Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 29, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 29, 1848 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, December 29, 1848. from toni snd careful todjr, an A as the y serve, In sn I Agents Wnillcd. eminent degree, the good prjtnnaea ft" which they CiRVEnAL Anrvrq ahp WANTED TO CAN werestlenurd.euccesshaa lollowed the proprieter's XVtMlttj . ,,7 . r WA;v,to lu 'A Intetprlse and labors. Ilia establishment Is now one . 'he State r,f Vermmit Ur of the largest In the United States and besides fur- , , THE SOUVENIR, nlshing every city, town,ar.d townseio in the country an elegantly botmdvnlurrv;. with hit invaluable medieinea, he ahips, annually, THE TROJAN, Immense quantities to foreign lands. I a Literary Family Newspaper, and trttral of thepop- In the prosecution of his plsns for bringlns hissne- nlsr Magazinea. For lurther particulate address cinca a ine noixe 01 ine wnoie people, ur. jayne nns i aura's r'smilv Almanac, contninrir certificates and testimonials of the highest character. Wt see it Mated In the Grrmantown Triemsnh. that "Inst rear, one million of the almanacs were published for iM8i iind all distributed. This rear, the demand for 1819 la ao arent. lhnt two nnwer nreMea. driven bv team, are sunning day and night, with a double set of hands, ond unable to meet the demands ol thepub lie for the Alminacs. Indeed. Messrs. St'ively fc M'Callt, who do the press-work, have found it ne- cessary, to meet the want, of the puhlisher, to obtain third power press Two millions and a half copies will be required for 1819, consuming from twelve to fifteen thousand reams ol paper, and incur- ting an expense, at the very small rate of two cents ach copy, and we cannot see how they can by fur- msnea at so low a price ot jijiy inousana aoiiars .' This la wonderful, exhibiting, as it doea, one of the most remarkable instnnces of enterprise on record. But it must be remembered that this large sum, which is a fortune ol itself, is entirely given away the whole two millions and a hall of Almanacs are frrmtultouslr given to merchants, store-keepers, fami lea and individuals, with a view to their general gra tuitous distribution throughout the United Slates. The position of Dr. Jayne is an enviable one a enlered by his own unaided energy, industry and en terprisedrawing largrly from an extenaive knowl edge ofmedical jurisprudence and he now stands at the head of the discoveries of medicines for " the mill ion," which have not only been pronounced to be unequalled aa remediea, for the diseases severally set partly the proprietor, &c, but destined to confer opoa this human family incalculable benefits in the form of restored health and prolonged existence Norristoan Rcgittrr. w37-ll. CONSUMPTION. There Is, perhaps, no disease with which our coun try ia atfected, which sweeps otTannually so many victims, aa that fell destroyer of the human race Consumption. Day after day, year alter year, the in satiate monster hurries to the portals of the cold and silent toiho fresssWTIrd victims to its conquest. No walk of life Is aacred from ita blighting influence. No age ia exempt from its death-dealing shnfts. The old, the middle-aged, and the young, all alike, are food for thia common enemy of mankind. The white haired patriarch, whose life of temperance has ren dered his system impervious to the attacks of other ills, and whose good deeds prepared hiln ior the en joyments of life's calm evening, finds Consumption fastening its fangs upon his vitals, and tearing him from a world ever bright to minds which look com placently on days well spent. Is there no help for the afflicted I No preventive of the dangers which beset us in our changeable and fickle clime 1 We think there is. And if the allega tions of those who are at least entitled to veracity, tnav be believed, there is a preventive and a remedy. iVisiar'a Balsam of li'ild Cherry is offered to a suffering world sb such. It needs not the " adventi tious aid" of a long suing ol litilirous certilicutcs to cite it notoriety. Ita true vnlue and intrinsic excel lence are sufficient to entitle it to the confidence of the public, and to " ICufl on to fame" the name of it inventor, on u benefactor nf his species. None genuine unless signed 1. UUTTS on the wra tiner. THEO. A. PECK, Agent for Burlington. ty Dr. OngoaiVx Inula Choln;ostn. The V.fcii rep&ulion gained by this valuable medicine has given rise to a targe number of s,)unou9 compounds which are now belore lh public, christened with the name of Chotagogue. Beware of nil such ntleint.tsto deceive by an assumed title. To biptiw.' with a Chris tian nnme does not make n Christian in clwriicter. Be particular and enquire for Dr. Osgood's India Cho tagogue, and take no other. For sale by Geo. E. Harrington, agent fur Burling ton. Y.-1S3 In These days of Excitemekt the public credulity is taxed to an enormous extent. Excitement pervades every new acquisition in science, literature, or nrt. Yet, notwithstanding the unprecedented enthusiasm with which it has been re ceived, there is one recent attainment in medical science, which, we think, richly merits all that has been said in its lavor. We allude to Ik. Gaytotl's I eflcite Dork and Sarsaparilla Extract, the unri valled and rapidly increasing popularity ol which over "II similar and counterleit preparations.and the en tire laith in its virtues professed by those ho have tised it,seem to us pretty strong recommendations. We are sufficiently convinced of us intrinsic vir tues, and unhesitatingly advise the sick to test its cu rative powers. wiiwi For aale by Geo. E Ilarrington.Burlinnton, and by the DrutrtrklM mMirnllv tlirnm?lini,t till- tTmtfd Stales. Impurities of the Blood. I wish to impress it pnilicularly on the minds of those that are troubled with impurities of ihe blood j bad hamors, old ulcers, inn) diseases brought on b the'use uf mercury, calomel that this is a sovereign remedy. Ilia well known to every physician, that Sarsiparilla is almost the only article that can be sue ccis'ully used to root out such diseases, and, when mixed with the pure extract ot Tomatoes, it has been knjwn to cure sjch cases where Sirs i pa rilla alone liaa had no effect. This call be accounted for from the fact that the Tomaioea operate greatly on the bowels, carrying off all those impurities which, if al lowed to remain, create dangerous and incurable diseuses. wliwi O.le more proof of the efficacy of the Sarsaparilla nd Tomato when combined. For sale by Theo. A. Peck, Bnrlin&ton, and by Pruggists generally throughout the United Static. HEAVE PilWilKltS! D.llow's. Panderson's snd Tatteraall's, at uhle.ile and retail by THEO. A. PECK. 1 1. MAMS' IIYK-WATUK! This excel, lent remedy for Sole, Inflamed or weak Eyes, is for sale by TIEO. A. PECK. ALMANACS! ALMANACS! ALMANACS! )OCTOR D. JAYNIi would respectfully JLr inform the public that he publMies annually tor gratuitous distribution, by himself and all his Agents, an A m mac, called Jayae'g medical Almanac, AND UU1DE TO HEALTH. The calculations for this Almanac are made wilh Steal cite and accuracy and for five different Lati tudes aj as to make them equally useful aa a Calendar EI.'"?" of lhf u,li'ed States and British Amer '"' they are printed on good paper, and with hand. fn?,i!ew lype.and are neatly bound, and beaides be .hi n l"?1 11,(1 mu accurate Calendar printed in i.hl. l-r Sl' ''8' taeT CJntain a large amount of val. ?h.i Li1nr,l",l'f. suited to the wonts ol all, and o inn K nd too, which cannot be fou nd in books. -i,?18 TALOGUE OF DISEASES, valuable .'nV d!re:"' "" "" removal is really tii&H ylcome viaiters in everjr rail one of ti,,.. loulU I" at least one ot theie Annua s. If A I, ,,, lr ihiu ifpi . ,; " kve7i "e nereoy invites their various i?lom, 7y t? K,-"?ry to supply the same time, lo ffl . ' 7hr1 ",e" iviled at CAUD," which il I ti! Si" " BUSINESS cover oheAhnal,acaaVP?&la",lb,' eJ on the . They are also mmurZT, JnH"huul 'barge, t ons ,uw the AlifTfXoufd L r ntwry dirfc By law ihe, cunt' 'f. "nt h m,; '"'V"1 lohrm. ge is fi st piid o.ri'm he,e 7 aneS ,ht Pu"' SWJ. iAYNE, amily Medline,. '' Celebrated w7 t3 CHERRY PECTORAL. ,h' C-r. .r WTUI o&OVP, ABTH. TE&$J!Ki " l.'by.h, A.. n-T'"- A. PECK, Burlin . BM?" "u M'chanuthrouhou loweat IMC. ztf, 1818, wS6in PUilnhat h-si Twfi mi! 't"' ""'en ne oesigns to ca. ml,TJe. " illV "'J1 Su" nd British Ameri. i (roat psm,) ISAAli A. ri i i tvSttf Morria Place, Troy N. Y. MASONIC NOTICE. OWE GRAND LODGE OF FREE AND I accented Msanna for the Slate of Vermont will hold its regular annual cominunlcntloii at Mason's Hall in Burlington on the second Wednesday of January A. U. 1419 at 9 o'clock A. M. of which all lodges under its jurisdiction will take due notice, This communication will he one of deep interest to the fraternity at large, nnd particularly so tothue members of lodges who feel interested in being well inlorined as to the progress and present stile, of the Masonin Institution UDon the American continent. All secular lodges within in jurisdiction ol this Grand Lodge, whose charters have not been renewed since the annual somniimicalion of January A. D. 1816, will observe by reference to nur printed pro ceedings, that the time fixed for voluntary renewals of charters expires at this communication. An omis sion of such lodges to be represented will therefore operates as an abrogation of their former charters and a consequent extinction of such lodges, unless the Grand Lodge shall take some new action on the sub ject. By order of (he M. If. PHILIP C. TTCKBR, Grand Jlinsfer. JOHN B. HOLLF.NBECK, Grand Secretary Burlington, Dec. 20, '48. d!3tlw2Jwl VACCINE VIRUS can br obtained at Dec.S2,'4. THEO. A. PECK. Notice. rpHE Annual Meeting op the Chitten- JL den County Agricultural Society lor the election ol Officers, and for paying premiums, will be hnlden at Strong's Hall, Burlington, on the second Wednes day ol January next, at 10, o'clock A.M. By order of the President, C. T. HOPKINS, Ser'y. Burlington, Dec. 21, "4g. wtl5w3 Wanted. THE SUBSCRIBER is authorized by one of the ' aufferers," to offer the highest price in cash and one pound of the best "Mnccoboy," lor sixty pairs of" good double andtited Gentlemen'a" Woollen Socks ; such as were knit by the " Grandmothers" before that respectable order was abolished wi 1 be preferred. A. S. DEWEY. Dec. ti, 1848. d&w IIARiVDEN & CO.'S CALIFORNIA LINE OF PACKETS. IjiOR SAN FRANCISCO DIRECT, JANU . ary 15. The new first class Ship Capitol. 700 tonsjlegister, will be despatched as above. This Ship is a fast sailer, and presents a most desirable con veyance in every refnect. Good accommodations for a limited number of Cabin and Second Cabin Passengers. Those first applying have the choice of berths and preference lor Ireight. This Shin carries an experienced Surgeon, (Dr. Iloyt, late Surgeon to the Massachusetts Regiment in .Mexico ) Cabin Passage 8250, Second Cabin Possige 150 Apply to Harnden &. Co. No. 3 Court and 41 Broad Streets, Boston. dttfSd2U 20w3 Uank of Burlington. NOTICE is hereby given that a meeting of the stockholders ol this Bank will be holden at their Banking House, on the SJ Tuesday of January next, at II o'clock, A. M. for the purpose of choosing seven Directors for the year ensuing. K. G. COLE. Caihier. Burlington, Nov. 30, 48. d4064iwi4w8 Bank of Burlington. THIS Bank will be open for the transaction of bus I iness.from 10 v'tlock, A. M.toS o'clock, P. M. from Decemberlst. lo April 1st. until further notice. K. G. COLE. Catliicr. Burlington, Nov. 30. '43. dauG&wWniS C11AMPLAIN TRANSPORTATION CO, T U H'F , THE Stockholders of ihe Champlniii Tranpnr tatiotl Coutnanv 'are hereltv noiifieil. that thf. Annual Meetimr of said Coinoanv will 1 holden nt the Americiii Hotel. in the village of lluilinuion, on itie nisi i nursuiy n January next, nt one oclotk, P. M., for purpose of choosing Directors for the )eur ensuing, mid lor the transaction ot any other business thought proper when met. liy order. &c. rilll.U UUUJ.l 1 1 L,ti, OVer. Burlington, 4th Dec, I8tw. damf (ilziors Shop ! ! I WOULD respectfully inform my friends, and the public generalli'ihat I have onened a Shoo. on the corner of Maine and Church Streets, for the purpose oi f urnisning, uniting nnd titnzing 11 sizes of Diain and funcv Window Glass, nlsft Gin.. for Sash or Picture Frames kept constantly on hand , i.iniiui'itiuiriB pui-ca. uiasiers iiainoiius con tantly un hand and sold cheap , . MtiltVJiy UUKNtil 1'. Burlington, Nov 29, 1818. wtf NEW AND IMPORTANT Railroad and Stage Arrangement, BETWEEN MONTREAL, nOSTON AND NEW YORK, I ico hundred and seienty vnles byRiilroad! Vermont Central Itnilrond. AN and alter December 15lli, llin Phsscii cer trains of the Vermont Central Railroad, will run as follows, in connection with the Northern, Con cord, Nashua and Lowell Railroads : FIRST TRAIN Leaves Northfield for Boston and rvew York at 8 a. M-, intersecting the Nashua and Worcester Train fur New York, via Aim's Point, reaching New Yolk at S a. -'. the next day, in season for the Train for the South and West. Leaves Boston at 7 I -2 a. m. and reaches Northfield at 5 r. M. SECOND TRAIN Leaves Norlhlield at 3 p. m, and readies Boston at S 1 4 a. M.tlie next morning. Leaves Boston at 12 M. reaches Northfield at 'J r M. PASSENGERS from MONTREAL for the Atlantic steamers, and all passengers for Worcester or Surincfield. .Mass . Hartford or New lln vrn, Conn. .and New York, will find this ihe quick est route, Passengers for Boston will pass over 200 miles by Railroad, and will co throuirh from Montreal in 31 houts, Burlington, Vt. in 18, Munipelier in II and Northfield in 10 hours. Passengers bv the first iroln for NEIC YOIIK, via Alyn'a Point, will pass 270 miles by Railroad, and willeo throuch from Montreal in 42 hours, Burlington in 29, Moiitpelier in 22 ond roitnneid uixi running nours, wun ample tune lor rest. RETURNING, paweneers may leave NEW YORK, at 4 r- M. lor Aivn'a Point, or bv anv of the other Lines that reach Boston before the departure ol ihe Cars st 7 1-2 the next morning, which arrive at Northfie'd at i F. M. where atauea will be in readiness to convey them lo Montpeiier, Burlington, St. Albans, Als ureal, i isttsourgn, maione, ami oiner places in Northern Vermont snd New York. t3f After January 1. 184V, passengers may go from Northfield to New York bv railroad, via Wor cester, Hartford and New Haven. JA.HK.S muukk, Superintendent. Northfield, Dec. Silt , 1848. ifllYgft STAGES will run in connection TSn KJLwilh the Vermont Crntral l!ars from Ihe following Stations: White River Vllllne Ior Sharon for Stratford. South Roysllon lor Tunbridge, Chelsea, Washing. Royslton for Earl Bethel, East Randolph, East urooMicia, wiiiiainstown and liarre. Bethel lor Rutland, Brandon and Middleburr. M , -1 . - ,..,: tr . .,. ...,i)IC( ior Aiuriinsioii, nrrsevine, riattsnurgn, m.Aioans.anu montreol jlorl'lanitield, Marshfield, Cabot, and Danville; for Calais, Woodbury, Greensboro', Glover, Barloa, lrasburgh, Coventry, Derby, NBlsnstesd snd Shetbrooke ; for (forces ter, Elmore. Craltshury. Moirisiuwu, Jlydepark, Johnston, IVateiville snd Ifirikersheld j and for all parte ol Central Watertv V0'?tfrn "". western Vermont. L - tM'.TIV. ano jiiorrisvuie. H wLL W KKN CELEB d' w 5?.lHh!1uw "'"'"tlemana dress .ho articles te? W1 'l" ' n',l;h' "y be foundVi PLAT VTJ.?' '"' d"rnl Church 8iKH,rJIIUOU S lW, , s :d Asignccs Sale in Bnnkrupcy. m VIRTUE of an order Issued out of the United i 9 piates uisinci vourt ior tne uistrici oi vennum, I will sell at Public Auction at the Auction Room of Innc Sherwood, in Burlington, on Saturday, the 23d of neepmher. 1818 8,at II o'clock A. M. " All the claim of Henry L Praslee to a Farm lying, ana oeing in uurtwgion.tcnichjarm tcui ton lea by Amanaa reatiee, moiner oj tata ittnty i tat lee la her son (naio decened Ilortice Peaelee." iVA I HAiV IS. IIASIKbUL,, Asignee. Burlington, December, 1st, 1818. w22 THE TOCSIN IMS AGMY SOU.YDED. Turn Out !Turn Out ! ! ONCE MORE ToUlE RESCUE, and with such a man as Old Zack for our President, (which is now certain) Liberty will follow that Lib erty which secures to every man, woman and child. tneireedom ol rpeecn, tne Ireedom ir conscience, ana above all the ireedom of Trade. All hail then the hap pyuay wnen tne rropnetors ol THE LADIES EXCH1NGE again unfold their banner to the breeze, and inscribed upon its folds in flaming characters the significant motto EXCELSIOR ! It is often said, and with some truth, that it is ens tomsry for a new concern just opening, to sell goods for awhile at a small profit in order to secure trade. Ladies and Gentlemen, we hive now been located In Burlington six months, at d have the pleasuie of in forming you that however cheap we have heretofore sold our goods, we now appear before you with a lar ger supply, and at greatly reduced prices from ourfitst slock. IPe now proclaim the Fa'l sud Il'inter Cam paign to be opened. Theie Goods must be sold. We have, therelore entered the arena ol trade with warmth, zeal and energy, determined to convince (hy our ac tions as well ns sayings) our trends in Co liuiton and towns adjaining, that while we aie desirous of obtain ing a living for ourselves, we are a'&o desirous and striving assiduously from day to day to srcuie the greatest good to the grealest number of all with whom we come in contact Were we to go through and enumerate all the different styles, qiaiities and prices of goods we now have on hand, it would lengthen our advertisement beyond reosonoblc limits: there fore, we torbear and will rame but n few styles and prices, leaving it for all to call and examine lor them selves. Il'e think we can show a larger assortment of plain and fancy Alpaccas than can be shown in the Slate ol Vermont. SUl'Kil SUPER, BLACK MOHAIR LUd TRES, SUPER BLACK SILK WARP ALPACCAS. Ife warrant them to be the most beautiful and ele gant goods ever exhibited in this vicinity. Cases Super Black Alpacca, do common do 1 Case Super Changeable do SAMPLES. Black Alnacca at 12 cents, do better nt 17 " Fancy Plaidat 18 " ALSO Cloak Goodsof every cojorand quality. Noonewho wuutsn cloak or tlrt f-s will fail to examine liiisatlract le assortment, and llnis sar their money. 2 Cn'lton Ilrocha Shawls, all wool, 1 bale I'luid .Mantle, " 1 " ' Sou-ire, " 1 " "Hu-ket, " lie q'tnitity of Goods we have already sold, war ns in saying that our prices ore VERY LOW. nd last, though not least, our :i.oth ituu.w ents a most imposing display of French and English Broailchlhs, Cassi- mcrcs, Vesting, cj-c, $-c. which are plensing to the eye, profitale to the buyer, charitable to the purse, and only huiniliutiug to the manufacturer. Il'e never boast, but we will present any gentleman with a coat, if he cannot save money by a visit to our CLOTH ROOM. P. S. Don't buy 'cm if lliey ain't cheap. 5 biles unbleached Sheetings Irom 3 to 7 els. 2 " bleached Shitting Irom 4 to 121 cla. 4 cases Prints, 1 case fust colors only 6 els. Flannels as low as one shilling. Respectfully, U ILCOX & NASIJ. Next door to Brinsmaid & Brothers, Church-street. Nov. 15th. 1818. . w2J HENRY'S MAGNESIA, Tim Genuine! It Constantly lor sale hy Dec. 22,' 18. THEO. A. PECK. Adam's New Arithmetic, REVISED EDITI O i . THIS VALUABLE SCHOOL Hook con tains the characteristics nf ihe foimer edition, in a arently improved form ; with such corrections and additions as the wants ot the times demand. It has been alrendy very extensively adopted in place of me om edition, anu is received wun me most unqua lified approval. Adam's New Arithmetic is ntmost the only work on Arithmetic used in extensive sections ot New England. It is used in every part of ihe United States j and in lh State of iVw Yoik, is the Text Book in ninety-three of the one hundred and fifty live Academies which reported to the Regents of the Univeisity in 1810. Ii has been adapted to the cur rency of, and re-puhlit-hrd in Canada. It baa been translated and re-publiMied in Greece. JVotwith Etanding the multiplication of Arithmetics, made up, ninny of ihem.ol the materiel of this has steadily increased in the public lavor and demand, Adams's Arithmetical Scries. The attention of Preceptors of Academies, Teach ers and SuperintendentsinourCoinmon Schools,and all those interested in education, is invited Si ihe full series of Arithmetical Works now published. Copies will be furnished for examination on application to either of the PublUhera. 1. 1 mmary Arithmetic or .Mental operations IN numbers ; being nn introduction to Adams s icw Arithmetic, revised edition. II. Adams's new Arithmetic, Revised Edition; being a revision of Adams's iYcw Arithmetic, first published in 1817. III, Kiv to the Revised Edition or Adam's A'ew Arithmetic. IV. Mensuration, Mechanical Powers, aid Machinery. 1 fie principles ot mensuiatioii analy lictlly explained, ond proctically nppljed to the wira iuiement of lines, supei Jices, and solid : also, a phi losonhical t-xn!auation of the simnle mechanical now era, and theirnppliuatioii to mieainerv. Designed to follow Adams's jYew Arithmetic. Un press.) V. BouK Keeping. This work contains a lucid explanation ot the science of accounts, a new, concise and common sense method of Book-keevins Ivsincle entry, and various forms of receipts, ordeis, notes, bonds, mortgages, and other instruments necessan sarv for the transaction of business. Accompanied Willi tor the transaction ol business. Accompanied wn Blank Books for the use ol learners. Published by J. W. I'ltEMlS j& fO.,ftef.A. . COLLINS & BROTIIKU. Neiv York. PlllLI.II'S &. SASII'SON, Uoslvn. J'ov.21,'43. d:02l3 T0TICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 1 1 Probate Courts within and for the District nf Chittenden, will until further nonce is civen. be held ot S. B. Sanlord's Hotel in slid district, on the si cond Monday in each month, commencing wilh Ihe second .Monday of December, 1818, and at L- E Chittenden's office in Burlington in said district, on Wednesday of each week, commencing wilh the tiret Wpdneadnv nf December. 1818. The Probate office will be kept at aaid Chitte'nden's office. By order ol Ihe t -onrt. L. L. C1IITTENTEN. J?eiIr, Dec. 1st. '48. w23w3 Fancy Boot, and Shoe Store. THE undersigned still contin ues to cary on the Boot &. Shoe business at his old aland on Church Street, formerly R. Baichrldercc Co. He is now npeninii a fresh supply to his former slock, from New York snd Boston, consisting of Gentlemen's fine snd coarse Boots, Hoys li Youth's do. Gentlemen's India Rubber Bonis j Also, i'lthing Boois, Rubbers ol all kinds and sizes, Gentlemen's Congress Gaitrra, Pat Sea Dnncinir Boots and Pumps, Ladies Double and Kincle Soled Gaiters. Conoresa Gaiteis. Kid and Goal Gaiters. Minis and Children's do. All kinds Missis and Children s Rubbers, Gentleinens Hair Overshoe. All kinds Boots, Shoes and Gaiters made In order in Ihe nruiest Stvle : Also. Rubbers, mended in a su perior manner, Gentlemen and Ladies desirous of purchasing will do well lo look In belore purchaaing elsewhere? K. BATCHELDER. Dec. 13 1848. DJ16tfiwJfih IIooIn nnd Slioi'n. A R. BATCHELDER liaa just rrcr! Wm a fresh suiuilv of the latest and li approved tje and of a iperior quality., which they are sellinir at New York iini-m. N. II. All those havimi. notes ami accounts of over " months alanding are requested fo call and set- July,I7, 1818. d0 SCHOOL BOOBS OF ESTABLISHED REPUTATION. PUIILINII KM by J KNKH, IALM lillA Co. No. 131 Washington street, Boston, snd for sale by Booksellers and Country Tradera generally : Parwy's Histories I EMtasons Aritbmmic. Firtt Book. Western Part 1 containing easy Hemisphere Newly ste- lessons for beginners: pari reotyped and brou gh 1 8, lessons for all scholars i down to present time, with Part 3, higher opperatiors j new engravings, &c. 5e-Key to Parts a and 3j cond Book. Eastern He-lQuestions to Part 3. misphere brought down to Bxit.p s Aloebr, on a recent date, with new the inductive plon for be .nru., A,. T.V oinners ! Kev to do. Book. Ancient History. I Goodrich's History of Worcester's Dictiona- tut Umtid bTATES,adapt rv. emenIary-Adopl-ed to the capacity of youth, ed for Common Schools bro't down to a recent and Academies ; Compre- date, and the Constitution n ,' .... r-J-r.l.- 11..., J Cl,a nensice ror ao. auu loriwi un; uuw general relerence, recom Goodrich's and Emerson's mendej as combining ad- Questions to do. Russell's Lessons I N Enunciation i Russell's Elocution, Music Books eor vantages as a Pronouncing' Dictionary, superior to all others new edition, en larged. Worcester. s headers. Schools Webb's Little Primer, Second Book, Songster : do. Common introduction to t hird do.t ncnooi ao., ao. iux Third and Fourth Books. Lady's Vocal Class Book. with lessons in Enuncia r Rost a u r a n n a n i Bossutf's French Phrase tion, Articulation, Fronun. ciation, Emphasis, Pauses, ic.,by Wit. Russell. Boor j IIoLBRonra geo metry; abbots little Emerson's watts on, Philosopher : No yes' Penmanship: B L a IR 's the Mind, with correc tions, qjestionsand supple ment t,o. National Srtr. lino Book and Introduc tiiiw to tin. Outlines or Curonoloov. The above Ten Books sre bv Authors favorably known to the public. The Books ate well printed and strongly bound and will be offered at as low s price ns oihets in the market. School Committers. Teachers. &c. deslrons ol ex amining any of the above, supplied without charge their correspondenc solicited and where the books are cc3irea ior use, iiDerat arrangements maae ior in troouciion or permanent supply. In addition to the above, always for sale at satis factory prices. a comdele assortment of School, Mu sic and .iliscel' nieous Book, Stationery, &c. ' Nov. 21, '43. w21w6 Batting, Waddiup, Yan & BALES Battino, OKI 25 " Wodding. 2S " Cation i am, 42 " Wickinir, For sale low by Nov. 21, '48. w21 NOYES &. COS. CnKh Trade. How Goods have Changed in prices bincc A Lone Time Aeo. CALICOES that would, when I commenced busi ness A. D. 1822. have cost 34 cts. ver Vila, can nowbe bouulit at Cd. Laces ihr I were S'i.OO. now SO cts. Bomlrizlnesthcn $J. now "ids. Linens then Si.uu, now J7j cts. and almost HI kinds ot Goods proportionally reduced in once. Yes. sood Cotton Sheetings then 3t cts. now C cts. Broadcloth then Si, now!; i. riorence lionnets then 9 to, now 3. ( iincrti'.lna llien 7S rla nnw I-.21 ,-ta nml ui mlfflit a cata!o;je of articlea and compariiive pncea be mined lor almost every description ol Merchandiie 1 now to be found in me Peonies Store, where is on sale The Largest and Most SPLENDID AS.SOIIT.1I ISN'T OP GOODS ever in the Establishment that have just been pur- ciriscu til me i. west prices jor uasn, vei Known ana win ne soiu to correspond, Willi tne l.larKct, by the Peoples Agent. HOWARD. uurimgion, uct.ia, 1313. dlTUwie Monthly Bulletin No. 8. TH E Grafenhurg series of Medicines consist of the f o 1 1 o w i n g preparations to wntcn pup. ic attention h nvneu.viz. The Graefenberg Vege i hie Pills, which are in onceivohly superior to any verb-lorediscovered. All Diseases. -Bilious and lioirtl Complaints, Constipation, Dyep'psia, Fever and Ague, Head. ache, Jan.. .. e, Lirer Oiinp'aints, Rheumatism. All Stomach Cimnlaiats. Uretn Sickness etc. etc. yield ot once to these Pills. They purge away offen sive liuinors.arrest the prjgress of disease, and atthe winie tnne restore lone nnd vigor to the system. In cases of ceneral derangement of the health, they are sovfreiov. Price 25 cent per box. The Graefenberu Children s I'anacea. i hia is a medicine which should be in every family. In all diseases to which children and youth are subject, and for Summer Complaints, Dysenteiy. and all other af- lections o the stomach and Duwtis it is iniainoie. Price 50 cents a bottle. The Green Mountain Vegetable Ointment. Tins is an Indian remedy, ihe receipt for which waa obtained by one of ihe early settlers of Vermopl from Ihe Indians. It is an invaluable dressing for Burns and Scalds, and by its use all bruises and fresh cut wounds are cured with ereat rapidity. 1 rice M ana 50 cenla a box. The Graefendero Sarsaparilla Compound. This unequalled extract is immeasurably superior to any Sarsaparilla preiarulion now offered to the pub lic. One lot lie ol it is warranted tomaketwoquarta of the strength ordinarily sold. Price one dollar a ooine. The Graeffnbero Eve Lotion, which for disor ders of the Eyes has no equal ; tor violent inflamma tion, weakness or foreign substances in the eye, it is a positive and speedy cure, rnce cents a Dome. The Graeienbero Health Bitters. These Bit ters stimulate the Stomach, promote tardy digeation, impart tone and elasticity to ihe feeble body, and ex ert their salutary energies with surprising rapidity. Pice 25 cents a package. AGENTS IN CHITTENDEN COUNTY. Burlincton A C. Snear. I. Sherwood. J. S. Mull- son and Geo. C. Harrington, Druggist, IVinooski Falls W. B. Hatch .t Co. Milton. Avers A. Clark. .VMWr,. W. D. 1'vler. Huntins- Ion, A Ferguson, Underkill,C. E. Allen, CAar lotte, Lyon Alexander. Jericho. Field & Beach. Jericho Centre, J, Lyman. Westfurd, II. P. Wood. lliueslum.XV. Ii- Viele. Essex. J. & J. Tuttle. lUchmondr-E. B. Green. Williston, Hul bert Si Hodges. noveinfcr, so, '48. w-ii MERCHANTS' EXCHANGE HOTEL. In the same Building with the Post Office. state street, boston. rpHIS is the most convenient Hotel in Boston, for the man ol tnisinessto ston at. it is at the verv head' Quarters of Business : close bv the Banks. In surance and Newpaprr Olficea. and the principal Stores 1 he Prourietor is determined to keep his enarges at ine very lowest rates, and lor O.Mi UOI.LAIt PISIt DAY, he engages lo furnish his patrons with all the sub' slanlinl cnniforls found at Hie First lintels. The floufe has lalelv been Uenaired and Furnished throughout in a manner not at all inferior to houses where Hie chargea are two or tnrei- limes as inucn. p.nirance in mate, Ljindoii ann uonuress streets. Transient Boardeia ONE DOLLAR per day. HENRY DOOLEY. Boston , June, 1818. w23 3m Farm for Sale. 8S A Valuable Farm ly in on Winooski River, about tl in Burlington three miles from the Court House, Enquire of HENRY LOOMIS Nov. 30, 1848. w22w6 WTE THE SUBSCRIBERS, bavins been so v V pointed bv the Honorable the Probate Court for Ihe District of Chittenden. Commissioners to re ceive, examine and adjust the claima and demands of an persons sgainsi tne estate oi runny iusnman laie ol Colchester in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto ; and six mouths from Ihe day of the dale heieuf, being allowed by said Court for thai pur pose, we do therelore hereby eive notice, that we will attend to the business ol our sppointmrnt,sl the j n -r i .ii... u ln unveiling ui iiurcu u Alien in uuimtoiri ,,, wiu District, on the first Monday of February snd March next, at I o'clock, I . M.,on racnot sold days. Dated, this 30th dsy ol October. A. D. 1848. BRIG1IA.M C. WRIGHT. o.-.-.j. w24w3 THOMAS BROWNELL. ( PARKER'S UNRIVALED DAGUERREOTYPES fllAKEN Daily at his Rooms, CoIIcro 1. Street, where he has produced thousands within the Is.! vear. runma will he kenl onell s few weeks. where Mina urea call be hnd at a (ess price (lor the same qual.ty) ihan at any other establishment in this pari oi ine counuy. Rooms free for persons to call and examine aped J7 RJU jt mens. liuiluig'on. Oct. 18, 1818, wit Great nnd Important Chemical Discovery. CHEMICAL COMBINATION' FROM THE VEGETABLE KINGDOM TO REPEL Dr-GUYSOTT'S twmtnii" r'Mttiri iiriia it 't lost. The most successful Medicine in the World! The result of a series of Chemical Experiments, this Compound Exlratt of Yslkvs Dock and Senat or ilia, with other slmcst equally powerful vegetable substances. Is one of the greatest discoveries of the sge ; and is the first and only instance to which these Roots su lanir In use btf Ihe faculty have been unt ied inln a Compound possessing a due proportion of ine peculiar viriues sna powers ui escn. Its success is sstonishing, having performed over fifteen thousand cures since its discovery less thsn two years ! Its unrivalled power over disease, and great superi ority over all Simplt Strsoparitla 3yrtr,tnay be at tributed lo the fact that it is compos"! purely of vege table substances, each one having di.ectrrfterence to some inlernal organ ; consequently the whole system is benefitlerj. It is the most highly conctntratti Syrup in use snd being in Quart Bottles at one dollar per bottle, it is also the cheapest. It purifies snd enriches the Blood, invigorates the Body .snd consequently expels nervous disease from the system, more effectually than any medicine known. It is oleasant lo the taste, occasions neither sickness nor pain in its opperation, can betaken regardless of business or diet, and by the aged and infant with equal efficacy. In all CHRONIC DISEASES this Compound is the GREATEST BLESSING eter possessed by man. This ext-acl of Yellow Dock and Saraaparilta is a positive, speedy and permanent cure for Consumption, Scrofula, Erysipelas, Rheuma tism Gout. Liver Complaints, Spinal Af fections, Ulctrr, Siphuis, Dropsy, Asth ma, Pitts, Scurvey, Affections of the Bladder and Kidneys, Mercurial dis eases, Corrupt Humors, Rush of Blood to the Head, Fever ana Ague, Female Comptls, Gen eral Dtbilitr,, Dyspepsia, Loss of Appetite, Colds, Headache, Costittness, GranclrNight Sweats, Colxc, Organic Affections, Palpitation of the Heart, Biles, Pains in the Side, Chest, Back, Limbs, I T IS INFALLIBLE in all diseases arnsing trom an Impure atate ol the mood, or Irregular action ol the system. IN THE VEGETABLE KINGDOM an All Wise Being has deposited plants und herbs congenial to our constitution, and adapted to ihe cure ol dis ease ; and tu the Vegetable Kingdom does the reason of man, as well as the instinct of annimals, turn lor auiipoaea 10 pain. The SoruD is a scientific Comnound of the most val uable Plants in Nmure, entirely rats from delitcrious and enervati ig Mineral subsisnces, and as it expels disease from Ihe system, imparts strength and vigor in wiicauunuiug urgrre. OPINIONS OF PHYSICIANS. This is to certify that we. the underlined Physi cians of ihe city of New York, have in a very great many cases prescribed Dr. Guisotl's Extract ot Yel low bock and Sarsaparilla, and sre fully sssured that it has no equal among the varied Syrups and Saiaoparilla preparations that have ever been aold. John t. ctieuuins.M.U., San'iT. Wells, i.l. U., P S. Maynard. M. D., F. R.Thomas, ill. D. . K ;nr ,.n M . a m rnk,..nn 11 N;:w Yuik Oct ID, '46. ' ' TESTIMONY. The following letter indicstes its salutary efleei In cases of DYSPEPSIA. GENERAL DEBILITY, ic. Watertown, Jefferson co., Nov. 4, '47 Mr. S. F. Bennett Sir : I am at a loss to ei Dress (with words) what has been said in nraise of vnur Compout d Extract of Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla. All who have had the pleasure of using ii, speak ofits marvelous effects in removing disease, with so much feeling and heartfelt antisfaclion, that I am confident now irat no medicine in use can boast of lis superior qualities. Many who have been complaining for years with pain in tne side, bjrninz and Da in in the chest. dyspepsia general debility, loss ofappetite,chillsjiight sweats, ami rneum, scrotum in lact all tne diseases that we in this climate are heir to, Hnd in ihe Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla all that is requisite to make them what they were in the days of health, &.C we linn mat we navenau some twelve doten bot tles in three months, and we are neatly out. You please send an equal number, and oblige yours. HUl i & UKkljUKI. Dyspepsia cured of thirty years standing ! St. Johnsville, Montgomery co., Jan. 3, IS48. S. F. Bennett Dear Sir Some four weeka im I was induced to try your Yellow Dock snd Sarsapar. ilia for Dyspepsia ; Iiad been afflicted about 30 years, most pari of the time unable to eal anv thimr without suflering intensely from its elTects. I have used now only one bottle of your invaluable medicine, and consider myself entirely cured solely by its use. Can now eai a nearly meai, witnout tne slightest Incon venience. ANTHONY BEEKMAN. The best Female Medicine known. The mild slteniative propertiesofDr, Guisott's Ex tract of ellow Dock and daisaparilla. render il pe culiarly applicable lo the slrnderaiid drhclae constl tuiiou ol the female. It is unrivalled in its eilects up on such diseases aa Inaptrant Consumption, Barren ness, Luecorrhoea. IChiles, Irregular Mensirunalion, Incontinence uf Urine, and general Prostration oi the system. It immediately counteracts that distressing nervousness and lassitude so common lo Ihe female frame, and imparls an energy and buovencv aa sur. prising aa they are graierul. tve nave eviaence on nie, wnicn innucrs us strongly lo rcsommend this medicine to married people who have not been blessed with oflVprmg. ire cannot oi course, exiou cerlillicates lo any ex tent in the above class ol complaints, hut give the fol lowing extract of a letter recently received as amu,. indication of Ihe extrrordinary vnlue ol this medicine ss a remedy for Ihe diseases referred to. IMewarK, Jan.Xilh, 1848. Mr. Bennett We take nleasure in siaiinir th.t vnn. Yellow Dock and Saraiparilla gives great satisfac tion in every case. ICe ahull try and send you some certificates. A verv respectable rrentleman inform.,! na that hia ISfitltSM! daughtrr was troubled with difficult menstruation .nnd pills, a smaller number ia required for a dose than of other diseases peculiar lo her sex. She had not had , any other pill known, their operation being ao cer her regular menaliual discharges for s long time hul Ism, thorough, yet mild, that all who use them re by Ihe use ol Dr Guysott'a Yellow Dock and Ssrsap-, i commend them. Owing lo the immense popularity snlla.was radically cured. Had used Tuwnseud's, 1 and gigantic salea of three pills, some unprincipled and others', without rrceivinir the sliirhtfst tinrtit' lis nau 011s oaujjnifr uie lioin me same cause, tlka na n . M.JiU -MU. .. WyV,J Very rttpecttullT yours, .TRIPPE&CO. FEMALE BEAUTY. Ladies whose complexions are not as clear as th.v could wish, insiead of resorting to thiwo poisonous :.. .1.- 1 i t . . A . 1 1 Crpui.UUlia III llic iwihiui vuwireilH, CK.C (BI1UUIU USC r. (iuysoit's Compound of Yellow Dock snd Sstss psrilla. By purifying the Blood and enlivening the circulation, H gWra cl'srn'ss to the complection, brightness to the eye, and elasticity to the step " Lesvlng that beautiful which still waa so, And making thst which waa not." Vexatious eruptions on ihe face resulting from want of exercise or sluggish circulation of ihe Blood, sl once disappear under its influence, leaving, a rich bloom ol health, that no cosmetic can impart. La dies who hsre tried it express themselves surprised and delighted. Great Popularity. The following la the commencement of ait Interest ing Utter just received. It ia but on of the many instances w are daily receiving of the unpreceden ted popularity of this medicine in every part of the Union : Columbus. Geo. Julv 11. 1843. Trie Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla gives unbounded satisfaction, and I think will, in a snort an me otner preparations oi oar ssparilla in the market. Very respectfully, K. CARTER. Caution Extraordinary ! Tbs gieat reputation of this medicine bss Induced numerous counterfeitnrs and Imitators to take field. Beware how you buy medicine put mi in square quart bottles, lie very sure ond osk for I)r. Gui'ott's Compound Extractor Yellow Dock and Sirsapir illa,beatini the written signature of .. P. Reniieit, on each outside warpper, written with black ink i and do not, on any account be Induced to buy any other ar ticle us il is this preparation only that is performing such marvelous and sstonishing cures Take no man's word ; as persons having the counterfeit med icine snd not the genuine, sre of course desirous of making their profit consequently you are liable to buy worthless trash, unless you examine for your selves. It is well in all cases to cut out this caution and put into your pocket-book and compare with medicine. n1Sr R'member, Dr. GL'YSOTT'S YELLOW DOCK AND SARSAPAR1LLA. Prepared at S. F. BENNETTS Laboratory. Lit- t lititX&vni so,d by OEa Burlington Oct. II, 1848. FIRE FIRE! Ine St. Lawrence Mutual Fire In surance Company. We?l?buph cw York. A T Ike solicitation of several respectable Gentle men in Northern Vermont has appointed tra velling Agents for the County of Chittenden, to af- ...,,.0.',!J'rm,e,, ' ch"l nd reliable insurance against loss or damage by Fire. This Company established an agency little more yrlnce I" h' County of Franklin, and II has now nearly one thousand hazards therefrom showing in estimation where known. lis insurances amount to about a quarter of a million of dollars mommy, snd its extent, character of hazards and economv render it such.that thesctusl cost to Farm ers on Policies of several years standing has been but the first payment and less than Eight cents the $100 per year! The Company Exclddes from its haiords, building in blocks. Cotton and Starch factories. Liveiv Stables, Ball Alleys, Black Smith's shops. Furnaces Forges, Asheries, Powder Mills, Breweries. Mecha nics shop, with Machinery impelled ly Water or Steam, and Steam Mills, by which Fanners and those insuring isolated property are not made to par ticipate in Lxtrs hazardoua insurance but share with hazards like their own. Rates Farm property unexposed token for.5 year at I per cent of the sum insured j the insured for S600 civine a note uf BOO a part ol which he pays down, and only so much ol the balance of the note iscalled for during the r ive years, as to pay actual loss. Stores and Merchandize rrom 21 percent upwardi depending on the construction and material ol the building ; and external Exposures. b ' , No two thirds cl.mse in Us Policies ; whole amount insured paid, if Iost ; membcra can withdraw, and cancel if desirous. Agents have certificates from the Secretary and if tt ha tint n a . ... .1 k . f . . k-s.w .n. .I v. irtrm u ui uue uiiie. notice to tne uuiupaii js rrqucsieu. Refers lo the following Members. . Mot fourth, N. V. I Champlain, N. Y. A. C. Moore, Pliny Moore. & ss 1 rustee Pres. church Tho'a. J. Whiteside. Sam' rnndli I m si . . ' St. Alhnn. Vt Trustee M. K. Church, Palmer, Hewitt 6c Co. Lawrence iMyeru, Gustavus V. Edwards. Hon. S S. Brown, Witlistnn. Vt Chancpy W Urtiwnell, Ilighgate. Vt. S. W.&d S. Keyes, Directors : s stimvem,. jr. ROYAI, VILAS, U. CKICHTON, D. PHILMHI', J.V.KKNT, WALTER WILLSON S. PAKTK1DGE, A. CHANTY. 11 N FAIItCilILD, WM. BACON, Hon. J G IIOrtCINS, IltA WIIEELOCK ir. KltASTUS VILAS. V.P. II. O. FOOTE, .Secfv. Agents Wanted, for each Town. Addreas A. Skeela, Jr., General Ant. Iliehirntf. Vt. . , H.G. FOOTE, Oct. 16, 1818. w!6m2 WINOOSKI F NCY GOOD8. BAZARR ! ! COHEN & MMMEM HAVE just opened at Winooski Fnlls the most splendid sssortmnnt ol Goods to be found this side of New York, which iheyare now ready to sell st the cheapest prices. They flatter themselves inst Irom a long and intimate arquaintance with their business and with the meana of purchasing the best goods at the lowest prices in the markct.they are able to aell goods of all descriptions and qualities on the most favorable and advaniaeeoua teinis. People trom Burlington, Colchester or any section ol the country wishing ti purchase are requested to calf at our NEW STORE snd examine our lot just received, consisting in part DRESS GOODS and cloak stuffs ol all kinks. Ilernoni Stripes, Ca melion btripes, Changeable Cobourg, French twill. of all kinds. Black Queens cloth. Bombazine, plaid raw silk, Caaemiere de Cose. Muslin de Lanes FRENCH THIBETS of al! qualities and Silks, Changeable and Checked, Black plain and Black aatin stripe. Also, a splendid assortment of Shawls all Wool and Silk. Broche. Broclie long Shawls, fin !f.t'lL.IU?l"'ibMfkllk ohwls. Plain and figured, Ihibetado. olallkinds.a splendid assortment of long and square Lama and Kiby, a splendid assortment of English and J-rench Broadcloths, Black Cassimeres and doe skins, and fancy do. Prints, and Domestic Goods, also Lace Goods, nee- f,fl70.k'h5dk,VC1!ara' flowra and bonnet mulls, mufls. Sic., 4tc.,of the very newest st le. wi? COIlEN & .MANNHEIM. Just Received A T THE STORES OF THE Uxdebssoed. a ' large and lull supply of Hcrrick's Sioak Coat E PitLsand Kid Strengthening Plusiers These 1 ills are warranted under a penalty of 5,000 Dollars, not to contain nny mercury or any mineral medicine Our daily sales throuhout the world now exceed nine thousand boxes, oi our Kid Strengthening I'ias tern, the call for them is greater than ourabilnyto inanufaciuri-. The utmost enthusiasm exists in all parts ot the country. Our Annua are Rt-mlemen ol the first re?iec tab i lily they are your neigbours, you know them Pfrsous wishing to use the bvst tamily pill evr known should by theee, cnllon our gents, purchase a box, should tfiey hot pleasp you Hturn them an J get your money. We have received atthe principal otlice within the past ear, certifies tea of more than 35,000 cures performed by Hermcx's Pills ond Plasters, over ten thousand of them were considered beyond all hope. They are the cheapest and best nilU now known. Each Dill is beautilullv coated with pure white sugar. Each box contain 3d Prrsons nave inane aomeining tney call sugar Coated ills, and we understand some are for sale in this part u mo vvuuiiy. iv e nave also ooserveu snniner pin floating around the country, called the Indian Vege- table Dill, made uithout doubt to sell foi Hfrri, .k's vegeUDIe pills, look out lor Irauus, some or these men attach the wurd Doctor In their iiainaa to give them Ihe appeaianre t respectability. Always ask for Hexrick s Sicin C oated I'lLUsud get tlinn or none. Our pills nrll fir US cts. per box, with full di reciionsour Platters 13 3.1 ns. All orders must be, sddressed to IliRi.i.i: A, Co. Frincipnl Oilice No 6 James Street, Albany,, Y. The following gentle men are our agents. A. C. 8pesr, Geo. E. Ilarriniton, Theo. A. Peck, Catlin iSt. Spear, Uurltnston ; v, U, Hatch, ICinoos ki Falls, I. Snnonds, bhelburn Lyon & Alexnndrr Charlmte; M. Hall. Hinesburgh; Sanderson and loardinnn, Milton ; II. A. Aihly, ,Mi:mn rails ; W, V. J. leeks, Essex; Geo. K. Tyler, Ussex Cenier -, Geo. B. Oaks, Jericho j H. Sc J. Oiks. Underbill ; A, S. Hemck, Hkhgaie : M. W. Rusliey i T.C, Smith, Monkton : A. V- Koscol, New Haven: G. W. farmalce, Bristol ; W. V. Russell,. Middlebury. Oct.9,'. . w20 Tin Plate afcc 150 BOXES TIN Plate IC&1X. 33 IX squsre, IC -large sixes. IS Si 50 Bundles English Iron. li Russia. " 75 Boxes Csnada Plates, Bundles Wire, Rolls Bhret Zinc, 100 3 S rocks bhrrl Oomier, 500 lbs. Pin Tin. And a general assortnirnt of Tinners Rivets. . . Yvr talc low by y.ov.SI,'!S ui S'OYns&cos. iir-fice MANuTACTORV II . I' i tt is n k nt i ' n MprtoNi, KsrsAcr ,r S It S A V A It I li I .1 . Tl.. .-I -H.. .r. Hum) Mnllelne I,, the World! rMi Kiiturt it put vt in tit,trt ttntlht it it tit hmut tftti'fr, flnHnntr, ttmi tfnfnmt4 tHfitrttr i my ltt tl rmttt stitfsimt wmttt"f, f'gfng, tifkmtHf nr Urhili iMltmg (At rtitt Tli tr-nt li-sniiy mit HtsT'triir nt ttm 8riinflt ir nil fithnr iiif(lliiii i Utal ntt It rtfCaitt lh lia-ii, il iiiviyr.ilH tit tint) Il t nne of tltefirjf bM HIMIINU ANII MIIMMCIt MKIUCINKS 4-f kintn, il iimI milt Mirti)i tlir nlidln tttm iA triiiitiii'ii" tlii i'friiit Imt li (Tftii iitfn mul rich 'tlmul j n ynn$t iiiajfit"il Uy tut tiilmr itili'tiit. An4 in tliU Hist tfmitsl nrrfl of itt w Mii.Urftit nrrmt It Jin trMrm"l iIiIh llir InM twi )in t.inr tliau tW'MlM Mf in ifim fMM oi iiuvniff I ihi I3IHIU nmrm nnllr-ii liirtirstlil, Ii Iim Baiffiil lli at Ifvai- tf ttUtt iUmm Kl.lllKI cliil.trvii lit i.t n imoui In tli V.itf mT tin Voi k nlmiat. l0,OMI mt Unrrtti llrbUllf rmiI wmnI f Wrrii aKiirrr Ur 'l"tiWnM.r Stsminiim lilt iiorntfi tin liwti ipU iinrnintif imIv T llina wtm tin lut llmlr nMiafnUr rn-r. if lijr llm flTrfi nf in.'liit or liiilmr-trtltiii fiMiitiillli in r tin lit iu lliv AieMBaii tii.lnlit-iir n( tlit injtti4, tsmd 'iHmibjI,! n, Uy itlitatlfHi iiiiiairMlUm nf i- iir im rlil. Uiin t, tMi nf aiiiilihliMi, rniliiif anaHilMi4. itiiiNtnrl IftCN an.l tti-lliii liMslniiinc lMArU that fatal ittraat CunMniiitii. ran lift -ntlrtl)r ratmJ ly tlila 1ai anl' it siiisisstarllU la fair anrtrtui U tuf IhIkihiImk (rtllnlt Kt II fftunwi an.) liitifiMNloa Ilia yatMi, gimt ardilif to K liiulti, mi. aircmtli to lli uiiucuUt )laui in nol itanriliiiar)- ilfgrtt. l nHajHinnllaiti 'Mrrl Clmi( nnJL Strtnfthtn CintmmpttrtH ram It tftti ffa thitit Cnimptit,tt f,trtr Cttmptmtnt. VHt CmlnttM, (JtfA. 4tlkm yum Klmnl, Srtntts in t Ct, Htrut Utith. Fftght Stnt$. Dtffirvtt r TrvxM Kt ptctntttit, ruin in Hi SiUi, t, e , aar kttn mmd t f AatllllilB tlloaxl, vr rr4. Apt u t. mn. Pa TmrrMKMD I ty lmliia ywtt Kf.i..riilt iaa l.fiii iim m rant, Hiroiiijcti Prot hUni a, nf aanin m 'lf I lint fur ml )inra IiniI n Iiail tlungli. ,n. earn ftnrac au-1 noil At lail I ratsm.l Uia tHiNli. (I'll of Miitvl, ( I itiilil aHia, mi. wm ftnly AmUUnn. toil a il. I rffiliirflil. 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I a, lit tiu.Urigu,l, 'hatua of Ilia (lily ufAHiauy Itava in t inni raa praat-itHail Mr Ti.nii a httraatarllla, ato) lialiata il lo ua uua t f tlit iiiot valoitlila tNiralini 1st lUn market, M f. IHI.IslJ M II, J WIUXIS, II ll. It t lillKiiiS, ii, dim: i:i.Mi;Mi)itr, si.u, ai,.-..,. ahi, tUITHI Oavltif lo ttta ral uirvaa att.l ImiHantt mt Of. Touaitra S4raai4llllo, a uutHltar of lo it ha taft t-t marly our 4nl hare t tiiiniMtii.:J oakltt ll.ra.iitte Klliiri. tlillaia, Kalrafla of Y1lo. lk, Ar, Tltay 4i.-f-lly .itl tl ti in thai tin' aliat'a! Uollla iwl Aula uf I list in It if a alttlMH ao I t-ttitioil oui m, 1 1 itlitiisuU, thai artt tiiity woilMea iioiuiiotta mu4 ahoulii lt aiutilrt Nona geiiuiiia iIuIhkI iaotl liy Ei I. Tm4uJ, ' IM.-Li,.,! nm.a i-.m ini.nts .iu-i slt r.tUnr. N. V Itf.l.lni,' X C, a nui alrat t, Uiau i 4, Siu 1.1'. N'ttrlll aH."tiJ atrtss-t. I'ltila IvluhU Oh llakCat, liii.'.'l, lUtilotoral f. l iati, (JIiiUsImii t Wriglll at Ou., lol Cuarlr-a blra.. I N O t ti- rt..utU IV-ailSUaal Albany , a ! It)' all tita M liitotl t) m;1 atfl fltf Cliauu (tMittfally tUtuulftiUiit lUa I lt.tU.1 aUt. Will IsaJiea aaj tli a l!auafa WM. a. H4TCII 'Wlnooalit Falls, General Apent tor the Slate of Vermont, to whom all orders should bt sddreeseJ alsn sll applications for sui agencies, sold isn ny t. j. opesr, nuninuu. yuiuntfion, iiuT. it, o. waumo . B00T8 HWE NOT ofir..v BEEN MADE TO Shine wilh rueh brilliancy as to render Lanterns unnecessary in n dnrk night, without the use ol Van Deveuters Oil, Paste Blacking ; it is sold hy A. S. DtlWEY. Nat. K. '49. im Knives. I Splptnlid nssortnicnt of Tocket, Hunt, fl ing and Bulcher Knives, may he faund sttha Store of riERCE. DAVEY cV. CO. Oct 18, 1815:

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