Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, March 27, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated March 27, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. THE CHICAGO WEEKLY TRIBUNE THE'WEEKLY TRIBUNE The Best, Handsomest, and Cheapest of Weeklies, Circulation Largely Extending. Now One of the Largest West of New York. For the Country Home. For the Tourist Abroad. Sent to Thousands of Readers in All Parts of the World. It is Fiileil With Freshly Prepared Matter. A Careful Compendium of tlio Latest Nows. Contains Contributions from the Best Pens, farm and Home Topics. Something for Every Header. Read the Following Tatilc of Contents, Send for ITUs Wook> Weekly Tribune. FIRST PASS. HEWS OF Tim WEEK— Washington—Tho Bonate-The State Capital - State Affairs- Political - Foreign- Obituary—Personal—Money and .Business—Labor- Railroad Affairs—Fraud andTheft-Orlmo and Crim inals— Casualties—Fires—Miscellaneous. CHAIN-INSPECTION—Vioirs of tho Ohlcsgo Board of Trsdo Thereon—Bills Before tho Illinois Legislature. THE APIARY—“ Knowledge la Power •» In Bee-Keeping —Condition of Bcos'tho Post Winter—Loss In a Per? Hon of Ohio—What Will Result from tho Losses— How to Dispose of Ootilb and llonoy. SECOND JP.A.O-E, EDlTOßlALS—Paragraphs: Congressional Jobs that Failed—Tho Illinois River Improvemontt-The Call for a State Convention of Farmers—The Promotion of Llout. Fred. Grant—Mrs. Brown's Elopement— AnArtlflclal Oyster; Railroad Mr. Donahue's Railroad Bill; Grain-Inspection; Revers ing tho Supremo Court; Tho Judiciary of Illinois; Wlfo-Whlpplng la Illinois; "Across thoContlnont." PERIODICAL LITERATURE—An Essay by Prof.’Will, lam Mathews, of tho University of Chicago. * THIRD 3P.A.GKB- THE ILLINOIS FARMERS-Convcntions at Various Points—Dlscurslen of tho Rallroa'd and Other Ques tions—Denunciation, off? Mono polios—Advocacy of Free Trado—Reprobation of tho Congressional Sal-. ary Steal—Call for a Stale Convention. THREE CENTS A MILE-Tho "Tliroo-Cont Trouble” on tho Chicago, Burlington St Qulooy Railroad—An Ineffectual Attempt to Eject a Passenger for Refus ing to Pay More than Legal Faro—Tho Train-Con- doctor Fined Ton Dollars. THE FARM AND GARDEN—A Valuable Winter Swoofc Apple—Fanners' Colleges and Granges—A Substan tial Fonco—Tho European Darob—Honey-Locust and Barberry for Hodgoa-llow tho Farmer Can Head ' Off tho Railroad Monopoly by Growlug Larob-Trses for Railroad-Tics—'Tho Ben Davis Apple—Tho ■ Wytho Apple—Horticulture for tho Farmer—Pre serving Fruit—Tho Producer Not a Manufacturer— Fish-Oulturo. FtUSB lUILHOAU PASSES—Legislator. Doollno to Giro Them Up. TUB FIELD AND STABLE-Tho Principal Potato to Bo Considered in Selecting Horses for Breeding: Size and Weight—Blood and Weight Combined— Symmetrical Proportions—Strtagbait. MINNESOTA—Putting In Wheat on Maroh 13. FOURTH 3P.A.GKEL EDITORIALS—The Farmers' Fight; Hold Your Horses; Chief Justice Lawrence. ITHS RAILROAD QUESTlON—Opinions from Various Quarters-Reduction of Ratos on tbo Chicago, Bur* lington A Quincy Railroad—lnfluence of tbo Tariff- Unjust Discriminations—Prices of Agricultural Ma- cbtnory. * THE ILLINOIS FARMERS—Mooting of tbs Patrons of Husbandry of Livingston County—Coll for a Oonvon- tlon at Fontlao. EXTRAVAGANCE—Ton Thousand Dollars foraDlnner. MYSTERIOUS MURDER-Brooklyn the Soeno of a Companion to the Nathan Tragedy—Assassination of Charles Goodrich in*Hia House—A Woman In tho Osso. THE LACROSSE BRIDGE BlLL—Unblushing Attempts at Bribery to Socuro Its Passage Over Got. Wash* burn's Veto. POLITICAL—Tbo Fanner* of tho Fifth Supreme Court District of Illinois Call a Convention to Nominate a Candidate for Judge of the Supreme Court as Chief Justice Lawrence's Successor. SUCH IS LIFE—A San FraneUoo Incident. T-rPTII IP-A-GB. CONJUGAL RIGHTS—A Husband Not Responsible for a Slander Uttered by HU Wlfo-Tbo Entire Ques tion of Modem Changes In Married Life Reviewed by tho Illinois Supremo Court—Tbo Gradual Admis sion of a Wifo to Equal Righto Conceded—Doolara. tion by tbo Coart that the Marriage Relation Is Crumbling Away—The Scoptro has Departed from tho Husband, and the Wlfo Must Take tho Cense- qaonaos. THE STATE CAPITAL—Tho Stock-Yard Bill-Passago of the Donahue Railroad Freight Hill—'Warehouse Legislation—Defending Railroad Suita-Statomont by the Superintendent of tho Union Stock-Yards— Railroad Taxation—Railroad Commissioners—Nor mal Sohool—Township Organization—Tbo Jnry BUI —Deficiency BUl—Railroad Mortgages-Railroad Aid—Assessors and Collectors—Roads and Bridges— The Sonata Railroad BUl—Small Attendance, A STRICKEN COMUUNITY-Tbo Dreadful Work of a Small-Pox Epidemic In Cannolton, Ind. NORTH AND SOUTU-A Political Poem. WOMAN’S SPHERE—-Ita Ealargomont In Pennsylvania. SIXTH PAGE. RETRIBUTION—“The Murderer Bh&ll Surely Bo Put to Death”—Execution of William Foster for tbo Murder of Avery D. Putnam—Hanging of James McElhaney, tbo Boston Uxoricide. RAILROADS—Stato Ownership of Them. HONEY—What Can Bo Dono In Minnesota. THE STOCK-YARDS—Report of tbo Senate Investigat ing Committee—Complaints of Shippers of Stock * Examined—No Serious Fault Found—Recommenda tion that tbo Yards Bo Placed Under tbo Supervi sion of tbo Railroad and Warobouso Commissioners. CHICAGO PACKING—Reports of Hog and Beef Pack ing for tbo Past Season—Number—Product—Aver age Weight—Manufacture of Foreign Moats—Bacon —Tbo Course of tbo Market—Hog-Paoklng of the West. MRS. SAM JONES—Car Club In Quest of a Butter and Choose Factory—A Farmer’s Laundry Proposed— Mr. Rogers a Happy Man—The QlrU at Home and Planning tbo Bummer Work—Tbo Cow-Stable No Place for Girls—Six Montbe of School In Ono Year for tbo Farmor'e Son or Daughter—How the Glrle May Help Their Father—About Getting Mar ried—At Work in the Orchard—Patchwork Quilts vs. Outdoor Work for Olrie—'The City vs. The Country Homo. WARNED-APoem. SEVENTH FAGB. HOME MATTERS—“II. 11. V Now Book-Tho Story of Blue Eyes—Breaking the Wlll-Vontllatlon of Schools—'The Republic of a Family— l ‘ Boys Not AL lowed”—Wanted, a Homo. RARE JUSTIOE-A Poem. HUMOR—A Collection of Comicalities. THE MAN WITH THE NOSE-A Story by Rhoda Broughton. bio-hth page. /XNANOIAL-Uonoy-Mattors in Chicago-Gotten, and the Price of Gold. COMMERCIAL—Chicago Produce Markets; Chicago Live-Stock Market, with Review for (be Week; Herkimer County Dairy Market; European Mar kets; Buffalo Livo-Stock Market; New York, MU. wankee, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Toledo Produce Markets. TUB CHICAGO TIUDUNE-Prospcclm for 1873. Wijt PaUg DRESS GOODS. GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY Cn.FirMCo, Ho. 329 West Madison-st., O Jbf u Jb» MlalEriL Lot onviiito Piques at 15 cts. yard, just half price. Lot White Piques, Hair Cord with Satin Stripe, 25 cts., worth CO els. Rich White Piques, in very choice styles, 45 cts., formerly SI.OO. Bargains in Marseilles Quilts, Table Linens. Towclings and Housekeeping Goods. Black and White Sergo Plaids 20 cts.,half price. English Prints 18 cts., worth .80 cts. Now Shades in Mohairs, Alpacas, Poplins, ic., at ,87 1-2 cts., very cheap. Now Shades in all-Wee] Cr ,, (ou< v . at 40 and 50 cts,, regular value 05 nnd 80 eta. Bargains on Cheap Brcss Goods Tables at 18,20 and 25 cts. yard. Japanese Silks about half price. % Cheapest Stripe Spring Silks in the city. Great Bargains in nll-Sllk Black Gres Grains from sl, $1.15, $1.25, and $1.50 up to rich est qualities. Bargains in Spring Stylo Ottoman Shawls. Cottons and Shootings of all grades at very low prices. ROOFING MATERIAL. BELT’S PATHT SHEET-IRON : Roofing. Parties desiring a Metal Roof will find tho PERFECT* NESS, DURABILITY, and CHEAPNESS of this Roof ing very deserving of examination and adoption. • PRICE: EIGHT DOLLARS per square, PAINTED on ROTH SIDES, bozod and delivered on cars in Cin cinnati, O. CONTRACTS for 100 squares or more, will bo on terod into for its application on buildings la Chicago at NINE DOLLARS per square, measured after roof Is laid, and ■WARRANTED WIND & WATER PROOF. This Roofing is very simple and rapid of application by any ordinary house carpenter. For farther Information, circulars, or orders, address W. S. BELT, Patentee and manufacturer* 56 and 58 E»st Third-st., Cincinnati. Ohio. FOK SALE. MAPLE SUGAR Wo aro now receiving oup regular consign ments from sliobigan of GENUINE NEW MAPLE SUGAR, Which wo can GUARANTEE tno STRICT LY PURE ARTICLE, WITHOUT ANY ADULTERATION. For Bale to tho trado by tho ton. or single oaso, by HAGBR Sc SPIES, 63 WEST EAKE-ST. TREES I TREES I 820*000 north, all kinds and sizes, for sala cheap at tbo SHEFFIELD MISERY, 44 RaclM. R. J. LEWIS. Prop. PT Take the Chicago and Olybourn-av. cars. KIRKLAND GRATE COAL, Mined by Kirkland A Co., Vocdors, Fountain Co., Ind. Sold by 0. 11. DYER A CO., Oor. Wabash-av. and “GUNS.” A lino of choice Breechloaders, at moderate prices, nowtaotock. Also, Muzzle-loaders, Fishing Tackle, and Sporting Goods. BIGGS, SPENCER A CO., Importers, Stem Lite Barge for Sale. Steam Lumber Bargo "St. Clair" for sate. For price and terms apply to E. R. AYRES, REAX. ESTATE. FOB SALE. The Executors of the Estate of Thomas Buffern, late of Now York, now oiler for sale SIXTEEN HUNDRED LOTS, Bounded on the north by Division-st., on tho east by Hobey, on tho south by Ohicago-av., and on the west by Wostern-av. Those Lots will front on tho abovo-namod stroots, and also on Eoyne, Leavitt, and Oakloy-sts. This valuable property has novor before boon placed in tho market,and is nowofforod on tho most favorable terms. For plats, ab stracts, and terms apply to MATTOCKS & MASON, Agents, 523 Wabash-uv. FOR SALE. The throe-story end basement stono-front house. No. 427 west Washington-st., with Furniture and Carpets. The Furniture is now and of tho most elegant description. Possession given at once. Apply on the premises, or at 30 West Monroe-st, GENERAL NOTICE. CLIMATE! CLIMATE! PUBLIC MEETING Is hereby oslfed in tbo interest of Christian Colonization la the Upper Arkansas Valley. Kansas (whore now tbo Prairies arouroen and corn being planted, thermometer has stood at 70 for days past), to boliold In tbo Union Parle Congregational cnnrch Lecture Boom, iMay Evening, Hares 27, 1873, Cpod Rnoakors will address tbo meeting and ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. This mooting was pulovorbytbo storm of Tuesday. Offioo of Colony, Room 4, 60 West Kandolph-st., Chicago. BUSINES S CHANGE. $20,000 Hardware Stock for Sale, Together with Lease, Fixtures, and Good Will, at Quin ov. HI. Business founded in 1814, and has always boon the leading house In the city. Boat of reasons for selling. Parties desiring a safe and permanent business, in a growing Ad prosperous locality, will tlud tills an excel lent opportunity to establish themselves upon-easy and liberal terms. For particulars address GARDNER A ROBERTSON. Quinoy. 111. REMOVALS. REMOVAL. SAM’L GEHR, Real Estate, Loan, ai Investing; Agent. mas removed bis Office to NO. IQ TRIHUNi; IIUILIHNG. HOTELS. CITY HOTEL, Corner Sixteenth and Slate-ste. TERMS, 80.00 PER 13A.-Y. J. W. TOWN A. rmurtotor. TO RENT. OFFICES XTST THE Trine Bill Not Yet Taken. Two very desirable single of fices on Second Floor. One suite of two or three rooms on Second Floor. A few large and small rooms on Third Floor, suitable for Ar chitects or Artists. Very large and desirable room on Fourth Floor, north light. The finest single offices and suites in the city. The building is strictly Fire- Proof. The floors are laid in English Tile. Pire and Burglar-Proof Vaulta All appointments of the test description. An elevator connects with all the floors. The entire building is steam heated, with porter always in attendance. Vacancies yet remaining of fered at reasonable rates for a term of years. See the offices. For terms in quire of W. C. DOW, Doom 1, Nevada Block. FOB REIT OB LEASE, The docks now occupied by John Granger, with lots in rear, on tho West Side, north of Lako-st., with frontage on river of 148 foot. These lots adjoin the track of tho Danville & Vinoonnos Railroad, and afford tho finest facilities in the city to the Coal Trade. MATTOCKS & MASON, 523 Wabash-av. TO RENT, From April 1, a handsome three-sto ry and basement marble-front bouse, elegantly furnished, anri. with all modern improvements. Location one of tho best in the city. Rent, S3OO per month. Address O 83, Tribune office. PROFESSIONAL. Important to tlie Medical Profession. Dr. VAN HUMMEL is desirous of moot* ing with two or threo highly educated and experienced physicians, who will learn his peculiar method of treating CHBONIO NA SAL OATABBH, etc., and open branch es tablishments in neighboring cities, as his practice is getting too largo for him to attend to conveniently. _ • Applicants MUST BE GRADUATES OP REPUTABLE MEDICAL SCHOOLS, AND GIVE EVIDENCE OP THE PACT. Oflloo hours,, 0 a. m. to 4 p. m. No. 24 South IlUnois-st., Indianapolis, Ind. REFERENCES: His Excellency T. A. Hendricks, Governor of IndUna. Lieut. Guv. Leonidas Boston, Hon. O. B. Slooth, Rushvlllo, Ind., State Senator. The Right Rev. J. O. Talbot, Episcopal Bishop of Dio* cose of Indiana. _ Hon. O. O. Clark, President First National Bank, Rush* vUlo, Ind. Col. 11. N. Hudson, Torre Hanto, Ind. Mr. W. 11. Morrison, President Indiana Banking 00., Indianapolis, Ind. LAND COMPANY. COOK COITY LME C 0„ CHICAGO, XLlii Capital Stock, - - $750,000. Assets, Over $1,100,000. CHARLES A. GREGORY, President, Olllce, 184 flearborii-at,* Chicago. DIRECTORS—Edwin 11. Abbot, 18 Pemberton Square, Boston; Franklin E. Gregory, (Gan. 0. Richardson A C 0,,) itoslnn; (ieorgo Huffman, 59 Wllllam-rt., Now York; Franklin 11. Walrisa, Charles A. Grigory, Chicago. STATIONERY. CULVER, PAGE, HOME & CO.. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL STATIONERS, Blank book Mors ai Printers, EDUCATIONAL. RACINE COLLEGE. The Spring and Summer Term of Baoino College will open April 2. For admission to College or Grammar School apply to Bov. J. DeKOVBN, D. D., Baoino, Wis. Catalogues can bo obtained at the Mor chants* National Bank, Chicago. FINANCIAL. * -A.- O, SLATJGHTBR, Banker and Broker, northwest oornor Clark and Madison sts., dealer in Government Bonds, Gold, Canada Money, and Securities. Buy and sell on commission In Now York, Stocks, Bonds, do. Will also furnish at sub scription prlooanyof tbo new Railroad Bonds, free of commission. $15,000.00 UNION HIDB 4; LEATHER 00, BTOOK FOE BALE ~P“Ta large dividends. Must bo sold. For further par ticulars apply to 0. K. FIELD A CO., MISCELLANEOUS. BOSTON CAM WE4IBGCO., 44 and 40 West Adams-st., Chicago. Branch Office, Twonty-seound-st. Wo aro now ready to toko up, clean, and relay Carpets, at short notice. Carpels aro not wet In any nay to clean. No charge for cartage. Satisfaction guaranteed. A. N. lIANKINSON A UP. SIOO,OOO In Stock to ezohango for Merchan dise, Address Y 80. Tribune office. CHICAGO, THURSDAY, MARCH 27, 1873. INDUSTRIAL EXPOSITION. INTER-STATE Industrial EXPOSITION OF CHICAGO. Office, Room No. 11 Staatb-Zeitttno Uuildino,! March 27, 1873. J Tho Utno haring expired within which wore limited aub* acrlptlons to ten aharoa, the balance of tho Block la now open to tbo public at large, and It la to bo hoped that thoio who hare boon backward hitherto will at onco come forward and close up tho Hat, so na to onablo tho Com mlttoo to go to work putting up tho building, notifying manufacturers and other probable exhibitors, and pro* paring generally for tbo grand oroat. An Exposition of suoh a character as tho Oommlttoo propose cannot fall to of being a groat benefit to our city and tbo pnbllcatlargo. Tho following roaolutlona embrace thotr ideas, and it Is forthoao who subscribe to tbo slock to modify or ro» arrange tho plan thus presented If necessary for tbo gen eral good: At a Mass-Mooting hold at Jackson’s Hall on Wednes day, tho Mth of March, tho Hon. Joseph Modll), R. J. Crano, and O. 8. Rowon wore appointed a Oommlttoo on ResoluUons. After mature deliberation tho Oommlttoo presented tho following resolution, which toas unanimous 4 ly adopted: Jieiolvtil, That Moura. O. W. Potter, Henry H. King, J. McGregor Adams, and B. Vf. Blotchford. of tho Norm Bldo,: N. H. Bouton, Goo. W. Gape. W. B. Coolbauph, and M. U. Wells, of tho Sonia Side, and C. 11. McCor mick, 11. 11. Taylor, David Bradley, and U. T. Oraao, of tho West Bldo, bo sppolatod a commiltoo to consider the bolding of a grand INDUSTRIAL EXPOSITION In or near tub city, on or about tbo Oth day of October next, lu connection with tbo Northovroctom Woolen Manulaotnr ora* Association, and aatd Oommlttoo to report at a future mooting as to location, plan of exposition, amount of monoy required and plan of raising same, with auob otbor Information aa they may doom of Interest to tbo mooting. Also, to wait on tbo Woolen Manufacturers, who bold tbolr annual mooting to-morrow, and assure thorn that tho people of Chicago will soo that they are well oarod for should they doslro to hold tbolr next annual exposition in Obloago. In compliance with the foregoing resolution, tbo Com mittee, so appointed, liavo hold several meetings, and now present tbolr Onal report In the form of resolutions, trusting that tbo citizens of Obloago shall make it effec tual by their action. . ~ „ lit, Rttolved, That It is tbo sense of this Oommlttoo that a groat Intor-Btato-lndnstrial Exhibition shall bo bold In tbo Oity of Chicago during tho coming fall, com mencing on or about Bopt. 15, and continuing lour or more weeks. 2d. Resolved. That tbo main object of the Exposition should bo to exhibit in systematic arrangement, in one immense collection, tbo products of all klnda of mechan ical, artistic, and Industrial skill and labor, including the product# of manufacturers, mines, Inventions, agricul ture, horticulture, painting, sculpture, and all the trades and arts, together with tbo raw and wrought materials of commerce in all forms. . , „ Bd. Resolved, That while tho main object of tho Ex position should bo as above, tho mauagomont should also provide amply for musical and other popular entertain ments, and also cordially 00-oporato with any rospootablo auxiliary association that may undertake to Inaugurate a grand Uve-atook exhibition, to bo held In tbo vicinity of Chicago during the term of the Exposition. 4th. Resolved, That tho Exposition should bo National and metropolitan In its scope; that tbo pooplo of all Statos and all countries bo cordially Invited to contribute arti cles for exhibition In ovory department, and that our friends from abroad bo assured of a warm welcome, hos pitable entertainment, and equal faculties in ovory ro ,P6thV Resolved, That, in the opinion of this Committee, tho most eligible location for such an Exposition Is that portion of too Lake Park situated north of Oongroas-at., the same bolng In tbo groat Burned District, near tbo heart of tbo city, near tbo central termini of all tbo street car and omnibus linos, aa well as within from two to ton minutes'walk of all tbo principal hotels, and all tho rail way depots and steamboat landings of tbo city. 6ih. Resolved, That snob location on tbo lake front will bo equally accessible from all divisions and suburbs of tho city, and thus promote tbo comfort and oonvonionco alike of citizens and visitors from abroad, and especially ren der feasible tho giving of evening entertainments, thus not only enlarging tbo sou;ces ot revenue, but enabling tbabuslnossman, tbo mechanic, the clerk, tho laboring man, and their families, comprising more than nine tenths of tho population of tho oity and its suburbs, to enjoy tho advantages of the Exposition and Its auxiliary entertainments, evening after evening, at tlttlo or no cost for transportation, and without infringing on tbo hour* of labor or business,and Interrupting too city's industries. 7tb. Resolved, That in tbo opinion of this Oommlttoo tho Increased receipts rosuuiog from such accessible central location of tho Exposition, with lie attendant ad vantages lor evening exhibitions, musical and otbor en tertainments, regardless of inclement weather, wIU bo moro than equivalent to tho whole cost of erootlng oven temporary, but ample and attractive buildings, certainly after allowing for the remaining vslno of materials for uso therein. Btb. Resolved, That wbUe a permanent annual exposi tion In Chicago is extremely desirable, and It Is oxpootod that such an institution will be the natural outgrowth of a successful issue of tbo present enterprise, It Is foared that there now remains Insufficient time to consider and dispose of rival schemes, to raise sufficient capital for ad equate, permanent buildings, and to oroot the samo in localities on the outskirts of the city, and that such an attempt os this would jeopardize tbo bolding of an exposi tion tuts year at all. Stb. Knotted, That a mass meeting of tho oltlzons of Chicago bo called for the evening of Saturday, tho Bth prox., at the Chamber of Commerce, or other suitable place, to subscribe a guarantee capital of $150,000; con ditioned that no part of tho subscriptions shall bo called in until two-thirds of tbo amount Is subscribed, nor until tbo oity authorities shall bavo granted tbo free nse of tbo Lake Bark until tho Ist of Jsnuaryuoxt; and conditioned, also. that, aa soon as twu-tblrda of the capital is sub scribed, tho stockholders shall bo duly called together for Eermanont organization, and to oloot a President, a oard of Directors or Commissioners, and such other offi cers as they may doom necessary to carry out tbolr wishes. On motion Messrs. Taylor, Coolbaugb, and Crane woro appointed a Committee to soouro a comfortable place for bolding a public mooting, issue a oall, and obtain speakers. Mr. Bouton offered tho following which was adopted : Resolved, That a permanent annual exposition la Chi cago Is extremely desirable, and we would roeommond tbat the organization bo formed as provided in tbo ninth resolution to make tho arrangemonta for this Expo sition. with tho view of utilizing the expenditures as well ns tho protits tbat shall arise from tbo Exposition to con tinue the organization permanently. Tho gentlemen whoso names are subjoined have so far IdontiiTed themselves with tbo roovomont and are further prepared to aid In pushing tho work to ultimate suoocss : Tue Committee fool that tho stock should be divided up among the citizens generally, and not bo monopolized by a low, oven though those low should subscribe purely on the grounds of publio interest. This Is a Chicago en terprise for tho benefit of tho whole city, and ovory citi zen wbosu interests aro permanently here. Therefore, all should nolle and contribute, so far as tboir moans will allow, towards making the event worthy of our name and history* The money, tuns contributed will not bo a simple gratuity, but au Investment which will pay a largo divi dend, not only In mono/, but in tho resulting Increase of business, tho establishment of now linos of trade, and manufacture, the Increase la existing values of property. Let every llvo Chicago man add his name to tho list of subscribers to Chicago's Grand Intor-Btato Industrial Ex position. Avery, Murphy A Co., 3; Atkins a. Burgess, 2; J. Mo* Gregor Adams, fi; Allen, Coryell A Co., I j J. S. Abbot, 1: John Alston A 00., 1; Thos. Barrows, 1; Bauor A Co., 1; Blackburn A Bros.. Is J. Boldtor 4 Bros., 2: D. Brad* ley, 6; IC. W. Blatohford. B; N. S. Bouton A Co., 5; T. 11. A A. 0. Brown, 2: Brigham A Ward, 1: A. Bolton, 1; Miohaol Brand, 2s w. P. Brazolton, 1; 11. N. Bomls, fi; Burton, PloroeACo., 1; Bliss, Mooro A Co., 1; O. 11. Bookwlth A Co., 1: James 11. Biggs, 1; Goorgo O. Clark, 1; G. 11. Case, 1; James 11. Colo. 1; Paul Ournoli, 6: C. 8. Crano, 10; R. T. Orano, 10; traukllu Ornuo, 2; Cook Oonnty National Bank, 10; Commercial National Bank, 10; Corn Exchange National Bank, 10; Contra! National Rank, 10; Oarsun, Pirie, SooltAOo., 2; Obloago A Northwestern Railway, 10: Col Una A Burgos*, I: Chapin A Gore, 1: John Clarke, I; W. H. Colvin, 1; Clamant, Morton A 00., 2; O. O. W. Clarke, 1; Conn A Ton Broeko, 2; Chaco A Aboil, 1; Oco. A. Chambers, 1; Arthur O. Ducat, Is Davis A Mason. 1: J. W. Doano A Co., 1; Doggott, Baesott A Hills, 6; D. 11. Denton, 2; R. E. Eaton, 1; Richard Edwards, 6; Wsuer Endloott, Is O. 11. Fargo A Co., 2s Ford River lumber merchants, is O, Furst, 6; Joseph Frlobolhouso, 10; Fifth National Dank, 10; First National Bank, 10; Fourth National Dank, 10; Dlold Loiter A 00.. 10; Fraser A Chalmers. 1; J. Friedman, I; J. V. Farwoil A Co., 10; James Forsyth A Go., Is N. K. Fatrbank, Is Gardner A Gould 10; QreonfcAler, Rosenthal A Co., 2; Gray, Clark A Co.. 1; Goss A Philips' Manufacturing Company, 3; O. F, Gatos, 5s Gorman National Bank, 111; O. M. Gilbert A Co., 1, Goble A Co.. 1: Gray A Bros., I; L. Gould A Co.. 1; M. Graff A Oo„ IsOrannU A Farwoil, 1 sHhooror A Young, 1; Solpp A Lehmann, 2; Jeremiah Beaman,}; Hy. It. Taylor, 10; 11. L. Turner, Is Turner A Roy, I; Third National Bank, 10; Traders’ National Dank, 10; J, L. Temple, 1; O. O. Tindall, 1; Towle A Roper. 1; J. M. Torwllllgor/O; Nelson A Tliomssson, Is H. iaylor. I; Union National Bank, 10s D. W. Whittle,!; M.D. wall* A Co., 6; Walker, Oakley A Co., 1; O. Walluin A Sons, 1; Whlto ASwan. Is L. Wolff, 3; J.M. Wantor, IsF.A.Wloh olman, 1;F, A, Wardnor. I; Willoughby, Hill 4 00., 2; Potter Palmer, 10; Pynotion A Sviilard, 2; H. Y. I*lxll— l;Wm. R. Pago. 1;A. A L. H. Pioroo, IsPrlckott A Drysdalo, 2; W. J. (Juan, 1;T. P. Uownls, 1; Iloilo, Jun ker A Go.. 1; Rloharda, Shaw A Winslow, 6; 11. A. Rust. 1: S. P. Itounds, 1; Rhodes A Bradley, 10: Roberts A Huso. 1: Gao. S, Rodllsld, 6; Sharp A Lord, 1: M. Hco* A 00., o; oobmldgait A Schumann, 1; State Havings Bunk, 10; Goo. O. Smith A Bro., lO;Htottaur A Bros, U; W. W. Strong Manufacturing 00., 6; Schwab, McQuuld A Co., Istinain, Barnard A Co.,l;Hyndor A Loo, 2: Sprague, Warner A Co., 1; Sloloy, Endloott A 00., 1:8. P. Sladdon A 00., 1; Farrington A oohmahl, 1: W. O. Munson A Co., 10; MoAutor, Yoo A Co,. 2; J, O. Morrlman, 1U; Mmiufac turors’ and Worohnnta* National, 10; Merchants National Bank, 10: Merchants' Loan and Trust Company. 10: P. 11. Moffat, I; Townsoll MoOmm, I; Blaaon, Carlllo A Co., Bs MoKlndloy, Gllchrlet A Co., I: J. H. MoVlekor, 10; Alardur, Lute A Co., it Franklin AfuVeagh, 1: National Watch Company, 0; Norlhwnstorn National Bank, 10; Nyo. Oatmiboll A 00., 1: James Nolan, 2; Northwestern Horse-Nail Company, t; North Chicago Rolling Alills, 10; P. O'Noll, H D. W. ObornAOo.,l; Parker, Sprague A Co., It Phillips, Dodge A Co., 6; Page, Bros. A Co., 3; Palmer, Fuller A Co., 2; Grammes A Ul rich, 111*1x11. A. Hoyno, 1;E. AI. Ha{o.l;G. Al. Hender son A Co., 6; T. W.llnrvey, 2: A. C. Hosing, 1; Hamlin, llaloACu., 6; A. L. Halo A Bro., fi; E. A. Hartwell, 1; T. K. Holden, 1; Holmes. PyAtt A 00., I; HerrlugACo., 2; Win. A!, Hoyt A Co., 1; Alnnuon, Alossor A Co,, 1; O. S. Ilutoblus, I; Iloldnn, Toioott A Co.. 1; J. IC. Har tel, 1; Hale, Ayers A Co., 6; It. W. llooloy, fit 11. 11. Houoro. 6; Illinois National Bank, 10; Knowles, Cloves A Co.. 1;W. J. Kuhns, 1; A. F. Kites, Itl.udlngtoa, Wells A Co., 2; Hunt, Preston A Kean, 10; W. T. Lawrence, 1; A.O. lloslng, 1; Jolm Wright, l;Wnrron, Koonoy Ago., 1; Jno. Walt, 1; J. Sulloy Wallace, 3; C. W. Weston, 1; Walter A. Wood, 1; Burrows, Carpenter A Co., 1; Hart, Aston A Co., 1; Parker, BpraguoACo., 1; D. E. Deaton. 9; Potter Palmer, BO* By ortlgr of tho Committee. • M _ ir _ . JAMBS NOWLAN, SooralArXi - WASHINGTON. Sine Dio Adjournment of tho Sen- ate Extra Session. Senator Wmdom’s Speech on Kailway Extortions and Monopolies. Kelley’s Credit Mobilier Gone “Where It Will Do Most Good.” Nominations and Confirmations of Postmasters, Etc. Special Dispatch to The Chicago 'lYibune. THE CINCINNATI TREASURY. Washington, D. 0., March 20.— For some un explained reason Senator Sherman had made an arrangement, whereby tho nomination of ox- Gov. Hayes, to bo Assistant Treasurer at Cincin nati, should bo passed over for tho present. Ho says to-night that his wish was complied with, and that Hayes was not confirmed. Other par ties, who were in tho Senate to-day, say that just before tho adjournment of tho Executive ses sion Hayes' confirmation was unanimously agreed to. In this conflict of testimony tho offi cial records will bo required to bo examined be fore on official statement can bo made. TUB RICHMOND tOST-OFFICE. Tho defeated Virginia politicians who sought to make a change in the post-office at Richmond arc now put to their wits’ ends to explain their discomfiture. A Petersburg paper, in the inter est of Senator Lewis, endeavors to account in tbo following manner for tho President's action. It says: Tho reappointment and confirmation of Mrs. Bcttlo Van Lew aa Postmaster of Richmond ought to bavo been expected, whoa it is remembered what faithful service oho rendered Grant when bo was besieging Richmond* Sbo established a dally communica tion with him, and kept him informed as to tho progress of events in tho Confed erate Capital, and then sbo sent him flowers. Nosegays clipped In her garden in tho morn ing havo been known to have been on bis auppor-tablo at night at City Point. When Richmond foil, Grant sent a trusted member of his staff there, with Instruc tions lo sco that her property was protected and her wants were supplied. ADJOURNED. Tho Sonato, after passing a number of resolu tions authorizing committees to sit during tho recess, adjourned sino dio ( today, at 4 o’clock. Tho only event of tho session has neon tho Cald well case. With tho exception of tho members of tho Cabinet, tho President has sent comparatively fow important nominations to tho Senate. Whilo tho Senators remained hero they busied themselves, mostly all, in worrying tho President for offices for their friends ana ad herents. On this account thoro is no doubt hut that tho President Is glad to be rid of thorn. Several Senators loft for their homos this even ing, and tho remainder will go before the close of tho wcok. THE KELLEY RONDS. Treasurer Spinner has not yet received any roply from Oauos Amos, to whom ho forwarded tho SI,OOO In bonds of tho Credit Mobilior, which were turned over to him by Rep resentative Kelley. Tho bonds woro sent to Amos on tho 15th lust, with a roonost that ho would so indorse them as to make them converti ble, in order that they might bo covered into tho Treasury. Tho question which naturally arises is, doos Mr. Amos iutoud to comply with General Spinner’s request, or hold on to tho bonds, which ho repeatedly said belonged to Mr. Kelly ? THE PNEUMATIC TUDE FRAUD. Among tho frauds sanctioned by tho Forty second Congress during its second session was an appropriation of $16,000 to allow ono Bris bane to experiment upon a pneumatic tube be neath tho Capitol and tho Government Printing Office. Last summer Brisbane caused to ho dug up and put in an impassable condition tho ave nue loading to tho printing offico. Ho laid a sort of barrel sower of thin boards, and than covered it up; as might havo boon expected, tho earth flattened tho boards, and tho thing is a stupend ous failure. All there is to show for the $15,000 of tho people's monoy is au unseemly hole in the embankment on tho north side of tho Capitol, and a ditch running there from to tho Government Printing Office. Even tho Senators, who aro partially responsible for this waato of tho publio monoy, thought it was nocossory to pass a resolution to-day, boforo adjourning, authorizing tho Secretary of tho Interior to mako inquiry about it. FINANCIAL. The rloo in gold in Now York to-day has boon tho occasion of considerable comment among Treasury officials. By them it is attributable to the extraordinary quantity of imports for tho present season, and tho consequent heavy ex portation of gold. It is claimed tbat no action tho department could have led to tho rise. In this connection, Judge Richardson announces it to be Ids policy to reduce tho outstanding legal tenders to tbo minimum amount as soon os practicable. UNION PAOIFO SUITS, Tho Attorney-General has not yet deoidod when or where suits shall bo brought against the Uniou Pacific Railroad. Tho place indicated, however, is Boston. It is anticipated that tho whole controversy will finally bo Drought to tho United States Supremo Court. Svceial Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. New York, March 20. —A Washington apodal says that Treasurer Spinner.has about given up nil hoposof Oakos Amos returning tho certificates of ten shares of Credit Mobllicr stock sent to him two weeks ago to complete tho transfer to Judgo Kolloy, and to ho returned with a state ment as to tho amount of dividends duo upon it, which amount Mr. Spinner proposes to put into the Treasury at Kelley’s request. MAGNIFICENT GIFTS. Tho United Statos Government has had throe silver services, consisting of two wine coolers and punch howl each, made by a prominent firm in tills city, as presents to Counts Iturbido and Solonis, and Viscount Staompfii for their impar tiality and firmness in'tho Genova Arbitration. Each service is enclosed in a box three foot wide and fivo feet long, lined with green silk. Tho boxes alone cost SI,BOO. [To the Associated Press.} NOMINATIONS. Washington, March 26. —Tho President sent tho following nominations to tho SonatoPost masters —H, P. Cleveland, Bholbyvillo, Tonu.s H. 1). Shatter, Canton, Ohio. TUE AD INTERIM SECRETARY OF WAR. Tho question as to whether, under existing laws, Gen. Sherman could bo Acting Secretary of War, or Secretary pro tom. during tho ab sence of Secretary Belknap, who loaves to-mor row on au inspection tour, in company with Gon. Sheridan, of the military posts of tho De partment of tho Missouri, having arisen, tho matter was submitted to Atloruoy-Gonoral Will iams for decision, aud ho decides that, under tho act of Congress approved 1871, no officer of tho army can hold any civil position, and tbat in caso ho doos so, ho forthwith ceases to bo an officer of tho army. Gou. Sborman will consequently not servo as Secretary of War during tho absence of Gon. Belknap, aud tho President has designated Secretary Robeson to act as Secretary of War during the absence of Mr. Belknap. CONFIRMED. Tho Senate confirmed tho following nomina tions : John A. Campbell, Governor of Wy oming Torritoiw. Collectors of Internal Rev enue—Alonzo 13, Carroll, Second Missouri; James R. Hayden, Washington Territory; Frank White, Seventh Indiana. Publio Land Officer— John M. Farlaud, Receiver, Detroit, Mich. Goorgo W. Ingalls, Illinois, Agent for the Pinto Indians, Southeast Nevada; E. S. Hammond, Agent for tho Colorado River Agency, Arizona ; J. A. Tonnor, Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Arizona. Postmasters—Lemuel R. Johnson, Cambridge, lud.: E. A. Clifford, Evanston, 111.; Cyrus Hall, Bholbyvillo, 111,: James R. Black well, Litchfield, 111.; Tinnie 11. Oalam, Constan tino, Mich.; Lemuel Duolle. Grass Lake, Miob.; Charles H. Howard, Osage Mission, Jiau.; Will iam B. Leisure, Grinnoll, Iowa; Thomas B. Wood, Fauklin, Inch; James 11. Tinnoy, Dan- vlllo, Ky.j Hazzard P. Cleveland, BholbyviUo, Tonn.j 11. D. Shaffoy, Canton, O. GOING HOME. Senatora Brownlow, Cameron, Davie, Edmunds, Flanagan, Hamilton (Md.), Hamilton (Texas). Hamlin, Johnston, Pratt, and Wadloigb have left Washington. Messrs. Gilbert, Morrlmon, and Wright will leave to-day. A few Senators will remain hero for several days, but the larger num ber will leave for their respective homos to-mor row. Members of the Senate Committee on Pub lic Buildings will remain hero for a few days after the adjournment to consult as to the improve ments to tbo Senate wing of the Capitol building during the recess. LEGAL 'TENDERS, Outstanding legal-lenders, $358,569,077. FINANCIAL AGENT. Ex-Senator Cattoll, of Now Jersey, has been appointed financial agent of tbo Treasury Do* partmont to visit Europe in connection with tbo now loan. NEW YOUR CENTRAL RAILROAD TAXES. New Yore, March 20.—A Washington special says t Tho conduct of tho Collector at Albany, in allowing tbo Central Railroad Oompauy to buy tho engines recently sold at auction for taxes, was a surprise to tho Internal Revenue Bureau, as tho Collector should not have sold them for so small a sum. Ho is now ordered to distrain on tho passenger depot at Albany, and, If tho Company do not make a fair bid, to tam the property to the credit of tho United Si tas. SENATE-EXTRA SESSION, PRESIDENT PRO TBM. Washington, March 20.—Mr. CARPENTER was selected President pro tom., during tbo ab sence of tbo Vico President. THE ELECTION OF PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT. The Committee on Privileges and Elections, horotoforo instructed to inquire Into tho most practical mode of electing a President and Vico President, wore given leave to hold their session in Washington or elsewhere. THE PNEUMATIC TORE. A resolution was adopted calling on tlio Secre tary of tbo Interior to report to tho Senate, at its next session, the reason 'why tho pnenraatio tubo to oonnoot tbo Capitol with tho Government Printing Office has not boon completed, how much money has boon expended on tho same, and all tbo facts connected therewith. THE POSTAL-SERVICE TROUBLES. Mr. WINDOM called up tbo following resolu tion, heretofore submitted by him t Resolved, That tbo Select Committee on Transporta tion Routes to tho Seaboard bo directed to Inquire and report to tbo Senate at tbo next session as to tho na ture and extent of tho obligations subsisting between tho railroad companies and Postal Service of tbo country, and whether any and what additional legisla tion is necessary to guard tbo Postal Service against interruption or injury by hostile action on tbo part of any or all of said railroad companies. Mr. WINDOM merely wished to say that, al though Congress increased tho compensation of tho railroad companies somo $500,000, It was now understood that thoy refuse to perform a part of tho service, namely: as to postal-cars. Mr. MORRILL (Vt.) said that tho railroad companies having entered into a combination, it was necessary to mako inquiries in order that tho Senate might tako prompt and efficient action when thoy meet again. Tho resolution was adopted. BROTHER NEWMAN. Mr. MORTON referred to tho Tact that, at the commencement of this session, tho Rev. Dr. Newman was elected Chaplain. Senator Cam eron afterwards moved to reconsider tho vote, hut promised subsequently to withdraw his motion. The Senator not now being in.Wash ington, ho asked the Senate to dispose of tho question. Tho Senate then voted, refusing to reconsider tho voto. , MISSISSIPPI LEVEES. Mr. ALCORN coll up his resolution authoriz ing tho Committee on Levees of tho Mississippi to sit during tho recess at Washington or else where. After debate, tho Senate passed tho re solution. PACIFIC RAILROAD BONDS. Mr. OABSERLY offered tho following resolu tion. which was adopted: Resolved, That tbo Secretary of the Treasury and tho Secretary of tbo Interior, respectively, bo and they are hereby■ directed to transmit to the Senate any in formation in their respective Departments as to tbo amount of bonds issued by or on tbo creditor the Cen tral Pacific Railroad Company. forming tbo -Ant mortgage or lion on tbo Company's Road and property, and on what property specifically, and also, tho amount of said bonds issued from time to time, and at what date thoy wore issued ; and also, to ascertain and re port under what general designation such bonds aro commonly negotiated or known, and to transmit all said information, brought down to the latest dates, to tbo Senate at the next session of Congress. TILE PATTEUBON DEFENSE, Mr. MORRILL (Maine) offered aa amend* ment to tho ponding resolution of Mr. Anthony relative to ox-Sonator Patterson, as follows: That the pamphlet, entitled “ Observation on the Report of the Committee of tho Senate respecting the Credit Mobillor of America, by J. W. Patterson,” bo received, filed, and printed with the report of said Committee. Tho resolution as thus amended passed. TUB TRANSPORTATION QUESTION. Mr. WINDOM called up tho following resolu tion heretofore offered by him: Ruolved, That tho Select Committee on Transporta tion Routes to tho Seaboard bo authorized to sit at such places ns they may designate during tho recess, and to investigate and report upon tho subject of transportation between tbo interior and tho seaboard; that they have power to employ a clerk and steno grapher, and to send for persons and papers, and that the actual and necessary expenses attending such in vestigations be paid out of the contingent fund of tho Senate, upon vouchers approved by tho Chairman of said Committee. Mr.WINDOM rose to explain tho objects and purposes of tho resolution. It is. ho said, an admitted fact, that tho present facilities for the interchange of products and commodities be tween tho interior and tho seaboard are totally inadequate. Bitter complaints of extortion and oppression come to us from all ports of the coun try. The channels of commerce are controlled by powerful monopolies, who dictate their own terms to tho people. Tho burdens they impose upon tho consumer and producer are too griev ous to be long endured. 'While millions of bushels of corn and wheat are rotting in tho fields of tho West, thousands of people in the East are suffering for tho want of cheap broad. Tho demand of tho people for redress can neither bo evaded nor denied. To tho groat central portions of tho Republic tho question has become one of vital importance. With tho farmer, who sees tho product of his summer’s toll consumed to warm his dwelling in winter, because it costs more than it will bring to trans port it to market, this question overshadows all others. Party linos and party platforms sink into insignificance in the faco of questions in volving tho right to live. Congress will be com pelled, at an early day, to act on this subject. All I now ask of the Senate is, that the Commit tee appointed to consider this subject may have the power to investigate it thoroughly, and as certain tho extent of tho evil complained of; tho necessity for tho remedy, and; if possible, bo able to recommend some definite action at tho next session. Tho resolution was unanimously passed. ADJOURNMENT. On motion of Mr. ANTHONY, it was resolved that tho President of tho Senate, at 4 o’clock to day, declare the Senate adjourned sine die, aud on his motion, a Committee of three was ap- Eoiutod, to wait on President Grant, aud inform im that, unless ho had further communications to make, they are ready to adjourn. Tho Chair appointed Messrs. Anthony, Mor ton, and Oassorly as such Committee. EXECUTIVE SESSION. Tho Senate, at 1:40, wont into executive ses sion. At 8:25 p. m. tho doors woro opened, when tho Committee appointed to wait upon the Presi dent reported that they had performed that duty, aud chat tho President informed them ho had no further communications to mako to tho Senate. Tho OHAIU appointed Messrs. Mitchell and Davis as additional members of tho Select Com mittee on Transportation. TUANK9, On motion of Mr. STOCKTON, It was unani mously resolved that tho thanks of tho Senate are duo and are hereby respectfully tendered to tho Hon. Henry Wilson. Vice-President of the United States, for tho ability, courtesy, and 1m- Sartlality with which ho has presided over tho oliboratious of this body. The Senate thou adjourned siuo die. Xlio Modoca* Washington, March 20.—A dispatch from Ocn. Cauby states that, ou March 23, he had au unsatisfactory interview with Captain Jack, whoso demeanor was evasive. Ho aid not want to fight. Ho wished all of tho soldiers moved out of tho country. Qon. Canby expected to open communication with theModora again soon. Acquitted* New York, March 20.— Hoggl, on trial tho post few days for the murder, by poison, of one Sieg fried, nearly two years ago, was to-night acquit ted by the jury. NUMBER 220. STATE LEGISLATURES. MICHIGAN. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune Lakbino, March 20. —The bill abolishing rates of interest was lost in the House by 81 to 48. The bill establishing the Superior Court of De troit passed the Senate; the Judge of said Court is to have $4,000 salary, and relievo the prossuro on tho Circuit Conrt. The Senate Committee on Military have found that tho State has paid $80,625 Illegally for bounties. Tho House bill abolishing citizens’ meetings in Detroit passed in the House. Ilomonstrancoa were introduced from tho Chicago vessel-owners and Detroit Hoard of Trade against bridging the Detroit or St. Glair Rivers. Tho House Judiciary Committee reported favorably on bills abolishing estates in dower and tenancy by curtesy, and giving husband’s or wife’s property to the Supervisor in ease of no issue, and in cose of no husband or wifo, equally to tho father and mother of tho deceased. Tho bill establishing a now asylum for the insane passed tho House. Tho bill establishing a Railroad Commissioner has passed both houses, nob a dissenting vote la tho Senate. Tho Building Commissioners have mot tho legislative committees, and fixed tho time for laying tho corner-stone of tho new Capi tol for Sept. 10. [To tho Associated Press.] Lambino, Mich.. March 2(3.—A remonstrance was presented to Iho Michigan Legislature to day. signed by W.W Egan, Alex English, Henry 8. Hustod, and tblrty-elx others, vessel-own ers and residents of Chicago interested in lake navigation, respectfully bub earnestly re questing that no action bo .taken indorsing or encouraging tho building of railroad bridges across the Detroit and St. Clair Rivers, behoving that such bridge would not relievo tho business of tho railroads, but would bo a groat damage to tho largo shipping interest of tho groat lakes. A similar remonstrance was rocoivoa from Detroit, signed by E. B. Ward, A. E. Bissoll A Son, W. D. Morton A Co,, and 180 others, including tho majority of tho Detroit Board of Trade. Those remonstrances wore referred to tho Committee on Federal Relations. OHIO. Columbus, 0., March 20. —In tho Senate, this morning, Senator Putnam rose to a question of privilege, and read several editorial articles from the Cincinnati Commercial of March 21, which in timated that money had boon used among Sena tors to prevent tho passage of tho Little Lottery bill. After a few remarks, Mr. Putnam offered a resolution for the appointment of a special Com mittee to investigate tbo charges of bribery made by tho Cincinnati Commercial against members tno Senate iu connection with this bill, and that the Committee sit with open doors. After amend ing tho resolution so as to include tho Investiga tion of charges mode by the Cincinnati Enquirer, in relation io certain Senators, tho resolution was adopted. Messrs. Putnam, Updograff, Boavis, Patrick, and Gardner wore appointed said Investigation Committee. Senator Soldi! rose to a question of privileges, and after read ing seven articles from tho Cincinnati JEVicmrcr, declared, them to bo “ seven diabolical lies. ’ In tho House a bill was introduced to allow Sheriffs tho samo compensation for serving sum mons on jurors as in other cases. In tho House, this afternoon, a resolution was introduced instructing tho Attorney-General to dismiss the proceedings in tbo quo warranto now ponding in tue Supremo Court against the Penn sylvania & Ohio Canal Company, to enforce for feiture of tho charter of the salj} Company. Tho resolution was laid on tho tablo to discuss. A resolution was offered, and referred to tho Agri cultural Committee, asking tho Governor to ap point three Commissioners to tho Vienna Expo sition, to servo without pay. A bill was intro duced to authorize Township Trustees to con struct approaches to bridges. ARKANSAS. Little Rook, March 26.—Tho House to-day passed a joint resolution proposing an amend ment to tho Constitution, reducing tho number of Supreme Judges to throe. In the Senate an amendment to the Constitution was proposed, giving minority representation. A bill passed the House authorizing the Governor to fill all vacancies by appointment. In tho House, quite a little econo occurred on the eve of adjournment. Furbush (colored) called up a hill to oroato Coolidgo County. The Chair stated it needed engrossing. Furbush then, with tho consent of tho House, “I will withdraw tho Q—d d—d bill.” Millon—l move the language bo taken down and tbo member expelled. Furbush—“l wish tho wholo G—d d—d Legis lature ” The Chair—' of tho House." •“ Mr. Furbuflb will como to tho bar Furbueh— “l will bo glad to bo expelled, and never want my name used in connection with this G— d d—d Legislature again. The Representative walked forward to the bar of the House, when a.motfon was mode and car ried to adjourn. NEW YORK. Albany, March 2G.—Tho bill was passed in the Senate to-day allowing the Erie Railroad to charge three cents a mile. Albany, March 26.— I The Tweed investigation was resumed hero by the Senate Committee. Contrary to expectation, Tweed was not present, but his counsel, John Graham, submitted a writ ten protest against the jurisdiction and power of the Committee, insisting that Tweed neve; was a member of the present Senate, and declining to take part in the proceedings. Graham, however, said that Tweed was ready to resign if the Senate only desired to vacate the scat. The Committee decided to proceed with the case, and the evidence was taken of Mr. Cody, Samuel J. Tildon, and John H. Koyser. Mr. Graham withdrew during Til don’s examination. The cose will bo continued to-morrow. VIRGINIA. Richmond, Va., March 20,— f The joint resolu tion indorsing Gov. Walker’s plan for assump tion by tho Federal Government of tho debts of tho States passed both Houses of tho General Assembly, and the Governor has boon instruct ed to forward copies of tho resolution and hia message ou tho subject tothoLogislatures of the several States. Tho Senate passed the joint resolution to amend tho State Constitution so as to provide for a biennial session of the General ,Assembly. NEW JERSEY. Trenton, N. J., March 20.—Tho bill to vali date the loose between the United Railroad Com panies and the Pennsylvania Railroad Company passed tho House and now awaits the Governor’s signature. Riot Ovor a Church Pastor* Cairo, IU., March 28. —Quito a riot occurred ia the western part of this city this morning, be tween tbo fnonds of Elder Shores, pastor of tho Missionary Colored Baptist Church, and his op ponents, who have elected a now pastor. The look was removed from tho church door lost night by tho opponents, and this morning the women who cling to Shores broko open the door, the whole omminating in a battle between tho con testants, in which tho Shores party came off vic torious. Alexander Booth, a colored man, was badly, but not dangerously, wounded. Quito a crowd of tho rioters woro arrested. Kiouitfvlllo Suspensions* Louisville, Ky., March 20.—A mooting of the creditors of Llthgow Co., stovo founders, and Mouldon & Co., marklo dealers, both among the most prominent, and the former ouo of tho oldest, firms in tho city, was hold to-day to con sider tho request of the ilrms for tho extension of paper. A statement of the affairs of tho firms, which work together, show the assets to ho $280,000 over tho liabilities. Tho fooling among tbo creditors is general in fovor of an ex tension. Tho mooting adjourned till Monday. A Murderer Convicted. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Xenia, Ohio, March 20,—Tho trial of William Blchoaon, for tho murder of James Fogwoll, has occupied tho attention of tho Court for more than ouo week. After hearing tho evidence, it was agreed to submit tho case without argument. To-night, at 10 o’clock, tho jury, after having boon In consultation about twolvo hours, return ed a verdict of “murder in tho first degree.” Strange Case of Poisoning* Louisville, Ky., March 20.—Two hoys in Bponoer County named Davidson, and aged 12 and 16, whilo out hunting a few days ago, drank of a pool of water in a wood. Boturning homo, both became violently ill. One died that night in horrible convulsions, and tho other Is nob ex pected to live.

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