Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, March 21, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated March 21, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. GIFT ENTERPRISE. TUB Third Grand GIFT CONCERT, Under anlhoritjr of a special not of tho Loslilatare, will bo given at Library Hall, Louisville, Ky., on Tuesday, April 8, 1873, tlio profits of vrblch aro for tho benefit of the PUBLIO LIBBABY OF KENTUCKY. The best muMcal talent that can bo obtained will con* trlbuto to tho pleasure of tho entertainment, and. to pro vide binds for tho magnificent glfls, ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND WHOLE TICKETS OF AUMIMMON ONLY, at SlOoaolj. will ho l*suod. aud TUN THOU* BAND OABH GIFTS, amounting to HALF A MILLION DOLLARS Onircnoy, will bo distributed by lot to tlokot-holdors, as follows: Ono Grand Cash Gift. Dno Grand Cash Gift. One Grand Oath Gift. Ouo Grand Cash Gift. Ono Grand Garb Gift! wuv ui.uu ......i Ono Grand c*.h nut 94 Oaan Gift* of SI,OOO oacb, to Cash OlfU of WO each. BOOashGiftaof 400 each. 100 Cash Gifts of 800 each. 160 Cash Gifts of SCO each. 600 Cosh Gifts of 10U each. 9,000 Cash OKU of 10 each. Total, 10,000 Gifts, all Cash. Tiokots, $10; Halves, $6; Qaarters, $2.60 Tho Library Trustees have scoured tho lion. Ex-Gov. TIIOS. IS. BItAMLBTTE. of Kentucky, to take charge of tho business of tho Concert on tholr behalf, and ho will giro personal attention to all tho details. Besides tho original act authorising tho Concert for tho benefit of tho Library, the Legislature of tho Stato havo twice passed votes of confidence In tho management and approval of tho expenditure of funds by the Trustees. Buyers aro notified that preparations aro posit I vo and complete for tho Concert promptly on tho day sot, am! orders must bo sent In without delay. Liata of tho drawing will bo roady tbo next morning. Tickoto. liko greenbacks, aro good to tho bolder, and buyers need not, therefore, bo known, union they socbooio. At tbo last Concert, ticket No, 0,450 draw iho cap. Ital gift of 875,000, which woa paid tho third day afior tho drawing, precisely at announced. Tho ticket was held by tho folio whig club of gentlemen, at Colmnbjta. Iml., vis. ; T. O. Burgess, Wm, D, Bummers, W. 11. Wobb, Albert Jonos. Gideon Shultz, 0. 0. Crawford. Chas. McCall*. J. Frank Pnncako, Lloyd Mortledgo, Henry A. Rothrock. Tho money was paid to tbo Second National Bank of Louisville for account of First National Bank of Columbus, lud., and by tho latter bank paid to tho various goatlomau named above. The Trustees also refer with pleasuro to all who have drawn gifts in the first two Concerts as to tho satisfactory manner In which they received the money without any dis counts whatever having boon deducted. Orders may bo sent by mall, by P. O. order, draft, or registered letter, orby txnrciw, prepaid. All nraeru and applications for Information must bo mndo Immediately either to Hon. TMOy. E. BiIAM LBTTE, at Louisville. or F. J. DIBBLE A CO., 1M iSollo-it., Chicago, Western Depot of Supply. Apply also at Bookstores of W. PHILLIPS. 133 Dear. born-BU, and 067 Bt<vfe-st.: HORTON 48110., 037Wc«t Lnko-st. 5 P. V. FITZPATRICK, Bi3 State-it., L. HA NAHSB. Optician, 83 West Madlaon-st., and at TRE MONT HOUSE. FINANCIAL. WALKER, MBWS & C 0„ 14 WaU-at.. N. X. ./LTsrspani.tia efis 00., 10 Plaoo Vondomo, PARIS. Travelers’ Credits Issued, both in STERLING, on UNION BANE OF LONDON, And in francs on PARIS, UNDER THE SAME LETTER. Oiroular KTotes, Of £lO. £2O. and £SO on tho UNION BANK OP LONDON. Cpaerclal Credits: Eiclange on London & Pans. - Stocks, Bonds, and Cold bought and sold on commis sion. Railway Loans negotiated. BA.isrm:iTO hotjsb of LUNT, PRESTON & KEAN, WEST SIDE, I SOUTH SIDE, Cor. Hoisted & BandolpS-sls. I 157 and 159 LaSaUe-sL Receive Deposits, Discount Business Paper. Loan Money on Approved Collateral. Issue Certificates oi Deposit bearing Interest. Credit Time and Sight Drafts on other points, and make Collections on liberal terms. Also, furnish Travelers’ Credits, and Deal in all First-Class Investment Securities. BANKING HOUSE WEENN & BREWSTER, SG 'W'oißliiiißtoii-st. Deposits Received and Interest AUoned. Gold, Government Bondi, Local Stocks, andCommor* llal Paper Bought and Sold. Collateral Loans and Commercial Paper form a leading feature in oar business, for tho negotiation of which wo buvv unusual facilities. XDXCr- Parties haring paper for collection In any part of tho o untry, especially whore suits are necessary, will do well to consult nur system and facilities for its adjustment. No attorney’s foes tor suing, and no charges unless collected. FRASIER'S Mercantile Collection Agency, 118 Mad* $15,000 STOCK FOR SALE. UNION HIDE & LEATHEE COMPANY. Pays largo dividend. For tonus apply to O. R. FIELD A CO , Loans on Real Estate. Wo are making loans, for a term of years, in sums of $6,000 to 810,000 and upwards, on Improved Chicago property, or on Improved suburban property, with largo margin. Can also make some small loans. BAIRD A BRADLEY, OOLaSallo-et. MONEY TO LOAN In any amount of oven tbourands, on Income producing real estate, at 9 nor cunt Internal. _ OODKN A SOUDDRR, Room 9. Mlion'sßulldlng. Republic Ins, Certificates. I will buy at lull market P l^°^outh gift.? BUSINESS CHAN' Rare Chance. Lease, Block and Fixtures of a Retail Dry Good* Etoro, In a firit-clnis location on South Ride, estab lished a number of yean, and doing an excellent busi ness, for sale or exchange for Improved or unimproved real ostato; owner going to Europe. For particulars ap n]T to A. LOUB Jk imO„ 133 LaKallo-st. FOUIRY FOE SALE AT A. BAHaA-ISST, A small Foundry, on the North Hldo. In per/oot running order, on favorable tonns. THOMAS WII.IfE, 43J West Mouroe-st., or Room -0, UH Wnalilugtou-at. GENERAL NOTICES. OFFICE DESKS, “SIaSBS/iSS'IS BESS'*- BOSTWICK’S, NOTICE TO SHIPPERS. Wo will ba ready to receive freight for Manistee, Mich,, on our dock, between Lake and on Friday and Saturday next. All goods must bo carefully marked. PIIAB. Rim A DUOS. Wst <ffif|i£ajoo ■ itailai BUILDING PAPER. PATENT BUHDiG PAPER, FOB . Sheathing, Siding, Plastering, Roofing, and Carpeting, OAN BE FOUND AT MEro Paiirt.’s HSnETW STORE, No. 140 East Lake-st. Uirotuar ana ban> r u« ocuc -tico to' Any Atlflw- .8100,000 . 00,000 . 25,000 10,888 6,000 91.000 26.000 83.000 80.000 80,000 69.000 00,000 CLOTHING. Spnm fcmts, Business & Dress Suits. Tlie latest Material ai Styles, CUSTOM DEPARTMENT, . WEST SIX)EI STORE. EDWARDS, BLUETT & 00,, 45 & 47 West Madison-st., SOE" £3 A TC 1 3E3 - O T l . .8200,000 ROOFING MATERIAL, So. BillMaU. BUILDING & CARPET Scnd for samples and circulars. BABBITT, ARNOLD & MBALL, S3O Monroe-st. RECEIPT-BOOKS. TO EIFFU CMcap, Milwaukee & St. Paul R'y Receipt Books Now ready and for sale by CAMERON, AMBERG & CO., Stationers, 35 Sontl Canal-sl Will remove April IS to 84 X»aka«st. BEAT, ESTATE. Lots, Houses, Lots, Houses. We have Inquiries for BUILDING LOTS. Also, HOUSES for homes. , JACOB O. MAOILL, 81 and 83 South Olark-st. MISCELLANEOUS. AMBBBQ’S LfiMoir, File, & Binder, WITH INDEXES, AT CULVER. PAGE, HOME & CO.’S, 118 AND 120 MONKOE-ST. zmzxssixnTgk Since Monday, the 10th Inst., ROBERT CARSWELL, of Wheaton, Hi. Hols aboutwyeare of age. 6 foot 10 Inoboe high, with auburn hair, sandy chin whiskers, long and pointed; light complexion and high forehead. Any In formation oonoernlng him will be most liberally rewarded by hie friends, at 90 Qak-st. INQUIRE FOE REASONS WHY BARCLAY, 141 STATE-ST., Sells Sliver at Sd.gfj ppo t foot. E33TIE3 tSa Dlsoaeea and Doformltios of thorn important organa an exolusivo specialty, Burgory and Office, 200 WEST MADISON-BT. IDIR- J- B. MANN’S HAIR jjxrzcTJttXJKJsrrn IS THE BEST DRESSING- EVER USED. REMOVALS. BEMOYAL. J. P. DALTON & 00. 11AVK REMOVED TO 80 AND 82 RANDOLPH-ST. Stoves, Ranges, Furnaces, Rofrlgarators, Ice Dozes, and the largest stock of House Furnishing Goods in the West. MEETINGS. Masonic. Oriental Lodge No. 83, A. F. and A. M. Regular com munication tule (Friday) evening, at 7« o'clock, for builuose and Work <m thelit Dcaioo. ltT order of the Matter. R. N. TUCKER, Decretory. MATTRESSES. IMPOETANT. Tho WOVEN WIBB MATTBESB 00., Of Hartford, Conn., manufacturers of tho IATIOIAL AND Woven Wire ‘ Mattress, havo ostabliohed a branch of thoir business at 286 Stato-st., Chicago, whoro a full lino of thoir superior Bods oan bo soon. Tho publio of Chicago and vicinity aro invited to call and oxamino thorn. THEY ABE THE BEST BED in tho world. For solo by Furniture Dealers generally. WOVEN WIBB MATTBESB CO., 280 Stato-st. STOVES. EATHBONE’S STOVES Are favorably known all over Iho United States. Among the most popular patterns is the FEARLESS COOKING STOVE, For Hard Goal, Soft Coal, or Wood, with Low Enameled Reservoir, or with Pipes for floating Water * for Hath Rooms, otc. Wo also mannfuoturo a largo rarloty of GOOD CHEAP STOVES, Using tho same quality of Iron as In tho Fearless, which oon bo bought as low as an inferior Stive. FOR SALE TO THE TRADE ONLY, BY RATHBONE, SARD & 00., 38 &> 40 Eahe-st. Above Stores are for sale at retail by tho prominent deal* ora In tho city and country. WANTED, WANTED. Wj Gool Holsters, SIX GOOD FURITDRE-TRIMMERS AND CABINET MAKERS, AT ONCE, AT Ai Li HALE 8a BRO.’S, 10 to 16 North Oanal-st. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. corAu.i’Nßnsiiii'. Having purchased tho stock In trade, business. Ind good will of Thomas J. Kirk, encoossors to Kirk, Cole man * Co., wo have this day associated ourselves together as copartners, to sell Iron, nails, atcol, wagon and ear* rlago material, and do a general HEAVY HARDWAEE BUSINESS, Undor tbo stylo and firm namo of , Ss We shall oontlnuo tho businoss for a fow days at the old stand, Wand 86 South Cnnal-st., but will romovo to our now store, 186 and IP3 Lako-st., on or before tho first of May, where we will have ample room and a good stock of goods in our line, and will bo pleased to soo nod servo our friends and customers. THOMAS J. KIRK. March 19, 1878. WALLACE 0. BARKER. COPABTHEBSHIP. The undersigned have this day formed a under tho name and stylo of ATWATER £ BUTLER, for the purpose of continuing tho Publishing, Printing, Stationery, and Pino Art business heretofore carried on by John Atwater, at the old stand, No. 40 Plfth-av., near Wo shall be pleased to welcome all the patrons of the former house and as many now ones no want pond bar. gains In our lino. JOHN ATWATER, CmOAOO, March 18, 1878. J. H. DUTLKR. FOR SALE. AT A BARGAIN I .A. 3STBW MARVIN SAFE, In perfect order. Dealer’s price, $360. Will bo sold at a bargain for cash, as owners have no uso for it in now location. PEN*nr, WEEKS & 00.. 21 South Canal-st. EBHffl FAFEE, AT J. G. LANGOUTITS, OPTICIAN, ' 83 Btato-st., between Washington and Randolph. Steam Lmnlier Bane for Sale. Stoam Lumber Barge "St. Clair" for sale. For price and terms apply to E. K. AYRES, Sandusky, Ohio. TREES I TREES I 820»000 worth, all kinds and sizes, for salo cheap at tho SHEFFIELD MISERY, 44 EaclM. R. J. LEWIS. Prop. PT Take tho Chicago and Olybonm-ar. cars. KIRKLAND GRATE COAL, Mined by Kirkland <k Co., Vendors, Fountain Co., Ind. Bold by O. 11, DYER A CO., Cor. Wabnsh-av. and Madtann-st. BUSINESS CARDS. J. M. W. JONES, STATIONER, PRINTER & BLANK BOOK MANUFACTURER. 08 South Cnnnl-Mt.t and 107 Mouth Clork-at., fllmbmllat Church llloeU, Boston Steam Carpet CleaniiiK Company Is fitting up the building 44 and 46 West Adamsst. for the purpose of cleaning Carpels, and will bo ready to start tbo machines on the 26th. Carpets taken up, cleaned, and rotald. Tfa charge for cartage. A. W. HANKIN6ON. TO KENT. TO BENT, From April 1, a handsomo throe-sto ry and basement marble-front house, elegantly furnished, and with all modern improvements. Location one of the best in the, city. Eont, S3OO per month. Address O 03, Tribune olUoo, RANGES, &o. VANS RANGES, Carving Tables, Broilers, Ac. HERON, SMITH & MOOERS, S, E, cor. Clinton and IVushiiiKton-utfl. CHICAGO, FRIDAY, MARCH 21, 1873. WASHINGTON. The Caldwell Case Still Under Lengthy Consideration. An Interesting Passage Between Senators OonMing and Sohurz. Suits Instituted by tho Govern ment Against tho Union Pacific. Appropriations Made at (ho Last Session of Congress. Special Dispatch io The Chicago Tribune, conklinu— sonunz. Washington* Deo. 20. —The monotony of tho technical debate in tho cane of Caldwell wan re lieved this afternoon by a spicy passage between Gonkling and Schurz; The Now York Senator, in bis peroration, indulged in a discourse upon tho different shades of moral guilt. He said that ho could soo no moro moral obligation in paying $16,000 to buy off an opposing candidate, as Caldwell had dono, than in charging a largo sum per diem for delivering political speeches in a campaign. When Gonkling delivered himself of this sentence, ho turned around upon Bohurz in a manner which indicated tho exact person to whom ho had roforenoo. As soon as Gonkling had concluded his remarks, which was in a few minutes after this insinuation, Bohurz took tho floor for a per sonal explanation. In a volco, trembling with indignation, ho ndvortod to tho foot that,thus for this debate bad boon conducted without person al reflection. Proceeding on this theory, ho then stated that, so far ns ho himself was concerned, ho hod debated tho resolution simply upon its' merits, without roferouco either to personal or party considerations. Had ho chosen to interpo late his epoooh with matters which wore merely tho gossip of tho hour, ho might havo stated that tho Senator from Now York was charged with having received a fee of SIO,OOO from tho Gontral Pacific Railroad while ho was a Senator, but ho did not consider such stuff as this worthy of either himself or tho occasion. This refer ence brought Gonkling to his foot, who, in a towering passion, authorized Bchurz to pro nounce any person who made such a charge a liar: to which Bohurz responded that Gonkling might havo tho same authority to re spond to any individual who assorted that ho received a certain stipulated sum per diem for delivering political speeches during the last or previous campaign. At the conclusion of this scono, the Senate went into executive ses sion, although Oamoron was extremely anxious roply to the remarks of Senator Hamilton, of Maryland, made early in tho day, relative to tho circumstances attending tho election of Charles P. Backalow to tho Senate from Pennsylvania in 18G3. Hamilton charged upon Oamoron that ho attempted to bay tbo Democratic members of tbo Pennsylvania Legislature at that time to make himself Senator, and that ho was only firovontod from doing so by tho Democrats hroatoning that any man who sold out to Oam oron would bo shot, as Hamilton stated tho Democratic members of the Legislature voted with pistols at tholr heads. Cameron proposes to deny Hamilton's charge, and at tho semo time .make a dofeuso of his .xnoua aua pupn, uaia 'well. Tho Sonato Committee on Privileges had no mooting in tbo case of Sonato Bogy, of Mis souri, to-day. Tho mombora of tho Oommittoo, this morning, rocolvod copies of tbo testimony taken boforo tho Legislative Oommittoo, which they will oxamino, and thon de termine whether or not they will investigate the charges against Mr. Bogy. It Booms to bo the impression, however/that tho matter will abide the decision of the Senate in tho Oaldwoll case, now under consideration. Should tho Sonato decide that Mr. Caldwell's seat should not be vacated, no further action will bo taken on any alleged coses of bribery. On tbo other hand, if Mr. Caldwell's seat is va cated by the action of tho Sonato, similar charges against other Senators will bo thoroughly invos- SATISFIED. Representative Hubbard, of Now Hampshire, tho democratic member of the last Congress from that Stato, who was de feated in tho recent olootion by only 17 votes, has been appointed ono of tho Supremo Judges of the State by Gov. Straw. Tho gossip among Now Hampshire parties here is, that' this appointment was mode in order to prevent a contest. TIUS OHABOES AGAINST OASSEHLY. The revival of the charges against Senator Cassorly, of California, to the effect that ho pur chased his election to the Senate, does not seem to disturb that gentleman. It was thought ho would ask for an investigation by tho Senate, but Cassorly says ho does not propose to tako any notice of them. All tho charges wore made at tbo time of his olootion, in 18G'J, and tho par ties making them failed to prove thorn. Cassorly will not, therefore, ask for an investigation. SUITS AGAINST THE PACIFIC RAILHOADB. Mr. Ferry and Mr. Ashton, tho counsel select ed by tho President to institute on behalf of tho Government suits against tho Pacific Railway Company, woro at the Department of Justice, to-day, in consultation with tho Attorney-Gen eral. They have prepared bills, which they will file at once in tho United States Court, against tho stockholders of the Credit re cover tho amount duo tho United States Govern ment, in accordance with tho aot of Congress. It is the intention of Messrs. Perry and Ashton to push those suits vigorously. The total amount of the various appropriation bills, passed at tho laai session of Congress ex ceeds tho amount of tho previous session of Congress at least $54,000,000. Tho details of the various appropriations ore as follows : • Preliminary deficiency $ 1,699,833 Texan Doruer CommlMlon 10,400 Pensions 80,480,000 American ami British Claims Commission. 010,500 Indian ■• • 6,512,218 Fortifications 1,600,000 Consular and Diplomatic 1,811,959 Military Academy 844,817 Legislative, executive, and Judicial esti mated at...., 19,500,000 Naval ..... Army Post-office lUvor and harbor. Sundry civil Deficiency Total. To the Associated Press, NOMINATIONS. Washington, March 20. —The President sent tho following nominations to tho Senate: Washington Booth. Collector of Customs, Balti more ; Adam E. King, Naval Ofilcor, Baltimore; Mrs. Ella Watson, Postmaster, Jefferson City, Mo. Charles Case has boon appointed Receiver of the Crescent City National Bank, Now Orleans. NEW YORK CENTRAL RAILROAD TAXES. Commissioner Douglass Instructs Collector Bailey to pursue the coarse bo has taken iu tbo New York Central Railroad case until enough property la seized and sold to bring to tbo Gov ernment tho entire amouut of the claims duo. A general order has boon issued from tho War Department that no ofilcor, either active or re tired, shall, directly or indirectly, without being called upon by tho proper authority, solicit, sug gest, or recommend action by members of Con gress for or against military affairs. MONTANA WAR CLAIMS. Major George Bell, Depot Commissary at Washington, has beeu selected as disbursing ofilcor to pay tbo Montana Indian war-claims. confirmed. The Senate confirmed tho following nomina tions : .Thomas A. Spencer, Maryland, Assistant Attorney-General for the Poot-Ofllco Depart ment; J. D, Webster, Assistant United Slates Treasurer, Chicago; S annuel 11. Elbert, Governor of ; Colorado: Joseph 8. Palmer. Chief Justice of the , fiuuremo Court dooy’s case. 22,275,767 81,790,003 32,629,107 6,112,000 82,176,415 0,242,871 f106.610.899 HANK DECEIVER. ARMY ORDERS. of Now Mexico. Jacob S. Boroman, Associate Justice of tho Supremo Court of Utah ; E. A. Thomno, Associate Justice of tho Supremo Court of Virginia { H. S. Johnson, As sociate Justice of the Supremo Court of Now Mexico } United States Marshal, George Smith, Western District of Missouri; .United Stales Attorney, Cyrus J. Scofield, Kansas ; Collectors of Internal Revenue, John H. DuvaU, First District of West Virginia; Henry Harden Third District of Wisconsin; O. P. Johnson, Second District of Kentucky; R. 11. Whiting, Fifth District of Illinois; William R. Sapp, Thir

teenth District of Ohio ; Alexis Cope, Sixteenth District of Ohio ; Collector of Customs, Wash ington Booth, Raltimoro; Naval Ofiloor, Adam E. King. Baltimore. Miscellaneous—A. J. Slmmond, Indian Agent, Milk River Agouoy, Montana ; Hiram Latham, Surveyor-General of Wyoming; Bi F: Campbell, Register of the Land Office, Vermillion, Da kotab. Postmasters—Mrs. L. A. Cary, Ashtabula, O.; Henry King, Topeka, Kas.; Wm. Jackson, llook Island, 111.; W. S. Krako, Ravenna, O.s E. Boobo, Decatur, Mioh.: Robert S. Kendrick, Chattanooga, Term,; Pietro Ounor, Upper San dusky, O.; R. J. Tompkins, Mount Carroll, HI. t F. M. Coaahly, Wlntonot, li. PERSONAL. Secretary Belknap leaven hero next Thursday for Chicago, whore ho will ho Joined by Qon. Sheridan, aud together they will inspect the mil itary posts of tho Department of tho Missouri. Tho Secretary will bo absent four or six weeks, and during his absence Qon. Sherman will ho Acting Hccrotary of War. OABEY. Collector Casoy expresses confidence that ho wllllbo confirmed as Collector of tho Port of Now Orleans by a largo majority. Flanagan, of Texas, one of his friends, who has loft for homo, E aired off with Hamilton, of Maryland, [any of tho Senators aro weary of remaining hero, and honoo tho fooling of an oarly hour for mooting with a viow of an early adjournment. The voto on Caldwell’s caso may bo reached to morrow. PEACE COMMISSIONER. E. Thomas, of Petaluma, Cal.. has boon ap pointed Pcaco Commissioner, vice Applegate, resigned. SENATE-EXTRA SESSION. SENATORIAL PRINTING. Washington, March 20.— 0n motion of Mr. ANTHONY, it was resolved that the Committee on Public Printing bo instructed to inquire into the number of bills, reports, and public docu ments printed for tbo use of the Senate, and re port. fThat'changes, if any, are necessary. TIME OK MEETING. On motion of Mr. ANTHONY the daily hour of meeting of tbo Senate waa fixed at half past 10, until otherwise ordered. PROPOSED ADDITIONS TO THE RULES. Mr. WRIGHT offered an addition to the rules, which ho asked to bavo printed and referred to the Committee on Rules, proposing that no de bate shall bo in order unless it relate to or bo pertinent to the subject before the Senate: that debate may bo closed by a vote of two-thirds after twenty-four hours* notice; all bills shall bo placed upon the calendar in their order, and shall bo disposed of in such order unless post- Eonod; all special orders are prohibited unless y unanimous consent, and a bill postponed shall, unless otherwise ordered, go to the foot of tho calendar. Mr. THURMAN objected, and tho resolution lies over. CALDWELL. Tho Senate resumed consideration of tho Caldwell question. Hr. Oonkling, who was en titled to the floor, being absent, Mr. HAMIL TON, of Maryland, expressed bis views on tbo subject, arguing that tho Senate could not go behind the election of a Senator and inquire into tho conduct and motives of tho members composing tho Legislature. Ho could not vote to doclaro the seat of Mr. Caldwell vacant; but there was no doulA as to the power to oxnol a Senator who had passed beyond tbo control of tbo Legisla ture. Ho could not compromise with fraud, and, while ho sympathized with tho person on whom ho was called to pass judgment, be conld not escape condemning the act of tho Senator from Kansas in tho most solemn form. Mr. CONKLINO- resumed his remarks from yesterday, and condemned as grossly pernicious and indefensible tho payment by Mr. Caldwell of $15,000 to Carney, to forbear action in his own behalf and to support Caldwell for Senator. But this did not show a bribery of tho Legisla ture which elected Caldwell. In conclu sion, he said ho believed tbo discussion would concentrate the burning focus of public attention on the lax and culpable agencies which tamper with elections, ana that tho States and Congress would severally Ease laws punishing bribery in elections. Ho oped, after the termination of this case, tho record would show that tho American Sonato was calm enough, placid enough, firm enough, trustful enough to maintain tho genius, spirit, methods, and safeguards of tho Constitution os our fathers gave it to us. Mr. SCHUEZ, alluding to a portion of Mr. Conkling’s remarks, asked tho Senator from Now York whether bo had road in the Washington Chronicle an article severely criticising his (Sohurz’s) late speech, and saying “it was a well-known fact that this immaculate Reformer had received a S2OO foe for each speech ho made during the late political campaign.’ * Mr. CONKLINO remarked that he was a little surprised that the .Senator should make such an inquiry of him. Air. SCHUEZ, resuming, said ho was a little surprised,after the friendly discussion hero, that the Senator should have made such an allusion to him. Ho characterized tho storv as an abso lute and unmitigated fabrication. Ho not only did not ask pay, but never received a single, cout. Mr. CONKLINO Inquired whether tho Senator meant tho last or previous canvass. Mr. SCHUEZ replied that ono year sko there were simitar charges against him in tue Now York Times, and ho thou pronounced them base and unmitigated falsenoouß. Ho would ask tho Senator from New York what ho would think of him if ho repeated tho rumor that tho Senator from Now York had re ceived SIO,OOO from tho Central Pacific Railroad Company to represent its interests, and if he had mode tho allusion in such a way as to point to tho Senator from Now York, would ho not, in such a case, have raised tho question of propri ety and decency ? Mr. OONKLtNQ ropllod ho would dony it, and call tho statement a lie, and authorize tho Sena tor from Missouri to say to tho man who made that statement that ho was a liar. Mr. 80IIURZ said, applying the same rale, he 'would the story to wuioh the Senator alluded a 110, and authorize the ißouator from Now York to call tho originator of It a liar. Mr. CONKLING—Does tho Senator authorize mo to cay that it is &Uo that in tho last cam paign tho Senator received specified sumo ? Mr. SOHURZ—I authorize him to say that tho man lies who charges mo with having received S2OO, or auvthing, for any speech I delivered iu tho lato campaign. Mr. Oonkllng rose to reply, when Mr. SOHURZ sold, “ I have tho floor,” aud continued: I au thorize tho Senator from Now York also to call him a liar who, with regard to other stories, al leges anything not in accordance with tho state ment on tho floor in January, 1872. Mr. CONKLING thanked tho Senator for his diroot and luminous answer. Mr. BOUUBZ replied that ho thought ho would ho still more luminous in a little while, and then proceeded to road from his remarks as printed in tho Congressional Olobc, Jan. 8, 1872. explanatory of his course duriug tho different campaigns. Mr. CONKLING said ho made no allusion to the Senator from Missouri iu ids speech, although ho had said iu mauy cases money had boon paid »o him for making political speeches. What ho had said in his speech was introduced as an ar gument just and fair, but tho Senator from Mis souri, who had soon what ho (Colliding) had not soon, took it for granted that ho had traveled out of his way to make an assault upon him. Notwithstanding a gross ly Improper remark at one point of the observa tions of tho Senator from Missouri, ho had no feeling of personal unkindness toward that Senator. If his attention had not boon called to tho subject, ho should never have suspected that ho had alluded to tho Senator from Missouri. Mr. SOHURZ said ho was glad to take tho ex planation such as given, but ho was sorry to re mark that tho allueiou was mode with such particularity that it could not bo mistaken. Ho was sure ho had given the Senator from New York no cause for personal unkiudnoss. As to the allusion to a prominent railroad company in connection with tho name of tho Senator, which appeared in tho newspapers, it would not have been Improper in tho Beuato to have denied tho allegation in tho strongest language ho could command. If tho Senator said ho made no allu sion In tho speech to him (Sohurz), very well, lot It go. Ho did not think that from them—- Mr. CONKLING said tho Senator from Mis conn evidently wanted tho last word ; hut at tho oxponso of prolonging an unworthy matter, ho (Oonkling) meant to sav what ho did, ana • meant to lot it stand. Ho differed from the Sen ator when ho said ho had dono nothing to pro duce feelings unfriendly to him. He know how a man could indulgo In insinuations, and then speak from them. Last session ho (Cockling) was covered with insinuations and accusations, false in foot, which tho .Senator from Missouri bad no right to repeat. There fore, tho Senator from Missouri mast pardon him from dissenting from bis statement tuat ho hod conducted himself on this floor as not to Srovoko tho resentment of any ono. Now tho onator wanted tho lost word. Mr. SOHURZ replied that it seemed to him the Senator from Now York wanted to havo tho last word,—otherwise ho would not havo risen again. Ho had no reason to retract a single word, but would repeat that he thought that af ter tho long time that bad elapsed since tho hit tor campaign bo should have expected that no insinuations would have been indulged in. Ho was glad tho Senator from Now York had re tracted tho remark that ho had mado in allusion to him in bis speech. Hod tho Senator from Now York not havo dono so, ho (Sohurz) would have put tho matter In tho right light himself. Mr. CAMERON roso to speak, but yielded for an executive session. After sometime- spent therein, tho Senate adjourned until to-morrow at half-past 10 o'clock. FOSTER. Preparations Completed for nis Exo* cation 10-Daf-Tho Family of the Condomuod ITlnn Visit tlio Prison— TUo Final Partins: Trltta Uia Wife. Special DUpatch fo The Chicago Tribune, New Yobb, March 20.—Tlio Sheriff was busy to-day concluding preparations for tho execution of Foster. Tho notices to those whom tho law requires tho ’ Sheriff to invito to bo present at executions are all served, and most of tho passes have boon-given out. Under-Sheriff Stevens had 100 applications for posses where ono wos glvou out. Tho work of eroding tho gallows was begun this forenoon and completed this afternoon. It is a veteran instrument of death, aud has already launched into eternity twelvo human beings. Tho following aro their names: Nathan Gordon, Feb. 21, 1802; William Henry Hawkins, Juno 27, 1802; Bernard Friory, Aug. 17, I860; Frank Ferris, Oct. 10, 1600; Goo. Wagner, March 1, 1807; Jerry O’Brien, Aug. 2, 1807; John Boynolds, April 8. 1870; John itoal, Aug. 5, 1870, and John Tnomaa, March 10, 1671. Besides tboso there wore Gonzales Follisior and Bodgors, who wore hanged in Brooklyn. It consists of two upright polos, 18 foot high, with a cross* bean 20 feet long, through winch runs a thin rope of Bussion hemp, strong onongh to hang a horse. Tho rope is carried along through and over this beam by moans of small iron swivels, lubricated for the • occasion. Tho rope was dangling from the cross-beam that was used at the previ ous execution, but it is replaced by a now ono so as to guard as far as possible against accident. Tho scaffold stands at tho southeastern angle of tho prison-yard, immediately opposite the matron’s office, and about ton foot from Foster’s coll. Foster did not rise so early as usual this mom-' ing. Indeed, when his wife and his brother ar-t rived, about 9 o’clock, ho was still ia bod. As Mrs. Foster crossed tho prison yard, she bo-! come aware of tho work that was going on,, and bad to pass closo to the scaffold. She was completely overcome.* and would have fallen to tho ground but for tho support of her brother-in-law. Bho was assist-* od into the prison, and nearly fainted In tho cor-* ridor, which tho matron hod just entered with, the prloouor’d hrankfost. Foster arose and dressed himself on tho arrival of his wife, and* made a moro hearty meal than usual. Ho looked nervous and terribly depressed, and ap peared to shrink at ovary sound of the carpen ter’s hammer, os though suffering from severe pain. The condemned man, who was sitting near able’ stove on tho ground floor, could dis- ; tinctly hoar tho hammering of nails aud bnstlo. and noise incident to the torriblo work that was In progress outside. During the forenoon the Bov. Mr.. Schoonmakor, Chaplain of Bing Sing Prison,, colled and was admitted to tho coll. Ho con versed with tho prisoner for some time, counsel- 1 ing resignation, and urging him not to encour age any hope ot averting his fate, but to prepare ■ for tho great change. After the departure of tho Chaplain. Foster throw himself.' upon tho hod, his wife taking a seat on’tbe side of it, and tho brother occupying a chair directly facing her. They thus conversed in low tones, both doors of tho coll being open so that tho Deputy Sheriffs could boo, although they could not hear all that passed. No other visitors had arrived noon. Dr. Tyng was closeted with Foster for nearly throe hours in the afternoon. Bishop Potter was also called. Superintendent Kelso, with 200 policemen, will bo on hand to-morrow to preserve order. The execution will take f lace between the hours of 0 and 10 in the morning. Mr. Allen, of counsel to prisoner, to-day sub mitted the following point privately to the Judges of the Supremo Court: “ That the stat ute expressly provides that when sentence is not executed on the day appointed by the Court, prisoner bo retaken before the Court, and thoro rosontencod by the Judges according to law. In fact, that Qov. Dix once having respited Foster, has no power to order the execution. Ho has power to respite for an Indefinite period, or reprieve altogether, but cannot order an execu tion on any day other than that ordered by the Court. Judges Davis, Ingraham, and Barrett, after consultation, decided that the point was not good. , No motion was made In open court. Qov. Dix has received several communications by telegraph from friends of William Foster, urging respite in his case for two weeks. Tho Governor's dispatch, yesterday, to Sheriff Bren nan, of New Yotk, stating that ho had nothing further to say about Foster's ease, is his final de cision, and will bo tho last communication from his Excellency on tho subject. {To the Associated Press .[ New Yonn, March 20.—0n receiving the In telligence that the effort for a stay of oxooution had proved vain, Foster became very much de jected, hung his head on his breast, and desired that no ono would apeak to him oxcopt bis wife. Bho had fainted on hearing that tho last hope was gone. On recovering her sen ses. she went un goutly to Foster, ana, placing her hand in his, sat by him for hours. Bbo spoke littlo, being evidently unablo to control her voice. Rev. Dr. Tyng spent upwards of on hour with Foster this afternoon. The doomed man listened earnestly to the exhortations of his spiritual odvisor. Foster was also visited during the day by his brother-in-law, his father, and by Father Duranfeldt. He refused to go through the ordeal of porting with his children, whom ho has not soon since liis arrest. About half-past 8 this evening the final parting between Foster and his wife took place. Roth wore deeply affected. Ho kissed her repeatedly, and she clung to him until, overcome with emotion, she fainted, and was carried out by her brother and taken from the scone of her long devotion and suffering. Even the prison officials, accustomed to scenes of sorrow, wore deeply moved. Obituary* New York, March 20.—Joseph F. Randolph, ex-Oongrossman, aud ex-Judge of the Supremo Court of Now Jersey, died in Jersey City to-day, after a long illness. Major Stephen H. Webb, formerly of the Reg ular Array, son of the Into Gon. Webb, of the Revolutionary Army, died at Jacksonville, Fla., ou the HtU instant. Washington, March 20.—The wife of Qon. J. 11. Raker, Commissioner of Pensions, died at noon to-day, of paralysis. Illinois HlvcrlVows* ffpttfat Diapateh to The Chicago IVi6»n«. LaSalle, 111., March 20.— The stoaraor Last Chance came up from Memphis, light, last even ing, and, to-morrow, will take down a fleet of canal-boats for various destinations. The steam er Reaver is hourly expected from St. Lorn®; The river is slowly falling, hut Is yet at a good navigable stage. The pontoon bridge over the Illinois River south of tnis city, wbloh was with drawn lost fall on account of the lco, woe r put in plaoo to-day, aud it la now n 9 long necessary to go to Peru to cross. ( , NUMBER 314. " JEW YORK. H Arrest 1 George McDonald} the J s tged Forger on the i lank of England^ About $36,000 in Gold and Diamonds Recovered. Miscellaneous Local News. Special DitpaUh to The Chicago Tribune.^ New York, March 20.—For some weeks past, Superintendent Kelso and Capt. Irving, of the Detective Police, have been In constant commu nication with Police Inspector Bailey, of 20 Old Jowrey, London, in relation to tho extensive for geries so successfully perpetrated in London by which tho Bank of England ia reported to have been victimised to tho extent of $1,000,000. From a young man named Noyes, now under arrest in London, a great doal of information, was obtained, and an aoonrato description of the parties concerned in tho Dwindle, by whom ho was employed as clerk, was famished to tho Lon don police. A telegram was received • last week from Inspector Bailey, -requesting ■. that one George M’oDonald, who is reported to have been concerned in tho forgeries, and who was: known to have taken passage for this port on board the steamer Thuringia, from Havre, should ho arrested on his arrival hero. Accordingly, on Tuesday last tho police boat Seneca started down thft bay, for tho purpose of Intercepting tho Thurin gia, which was daily expected. On board tho ' Seneca wore Capt. Irving and Detective Farley, of tho control office, and Mr. Jndson Jarvis, ordor-of-arrost- clerk of tho Sheriff's offlcOi Capt. Irving wont down to arrest McDonald, and Mr. Jarvis had all tho necessary papers made out to* attach whatever property he might have In hie) possession on behalf of tho Bank of England, as tho proceeds of tho forgeries upon that tnsti* tutlon. The Seneca cruised about tho lower bay all Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. Oix Wednesday night tho Thuringia was signalled ia tho ofling, and as soon as she came abreast of quarantine, tho Seneca ran alongside of her. The officers boarded the steamer, and recognized McDonald who was among the first cabin passengers. McDonald took matters very colly, and mado no objection to the transfer of his person and. baggage to tho Seneca, which then steered away toward tho city. Deputies Jarvis and Gurry had received by cable a description of tho five boxes ho bad taken with him, but they found onlytwo of the number after caroful examination. They secured SIO,OOO in gold, a quantity of diamonds valued at $10,000“, ana ft largo supply of watches, Jewelry, Md gloves, ana fancy articles. The deputies seized all the property in pursuance of the at tachment granted by Judge Brady, of tho Su preme Court, at the Instance of the counsel of tho Bank of England. In the cable dispatches received by tho Deputies a largo number of United States bonds were enumerated among tho securities In tho posses sion of McDonald when ho wont on board tho Thuringia, but the Deputies; failed to soouro them, and It is supposed that the prisoner banded them over to some of hit friends on tho vessel. Ho is also known'to have had Prussian, French, and Turkish bonds in his possession when he loft England for this port. Tho Senooa arrived at her pier at 8 o’clock this morning, and the prisoner was at ohco taken to Police Headquarters, whore ho was looked up. He is an American, about 32 years of age, of very gentlemanly manners and appearance. Ho declined to make any statement in respect to his alleged complicity with tho Bank of England forgeries, except to deny that he was at all concerned in them. In tho complaint mode against tho prisoner before Judge Brady, and on which tho attachment wao granted against the money and securities in hio possession, it ia alleged that' he pro cured from the Bank of England, on the 4th, oth. 18th, 21st, 23d, and 27th of February, 1873. the sum of £103,000, equal to $497,760 in gold, by moans of forged bills of exchange, which ho presented, as al leged, at tho bank. xklr. Nathaniel Jarvis has boon appointed Bo* coivor to take possession of tho property taken from McDonald, until logoi proceedings ore ter minated. Tho prisoner was this afternoon brought boforo United States Commissioner Os borne, and the complaint was road to him* McDonald asked for an adjournment until next Tuesday, which was granted, and he was com 'znitted to tho custody of tho United States Marshal, ponding tho examination. At 1 o’clock this afternoon Deputy Sheriff Curry served copies of Judge Brady’s attach ment on Capt. Irving. Detective Farley, and tho officers who have McDonald in oh&rgo. McDon ald will bo bold to wait the arrival of Detective- Sergeant Webb, of the London nobce, with the papers necessary for his extradition. Sergeant Webb is expected by the City of Paris. The Misses Greeley own an extensive tract of land In Colorado, a portion of which is in the town of Greeley. Mr. Cleveland, of the New York -Tribune, proposes to make a tour through tho Groat West this summqr, accompanied by his family and hia wards, tho Misses Ida and Gabnollo Qrooloy. Tho party will spend some time in tho town named after their distinguished relative. Tho Tweed Investigating Committee meet in tho Metropolitan Hotel at 10 o'clock to-morrow* TO the Associated Press. New Yore, March 20. —Georgo McDonald, who is supposed to bo tho man who, under tho namo of Worrou. perpetrated tho frauds on tho Dank of England, was arrested on tho steam ship Thuringia this morning, and gold and other property, to tho amount of $35,000 found in hie possession, was seized on behalf of the bank. No bonds of any kind wero dis covered. Tho pollco refuse to show tho dispatches ordering McDonald's arrest, alleging that they contain information about others who aro Implicated in tho frauds, and who are expected to arrive within a fow days. It is also stated that tho papers found on Mc- Donald reveal important matters, and that tho persons who are to bo arrested have documents on them which will reveal tho wholo plot and those concerned in it, among them several men of prominence and character in this city, who, criminally or innocently, helped in tho sohomo of fraud. McDonald was brought boforo United States Commissioner Osborne this afternoon. The prisoner asked for an adjournment tUI Tuesday, which was granted, and he was committed. Daniel D. Wright, alias Philip Stanley, was ar rested, to-day, charged with being implicated in the late fraudulent issue of Fort Wayne and Wabash Railroad stock. Samuel Joseph Phil peon, charged with forg ing drafts in Manchester, England, to tha amount of SO,OOO. was arrested, to-day. in Brooklyn, and will no sent hook to England on Saturday. A medical college hero will graduate ton female doctors this week. Baltimore Cattle Itlnrkot* Baltimore, March 20. —Oattlr— Market very dull throughout, aud declined Vo. Very beat on tale to. day, C37Vo; that generally rated first quality, SVO 6Vo: medium or good firet quality, &VOB.V 0 • Dl . & ' dlum or good fair quality, Salon, 831 head; receipts, 001 head. . „ . Boas—Dull, and a shade lower, with a declining tendency; stlllere, ojtf®7o; corn-fed, 7®7J,0. Bo> celpta,7,6lohead. ... „ . . . Shbki*—Very dull and hC o lower, with a deohnlng tendency. Baloa at 7o ; rcooipts, 1,680 bead. A Fight With Morsc-TliloTes* Sneeial Diajnteh to Tfte Chicago Tribune. HavSill. Ohio. March 20.—A lively sklr mifih took place >t 6ak Hill. thia county, yester day, between ft atpiad of men cent to arroat a eauK of liorao-thlovoß, who are led by one Bta »oub During the raoioo ho escaped, but two of his men were severely, and a third fatally, wounded. Horrible Saw-AllU Accident* Detroit, March 20.—Yesterday, at Lampsen’s mill, in Grand Lodge, Frank Krupp, one of the owners of the mill, was standing behind the paw, with his book to it. while it was running at full speed: he stooped to lift a plank on the carriage, when he was caught In the long, book ing teeth of the saw aad;oarrled upon It, cutting his body entirely in two lengthwise.

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