing Slore. Church Street, Hurlington, Vt. M. G. RATHBUN &. CO. M y; H C II A .V '' T A 1 1. O II S , ,Nn. 1! Peck's llluck. M (J- Hvjiiuc.v t Co. keep constantly nn hand il extensive nnd full nss.irli.ient ol Cloths lor every description ol Clollilnc ; nnd are prepared at nil o supply every article iu the line of Gentlemen s fur nishing Goods. ii. . rathiu'W. ) "'IRI'. Burlington -free press. Published nt llurllugton, Vt., U y 1) . W . C . C I, A U K R , Editor and Proprietor. Term si To V illagnubscribcrs who receive the paper liv the carrier 2,j0 ll'paid In advance a,(IO Mail subscribers and those who take il atthe OHle. 2,00 II paid ni advance, . 1,5(1 Ar.EVRTlsE.MLNr- inserted on the ruMtmnry terms. Iaws or Vcrtiioiil. An act in amendment ol an act relating to the militia is hereby enacted liy the !,-neral Assembly nf mi. nniic ,ij , tirmnni, asjuiitncs ; Sec. 1. The two hundred and fortieth section of in act entitled "an act in relation to the mi litia," approved, November 1 1, 1812, Shall be be so nmended us to read as follows: Il.ieh member ol a company of uniform inililia,whoi shall oe returned uuiiorineil and eriuippcu, to me limn clerk, shall draw from the treasury of this S ate, the sum nl two dollars, annually, on presenting, on or before the first day of November in each year, to the state treasurer, a certilieate from In l. I... 1...- I .. . I ..mi, iuii 11 lain, iiiai iiu inn uet ii 1 1 luriico. sec. oection eleven nl an act in amend ment of an act in relation to the militia. Ap proved November 1. 1813 is hereby repealed. William C. Kitiredoe. Speaker of A' lioitsr if lieprcsenlatiics. KnnCRT I'lCRI'OlST. J'resiJent if the Senate. ApproveJ, November 13, 1818. cahi.os ooolidgl;. An act in addition to nn net in relation tn Magnetic Telegraphs, ; approved Oct. "17, lb 17. ( 15 hereby enacted, if-j. Sec. 1. Whenever, in the erection of said lins of telegraph, the owner or occupant of any lands or tenants, .-h ill have sustained, or bo likflv to suslain anv damai'e. in cnnseniieiice of such I erecii.,11, fiirsuchline, llicselectin"nofth'!toivii or .Major of any city, in which such lands or tenements shi.ll be situated, -hall examine and and upmai-e sncli ,.im p, and the same sh ill be paid by said a-oeiatmn or company, before anv erection shall hnmule: And the il-ciio: and appr.1i-.1l of snc.'i selectmen or .M ivor, sh til he Imal, due notice being given, as nquueil in the -ccond section of the act .u which tins is in Edition TW.3 act f hall take tuTcct from its ! sr.c. 2 passage. Api'roved, November 13, 13 IS. An act in relation to trial by jury, j nlj cim;:td Ac .. ' , ,,,, ' hEc- I- hen any persi en sfiall be bro t before ',. 7.. '.i :, ' ... ....... ,,, i. ....i ,.r .i... . r , ,..,,..,), , r. ."..I ,.rJ - ...'.:.... .....i ... ten. of chinter ninety-'eieht. and in seelinn five and seven, of ch it.te rr eighty two, of the l!evi-ed Statutes, such magistrates, in case he shall de cide not to bind over the respondent for trial at the county cuurt. but to take jurisdiction of, and try the respondent for the oll'eiico mentioned in slid anions, shall, on the request nf such re spondent, cause a jury to be immediately suin inoned, to try such person, at the expense uf the treasury, to which the fine is pivablc, iu ease ;t recovery - had in I.ivnrul respondent. Sue. 2. This act shall take effect from its passage. Approved, November 13, ISIS. An Act regulating the duti-s or Hoad Commission-' powers, and tie subject to all the duties, rerpnre ers. I moots, and liabilities as they would be, iT chosen is hereby enacted, ic. by such school di-lriels. Si:-. 1. Any Iliardor C rniniissioners who Approved, November 2, 1313. may Lave hei n ncretntore appointed l.y the C unity or Supreme Cjint, to build, make or put in repiir any bridge, or to 1 iv out, a'ter or discontinue any I:i"hM av, and who have not completed the bu-iucss ot their commission : or, any C nnu.issioncr; hereafter to he aminte-I oy saiu court, ior me purpose a.oresaiu, snail have mver to order and direct the town nr towns in or through which such highway shall be laid I out, or altered, tn grade ., , .,, ,r . , , i .. . . . uiu urns ioereiu,in sucu .iiiiiisiiiiiiii'iiuieiiiii.iiiiiii..i'iii..iiiiiiiiiiii, proper ; and they shall muhe estim lies ol the expense thereol, and report to the court issuing their cnmmiion, the order so made upon such i town, ami tho said estimates; and said court j may, fur sullirient reason-, accept or leject said report, in whole, or in put, and order such tow n nr towns to grade the hills upon such highway, in such imiiuer, aim to sucii au inclination, as thev shall deem proper. si,-,. . ir ;.. ,i... r ...:.i to.i. ' '.) ' . woiim iiu excessively uurtiened, llin wlmln ,',. nf ,l. I.rnl,,.. I or nnd, or ihe grading of such hills, said com-! mis-ioners shall m iko examin ilion of all Ihe circumstances relating to surh bridge or road, and he grading of such hill', in relation to their public utility, tlio expense ol building or repair .ng such bridge or in iking such road, and grad ing such hills; the ability of such town to bear -uc-li e.xpen-e, and the benefit lo such town and other low ns in the vicinity, derived (nun Ihe con struction or repair of such bridge or road, and Ihe grading oT .-uch hills; and if, upon such e.x imin itlon, the cuiuniissinncr-s shall bo or ouin- ion, that such town would be excessively bur dened, by defraying all tho expense aforesiid,! thev shall imvo rL-iriiab'o nolle . to nun nr morel 1 .r I ., lb. . r". ' ?'f " I or the selectmen of surh towns, as they shall leeiu especially beiteliltcd, by such bridge, road or grading, of the time and place at which such towns mtybo heard in the premises ; and if. upon such hearing, said comniis-ioiicrs thall be or opinion that such town or tow ns ought to, bear any portion of said expense, they shall ap portion such part thereof, as they shall deem just nnd reasonable, to any other town or tow ns .. .1 1. .11 .1 i. ... . i.iiiiu inejr so... uee'iii uonuiiiieu uy such uriuge or road, to Le paid by such town ur towns in Ih proportion aforesaid: and slid coniiius-ioneis shill thereupon, miko report of their doings to said court, uud such court may thereupon, as sess the town or towns so benefitted, according to such report, and make order on the same, as now bridges. rovidcd by law, in case of roads and An net providing for a tender or amends in certain eases. ( is hereby enacted, ijv. In all cases where persons havo sustained in juries iu cou-eqnenro of tho iusiillicicncy ol highways, excepting injuries to the person, the town in whicli tho accident happened, nnv, by one or more of their selectmen, at any time ten - tier to th" pirly injured, sullirienl amends there- for; and also, such town imy In thn miuiier, ..I.,,,... ,, ,, ...I ni il.n si. eh tender uller llin com. inctitTinrnt of an u.iiou to three thys before llie iltiii" or the court, Il slli'll action is brought If- C,r,i the county mini, nr In twentv.four hours before the tlnienftriil if before u Jii-tiro or the I'eiee.hv iiieliidini'tliH rusts wlnrh shill hive accrued at the tune such tender is made; ami if "aid chapter, in beball or in-ino persons inay ultervvards Hiied to recover damages for Mich in- file their said application, in llio town rleik s juries, and in all cases when tho tender was ollice, as is provided for applicants lor spend made after the- commencement of an action, if thrifts, in the fifteenth section ol -aid chapter, such action Im further pro-eruled, such town and the sain.) shall have tho sauui power and cl may tet fotll biich tenJer in their plea or prova feel, to protect tho property ot euch insane per- tlio s line under the general lnc in t lie ii'inl form, brinfjinn the money so tendered i ill" cnitrl, utiil If the damages nv"e"eJ lor itcli injuries shall tint exceed the amount so tendered, the de fendant shill recover his costs. Approved Nov. U:h, ISIS. An net regulating the manner of appointing Surveyors of Uighvvnvs. It is hcrchij enacted, Jr. The selectmen ol the. towns in tlio State arc hereby required to make out and pre sent u list nt caiulid ites lor surveyors ol hign ways in the several district? thereof, to the an toHii mectingj or their respective toivns for their approval. Approved Noicmber 2, ISIS. : .. . , An act in amendment of an act relating to tlie grand It is hereby enacted, A-:. Pl.o l.i.,il. ...,:.... r 1 t.t 11 U ad rebio " V. 1 I her 1 1, 1841, Is so amended as to read as follows ii--;. ( in case the owner of any unoccupied real estate , siian uo uuKiinwn to mo nsif.oi, tlio Fame shall be set in the list, either in the name of the original grantee, or by such other description, us in the judgement of the assessor, shall he-t de- j si.'inale the same : and w benever unv ilivisbto nt I crantees have been divided, tlio assessors in the several towns shall, in making uplho grand li-t separately in all cases wliere the same has not .,.,, .u a,m ,,, ,,o ,.s., t .i. been done. An act making further provision for the managcmuit ot the fctaic finances, is hereby enacted, c. Sec. 1. The Auditor of accounts agiint the Statu shall hereaffr perform Ihe several duties formerly required of the Auditor in the treasury denartintnt. who-e ollico is lirr.'bv abolished Snc, 2. The Hunter .Master ( shall annually submit his record of allowances, and the accounts and claims tijv n which he Ins drawn orders during the pi.'i-e.ling year, to 0110 or the legislative committees of claims, whose dulv it s.'nll be to ex iiiiine into lli" the propriety am! economy o, too same and repoit thereon. S:c. 3. The Tre.i-uier ol to-. St tie shall an nually furnih abstracts of all the ordeis pim by him during the preceding Vear, drawn by the Auditor of accounts, and the irter .M.itor (, to Ihe cnannitlces who hive their al lowances under examination-, and said com mittee -h ill c irelully enmparo said abstracts w i I Ii the alln'.v inces of thn-e n'iieers. Sec. I. Whenever it hliall be found that any ..l.l... l..j ln, ..lln.. ...I I.,- r.o.,,,, ,.r ' . ' " , . - , . , i i.n.eor i.iuu uy any rnun auuiinr, or tuner othcer. Ihe s.,mo'so t ..neou-ly allowed ni iv be recovered of the per-'nii to whom the order unou ' such allowance was made tuvable. in an action f"r received, to be brought iu the , "" 1111 i re.t-i.rer til toe otaie ; aim socu allowance shall be no bar to a recovery in i UCIl action. Approved, November 13, 1 8 IS. An net to provide fur tilling vnenncies in school dis trict ollices, in certain casts. ( is hereby enacted, tyc. When rnun any cause, a vacancy shall occur in the ntlices of clerk, collectnr of la.xes, or pru- denial committee ol any scimoi oisiru i iu am town in tins male, tnc selectmen supp.v siich vacancy until a new election shall bo made; and Ihe nllicers so appointed shall have all the An net in alteration of nn ael eulitled " an act in ad ditiou tichaplTo,ol the Itevivd Statutes, relat ing to highways and bridges ;' npproved Nov. 15, 1317, ji ;s hereby enachd Ac. So .,', I)f art of which this is ,.,..,!., ,,,,1,,1 i the liliee.uh nod , , ymc, in ,,e fllmvlllK word-, . . . . . . . . , . ( " . , . in ni iiiiijui;i, iiiiii , in:, i , .. .,. , IIIC lIL'tl. I.s lll'lL'llt ll llL.lllll. oe.ile C.. ., 'PI.!. .. .. .1 Sec, l'his act t,tiall lake ell'.'ct rrom it- pas-age. Approved, November 13, 1813. An act in amendment nf section fifteen of chapter tunny eight or the Kevi-.d Statutes entitled " of process.'1 is hereby enae'ed, tt: Sec. 1. S'ction fifteen of clnptcr twenty eight of the lievised .S..itutes shall be so amend ed as to include in the articles therein enuiner atCll, COrll Oil the COO, COTI1 Sl.llhS, ailll Com III tilc "'u w.lllc" r"'1" L0 lll'Jcct 10 a" "le l'rm" ions o -aid section. Sec. 2. This net shall take effect from its pas sage. Approved November 13, IS 13. An net iu addition to Clnpt'T 3."., of the ftrvi tiles entitled " (II Cjectlilflll." ( il is Inrtby enaclid, iyc. ed Slat' hr:i.l. Ihe thinvlirst section nl chapter Tilinrv-rtvx of the lievised Statutes is herein repealed. -it i ., . r"',,' -' ., J,.,; v u"ve-r tl i e rovide 1 .1 v-r, that art rovidtd i "iJ chapter, in the manner and lo the same flfect, asthungh the same tlntty.fir-t section had not L'eetl enacte.I. .Sec. 3. 1 Ins act, and the chapter to which I this is au addition, siall not extend to any per- son, who shall enter upon and t.iko possesion uf mSi aUer ,, ,,.,..,;; f t,U act. Approved Nuvcmber 0, 1818. An art in iiniendineiit or elnpter fii nf the HevUr.1 ' St..tuies,eniiiled"ol Guardians and Wards." j It is hereby enacted, ij-c. ( Sec, 1, Kn muchof slid chapter as authorizes ' the p I'rnbito Court to appoint guardians for in- sane persuns, and for spendlhrilts, is so amend- ed, that upon apiliealiou therefor, as therein sperilied, said court shill fix a time when such . .... : . . l I ....... ami cause such applicant to give duo notice of such application, and of Ihe time and pi ice of hearing, to such supposed insane prison, or spendthrift, by service thereof, at least twelve days before the time st for such heating, if such per-un be within this State; but if absent from the Slate, by feivice nf such notice, in the same maimer, as a wtit nf siimuinns, nt least twenty ' days before surh hearing ; and said court, be. lore miking any siicii appoinimeiii ol gu iruuii, snail cireiuny inve..gaiu toe ease, i.ou u.ahe i deeree it. the Plellllses. as shall UPPCtr USt lllll il riganist the person eotnpl.ilnrd of such tlecree1 miv u ape.ueu proviueu in saiu cuap tcr." for uu npucal from the judgment ot justices in Ihoca-e. Sec. 2. Applirants under the riiibt seetion of the original rights of grantees, has been nrshall' prohibited by section eighteen of said chapter, ,;"'""' preuomi.mni m lie .aiionai urge numner nt person, were sKummg about.' be made, in whole or in part, the a.sse.-ors shill . for a time not two days at any one r1,r ? T, , 1,0 ,WV "" Ahohlioni.- , obtaining n precarious sub-i-tence in Ihe hu-hes assess and el iii the ll.t. earl, lot nf every di-1 lime, nn rnndiiinn thai such ner.-'on nay to the "r l'm."Ch .,ll0.v t-,,3rK"J thit upon him, the)' which skirted tlio shore, and protei-ting their vi-ion, separately from the other lotsof the same selectmen, for the n-e of such town, a stn ljt I k"1 "f" Ml-o :-l.ut because they , lives aga,n-t the ,.,urgent. right s and in all cases, where original rights of execedmg lilty dollars, nor less than ten do!-1 ? " T,C. it ' !"""-": Vnl?BT:' ' l1'05'."." il"c,nr " llt.lle lrorc ", and to Sr.c. .1. .So much of said chaplcr as is incon sistent with this act, is hereby repealed. St.r. , This act shall take cll'ect from its p is-ago. Approved .Voicmbcr 11, ISIS. t .. ii-.. . , . ,,. r n.;.: led-Olin" aim ' . ?, Zi; ,. . , , ,, , " VV ,:7. . "' ' in . i. . , , on, until a limit determination in relation said riianli'iii'lilp. r - t niri fi i un ii, iii.ii .iiiji hi mil, .in; jiwi n v, carry away, or destroy, any lih, in ay artili-1 which meets her approbation is thereby render ciil pond or body of water, in this State, without e.l nbnovimis to sil'iiicion ant distrust. T.ioso the consent ol the owner thereof, s lid pond or body ol water Iwinjf private property, and con- j.trncle.1 for pnvate fes,l,c - l be punished ' by. '"le "ol. c.xc(;r(lln"' twenty dollars, or by im- prisonment in the county j til, not exceeding iwcniy nays, or ooin ii w puni.iimeiits, in lhe ,i.. , .1...11 t ,. ' - i-.Mi-iriieu 10 cMeiHlnnly 0 snci. .ytiicai roods il8 are con - . strucitu exclusively ior r isii roniis. Anact in nmenibnent of chanter 101 of the Ucvi,,.l LStautes reljhng to circus and other eAhibiiiuus. It is hereby niacli J, iv. Sec. 1. The selectmen of tlie several towns witnill lias mate, may, 111 inuir uisuieuoii, grant eel iiiis-ii'ii 111 an n mini in in i.u i i.s. L.,uiwiiiiiin I larn. Sec. TI.nrn,.i.;nnsnf.e,ilo,,eiehteenand ;'i.. . .." i nine en, .,, ,u unpiu, , . . ....... consistent with this net, ate hereby repeal- Approved November 7, IS 13. inn of ebnoter 113 of the Itevi-ed j ,.r-o s'conftued iu close jail ou uvued in actions ol tort. ,,.yc. ! An net in amendment .Statutes, relating to executions It is hereby enacted Src. 1. If anv person on an execution i-sued on in an action fnunJidon tort, the execution, or endors i! of action arose from the the defendiut,and tint Ii in clo-e, such person rt, a- any se-ieu ther.'f. in the such ,-em.n is confined, or to supremo court, by pennon, to the county court county iu w Inch any jndjre of the j-'iyinnr r ti;t t the st.itiinent iu s.uu execution or endor-cd thereon, as if.iresaid, m iv be vicited, and that such person may bo admitted to the poor debtur's oath, or to the liberties of the jul ya rd. Si.i .2. Such ptilim .Ii til he serve I o:i the creditor, his ug'iit or attorney ol rcc ir I, at I i-t i twelve tl lys b.M. re the -ossion nt the co in, to w lie l it is oreterrei . and if to a Hid enfthesu. . ;, , i... .i,. i..,r.;.. ,i. , therein for a he mug: pr .tided such iu Ige shall

r1111" -m..., i.,-.,u "-. um uwc set in his di-cretion. dt t 'roiiue to h" ir too sun and issue a citation to that and such I court or judge h ill pr .ceo I to hear the pirlies. and shall, in cousiiterition ot tho agg'avttiou ol the prisoners c.-e and the extent ol h.s confine- ment do eri.iM.e wlien s,,r pers, n -h tll he en- titled to the privilege o the p ,r djbtor oath, , or the iherties of the j ill yard, in tho same man- nerasit the cxeculmn nn w Inch he was commit tetl had issued on u judgment recovered uu p contract. Sr.c. .1. This act (.lull take cifrct from its pasange. Approved November 13, IS 13. An net iu addition to rlnpter 107 nl the lievised Flat utcs, relating to the .'esi.i parlies in b .k neuons mid actions nl acco'iut, and ot treaties. is henby enacted, tye. Seo. 1. The pirly finally recovering in au action ni account, nr bonk account, shall he en- tilled to recover live rents per mile, for his ne-' til il trav el, and seventy-lito ceut per day for his actual attend nice before the auditor. Si..'. 2. Any tru-iee ap,ieiriog before a rom niistioner, shall be entit'ed in recover live cents per mile for his travel, and s.-venly-tiu' rent per d iv for attend nice before the couimis-ion- er, SEn. 3 ps,,,t,. 'J'his act sli til lake elTjct from It? Approved ovemb-r 3, 1313. An act to amend s-ctiou IS nf elnpter 7J of the lie vised Statutes, cut. lied ''ol private corporatism." .' is hereby en c'rd, lye. The court iifctimcer, on application of any stockholder, cieditor, or npmber of any curp .ra tiiiii w hosj ch irter has ixpirnl, nrhas luenan nu't-d, or shall expire or be annulled, and v.hich hat nr shall he extended by law- beyond the I term nf three yetrs mentioned in section seven teen of said chapter seventy-nine, iniy in il discretioii appoint a receiver or receivers, in I, i. ll l II. .1111, UI .1,1 I, ll'i (i""""" ... ....J . (illi within the period to which such corporation An been or shill be so extended; and such rerciver or receivers shall hive all the powers, and per lorm nil the duties prescribed by section eigh teen of s lid chapter, and the powers of said re ceiver t.r receiver, tiny bo contained as long as s lid court shall judgo necessary for the purpos- es con!cmpl.ttcd in said section scvcnlcer rroint 'd such court ol chancery shall, upon - :innliratmn i.f ,neh creditor, stockholder or member, be renuiied and ordered to provide am. de security to protect all the rights ol ptrties "1I,l'rt',e" '!' f.''.1" "PP""""". ")' '' extension shill bj ill ide or any such rerciver, or .Cl,iver.s. er trustees sh ill be w i .ted -.-Pro. ;j. .,., llltlM nf sm., apnlie.Uioii "hill i,,, ,..,, i,,. mi!,i,..:t!ion in uimi imh'ie otn-is ,,,,.,! i n, ,., v ihe ji,. is m --- - , i . .... , - , . at oli.t tw , woo bnro tho tim.' et for lb J hetring of said application. Approved, November 13, It5 13. An act to nsses a tax for ihe support of governm-nt. is hereby enacted, A tax f cents on the dollar, is assess. eil on tho list of the polls, and ratable cV.ite, of the Inhabitants uf the State, for the voir one thousand eight hundred and forty-eight, to be pmd into tho treasury, by tlio first day of June next, iu money, certilic lies, or notes issued by . tho treasurer nf the State, orders drawn by the ....l:, r .. ........ j .1. ...... 1... l,n u.. preme or county courts, or in orders tfrawn by county clerks, approved by court auditor. Approved, November 7, 1813, Hecrktarv of State's Orncc, ) Hiirliugloii, Nov, 18, 1818. I, J. M..M. Murrsi:, .-secretary ol hlale or Vermont, hereby certily tint til- foregoing, iu , chap'ers am true copies of acts of tho (ieneral ' ,w,nblv or this St ite, passed at its Oelulur Xe.siun, A. I). 1S13. J.McM. .SIIAITHU. IT Tlio lliinp-hire Gazette states, that a for- leigner at tho factory ullage, in Hut town, win w nil' Itiiniren years i.U, camo into town on io.t, il fmri li.,.l been in session two or three weeks, to get nut. off Ihein.t losolved to communl nr.ilize.l, in order that ho might give iher cite llicui to your paper; xote in his lift for (ien. Tajlor. Hat lie was As tho .Magnolia was proceeding down the loo litu. The Court had been adjoiinu'd about coast, at a considerable di.lanco fiom Sau Joe, un hour, the was haihd by two or Ihree launches or small South Cnrollnn. unit the Smith. .. , , , , Nothing ha given us moro satisfaction ex - ropt the election or (Jen. Tavloii, th in the r II. it St...., I. f .irnllMl nut l.n . ..(.. "''""" " '": .ik.iiiim him. I'll it ate i so utterly and entirely sel- i-. aim sei imii. i in ,,er p nicy juc uas o mi ic real rcMru lorine union, such an over- S" . Ir." "r!V'ncP','V"1 cnipiLiu a Luuiuuipi. mi .in w liU'n-s aim in- e""ts but t ioc which sue iieems peculiarly in tint State who supported (!en. Tavm n did it J upon the avowed, thoii-h We c in scarcely be - lieye the real, belief, ll.a', Lcimrn S mthern man, he could easily bo made a tool in the hamU of ' ultra-Southcrn'inen, to protect the interests, ex. tend the limits and miltc everlaMlng the curse I" """" h. 'Vr)' It is creditable, certain- , IV , 10 llie IlltelllgiiUCO of 1110 State, that t ICV , could not convert the miss of the People to that lr, lr.r 1 T , V,'?" . I?.?'. C"oV"n . ' .fr.i'',1l!''' "fOeneral . - p , , 'I'lim1 "liiriui i Ayi.Ott C.OU d 11 -it Slinnnrf t,i , inn t-'iTtMnr I'm ilo i rehient ; not hecaiue he was not an o c, pitnotic, upright statesman, but because Ills general nnilllnns llnnn ihe snliinrt nf Slave. rv. (jtj ... .1 I j - nirmoni.o Willi llmsu whicli they n" WW. Inr in, life, deel nation, and pub- ne acis coiiiuincil to nrec in e sue i a susniciiin : not because he wnu'd not. in every VV.1V and by tli exercise of all his nlli-ial power, uphold and ueienil tlio compromises and provi-mns of I the i.o:ititution upon this subject. ;i- we h , P"M rl'.ry otl;',r Ullt ''-'cau-e they su-peeled him or b-ing hostile to Slavery in the ab-tr.irt, and In its practical extension into territory whsre it docs not now exist. Il-ciusj they he'.ieved r M r v i r L"""' uf A!"crlca" cs.-.V . N'ATrr'At. Has. A vein of hli'hlv infiimmi- shall he confincil in jiil , "' io up m nn.- i.mii ceroiog, ne manned me uoais, and pioceeileii to i " . me rrriuicrnon ot some mrrchinti a judgment lecovered .-iin;; .in e.n is me em- eneci a laninog, leaving tnree ol mem Iving ; '""""' oi i.a-t iinirt tn itiiil.irture was when it is st ited in . i ; ' "'""':i; i uiey ie ir- near me snore as a sort ol reserve to t.HI Ii.ick ""I";1"" 'i"r nnnnums a sjtcie of cotton thereon th it the cm so V ' 1 ' " " 1 " 1 1 " emergency. 1 no i api.un was - ...i-.t, tin uinii" w uie, nteneneo, atu l lllll . 11,111 HUIVI..III , ... wrr.ln ,1 ,n,nr.w,t ,,,, e,n,.,. ',.,,.., ,.f ! l.l...!r I . ' . rt III i, In i. r ....... I... I... , . wilful act or n""leel of . r ..n.i-i. .u t.i .i.M uuhihiu-n ui.ti u ,tnv iiuug w ts onue urres-iiu- - i""" luunt nmnii, iiiik.'i men sold Ht ie oii"!it to be confined - w'" -uey uis'-.irucj mm as iv wiin ins m lM lorce, it mu?t be done dining "ui ivveniy-uve rents (er jaid. '1 hen thero . t -..i .- ... ... v men u i nut mr in uiuce w iiici oe- l to com nuanre ol the i eret l-nn. w inr . i-nl oi. ..ere lew out .nun.i iirinl.t t ir ,... h!e gis Wf struck a few das -iuce. while bor- him in a single file. The" road lay through a i twehe-and-a-hall cent- in the Northern mark in; fur water in lYinkliu County, Ky. After thicket of scrub grow th for some miles, vvlienj0'"- "'hen Unchiudprohibiltd the export of mi perutriling with an ingurto the depth of nine-1 they emerged Inwards the town. The enemy I thmery, tir the view f ,t,r mani-.f.icturcs j but ' tv-seven feet, neirlv ail the di-tince through had withdrawn bejond the hill, and as they ap"- ankee ingenuity round a way to; into thj I solid rork. the m. foun I its way in a larim vol. 1 nro.iche.1 the fort, a go inl came nut to 'meet my-tery, and out-gener.tlled the CHUlious iior- nine to th-surl ice, and when ignited, burnt bril- litntly. Tiie di-cmerer his introduced it into his i!o Ming, and thinks the rpiantity which es. , caies from the augur hoi sulticieill t l"h'.lup a 1 I , a city. Jour. Cum. Iniportnut Telesrnpliic l)epntclics. Jf,trnit Vm- 9 11 ' IT w , , Cen'. Cass de'sireVit" to ha mi;rsloj ,ilt , ennsequence of il,e "noise ani, cm)f (lf ,,, ,,., ho wishes to be .on,ilr..j , w,drawiiiL' fiom tho content, as bo " cannot expect to bo heard Kinterhoak, A'or. 0, 2 1-2 '. .1. Mr Van Iluren says In has not been under 'tood iu this cmviss" Hi, (.rt. uud was this : If liecou'd b- el cti.l, he a candid ite ; if lie could not be elected, ho was nut a candidate. lie stys now he sees he was not a candid ite, and therefore excuses his friends fur not voting for him. AlTt.IXT.MEXTS IIV THE l'llCstnciT. JtlsKril (i'uviiam, ol I I' io, t h cnunsiil of the United Slates lor Uuenos Ayrc.-, in place oftleo. I. I'.iilfield. tleeea-eil. (Ieo. P. SiiEn.EV, to be attorney or the U. S. for the di-trict of Maine, iu place of Augu-tine II lynt's, re-igned. Solomon lived loo soon. If he could hive , read the following, he would have said there ' nothi;:.- new under the sun :' A Mr. Iick-nu ndveitises to deliver a lecture in which he w ill elide ivor to demonstrate that ' S'lnk-p'-re,' ,' lien Jonson, Clltncer, Soenrer, Hecuuinnt and I'letcher, aro ideas irimiges; iu I ict th it they never actually ex isted ; and to e-t to tiie sati-l.tftiou nl' bis tuditory that tho monks were tnc anonymous tuthors oMuise historical, cla-sical and dram t ticil coinpus'iiiniH cironeotisly attributed to Willi im Sh.ikspeie. A I'listni Moi s Jh;e. Wo hive rem it lated that a Venetian, a gnod htlmnri-t, who died soini vears since, made a provision nrtur e'les lor his funeral which he caused lo b pri v.ilelv load 'd w ith crackers, and anticipated to a ciiiiliilenlif I friend the litihhub which would re sult from th cxplo-ion, and whicli lie had c.i I-, ciliated shnold t ike nlace in the ino-t inconve- I nient spots. It is added Hut the re-nlt verified tho most sanguine expectations of tho projec tor. We meisured the nmv on Thurd iv mom i Ig nn a level spot where Ihe wind could not drift it, and found it to be 2ti inches deep. Au old residoi'.t sitting at our elbow s lyr he does not recollect such a fall of snow snu'v 1S3U. ii'. Cjur. .V.t. 13. I'un-c'ics. hen doe's a nun oat the most indigestiblo supper ? When he halts tho street door hfore going to bed. The litest and uio't delicito namn fur a lady's bustle is, "The d'.nticr tesirl of beauty." The devil's heartiest laugh is at a detracting witticism, lleiiet-lho phrase, " devilih good," has sometimes a literal meaning. The following letter, detailing the intrepidity and heroism of American sea,, ,e"n, is taken from (lie Washington Union, (.'up'. Simmons', w ith bis lir-t nute and several of ins crew, ure now at home in this town. They arrived in season ... i l I ,n nn s nn "unci ,- nl ri.l u .p noil all voted (or (iExekal 'l'AVLtn. Ex. 'utr. j , To the V. Mors if the I'nion: I You hive recotded iu jour columns repeated I ' nf American valor an. I h triblminl ni. lbiio.l during tho late war. lint a lew days since, you noticed the all'tir of San Jose, in fo.w. er California. About the same time, the whale. ship Magnolia, Capt, II. Simmons, belonging lo Charles W. Morgan, l.-n., nf this city arrived in port with a full cargo, Tho incidents con necli.l with her voyagn along tho C'.ihfoiui.i roat pos-e-s mi much interest, display the ener gy, promptitude nnd courage of tho Aiuetican character, together Willi the pitriotic spirit ol uur seamen, io such a uegree, in it on tK.roiniug veels, full ol peoptn. Upon approaching near. cr, Capt. hiinmons discovered that one ol tliPhi 1 e,,tni,,r.,l ii, ,.i,,ln ,,r lr,r. ,..i. I nthcrs of th" hct families of the town, had'takcti American cotton r.tctorVat P.twtuckut, Uhorfa . ... . .... ' . . .tl , ' ' reliiL'O nn Imanl these boats. iicv Inlornieu hint that thore Inn! been an insurrection atMin-t the United S ates authority, and that the ( all- foruians had pilhiL'cd the town and connnilleil mMnberles, onlraes, and erethen heMinp' the priest s hone, Inch w as the strongest t,0 ,,,lrPi llt,, ,v. Cepud as a tort hv the' Ainerirnn.. It wus cotnui indeil bv l.ier.teinnl Haywood, and defended by only twenty. fie ; been' much liriii-'duriii" lh diy and niel 1 vim.s, and ho hnew thev must ,',ne near ! h.,;, t,eir aiumuni.L, and must su, speedily unless immediate as.istance wj lum. i ne alcaile tiirthcr tatcu mat the'e liad . t . , .. ..i-i , . i . phi pre uiy ex- surrender pecdilv unless immediate assistance was ren dered. Capt. Simmons, mum consultation with I his officer resoiveil In run mi at once to the as sistancc of the heseiced. As he stood in for an : aorhonno u hf.11 uli'.ln almut ttircn miles, tie ' saw thoCalifn'mln,,. r.inned unon a hill, btck .. , ... ., " . , .1.. .1... 1 iro n tnc snore. , inn men 111 hiu Miuitni wefe take.1 oh l.oard shin, and , many uiena 1 Hl'li; lilnl'll UII U nilji, nm. in innnj nun - 1 n.icil.U ..l.,n.l ..,... (l.r.l,Mi.n nml in ntiLt.i. 1 nous positions, to convey the impression of a ' vessel-nf-war. As llie Magnolia rounded In, a mm U'n, I'lrntt. lmr st'iU fnrlnd. Ii ml hnr niu'ltnr H , i droppeu about letll a mile Irom the snore. A seemed t allow. An Indian svvam oll'thmi l ie surf in t ,.. mil i.i. l. I....I t, nlvtnhishall,,,, II.. I Ill . r- l.i'ent. llivwood, tellinir him not to Mmfe'ce nt with a strong force. This s.iti.hVd Capt. Sim- mons that bis rn.e bad .h.rohr.,1 hntl, il.n A,,. icansand Calilnrniaiis, and that thev both deem- ed bis ship a ve.-el nf war. Tint night he put ,-,l his arms in order, and imdeeverj thing ready , for limhug the nexldav. On the momim' sue!. iJcn ly been cninmumcaled to the Insurgent' Taking with hiu.eltvcn pic ke,J mcn.wti! ar. iV.l'h uns and ni-t..s, C.ipt. Simmons lei! rme.l led off into this (t lil tn 5 unliti wvn country, with an enr.ieed and reckless enemy, his men follow in. 1 them, Until tint moment it was believed in the in the fort th U .1 vtv-.-el of war h id come to their relief. Thev were heartily greeted upon their arrival, and lound Ihe occupants ol the tort out . . . ..' ... oiieia, except a lew u ill , and only two or i s-,......,.... m .muhhiuiih;; mm in fcusn three pound-of powder lelt hir their -tn ill arms. ' copied the ptttcrn purchased for the next is'uccf A littlo bread only rem lined, for the u-o nf the j'""'' ) in the garb of gentlemen bo succeeded women and children in the fortification, wlio bad i m smuggling master hind', (who were then sought refuge there Irom the excesses of their 'ml permitted to leave LmglanJ.) So com pie! cuuntrvmen. ')' ncceeil, that he hid a good supply of The" continual firing for night and day for Prin,? i New York market, of the price "nnd several days had completely exhiused the brave Palerus of those from Manchester, semo timo litlbl him I which tens llien lelinintr itelf n.'iint largely sunerior force. Th.u niirJ.t, for the first time, they cojnyed some undl-turbed rest. A letter hid been ent sevenl .lays prciimm. ly for ns-is'anco, but was intercepted without the knowledge of Lieutenant Haywood. It would therefore seem that if Americans ever surrendered, that sm ill company of marines in list htvo surrendered before assistance would hive been furni-hed by a warves-el. Upon ascertaining what vva most needed by the gir risen, Captain Simmons returned to the M ig nolia, to ik all his line p.wder, some fii) or 70 pounds o lead, including In- d ep -e t le ni , and all tin bread whicli wa- vv mted ut th" f.irt, and, w ith the iis-i-tance of the m trine-, ronvevt d it to the tort. The Magnolia's derk iiie'invvhile w is covered with men and women who had llncked oil' rnun the scrub win ids nil the. -bore, where they had been skulkin fur -heller. The C.uitain. vvith his acru-toiiHil genero-nv, bad given nut word that they could rind refuge on botrd his -hiit. The next morning aflrr this a wi-dis- 1 covered pa-siig in the olliing. Cipt. Suiimi lis sent nft'it boat to him, to urge I i ill to come iu il pos-ih!e, and lie uloiig-nle; if not, tn send bun all his line powiier. i ne sum pruv.-u in ne ine Taiwan!', of New lleilfonl. C ipt. II tker, who could not t'o by an American llig. in danger, lie came in an3 cast anchor along-ide, They then put all their fire-arms in order, and some uf them I Hided once nr twice. On the third diy 'key took all their ili-p.'s.ib'e fo c , about b. men, armed them with about flirty mu-kets and carbines, and the re-t with whale lance.- (a mn-t forinidibie weapon,) and boarding knives, and so in ircbed up to the town. All this was don" to assuie the people of protection and safety, and to induce tiicm to return to the town". The whole company went through vviili military exercises iu their sight. The people 1 gradually came bad; into the town, apd then the whalemen returned to the beach. 11 it Ihe people besought Lieutenant II. tn detain the ' ship a few days longer for their security. The petition was enclosed tn Simmons, .-tennded by I .. . . . . .... i . . . ... .. . the requesi ni uie oiueer in i niiuo .no. iii.ii in. , should remain uulil a-sisi,inee, then expected, him!.! arrive. Although their policies were Vi- ti ited, uud the underwriters discharged, by their national spint and humanity, there was not a moments hesitation, but the two miner- ui once acct d.d to the pelilioe. They lay there seven or eight days, until the arr.vil ol a store ship from M.izitl in with siipplie-. In le-pon-e to a despatch sent alter the Magnolia's nttivah The next (lay they put toei. Such Iti-tances nt p urioiic spirit aim, milit iry ri-lie'f on the part of our merchantmen. ought to be record.'.'. 1 hey deserve the t once of the department, for the encouragement I a -Imllar spirit and enterprise Yours, &c. History of Ctitlon former One Ilundiel Yi'.us. i i I he following nriei uems n. me m un ... I . it I. Ill I mm 1 , ou o toon, a,e- isnui ,,i',i, .. I .. i, .'tn', inrnrl 17.10 Mr Wvatt spins the first cotton yarn in Ilo.'liin'd by m'achii.etv. ' i-,V, ii nlooin cotton errrlcd at Ilirniiiu'liim innved by mules or hoiscs ; but not siicrcsslul lu Ids (ipci'uiions. 171'J The Uy shuttle generally utcd in ling - land. i -',i i ,l.-..-i,.i,i obtained the first intent for, ,.,nni,ji,r r.aine, whicli he further iinp'oved. yi "bill pis'-rd to prevent the export of nurhineiv u-cd in cotton lactones. 177!) Muli' spinning invented by II irprave. 17SJ W att took out bis patent lor Ihe steam ell. '.I.e. I7S5 l'.nver-looms invented by Dr. wriglit Steam engines used in cotton Cirl. focto- rics, 1730 ll'eichiii" lirt perforuud by tho agen - of nxvniurialic arid. 17S7 Tirst iirichincry to fpn cotton put in oH'rMtiou in I'r inec. 17b',' Soi Island cotton first planted in the United Stales; nnd upland cotton first cullivat- iiir ue Mtiii ('.rport about this lline. nno Slater. l!,,.,li.l,m,r, I .1. ii. r. 1"0 121 i Whitnpv. an American. Iruenls the cotton ;in, which he patents. 1S03 Kirtt cotton lactorv Luilt in N HuIiid- shire. ' 1814 The nower-loom introduced into tlm IL oiuies; nrlal WnllliHin. I 1313 .erae nriei, nf rottotl .11 rnnl I ti'uher than since 1810. New method ol pre ''nog rcn-inz coiton uy .vir llolt iwiri 1-... .i! : . . r - IS 10 Cxtruordinarv nrices fur Ala.bmn col. ton lands. 18'J2 The first cotton factory in Lowell o reeled. 1825 In New Orleans cotton at from 23 tn 2i cents per pound. IS! ISJo oelf-acluig mule simmer patented In ' !-. 1.. iv-i lT-Ametican collrn manufactures first ' cxpnrted to any considerable extent. I .('iitinn 17 rent. - - - ... . I loJO IiMetlMlO niireb.le nl' nt.iln,, Ur.A I " i-'l"ir aim olners. )b..t, Li.tton at from IS to nn rente. nine articles on the China trade, in the N'e. liooal Intel gencer. eont-iin ini(.toilnr. conuected with Ibis .subject, which we extract; I here is a gentleman vet living, in his bstli vear whosja , ;,,) ,,,, ,j,,t coUnn frnm l-harle-tmi to lavernool i7,w u.i.t-1, i. j helped to park by band, nn l w illi the rcei'. Thn ( cnn-ign, c- in laverpo il di-eour.iged any fu-tber shipment, a- they did not know Imw tusepirato il from til" seeds. This nentlcilisn bus in hi. I ll-e--ion a bed.nnlll I ..." "li"ti, made I 0 o the ti ircel nf cotton hv hi. r. tereu moiher. I he seed- were picked nut by her iiii-i i-. .vuv our rnun rv l t ie urine ,.,, r,,t '" I'roducin.- part of the w , ' "' millions of biles, section. oilil, m king moro all in the Sui.therp wholesale, in Oh ule-toi i it L.j uni ti iioiionniinp ' woro s''1'1 111 lorty-lour cent' per v trd. Too i "r"' P' mts made in our country were a coar--.i , !,ft",,e uyed blue, with small while spot', made 1 at l auntnn, in M tssachuttts. vvl.icil sold c! , '',lm " One nf the owners of the 'I'aiiiilon ! '"'lory went lo Liverpool, an J prrnted him- 111 M '"co-lcr in the garb ot u Iiborer. A i 1,1 sihmii., mm whm one ll.i. n n r.i;nn ... .. 1. 1.. 1. It.... ! ..:.t,l.' 1 1 i "Cloro llin-e Ot the l.nallsh liliopolil I -nJ noils f rciffy more value, being stouter, nnH I hiving n"re ot the raw muiU'ii..l i;L,..ti- u-u.l in their maliulacturc. The Arnol I.ifijttml the Alt on.ttiitg, There are two great ttiges in the progress nf the various urts and productive occupations ot human lite. Th" oarlie-t set nf devices are de rived from men's ordinary and iinisited obser vation of the usual course or natum. The meth ods or mining, building, liughing, sowing, sp lining, ilveing, metal working, c irrying froiu place lo place, irtv igaliug, and si foilii, ale got at after trjing many ihll'crrnt me'liods and (in pIcmoiiN until it is s. en tint some answer bet lei thuu handetl dnw n to pn-leiilv, and I hey may nVleii remain unchanged hint longroursc of :(ges In fict, unis-isitd rea-oii -oon Comes io :t jia'i'.! still 1 as we 'co in nch nations as the Ilindnoa and Chinese, who have never reiched scientific methods of acquiring a knowledge ..f Nature. ie 'icimd -t ige of progre--- is entered nn.whrn, ,f ihe terfectiuli til the" know li"lge--t eking art, the hidden law s uf things aro brnu"ht to light, and a v.t-t number of additioiitl properties dis. entered in the varnns n!,ccts nt the world ; when, lor li'-Mnrc by lnnkirtg Into the eompn. sition of vegetable Indies, and into the mailt rs making up the -oil that nourishes thelu, w e can s'prc, tir.illy tn.l exartly suit the cue to the other, iii-te.ul nf tli'peliihng nn a vague expi'tiencc " f ein Vejitil;-. t)u this m coud stage the Uuro penn woild entered last ccutliry, in regard lu tho mechanical art-; s(, that, iu fact, we arc wily trliininx to th velop the va-t irsourtrs i.t our ihlnet,and w e have nnw to look forw an! tn a len and nireinitUd setie-nf imprnvenienlj. Hut 1 must next call jour attention to the dif ference betw ecu the Arts '' life, and Ihe .trf .. .iig, or Ii 'tween nun's pnv.ers in firming,, manufacturing ui.d trading, and Ins ability to apply the rt-ults of all the-e to his nwu life and well-being ; I'or this i.s ihe tinil u - trntbin ol such in untold l.thor-. lierntise vtn nave very mucu impruiru tue .vris t i i.uc, u ,,,es not iollow that we have equally improved tins Ait of Living. We in ty increase our ahuii. daece nf the thing- that are n-elul andgood.w ill - ( i,rpii:.i:g lie skill to apply Ihem ni proer uieasiiie, and ill wel -'imeU urraiigeii cut tn the highly complex -tructure uml coiisniulion of our , living fiainework. I It is, beyund all question, desirable that each . .in., nf os .'mil!,! enntritt. our arrn.mements uii.l ng"ings so as tn inilie the very most nf lif, ; , ((i (mr (,M.un,1, ,, , tii.c , I 0. n.l , , ,.lnlj .u -n ,u, , ,,,,. . , Clim. , . . .,.,, ,,H .. ,. ., 0t vU(e r in a, ,eei,., ,1 ar ivitv. Now it Is only by knowledge veil skill going along with adequate forre of resolulmo. that we ran ,.iit.s the resources of the world on lite one d so conltol the impul-es of our own nature on the other, rfslointinl tl the highest pns.ib'o pitch of vitality, nod can-" u cmMum current I of mi! finest niotimis anil HCiiilie-, The Art nf Living is the method nf stretching. ut the re-nuree- nl the world tuthe measure uf human wants, desires, and capabilities. Each person has to consider hi- ow u peculiar silimtion and framework, and to select Irom among his possession-nnd opportunities, what will do most 1 1 veld bun a grand and b- autifnl We hive all a reitain rommand of w bit nip- ports and gratifies Isnly and mind ; we Imvc our 1 homes, our city, our companions, our looks, our means r.f ncromplishineitts and instruction, our waiiisanu exeuroioiis, uie lace oi nainie, , in-pir.ition of art, the ongoin;s of the world, ami m my other things ra ab'e of inlluciicipg us to our very inmo.t being ; on the other side, we are'e to biirtlrns and toils, to violent shocks and slow miseries, to wrutine-s and tt'inp'slions and failures t apd it be- , comes our tusk to liiipp.e of all these lliing tr. , the making our lives j....ns rallier than gtiev- ops, pnwertui unit benignant, rather than empty I Imrlfiil. ti tin un lie nrriicatiun f Sciir.! to llnrvin llillh inn '!lt'(ii.