Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 27 Mart 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 27 Mart 1873 Page 8
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6 V FOREIGN. Oriels Imminent . In the Spanish Re public. DonCarlos Dcliovcd to Bo in Switzer- land. Stormy Debate in the French As sembly. GREAT BRITAIN. New Yons, March 26.—A special dispatch from London says that tho London handicap, tho first jot the important spring races in England, was Won yesterday by "Westminster, boating Drum ■tick and Lyndon. ; London, March SO.— Tho steamship City of Bristol, which sailed from Liverpool yesterday lor Now York, took out 100 farmers, who intend feottllng In Minnesota, on tho lino of tho North men! Pacific Hallway. | Another effort to defeat tho Government was kinado in tho llouso of Commons this afternoon rtipon tho passage to its second reading of tho ["Burials ulll,” Tho attempt, however, proved unsuccessful, and tbo second reading was carried B>y a vote of 280 against 217. \ London, March 20— Midnight.— A grand ban quet was given at tbo Mansion House to-night tty the Lord Mayor. Two hundred guests woro iprosent, including tho Mayors of a number of (English towns, members of tbo Oabl taofc, . and foreign Ambassadors at Lon don. Mr. Gladstone, in some remarks made fin reply to a toast, said tbo Ministry ■had bad a fall and a recover, and woro ashamed of neither. Though they bad failed to giro Ire land a National University, history would prove that tho principle was indestructible. FRANCE, Paris, March 20.—There was a stormy debate In tho National Assembly this afternoon, grow ing out of tho proposal to fix Monday noxt as the day for discussion upon tho Lyons Municipal ity bill. Tho Loft strongly protested ogainsttho adoption of tho proposition, and, upon tho Right Insisting, withdrew from tho Chamber, r Tho newspaper V Union, In an issue this af ternoon, says Marshal Bazlno will soon bo re leased from imprisonment on his porolo of ’honor. i Tho Government authorities at Dayonno seized a quantity of cartridges destined for tho Carlist insurrectionists in Spain. SPAIN. London, March 20.— Dispatches from Madrid cay that Senor Oastelar, and Acosta, Minister of ■War, ■will probably retire from the Cabinet. It as also stated that a general Ministerial crisis is imminent. ) The garrison of Barcelona is in open mutiny, and the officers are powerless to restore dis cipline. A bond of Carlisle entered the town of Ripoll Oorona, committing many excesses. Madrid, March 20. —A levy on masse upon the adult male population of Catalonia and neigh boring provinces for troops to suppress the Car list Insurrection is probable. Many Republicans, who have volunteered to fight the insurgents, are already mooting at the appointed rendezvous. London, March 27.—Don Carlos is positively lenortod to bo in Genova. The Spanish Cabinet has issued a circular claiming the sympathy and assistance of all par ties in the country against the Carlisle, on ac count of the Declaration of Emancipation in Porto Rico. The Qaceta of Madrid contains an official an nouncement of tho appointment of Gen. Piol itain to be Captain-General of Onba, and Gen. 'Rivera to be Captain-General of Porto Rico. CANADA. Special Dispatch to Th e Chicago Tribune, . Ottawa, Ont., March 26. —The decision of tho •House of Commons against tho Speaker in tbo iContre Toronto election caao raises tho ques tion of the validity of tho Speaker’s warrant for striking the Election Committee, which should lie issued on the first day after tho reception of election petitions, but was not dono until the icocond day. Tbo Committee is hold not to have ■ legal existence. Tho members petitioned ■gainst, fifty-four in all, axe delighted. Tho matter comes up to-day. Tho lato defeat, though not fatal, is damaging to tho Govern ment. Tho Government is losing control of the House. Tho host men on both sides are present, ■nd the House will bo pretty full till Easter. Montbeal, March 20.—' Tho Jury on the flro Inquest have returned a verdict condemning tho inefficiency of tho present Fire Department, and the culpable nogloct of tho City Council in not providing firc-oacapea." Tho Flro Committee have asked tho corporation for a grant of $26,000 towards placing the brigade in a state of efficiency. Tho Jury adviso tbo organization of the Fire Department in three corps: tho first, to dovoto their whole attention to extinguishing tbo fire ; tho second, mon with fire-oscapos to save life; third, salvage mon to preserve goods and property. Tobonto, March 26. —Last night tho Orango societies to the number of about 1,000 men paraded tbo streets with a torchlight pro cession in honor of tho passage of the Orango incorporation bills in tbo Logisla turo. They passed tbo Parliament buildings, and gave cheers. Prominent officials of tuo Order discountenanced tbo demonstration at a meeting bold in tho afternoon. Tho town of Osbawa and village of Woodbridgo had similar demonstrations. Tbo impression prevails hero that tho Opposition will gain power at Ottawa on tbo Pacific Railway question. Halifax, N. 8., March 25.—Small-pox is rapid ly spreading in Halifax. Sovoral deaths occur red yesterday. Tho hospitals aro full, and san itary measures are in progress. CUBA. New York, March 26.— Antonio Zambrouo, tho distinguished Cuban patriot, who has arrived in this city, reports that the insurgents in that island have abundance of arms and aro in good spirits, They are making steady progress in the Eastern department, ana will very soon compel the Spaniards to wholly withdraw therefrom. Antonio Zambrona. tho Cuban patriot, arrived hero, reports tho safe arrival of O’Kolly, tho correspondent of tho Herald, in the territory of the Caban Republic. Zambrona thinks that O'Kolly reached tho headquarters of Cospedoa about tho 7th inst. PORTUGAL Lisbon, March 20. —Tho Minister of Public Works has oaked tho Cortes to ratify the conces sion for a cable between Portugal and the United Elates, touching at tho Azores. Tho contract for laying tho caplo was signed to-day. TURKEY. Constantinople, March 26.— Tho Grand Vizier has written a sharp note to tho Government at Belgrade respecting the payment of tho anqual tribute to Turkey by Horvia. Railroad Nows. Cleveland, 0., March 20.—Legal measures have Loon taken at Youngstown, 0., which will eottlo the railroad dilllculty in a few days. Mean while, Iho Ashtabula, Youngstown & Pittsburgh Bailrood retains possession of tho property la dispute. Dubuque, lowa, March 20.—Yesterday Mosers. Maurice Brown and George Mitchell, of this city, obtained an execution, issued by Judge ■Willson, of tho District Court, to tho Sheriff of Butler County, to sell the main lino of tho lowa Pacific Railroad, together with Its side-tracks, crossings, depots,' right of way, and all tho im provements thereon, to satisfy a judgment and mechanic's lion tor $11,578. New York, March 20.— -It is stated that pro ceedings are to bo taken against Holliday, Presi dent of the Oregon & California Railroad, for alleged fraud, similar to tho operations of tho Memphis & El Peso Railroad Company in Paris. Washington, March 20.—Representatives of tho Calumet (Bouth Chicago) real estate owners have boon spending some days at Baltimore, in conference with the ofllcors of tho Baltimore & Ohio Railroad concerning tho location of their track, depot, and shops in Bouth Chicago. They returned last night, having, it is understood, accomplished tiioir purpose. Louisville, Ky,, March 20.—-Tho draw-brldgo over tho (Jumuomud River at Clarksville, which was destroyed a month ago, Ims been rebuilt, and travel will ho resumed ovor the LoulsvlUo and Clarksville route to-day. Indianapolis, Ind., March 20.—Tho annual election of the Directors of tho Indianapolis & Bt. Louis Railroad was hold to-day, and tho fol lowing Board of Directors chosen : Thomas A. Bcott, T. D. Mossier, J. N. McCullough, Oscar Townsend, 11. I). Jlurlbut, and E. W. Woodward, At u subsequent mooting of tho Directors, E. W. Woodward was elected President; 9. W. Woodward; General Superintendent; and A. O. McDowell, Auditor. The Directors of tho Union Railroad Company were in session at tbo Union Depot to-day. Thos. A. Scott, of tho Pennsylvania Company, Oscar Townsend, General Manager of tbo At lantia A Groat western Railroad, J. N. MoOul lough. General Manager of Pennsylvania Cen tral a Bt. Louis Railroad, and other distin guished railroad men, woro present. Tho ques tion of enlarging tbo Union passenger dopot, and tbo building of tracks outsido tho city for tho transfer of freights, was considered and re ferred to Committees to report at a future meeting. POLITICAL. Congressman Garfield Asked to Re sign municipal Nominations in Cincinnati— I Tho Colored Republi cans of Now Orleans in Council— Their Cries for more Patronage* Special Diepatch to The Chicago Tribune. Cincinnati, 0., March 20.-1110 Republicans to-day nominated tbo samo men for Judge of tbo Superior Court and City Treasurer ns bad boon nominated by tbo Democrats and Liberal Repub licans. To-morrow tboy will probably nominate the several delegates to tbo Constitutional Con vention already nominated by tbo other parties. It Is thought tbo Liberals, on Friday, will ratify tbo Democratic nomination for Mayor. It Is generally conceded that tbo Democrats and Lib erals bavo thrown away a splendid opportunity for electing tbo Mayor, by reason of discord ana carelessness. Cleveland. 0., March 20. —Tbo Trumbull County (Ohio) Republican Convention, bold at Warren to-day. adopted a resolution asking James A. Garfield to resign bis seat in the House of Representatives at Washington, declaring that by voting for tbo retroactive Salary bill bo has forfeited tbo confidence of his constituents. Cincinnati, Morch 20.— Tho Republicans to day nominated T. 8. Davis for Mayor; M. H. Tildon for Judge of tbo Superior Court; Thom as Campbell for Prosecuting Attorney, and J. W. Carter for Judgo of tho Police Court. New Orleans, March 20.— A largo meeting of prominent colored Republicans was hold last night at St. James Chapel. Messrs. Antoine, Ingraham, Drown, Barber, Dostondo, Qarr, Allen, Herbert, Quinn, Roaoriguoz, and others, participated. A series of resolutions woro adopted. Tbo first, second, and third Indorse Judgo Daroll, W. H. Hunt, Beckwith, Billono, Senator Morton, tbo Now Orleans Hepublican newspaper, and tho Kellogg Stato Government, and compliments President Grant for bis devo tion to Republican principles. Tbo following oro given in oxtonso: Ktsolted, Wa declare our unfaltering adhesion to tho principle* and doctrines of tbo Republican party, but confess that our confidence has been weakened and our hopes disappointed in our Congressional dolega - lion, who, elevated to position and Influence by our suffrages, have ignored their constituents in consider ation of patronage, and we recognize in tbo Hon. P. B. 8. Pinchhack the representative man of bis race, and the deservedly most popular Republican. Ho is Loubl ana’s true friend, tho friend of tbo whole people, aud tho pride of his constituents, and a remarka ble example of persevering industy, and a brilliant illustration of free institutions: and standing as ho docs conspicuously before tho nation, wo aoiut to him with pride as one of tbo few members of Congress elected from Louisiana since reconstruction whoso skirts are free from eusplclon of frauds, and who rep-* resents a constituency that delights to do him honor. Sixth—' We are deeply pained at tbo failure to accord Mr. Pinchhack bis scat in tbo United Slates Senate, to which bo has been elected by tho General Assembly of Louisiana, a body elected by tho people, legalized by tho highest judicial tribunals of tho State, sanctioned by,lhe Federal courts, recognized by tho united States Senate, and protected by tbo President; and, should this injustice bo perpetuated by n Republican Senate, wo fear that it would bo under popular revul sion on tbo one hand and; no powerful and progressive influences now In operation by tho opponents of Republicanism on the other, to guarantee the fealty of the masses of our people to tho Republican party In future. Sctenfft—The refusal by the Louisiana Congressional delegation to give Mr. Pmohbacb and John Roy, two recognized leaden of tho Republican party *nnd its noted dement of strength, the right of consultation in dispensing the Federal patronage in Louisiana, was an act offensive to us, which calls for our unqualified condemnation, which more than shows that our confi dence was misplaced. Eighth— ln Now Orleans alone there Is an intelligent and cultivated population of color, exceeding tho votes entire of tho white Republican strength throughout tho State, whoso Republicanism is undoubted and un questionable, who should bo considered and consulted as representative*men in tho dispensation of patron age, at least equally with'our white friends, many of whoso affiliation with oar parly is bounded by official prospecta AinfA—'We have Just cause to grievously complain of the summary removal from Federal positions, since the election, of reliable and efficient colored men upon charges of incompetoncy, after protracted and satis factory service without any complaint. Tenth— ln oar theory of Government, the Legislature Is supremo, and all attempts of any department to Im pair its integrity, reflect upon its character, assume its prerogatives, or compromise out of office, through un due or improper influence, our representatives duly .elected. Justly alarms us. The alleged conduct of per sona who wore elected by tho people and returned by the legal Board in placing their resignations in other hands, subject toludividualcaprices, excites tho gravest suspicion, and demands a thorough Investigation by their respective constituencies. THE LABOR QUESTION. Blood-Thirsty mooting of Elght-BBour Mon Tho Brooklyn Carpenters Threaten a Strike If Their Demands Aro Not Complied "With—Conferen ces of tho Various Workingmen’s Organizations. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tributie. New York, March 20.—A apodal mooting of tlio United Order of Masons was bold to-night in Donult Hall to take action on tho proposed strike. All trades were represented. Tho pro ceedings wore very violent and disorderly. In cendiary speeches woro made by prominent In ternationalists, denouncing Commodore Vander bilt. One man wanted him hanged to a lamp post ; another said if there is any interference with tho “Eight-Hour” rules, tho streets will run with tho blood of the capitalists. A com mittee was appointed to wait upon tho Mayor and Common Council, and demand tho enforce ment of tho “ Eight-Hour” law. Reporters woro excluded. At midnight tho meeting was still in session, with tho prospect of continuing un til morning. [To the Associated Press.] New York, March 26.— The Brooklyn carpen ters, at their mooting last evening, decided to strike on April 7 if their wages woro not raised from $3 to $3.50, and their timo reduced to eight hours por day. At a mooting of tho United Order of American Carpenters ana Joiners of this city, last night, a general impression prevailed that employers would not undertake to ouforco tho tou-uour system. Various trades organizations will soon have conferences on strikes, and it may bo two weeks before anything definite is known. Tho masons aro to moot to-night, to consider what is to bo done with reference to tho introduotion of men from other States. Telegraphic Brevities. Tho case of tho Commonwealth of Pennsyl vania against George O. Evans has boon carried to the Supremo Court, on a writ of error from the Court of Common Pleas of Dauphin County, by tho Attorney-General. Out Rockford special says: Tho river is choked with floating ice. Emerson & Co.’s largo reaper factory in tho upper race, and all the mills in the lower race, including Graham’s cot ton mill, have stopped work: but little damage as yet. Tho Second National Bank aro about to erect a now block, to bo one of tho finest in Rockford. Tho Commissioners of tho next Cincinnati In dustrial Exposition yesterday adopted rules and regulations for tho government of tho next ex hibition. The premium list embraces a wider rango of articles than over before. The ma chinery and natural history departments will bo much enlarged. Tho exhibition opens Sept. 8, and closes Oct. 4. Adams Earle, President of tho Lafayette, Munoie & Bloomington Railroad, appeared be fore tho Supremo Court, Indianapolis, yester day, in response to an ordor of the Court to show cause why lie should not bo dealt with for contempt in an alleged attempt to influence tho Court by corrupt moans, in procuring a decision recently in tho Supremo Court, iu which his road was interested. Judge Osborne, who was not a member of tho Court at tho time tho case was ponding, presided. After hearing afll davits, the proceedings iu the case wore dis missed. Obituary* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune , Ottawa, 111., March 20. — I The lion. Isaac Dim miok, one of tho earliest settlors in LaSalle County, died yesterday evening, aged 01 years. PiTTßDunou, Pa.. March 20.—Oapt. J. S. O. Noble died in this city this morning. The flags on the tow-boats wore displayed at half-mast In respect to tho memory of tho deceased. London, March 20.— Count Von Dornstoff, tho German Ambassador to Groat Britain, died at 7 o'clock this evening. Tho Temperance Cuiuc* Indianapolis, March 20.—A mass State Tem perance Convention is called to assemble at Ma sonic Hall, in tills city, April 2, when tho ques tion of tho enforcement of tho now Liquor law will ho specially considered. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: THURSDAY, MARCH 37, 1873. NEW YORK. Tlib GooilrlcU Mywtory In Brooklyn** Arrest of tlto Alleged lllurdorofli—'An other Tammany Ntonl—Tho Sheriff’s Office llnuknipt—>Tlio Sunday floor (lnofltlon-wTho City Charter—mar riage of Augustus Scholl—Foster’s Children—Goorgo Francis Train— The Hull’s fiend Hank—lmportant Decision In tho Tweed Frauds—An ticipated Postal Troubles* Special Diepatch to The Chicago Tribune, New Your, March 20.—1t is non positively as sorted that tbo namo of tbo murdorosa of Oborloa Goodrich boa boon ascertained. Only her Chris tian namo was known before, as that was all sbo was in tbo habit of signing to her letters. De tectives are said to bo close upon her bools, and it is oxpootod that sbo will bo captured before tbo Inquest on Friday. It was,rumored this , af ternoon that a telegram had boon received by Chief Campbell from tbo Mayor of a small city in Massachusetts, and that, on tbo Information it contained, an officer bad boon sent to identify a woman arrested in that town at a hotel, whoro her strange actions had attracted atten tion of proprietor and guests. Mr. Campbell, however, declined to confirm tbo rumor. The suspected murderess is not a 41 goorgoons blonde,” at sbo has boon described, but an ordi nary young woman, nndor medium size, who worked industriously eight or ton hours a day at dross-making. Bbo slept in tbo third bouso from Goodrich's residence, was his mistress, and had a child by him. A third ladylias turned up who is mixed up somehow in tho murder. Her name is withhold, but she is said to bo celebrated In tbo literary world, and to Uvo in good stylo in tbo vicinity of Central Park. It is believed that tbo murderess did some sowing for her, aud that sho knows tbo particulars of tbo liaison. A reward of $2,500 is offered for tho arrest and conviction of tbo murdorosa. LATER. It ia reported to-night that tho murdorosa of Charles Goodrich has boon arrested, and that tho dead man's pocket-book bos boon found on her person, but Chief Campbell refuses to con firm the rumor. Her namo is Eato Stoddard, and it is said alio was at one time a writer for tho Tribune. Tho reported arrest is generally credited, ae it is believed tho dotootivoa woro only waiting for tho reward. l*ho Hon. Augustus Scholl, lato President of tho Tammany Society, was married yesterday, in this city, to Miss Anna Fox, according to tho simple form of tho 44 Society of Friends,” in which tho lady was educated. Tho attendance large, and comprised many of tho most distin guished persons in tho Metropolis. The coro mony was very impressive. There was no offi ciating minister. Tho contracting parties pledged faithfulness and affectionate love till separated by death, in thqprcsonco of 44 tho Lord and those people.” Tho words “honor and obey” wero not used. Noxt camo tho reading of a parchment giving tho full names of 44 A. 8. and “A. F.,” tlioir birthplace and parentage, tho names of tho two deceased parents on tho part of tho groom, and of tho parents, father deceased, and mother living, on the part of tho brido, with 4 4 tho full trust in Divine Providence” as evidence of tho work dono. Then camo tho signatures, first of the husband, then of thobrido to tho re cord, and last of tho parents and nearest of kin. In a full, clear voico tho record mado was road by Horaco F. Clark, as a friend of tho groom, and as one, who twonty-fivo years since, was grooms man to the groom of yostordoy. Tho marriage ceremony over, congratulations began from a troop of old friends. Commodore Vanderbilt and wlfo woro among tho first.. Then followed relatives, Judges of tho Court of Appeals and of other Courts, eminent lawyers, and many others. Many worldly persons woro present In rich toilets. Tho parlors woro profusely ornamented with flowers, and a bountiful collation was spread. Foster's children have been forced to stop at- tending public school by tho taunts and insults of other scholars, some of whom wont so far as to draw pictures of a gallows with a man sus pended, on their slates, and to point them out Co Foster’s children as a representation of tho death of their father. Two writs of habeas corpus and certiorari wore sued out to-day in George Francis Train’s case, one at the instance of Madame Eleanor Fletcher Bishop. Tho stockholders of the Bull’s Hoad Bank .hold another mooting this afternoon, and agreed to take SBOO,OOO additional stock within ton days, and resume business. [To the Associated Prm.] New York, March 26. —Among tho police nu : thoritics tho belief is strengthened that Mr. Goodrich, of Brooklyn, was murdered by a wom an. One of tho women who are supposed to- bo connected with the case proves to bo a respecta ble girl, whose relations to the deceased wore only, those of an employe. There was nothing wrong whatever between tbom. No clue has boon bad of tho other woman. She had boon with Goodrich throo or four months boforo tbo murder, but now no one seems able to account for her, or oven to give her name. Tbo gentleman who was in com pany with Goodrich on tho night of the murder has not boon hoard of sinco the night after tho murder. It is suspected that this man and tbo missing woman are together, and that both have gone to Europo. Statements aro published, based on the forth coming report of the City Comptroller, that nearly half a million of dollars wore exacted in blackmail within the past few years from stall owners in Washington Market. Tho market overseers in that time wore appointees of tho fugitive Connolly, and among beneficiaries by tbo steal aro several well-known members of tholring. Bheriff Brennan, in a communication ad dressed to tho State Senate, says that, under the existing laws, tho receipts of his oQlce do not cover expenses. Tho Roy. Drs. Cuylor and Dnryoa, of Brooklyn, have gone to Albany in behalf or the recent mooting of citizens m that city, to protest against tho salo of lager-boor on Sunday. At a mooting of tho Committee of Seventy, last night, resolutions woro passed against that per* tion of tho now charter which takes tho appoint ing power from the Mayor. in the groat $0,000,000 suit brought in tho name of the people of this State against Tweed, Connolly, lugorsoll, and others to recover tho $0,000,000 token from New York County by what aro known as tho “Audit Frauds, —Justice Hardin has decided on tho demurrer of Ingor soll, that the people of tho State have no right of action ngaimfb Ingoruoll. Ho based his opin ion on the brood ground, fatal If sustained to the whole suit, that tho county and not tho State are tho real parties in interest, within tho moaning of tho code. Tho committees of tho depositors and stock holders of tho Cull's Hoad Bank, lately suspend ed, had a conference to-day. Tho stockholders’ committee announced that they had agreed on a proposition to increase tho capital stock of tho bank, and allow tho depositors who are most interested to tako preferred stock enough to make up tho full amount of tho deficiency, thus placing the bank in working order again. Tho Express states that circumstances have come to light which indicate that tho hank was Inn hope less condition weeks before tho officers for mally closed tho Institution. • Tho widow of a former cashier had deposited with tho hank for safe-keeping six thousand dollars, worth of stock and other property, and when she wished to take it out of tho hank she was put off from day today. Tho cashier finally con fessed ho could not find tho box, remarking, however. “It was safe, and would send It as soon as round.” Mr. Halstead, a depositor and stockholder, loft a box containing twenty thou sand dollars worth of United States bonds for safe keening. A short time' ago ho demanded them ana tho cashier informed him after a short time spent in the vault, apparently looking for them, that ho could not find them just thou, but they could bo found next day, at wbloh time tho cashier informed Halstead that tho hankhad taken tho bonds a few days before iu a temporary money strait, and hypothecated thorn. Tho value of tho bonds was returned in notes aud other securities. Tho total loss, so far as ascertained, Is $349,000, as follows: capital stock, $200,000; surplus, $02,- 000: current deposits, $57,000. There is considerable stir at tho Post-Offlce ovor tho expected withdrawal by tho railroad companies of tho postal oars from service on tho Ist of April. It is thought tho forco of clerks will bo utterly uuahlo to attend to tho groat Rood of mail matter which, in that event, will pour iu, and It is estimated that four days will bo required for tho delivery of letters which now roach their destination in Rfty hours. Tho demand of tho railroad com panies is for SBOO per mile, instead of $876 now paid them. It is rumored that if tho companies persist in their determination, tho Postroaater- Gonoral will endeavor to proouro tho passage of a law giving tho Department special powers ovor railroads. John V. Harnett, who sued Andrew J. Garvey for $3,700 for legal services, has boon rondorou a verdict by Judge Barbour for $1X4.17. Tho Coroner's jury in tho case of Julia IRokoy, who died recently from tho effects of a fall from her apartments, at 427 West Forty-second street, on tho night of Jan. 8, have rendered a verdict that tho woman was pushed out of tho window by her husband, Daniel lllokoy, during aquarrel. Iliokoy was sent to tho Tombs. Tho President of tho Typographical Union, No. 0, In thin city, reports that tho subscriptions to tho Qrooloy Monument Fund are coming in rapidly from the printers throughout tho coun try. and there is every prospect of success. During tho past week, 105 vessels of various kinds arrived hero,—tho largest number since Now York has boon a port of ontry. Tho jury in tho ease of Howard, charged with dealing in counterfeit internal revenue match stamps, failed to agree. Tho ease was first Sut on tho calendar for trial in tho United States ourt four years ago. THE WEATHER. War Department Reports and Frog- nofttlcntlonau OmoAaq, March 20.—Thermometer at Brock onrldgo. Minn., this morning, 15 degrees below zero j, 7 above at Duluth : 8 above at St. Paul and Escanaba; 7 above at Omaha; 14 at Keo kuk ; 15 at St. Louis and Chicago t 19 at Cincin nati ; 26 at Memphis ; 40 at Now Orleans ; 22 at Detroit; 82 at Buffalo ; from 18 to 20 through out tho Canadas ; 81 at Boston and Now York : 84 at Washington j 55 at Charleston, B. O.j 59 at Jacksonville, jpla.; 20 at Knoxville, Tonn.; 88 at Mobile ;61 at San Francisco. Generally oloudy and snowing throughout tho lake regions, at In dianapolis, and at Nashville, Tonn. Raining at Oswego, PhU&dolphia, and Washington. Wab Department, Office of the Chief Signal Service, Division of Telegrams and Reports fob the Benefit or Commerce, Washington, D. 0.. March 20.—Probabilities— -sho storm centre in Now England will,move eastward over Massachusetts Bay, with Increas ing severity. For Thursday, in Now England, north and west winds. Increasing to brisk ana possibly high, with cloud and snow, followed on Thursday nlgut by clearing .weather. For tho Middle States, brisk northwest winds, clearer clearing weather. For tho South Atlantia States, diminishing winds, partly oloudy woathor. ana rising temperature. For the Eastern Gulf States, clear weather and light winds, followed on Thursday afternoon by falling barometer aud southeast winds, extend ing also over tho Western Gulf States. For tho Ohio Valley, rising barometer, northerly winds, and clear woathor, followed on Thursday afternoon by light southerly winds and rising temperature. For tho Upper Lakes, clear, cola woathor, followed by north and east winds and increasing cloudiness. Tho storm oontro will develop on Thursday in Dakota, preceded by increasing southerly winds and threatening weather in Minnesota. Oautionary signals continue at Portland, Mo.; Boston, Wood’s Hole, Now Haven, Now Loudon. Now York, Baltimore, Cope May, Norfolk, ana Wilmington. Clinton, lowa, March 20.— Tbo storm con tinued all day* yesterday and into tho night. Eight inches of snow covers the ground. To day opens warm and clear. Indianapolis, Ind., March 20.—A snow-storm has prevailed boro slnco 8 o'clock last night, and tho snow is about four inches deep. Cairo, 111., March 20.—Tho woathor is clear and cold. Pittsburgh, Fa., March 20.— The weather is cloudy aud a light snow has boon falling since last night. The mercury was at 80 degrees at noon. Champaign, 111., March 20.—A severe snow storm began boro yesterday afternoon, and raged furiously throughout tho night. Tho snow is badly drifted, but will avorago a depth of twelve Inches on tho level. The morning trains aro all several hours behind time. LaSalle, 111., March 20.—Tho snow ceased to fall at a lato hour last night, out lay upon tho earth to tho depth of seven or eight inches this morning,—considerably more than at any one time during tbo late winter. It has thawed considerably to-day, and probably will add some tiling to tho freshet In tbo Illinois Itiver. Mourns, 111., March 26.—0n0 of tho heaviest snow-storms over known hero, which has boon raging for twenty-four hours, ceased suddenly at 9 o'clock this morning. The highways run ning oast and west aro entirely blocked with drills from throe to ton foot deep. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. SrniNOFiELD, March 20.— The snow whioh fell boro yesterday blockades our street-railway, so that cars could not run last night, nor until 10

o’clock to-day, and then only after having bad tbo snow removed with a snow-plow. Tho trains to-day on .(ho various railroads wore all behind time, and Chicago papers missed entirely by delays on tho Hanois Central Railroad, caused, it is said, by the snow. Toronto, March 20.—A severe snow-storm prevails ali over tho Provlnco to-day. In some localities snow has fallen to tho depth of two feet. THE PACIFIC ICOAST. Habeas Corpus Case—Vessel Wrecked— 'flio Era of-Crime—More Murders* San Francisco, March 20. —Admiral Solfridgo. in ohodionco to a writ of habeas corpus, brought B. D. Bogart before Judges Sawyer and Hoffman this afternoon. United States Attorney Latimer made the return of Secretary Koboson’s tele graphic order for Bogart's arrest. Pixloy and Harrison, counsel for the prisoner, contended that the authority for arrest was insufficient. The coso partially argued, the Judges refused to place Bogart in the custody of the Marshal, ana remanded him to Admiral Solfridgo. Con tinued till Thursday 2 p. m., for further argu ment. The bark Almatia was wrecked to-day at Vic toria : a total loss. Crow saved. A dispatch just received from Olympia,-Wash ington Territory, says the evening paper of that place publishes the account of two men and one woman, survivors of the ill-fated steamer George S. Wright, having floated ashore on a raft; that the Indians murdered the men afterward, and hold the woman captive. There is probably no foundation to the story, for tho steamer Petrol made a thorough search along tho coast, and found not the slightest oluo to any of tho pas sengers or crow of tho wrecked vessel. J. P. D. Wilkin, Harbor-Master at Stockton, was found this morning in the streets of that place with his skull fractured and pockets rifled. The physicians say ho cannot recover. Two men navo boon arrested on suspicion of being tho parties guilty of the crime, One had Wilkin's knife in his possession. Ex-Supervisor M. J. Kelly, of this city, tried for assault to murder B. J. Shay, was found guilty of assault to commit bodily harm. Last night a man named Lind was brutally murdered in North Bloomfield, Nevada County, by a person unknown. Four shots woro firod. Lind cried “My God." Some men ran to tho place, and found him dead, with a bullet-hole through his body, and his foco aud hood horribly mutilated by an ax. James Blair, who bad a dis pute with Lind, was arrested on suspicion of being the murderer. Thirty hours before, in tho same county, Oon lih Smith was murdered by George Kilgore. ATTEMPTED SUICIDE. Yesterday afternoon, about half-past 3 o’clock, on elderly woman named Francis Pierce at tempted suicldo by leaping into tho nvor from the schooner Kate Hiuchman, at the foot of Fulton street. At the hour named some carpen ters wont aboard a vessel to got a lot of tools which they bad loft In tho cabin. Thoy found the cabin aoor broken open, and part of their tools gone. Upon opening one of tho state rooms, the woman ran out, and, when reaching tho deck, gave a scream aud leaped into tho water. Sue was seen by Officer M. O. Oallihan, who procured a boat and rescued her. Her clothes prevented her from going down a second time. She was taken in an express wagon to tho Union Street Station. During tho evening she exhibited signs of insanity, and it was with diffi culty that she was prevented from killing herself. CITY ITEMS. J. W. Williams, the special police at tho St. James Hotel, who so Inhumanly boat Bosonborg, was admitted to bail in $1,500 bonds, by Justice Banyon, yesterday, the attending physician, Dr. Quirk, having .first certified that Bosonborg was out or danger.' Tboro baa boon a loot Gorman girl at tho house of 0. B. Carpenter, No. 707 West Madison street, since tho afternoon of Monday. Bbe is about 6 years old, and cannot toll who sbo is or whore sbo Uvea. Bho was either rotumlng from or going to school, wbon found, ns sbo bad a ulato and grammar school-book with bor. Singular Mania—A Family Opposed to Uving: In a House. From the JTjjai’fajirt (.Weft.) Sentinel. More years ago than almost anybody now hero can remember, there lived on the oast side of tho river ft family consisting of the mother and sev eral email children. At tho time there was no bridge across tho Union, and at seasons of high water a sort of a scow, attached to a rope strotohod across tho stream, was used as a forty. 'X'ho woman was employed on the west bank of tho river, and by some moans was thrown out of the scow while returning homo, as woli as an other person, and both woro drowned. Thus these small children were left uncarod for, except by tho casual assistance of the very few and scattered emigrants. The body of the second person drowned was recovered almost immediately, while that of tho woman was not found< until some time afterward, whoa tho wa- tor had somewhat subsided. During Hilo period tho ohildron, too small fully to realize how their mother could bo thus snatched away, es pecially a little girl among thorn, disconsolately strolled up and down tho stream calling for thoir protector. With what onto they got, they grow to man and womanhood, but a melancholy had settled upon tho girl, which never loft her, and at length she was placed, with tho hope of re covery, lu an institution In tho State of Now York, ' Eventually tho male ohildron became tho own ers of a farm of IGO acres of laud in this county, on which there is a good house, barn, &o. They then brought their sister back to live with them; and tho family, whoso whole history would bo too long to follow, now consisting of two men and the sister, still cling together and live almost as solitaries. But tho greatest singularity is thoir repugnance to living In a house. It will seem incredible when wo say that with a comfortable house of thoir own, two of them have lived tho whole winter, and are still living and sleeping, out of doors. One yielded to tho weather, or tho importunities of tho neighbors, and took lodgings in a house; tho others continue thoir strange way of living. How do they live, tho reader is ready to ask, with the thermometer sometimes thirty degrees below zero ? Their kitchen Is an inolosuro of logs, simply breast high, without tho least sign of a roof. Tho logs servo to keep away cattle and animals. Thoir sleeping apartments, not in this Incloauro, are rails and logs laid up slanting, so as to leave a low hollow, which is filled with autumnal loaves, in which they bury themselves deeply, and, as it seems, warmly. This mode of life Is thoir choice, for, at tho same time that they oat In an open pen and sleep In loaves, a tenant occupies thoir comfortable house, and a well-kept horse lies in a warm stable. Under all those circumstances such is thoir respect among thoir neighbors that tho latter fool the reluctance of natural politeness against any pressing interference with thoir domestic affairs. But many is tho anxious look on our fierce, wintry mornings cast towards tho woods, whore those almost hermits are known to bo. to see If the smoko of thoir breakfast-fire is curling among tho trees, or whether Its absence Indi cated that they wore atiflly frozen in thoir wintry bods. Up to tho present time thoir smoko still curls. THE ENGLISH FORGERIES. HlacDonnoll, now In Custody In Now York* to Apply for n Ilaboaa Corpus— Uidwoll in Havana-Abstract of tlio Testimony In tlio Cano of Noyes-- William E. Gray, tho Wall Street .Forger, Implicated In tUo Frauds on the Bank of England* Special Digpateh to The Chicago Tribune^ New York, March 20.—Sergeant Webb, of the London police, who is hero about the Bank of England forgeries, was working up a now trail to-day, aided by several private detectives. It is assorted that tho dispatch from Havana about tho arrest of Warren is untrue. New York, March 20. —Tho counsolfor George MacDonnoll, charged with being concerned In tbo recent forgeries on tho Bank of England, have taken action as to tho legality of tho ap pointment of Commissioner Orattman, boforo whom tho caso is under examination, and will probably tost tho question by moans of a habeas corpus and cortlorarl to tho United States Circuit Court. Letters from London state that William E. Gray, tho notorious perpetrator of Wall Street forgeries to tbo amount of $300,000, in 1860, is probably one of tho chief conspirators in the recent forgeries on tho Bank of England. Gray, it will ho remembered, is tbo son of ex-Chaplin Gray, of tbo United States Senate, formerly hold an ofllco in Washington, and is ono of tho most adopt forgers known. London papers of tho 14th, contain the ovl donco glvou in tho case of Edwin Noyes, arrested on suspicion of being concerned in tho lato forgeries on tho Bank of England. Tho woman who was arrested, charged being in unlawful Sosßoaslouof part of procoodsof fraud, testified: ho stated that last August she made the ac quaintance of one George Bidwoll, an American, and wont to Holland ana Franco with him. She know his brother Austin Bidwoll, and a Mr. House, and a Mr. George MacDonnoll. This MacDonnoll she identified by a photograph aa tho person known as a friend of Noyes, but she further states that tbo prisoner Noyes is tbo Mr. Howe, whom she thus mot, Ou 8d of March, George Bidwoll informed her that something had gone amiss with ono of bis friends. Ho shaved off his moustache and commissioned her to moot him with some money at Euaton Square Station, and to go with him to Holyhead. She obeyed his directions, and wont to tho sta tion, but ho was gone and tho police took her into custody. This shows four persons impli cated besides Noyes—tho two Bidwoils, MacDon nell, and Horton, or Warren. Evidoncowas also brought which scorns to prove that those two are really different names of tho same man. Havana March 24.—Bidwoll, alias Warren, who was arrested hero, charged with being the principal in tbo Bank of England frauds, has se cured tbo services of a Havana lawyer to dofoud him. It is probable that Bidwell will remain here for some timo. TO BE HANGED. The Approaching Execution of Thos. Smith? for Murder, ivt Louisville, Ky. Louisville, ' March 20.—Sheriff Shanks this morning completed his arrangements to hang tho negro, Thomas Smith, on Friday, for the murder of Joseph Brador. Tho gallows will bo erected on tho commons in tho southwestern portion of tho city, in tho vicinity of tho spot where William Krol was hanged throe years ago. The scaffold is being erected to-day. Tho Gov ernor declines to intorforo, and in all probability there will bo no reprieve. Smith professes not to bo afraid of death, and says that ho has made his peace with his • Maker, but persists in denying that ho is guilty of tho crime as charged, and says ho will die with that declaration upon his lips. He is a very desperate end evil character, and there is hardly a doubt that ho committed tho murder. Sheriff Shanks will himself officiate at tho hang ing, but expresses groat repugnance at his dis agreeable duty. , Smith was received into tho Methodist Church to-day and partook of tho sacrament. Tho cere mony was conducted by one white and one col ored minister, his own choosing, and Smith was much affected, weeping copiously. After tho ceremony ho said: “I shall dio for this murder, but before long you will all find out I did not do it. I know who did it, but it is impossible to got bold of tho right man now." Ilia protestations of innocence ore not credited, however. PERSONAL. Gen. F. M. Case is tho Citizens’ nominee for Mayor of Denver, Col. Election, April 7. The Wyandotte Entayriso estimates tho wealth of E. B. Ward at $20,000,000. E. B. Cooke, founder of tho Watorbury (Ct.) American, celebrated bis 80th birthday last week. Ho has boon actively engaged in journal ism for sixty years. Gen. B. H. Q. Minty baa boon appointed Superintendent of tho Atlantic, Gulf & West India Transportation Company’s Bailroad, in Florida. _, . Theproraotion of Master Fred to a Lioutonant- Colonoloy Is of a piece with a number of other things, which are essentially imperial and not republican.— Ban Francisco Post. Mmo. Lidia Bodolronna has given tho St. Pe tersburg Academy of Medicine 10.000 to endow an institution for medical instruction for women. Tho widow of Sir Alfred Joseph Tiohborno, whoso estates are tho plum for which tho claim ant fights, was married a few days since to a Capt. Wickham. Judge Poland’s real name, or tho name of his grandfather, a Polish refugee, was so contorted with consonants that tho American tongue gave up tho-contest and called him Poland “for short," and his descendants grow up by that name. Congressman Shanks, of Indiana, loaves in about a week for California, charged by tho In dian Bureau with tho location of tho Indians at Bound Valley, in that State. Ho will also exam ine tho condition of tho Indians in tho Pacific States and Territories and report thereon. Pomeroy, and finrrott Bavin’ Dubious ,* Compliment* From Forney's Chronicle. AYbon, ono day, woary with tbo caros of State, tho Senator from Kentucky was snoozing in his chair bis uarao was called to vote. A neighbor punched his ribs, and said,- “Wako up, Mr. Davis: your «amo Is called.” Half unoou floouHly.tho Koutuokinn roso and asked tbo Vlco- Prosldout what they woro voting on. Tbo Yioo rrcsidout explained that it was a railroad bill in Kansas, “well,” said Mr. Davis, in that shrill voice and pointed manner of his, " what I wont to know boforo I vote, is tho amount of sloalago in this bill.” Whereupon tho groat and good Pomeroy arose, bis fuco beaming all over with tho smiles only a clear conscience can produce, and said: “ If tho Senator from Kentucky will penult mo I will explain. I have thoroughly investigated tho bill, sir, and I assure you If there is any stealing in it I cannot And it." “All right, Mr. President," responded Senator Davis, "If tlio Senator from Kansas can't And any stealage, I'm sotisilod there la none there." [Laughter.] ENGLAND AND IRELAND. Tins Defeat of the Government on tlio Irish University Huestfcon. . An the telegraph haa already mentioned, the debate on the Irish University bill, of March 11, terminated in the defeat of the Government. Tlio Lbndon paporn at hand last night teem with accounts of the struggle. The Standard of March 13, aays t . .... “ During the evening tho scone in the lobbies was more exciting than on the occasion of any groat dobato since that which ended in the de feat of Mr. Disraeli's Ministry in 1803. Blxiy slx men took their places In the stranger’s gal lery at B>rf o’clock, and not one of them moved until tboond of the Conservative loader’s speech. Tlio crowd waiting in the octagon, and grad ually Altering in and out of tlio inner lobby as tbo cordon of police could bo eluded, was suf ficient to fIU tbo Speaker’s gallery, and tho dozen seats under tho gallery llvo times over. Tho whips woro, of course, very busy, and notably on tbo Liberal sldo. Books woro conned very close ly, and there was somo anxiety shown as to whether Mr. Butt and some other Irish members pledged to voto against tho second reading had arrived in town ns was expected. Several Liberal peers dropped into tho lobby to consult Mr. Glyn. Lord Granville coming for that purpose about 11 o'clock, half an hour after Mr. Disraeli had risen. The ladies’ galleries woro so much crowded all tho evening that tbo wives oven of Cabinet Ministers, brought down to soo tho ond of tho crisis, had tho utmost difficulty in finding any accommodation. At threo minutes to 12 tho Princo of 'Wales and Duko of Edinburgh, for whom places had been reserved all tho ovoning in tho poors' gallery, arrived, and slipped into tho liouso almost unnoticed by tbo throng in tho lobby. Notwithstanding tho promises, of Mr. Butt and others in Ireland to voto against tho bill, Mr. Callan was. tlio only Irish member who turned up before midnight in addition to thoso who had been for somo days in town. As tho critical moment approached one or two restive members began to manifest symptoms of a do siro to rotiro to tholr own proper domiciles, so as to oscapo tho necessity of expressing an opin ion which thoy probably bad not formed. But it .was to no purpose that thoy thus tried to got off. Tho oyo of a whip was upon thorn, and in a very few moments they woro brought into a state of docility. At 1:05 the doorkeeper of tho Houao gavo tho order that all strangers should loavo tho inner lobby, and no matter what claim was preferred, tho order was ruthlessly, if civilly, oxccntod by tbo policemen on duty. During Mr. Gladstone's peroration—which soomod to bo strangely neglected—tho inner lobby became full of members, and 1% thoro woro over ninety members lounging about with out tho sacred portals. Tho Conservatives had at this time all tho members on whom thoy had counted present, except Mr. Octavius Dun combo, who was probably detained by circum stances over which ho had no control: audit was observed by tbo babituos of tho lobby that Mr. Qlyn’e faco was an index of tbo result. Pre cisely at 2 o'clock tho loud roar of “ayes,” and tho still louder roar of “noos," proclaimed that tho timo bad at length come. At onco all tho remaining “ strangers" were cleared from tho lobbies, and in throe minutes tho doors woro slammed, that tho questions might bo put. Then, oftor twenty minutes warring, tbo doors wero thrown open, and it booamo known that tho Government bad lost on tho second reading by threo votes. Ton minutes later tho Ilouao and its precincts woro at poaco." A press dispatch says: “Tbo whip of last night was ono of tbo severest over known. Ono Conservative member was brought by special train and special boat from Paris, at an expendi ture of £BO, and arrived jnst in timo to record his voto. Immediately before the division took place, Mr. Glyn mado a moat earnest appeal to Mr. Guest, tho mombor for Youghalj but, after a somewhat excited altercation, tho honorable gentleman joined tbo Irish oontingont, and wont into tbo Opposition lobby. Tho Liberal * hip then turned to Bit Bobort Peel, to beseech him vote against tho Government, but tho mombor for Tamwortb was equally obdurate, and re corded his voto with the Conservatives. Up to yesterday morning Ministers wero in hopes that thoy would pass tho second reading by a small majority. In tho afternoon, however, Mr. Glad stone was informed that tuoco would probably | bo a majority of five against tho bill. Lord Elcho, tho only Conservative who voted for tho ( bill, is stated to bavo originally intended to go with bis party, bat was induced to alter hia in tention after the apoooh of 'Mr. Disraeli, which bo behoved to bo in favor - of concurrent endow ment.” Tho London Times says: “ Tho House divid ‘ od on the question that tho bill bo road a second time. Great excitement prevailed on tho return of the tollers ; and when tho clerk at tbo tablo handed the paper to Col. Taylor, tho well-known sign of victory was greeted by tho Opposition with deafening cheers, a few members going tho i length of waving their hats. Tho cheering was “ renewed whoa tho tollers came to the table. As 1 soon os silence could bo obtained, Col. Taylor doolarod the numbers: For 284 Against 287 Majority against Government 3 “ Tbo announcement of tbo numbers was tbo signal for another tumultuous burnt of cheer ing.” Effects of Vegetable Perfumes on Health. An Italian professor baa made aomo very agree able medical rosooroboa, resulting in tbo discov ery that vegetable perfumes exercise a positively healthful influence on tbo atmosphere, convert ing its oxygon into ozone, and thus increasing its oxydiziug influence. The essences found to develop the largest quantity of ozone are those of cherry laurel, moves, lavender, mint, juniper, lemons, fennel, and bergamot: those that give it in smaller quantity are anise, nutmeg, and thyme. Tbo flowers of tbo narcissus, hyacinth, mignonette, heliotrope, and lily of the valley, develop ozone in closed vessels. Blowers des titute pf perfume do not develop it, and those which have but slight porfumo develop it only in small quantities. Reasoning from those foots the professor recommends the cultivation of flowers in marshy districts, and in all places in fested with animal emanations, on account of tbo powerful oxydlzing influence of ozone. The inhabitants of such regions should, ho says, surround their houses with beds of the most odorous flowers. A Barrel Full of Money. From the Lafayette {hid.) Journal . A well-known Chicago commission merchant, while on a visit to this city, some time since, ad vised some of his customers that it was a good time to invest in corn, and that by such an in vestment, at the then prices, in his language |‘a barrel of money could bo made,” The advice was taken, and a hundred thousand or so bushels of corn purchased by several gentlemen. As time rolled on tbo hopes of an advance grow daily fainter, and at last the downward tendency showed the certain prospect of a loss. On Sat urday, a mooting of the victims was hold, and, after consultation, au empty flour barrel was procured and sent to the aforesaid commission merchant, with the request that ho would fill it with greenbacks, and return. Ho has not yet boon hoard from, but it is supposed that ho will comply with the request, as ho is in duty bound to do so. Ocenu Steaumlilp Nows. Southampton, March 2C. Tho steamship Deutschland has arrived. New York, March 26.—Tho Castilian has ar rived from Glasgow, also tho St. Laurent from Brest, and Hammonla from Hamburg. London, March 26.— Tho steamship Holaatia loft Havre to-day for Now York with tho paa aongora and cargo of tho disabled etoamahip Cambria. Tho Siloaia, which took tho place of Holsatia. Bailed from Hamburg to-day for Now York. ■ Firo. Duhuqde, lowa, March 20.—A flro on Monday morning in Concord Township, Dubuquo Coun ty, destroyed tho flouring mill of A. Ersldno, together with 8,000 bushels of wheat and a largo quantity of flour. Tho total loss Is about $25,000: lona on mill, $12,000; immrauco, SB,OOO, as follows: Hartford, $1,000; Btato In surance Company, Dos Moines, $1,500; Gor man, Freeport, 111., $1,000 ; National, Hannibal, $1,500. BUiinvrocl(»Loai of Wfo* Savannah, March 20. — I Tho hark Arathusa, from Bristol for Doboy, Is aahoro at Ossabaw and going to piocoa. Ton of hor crow wore drowned. tocn Option.” Philadelphia, March 26.— Tho official ma jority in Dauphin County for liquor lioonao ia 1,202. AUCTION SALES. By UAVISNS & CO., 63 South Oaual-st. •Will ioll, on SATURDAY, March 89, at 0:30 a.m. 60,00-J Sogarn, large h.tot Uloaswaro, Household hum turo of every doborlplloii, Carpels, Ac., Ao. s Show Oaeot Frames, Hllvor-platol Castors. Hal Hacks, Wall I’ookoti Desks, Chaim, Ao. nAYIiNg & C o„ w SouUl oanal it. MARRIAGES. . FASSRTT-OUOfIBV-Tnoßdnyovonlnrf. MarohSß. 1878, ' o'clock p. m.. at family mansion homo Wont lloibury, aM., by the Iter. «lamun Freeman Olarko. Mr. Oeorgo • Fnnsott, of Chicago, anti Miss Fannie 11. Crosby, ol Wc«t lloibury, Mass. BLY—MOOHR-At the Oaklaml Congregational Ohnreh 1 Tuesday evening, March 25, by the Hot.. David owing, i ho Hov. lion. K. H. ICly ana Miss Abblo A. Moore, both of thlsolty. DEATHS. nUnOttßß—Wednesday, March 98, 1873, at Norwood Park, Mrs. Jannot Unrgoss, ngcil 01 yearn. Funeral on Friday, March 28, at 11 a. m., from tho rcsl* donoo of J. winship, Ksq,, Norwood Park. Friends of tlio family ploaso attend without farther OAUEY—At Mackinac, on tho 6lh Inst., Matthew Frahols Garoy, aged CO years. MULLTN.S—March 25. at bis rosldonco 711 LarraboO’St., Daniel Mullins in tho 70th year of his ago. Funeral notice will bo given hereafter. DUPONT—Ooorgo Dnpftnt, aged 61 years. Funeral to-day at 10 o'clock a. m. Members of th« French Mutual Society and tho Lafayette nro requested to attend by tho friends at MW South Olark-st. GIFT ENTERPRISE. TUK MAY DR BOLD TIB MY Whlohwlll draw tho 8100,000 Gapltnl GiftJpaya. able in Greenbacks) in thoTIIlRl) GRAND GIFT GONCKItT for tho bonollt of tho Public I.lbrnrj of ]Cy.« at Library Kail, Louisville, Ky., positively oa April 8, 1870. WhynutT It was Just about tho same length of timo previous to tho last Concert that tho capi tal gilt was bought. Tho gifts, which make a vast aggro* gate of $500,000 CTJIEWRIBISra-'Z-;, Aro divided Into Ten Thonimml sifts, to bo distributed by lot Among ticket-holders. Only ono hundred thousand tickets will bo sold, making a cash gift to ovary ten. Those who apply Ural can obtain such as aro now on band. Thousands of dollars had to bo returned to people vfho desired to securo tickets to tbo previous Concerts, but or* dorod too Into. It Is not sure to wait now* This Is the list of gilts: One Grand Cask Gift, - • 8100,00 a Ono Grand Caah Gift, - - - 50,000 Ono Grand Cash CJlft, « «, « 26,000 Ono Oram! Cash Gilt, ... 20,000 One Grand Caah Gift, ■ • 10,000 One Grand Cash Gift, ... 5,000 24 Cash Gifts of 81.000 cack, 24,000 50 Cash GlOs of 500 “ 25,000 80 Cash Gills of 400 11 32,000 100 Cash GIOb of 300 “ 30,000 150 Cash Gifts of 200 “ 30,000 500 Cash Gifts of 100 “ 0,000 Gush Gifts of 10 “ Total, 10,000 GIOs, all Cash, - 8500,000 Tickets, 810; Halves, SO ; Quarters, 82.50. One In ton Is sure to draw. Huy Eleven Tickets for 8100, and act your money back at least. All gifts payable In greenbacks, without deducting any discounts. The Library is under direct contrql of the Legislature of tho State and the Libraiy Trustees, assisted and advised by tho moat eminent citizens of tho South* west, under whoso direction, also, tho Concert and Draw ing is held, business of tho Concert Is In charge of Hen. Kx*Gov. Thomas E. llramletto, of Ky, Tickets, like greenbacks, aro good to tho holder, buyers do not necessarily have to bo present at tho drawing, as an olliclal list is furnished each one, and (rifts, duo ticket holder* at a distance can bo collected through any bank or Express Company, tho same as a draft or chock Is col* looted. Order quick. Send money by P. O. Order, Draft, Registered Letter, or Express, prepaid. For tickets, full programme, Infomatfon and allpnr* tlculnr*, apply either tollon. 11103. at Louisville, or b. I. DIBBLE A 00.» 1M LaSallo it., OUIOAGO. Western Depot Hupplj. Xpply also at flookatoros of W. PHILLIPS. Dear born-st., and ÜB7 Stnlo-st.s HORTON A URp., 637 Wosl*. V. FITZPATRICK, B&JBtato*st., L. MA NASBE, Optician, 03 West Madlson*st., or at TUB* MONT HOUSE. AUCTION SALES. By GEO. P. GORE & CO., 22, 21, and2Bßandolph-U. General Auctioneers and Commission Merchanla; hold regular sales every TUESDAY of Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats and Caps, Notions, &o, ON WEDNESDAY, BOOTS -AJSTID SHOES. ON SATURDAY. Furniture, Household Goods, Crockery, Ao. Outside •ales of allklnds attended to, and aspecialty made ofsalos of furniture atprlvatorosldouoos. Sales cashed In tnroa days, and cash advance* made. -■ AT .A-TJCTIOasr. Household Furniture, OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Parlor, Library, Chamber, and Kitohon Furniture Walnut Wardrobes, Sideboards, t Pillar Extension Tables, Lounges, Sofas, Prenoh and Gorman Plato Minors, Open Baggies, Offlco Beaks, Show Cases, 80 Bolls Wool, Hemp, and Bog Carpet, 0 Orates English Orookery, 76 Pkgs. Glassware, 10 Casks of Yellow and Bookingham Ware, 40 Bolls English and Brussels Carpets, On SATURDAY, March K>, at W* o'clock, flalo on throo flotirtr. •. .. Q. p. QORB Sj 00.. Aoctlonoei By EEISON & FOSTER. BANKRUPTCY! BANKRUPTCY! ; We Will Sell tie Entire Pnrnitnre of tie g-aijT housh 42 South, Water-st., AT AUCTION On THURSDAY MORNING, March 27, at 10 o’clock, comlatingof Parlor and Chamber Furniture, Dining-Room and Kitohon Fornlturo, Crockery, Gloat* ware, SUvo-Platod Waro.Outlory, Hods and Bedding, Large Hotel Range, Bar Furniture, Show-Cases. Ac., U fact, everything pertaining to a Hotel, By order of R. 11. JENKINS, Assignee. ELISON A FOSTER, Auctioneer!. POSTPONEMENT. The Auction Silo of Elegant Household Furniture. Ac,* to have taken place Wednesday morning, the 26th Inst., at 186 South Sangnmon-st., Is postponed till MONDAY, the Slat, aamo time and place. _ mo <uat, nauio uu KU fr oy & FOSTER. Auctioneers. By JVM. A. BUTTERS & CO., CLOSING- SALE OB MARBLE & AGATE' GOODS, A.rr -A-TJOTioisr, THIS MORNING, March 27, at 10 a. in.,fat Saleroom*, 66 and 67 South Oanal-st. WM. A. BUITERS A CO., Aaotloneora. To Manufacturers and Others. Large Two-Story factory and ValnaWe Lease, NOS. 1-14 110 FULTON-ST.. AUOTIONT, On MONDAY MOHKINO, April 7, at 10 o’clock, on tho premises. WM. A. HUTTiSKS A CO.. Auctionoora. TWO MILLION DOLLARS. GEEAT CLOSING OUT. TRUSTEES 5 SALE REMAND PERSONALPROPERTY Belonging to tho CHICAGO LAND COMPANY, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, Da TOMsJay, the letli Jay of Jane, 1873, Dr tho articles of tho association of said Company, 11 la provided that all 1 ho property In t ho hand* of tho Trustoea hi tho tuuiuh of Juno, 18(3, must ho sold at auction for cash, to close (botruat. . , .. Tho realty la centrally located in tho CITY OF CHI CAGO, anil Is valued at SI, Jkd, 000, and composed largely of river and canal frontage, dookod and ready for Immedi ate uao. Alsu, a largo number of vacant lots In tbelmmo. dlnto vicinity of tho docks, all noil adapted for business P TRotUlo to this property Ifl unquestioned, having boon hold and owned hy tho Association for twenty years. Tho personal proporty consists of notes bearing 7 pei cent interest, having fmmouo to llvoyearoto run, and amounting to about ijrtUO,ooo. Those notes wore received for deferred payments on land bought from the Company hr tho makers thereof, and tholr payment Is secured by mortgage on tho same. TKIIMH Or bALE, CASH. Tho personal property will bo ready for trausfur and delivery immudlately after tho sale. Purchasers of realty will bo required to maku a deposit on tho day of sale of 10 per cont on tho amount of tholr purchase, tho balance to bo paid within thirty davs, or as soon after tho snlo as deeds can ho made and delivered. D . OODKN. L. K. imHOIIKU, GKOUGIi WATSON. Chicago, March 13, 1873. Trustees. IT. 11. Uouuk, Suorotary. „ .. .for. OtHuo with Ogdeu, Sheldon A 00., Iloom Si. No. 178 La* Balie-st By BltUSIf, SON & CO. GBBAT SAOBIFXOB I MONDAY, March 81, at 3 p. m., wo will sell, to dost censigimioiit, a STEAM CANAL BOAT, ssjftfiatt- Tno w ‘‘““'i7S&6r.‘ l s3K& l ’ r; T norm urautu. Auctioneers, Must Wadboa-ab 50,000 00,000

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