Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 15, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 15, 1848 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FRISK PKKSS, FRIDAY MORNING, December 15, J848. tfltlar't Btltttm of Wild Cherry in the old Doinln ton. We extract nn i rtlclt from th" New Era, published t Portsmouth, Virginia, nn I i-ilitcd hy A. 1'. Cun ningham Esq II p-a!ts ul h.tiicli, iin.l iit're is the Mtrncl Dec. 31, Mlii. We have been, for nome days, suflVrlna ii:v!r se vere inlliinitlon of ihe Iuiiei, pi i duced liy cold, rind irritate.l hy speaking in public, so that Ihmnghoiit Hat urday night, Smi l ly, Monday, till Tuesday, the symp toms ol fie dircase seemed to Increiis , nud the suli.-r-In was intense, without the least "ippelit" tor lood The couch was dry mul li.nd.ntmn:,' t lie Inon unite piln in tlii- head iiti.lhack. Il'e Ind I ilrlv given ti) we sent ronli.l to our Irietid llemfli. the agent, far u La, tli nlr lUn d'ret .blue 1 .-enr. I ill i til llie ,tmi-- all nope r.1 renci, wnen we uimini ii tun i ns no, mm lions, nnd alinnt InMuntly If It n glow ot lienltby warmth turough the Hy.tem Ihis win two o'clock at live, we toon number dose, nt nine Hiiolh t. mid '"i" ooii niter detected a perceptible telle) In the fieimcn ey of the spu.mand violent pains that Ind bctore in tended th"in. At three in the morning wv took an other dose, and the phlegm, t h jh irli tough, yvlluw nml ropy, was ejected Irum the tu li Willi couii iluliu' ease. We leel gralelul lor the relief nffiriled, und le comtiiendn fill ul it by till who tite suir-iiug ns we sulT.'red. We hive deem -d it du? tu the tm'.li -inc. an 1 ta h-rii inily, to uue t'tis mi-ought testimony tu the virtues ot the lia's .in. in our cam'. rVsilihy Til 'l. A. I'l'XIC Umlinclim, nn I by Prugjms generally thruuhuut the United estates. Dyspepsia, or Indigestion. This disease has (lie strongeiu chums upon the nt triitiuii nntl sympathy ol ihe .byti'iiii uud plnl.iii thropist Th-haiiilii il Dypcpitc is liuly niisei.ible. ilis sallow nnd anxious ruu.iteiiau.-e, h e iivoisiuii to social enjoy itieuts, h.s nrn-ilile mid siiiiett toll ticc, mid the occiisiunal nml oeiwhelniiu,r tl'-epo'i 'ency ul mind, show him to he the picy ul keep and haniissing sattering9, ot hiiicii .ioue nut tnose wnu i.aveeApe rieuced them cap t'orui nn ndefiiile ide.i. l-'ur Li,s pepsia there is no hope ; it is il nk,di.ournjntig,iiid chefrless ifi in pro'ij'resi. IT will neither kill the p i tient nor depirt Irnm biin. tlm mouth is jmrched and feverish, his lien. I centucd, nnd In? whole languid nnd uncomfortable. IJis sleep at night if lit Jul and unreireshiug. JicturbcJ by strange tuniusc and uneas dreauis, while long befure inuriiiuir, be begins tu turn Iruin side tu MJe un his cumluriless pillow, Thuugh resiles, be leels no deposition to rise, but when at lei.gth li- musters siinictent resolu tion, be feels (.itch tuiniiiesi and lassitude, tlut all motion and business is n burden to him Let the sulfrer use, nccotding In the directions, and he will find almost immediate relief mid in a er ahort time a perlect cure. IVreous have been cuied after having been tu springs and oilier pi tecs by the advice ol their physician, nnd have not received any permanent relief until they use this medicine, Brown's Sjttrtparilla arid Tomato tillers. alternatives. us!lu2 For sale by Tlieo. A I'etk, nurhntton, mid by Druggists generally throughout the United iitates. Canalt nnd Bail llo'id) have lost their novelty chemistry, geology, plnetiulogy, and uiesinenm niu becoming settled us hcieuces, and till the uorld pro gresses. Man produces his likenefs by light, and ends his inessiires by hulitiiiug, and slid the wow progresses piogicsses in Jibnul frentimeuts und cieiices. Dr. Gmsotl lias prriaied n compound syrup of the best vegetable substances kuuwu, mid winch cure moat of " the ills that fWb is heir In." Tiy hit Com pound Ixtiact of Yclhic JJorl. and Sjisnpin u'.y, and you will acknowledge that tiU the wurid pro gresses. Oat readers will find adveiti'iineiit of an other column. u2hvl For sale by (-co R Ilarrhigton.Huiruiatnii, and by (he Druggists generally throughout the United Klule.v . tThe storing infliince of Dr. OaooiN In dia ChnlHgo-jue upon constitutiuii-? inij:iiK'il ami in jured by n rfsnJfiire in bilious ilimulc, is one ol it most viiluibtc tjiMliUfS. There an iiniuyeuii'iimiinns which b-'cumt; girulmlly uiidiriiHii'-J by mtaajai. cause, without eve n a d.iyV actual (.oiifiitcnifnt. In uch cases the Ciirtlaiiuue nrts tike n rlrir.u lip' allow complexion, lo-i ot' nppflilf, Iiuijiimr. wenu nssand depir"io.i of fpiMH, w itli fitlier unpli-nsr.nt eymptonts which rrnder li e a butden nil ytld in tnunrmedy it imlv ftili.tiit.y rd imoiilin t the directions of the pamphlet wiulIi occomp lines tacli Louie. Forwleby Geo. E. llarritiijton, ngfiu forHuiling tou. wiiwi TI1K L'OSCIURBMS. hiving been np. for the D.strict of Chitlei. ' ceivc, ex imine nnd adi isi t u, Goinuin-ioneis to ie eliiiiie un. d -m uids nl all poisons ng-ufiSt the estate id Fain y lu-.1! nnti late ol Colchester in sud Ditnet. cess'd, reinesenied insolvent, and ulsc all claims .d deni.iuds exbibiied in oiret th?-eto ; an I -iv months i oni tl.e da; d li e date hereol, being allowed I y -ai I Cunt for if r.t pur pose, we do th"ielore hereby gie nonce, 111 it we will attenJ to the busines olour nppomt .lent.nt tin" dwelling of Alfred li Allen in t. ilehester in snd Diitrict, on the Monday of J'tlou.ii , nnd Maicli oext, at I u'cloek, I M , on each ot s ud d i). Dated, this 'J )th day ol ( Ictoh-r . A . I) IH I J. liKll.ll H . Hlttlilll.l w2lw3 TllO.MArf 11H0WNLLI, Commit, B R4Dr.r.Tiis Pili,1!, Tiir, finxum: ! at wholesale ti 1 1 J Iletail by I nco. A- I eck. (iwx's liwcm! Tins r.iai.".Dv si) n.Li linted for Cjjz',13, Coldi, &.C., n for rnle by Dec. 1313. Tiieu. A 1'u.k. CIIA1IPLAIN TRANSPORTATION CO. r THH Stockholders of the Clnmplmn Tmnpor tation CompTiiy mc lierrby ncitifid, lbit the Annual Meeting ct Mid Cnmpmy will be lioMen nt the Amfricm Hotel. in the vi'lngi of limlnipion. nn the first ThuMdiy r.f Jaouir next.nt o ie o'clock, V M., for purpose c f ch'oinf l)ii'ctorH fr the rntuiu, mid lor tin- tran- iction ot nny othT bu&mess thought proper wli'ii nift liy order. fcc IMIII.O DOOLlTTJ.B,C'rJfc. Burlington, 4th Ucc, d,w,L A History and Doscriplion OF the Horse. Adde, Cuttle, SlH'cp.Swi'). Poultry and Kiriti Di-gs wilh cotipltle dl rclimi lor their rmnaem-nt, p'tdiiu, feeding, and u nrnt on far m irkct Al their diteascs, uni reniedns. liy H S. Allen Ab"ik of gent v ilfifnn I (ntcri'st to evry one in fhecojntty IIC'Miijj 'jJi i '( chely pi nted rei'imi; untt-r an I 's Inn na.y mm I iltimh y bound, tinl ill'isrtrittfci ly iiiiii)r"iH wvll x'lru't-d cnrivin. f-'nr f ile tu LdwitnN tlf Ilii-n iijiimi AgricnUnnl Wmt Hon an I ul the cou.t.nt loyni Ol tu Kree 1'ir- Vtiw "Oiwins, Burlington, Nov. 3J, d2C0tf Fancy I3oot, and Shou S.orc. n 1111 undeiTi,"iied Hill continues tn cary on th" I ilool i. hhoe bus nei-sni hisoid iiiniiou Ctuirch fctrrn, loriner y K li.iicli. Ider & Co lie is ..ow ; openinir. 11 Iresh supply lo Ins loriner stock. Im York und Uoston, coiiMtiiut nl Ijemleiiieu's line nnd course Uoois, Ituys oinh's do. (tenileineii'ti India Rubber Hoots ; Also, Kislnug Hoots, Rubbers otnll kinds and 6izes, Gentlemen'"! Conurei-a Gaiter", Put ties Dancing Hoots utid I'unips, Lulies Double and Single Soled Grtitcrs, Congress Gaiters, Kid and Gojt Guiters, Missis nnd Cluldieu's do. All kinds Missis and Cluldieus uubbers, Geiilleinend Hair Overshoe, All kinds Boots, Shoes and Goiters made tn order in Ihe neatest Stjle; Also, Rubbers, mended in n su perior manner, Gentlemen and Ladies desirous of purchasing will do well to look in brlnre puribnsing elsewhere. (. UATCIIKLDGIt Pec. 13 181S. D.'IGif&w'jlili Glaziers Shoj 1 1 I WOULD respectfully inlurni my friends, and the public generally that I have opened a Shop, on the corner of Maine, and Church Sums, for tl.e purpose of Furnitliln;. Cutlitii; nml f.'lnzins all alies of plain and fincy Window Glass, also Glafs for Sash or Picture Frames kept constantly nil hand I Manufacturers prices. Glaner's D.aiiionds ion- Itntly on baud and sold cheap Burlington, Nov. 23, 18W. wlMif Bank of llurlin-'lon. THIS Bank will be open for ihe lrannr tion of bus. iness.from It) clock, A. M.ioti o'clock 1' M from Decetnberlst, to April 1st, unlit further notice w 'CLL, Catlier. Burlington, Nov, 3a,'13. daiCAtwaimS Bank of Burlington. NOTICP. is hereby given thnt a meeting nl il,e stockholders ol this Hank will be holdeu at their Banking Houe,on the "id Tueslay of January net, it 11 o'clock. A. M. for Ihe purpose ol choosing seven Directors for the jeur eiisuini. V It. G. COLi:. Burlington, Nov, 3D, '43, dW,,twJi0 flASII PAID FOR OATS, nv 1 1 U01J1NS0N &. GOULD. Dc.iV. dilUiwWif IVoliuu. TOSEPH W. ALLKN lias removed from Milton O fulls to liurnngton. umce. over uvo. r.. iiur' rington's Ap"lbecry Store. c. 1st, 1S1?. , . dawtf CALVIN 1). EDWARD'S Villi. W VJSll Bool: ' S & o r No. 1 Pecks' liuildnig, Uiirlinr"ton, Vt. Splendid llhisl rated HooJiri For Christmas and New Years, THE IjO.VUOX KEliPS.IKE. for 181!) l'tll...ll . . - ....,. ' liii-nimiftu.i, run UUVK OF Hli.'WTY and liejal VI 0 erv In- Hi t, , ,,, Tin: iroMii.y or run ihiilu, inU3 '' '''L' ll'-rn i-lnnMeM'tie einrnivi'iss nn: sjcuni) pours or i:.ygl.i.vd I A I I tor -- . "I1ll'ii-1 .vus. siaouiixnrs poems. Iioiiil.'llon's do il'V" t's, dn U illis', , Ilillecks. ,Jo J. (!. Wl Inlei'fi. ,ln l.'. a.l s 1'eiu i.- l'uei of meiica. 1 oi'ts .mil I'u-tri of A iieiica, jl 'n I ey's S.iered Moil minis Tile Saeied Porta ul OiglanJ. 1,1 h.h Km ke Smiliej's r.i.-ti-nl Woilti. ul ihe t bti.l lliirnl I Ti-i-ts nnd I'oiOjvnf thc-Ancients. The I in I o ijenti. ' Th" Leafl. nnl Aleiuury 1313. Hilll ol Hiv.lity I!i s-iry II usit.itions of ilic BiMc. ltouk ol IVmls. I'loru'sGeiu The Chiislian's lv"-epsak"e, rriendship': Olfeilng. The Aimr.iuth. The Su"v I'hike. I'orifet-.Mc Not. ,Mo.-s Kos" O Id Fellow's OHering. CbrHoi h Ulussums, The IVnil. ,lueuile Scrap Poi k. Young Man's Olfetliig. liuiluiL'ion, December 1st, 1313. (J207 Farm for Sale. A Vnlunlili." Fnmi lyinrr in nntlinotnn Wi"nncli t!iver, about three miles from the Court House, Lnquirc of IIUNIIY L00M13. ov. 3J, Is)3. w-iwl m il K Grafcnburg A scries of Medicines C"i-Mt ot the folio win g prep-irntioin to "Inclipnh .i ttt-nimn ! niviled, viz. I iif (trat li'iilit'ir Vcge d i. I'i.l", whifli are in o,'nivb,5 supfiiortoonv rh Ittrf discovered. All Ch oni Viscoses, Bilious a a tl J jo trrl Cotnpla in ts, 'onstij'utwn, JJyt-ptpsiitt Ftver and Ague, J hail- C tup'aiiits, Ilhrumulism All sf ;;t7''( t'ntijt''ti'ti, ickueas etc rtc They pnrj:' owny otlen lelit nt unci in tin r rn,. five huiiKM,firret the pr.tiew o license, and ntlhe tnuw l nm rt"t"re tone nnd vii;nr to the fyttetn. ri inwaid ir'iterl tlc-itnufiiient 1 1 ihe health, they ute soirr.r.ciGV Vtic-f "b cent per hox 'I'nf. (in AFri NtiEiiu CtnU'RENs Pa.vacf.a Th'pi n medicine w htch Ph.'nld in eery nuniiy In nil dwt'Pt to w!i ( h rhihlrrn nnd ji ulh me u!ect. cunt f-r Summer ('ump'ftint. Vytntey nntl nil uth-r nl Irrdfitm ot the t-tntiMch and Luila it is initilhb!e. Ii ic-f j rrnis n lioltle The Giike'' Mountain VuitTAiaE O.ntmcnt Th s i-nn Indinn if hitdy. ihe itcei I lorwluih wns nlitiiivd hy ore ot th" - i J ' -"lllei f YVitnont !rt in ilie IndintH. It U tin invnluiible ilitsnjj for Bums uid S'-uUU, nnd hy iti rte nil hrntaes nml )r-h cut XMnindfl tire cuied with gieut itipidity. Price 25 und re-iis n hos. 'I'ic (InAr.rcN'Drn SvrATARiu. CovrovM) Tin uni y tile I extract i iminen-tiinlily tu mur to r.n) Haifa ia r jlln pirp'irution nw otlewd to itepuh tic. One I km tie ol it is wormptcd tu ni'd.e tv o qurii i of the Mienj;th ordinarily sold 1'iuc one doilrr it hoitle. The Hye Iotion, which for disor ders ot th Kyps Ins tm eqtiul ; Mr v olent iuflatntitn tion, weiikm'i-) or torein j-ub-onir' in the ij e, il is a pf.'-itlvr rnd fpeedy cu'e. P if v5 teiws n bottle. TiiE CJhaffkp cmw litAi.Tu Bittcis Then- nit lersHi.nuliiie th" fsioni'ich, p'O-mMi i:irdy digefiion, iiii,irt lone r.n I elntuicity to in livhif hotly , on J ex ert their fc-iluiury "I'-iau unh fcdipri&itia rapidity AGENTS IN CIIITTENDP.N CCtUNTV. DurlihStoti A C. Sjnr, 1. Slierooil, J. 3. Mun- toll in ul (.ico. I. IlnliM'gtoii. Uijtf.Jt. WimwH FiltaV II H't.h & Co XJiltin, Ajei-. &. Clark. Xfte'Lurn. V, 1). Tyler flttnttns ton, A IVrciton, Uuitcikdl, 0. I Allen, Char lottr, L)ou itAlexfinder. Jeticho, Field &. Befh. Jencho I rutie J. Lyin m West(urd, II. V. Wood. 2Iieslurg,V V Vielo, J trx.-J. & J. Tuttle. Uirhmona, V U. Gan. U'Ulietoit, Hul bert & Ilitdtfe. NoveniK-f, ?, M3. w21 Now for llolytliiy Presents! PRUSJ:S, Co.vns, Waiii Oils, I'cit- fijl 1 nines, Toilet lluttles, and fanev uiticles forna!e by Tilto. A. l'LCK. ?,iep.ciiTSts'" exciiaxge jiotelT In the sumc liuilding tcil'i the Post Ojjkc. STAT!" STftlXT, EJ5.T0.V. rPIIIS is the mit convenVnt Hotel in Hcston, for I i'im tu tu ofliu-i ii ,p it It it nl the very head qti nieifi ,.f Hupiin i-s ; cloee by ilie 11 inks. In "iirun.-e nod N'wp-ipi-r 0,Tu . and the p liu-ipil Siores The IV m" 'emr 19 ileteriuiii d to keep tin chaiges nt ihe veiy low -t rites, an 1 i,r tiv;: tii',i. i: ciiit i vv. I'.e enlace to f onis'l his pilneis w'l'l fill the sub Kl.l 'tla c entorn 1 11 1 I ill lie Ti-slll't'ls Tu II mi-" 'ins ! He y bee'i Itep nred a 1 J Fu nisbed ill oujho it 1 1 1 on 1 1 ! not 111 ill 1 ifj'iur to li i'Hes wheie t ! .-'i s uie t-vo ur the, t Hies as mu h. Kni-n 1 -e in Si hi L i 1 ill a 1 1 Co 1 j-e-s treets. Ti.iusirni lluir.leisONr- DOLLAlt P-r day IIMIY l)u;il,i.Y roton..tiiT" ISI3 at n 1 j2J".jul i.x -11111 U.i ai "!. ..iiJ T II v MARRIED V OMAN'S r, r , , T i r I) 1 C A I. CO WM.YOi' Professor ol" Diseases ol' Woman, Sixth Edition ltmn ppi!5ll Trice 53cis. no.ODII I'linii'" M)l.l I.V IX .tlONTIIS ! Yeats of pnfl'jimg. of phvsieal and mental iuiimh.Ii lo in my an iilf-ciionale wife, nnd pecuuiarv dillicul ties o "the husband tniiibt h'ue been spared ; thou sands nnw poor would have enjoyed competence ; Ihoiisan Is now nronen in tieiiiin wnuin nave enjoyeo il j hundii ds now in their Knives been si. II alive, by a timrly possession of the work. Ills intended especially for the married, or thoe contemplating mnriingp, ns it disclosis iuipoiinMse cren which should be known to ibem particularly. Truly, knowledge is power. Il is health, happiness affluence. The reveiati .ns contained in ils pnge have prnvei) n bles.-mg to lhnuniiils, as ihe iiinuiueruble letters received by the author will attest. Ilere.nlso.every temale ihe wife, the mother, the one either budding "Ho womanhood, or the one in lb" decline ol years in whom iriturp contemplates an inipmtam change can discover the conies, symp toms, and the mol eincienl remedies, nnd most cer tain mode ol cure, ill t very complaint to which her sex issubjict. Jit nr'niire In tlif Mnrrifd mny be pothered Iruin the lact, that TiarcUing JseiiMinikelioiii '' in lit 1 He Dnltart it dan ! iia auto hundreds of nciive. eiiternrizinz scents are ncrumuUtliiiJ u lillle competence iioui tin' liberal discount iillowed, und the ijreut demand fir it. Or ders are required lo be accompanied with payment. Comes tiiii ue scut tnj me uiuujree nj jnuuigc io the ftxirchixirr. Over twenty thousand copies hove been sent by mail within three months with perfect wlety andcer- ""on th trceipt of One Dollnr, the " Married Wo man's Private Medical Coiupinion" will be sent tiniileii leeltoany part ol ihe United Slates AH b tieis oiidiippliciitioiislioin those dcsinui; to Income ngenis must be pnsi-piid (except those communis: a reimtmiHe) nnd iulilrtsed to Dr. A l Mnuriceaii. Hon ll, New-Ymk Cny. I'ublishing Olfice, IS'J LiU-ny ii. Mew Yoik. The' .Married Wouinn's I'rivatc M'dicnl Cninpa nioii' is sold by Hoi kselleis throughout the Uuil.d Stst, s. Sold in Iturlinston Vt ,by S. II. NICHOLS, ot the Publication Depot, Wickwjre Uuildni's. ,3"-lU. , 111, WUII riARHONATE or Solt-fur wushinn i.iti J caiks and small packages for lamily use, for sale by " h 'TilCO. A PECK. id ,fl jz' h r, Asifrncca Halo in IJun'.d'iipcy. 0 Vt Vlll'l'lJM of nn rrderiucd out of the United 1 J Sum r)isinrt Conn for the di'tnil of Vi imoiit, I iil sell nt I'ul.iiu Auction nt tlie Aaitinn Uoom of IwicSlierwund, in liutlmuion, on SiUrday.thc H3.1 of Dc"iviiiln-r.lsl1,nt II o'clock A. JI. " lti the clut.n of Unity h J'mtlft to n Farm IviiiS.andbtiiig in ) 11 lut'in. which faim win tail" Ird ly Amanda J'edilre.inotlierojsaid lltnty I'tuf Ice to her sin Unu! dt eive,l llrarc Peatler" , -VA TIlAiV U. II Aci ll'riLL, Asiue'". Ilutl.ngioii, U teiii wr, Ift, tall. rZi TriR tocsTn . IS .1 G.7.V SO UXDUD. Turn Ont I Turn Out ! I nKCK " ' with ? MORK TO Till RE'CIIE. nml ith pueh a innn ai Dl.t 7. ipli liir our Pn.ldenr. (which is now iritim) l,ibrty will lollow lint Lib. eily which ei'cuies loi'iery man, worn 111 nnd child, the fieedom nf "-peeih, the fit'cduM irconnciencc, and above nil the leedom of Tnidc All li id then the I. tip py d.iy when the Ticpib lois uf 'WE UDKS HXCinXUB ainn unfold iVir h inner In lh brcez an I lncriSed upoiits lo.dn in llaiunir ch nict-is Ihe S'iiilioaut uioilo It li often "ni I, and wmt mi 11c truth, lint Itiscns- o iiiry tor a new concern uni opiiius to sen mi tr imliile otnpindl oroht in uider to R'tiire tnidc fjidir'A ;md (enileinHii, uv Irive now bpf n lucntfd in Iintl,ni;tun ?k tnnntii,nd hive the ph-injieof in foitnnitf )ou tint however che.ip we h ive hert-tofoie sold (tur irooJs, we n.v np,i -tii lirfiire yt n with hr nrr pnpplv. nn J m iicntly n duil pr.n'P hom ourtiist -tock. lie now piiii-l inn the Full mid Il'iim-r Com P -inn 10 ue opene.I. I lit a Uuh.h uiuit bj sou. .. .we.therHor,. enter.d the ul tr.ote wM, .rnuh. -il anil cncriiy, uetenuiueil t .Iivinic (by our ac tions ns well ns HaluiL'H) oil) Ineud.s in n.iilinuloii nnd towns ndj nnuis, while we niedcsiiousofulunin initn livm; lor minelv. , we are also dcsnoia nnd PtfivillJ from div In ilnl- In mtiiip llii' itienletl pood tutlie gicilrst number ol nil with whom we conic in contnet Weie we tu pi tliroutlii nnd cniiiuerate nil the d.ll'-rent Miles, qnbiies nnd prices ol guuds u-c now li ne on li mil, ,t wuuld lengthen our iidveitiement beiond leasoiuible there fore, we loibear and will nam? but u few styles und prices, leaving It lor all to call nnj enauuiie t,.r them- fcelveq. Il'e think we enn rdiowa lnrzer nssortmenl of plain ami lancy Alpacctis ihan can be thoAii in the btute ol Vennunl. sui-hK sui'RR m..n: mohair lujj. TRi;s, MJI'UR BLACK BILK WA1H' ALI'ACCAS. II'c wnrrant thm to he the most henuiitul and ele gant goods ever cxhib.ted in this vicinity. Cuses Super ltl.u k Alpicca, do cuinnion do 1 Cusc Super Changeable do SAMPLES. Blcck Alpnccn til ISi cents, do belter at 17 Timcy 1'lniJ ut 13 " A O Cloak Goodsofeveiy colornnd quality. No oncwho wiiutsn cloak or drips will loctamine this attract ive as-oitineiii, luid ihussavc their money, aCarlto'i Hiocba Siiauls.nll wool, 1 bale 1'iaid .Mamie, ' 1 " "" rjq-l lie, " 1 " " Ha4i t, lie q nmity of l,o,jils we have already so!J, war ls in sn)inj3: that our pnees arc , VSRY LOW. nd last.thpugli nut least, our 'M'I'3! ijucjj; cnts n ino&t hnposiui; di.-play of French anil English Droarlckths, Cassi- meres, Veslings, c, -s. wbirh are plensuv to ihe e., pu fnale lo th? buyer, ch.irit.ili e in the purs.", and only hu.iiiliating to the maiHit'ic iiucr HV never b;.n?t,but wcwlll picsent any centlcman with u cout, if he c-innoi sue inuiiey by a v,sit to uui CI-OTil J100.M. 1. y. I).jti't buy 'cm il'llicy ain't clieap. 5 b il," j un'ileaclfd Slreiini'lio.n 3 to 7 cts. S " bleached Shining Inui I to 15 cts. "I casrs li inl4, 1 uiise tail i'oIois ojily Cj cts. l'iatuiels us low as one binding. Kcpjiecilully, u ii,('OX & N'ASH. Ncm door to Drinsniaid Si Uroihers, Church-street. Nov. l.'uli. Islj. w2J BlttEl) CURKAN'TS. Orottml Spice"", Nicest Siifrm CjuJIei, . it" . for s' by THtO. A. M3CK. I THE &IT,CIUIIEK OF HARRE, n.wi: jl for sale lil kinds nt C 1 at ilti- Slolle for Uui. dings. Winduw Cup und iill-. Door Cups nnd Sills, Steps Coliium-. le This Gr..niii" is ot the ir?i qj iliiy ior prool ot win. h 1 A'o .1 1 refer 10 the Stores ol Me-sis J cc J 11 IVrksuui U'.il tun 11 irtiuiou ill orders promptly utiendtd to nnd dune nt r .i-'.uitble notice , Coin no ts nny lie inn. le with MrS th .Motfe, my r.ient, and Giun.te il! b k-pi 1 ti--e mi li.m-1 KLU'HALUT HiJWETT Iiitre.Ojt in, 1313. wSUly Ad.xni's Xcw ril'iiuulic, K K T;r S 8 Z3 i J E B) J T 2 IV . rnniS VALUABLE SCHOOL Hook co.v- i tnios ili chaineteri-t.en ol 'be f i, mt r edition, in a Hie itty unproved form j with strj'i coriections nnd nddiiimis ns the wants ot the t-m.-s iieurinil. It hat. been nheadv veiy ruteur-ii i Iv udopiej m phnrol the old edition, mid unci ivcd with the most unqua- llli 'd npp' Ada u's New A li'nui'tic is nlmost the only woik i n Ariihnietic used in Bfclions of New ni.'linl It is used ri i-viy put of ihe Uniied Stiles; nnd in the Stit'ol.Y.w Ymk, is the Tent Hook in ninety-1 in cc id the one hundred und li ty rive Aeidelllies which repotted to the 1','ctnts of the Univeistyln lilt) li Ins been adnitd to ihe cur lency id. uni1 re publ.hed m Cm nda. It has been t a IS ale I nnd n -pu!ill.e 1 ri Clleeee. iYolw.lh Mandni' ihe miilnplicat on nf AnniiiieinB, made up, iiii.iiv nl tin in. id tin- m'ittr:tt ot " i.o.k.illut stcJili.y iiicrcatrdiu the pj'i.ii luvor and demand, Adams's Arithmetical Scries. The attention of I'recej tors of Academies, Teach ers nnd Superintendent1 in oui Common Scbo- Kiind ,.ll il,.. M.lreRle.l III t I I . Ilhll. 14 lil.le 1 tl t!ie fil.t nn s ol A' h neiic il Works now pu'i i hed, Cop.e I wnl be tonns'iea lor ex .iiiuiuiiou on uppncuinoi iu enher i f llit" I'ubll-be I l'Riuiny AiiiniMETC nit Mental orcRATtpss IN .NCMB,.HS ; btnuilll I tiroductioii to Adinu's cw Aiilhlliele, levis-d i-dllion II Ad mss mw Arithmetic, Uevi'eo Eoninx beioa .1 levfinn ul Adams's jVcw Ailtluiieiic, published in 1.H7. Ill Kev to the IltVHtD Edition or Adams Wtit AefiOVITfC IV Me.subatiov. Mechanical Powers, and MaciiIviry The pa, ciples ot niensjintioii iinaly lie illy eA-p'ained, nml p-ni ncally "ppli-dtu the inta mireiiiriit of hula. Xltlici iit'es. $ did ," His I, a lllll- lus ioliirnl ol ihe s.inii t mechanical vtio ers.aud liieirnpplie.itio i to inirlnntry. D'signed to lollow AilalTins ew .riiun.llic tin firsjj V Houit Kci.p .no ' Tins woik cmitai is a lucid explanation ol the science ofnciounts, n new, conn und common sens." iin-ili oj of link kirping ly tingle entry, und various tonus of icctipls, otdcis. itotet to.ii, mtttgaset: and oilier insiiuuieiiis necessnv lor ihe trans icuon of business. Accnmpanied Willi Ulouk Hooks for the use ot learners. Published by J. V. I'ttE.N I iS Oi l U , A'ceiie, A', tl. COLLINS & IIUOniKlt. New York. PHILLIPS & SAMPSON, ios(o)t. 'ov. 21,'IS. dI02t3 Kiiirc'. Splondltl ii.nrtincnt tif Pocket, Hunt It inn and Uutchcr Knives, may be found nt the Store of l'lUHGi:, ll.WEY & CO Oct. li, 1818. dICS nnriXKI) CONnXTlOMKY, for snlo 11 J3L Tnro. A. 1'rci:. Coninicrcial liank. 'PIIR Stctkliulders in Mid Bank are hereby noli. J- fled to Intel ul their Uankini: liuue, in lluilinii Ion. on ihe ii nnd Tuesday in January A U. lil'J, nl two o'llock in the ullernoon, to elect Seven Ditcc toiaoUaid llatik lor the year then not ctiuin. l',y otder ol the Diieclois. ,M. A- SEYMOUR, CatJiVr. Burlington, Dec 1st, ' H 43w2 VIOTICK IS m-RintY CIVCN that Tim 11 I'robaie Conns nlnn and' lor tb D.nrict of Chillrnden, uilluntd fuiiher notice Is giytn. be held nt S. I!. Snilinil' Hotel in Willi.lou, m and district, nn the si rood .Monday in each liioinli,rommcni.iinr wilh ihe second Moudiiy of December, Idls, aiulm E. E Ch.llenden's nffi c hi lliirlmuinn in said dinricl, on Wednchlay ol rnrh vierk, rouimeni inu wilh the hirt Wrdne.lyiif IX-ci-niber, IblM. The l'robute oflii e v. ill I kepi ai mid Chittenden oBice, ' llyorder rl ibr rouit. - ; h. U. ClUTTENTEN, Jiegiittr. Dec. let, '48, w!t3w3 SCJHDOL BOCOB OF ESTABLISHED KEPUTATI r. ,l. pirui,iMii:ibt .m:ics, i,u,.u:it.v m. X No, 131 Wus'iiiiittnit f licit. Ibmoii, nnd lor talc by Iluokwllcnniid (Jounliy Traders (jcnerally : l'nt.r.v's lli'iJtiits r.McmiN's AntTiiMCTic. Fin lljuk. Western I'ait 1 contain. 111; my llt'iniephcre. Xcttly Fte-lh-riotis for hcgmtieri ; put IcotJlml und bro li gh t'i!. Inn for nil mbuLiin ; down to present time, v ilh.lNitU, b'i;hi operiilioi s ; new i-ii jrrnviiir0, Aff- Key to I'arli -i tin I 3, tnnd rai ri itfM He-iQiieMioiiF to I'. rt 3 tniiheri." brought down to LUlUv'a Aloccha, nn u leceut dale, with iirw'th lllduitive iali lor be cnitraviiiui, ,Vc ', Tliira (jmt.erH ; Key in do. Ilmk Ancleui ItlMory. I Goodrich's History of WoilttSTEIt's D criOVA-rtllL U.MltD TATESndl pi- ItV. .Vci(N(ryAilnii ed to ihe cup inly ol youth, cd for Common .-'chooK hru't down in n recent I and Academies ; Comof-d ite, and th" Constitution hensirrl'ur d. niu foid'ihe United Slatesndded: reneral relerene, recni "oodneli nnd Cmcron's mended ns c 'nib niiiK a.l (in 'silmin to do. VailtniieS 119 II PlO'.IUU,,cillU Kt'.S-Cl.t.H l.tLONS t.N Dictionary, superior to iiliif.Nu.vcUTio.'t ; Itfssr.LLs otlieis new cd.tioti, en r.Lu cito.v. lamed. Mt'kic Books tor W'orclster's rtEDr.n" i'iiojr.i ll'ebb's Llnle rrnnei, been I Hook j.oniisnr ; do. Common 1 1' o'liirt.on in Thlid i'o .ISchool do.; do. V011114 Th rd a 1 1 Fu'j fi liool a l.ailjV Voc.d CmtsUook. win lemons In Iliuncn 1 Trust's (i ram ma it; tioil, AltlClllatlUII l'lOIUlll .UovfTt's I'klncii I'llKA'C ...... ... I.....I I.... V . II... ft-. fcib, (I'm. lin-i-ll. hiETitv ; Admit'. Little L.Nt.liU.NS WATTS o.;i IILOSoTIItn 1 JOttl the .iliNn, with conec irL.N.MANsinp ; ulair's tluns qiesiiotisiiud supple jOUXLLNU 01 Cllr.0.N'01.0JV. ni uo National Spot. LI.NO UooK A.N'U l.NrilULL'C 1 TK'N 10 LO I t I ue abovs' 1 ext liouks a' by Authors favorably i....,.,.,. . ....i.:., i-,.. ' 5 u ' Hook! me wel limited and stioiuily tMuind and will be olleied 1,1 ns low it price ua otneis in (tie mnikct cchool Commitlces. 1 cut hers. &c. oesnoii9 ot ex amining nnyol the above, supplied w.lhout clnri;e their colrepolldellC. solic.ted and s" here the bjok9 ore desiied lor us.", liberal nrratii"ui:iits nude tor in- troiiuction orpertiiuueiit supply. In addition tu the above, niwayj for sale at sntis ( comulcte ns-oitiueiit of School.. Mu sic anJ .ilisjelinniuuj Hook, St.itij.i;ry, ice. ov. !1, 4J. wlo DaltiiiL', Wadtlinir, Yarn &c. r CIJ RLE5, OW 25 V lidding. Sti " Cation Yarn, U " Wickine, Fur sale low hv Nov. 2I.'43. w"21 NOYESctCOS. Rutland nml IBurliu-iuii I! ail JiSo.-Ki. 1 0 U It A SS UsSS.M 12 N TS OF I'l V E DOL M. lais each, have heen ordered bv the nireclora on each Share ol ihe Cnpiml Stock of ihe Rutland and Builiiierun Kail Uon.d Comjv.iiy ; two of which oie lilnde Daviibleon the l"iili il iv nl ll.eemher oeyl. r,i,t on the Ut, and one on the lDih djy ol Fcbiunry tiexi. f Payment may bmadc to the Banks of Burlington, Vcrnennes. Middlebutv. Itutland. Iliad; Itiver. Bel. lown Falls, Cheshire Bank, Kecue, N. II., II O Per- Kins, kutlunj, Hie Assistant 1 reasurer at his olhce in .Middlebui) , or M the Treairer nt his office 1n Bos ton. SAM'L HtNsilIAW , Trensutcr. November 1, 181 j. wl'J.Cv. snlill.vV A'ating lut the Original and Genuine TATTKHNA IjIS lIBVVi: I'UH DIIKS Will go down n ith a tlhtenx'tie public ! HAS CURED, IN THE LAST YZAR, nfkil CARE 3 of I leaves. A JJKJ 8i,oo ' c hromc CoiiL"'i. 2 d " " Boot, u Wind. tiibd" " Iloista out oi Condi tion. and niher diseases TnisL'rent lnrrlisli Itemed which after unprece dented success in fclnulund, was u jrarno iuttodu ced in this country by us, has been ihe nucleus mound which nunibeile-s pnluy imitatioiis, lleLte Ctuts, Uondilio'i I'owders, Wnu-i t'owdeis.sV.c.,batc lorm ed ; mid linm the jiNtly earned leputatioii ol which,

they have like psrn?itis cudenvoi.-d to draw su-te-nance, nnd liud a sale. Bat ihe p.iblic beiiu to find lint ihese tbesp nud woitlilcss compounds requite soinelluii more linn piofcssiuns ol infallibility lobe worth then money ; nnd that the Tattcrsah'o Heave Powders are in fart the, ns well as ih best nrtlcle of the kind in uv. Toey nre put up in pack ices from four to si times ns larite ns mo t unit itions, and suf lici'-nt lo rule nn ordinary cae of Heaves; und lo test tin fact, S3 0 w ill Le forleiled, ll Iwo doses of ihe " Tntteifa.i's" w ill not help a chronic couirh tn a horse ino'e than npirkage ninny oilier lenieilv. We do nol u-k the pu'iiiu to b.-li-v." o ir n"ie asfrtion.nt we me oi course interested in iuiikui; out n jjoud stole lor our piipulai leiued) -but v.e only leb r them to the publisVd proof, (a uue ceilititaie,) which can be found in o ir pamphlets, or ihe newp persof the day, mo e than aou nnd wiilien testimo nials h ive been receive I; an I 3 HJ'J cuies have been eili-cied in one year. O dy try one pukHge.nud )o.i will be cunvinred more than by uii)thiiij we can publish. Southern Certificate. Grc-.N-o lltt-L," Ala., July It, '13. Mesus J. T. Wimei .t Co. Gentlemen : I moi i heerfnlly Lear testimo-iy to ilu" c eat i-ih -ney nn I viilue ol lb ' Tatteihill's llEtVE 1'cWDri.s," in the tuie of Hones nllected with nenve cou.'hsand c Ids, 1 h ive n valuable horse that was so severely nti-cted with henves nnd viuleut eounbinz, that 1 had well night losi bim, when I pur based a pitLkauc of Tiilteiiall'H lleate I'owdeis, vluch etiiiirlt cureil bim mil restored his appetite. No owner uf horses shi.uid be wnhi ul it, Uespccilul y, youis, cilAd. A. rCABODV. None genuine withnui the liL'iiaiure ot A. II. flou ''i ,V co 1'iice one duil-ir per inckiite, six lor live dolliirs 1'repaied and sold whntesil r.nd it-tail oy COUCJfl tt lO.TCHAM lit) Fulton si., N. V. A.C SriUR. nyeiit lur lliulmioii, VV. It. Hatch. VVmuotki Fulls. iS Shct'tiiieT, Iit ills Arc. .1 ( DA 1.13 Itrown Sliei linns, 41U 3 Cates llleuche.l do ! U lies llioivn Uiills, 1 " Col'd do 10 " Tickings, At a small advance hv Nov. SI, '43. wtJl i"0YES Ai CO'S. American Prints. OPi CASI1S Amiuiicin I'iiims, co.nmst- amlfJ inc of Ulue an I Iftdiis, Blue and Oranze, Funcy, Mourning and Furniture-. IJujing thenrliy thi imckage will enable ua to offer them at ixrnt MH.Y tjovf prices j and we would earnestly desire nn i-iiimuiatioii of styles and prices, lit arc co.mi dent that He can suit. iYov -H.'ii. wSI NOYES & COS. Stove Pipes ! Stoves Pipes ! ! large aworiiuent of Store I'lpes on hand and for i. t Sale Oy lllC nuuillliy Ul luvoinuie iiuib.'H. 4l AOYES ,t CO S. mRUSSKS ! Fl)lt l.TANT. AOUTII AMI A 1 dull Males These uiticlea ol late iiuliroieinenl ur lliediflVlrnt Ileinia, lor aule, anil accmnteU appli edhy T11E0. A l'ECK. Nov 18,1311, i-lrulAecmy, PAUKKirS UNIUVALIM) DAGUERREOTYPES niAKUN Daily rtt his Uooms. Collc"r I Kiret when he has nroduced thousands u-ithin the latt year, rooms will be kept pticti a lew weeks, v.nere ."immures cuu i hhu ni irwomr me same q iahtyi than ut uny other establishment in this unit oi ine couoiiy. Hoomslrce for persons to call and examine sped "ra'lins'on. Oct lf. ISIS, wis 0 AMI 1'AIU lor l'urlt, Outs, Wheal' Com and ltyc,t;y IVAUnblt, D.YllJII "V A'ov. 30, d'206w3 South Whsrf. ov:r-i Great and Important Clieinicul Discovery. CHEMICAL COIWISATION FHOM TUB VEGETADLll KISG mtVO HEl'EL Or.CllYSOTT'S cariTuriJt' or THH , TRACT I Whilst it I 'MCTtS SARSAPAmu) l!tSt IT I ivtooaAT' TjtC EQOV-I The most successful Medicine in the World! The result of a scries nfChemical Experiments, tins Compound F.xtttift of Wllotr Dtrk and Stirsap aritln, Willi oihci almost equal'y poweiful vcgelabl substances, is one cfth? ctrea.eti discoveries of the ; nnd is the fi-st nnd oii'y iiianci to which these Uoo's so Ions! in uv by the Iseulty have ben uni ted into n C omvoand powwHii; a due propoition of th" peculiar utiles nml powers uf each. Itssueccpsis ustonisbing, having peifoinied ovir fifteen thousand cults since in disco" cry less than two eais! Its nnrivnllrd power over tlieaee, nnd great ftiperi only over all Simple SarwpiiiUa byi nps, may b- nl triluted to ihe bict lint it is composed pmrlv ol ece lable subiauces,nch one having diicrt rtr-iciiee to some internal or ,2 in j co.iwj f nil the whole ssie.n is benefitted. It is the most highly concentrated Syrup in use nnd bciiiu in Quail Bottles ot one dollar pel i' nho the ciienpest. It puiiliis and enriches tlie Blood, invigorates til - Body .and coiisi'queniiy expels neivous diseiiR," fiom the system, inoic ct'ictually than unj llledieltie known. It is pICHsaut to the taste, ocrr.sioes n?ithprsi knes-no"- pain in it3 opperalion, can be taken rcgnrdlesi ot business or d, nt, and by llieajod und miaul wall iqiul f IHc'M-y, In nil CIW0X1C DISEASES thin Compound is the GliEATEST JJLESMNG cttr posttssed ly man This extract of Yellow DiJ; and Sarsaparilla is a positive. speedy nini ptrmuurnt cu e for Consumption, Sp-ofu'.a, lZnjvpt'.as, PJ.cuma. (ij;t, O'oiiL L'nir C'avtn.'amfi, Spinal .If fcclioni, Ulcers; Syphilis, Dropsy, .?;,'( mrr, Piles, Scurvty, .IJfections' of the Bladder and Kidneys, 'Mercurial' dis eases. Corrupt lfumor3. Hush of B'.ool to the Head, jTever nn. .ftfitf, Pontile Conipfts, Gen eral DcbUitr,, Dyspepsia, Loss of .Ippe'.ilc, Colds, Headache, Costivencst, Grave!,Xiirhl Sueals, Co'ic. Organic .'ljftclioni, Palpitation of the Heart, Piles, Paiw in the Side, Chat, J'jck, Limls, -S'f.f.'c. T I S I IV F A L L 7 B L E 1 1 all disi-nses arrvini; fulm an impute stale of the B.oii.i.or irregular action of the svst-ui. .V I llli Vl.Ulil AliLU nil All Wise Bcini: has deposited plants und herhsconenial tn our cnn-litiiiicns, mul tidai tml io ihe cure ol ills- case : nnd tu loe V e teljble Knnr-lnm lines ill" rensn-i ui man, lis well ns the instinct of miniui.ils, turn for ntinpo'les to pam. The prop is a seientitiic Compound uf the m. ?t val uable I'lalils in Natnit", eutuely i hel no n tb"litcri"Ul nod enervating Mineral substances, and ns it exp'is di-e.ise Iroin lln" sy-lem, iuipjns slicnglli mid vuor 111 u coriespiiiiilin d' "ree. (HMMO.VS OI' PUY.S1CI.VVS. This is lo ceitify that we, the ii'iders'iEned rhy3i cians ol ilic dry of New Yoi-k,hsv" us n very fliem liMliy c i"ies ptiMnbed Ur tjuisolt's Kximct of Yel low 1ii'k nnd ri irsn,, nulla, and arc fully ns'jicJ that it his no ( isl i .ooo," tl-e varied iSiups and riais ipanlla prepninions tbut bate ever been sold. dohn F. riitblmis. Jl 1)., ti tn'l '1'. Wells, Jl. I)., 1' S. .Muviurd. ,M. D , F It. Thomas. Jl D. J. H. .Morrin. Jl. it , S. JI. Johnson, Jl. I). Net.' Yoik O.t 10, 'ill. T : S V I MO . Y. The following letter indicates its salutarv effect in cases of DVSI'KPSIA, GENEItAL DEBILITY, &.c. AV'uleitown, JelTi'ison co , Nov. I,M7 Mr. S I . Benueii sir: Iiimiita loss io wuh word.) what li i liccu wild m praise cl )..ur impound Lxtr tet of el.w Hock und Kaisapainl i. VII t. ho have had ihe pleasure ot isiii it, sneak ol rs ( C. All uritvelous 1 fleets 111 removing dus'ds.,, wuh so much 1 leelini tniil lie.irlt..jt a in.t i.-i th ,r I ..n mmii Lm now thai no medicine 111 use can boast us suiienor qunlnu-H, Mnny who Unv ve been coinplniuinir lor years Wild Ii'illl III t . SltlC. hiirilltl r an, I nun 1.1 t i. ehf;t (J)-jjfjsia fen'ial tit Itmry, lo-? oi nppci it)1, c!iiiil',n.f;Iit lluuin, fccrutMh.n (tut till th- diMiisra tint we 1.1 thi clun itf nrf h tr tn, hod in ih? Yellow D-jtkii;..J Siis-jpTnlli nil thit 13 rfq-njte t nmke t hfin wfiftt thrv w.-r,- tn iti.. rl-.i-a ,,. i, .1. 1 .f- UV li.ttl I'mt UV have ll.d iwt.lii- 'tUtr.'it hnt. tlfj. n tlin-f it.onilis, nnj om n-arly cut You ultras 3tnJ an tcjiliiuuibi'r.nnd obli yt. ir-. " Dvsnonam cured of thirlv vcurs Dyspepsia cured of thirty years stunding ! Ft Jo'iimiHe, Mongomeiy po , Jan 3.I3H. S F. Bennett L).ar Sir four weeks s.nce I was unlueed lo try your Yel.o.v Dock and Sirnpar ilia lor D)-pepsn ; had been alBicn d about 3j year-, Hiiisl put ol tlie tune u uible lo en I uny thoin vuihout Bul!-i nig intensely from its elfects. I have used now only one boiile of ynur iuvnliiible medicine, and consider ni)self entin-ly cuied suhdj- by ns u-e. Cun now eat a hcuity meal, wubuut the flightcsi incoii wnlciice. a:;tiiony beckman. The best Female Medicine known. Th mil I aliernntive propertiesof Dr. Guioii'i Ex tra t of Yellow D.vk and Snrsap.irilla. render it pe fill ally applicable to the slei. ierand di licUe cou-ii-tuuo.i ul the female. It is unrivalled in itsellccis up on Mith di.-c isca us Innpuriiit Consumption, Barren, n.-ss, Eaeconlioea. K'niies, Ii regular .Meti'itunition, Inci.niiuencc ol Uilne,aiid peneral rrosirntion ol the y-teni It immedinieiy counteraiii that ibhirea-nij; lo rvousnos oinf l'ip-:iu.le sn coianuni to iht Icinaie name, mm inipiuu an eneigy uu.i ouoency as mr- prisoigajtiiei are gratct il. nav'Tt ."Z'h'T"';!"6,; " WJ "CU1 k In i "i" ' -"'"P"V'W.hi.t if ive tl lol- indicaiiou ol lite eMieorihniiiy viniii-ot this medicine us a remedy lor the disejsene.-rrid io. II e Olive ,-VliIeili ," nil ll e. u-hieh m-liir r i,. rrnni,. ..ewuik.. Inn 35ih, 1513 Mr. Be..e,iVe take pv .sure u. sutme lht your rtnillvtUS. A verv icsrrftitabV rint!pmn infnrm nt ih-jt .,a uaujr.ifr vviiairout,ij wttn uuiKUltiniftisiiuution.'iiiiJ other ds, uses pctuh.i to her FCt. She b 1 not hud her recu ai ineiisliUiililischiiBea lor a .ing time ; but arillii.was nidi, ally cuied. H .d ured Towmend's, .., ...i .ir u. u,M.i, .lri, iws ran 5.iimi. u ' "J11 Jl rrc',vo,i! thcs.inteeibineiit. He had one daughter iie fiom tnt tunic cause, l'lease send r.o an udditional .upply Very tci-pixilully yours, J ri. TKIPPEi CO. FEMALU BEAUTY. Ladies whose complexions are not as clear as lliey could wish, instead ol tinming tn ihupe poisonuus preparations in the lorm id Cosmetics, o .should use Dr tiuysoit's Compound of Yellow Dock and tSutsa. parilla. Hy puriltiii"; tlie Hlood and enlnenmj the cirrulaiion, it givea clearness- lo ihe coniplection, Miuhtncsstu the eye, and elasticity to the Hep " Leaving that beautiful which still was so, And making that winch was nol " Vexatious cru lions on ihefaci ret tilling from want of exercise or sluggish circulation ot the Blood, at once dtsapiiear under its intluence, leaving a lich bloom ol health, that no cosmetic can iinpurt Iji. dies who bate tried it expiess theniselits surprised and dcl'Khtfd. Great Popularity. The following is the compifncementofnn interest, ing letter just uceivid. It it hut one ol the many instances we are d.uly receiving of Ihe tmprecedcu ted popularity of this medicine in oery t art of the Union. Columbus, Geo. July 21, 1819. The Yellow Dock and r-arsaponlla Sives unbounded tutUrueiion.and I think will, in a tori tunc, superset all the other trcpirauousol S.r sayanlla in the msikct. Very respectfully, 'R. CARTER. Caution Extraordinaru ! Th. great rsputttica pf this medicine hat inductd 1 numerous, couiiteif-itms nnd Imiintois in Ink- Held. Bewnieliow you toy ineilien.e put up in square qaoit boillei Be very sure nnd nsk lor L),. (imsoit'i? Yumpouiid Extractor Y llmv Dock nn.l 8nripnr. dla, In aun t , tli . written aiiJii ituie ol P llenueii, oneio hi.uiside wnrpier, tv tiieu niih black ink: r.nd lo not, on nny account be induced to b ly any mlier ni tide ua II is this preparation oy th-1 .s perlormine such mnrvrluui nnd nstnn.slii'iK cufei Tilte no man s worn j lis p?rsons havinif Ihe eounterf-it med ICItl"nu, t!e fteilui-ie, nre ol CQU'Sl" desiroti- .il ikmtr their ;.r.i c isequently ton nrc liub'e Vi ajy wo.tiileai'i, unless Jou exainine fir your iclves Il ia well in all cism to cut out this emtinn and p.u .uto your iiocket-book arid erinu.are wnii I ,edient". .V; Keinemher, Dr tiEVSUfi'd Vr;it,0V Diic,K AM) aAllS.p.(lLf, uuu Prepared at S I- II ,;:;.',' t, I' J-j Li'ior-.torv Lit- .'a'ItoijiiJv.1' Burliugioii Oct. Il,ltii3. FIRE FIRE! The Si. Lawrence Mutual Fire In surance Company. Otlenstjuih sTctv r:-f. A 1 th- solicitation ol seteial re.peetahle Gntle. C iiiciiliiNorihcri Veiun in his nppomied trn films A'its lor the Counly of Chill, nden, to af lord tu its I aimers n cheap and reliable insurance uk Must loss or ilniiiage bv Fuc This Comiiany m ,bli'..he. mi n?. r,cy l'tile more thniniiie year since in the Count- of Franklin mid it b is now nenrly oi.e tho.,nnd 'hajards therefrom siiowmi; ns estimation wlietc known lis insurances ainouiii to iiImui n qua iter of n million ,un monthly, and us event, ch.i-acicr ol lni?srds nnd eeuiioim rendu it sueli.tliat llieegiuol to farm ers on I ooc.isof sete ai ve, ir!sm5ii!s1ia3 teen lut the first payment and less t'mn VAtfii ccns ho SI09 jicr year! The Company LxctCDrs from ils harsrds, luildin" in bwehs. Cotton end Starch fa'tirirs. Lirn'i -ViWcs, II ill Alley,, lltack Smith's Evrmiccs, lotijri.As'ieries, I'owler Milts, Uraccrirs mecha nics ship, icith Maihtncty impelled ly Water or Steam, and Strata Mill,, by which farmers nnd I lime liiKUriii! ishI ited prooeitr are not inmle in m,. tiypate in Cvtra h uirdous iiisurance but shaie wnh hazard like their ow n. 1 arm property unexposed taken for Syciignt 1 per Cellt of tlie SUIII IllSult-il . the II. title, I l-ir sclUlll ii noie of fi.iw a purl ..I lu.-h he pats down. nnd only so much ol the luiance of the note i's called fordjrmi V! "o, in io piy nciaii ios9 sior, sand from 2! percent iipaudi depending on lb? corsnuciion Mid ioaur.3l ol luc buitdr.ii-: nui extenul Lxpcsuics. No rico tAicts clause in its Pol.'ci.'S j whole amount ins'iied pud, if ioit; iiiemt,ei9 can withdraw, imd Airniitu Ini-.i fls!'!!;,.! f t f- .... ..ti.unti ujp i3fcrenry ami a policy he not icceivcJ ia tJue Urns. Sotlcet3the Oumpnny is rfqusu-tJ, ilefcrj to the folfozving Mctttbcrs. riattRlurgh,?;. r. i awnphh.N. Y A. C. Muoie, !P)iny Mourp. .V.a- Iiusie.-I'rea cliurcli'IWs J- WhtVuM., . i.ih i. .'". I, i eti Altars, vt. Lucius Ureen. Directors g sT(j WFr r r ' rjOYAf VII At : i, rmriri'iw A rHANOV. k x rAirtcuiLD, WJI ft CON' Hon .1 c; uofKIN'S, i;ia wiii:i:i.ocK'rf. .IBASTUSVIi.AS.r.i'. II O-FOOTrJ, frct'ii. T, ......... U l'lllLBIHl. J V.KK.N'T. Wri.LSON. S. 1'AltTltlDUW, Az-nts "nned. Tor ac!i Town Addrt. A. &k.reh. Jr. General Aiiciii,JIii,hl;ite, V, Oct. 10,1213. vv,c,a Vlfv'OCGKI F NC Y GOODS. COM EN & MilnA'HEIiii M A VK ju-t npcnei at U'inoiwki Fulls llio ?r .toosi splendid assnitmont ol Goods to b found Ih ssnle of ,Nciv Yoik. which theynie now ready to sell at Ihe chenpest prites 'f liey flmier thein.elves I ." ' oo iiiiiinate ni quaiiitance w lib , biisinew and w,ih the means of pureh isinj me best I gnuil- in the lowest prices in i:.e 1 i.iiket."h -v kre nhlc mi dvoiable nnd advimaceou, ie.?, l'eoplc t:m Irailiiuton, Colt heater of the c uiu.y whi -1 , ,e Ji L . L , call at our 1 aii uescripin.iu and qiuliues oil the 111s. or any section aie n.c,u.i,ied to ' examine our lot just received, lonslstin-r tn nui UI rli rit". rm ' LI Co O VJ'J J 0Jt nnd cloftk -lut1' ni a.l k;i.k IKiho-u Ptn C.l , nivho.i bin;!, Clwvg? utAv Cluing, u-.ii t'witt TNT"STT cET cr-1 ' - JSZ-SSlZi ' ' kllld, Blllt k Q'lPfMH rl -th ft .-nSn-U. a, i i 1 -- tji,j ! rjrt &"K c '""" ".IujIiii U- Luties FMXCil TIHWP'P-? Cliffk'd,bliLk pluiu niu iihtkautjiiituti Al fpi-' v" win. ill Wool and Siik !lr.iet, n..i... i eji v. c. i"he,i q.iiiiiiy.bia.ksi.k bimwij, rh,n and rhru.ed, 1 Mint t-s uti. oi all kmt n t,ii..n.ii i ....... . i.... l. and sqwre Lima and Ktby. vIeiUU a-sorliuem'Jf Luglidh and 1-iencli , , r. . -ii5!;!atc2lhs, black Larfimeres an I doe skins, liud fancy do. H,m,5ki;,',!? n.,S...Vr'-,a'.01', Ci"ll..h;nJ French I'imts.aiid IJon estic Good.i, al.-u We U die woik.liiid'kls.c. I'nis, floneisiind bou bonnet siuffc, niuits, a.c. &'-" ,ct tlie leiy n"est ule e leiy ni'Mest stvle 0111; M'ANNHEIM I wl6i Ytist lIScci-iTetl AT THE STOKES OF THE LNdfumovi-" . large nnd luilsnp.ily 0 IIcRni. K'a" Sluic (I-r ED iLLtimd K,d Slielihenmi. iisieis iK i.ivsc I nlauie Hiiiranied under a penally of 5,000 Dollars not to contain nay merrury or any mineral medicine Our daily sites throughout ihe world now eicee.l me iliou-nnd bims.ul our ICi.l SinT.ilie,,,,, i',.,. ,nJ !.,.....! i . .1 . t. '". The utinostntn'u'.!: you knuw the.',, IVisi.s wisl,,,,.. ,. use iL 1 ;enis, p'i i,se u box. ahuuld lliey hot p!ea.e yeu return thiiu nnj net tour in..n. v. Wr l.sve at the pnocipiil iliiec uuhin the nisi iiar.ceitin-iilef .. in jre than J3.ooO cu.e. p. tl,!, by Hebkick's nml h..Rl mil nnw kn.iii I'm. h nil .c h,ui,i,,H, coated w.tb ymt .hte tugtr Uictt bux cjiuuiu 3 uny other pill known, ihili oniinn beiu,-sottr tain, ih-r.-ujU. )tl mild, that all who ute Them commend them 0,mii io tlie i to Die nnmens.- ooouiainv and 4t-ant c .iiles id thise pill., tome ui.p.i icijild iieit-oii nnve mime womeiiiiii2 me cboazai "-a-ieii rills, nud nc uoJeisiHiiu' toiue aie lr e.ile in this par; of the cou., uy We lue alio obseived anotuer p,ll coaling arounu ine couuliy, callej l lie injian Ve((e t .We pill, nude H .ilioui dobi to tell toi lleiin-k's Vegetable pdis, look out fir Irauls, some uf these men the uoid Doctor to ihnr nam's to give inein ine appeaiam e ol rispertal liny Alj asli lor IIlrhick's s'ioar CoiTtn 1'ili sand get tin m or none. Our pills sed for Si cts per box, Midi lull U lectionsour I'l.islcis la 11 1 us All orders miitl Le addressed lo llcnmctr. A. Co. Pnncip.. Olfuc iNo fi James bi reel, Albdiiy,.N. . I he toluwiug gentle, men ore our agents. A C Spear, Geo. E Harrington, Theo. A. Peck, Ciulin A, iSpvor, tlmi.natu'i ; v II. llaiih, ll'inois- ki raits,). Eiinoiics, mk'Uiiimi, l.jciiiV Aiexa.iuer Chailolte; M. Hall, llinesliun;!i ; Saudi-ifm ami, .niitou n. a Asniy. Milton runs w c J. II Veks, Eiex : tieo. H Tiler. Essex Center Uto. li. Oiks, Jericho j H..VJ 0 'ks. Underbill ; A B. Ilemcli, lligligste : y W. I!uhev Jt l .c, Siniih, .Monkton ; A 1' ltoscfl, New linen; G. W Parni.ilee, Uusioli W P. Kussell, MidJIebtuy. Ov"t. 0, 43. wJ Tin IMalc Arc 150 HOXISS TIN rtaTE ICt IX. 3D I.X susre, 1C " large sites. IS IT. SO. IS 75 , Uundlcs English Iron KU59I3. " ftoxrs ClimU Piales, Umidlf.s Wire, Hulls Sheet Zinc, Pucks tiliei I Copper, 101) 3 2 I iru-iee ,u. u. ciiiircn, .lion. H. S l.iown. rHlmer.IIewiit ,t Co. I Wi'IkIoi, Vt. iciwrence .uteri., lutiaiicey VV lirou-iHI Ousuvus V . LJwards. ) Ifsghgate. Vl. 3. t cii a a r.evt. am lbs. 1 -if in. , And a gf neial sitoilnif nt of JTinnerii Rivrti. . ;ov.21,'is r0rv.e'ie W Ji'0YE3 & COS. C'Ali I ID . (.A It.i. .A in in Irj u. e ..I i I .( ' ,iu e ".Jpsd with ft liwnj mis of dm c.e ,f r. f liit,sJ."-r.d u ai lo. mas i rit lt, n nvr,smh, itl,iii th7 ell llr.T'.on t, i". ',. ii,,i,,. .lui.uifiijIiCJC.r Ct.VE )ffc art, etc, "I a' . 'I"i,esrd ui r, Itottar, i.J i.ivsr tv j bill wsj (lntfj-a .isf wi fUfnsils. ts ns.,nil itielllte. Voituss.Mn-s ihe fits-if Uf, It rlha ,itllJ i .if (tlalnt s.adii tot iv;,i h I, not TkU l tn f, eo,iim th potiH! am w be ile-c;vK. aatl BdrUm mi o nut ti.u oi , v .v,. tt. O fL ol.l t J X h 1'mt-Nfi-ml'i -'-r -p" if., t i ( t. , it ii,, td Zfi k rtel.. In. f. nliy "..-n o( e"! triisi ths Cn!,t"r ,-,- h.i ttV rrier'f ri.e. 2 . . u Jl , .'-Vic IVei Cly. OLD JACOB TOWiVSKND TMP (iUltN.M, Inn OVKKKK OF 'I llfl sdnuuinc Touuh'ikI hari;.jj;n liia. O'tl Dr. 1 itw nsnl U nnw hmit TO w nf "j4. mi ha ti-itg li n k ' n " tlie .1 1 7 f.'Ott mm) fJtSCHp mm -i in rii-A-ct.vr. tthtni.vjt. " o'. yf.V SHJP.ttiit.f.A Itftnie Y r hi vvc.n (sllfil in hunt itirtniificHirp, In ultlcli ni-n U tii brrn k-pt nut of ur rktt .inl tht tv- t re ini'crtbsttl ti tli- onl, wh't hnl i,n.i it vort'', a.-l tr-v.-i Ul mid", tt hH.I rt-iiclir i ihi nri .if hi i n eril.t.i, nt ti-tn-c rff-tint m ,. hil lii-iMt hil I ui tirn fiioi w-i, nn! i ir. m ilu-.tli, I'Dciumid in ext.ell)ii:i unJ v. o.-.dtifiil HEALING rOWKTI. .rnnvInr many tears ago. Iw ld. tyt'i ?r.!ll, c.nrc HTtJ 'X(t'fl(i c, if u-fJ tn Tiic'e ttb ch wwoJI t-f f.f Ini ilrtijndlo mivtnt so tn rl inn th lii"tmii vvti.t ho fiirn ic! in liti It utitvnl iii'tco. hn tit ,r''io xiftiwi w.tilil It ki.jA'T mil itpjiret i t'ttl. 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