Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 2, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 2, 1855 Page 2
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County Convention. A Coc.ncil or Censors Is to bo elected by she freemen of this Stalo on tlio last Wed nesday of March next. As no modo of nom inating them has been provided fur, nndi r any party organizations whatever, tlio umlcr siguod Invite tho Freemln of Chittenden County to meet at tho Town Hall, in Hur. lington, on tha 13th day or ruhruary Inst , at two o'olock, I'. M. to nominate a memher of said Council, and to talto such further action in the premises as may seem to Ihcni woror. S. II. l'AUKIlUnST.T J. S. ADAMS, I County J. TUTTLE, f Commit tu J. WORK. Fob. 1, 1855. County Conimisnloncr. Tho Frhvk.v of Chittenden County are requested to moot at tho Tuiui Hull, in J!ur lington, on the 13th day of February inst.. M 10 o'clock, A. M. to nominate u Coimi Commissioner, for tho voar ensuing, SAMUEL IK'NTING rt'X, Fob. 1, 1855. President IV. S T s BURLINGTON, FRIDAY, JAN. 2ii, ISSfi W Tho Fun: I'm s-s may bo obtained in California of Charles P. Kiunm., " Nuist Curriers," Sin Francisco. Ilnrd Times The Itemed). Wo endeavored in a rccc-ut artielu to h that tho main eauso for the present tii-tress was the same which ha hercli lure produced similar periods of eiuliar.iMiiifiit. Vlli tho policy of iVro 'Inulo nltll llm m)f restriction ol n Revenue Tariff. Vv'j siti-lioil ourselves, whether we did our renders or nt, that thiols the root uf our difficulty. That as long as this policy prevails, Jut the present state of things mutt continue, docs not necessarily follow. On tho contrary wo bcliovo tint vc have passed the tinning point of tho monetary crisis. The rceupora tivo enorgios of our nation ato great. Tlio panic will blow over. Confidence willroiurn. The laborers standing idle will in time statu te death, or get employment In some way or another. Stocks will rise more or less Money will bo somewhat easier. We shall slowly recover irom tbn check to our i lutjm rity, though many will nt very noon forget it All this however will not placo us where wo might hive been, but for this ruinous policy, nor even whero we wero before itn operation became felt. It will not again start our fac tories or light the forgo fiics. Tho full re estdbliahhtnent of American .Manufactures cannot be hoped for under tho present policy. Tho reason is, that the foreign m inufactuivrM whoso wares have crowded the product.- u our own mills from our own markets, Intend t-J keep tho place they occupy to tho Cic-ln-ion of all others, and tho Tariff of '40 gives wiein me means of doin so. Tim uro now heaping their L-iles or goods upon th u. ;viacncan lnanulaeturing Industrv, so high that noteven its ghot cm lis 't, trouble them, Tor along time to come. It is estimated that there are ut this moment in uie country ont Hundred milling, f tcorth of foreign . .. I....... full Allnr lo .i,.a.1 . ... and the cry is still " they come." Ti e packota and steamers from JIurope are lo.ohd down with bales or dry BOj. ,) uu , due. lhe steamship Canuda which arrived un ino 11111 in-it., was crammed to her most extent, and left piles or paeka-'.s 1 'J" I ' - "'"ri'ii iur which sue tor a TiA, , nil ... .. rarturc, tho Pacific, which v;, t leave a week later, nnd which ,.uiu.,, Jt Xuw Yofk last week, had n'.c:l(Ij. lnore ,rt.i(.,,t (,.jm, t.ian sho c.,-,!J tow ,nvay. y!lu n,ci.l t.,tc ""itof exports from Liverpool to the United States during the last four month". -.Iiow-how it i In Sept. th number of packages amounted to 1 " Oetnber " .. M0 " .Soiembtr " . December " " .. j., K,, , The contraction of American orders, "sent abroad during the last two months, ha, hcu, notoriously great, but still the importations increase. It is evident that those tv,eP thousand packages brought over last Decem ber, aro goods sontoverby ririiish .Mirch.mto to bcorccf upon our markets, and th.-y wili continue tho process whilo there is u 'spark of vitality in our mauuractures left to stifled. Now there is a remedy for this innditiun of things. It is not tho one tho Administra tion offers. President Pierce iu his message, and his secretaries in their reports, recom mended a still further reduction of the tariff. They would take off ten per cent from the present low duties on woolen goods and iion and hardware Ac, and a bill for such a it duction is in tho hands of a Congressional Committee. Their euro is not "11 hair of'tho dog that bit you" but another hie or th mod beast. It is a mi-usc c,r terms, imlu ,1, to apply the worj remedy, to their mc.isurc Prosident Pierce nnd bis uiiclcretrapp.-rs pi. bably do not know that there is y (.mimr. rassment in tho country ; ifthev do t!,..vdo not caro, or wish to euro it. a'o long tbc price of slaves in Virginia is ns high as ever and on the rise, they are suited. Ihvirpla,. , howover, call it what you will, evidently will not help tho case It ij but ttriking a man when ho is down. Another sort orremedy is proposed by x,,,,,.. It is tho awukening of u spirit among consu mers in our land, which shall induce then to reject foreign goods, at whatever prioo, ur.d uso only the products or American industry. None would be loorc glad than we to o-e .1 spirit abroad which should r-ouior,.,., .1... foolish and unpatriotic nrerer..,.A nr,i...i, . of foreign make because thev uro ,ui..... nov. ma vifo , specially would wo ,,trA to I mtuU' toil only after tho lull or bebas see rebuked and reprecseel the hve nf run ign I t'n'"' V':" ti,cr,: 1,0 10llson " hor that the luxuries, too gieat among our people and U,l,r ''" "ucJ- An 1 the .V.i,1;S- I'osl still growinjT. Hut wo havo 1.0 1, 1.1 u r ..., I ' Tho ullimi nro uoiiductim: them. extensive or permanent aid to our industry from this remedy. If shir, masters would refuse to bring foreign chants refriee to recei, -' goods, nnd ine 3C.1 at ' ' ' J y the t ,n to pay ten and tieclvc per cm interest, on our Railroad bonds, given In pay for English Iron, toEngllsh capitalists who nro ghul of a chanco to lot their money ntyour-pcr cent at homo. U'oaro not sanguine that, with all tho need for It, wo shall see a chntigo of policy voiy soon. Tho party In power ty that protec tion Is i,n explodod idea,"' and pollllciansof the other parties act as if Ihey acquiesced hi tho statement. Tho ro-lnstatlon of tho prin ciple would eoem, as suggested hy thoSpiiiig lield Republican, to ho tho peculiar duly of tho new party, which claim, rip-dully to look i.nir American interests. It it will neatnim tho charge, and Ifin lis triumph Protection nf Alnciican industry will triumph too, we shall find much to rejoico nt in lis ncce-lun to power. County Convention.. A call for a County meeting to notumeir a member of tho Council or Censors and nnother to nominate n County Commissioner, nro In our paper of to day. Neither the Council cr dnrors nor the County Commii.ioners aro oUicinls who ought to bo looked upon nt all hi a party i way, us most of the public ofiiceis iir. Their election concerns nil tho froemenofthe St.ito. without any regard to ordiniry party organ izations. A practical difficulty In getting up a ticket of thirteen for n Council oft'eiMon-. 1 hat been felt, nil iiroimd, and quite likely j has hud some influence in keeping tho prene i of the State, with n lew exception, m) un quiet on tho wlioto siilyeit. A lew weeks- iiio, wo threw nut a -niggt,tion n-s to what 1 woi-U be a fair irat; ef getting up a ' , nieiiination, imrilly expecting to c-e it i follow .-I, (because it would est tu-inueh trouble, if no other objection to It vu kit) 1 hutlntliolHipethat.atleint.ltw-.juUHri, i , editors to i,a;.r their own views, &i,.j tlms prcpary tho wiy for some dclini'j action. Wry little progress towards any rienlt lis ! showd itself so far In one two papers, wo teo A. U. , r f. iiom nated, either by the cditons then,-.-!v. or by indiiidualb speaking in thtiv coUiri.i.s. ' If each county will in some way bomlnile i one, for more, if its voters wish to do ao) and i individuals will also espre. s througli the public prcts. eandidites enuuh ! will get before tho people, from which they I ""I make up a ticket lor themselves when t; o time comes. A State Convention, pioptily got up, on a popular basis, for tho purposo ! of making a nomination, would hi de-irublo i i f i . ..i.i i. . , , . . I .. 1'uuiu uo -lucuinjiii-jiieu ; nut we eco . nothing leading to such iim action, and too I time for toting is not lur o!T. I e ho tho JrttMcn of i, (V.oi.ty, i without any rufcreiae to formir or ejistin,. I i party lines, will as-jembbj In a full Cooien- tion, uud if cveiy man there shall be '.uady I to give his influence in favor of getting rid uV il.c i.t.k'S3 coutiivnnce of a Cur.! il f Centura and a constitutional Comuuion, , to bu set in motion ut great expense once in , seven yeais, wo shall be glad. It will Ik! noted that both Conventions I are called on the same dav. That arrangement will save ex,r.i troul-le to the freemen, and as we lii.po will insure a fuller atluuhtne.-. C'oRBsroMii:.VT," One of tliel'e. ph ," lihidor-j it fair that he should occni.v a .on ami a nan in tin. 1 ree t'l-e.s in main- us well ud the K-Jitur in maintaining his own ! VL- can hardly stand that doctrine, as one for us to practice on. Wo uiu wry ready to i.dmit dicui-ion on topics of public interest, a? far as wv prop-rlv can, ni-.ilwc ulln to treat evervbody with uil r.ihneijs, Wo havo nu objecfun to the long e.,mmuiiii.-.ition sent to us, excertlliat invt- flaiw, it is but n repetition of what b. suid bclurc in our culuiiius, mid we cannot s -ire the room for it, llcsidcs the uii) iocs not call Tor any laoic iiiguio.-nt till it shall come np Ju a practintl i-Iuipc, if it evel docs.. 'It is intimated from W.nhie.ion tbot , Mr. Pierre .Soule, who lately lei-nod an ! minister to Spain, liasm ijl'at been rualhd, and that the technical ollcneo ufvvhvh he , sbiud-i convi. ted is lilu neglect or reriii-al to 1 'I'-livrr or coianninie.iti; dn-patches tc d to him from the State Department. il!on. J 11. blldell was re-cloctod t--the L.S Senate by the Louisiana Legislature. Jan 21th The Pro-poets of Pencil in Europe. I In tho iibsonce of any very decided opinion of our own on the " new aercct of the Eustorr iticsti-n"develoj edby the repotted acceptanee,, ,r ,i, u,m, jr..jostiI by tlio I Allies ub a baniiof rccoiiciliation, we give the 1 uur valuiiblu opinions of the leadin,; Xovv Vork Journals, The 7'ri'ooiesavs, " The interest of Itus-ia seem' evidently to dictate poaco, and accord ingly ws inelino to believo that tho has shieeioly accepted tho propositions now made to him bv tlio Allies." Tho Timrs seems to inrliri! to the saino belief, i-nd its special Loud jii con cspondent siy, "It is pcrl'ectlv oertani nov. that all agree to make peace, in whatever way PrusMamay elect to jjin the o.inferenee You may be Mire an armis tice will soon bo concluded. If the nuljurtiiifthi should not bring, us news 0!' I ' the full ol'e-liajtopol it will no more bo at- tempteil to take it." The Herald s.iyt, - It duos not seem that tho negotiation or tho new proposals uf Gurtschakoffuio nititled to the inipoitanco dcnianded for them. ' Xor can any ions at Vienna solve th- main problem ofltutsian progres in tho List. Lv-ii should all tho pence rumors prove correct, we can saMy rely upon it, r.otliii.g morel than u brief true--is intended." 'I he Cuurur .1 Viiouirer thinks there is rwi,l...! I,u ,1. ., .1, 1 -r ; " . ' u"J,;l ol I . . , - 1 -.pening negotiations is to gain ; hc-,,.ng I,,, already largo army I a! . r. u'"JV;, "l"l0,rc 1 no C..IJ lia" Aji strcuzt '(under alenbe-l; P'1 .eoiMly a if they did not expect n I 'I' T,leCl,r eert.iinly never given them un-- iippo! that ho was tin imence or to e-uiitinue f the magnitude of the dilution of tho manner to bo prosecuted, we toenet of bloodshed in itl'ul than even those 'kd the horror of the 11U t'ouiiii;, nweivodfiom Oenoa wiled Irom that K)rt b ol' December last, ty criminals or the ho ixieneo of thu thesj hospitable of tho uriiral of Xuvv Vork, in a iblishcd in the K. Saidiuian Consul Ifiid inrjuiry- un past- life Mid " ' fidiliuu of each befur tlsey uau who l.iive been 1 itis rbavinuble 'Ilizctw, will not Tor tho i cinaiu ihoy will not intrv BUllLliNGXON FREE K15,S,S, EttlDAT MOKNING, FeBIWaIIY , 1856. IT This is llirlit ,,,,.,., ..r f.r. 1,.',. r 1 irn, i . 1-1,1, r,i i.-l I 1 - '- " IMIgbt Ti.o a , tt r f,r, l.fn vagabonds and ruffians to fill our prisons and almshouses has become altogether too much ol a bushier. Our country has been long onough tho Hay of tho world. We shall bo glad to soo t'hls Sardinian frigate BCnt back where sho camo from with her car go of Jill, birds, and trust that Congress will tieforeit adjourns pans laws which shall ti-et us from such Inroads in future. JM- K. X. I'nriisr;i'h. K.linr, li.,1,, t. (I.. ,,,, .., tho Kuow-Nothlng,,!,, Massachusetts nt least. ... ti... wr. ........ . . -- i'i".i, which nays in an article on the U.S. Senator- . .... iiviwaiKr uournai, a iv. I. piper tup In tlwt State. .. If by honorable means N llson's nomination can bo reconsidered, It w-ouhl policy for the party , lo do it, but till that It Is done, cicry member or tho par ty that votes against him, violate t Am obliga tion, belin MspMgrt, yn , pnjurn hit saul, and hols not u man of honor." The Allot thinks in view or this, that It in hard cam vhona mini must either voto for Wilson, or " go to the dcmnitimi bow-wows." Itc-i . John .Mooro, L'nivcrsalist elorfryinnii of Concord, Xutie American nominee for tjov emor of Now Hampshire, 1ms it is stated, declined the nomination, the State Constitu tion requiring a residencu in tho state ol tcn rnr, while he has been a resident but five yours. A Know.Xothing Comontion at honisville adjourned January 22d, without making any nomination Tor I'rcsidctit of the Cnlted S' talcs. The Uomocrulic Senutors nt Washington recently held a meeting, to ospress thosenti nientsol their party on the question ol Know-Nothingism. They adjourned howev er, without roe. in,, (., nny drBnlteuution. nose who aro iliswiimried with the plain, , oomiain-sounding title or Know-Nothings ' call themsolvcsnow, Xutlhvits The New Vol U Tnbune suya that among the national movements lecotnmtmdcd by tho late Know-Xothing Comontion, the only ones that have leaked out uro these . The motto I , "C I'luribus L'num." on the I'edeial Coat 1 ''-rn tube translated mto the scntcnou i " I'm oneoC 'em, I ua '' the Phrygian can, Upheld by the worn m who sits for tho Ood , dot of Liberty on tho national coins is to'be euj.planted by a Ueorgia i.ilmelto ; and tho fturs, "which are tho poetry ur heaven," I and consequently ilat looted foreigner now and forcicr, nro to be left off altogether. I There ibuls tube mi enquiry into the oxpe j ilieney ol aljolijinS tho English language, i which Is proved out ol its own mouth to'be of Torcigu extraction. """'"I IillolliKllicv. 1 We understand that tho twk ur t,e ! land and JJurlington IUllroad to u ... by the sbeiitl. at llcllowa l'alln, last week', , brought one mill a shan. An arrangement 1 has been made between the Committees of the , first and second mortgage bondholders or this I load. It conttmp utes the obtaining of ii ' decree of the Court of Chancery in Vermont, , by which the S.-cond . nrtgago Frustum will retain posse siuu and management of the road Until ls03, when both liiurlfrae mjitiii-0 upon condition that tho interest eh ill be1 paid on the first mortgage bonds ns ns the curm.igs will iwnuit, and next that any ex cess ol net earning over uud ubove tho first morlgige interest shall be applied to pay ment of the second, nnd any excess over tho second in the eamo way is to bo paid on the third. Hy this aiiaiigeiiiei.: litigatlou will bo entirely avoided. A contract for the completion or the Trov and Clrectifi. Id ltulroad, h.dudlng lb". ll,..,sio l unnol, vvaH.uo.e-ImleU nt Jioiston on the 27th inst. ,. W. Seircll Co., uro the contractors, and the terms of the contract are audi us to insure the two million doH.iu. loan to tho Company by tho Sitate of JJussacliU sott. Tho contract price lor the tunnel i 1-2,000,00(1, and for the road (12 and 5.-.-100 miles long) SI , 100,1100. Tho contract is taken on condition that tho company raiou 02'0,0llcl iu reliable cash subscriptions. The liostoli (I' Junction Kailr.ud will In- r.ady for bu-incs in a lew days. When the next Lnglish ateuiuer arrives ut Kist Hoston, tho cars of the Worcester road will bo able 1 1 loud nt the junction whail', and carry freight to N'ew Vork without changing cars. The President lias removed JohnEaii9 Warr.n, tho United States ict Attorney of tho tciritory of Minuosota, tor commm cing n suit in the name of the Cuit-.d Stutes ugaiDSt the Minnesota nnd Xorthcrn K.ulroud Company without notice to his tuperi.riat Washington. It is suspected that the suit is commenced in collusion with t'.e company, willi tho intention of allowing the) United States to bo defeated and thus exthi'miah a hen of tho United Males imon the l.indi I clamu'd or needed by the company , , . ' j ;eded bv the eomnaiiv IL7- I'lioM C.iLiroRviA. The Steamship George Law, nilivcd ut X'evc Vork on the 2Ctb, with over a million nnd a smarter of dollari 111 gold dust and the California mails ofJan. 1st. Ihe- iiioount of n lovolt nt the I California Stato Piison. in vvhieb twenty of till! I'l-Ilsl IPtH kaaw.ssl 1 ts.... tl ...I 1 1 , tne convicts seized .1 small ochoouer and alter 1 a severe light with the keepers, in w huh u il ien of the li-oncis wiro wounded, nic ccedetl in unking their eseapo ; an atTrav ln- tween eleven lobUi. and lhn-o liiincis, in I which the fall or his coiniadei, (one I and one wounded by the first volley of tin.. robbers,) was avenged by tho third minor, w bo I with revolier und bowic knife slew ten and j ocvtre-Iy wounded thu iciuaining one ol tho I gang of ruffians ; md tho hanging l,y u m, 01 ono Joiinson, lor the stabbing (r a man 111111101 Iotlt-llllloVV ,.l... n !..!.. " " -'nieouunis " ccio.-, iiiuugri ntti cxiK'cteti to our- vivc. - aro among the exciting items ol Call- i;l ne,. , the S.n.dwi.-h Islands we learn that ! wa still ulivo, .1 L. . . . Hii Majesty, King Kaniobuuiclia, ithirmcd at riiinors of filibuster iuvaoiuiis, issusxl a 1 ro-i-lani-atioii on tin- nth ol' Ileeemlsar, proclaim, ing thut be uetcplcd the iroirered ttitl of tho United States; Ureal Hritisli and Prauee, in support ol Ins aovorcigiity . Tl.u Unitoil Htates sloop ,i w,,i- P.ntsinontli soiled from Honolulu 011 the 3d lur the United Stutes. Annual Tiro .Hefting. The Annual Meeting ui the liui lington lire Couiiiywa held at Concert Hall, on the evening ut' tlio 2Uh ult. The meeting was tfiinly uUouded, and very little biisine-i.. trniiaaettxl. Tlio follow lug liro the olHcors elect for the ensuing year. Wardens . LDWAKD W. PJX'K, L. C. LdO.MIsj, NATHANILL PAIIICLK, CHAS. P. WAltD, L JOIIUNNOIT, U. 0. CATL1K. raiiD'K. wiini, I-IOIILIO.V COLE, KEl.DllN PATl'Li:, W. D. KIDDIIU. S. H.' PAKKIlUItST, Chrl and Treamrer. W Ciaom,liKlU.N.NX C.KIItll,.ill flJiiicat Of iloiilietal, and a deaoendant of tho laiuoiia Jiue Ctirtier, who Urat explored the i.,uii try, bus liecn u puli.tcj Ite.t juvi .1 ,s, , r.ilaiy for l ,ii,.td 1 lb-is .aid lu l-u.i 11, ,m ,i" ix Umhc -) rinw, . an I c rv j-rul , riiii ms I " " i. 1 1 -1" 1 t 1 ,u rmi I- 1 . 1 Tho Vlovv fium Iliooldin Itclxhts. Nrw Vonit, Jn. J J, 185J, I think I wrote to you a whlla ago tsnietMrg about Urooklyn snd Dronklyn Hclgliti. These Ult sro farmj.l liy a bill vrio'i rises st;ply lovenly Ci-c ic-ci irom toowawr, uttnscn the Fulton and South forrlti. In yoars ago, the water wnitied tho bise tf Ibo hill, hat tinw d-.etis luivo boon built out and one strut run along bttiretn the ,m ,n,j wt(crj Ulglit along on tho top of tho hill tuns Columlli Street. This sliould ninnlfeslly havo been a strut with honscj on ono side only, leaving the sl.'o totrartlstho water unobstructed, and It Is rot many ytots sines nil Hi land on that side from tho Fulton forry to the South forry, could have boon purchased for 10,000. If it hid been, and hid hcn nude public, llrooklyn oould hnto boasted of a prcmcnile whloh rould have rivaled any In tho world In Its natural advantages, for where Is Intro one which overlunhs saoh n soono ns Xow Voik Hay t Helry Ward Hooelior, whu Mi cs In on of tho houses nhuh luivo grown u,i cm tlio west aldo of Columbia Strs.-t, whoso luck windows tberoforo ovirlook tho lav, says ho oould not wrlto his sermons unless be had that vluw tu look at. I don't wonder at his saving so, fur tho view is most lienulllul. , j,.1rt ol tho e.lo uf tho hill I. still uneccuph d hy hunm-. nnd noee.sihlo to the public, and ono on stand tboro and lock long and often, before he realties the whole of that whk-h lies within his sight. Tlio shore runs neatly North nnd Sooth, so thai tin, spectator looks nearly Vcs. Itcnenth bis leol alllllo at nno side, Is the point or embarkation, whence, shrouded by tho friendly mint, vv asbtugtoi V troops ore forriod iinpetecltod across theriicr. l to his light towards the N'oith oMcnd. tho Usui lllior, binimud In on elth-r shlo by a forostol masts, whitened In every dlrcolion by tho snllsol hips or the lapidly ftlttpclng forry luats. llcfarc him nnd rcccblng doon trointhc North to jut about H est ol him, liu tho Umpire City, with her eoirit Icm rooff and pirc and domes stretching offm for no his oyo coii reaoh and onclioi in nn gni'liablo coliru.lon which speak: ol ni!n,s and InOolty of extent 1 from ,hoo stroets uioloount. le.s pa..ers i-iioos up to him the steady roar nf thai lllo wbojs puUalloi.a me I, n all " country ; uud surrounded and girdled by llio im.t. ol ship, ninth liuio homo to her docks tho projia. ol liiu woiM. 1 utvoi uro ol looking Ju.t at tin, Uly et .Vew Vork, uud ga u. long as 1 wil 1 oovi.1 reiuh htrld,ti,ii.t bound, tueiu is aluoy. somothiiig luuoouulblu and toui.uuit, calling ouv ounaiU aud jit ouwai-d. lloloiv tho City to tho South, lies that most tcau. tlful .boot of vator, .N l,k bay, Its wai Oloauilug aud llasuiu; lu tuu tun, or iouu r.r.u anly ilh l.n. ImJ.tu.j Kind. Uctiuoi's lUno llOj Uluioa, ali A O..U.U. li .w'Jbl Oi.'JvjS betoiou too JlatUiy and 11,0 Long l.l.iud sbvit. On it staud a Ion whilo or bnc. house.., .Uoiv sentry-Ilk poplars and on the .VollU and id it a nculurlorl, wo, to embra-,uies look like pioholej In a puoo of pinkish Odl Ubooid. Uuu eon Uo elliol '3 Island unci the Umtery the eje goes sheer ncioss to tho .New Je.sey .bore, not slopping at the litllo l.lau.1,, tkUloo' J.liod aiidUibbil'.laln.d.ahich ho bilaieu. thin n101 iajt, ,,,, ulell iN, Joitey blui, in Hioulslaueo.aud uu the huiiun Mis a long spur i high land uhlohns It goes north ward., oouies csar to Ibo river, till at ,,no ten miU-s abovi, It M, i,.iu 1C paiuaji,. ,Ll tiicle beyolid tUo City, you eo the bioad llulson, which of our iuiiocuo.' lualldrulVigatlon, S-'ut'h'oT ti'ov! oruoi's ljUnd lies Uuttirunlk thauutl, between it aud ibo Loug Islano shore. It was but a narrow and shallow stiait m tho tlmts ol the Involution, in I havo hoard, so that tho farmers oflirooklvn u-ed to dnvo their oows ncross It at low tide, to paitore upon tho Island. Hut Its channel lmi kept pac. I wllh tho iucieasc in the tides of llfo upon its shore, j and now t le ships froo. the South with coll. n and ,ul""!w- "V I.iccrLut, liners Willi their load, ,. emigrants, 01 I nolo .-urn's iniditii st thins nt war, como through it with no fear of touching bottom. On its Southern shore lie tho Atlantic Dooks, an immense structure, ooi.qocred from the sea, foiininga hugo basin surrounded by hugo ttorc-houfes, which gorgo thenwdlcs uncelslngly, from the ships which bring continually fresh sup plies. Ihyond, tho ejo rests upon the hills of iitutou Island, dotted all over with the white re sidences of New Vork murchaut princes, utid to the .Sjuth, it follows tlio lino of water, , liich lies at the loot ol thosu hills, down to Ibo narrows, whiuh lead mil I- u " - the wenlth of the world i through which comes all the liduis troni itc-ioss the Ujeau, the wois, tl u soriow-i., tho slrni;les which iunn is 0 irrying on ulscwheru in tho world ; through which cuioo to. ur oars 'first the oiy that tho Arctic was lost, nnd through whleh disappear the white s.ii's whi.h cum tho thoughts out to the Ocean and to tho bench wbiio tho duplets Niw Uia went asboie but u short lim- shioe, and hundreds perished, victims of the incapacity nnd niel.ed nogligcne-e uf the ollicers 10 wuomthoy bu I liu-t.d themsclvo-. So tomeii th view -cuostivf . It i- n t inertly 1 but the hioiNeopc plei is the ce uitli beautiful arrangciueiil ol land and watu, if form and color, though It is i-i I'atsc resi i oti ulol e, met beautiful, but because 011c- loks o- or so til u 'h of hum tu Iteal the same time, mingled with uutuie. beaoly. VoursAo, ALI'ilA HTTdk IttTikv or lilt It.viNUKiDcr. Lieut. Uuutc-r.'knowii nz Alcar.ido Hunter, from h 1 unauthorized capture cf the little port ol Alvarudo, in the .Meiieuin Wai., lor which Iu was couit-iuantialled, has again brought himself into notice lie has been of late in command of theU. S btig Ilainbiidgo, trui ning with tho llrnril .-riii.i.lioii, nn.I has quite 1 ecently brought his ship borne, without the ordoi of the CoaiMiodov of t'10 snudro.i. , , . , ., ... .. " 1 in- nno puniiioieu 111 a i, .tH.iingion 1 .is 1 -or it . . . .. . .?.' statement, toe stnm.ince ol viich is that be considered the sen lees of Ids v-jes.!l needed at Pdriguuy for thu protection or Con-u IIokhn, and of the Amci icun tl ig, which bo 1 conce-ive-d lo havo 'i.en insulted in the alifli- that he roqueted to bo" ordered "thither, un when the Coinm ,1 ire refused to soor Jer hii . . ... euiue-s Mini tue l ara-ju ivan soveinnient- il luin no came- noiue in uisgtlst. ilcs.iyu. 1 ' When I iw that tluloarof nspjiisibility 1 111 nlu the Coiiiiiiaiide-r-in-Chiel' yet tlevline ' sc iidiilg mo w hero u ve-stel of war was to 1 much iHicdstl, I no longer hesitated, but brought luck my command to tho United btntes, rutin r to inglorioiisly lot in tho mud than sail upon the ocean." Uf course such a violation or tho service cannot bo pass d over. Tho punishment il tho nfllnce, is deuth, by the rules. Hunter will at least, it is saiJ, bj disgraced. It is quite certain that tho Commodore vv.u the olio to deeitlo whether tl U. b. ship was neeJel at -uaguuy or not, ami 1 ". Hunte-r was not ll s t(J, '"isal from the-ervico Paraguay or not, and that if there was uch ihemun tu send there. repents Hunter's die. Troia the Calodouua (.-t. Johnsbiiry.) 'f ho Mippoe-il i:nilliiiinbi, Mr. LtiiTiui 1 a"o ithtated in the newt pupi rs that on Tuewhiy cve-iiing of last week thoshoek ol' an eartliijiiake- was It-It along lie vnlhy of Connecticut liver. Iron Si Jolinsbury to Noiwii h. ;t,-r inou ing th- cffeit of tho greut Meteor, which paused over llio eui-teiii 1'ow nships in Canada, at I o'clock in the uuu mug nt tl.o ;tni .May, 1K1I, it bu lie, 11 my opinion, that many ol our New Lngland earthquakes may have I. ml their oiigm, not in llm bowels 111 tbee.iitb Iw ileitis us, aa is commonly nip-Hsh-d, but 111 the iitmo.phcre ulsiio the cartli'a sui f.iee ; and the ol-ji-et of this com muniewtiuii U, l-i 1 xprcsu. the- hope that, il uny met -or. ur uiiiimi il lig it. was nt served to pri cmle tb nhock, 011 Tuesday evening, thu i'u-t may bo iiiaiht politic. It is quite deini hle that tho phi-nom -nil of uioluuib and ualth quakes aliould l.o batter understood, nnd bunco oviry opptn tiiuiiy should In- iiitprnvcil, ttlilob liniiishoK iiii-uns'lor elueidutiug ti.c.o oWe-1110 111 ittia. In tho 0.1 so nf tho meteor of 1631, ,0 shack piodnoil hi it. vt-aa distinctly lelt in, C iioty, Vt., and in ttll tho KioUin Towiithipe in CuuuUa In many place it was so intense aa to i.tus" the doors und wiiidovwt oftlie lious'a to lattlc, und, in H. me parts, tli.hco wero Ibiuviii Irom ibc klulvcs, and iiiuidi glo4 iu the wimiowsi was broken! Thls!io.'t occiiriml when pewpto gencrillv wore nsiloei, in tl.oir iicda ; and they v,rU .iwokaiiotl j.y 11, liuu w is, win i . ililpmtwiuu ibui It tv.ia .ii. . in 1 1.,, oak- o alj terraiitiaii iiiiglu ; ,,inl tin, liuyr x uujj doubtless liuvu rcioaiu. u i.nO tht pheh, lu. uun would havo Ucn iccnided iisnieb.lmd not soma isrsoaa, who were out 11 1 tho timj, had a cleur view ol the ouise ui tho in-te-or and a i-iulntuv upproi iuti-m o its effect Z liioor.v llilrlu,L-lon, .Lin "2 Is, j . Letters from llnglnnd, NO. XIV. A Chapter on Titles. London, Jan. 8, 1855 Tolas CJihr aid Readers eftSi Frit Prtli, By the death of Lord Dudley Stuart, the ooat in the House ofConimonsfortheborouijh ol Murylebone becamo vacant, and the elec

tion oru member lo fill his placo pave me an opportunity or observing something of tho process of an L'nglish election. This was a contested election, which in England means nothing more than that thero was a totnpeti Hon for tho teat. It very ofteli happens that tho lotos of a borough, nnd even or a wholo county, can be Co well predicted that only one candulato 1.1 presented. When Mr. Macaulay was returned to tho present Par Lament for Edinburgh, 110 other candidate was polled for, and htneo in thu English phrase, no ono contested the cltetion vvlthhlm. Among the names which at an early period were prominent bcroro Ihe electors of Mary. Icbonc, that or Viscount Ebiington seemed most in r.ivor. Xovv tho question at onco oc cnrretl tomo vv hy should Joro Dudley Stuart, and Viscount Lbringlon noblcincn us it would seem, and entitled to a eat in the Lpper Ilotiso desiiu a scat in the House or Commons ' Tho samo question would apply to Lord John Itussell, Viscount Palmcrslon, unit numbers of titled persons in tho Ixiwcr llutise. As this may havo pel plcxcd others besides myself, I give you the result of my inquiries into tho matter If Lord John tnssell nnd Viscount Ebring t in were really entitled to be called Irdand Viscount, they then would bo Peers and could not sit in tho laiwer House. Hut it seems that moro than hair tho titles given to per sonages in England are merely fnrj lycour t'sy. Iird John Russell and Viscount Kb lington are commoners, nnd in all legal pro ceedings would be styled simply John ltus-si-11 and Hugh Fortestuo. In case or cither committing a felony ho would not like a Peer of tho realm bo brought to tho bar of thu House of Lords for trial, but would bo tried in the Criminal Cuuitsliko other commoncrs t'horo never lus been and cannot be tin Eng. lull Lord in the House of Commons. Ciery English Duko, Marquess, Earl, Vis count, and Huron, of full age and of sound mind, is a Peer or Lord of Parliament. These titles are hereditary, generally de scending un tho death of tho lather to the eldest sun; but all tho remaining sons and daughters, and even tho eldest son till his lather's death, are commoners, and without title. Uut by courtesy certain titles are given in ordinary address to tho eons and daughters of noblemen. 1 ho eldest son of a Duke, Marquess or Earl, during his father's lile time, assumes his Father's Secoud title, if behave oue; that is, a titlo formerly borne byjjiuorjiia uucesiors jo which aJiigJier has ol Fortescue takes the title of Viscount Eb riugton, which is bis father's second title. Lord John Itussell is the third and youngest son ol the Cth Duko of licdlord who died in le-32. Francis Kusaell, the eldest son, was styled Marquess of Tavistock from his father's second title, until lie succeeded to the Duke dom on his father's death. With Viscount Palmerston the case is souieiw bat different. He is a Peer, but not a Peer of (ircat Britain. liy the act of Union with Ireland in iMJOit was provided that 2S temporal Peers sliould be elected forlirefrom aiming tho Poors or Irchnd to represent them in the House ur Lords. Lord Palmerston is an Irish Peer, but not un Irish Ilcpresenta tivo Peer, and consequently not a member of the Upper Iloii'e. The same wouldapply to any bcotch Peer who is not also a Peer of the .....j.uw., nui one- 01 me 10 ivcpresen- tutivc Peers of Scotland. 'Ibo Earl of Aber deen has no right to n seat in the Hou-e of L,rds by virtue of his Earldom, which is a scutch dignity, but he is also iscount Gor don, and a such is an English Peer. Lut you are ready to put one or two very natural questions . How are titles of courtesy to be distinguished Irom titles ol actual 110- I bility' and bow are family relationships to be known with such 11 diversity of titlei uniting the different members ' If Viscount Ebi ington is a commoner and Viscount Cor don a Peer, if the Earl of Aberdeen stands in the rilation of Father to Lord lladdo the son, how are wo to kn.w the import of these designations! Theie is no other way than by an acquaintance with tho antecedent his tory uf individual families. There aro cer tain general rules which regulate tho grada tion ol titles from tho eldest son downward in easo the father has inherited moro titles t ion one, but it is impossible to eay, without consulting somo book of Peerage, what these titles are In any particular case. Neither is it possible, except in tho case of Duke, the highest titlo ol' nobility, to distinguish titles oonv eying actual rank and privileges, from lurre titles uf courtesy. As regards the courtesy titles of daughters and younger 6ons of noblemen, tho following is the practice All daughters of Dukes, Marquises, and Earls, take tho title of Lady; all daughters ot Viscounts and Barons the title of Honorable; tho younger sons of Dukes and Marquises aro called Lords, those of E. iris Viscounts, and Uarons nro called Honorable. Aslhuvogono so far iuto this matter, 1 shall make two moro observations before leav ing it. A reader of tho Free Press once asked 100 why the younger Pitt had 110 title al though his father was Earl of Chatham, The answer is that nn older son Inherited the l.'urldom. Still the courtesy titlo of Honora ble was always giv en him, and after he became a member of the Privy Council, the style of llight Honorable. This latter titlo belongs to all Privy Councillors, and is given by cour tesy tu all Earls, Viscounts and Uarons, The readers oT ' Sunny Memories" may have been surprised that tho wire of Iird Campbell should bo called Lady Stratboden. fills involves another point. Some Enc'ish dignities nro limited to mule descendants, others in the absence of male issue descend to 11 daughter. In this way a female may bo-e-otiio a Pieress in her oit-ii light. Sucli is Lidy blratlieden, and her rank being higher than that of her husband, sho still keeps her title, which Is strictly, Lady Ctuiipl-cll, llaron-e-ss of Strathedcn. Hut to return to the election of a member for Mary lebone. Sir Charles Ntipieriitono time expressed a desire to be put iu nomina tion for the scat, but afterwards withdrew his name Tho only candidates then remaining wero Viscount Ehrington nnd Jacob Itcll. The latter gentleman isn inemberor the Soci ety or Friends. Iu tho election of 1852 he was returned lor St. Albans, but on a charge of bribery to the extent ol 2,500, was unseated, and the borough v-as disfranclnied, One would think that with ouch antecedents, a politician would hardly show his face again ao soo-i, but the sequel will show that Mr. Hell is not a mm to bo easily daunted. Your Chronicler, tiklKHU. t5T As-' Irish husband and fat lur in Bos. ton, took his liltlpduughteriif fuuryenrsold, Hiatus hci inothi-'r had undteiRiid her fur bed, .iB ri I 'in- tosk 1 iota ttio s root, und threw Inn 'i udlniit 111. ti a collar way, t.culie faot down, mill iumisHl in upon her hi nsdt. Au olSei r susr I'm i.ciiJisli i.ct, mill i.-seut-d the child. In uisu.1 most ..hooklnglv and probably lattlly injured, and arrested the villain of a Tat'icr, who is in jai' 11 wailing t'10 result of bi'iiiiuii b to Hi' child. The man was nei ther drunk nor insane, but simply angry ! wiiii i-io loonier I From the (Junker Cltjs HO. IV. Pati.A6ti.rniA, January S5, 165?, Sines 1 last wrols, Antora has wansd, and Winter Is more than half gono, according to tht Almanac, but with few of the proper aocsssorlei of the season. There It only a sprinkling of mow occasionally, loo at latervtli, and a general oomMnttion and suocesslon of mild and moht. Indeed, If you were to take as many cards at ihould be necesstry, in. scribe on saoh the cbaraoterlsllcs of the days pro., .March, and April, and, after oarsful shuffling, dtal off from Jay to day lo the clerk of the weather, for Lit regulation, tho re suit, I fancy, would le quits like that we now ex perienoo. I had oonclu Jod, too hastily, as It seems, tbat tho tsasons rams In a too is ordstly loannor, anJ believed with more propriety, here, than I had been aocuitomed to sea. Autumn ten, an autumn, such as the poets sing, rich, mellow and mill. Tht well known and oft quoted rhymes of Hood would not apply to the droarlest day In November. The days flow pleasantly and swiftly the leavs paled and withered, and fell away In a gentlo rain, ovt-n tho clouds seeming to sorro-v for the office that was forced upon them. Cut winter, speaking of it ac cording to Its Ideal perfection, as lin Qtmttv docs of murder, winter is a perfect fcljuro, and should be hissed from tho stage. Vet wo havo much reason to bo thankful, In this great city, that tbo season la so mil J. Tho depres sion which Is resting upon the whole country, is not, probably as heavily felt here as In New Vork, but there aro very many who aro out of tmplojmer.t, and, but for tho hand of charity, which scatters bountifully, without food. Wo may Indeed thank a kind Providence that severe cold has not jet added to all the suffering connected with want. When a stranger here, I noticed the almost entire absencoof street beggars. The class, so common even in our smaller cltlo", did not appear. Now they meet one frequently, asking for charity, because they ean get no work. Tho soup houses aro giving away large quantities of food, and tbocltyaulhorltlcsdlstributc bread In the several wards, in rotation. The gas companies Issue tickets which entitle the bsartrslti receive each a bushel of coke, which ale purchased by private Individuals for distribution among the needy, and to far assjstsmatlo benevolence can do, the poor aro carod for. Hut tiioro aro doubtless many persons, strangors, in a strango city, who are not reached even by these means. A truo Yankoo, born and brod In New England, and accustomed to seek tUt r,uid pro $u, is apt to be somewhat astonished at the manner ofspcndlng tbo Obrittmas holidays, oven no farther south than this. Thanksgiving day, good old Puritan festival, came, and business hardy waited a day, and moved on, but Christmas seemed to bo a terminus, at which tho train of busy weeks and months, which had been burr) ing msdly through tho year, with all Its freight of hopes, f rospcctl, plans and schemes, was to arrive, to depart again with a fresh engine and a new supply of fuel, on tho opening of New Year. Hence there was a complete Interregnum. Clerks and Students had leave of absence, schools were suspended, every body was loosol The noto of pre paration had been soundlnglong before. This, that or other thing, was to bo finished "before Christ mas ;" plans were laid, to be put in execution, " after New Yoar." New books, a new assortment of fancy goods, a new arrangement of stock on hand, new novelties and sew antiquities, were prepared for the holidays ; while for a wide extent of coun iiiViiToTisanV.-S they were slain for the occasion. The day Itself, afforded but a sorry recompence for the trouble which bad anticipated it, for a dirtier day is seldom seen . On tb'e preceding morn ing, tho oily, when fairly awake, found itself encased in a thin coating of very firm and smooth ico, and the pavements, constructed with an eye to the free delivery of wator into tbo gutters, were found to shed passengers quite as easily. This had caused all philanthropic householders to remember the maxim of Poor Uicbard, that ' the Christian is known by the ashes he spreads on the icy p uvtmcnt," and, when Christmas came, and, a warm mist dis solved the ico, the consequences were an extra elcva. lirtn nf ,blrl(, mnit p.r.l.uln. l..uu..pcction in re gard to newly polished boots. Imagine ten thou- and people at a time in Chestnut Btien., nn miog heed to their ways, on such n day ' New Years ended the interregnum, and work began again, but with little of tho spirit and energy which characterised the opening a year ago., 101 tueuiseivcs and their neighbors, and nono but tho juid nuncs find plenty of employment. ours, Ac, x iiyTIie Annual Supper or the Tire Compa nies. Jun. i-'oth, was 11 most uleasant affair. The tables were full, the Supper was served iu capital style by Messrs. Blodgett. the pop la.' landlords of the Exchange good speeches were made funny things said good humor and good cheer prevailed, and everything irnsseu off to tlio universal satisfaction of all concerned. ITK.MS AT JIOMi: AM) AltltOAIt. I.v Wells Kiver thedoad body of Bar tholomew Soracrs, of Barnet, was picked up somo lew days since, with a bottle in his pocket. It had for a long time been bis com panion, and stuck to him even to his death. I.v Bellows Falls on Sunday night or last week an affray occurred, inspired by tho spirit or bad rum from a nuisance on tho New Hampshire side or the river, in which one Neil was pounded and ono Sullivan received one cut in the arm and two cuts in the head. Two Irishmen, mainly concerned in tho row, wero not injured except by bricks in the hat. Daniel Tracv, brother of tho repre- .nn,n,:..o ;n (-....... ivAn. x-A.n.n. run :.. 1 . ., B. ,, . , ' 1 at Columbus, Ohio, and was scalded so as tu cause his death. Samvel Swift, has been appointed Judge of the Addison County Court in place of Dorastus Wooster, deceased. Silas Kelly or Barnet, Tell from the beams of a barn the other day. His neck was broken by the fall. Three men, whilo running a hand-car on the Vermont Central Road, below White River Junction, on Monday last, were overta ken by a passenger train, and one of them who failed to jump off was struck by the en gine and instantly killed. I.v MoNTrELiFR, cn the 25th,adwelling in the north purtoT tho village was consider- .t.l:l It . i'r , c , 1. my iiijuicu utu , vii luesuiiy .ir. 11. Kibbey was severely injured, by 11 team, 1 with .1 load or wood) running over him ; moreover, a "Property swing company," the badge or which is a red ribbon, and the duties of which consist in tbn tnomhcis re torting themselves ut the scene of any Ere, to co-opeiuto with tho owner in the protection or removal und preservation or personal pro perty, has been organized in that village. In lii'TLANU John La Mountain was arrested on Monday, charged with stealing a barrel or bed. lie was held in $200 lands to appear on trial at the next term of the Rutland County Court, nnd for want of tho tho " material uid," was conlined 11 the jail An attempt was also made to enter the Post Office in that village on Sunday night. But the lad, sleeping in tho i-flice, put the burglars to flight. Iv Siir.iwsniT.T Mr. Azro Shippeo fired into a cleft in a rock, und killed something, which proved to bo a large bear. iv hue Mr. S., was absent to obtain a rule. threo other bears left the holo in tbo rocks. ir. o. ana uroiner pursued inein, nnd on name 10 me penalties ol a most cruel and Triday killed two more bears, but tho fourth U"?1' oJiol's J'et t the samo time in so one escaped. Tl, throe bear, wero soU io: outsiders tor fr.o. thua record our condemnation of tho f'u-itiv 0 Aos. Walpole. N. U., """ G tb0 milted suicide last nock by cutting his throat I in his owu barn, lie hud invested bis money 1 T FHC 1 ,r of 'ic HutTiIo RrpuliU has In Cheshire It. P. sia.-'l nn.l 1,1. ...!.;,. I immortal ,v the pubfieatiot, or down with the etoe-1, In BROoiiLv.N, Niiw ior, u nVstruetive faro occurred on Friday Inst. Five brick build ings, occupied by tmilc.ineii uud families, wero destroj cd ThoH-ntirc loss is estimated $52,0C0 It was the work of on inren- d - ary IUscau ix Vermont. Our population Is about thrco hundred and twenty thousand: and on the 1st day of January, thero wero confined in the States Prisons and Jails ofour State, only ono hundred and thirteen por. tons. Wo notico that tho number of crimln alssentenood in Massachusetts last year was over nlno hundred. lluthnd litratd. Iv Nr.w Vomc Cuv a foot ol snow fell last Thursday and the two days subse quent sleighing qulto drove Irantio the exci. able Oothamitt-s. Tho practice 0r snow, billing passengers in thetlcigh.etoges, which tor late years has been carried on In that city to an outrageous extent, unheard or else where, was indulged in to tho full, to tho in jury of several persohs, onoof whom, a lady, was struck In the Taco by r hard ball with such forco that her forehead wa? cut to the bono, and she fainted with the pain. Tho " sport" was checked a little by the arrest ol 17 of.' the. rowdies who wero held to hail in $300 for trial, and still moro by the dis appearance of th" now on Saturday. Ma. Piwn, or the Five Points Mission, N'. V., has acknowledged tho receipt or live hundred calico dresses, the valuo of which ho estimates at $1500, being those worn nt the ' Calico Party." Tho diceses, he says will be useful in fitting out poor families for resi dences in the country. The Kaii.hoad Ittoron the lluffalo and llrnntfurd lload has been quelled by tho aid or one huhdred government troops. The Irishmen were asurcd that legal redress was within their reach, and promised no further moli'tution at any point. .Mr. I!itHKS..snti.rjF. of Kv., who suc ceeds Mr. Soule as minister tosipnin, j silil! to be a gentleman oriine abilities. The Wind sor Journal remarks that the country knows but little or him, except that he was an ar-1 dent advocate for the Nebraska bill last win ter, nnd mamrestcd an excessive anxiety to fight a dnel with Mr. Cutting, or Now Vork. with rifles, llo is perhaps selected on nc. count or his fighting qualities. Soule in his duel with M. Turgot, only hit him in the le;. When Brcckenridgo tries his Kentucky rifle on a French Ambassador, he is probably expected to take better aim " Lieutenant Gcnt-ial Jumr-s Robinson Arnold, a son or Benedict Arnold, died lately in London. S. M. HoOTii, editor of the tTuomsm fere Democrat, has been found guilty oTiii J- Ing tho fugitive Glover to escape. The Jury brought in a verdict of guilty on the last two counts aiding tho escape of Glover and not guilty on the first threo counts resisting U S. process. Mr. Booth was sentencod to pay a fino or ono thousand dollars, and be imprisoned one month. Job- n-jooias. tor ,. . .-.uie of two hundred dollars the s.imcoo. ana ten days' imprisonment. A Fihe broke out in Montreal ou tbo 27th, which destroyed Allen's extensive chuir ractory, near the Lnchine Canal. The loss is $15,000, one-rourth insured. Tue names or Stephen A. Douglass or Illinois, lor President, and Tliomas J. Husk oT Texas, for Vice President, in 1850, figure at the head or the San Antonio Texan. The idea of music by steam is to be realized at the Tremont Temple in Boston, The bellows to the great organ is shortly to be operated by steampowcr. The list steamer brought news or the .lon.l. nF tl.a .cull Ln.irn nnit popular English authoress, Mary Itussell Mitford. She was about sixty-seven years orage. The steamboat Massachusetts, lying in the Xorth Kiver nt New York, has been seized by order or the V. S. authorities, on the ground that she was about to participate in an unlaw ful expedition, supposed to lie against Cuba, 'the search among her cargo has as yet disclosed 110 arms or ammunition, and her captain denies the charge in tolo. Dlei- Snows have fallen nt Chicago. The train on the Chicago and Mississippi Jtailroad, with a large number of piis-engers und several members of the legislature, was frozen up 011 the prairie in what tho telegraph calls " a enow storm some eight feet deep." Tbo passengers burned the e-ais. and by rob bing the cars of a consignment of ovsters, p re served themselves from starvation. By thelast accounts they are still thero , relief how ever had been sent to them. A Train- upon tho Portland and Ken nebec ilailroud in Falmouth. Mo., ran off tho track ou Monday last, precipitating the engine twenty-fivo Teet over the bank into a small stream. A fireman, named Ames, was killed outright i (ho engineer, Mr. Small, suffered somo time under the engine, which could not Ihi removed from his body. The cn-'ino al most completely dammed the small at roam, so that the water roso, covering bis bode and drowning him. ' !-,, r,,., ,,,.: ii.. , ' ..... vv..h ......nt.t.t. ... , c tins, i aula . which has beenon nro since unco 1833, will probably soon be extinguished, as tho lire is approaching a point which can be submerged in water. A mas of coal has been consu med three-eighths uf a mile long, sixty feet wide, and three hundred feet deep, equal to 1,420,000 tons of coal. Here is what wo want for public ser vants, officeholders, legislators, all conden sed into four lines of poetry : Experience, that's stood Ihe test ; Conscience, to say what's right ; Intelligence, to know what's bist j liackbor-e, to stand the fight. The Washington (N. C.,) Sfcr says " thenpploof discord has been thrown into our midst, and, unless nipped in the bud, threatens to break forth into a confl igration that will delude the whole land'" a compari son almost parallelled by the remark or tho Iloston Pilot, while congratulating the Whig party upon its non-alliance with Know. Nothingi.iii,that it had "rol'iisod to l.o bound to tho chanei wrrls of this mushroom.' One of the recent tranvictions in tbo Iowa Legislature was tho selection by the Senate of two s m ill boys as pi2es, to vvliom the president gravely administered an u-ith to support the ' Constitution or tho I'nited Statcsand thoState ur Iowa, and to fold doe umcnts and papers to the best of their abili tv.' The mvmvi that " law-ia tho infection of human reascn" applies very aw kvvardly to tho fugitive slave law and all the judicial proceedings to which it hnsgiien rise. Three or the jury that convicted Booth and Rev nobis nt Milwnukio tbo other day, fr aiding the escape uf the elavo Gloveradopted 1111.1" pre sented to the judgo tho following resolution . Htsilied. That whilo ; Ik1.,"''II,,' " "lcmn oath to perform a most painruldnty, in declaring Ihe defendant guilt v of theahove clini-ie. mot il.... ..... 1 1.!' ...... II..KIIIU 111 11 'ic-tine 01 s.i:piiif ImI-Iis per-l--clli tlilol, too lini.tuc upc.ia.ll Ii o." wbl Ii is as follows .te soutt .to thu child itwiikea and begins I.. aq ,.11, p,op 11 up n;t, pis antisititwr its linei. -.inh tYi.k ,,-., sticking feat I111 a into tne- Lands, ui.d tl, afford the vciunus.Ci the e-mptoiu -11. 11 r ,, k 1. .1:1 1 , - . , . . ing it,, leather irom one hand and too o.liei wiiicii win iu -p i-ii'i run un'ii I c asle pngnoi drops , Fivi orphans, who had been placed In charge nf a ladr residing at .Maspeth, L. I,, wre suffocated some nights ago, under the following circumstances. They wore all put to bed In onetoom by a domestic, who, in or der to make them moro comfortable, kindled ft coal fire In a stove, and closed the room tightly. The coal gas and the impure air suf. focjtfaVfill five of thollttlo sleepers. The Danville (Ky.,1 Tribune, gives a bit of family history iu that neighborhood, from whic.h it appears that n widow ladvr when about 35. adopted an orphan boy an'd married him at the age of 50. when ho was 1M years old. They v?.J together 40 years, and she died, after which tho huebnnd, then CH years old, marrh-d an orphan girl ot in years whom they bad adopted 10 years bc roro. ' FrankIik HltgSjOf Troy, while skating 011 the river, got entangled with the skates of another hid, and both fell upon tho Ico. lllcks striking upon the head, nnd reccivilif" a fatal compound fracturo of the skull. ftrpi-ci.No Railroad Exiitssts. Much complaint has been made of late by the stock holders In railroads in tho lieinity, of the great Increase of expenses, which bus been in part explained by tho enhanced co-t of wood, oil, bilior, &c , l". Still some were disposed to believe that thero wero unneoes. s-ary h-uks which might be stopped. The other day a manager of one of our railroads met a grumbling stockholder and with some exultation remarked that ho v.ia retrenching. He had, he s.iid. cut off two-fhlrd.s of their advert! Ing. ' You might just as well cut off your own head," wan the sour reply, and the pirtles separated. Huston T.avclhr. I.v lsi'j two men, named Tuttle and Brown, one living in Acton tmd the other 111 Concord, went to Invv to detei mine tho weigh ty question whether 11 cow Viitb ono dry teat should be sold at full price, A bnal decis on in the negative wiisgiveri i-t linln-id?e last week, ut a cost or over' .SHO Ibo Boston Transcript presents its readers Aith the following curious diets rela tive to the first .seven Presidents' of tho I nited Stutes - four were from Virginia, two from Mass , and the seventh from Tennessee ix were sixty-six years old on leaving office having served two terms, threo died on the Ith uf July, and two on the samo day aud year; tho last two wero on tbo committee who drafted the declaration of independence, and both died on tlio 5llth anniversary of its adoption ; tho names of threo ended in "son," but neither of t lese transmitted his name to u son ; the only son of tho first fivo became 11N0 a President ; and it is a curiout fact, that neither of tbo Presidents who had a son wis deetcd a second time; tho initials of f.o were the same, twoothers bod similar initials, and those of still two others were the samo , tho remaining ono stands alone Washington. Ike's Last. Mrs. Partington, read ing an account of a railroad accident, was much surprised to learn thut the locomotive hud been uiircn off from the track by ono of tbo switches. " She should'nt have thought," she said " that the great iron engine would uiiud such a little thing as a switch." " Yes, but you must remember, mama," said Iko, gravely, ' the locomotive has a ten der behind." ON, time, inaeeet," replied the old lady, resuming her paper, " well, you needn't talk about it, my son ; goou with your lesson." The anesville (Ohio) Courier tells u hard story, yet we suppose we must believe it. ns "it is in the papers." A rifle accident ly went off in a hotel there, while tho iron ramrod was in tho barrel. The explosion forced the ramrod through the plastering and floor above, through a bed and through the arm and body of Samuel Kirk, who wub ly. ing in tho bed nt the time. The ramrod was driven through both arm and body, and stop ped there transfixing both; yet the man is ulivo and may recover. Congress, In the Houso the French SDol'ation bill j took considerable time last week and was finally passed 011 Saturday. It has been so amended ns to make it a diBerent bill from the one which passed the Senate and consequent ly it must go '-ack to tbat body for concur rence in the amei.duicnte. On Monday the Senate resolutions nuthominir the Secretary of the Navy to send ti steamer and tender to the relief or Dr. Kane, in danger or starva tion in the region or tho North ole, passed the House A joint resolution disaffirming tha nets uf tho Minnesota Legislature incor porating the Minnesota and North Western and Transit railroad compinies, which in volve it is alleged a swindle ors50,000 acres or land from the Government, was pass' d 011 Tuesday The House afterwards passed tins bill enabling the people of Oregon Territory to forma Constitution and State Government, and for their admission into the Union cvv Publications.. Tits NiTioNU. MvoiiiM, for February, contains "11 sketch or John Bunyan," lllus. trated with 17 woodcuts ; " The Lost Tribes of Israel." "A plea for the great Sea Ser pent ," "Mr.Steelquill.Jaud how he became so;" "The urt of embroidery ;" "The theo ry of Sighs." and many other interesting ar ticles in prose and verse an excellent number For silo by S. Huntington The Ladies P.ErosiroRV. The February number of this boxutiful piriodical contains two engravings, view- ot Charleston, o. C . B,nd" llk'-""CS9 of Mrs. Sigourney, taken when hho W'1B younger than she is now, evidently 'row "'e sketch which Rccompauies it," wo in..... a.. .1.... 11 , . ...WJ IOO UCrtllJ, 05 jears old. The number is well failed with 1 excellent and interesting articles. Ihe pro- fats go to the support of poor widows aud orphan children, for which cause, aside from its intrinsic value, the magazine deserves the liberal patronage it receives. For sale at Huntington's. COIIE ASDSEK WHAT II IS TO BE A U.MTAR1A N A Discourse delivered in Burlington Nov. 20, 1S54, by Ilev. Joshua Y'oung. This Sermon has a more thau common in terest, as embodying an exposition of the Unitarian belief not clearly understood iu some quarters, nnd as containing in an ap pendix, replies to some of the points of Mr Worcester's sermon on Christian Fellowship, lately published. The two sermons are able arguments on tho two sides of the question, and should be read together. Published and for sale hy S. B. Nichols. C'o.Nstiii-TioN may he Avonixn ' At this 1 season 01 tne year, in a climate subject to I such frequent und extreme changes, it is not 1 surprising that thousands sliould suffer with I severo colds, coughs, and other affections of the throat and lungs 1 Bllt it is UStclllislllIlL' Dint SUi-h Mmiil.inl, are almost universally neglected, hen proper e-aro might avert much of the misery caused by them, anil save hundreds from n premature grave. Many Hatter themselves when afflic ted vvitlia cold that it will tnkn r.ri, and leave them unharmed, but often find I when too late, an unconquerable foe mnkiiig I "JJ inroads upon their health and death ap I proiichmg with rearftil rapidity Such re sults, however, might lie avoided by scasona. , lily resorting to some of those safe and sim I I'le remedies so bountifully supplied by na ture, aided, pi-rhap-., sometimes by science or the art of man And wo takogreat pleasure 1 in calling the attention of our readers to one of those remedies which has recently been I offered to the public, a trial of which will bo intended with the most happy results one I that not only affords immediate relief where 1 the most severe cough exists, but completely restores the rc.piratory organs to a health v state, strengthens uud imicunttcs tha whole I sistcm Wo refer tu G. W. Stone's (Vim-1. Conauiiiptiun, ami Bri.nchitia Elixir, which will bo louml ndiertiecd in another column u remedy prepared and placed within the reach ol ull, which we have no doubt will be the means of preventing or curing consump tion whenever it is talon in the ineipicut sta ges of that diseaoc. It hue already utvotu. plished sufficient to warrant us in making this asscition. It is at the same tune u sal? und harmless medicine, also agreeable to tho 1 urn , ami not ovpoi.sie. vv e tie It-fore reo cumin t,d the ufliici,.,d to (live it a trial, fully belie-vlng that t' use wbu a will inn,. )oa' sun to thank us for the ailic.. It lMiMiu. Sidney Smith's dc-nnion of the IVpi-1, Litual Pom uro and iiiiiuatur II -ct ions, bowing to the right.eourtcscying to the left, and nn imr.ierso amount of in-.n-millinery