Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, March 26, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated March 26, 1873 Page 3
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THE LAW COURTS. Hearing on the Petitions and Answers in tho Bankruptcy Proceedings Against the Q. ff. Telegraph Company. Mr. D. A. Gage, Deputy Sheriff Ayers, Superintendent Bliss, and Secretary Bond Give Evidence. The Answer of the Defendants in the Sny Island Trouble—Tho Other Side. A. Trial of ConsUlernMo Interest ‘ to Landlords and Tenants. • Criminal Court News, Bankruptcy Mat ters, Notes of Interest, and Now Suits. The hearing of the petition for adjudication of the Groat Western Telegraph Company, and answer thereto, came up before Judge Blodgett, yesterday. Tho examination of witnesses took up tho whole of tho day, ami was continued over till this morning. The first witness examined was Mr. Ayer, of Chicago, who affirmed that ho holds In his possession tho writs of execution in favor of Cook County Natioualßauk against the Great Western Telegraph Company. They woro received by him at 2.30 p. m. on the 14th Dec. last, and tho •amounts-oro $4,G04.0G, $1,480.10, 0nd5781.50, iu which amounts coats are included. Tho date of these executions is thol3tU 800. last. David A. Gage, lato Prossdont of tho Gompa-. tiy, testified that tho Company was insolvent at the time of tho execution. Part of tho notes wore given la renewal of other notes previously discounted by tho bank. All tho notes upon which judgment bad boon obtained were such renewals. Ho wished to havo tho Commercial Kaiional Bank tho Urst creditor, and as thonotos wore indorsed by himself ho took a natural in terest in their ultimate fato. In cross-examina tion, ho stated that tho notes wore given to Solah Reeve, who was building the lino for tho Com pany, aud who drew tho funds as tho work pro gressed, and who put iu his bid subsequently. Tho balance was generally in Reeve’s favor. Witness was not conversant with tho affairs of tho Company, but considered that in August, 1872, tho Company, was insolvent, and had its creditors presented claims and pressed for pay ment, it would not havo boou able tel comply. At that timo tho Company had disbursed to Bolah Reeve for tho building of linos between $200,000 aud $300,000, which lines wore free of oncum bhinco. Tho work waa douo at tho ralo of SBOO pbr mile. Tho unpaid subscriptions footed up between SBOO,OOO and $-100,000. Reliabilities wore between $50,000 and SOO,OOO, which amount doosuot include a claim of Bolah Roove in tho vicinity of $200,000, for which ho holds tho Com pany's certificates, but which tho now Board con tests. This indebtedness is made up of tho notes held by the bank and by John C. Hilton, aud sundry Witness first held tho Hiltcn notes, having given them to Hilton in August last. Witness received them iu consideration of money advanced to Roovo and used iu building the lino. Mr. G. M. Cray and himself in Juno Inst, as Executive Coujpihtee, mot aud authorized tho making, by Qua, tho Treasurer of tho Company, of prunus •jnorv notorf given witness. Otis, tho Treasurer, Vail, ho considered, tho power to make such notes for tho Company. Tho duties of Assistant Secretary and Treasurer were performed by Na than Rcovc, brother of Soiah, tho contractor. WithSJfes stated that in tho transactions between himself and Reeve ho never received .a ceut of profit, and that anyone who stated otherwise did not 101 l the truth. ‘ After recess, Mr. Bliss, Inspector atild Superin tendent of the Company, states that during (ho 1872 his salary varied from SI,BOO. to > $2,0U0. At present his salary 1b .‘*B,ooo. The Company are at -present paying their Secretary aud Gou ©rul Collector :v3,0C0 porunmnu, uad their Treas urer SI,OOO per anmun. The President gets no fculary, and iho Committee receives a per diem allowance.- The Company was indebted to. him,, ut the time the new .hoard of- management ,wao formed, to tho amount of S7OO or tdOO. which ho had not since received in toto. Ho thought the lino within Cook Comity could bo worked at a profit, hut was not- of great .com mercial value. Tho moat valuable part of the lino was that which runs between Chicago aud Milwaukee. The most valuable portion within iho Bute of Illinois was that between Chicago ami Princeton. Some rovonuo has accrued from tho business between Chicago and Evanston, Is acquainted with Mr, McDonald and Sir. Whit comb, but has no agreement with them. They have stated to him that they would jnoko their money out of tho lino. Considers that tho Illi nois lines of tho Company, if isolated from out side connection, would bo wore valuable than outbid, linos cut off. from them iu this State, Explu.ucd that tho apparent increase of salaries was not so great as it appeared, as. the former Secretary, with a nominal salary, had an assistant at $3,000 per annum, whlchho'aup- POBod tho Company paid. Thinks tho Company has about 800 miles of lino within tho State of Illinois. Tho average duration of.'telegraph lines of tho old stylo was from 18 to 20' years, but a modern lino would prove more durable. Tho annual cost of repairs amounted to about 10 or 15 per cent. Tho Company pays a largo .commission to Messrs. Bond aud Ayres, amount ing to S3OO a mouth each. Tho largest monthly “earnings of tho Uuo within his memory wore ■53,000. Tho average for tho last throe months ,was $1,200 or thereabouts, part of which wore duo to othor companies. The lowest gross re ceipts wore •between SBOO and 8000. ' ' Mr. Bond, tho present Secretary of tho Com pany, testified taut last summer ho was om .ployed as Collecting Agent, and collected $15,« 1)00 in previous stock subscriptions, and account ed for it to Mr. Beove, acting Asulstaut Treas urer. Part of tho amount was paid to Messrs. McDunnough and Whitcomb. There are about $300,000 to $-100,000 stock subscriptions not paid up. Mr. M. Ayres testified that ho was employed in 1872 in making collections from stockholders. During tho entire year, from October, 1871, until October, 1872, ho collected $28,000. Mr. Gurwiu, Uunoriutoudeut of tho Pacified; Atlantic Telegraph Company, testified that ho considered tho lino worth about 8200 a mile, SIOO of this representing tho value of tho plant, tho balance the value of tbo franchise. It coot him $1,500 to obtain iu Pennsylvania a charter for a telegraph company. Neither counsel having further testimony to bring forward, His Honor announced that ho would hear tho arguments to-day. TUB BNV ISLAND CASE—TURNING TRE TABLES. Tho joint answer of Hollister and Pike to the bill in chancery for injunction of Edward Skolaoy ot ah, in tho Buy Island levoo litigation. l was yesterday filed in tho Superior Court. It afUrras that tho firm of Skolsoy, Fuller A Pierce; tho complainants, slnco Fob. 8 last, began to quarrel among themselves, and that the firm was afterwards dissolved, and is not uow in exist ence ; that tho firm never contemplated es tablishing a store, as alleged, but wore necessarily obliged to induce others to do so, they not having capital sufilciont; that they en tered into an agreement with the firm to com mence such store and supplied provisions to tho men, for which tho firm made payments amount ing in the aggregate to £3,814.1(1, which they used iu tho purchase of other provisions, os far os it would go, tho payments not boing in cash but In short-dated notes which thoy wore unable to cash at tho various banks of tho locality, or to procure fiour ou at the neighboring nulls. They deny that tho men on tho works strnok on account of their failing to continue the supply of provisions, but, on tho contrary, afiirm that it arose iu consequence of tho failure of tho firm to pay their men the money thoy owed thorn s and they insist that tho firm never demanded to Inspect tho hooks,. and that thoy never refused such inspection i but, on tho contrary, that thoy took tho hills to tho coin filulmmts several times, the latter putting off he examination of them on tho excuse that thoy ' were too busy to attend to them. Thoy give a detailed account of how, when, and whore they purchased provisions, in order to meet the alle gation that they bought in tho highest markets, in order to defraud tho complainants. Tlmy claim a balance duo to thorn of $11,010.38, tho following being duo state of tho accounti Zb*,—-Provisions kindled In com jridlnanls’or der to the men on Bay Islam! 1rvp0...518,M9.C5 • j ruruUhcd to complainants in person.. 110.09, 1 ‘ ToUl '...*15,001.94 (All of which has, It In allowed, boon charged to tho men by Ibo complainants.) Cr,—November, 1872, paid order.’. ..$ 89.00 November, 1872, cash..V 300,00 1 Doc. 18, 1872, acceptance paid. 491.20 Dec, 24, 1872, acceptance paid, 1,000.00 .Top. 5, 1879 {duo Dec. 20, 1872). 1,000.00 | - rob. C, 1078, acceptance duo Hoc, 17, protested, and paid after* ward 5....... 1,000.00 Total, Tho profits In this business,--after deducting expenses, Is declared at $1,070.40, ono-balf of* which isduotocomplahiants, which added to tho above, makes a total credit of $4,053.6(1, which, deducted from tho debits, leaves ft not debit or $11,010.88. They- also charge that.tho pro ceedings brought bv tho complftinnnts woro in stituted for tho solo purpose 1 of pocketing tho above moneys, and to “ navo thomßolvos porato romoiltos.” . CASE OP INTEREST TO LANDLORDS AND TENANTS. In Morrison v. Keeler, an appeal from a Jus tico’n court, questions of groat intercut to both landlords ana tenants camp up-before Judge llogord. Tho plaintiff hugs Keeler for ,rout of •rooms for one year expiring May 1.1871. Keeler replies that tho agreement was not a legally ex ecuted document, ami that tho plaintiff did not carry out bin contract with him, and ho was thereby''obliged, contrary to his inclination, to leave the promises, namely, an agreement that Morrison should c\orfr tho house of gamblers and harlots, whoroas’U was proved in evidence that both occupied rooms tiioro, and rendered existence there by a respectable person -wholly impossible. On those' grounds, tho defendant urged his non-liability for the rent claimed. Tho hearing .was'continued till to-day. ' CRIMINAL COURT lIUSJNEB3. Michael Morrisoy, alias Monosay, impleaded with James -Carroll and Michael Carberry. on a charge of larceny, by going Into a house during the absence of the inmates at a funeral, and taking therefrom a quantity of articles, pleaded guilty and under ago. Tho other lads ..wore tried and found guilty, and under ago. . Edward Martin, charged with larceny, by stealing harness, was tried and found guilty; value $35, and term fixed at throe years In tho Penitentiary. Charles F. Creamer was charged with stealing a horse, tho property of otfo Thomas, in whoso employ ho was, and taking it into tho city, sell ing it and pocketing tbo* proceeds, was found guilty, and his term fixed at llvo years in tbo Penitentiary. Another charge against tho pris oner, of stealing S4O and a railroad ticket, was struck off, tho above sentence being considered sufficient for tho purpose. - ; E. O. Bruce, reputed a.gambler, was charged with keeping a gambllng-nouso on Clark street. Tbo defense was that tho defendant was not tbo keeper, bat another person whom tho prosecu tion had failed to produce: but it being proved that tho defendant had admitted to tho police that ho was running tho house either with his brother or through hie brother, and this was con sidered proof sufficient, and tho jury found him guilty, and motion for now trial was made. There is no imprisonment in this case. -John Quitmn was charged with assault with in tent to do bodily injury. It was proved that tho defendant had stabbed a master shoemaker at whoso shop ho hod called, in tbo head, with a shoemaker's knife, because ho had boon ordered out for disorderly conduct. Tho Court sent tho man to tho Bridewell for four months. Bridget Sweeney was charged, in tho Criminal Court, yesterday, with perjury, in swearing, in a enso of assault and battery, iu which a Mr, King was defendant, iu a Justice's Court, that that person and another had boon guilty of an aggra vated assault on her. A great many witnesses wore board, and tho case wont over until to-day. lUNKRDprar notes; A discharge was entered in tho matter of Har-. risou I). King. Proceedings in tho matter of W. A. Davis woro ordered . dismissed if no objections were filed in ton days. • • Tho voluminous accounts of tho Assignee in Munu & Scott, woro yesterday filed with the. Court, aud referred to the register. An order to publish tho adjudication of Lewis W. Cass was made. In Chandler ot al. and Peyton Chandler tho discharge of tho portion was directed, and an order for the payment of money to Muuu & Scott and others was also made. GENERAL NOTES. Thoron D. Booth yesterday commenced action' in trespass in iho Superior Court, $2,000 dam ages, against George Hess, shinning that, tho defendant came to his bouse ou the 2d April, 1872, broke into it, took possession of it and its contents, and ejected lUu Inmates. Tho plain tiff is a packer, doing business at No. 246 Cot tage Grove avenue. - Judge Porter is engaged iu houriug tho con tinued rarwoll case: Judge Booth continues tho hearing of tho South Park Commissioners* case; Judge Tree is still listening to tho Carbon Hill coal case; Judgo Gary is still engaged in tho case commenced on Monday; Judgo Far well was away, but will bo iu Court to-day; and Judgo Bogers hoard, tho landlord and tenant case, which is reported in another placo. Bessie F, Platt, yesterday, replevin shit against Ellen and Hubert Bobiuson, for tho possession of a piano forte. NEW SUITS. Tub Unitkd States District Court.—J. R. Pay sou, Assignee of Republic Insurance Company v. Ohauucoy Hardin ; assumpsit; SIO,OOO. Same v. James !•'. .Ovfons ; SSOO. Sanio v. AloxP. Jamceon; SI,OOO. B&mo v. Robert M. Stevenson ; SI,OOO. Some v. R. T. O. Hubbard and Azra Patterson; $5,000. Tun Circuit Court. —o,2ol—Alex McDaniel v. Henry Houeol; ejectment; SI,OOO. C,2G2 —John W. Cassell v. Frauds A. CouwoLl, et ah ; petition for me chanics’ lien. TnE Summon Court—42,7Bo—Hunt, Hanland & • Co. v. Sborman, Hall & Cook; assumpsit SBOO. 42,787 Tho Commercial Loan Company v. Philip Groll; con fession $503.35. 43,788—Wiawall, Nugro & Thompson v. A. L. Keith; assumpsit SSOO. 42,789—James O, Willis v. Joseph Holmbrodt; assumpsit SBOO. 42,709 Bcsalo P. Platt v. Ellon Robinson and Robert Robin son ; replevin of a piano forte. 42,701—James L. Pat tenon v, D. James Leary aud Oburlcs Pabbri; debt $1,500. 42,792— Mary Aun Llndloy v. Martin Leary; trespass SI,OOO ; 42,703— Henry O. Fredericks v. Z, I. Pratt ;• assumpsit SI,OOO. 42,704 —Thcrou D. Booth v. George Hi Hess; trespass, $2,000. 42,705 ‘—Philip Bartholomao v. Edmund Knauor et nl; peti tion to establish title. 42,700 —Charles B. Aldrich v. Kate Aldrich'; divorce, on ground of desertion and adultery. 42,707—Auni0 Beal v. Charles Beal; divorce, on ground of desertion and cruelty. 42,708—Charles O. Merrill v, Sarah T. Merrill; divorce, on ground of adultery. ' 42,700—Mary L. Melchop v. Edwin B. Mol cbor; divorce, on ground of desertion and adultery. 42,800—John R. Gerard v. Joel Ellis ; petition for me chanics’ lion, $750. 42,801—Tommans y. Adams, Blackmor k Lyon Publishing Company; assumpsit, SOOO. 42,802—8. Kelson v. Peter Swanson; potltlonfor mechanic’ lieu, SIOO. SANITARY WATTERS. At tho mooting of the Board of Health, yester day afternoon, tho weekly mortality report was submitted by Dr. Bauch, showing a total of 125 deaths, besides one premature birth aud eight still-births. There was a decrease of twenty-five deaths compared with the preceding week. There wore eight deaths by small-pox, an increase of four over tho preceding week, while there was a Blight decrease in tho number of infected houses reported. A table is given, showing th'o mortal ity by small-pox in the twelve principal cities of the United States during tho past three years, and a comparison establishes tho fact that, with tho exception of Now York and San Francisco, tho death rate by this disease has boon loss in Chi cago than iu any othor city. The Health Officer's report showed that 500 notices had boon served, 885 nuisances abated, end i. quarters of beef, 2 calves, and 18 carcasses of mutton condemned. Mr. Reynolds stated that there• wore com ' plaints made as to tho lusido workings of tho Bmall-Pox Hospital, and on motion tho Health Officer was instructed to examine into tho mat ter, and report at tho next mooting of the Board. On tho subject of the contract for scavenger work, Corporation Counsel Tuloy gave his opin ion that tho Board had a right to reconsider and rescind its action in awarding the contract to Cunningham A Cray, and then advertise for now proposals. He recommended that tho Board re quire a bond to bo furnished with each bid. , Dr. Bauch said it had never been tho practise of the Board to require a bond. Mayor Modill said a bond was required by the Board of Public Works, and should bo in this case. On motion of Dr. Johnson, all bids woro re jected, and the Secretary was Instructed to ad vertise anew for proposals, to do received up to 2 o'clock p. in. on Monday, April 7, and a bond iu tho sura of £2OO to accompany each bid. VOLUNTARY REDUCTION OF WAGES. It wau announced in Tins Twjidnk, itto other day, that a number of ship-oarpontorß and calk ers who did not belong to ..the Union had re solved to strike for 64 a day. ' They woro rocoly-' ing £3:50. The . Union did not countenance the strike, and, its members continuing to work at tho old rates, U Droved a failure. Even £3.50 a day is n larger mim by- half a dollar Ulan* la received by momborn of tho'craft ftt any other lake port. In conno qtionco, vobbolb owned in Chicago have boon Bolit to Milwaukee, Toledo, Cleveland, and Buf fftlo! ■to b'o repaired, and tho ohip-oar pontora, and calkora of thla city , have boon iinnblo to obtain “full time 11 during the Reason. They have at Inst realised that It is useless to hope for an Increase of wftgoo at other ports, and accordingly, at a coat mooting of the Union, It was decided to roduco tho por diem to $3 as soon ns tho vessels now iu tho yarclH hnvo sailed. By this notion, which' is certainly commendable, tho men can secure almost permanent work,' and snvo a larger sum during the season than was possible at $8.30 a day. Chicago vessels will hereafter bo made seaworthy at homo. . 8 8.814.10 “ACROSS THE CONTINENT.” JTo the Editor rtf Tho Chicago JVj'&iouj Sin: It Is to bo hoped that your article of yesterday will wake up tho Pacific Railroad Hues . and induce thorn to adopt a moro liberal tariff for tourists,, if not for pnaaougora generally. I . boliovo that, by doing so, they would And It pdy % as tho Continental linos have, by making liberal concosalona to Messrs. Cook & 00., tbo groat or-* gauizors of tho excursion-system. Thcao con cessions amount to from 15 to 45 por cent. ,As you remark, they (the Pacific Railroad ’dompaiuos) actually drlvo away tho intending native tourists to tho Continent; but this is not tho worst of it—they deter tho intending Brit ish and other tourists,from coming to this coun try to visit the splendid and wonderful; scenery of the West. I boliovo that, with or without tho Inducement hold out by tho much smaller ex pense, tho native American would, as' a rule,' give the preference, in his first trip, to tho Old '‘World, for tbo sako of seeing tho country, and perhaps location of his forefathers, as well as seeing places of historical renown, which will iucludo moat of tho cities and towns in the Old World; also, palaces, ca thedrals, art-galleries, and their contents, which bo cauoot see iu this country. Besides thrfso, • there is some beautiful Hdonory in England;'lre land,and Scotland, although on n smaller scale than tho American, jind much of this has old his torical reminiscences, or has boon immortalized iu poetry, or prose. Tho samp on tho Continent. This inducement applies also to most of tho naturalized Americans,-who have not had tho moans or opportunity of traveling before coming to tbia country. Perhaps it is as well this preference should exist, as it educates and expands tho mind, and satisfies a craving. At tbo same time. I boliovo it prepares tho tourist for moro thoroughly enjoying tho graud scenes of Nature in Ills own country, as, judging from my - own experience, after having soon nil that was to bo soon in large cities, and indulged in choir scones of excitement and dissi pation, I have always felt a relief and pleasure in falling hack on tho scones of nature, over lovely, over beautiful, over changing, and havo felt a keen, pure souse of enjoyment never real ized in largo cities, In holding sweet converse with Nature, and in “looking up from Nature to Nature’s God." ' 1 havo digressed a little'. But, when the in tending tourists (many of whom havo onlya limited amount to spend) look at tho question of expense, even if they had had any doubt iu tbelr minds before, this settles tho matter. You put down tho oxpeuso, from Now York, of visiting tho Ear West, at $359, exclusive of Pullman cars, which, ou this trip, become a necessity, and form a material item in tbo expense, and will make tho cost atloast S4OO, exclusive of expense ■ of living ou tho route. You also put down tho expense of n Continen tal tour, including a largo number of cities, from the same starting point, Now York, and taking advantage of Cook’s excursion, at $286, both currency. This would leave tho question of expense iu this position: To California, Including the principal objects • of interest SIOO.OO To Europe, Including many of tbo Important cities $280.00 Differeuco in favor of the European tour $114.00 Now, taking tbo question of living on the route into consideration, it makes tho difference still greater, say for a two months trip: Now York to San Francisco, expenses 7 days cn route, nts3.oo *. $2J.00 Ditto, return 21.00 Forty-six day's hotel expenses at $4,00......... 184.00 • Total <5220.00 Kow York to Glapgow or Liverpool aml back, • 20 flnyp, fret*, expouucs cu route, Uihlug into consideration that expense In (raveling by rail for meals Is email, as also expense on tbo continent, 40 days ut $2.00,—5100 gold or iu currency 115,00 In favor of European lour These are. of course, the actual expenses, irre spective of “ tips” to steward, servants, otc., aud all other extras. Tho actual saving iu tho una voidable expenses is thus, off tho trip of CO days, $225.00 currency. I find Messrs. Cook «k Co. are making at? . rangemonts to carry out their system of excur sions in this country on tho same.plan as the British and European, and I wish thorn every success.. At present, wo have to deal with things as they arc. I find I can go from Now York to tho Vienna Exposition, by a flint-class steamer of tho An chor lino, for SIBO gold,—say 8207 carrouoy, expenses as above for two months, currency, $115; total, 8322. Now everybody is not bound to spend two months; any less time will roduco expenses .pro rata. Tho Anchor lino provides first-class accommo dations at the abovo rates, and includes second .class railroad carriages in England or on tbo Con tinent. These, judging from a long experience, are preferable to first-class in summer particu larly. An additional advantage in traveling by this (tbo Anchor) line iu: That tho tourist has tho advantage of seeing tho Scottish scenery and towns, and has tho op portunity of stopping on route, either going or returning, at tho following places; Starting from* Now York—Glasgow, Liver pool, London, Dieppe, Boueu, Paris, Strasbourg, Ulm, Salzburg, Vienna. ' --Return via Lindau, Zurich, Basle, Belfort, ,Pana, London, Manchester, Glasgow. Now York. Tho abovo compares very favorably with tho Messrs. Cook’s route. Tho rush of travelers this season is so groat that most of the steamers are filled up in advance, aud .any one intending to travel this season should look lively. At Now York, Messrs. Cook’s hotel-tickets can bo .ob tained, which will save expense on tho Conti nent. If you, Mr. Editor, will throw in your influ ence and induce tho railroad companies to moot Messrs. Cook in carrying out thoir plan of ex cursions, I believe wo shall have this country overrun by British and othor European tourists, to tho groat advantage of everybody. As a na tional question, it is uno of tbo greatest impor tance. An Old Traveler. Vlio Sphere of Woman Enlarged* 1 From the Sunburn {Pa.) Democrat* • ' ' A Jackaon township woman challenges any man iu the country to moot her and contontthoir superiority in cradling or mowing in tho harvest bold, chopping wood, hauling with a team, bitch* ing up and breaking groon mules, or any manual labor generally performed by men in tho ' country. Wo do not malm thla challenge upon more rumor, but with tho consent of the lady in question, whoso respectability cannot bo questioned. She also proposes to wrestle any respectable man from ibis county who will moot her in Jackson Town* ship, accompanied by friends who will vouch for him. Bho lias been engaged iu hauling coal in tho village of Herndon, and boasts that she can do moro work of any ordinary kind than any man in the county. Dr, Jayno’s Expectorant. So insidious arc tho first approaches of consumption that thousands remain unconscious of its presence un it has brought them to the very vorgo of tho grave. An Immediate resort to Dr. D. Jayne’s Expectorant, upon tho first appearance of cough, pain, or soreness of tho throat or chost, would very generally preclude a fatal result, or, In cane tho symptoms indicate tho presence of iatent consumption, would tend to subdue the vio lence of the disease, and thus materially assist In pro longing tho life of tuo patient. Use tho Expectorant, therefore, when you take a cold, and by so doing pre vent tho necessity for Us use iu moro dangerous com plaints. Bold everywhere. Chicago Musical College, No. 403 Wa- bash Avenue. ( The spring term will commence Monday, April 7. Pupils wishing to take lossoua will plcaso call as soon as possible, to facilitate arranging of classes. George. Hoot, President; i*. Zlcgfom, Director. Works of Art at Auction, Messrs. O. Glovaunoul & Co., call the attention of tho nubile to their sale of Italian marble and agate goods at 10 o’clock this morning, at the salesrooms of W. A. Butters A Co, Bee advertisement. Burnett’s Kalliaton removes tan, sunburn, and freckles. INDIANA'S GORILLA. One of tho Accomplished Arttat* of JencHt museum rompluiiin to (ho mayor—A Wild Jtlnn who Caiihot Snlmlnt on Air and Promise*. One of tho most remarkable looking human beings that ovor had existence complained to tho Mayor yesterday, that ho had boon swindled by tho proprietors of. Jones’ Museum, a traveling show of tho horrible order, how located ot No. 45 West Randolph street. It appears that while tlio M museum " was being urged through tho neighboring Stato of Indiana, tho managers dis covered tho complainant, Frederick Ilottisoh, at Tolloston. 110 resembled a gorilla so much ‘that they conceived tho Idea of on gaging him to personate a wild man <in - their entertainment. Tho .seductive offer of $25 a month, and board was thrown out as a baltior Fred, to nibble at, and ho gulpodit Mown without wasting time in consideration, and became a member, of tho company, consisting of an oboso tfomnn," a man so thin ns to bo al most Invisible nt a side view, a sword-swallower,' a learned pig with. a propensity for shorticards, a monkey, a fangloss snako,.and a hand-organ. Arrayed lu tights. Fred, with his repulsive :foaturea and 1 misshapen body, struck terror to . tho hearts of tho simple rustics .who patronized ' the show on its tonr through the Hoosior State. Ho wns a groat card for tho management. Every person who saw him. firmly believed that his - Xrandfaihor, at .. least, was , a duo .old .frican gorilla, who might hJWo mot > Mungo .Park in, hia solitary wandoringe. After Indiana hod boon thorough ly canvassed, tho museum proprietors decided to . visit Chicago, and take Fred with them.. They , arrived hero a few days ago, and ovor since tho wild man”, has,boon a source of wonder to : those who have soon him. Wild men resemble tamo men in two respects at least: they will cat and sloop. 3?he museum people, however, ap pear to have overlooked those minor matters in . their dealings with Holtisch. They have given him no money, and have never oven asked him if a crust of broad would do him good. Natural ly enough, he complains to tho .Mayor > that ho Cannot live long under such disadvantageous circumstances. Ho cannot be a docent wild man on an empty stomach. Every time ho comes on tho stage ho fools moro like going to sleep than bellowing around and malting a Tool of himself for nothing a week. All ho wants tho Mayor to do is to got some monoy for him from tho mu seum men, His Honor told him ho would see what could' bo done. ' Seriously speaking, Hot tisch ls a horrible-looking person. Hookas ;a small, round head, glittering blaok eyes, no per ceptible "chin, protruding lips, turnod-up noso, and a forehead that recodes ot a mdst acute an gle. In, addition to those peculiarities, ho is slightly, humpbacked! SUBURBAN NEWS. LAKE FOREST. An interesting social event at Lake Forest, yesterday, took place in the nuptials of Charles K. Giles, Esq., of the firm of Giles Bros. & Co., of this city, and Mary, oldest - daughter of the Hon. W. H. Ferry, of the Commercial Bank, In this city, tho ceremonies taking placo at Mr. Ferry’s elegant residence on tho lako shore. The Bov. Mr. Taylor, of Lako Forest, officiated. A special cor took a party of friends from this ;clty at 0:80 a. m. Tho ooremony took placo at 12 m., a reception following at 1 o'clock. A largo number of family friends and guests wore in at tendance at tho latter. The house won oxqul : sitoly decorated with flowers, that charmed the party into utter forgetfulness of tho winter storm raging outside. Among those' present' wore the Hon. J, V. Farwell and lady, . tho Hon. O. B. Farwell, and many others of Mr. Ferry's neighbors in tho town, which-has now alargo and cultivated 1 society, made np of tho families of some of our best known business men. Tho presents wore an array of rich and elegant gifts most prized' from association with tho donors. Tho newly wedded pair loft for tho East last evening, will sail for Europe early in April to bo absent four months, to bo followed throughout their jour ney by the warm wishes of a'multitude of friends. OAKLAND. , Tho nuptials of Bov. Bon E. S. Ely, pastor of tho Graco Presbyterian Church, Cottage Grove, and Miss Moore, and estimable young lady of his congregation, wore celebrated lose evening at tho Oakland Congregational Church, in tho presence of a very largo number of in vited guests. The happy couplo loft imme diately on an Eastern tour YESTERDAY'S SNOW-STORM. It would bo a useless waste of spaco and roportorial energy to chronicle, in so many dry, uninteresting paragraphs, tho hours, minutes, and.seconds of delay which every railroad-train coming to and going from ■ tho city experienced yesterday, owing to tho sudden and violent snow storm. Budko it to say that they wore all pretty well behind time, and that the tracks of both steam and horse railroad linos are several inches, and in some places several foot, below tho sur face of tho snow-fall. 'What’s tho uso of writing about snow-storms, anyhow ? They aro neither now or remarkable in this section of country. Whoa you read tho story of one, you road the story of all that occurred before, and all that aro likely to occur after. Each suc ceeding one is “ tho worst of tho season,” and a ** source of tho utmost discomfort to those whoso business brings them out of doors.” Tho fact that (l tho snow was live feet deep in a drift at tho comer of Madison and Dearborn streets," or that Jones' collar was full of it. or that it was impossible to got into Smith’s store on account of it, does not interest tho-general public ono way or tho other. It’s nothing but nowspapor cant, and Tun Trirune proposes to h&vo no moro of it. Therefore, wo will summarize by saying tbat the storm was quite severe; that considerable snow foil; tbat the railroad compa nies aro doubtless greatly annoyed at it; that they are not moro annoyed than pedestrians, and that everybody will recover his or her usual se renity and good, temper to-morrow or next day, and perhaps bo out in a now spring overcoat, or duck of a bonnet. slll.OO DISTINGUISHED VISITORS. Tho members of tho now Board of Railroad and Warehouse Commission, consisting of H. D. Cook, of MoLoan County, D. A. Brown, of

Sangamon County, and. John A. Pierson, of Madison County, reached this city on Monday evening. At 12 o'clock yesterday they visited the Chamber of Commerce, and woro received by President Culver aud Secretary Randolph. It was expected that they would be introduced to . the Board from tho platform, and mtdeo known what thoy intended doing, in formal speeches, but tho Commissioners, being modest, thoy de clined tho invitation, to mako themselves con spicuous, aud henco tho moro prominent mem bers of tlio Board of Trado woro brought up by tho President aud Secretary aud individually introduced. Their object in coming to this city was not to express their views, hut to soouro information relative to tho inspection of grain and other matters connected with tho warehouse business. Tho books of tho inspec tion and registration departments woro exam ined by them at half-past 8 o'clock, and half an hour afterward thoy mot and conversed with tho Assistant Inspectors at their office, No. 150 West Washington street. Tho Commissioners will remain in Chicago until Thursday ovouiug, and will consult with commission men, bankers, and others interested ia warehouses, m order to be come acquainted with tho business, that thoy may act undorstandingly when thoy return to Bpriugilold. , . , The Rloon*lSoax« From the OoUlen Age. Tears ago tho, Now York Sun—not then so highly moral a journal as It has since hocomo — trmeu with scionco and tho truth by publishing a famous essay purporting to describe what Sir John llorsoholl had discovered iu tho moon— namely, men, animals, and a life like that on our own planet. The ingenious Action was soon ex ploded, * and .became popularly known os “ The Moon-Hoax.” Its authorship was credit ed to Prof. Richard Adams Lacko, who died a few years ago. Shortly after Mr. Locke’s death a neat little engraving of his Intellectual face, with a fac-simile of his autograph, was published, and copies distributed among tho members of tho Frees, as a memorial of Hie Professor's succoas ul satire. Bo far as wo know, the authorship' was never disputed while Locke lived. Rut now that ho is mouldering away iu tho grave, Frof. LeMorgau, in a published book called “ Budget of Paradoxes,” states that “Tho Moon Hoax” was written by M. Nicollet, a French savant employed by tho United States Government m tho solentiAo exploration of,’ tho West. Frof. DoMorgutrs testi mony—lf It can bo called such—is as follows: “There is no doubt that It—tho Moon Hoax— , was produced iu tho Uultod Elates by M. Nlool- 'A V . 31ARU1T 2(i, 187!}. lot, an pslionomor of Paris, ami a fugitive of nemo kind.' Abouthlm j have board two stories. I’irat Umt Im lied to Amoriou with funds not hit) own, and that ibis book 'wan a moro dovlco td raise tho wind, Secondly, that ho was a protege of Laplace. ahd of tho X’ollgnao party, and also an outspoken man. . . ’ , Tho moon story was written and sent to Franco, chlolly with tho intention of ■ entrapping M. Arngo, Nlcollot’u especial foe, Into tho belief of It. THE CITY IN BRIEF. ’ A meeting of tho Council Committee on Streets and Alloys, West Division, will behold this after noon, at the City Clerk’s oflloo, to- discuss some Railroad questions. ■ ; ( ; Tho Board of Pubilo Works yesterday opened several bids for tho construction of engine houses on Chicago avenue and Twelfth street'. Tho award will bo made in a day or two. Tho Board of Directors of tho Chicago Me chanics’ Institute meets this afternoon, at 8 o’clock, at tho Builders’ Exchange, No. 183 La- Salle street. I i Tho Common Council Committee on Harbor and Bridges will moot in tho City Clerk’s oflico, tills afternoon, to talkovora now bridge at Four teenth street and tho widening of the rivor at Twelfth street. . Owing to tho severe, storm, tho laying of the cornor-atono of tho now St. Paul’s Church has been postponed until Saturday, otll o’clock m tho forenoon. The Board of Police Commissioners yesterday opened bids for 1,500 foot of rubber hose, with ■ couplings, and will make public announcement of the successful applicant for tho contract in a few days. < The lectures to tho astronomical class of tho West Side Christian Union will bo Illustrated tills evening by a scries of very flue “ lantern” , views, representing tho heavenly bodies in mo tion. - . The Board of Education hold a mooting yes terday evening, Mr. Richborg In tho Chair. Pres ent, Inspectors Hosing, Goggin, and Richborg. There being no quorum present, tho Board ad journed. ' John Wolpolo, whoso gambling-houso wafl'pnll ed on Thursday night, was fined $lO by Justico Banyan, yesterday morning. Walpole did nob prosont his replevin writ, the property captured having been destroyed. Yesterday the Board of Police appointed Mi chael McCarthy os special policeman at the North Branch terminus of the Chicago & Pacific Bail road. and A. B. Bushnoll: as, special policeman for the Chamber of Commerce Building. ! The loss by Are at F. M. Halo's packing-house, yesterday morning, was $3,000, 'Dio insurance is as follows: Homo, California, 82,000; North- Western National, of Milwaukee, sl.soo;,Hoff man, Now York, $1,500; total, $5,000. .The ori gin of the fire Is unknown. ; A pockotbook ■ was found on West Madison slsoot, by Officer Brown, yesterday morning, which contained a small amount of money ana some papers. It is in the possession •of Ser geant Ellis, at the Central Station, whore the owner can have It by proving his titlo. Capt. Gund, of the Third Procinot, arrested a boy, at an early hour yesterday morning, who had in his possession a valuable copper kettle. It is behoved that the boy has no title to the kottlo which ho could sustain in a court of law. If the owner will call for It ho con have it. Charles fleymeyer, in whoso saloon on South Halstod street young Goetz was murdered a few days ago, Was fined $25 by Justico Banyon, yesterday, for selling liquor without a license. It appears that the man’s first Uce’nSo was re voked, and that ho subsequently procured •another under an assumed name, and started in business a few doors from bis old placo. About 6 o'clock on Monday evening, a little girl named Katie Hewitt, whoso parents reside on Crossing street, near tho Northwestern Bail . road, was ran over on Elston avenue, near tho Bloomiugdalo road, by a butcher's wagon. The driver drove off at a furious speed when ho saw tho little girl prostrate on tho ground. Bho was removed io her homo. Tho attending physician, Dr. Parks, thinks Bho will recover, although seriously hurt internally. At 2 o'clock to-mofrow afternoon. Aldermen Warren,. Bichardson, Scbailnor, . Jlooro, and Quirk, composing tho Special Committee ap pointed by tho Common Council to examine public buildings, will visit all tho principal thea tres in the city for tho purpose of examining thoir heating arrangements and tho facilities for escape in case of flro. Tho city authorities aro rather bohind-hand in this matter. Some months ago Tub Tribune published a iong article show ing tho relative merits of every theatre in tho city in tho matter of safotyfrom flro, which it would bo well for tho Special Committee to road over again. The man Rosenborg, who was paralyzed in a light in tho St. James Hotel, on Clark street, on Monday morning, Is getting bettor. Ho has oaten no food since receiving his injuries, but tbo power of speech has returned, and ho can move ono arm. Dr. Quirk pronounces him out of danger. It is said by Williams’ friends that ho did not choko or beat Rosenborg, but only pushed him, causing him to fall upon tho edge of a tub.. .Tho face of tho injured mnu is swollen aud bruised, aud does not sustain this statement.' It is not probable tbat an official investigation of tho affairs of tho Relief and Aid Society will bo made by tbo Common Council. The action of that body on Mouday night, in refusing - to ap propriate money to defray tho necessary, ex penses of tho Special Committee, has had the effect of causing tho members thereof to loso all interest in tho matter. Had tho Council act ed differently, a mooting of tho Committee would havo noon held yesterday, at which ar rangements would have boon made for conduct ing tho examination of the Society’s hooks and papers in a proper manuor. Under the circum stances, however, tho members do not fool dis posed to givo the subject any further attention. Tlio lEalmgas Hat. From tho New York H orW.' The story of how tho Rabagas hat, now; so fashionable in Paris, was invented Is amoet curi ous ono. For along time It was a mystery, but, .tbo narrativo of its origin has recently boon told. As it may in time work its way to our sido of tbo I ocean, it will probably interest thoso who, may ohanco to wear it to know that 1 that notorious croaturo, Cora Pearl, was tho inVoutor of tho chapeau. Miss Pearl, as tho story nms, attended a brilliant supper at tho Molson Dorco after witnessing M. Sar dou’e play of “ Rabagas." While at tho table the whim seized her to manufacture a now sort of hat. whioh she predicted would soon become the fashion. Carrying out her caprice, she took a bat of ono of tuo gentlemen present, out the rim off with a table-knife, aud requested the pwnor of tho hat to crush it m with his Use with all tho forco bo could givo the blow. This was done, aud tho result was a nondescript head covering, round in shape, and with a most uproarious turn. She then colled for a green veil aud a ribbon, aud declared that sho would wear that hat for tho rest of tho season in tbo Champs Elysoos and elsewhere. Sho was as good as her word, and, after a while, a foamouablo modiste took up tho idea, and ladies who neither knew nor carod whence the hat originated adopted tho fashion as an exquisite novelty. This eccentric bonnet is not only curious in shapo, but it is worn curiously. It is covered with a veil, and Is placed on tho b&ok of tho head, as if it woro going to fall at ©very moment. —Springfield, Mass., appropriates SIOO,OOO for tho expenses of Us Fire Department tho ensuing year. This includes now buildings, oto. MUSICAL. "CHEERFUL VOICES," eor Tlior “ •« SCHOOLS, Ino mistake about tho romark< CLARKE’S able char- acter of this MODEL INSTRUCTION BOOK. From tho lint It has taken NEW tho load, soiling largely, and eliciting high commendation* from thoao METHOD fiod’to judge. woR quail- Musical writers (or tho papers eajr: M Likely to become as popular FOR as Richardson's."— “Tho very bookl"—“ Among notices, every srtlole has Justly placed It far REED above any similar book.”—“A' laotsandallurestliopupU."—“Ovorllowlng with pure molo- ORGANS. dies.” ( Price $3.(0. For sale everywhere. ‘SPASklinqOliverDitsoa6Co„ "MUSICAL EUBIEB." ■"‘Vr'ii N "“ TEEASUEEI” SAbJsOH'LS, l lS£JL n ® r ' TEY IT. AMUSEMENTS. NIXON’S, Clinton-fit., between Randolph and Washington. j THIRD WEEK OF JAMES VV. WILDER &C(VS NATIONAL CIRSUS! ’’ Imonoat March 21, ami over? night this week.. Also .luimily Matlnooton Wednesday ami Saturday Afternoons. Flratappoarancoof , ■ BTLLE. LOUIE LOSHELL On tlm Wlro Volanto. JAMES ROBINSON, OLAR ENCIF. EUGENE, FRANK ' PAHTOU, ami KATIR SIUKE3, logotnorwlth all tho old favorites, and tho .m.ihl ma|tuUlcoot stud of ring and performing bones over ACADEMY OF MUSIC. I IMM BIT SB BtrOOBSS OF i AND t 3D-A.VTT OROOKETT, Tho largest audlonoon of any Thoatrt In Chicago. ■ F.vcry livening this week and Saturday Matlnoo. For tho Matlnoo, this afternoon, a Grand Donblo Blit by tho POWERFUL ACADEMY COMPANY. __ MoVIOKER’S THEATRE. ■ : XIABT NIGHTS OB' EDWIN BOOTH. Wednesday and Thursday, LaetNlghtaof ! EXOHBLIEU: Friday—RICHARD HI. Haturday-SHYLOOK. Saturday Mallnoo—llAMlVßT. •- " ■ Noit week. tUo great French Sensation Drama—AßTl* OLW 47. • ■ - , MNA DICKINSON, MONDAY EVENING, March 81. at-the Mlohlgan-ar. Baptist Church, In her Now Lecture, “WHAT’S TO HnSTDBR9 M FRIDAY EVENING. April 11. at tha Centenary M. B. Charon. West Bido, “JOAN OF AKO.” 1 Admission, 80 cents; reserved Boats, 85 cents extra.' Bale of - seats at F. H. Ilovoll’s Book-rooms. 114 East Mad. laoa-st., and Carpenter A Bholdon'e Bookstore, 908 Wa bash-av. MIOE-AV. BAPTIST OHUEOE JOHN B. GOUGH Wilt deliver bis last looturo In Chicago at tho Michigan* ov. Baptist Church, cm Thursday evening. March 37. , k Subject: OIUOUMBTANOKS. (Organ OvSrtaro by Mr. i; V. Flagler.) • • „ This Lflotnro will bo for tho benefit of tho 'WOMAN'S DEPARTMENT of tho HAHNEMANN (lato tho Beam* non) HOSPITAL. i Tickets, 50 ots.; Roßorvod Scats, 75 eta.; for solo on and oftor Monday, at Cobb's Library, 471 Wabash-av,, and at Hulioy Bros'. Pharmacy, 73 Statist. Rt. Loati Erpross..,,,, Bt, Louis Fist Lino... Cairo Ma 11,,,, Cairo Ezpms Bprlngllsld Express... Bprlngllold Express........ Habnquo * Sioux Oitjr fix Dnboqus A Sloaz City Kx., ••Oilman Fouongor. Hydo Park and Oak Woods Hydo Park and Oak Woods Hyde Park and Oak W00d5....... Hydo Park and Oak Woods Hydo Park and Oak Woods liydo Park and Oak W00d5....... Hydo Park and Oak Woods Hydo Park And Oak Wood ... w „-—„ ■ -» i Hydo Park and Oak Woods - ) "*On Saturdays thU train will bi MYERS’ OPERA HOUSE. Monroo-Bt., between Dearborn and Stato-iti. Arlington, CottonTlemlilfe Minstrels. axriillTS BIOIiIBZBB.. ' MAOKIN and WILSON la two acts. Now Vocal Quar tette. Tlio Throe Boaa. Good Morning. Every evening and Saturday Matinee. HOOLEY’S OPERA HOUSE. WEDNESDAY, March 26, Afternoon and Evening, 19th and 30lh performances of Baitloy Campbell's X* IE3 JES. E Xj; Or, Love at long Branch, And positively NIGHT DOT THREE of this ex quisite picture of Fashionable Life. Monday, March 31—FATE. tho Idlest Flfth-av, Theatre enooeas, AIKEN’S THEATRE—AEMEE. FAREWELL ENGAGEMENT OF Parieian Opera . BouiTe ! TWO PERFORMANCES TO-DAY. At 9 o’clock, Grand Aimeo Matinee—LA GRANDE DUOMESSE. Almoa as La Dnohosso; Jutoan as Frits. At 8 o’clock, GENEVIEVE DK BRABANT. Almoo os Drogan ; Bnnolll as Gonovlovo t Loouyer and Maroas as tho Gonsdanncs. To-morrow (Thursday), March-27, LEB BRIGANDS. Almoo, Bonelll. .Tutoau, Duoboano. Friday—Last Night but One—Bonoflt of Milo. Bonelll— LA BELLE HELENE. tiatarday Afternoon—Farewell Matlnoo—Almoo and Jutcau in LA PEUICHOLE. Hatnrday, March9o-Farowoll Night—ORPUEB AUX ENFERS. Almoo, Bonelll, juteau, oto. Admission to the Matinee, with seat, 81. Monday noxt, MoKEE RANKIN ns Rip Van Winkle. OPERA BOUFFE LIBRETTOS. SttTO 20 cental Only correct and oomplotO edition. PRICE, ONLY 15 CENTS.' PRICE, ONLY IB CENTS. Por gftlo by JNO. MOLTRR. ISO West MadUon-at. | &P. BOATS’ (Sa BESTSIX-OORD Wlitß anS M Ttaais Am soft finished* without tho nso of nny sub stance whatever to produco an artificial glossi thereby preserving tho superior strength of -six-cord thread. Tho new shade of black has a silken •polish} and nil numbers are warranted six-cord to 100 Inclusive. Por Sale By all Dry Goods Dealers. ASK FORJ. &P. COATS’ BLACK, Amt nso It for Maohlno Sowing. OCEAN NAVIGATION. Sailing twice ft week from Now York, and carrying pat gangers to&ll Britain, Ireland. Continent/ . .vail parts of Great Britain. Ireland, Ountinontal Europe, and the Modltorranoan. Oabln from $65; Steer age, British aud Irish porta east, S3O; west, s32—provi sions iQoludod. Continental ports same as other regular linos. All payable In U. S. currency. Apply for full in formation at tho Company 1 # ottlccs, 7 Bowling Green, N. Y., and N. R. corner laSsllo and Madlson-sts., Chicago. HENDERSON BROTHERS. Agents. COTTON DUCK, FOXI BROWN* DRAB* WHITE, AND BLUE OVERALLS. Also. RUSSISLL MILLS and DRUID COTTON SAIL DUCK, manufactured and offered to wholesale buyers at lowest prices by Bf. BOYNTON & 00., S7 Commorclul«Mt>, lloatou, ITluas* MEDICAL CARDS. DR. C. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 4M Stato-st., Chicago, - Itlswoll known by all readers of tho papers, that Dr. O. Bigelow Is tho oldest established physician in Chicago, Science and experience have mado Dr. B. tho most re nowned SPECIALIST of tho ago, honored by tho prose, esteemed of tho highest medical attainments by all tho modlool Institutes of tho day, having dovotod TWENTY YEARS OF 1118 LIFE lu perfecting remedies that will cure positively all oases of OURCNIC AND SPECIAL mSEAKKH In both aozos. CONSULTATION FUSE. SEPARATE PARLORS for ladles and gentlemen. Call. CORRESPONDENCE CONFIDENTIAL. Address all lottery, with stamps, to Dr. O. BIGELOW, No. 4tM Stato-st. " OEMS OF STBAUSSI" ALL BUY IT. COBURN Medical Institute, 175 and 177 South darkest., corner Monroo, Chicago, founded and conducted by Dr. J. O. Coburn, for tho treatment and cure of all forms of chronlo and special diseases In both soxos. This Institute Is unquestionably tho most scientific In this oouulry fur tho treatment of diseases. Dr. Coburn Is a regular graduate of modlolno, and baa tbroo diplomas from tho best oollogos In tho world, to bo soon in his ofilco by nil. Young men who re* quire a physician never tail to find speedy relief and a per* luauent ouro at tho hands of Dr. Coburn. Semi two ■tamps for his books on male and female disease, to any address, in soalod envelopes. Addross letters Dr. J, O. COBURN, 175 and 177 South Clark-st., Chicago. 111. All confidential. 011100 hours: Da. m. to Bp. m,; Sunday, U to4p. in. Ur. 13. A. Bassett, S2O Stato-st.,'Chicago. a graduate of the University of Philadelphia, Is admitted by tho profession, press, and public to ho tho must thoroughly Qualified, skillful and ruooossful physician lu tho treatment of all the diseases of ils specially—Nervous, Chroulo and Special Diseases. Those living at a distance treated by letter. Bend for medloal treatise. Cuusultutlou free. SS-SSSI Dr. Kean, 300 South Olai’k-st,, Chicago, May bo confidentially consulted, personally or by mall, free of charge. on all ohroulo or nervous diseases. DR. J. KEAN is tho only physlulsu In tho city who war ranto euros or no pay. OUiuo hours Irom Da. ui, to 8 p.m. THREADS. COTTON DUCK. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVAL MR DEPARTURE, OF TRAINS Winter Arrangement. Rm-AHATrox or RRFKJir.NCE Maiiko.-t Saturday e» copied. * Sunday oxooptod. 1 Monday oxccptod. |Ar« rlva BundayatßiuOa. m. 4 Dally. RAILROAD. ugh Lint, am goto Knntat C it, bridge, I , CHICAGO & ALTON I Chicago, Atlon ift St. Jamil Throt (>fo,)neiv thnrl route J'rout CMctti jhpot, Wett Side, firm* ,t/.i.ff«on-i Leave, Bt. Lonls A Springfield Rxpresa, .via Main Lino. Kansas City bast Express, via Jacksonville, 111., and Louisi ans, M 0,,, Wonona, Laoon, Washington Ex press (Western Division.) Jollot A Dwight AcoomoMatlon. St. Louis A Springfield Lightning Express, via Main Line, andalso via Jacksonville Division Kansas City Express, via Jack. 'sonville, 111., A Louisiana, Mo.. Jonorson City Express.... „.,,... Peoria, Kookuk A Durl’n lex • oil6a. m. * 9:18 a. ra, * i ;I0 p. ra. * 4:10 p. m. flfl:00 p. m. 51>:00p, m. 10;00p. m. * fliWp. m. via Main Line, and dail Jacksonville Division. u Daily, eaoopt Monday, via Jacksonville i)p except Saturday vU via Main Line, andu&ilf, Diylilon* CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & S Pinion JJtpol, corner JfadUon anil 87 ireel HadUon-tt. on if. PAUL RAILWAY. I Oinal*«(«.; Ticket OJUct nd at Depot. Leave, Arrive, Mllwftokoo, St. PaulA Mlnnoap • oils Day Express... *9:00 a. m. t7:2oa. m. Milwaukee A Pralrio du Obion Mall and Express *4:6op,'tn. MltßJa. tn. Milwaukee, St, Paul A Mlnnoap ollsNlght Express * 0:00 p.m. CHICAGO, BURLINGTON & QUINCY RAILROAD. Depot*-, Foot of and Canal and Sixletnlh-ilt, Ticket office in Briggt Boute and at depote, Leave. * Arrive, Mall and Expre55................. *7:450. m. *4.16 p. m. Dubuque ana Sioux City Exp.... * 9:16 a. m. * 8:00 p. tn«J Pacific Fast 1i1ne,,,,...,......... *l0:10a. m. •8:16 p.m. Galesburg Passenger * 8:15 p. m. • 8:10 p. m] Momlolaa Ottawa Pauonger... • 4:20 p. m. • 9:65 a. m. Aurora Passenger.. * 1:45 p. m. * 8:16 a. m. Aurora Passenger ; • 6:30 p. m. • 8:56 a. m. Aurora Passenger JBumlay)...., I.OOp. m. 9:56 a. raj Dubuque A Sioux City Exp t9:oop. m. 17:00 a. m. Paoltio Night Express rl0:00p. m. 1 6:45 a. mv Downer'sGroveAccommodation *11:00 a. m. *6:6 op. in. Downer's Grove Accommodation * 6:15 p. tn. * 7:16 p. m. OttawaandStroatorPaasongor.. 7:46 a. m. 8:10 p. m. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot foot of Lake-tt, andfoot of 7V«n(iMeeeml*/(. Titjtet Office, 75 Canal-it,, comer of Jfadieon. Leave, Arrive. * 7:80 a. in. * 6:00 p. m. t 8:16p, m. • 7:65 a. m. * 7:80 a. m. * 9:00 p. m. + 8:16 p. m. * 7:66 a. tn. * 7:30 a. tn. * 9:00 p. ra. t 8:16 p. ra. • 7:55 a. ra. * 6:16 a. m. * 9:00 p. tn. t 9:00 p. tn. * 7:00 a. in. * P:l6p. tn. * 9:00 a. tn. * (5:10 a. m. • 0:4 So. m. * 7:10 a. m. • 7:46 a. m. 5 9:00 a. tn. * 8:40 a. tn. 413:10 p. tn. * 9.-00 a. tn. * 8:00 p. tn. S10:30 a. tn. * 4:30 p. tn. 4 1:45 p. raj * 6:16 p. in. * 6:30 p. m. * 6:l0p. tn. * 6:65 p. tn. •ll;00p. m. * 7J5p. tn. to rub to Champaign. CHICAGO* INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. 3Vatnsorr4esondd«narl > /rqm tts Great Central railroad Depot, foot of Lahe-it. Ibr through ticket* and eletpinq j car btrlht apply at Ticket office, 75 lunaLsl., comtr JLfadl eon{ ISO et. qndiflcftfaan«ap.; quo foot of Loavo Chicago Arrive at Indianapolis Arrive at Olnolnnatl 8:00 a. m. $ 4:20 p. m. I 0:30 p, in. ft TralnsarrlToatOhlciigoats:OOa7m. and9:lßp. m. Only line running Saturday night train to Cincinnati. The entire train runs through to Olnolnnatl. Pullman ; alaopsra on night trains. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. TteJeet effie'e, 91 West UadUon-tt. Pacific Fast Lino Dubuque Day Bz. via Clinton... Pacific Night Expre55........... Dubuque Night Ex. via Clinton. Freeport A Dubuque Express.... Freeport A Dubuquo Express.... Milwaukee Ma 11...,.,, Milwaukee Express Milwaukee Pax50nger.,.......... Milwaukee Passenger (d0i1y)..., Oreou Day Express Bt. Paul Express.; Green Bay Express.. Bt. PaulEipross *10:16 a. m. 10:15 a. m. tl0:lBp. m. 10:15 p. mi * 9:16 a. m. * 9:15 p, m. * 6:00 a. m. * 9:30 a. m. * 5:00 p. m. {11:00 p. m. 9:40 a. ra, *10:10 a. m. * 9:00 p. m. 19:30 p. m. CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAI Depot, comer of IlarrUnn uml SAerman-Jtf. 3 Omaha,Loavonw’thAAtchisoaEx *10:00 a. m. * 4:00 p. m. Peru Accommodation... • 5:00 p. m. • 9:30 a. m. Night Express tl0:00p.m. $ 7:00 a. m. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. Depot, corner JtarrUon ami Shtrman-lti, Ticket ejtteet, norifiteeet comer Clark and Randolph-tU., anti eoutAeees, comer Canal and J laiUeon-ele, Moll, tli Air Lino and Main Lino Special Now York Express, via Air Lino Atlantia Express, Tin Air lino.. Night Kaprons, via Alain Lino.... Elkhart Accommodation * 6:40 a. m. * 1 9:00 a. m. • 0:10 p. m.J 't9:oo p. mJ f i ’ 8:40 p. mi CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. Z\uienger Depot at I\, C. *6 SI. Louis Depot, corner of Ca« nalaml Klnxie-sle. Freight and Ticket office 168 iraehlng-ton-et, Mai] * 7 HO a. m. Evansville A Torro llauto Ex.... * 7:00 p. m. PinSBURGH. FORt WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. Leave, Arrive, Day Express., * 9:i)oa. m. t 7:30 p. in. Pacific Express {5:10 p. m. { 0:30 a. m. Fast Lino t*9:oop. m. 1*8:00 a. m. Mali * 4:55 a. m. * 6:10 p. m. Valparaiso Accommodation * 3HOp. m. * 8:50 a. m. MICHIGAN CENTRAL & GREAT WESTERN RAILROADS Depot, foot of Lake tt ..anti foot of Tieenly-teeond-lt Ticket office, 75 Vanal-et., cornerqf iladlion. Leave. Arrive. Mall (via main and air lino) * 5:30 a m. * BH5p. in. Day Express * 9:00 a. in. * 8:00 p. m. Jackson Accommodation 5 8:35 p. m. {10:20 a. in. Atlantic Express 5 6:16 p. in. {8:00 a. in. Night Express t*9:oop. m. r*6:3oa. m. INDIAN ATOLIB Via PERU ROAD. Mall • SdWa. m. *BHSp. m. Night Express..... 16:16 p.m. |*{6:ooam. GRAND RAPIDS AND PENIWATER. Morning Express 9,00 a.m. 8:00 p. m. Night Express 19:10 p. m. '6:ooa. m. HBNRY 0. WENTWORTH, General Pawngar Agent. PROPOSALS. PROPOSALS For Material, and Work, and La bor Required In the Construc tion of the Cook County Jail and Criminal Court Building’. Sealed proposals will bo received until the 7tb day of April, 187!), at noon, by the Board of Comralaalooera 'of Gook County, for tho furnishing and delivery of all ma terial, work, labor, and oonstruotlon of and for tbo Cook* County Jail and Criminal Court Building, baing oreoted on tbocornorof Michigan and Doarburn-sla., in the City ofOhloagu, according to plana and specifications, dotalli and drawings on file m tbo otlico of Moisrs. Armstrong <1 Kuan, Architects, No. 14 South Glark-st., Chicago, ai follows, to wit: 1. All material, work, labor, oonstruotlon, and finish for ontlro mason, out etono, and plastering work com plete. a. All material, work, labor, construction, and finish for tbo Iron work complete. U. All materia), work, labor, construction, and finish for tho bufldlug, carpenter, Joiner, and woodwork com- 4. All raatorial, work, labor, construction, and finisb for tbo plumbing and gas-fitting complete. Tho etono to bu used may bo granites, marbles, or sand* stones. Tho Qualities must bavo uniformity of color, tox* turo, and durability, and no ateno will bu considered whose Quality has not been tested by actual uso In build- Ines. Builders may Include ono or moro of tho Items spoolflod o their proposals, and all proposals roust bo mado on tho prluted forms to bo obtained of the County Olork, and bo accompanied with a copy of this notice, and by a penal bond In tho aum of one thousand dollars ($1,000), with sc ourlty. to bo approved by said Board, that tho bidder will accept and pertonu tho ooutraot 1( awarded to him and give bond, with approved security therefor, as follows: For the atonic, mason, and plastering work $25,000 For tho iron work and material 56,00 C For tho carpenter, joluor, and building work and material.. 10.000 For tbo plumbing, gas-fitting, work, and mate* Tbo right to rojool nnyoV all bid’s received is rosorvod. Pro|M)ssls must bo Inalosod In a sealed envelope indorsed Proposals (for tho various kinds of work and materia] named), and deposited with tho County Ulork, addressed to ”" Mnl ° A. J. OAIJ.OWAV. THOMAS LONERGAN, GEORGE M. rogue. OommlUco on Public Buildings, Board of Commissioners of Cook County. _ , |jr Times, .luurnal, Post, Staats-Zollung, Union, and Intor-Oooan ploaso copy. Chicago, March l‘J, 1878. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY, $5 Packages oy PEACTIONAL GDIIIGI FOR SALE AT TKIBTME OFFICE, it fouitiana City. Unto* Arrive, * 8:10 p. m# 1 B;l0p. m« * lilOp. ra. * 9:40 a. ql> U7:80 p.tra t!7:90 a.m. t|?:3o a. m, * BilO p. m. 8:00 p, ra. 8:60 a. m. 9:16 a. m. A rr(M. Leave, * 8:45 p. m 8:45 p. ra $6:30 a. m 6:80 a. m * S:oop.m * 7:00 a. ra *10:16 a. m * 4:00 p. m * 7:40 p. m 16:00 a. m 7:16 p.xn 6.00 p.m • 8:30 a. m t 6:50 a. m ILROAD. Pfrfnf office, Arrive, Leave, Arrive. Leave, 9:20 p. tn. 8:00 p. m> 8:00 a. ra« '16:30 a. ra. *10:10 4. m. Arrive. Leave, • IHO p. ni' t 7:30 a. m.

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