Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, March 27, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated March 27, 1873 Page 7
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HIS TROUBLES ENDED. An Old Gontlomnn* Without income or FrlvndNy Swallows n Iloio of mor phine, Sonts mtinsolf In an JQxpron Office, and (liilotly expires. A melancholy caao of aulohlo occurred yoator dny in Hoorn 77, Exchange Block, comer of Clark and Washington strooio, occupied by tho Cashier’s department of tho American Express Company, About 11 o’clock, a man entered tho room and asked if ho could sit down. A choir tmo given him by tho stove. Ills hair and ,* whiskers wore almost white, aud ho seemed to bo about GO years old. 110 was genteelly at tired, and his address was that of a cultivated gentleman. After ho had boon seated a few minutes, ho remarked that ho supposed every man had to die some time. Ho was, of course, answered in the affirmative* Ho was asked where ho lived. Ho said ho’had boon boarding at No, 181 Morgan street, hut had left there, and had no friends in tho city. When asked his name, ho answered that ho was wliamod of it, and would not give '•lt. Ho soon after wont to sloop, and no further attention was paid to him until ahont half-past 2ln tho afternoon. Ho thou breathed so - quietly that tho men In the office bocamo m alarmed, and, finding they could not awaken him, reported his condition to Sergeant Ellis at the Central Station, Two officers wore detailed to care for him, hut when they reached the room ho ■* was apparently dead. A few minutes after their arrival ho ceased to breathe. Ho was taken to *ho Central Station in an express wagon. Some persons expressed a doubt as to his being dead, nia body being warm. To satisfy them Coroner Slovens had the man examined by Dr. Ault, who ftronouncod him'doad, and gave it as hi s opinion hat death was occasioned by morphine, in his Eiockots wore found several envelopes addressed o T. O. Nicholson, and a note from the proprio -lor of his boarding-house. No. 181 Morgan street, which said that ho “must either pay 87 back hoard, or leave at once.” This 'heartless note may have hurried tho poor old * oiou to his grave. There wore no valuable? up- ■ on his person. The body was taken to tho Morgue to await tho notion of tho Coroner’s jury. Our reporter learned that tho address on the envelopes was his name, and that ho had been for some tlmo a salesman for tho Elliptic Bowing Machine Company, No. 883 West Madi son street. Ho came to Chicago,last November, from Southern Wisconsin. It is believed that ho was alone in the world, as ho has never spoke of having a family. NEWS PARAGRAPHS, fife. Paul, Minil., by directory census, 27,023. —A. fire at Grand Halida, Wlu., March 23, do-, itrowcd llabliu's'row ; loos. $25,000. —Tho average dally receipts at the Now York Custom House siuco tho Ist inst. hayo exceeded • 1500.000. —An Ohio girl, who was jilted by hor lover, spoiled his beauty by taking hor littlo pistol and shooting his nose off. —Our lady renders may bo interested in loarn 'lng that tho largo number of deaths from small pox has materially increased tho supply of false hair. —Wo road that a Chimpanzee, iu tho London Zoological Garden, received a tract with much pleasure, and tickled bis neighbor with it— though tho subject was a grave one, relating mostly to death. —Some of tho voters in one of tho Whito Mountain districts wont 125 miles by rail to got to tho voting ploco on tho recent election day. The long journey was taken on occount of tho aopth of snow iu tho Notch through which they ’mu to pass. York justice Is improving. On Sunday, the 35th of March, two lads, Coughlin and Green, robbed and stabbed a man on a Madison avenuo o»r. On Friday, tho 21ot o! March, Judge Brady sentenced those two Jails to fifteen 7001*0’ im prisonment each hi tho Stato Prison. —lt is found that tho completion of tho fa mous Slovens battery, at Hoboken, N. J M will coat so much moro than tho amount provided fop by tho will of Mr. Stephens, that tho heirs hftvo discontinued tho work, and thrown tho matter into tho courts for decision. Tho craft was to bo given to tho Stato of Now Joxaoy after completion. —l’ho. people of Baltimore are taking aomo vory enlightened and effective measures, m con nection with tho Baltimore & Ohio Bailroad, for attracting western produce and ocean shipping to fcJioir city, Ono of thoso measures is tho deep ening of their harbor. Tho City Council recent ly appropriated $200,000 for wiuouing and deep ening tho channel approaches to tho harbor. •Tho cost of tho work is estimated at $450,000s Congress has appropriated $200,000, and there is an unexpended balance of a former appropria tion of $50,000. The channels are to be deep- Jfied to 24 foot, which will admit vessels of tho largest size, and aro also to bo widened. Tho work is to bo completed by next December. “ L>o Claims Four Sections of Laud In Rlourou County, lUicli* From the Detroit Free Fnea, A Monroo correspondent 'writers under date of March 19; “A fow uay« ago something of a son eatlon was created iu this city by the appearance of jv representative of tho OLippowa tribe of In dians, who, in a modest- kind of way, claimed a irotty good aliaro of the eastern part of the city, under a grant to that tribo of all the land within certain boundaries, lying along the west shore of Lake Erie. Thin tract extends from Plum Creek north to Sandy Crook, and including in width mough to xunko four and a half sections of land. The islands iu the marsh and considerable of tho mainland are within those boundary lines, and tho occupants are rather uneasy. Tho Gov ernment agent is expected boro dally to make a survey and run tho linos dollnlng the exact boundaries. Another claim covers a portion of the Catholic Church farm. These lauds, it is aa orted, have never been sold by tho Govern ment—in fact, could not have boon, as they wore jold na Indian reservations, and tho present oc nipants have no title whatever to tho land. They will have an opportunity of buying tho lament tho original Government price, £1.25 per .ere, which, of course, they will do.” SEWING MACHINES. {■OB SAI.E-GUOVEII 4 BAKKII SUWINO MA ciiiiio, for s£u; cost sCo;in cumpluto order; good us ow. 422 Wont Jackion-ut. ROVER 4 BAKER'S SEWING MACHINES- X General Olfico, 150 Htato-st., Branch Olfico, 973 Wa- ÜBh-nv. Persons Jiaviug old Oruvor 4 Baker cowing naclilnos are Invltod to call ifnd boo tho now improve nonts. mid hoar something to their advantage. RINGER OFNIOH-, j OLSS 4 PEARSON, 144 South lialstod-at., and 124 lorth (Jlavk-st., corner Ohio. Machines sold or runted “asy jmymums, and booing given when required. XfIIEELEU 4 WILSON - SE\VIN(TIIAOUINES.' If the new Improved sold or rented on oasy niunlliJy aymonts. BUHNIU.M 4 FLANNERY, City Agontir, then, Wo-i f-Indlson-at.; will remove about April 15, ■7O. iolssS’Elo-bt. MACHINERY. BOJI HALE—A GOOD SECOND-HAND GEAR-CUT lor, HUitnblo for light work up to2()-inob diameter. Kjulrojit BARNES A GUITZNEK'S. 59 South Canal-st. AOR SALE-CHEAP, A ROOt’a ULOWERT largost blzo, No. 8, warranted to dollrcr 76 ouhlo foot air per rovoUUJoo, and to make 150 revolutions per mute, alndo in tho bodt manner. Entirely now. Ad ross 1. AUSTIN, ltd Fnlton-sr., Now York, or F, W. UCKINUIIAM, tiy Wabash-uv., Cbloago. \TANTED—SECOND-HAND MATCHER AND BUR- T fnonr; alao, mouldlug-machiuo, at H7 LaSallo-et., somonf. • PERSONAL. )EUSONAL—WILL THE LADY WHO COT OFF L’citiago Grove car on Wednesday meriting to go to ease Tost-Ollico send Address to friend with sonl-skin at,whom sho recognized t Address W E'VTrtbuiio otlico. >E RfiO N AL—A WIDOW WISHES TO MAKE 'lllls acquaintance of u middle-aged gmUlonmu who will as t hctTu business. Address W9O, Tribuno olhoo. iERSDNAL—II''~THir'nVO^ HAW tlio goatlomon nt Kuhn's Hotel yesterday wish to ntlnuo tlio ncnuulnUnco (hoy will ploaso address lAULE.S BEKBEE, 70 Wo»tMmlUoii-»t. P. HARRINGTON, PLEASE bund your address to U. GUERDON, 736Lako-st., I very much obllgoHitm. FOR SALE. 'ORBALE-COUNTER, SHELVING, AND FRENCH plate show-case, 13 feet long, Clinches wide, all llrst *3. Onu ho aocu at 125 South Clarkat. 'OR SALE-TWO NEW SHOW-OASES, 6 AND 7 loot; largo tables and sholvlngs llttcd fur clothing >re, cheap. No. 13 Mllwaukoo-av. Oil SALE-BURGI 6 A L INSTRUMENTS—A FEW Held cases United Stales Surgical hiutrumenls. anil a • ™ 1 SiI 3 A1 Al’l*>f GOVERNMENT lOUSDEPOT, Inland 137 East Joike-st. FOUND. OUND-A COW. SAWYER A TRUDKLL, OOR ncr ililrd-av. and Jauksuu-st. OUND-BAY horse. AND BUGGY, ON BLUB lalond-av.: owner can have tho same by nurlnf rgofl. HENRY JAMIESON, 83 Hlun Islami.av. T MUSICAL. ANOSXi'OIISALR AND TO RENT; REPAIRING and tuning promptly attended to, alkali Em Uau- Ph-st. G. dTPiIESTON, ) HENT-AND FOR HALE-PIANOS. RENIINO .specialty, Tnnluj ami repairing by competent work •- WM. It. PROSSER. (Ilil Waliaih-av. INSTRUCTION. lOV.fL’H SHOUT-HAND j SIMPLICITY ITSELF; combines all advantages uf modern systems; certainly u easily learned. 70 wllllam-it.. Now York, Pertsr's .-apUGolloae. RopubUo Life Building, LaSslla-st.. 9- Prl»». Sl.‘i6, CITY REAL ESTATE. T?OH RALE—S2,6OO CASH, OH 89,000 ON TIME-8- X' room cntlAßu and fnrniluro on Jndlnna-ar., near . Twnnty-iecoiid-st. ; leased lot, s3,2oo—Frame hnuw and lot on West Wasmngton-at. 4 $6, (00-2-slorybrlck honso on Warron*nv., near Ookloy. ft.; lot 20*126. sß,6oo—Sulory nml basement frame bouse on Indlana-av., _ . uoarTwouty-fmirth-at.; lot2ftx!2o. 8f1,760-2*«tory hrlok bnuso and lot on Pralrlo-ftv. And . Tlilrlr-iltst-Bt. sll,Boo-2*«fory And basementoolngon innrMo fronthouoo ... onindlana-av.. noarTwonty-ninlh-sl. $12,60()-2*Mory nml basomcntframo homo on Pralrlo-av., _ nonrTwonly-sl*th**t. 5 Jot-15*125; vcrychcaji, SIB,OOO- Bsforyand basement brick on South Park-av., noar s23,ooo—B*siory ami basomont mnrblo front bouao on Mloblgan-av,, noar Twonty*ninth-st. Also, many (loclrnblo lota in various porta of tho city. Also, very desirable ocronroperty. OAlSBK'mi, WRINGER A YOUNG, Basomont ofTloo, HO nml 161 Madlsoii*at. FORSALE-BY ULRICH A BOND, 87 DEARBORN* st.—Houso, with brick basomont, on Forty-llrat-st,, near Cottage Orovo-av., 11 rooms, bath-room, lurnaoo; $6,000. Iloujo at Hydo Park, and lot, for $3,200, four blocks from depot. lloiiso and lot on Indlana-av., with lot near Thirty ■ocond-*t.; SS.WO. ? Choap lots in MoOhcsuoy'a Subdivision *I-do Park; Cheap lots on BurnoUta-st., near oar shop*; S6OO. Cheap lota on Tirolfth*st., near Wood; SI,HX>, FOR BALE—BY JACoYrwjSILACO., CORNER OF Madison end Dontbetn-sta. *. C6O foot on Cottage Grovo.av., enst front, by 230 feet deep, running from Flfiloth-st. to Flttv-lirst, on the groAt South Park. Price, SIO,QUO; ono-thlrd cash, balance ono ana two years. 2U foot on ItaSallo-st., near Lako, oast front; $13,000. 200 foot on the southeast corner of dnokson ami Wells sis: $120,(10, one-third cash, balance time. 80 loot on East Washington-fit., near Uio Times Build ing; very ipOR SALE-GOOD LOTS, ON THE FOLLOWING .1? Btrools! State, Burnside, Unttorllohl, Arnold, Gari baldi, Hanover, Butlor, Wnltnco, Summer, Winter, Mur ray, and Hoisted; also on Wonlworib, ShurtlolT, Portland and Stowart-nrs.; also on Aloxnmicr, Twonty-fourtb, Twenty.slxtli, Twonty-sorontli, Twonty-olshtb, Napa loon, Twenty-nbdli. Karl. Tlilrllolb, Haven, Thlrty-llrst. T i rty-sccnnd. Thlrty-tblrd, Thlrty-llflli, Thirly-slxtli* Thlrty-sovontu, I'ontaluo, and TUlrtyolgUth-sta. Title Sorted, warranty deeds. A very small payment down, years tune, C per cent Interest. No Agency business. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANE. 873 FOR BALE—STATK-BT.-83 FEET NEAR ERIE. ftlnthi)r-st.—i l ßxlto, oast of Hnlstod. Jdlorson-Bt.—C6zl&l', near Adams. Allahlgatt-AT.— P7*l6O, corner Tliirly-BOcond*st. Cnluniot-av.— COxlB). near Twonty-fourtb-st. Van Buron-et.—l2o foot corner Contro-uv. Rovernl pines Improved property. J. MaTTEHUN or E. L. CANFIELD, CO LaSnllo-st. Kill YEARS’ LEASE OF 28* Hoot, cast front, 63 foot north of Kandolph-st. Party walla on throw Macs. An extraordinary bargain. Terms ofloaso. $1,2C0 foronoyear, and SI,BOO por year for bal ance of torms. Bonus aakod, only stl,ti(X). Can bo lm* 1P .to Croat advantage. J. KSAIAS wARIthN, 18 Chamber of Commerce. FOR RALE-A DECIDED BAROAIN-12 LOTS, S2O por foot, between Htowarf-av. nnd Htoto-st., I. 1 * blocks xronii FUty-llflh-st Boulevard; SSO on lot down, bnlatico. monthlypoymonto of sls per month. UULBUUD A CO.I P&Lftatliarrlson-st. SALE-TWK N’T Y-TIIIRD-ST., NEAR INDI- X ann-ov., 3-Btnry frntno, and olouo basement botuto andlot; cheap. 0. 0. THAYER A CO., 160 Eastiladl- TPOR SALE-WAnAail-AV.-Sa.VBAIIS* lease of X' 40x170 feat, east (rant, on Wabash-av., north of Eld* ridgo-court, with honto No. 461, and good brick barn. Tonus of lento. SI,BOO per year lor throoyoare, and $U,500 por year for baianro of term, with privilege of purotmso at any time within SO yoara for $1,200 por foot. Pylco, slo,ot<» for leaso. Mlnhlcan-ov.—BSyoaraMoaso of lot 26x110foot, adjoin* lag Michigan Avenue Hotel. Torino of lease, sl,6oopor year. Price far lease, $5,000. J. EBAIAB WAIthKN, 18 Chamber of Commerce. TpOR SALE-A CHOICE RESIDENCE LOT ON IN- X' ulana-av,, ncarTwonly-acoond-at., 23x178; tho pur chaser can assume mortgage, audpaybalanoo la good outfido lots; must bo sold. Lots on Arobor-nv., Locko, Hickory, andFuller-sts. l<ot« or blocks of ground at Brighton, on easy tomia. Bargains In ncro pniporly, Smiles west of city limits, between Twelfth ana Madhon-ets. . REA A COATES,. TBOR SALB-DOUOLAB-PLAOB (THIRTY-FIPTII- X' «t.), between Prairloand Indlana-ava.: 8 lots, each SoJtfzl2s foot, at tbo romarkably low tigures of SIOO por foot cash. O. O. THAYER A CO.. 186 East Madl6on-tt. FOR SALE-99 FEET, CORNER OF WABASU-AV. and Tblrty-Boronlb-st., aontlinast front. 13 lota fronting Boulevard, at Mnplowood. 10 well selected lota in Blokordlko's Addition. Choloo lots at Washington Heights. Will bo Bold In parcels or otherwise, on easy terms, at losi than tbolr market valuo. Apply to FEED. W. PECK, Rooms, Nixon’s Building. TOOR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT FOR $3,600, LONG v?T T xT. I . r^?'r. Kv A ! J. , A’VfM J tJ * r A'. orl >'' aocon d ,Bt *» Tory cheap. HENRY P. GEORGE, b3Clark-tt. For aalk-by oeo. w. waite a co., ns dear born-at.: Hvo acres on West Twonty-aocond-st., be tween Campbell and lloboy-ata., at from $3,000 to 86,000 lobb than Is poked for ony adjoining live acres. TTIOR SALE-ONE TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT « brick honso, corner of Arcbor-av. and Sangor-«t. t?r r°r $l4O por Frlco, $12,000. Inquire of M. O'NEILL, owner, 63 MoGrogor-at. ‘ ■J7U3RSALK--48 FEET ON MIOIIIQAN-AV., ABOUT X 50 foot north of Monmo-Bt. Tonus to suit; must bo sold. Apply to ELIJAH SMITH Trustees. Room 1. •outhwoit corner Stato and Madißon.«ts. Oil” SALE—MIOHIGAN-AV.', NEAR-TWENTY thIrd-Ht.: 2-atory and bammont brick huuso, with a 1 ansard roof: I°t font: barn, Ac.; lino properly. O. O. THAYER A CO., 18b East MadUon-st. I BOR SALE-ONE AND A HALF STORY FRAME cottage, situated on Thlrty-socoad-at. juat oast of FISHER, 148 Laßallo-at. baßomont. FOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN-NO. 057 WABASH. av., north of Twanty-BOcond-st., 2-Blory frame, with •loro front, euitablo for millinery or furnishing goods; lioubo is oomploto to ovary respect; is on Icasod ground, loasonasC years to run on vary favorabio lonns. If not aold Boon, will bo rontod. MEAD A COE, 153 LaSallo-at. Il'Oll SALK—OFFERS WANTED FOR 100x176 FT? nprilurost corner of Wabanb-av. and Foriy-aocond «»J will ha sold cheap. M. O. BALDWIN 4 00., 84 and 86 LaSaße-st., Kooni 24, • FOR SALK—So FEET ON THIRTY-NINTH-ST. UKgan-av,), between Ellis and Lnko-av., south front, blockafmm Hyde Park tralna or street cars. Address J» HAbuRQOK, 112 Llils-ay. For sale—w.yxuo feet, on oakley-st., co rftrte^L h^P'A l< 3 OS n, for , attl ‘' cboan, by MARSHALL <* DICKINSON, Otis Block,- TlooinTO, corner LaSalle and Madlson-sts. T?OR SALE-TWO HANDSOME BROWN-STONE- A front*. II rooms oaob: with all modern improve- P' on Jf' •liilSSf Adnms-Bt.. corner Houoro. Terms easy. W» I*. JONES, 16 Bryan Block. TBOR SALE-49 HONOUE-ST., ELEGANT NEW X* brick: optagou-front, and 29 foot lot wllh barn $9,600. Cheap. ABELL 4 HOTCHKISS, 149 LaSallo-st., Room For sale—eoan-av., east of cottage Grove-ay.: Two-story frame and brick basement • Houao now; Has nil modern Impruvomonia: 2-JjUQ foot; good barn, 40,; a bargain. O. O. THAYER 4 CO., 186 East Madlson-et. FOR .SALE-lOi LTNOOLN-ST., PLEASANT HOUSE with bay windows, lino barn. Lot 22x125, near Mon k? r fi aiM fora fow days. ABELL 4 HOTIIIICISS, 143 LaSaHcst., Room 43. For sale-10 lots lying together, inside boulevard, at S2OO each. Will sell all or part. Need money. Address Q 15, Tribune odico. FOU SALE—ACRES; ALSO C ACRES 6UBDl vtdod Into lots. Inside South Boulevard, and near Ashlaud-av. Address A 95, Tribuno ottico. For sale-on washington-st.. near oak ley, 3-story bonne, Brooms, and lotSulSfi, SI,OOO. J. 11. KEELER, 146 Clark-st., corner Madison. J? OiI”SA LE^MICHIGAN-AV,, MARBLE HOUSES, X' slfi,Coo. Prsiris-av., $18,000: only $2,000 down. Watiasb-AT., near Twclfth-st,, $26,000; onlySa.OOOdown. - Wicldgan-ay., $18,000: ouJy*i!,wJo down. * S. MEAIIS, owner, 148 LaSallo-st. FOR SALE—SEVERAL HOUSES ON SOUTH SIDE at low prices, from $15,020 to SIO,OOO. Two desirable roflldencos on Pralrlo-av., near Eightooutb-at. Easy torino. A. A. DEWEY, 165 LaSallo-at. IBOR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT ON WAJUIKN-AV. : X' price, $3,500. Call Thursday and boo owner at 125 South Clark-at., Room 3J. FOR SALE—LOT 20X100, EAST FRONT, ON LA- Sallo-Rt,, near Ohicago-av. 4 lots on Poarson-st.i near iJiSallo, 25x100 oaob. House and 48 foot of ground on Hoyno-tl,, near Adams, $6,600. 2-stnryand basement brick bouao on Waiblncton-at.. noarWood. 2;Bt«iry house and lot on Liucoln-st., near Adams, iho above property can bo had at a bargain; onmor anxious to realize. - D. L. Si Q. W. PERRY, 166 LaSallo-st. For hale—west adam'h-st., corner of Honoro-st.: Two2-stnry nud basement Btouo-front bouses, and lots onoh2sxl2sfoob; bouscsbavo all modern 1WP51W ,, . , . cn t ß l«P rioM antl terms roatonablo. O. O. TiiAYiCR 4 CO., IbO East Madlßuq-st. . FOU SALR-10 AGUES IN SECTION 15, 89, 10, fronting on Madlson-st. und Richmond-av.. near y i , l J?^l f .‘iA-f, 1 5 J .1-' O,u I mn y’ 9 . land. Imiulro of DREW A NLiiiiURY, ItoonitfOnndDliryan Block. FOR SAKE-20 AGUES, FRONTING ON HALTED. Bt., between Fitty-nlxth and FHly-*nvcmh-ata. In* A NEWBURY, Rooms 8 and 0 Brynn FOU SALK-170 FEET, CORNER FORTY-FIFTH nt. und Cottage (irovo-ar., cheap: a splendid lot to Improve: 25x11-0 on Calumnt-av,, near Twonty-iUth-st., only * 35. .1. HENRY WEIL, 160 Doarboru-st., Room. 6, Fuller's building. For sale—south paric av., near twenty. ntulh-st.. 2-slory framo lions® and barn, with lot, only 85,(WO; ludlaim-uv., near Twonty-niuth-st.. 3 story W&. b . M 9ft®K tb, . tokl,OU9o r wieh ,of « cheap. ,I.‘HENRY WEIL, lEODuarboru-nt., Room 6, Fuller's Building. I? OH SALE—OIioiGE LOT, 66MX^tff'ON"WEST ’ , Jackson-st., short distance from western-av. t price and term# reasonable. Call Thursday uud boo owner at 126 South Clark-at., Room 60. For sale—at a great bargain, in TERMS torulf, lots on Westorn-uv.. Lexington, Polk, Tay. lor, and Uampbollav. Inaulroox GEORGE UAD WELL, on the promises. F‘ OR SALE-OU RENT-TIIR WAREHOUSE,NOS. Hi and ltd Tultou-st., with four years’ lease of lot, •ultablo for any manufacturing purposed, having a largo lot running through to the St. Pam Depot; it can b» en tered from either street. HENRY 11. SUUFELDT 4 CO., on the promises. Ipoii SALK—IIOMES FOR ALL ON EASY TERMS— ' 1M lueldo f.t the old city limits near Mllwauk-jo-av., from s4uo to $6iW; highest ground In tha city; accessible by Btvv.eucans, omnibus, and tuilrond lines. We (hUh yon to see these lots and roturnat anv time. A. 0. HTuRKY A HON. southeast center of MudUua and OlarU-eta., Room a. TiH)ii SALE-AT A GREAT BARGAIN, ON TERMS X' tuanlt, now house of 10 rooms cor. Wuttern-av. and Folk-st, Imiulro of GEORGE OADiVIiLL, on the promi ses, or at 13j South Clark-at., In bank. IPOR HALK-'hOUSEV HAHN, AND FURNTTURK, 1 No. Id Aburdeen-st. Apply to b\ B. LITTLE, 113 North Can&l-st. 1~ jtOll HALE—AT A GREAT BARGAIN, ON TERMS * to suit, lets on Jefterenn-st., near DoKuven. Imiulro at 135 South Olark-nt.,_ln_baak. F“~OR HALI2-lIOUSK AND LOT 413 ARNOLD-ST., $1,860; sSoUcnsh; store anil dwelling 301 Sedgwick at., 81,200;52wi cash: furnished collage lllU Imllnmi-av., fl,6eoi S2OO cash. M. O. lIAJJJWIN A CO., Ulandetl Rtmm 21. lAOIl” HAT.E—BOOXI76 FEET ON MIGIIIGAN-AV., X 1 oornerof Flftoontlt-st. SNYDER A LEE, H Nixon UulhUng,_norlhoHßtcorner Monroo and LaHnllo-m. HALE-NIOE COTTAGE. BARN, AND ONE \ lot, ou Huttortleld-at., near Thlrtlolh; bargain, If taken atoaoo; only $8,600. ULRICH 4 BOND, hi Dear suru-it. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: THURSDAY, MARCH 27,. 1873. CITY REAL ESTATE. I pop BAMt-ny 11. p. cbv * 00., iia washing. 1 ton-st. Wabaab-ny., noar Thlrty-second-st., 9-atory nml base ntont brick homo, cheap and oitsy toms. >VftshlngUm-at. t noar Lincoln, a desirable homo and a bargain. lijuiora-at., near Monroe, 2-atory and basement brick; SB. I’OOb acottages noar Union Park, SB,COO and $i,000; terms oaay. v 1 Lota on Monroo-sl., oast and west of Ashland-nv. Lois on Mndlsnn-st. fivmtlugOontral Park. Lots frutilliiK.'Wloknr Park, at a bargain. ..Lota on Wabash, Michigan, Indiana, and Pralrlc-avs. tlint aro inviting and cheap. F>R SALK—6OX76 FEET, FRONTING ON BOTH Ml Chinan nnd Wotor-sta. HNYDKtt A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroe and Laßalln-sta. 7? OR HALE-NEW lIRSIDBNOBi AT FARVJRW X Station, No. ID Lako-av., in rooms, modern Improve* moots. Cottages Nos, 21 and S3 Oosiott-st., lota 115*126, one bioak from Rnndolpb-nt. oars. cheap; must bo sold. Apply to owner, Room?, No. 175 Lnilallo-st. I* pQll SALE-TWO GOOD TWO-BTORY FRAME ■ houses, facing enst on Oarpontor-st., between Lako nnd Fulton. Thoso bonsos contain about lu rooms oAah; ImvoJunt boon painted nnd put In good order, at an ex ponso of S6OO. andean bo bought for $1,600 each, on lib* oral terms. W. D. KERFOOT <t CO., DO East Washing* ton-st. 7pOU SALE-WEBT WASIUNGTON-ST. ItIITOK X 1 house nnd lot, between Lincoln nnd Robey-sts. A choice location, only $8,600 If taken at once. Title nor foot. Immediate possession; In perfect order. J. ESI AB WARREN, la Ohambor of Commerce. 7pOR BALK—SI,2OO—NEW 6-ROOM COTTAGE AND J. loton Wood*st.; lot 35x123: barn on tho lot. Call at once. If yon want n bargain. TRUEBDBLL A BROWN, 17ft West Madlson-st. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE, TpOU SALE-LAKE FOREST RHRIDENOE PROP- X* erfy—Building sites of 1 to ID acres at from S9OO to SI6OO per aero; residences, with 1 to 10 Acres, from $9,000 to $26,000. Those socking homos should visit Lako Forest, have views of scenery and residences; would bo pleased to show tho properly. Englewood—Chaleo lots on Sixty-second and Sixty* tlilril-sts., noar station nnd eobool, on easy terms: will build uotiuoH for thoso who want them, A lino roslaouco on Mlchlgan*ar,, nonrSlxly-socond-nt. Austin—Lots noar depot; will build bouses to order and soli on terms to suit, or will soil lota without cash payment to thoso who build, Lnko Ylow— Comer Dummy Rond nnd Oraco-ar. Itavonswood—'Two fine lots near depot. A number of farms to oxchnngo for property. A now stnom tlouring-inlll, 8 run stone, woll located for custom and shipping trade; would soil half or outiro in terest. E. L. OANFIKLD or J. MATTK3QN, CO LaSallo-at, For salk-at kenwood-ibo feet on ken wood-oourt, between Forty.sovonth nnd Forty-eighth* st.; no cash paj-niouta required of parties making im provomouta. 10 lots on Egan-nv., corner Stewart. 26x125 unFonrth*av., between Harrison and Polk*ots., with 2-story frame bonso. _6orlßO on Indlaun-av., between Fifty-third and Fifty* Fotlflb-slfl. _ 43*160 on Klrabatk-av., between Fifty-third ond Fifty* fourth-sts. 25*160 on Langloy-av., botwoon Forty-second and Forty* tbird-sts. .10Inis on Second and Erio*sts., between Roubon and Noble. 60x170 on Mlchlgan-av. ( with flnif-et«s* hou*o. WING A FAUT.IN, 77>OU HALK-BYO. O. THAYER A CO.. 180 EA"ST X 1 Madlson-st., tho following choice plncos at WASHINGTON HEIGHTS. lOaorcs In 800, 8, 07,14, eOncroa in 800. Hi, 67, 14, 80 aoroa In 800. 10, 37, 13. 40 aoroa In 800. 21, 87, 13. Blocks 9, 8, 5, and 7, Krueger's Babdlvlelon of N. E. Af Beo. 80, 87, 14. * & and 10 aero blocks li) Vlnconnca Road Addition, Sec. 10, 87, 14, adjoining Morgan Park on tho onflt; ftroota aro open. Property vory acooasiblo. Depot on ground. Wo have other choice tracts in and ahonfc Washington Heights, which wo would bo pleased to show huyora. InOH SALB-BY BOYD A WISNER, 85 DEARBORN. St.: OM aoroa corner Btony Island-av. and BovonUotb-st. 4 acres fronting tho North Lako Bharo drlvo. Shi acres at Waiblngton Heights, near depot, For sale-h lots at soutiiknglewood at a groat bargain for cash, Two S-atory and basomout cottages on Langley and Forty-Booond-Its; $8,500: on tonus easier than paying rent. LINULK A DARLOW. U Otis Block. FOR SALE-RIVERSIDE RESIDENCE AND LOT, ono of tbo iinoßt and most desirably located liouncn in this charming suburb; largo grounds. 0. O. THAYER A 00., 189 East Madlion-at. FOR HALE-AT ENGLEWOOD, FOR FOUR DAYS only, 10 aoroa choloo properly fronting on Halstod.Bt., and adjoining tho property of 8. W. llock nt Normal tcboolj price $1,600 per aero. This is ono of tbo boat bar* gains in market. HULDURP A CO., 95 East Harrison. IpOR SALE-ELEGANT COUNTRY BEAT—THE . property known aa “Glen Flora, U ut Waukegan, 111., containing 23 aoroa, with rtrat-olfiaa Improvotnonta, in cluding largo brick dwelling, fine horse stable. and coach homo, cold grapery, and largo variety of fruit, icohuusn, chicken honso, largo and convenient cattle barn, all in nrst-ola*B order. Tills property is situated ono mllo north of railroad do* pot, on tbo RlutT, with lino vlovr ol Lako Michigan, and in a beautiful suburban homo, nnd offered at a bargain on favorable terms. For particulars apply to O. B. LIN COLN or O. O. PARKS, Wnnkogim. FOR SALE-SOME REAL ESTATE MAN CAN eocuro Id or SO acres of land in Hydo Park, euitablo for by addressing W 87, Tribune otlico. FOR BALE-OAK lots, and aero tractss Oak Park property a specialty. A. T. HEMINGWAY, 46 Central Union Block. IHOR SALE-10 8-10 ACHES, EAST FRONT ON . Douglas Park and Rlvortldo Boulevard. Throe blocks from station. SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixon Building, nortbonat corner Monroe and Laßalip. lag, northoftßt corner Monroo and LnSnllo-st. For bale-or kxoiiange-for acre prop erty, lino bouoo and largo lot at llydo Park, vory com* ploto. HENRY P. GEORGE, 89Clark-st. FOR SALE-RESIDENCE AT HYDE PARK; VERY desirable, nearlnko and depot; lino oomorlot;gas Inhoußstgood linrn; must bo sold 5 olTorod nt bargain, if taken at onco; will tako customers down on train, and •how it onreolvoß. ULRICH A BOND, 87 Donrboru-at. TdORSALII—OR RENT—AT HINSDALE. ON MOST X* .favorable terms, farms, bouses, and lota; houses from *51,500 to .SIO,OOO. Address or Inquire at Hinsdale, or at&lStftto-st. O. J. STOUOIL * * FOR SALE-GOOD RESIDENCES AT EVANSTON, from 4800 to $16,000; also, choice building lots, nmi aero-property for subdivision, on oasy terms. ALFRED L. BEWKLU 169 LuSollo-st., Chicago. For sale-at oak park, a good house, with Wor 100 feet, ono block and a halfAjom depot; high ami dry, with shrubbery and oicollant water on Apra x - In,iulro o, J * Dt For sale—change for speculation—w acres nears depot. In sight of tho city, atsloo por aero. JAS. ALLEN, Room 12, 145 Clark-st. IpOR SALE—6-AORIS BLOCKS AT WASHINGTON IMgbU, Tory cheap: ground high (some grove.) JAS. Room 12, No. lift C'lark-it. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. FOR SALE-FARMS AND LOTS IN THE TOWN and vicinity of Downer's Grove, 20 mlloa from Chicago, on U. B. 4 (j. R. It. Farm of 400 narcs, J# inilo from a stfttlou. Dtf miles oast of Downers, pood (dock or dairy farm: slt*o per acre; terms easy. Farm, 147 acros, one milo from station, 8i) nor aero s 60 acres, # mllo from depot, S7O por aero j 40 acres, 1,2ii0 fruit and evergreen trees, $l2O por aero; W acres, fruit and good buildings, J.Jmllo from depot, $175 por aero; SO acros, y mllo from depot, sll6 nor acre; Jiouso and lot of aero, ALOW; House and store combined, $1,200, Lots and laud by tho aero at low prices by T. and J. H. LYM AN, Room 21, 77 Dearborn-si., Chicago. FOR SALE-ieC-AORE FARM, 6 MILES FROM KE noelm, Vila..good house, 2barns, Suovor-Xallins wells, bearing orchard of 100 trees, li acres timber; « mile to Wis. U. U. R.; prime pralriosoils can tie divided If ne cessary: $43 por acre; jo down. W. 8. FLUSKKY, Real Ablate Agoat, Kenosha, Wis. For sale-or exchange-farm OF6O ACRES; onaol 150, and others of 250 to (HOacres; some woli Improved: values from 1520 to SCO per aero. J. W. lIEDNUitRO, W East Madlson-st!, iioom 4. fed FOR SALE—OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY OR BU bntbau properly—A good brick house, with lot 182t72*4 foot, in Aurora, 111. Apply ou tho promises, 9 Columbia st., Aurora, or address, toreno wock, J J S, 763 Stale st., Chicago. BEAL ESTATE WANTED. WANTED-FOR SPECIAL CUSTOMER—MODERN M house and lot ononooftbo South Sldo avenues: under SU,COO. ABELL 4 HOTCHKISS, U3 LaSallo-at. comer Madison. WANTED-I WANT A COTTAGE AND LOT ON M South sldo worth from $3,c00 to ss,not); also some good aero property. B. F. HEAD, 12d Olark-st. •\\T A^TED— IO TO 100 ACRES, CHEAP FOR CASH, J.'- 1 "! 1 lo ox oocd 10 miles from Cbloago. Address O, BROWN, 860 South Olark-st. <Dr. J. JCoan's ottico). WANTISD-AORR PROPERTY SUITABLE FOR subdivision, ora largo number of lots, 011 Archer, Blue Island, and Mllwaukoo-avs.; also aero property unit able for subdivision, at a bargain in any portion of tho oily. Address Y 62, Tribuno oltlco. W‘ ANTED—UV TRUKHDELL 4 BROWN, 176 WEST Madlson-at.—Property of all kinds for sulo or root: have buyers for bargains. ■\XTANTED—COTTAGE AND LOT. BUUUUDAN. t T Owners call on J. J. WALSRU, (uSouth Wator-st. WANTED— WE WANT ROME GOOD COTTAGES, on South Sldo, oaatof Stuto-st., and oti WostSUlo near Union Park, or contrail/ located. SNYDER A LEE. 14 NUon Building, uorthoaab corner Muuroo and LaSalio-sls, TVT ANTED—WIi CAN OFFER PARTIES DESIRING • ■ to dispose of ouutral business Improved prop erty, good trades in outaldo acros or choke Improved farm» lu desirable locations: dilloronues In values can bo arranged. REA A COATES, Kid Wnshlnglon-M. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. THOR RALE-ONE LARGE COOKING STOVE AND X; ono Itf-lnoh Wllk’s brollor. Apply at Washington Dining-Room, 163 East Randolph-st. }p6ll BALK-A NO. 7 PARI6r’COOK STOVE, WITH piping; cost $17.60 throe months ago; prloo. sl3. Ad* res# Y 61, Tribuno ofiko. SEND ALONG YOUR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of every description If you want It sold. Great demand lor now and second-hand furniture, pianos, organs, sow ing machines, etc. HAVENS 4 (JO., 63 South CaunUt. WANTUII-VUKNITUKU. OARPKTH, do., 10U oaDh; nntlro household stocks bought In any amount; prompt attention to totters or calls, fJ, 177 Twouty-acu ond-Ht. TO LEASE. TO LEASE—A RARE CHANCK-tiOU b'KET ON WEST MndUmi-st., bolwoonThrooji and Ijimn-bts. Thotlrst tivo years nt ft very low Hguro. WIU poy for the Improve moots at the expiration of thotoun, at appraised valua tiun, nr ttilcaeu tor another liva years, thusamu for third and fourth terms. C. J. CURSE A CO.. 85 and 87 Dear botu-sl. rpO'LKASIS-A 1 DOCKAGE, FOOT OF RIVER AND X Duck-std., fannorly oci'iiplud by Chapman. Pesaaislun ondoiimud. Apply to F. W. BUCKINGHAM, 638 Wu bash-nr. n*o LEASE—FARMS, WELL-IMPROVED, RUILDT X lugs, orolinrd. do., at Hinsilalo. Call or address O. J. h'IDUGU, Hltindale, or B)H Htuto-st. DIVORCES. Divorces legally obtained- fee after decree: soamlaluvoldod; iiliioycurV nraotioo in the courts of (JhlCßgo. Adaroas P. O. Box 10. U. NO DIVORCE, NO F'EE—DIVORCES LEGALLY . obtained for oansasi all law builuots attended to. Call at, or address, Room 8, 817 South CUrk-st. Inoloso alamo. BOARDING AND LODGING, West Side* 7 Q SOUTH OREEN-BT. - FRONT ROOM ON Xt) first floor, nlcoly furnlabod, with lirst-olass board, sultablo for two gentlemen. , O A msiIOP-OOURT-LAROE ALCOVE ROOM aj XdlniMols carpet); also, two large rooms for gentle, man and wife, or two gentlemen, with flrst-oloss board; good table, doalrnblo looatlon. A o large, handsomely .1:0 furnished front room, with hoard, (or gontlomaa and wlfo; two rooms can bo had if doslrod. n A HONOniC-HT-A LARGE FRONT ROOM NICELY J tL* furnished for gentleman and wlfo, or fur two single also, ono largo front room unfurnished, with rst-olass board In a small private family. 79 SOUTH MOROAN-BT.-A PLEASANT AND A J tJ sultablo bod-roam for ono person, with tho host of board. 77 SOUTH BANGAMON-BT.. 8 DOORS FROM .1 I room for two gouts, and good noawL 7 7 Q SOUTH OREEN-ST.. BETWEEN MONROE XX t/ and Adams—Pleasant front room, with board, for ono gontlomaa. Day boarders accommodated at reason able prices. . 7 9Q WEST MADIHON*BT.—PLEASANT FRONT XaO and back rooms to rent, with board, in a pleasant family. Call at east skip of hall. mWARREN-AV., CORNER WOOD*BT.-NIOB accommodations for young married couple for slft per wook. Table superior. Only ono block from Maul son-st., near UnionTark. TA A SOUTH PEORIA-ST. A NICBLY-FUR- Xtttt tdsbed room, sultablo for four gentlemen, with board; also, rooms for married couples. Tortus reason oblo. Day boarders 99 n Vest monroe-st.-furnibhed front room, suitable ior gentleman and wlfo. or two gentlemen, to rent, with board, In a private family. Q9Q WEST WAB!IINOTON*ST„ OORNKUMAY— OZfO Famished room, with good board, aaitablo for ono or two geatlomoo. QQ/f WEST WASHINGTON-BT.-A LARGE PAR OOx lor, bandsomoly furnished, wlthflrst-oloesboard, sultablo tot Rcntloman and wlfo. • A9Q WEST ADAMB-BT.-ONK VERY LARGE UiiO unfurnished and vory largo furnished room, with board; rooms contain grates, registers, closets, and hot and cold water. Accommodations No. I. TQHNSTONB ROUSE, FORMERLY OCEAN ♦J llonso, nnvr open. Rooms suito or slnglo. Accommo dations good; notio bettor In tho city. Hoathnost comer of Dusplalnos and Aladlson-Sta. A BEIIDREN HOUSE-OFFICE, 28 ABERDKRN-ST.; XX to rent, rooms on suite and single. Day boarders ac commodated. South Side. /IQ HUBBARD-COURT-A NEW ROARDINO ttO bouse; flrst-olass board, with room, $4 to $6.60 per wook, with uso of piano; day board, sl. QQH INDIANA-AV*. NEAR BIQHTEBNTH-ST.—A (JO W vory largo and comfortable room, with largo closet, suitable for two or more gentlemen, with board. BOARD WANTED. •nOARD-ON SOUTH SIDE, WITH PRIVATE PAM- D Hi*, by a young man; references oxohaugod. Address WHII, 7andol-afco-flt. •DOARD-AND TWO UNFURNISHED FRONT JJ mom* for gentleman amt wtfo and single gentleman In private family; references given and required; would prefer North Side. Address w P3, Tribune oflloo. BOARD-A NEWLY-MARRIED COUPLE WANT TO engage board and n largo pleasant room, or small sulto, west of llalstod-st., for occupancy about April 16. In b prlvato family, when tboroaro few or uo other board era, at reasonable rates. Would prefer a Christian family. Also, would prefer to furnish own room, except carpets, licit of references given. Address A 7-1, Tribune offleo. OAUD—A SUITE OP UNFURNISHED ROOMS, 1 private family preferred, east of Clark-st. and south ofOtilonnu-nT.. for self.-wife, and child. State tonus. Address x 80, Tribune office. •nOAIVn-POR A GENTLEMAN AND SON 6YEARS XX old, In some private family In Oakland or Ilydo Park, near tho lake and oars. Address JA P, Room 3, 103 La- LaSalln-st. ■ . . FINANCIAL. pLATMS-REPUBLIO. KNICKERBOCKER. GREAT \J Western, Chicago Fire, Equitable. and Germania Insurance -claims cashed by J. N. WxTHERELL, 160 Doarboru-st. HON. DAVID A. WELLS HAS PREPARED A BE riosof papers for THE FINANCIER, tho Aral of which, on tho question of ' * Taxation of Bonds and Mort gages," appeared in the Issue of March 33, Published weekly. $5 a year: single copies, 15 cents. No. 166 Broadway, Now York, or Room 68, Republic Life Build ing Chicago. I “WANT TO BORROW SIO,OOO ON A FIRST-CLASS brick roaldooco, on Mlchlgan-ar,, worth about $26,000; will pay a fair Interest, but no commission. Address Y 83, Tribune ollico. LOANS OF LARGE AND SMALL BUMS ON REAL estate! moderate amounts on second mortgages. M. O. BALDWIN A CO.. 84 and 66 LaSalle, Room at. LASSEN'S LOAN OFFICE—LATE JACOBS 4 00.— 177 Ulark-st., corner Monroe., Room No. 6. Money ndvanced on collaterals on liberal terms. Money to loan on household furniture, houses, pianos, and other chattel security. K. ROGERS, 177 East Madlson-st, Room 9, Money to loan-for3orsYear3, on good real estate. ROBERT REID. 160 LaSalle-st. Money to loan-on oity.real estate, g. B. HUBBARD, Jn., 168 Waihtngton-st. Money to loan-on long or short time, on llrat-class collaterals or good real estate securities, In sums from S6OO to SIO,OOO. G. B. LACEY, 119 Doar born-st. a 10 LOAN—S3O,OOO ON INSIDE PROPERTY, FOR . ftTo years. H. O. MOREY, 77 Clark-st. rno i.KNn-ijM to «t,ooa on short time on X chattel or collateral security. Apply at oilico. TRUESDELL & BROWN, 176 West Madlson-st. rno LOAN-MONEY. IN LARUE OR SMALLSUMS, X at 171 Madlson-st., Room 2. WE ARK PREPARED TO MAKE FIRST-CLANS

real estate loans (not loss than SI,OOO each) on city nr Cook County property. CHASE A ADAMS, 81 Bryan Rlook. WANTED— 81,000, ON IMPROVED CITY PROP erty. W. T. CUSHING 4 CO., 83 Central Union Block. WANTED— $1,300 FOR ONE YEAR ON A SECOND mortgage on insldo Improved property, worth 87,000: first mortgage $2,600,du0 la 4 years. Address W «8, Trlb. tmuoihoo. MISCELLANEOUS. A PAPER FOR THU UNSIARRIED OF AMERICA, tbo “ Matrimonial Nows,'• sold by all newsdealers, hood 10 eonto for sample copy to Matrimonial Nows Co., P. O. Rox 307, Chicago. ' OUT THIS OUT! 1-GREASE PERMANENTLY extracted from all kinds of cloths and dross goods In flvo minutes without soaps or llulda, and warranted not to Injure tho color or tozluro of tho most dolionto fabrics. Prlco, 25centsteontovorywhoro by mall. Ask for M. LA RANSIEUR 4 CO.'S Chemical Lint Roll. General ofllcu and depot, Opera Houso Building, 833 South Hal. etod-at., Chicago. /lASII PAID FOR OAST-OFF CLOTHING AND MIS- V«,?S l i*. n K )U SB O0 ‘ lßof ftn > kind, by sondlogolottor to I. OELDER, LoanOlfioe,. fitM Stato-st. OLD BOOKS-OASU PAID FOR LAW, MEDICAL, and private libraries, and alnglo volumes, old maga zines, music, pictures. Call oraudroas tho old standard ohonpbook-stores, CHAPIN BROS., 9Uand 214.5$ East Madtsun-st. PC. OLSEN. CARPENTER AND BUILDER, 31 • South i ranklln-nt. Job work takon and promptly at tondod to. Ploaso give ir.o a trial. WANTED - CORRESPONDENCE WITH Con tractors, builders, foremen, ole, whowish to legitimate ly Increase their income without Interfering with their ruga, lur business. Wo can present Inducements which will bo lutlsfaolory in every reepoot, both as regards business and remuneration. Send address and whoro and wbon may bo Seen to AW, Tribune olttco. WANTED— TEAMS TO HAUL COAL. STEADY . work. MINER T. AMES A CO., I West Ran dolpb-Bt. TAT ANTED—TO BUY-A GOOD FRAME HOUSE \i within a mile of Union Park; a short looso uuoi. plrod, no objection. Address Y 68, Trtbuno offico. WANTED— TO BUY-A GOOD FRAME HOUSE within a mile of Union Park, to move; a short lease unotplred no objection. Address YSB, Trlboao olfico. *IA7ANTED—TO BUY PATENT RIGHTS. ALSO V¥ Imvo patent rights for ealo. D. STONER 4 CO., patent Solicitors and Negotiators, 123 South Clsrk-at. LOST. T OST-A PAIR OP HORSES, ON SOUTH CANAL- J J st., attached to a light fannot'a wagon; ono bay and ono gray. Tho finder will do well to return same to 111) Milwaukoo-av. I OST—WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, ON WEST J Madison or Sboldon-sta., a pair of Florentine moeolo earrings, otruscan gold sotting. A suitable toward will bo paid for them at GILES, BROTHER 4 OO.'B, Jaw olors, 334 West MadUoa-at. T OST-ON WOOD-HT., OR BETWEEN WOOD-ST. XJ and nishop-oourt Hotel, ono glovo-fastimor, with pearl In each button; liberal reward will bo paid by applying at W East Washington-at., baaemont. LOST-WEDNRSDAY. MAIIOIII9, IN A WABASH ft v. stage, or on Twontioth-at., between Wuhaah-nv. and Stftto-at., a gold nook chain, marked J. I», 1,. Tho Under will bo rewarded by leaving the frame at 1131 Wa* bash-av. T OST—MARCH 26. AN OLD COUNTRY GOLD JJ repeater watob. Finder will rotum watch to Police Headquarters and receive $25. No Questions. I’ OST-1N TRANSMISSION TIIROUCHITIIKMAIJA J a prnmhsory note of Clark A Hill, Chicago, 111., at throe mnnlhe, dated Maroh 8, 1676. fur live hundred and •Utoon dollars. Payment having boon stoppod, all par ties aro cautioned against negotiating it. W. A, MIS ORAW A CO., Baltimore. T 08T—$6 REWARD WILL BB PAID FOR THK JJ return to No. IDS Oass-st. cl a largo Newfoundland deg, ell Ulauk, excepting a white spot tm hi* breast, very low down; answers to name of Cato. Lost-on , oanal-bt., yesterday after. noon, a largo scat ring, with Masonic emblem In onyx turning. Inaldo of ring marked UM O. Tho finder, returning It to R. M. OUTIIET, 181 Madl»on-st.,Room 7. will be rewarded. T ,°ST— DURING LAST WEEK. AN ACCEPTED JJ order on tho Western Eloolrlo Manufacturing Com nany, Blgnud by us, dated on or about tho 18th Inst., for g-kW. All persona are cautioned against negotiating tills coififtjiho waMiton lt,h “ “°* n ■ t °l ) l )od * «• »• TO EXCHANGE. rno EXCHANGE— A PARTY OWNING THE GREAT- X or part of a young and growing town in tho rlchoat jrmm uootlon of tho blato, and also some good property lu the City of Chleiuro, wishes to oxobaugo for noro property near tho city. >vll| pay from $6,000 to SB,OOO In cash. Apply to ALEX. 11. GUNN, 118 LaSallo-st. fjib i EXCHANGE—LAND FOR LUMBER—WE HAVE X buncroa of Umber land ono and a half milu from irayetio Oily, Mluh., wo want to oxchanga lor lumber. Address J. HAYES k CO., li2SouUiHß, Mb EXOHAN GE— A FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE J. In Hyde lark, $16.(X:0, for aero property near oily, and will pay some cash. Address A 05, Tribune otllcu. W A r'' T fa I #-f .SMALL FARM IN EXCHANGE fnrfiU foot wlih 3 houses on Poorla-st., luo foot south or Madison. If taken at onoo. an extra baigala can bo &alilaonßt° Olai * H0N * Kattl Wto Uoa!ors, 188 Woat rUXCHANOR-ia ACRES, WITH STREET, SIDE, walks, trees, oto., at Morgan Park, Washington {Job'll Otf* ulooif 0 ! ° r * roßldwioo * SINGLE A DAR- WANTED-XO LEASE. WANTED-TO LBABR-A STOUR FOR A TERM • ’ of years, on West Msaisoa-st., oast of Morgan. Rent uuoofljoa o4 * °* Addicts A 16,Trlb* TO BENT—HOUSES. To hunt—a brick mouses corner van nu* ron And Thtoup.*l». \ one April 1. and tvro hfty 1. In* quintal 100 Throopat., boforo 1! a. m., anil nftor 4 p. ni. rno RENT— A FURNISHED RESIDENCE AT HIGH* X - land Park. Address Room 89, Tribnno Building. rro rent— s-story laiAMH noufllcT'riioNTiNa X Union Park, Including parlor furulturo. SNYDER A LEE, . 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo and LaSalle-sts. 110 RENT—3-BTORY FRAME HOUSE. COMPLETE* Ijr furnished, situated on Park-av, near I.inooUvsL t flood family, without ohlldron. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo nnd LnSnllo-sla. MlO RENT—MAY 1. CHOICE RESIDENCE; X $1,200; one at S7OO. For sale, the boat thing nvor In f ° rnLih ° a - TO RBNT—A FIRST-CLASS MOUSE ON ONE OF .tho avenues, north of Twonty-sooend-sfc., with or without furniture ? rout, S2BO a month with tho fnrnituro. Possession the lot of May. For particulars Inquire at 674 Mlohlgan-av. TO RENT—MOUSE. AND FURNITURE FOR HALE. Furniture now throughout. Consist of 3 parlors, 6 bod-rooms, dining-room, and kltohon, with all modem Improvements, Foe further particulars address A P, care of Carrier 81. r RENT—AND A FEW ARTICLES OF FURNL turo ana oarpote lor snlo—Mouse of I) rooms, CCD Mon roo-et,, comer Wood. Call at house, at B>jp. m. Immo* dlato possession. TO RENT-FROM MAY 1, TIIRKE-BTORY AND basement residence, 13 rooms amt bath-room. Mouse In good repair, with all modem Improvements; good barn, carriage-room. etc. t located on South Hide. For par* tlculars apply to 0. D. AUSTIN A 00.. SCO Wabasb-av. TO RENT-188 SANQAMON-ST., TWO-BTORY AND basement marblo-front house, Brooms; all modern Improvomonta, bam, 010, Apply to W. .7. ONAIIAN, 68 Central Union Block. fpO RENT-MOTEL OF ABOUT 70 ROOMS, COR- X nor of Flfth-av., and Adamsst. tlisboinglinlshod with modem conveniences, and will bo ready for occti nancy about May 1. Inquire of DREW A NEWBURY, Rooms 8 and 0, lOt LaSallo-at., Bryan Block. TO RENT-WOOD’S HOTEL, CORNER OF STATE* st.- and llubbard-cmirt. .Hotel has about 40 rooms. |nqudro of DREW A NEWBURY, Rooms Band 0 Bryan fpO RENT-849 WABABM-AV., NORTH OF X Twolfth'st.. for boarding house. 23 rooms, 3 stories high, bath-room, oto., on each floor: laundry in I>mo. montj rooms all well lighted, 83 foot of ground, largo yard front and rear. Will give lease fnrß nr 8 years: rent $3,800. OOOKINS A ROBERTS, BS3 Wabash-aV. TO RENT-SINGLE COTTAGE, 6 ROOMS. UPPER part of double cottage, 6 rooms, both >B2O. SU rooms over store $lB. AH on North Side, ono block from street oars. A. T. GALT, 77 Doarborn-st., Room 11. mO RENT-HOUSE. SIX ROOMS, NEAR UNION X. Park, S3B; small amount doslrablo lurnituro for sale; splomlid chance. Apply to J. E. KIMBALL, Broker, 128 Deavborn-at. Suburban. rno RENT—A COMFORTABLE HOUSE. WITH FUR- X naco, bath wnra, etc., at Hyde Park*, sso por mouth. ULRICH A BOND, 87 l)oarborn-«t. TO RENT—STORES, OFFICES, &o. TO RENT—NORTHWEST CORNER MADISON and Halsted-sta., alargo, splendid 6-story and base ment block, thoupporpartlittoduulQA tlrst-olase man ner for a hotel; 80 rooms, largo double store, or will divide Into two single stores; nil to rent, and storos will bo di vided to suit tenants. Anplr to owner on promises, or to C. H. HOLMES, C 9 South Cllnton-st. TO RENT—ItALF OP A VERY DESIRABLE BASE mont office fronting Madlson-st., near LaSallo. Amily to GASSUTTK, HI’IPINGKU A ioUHO, Uiil JS.Vtto Agonto, 149 and 181 Mndlson-st. fllO RENT—9 VERY DESIRABLE STORKS, EACH X -JO foot front, on Randolph-st,, between Wabash and Mlohlgan-nvs., steam elovator In each: will rent low to good tenants. Apply to UOWEN BROS., Room 18 Metropolitan Block, corner LaSalle and Randolph. TO RENT—SOIIWEIZEU’S COFFEE~ROOMS AND restaurant, in tbs basement of building southwest corner of Canal and Waahlngton-sts, Alto, several stores and basoment rooms in tbo aamo building, on Washing ton-st. front. Inqalroof N. SAWYER, IdO Laballo-st., bnsoroontroom. TO RENT-STORE IN THE NEW BRICK BUILD lag 77 West Klnrlo-st.; good business locality. Ap ply to owner, 191 Wostlndlnna-st. rpO RENT-STORK AND 31 ROOMS ON WEST X Madison-st., near Wostom-av., suitable for a saloon and boarding houno; only SIOO por month. TRUESDELL & BROWN, 175 West MadUon-st. rno RENT—ROOMS 160 BY 42 FT., WITH POWER; X light from each oldo and front; bentod by steam. Ap ply to HENRY M. SHERWOOD, 103, 105, 107 Oanal-at. rpb RENT—SECOND FLOORS OF NOS. 23 AND*26 X South Oanal-st., bolwoon Randolph and Washington, 26x60 and 20x8(1, soparato or together, suitable for offices. Jobbing, or light fnannfaoturing; also, a part of third Moor. J. P. NICHOLS X QO., 25 South Oanal-st. rno RENT-STORE 230 WABABH-AV., BETWEEN X Adams and Jackson-sts., 4-story and basement, 27* 180. Will bo rented very cheap to a good tenant. Apply on tho premises. rhO RENT-THREE OF THE BEST LIGHTED X floors In tho city, southeast corner South Water and Dearborn-a ta. rno RENT—THE TWO-STORY WOODEN WARE- X house Not. HI and 146 Fulton-st., suitable for nny manufacturing purpose; has a largo yard and sheds, run ning back to tbo now Bt. Paul depot; access on both streets. HENRY 11. BUUFELDT * CO., on tho prom- Isos. TO RENT—DOOK-FROM MAY 1, ON NORTHWEST corner of Lako-st. bridge. Apply to. R. CHESTER, Lamp Manufacturer, No. 4 West Lako-st. TO RENT-THE BUILDING I NOW OCCUPY, WITH or without boiler, engine, etc., from April 18. An ply on premises, 728 Stato-st. \V. F» WoLAIiGHLIN. TO RENT—ROOKS. r RENT-TWO NICELY FURNISHED ROOMsT suitable for two ladies or gcntlomon. 28 Willard place. TO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, EN SUITE OR single, on tint and second itoors iu Parker Rlook, northeast corner of Madison and llalatod eta.: entrance S3 South Halsted-st. Ofilco, Room 43. TO RENT—-A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, 213 West Madlson-st., up stairs. 6-room cottage 71 South Pooria-at., near Madison. D. COLE A SON. H7O RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH FIRE, X gas, and attendance. Walman-av. f|lo RENT-HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, X bytbo day, vreok, or month. 173 and 177 Olark-st., comer Monroo. Inquire at Room 21. DIO RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, X atngla or on suite, 101 West Madison-»l., Room 12. rtlO RENT-133 EAST RANDOLPII-ST., LARGE X front rooms, suitable for family. Restaurant mid ladles* dining-room In hou^o. WANTED—TO RENT. WANTED-TO RENT-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS, suitable for light housekeeping, cent, wife, andono child 0 years old, on WostSldo. Address J. 11. WELLS, 11 a West Madlaon-st. T\TANTED—TO RENT-A PLEASANT ROOM ON Tv Wabash or Mioldgaa-nva,, without board, iu mar blo-frout houso. Address A 00, Tribune olllco. WANTED— TO RENT—BY A PROMPT-PAYING tenant, 6 or 7 rooms In tho upper part of sonio novrbulldinrf near business coutro. Address for throe days, M K IT, Tribune olfioo. TAT ANTED—TO RUNT—FOR FIVE YEARS, B UILD- Tt ing suitablo for manufacturing purposes, DO of 40 foot by 80, two stories, or a lot uu which to build. Ad dress,-giving roat and location, J. HAYES & C 0.,123 South ilalstod-st. WANTED-TO RENT—SEVERAL GOOD DWELL lags hi dllToiont divisions of tho city for first-class tenants, worth from $25 to 8200 per mouth; lioutoaloft with wo for rent will rocolvo prompt attentions owners will ploaso call. G. 8. LACEY, UU Doarborn-st. WANTED-TO RENT—UNFURNISHED ROOMS, suitablo for physician's office, on Blue Isluml-nv. or west Iwolfth-st, Address for one week P ( 233Calu« niot-av. TAT ANTED—TO RENT-BY MAY 1, A COTTAGE OP i» oor 7 rooms, onWestSldo, iu a good neighborhood, convenient to horso-cars. and within two miles of Stato-at. and Madison. Hrst-olass references furnished, and Jromptpay. Addruaa, stating location, price, etc., W , Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-FROM MAY I. IN THE it vicinity of Unlnn Park, a pleasant house of about 8 rooms, with modern Improvements; am willing to pay tix months' rout la advance. Address, with particulars. 1). caro ofCarrlorlJ. * HORSES AND CARRIAGES. AUCTION - TO-MORROW MORNING. AT 10 o'clock—iOhoad of horses of all grades: also buggies, wagons, and harness. Bring In your stock if you want it apld: no obargo if not said, at brick bam Sl3 West Twolfth-st. tV. A. RUSSELL. A B WE HAVE HAD LIVELY BALES THE LAST few days in horeos, It raokoa room fur 33 head; don’t spend time and money whoro It avails nothing; bring them fu where they can bo turned Into cash immediately. 2dl and SC3 Stato-at. BRADLEY 4 WILLS. A PAIR OP MULES, WEIGHING 3,420 POUNDS, andsovoral horses, for aalo at EVANS 4 HAM WONU'S Stables, 38 and CO Shommu-st. FOU SALE—MY HAMBLETONIAN TROTTING ~{., . o w? * light top.buggy, harness, blankets, oto. Dr. FRITZ, 43 Kflfrt Harrliun-st. FOR BALE-SMALL BLOOD BAY TROTTING mart), 6 years old: stops In 3:sßswlU bo sold cheap for want of iiflo. Pali at 43 East Harrlaon-ot. For balk—light and jikavy express and delivery wagons of all kinds at 263 South Canal-st. •pIOR SALK—PAIR BLACK STALLIONS. CAN J-. trot 3 :SU. Several single and double drivers, matched. AUno^ho&pworkers. Omaha Stables. M. 0. WILBUR FOR BALIS—AN A 1 BUSINESS MARK, 6 YEARS old, with buggy and harness, will bo sold at a bargain. Apply to 11. NORTON, * CO., Livery, between Wash ington and Randolph-sts., near Franklin. FOU SALIC—FINEST ASSORTMENT OF OAR* riagoe, harnoflj A otc.. In tho city: ovury atyloanddo* icriptlop. I. 8. TOWER A BUG., 105 South Ulloton-st. EOII SALR-OIIHAP—ONE 6-YICAR OLD PONY and a nearly new, light dollvory-wagon and harness: will bo aold aoparato or together. Apply ut Ibj Fomih-at. Must be hold-several duTving~and work horses, upon buggy, express wagon, single and double harness; leave town In a few days. t*3 West Mmiroo-nt. ANTED—GOOD HbRSI3~Nb~jfuaWr'VILL nay tmit-olass real ostato for good rig. W. T. OUSniNO A CO., 6J Central Union filouk. WORK HORSES FOR SALE—JO 0001) WORK > V „ horse# for aalo at tho atahlo, corner of Madisou-st. and Soolflh-dv. Inquiry of SILAS BARTLETT. CLAIRVOYANTS, (IHIOAOO SPIRIT KOO.MH. Hll WKST~MAD?SOSL J •>;, MAUVHIIAW Mill JlliH, TKISU, tho vv.tlulortul Test Mediums, tell of business, nmrrlagcu, Journeys, law suits, lost and stolon property, reveal the past, present, and future ovonto, euro all diioasos that aro ouraliia. Cabinet soauco every evening at 8 o’clock, at which nmny spirit faces are shown and recognised by their friends. Private sit tings at all hours, Woodhnll A CJatlJn’a Weak ly is now on sale at all the news stand* in the oltv. Coun try dealers supplied nt $7 per 100. J. If. HOYT,General A(|ont fer tho Northwest, 81l West Mudlson-st, Yearly DU. MATHEW AND MADAME MAYNARD CAN toll of business, marriages, joaruoys, law sutls.abserit friends, lost and stolon properly, or Anything you wish to know; euro jits, paralysis, rheumatism, deafness, sore eyes, nominal weakness, consumption, liver complaint, •giio, catarrh. Do lento diseases cured in u few days. Cure or no pay, All West Madlsuust., up.stairs, MRS. 51. BROWN. MAGNETIC PHYSICIAN. “a" tlouta treatod at (holt own homes. Boat city refer oaues given. Address Madam MILSOM. Clairvoyant. 329 South Stato-st. ' * nB. nUIT. NATURAL CLAIRVOYANT, TEST," . M'd business medium; aU« nhysleM Mamlnalloni. AtißSouthDeiulahioMt.i fee. sl. WANTED-MALE HELP. Olorlta, Etc. TrMNTKD-I.MJII'DIATELV, iron nitTAILTIUDB it in 1110 country. twooiporlonoml, pushingsalesmen, one general dry goods. and one to take charge of the boot nnd Bhoo speaking English and Oomioii. ia%«’dLSV. VEIAn - “ lllM * r - U‘"«r* SI3 IyANTKD-udoiCKICIOI’RHI ONE HAVING FIRST ii mass references and about SI,OOO to loan employer, onUßotnn onßniromimt At SI,OOO salary, with Interest at it) por cent on loan* nnno need apply but those having thorough business nuaUftoatlous. Addroeo A 27, Trlbuno 011100, ’ NONE HUT A COM- wl, h roforonoos, need opply. Call at B.7and &i Illlniila-Ht., ncarWoUe-Ht. WANTED-TUIH fouknoon, two salesmen, TT by tbo AmotloMi Art Union. BRADLEY A CO., corner Carroll and Hoyno als. WANTBD-CLKRKS, BOOKUBEPKIIS, SALES* Porters, waiters, and laborers s also man with $250. Apply at 167 Fl(th-av., room 10. • WANTED-A OLOTIIINQ SALESMAN, A DHY goods salesman, mid a flutter for merchant tailoring in 5 country town. Call at 35. HTEUN A CO.’H, 31 Eaai Washlngton-st., from Hogo’clock to-day. WANTI(D-A i doo!) TRAVELING SALESMAN. - L. SUIIIQK, loa hast Madlaou-at. Trades, TyANTKD—TWO I-IRBT-OLABB PLUMBERS; i t steady employment and the highest wages paid; nnno others need apply. GEO. HENDERSON, H2l Ollvosl., St. Louis. WAS^ D T, a^. o( ?O d TINNER. A. O. BECKER, TT 031HSoqUv Clatk-st. W ANTED—A GOOD GILDER THAT CAN WORK T i on looking glass and picture frames. Apply to O, NEALE A CO., 106 Twouiy-sccond-st. TWANTKD-A FIRST-CLALS I!.\RBEll AT 4DO Tr rsmith Canal-st.; steady work winter midsummer; good wages. WANTED-3 lURST-OLASS CABINET MAKEJIH. , i; o,| o. 0 /{ lo . rß * lf| cd apply, at furniture factory of nwAN, CLARK »t CO., llnlioy-at., near Blue laland-av. ASTANTED-BTOUT BOY TO WORK AT MAI>T i T mounting; one that has worked at the business pro* {fvf i ■lO* W. THHUY-H M.p.mmmtlnij ond Coloring Rooms, Rico's Building, 79 Doarbom-st. , 'Y^T ANTED—ifpRACTIOAL WEAVERS ON POWER if looms. A. O. GARFIELD A CO., 239 ond 2U Uiko-sl. TWANTED-A GOOD TAILOR TO GO IN THE *•; r»nri2* m ij?\n tho Miornlng of 11. A. KOUN A BROS., 10, 13, and 14 Lako-st. WANTED— OARPENTEiia SvilO WANT GOOD JOB of piece-work, wol! south, moot mo at 9 o’clock this morning, nfJfeJEast Klnzle-st. Miscellaneous. T*f ANTED—ISO RAILROAD LABORERSFOROIirO; t.,T , ono ? oftr , u work ami good wages. 25 farm hands fop IjlJtioJar iroofaro; at 28 WostModlson-st. SHAW 4 WILSON. WANTED— 50 LABORERS AND CHOPPERS FOR too Northwestern Railroad Company: mmt leave tnis day : froo fare. Apply to O. V. SNELL, Company’s agent, 23 West Uandolph.ot. \\r ANT E D C"6uUI3BPoHdKNOK' WITH OON -11 tractors, builder*, foromuoi 40.', who wish to logltl laatoly increase their inenino without Interfering with their regular business; wo can present Inducements which Mill bo satisfactory In ovory respect, both as regards busi ness and remuneration. Send address and whore and when may bo soon to A t*>, Tribune 01H00.3 TIT A NTKD -M AN AND WIFE, ENGLISH, GKR \V* ANTED—MEN—SOMETHING JUST OUT-19 ,A9t woolc ; ovorj one watiU thorn: big ■f d ”* » «NEIWHTia YOUNG “MEN TO M solicit orders for tons, colToos, and spices; security foramull amount. Address F lot), Tribune ollico. * 7 WANTED-A GOOD “GLEAN ROY, IS OH 17. TO work In WAN TED—A YOUNG MAN WHO OAN MILK. TO do chores for Ida board. Apply botwoon 7 autl Bp. m., nt northeast corner Tyler and Puuliua-sts. TyANTKD-TWO OH TIIIIeTs YOUNO SIEN OAN 1; learn short-hand writing In 10 to 20 weeks, on reason able torms, by Joining the ola*a at OH Pnrk-av. No charge h™t evening. Glass meets Friday evening, March 15, nrANTKD-2,a» LABORERS and MECHANICS 11 forlojAVjlOOwpod-olionpers, SUfOpercord; 10farm hands. ANoKIL A OOAKER, 21 Wcstltandolph-st. TVTANTED—MEN LOOKING FOR EATpLOYMENT >r tpoallonoraddross JUNXSS 4 CO., 169 West Mad!- *pu*Bt-__nig Inducomcnto altered to good live men. \v ANTED—TWO GOOD BO VS'W~DfsTRIBUTB IT circulars. Apply at Roomie, 165 Washlngton-st. • t\tanted-aien-bigg‘kst CHANGE EVER OF. TT fored to mako money. Ouo man cleared $47 last week; ayoungman mado«B in four hours. Everybody K'ni/IP/PSS.SM,**! 1 !* Don’t fall to call. DOOLITTLE MAnUI I AO TURING COMPANY, 00 East Madlson-st. TWANTED—PARTIES WHO WANT TO MAKE TT money fast, and hnvooorvo, call at 119 Dcarboruut., Room 6. Small capital required. A \\r A NTED-TWO BOARDING-BOSSES, WITH AN f I outfit for 40 men each, to keep boarding-houses for railroadmen, a short distance from Chicago; 200 railroad r?iM»iSb»S and COwood-choppora. Apply to OHRISTIAN 4 BING, 101 South Canai-st. TWANTED-IO OR 13 MEN AND A FEW LADIES TO IT handle several fast-soiling articles that pay largo profits. Non explosive for kerosene oil oost-40, solisicr If 3 per dozen, but given froo to those selling other goods. A. JtAY, Roomß, 25 West Lnko-st. TtTANTED—3 MEN TO SELL GOODS TO TRADE; , . l ,nan with for taro business chance. 174 Wcai Waahtngton-at., Room 4. WANTRD-A man TO WORK IN STABLE. 167 Miehlgan-av. M. U. WILBUR 4 BRO. ■WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Dnmostios. W AlyTEn-GKRMAN, SCANDINAVIAN, DANA. I* .i a ’l oU^°* d fi lr| a <l»at aro out of employ, mcnt, to brluK their references ami oomo prepared to co to workat onoo in hotels, laundries, restaurants, hoard* Inn and private houses; also, Kiris seeking situations on tho lakes as cooks and chambermaids. Call «nd Inavo ftww lW . r »J 9 ' r, °* C crny/ ;Rt M'ulbon-st,, or Branch atUco, I-Q West Monroo. STAR EMPLOYMENT UFflOli. WANTEp-THREK FIUtiT.Ot.ARH DINING-ROOM ami tfiinnl Vta^ 0 iJarQOB Uouso * corner of West Randolph \V ANTED-A GOOD girl FOR GENERAL JJ homework at C 33 Wnbosh-av. WANTED-A YOUNG GIRL TO ASSIST IN I I housework In a small family whoro there aro no chil dron. At 1277 Stalo-st. W A .K T , ED -Pf' E ~ f .D . N DLK WASHER AND TWO Canal sts ICD * r B ’ HritfS ß House, vomer Madison and *\\T A NTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL y\LS« '° “"" ,lb '““ rli °° Tmm AV ANTED—A COOK, WASHER, AND IRONER, V fora prlrato family. Apply at 97 South Park-av. TYr ANTED—A FIRST-CLASS COOK, WASHER,' T» nndironor, atfifll Michigan-av.; willhavoassistance In washing; rofcronco required.Call after 9 a. m. WANTED-CIHL TO COOK, WASH, AND IRON, at 97 bouth Pnrk-av. WANTED-TWO GOOD, EXPERIENCED GIRLB - ono to do washing and Ironing and second work, the other for second girl. Apply at IJI Warron-st.. corner \V ood. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL. ABOUT IB YEARS If old, to wash dishes and work In a kitchen, undor a cook. A good for nno who wishes to loam cook ing. A German preferred. Apply at 68 South Mor gau-st. WANTUD-A GOOD COOK, GERMAN ORSWEDE: if will pay good wages If competent. Imiulro ntß7 Doar* born-st., basement. \KT ANTED—A GOOD RELIABLE GIRL YOU GEN II oral housework. Apply at 24d North Halstod-at., grocery. WANTED-GOMPETENT GIRL TOCOOK, WASH, and Iron for a private family. Apply at 797 Miehlgan- WANTED-A NEAT CAPABLE GIRL TO COOK, II wash, andiron; privatehoußo. Apply at 4K) Mich- Igan-av, \\T ANTED—AN EXPERIENCED GIRL, TO DO II chnmbor nnd dining-room work iu a private family; a competent girl who can furnish references will receive urst-clues wages. Apply at tho Tribune ollioo. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL TI housework in a family of two. Apply at 217 Park-av. Gorman or Swodo preferred. \\TANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE- Ti work. Inquire at 47 Kldrldgo-oourt, WANTED-GOOD, GIRLS OF EVERY NATION « 11 kind# of housework In city and country, at airs. THOMPSON'S, 10OU Btatcnit. * WANTED IMMEDIATELY’—A COOK FOR A hotel out of tho city; also ilrst-oiass cooks, ohambor. rnaliu. Mid dining-room clrla. Tip-top wkuos. Mrs. BALK AM'S oltlce, 131 West Jaokson-at. WANTED— A GOOD DINING-ROOM OIRL, AGOOD . launqrosß, several cooks, anil glrla for general work. Apply to Mra. WiiITTAKER, 2G6Obion go-nv. WANTED-OIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE? work. Apply this morning wt IKH West Randolph. WANTED— A GOOD COOK. A O HUMAN WOMAN' preferred. Immediately. 73 South llalstcd»Bt.. Nuraos. WANTED-A woman with a FRESH breast • t of milk, who wishes to llnd a good homo In a respect* Rblq family, and to have tlm full onm of a child. Call at tho bfllco of DR. STRATFORD, No. 62 West Madlaon it., botwoco tho hours o! 12 iu. and 1 p» m. MigooXlanoona. TTfANTED-A YOUNG WOMAN WHO IS FOND OP it children. and uootandoonipotont, toattend a Indy ana family during tho summer In sumo pleasant town up North. Address Q 1)1, Trlbnuo olhco. TIT ANTED—FIFTY LITTLE GIRLS AN!) ROYS, .* J .agcsfromllto lovonrj, to ho taught dancing and go In ballots. Apply to 118 West Washlngton-oL TITANTED-LADTes TO MANE $lO A DAY; LARGE rr prolUnonanarllclo that no lady will do without. liO East Madlsun-st., Room 15. \\f ANTED—SEVERAL LADIES FOR THE CITY II mid 600 for tho country to Introduce fine toilot aril* ole* and othor goods for ladies. Plenty of money made by Intolllgont women. Gall on or address A. RAY, 26 West liak«_*»t., Room B. PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED—WITH $3,000 TO $3,600- X business, maiiutaoturlug; easy to handle, and prollts good i property aoourlty for tho Investment. Nill, Tribune olllco. PARTNER WANTED A GOOD PRACTICAL X grocer haring established a trade is desirous of form* miuff a entmeotiou with soino gentleman of moans, with a view to extending thu samo. Ono having about $3,000 or Bi.tjoo to Invest may hunt of an opportunity seldom olioied. Andros W 01, Ttilimio olliou. pAUTNEU WANTED-WITH SB,OOO, TO ENGAGE X„ lii the mumifttoturo of a valunbln patented urtlolo, or w . ll l s ‘ i . l , l il l /\ , . ( i , , 1^. a . r 5 r V ll “ 1 UL ;?, 10 »»*• money. Imiulro of A. lIItOUKMAN, No. Al West Itandolph-st., Oldcago, P ARTNER WANTJG)—A PU YHIOU A X A splendid opportunity. Address R7l, Trlbuuo ulUoo. pARTNEU WANTED-A GOOD liuaiNKHa MAN X with a uaiillal of $2,502 or $2,000 vansuouro uu Interest In a llrst-oluss busliiusst onn capabloof kooplng books preforrod. Address Y 81, Tribune 011100. Oil SILENT. WITH X SJUyorSJJO, to open llrst-clsss uamiila nndolub rooms, Have part llxLures, good bouse, looality, and cheap leaso. Adilreso Q P2, Trlouuo tiiiice, PARTNER \VANTUU—A GOOD BUBINESS MAN X having not loss than $6,002, can got lute a iirst olais •stablisbed business tu conduct o braueU houso East: there is money In Una. Thuhostolrcfuruuoca glreo ouu reiulrod. AucUom A 89, Tribuuo olhoe. SITUATIONS WAMTED--MALE. , . Booldcoopors, Cleric*. &c. >i GITUATION WANTED-AB ASSISTANT HOOK. 10. keeper and olork In an ollico by n young man nf oipo. rloncot uiuiuostloimblirroforonco given n« to ability, Ac,. No objection to going into tlio country If-desired. Ad« dross Q 81, Tribune olllco. | GIT*UATION WANTED—AH ASSISTANT HOOK- O keeper nr enabler inn wholesale hnucu, by a young, limit of several year*’ experience. Host of reference froirx present employer and others. Address Y 68, Trlbuno otllce. 1 OITUATION WANTKD-BYA YOUNG MAN WIIOI 1-J la well educated and understands bookkeeping. Oouil reference. Address 27 Hunm-st. , J GITUATION WANTKI)-hY A YOUNG MAN A» KJ mork In dry good* or grocery storor willing to work fog moderate wages. Address T. 8., 828 West Polk-st. ’ SITUATION AHTKADYAND SODBIt* kJ young ihao In a wholesale store, is not afraid to worltf and willing to mnko bimaolf generally useful. Please ad-' dross L 88, Tribune olUco. ' * ;"i; THOROUGH HUB I* bp ness man, olthor ns traveling agent-or booltkooper. ISoebof_olty references. Address A 75, Trlbuno ofHoe. GITUATION WANTED-BY A MAN "OF'RXPKIU kJ once, Hull Is willing to work, employment In allmt-* plaaa produce cimimlsclun or wholesale house. Ha* * largo country acniinlnlanoo: can command soma trade. I Ulty references. Address IX P, Trlbuno 011100. - . 1 GITUATION WANTED—IN Oil OUT OF THIS CITY. ■ KJ In any capacity, by a young limit Cl years of ogo, a good penman ami accurate In llgurou, with live years'expo* rlonce In whnlrmalo drvipidn;clly and Heston references; i Address U 1111, £33 Wnbaih-av. t TTmlon. GITUATION WANTED—UV A THOROUGHLY/- KJ practical miller; Is of (Ready habits, mid competent* to Ini any pnnlHon in a mill; llrat-claes recommendations. I Address MILLER, City Hotel, Aurora, 111. j GITUATION WANTKD-UY AN EASTERN MAN, ] KJ experienced in umuufaciurlna and In practical chom*. jslry, oners Ids bonlccu ns supotiatcndcut of silver smelt*, Ing works, laboratory, nr other enterprise whore hi*’ knowledge would bo available. Address IS, care Cook, i Coburn Jk On., Chicago, 111. * ( SITUATION WTNTED-AS FARMER, AND OAR* donor by an Englishman who understands his bust*, ness In ovon'roppoqi; loaavo trdobln, nothing but aflrst* olnsß situation will bo accepted. Address Y 61, Trlbuno olllco, , GITUATION WANTED—BY AN EASTERN OU8TO&C KJ cutter; has bad 7years' experience. No objcotlonsta tlio ooiudry. Roteroneos given. Address, with salary, Q. P. CARMAN, Davenport, lowa. : SITUATION WANTED-TO ARCHITECTS, ETC.-*' Porspocllvo dnmlngoof buildings made and colored.*, In tlio best stylo. Address W 1)1, Trlbuno olllco. 1 SITUATION. WANTKU-BY A PRACTICAI* printer, luabook or news nfllco, or oh proof-reader r roforcncoa given. Address E. T. Q., 118 West Washing* ton-st. J (SITUATION WANTED—IN A FIRST-CLASS GAL*; kJlory ns operator, printer, or ro-louolior. Address QW. ♦ Trlbnno ollico. SITUATION WANTED—BY A THOROUGH MG* chanlo (wood-wmking) in an established business. < wheru his time and SI,OOO would bo fairly remunerative. * Must bo quite legitimate. Address A Ift), Tribune office. Contention. Toamstors. <SSo. DITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNO SOANDI-/ O navlan, as coachman; undorslsads care of horses; will, mako himself useful around the house. Address J 43, i IribmioolHco.• DITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN IN PRI- ' O vato family by a young man who Is not abovo making himself generally useful. Good references. Address V? Vi, Tribune odloo. ' MioooUnnotmo. DITUATION WANTED-DY A YOUNO MAN WHO kJ is willing to work, whoro bo can work for ills board fiohool; can give good references. Address X 57, Tribune ollico. l DITUATION WANTED-AS WATCHMAN OH JANI. M, tor, In fact nut particular what Ido; can make self useful in any class ot business. Never tasted intoxi-. eating drink. Address NV 2, THlmno ollico. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE! Domestics. I DITUATION WANTED—BY A SWEDISH GIRL,' kJ for general housework in a small private family. Good references. 104 Townsond-st. . < DITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL.' kJ to do general housework In a private family. Apply, to-day, at 218 Uentro-av., up-stalrs. ) DITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GERMAN O girl, to do general housework. Inquire at 126 North Unlon-st. ,» DITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL-' kJ .to dp general housework In a private family. Applr at 873 West Madiaoq it. v DITUATION WANTED—B»Y A COMPETENT GIRL VO to do second work la a small family. Address Y 65. *, Tribune office. I SITUATIONS WANTKD-rOH SOME OP THflt. host working girls in tho city, with good references, 5 tn hotels, restaurants, laundries, boarding and private houses; also for tholako marluo service. 5 West MadU s™oym”nt c oSe. m 6TAR EM - i DITUATION WANTED-BY A DANISH GIRL, TO kJ up general housework In a private American family. Good references. Call at 85 Fourth-st., near llllwau koo-av. 1 DITUATION WANTIJD-BUY A YOUNG AMERI- M can girl to do housework or second work, or to toko carp of children: rpforcnooe given, if wanted. Inquire ot address M L H, XUI West Van Buron-st., In tho roar. DITUATION WANTED -SECOND PLACE IN A U private family; not afraid of work; good city refer once, If required. Call 1C92 Pralrlo t av. Softmstrosßoa- DITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO LADY A3 kJ scamstroaslnaprivatofamlly; can furnish her owa sowing machine audgood reference. Address Bo* 2222. Evanston, HI. * SEAMSTRESS, TQ RU« ivncoler A Wilson machine, In store or private family. Conor Thirty-fint-st. and Cottago Grovo-av., over drug atoro. Apply fur two days. ' CITUATION WANTKD-ENQAOI2MKNTS TO SEtf O by tho day. Will furnish Singer machine, If doslrod. Call or address 773 Hubbard-st. Housokoopora, CITUATION WANTED—BY A WIDOW LADY WITH IJ ono child, as hnusokooncr In a gentleman 'a family, a wltlowor preferred. Address MBS. MARY A. BMJTIL St. James Holol, 410 South (jjarlc*st., second floor? lti>om m. * BUSINESS CHANCES. A FIRST-CLASS HORSE-SHOEING shop wrrir -f.Uhrco liras and tools complete, for sale; ono of tho best stands in tho city j can bo bought cheap. Apply at 801 West Madison-st. A SPLENDID CHANCE TO ENGAGE IN BUSI •f A- ness; will pay a salary If proforrod. Nona but F. A A. Masons mod apply. ltd West Madlson-st. A WELL-LOOATED CORNER FAMILY GROOKRY for sale; good trade; small fresh, woll-soloctod stock: atinvolco. ,f. E. KIAIIUII. looker. I2Q Doarborn-st.' A SMALL AND WELL-SELEOTED STOCK OF DRY goods, with lonso of store, well located, In ono of tho post towns of Michigan, for salo. Full particulars may bo had by addressing A 97, Tribune dOlco.* 1 TJUsInESS INTERESTS SOLD. PARTNERS PRO aLI cured. Good business openings on hand for men with #SOO to #IO,OOO. J. E r KIMBALL, Broker. 120 Doarborn-st. B E Sf J‘ 0 ? A 'i', K 9, mkstauran'F and sample. room, South Side, for sslo. Business largo and growing. Fortune in live years. KIMBALL. 120 Dour, born-at. nREAT SACRIFICE. WE MEAN WHAT WE SAY. V 7 Monday, March 81, ntflp. in., wo will soil, to closo co partnership, a steam cunal boat; double engine; two whooh;stono.dock, Ac., at ludlaua-st. Bridge, fcorth Branch. BRUSH, SON A CO., Auctioneers, iBS East Madison-st. T:i OTEL '• FOR SALE* OR RENT-POSSESSION B*rtr? l n ai l l3 '. ll h<jr particulars address WM. C. SAGE, Pocatonlca, Winnebago Co., 111. ALF OP A GOOD PAYING RESTAURANT AND .saloon for sale. Apply at tho place, leajHoutli Stato-at. MEAT MARKET FOR OALB CHEAP, INQUIRE at m West Lako-st. PAOKING-HOUSE AT STOCK YARDS, FOR SALE; capacity, 1,000 to 1,2(X) hogs dally; iu good ardor, and with all modern Improvements: will bo sold at u groat bargain. SNYDER A LEE, VI Nixon Building, north* east comer Monroo urn! LsSullo-sts. Retail drug store forsale. only si,mo. Best bargain in tho oily. SHINN, 12,1 South Clark, st., Room 80. CTEAM FLOUUING.MILL, IN A TOWN OF D.OOfl O Inhabitants, for Bale cheap, nnd on easy terms. Mill has Kovou run of stono, with ample power; cooper-shop ? U( L?T Ar, jh'«>«o attached. Fuel cheap; good shipping facilities by Micalnijiml lllver nml by railroads. Call ot address, i. L. UNDEItVVOOD, Muscatlno, lowa. ft 4-00 WILL HKCUUB TOXCOOD BUSINESS vl/, man a half Interest in a cash business that it won ostabllshud, paying well, and oau bo rapidly la crearod. ltd i-.nst Wushington-st.. itomn 3j. AGENTS WANTED, Agents wanted-to whom special induce. moats will by oJlcrod. Tboro is not only a rich upper tunity for agents to travel, but also for tlinso who dusiro to canvass tnolr own city or vlllugo. Uomu ami aoo the exact working of this bistom. Llnlncscut froo tills wook, "■Provo alllhlngs and hold fast to that which is good." Practical dressmakers, lady canvassers,’ ladies owning lowlng-mnchini'a, and others Interested In tho subject, aro uanoolnlly Invltod to call and examine our now Patou) fiotf-iiltiug measure, *JO7 Woat Madlson-st., Room t). A”" GENTS WAN7MJD-ATEN^NbTv6MI3NT>Tcm and country, to haudlu mir now r.ud last eolllnj goods, Bovoral now articles that readily evorywhota can bn had of na only. Country applicants can have earn nlos for fi()o that ratal! for $2. Addroiu, with sranm. MERRILL MAN UFACT URLVG Cl).. 21 West Lalw’st! K QKNTS WANTED—siSNIV gi.‘iri vbll SPLENDID -fL Prospeotuß and Territory for tho Llfo andTlutatf of Ilornco Oroide/, by L. 1). Ingorfloll. An unbiased, nun* partisan llfo of tbfi great nmu, with extended notices of many of bla colouiporary atatcMnon and joumalLsta. This work will hoKot up In superior style, rny.d octavo of Pages, fully Illustrated. A rrent nppnrMtnltv for Aguntn. lor rtoßcHntlon, oddiess UNION PUBLISHING DOM* PANY, Glilcogo. A GENTS WANTJCD-IMMITniATELV-FOU THE Ji. latent and iwofiil iuviitoilfiii out. All ladles buy them. A. M. RIUIIARDSON, 170,!j South ILilstod*st. A OKNtS KVIf7tY~GOUNTY*niif JX. this State, to sell the universal thiund oiUlJr; saved tho tooths big profits made; sample sent for£a cents. 17U East-AlndUuU'St., Room 16. A OKNm^vlmoi^w^ 'tiT totSlii v/ockly, Ouuntry ugonta sand for circulars. BlWeat Rimdulph sl.. up Main. BUILDING MATERIAL* lilOU HALU-A LOT OF MATEHIALH RUITAIILE X 1 for contractors’nun. One tno uuolivo luiltur, with kin* tlnnary engine, 12x18, with lly-üboa), pulleys, bclin. out), trifugrtl pumps, with fixture# uomplctoj onu portable on* glue and boiler, Bxl2, with ity-whool mid bv.t>puUey at> taebo JI one portable boUilm: onglin, dmiblo oylluaors, 6xß; twenty dump-carsififiocn to twenty tons 12*p(mud T rail: power derricks, with guys and attachments comploto; drills, ploks, bars, etc.; nil nearly new, mid in good or* dor. Apply to HAYDEN, UAUICIN A (JO., No, 4 Boutb Olark-st., Uldcugu. F" new fluted and orna mental Iron columns, 1 foot long, 6 inches dlatuoier, wltb eajns ami huus comploto. Apply (u M ATTOCKB A BIASON, 623 Wnlrikh-av. ]Spir%itß-y6im:ANiKii!jfi;tri'mijUANTiTiE3 XMusnlt, at 117 Luhnllo nt,, husonumt. inOU .SALE-WANTED 'To' 81-lI.L.'XiI'iPTILAOK fr. l K2 ln V, t l ,tum l M * Address, for Ihiou days, D. WIL LIAMS, Briggs House. _____ POR HALE-BLACK WALNUT I.UMIIKR-tW.OiO I? foot black waluut lumber, by WKUSTiSU, DAVIEJ A CO., Urbuoa, 111, r=li

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