Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 8, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 8, 1848 Page 3
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9 BURLINGTON FREK PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING; December 8, 1848, BRIGHTON CATT1.U MAUKtVi'-AVv. 'il. (ntronTEn rott thc mAvtuxn.) At mnrkrt, aoi) Ut-cf Cattle, I5U ijtiirrs, 1 pairs Tt... i.t.. t I mull u nJ Lnmbs, 3000 loft ocr from lust week, r.nJ 1400 TO A ft It Kj. in.. 1 V Prices Reel Cattle Extra SO ; first quality, $5, 7J : ajT5. Stores 1 years old, 12 to 1G j 3 years olJ, 13 to S'2j. Working Oxen Notailes. Cows mid Calves 9111,81, 23, 3.) and 41. . S.ieep and Lambs-ddle at $1, l 1,37. n"J 2.00. 3wlne-4(3 5i Uetaili S G; still Iiors He. CALVIN H. EDWARD'S CIW.JP C.1SII Store, No. 1 fecks' Building, Burlington, Vt. Splendid lllusdalcd Books For Christmas and New Cs- i f t s . : care tu. it.rn,,iil 25. 1313, gUes'tlie fallowing notice ol the tiut popular remedy of thc day: WILD CHJi lillY It A I 8 AM, We speak In praise of Wi-tnt's Balsam orWild Cherry because we believe from our own hnowledue of the article that it is one of the hest in the market fot the complaints lor which it isrecoinmended. This medicine, coming from such a respectable iource.and cnrelully prep-ircd by an experienced and killful physician, is received by the public with con fidence. Its efficacy has been proved in many oIkIu late cases of'dmne,niul its fame has rapidly extend, ed. It has been extensively used in every pirt ul the country, particularly in thc Middle and Northern States; and slrona testimony Iroin intelligent and highly respectable persons, has been adduird in f.nor ifils merits as a remedy lor colds and coughs, affec tions ol the chest, diea-cd liver and dy-pepsia. None genuine unless signed I. BUTTS on the wrnmier. for sale by Tiieo. A. 1', agent for Burlington. Dyspepsia or Indigestion. This dieae has thc strongest claims upon the at tention and sympathy of the physician and philan thropist. The habitual Dyspeptic is tiuly miserable. Ills sallow and anxious countenance, Ins nveieion to sociil eni'ivnu'ins. Ins irritable and sullen silence, and the occasional anrt overwhelming despondency ol mind, show him tube the prey ol keep and hanussing suiieriugs, oi wnicn none nut tnose wno nave expe rienced them can form an adequate idea. For Dys pepsia there is no hope ; it is durk, discouraging, tind cheerjess in its progress. If will neither kill the pa tient nor depart Ironi him. His month is parched and feverish, his head cenlused, and Ins whole body languid and uncomfortable. His sleep at night is fit ful and uiirefieshiug, disturbed by strange fantasies and uneasy dreams, while long before morning, he begins to turn from side to side on his comfortless pillow. Though restless, he feels no disposition to rise, but when at length he musters sufficient resolu tion, he feels such taintuess and lassitude, that all motion and business is a burden to him. Let the sulKver use, according to the directions, and he will find almost immediate relief and in n very short time a perfect cure. Persons have been cured after having been to springs and other places by the advice ol their physician, and have not received any permanent relief until they use tins medicine, Eroicn's Sarsnparilla and Tomato Hitters. alternatives. 232 For sale by Theo. A. Teck, Burlington, and by Druggists generally throughout the United States. Canals and Kail Roads have lost their novelty chemistry, geology, phrenology, and mesmerism are becoming settled as sciences, and still the world pro gresses. Man produces his likeness by light, and semis his messaues bv liirhtninu. and still the world progresses- progresses in liberul sentiments and science.. Dr. (jiiysott has prepared a compound syrup of the dcsi vegeianie suosiances Known, aim which cure most ol the ills thai lli-slt is heir to." Jiy ins Com pound I'xtract of Yellow Dork and Suisaparilly, and you will ai knnwledgethut still the world pro gresses. Our readeis will tind advertisement ofnn ctlier column. a w21w4 for sale by Geo. K. Harrington .Burlinuton, and by the Druggists generally throughout the United States. THE LOXDOX KF.FJ'SJlKF., for 1619, Ijiilted by the Countess ni Uleinrtou. Tilt: BOOK OF BF..WTY mil Kcm) tint ere lor It 111., dn do Tim iiomf.x of Tin: biblf, iiius t n fd ItV Mcrhtpf ti fhfinrtpritin pnirriiviinrq Tim s.'iciti:i) pouts of iixgl.ixd Plld Amerien, for three renturh'S. MRS. SIGOUIIXHYS 1'OF.MS. Longfellow's do Bryant's, do Willis', do Hiilleck's, do J. (i. Wluitier's, do Head s l'einale I'oets of America. 1'oels and I'netry of America. Had.ey's Sacred .Mountains. The Sai rcd I'oets of Kugland. Lallah Itonke. Souihey's Poetical Works, Lady of the Luke. Child Harold. Poets and Poetrv of the Ancients The Land ol " Scott." The Lea llets of Memory 1819. Gem of Beauty . Hosary Illustrations of the Bible. Book of Pearls. Flora's Gem. The Chiitian's Keepsaka. Friendship's Ollerlng. The Amaranth. Til Snow Flake. Forget-.MeNot. . Mnss Itose, OJd Fellow's Offering. Chrism- s Blossoms. The Pearl. Juvenile Scrap Bock. Young Man's Ollering. Darlington, December 1st, 1313. d207 Asiyncus Sulo in Ikmkiiipcy. BY VIIITUE of an order tswitil mil of the United States District Court lor the ditriet of Vermont, J will sella! Public Auction at the Auction Knoin ol I'annShel wood, in Burlington, on SaUrd.iy, the 23J of December. at II o'clock A. SI. " All tlit claim nf Ilemy L I'cailec In a Farm lying, and being in Il-trtiintiu.icliklifaim teas wil tedlij Amanita Vcastec, mother of slid Hsmy I'tai- ice to her son Ui'tis rfere iAh Ih,r,iri Vinlr" A'ATUAiV U. II AS IFiJLL, Asignee. Burlrngton, U.'cenibcr, 1st, V.22 SCHOOL 3001SS OF ESTABLISHED REPUTATION. I J I? II LISH hy .1 IINKS, lA 1.31 Ull Ar t" I No. 131 Washington sticet, Boston, and lor sale by Buoksellcrsnud Country Traders gcucially : Parley's IltsTontts Umehsos's Arithmatic. rirst Vook. Western Pari I containing easy lleinirpliere. Newly He- lessons ior iwSi mivi-, p.... reotyped und bro u gb 12, leson, for all scholars ; down to present time, with Part 3, higher npperalioiis J heweiiL'roviiie.. .Vc. Key to i art' 2 and J, nASII PAID FOB OATS, nv J UOBINSON ii GOULD. Dec. 4, '43. d2I0iw23tf. IV'ol ice. TOSEril W. ALLKN has removed from Milton O Falls to Burlington. Office over Geo. E. Har rington s Apntnecaty More. Dec. 1st, 1318. daw If CF"The restoring influence of Dr. Osgood's In dia Cholagouu. upon constitutions impaired and in jured by a residence in bilious climates, i-. one of its mot v.iluible qualities. Thereare maiiycoiHtiiutions which become gradually underinmi-d ty mmmai. cane, without even a day's actual ctntiuenietit. In such coe3 the Cholagogue acts like a ehar.u the sallow eomoiexion. Iom of linpethe. languor, weari ness and depression of spirits, with other unpleasant will be furnished lor exiiminatiuii on application to stmpioins wmcu renuer ire a uuroeii nil jitid m either oi me runii-iiers Adam's New Arithmetic, REVISED EDITION. miHS VALUABLE SCHOOL Book con- X tains the characteristics of ihe former edition, in n rrrt-ntlv inmroved ftirin : with uch corrections and nililitinns as ibe wants of the times demand. It lias been already veiy e.teoively adopted in place of ine oki etmiou, una is recencu wiiu iiic niue i uuiu.i lifid nitnrn :ll. Adam's New Arithmetic is almost the only woik on Arithmetic ueil m eMenne sections ol Hngland, It is ued in every part of the United States; nnd in the Stite ul Aew i oik, is the lexl UooK m iitneiy-llirccM the one mniureu ami miy live Academies which reported to the Urgent of the University in 13 IG. It lias been adntiied to the cur rency of, and ro-publislied in Canada. It has la-en trauslaled and ie-publi--hfd in Greece, A'otwilli standing the iuullilicntioii of Arithmetics, made up, ninny ol lhein,ol the vialeiicl ul this has steadily increased in the public favor and demand. Adams's Arithmetical Scries. The attention of Preceptors of Acadeniie", Teach ers and Superintendents in our Common Schoil,nud all llme imeresieil in education, is invited to the full series o Arithmetical Works now pub'i-hed. Copies this remedy if onlv faill.fully ued according lo the directions of the pamphlet which accompanies each bottle. For sale by Geo. L Harrington, agent lor Burling ton. w22wl Now for llolyday Presents! BnUSJICS, CiMUS, m Ows, Pi:n luines, '1'oilet Buttles, and faiicv articles for s lie Ly Tiilo. A. Peck. T0TICE Ts llrc7lY"GIVEN TiuT tiiT: 1 1 Probate Couits wiilnn and for the District of Chittenden, will until further notice is giien, t.c held at S. B. S'liilnrd's Hotel in Willirtnii, ill su I district, on tlie s- eoml Monday in each monih, con nieuemg wiili the second Monday of December, IS!.", and at L. K Clnlteuden's ollii-e in Burlington in said distrut, on Wednesday of each week, eoiiinieiuing with the first Wednesday ol D. ceinlier, 1313. The Probate oiliee will be kept .its lid Chittenden's cfiice. By order 1 1 me Court. L. K. CHITTUNTEN, Eegittrr. Dec. 1st, '43. wS3vv3 JIEUCI1ANTS' EXCHANGE HOTEL. In the same Building with the Post Office. STATE ST2!M.T, U3STO.V. THIS is the mot convenient Hotel in Boston, for thc man of huinessto stop at It is at lh. very head quarters of Business; close by ihe Banks, In surance and Ncwspipcr Oiliri-s, and the n.ineipd Storei The Proprietor is determined to keep hi charges at the very lowest ratrs, and for ONE WIMX.VU PUll DAY, he engages to furnish his patrons with all the sub stantial comforts found at the First Hotels. The House has lately been Unpaired and Furnished throughout in a manner not at all inferior to houses where the charges are two or three times "as much. K.ntrance in Stale, Lindall and Congress streets. Transient Boarders ONE DOI.LAil per day HENRY DOOLEY. Boston, June, 1818. "'-il?!". 1. 1'rimjrv Arithmetic or Mental orERTiovs IN .NOMiii.R'i ; hciniznu introduction to Auainssvcw Atithllli t.e, revised rdillnll. II Aum's .new Arithmetic. Uevied Unmnxj being a revision of AduiuVb A'ew Arithmetic, first iul.h-h(,l in 18 17. 111. Kr.v to the Uevisld Coition or Apa.m's Nv; A.TiiiMtTic. IV Must. ration. Mechanical Power', asd M ' ni.NiHY. The prii.ciples of lueimiratioii nnaly ticih) rAp!aired,and pnictically applied to tlie vita TUH TOCSIN ims jg.iix Hovximn. Turn Out ! ura Out I ! fkXCB MORE TO THE RESCUE. M wiili such a man us Old Z ick tor our Piesident, (which is now ceifiin) Liberty will follow Lih etty which secures lo every man, woman and child, the freedom of speech, the lierdoiu or conscience, and above all the lieednni of Tiade. All hail then the hap py uuy wnen tue i ropnetors ol THE LADIES EXCHANGE again unfold their banner to the brec7c,nnd Inscribed upon its loius in naming cliaracteis the gigiuhcuut motto EXCELSIOR ! It is often said, ami witn some truth, that itisens tomary Tor a new coiiesrn jut opening, to sell goods for awhile at a small proiit in order to secure trade. Ladies and (jentlemen,wehave now been locateu in Uuilingion six montlis, and have the pleasure of .in forming you that however cheap we have heretofore sold our uooils, we now appear before you with n lar ger supply, and nt greatly reduced prices from our first slock. It'e now ptoclaini the Fall and ll'iuter Cam paign to he opened- These Goods must be sold. We uae,tberefoie entered the arena of trade wiili warm lh, zeal atul energy, detetiiiiued to convince (by our uc lions as w ell as sayings) our friends in Burlington and (owns adjaining, that while we tue desirous ol obtain inga living for ourselves, we me ulo desirous and striving assiduously Iroin day lo day to secure the greatest good to the grealest nnmlier ol all with whom we come in contact Were we to go through and enumerate nil the d.llerent styles, qualities and prices ol goods we now have on hand, it would lengthen our advertisement beyond reasonable limits: there fore, we lorbenr and will name but a few styles and prices, leaving it for all to call and examine tor them selves. IIV think we enn shown larger assortment of plain and fancy Atpaccas than can be shown in the Slate ol Vermont. SUPKIl SUl'F.a I1LACK MOHAIR LUrf TUES, SUI'Klt BLACK SILK WAltl1 ALI'AUOAS. tl'e warrant them to be the most beautiful and ele gant goods ever exhibited in this vicinity. Cases .Super lilac k Alpacca, do common do 1 Cuse Super Changeable do SAMPLES. Black Alnacca at 12 cents, do better at 17 " Fancy Plaid at 18 " ALSO Cloak Goodsofevery colorand quality. No one who wants n eloak ordrtss will tail tu examine this attract ive assortment, nnd thus s-nc their money. 2 Carlton llrncha Shawls, all wool, 1 bale Plaid .Mantle, " 1 " "Sou ire, " 1 "Basket, " he rpimtity of (Joods we have already sold,war- us in saying mat our prices arc VERY LOW. nd last, though not least, our CMITII H(K)r ents a most imposing display of French ami English Broadcloths, Cassi. meres, Vcsliags, ij-c, c$-c. which are pleasing to tlie eye, profuale lo the buyer, charitable lo the purse, and only humiliating to the manuf.ielurer. Il'e never bnat,but we will present any gentleman with a coat, if he cannot satcmoney by u visit luour CLOTH ROOM. I. S. Don't buy 'cm it'lltoy ain't cheap. 5 biles unbleached Sheetiugsfroin 3 to 7 cts. 2 " bleached Shining Ir.nn 4 to 13 cts. 4 cases Prims, 1 case fast Lolors only Gj cts. Flannels La low us one shilling. Uespecllully, U iLCOX NASII. Next door to Brinsmaid &. Brothers, Church-street. Nov. 13th, 1818. w' ; r.'..,t p',,.i,f,i llM.iOne-tions to I'art J. brought down lo Bah.iasAuji.bra, on a leeent date, with now lit- inductive plan tor b. engravings, Ac ! Tliird gmners ; Key lo do. I),,k Ancient History I Uootmiiiis Iisiony ol VV. II ,. , rr,v i. Tin- I'.VITLD MATES.a Jnlit- HY. .emcHi!-Ada,)i led to the cap icit) of youdi, nnrled fir C. ion tu ...I-bro t oown lo n leeent nilU , . . ,u mi. iih f nnslltiilloii l ,,.. the United Sialesadded; general relerencr, lecoin i(Joodrich's und liuiersoii's mended nsc untitling nd-iQu-Mlons (u do. vantages as n Pronouucing Kfssci.t.s LrsioNs i s Dictionary, superior to all U.fSclATlo.l J UlsstLLi others new edition, en- Elocution. lorged. nlUSIC,r'.0,0,KS,,;0,,1 Worcester's Ueaper. Schools H ebbs Little Primer, Second Book. Songster : do. Commoii lutroihiction to Third do :'SchooIs do I do. ioiing Third nnd Fourth Book., I.adl's ocal Ivlass liooli. I'r.osr's G n a ji m a r ; Bossitls r BENCH 1'IIBAtE Hook ; Uoi.iikckiks or.o metrv ! Aubot's Little 1'iin.oioriitR : N o v e s ' I'tNMANsiiir : Blair's .Outlines ok Chkonoixkiy, with lessons in llnuncia tion. Aiticulatiun.Prouun. ciation, Cmphiisis, Pauses,! OiC, uy n in. uiisseii. U.MEKS0NS WATTS ON, the Mino, with correc lions, qucslinusand supple' ment do. National Spet ling Book and introduction to do. The nbnve Kitv Hooks are bv Authors favorably known to ihe iitilifle. The Books are well printed aim strongly bounil and will be olltrcn ot ns low a price ns others in 1 lie inarKci. School Committees. Teachers. &.C., desirous ol ex nniining nnyol tlie aboc, supplied without charge llieir correspondenc.' solicited and where the luniks are desired lor use, liberal arrangements mme lor in troduction or permanent supply. In addition to the above, ulways for sale ot satis factory prices, a complete ossotttnent of School, Mu sic nnd Miscellaneous Book, Stationery, &C. Nov. SI, "43. v,21C Batllns, Wadding, Yarn &c. I BALES Battino, VVaddlllg. 23 " Cation Yam, ii " Wirkmg, For sale low by . Nov. 21, '48. 21 NOYES&CO S. 50 euirmenl of lines. mprijiet.aad sulids ; nN i.a phi- - ',7TT os,.phical rp!.inationol ihe A..;, e mecliar.ieal )nw f 1AUI)0aA1 L 01 Sodtl eif.and theirapplicHthni to machitieiy. 1) 'signed to J casks and s.nall p icka"i-s follow Adanis's A'ew Arithmetic. Un piess.) ,y V Book lvLir:.u. This woik coiitui is a lutid explanation ol the si-ience of account, a new, concise, and coiiiinnii seme method of lljik-keeinns by swale eiiliy, and various lornis of lereijils, vrdeis, notes, Lonas, nt'iitgiigci. and iitlier instruments iii'cenry for the tran-Hictioii of business. Ateoinpiiued wnh Blank Books for the u-e ot learners. Published by J. W I'lCii I iH t i) ,ve.'ie. .. . coi.i.iNs & m:orni:u. aw iw;.-. I'IIII.I,II'.S &. JJAill's-ON, ofo. Aov.21,'13. d:o;t3 FREWGH CLASSES7 MR. HITCHCOCK lmviiiK clo.cil lils rn. gngeiiient at the Ladies' Semiinry, will form evening f lasses ill French ai hie behool l.ooin, in Biinniatd's new building. A class will cunnneiice about Deo. Ht Auv. .'tli. dtwtf liRIED CURRANTS. Gniuu.l Siices, A? Nicest Sperm Candles, &.e , ,te., for sale by 1 11L.U. A. f L,uiv. fur wasliiiiL' ! in i for family u-e, tor sale 1 I1I.U. A. 1 L.UIV C A It & T I a n n noDsn rritMsin.Nf; djiy koou.s, C. F. Stamford $ Co. ii ave noav ix STOiti: and ormi rou sali: M on liheral teims. Ingrain Superfine, fine, and common Carpctings. Urupsels niul Venetian Siair, do, Pliiiled Diugget 0 3fi-4nnd I 2-1 wide. Floor Oil Chubs, 4-1 5-4 0-4 and 8-4 wide. Canton .Mailings. .1LSO, Linen and Cotton Sheeting, 1 l. nnd 1 2-5 do. L'lieu and Conou, for Pillow Oisrs 40 inches do. Table Damask and Diapers, all widths and quali ties Huekahuck und other Towelings. NaokiiTs and Doilies. Table and Pi inu Covers: Turkey Ited.lor Curtains, P.mhroidered .Muslin, for do. Cuuoterpanes, Blankets. Great Dry Goods Store. Church st. Burlington, Nov. i'J.'U. diuaw22tf Shell nnd Silver CoiiiIin, &c. dHOLLnnd Silver Combs of various patterns Back nnd Side poinds, Horn Combs, dressing Combs, ot an hums, fine iointis, t'o-Ket uomtis,ijomti uiea ners, Brushes of nil kinds, IPiiist Buckles and Siidea Silver darts mid oilier Head ornauient. Nov, 1, HH. 11rins.maid& Brothers. CJBIA.MTi:. TIIR SURSCRIiEi OF RARRE, iiavi: 1 for sale nli kinds of (iiauite Stone for Buildings, Window Cap und Sills, Door Caps and Sills, Sle s, Columns. ,tc. This (jn.mle is ol the lirsi nuulitv. tor ptool of which I would refel to the Stoics ul Messis J liJI II Pecks and H'llliain II irnnglon ill orders promptlv attended to and done at reasonable notice , Coutiacts may lie made wnh .Mr Still .Morse, my agent, unu i.r.uiile win n- k- pi HiTe on tniKi HLIPHALET IIKWKTT Barre.Oct. in, 1813. wiuly- iiMlUSSE5 ! Foil INI'AXT. VOLTII AXI) A- a dull Males. These articles ot Lite luibrovement r,r the dit,eieiit Henna, for sale, and accurately appli ed hy THLO. A FKCK. Nov IS, ISIS, Aimthtcary. I c.vsii misii i.lni:n. i.y Nov. 21, 'IS. w2l NOYI'.S it CO S. Plated Ware, FINE p'ated Castors, Cake Ihskets. ChilJrens Cups, Caudlesti' hs, Siiull'-rs, Tui)s,Nut Crack- Great nnd Important Chemical Discovery. CHEMICAL COMBIXATIOX TUOM THE VEGETABLE KINGDOM TO ItEPEL Dr.GUYSOJT'S CnriT mill1 SUPEBlO!'1 OtVUt 'ItRACT l NlLST IT "WtC.TtS msncr it Jilt 800- sMO LSARSAPARILU The inosi successful Medicine in thc World! The result of n series of Chemical Cxgi'riments, this Compound Extratt of YellHia Puck nnd Sarsan- ttrilln. nllipr tihnosl t-oiiullv llOWeiflll VCUClJh C substances, is one uf the greatest discoveries of the age ; nnd is the Inst nnd on'y instance to wmcn inese Itnnm siil.tii,, in osp be the faeullv hae been uni ted into a Comimnnd posissing a due proportion of the peculiar v irtues anil powers of cacti. Its success is astonishing, having performed over fifteen thousand cures since its discovery less than two years! Its unrivalled power over disease, nnd great superi ority over nil Simple Sarsnparilla ifijrups,y be at tributed to the fact that it is composed purely ol vege table substances, each one havin ' direct reference to sonic internal organ ; consequently ttie wnoic system is lipnefilleil. It is t ip mot hishh concentrated Svrun in use and being in Quart Bolties nt (me dollar per bottle, it is also the cheapest. It purifies and enriches the Blood, invigorates the Body .and consequently expels nelvuiis disease from tlie syslem, more cflectually than any medicine known. It is pleasant lo the taste, occasions neither sickness numerous counterfeitois an I Imitators to take hcil, Ueware how you buy medicine put un in q nie f'iatt bottles, lie very sure and ask lor Dr. (iuisott's Compound Kxtiact ot Yellow Dock and Susupur- Ilia, healing me written sign nuie oi r iieuiien, on enth outside wnrpper, wmteii wild Mailt Ink ; and do not, on any account he induced to buy any other rr t.clt s it is this preparation un!y that is performing such inarielous and nsiomsiiiiig cures .Take no man's word ; as peisons having the cnnnteifeit med icine an I not lh-aennlne. are of course desirous of ;u iklna tlieir;iroi c inseqiicnily you are liuh'e to uuy woiinites irusli, you eAuiuuie i ir your selves. It is well in all rasp, to cut out this caution and pat into vour pocket-book and roinpare wnh inedirj.,.., Zr Iteineinher. Dr (JL'VSOI' l"S V'lLLOW Dtibiv AND SAKSAPAKILLA Prepired in S F UriNNISTPd Laboratory. L t lie Fails, lleikii'ier County. N, Y.nnd so d Ly OdJ C. IIAUIilNOTON Burinigton Vt. Burlingioutict ll.lilj. FIKE FlrTifi" ihe St. Lawrence Mutual Fire In surance Company, Og.lcn.lHtrgh ftetv Yavlc. AT the sou. nation ol several respectable (ientle. men in Noilheri Vermont has appointed tra velling Agents for the Comity ol Chill, n.len, to nf ford Mitstniineis a cheap and reliable insurance ojf i itit loss or damage by rile. This Company established an agency little more than one year since in the County of Frankhn. and It has now neatly one thousand hazurds therefrom show mg its estimation wheie known. Its liisuinnces amount In oboul a quarter of a million ol ilollais monthly, nnd lis eitenl, character of hazards and economy render it such, that Ihr.-.ctual cost to Palm ers on Policies of several years standing has been but the. first payment and less than Eight cents the $100 per year! 1 he Comnanv Excludes from tu linear,!. hti.1lnt in blocks, (Jollnn and .Starch factories. Litery Sialics, Hall Alleys, lllack Smith's shtipi, I'urimcrs, lorges.Ashcries, Powder Mills, Breweries. Media nics shop, icith Macliineiy impelled ly Water or j ..".. .... ..if,,,. , .iriia, uy which runners anil nor pain in its opperntioii, can lie taken regardless of those insuring isolated property nie not made to par- William Powell's Ks5ate. ST.ITE OF VERMONT, ) The Hon. Ihe Pro District or Chittenden, ss. bale Court for the llititrir.t ,.l f'hitienilen f To nil tM-rsons concerned 111 the estate of William Powell late ol Charlotte in said District, deceased, t.reeiimr. Wl.nrp-is A I, i. mi Atwood and .In ha C. Powel, ad minitrators ol the estate olsaid deceased, propose to render an account of their administration, awl present it,-, nn.,.ini m.itiitsi psinte f..r miminatlon and nl'owance at session ol the Coutt of Probate, to be holdenut Uurlingloii, on me xatti day oi iove.iiuc IBP. ni,orurnrp Vmi are tiprehv nntitipd to nnDear be fore said court at the lime ami place ulbresnid, and shew cause, if any ol you have, why the account aforesaid not he o'lowcd. Given under uiv hand at Uurlnmtun.tli.s utn uy ofAovembcr.A D. 1BI8. , 8Sw3 LBALI-C1.D KIM UKD, i.rgnirr. Kutlaiid and ISurliiigton ICail Iloatl. iaisinessordiel,and by theaged and inlant wilh equal eincacy. In all CtllinXIC PISEASnS this Oummmd is the GREATEST 11LESS1XG crer ;.osjeseti ly nan. This extract of Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla is a positive, speedy and permanent cuie for Consumption, Scrofula, Eryiipelas, Rheuma tism, Gout, Liver Complaints, Spinal 1f ftclions. Ulcers; Syphilis, Dropsy, Mh' ma. Piles, Scurvei, Jljfcctions of Ihe Bladder and Kidneis, Mercurial dis eases, Corrupt llumors, Hush of B'.ood to the Head, Freer and m'lgue, Female CompTts, Gen eral Debililr,, Dppcpsia, Loss of Appetite, Colds, Headache, Coslivtness, Gravel, Slight Sweats, Colic, CAt; I m.s I.A i u.v. A linn l.jr n u ,.n,,0,,t ci..,ri l.ui , m -yed rtltti S )nu 3 of .. n, tf ,t yt lv,ml. ai.J ll" l.l l.rn.e to in i,, . rtrsaisnls, hth III'. Cill I Ir.'l'oun villi's r"t.Hfill, iii n,.i M.i. ItOt.Y tl.VI. I ins iml.etc. It.l, .i,.ai.J Ii nu Ai. I ,r, t.i mierua j liut was feiuiHr unikar in rillr-iili. ci mil,, iii.iI llie like. Vet fie sf.fiai.s i,s i i,prir., f..r If iiurr nf jiiui i cm.lit f if tie 1. -'i,i, , t,t enllinn tin pllbl e ant t'l t,v .teteUr. Hail iiit)fis .n.-o tail tho Ol XUlXi: Oil 111 I.V.I I. HI. Ii lir, J"elu r-,l.-ei.J's s. T'-f.trlll i, fi.1,1 x oil It ihn (IJ ., k in.., hi, foniu' fit ,,f, iiti.i t, j-.uiaxs irr4 the c.i .I .if ' 1 Vis , i I rrtnc'p'il lifi X-i.iau It., .Vcu York Cits. OLD 1)1!. JACOB TOMNSBXD Tlir.dlttCIN.M, lilsCOVIlltKR IIFTIIK Genuine Tinviiscnd Sarjaiiarllia. O.a Ilr. Tin. u-f-nil ii now tnut 9 cir of vee, s4 hss tm g deen ktm.t 11 s tlie ji V I IIDIt sml j;srri ,r thn nvxuixi: untaix.u. roirx- SIXII I.t If. ir.1llll.l-1 llelne hn WinCim Iw-lieil to limit Its lii.inaficlare, by Willi h nieH,, it h-1 iieen kept nut n insrkct sml lbs bhIp- circmu'criliil t- lti'i-e oritt win. hoi iri-.eil Its viiirth, htnl kiiiiwn lit ttlllle. It hiiil reaclie.l llin enrs nf Imlif, n"Verliie s-s .is itio-e is-r-nns ulin ha.l lieen ln'i.le.1 il sur .li-er.. .ml .iurd (rein ilunlh, limcliiiiii. d III iktnuu, ai.4 Organic Ajjictloni, 1'a'iiitation of the Heart, Sum'l. Conch, liiUs, I'ains tit Ihe bide, i,hesl, Back, Limbs, IT IS IN FA LLIIiLE In nil diseases nrrising from an impure state of the B.oo.1, or irregular aeiinn i.f the svstein. IN THE KINGDOM on All Wise Being has deposited plains und Ileitis congenial to our constitutions, and adapteil to tlie cuie ot dis ease nnd to the Vegetable Kingdom does the reason of man, ns well as the instinct of nuumials, turn tor antipodes to pain. The Smut) is a sclent ifiic Comnound of ihe most til- ualile Plants in Nature, entirely hiee iro n deliteriuus and enervating Mineral substances, and as ii expels ticip.ite in Cura liazirdous insurance but share with nazarus like meir own. It a lev I'arm property unexposeil taken for 5 (Must I ner cent of the sum insured ; the insured for ifiOU L'ivmz wondirful a noie 01 i. iaj o iwrt ol whi.-h he pa)sdown,ond only I HKALING POWKn. so much of the balance of the note isc-illed for during ' Knw Ine, mane peart ro. thm he bed. by Ms skill, the 1 ive years, as to pay actual loss Sioresand spneeHnd ei)M nence, di-ii-ed un srilcle wb'ch wuul Merchatidue from 2J percent iipwardl dep-nding on b of Inciileoiahle sjvsntiire to msnkind wliea ib the construction and material of the bui din" and mesas umil.l be rurni-he.l in lulus; It bno niilu n.l extemsl Uxtiosures " ' nntice. hn Its Inestuiiiil.le ni.ulil I knoAii No ticatllird.chnse in f.Pobcies ; whole amount pUrSM?''' 'I"M '""

insured pa il, il lost ; Members can withdraw, and ait.ixh .1XD VXFQU.1I.I.K1) rtlKrjR.lTIO.1- cancel If desirous. I, ,in.clir,-rl nn lh lnr-e.l scslp. anil is t .l'e-l it Ai:eiits have certificates from the Secretary and if thriiiieiui ihe Irnmh i.n.l iiremith of it.e, uiwctal policy be Hot received III due lime. ,ul,,' i i! Ii s il U fuuail Incaualile of JfSt-ntrili'i-i i.r delenura vjonipaii- is requesieu. Refers to thc following Members. Clitimnlain. X. Y. Pliny .Moore, Tho's. .1. Whiteside, .M. Aloanl. Vt. Hon. S S. lirown. Willhloa, Vt. Jhancev W lirowuell, Jligligatr. Vt. t W . S S. Keycs, Lucius Green. rtattsltimh. X. V A. C. Ai. ns Trustee Pres. church Trustee M C. Church, rainier, Hewitt V Co. Lawrence Mvers, (Justavus V. tdwards. Directors S STU.WnLL.Jri. KOYAL VILAS, D. ClilCH ION, B PHILl.ll'P, 3 V KIINT. WALTrllt WILLSON, S. PAItTUIDC-K, Ag"tits Wnnied, for sirit'i) oai.'scvti.'M'ivni.' uiV'R nnf. 1 u .,..1. i..- K -.l..r.l I... ,! n.reeiors .... 111 corresponding degree each Share of the Capital Slock of the Uutland mid , OlMMOXS OP IMIVSICIANS. iiuiimi:ion liau uoiiii onqiaiiy ; iwooi sunn mc i ms is 10 certny inai we. me unuersicneu rnysi made pajnbleon the 15th day ol December ."',-xt. one ciaus of ihe city ofNew York, have in n very gieat A CHANCY. Ii. -vr AlKCIIILU, WM. nACOS'. lion. J C HOPKINS. IUA WIIKP.L()CKVe.. Kit ASTUS VILAS V.V. II G KOOTtl, sS'ecCv. each Town Address A. di.-eaw' from tin-sytem, imparts strength and vigor Skerls. Jr., General Agent, Highgnte, Vt. on the 1st, and one on the 15ili day ol Tcbiuaty next. Pnjinent may Vmade to the Banks of Burlington, Vergeimes, Middlcbuiy, Itutland, BUi k Itiver, Hel lows Falls, Che.hire Bunk.Kcene.N il .H.O. Per kins. Itullund, Ibe Assistant Treasurer al Ins oince m -iliddleoury.ur lo ine i rensurer ai 1 1 mnce in uoa lon. SA.M'L HtlNSHAW, Treasurer. November 1, 18 IS. wl'J.flw. 1500S Good Goods AT HOWARD'S. Commercial Hank. Tlin Stockholders in said Bmk nre herebynoti fied to meet at their Banking house, in Burling ton, on the second Tuesday ill January A. U. 18 111, at two o'clock in the alternoon, to elect Seven Direc tois of said Bank lorlhe jear then next ensuing. By order ol the Directors. M. A. SLY.MOUIt, Cashier. Barlingtop, Dec. lst,'. wJ3w2 -jj.Host KKp.rnordinary WorklJ MARRIED WOMAN'S miVATE MEDICAL COMPANION. BV Ult. A. SI. MAUIUCKAU, I Professor of Diseases of Woman,! Sixth Edition. 18mo. rA" j.":., , '. 50.IKH) CopiP" W)U i.,MX JION1IIS! I YVarsofsufiering.of physical and mental ouguish to many an affectionate wife, and pecumnrv dillicul ties to the husband might have been spared ; thou sands now poor wouldTiave enjoyed competence :( thous-inds now broken in health would have enjoyed it - hundreds now in their craves been still alive, by a timely possession of the work. , ,.. flHC In-gathering nt the People's Store surpasses It is intended et cially for the. mnrned, or those . , . f known in Trade. Willi rontemplsting marriage, os It discloses important be. n ()e u)) nlJ iami ,rillelp.- ,, Howard ihe agent, errts w men suouuiim: -...". - cnrneii ou(,u supply tauoniy nenau iroin oneuiange 'I'rulv. know edge is power. Itlslieuiiii.nuppiuess f ., , . lfr aXf f m rn ,1.,. aflluence. . ,. . i...,..l' 3 cts. Calicoes and ids. Cotton Sheetingsof the eery The revelations contained in its pages nave prnveu fcf j( ?uail(lf, yof ,uch.prices were all sold olios soon blessing to thousands, ns the innumerable leiiers rreeted ; and Howard sjjs he wont tune any received by the author will otlest. . ' more to do with such poor trash goods when tlie Here, also, every lemale the wife, the mother, ine newrsttVrry best styles can be bought so low in New one either budding into womanhood, or the one in n9 , (,e j oklo jehi y cm0 j uuringion the decline of years in whom nature contemplates an 0( HOWARD'S. iniDOltsnt cnallge can uiscuver me loms. and the most efficient remedies, and inost cer tain mode of cure, ill every complaint to which lier sex is subject. lis Importance to the Married may be gathered Irom the fact, that Travelling fensmskelrom Three to Fixe Dollars a day I Irom its sole, hundreds of active, rnterprixing agents .re ocruinulating a little competence lioui liie liberal discount allowed, ond the great demand for it. Or--dersare required to be accompanied with noyment. Copies will he sent hy the mail free oj pottage lo Ihe purchaser. Over twenty thousnnd copies hov been sent by mail within three montlis with perfect safety and cer- UOnihe receipt of One Dollir. the " Mariied Wo. mail's Private Medicol Companion" will be sen itmailid "fret) to any part ol the United States. All tellers and applications from those desiring lo become irrents most be post-paid (except those containing a Stance) andladdressed to Dr. A. M. Mncr. Dox New-York City. PuUislimif OiHce, U'J Tl" Married Woman's Private Medical Coinpa Dion' Is sold by B.x.kselleri throughout the Uuiled 8 Bold in Burlington Vt., by B?B. NICHOLS, t the Xvling but the Original and Genuine T.VTTUIt.NA LL'.S 11 1; V V H I'UWDIlliS IIHl go down n ilh a discerning public! HAS CURED, IN THE LAST YEAR, CASES ol' II nvos. " Chronic Cnugh, Vi u ' " Broken md. JkK)" " llo.-srs out of Condi tion, nnd other diseases Tina ar-it Cngli-li Remedy which after inprece. dentej Mjrces- .n Uui:i,iiid, was a eur ago introdu ced in 111 s, cnuu'ry by us.liusbeeii il.e nucleus mound which numbeili' s pnltiy iniitatiui.s, Heave Cuies, Ciuidilioii I'uwders, Water Ponders.Ac., hate form ed ; and lioui the j'Htly earned reputation ot which, lliev have like iiarisilt-s emhnlolrd to draw suste nance, nnd find a sale, But the public begin tu find that these tfieati and wnithless colU'.ioullds reuuire it as we keeii these and maiiv oilier Goods out ol" i wmelhiiig more than profe.-loin oliiiiallibilily lo be sight mini Ui-Ked lor, our Slock oteteiy kind ol Goods vve deal in is siqenor and luller linn eterund we aim to nut them at prices winch wiil ensure a ready line, vv e iiUiesninr particularly coon Plated Lastois inatif cases nn scribed Dr. Guisoll's L'xirnct ol Yel low lock nnd Sarsaparilla, and are fully assured that it has no equal uinoni the varied Syrups and Satsapurilla prepanitionsthat have ever been sold. John P. Siebbms. M D Stn'l 'P. Wells, M. I)., P S, M-iyn ird. M. D., K It Tnonns. M. D. J. K. Morgan. .M. i) , S. .M. Johnson, M. D. New Yoik Oct 10,'IC. TU S TIMOX Y. Tlie following letter indicates its salutary elTect in cases of DVSPI'.PSIA, GENERAL DEI11LITY, &c. Watertown,.leiIersoii co ,Nov. 1.M7 Mr. S V. B'nneil sir: I am at a loss to express (wiili woids) what has-been said in praise ot your Compound Extract of Veitow Dock and S.iiSHpanll.i. All who have had the pe l-ureot using it. sneal; of r.s inam-lous etrects ill removin disease, with so tuucli teehng and lit-nrtlelt S'lti-t.iction, tint I nut conn Jem Il.G. rOOTE. w ICin'2 Oct 16,1313. WINOOSKI F NCY GOODS. BAZAR It ! ! C 0 If E i & AMMHEIM HAVIi jut oppnoil nt Wiiirxiski Fnllillie most splendid nssottinont of Goods to be found this side of New- Ymk. which ilievme now lo sell at the cheapen prices They fl nter themselves that fiom a long and intimate niqunintmcr with their bu-ilu-ss and with ihe means i.f pu chising ine best goods in il,p i,H,M prices in me uiaiket. tlie) an able to sell goods of nil descripliniis an. I on the mo- tivorable nnd adv ititaeoiis te ins. IVnp'efroui lliirliuixtnu, Colchester or any spciion of the country wishing t-i purchase are requested lo cull al our HEW STORK 7.n. ...i.n: ... ...'u . ..r n nnd pTnuimR mr 1... .., ..wii ...I ....... :r:n H ' nun linn in' iiiiiiciiir ,1, i.iii liixi;, ui iia puK'tnr - ,v, ju., ,iv.,,,u, hi ym,, qualities. .Many who have been complainim. lor years with pain in the side, burning and p un ill the chest, DRESS GOODS and cloak stulfi ol all kinks. Herman Stripes. Ca- dyspepsia general debility, loss otappeiite, cliills,iiii;lit sweats, suit rneiiin, scioiiua in lact an ine uise.i.-es that we in tins climate nre heir to, tind in the Yellow Dock and Sirsaparilla all that is rrqui.-ite to nuke them what they were in the d.i)s ol health, &c. We tind that we lutt had tuine twelve dozen bot tles in three months, and we nre neatly out. You please send ail equal number, and oblige y.furs, HOyTccGRiiGORY. ers, bp inns, Sutir longs and tshovels, and almost ,ln,u Lln.l i.f ,!.., ...I l, ....I. .....,.,...aru .. l.l.l.... II.... plain! or Britannia ware are requested In enquire lor ! lliat lhcs"-' be:i;i and woithless coiii'.'ounds require p.'iii. iiiii,; hiuic iiiaii in,ir?iuii' worth their money ; and that the Tattcrsali's Hcdve Poivdcrs are in fact the cheapest, as well ns the best article of und Cike baskets of ilesirab'e oatterns i ov. j , , fiv'J imi.Ns.MAin ijhotiiers. Nov. S3.M8. dSUIAiwiltf TAOCT. FITCH'S Trusses. Inhaline Tubes. Shoul J der Braces and " Lectunsun the Prevention and Cure of Consumption." A laige sui.nly just received and lorsalebrntcfu' prices. By I utn. A Pick Agents aim i uyaiciuus suppueu at uoci. i nch whulesaie terms. inelion ttnpes, Cbanm-.ible CohourL'. Trench twnt u. h"j a 'svec: zcz -Hv. s53 of all kind-. Black Queens cloth. Bomb nine, plaid raw silk, Cnmmerv de Cus.'. Mu-.nn de Lanes. FI.LWCH tiiu,i:ts of al1 quililicsnnd colors, Silks, Changeable and CllCt k.'d.'k tillllll UllJ Blui li Stlii Mm m. AI-,1 n Dyspepsia cured of thirty years splendid aaoumenioi sti.ndiii.r ! I .Wt C3 St Johnstille, M.inignniery en., Jan. 3, ISIS. S 1' lleuneii U.'iirSir some four weeks suice I was in.iiiied to try our Vrilow Dock and Saisapar. 1 1 la for Dyspepsia ; had been nlllici-d about 3d years, tiio-l p ut ol tin' II. us il l.ible to eat any thing without piitVermir intensely Irom its ell'ertv I li,ue n-ed now onlv one botlle of your mvulu.ihle iiiedicme, and cousuier nivw-lf eninelt cuied solely bv lis ur. C.,il now rut u hearty inrui, without the slightest iucon- enience. ANTHONY BEEKMAN. The Lest Female Medicine known.'S UNRIVALED DAGUERREOTYPES rTUKliN Daily nt Ills Rooms, Colloon l Street, where he hn produced tliousands within Ihe last year, rooms will te Kept onen a few weeks, where M matures can lie lint! nt a less nrice (lor the same q i.ility) than at any other establishment in this pari oi the country, Rooms freu for persons to call and exumine specimens. Bulling. on. Oct. 18, 1813, wIO Sht'ftiiiir, Id-ills &c. "VI'AlsES Brown Sheetings, C1AJ 3 Cases Bleached do 5 Bales Bitiwn Drills, 1 " Col'd do 11) " Tickings, At a sui.ill advance by Nov.21,'13. V.-31 A'OYES .t COS. Ihe kind III use. Tliev are out un ill nack'iircs fiom jour lo six tunes as large as innt luiilalions, and suf- licieni lo cure nil ordinary caseoi iteavrs ; unu to test this fuel, 6H) will lie folleilt d, if two d uses of the" laltertalls'w American Prints. O X CASKS Amuucan I'iii.nts, coxsist- J ing of Blue nnd iriiites, Blue and Orange, pancy. Mourning and Furniture. Buying Iheinfjy the tuckaiie will enable us to oiler them at cxtrl- mily low prices; and we would tlssi.srLV desire an rxiiminntiuii ot styles and prices. II e ure costr pent that we can sun. A'ov SI, '48. wSI NOYES St COS. Stove Pipes ! Stoves Pipes ! ! a large assortment of Store Pqas on hand and for 4 sale ojr ine quDllllty aituvotatue rates.'IS. w2l AOYES4JCOS. The mild alternatite iroierliesof Dr. Guisoll's Ex tract ot Yellow Dm k and Sitisap.iril... rentier it pe culiarly applicable to the slender nnd deltclae consti tution ol the lein.ile. It is uniivnlled in itsetiects up on such diseises as Inspnant CotHniiiiitiou, Barren ness, Luecortlioea ll'mtes, Irregular Meiistrun.ilion, Incontinence of Uilne.niid izeiieial Prostration of the wuti-ii) It iiiiinpil!:it.(v- r-riti, tlin, ilisli-..en. not helo a chronic ccugh in a t ,.... ,..i i-.,.i..iu ,t.iu.....u . . A' .. .. ... nt. i "' '"'V ". ... ...i .....uiv nu, . v, -i, ,, y Him Ul, or HOV IlllUt Horse moie tnan a package oluny oilier remedy, ne irome, and impuils an energy and buoycucy as sur- . Our dally sales throughout the world now tieee.l uuiin, usu me puoiic tu oeiieve oui ,i,e..ti,i,imj prisma ns iney are graietui, i nine lliouand boxes, ol our Kid Strengthening Pla- nr r o. vu; imeresieu n iii.r.n.ii .. ii e have evidence on n;e, wmcn inuucrs us strongly teis, Hie call lor them is greater than our to t-iore lor our oooular remedy but wc only reler I hem t t-commend this medicine to matrkd iwople who inaiiul.ictuie. The utmost enthusiasm euts in all lo the Hiblia,lrJ .roof. ist..e liliy twiihcjin-n.) wlucli 1 iale nut Iseru bk-rsH.-il ilh ofl-pnnir. i pails ol the country. Our Ageiiis are gentlemen can e found , our pimphlets, or , .. wwp 'wrs of, I1V cannot ol course, rxibil ce,linicutes to ony ex- !,t the first respectaniliiy-ihey me your iieigbours, jr. -i-p' V i S complaints, hut give the M- you know them Perso'ns wishing lo use the best ,..,... ,,.. . .. .,,-,.,,rn(. ui a tfupr tecrnlly received as some eHecied Hi one tear, Only try one paiksge.nndjou ! inJicunuti ol the etr.rdinary viitue of tins medicine nil Wool and Silk, liroche, Broche long Shawls, fin ished quality, bl.n k Suk Shiwls, plain and Iwuied, I hib, is do ul ndkiinls.ii F,:en,i nssoitment (, long aiidssji.aie Lima and Kaby, a splendid ossuitmcnl ol Luglish mid 1 'tench Ett'uadclofh, Black Cassiuieresandiloe skins, und laiicydo. ot nil kinds a emit variety of English and Fiench Pliuts.nuil Domestic Goods, liKo Lire (.noils, nee die wink, had kls, c.dlais, tlow ers and bonnet Hulls, mulls, ic., A.c.,ot the veiv newest nvle '!' COHEN & .MANXIIEIAI. .Bust IScccired A T THE STOItES OP THE l'.NDEitiosEn, a n large and lull supply ol Hcrkick's Scuau Coat ed Pills and Kid Stirngiliemiig I'laeit-ts These Pills aie wantoned under a penalty of j 5,000 Dollars, rtot to contain nay nierrury or nny mineral medicine will be convinced more tiian by an) thing we can puuiisit. Southern Lcrlijicalc, HraiNo Iltu., Ala.,July2l,'43. .Messrs J. V, Winter it Co. Gentlemen : I most ibeeifully bear testimony to the-rreat eflicacy and viitue ol the TatiE'isai.l's Hcvve Pownrr.s." in tlie cure of llorres alleeted with lieavv couglisutid colds. 1 have a valuable huise that as a remedy tor the diseases rt-IVtre 1 to. Newatk, Jan.asd,, 1813. Air, Bennett We take pleasure in siaiing that your Yellow Dock and Saisipinila gives great satisfac tion in every cuse. IPe shall try and send )ou some certificates. A veiy icspertab'e genileman informed us that his taiiuly pill ever known should by these, call on our agents, purchase u box, should lliey hot please tcu return mem on 1 get your mom y. v e nau- reta-.ved nt the i-riiH-ipalolliee wiiliin tlie past )ear,ceililictiti s of more than as.oon catt.a pcrloruied by 1 1 Lit hint's PlI.Lsnnd Plnsleis.over ten l.oin,n. of tlu-m wele colls.deted ta-yond all hope. 'I'lu-y are tho vlu-a pest and best pills now kilo-til. Eacli pll is bcauiduliy l.,-u,.u .,, t',t ,u, i sit.i, U'lcil I,u cuilOOI. " was so severely niucieu witu neavee onu violent uy the use ul lir. liuvwiit s Ye low Uork mid Saisaiv coughing, that 1 bad well night losi him, when I pur- urillu, was radically cured. Had used 'I'ow tisend s, cnaseua uacnage ol laitersoiis neove rowoers.iuod othei., withoiit receiving the slightest benefit daughter. was troubled wiin tiitiicult iiienstruation,aiid 1 pills, a smuller 'number is tequircd tor a dose than of otuer uiseases peculiar lo ner sex. ne n.ui not nan , any oilier pin known, men operation in-mg so t-t-r-her regulai iiienstiual disch irges for a long time ; but i tain, ihuiough, yet mild, tliat all who use iheui w wliicli eutiri ly cured linn mid restun d his appetite. xuuwueroi norses suoum ue wiincut it, Uespecllully, youts, CHAS. A. PEABODY. None genuine without, the signature ot A. IL Gougli Sc. Co. Plice one dollar per package, six lor live dollars. Prepared and sold wholesale und mail iOUGH & KtrCliA.M l4Ul''ullonst.,N. Y. bvGl A.C. SlliR, agent lur Butlinglon, W. It. Hatch, WlnoosKl fulls. w2? CASH PAID for Pork, Oats, Wheat, Corn and M)e,hy WALKER, SMITH CO. JVov. 30, MS didfiw3 South Wharf. BOOTS HAVE NOT OFTEN BEEN MADE TO Shine wilh such brilliancy as to render Lanterns unnecessary in a daik night, without ibe use ol Van Devenleis Oil, Paste Blacking : it is sold I.y A. S. DEWEY. iYov. 29.J49. d20C KnircM. ASplentlltl n'ssoriinpnt of Pocknt, Hunt, ing and Butclier Knives, may he found stibe Store of 1'lEltCE, DAVEY &. CO. Oct. 12.1818. dICS DEFINED C0NFECTI0NA It Y, for sale by , Tno. A. I'm. plILIA'AKY HEUBS! nil kinds, of Fresh and Nov. il.'ii. wil Tiieo. AL Teck. CREAM 0FTARTAR ! A pure AnnrLE in barrels, and small packges lor family rooking. for sale by THEO A. PECK; A very convenient Houso, fir n small family, Inquire ol C. C. MEUIUTT. llorso For Snlc. TIIE SURSCRHJER OFFERS FOR C2a. Sale a good Team Horse, eight years old and Sound, on rrasouable tcjms, lor Cash or good paper, Also, a second hand Stove, nearlr new UEOUGE T, KUSSELL. Dec. 4, 'IS. dilOwl S0AP-ST0XE GRIDDLES, for sals, at the Tin-Shop of ROY BL1N. .Dec, 4. '48. . -11oJ 1 1 Cll: Strest. , , , '- iuticc. NA. TUCKER having this day retired from the firm of JOHN BUADLEY & Co, the same is heieby dissolved by mutual consent, John Brad lev and T. II. Canfitld ore authorized lo aciile all accounts of the said lirm and to use the Company name iortnat purpose. Jtlilt lilt rt IM.Cs X , N, A. TUCKEIt, Burlington. Nov. 1, 1818 T, II. CANFIELD. STOIUGE t,- FOItlKHlDlXG. The uiideisimied will coiilinue the Storage and Forwarding, Custom House and Commission Bui. nets as heretniore ol the Souih Wharf, formerly occupied by .Messrs. John Bradley Sc. Co., under the nameuud firm ol Bradley & Cuntield. JOHN BUADLEY, THO S 11. CANFIELD. MRHC.1XTILE. The mrennlile business In all iis branch; a will be carried on by the suhscrilwrs t theSituie Siurr for inerly occupied by tlrssra John l'tr;,dley Jfc Co , under the name and linn of Wslser.Suiiih Si. Co. JOHN BUADLEY THOS II. CANFIELD, rOLOMON WALKEH . johnamitil, I,:', ysi. ' ii- r 1 1 in i He had one duughter die liom the same cause. I lease send us nu additional supply , Very resiiectlulty yours. J. E. TUIPPEit CO. FEMAl.i: UllAVTY. Ladies whose complexions are not as clear as they could wish, nsieud id resoiiiug to those poisonous t reparations in the lorinol Cosmetics. See .should use lr. (iu)son's CoinHiuiid of Yellow Dis k nnd Sarsa parilla. Uy p'irilving the I Hood and enliteiuug the circulation, it gives clearness to the complectioii, brightness to the eye, o ltd elasticiiy to the stes " Leaving that beautiful which still wus so, And making thai which was not " Vexaiiouseruptionson Ihe face resnliiug from want of exercise or sluggish circulation ul liie Blood, at once dmamiear under its influence, leuting a rich bloom nl health, that no cosmetic can impart, la dies who have tried it expu-ss themselves surprised and delighted. Great Popularity, The following is the commencement ofan Interest' ing letter just received. Il Is but one ol the man) instances we are dxilv receiving of the onnreceden. ted popularity of this medicine in every part of ihe union; ... Columbus, lien. July 111, IN1S. The Yeljow Dock nd Sarsaparill" gives unbounded satisfaction, und I think will, in I. short lime, superse le nil ihe other pieparationsol Sur satiarilla in the lllBlket. Very respectfully, H. CARTER. Caution Extraordinary ! Th g"st rsputitlon of this medUw his Inductd -t i. . i coimiiend them. Owiiiz to the iiumense tHiiiularitv aud gigaut.c sales nt these pills, some iiiipiiutipled iieisoiis lijvem.ide soinetliuig ihey call Sugar'CoMied 'ills, and we undei stand some tire tor sale in this pat I ol ihe couniry, We have also uhsetved another Hunting around the counliy, called ihe Indian vege table pill, mane witiioui unum to ss-ii lui iierii.ks Vegetable pills, look out for frauds, some of these men si inch the wind Doctor lo iheir nainas lo give llieiu the atilH'aiance ot resoectal ilnv. Alwavs ask for lliRRKks SidAR Coatiu I'll.l sanil gel ihem or nuue. Our nlls sell forgets per box, wilh lull di rections our Piasters 18 31 tt. All orders niusi i addiessed lo llvi;KH.E Si Co. Principsl Otiice No fi James Sireet, Alb,iny,N. Y. Tlie lo.ljwing geiule. men are our ugelils. A C. Swsr, Geo. E Hnrringlon.Theo. A, Peck, Cailin .V, Spear, liuil. nuioii j B lluuh, ll'inoos. kt Falls, 1. Simoiids, ,-lifll.uiii j Lyon & Alexaiid. r Ciiailiuie; M H ill. Iliutsbuigh ; S indeiMin and lloaidni.ili,Allllou; II. A. Aslily, .Mllloll l ulls ; Y V-J. Il'eeks, Essex i Geo. II Tyler, Esx'x C iller j Geo. II Oiks, Jericho; II.. Vj () iks, L'liderhill : A S. Ilerri. k, lliglig-ue : M W, -, ,V T O, Smith, iloiikton ; A. P. Ilie-col, New Harii;G. W. I'ariualee, Bristol ; W. P. Uusscll, Aliddlebuiy. Oct. 9, '48. wid 150 Tin Plate Xc. IIOXHS TIN Plate ICJclX. " " IX square, 10 " " " Lrae sues. Bundles Enclislt Iron. Kussia " Boxes Canada Pistes, Bundles Wne, Kolls Sheet Cine, Picks Shn-l Copper, lb. Piir '1'in. And a grueial assui imeiit of ,Tlnnrs Rlvrts. ' tor sate low by - ( or.?!,-!. . ii w;i Noyr.0 k rasj ., , ,. 7. ,71'. if 1 3,1 15 25 60 1J 75 lot) 3 500 I tun. UnllNe j-tuiigH. P.Tnnfntl Ultnpft.te llh nc. niul nerr thtiifi, bill ltr the Iffter ; hetnu9 UU pf (tirnl on rcimtijie printiultt .)' n reitntifie mm, 'i'h liirlirt kmiwlidi' if riitiiiiirv, iintl Ilft ilcoT re Mfltif -trl. Iihp ill tWfi Immtriit Int r-ejul-iium U thi in miificiurp til lite OW lf' Sur'npinlli. Tlisj nt titnliri nt. It l 4?ll hnou n t iiit'tlicnl men, ci.rttilnl imny iiiftl c n-1 (T-Mwrtie. nnd (iri.iti! which ri lturt it rt', Hitd "'tliT. which If rfcUined 'fiiirimr M tf u. l-riMlure fermtntitivn nnd neiii, w hich I' Injur nut U the rt"ii. umv nt ihe pnf Uf nf SHr.ifHntlH nre volntV', t)il thV ci.tirclf ein (irnte nd aft lot tu thr y v nr ti'tn, tt th'J re mt irv-nfl I'J n Mtirntittt vructn, kn-twn mil) to tli' jHTicind in It Hiti.iif-iui '. M'irt-ovir th"H ro d'r prnitiplr, whlcu tlj nil in V"M.f, or m nn xh I t niiltr, nn tli iy rreiliit mi-lictU pr-ftf Utn nt UiH fruit W hirli EHf ti It Ml It" Vitii ,An iKTsonrn Ixnl nr ulen the fmt till lhV ft ft ,tj,rk tnl. r-i liiimd. wtiich ix m r f"rn ihn cu.,tg hitUfflii tlie tn-il thnn tritiii any thin e tli-) cn !'. Ktmin this I or hiid lnjiii't -Wi-i-ien nlti ml , nn! tii-i rill tt "( AKAf t( t t,f. KXTit.AIT nr VKI!l,.M Bui uch :i not the xnitlt k . ii tti UKsNUI.ShlOI.n DR JACOB TOVNSE.D'3 Tliii h itrppfir,d. that nil th? 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Iin t ui a nr or ii-id lufii which lc , kitii) le U-e'l IwlKffn thrjMinH Hld el ewht-re. lmt tire and liflHiiin U ll itehrale lisnue i(Mn which 11 rU T M nf irm i dteise-, nf jiii,(trl of lla Id -sd, nf il.-rtt cd c 'cn it'uK. rtd i.t! -id) all thn al'uicuit whuii Mi i t hu'inn nmure. ,tm' ! ii n.'t hi it ril it, to l.inke nnd tell, and intntttff tra'tf M 1 lli't sol'hino, KniiMKNTisVn, acid com. V l'Nl" OK S. Ps TOW.NSE.VD. nnd el h w.niid ft in h V It iiniiertixd th U Old J fnh "liiwnriid's (SfouiHt Onintt SirmyurtiU Uttn 14 1 1' TIN "f hi liilefhtr prepar ii nn ' : lletven fijfMd lint we ftiixildi'titl in an iul'c'a whlrtt wnuld iM-ir thn in!iibUiict"l. r.Tnua ; ei'ii'i. irtttte1 i hirh nho.ild tinti ttuwn ii"m tSa OH Iti, in It i nmu t ui (nod nl lii; I iintl nnd (f.min linnt fxitii )i IliVt -nlil, mid p'lrchi'ffj wl.9 bit it-. r. I". luum:, ri.U.Mt..MI.G COM wit NU U 0 w tan i nnd rit"vl. ticaiie It Ii the uStM'vM trull, (hits' P. 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StocUhliifr oflhU H-ink.nrf hereby notified thn I t'-'U tiaa tten made of Kivt dollar, on cachhtre ofihf Capital St.ak. pt)able on or btforn WANTt! r'sOrsan.. W 4l A