Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, March 27, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated March 27, 1873 Page 5
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THE STATE CAPITAL. The River Improvement Bill Falls Short of n... Constitutional Majority iu the House. Influences at "Work to Secure the Defeat of the Lake- Front Repeal Bill. Senate Bill Passed Relative to Polling- Places in Town Elections. Passage of tho Supplementary Circuit Court Bill iu tho House. -' Penitentiary Gossip—-Candidates for CommissionersMps. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. RIVER IMPROVEMENT RILL. Rprinofield, Marcli 20.—Senate bill 162, be ing tbo River Improvement bill, came up as tbo special order, and was road a third time. Mr. Johnson charged that undue influences had boon brought to boar by Senators upon members, and that Executive influence had boon directly used In favor of tbo measure, which was ono of two or throe actually demanded by the Executive. Ho was opposed to building locks and dams to drain Chicago River of its filth. Mr. Hurt, of LaSallo, replied, and chided Mr. Johnson for malting charges unless bo was ablo to prove them. Mr. Hite remarked that bo was not influenced by anybody, In any way, and favored tbo appro priation. Mr. Jaqnoss, from Wabash, spoke against tbo bill, aud was followed on tbo other sido by Mr. Rogers, of McLean. Tbo roll was called on tbo passage of tbo bill amid breathless silence. Tho first call produced 61 votes. Tho absentees wore called and 71 woro brought to tbo scratch. Then tho smokers woro bunted up, and two moro woro added, making 78, with four still wanting of tbo constitutional 77. There was hurrying to and fro, and appeals woro mado to unchangeable men to savo the bill, but in vain. They wero Immovable, and tho bill was lost—7B to G4. A motion to reconsider was en tered by Mr. Rountree, and tho further con sideration postponed until Friday, when, if there is not enough votes, an attempt will bo made to givo it another chance next week. Branson, Loomis. Wuyman, Soulo, and Slrootor, friends of tbo bill, wero absent, and aro expected to bo present when It comes up again. That will leave two to spare if all who voted to day stick. ANOTHER INVESTIGATION. Oborly offered a resolution for a committee of flvo to investigate tho allegation of Mr. Johnson that the Governor bad requested members to voto for tho Bivor hill. Tho resolution was adopted, and Mosers. Oborly, Hawes, Swan, Jones, and McFhorran woro appointed. LAKE FRONT. Tho special order this afternoon in the Houso was the bill repealing tho Lako Front act, which was supposed to bo on its third reading, but in vestigation proved it to havo boon road only twico. It was considered on its second reading. Mr. Wicker said ho would not have voted originally for tho aot, but as it was passed with out his help ho did not voto for its repeal, as ho doubted whotbor tho Legislature had a right to repeal an act under which rights had acquired. Ho moved to rofor it to tho Judiciary Commit too. Mr. Bradwoll hoped tho motion would not prevail, as it was mado for th© purpose of killing tho bill. Every member should know tho act was tho biggest steal that was over brought through tho Legislature of tho Stato. That was notorious, and yet tho gentleman (Wicker) wanted it sent to tho Judiciary. Judge Drummond pronounced tho act unconstitutional and void, and that tho railroad companies had acquired no rights un der tho bill. Tho railroads had not ventured to tako an appeal. Tho people woro robbed of their park. Mr. Bountrco said a man coming from Chi cago to tho Legislature, who did not voto for tho bill to ropoal the LaUo-Front act, was likely to bo made tho subject of vituperation and lies by tbe public press, When ho raised his right band in that hall and swore to support tho Constitution of tho Stato ho meant all ho sworo to, and no press, nor anything olso, could mako him waver or sworvo from the Constitution. Tho bill involved a most serious question of constitutional law, and on tho faco of tho hill thoro was neces sity for tho most searching investigation and re search. It was of no importance whether tho bill was carried by fraud and corruption. Tho bill was explained. Tho gontloman contended that tho State had renounced all its right to tho land, which was an absolute grant. Mon who woro mindful of thoir constitutional obligations could not voto against referring it to tho Ju diciary. Mr. Horrington said tho motion was made to procrastinate, and the roforonco was asked to bo mode to a committee of which tho gontloman from Cook (Bountrco), a notorious opponent of tho bill, was a member. That was a nico mo tion. They should pass tho bill and wipe out tho disgraco perpetrated on tho Stato by tho Legislature of 18G9, when men were bought liko snoop in tho shambles, and to day tho paid hirelings of tho Illinois Central Baiiroad woro in tho lobby insinuating them selves among members. Tho motion was mado in tho interest of that road. Mr. Rountree asked if tho gentleman intended to iusinuato that ho (Rountree) had. or over had, any connection, near or remote, with tho Illinois Central Railroad. Mr. Herrington said he meant to Insinuate that the gentleman (Rountree) was co-operating with tho paid attorneys and friends of tho Illi nois Central, and was particops crimiuns with that Company iu attempting to defend its rob bery of tho City of Chicago. The Speaker rapped his gavel, and requested the gentlemen to stick to tho question, aud not indulge in personalities. Mr. Shaw believed tho motion to refer was a motion to kill. Tho act, which was tho most flagrant outrage over inflicted on any pooplo, should bo considered iu tho whole House, where it could not bo delayed or smothered. Tho pre vious question was ordered on tho motion to re fer, and tho motion .was lost—yeas, 109; uavs, 11. Mr. Bradwoll moved bo suspend the rules and road the bill a third time. As there was some doubt ns to tbo constitutionality of tho proceed ing, the motion was withdrawn and tho bill made tho special order on tho third reading for to-mor row morning. Mr. Shaw called up his Investigating bill, wish ing to have it read a second time and passed in tho morning with tho Repealing bill. Mr. Oborfy moved to postpone until to-morrow, that ho might amend it ana include other mat ters. Mr. Shaw replied that thoy could got up othoi committees fur other subjects, as this subject would give ono committoo all it could do. Mr. Jones was iu favor of tho billboingpaHSod forthwith. Mr. Dunham boliovod tho bill should remain open for amendment. Mr. Hopkins dosirod to rofor to the Judiciary, and Mr. Qroy to postpone indefinitely. Eventu ally it was postponed until tho morning, when it will come up on a second rending. Tho temper of the House was decidedly iu favor of tho Repealing bill, which will pass to morrow, and go to tho Sonata, whore its fate is growing more and moro doubtful. THE HAfLnOAD HILLS, which wore tho special order this morning, being pushed forward by otbor special orders, were postponed until 11 o’clock to-morrow. cinouiT court dill. Tho House paused the Supplementary Circuit Court bill without tho emergency clause, and it was sent to tiro Senate, whore it will bo pushed speedily through. It legalizes tho acts of courts between tho timo tho Apportionment bill be comes a law and Judges are elected in tho now circuits. It was read a first lime iu tho Senate. ESTIUYH, The bill authorizing towns to decide whether stock shall bo allowed to mu at lingo within their limits passed tho House. TOLLING PLACES. Tho Senate bill providing for regular polling places was road a first timo in tbo House. APrnorniAXioN dills. Senate Appropriation bills, as follows, wore reported to the House as having been passed : £yo and Ear Infirmary, Chicago, $13,000 per annum; Deaf and Dumb Aoylum, Jachßonvillo, $92,200 per annum s Supremo Court-House, Mt. Vernon, for funmuro ami repairs, $7,C00. QUIHOY DILL. Tbo House passed tho Bouato bill legalizing tho Inst nnsoßßmont in Quincy, which wan nob made under the general llovonuo taw. Tho bill does not apply to any other plnco. COLLECTORS AND ASSESSORS. Tlio House tabled tho bill increasing tbo com pensation of Town Oolloctors and Assessors. It was intended to inscit a clause permitting Coun ty Hoards to give additional compensation, no that tho officials in tbo Chicago towns could have their pay raised at tho sweat will of tho County Commissioners. Tho clause happily failed witu the bill. I’F.NITENTIARY GOSSIP. Tbo Penitentiary Oominittoo is still In session. Whatever time tbo Committee is not eating and sleeping, or in tbo House, is religiously devoted to thinking over tho prison and tho evidence, and ibeir forthcoming report. Last evening tho Oommlttoo listened to ox-Wardon Washburn, who testified to nothing of moment, but that tbo State bad not lost so much on certain shoo and stono contracts as but boon supposed. There is no doubt but that the present Commissioners will bo removed, regardless of tbo conclusions of tho Commlttoo. Tbo salary of Commissioner Is $1,600 a year, and wore it $16,000 tbo efforts to get it could not ho moro earnest. Are there not groat expectations of somo kind, something contingent, incidental, and lucrative, —some fat contracts? There must be something. Among tho candidates are Paul Bolbv and M. BL Doan, of Quincy: Mr. Haskett, of Palatine, Cook County; Dr. Canielns, of Itano; John M. Bonthworth, of McHenry; William Darlow, of Effingham, formerly Internal Revenue Collect or; Alexander, L. Morrison and John Har rington, of Chicago: P. J. Dunne, of Peoria; M. Wasson, ofVandalia; John H. Daniels, of Will, and Caspar Butz and John Reid, two of tho present Commissioners. Qon. Rowott has made no application for reappointment, but will take tbo chances. Tbo chances of any of tho old Board oro slim. A clean swoop will probably bo made. Canisiiis is tbo candidate of air. Hosing, who desires him in place of Butz, and tbo prospect of bis appointment is said fo bo cheering to patron and protege. Nothing will be dono this week. Tho Governor will not remove tbo old Board until satisfied in bis own mind that bo can find men as good, if not hotter. The fact that tho instititulion is Eaying. and that an unfortunate change might o disastrous, makes him hesitate, aud bo will proceed with caution. THE LAKE-FRONT ACT. Tho lobby against tho ronoal of tho Lake-Front act is.working actively in the Senate, and making converts to tho notion that it would bo an un pardonable wickedness to disturb the status of the case now ponding in the Courts. A proposi tion was made, and rejected, to unite the for tunes of tho west Bide Park bill and the Lake- Front Repealing bill, tho former to bo carried if tho latter woro defeated. Tho park man to whom tho tempter appeared asked Satan to got behind him, as bo would rather see tho parks submerged beneath fifty fathoms of water than interpose any obstacle to repealing tho Lake-Front act. Ho was an unselfish park man, and deserves credit. Tho trade was spoiled. What other trades are in progress it is hard to say, but they will develop m duo time. In iquitous swapping always exposes itself in sorao way. Mr. Jewett is wrestling with tho Senate. Ho is an able and plausible man, and has a con vincing way with him. Mr. George Wall,from Du- Quoln,has charge of tho Senators from tho South, and takes excellent charge of them. Between two such millstones it lb no wonder tho in nocent, unsophisticated farmer is ground to powder, and comes out with his mind disturbed and his determination shaken. Then there aro small attorneys along the roads who operate on their immediate representatives. So it goes. The bill will havo a hard road to travel. There is an evident intention to delay progress, but the appearance of tho House bill in the Senate will compel action of somo kind. POLLING-PLACES. Under tho Township Organization law, tho town mootings to occur next Tuesday must ho hold in ono place, and only ono poll can bo used, no matter how many voters thoro may bo. West Chicago would cast somo 20,000 votos if all tho voters votod *, South Chicago about. 10,000 ; and North Chicago about 0.000. That all tiieso vot ers could cast tholr ballots at ono poll would bo physically impossible. Thou in tho country towns voters would have to travel from flvo to ton miles to tho polliug-placo. Virtually, tho prosont law disfranchises a majority of tho vot ers, and allows tho town elections to bo manipu lated by designing bummers. To euro the evil, tho Senate passed tho following curative bill to day, and an effort will bo made to got it through tho Houso this wook: A Rill for an act concerning the election of town officers In towns where different voting-places havo been or may bo established. Seo. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That In eaoli town in this Blatu wUlcli Uu» been or may l)o divided into election precincts or districts, and differ ent voting-places havo boon or may bo established by proper authority, all town officers authorized to ho elected at the annual., town mooting In any such town, may ho voted for in the said several precincts, as they havo been or may ho established, and returns thereof ahall be made and canvassed as in cose of town officers, and tho persons authorized by law at the last election In such town, or.who may hereafter bo appointed, shall act as Judges of such election, and ouch election, and such election shall bo hold in tho precincts at such places as tho Supervisor shall designate. 6eo. 2. 'Whereas, in many towns in this State there ore several products, and the town mootings are to bo hold in all the counties of tho State, and to bo hold on the first Tuesday in April next, whereby an omcrgency exists why this act should take effect immediately, therefore this act shall take effect and bo in force from and after its passage. SUPREME COURT TERMS. Tho Senate refused to pass tho bill to change tho time of holding terms of tho Supromo Court, and refused to consider tho voto by which the bill was lost. It is, therefore, very dead, and tho terms will not ho altered this session. APPROPRIATION RILLS. The Bonato passed somo appropriation bills which woro reported to the Houso. They pro vided as follows : NORTHERN INSANE ASYLUM, “ To the Northern Hospital and Asylum for tho Insane at Elgin, for ordinary expenses, tho sum of $46,250 por annum, from the Ist day of January, 1878, to tho completion of tho central building of said hospital, and its occupation by tho institution; and tho sum of $55,000 por an num thereafter, and $2,000 por annum for necessary repairs, ‘payable monthly in ad vance.' ” soldiers' orphans’ home. “That from and oftor the first day of July, A, D. 1878, to tho first day of July. A. D. 1875, thoro is hereby appropriated to tho Soldiers’ Or phans' Homo tho sum of $50,000 por annum, for the support, education, nurture, and care of tho children of deceased or disabled soldiers; to pay for necessary improvements aud repairs during said period tho sum of $2,000 per annum, and SSOO por annum for increasing tho library, is hereby appropriated.” FEERLE-MINDED CHILDREN. That the sum of $21,000 por annum is hereby appropriated, from tho Ist of July, 1878, until tho expiration of tho first fiscal quarter after tho adjournment of tho noxt regular session of tho General Assomblj'. for ordinary expenses, for tho Illinois Institution for tho Education of Eeoblo-Miuded Children; also, tho sum of SSOO por annum, for insurance ana furniture, from tho Ist of July, 1878, until tho expiration of tho first fiscal quarter after the adjournment of tho next regular session of tho General Assembly. Tho bills will probably go through tho Houso unamended. The following is in consideration, by sections, in tho Senate: A Bill for an act requiring hanking associations or ganized under tho laws of thin State to maku quar terly roporte. and providing for an examination of ouch associations. Section 1. Jle it enacted by the People o/ the State of Illinois, represented fn the General Assembly, That ev ery banking aimooiatlou now or which may hereafter bo organized under tbo laws of this Slate, shall make a report of the amounts of capital stock and surplus, and deposits, with tho manner In which tho same are invested, together with all other liabilities of the asso ciation, and a full statement as to tbo condition of tbo corporation, on tho first days Bf January, April, July, and October of each year; which report shall bo at tested by tho President or Oashlcr, and verified by ulll davit published In a newspaper published In tho coun ty whore the association Is located, and a copy filed in the ufilco of tho Recorder, Secretary of State, and Aud itor of Public Accounts, within fifteen days thereafter: and any such banking association failing to make out such report shall bo subject to a fine office per day aftor tho 15th of each month designated. Seo. 2. ‘Whenever any stockholder shall have cause to bclievo that there is mismanagement lu the con ducing of an y such banking association, impairing tbo security of stockholders, complaint shall ho first mado to tho Directors, and, If not then remedied, tho Judge of tho Circuit Court of tho county lu which the bunk is located may. upon the .complaint of any two stock holders (ana upon tho complainants having deposited a sum aulllelcut to puy tho expenses, if the charge la nut sustained), and thu showing of sntildcnt cause therefor, appoint ono or more persons to examine Into the condition of such banking association; and tho books and papers of tho bank shall be subject to their examination, and tho officers and dorks may bo ex amined by them under oath, and the Court may confer ouch further powers on the person or persons examin ing as may bo necessary for tho thorough examination of its condition, a report of which shall bo rendered to said Court. Seo, U. If the Judge of (bo Circuit Court shall be come flattened, front such report, that tho Interests of tho stockholders or depositor# are in Joupardy, ho shall appoint n Receiver for tho bank, and certify tho same to tho Auditor ol Public Accounts and Secretary of State, and tbo said Receiver ahull proceed to oloao up tho affair* of the association. Seo. 4. Tho examiners and. tho Receiver shall ro cfllve for compensation for tholr services tlio sum of to per Any for rnoh actual day’s service, and 10 conts per mile for each mile necessarily traveled iu examining or nctlling the affairs of eald institution. Hko. 6. It shall bo tho duty of the Auditor of I’ubllo Accounts, before the Ist day of February In each year, to cause to bo printed, for the use of eaoh member of the General Assembly, an abstract of the statement and condition of all banking associations organized under ibe laws of this State. DISSOLUTION OP INSURANCE COMPANIES. The Senate passed tho following bill, intro duced by Mr. Early : A mi.L for an act In regard to tbo dissolution of in mi ran co companies. Section 1. He it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That if tbo Auditor of State, upon examination of any Insur ance company incorporated In tills Slate, la of tbo opinion that it In Insolvent, or that Its condition Is such as (o render Us further continuance in business haz ardous (o tho insured therein, or to tbo public, or that it ban failed to comply with the rules, restrictions, or conditions provided by law, or baa exceeded, or is ex ceeding, its corporate powors,bo shall apply by petition to a judge of any Circuit Court of this State to Issue an Injunction, restraining such Company, iu whole or lu part, from further proceeding with Its business, until a full bearing can bo had, or otherwise as bo may direct. Itabnll bo discretionary with such Judge, either to issue sold Injunction forthwith, or to grant an order for such Company upon such notice as bo may prescribe, to show cause why sold Injunction should not Issue, or to cause a bearing to bo bad ou complaint, and nnawor, or otherwise, as In ordinary proceedings In equity, before determining whether an Injunction shall bo Issued. Ho may In all such cases make orders and decrees, from time to time, as tbo ex igencies and equities of the case may require, and In any case, after a full hearing of all parties Interested, may dissolve, modify, or perpetuate such Injunction, ami make all such orders and decrees as may bo need ful to suspend, restrain, or prohibit tbo further con tinuance of tbo business of the Company. Seo, 2. ■ When a majority, in number or interest, of tho members or stockholders of any insurance compa ny Incorporated In this Stato dcslro to close its con cerns, they may apply by petition to the Circuit Court of the circuit In which the company la located, sotting forth in substance the grounds or their application; and tbo court, after due notice to alt tho parties Inter ested, may proceed to hear the matter, and, for rea sonable cause, decree a dissolution of tuo corporation; and corporations so dissolved shall bo doomed and bold extinct, In all respects, as If tholr charters had expired by their own limitation, subject, however, to tho provisions hereinafter proscribed. Bed. 3. Tho charters of all Insurance companies In corporated In this Rtato, which, either from neglect or by vote of their members or officers, or In obedience to tho decree of any court, have ceased, or shall here after cense, for tho period of ono year, to transact tho business for which they wore organized, shall bo deemed and hold extinct iu all respects, as If they had expired by their own limitation; and tbo Circuit Court shall havo authority, upon application, by tho petition of tho Auditor of State, or of any person in terested, to fix by decree, tho llmo within which such companies shall close tholr concerns: Provided, that this section shall not ho construed to relieve nuy such company from its liabilities to tho assured or any of Us creditors. Bno. 4. Insurance companies whoso charters expire bythclrown limitation, or become forfeited by non tiscr, or aro dissolved by decree of Court, or otherwise, shall nevertheless bo continual bodies corporate, for tho term of (wo years after such expiration, forfeiture, or dissolution, tor tho purpose of prosecuting and de fending suits by or against them, and of enabling them gradually to settle and close tholr concerns, to dispose of and oonvoy tholr property, aud divide their capital stock and assets, but not for tho purpose of continuing tho business for whloh they were organized. Beo. S. When Ike charter of any insurance com pany expires, la forfeited, or annulled, or the corpora tion Is restrained from further prosecution of its busl ncßß, or is dissolved, as hereinbefore provided, tho Court, on application of the Auditor, or of a member, stockholder, or creditor, may at any tirno before tho expiration of said two years, appoint ono or moro rcr bodb to bo Receivers, to take charge of tho estate and effects of tho company, including such securities as may ho deposited' with tho Auditor or Treasurer of State, and to collect the dohU duo, and property be longing to it, with power to prosecute and defend suits In tho namo of tho corporation, or In their own names, to appoint agents under them, and do all other acts necessary for tho collection, marshalling, and dis tribution of tho assets of tho company, and the closing of its concerns; and, whoa necessary for tho final set tlement of its unfinished business, the powers of such Receivers may bo continued as long as tho Court deems necessary therefor. Beo. 6. The Roccivcr shall pay all debts duo from the Company, if the funds in his hands are sufficient therefor, and if not. bo shall distribute the samo rata bly among tho creditors who prove tholr debts in such manner as the Court may direct, and Receivers may bo authorized by tho Court to sol), convoy, and dispose of, and convert into money, any of tho securities or assets of tho Company, for tho purpose of paying such debts and distributing such funds.. If thoro is a balance remaining after tho payment of tho debts, tho Receiver shall distribute tho'emno among those who aro Justly entitled thereto, as members, stockholders, or otherwise, or their legal representatives. 6co. 7. Receivers of insurance companies, appointed as aforesaid, shall report to tho Auditor, of State, an nually, In such manner as bo shall prescribe, on or before tho Ist day of January, and op much oftonor as ho may direct, and such reports, or abstracts there from, may ho incorporated into his annual report on insurance. Bco. 8. Tho compensation of Receivers, and their ex penses, shall bo determined by docrco of court, but shall not exceed tho costs of court, and S per cent of tho amount collected of any of tho assets of tho Company. Beo. 0. Tho mode of summoning parties Into court, tho rules of practice, course of procedure, and pow ers of courts, in cases arising under this act, shall bo tbe samo as in ordinary proceedings in equity in this State, except as herein otherwise provided. SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS. Th© Thompson bill, amending tho apodal assessment article of tho Municipal Incorpora tion bill bo as to simplify tho mode of collecting apodal assessments, was passed by tho Senate. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. SENATE. SrmNQFinnD, 111.. March 20, 1873. Tho Sonato mot at 9:30 o’clock, President Early presiding. Roll-call was answered thirty-seven Sena tors. RILLS PASSED. Senate bill 256, amending tho law concerning practice In Courts of Record, was road a third lime and passed—yeas, 86; nays, none. Also Senate bill 870, concerning tho election of town officers m towns whoro two or moro voting places have been or may bo established. Passed —yeas, 31; nays, 2. SPECIAL ORDER. Conoldoration of Sonato bill 165, making an appropriation for expenses incurred iu suppress ing tho rebellion, was taken up. considered by sections, and ordered to a third reading. SENATE RILLS ON A THIRD READING. Sonato hill 15, in regard to a dissolution of in surance companies, was road a third time, and passed—yeas, 80 ; nays, 3. Sonato bill 312, making appropriation for tho Soldiers’ Orphans’ Asylum, was road a third time, and passed—yeas, 40; nays, none. Senate hill 320, making appropriation for the support of the Illinois Institution for tho Educa tion of Feeble-Minded Children, passed—yeas, 87; nays, none. ’ Sonato bill 307, making appropriation for tho Northern Insane Asylum at Elgin, passed— yeas, 80; nays, nono. FAILED TO PASS. Sonato bill 255, changing tho time for holding terms of tho Supremo Court in tiio Northern and Southern Grand Divisions, was road a third timo and put upon Us passage. Lost—yeas, 18 ; nays, 10. A motion to rocousldor failed by a veto of 23 to 8. OTHER DILLS PASSED. Sonato bill 101, amending Sees, 27 and 28 of Art. 9 of tbo act incorporating citios, towns, and villages, was read a third timo and passed—yeas, 40; nays, 0. . . Sonato bill 279, revising tho law in relation to Secretary of State, was passed—yeas, 88 j nays, 0. Tho special order for II o’clooK, consideration of tho resolution providing for a constitutional amendment abolishing minority representation, was postponed, and tho reading of bills on a third reading resumed. Senate bill 280, revising tho low In relation to change of venue, was road a third time. * Senator Casey moved to recommit tho bill. Lost—yeas, ID ; nays, 23—and it was being put upon its passage, whoa Mr. ARCHER rose to make a remark, occupying forty minutes in so doing. After considerable debate, tho bill passed— yeas, 80 5 nays 14. Adjourned until 2:80 o'clock. AFTERNOON SESSION, OTHER DILLS DASHED. Upon reassembling the Sonata resumed con sideration of Senate bills on a third reading: Senate Bill 821, making an appropriation for expenses of tho Illinois Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary, was road a third timo, and passed— yeas, SO; nays, 1. Senate Bill 05, making an appropriation for furnishing tho Supremo Court-House at Mount Vomou, and for improving tho ground thereto adjoining, passed—yeas, IJ7 5 nays, 8. Tho rules wore suspended, and House kill No. 638, authorizing tho present Circuit Judges to hold terms of court in counties, and set tho times as required by law in forco on tho 18th day of March, 1878, until tho expiration of thoir tonus of ollico, was road a llrst timo, and ordered to a second reading. Senate bill 70, for tbo support of tho institu tion for tho deaf and dumb, passed—yeas, 40 ; nays, 1. NEW DILLS. By consent, Senator YOUNGBLOOD intro duced a bill amending the School law. By Senator WHITING—A bill to provide for tho dally publication of tho journals of the Gen eral Assembly. MIBOELLANEOUB, Senate bill 308, making an appropriation for tho Illinois Industrial University at Champaign, was road a second timo, and ordorqd to a third reading. Several House bills passed a first reading. Mr. DOW called up Ids bill providing for tho roimblicatlou, by Myers & Co., of corlulu Su promo Oonrt reports out of print, and it was re committed. Mr. MoGRATH called up the bill enabling cor poration authorities of cities and townslo fix tho salaries of their ofllcors. Ordered to athird reading. COMMITTEE HErOHTfI. Several committee reports wore, by leave, pre sented. Mr. SHEPARD, from tho Committee on Ap propriations, introduced a bill making appropria tions for oxponsos of tho State Government for tho first quarter after tho adjournment of tho next General Assembly. Rood a first time and ordered to a second reading. Also a bill making appropriation for tho pay of tbo next General Assembly. OEUETEBIEfI, Mr. Loo's bill, providing for tho removal of oomotorios, was considered by sections and ordered to a third reading. CEDING PROPERTT. Mr. Walto’s bill, coding certain property to tho United States, was road a second timo and order ed to a third reading. POSTPONED. Tho special order for tnls evening was post poned until next Thursday evening. orn£n new dills. By consent, Mr. WARE introduced a bill in re lation to juries. By Mr. PALMER—A hill amending tho Rail road and Warehouse law. STATE BUBVEV. Mr. GREEN called up his bill providing for a minoralogical and geological survey of tho Stato. ADJOURNMENT. At 0:16 o'clock p. m. tho Sonata adjourned. HOUSE mot at 0)£ a. m. Prayer by tho Rot. Mr. Payntor. NEW DILLS. By Mr. HARVEY—To provide for copying the laws and journals. By Mr. SENNE—To change tho name of tho town of Rand to Dosplaiuos. By Mr. KANN—Requiring officers of public institutions to givo bonds in certain cases. By Mr. RANKIN—In relation to officers be coming intoxicated on duty. SPECIAL ORDER. Senate bill 152, tho River Improvomont bill, was .road a third timo. A lengthy debate on sued, Messrs. JOHNSTON and JAQUESS speak ing in opposition to tho hill, and Messrs. HART, HITE (St. Clair), and ROGERS in favor of it. Tho provious question was ordered, tho yeas and nays wore called, and tho bill failed to pass —yoas, 78 1 nays, 04—as follows: YEAS, Armstrong (Qrun-Hart, Olcaon, dy), Harvey, Orondorff, . Armstrong (Lallawos, I’oltzor, Salle), Huy, Pouflolil, Barkley, Herrington, Quinn, Bocock, Hotting, Harney, Booth, Utto (81. Clair), Hay, Bradwoll, llildrun, Rogers, Oassody, Hollouback, Savage, Carpenter, Hoahina, Seaman, Condon, luecorc, Bonne, Oullorton, Jessup, Sherman, Darnell, Kann, Snow, Dement, Lane, Starr, Dewey, Hancock, Stewart (McLean), Dolton, Lomax, Stroud, Dresser, Maun, Thornton, Dunham, Mubblo, TlUson, Easley, McLaughlin, Warner, Fcrrlcr, Mcacham, Washburn, Freeman, Mooro (Marshall),Webber, Golden, Mooro (Adams), Webster, Gordon, Moose, Westfall,' Gray, Mulvano, Wicker, Grldloy, Oborly, Mr. Speaker—73. Halpln, NAYS. Alexander (Craw- Henry, Plowman, ford), Uollco, Pollock, Alexander (Mont- Januces, llaco, gomcry), Jaeksou, Haukln, Anderson, James. XUco, Bishop (Edgar), Johnston, Hountroo, Bishop (McHoury)Joncs, Sawyer, Barkley, ' Lane (DoWitt), Shaw, Bullard, Lemma, Sheridan, Casey. Lewis, Bhumway, Chambers, Llotzo, Smith, OoUine, Marsh, * Stewart (Wln'go), Oouuoby, McAdams, Swan, Cronkrlto, . McDonald, Taggart, Davis, McPherran, Thomas, Dolan, Mlddlocoff, Truitt, Efner, Morrison, Ylrdcn, Flanders, Moffltt, Walker, Forth, Neville, Wolnbelmer,

Freeland, Nultou, Wick, Graham, Oakwood, Wood—64. Granger, Plunoll, Mr. ROUNTREE moved a reconsideration, and that the further consideration of the bill be made tbo special order for next Friday. The yeas and nays wore ordered. Carried—yeas, 78 ; nays, 51. Mr. OBERLY offered a resolution, reciting that Whereas, Tbo member from Hook Island, Mr. John ston, In a speech In tbo House March 28, 1879, charged that the Governor had used improper moans to influ ence the General Assembly to pass tbo bill appropri ating $200,000 for tbo Illinois Hivor, and that Improper and dishonest Influence had been used by parties In tended to Induce members of this House to support said appropriation; therefore Jlesotved, That a committee of flvo bo appointed to investigate and report to this House In regard to the truth of said charge. Adopted. Reooss till half-past 2 o’clock p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. OIUOtJIT COURTS. Honso bill 538, providing that Circuit Judges shall continue to bold terms of court according to tho present arrangement of circuits until tho close of their terms, was road a third time and passed—yeas. 105; nays, 13. COMMITTEE APPOINTED. The Speaker appointed Messrs. Oborly, Hawes, Swan, Jones, ana MoPhorran as tbo Committee asked for in tho resolution of Mr. Oborly. THE LAKE FRONT REPEALING HILL was taken up, and Mr. WICKER moved that tbo bill bo referred to tho Judiciary Committee. Lost—yeas, 14; nays, 109. Those voting in tho afllrmativo woro as fol lows: Armstrong (La-Hopklns, Thomas, Gallo), lußCoro, Thorton, Grey, James, Washburn, Hay, Neville, Woiuholmcr, Hollenbeck, Rountree, Wicker—H. Tho bill was ordered to a third reading, and mado the special order for to-morrow. POSTPONED. , On motion of Mr. HILDRUP tho railroad bills woro postponed until to-morrow. TOWN • COLLECTORS. Tbo bill to increase commissions of Town Collectors was tabled. DILL PASSED. Tbo following bills woro passed: House bill 445, to enable townships to prohibit stock from running at largo—yeas, 87; nays, 85. Sonato bill 117, to legalize tbo extension of taxes in cer tain cases—yeas, 105; nays, 1. Adjourned. NOTES AND OPINION. Mr. Tyner, of Indiana, Mr. Hereford, o West Virginia, and Mr. Acker, of Pennsylvania, desire to have tho record corrected. They voted “ No ” on tho salary steal, and aro recorded as “ not voting.” Mr. Hereford brings a colleague to witness that ho (tho colleague) “ distinctly hoard him voto Noj" and ho further avers that ho voted “No ” every time. Several other Con gressmen, as the Hon. Edward V. Rico, of Illi nois, are loss clear, but still under tho impression that they voted “No.” Those negatives would have changed tho result. —Tho Now Hampshire Congressmen who voted “ No,” drew their extra pay promptly after tho election. Tho Connecticut Congressmen [elec tion April 7] all say they “ have not drawn it.” —Col. Goorgo Williamson, of Shreyoport. La., who sold out to Grant and Kellogg, last year, because MoEnery rather than himself was mado the Reform candidate for Governor, is on tho list for a foreign mission. —Of Caldwell, tho Indianapolis Journal (Mor ton’s organ) says : Lot us be thankful that this bad exponent of a had ora, this small-minded, venal demagogue, this aspiring corruptionist, this wealthy scoundrel, has vanished forever from bis lato place In tho Senate. Tho lesson of hla expulsion would havo been more impressive, and would havo dono much to elevate tho national character at home and abroad; hut tho culprit has slipped from the grasp of tho Sonato and cheated it of its Just revenge. Lot him bo hissed nt every station oa ho slinks back to his Western ohsourlty, and tho slow umnovlug Auger of popular scorn paint at him tiU ho goes down to the vllo dust from whence ho sprung, unwept, uuhouorcd, and unsung. —Lists of tho membership in tho last Con gress (Senators and Representatives), classified upon tho voto for and against increased pay, will bo overywhoro accessible in tho next can ■ vass; and tho Oinclnnatl Gazelle save t It may bo made more complete In tho future by a list of tho members who refused tho Incrcasu (this will not ho long); by a list of thoso who voted against, hut took It; by a list of those who voted tho Increase for tho time to which thoy had hcon re-elected, and voted against U to thoso who were going out. and In tho future by a list of thoso who condemned It, and then got Into Congress to take It. * —The Massachusetts Supremo Court decided, In tho ease of McEllmny (hanged last week), that, after sentence of death, there is no appeal oxcopt to tho Governor and his Executive Coun cil. —"rtoulilout Qraut baa absolutely nothing to [DAY, MARCI do with the matter" (if Administration organs spook rightly), whether “ tho matter” concerns Louisiana, or tho salary steal, or Master Fred's Lioutonant-Oolonoloy. Then what does lio do ? That's what’s “ tho matter." —The programme of Federal patronago laid ont by tho lowa delegation encountered serious obstacles in Senators Sherman and Froliughuy son, ono of whom had a brother and tho other a friend to provide for, taking tho best two things on tho list, at tho expense of tho programme aforesaid. Tho lowa gentlemen aro truly grate ful. —lt la not reasonable to expect the President to remove Richardson at once to inako room for Corbin. Somo respect must bo paid tbo letter of tho civil service roformrogulatious. They seem, to tho general apprehension, to roquiro tho ap pointment of competent assistants. As a mat ter of fact, tho assistants can soon bo managed out of tbo way. Corbin is tho man for Finance Minister. Ho Is tho President's financial hiothor- In-law. Ho knows how to remove corn from tho West. Make old Claok-Fnday Corbin Secretary of tbo Treasury, and ho will put $40,000,000 of retired greenbacks into circulation at once, and illustrate Jim Fisk's beautiful theory of wafting tho produce of tho West to tho East on high gold.— Cincinnati Commercial —Lot President Grant, who is ns deeply In volved In tho mischief, and bears as heavy a share of tho responsibility as any ono, suggest to Gov. Eollogg that a compromise, similar to that originally proposed from Dryados street, and ultimately accepted by tho Fusion Legisla ture. is now doslrod by himself and Cabinet, and a satisfactory and really representative Legisla ture might bo hi extra session in this city within a mouth.— New Orleans Times. —Tho moral oltoct of Caldwell's resignation can not bo so strong in brooking up tho practice of bribery in procuring oloction to tho Senate, as his expulsion would havo boon: but it will bo far more salutary than if tho Senate had failed of its duty altogether, as for a timo it soomod likely that it might.— Cleveland Leader. —Tho Times and Chronicle is so singular as not to bollovo that tho Hon. Elihu B. Waahbumo will bo tho noxt President of tho United States. The reason assigned for this incredulity is strange. It is that “public opinion is a largo body, and slow to move. Now, tho fact is public opinion is already in motion on tho groat ques tions of tho noxt Presidential campaign. Those Saostlons aro represented in tho warfare against ngs and against corruption, and Washbimio will almost inevitably bo tho loader of tho people in this groat contest. — Cincinnati Commercial. —Tho harbor at tho Sandwich Islands known as Ewa harbor, or Pearl River, has boon exam ined by Gen. Alexander, and, after a very brief examination of tho roof, ho thinks it can bo opened to commerce at an oxpousoof $2,000,000. Inis harbor is to bo coded to tho United States la consideration of our allowing tho Islands to import their produce freo. It would doubtless Erovo a very expensive gift, this couccesion of a arbor bound across its entrance by a coral roof. Tho harbor of Honolulu would answer our pur pose much hotter, and wo doubt if it would cost us $2,000,000 to buy all tho authorities of tho Hawaiian Kingdom, from King Lunalilo down. Annexation or nothing, should bo our policy in reference to Sandwich Island matters.—£Vm Francisco Chronicle. WALL STREET. JtOTiew of tUo Money, Gold, Rond, Stock, and Produce markets* Special DUpatch to The Chicago Tribune. New York, March 20.—Money was very strin gent to-day, tbo bulk of tlio business being at 1-32 to 1-10, closing at 1-32. Business in mer cantile paper is again chocked, and rates aro nominal. Tho cable brought iho unexpected and startling intelligence this morning, that tho Managers of tho Bank of England mot in oxtra session to-day, and advanced tho minimum rato of discount % per cent, it now standing at 4 per cent against 3%, tho figure to which it was re duced six weeks ago. A reason for this action is found in tho largo quantity of London crodits lent to Now York speculators of Into, and which must bo settled for within tbo noxt fow weeks. It Is generally expected that Secretary Rich ardson will freely issue now legal tenders in case tho foreign bankers refuse to renew those loans. GOLD was moro active and higher in tbo morning, but lost part of the advanco in tho afternoon deal ings. Tho prioo ranged from 115% to 110%. STOCKS. . The speculation in stocks was generally dull and outside of Pacific Mail, Panama, Uarlom, and Erio. Tho fluctuations woro characterized more or less by weakness, though, in a few cases, a slight advanco was established. Erio was strong. There was a heavy fall in Canton, one broker having offered 100 shares from 105 down to 90, without gottiug a bid, but lator, 00 was bid for tho stock. A firmer fooling prevailed at the closo. BONDS. Govornmonta woro strong. Tbo Treasury bought $500,000 5 20s for the sinking fund, at 114.29 to 114.00. Notwithstanding the scarcity of bonds in tho market, thoro were bids for $1,427,200. PRODUCE. Flour was fairly active and stronger for all grades under $lO. Arrivals limited. Good No. 2 and supers aro especially scarce. Choice fam ily is quiet, and prices unsettled. Good amber wheat extras are in fair demand. Halos 10,000 brls. Wheat was firmer, but tho higher prices auked chocks business. The inquiry is mainly for spring. Sales 11,700 bu. Pork was moder ately active and steady. Jobbing sales woro made at $lO for old, and $10.25 for now mess. 200 brls rumps sold at sl4, for future delivery, 600 brls now mess, for tho lust day of March sold at $16.05. Cut moats woro in light demand generally, but dry salted shoulders wore reported to bo in brisk request and firm at No important sales to notice. Bacon was very firm and in good demand. Short clear is quoted at 8%@8%0, with 50 boxes reported sold at tho higher prico. Long clear is quoted at Lard was moderately active and steady. Western sold to tho extent of 500 tes for March at City is quoted at 8%0 firm. For future delivery, 250 tes for April sold nt 6%0 ; 250 tes for Juno at early at 8 11-IGo ; COO tes for May at B%c. GOAL SALES. One hundred thousand tons of Scranton coal woro sold to-day at tho following prices: Lump, $4.17K@4.25; grate, $4.80@4.40; egg, @4.60; stove, $5.02^j@5.17)4’; chestnut, @4.20. AMUSEMENTS. OPERA DODFFE. Tho opera of “ Genevieve do Brabant,” one of tho most melodious of all Offenbach’s works, as well as ono of tho most characteristic in music, and most highly flavored with that species of French morality which Offenbach delights to sot to musio, was givou last night at Aiken’s to a largo houso. It is to bo presumed that tho most of tho audience woro unfamiliar with tho story of the opera; at least, it is to bo hoped so, not withstanding tho very strenuous efforts of tho people on tho stage to havo It understood. It is no discredit to Aimoo, or any of tho others, to glvoabroador loose version of “ Genevieve,” as thoro is no opportunity to do anything olso. Tho text does not admit of decency. If tho opera is to ho dono at all, it must ho done as they do in Brabant,else it falls Hat. Ao far as tho text 1s concerned it is fortunate that it is in French, so that tho indecency of tho story Is last to those who do not consult tho libretto. Thoro seems to bo an impression abroad that It Is not altogether a proper story, and tho result is that tho sale of librettos, for “ Genevieve ” is always lighter, than for any other. To sacrifice this opera, however, would bo to loso some of Offen bach's most characteristic musio, and some of his richest and broadest burlesques of grand operas of the Italian school. It will probably therefore keep tho stage as long as any of his works, for tho sake of such numbers as the Ser enade duet, tho Pie aria, tho Hon song, tho Gens d'Armos duo, and tho concerted finalo of tho third act, which narrowly escapes containing some really good music. Oonoommg tho merits of the performance, it Is hardly necessary to say but littlo, as it was dono hero quite recently with tho same cast as that of last evening. The character of Dronan , tho cook, allows Milo. Aimoo some admirable oppor tunities for costuming, which sho knows how to Improve, so ns to exhibit her fine figure in all its amnio and symmetrical proportions. In tho action of tho character, however, ami especially in the singing, there was an absence of her cus tomary abandon and gauchorio, and an evident lassitude and dullness in her presence, which may have boon owing to fatigue, us sho had to f;lve tho tiresome and trying role of tho Duchess u tho afternoon. Milo. JlouolH failed to im part much spirit or vivacity to Genevieve, although her singing was very creditable. Tho minor parts had but little to recommend them, being filled by a number of voiceless people, with the notuulo exception of tho two uonu d’armos (Marcas and Loouyor), who did tnolr grotesque duo with such excruciating humor and rollicking exaggeration that they received four or ilvo encores. Their scone was the econo of the evening, both in noting and music, though neither of them have a musical touo in their voices. The very sobriety of their nonsense, however, is sjmply irrosistlblo. The chorus and orchestra got along very creditably. This even ing " The JJrigands ” will bo given. ASTRONOMICAL ILLUSTRATIONS. Tho West Sldo Obrietian Union Lecture Hoorn was crowded, Inst evening, by tbo members of tho Astronomical class, and other members of tho Union, tho occasion being tho exhibition of a series of astronomical views by tbo aid of tho “magic lantern. 1 * Tho views wore all of tho “revolving" hind, showing tho movements of tho planetary bodies around tho sun, and tho phenomena of tho tides, eclipses, transits, oc oultations. Ao., in a way that was intensely in teresting to tho audience. Tho views wore fully explained by Mr. E. Colbert, tho teacher of tho class. Illustrations lllco those, tho best over exhib ited in tho West, cannot bo other than liighly inntruotivo, ns well as entertaining ; convoying more information in ono hour than can bo gath ered from moro descriptions scattered through many ovonings. An effort is being made to en list tho public attention in behalf of our ton much neglected Observatory, and it is probnblo that thoso Illustrations of stellar, phenomena will bo exhibited before long, to tbo public in aid of tbo Observatory fund. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Now Yorlc Financial Nowi« New York. March 20.—Tho chief topic of discussion In Ananclnl circles was tho advance In tho rate of dis count at tho Bank of England to 4 per cent. Money was active nud stronger ut 1-3201-10 and in terest per diem on call. Tho Usury bill, providing against collecting over 7 per cent, passed tho State Senate. Sterling was strong at lOBKOIOB’g. Gold was active and higher, ranging from 115’( to 110t(» closing at 115j;@U0. Loans at 107 per cent for carrying. Clearings, $(11,000,000. Treasury disburse ments, $120,000. Custom receipts, $403,000. Exports, $300,000 In silver bars. Governments were strong with an advance of Kin 6-20 ii * 3s are an }£ lower. State bonds are dull; Tcnncssces and Mlssourls weak. Railroad mortgoges were steady. Stocks were dull, hut generally weak, hut (ho fluctu ations, except In PnclAo Mull, Panama, Harlem, and Erie woro not especially important. Pacific was ac tive. and had many fluctuations between 89089K, closing somewhat above tho lowest price. Panama declined from 11BK t0,112K» renctlngto H3’(. Harlem rose to 137?.f, foil to 133, closing at 135;;. Edo was strong, rising from 01’; to 05# on Albany legislation on tho rate 01 faro. Hartford and Edo sold at 3K03, Tho market was dull and irregular at tho close. Dur ing tho day Canton was offered from 105 down to SO, but closed with 05 hid. Sterling exchange, 108.V- Coupons, ’Bl 110^41 Coupons,'o7 118 8-20 a of’o2 117 .Coupons, HSB 117>tf Coupons, *O4 117 jlO-103 112 Coupons, ’fl!» 117*;,Currcncy Os 114^ Coupons, ’OS (now)... 110?; Now Cs U4»J STATE noHDR. Mlssourls 03X (Virginias, old 42 Tcuuossccs, old 7% North Carolines, 01d...20 Tenuoßßoes, now 79#iNorth Carolina)*,now..lo# Virginias, now 51 \ stocks. Canton 05 (Bt. Paul pfd 75*/ W. U. Tel 80# Wabash 72# 'Quicksilver, 40 'Wabash pfd 85 Adams Express 04 (Fort Wayne (ex, div.) 1)3 Wells Fargo SlX'Torro Hauto IS AmerlcAuEzprcss.... 08 |Terro Haute, pfd 40 United States Ex..... 74); Chicago k Alton 113 Pacino Mall 67X Chicago & Alton pfd.ll3 Now York Central.... 102X'Ohlo k Mississippi... 43*; Erie 03’£ 0., 0.& 0 87X Erie pfd 73# 0., U. k Q 110 Harlem 135# Lake Shore 03X Harlem pfd 130 (Indiana Central 40 Michigan Central 105 Illinois Central 117 Pittsburgh 88*; Union Pacino slocks.. 35.V Northwestern 80 Union Pacino bonds.. 80?* Northwestern pfd.... 83 Central Pacino bonds.lo3 Rock Island 115 Del. Lack, k Weatern.lOlX N. J. Central lo3tf D. U. k Erie 3 Bt. Paul 57*; foreign Hlarkcto. Liverpool, March 26—11 a. in,—Flour, 28s. Win ter wheat, 12s 2d; spring, Ilsol2a 3d; white, 11s Od® Hb 8d; dub, 11s 10d©12a Ail. Cora, 28s. Pork, 61b@01b Od. Lard, 38s. Liverpool, March 26—1:30 p. m.—Dreadstuffs un changed. Pork, 61s0GIs Od. London, March 26,—Tho rate of discount at the Bank of England has advanced jrf per cent, and is now 4 per cent. London, March 20, 5 p. m.—Consols for money, 02X002*; : account, 02?;092X • 5-20s of 'OS, 04); : B-20S of ’O7, 03X; 10-403, 89X; now ss, CO*;. Erie, 61*;. Tallow, 43s 3d. Paris, March 20.—Rentes, Bsf 52c. Liverpool, March 20.—Cotton quiet; mlddlingnp laud, OX09?;d; Orleans, 9Xo9*;d 5 sale*, 15,000 bales; American, 10,000 bales; speculation and export, 3,000 bales. Hod winter wheat, 12s 2d. Flour, 20s. Corn, 28a. Cheese, 735. Cumborlunda. 37s 6d. Short ribs, 395, Hulfnlo Llyo stock market* Buffalo, N. Y., March 20.— Cattle —Receipts to day, Including 20 cars reported to arrive, 714; total for tho week, 4,438. Market active and firm ot yes terday’s prices ; attendance of buyers largo; all offer ings disposed of. About 1,275 woro sold. Sales : 470 Illinois steers, 1,082 to 1,443 tbs, $5.50/37.00 ; 173 Mis souri steers, 1,274 to 1,309 lbs, $0,30®7.30; 32 Missouri oxen, 1,260 to 1,21)3 lbs, $5.00@5.25 ; 73 Ohio steers, 1,070 to 1,140 lbs, $.i.40@1!.00; 60 Kentucky steers, 1,170 lbs, $6.00; 18 Michigan steers, 1,122 lbs, $5.20; 45 In diana steers, 1,421 lbs, $0.90. Sheep and Lambs— Receipts to-doy, 1,000; total for tho week, 4,600. Sales: 301 ludlaua sheep, 00 lbs, at $6.00 ; 330 Ohio sheep, 99 to 03 lbs, at $6.873tf@0.95 : 029 Michigan sheep, 82 to 106 lbs, s6.37*rf to $7.00 ; 338 Wisconsin sheep, 06 lbs, $0.75. Hook— Receipts for tho week thus far, 12,800. But 4 car-loads on tho market this morning, and all offer ings disposed of. Sales: 400 Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio hogs, 135 to 210 lbs. at $5.60®5.85. New York Dry Goods market. New York, Mark 20.—There was a fairly active movement with tho Jobbers to-day, but tho commis sion houses were quiet. Colton goods continue active and firm at unchanged rales. Brown sheetings, bleached shirting, and denims are quiet brisk. Prints and plain drc-is goods are active with the Jobbers. Woolens are quiet in first hands. Foreign dress goods are fairly active with tho Jobbers. Tho Daily Uullctin says the auction sales were well attended, end Uncus, dress goods, silks, and ribbons wero widely distributed. Pittshurgh Oil market. PiTTsnvnnn, March 26.—Crudo petroleum Armor and higher; sales at $2,15; plpo-llucs. $2,20, free on board cars. Rolluod petroleum In fair domaud and higher; on board cars for Western trade, sl(J’tfc, spot. Tho advance In gold has caused an advance iu re fined oil. A well was struck yesterday in tho Folrvlow District, which Is producing 600 barrels per day. It Is ono of tho largest In tho United States. Pittsburgh Live-Stock market* PiTTSDUuair, Po„ March 20.— Cattle— Market firm * arrivals light; best, oJtf@7o; slackers,3jtf(34^c• com mon, 414(^5^0, Sheep—Market firm; arrlvols light; best, 6#@7c; medium, Ct^Otj'c; common, s@s>tfc. Iloas—Market unchanged; arrivals fair: Philadel phia, $3.80@0.00; Yorkers, $5.60®5.70. Tho Produce markets. NEW YORK. New Took, March 20.—Cotton—Steady, with a more active spinning demand; middling upland, 19,Ve, Breadbtuffb—Flour firm, with a fair Jobbing de mand ; receipts, 7,01)0 brls; super Western and State, $5.9000.80; common to good extra, $0.9007.50; good to choice, $7.8308.00 j white wheat extra, $8,60010,50; Ohio, $7.15010.50: Bt. Louis, 57.50@1C.76. Rye dour quiet. Corn meal steady. Wheat very strong, and holders ask an advance, which chocks business; re ceipts, 8,000 bu ; No. 2 Milwaukee afloat, $1.70 bid, but held higher: No. 2 and No, 3 Chicago mixed in store, $1.53; red Western, $1.83; amber, SI.OO. Ilyo scarce and firm. Barley steady; Western, $1.0501.15. Malt neglected. Corn firm with a fair demand, chiefly for old mixed Western in store; receipts, U,OOO bu; now mixed Western, OCQOOJrfc ; old do in store, O-tJtfo ; yellow, GOJj'OOlo. Oats higher, with a good demand, chiefly for new white, which aro scarce; receipts, 18,000 bu; now whilo Western, 48(350,V0; black, 4Dwro; white WJwtorn. 61@54c, Bugs—Steady, Hay—Dull. { Hors—Finn; 40@550 for cron of 1872. Leather—Firm at 28031 c; Orinoco, 27023>4’0. Wool—Dull; tubbed, 60o; Ohio and Michigan, 50 @6lo. Groceries—Coffee strong; Rio, gold. Sugar more nctlvo at Molasses quiet and firm, Rico quiet at 808^o. Petroleum—Crude, 9>yo ; reflned, 20c. Turpentine—Dull at fidjtfc. Provisions—Pork firmer; new moss, $10.05© 10,1'; primo mess, $15.00016,75. Bcof steady and unchanged. Out moats dull; bams, 11012^0; shoulders, 0 / 3 X©7c.Middlea firmer; short clour long clear, BMc, Lard steady; Western steam, 6*;o 811-18; kettle, 00. * ' Botteu and Cheese—Unchanged. Whisky—Quiet ot 920, NEW ORLEANS. New Orleans, March 28.—Breadstopps—Flour dull; XX, |8.25; XXX, choice family, $9.60011.00. Corn lower, 80002 c. Oala, 42011 c. Bran—Supply good at 85095 c. Hay—Dull and lower; prime, $23.00024.00. Provisions—Pork quiet; mess held at $17.00; dry salt moats dull at 0, 8, ami B!tfc. Bacon dull at 7, and Ojjc. llama, 16c. Lard, Uorco packers, 8).o: i‘o flnod, 8^o; keg, 9*£olOo. Groceries—Sugar dull; Inferior, B>fo; good oom mon, 7c. Molasecu dull and uuchaugod, Coffee, 17Ja ©lOtfc. ' n Whisky—Dull at 89005. Cotton—Quiet. Sales: 4,800 good ordinary ot lOt^o; low middlings, 18,‘u'o; middlings, lOj.o; middlings Orleans, 19, l .(c, Rocuipta, 5,983; exports; Liverpool, 9,844; Hamburg, 719. Stock, 218,189. MEMPHIS. Memphis, March 28.—Cotton—Higher; good ordi nary, lO,V0IO>;o; low middling, 17V018C. BhEiDflTum—Flour dull aud nominal. Corn ecarco ami firm at C3@flsc. Oats dull at 43c. Corn meat, $3.68. IlAV—Dull ftl $22.00023.00. Siuk—T/wer nt (17.00@iy.00. I’noviatoNH—l’ork Arnvnt (10.25, Sard dull and nominal. Sulk meats and bacon quiet and tin* changed. PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia, March 20.—Biieadstuffh—Flour steady 5 superfine, $3,0003.23; extra, so.l 2** 5 Wiscou sin niia Minnesota, $7.0008.00, Wheat In gobd do maud; red. $1.0501.07; amber, $1.0702.00; white, $2.00@2.20. Ryo held fit SOc. Corn active; yellow, 00 ®Co;tfo ; mixed Western, 3O<4onie. Outs In moderate demand ; white, 40c ; mixed, 47048 c. 1 Petroleum—Crude, 13*; c ; refined, Whisky—Held at 02c. BUFFALO. Buffalo, March SO.—Market generally dull oucl un changed. wheat—sales 1 car lowa spring ut $1.34. Corn—sales fl curs at 610 on truck. Gale—l car white at 43e on track. BALTIMORE. Baltimore, March 20.—Bueadhtufm—Flour dull and unchanged. Wheat steady and unchanged. • Corn firm; mixed Western, 00c, Oats (pilot and firm 5 mixed Western, 400470; while, 40c. Ilya steady at 80©00 c. Provisions—Quiet ami firm. Mess pork, $10.2.7© 10.60. Bacon and bulk meats unchanged, Sugar-cured hams, 12©15 c. Lard, Btfoo>tfc. Butter—Unchanged; new Western tub, 3CQ4Oc. Whisky—Firm at 00c. " HT. LOUIS. Br, Louis, March 2(l.—Breadstuffo—'Flour slcadr • superfine fall, $3.0000.00; uxlra, $3.CO0fl.OO; : XX, $0.2507.00. Wheat firmer; No. 3 spring $1,13;.N0. 2 Boft lowa spring, $1.3401.30, Corn Armor; No. 2, on coet track, 34 (4 in elevator, Oats quiet; No. 2, on rant truck, 28Ji©23 in elevator. Barley Arm s No. 2, 83000 c, llyu nominal. WnißKT—Dull, retiming at 87c. Provisions—Pork held higher; $15.50 cash; $10.23 offered for June hut refused. Bulk mcatii Armor and held higher with hut Ultlo doing; dear sides Bold at 7/« c cn«h on spot. Bacon Arm 5 ehouldcrs, *CJ(o; clear rib, BKc; clear, 8;';08K« cash; clour rib,Do for May; clear, 9,\fo for Juno. Lard held higher; hid for prime ntcum, Hoob—Firm at $4.C0@8.00. Cattle—Steady am! mtchnnged. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati. March 20.—Bmkadstuffb—Flour steady at $7.5007.83. Wheal quiet nt $1.0301.03. Corn quiet nt 88039 c. Rye quiet ot 70090 c. Oats and barley quiet and unchanged. Pnovisions—Finn ; pork, $13.50013.73, buyer April. Lard Arm; steam, 7»;08o; oftorhigs light 5 kettle, 8*; Bulk meals Htroug 5 sales shoulders, SKu; clour rib, 7 dear, 7>;o7»;c. Bacon atcady; shoulders, Ojtfo; clear rib, B>ioßMe; eleur, BVe. Whisky—Firm at 83c. . LOUISVILLE. Louisville, March 20.—Flouu—steady; extra fain* Ily, $7.55. PnovisiONfl—ln good demand, prices steady. Pork, round lots $13.65010,00, Bacon—Shoulders, 6*; c; clear rib, 8*;0BKc; dear, 8»;09c, packed. Sugar-cured hams, 13>;0I4o packed. Bulk meats, steady and unchanged. Lard—Choice loaf In tierces, B*@B‘£c. Whisky—Steady at 85080 c, MILWAUKEE, Milwaukee, March 20.—Breaustoffb—Flour qutot and unchanged. Wheat ntoady ; No. 1, $1.30 ; No. 2. $1.20, W. Oats dull; No. 2. Com eteady; No. 2, Bflc. Ryo Bloody ; No. 1, 00c. Barley Arm ; No. 2, 33c. Receipts—Flour, 3,000 brls; wheat, 11,000 bu. SutPUEKTB—FIour, 3,000 brls ; wheat, 2,000 bu, CLEVELAND. CLEVELAND,March2O.— BnEADSTUFFS— FIour steady. Wheat dull, but Arm ; No. 1 red hold at $1.70; No. 2, sl.Ol. Corn quiet and unchanged. Oats steady; No. 1, sold at 40c ; closed at 390. Refined Petroleum—ln fair demand; Arm and unchanged, DETROIT. Detroit, March 20.—Urkadstuffs—Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat dull and a shade lower ; extra, •1.04, ho. 1, $1.8501.83 X; amber, SI.OBM. Com Steady at 42c. Oats 30 xc. Cloveu Seed—s4.Boo4.oo. TOLEDO. Toledo, March 20.—Breadstuffs—Flour steady. Wheat—An advance is asked, hut none established; No. 1 white Michigan, $1.80; No. 2, $1.58; embor Michigan, $1,0701.08, spot; $1.7201.73 seller May; No. 2 amber Illinois, $1.75; No. 1 red, $1,70; No. 2, $1.07 X spot; $1,70 May. Com steady: high mixed, 40o;low mixed, 80#o; yellow, 40*fo. Oats steady; No. 2, 33>;0; Michigan, 84c; rejected, 31c. Cloveu Seed—s4.Bs. Receipts—Flour, 2,000 brls; wheat, 7.000 bu: com. 15.000 bu ; oats, 8,000 bu. shipments— Flour, COO brls: wheat, 3,000 bu; corn, 31.000 bu; oats, 3,000 bu. SPECIAL NOTICES. Sbro Nipples. ijQiV The suffering which many ladles ex porlonco from caked breasts and son fey.v nipples is little realised by men. A remedy has now come to them, and the wonder la that It has not boon dis- covered before. The Centaur Llnl *‘*^~- lf **'^ v * mont 1s as delicate and soothing as a \E cosmetic, and affords such speedy and permanent relief that wo aro showered down with thanks* It Is simply a wonderful thing for all sores, lameness, and swellings. Children Cry for Pitcher’s Gas torla. It regulates tho stomach, cures wind collo, and causes natural sloop. It Is a substitute for castor oil. Sclienck's Pulmonic Candy Embraces in a groat dcgron all the principles of Sohonok’i Pulmonlo Byrup, and, while an pleasant to tho palate at the purest of confections, its medicinal properties rcudoi It oftootual in coughs, colds, bronchial and catarrhal nf* factions, do. It Is the most acceptable remedy for child* ron or Infants, and can bo given with Impunity; while fot professional gentlemen, or those who sullor from loss oi voice, it is Indispensable. These candies are put np In 25 cent boxes, convenient for the pokcot, and are for sale by all druggists and deal ers. J. H. HCIIENCRA SON, N. R. corner Sixth and Arch-sts., Philadelphia. SHIRTS. Made to order in tho moat oomplota artistic manner, of fabrics uusur paasedfordurobility. Money cheer fully refunded if not satisfactory. S.J3. cor. Stats and Washington-sts., SS'Wol Madison-st, (Bhorman House), Chicago, mm Pllcp’h pDßrn limine?. Cincinnati. GIFT ENTERPRISE. BIJIISCRIPTIONS will bn received at 15-! liiiHullc-Ht. to tho CHICAGO MERCHANTS* AND BANKERS’ MAMMOTH LUCKY CLUB Of Ono Thousand Tickets to tho Third Grand Gift Concert, for tho bonollt of Public Library of Ken tucky. Subscription will bo closed in a low days. Draw* lug positive on April S. All gifts drawn by tho Club wlllbojoiig to tho common fund, and each member will bo paid from it by tho Treasurer iu oxact proportion to tba money paid in by each subscriber. Wbowants to sbaro in 81 (Hi,OOO to £300,000 worth of gifts i Fulllnfor, mat lon on application as übovo. GENERAL NOTICES. Notice to Stockholders and Bond holders. Chicago A Alton Railroad Go., ) SncllETAßT’a OFFICE, CHICAGO, March 21, 1873.1 The Stockholders end voting Bondholders of thu CJlil cngoA Alton Railroad Company aru hereby uotlliod that the Annual Mooting of said Company, far the election of toroo Direotors to servo for tiiroo years, and transaction of such other-business as may bo iirosontvd. will bo hold ut tbootllooof tho Company. In Chicago, Illinois, on Mon day, tho 7th day of April next, at 10 o'clock u. m. Tho Transfer Books will bo closed at (bo uioso of business hours on Uio2Uh last., end reopened for Transiors on tba Btb day of April iioxt._ W. M. LAItUAHHK, Sao’y. STREET AND PARK LAMPS^ BARTLETT'S “ BOULEVAR^" STREEFaWpAHK LAMPS. ALSO, TORCH A.3STX) for lighting street lump* lii&tantnimonely. tho rarno now uuedln Now York: nro being adapted overywhoro. Full EnrtUujhira furiilmmd upon application to J. W. BART'. iKTT, 689 Broadway, Now York,. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. DISSOL DTION. Tho copartnership of (iuodrlch & Kirby is this day dls solved by mutual consent. Tim liublmihs will lm continued by IS. T. Uuodilch, who will soldo nil nccotmtu (it the lalo firm. U. T. GOUDHIQU. Chicago, March_26,.1873, It. l>. KIUBY. * FOB, SAl<£. COFFEES AND SHOES'AT OOS'L Wo will soil at coat, for cash, for the noxt five days, ;n close our business, our otiliru stock oi Unlives, Milieus, and Teas. BUTLER, ISAUUART i CO., SCALES. Jtef ~PAIBBA3SfKS' Jrrf STANDARD 1/ SCALES or all sizes. FAIRBANKS, MORSE &00 W WEST WAHUINQTON-ST. MEETINGS. Masonic, A Regular Communication of Thos. J, Tumor Lodge, No. 489, A. F. A A. M., will bo held thU evening for bus* Incas and work, at Masonic Tomplo. By urclur of tu« w. M. J. D. MOORE, Secretary. Masonic. Waubansla Lodge, No. 180, tnootn this (Thursday] evening at 7>4 o'clock, In Oriental Hall, 122 LaSallo-si., for work on M. M, Degree. Visiting b mlhroii cuidl.illj Invited. B.tST. JOHN. Suc’y. J. O. UOWKLL. W. M. 5

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