Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, March 24, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated March 24, 1873 Page 2
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t) v C LONDON. Tho Feeling in England Relative to the Spanish Republic. Cntriguoa of Oarlists and Oom munists. Forrlblo Charges in Regard to British Ship-Owners. From Our Oten Correspondent,' London, Fob. 27,1978. ITOTATHV WITH SPAIN—OARLISTS AND COMMUN ISTS UUimVINO TO THE SCENE. . Many Englishman who aro Conservatives at homo are lladicnlo abroad. There ought, ono would think, to bo on alliance between Conserv atives everywhere, and probably tho majority of real old Tories aro Carlisle, Legitimists, and what not, In tholr Continental sympathies. Bat many fly in the face of logic, and manifest as much dislike to Papal and absolutist supremacy as does tho veriest llopublican. Tho theological questlou is uppermost with somo, and any ene my of Romanism is tholr friend; whllo others have a genuine wish that English freedom should bo tho typo of freedom all over tho world. The progress of Republicanism in Europe trios tho faith of tho average Britisher. It is not what ho wanted. Ho views it with distrust. Amongst tho aristocracy tho Republic has no friends; and tho classes who ape tho aristocracy havo always on tholr Jips tho parrot cry, that tho French “ aro not lit for a Republic.” Tho mid dle classes sympathize with M. Thiers, though they begin to got tirod of his Intrigues and his plots; and tho rest of tho Commonwealth wish well to tho Republic. But if thoro is this division with Franco, which has at least kept a Republic above tho water for a couplo of years, what Is not laid of poor Spain I "Tho audacity of tho thing 1" exclaimed most folks when tbo action of tho Cortes was known; and, to this hour, tho surprise remains. It is pitiable to noto tbo anxiety of holders of Spanish stook. Truly thoso gontlomon havo had oxcitomont enough for iboir monoy. They havo been bumped and jostled about as much as any in vestors I know. Scarcely bavo iboy enjoyed a year of security. They button-hole you, and ask you what you roally think tho Spaniards will do. Thoy cannot mako up. their minds as to whether it is best to soil or to hold. Thoro is a fascination about Spanish stock. I havo known people got out of it during ono of tho many panics, and then, when tho stock wont up again actually return to it os purchasers. Tho situ ation is as open to conjecture os any ono could wish. Since tho Homburg tables woro closed, wo bavo bod nothing liko it. Solid, liborty-loving people would bo glad to aoo Figucras and Castclor succeed in their task, and thoy begin to got angry with tho Govern ment for withholding a full recognition. But, at the bottom of their hearts, they, too,'havo little actual faith. If thcro is no civil war be fore this letter reaches you, tho pervading dis trust will havo subsided; but distrust exists at tho present hour. Madrid, by tho way, is tho centre for special correspondents. Mr. Forbes, tho most daring as well as tho most ablest of tho class, was first in the city, as tho representative of tho Daily JVct 03, and other papers havo followed suit Your Now York contemporaries havo boon con strained to dispatch tho host men thoy can find. On tbo whole, in tbo excltod condition of Spain, this band of "specials'* is scarcely a pacific as surance. Poor Spain I Hero aro tho Carlists raising subscriptions in London, to bo spent on man and guns; and, only an hour ago, a French Communist, whoso iifo would not bo worth a day's purchase if ho woro soon in Paris, was gleefully showing to a friend of raino his ticket for Cadiz, and his invitation to como to Andalu sia, “ whore," ho said, “ there is much deter mination on socialist and torrritorial questions." Birds of proy, black and rod, Carlisle and Com munists, aro hurrying to tho scouo, and if they could only bo loft to fight it out, nobody of moderate opinions would object. The mischief Is, that they may stir others up to do tho fight ing for thorn. SUTI'-OWNEUS AND SEAMEN—A BLACK CHARGE. Have wo murderers among the owners of English ships ? Are rotten vessels sent out to ■ea in order to bo wrecked,— having boon first insured for as much money as will build now ones ? Such are tho questions to bo started in tho House of Commons in a fow days. Mr. Plimsoll, the member of Parliament who brings tho charge, is a solf-mado man; is ho justified in his charges, or does ho misroprosont and in vent ? Two actions for libel, brought by ship owners whom he all but names, are pending ; and os ho will plead justification, we shall know u little morons to tho charges against them; but I doubt if proceedings in a court of law form tho beat method of gotting at the truth. Tho Government ought to give Mr. Plimsoll tho Royal Commission ho asks for, and then wit nesses would speak freely. WHO MB. PLIMSOLL IS. Tho legislator who arraigns the ship-owners in those serious matters is a grave, thoughtful looking man. Ho wears spectacles, and has a studious air. If ho did not drop his “IPs," bis speaking would bo all tbo bettor; but then, as 1 said, ho has made his position for himself, and tho letter “ H ” was not much cared for by those who had charge of him in his infancy. “ For mouths and months " bo says of him self, “I lived in ono of tho model lodging houses. established mainly by tho efforts of Lord Shaftesbury. There is one ja Fottor-Lano, another in Hatton Garden, and indeed they are scattered all over Loudon. I wont there simply boaauso 1 could not afford a bettor lodging. J have bad to make 70. (3 por cent of which I paid for my lodging) last a wholo week, and did it. It is astonishing how Uttlo you can Uvo on when you divest yourself of all fancied needs. X had plenty of good wheat broad to oat all the week. and the half of a herring for a relish (less will do if you can't afford It, for it is a splendid fish), and good coffee to drink; and I know how much, or rather how little, roast shoulder -of mutton you can for 2d. for your Sunday dinner. Don't suppose I wont thoro from choice; I went there from stem necessity.” This is an awkward antagonist when ho once takes hold. If thoro really are ship-owners who .arc murderers, though holding their very .high, they may well tremble now, and carry tho face of death. A SLACK LOOK. Some thing with a black look, at all events, cannot bo domed. Nobody familiar with com merce ie ignorant of tho fact that “certain ship owners are ho known for their terribly frequent and disastrous louucb, and for their general dis regard of human life, that, after paying increas ingly high rates of premium for insurance in the porta whore they are known, the liipo some times comes when tuoy can only insure la Lon don, whore they are as yet un known ; and oven there, after still fur ther experience, their names become so black with infamy that nobody will insure their xiaka at any premium : and whoro it is neces sary, in tho course of nasiuoss, to insure cargoes not yet purchased, as oorn or cotton abroad, or not yot ready for delivery, as railroad iron for lorolgn ports, and whoro the ships are not taken np yet,—in which case it is usual to say on tho niip, “ in a ship or ships,’’—the brokers dare not offer their slips in tho room, or would have no chance of success if they did, nnloss they wrote under tho usual particulars those damning words: *• Warranted not to bo shipped in any vessels belonging to —, , —— tho blanks being billed up’,with the names of certain ship-owners, Jlr. Flimsoll declares holms soon slips so indorsed, 41 and that, too, with names which, however well known by afow, staudfair injtho eye of tho world, in which their infamous owners hold their heads yery high indeed.” WHAT YOU MAY DO. No moans aro neglected by Parliament to pro wide for tho safety of lifo auhoro; but you may Build a ship in any way you ploaso; .you may uso timber utterly unfit; you may uso it in quantity utterly inadequate; but noonp has any author ity to interfere. “You may even,” says Mr. Plimsoll, “ buy an old ship of 60 tons burthen, by auction, for £SO. sold to be broken up be cause extremely old and rotten. tihe had had a narrow escape on her last voyage, and had suf fered so severely that she was quite unfit to "go to sea again without more being spout in repairs upon her than sho would ,bo worth when done. Instead of breaking up this old shin, bought for 4s per ton (tho cost of a uow ship being £lO to £l4 per ton), aa was expected, you may give her a coat of paint,—she is too rotten for calking,—and, to the dismay of her late ownora, you may prepare to send her to sea. You mar bo remonstrated with twice, i» the strongest terms, againstdolngso.—ovan to-being told that, if/you' persist, ana the mob are lost,' you deserve to bo tried for manslaughter. - You may thou engage men In another port, and, they having Blgnod articles without seeing tho shin, you may Bond them to the port whore tho ship Hob, In tho custody of a runner. You may then (after ro-ohi intoning tho ship, which ought not to bo allowed), if you have managed to insure her heavily, load her until her nmindook is within two foot of tho water amidships, and uond her to sea. Nobody can prevent yon. Na'y. more, if the men become restive, you can arrest them, without a magistrate's warrant, and take them to prison, and tho magistrates (who havo no choice ; they hove not to make, hut only to administer, tho law) will commit them to prison for twolvo weeks with hard labor; or, hotter still, for you, you may send for a policeman On board to overcome tho mutineers, • and induce them to do their duty I And then, if tho ship is lost with all hands, you will gain a largo sum of money, and you will bo asked no questions, as no Inquiry won will over bo hold’, over tho unfortunate men, unless (which has only hap- Soned onoo, 1 think) some member of tho [ouso.askq for inquiry. Tho river policeman who. In ono case, threatened with imprisonment a refractory orow, and ufgedthomto do tholr duty, told mo afterwards (when they wore all drowned) that he and his colleague at tho river* side station had spoken to oaob other about tho ship being dreadfully overloaded, as she passed their station on tho river before ho wont on hoard to urge duty: and that ho thou, when ho saw mo. 1 rued badly that bo hadn't looked ’em up, without talk, as thou they wouldn't have boon drowned.* •’ AMERICAN ACTORS IN ENGLAND. Mr.-Emmet-has won reputation and earned money in England. His portrait,-life-size, is posted on tho walls as a recommendation to tho theatre at which ho performs, lu tho cartoon ho wears » velvet coat, and under his arm is a walking stick. Mr. Emmet, ploys very cleverly in a piece called "Fritzhut tho play is placed on tuo stage in a particularly careless manner, according to tho customs of society. Tho mala of all work wears a low-nocked dross and short slooves ; and gontlomon attend a ball in frock-coats and colored ties ; while tho villain of tho piece wears a " sombrero, ’ aetlio novels say, in-doors and out. Tho Frouoh, when thov boo tboso things, declare that tho English aro outer barbarians ; but I think wo might put up with a good many mistakes In tho wav of dressing if wo only had bettor aotors ana ac tresses. - Besides, tho scono of 4( Fritz ” is laid In Now York. Light farces and 'extravaganzas alone aro cultivated now-a-days. Tho rising ?onoratlou of actors know nothing of tho art bat thrills, and that opens up a world in a few flashes. HYDE PARK. mooting of flio Trustee*—Wow JGloctlovt Districts—Petition* and Communi cations—Bills Amounting to sl,- 413.21 Audited—Judge* and Clerk* of Election Appointed Tbo Water* Work** - An adjourned mooting of tho Hydo Park Trus tees was hold on Saturday afternoon. ELECTION DISTRICTS. On petition of eighty residents of Qrqnd Gross ing, or Cornell, ft now election district was formed out of District No. 1, to ho known as District No. 6, bounded on tho south by Eighty eovonth street, and on tho north by Sixty-oev onth street, oast of Cottago Grove avonno, and west of said avenuo by Sixty-third street, and extending from Stato street to Lako Michi gan, with tbo voting-placo at the depot at tho crossing. District No. 2 was changed by adding to It all between Forty-third and Forty-seventh streets, aud between Stato street and Cottago Groyo avonue, • PETITIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS, • Tho petition of G. Vandorsydo and others for allowance of interest on warrants given in 1871* for work dono on Thornton road, was referred to tbo Committee on Assessments. Tho petition of L. W.. Bock , and . others for opening and grading Sixty-second street, sixty six foot wide from State street to tlio lino of the South Park, was reforrod to tho Committee on Streets. Tho report of tho South Park Commissioners, embodying resolutions-passed by thorn, asking for tho laying of water and gas pipes aud sowers before permanent improvement lb made by them, is as follows: On each side of South Park avo nuo, from Thirty-ninth to Fifty-first street, and on tho west sido of said avenue, from Fifty-first to Sixtieth streets. On tho o&st sido of Prozol avenue, from Thirty-ninth to Forty-sovonth street, and on both sides of said avenue from Forty-seventh to Fifty-first streets, wore re ferred to tho Committee on Assessments. The petition from owners on South Park, or Kankakoo avouuo, to bavo tho same widened to 160 foot from Sixtieth to Niuoly-fifth street, was referred to tho Committee on Streets. BILLS AUDITED. Tho following bills woro ordered to bo paid: E. M. Gardjnor, 811.60; Dobson & Rhodes, 818G; : Inter-Occan, 8100; Realty & Barker, 8133.21; It. Fowler, 8C0.8G; Holbrook «fc Co., $48.00: J. B. Gardiner, 8700.61; Joseph Pol lack, 872; pay rolls for various small improve ments, 8114.60; total, 81,413.21. improvements ordered. Owners of properly wore ordered to construct ft six-foot sidewalk oh Hyde Park avenue in front of Block 2, and so mnch thereof as remains ■unooustruatod on the 4th of April next is to bo built by special assessnjont. An ordinance was adopted to macadamize Greenwood avenue from Forty-seventh to Forty first street, 24 feet wide and 19 inches deep, and Jjt. B. Bogue, O. M. Cady, and Samuel G. Rhodes wore appointed Commissioners to estimate the cost. Tbo Superintendent was authorized to pro curo.brokou atouo and gravel and keep all im proved strootsin repair. ELECTION MATTERS. The village Clerk was authorized to Issue legal notices for tho village election of officers April 16 next, and tho following persons woro ap pointed judges and clerks of the election: First District—U. R. Blobbing, Job, 11. Gray,'‘Win chester Rail, judges; Sidney L, underwood, Chandler F. Robbins, clerks. Second District —F. P. Van Wyck, George Miller, F, Dickinson, judges: —— Olard, Frank Hills, clerks. Third District— Jamds Tully, George K. Edwards, D. McJ)ole, judges; Thomas Doyle, J. L. Marsh, clerks. Fourth District— G, Do Yong, O. Kuyper, 11. Vandcr Belt, Judges; George Da Youg, *M. Uoogbruln, clerks. Fifth District- 8. B. Calkins, J. L. Storms, T. 8. Fitch, Judges; George 11. Waric, Georgo Merrill, clerjfs, INDIANA AVENUE. Tho contracts foy grading Indiana nvonno was awarded to Charles Creighton & Co., at ID cents por oubio foot, and tho stono to John McCaffrey & Co., at 83.25 por cubia foot. STATE STREET. The President and Suporiutondont woro au thorized to arrange with George Rinz and otlioia to straighten State street, between Sixty-first and Sixty-second utrpots. WATER-WORKS. 0. M. Cady and John P, Harney wore appointed to accompany a.committee of tho Water Com missioners to examine in other cities than Chi cago the processes of raising and distributing water, and to examine and report what contracts can bo made for pumps. It was declared to bo tho purpose of tho Trus tees on tho 6tb of April next to lovy one special assessment for laying down all water pipes that may ho needed this year, and owners of property, wishing pipes in front of their property were re quested to present their petitions on or before that time. Tho Water Commissioners reported that the sura of SBO,OOO would bo needed this year; that they had employed an engraver to prepare a plato for tho bonds, and wished to have tho amount find rate of interest fixed. Referred to the Joint Committee. Adjourned to Tqosday evening, March 25, p. m. POUR ELECTIONS are to bo hold in Uvdo Parkin April: For Town Oflicors, April 1; for Board of Education, April 6; for village oflicors, April 15: for Bohool Trus tees, April 18. TUE LITERARY SOCIETY has its usual mooting at tho Town Ilall this evening. Telegraphic ISrovltiue* Solomon Uticsh, an oxtouslvo grape grower tad wino manufacturer of Scott County, XU., has failed. Ills {labilities are said to exccod his assets $20,000. Hayden DoDusk. charged with being an accessory to tho hanging of gilt CotUu, near Atlantic, lowa, Jan. 81, wm ycatorday bound over lo tho sum of $2,000 to appear at the next torn) of the District Court uf Cass County. George W. Payer, aged 18 year*, of tho town of Cen tre, Dock County, Win., accidentally shot and killed himself on Thursday, by drawing a loaded g»jn along the ground with tho muzzle toward him. The charge entered his stomach, killing him almost Instantly, * Bark Emma O, Litchfield, which arrived at Now York from Rio Janeiro yesterday, had her whole screw down with yellow fever on Fob. 23, at sea, excepting two men. Two men died. Hchoouer Brewster, from the same place, lost ono man from yellow fovor. A telegram from Detroit, 'received yesterday after noon, says a man fell from tho ferryboat on tho rlvor, on Friday night and his body, up to 13 o'clock, has not been found.' Ills name is not known, but It U THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: MONDAY, MARCH 24, 1873. \ ' thought ho‘wia a Chicago man who has boon soiling' comonl hereabouts for flovcral dayn.' I ■> A mooting won hold tn Cleveland, on Friday evening, for tho purnoßo of organizing a sociqly for tho preven tion of cruelty to animal*. A Committee was appoint ed to momurallzo tho Legislature, waking for tho pas sage of a law on tho subject of cruelty to animals sim ilar to tho ono now boforo tho Legislature of Now York. Much Interest was manifested lu tho aubjoot by all present. FOREIGN. NICARAGUA. Panama, March B.—lt Is stated that tho practicability of tho ship-canal through Nicaragua Ims boon settled by tho labors of tho present United mates surveying party In Nicaragua. Tho difference of levels between Lake Managua and tho largo lako of Nicaragua has been determined to bo 22 36-100 feet American and 24 0-10 feet Spanish measure,- Tho surveying parly vis ited tho capital, and on tho 18th of February last took tho atenmorou tho lake which was to convoy thorn to Virgin Pay, GUATEMALA. Nlw York, March 22.— Guatemala advices Bay that, in tho revolution width exists there, and which la headed by I’ulaclns, tho Government Is exiling, shoot ing, and Imprisoning on all sides. The misconduct of tho English Minister, Corbett, has caused a bitter. fooling against England. Corbel! sought to secure tho appointment of ono Dent as a customs receiver at a local port, who was personally objectionable to tho people. The Guatemalan Govern ment refuses longer to recognize Corbett. GERMANY. Berlin, March -22.—Tcwlay is a holiday hero, It being tho 7flth anniversary of tho birth of Emperor William. Flags aro flying from public and private building*, and tho city will bo Illuminated to-night. SPAIN. Madrid, March 22.—Tho Radicals aro determined to provonttho demonstration of thooxtrome Republicans, A crisis la expected to-morrow. FIRES. A Woman nnd Two Children Burned . to Death in Calhoun County* lowa-- Other Fires Yesterday* Dubuque, lowa, March 22.—A moat distressing ca lamity occurred, a few nights ago, flvo miles northeast of Pomeroy, Oaltioun County, by tho burning of a sod cabin, with a thatched roof of hay, straw, and sticks, resulting in the death of tho Inmates, a poor woman namod ITallock, and her two amah children. Tbo roof, composed as It was of light material, dry as tinder, burned the poor creatures so terribly oa to causo' their death* yesterday. A flro at ulno o'clock, to-night, destroyed tho brick dwelling of Herman Ohatwlck. Loss, $2,600; Insured $1,400 in tho North Missouri. Barn of william Now roan: loss. $1,000; not insured. Ono or two small buildings in tho vicinity wero also destroyed. Tho flro originated in Newman’s barn. Afire early this morning destroyed tho boarding house of P« Dunn. Tho building was a frame ono, and owned by Mrs. Mary A. Cummings. Lobs. $1,600; not insured. Dunn’s loss on-furniture Is $600; insured for $450. Dunn was this afternoon arrested, charged with being tbo Incendiary. Special Dispatch to The Chlcaao Tribune. Detroit. Mich., March 22.—Woodbury's flouring mill at Kalamazoo was burned at 4 o’clock this morn ing, togotber with some grain on hand, 400 barrels of flour, and thomnchlnory. Tho loss is about $25,000; Insurance about SII,OOO. New York, March 22.—A flro in Crosby street, near Broadway, Inst night, burned Domorcst’s earrings ro pusitury nml Reynolds’ nat and cap factory. .Tho loss Is $24,000. THE LABOR PROBLEM. Riotous Conduct of n F.ot of Strikers— Stones Rinl Pistol* nrotigbi into Ac- tion—A Ringleader mortally Wound ed—Strike* Expected* St. Louis. March 22.—50m0 twenty or thirty men, who, a few days ago, struck on tho Slough levee works, about flftecu miles below HaunJbal, Mo., organized iuto a mob yesterday aud attacked Mate Harris, tho tlme-keopor, and Thomas Stapleton, the walking-boas of tbo work, throwing stones and firing pistols at them, Harris .and Stapleton returned tho flro ond killed Patrick Vaughn, ono of tho ringleaders, and mortally wounded Pat McNamara. Harris and Stapleton auli- Bcquoully went to Hannibal, whore they woro arrested. New York, March 22.—At Bergen Point, N. J„ yes terday, somo thirty laborers boarded a railroad train, and, in tbo attempt to collect tfcclr fares, a uovero flgfit ensued, resulting in dangerous Injuries to several persons, including tho conductor and brakes man. It Is now stated that a strike Is imminent among the Journeymen carpenters in tills oily, Tho Eight-hour League, which Includes tho Qor* man sections, piano-makers, polishers, cabinetmakers, etc., Is also expected to strike.' At a meeting of tho gas men last night, the recent action of. tho gas com panies in reducing tho wages, In consideration of eight hours work, was considered, A demand was made for a general strike, and It Is said that another meeting will be hold to-night, when preparations will bo made for a general strike early next week. Dostojt, March 22.—Tho Journeymen horoc-ehoopo of Boston bsyo voted an assessment of $1 each per week for tho payment of (10 per to each man out of employ by tho slrlko at tho Metropolitan Horse IlaUroad shops. IOWA. Drowned—Fatal Experiment In tho Eog’-SplUtinsr Line—Grain In Store* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Dudoque, March 22.— Near Polos!, Win., a young German, named Uoury Bonn, was drowned last night by breaking through tho ice while crossing Grout. River. Particulars of a fearful accident near LaMotto, Jack ion County, lowa, the result of tho most foolhardy venture, are at hand, from which It appears that James McAllister, a youth of 18, not satisfied with tho ordin ary method of chopping logs with an axe and wedges, undertook ip facilitate matters ny tho use of powder. Accordingly, be drilled a hole in a largo oaken log, filled tho cavity with powder, which ho rammed down tightly and, having no fuse, dropped a live coal Into the pow der. The explosion that ensued tore tho log into splin ters, end took oil half his head, scattering the brains In all directions. Tho body, also, was mutilated be yond recognition. The largest quantity of grain over known to be on hand at this time of the year Is now stored at the fol lowing places: Total'estimated number of bushels, 600,000, divided as follows: lowa, Dubuque, 200,000; McGregor, 60.000. Illinois, Galena, 60,000. Wiscon sin, Prairie uu Obion, 16,000; Bridgeport, 20,000; Woodman, 10,000; Boscobol, 45,000; Blue River, 10,000; Muscods, 15,000; I’lattovllle, 10,000; Cassvllie! 40,000 1 ro(otl, 15,000. UTAH, Small-Fox In San Folo County-- —Financial—Speculation!* Regard ing: lho Next Governor* Balt Bare, March 22.—A correspondent of the ATnrs this evening reports a terrible state of affairs in Ban Pete County, owing to the small-pox, Tho careless boss of tho people in not adopting tho proper sanitary regulations Is the main cause of the alarming spread of the disease. In this city thoro seems to uq an In creased number of cases, creating general public uneasiness. Business seems no way unsettled by tbo lato monetary scare, culminating in a run on tho First National Bank. All the banks, however, took warning and telegraphed for currency in largo amounts, which arrived to-night late. Private advices from .Washington indicate that Gov. Woods, who, It Is generally supposed, tho President intends to send abroad, will bo succeeded by Gou, P. Edward Oonuor, formerly Commander of this district, A now paper, tho Grant Vidette, of mammoth pro portions, appeared to-day. » Local Option ” la Ponnaylvanln, Pnn.ADKX.pniA, March 22.—“ Local option " was yes terday defeated in most of tho counties. Northamp ton Comity gave 4,(300 majority for license; Lebanon gave 3,800 for license; Lacks County, 2,600 for license; Montgomery County, 2,800 for license. The Democrats elected their ticket in Pottslown by 113 ma jority, Allentown, Pa., March 23.—Yeager, Republican, was elected Jlaypr yesterday. Locol option was de feated by 810 majority in Chester County. Tho mo*, jority against license is LOCO. Bethlehem gives 631 majority for license. Now York (iontrfil Ilallrond Taxes, Auunr, N. V., March 22.—Hoveutocn locomotives, belonging to tho New York Central 4c Hudson Ilivqr Railroad Company, seized by United States Collector Dailey, were Bold to-day, realizing only about $17,000, They were bought by E. D. Worcester, Treasurer of the Company. There Is still $415,000 duo tho Government. The Company’s attorney previously protested against the hhlo oh Illegal, it is supposed that tho now depot buildings will bo next poized to apply In liquidation of (he tax. .Election Excitement* Limr. Home, March 23.—1n tho special election held on Monday fur Alderman of tho First Word, W. J. Murphy was elected by o majority of over two to one, The Council met lost night, and refused to recog nize Murphy’s election, and eworo In his opponent, who did not receive half aa many votes as Murphy. The moat Intense excitement prevails in consequence, and Indignation meetings are being hold to-night on the cornels of the principal streets, and’the action of the Council Is denounced li> the severest terms.' " ni(i«wucluiNoUM Legislature, Boston, Mush., March 23.—Thu liouso, torday. passed to u second reading thu bill that all places resort ed to for prostitution, lowdness, or Illegal gaming, ‘ho deemed common nuisances, umj punishing whoever keeps such plucca by imprisonment, Another ffliirdor. Richmond, Va., March 32.—Yiscumdo Oastronos, an Italian, died to-day from (he oltuutsof a blow with a billot of wood in tho hands of OuiHuppo Uliulouu, dur ing a personal altercation Just evening. Ocean fttenmulilp Nuwi.. London, March 22.—.The steamships Calabria, Oily of Montreal, and Manitoban have arrived out. - Obituary* Philadelphia, March 32,—John Lewis Baker, a well kuowu actor, filed this morning, aged 40. ' ■ WASHINGTON. Special Dlspat4hio-The Chicago Tribune, CALDWELL, WAaniNOTOK,, D, O,,.March 23.—A.loading.member of thoßonato Committee on Privilege* and Election*, who has carefully noted the oiTocVof Ujo'doWo'pf lUo last week bn tho case of Caldwell, says to-night while perhaps ho Senator haa"had' his convictions" changed by the speeches,’, yet tbo rottenness of the base bus been so widely advertised by tho pres*, that many will be obliged to vote far Caldwell’s oxpulsloH, under the ' pressure of publlo opinion, who aro otherwise friendly to his interests. Tho Senate spent two hours to-day In endeavoring : to conclude somo arrange ment by which' a final vote could be taken at a stated tlmo,bht objection was made by some Senators, who had reason to behove that if adcflullo time was fixed, Caldwell's friends would resort to somo shorn practice to soauro his escape. Senator Morton has tho floor for Monday, and will then answer all the argument* mado against bis report., Some Senator* think tho Caldwell case will be concluded, and tho Sen ate adjourn by Tuesday: while others do not antici pate an adjournment before tho last of tho week. CLAYTON. The Clayton case cannot, it is thought, under any circumstances consume more than two day*. COLLECTOR OABEY. Casey was confirmed this afternoon an Customs Col lector at Now Orleans by a very fair majority, notwith standing tho opposition of Senator West, Casey was hanging round tho Capitol all day, but left ss soon ns ho heard of his confirmation, west is not himself lu very good odor with tho Republican Senator*. They regard him os rather fishy, and aro not inclined to trust him too much after his opposition to Oosoy. It Is very certain that tho doors of the White House will ho practically closed against him hereafter. Tb<v debate on Casey to-day occupied two or three hours. Considerable time was also spent In discussing tho nomination of William 8. Tough, Marshal for Kansas, and ho was rejected; but after wards tho vote was reconsidered, and bo was con firmed, . .... i TIIIS O’RRIEN PARDON. Tbo President to-day signed, tho. order directing the. Attorney-General to Issue tho papers commuting tho sentence of the murderer, O’Brien, to Imprison ment for life. Tho whole community, without regard to' class, Is Indignant at this interposition of tho President. It is now behoved that-In the course of a few months O’Brien will bo pardoned altogether, as several ladles, prominent m (ho first circles, havo strangely enough appealed personally to tho President In his behalf. \To the Associated Preen. 1 LIFB-SAVINO STATIONS. Washington, March 22.—Secretary Boutwcll has appointed 8. J. Kimball, of tbo Revenue Marino Office, and Oapts. Morryman and Founce. of tho Revenue Marine Service, as a commllten, "under the act of March 3,” to determine at what points It 1s to tho In terest of humanity and commerce to establish life saving stations. nominations. Tho President sent tho following nominations to tho Senate, to-day : Robert Keller, District: of Oolumbla, Consul at Bt. Martin, W. I.: william 8. Tough. United States Marshal for Kansas : Inadoro EsU'ngor, Apprais er of Merchandise, Evansville, Ind,; Edwin A. How ard, Michigan, Agent of tho Indisns.of tho Whetstone Agency, Dakota. Postmasters—Jacob E. Wbltonnch, JcrsoyvlUe, III.; Charles O. Myers, Kcmlallvlllo, Ind.; Joseph 8. liinnoy, DauvlUo, Ky.; W. E. Weddell, Oko lono, Miss.; Charles 6. Bungs. Hillsboro, 111.; T. 8. Chase, Kansas City, Mo.; D. w, Olommor, Dowsgiae, Mich.; Slmls Nocth, Brunswick, Ga.; Thomas D. Mavery, Macomb, IU. CONFIRMED. Tbo Senate to-day confirmed the following nomine* tlohs: James F. Oasey, Collector of Customs, Now; Orleans; David Bushey, Collector of Customs, South ern District of Oregon; William S. Tough. United States Marshal of Kansas; Postmasters—Jacob Hough at Bellofontolno, Ohio: Amasa M. Morse. Petaraula, Cal.; George F. Dick, Bloomington, III.; Nicholas Fllbcck, Torre Haute, Ind.; John L. Millor, Lafayette, Ind.t 11, 11. Opdcgrovo, Von Wert, O,; .Perry Howes, Sodiula, Mo. , ■ ALLEGED DEFALCATION, . New Your, March 22.—1t is stated from ’Washing ton that Gen. Blount, whoso transactions with tho Cherokee Indians, lu North Carolina, havo for some time been under investigation, was arrested tboro yes terday on a' requisition from tho Governor of that State, on a charge of being a defaulter to the amount of $30,000. _ - SENATE—EXTRAJSESSION. ' THE CALDWELL CASE. Washington, March 22.—Tho Senate proceeded to tbo consideration of the Caldwell cose. Mr. FERRY (Mich.) regretted that the Senator from Connecticut (Mr. Ferry) submitted tho resolution of expulsion. Uo had given 'oloflo-attention to tho ten days* debate on tho question, whether bribery vitiates tho election of a member, This debate was confined to tbo legality of tho act by which Mr. Caldwell held his scat. It appeared tho majority of tho Committee on Elections were in doubt as to tho proper method to bo punned, therefore they chose to present tbo ques tion Involving tho validity of tho election, Mr, MORTON Interrupted Mr. Ferry’s remarks as to the resolutions already pending from different Sen ators on the subject, and said that he. as Chairman of the Committee, took the ground that tho Senate had a choice of remedies, and favored expulsion, but tho majority of tbo Committee thought proper to present a resolution declaring tho so&t vacant, rather than ono or gximuiou. Mr. FERRY, resuming, said ho would not commit Linuolf In advance as lo tho merits of qmvdtloun tu. volved, but should approach each of them with tho re spect duo to tho State's action and his constitutional duty to deal rigidly with officialwrong. He then offered an amendment to tbo amendment' pending, to piaco hack tho first question substantially whero It first appeared from the Committee, os fol lows : That Alexander Caldwell bo and Is hereby declared to have been elected Senator of tbo United States by tbo Legislature of Kansas.'* • Mr. ALCORN briefly discussed tbo question of Ju risdiction, maintaining that the Couatltutian inakca tbo act of the Legislature in tbo election on a Senator tbo subject of renew by tbo Senate. • Mr. TERRY (Conn.), in explaining tbo reasons Tor having heretofore offered amendments to tbo Commit tee’s resolution for tbo proposed expulsion of Air. Caldwell, said that, in examining all the evidence, bo was unable to avoid tbo conclusion that the election in

1871 was effected by bribery in tbo interest of Mr. Caldwell, tbo purchase money having been paid by Mr. Caldwell himself. Having arrived at ibis conclusion of facts, It seemed to be essential not simply to tbo dignity and honor of the Senate, and • to the state of public foaling of tbo country, but for the preservation of tbo Institutions under which wo live, that tbo Senate should in somo way emphatically express condemnation of the transaction. According to common law and usage running through oil English decisions until now, a bribed vote is no vote, and if It bo found that bribed votes effected tbo election, tboy must bo cast out and the election voided. When tbo charge was made that the Senator’s election was pro cured by bribery, it was tbo boundou duty of tbo Sen ate, under tbo constitutional olauso that made tbo Senate the judge of tbo election qualification, to in quire into tbo facts. ' ,• ’ . Some time wfcs spent In an exchange of views, as to fixing tbo order In which the ponding' propositions shall bo voted on, but no arrangement was made. No Senator rising to continue t}io debate, tbo closing Speech devolved on Mr. Morton, who sold bo was not ready to do so to?day,'arid‘ moved that tbo Senate go Into ‘ oxccuUyo session, which was agreed to. At tbo expiration' of tbo Executive session, tbo Btoatoad? jourpod, , SPRINGFIELD. Local Politics—Tlio Approaching* Ulu. nicipal Eloctions—Pernonal—Ncgro Colobrotloii.«Tho judicial Appor tionment uni*. Special. Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, SpnxsaFiKU>, 111., March 22.—Our municipal elec tion, which takes place in April, Is Just now exciting considerable attention. Tbo contest will draw tbo party lines sharply, and, as prominent gentlemen will bo put up (or tbo position of Mayor, there will bo n sharp fight. Xt is generally conceded that tbo Hon. Wm. M. Springer will bo tbo Liberal candidate for Mayor, and, until it was set tled that be should run, Jack Smith, the present incumbent, expected to walk over tbo course. It seems now that be is frightened off, for be refuses to run, and tbo Republicans are casting about for somo one else to take bis place. Gen. J. L, Reynolds, Senator-elect from Cook Coun ty, will make the tour of Europe this summer, and bo baa therefore prepared himself with au honorary com mission from Gov. Beveridge to attend the Vienna Exposition. Our colored people are preparing to celebrate the 81et day of March, being the anniversary of the adoption of tbo Fifteenth Amendment to tbo Constitution. Gov. Beveridge aud Gen. Llx>plncott aro to address thorn. • Richard F. Crawford, of Winnebago County, elected to’succecd the Hon. R. G. Cross, deceased, as Repre sentative from the Ninth District, received his certifi cate of 'election from tho 'pocrctary of State, to-day, Uo will take his seat and be sworn in next' Tuesday. ' Tbs Judicial Apportionment bill lias' not been sighed by (boGovemor, und will not receive bis signature until tbo last moment of the ten days allowed him. The repealing clause, it is bold, will repeal all the present circuits out of existence, and out off all tbo suits in progress, leaving tbo State outside of Cook County actually'without courts for tbo next three mouths. A supplementary bill, containing tbo present circuits until tbo elections in the pew circuits, bos been intro? ducod in tbo House aud an effort will bo madu to pass it before tbo ton days aro up. ‘ Tbo circuit bill will bo signed, whether tbo supplementary bill passes or not. Euthanasia* Spectof Ditpaleh to The Chicago Tribune. Peoria, IU., March 23.—Daniel Kootrlol, a German cooper, committed suicide this afternoon, at his house lu lower Peoria, lie was arrignod lu tho Police Court this morulug fdr trouble with his son, pud It Is sup posed wont homo and deliberately shot himself out of femorso, When found the shot-gun was lying across his body, with one barrel discharged, a string attached to tho trigger, and the other end lu tlio man’s hand, showing that lie had killed hln}«elf. . , Detroit, March 33.— At Comstock, yesterday morn ing. Jjromo Goodrich started down-stalra at an early hour, He found his mother, Mrs. Philip Goodrich, hanging In’the stairway, She was 03 years old. The eupiKMud cause was despondency at tha loss of her daughter, Mrs. Coo, and oilier domestic troubles. Tho Modoc War. Washington, March 23.—The foUowlng was received to-day ; Van Bremer's llakohk, Cal., March 10. 2b Gen, W. T. Sherman, Wathimjlvn} • The squaw sent tutu the Modoo camp returned yes terday. Tho excuse made by the Imllaua for not keeping their appointment Is that, at the last moment, their heart# failed ihcm.nnd they hoi brlng themselves to Uio point of abandoning their- old homos ahdgolng lo a distant country. They aro evi dently not now in a disposition fovorahlo to any ar rangement. though they profess a willingness to have another talk, It will bo roiiio llmo beforo llio Coramls .slon can boasßomblod, and in tho meantime-tbo troops will bo nut In positions that cover ns far an possible 'oil points of ogress from tbo lava bods. I think that a system of gradual compression with tbo exhibition of tho forco.that can ho used against thorn, If thoCommfs elon should again fail, will satisfy thorn of tho hope* IcssuDSflofany further resistance,’ami givd tho ponce parly suniciont strength to control tho whole band. Time Is becoming of tho greatest Importance, no tho molting of the snow will soon enable (hem lo Hto In tho mountains. This will greatly Increase tho dlfficul lies wo have lo contend with, ns they will then break up Into small pnrtlrs, and can more readily make their oecApe from their present location. Kuwaud R. S. Gamut, Urlg.-Oco. Commanding, WALL STREET, Iloview of tlio Money, Gobi; Ilona, Stock, and Produce Alarßotn, Special Liipatch to The Chicago Tribune. Nkw York, March 22.—The money market was much less distressing to borrowers than at any time for a week, tbo riifo this morning being 1-32 flat, to 1-33 and interest. In tbo afternoon balances wore lent down to 4 per cent per annum, which was tho clearing rate, • Slocks continue dull. Western Union Telegraph is strongly bolstered up by tbo Blubbornucsa of tho clique, who for their own safety are forced to sustain the market. It is said, also, that money in largo amounts baa been obtained on • tbo plodgo of the stock at 80 as collateral, against loans of How York Central, wbich may. further account for its stiff support. Pacific Mail and Ilarlom have boon weak at tiroes. There is no truth In tbo report that tbo Milwaukee 6 St. Paul Railway has boon leased to tho Pennsylvania Railroad Company, nor Is it true that negotiations have boon opened with that end In view. The story comes from Chicago, and tho officers of tbo St. Paul boro bavo had telegraphic inquiries in regard to tho aubjoot directed to them. VODOBD CSHTiriOATBS. In regard to rocont forgeries of statro certificates of tho Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railroad Com pany, it has been definitely ascertained that the certificates are genuine Impressions, and thin is ad mitted by tho respectable Arm of Messrs. Siobort Pros,, engineers. who avo endeavoring to ascertain whether the certificates wore abstracted from their printing bouso or from tho Government stamp office, or from tho “ stub book” of tho Fort Wayno Company. While certificates aro la all particulars as far as engraving is concerned, tho eamo as all other certificates of this kind issued by tbo Company, tboro is a difference in tbo Internal revenue stamp, which Is, or should bo impressed at tbo Government office. In tbo genuine certificates this stamp contains tbo bead of Franklin, where it is a 25 cent stamp, and tba bead of Washington where it is 2 cent stamp. In tbo counterfeits tbo 23 cent stamp bears tbo head of Washington, Instead of that of Franklin, which pet. is to bavo been a device of tho forgers to ovado tbo penalties for counterfeiting United States stamps. It Is also believed by the engravers and many others, that tho Wabash certificates are gen uine, except tbo Government stamp, ns In tho case of tho Fort Wayne. Tho Wabaah Company aro having now certificates engraved. Gold was strong all day, closing at U5J£. Tho Ircas uro shipment was (135,000, all silver. LOTTOS. - Governments were strong, and moderately active. TUB OA.HQS. The bank statement Is favorable this week, tho asso ciated banks having (317,225, Lawful money, above the 23 per cent requirement, while lost week there was a deficiency of (254,250. There has been a sharp con traction of loans, Flour was quiet, but closed in fair request. Low grades wore steady and medium stronger. No. 2 and superfine wore in moderate demand. Good lines of shipping extras aro scarce and wanted. Amber winter wheat extras ore very firm and fairly active. Sales, 8,700 brls; receipts, 8,230 brio. Holders of spring wheat arc quite Arm. Tho market closes strong, tho demand being in part for ox]K>rt, but chiefly for milling. Sales, 24,0C0 bu; receipts, 4,030 bu. Fork was fairly active and steady. There was a Jobbing buol ncss at $10,25 for now mess; 23 brls thin moss at $15.02# 230 barrels mesa for Juno at (10.23. Of prime mess, I,ooobarrels city on private terms; city quoted at (17.00@1Q.50; receipts, 020 packages. Out meals woro generally quiet and prices about nominal. Dry salted shoulders are quoted at o#c. Sales reported of CO boxes of pickled bellies at 10c, 14 lbs; receipts, 2,032 packages. Bacon quiet, and quiet and rather unsettled; loug clear, B@B#c; and short clear, B#®B#c; 100 boxes light short rib sold at B,Vfc, Lard was quiet, and the market about ns yesterday. Of Western 200 tes for March sold at 8 7-lQc; 100 tes city at 8#o; for futuro delivery 73 tes April at 8 0-lflo; receipts, 1,030 tierces and barrels and 200 koga. DUST TO DUST. Funerals of Foster mid RffcCllmney Yesterday—Attempted Suicide of the Former. Succfflf Dispatch to The CMeaao Tribune. Nkw York, March 22.—1n tbo Sheriff's office It ia believed that Foster attempted to poison himself yes terday morning. The matron of tbs prison found tbo condemned roan In a stupor at 8:16. After much-shaking ho was aroused and confessed that bo bad taken a six-grain opium pill. Tbo matron forced him to swallow two cups of strong colfoo which made him vomit. Doctors Noaila and Vnndowatcr . were called, and Foster was taken into tbo corridor and- miked up and down, white ice water was freely .poured upon his bead. When tbo fiborllT learned these facts bo hurried the execution, and Foster was dying when bo was banged. Such is tbo story going about, but tbo authorities refuse to give tbo particu lars, although they admit tbo doctors say Foster showed symptoms of poisoning, snd there Is somo truth in it. The matron's' brother is dead, and sbo cannot bo scon. There ia to bo an investigation. A deputy, who was once a playmate of Foster, is sus pected of giving him the pill. Your correspondent talked with the deputy .in question to-night, and bo says Foster was tbo greatest coward bo over know. lie docs not bclievo ha had nerve enough to kill himself. Dr. Tyug denies that Foster showed any symptoms of poisoning. Tbo writer’s observations previous to and during tbo execu tion lead him to believe tbo story a canard. Tbo Deputy Bhorilf alluded to above told tbo writer that Foster was as impenitent and unprepared for death when on the gallows as tbo day bo killed Putnam, 110 added: “It’s ail over now. but Hill was a bad man. Zbavoboeu acquainted with him since bo was a boy, and no one know him better than I did.” Tbo matron of (be Tombs was interviewed to night, and denies that there is any truth lu tbo re ported attempted suicide of Foster. Foster was burled at 10 o'clock this morning, at Greenwood. Tbo Revs. Dra. Tyng and Walker performed tbo Episcopal ser vice. Only relatives were present. No Indies accom panied tbobodjjto (bocemetery. This lain violation of ono of tbo cemetery regulations, which eayu] no per son who has died in prison, or bos been executed -for any crime, shall bo burled therein. New York, March 22.—Foster was burled this morning at Greenwood. Rev. Dra. Walker and Tyng officiated. Roth declared there was no truth in tbo statement as to tbo attempt of Foster (o commit sui cide, and tbo facts as to bis condition arc a refuta tion of tbo report, A statement Is published to-day, based on informa tion derived from a Tombs official, that Foster took poison on tbo night before his execution, About 8 o’clock yesterday rooming tbo mat ron of tbo Tombs found Foster sick, and iu explanation, bo then admitted that be bad taken poison, and many of bis symptoms lu every way confirmed this suspicion. On this account tbo Sheriff- hastened the execution, aud while many be lieved that tbo duration of tbo religious exorcises was tolling on Foster’s nerves, it was lu reality a weakness caused by tbo poisou that was acting on him. A Tombs physician says that Foster would have died If bis execution bad boon delayed until 10 o'clock. Latexi— lt la insisted lu some of tlio evening papers that tlio story of Foster’s attempted suicide is cor rect. Tho theory is well supported by circumstantial evidence, os well aa to tho statements of the Doctor of tho Tombs, and minor oillclala. Tlio impression is that Foster took opium about 5J o’clock lu tho morn ing of tho execution. Some assort that this may havo been taken to lulluouco his nervous system, hut the evidence goes to show that tho doso was sultlclont to £ reduce death had tho execution boon delayed an hour ter. Bostok, Marsh 32.—Tbo proposed burial of Mo- Elbanoy, to-day, from tbo East Cambridge Methodist Church, was changed by tbo request of bis relatives. Tbo funeral took placo at 2 o’clock from bis father’s bouse in Grove street. Tbo Rev. N. Ray, performed tbo burial rites iu a simple manner. They consisted of a few words to tbo friends of tbo docoaeod, prayer, reading of Scripture, ond singing. Then tbo funeral cortege wended Its way to Cambridge Cemetery, whore tbo remains wore interred. THE PACIFIC COAST? Arrest of an Alleged Embezzler— Apache Atrocities—The Epizootic— Population of Sau Francisco. Ban Francisco. Cul.,MarcU 23,— 1t la reported that 11. D.liogart, formerly a writer on tho Now York Sun, end a Paymaster's Clerk lu tho navy, and recently a reporter on the San Francisco Chronicle, started for Now York to-day In custody of United States oßlcors to answer there tp a charge of embezzling $30,000 while acting os Paymaster’s Clerk.' Dogart was tho correspondent of the Chronicle during the Modoc war. Nows Is received that tho Apaches captured George Taylor near Wlokorborg, burned him to a stake, and then returned safely to the mountains. Tho oplzoollo Is raging throughout Northern Arizo na and Southern California. Langley’s now directory shows tho population of San Francisco to bo 188,333, an Increase during tho year of about 10,000 5 Chinese, 11,000; negroes, 1,650, Railroad Accidents* Bdshkell, 111,. Afarch 21.—Yoatorday rooming’s train hound west on the Toledo, Poona k Western Itallroad, was thrown from tho track when about live miles cost of this place, TUo roar car was thrown down an embankment, and (turned two somersaults before coming to a holt, Ono 8 year old child of Mrs. Childers was killed, and another, 10 years old, woe badly hurt, while Mrs. Childers herself was also seri ously Injured, An old man, name not known, was also somewhat Injured. JANEHVIU.K, March 23.—Conductor Frod. Buck, of tho Chicago & Northwestern Hallway, was badly hurt in the head, while coupling cars, at Crystal Lake, IU., yesterday. lie la out of hla mind, and fears are en tertained for his recovery. REAL ESTATE.; Tho groat feature in connection with roal estate at present continues to bo tho speculation In suburban lands. Tho Instances given In our Issue of last Sunday, showing that thoro hod boon an average rise of about 100 per cent in the prices of almost tho entire district known as tho Blue Island Ilidgo since last year, scorn rather to stimulate tho • speculation than to in duce any oxtm caution about investments. A good many cautious pooplo shako tbolr heads apd say, " Woll, this tiling can’t go on always 1” But when wo como to think of it, those same wise pooplo have boon saying Just, tho' samo;thing about all property in Chicago for tho last half-dozen years, and while thoy have boon shaking their heads and refusing to tako any interest in It, poor men have grown rich by tho tbo rleo in values during tho padt six years can bo given than of tho property on tho avenues south of Twonty-socond street, and as far as tho city limits. Six years ago, lots on Michigan avonuo, in tho neighborhood of Twomy-fourth street, woro hard'to sell at SBO por front foot} on Prairlo avonuo, from Sixteenth street to Twenty-sixth street, values ranged from SIOO to SOO por front foot, and on Columot, at about tho same prices or lower. Tho sarao property soils now at from S4OO to SSOO per front foot, and many a man who considered tho pricos of six years ago too high for a prudent, per-, son . to pay, fools perfectly satisfied that tho present pricos aro legitimate, and that tho property is worth tho money ; and many of tho very mon who thou said pricos woro too high, have bought since and paidthroo or four times as much as thoy refused to pay for tho eaino property flvo or six years ago. Nearly tbo same percentage of rise, only , on a lower scale of price, has boon oxp'orioucod all tho woy out to Englewood in ono direction, and Ilydo Park in another. If tho riso in values in other directions has not boon so groat, It has at least boon enough to give purchasers greater profits than thoy could possibly bavo mado In any othpr kind of invest ment. TOWARD HUMBOLDT PARK. Wo nolo tbo rocont sale of 5 acres in the W. U of S. W. H of S. E. Hof S. W. Xof Soc. 3, 89, 13, fronting on Chicago avenue, lust west of Humboldt Park Boulevard, for $2,800 per aero. This property was offered something over a year ago for $1,500 per aero, and two months ago was offered for $2,000 per acre. One of tho effects of the great lire was to transfer a largo proportion of tho North Bide to tho neighborhood of tho artesian woU and north east of that toward tho rolling mills. Hundreds of mechanics and laborers who had lived in their own houses in tho district between Sedgwick street and tho North Branch lost their houses by tho flro, but wore ablo to sell their lots for enough to buy others in tho northwestern nuortor of tho city about tho junc tion of Milwaukee and North avenues, and have enough loft to build small wooden cottages on them. Tho result has boon an immonso amount of this kind of building along those parts of Milwaukee and North avenues during the last year. PROGRESS AND PROTECTS IN LAKE VIEW. The mooting of -residents of Lake View, on Thursday evening, reported briefly in our issuo of Friday, has this significance: It was called by parties who arc in favor of tho immediate an nexation of tho southernmost portion of Lako View to Chicago, But those found themselves largely outnumbered In tho gathering by tho op ponents of tho measure, and tho assemblage found itself afloat on a sea of wrangling and dis agreement, in which the ntm of' the comiug to gether foil plump to tho bottom. Tho intention, however, is one tho neighboring property inter ests should take into consideration. Tho popu lation which -property-owners in Lake View are-now inviting is essentially of city peo ple, and demands that city privileges shall roach them. They want gas, water, side walks, sewerage, and tbo abatement of nuis ances. If local authority secures thorn, they prefer, to escape tho higher taxes of tho city. Towns like Lake View must bo liberal and wide awake, or they cannot escape tho dismem berment they naturally oppose, and in tho lafco instance have apparently defeated. There is no happy retreat far an old fogy anywhere in tho outskirts of Chicago, since farm lands have boon staked into city lots. If Lake View wishes to receive 25,000 now inhabitants !u tho next few years, she must come into tho lino of generous improvements, or tho new-comers will no rest less until they are taken under tho wing of tho municipality. LAKE VIEW IMPROVEMENT. Tbo Tomi Hall, rccoutly orootod on nutated street, a woll-nroportioued, handsome building, costing about 510,000, will probably bo in a suf ficient state of forwardness for use for town election purposes early in April. At tho session of Congress just closed, an ap propriation of something over 520,000 was mado, wo understand, for the fencing and decoration of tho Marino Hospital grounds. It is to bo hoped that nothing will interfere with tho; prompt ox,-* f ondituro of this amount precisely in tho dirco ion intended, and in such a manner as shall make those grounds what the surroundings of several, of tho Marine Hospitals in other cities are: models of-good taste. '• 1 ■ BAVENBWOOD, in western part of tho town of Lake View, seems likely to double its population tho present sum mer. Property has never boon in ns active de mand there before. Tho people of Ba yonswood a?o taking active steps for tbo immediate construction of railroad crossings, culverts, (sidewalks, etc., and expect soon to have a first-class brick sower. This enterprise will- bring a largo addition to the popula tion, and tho rest of tbo town of Lake View -if it Is wise will follow the excellent example. TUB EXTENSION OF DEARBORN STREET. In tbo groat improvements, from time to time suggested, and agreed upon by our Common Council, of tho various streets and avouuos of the'city, that of old Dearborn is to play, as is now evident, no inconspicuous part. For a long time previous to tbo Are it was tho post ofl|co afreet of tbo city, and until tbo carrier system was established, it was among tbo most thronged- and lively of tbo business centre. Tbo street, as now being built up anow, while more splendid in its architecture than before, will also bo as busy a thoroughfare. Near its junction with South Water it will continue to bold Ua wholesale, business. At the comer of Lake will bo tbo Tromont House, now being completed as ono of tbo finest buildings of tbo city, and to bo occupied among the first of tbo now botols tbo coming summer. Passing south, will bo tho McCormick block (tbo old Kovoro building), Hoes* building, Williams’ block, Fullerton's blook, tbo McCarthy building, Portland block, Henning is Snood's building, Cobb’s building, The Tribune Building. Hawley’s Building, Ful ler Block, tbo Public Library Building, Honoro Blook, oto. Its business, as beforo, will bo mis cellaneous. It will havo several hotels, among which will bo tbo Oommoroial, Tromont. Kuhns, fit. Julian, and tbo Honoro House. Tub Tuin dne and Journal offices, with tho Publio Library on tho Post-Ofiioo lot, will make that port of Doarbom between Madison and Monroo an attractive centre for readers and gosaippors. Tbo Common Council havo now passed an ordi nance for tho extension of Doarboru to Four teenth street, which will add another mile to its length. Tbo assessments for that part of tbo exten sion from Monroo to Jackson street havo boon mado out, and aro now In tbo bands of tbo City Collector. Tbo gross amount is 5190,8-11.811. This is, in fact, tbo second assessment mado upon tbo property. The present ono was mado boc&uso tbo city failed to collect tbo full amount of tbo first, and, further, that iu tbo case of a portion of tlio first an appeal was mado tq tho punromo Court and tbo assessment was reversed and remanded for a now apportionment. Tho interim thus given afforded an oppor tunity for thoso not satisfied with, or otherwise desiring to ovaclo " tbo benefits " as adjusted by tbo first assessment. Aware of what was even tually to como, if by any moans, “.right or wrong,” they (faflirod to ovado or roGyco those benefits. Hero was tlio chance. It now Booms that at least ono party availed himself of this op portunity. Thoro woro two lots, (u tills assess ment, Which, from tho fi\ot that they woro tho samp ip eizio, with tho samo frontage, and tho same in value, should havo been liable for tbo samo “ benefits. But snob was not tbo case on tho saquol shows. Between tbo two assessments, aftor the first and beforo tho second, one of thoso two lota bad boon so divided and distributed to other' parties (in tho family I) that It paid as benefits tho sum of $10,577, while tho other lot, adjacent and of the samo value, undivided and not conveyed, paid to tbo city $23,500, a difference of $12,923. Tbo owuor of tbo lot manipulated in this way to escape assessment was Mr. J. Young fioammon. After tbo first assessment this work was done. When the acamd was mado It was discovered. Tbo division was mado into tbroo lots of eighteen foot each, and one of four feet I Tbo conveyances being mado to a son and daughter. The man who eaves $12,029 makes that ' i amount of mono?, but thoro ought to bo eotnv honor or dishonor attached to the way lu which Buoh n tiling in done. HOUSE RENTS. Notwithstanding tho pobabillty that house rents'aTo llkoly to bo high this spring! wo do not boar of so much preparation for building blocks of dwellings as tho circuthstancos 1 would scorn to jußtiry. It may bo that capital which would otherwise bo put into tbo more legitimate in vestment of building dwellings Inside tho citj IlmitH to* 8011, has boon to a considerable extent drawn off into speculations in'miburban lands.' or it may bo a little too oarlv yet to ostimati tho amount of this class of building that will be done, but as far as can bo foreseen now tbo sup ply of a good medium class of dwellings will bi far below tho demand this summer. ; Saturday's transfers. Tho following instruments word filed for rec ord pa Saturday, March 22: ■ ' •• . city rnoroiTT. «■ Paulina «, bet Van Duron and Tyler, w f, Lot 24, dated March 17 { consideration, $.*1,000. Lumber fit, a a cor of Twculy-clghlh, undivided 1-1 of 1, dated Feb. C ; consideration, $7,200. Canal st, bet Randolph and Washington, w f, 35x160 ft, dated Jan. IB ; consideration, $17,600. between May and Ourtla sin, n f, 80j ll " ft. dated Jan, 1 ; consideration, $8,500. mi st, between Lnlliu imd Loomis nts, fi f, 80 “toalloy, dated March 1; consideration,sl,6oo. ...M* 0 ftpf Lot 2, in o 6 acres of wa h w j/o So< fVOfIO ** *°* ?t)i dated Fob. 21 ; .consideration, WAbaah bt, 240, ft s of Thirty-second fit, wf, 60x171 &-10 fi, dated March 12: consideration, $0,600. lllnman at, 20J ft o of Wood st, uf, 25x125 ft, dated Fob. Si; consideration SOOO. .West Twentieth 5t,230 ft w of Robey Bt,nf, 25i 125 foot, dated March 16; consideration, S7OO. Sangamon st, bet Washington and Madison sis, of, Lots 7 and 8 (except 40 ft) with Improvements, dated March 13; consideration $14,500. Milwaukee av, bet Hoyuo and Robey sis, a w t. Lot 63 dated March 21; consideration, SI,OOO. Lot pip Pearce’s b 120 ft of Lots 17 and 18, In Bloc! 6, united States Dank Addition, dated March 18: con sideration, $5,360. . Lot 20, lu Kodzlo'a part of Block 68, Bee 7, 39,14 dated March IS ; consideration, $4,600. 8 *4 of Lot 14, in Block 31, in Elston's Addition, dated Nov. 1, 3873; consideration, $1,160. Lot 10, In Block 15, of Pierce's Addition to Holstein, dated March 17 r comdderatiou, SBOO. Lot 04, in Hull’s Block 25, Sec 33, 40, 14, dated March 11; consideration, $550. ,JV;owu st, between Fourteenth and Wright sis, w f, °f b, dated March 23; consideration, Blckson st, south of and near North av, w f, Lot 10, dated 1 oh, 27: consideration, SCSO. * I ?.’, l n Ulot iH O M,» o H See 32,85,14, dated March 13 ; consideration, SOSO, ’ ’ n/£ l w . oll, }‘ B,st £ 8, » l, et Buddnu st and Stewart av. bf, rm 0 dated March 14 ; consideration, SOOO. Tho premises No. 810 Michigan av, dated March 22: consideration, $16,000. Twenty-fourth fit, s w cor of Buddan fit, n f, 25 ft to alloy, dated March 22; consideration, $1,050. Division st, hot Townsend and Sedgwick Bto, n f. Lol 17, dated March 22; consideration, $1,025, California nv, 433 ft a of, Fulton st, w f, 182 8-lOx 120 0-10 ft, dated March 6; consideration, $5,800. St. Louis st. 310 ft n of Twenty-second st, 0 f, 50x 122, V ft,.dated Jon. 24; coufildoration, SI,OOO. West Taylor Bt, 125 ft w of Leavitt st, n f, 23x83 ft, dated March 20; consideration, S3OO, Lots 17 and 18 in Billon’s Lota 6 to 8, in Block 74, In Russell ot nl. Addition, dated March 20; considera tion, SO,OOO. North LaSalle nt, near McCngg place, of, 23x112V ft, dated Juno Paulina at, n w cor Emily st, of, 50x128# ft, dated March 12 ; consideration, $2,400, South 22 ft of Lot 10 ami n 1# ft of Lot 17, in Block 17, Ashland Second Addition, dated March 22; consid eration, $3,575. KOnxil OF CITS* LIMITS. Lota 73 and 74, In n X of Block 15, of o U Soo 20, 40, 14, dated March 6 ; consideration, $2,000. SOUTH OF CITY LIMITS. uww .11 V* VI. . A.liUi AO. 75#x125 ft, jn Block 2, CleavorvlUo. dated March 17: consideration, $11,323. SX no if s oof uw K Sco 8,38,14, dated Jan. QI t consideration, SIO,OOO. NVofnoK of fi o }.( See 14, 38,14 (except railroad), dated Sopt, 17, 1872; consideration, $73,C15. Egnnav, n f, 70x120 ft, in Block 1, Clcavorville Addition, with other property, dated March IS s con sideration, SIB,COO. Lots 47b o CO, in Block 4, of Fbaro and Sackctts’ sub division In uo X Soc 1, 38,13, dated March 3; consid eration, $1,200. Wr.ST OP CITY LIMITS, North 100 of south 233 ft Ju u w H of Soc 30, 40, 13, lying w of Boulevard and s of Palmer place, date.! March 3; consideration, $l,lOO. Saturday total sales, 37. Total consideration, $338,500. SUMMARY FOR THE WEEK. Tho following is tho total amount of city and suburban property transferred during tho week ending Saturday, March 22: City property, num ber of sales,... 180; consideration, $1,023,205. North of city limits, number of sales, 7; consid eration, 87,525. South of city limits, number of Bales, 29; consideration, $217,659. West of city limits; number of solos, 2; consideration, $-1,950. Total sales, 218/ Total consideration, $1,258,239. NEW YORK. The Tweed Investigation—The Good* rlcU Itlyutcry— The ISull’n Idoiul Bunk —Tho lijnffllali IForguranAiiolhor lie falcation* Special Diepatoh to The Chtcaqo Tribune. New York, March 22.—Baron Do Garay, husband of Mmo. Loulao Llchtnmy, tho celebrated prlmadonna was sued *in tho Third District Civil Court to-day, by Mrs, Dr. Laura It. Formes, wife of the great basso pro fundo, Carl Formes, for SO3 duo for professional services os physician during Mmo. Uchtmay’a confine ment. Tho caao is put over. Tho police to-night pulled two of tbo largest keno games in tho city, Nos. 105 and 141 Eighth street. No. i 42 received notfeo and closed in tlmo. The raid wua mado on tho complaint of a man who lost SCOO in No. Suit has been brought against Abraham 9. Wlnants, late County Treasurer of Richmond County, for SUG,OOO alleged to nave been misappropriated. (To the Associated Prees.\ New York, March 22.—Tbo Legislative Committee,' to Investigate Tweed, hoard statements from Cody, Clerk of the Comptroller’s ollUe, concerning tho pay ments of certain warrants, at tho conclusion of which a discussion arose as to tho propriety of continuing tbo Investigation. Tweed’s lawyer said ho could not ad vlso his client to further toko part in tho proceedings. The questions to bo examined wore already before the courts, Besides ho felt disinclined to oxamluu Garvey farther. -Tho Committee finally adjourned to moot at Albany on Wednesday next. No developments havo yet been mado os to tbo mys terious death of Charles Goodrich, of Brooklyn. It Is now hiulod that a woman may havo had something (o do with It. A short time ago Mr, Goodrich bad a quarrel with u woman living near him. Sho afterward left, Subsequently. ho \vus known to receive letters from o woman, that were left for him at a neighboring' house. A number of depositors of tbo Bull’s-IZoad Bank took stops this afternoon to havo tbo concern thrown into bankruptcy. By their action, tho United States Marshal took charge of tho bank beforo Receiver Bailey bad time to placo himself in possession. In tho suit of the First National Bank of Lyons, lowa, to recover $50,01)0 iu bonds deposited lu tbs Occuu Bank boro, and stolen therefrom, tho Jury dis agreed ami wero discharged. Tho Treasurer of Schuyler County, in this State, ouo Shepperd, is a defaulter to tho amount of $15,000. Ho has absconded. The loiter* addressed to MacDonncll, tbo alleged forger,, which came into tho hands of Duncan, Sher man &‘Oo. anil others,‘and which aro now under solz urc t aro supposed to contain tho missing bonds taken from tho Bank of England. -Acting on belief that tho packages addressed to the alleged forgers, MacDonnell aud Warren, contain drafts uud bonds, tho officials caused them to bo attached to-day. Ouo of tho pack ages, addressed to Bldwoh, was marked to tho earn of tho Bafoty Deposit Company, but that - concern refused to receive It. Tho officials learned they could not attach the letter In tho hands of tho roat-Olfico. Tho authorities thereupon havo sought to havo tlio Company agree to au arrange ment whereby they would accept tho attachment for it, which was agreed to. Arkniisns Legislature* Little Rook, Ark.. March 22,— Tho House to-day, fiassod a bill, doing away with Circuit School Superln endoulH, and providing for County Superintendents; Tho Special Committee appointed to Investigate tbo alTulr of I’opo County, reported against martial law; aud recommend that tho Government appoint good honest oiUclalu to fill tho vneaut olficcs in the county, and tho Grand Jury bo Instructed to thoroughly invest!* gate all cases of murdor since tho war. Tho Judiciary Committee of tho House reported unfavorably on tha bill,providing for tho election of I’roseouting-Attoruoy, Hold for Trlnl* Atlantic, In., March 22.—Tbo examination of Hay der Duburu. for being a supposed conspirator in tho murder of EH T. Collin, which has begu In progress for tho past seventeen days before Require Smith, In cluding tho testimony of fifty witnesses, was ended yesterday afternoon at 4:30, The defendant was hold to appear at the uoxt term of tho District Court on May 5, 1872. Tho amount of tho bond was $2,000, which will undoubtedly bo given by tho defendant. To Bo ISnUffod. Morristown, N. J., March 22.—JudgeDalrymple In tho Morris County Court, this morning, refused an ap> fillcatlou for a now trial lu the cuso of Luigi Luslgnaul, ho Italian, who murdorod his wlfo at Dover, and sen toucod biin to bo hauged, Thursday, May 1, next. Nominations* Br, Louis. March 33.—Tho Democratlo Oily Con tention has Just nominated Joseph Brown for Mayor; Toledo, 0., March TJ.—Tho Houa. M. R, Whits aua Harvey Kellogg wore to-day nominated as Repub lican candidates for tho Constitutional OouvonUon for Lucas County, Now Hampshire Congressional Eloo tiou* MANonEBTEn. n„ March 32.—Tho frlonda ol lIoUi B. N, 8011, Democratic candidate for Congress, claim to-day that ho in elected by a majority of four votoa. Accidental Shooting-. , NAanvtiXE, Toun., March 92.—A guard at Ash Barracks, who had Just been ou duty, was cleaning his (f? u . tot lusiMotlon to-day, when li was accidentally thu ball passing through and killing trr^