Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, March 30, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated March 30, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. -A_ WILLIAM S . WIUUB & MIITHIIET, INSURANCE Oriental Building, No. NEW YORK AND YORKERS INSURANCE CO., NSW YORK. COMMERCE FIRS INSURANCE COMPANY, NEW YORK. ARMENIA INSURANCE COMPANY, PITTSBURGH. REMOVALS, REMOVAL.! ■K-5.-lIST -TT. O C3-<3-’S Newspaper Print AND OFFICE OF THE EAILEOAD GAZETTE, Litfl 63 and C 5 South Canal-at,. 13 NOW SSMOVED TO 77 and 79 Jackson-st., OPPOSITE THTHD-AV. MAIM OFFICE OF KELLOGG’S ADVERTISING LISTS AMD Amfliary Newspajer Sheets. PT* NEWSPAPER PRESS-WOKE executed for the trade. lE^EZMZO^T-iLXj. Back again on the Old Tramping Ground, 18<t <sc 186 nVEOHSTRXDIE-S'l?- With a complete stock of ES J. W. BUTLER & CO., Manufacturers & Wholesale Paper Dealers, BLACKBUEN BROS., Dealers in Leafier anl Sloe Finite, TO IST O - aos LAZE-ST. PHILO I. WARNER ias removed his residence from 417 Wabash-av., to Mo. 7 Hubbard Court. P. I. WARMER. _ TO RENT. TG IRZEDSTr, With Power, Three Rooms, containing 6,000 sq. feet; will bo rented separately or together. Apply at LOFT, BTJEN'- HAM& CO.’S PLANING MILL, cor. Twenty-second and Throop-sts. TO ZE^SZsTT STORES, OFFICES, LOFTS, DWELLINGS. WM. a. SAMPSON i CO.. HI LuSaUc-nt., Otli Bloclt, TO BENT. 56 Lake-st., large double store, with elegant vaults: hoist-way, cboap;46 Lake-st.. single store, with vault and hoist-way; $4 Lake-st., double store, vaults, and holst-way;l3San<i 140 Wabaah-av., 40ilb0, with vaulte and hoist-way. These stores are offered at a bargain:Bl9 nod 915 Stato-st., at cost price; 183, 195, 197, 201, 203, 505. 207, 209, and 211 Clark-st.; also, 70 and 72 East Han* <lolph-st.j -banking-rooms, offices, sleeping-rooms in Reaper Block. McCormick Block, Speed Block, Ken tucky Block; also, rooms at 117, I£3, 183 Clark-st., cheap; Also, a largo list of dwellings from May 1. I will bo at the old stand. No. 97 Clark-st., In April, with good ▼suits. By J. M. MARSHALL, House Renting Agency, now *.t 134 Clark-st. TO RENT. Three-story and basement brick dwelling on Wabash .av., east front. No. 871, north of Twentleth-st. Stores, 'basements, and rooms in marble-front block on Wabash, •av., just north of Twenty-secoad-st. Apply to BAIRD & BRADLEY, 90 LaSalle-st. For Rent. Elegant six-story and basement stone front store. Southeast corner of State and Jackson-sts.. ■ excellently arranged for snblottlng. Rent very moderate. Call and obtain tonus. WM. H. SAMPSON ± CO., TO RENT, After April 15, the premises Icnown as 68 & 70 South Canol-st., and Boiler and Steam Fittings for sale, if desired. J. M. W. JONES. HALL TO RENT. HALSTED-ST. OPERA HOUSE, corner Ualsted and Barrison-sta.. can bo rented after April 1, for society mootings, balls, etc., and on Snndays for church pur poses: by the rear, if preferred. Apply to J. H. KEELER, 145 Clark-st., corner Madison. PATTERNS. 288 STATE-ST. 288 STATE-ST. IMPORTANT TO LARIS! EB HEW HAJLPEE'B BAZAB PAPEE PATTEBH EMPORIUM, With a full Catalogue of the Latest Styles and the best Fitting Patterns now in use, will bo ready for sales in a few days. Call for Catalogues, which arc free of charges, U No. 238 State*6t., near Van Burcn. J. LETT. GcnT Agent. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. NOTICE OE CONSOLIDATION. In order to secure better facilities for the transaction of oar business of making Examinations of Titit. to real property in Chicago and Cook Countv and thereby save our customer# much valuable time, the firms of Wihnanns £ Thielcke. and C. C. GUlmore A Co., have this day been consolidated Into one firm, under the old linn name of Wilmamu £ Xiiiolcko. WILMANNS 4 THIELCKE, C. C. GILMORE 4 CO., Conveyancers and Abstract Makers. Chicago. March 59. 1573. I '°* 90 L * S * U| ”‘ l - Room “• HAIR LUXURIANT. Oato&ofjodrbead laab&ldepot. Try MANN’S HAHt LUXURIANT. INSURANCE. GEO. W. ALOTsHEGOLAEIR.'S'. AGENTS, 120 LaSalle street. BUSINESS CARDS. CARD BOARD PAPER HOUSE. T. S. GILLETT, 116 Fiftli-av., AND 103 West Randolph-st. B. B. PRESTON, 138 Lake-st. 138 BELTIN”Q AND EUBBEE STORE. EDWIN HUNT & SONS, :h:.a.:r,:dw.a.;r,:e3 58 and GO Lakc-st- Builders’ Hardware a specialty. All kinds of Trimmings in Bronze, Silver and Nickel Plate, and other styles. Carpet Cleaning Works, BOSTON CARPET CLEANING CO., 44 and 4G West Adams-st„ Chicago. Branch OSec, 9% Twenty-second-st. We are now read}’ to Take Up, Clean, and Relay Oar peU at abort notice. Carpets aro not wet la any way to clean. Mo charge for cartage. Satisfaction guaranteed. A. M. HAMKIMSOM A CO. SHUFELDT & BALL Hare permanently located their XjA.'W office At IG2 Washlngtop-st,, Rooms 35. 36 and 47. JL- a^GHKTES Has opened an office, Room 12 Metropolitan Block, of R«>al Estate, Brokerage, Collections, and Commission. He respectfully solicits the patronage of his numerous friends nud of the public in eunarai. INSURANCE. Ureal Western Insnrajice Ci„ OF NEW ORLEANS, LA. CAPITAL, ONEIILLIONDOLLARS. m H. SELMM & CO., 11l W. Wasliiugton-st., Managers Northwestern Departm’t, RANGES, &o, Warren Ranges, Richmond Ranges, Stewart Cook Stoves, American Cook Stoves, Diamond Furnaces, And a tctj desirable line of new Housekeeping Goods. DAI.TON cfcj CO’S, 80 & 82 HAIiDOLPH-ST., near State. VAN’S RANGES, Carting Tallies, Broilers, &c. HERON, SMITH & MOOERS, S. E. cor. Clinton and Washington-sts. GENERAL NOTICE, ALTERATION OF TIME. Sherman House, CHICAGO, XXjXj. In consequence of the sorcro storm, the opening of this celebrated Hotel will bo delayed till SATURDAY, April 6, when the finest and most onrannxlioos Hotel on the continent will bo in perfect order to receive guests. WEST CHICAGO, • , March is. 1873. I wonld respectfully inform my friends that 1 am a can didate for Supervisor of the West Division, and very ear nestly request that those interested in my election will come out early on the morning of Tuesday, April 1, and oblige, very truly yours, CUAS. H. SCANLAN. 2*23 West Kaodolnh-et. STATIONERY. CM, MCE, HOTNE & CO.'S. Fine Stationery AND blawe: books, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. 118 AND 120 BIONTROE-ST. DOUBLE ILIPIffIT And other Drawing Papers at J. G. LANGGUTH’S, Optician. S2Statc-st., bet. Washington and Randolph. OVERCOATS. H. H. HUSTED & CO., Corner Clark & Monroe-sts. Fine Spring Overcoats 822, Equal to Custom Made at S3O to 535. Fine Cassiracre Spring Overcoats, all Wool, 810, Very Chcop. All Clothing Oar Own JXakc, and Equal to Any in the City. C. 8. MUNSON. Manager. CHICAGO, SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 1873—SIXTEEN PAGES. HOSIERY. BUBETFT&SUTTON 111 Sot Frallil We shall offer on MONDAY the largest and best assorted stock of Foreign and Domestic Hosiery to be found in the city, at popular prices. Buyers will consult their own inter ests by examining our line in the above goods before making pur chases elsewhere. RETAIL BE, J a.2KTCE3; 3 253 West Madison-st. PHOTOGRAPHS. IMM., HALL, M Jisii mi 21? West Maiisi-st, Will cpntinne, until further notice, to make his best BERLIN MD REMBRANDT CATU3 'Photographs, COPIES, AM PICTURES OF BABIES, j FOR ONLY $2.50 PER DOZEN. FINANCIAL. MiSMMSi, Bankers, First Moral Ban! BnMag, contlwest coraer of Stale and Waslington-sts,, Cllcago, Dealers in Gold and Silver Bullion, Bor Deaf, Sheet and Granulated Forms for mechanical purposes. Deposits received in either currency or coin, subject to check without notice. Sis per cent interest allowed on all daily balances. Checks upon us pass through the Clearing- House, as if dra./ n upon any city bank. Interest - credited and accounts-current rendered monthly. Coin and Currency Drafts onNev York. E J. CHRISTOPH & GO., Bans, Enropean Mange, and Passage Easiness, 75 South Clark-st., OPPOSITE COtTET HOUSE Dealers in Coin, Government and Local Stocks, Real Es tate and Commercial Paper. Passage to and from Europe by the best German and English Steamship Company, at lowest rates. Drafts on all Cities in Europe; I etlers of Credit. Interest Paid on Deposits. Money safely invested on Real Estate at 10 per cent In terest. lOXMiES SAVINGS BANE, 105 CLAItK-ST.« Methodist Church Block. •Six per cent Interest allowed on deposit*, payable semi* annual!*, .Inly 1 and Jan. 1 in each year. GKO. SCOVTLLE, President. Wai. Kelsit Reed, Cashier. NOTE.—Until further notice, any boy or girl calling at the Bank will bo presented with & past book free, and one dimcdopoaUed to his orhorcredit, which sum can be drawn out at pleasure. TEE BANKOF GHICA6O. General Bantiai. Foreip Eichanae. Collecting a Specialty. Interest allowed on deposits in the Savings Department for the full time the money remains on deposit. W. H. PARK. Cashier. J. J. McCARTHT, Asst. Cash. BANKING HOUSE WRENN & BREWSTER, 9G 'Wasliiugtou-st. Deroiiltff Received and Interest Allowed. Gold, Government Bonds, Local Stocks, and Commcr* cUI Paper Bought and Sold. Collateral Loans and Commercial Paper form a leading feature in our business, for the nocollation of which mo have unusual facilities. CHARLES H' BROWER. R. PARKER PIERCE. PIEECE & BEOWEE, BROKERS, S3 aiADISOKT-ST. Local Stocks, Commercial Paper, Goromjncnt and Western Socuritleo. Illinois 10 per cent Registered Cou pon Bonds. • BIEIB Bta There Is a demand for some thorough, energetic, and well-devised, and well-managed concern for collecting claims, that will do the business and make returns. In* vesUcate, and find whether we embody these virtues. FRASIER'S Mercantile Collection Agency, 146 Madl son-st. ' SIO,OOO To loan on Chicago Real Estate, Improved oranlmproved. for live years. In one or tno JAMIg> Southwest comer Clark and Madiion-sts. $15,000.00 UHIOK HIDE & i .HATH HR CO. STOCK POE SALE Pays large diridends. Most be sold. For farther par. Uculara apply to C. R. FIELD A CO., 151 Monroe-st. Real Estate Loans. Money to loan In sums of $3,000 and upward* on Im proved property, at reasonable rates. SHELDON £ WATERMAN, 30 Nixon's Building. .A_. O. SLAUGHTER, Banker and Broker, northwest corner Clark and Madison tie., dealer in Government Bonds, Gold, Canada Money, and Local Securities. I‘r_y and mII on commission in New York, Stocks, Bondi, Am Will also furnish at sob scriptlon price any of the z. aw Railroad Bond*, free ef commission. FOR SAEE. RAIN, LAKE & RIVER WATER FILTERS, Wholesale and retail, at SE AVEY’S Hardtraro and llobm I’urnialtiac Store, ltd Lako-st. REAL ESTATE. NTL^ZDTJ-AJBILB KlUBTin FOE, SALE. Owing ton change In cnrbnslncM (having recently en gaged In banking), wo have decided to offer fur sale, (or Die next SO days, a part of our real estate at a bargain : 104x150 feet on Jeffersou-st., between Madison and Washlngton-eta, with substantial brick buildings covering whole lot. feet, on Canal-st., near Harrison. 50 feet (with house) on Forest-av., near Donglaa-place. Illock 98, Canalport. Block IS, in Walter’s Subdivision of part of See. 31,39,13. N j.;of Blocks 16 and 17, same subdivision, 40 acres In s. e. k n. w. li Sec. 36. 29, 13. 40 acres in s. w. if n. w. L See. 36, 39, 13. 10 acres, being Block 3 in Hundley’s Subdlvlson of w a. w. if Soo. 36, 3», 13. 2u acres, being e. M of Blocks 11 and 12, and all of Block 17. s. e. hi Sec. 35, 39. 13. K) acres in e. s. vr. if Sec. 35, 39, 13. 80 acres in c. jjn. o. if See. IC, 38, 13, jost subdivided, bnt not recorded. 12H, acres in tv. $4 n. w. Sec. 1, 38 13. 17>4 acres gore of land fronting north side of canal, Sec. 3. 38, 13. 15(1 lots In Adam Smith’s Subdivision. 122 lots in Pierson D. Smith’s Subdivision. ADAM SMITH A SON. Southwest tiorcer State and Washlngton-sla. ” FOR SALE -A-X Kenwood Station. Th© whole or a part of that splendid Five Acre Block situated on Bake and fitadison avs., between Forty-seventh and Forty eighth-sts., within 300 ft. of the Kenwood D epot. Grounds highly improved with orna mental trees and shrubbery, and by far the most desirable residence property south of Chicago, being in a very select neighborhood, and offering, as they do, an unobstructed view of tho lake, sufficiently removed from the railroad to be free from all danger or an noyance therefrom. Price, $l5O per front foot 150 ft. deep, or S2OO per front foot. 300 ft. deep. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON & CO., 1(14 XiaSallo-st., Otis Block. A Rare Opportunity. The house and lot No. 745 Wabash-av., will be offered at Administrator’s Sole, to settle an estate. Possession immediate. The lot is 27 by 180, of excellent width for per manent improvements. The house is frame, has 12 rooms in good condition for occu pancy. The location, below Pourteenth-at,, is convenient to the heart of business. Will prove a paying investment, as the rent will secure handsome interest on the pur chase money. Pavorable terms will bo of fered- Address DR. R. O. TTAMTT.L, Administrator, cor. Thirteenth-st. and wa bash-av. WASHINGTON HEIGHTS. CMce Tracts, Grove ai Prairie, 10, 20, 40, 80 and 160 Acres, for sale by C. 0. THAYER. & CO 186 East Madison-st. HOUSES, LOTS, STORES, • OFFICES, For SALE, to EXCHANGE, and to RENT, In all parts of the city and suburbs, at BOTTOM PRICES. FIVE ELEGANT new STORES nt BARGAINS. EL EGANT SUBURBAN HOME, with ample grounds, to rent low. ACRES for SUBDIVISION a SPECIALTY. See list la (or aole column of Sunday's Tribune. JACOB C. MAGILL, 81 and S3 South Clark-st. WAsra&Tora. resideng: FOB We axe authorized to offer for sale an elegant brick house, containing about 14 rooms, besides bath-room, furnace, hot and cold water, and all the modern improvements, on one of the most prominent corners on West Washington-st., east of Union Park. For prices, terms, &0., apply to W. D. EERPOOT & CO., 90 East Washington-st. FOE SALS. • The Executors of the Estate of Thomas Suffern, late of New York, now offer for sale SIXTEEN HUNDRED LOTS, Bounded on the north by Division-st., on the east by Bobey, on the south by Chicago-av„ and on the west by Western-nv. Those liota will front on the above-named streets, and also on Hoyne, Leavitt, and Oakley-sts. This valuable property has never before been placed in tho market, raid is now offered on the most favorable terms. For plats, ab stracts, and terms apply to MATTOCKS & MASON, Agents, 523 Wabash-av. Washington Haights! We offer for a short time at Wholesale Acre Prices, fif teen of the most desirable blocks In the Morgsn-av, Sab division near the depot, at price* that will insure to pur chasers 60 to 100 per cent profit retailing tho lots doting tho coining summer. Terms, H balance la 1, 2 and 3 years; interest at 7 per cent. B. F. CZ.ARKE CO., 122 T.aSnllc-at. FOR BALE. 20 acres at "Washington Heights. 20 acres, or part, in Subdivision adjoining Northwestern Car Shops. 0.1R,. Boom 20,164 LaSaUo-st. FOE. SALE. Two acre* fronting Dirersy-st., la Block 2, of LiU and Dirersy’e Division of See. 29, 40, 14, and Block 4 (5 acres), in same division. This property Is well located for subdi vision. PHELPS A BICHL. 135 South Clark-at. FOR SAM, AT A BAEOAIN. The two-story and basement Brick House, with all modem improvements, 1303 Xndi ana-a v., comer Twenty-ninth-st.; bam and carriage-house attached. Apply at tno house, or at the office, 4 Wabash-av. CHAB. V. MABSH. A FIRE RESIDENCE 11SA1E At a bargain, at Ravenswood, 30 mine tea’ ride from Kln zls-st. Depot. Gothic Cottage on brick basement, con tatnlng 8 rooms, furnace, filter, well, and cistern; lot 142x152: ornamented with fruit and shade trees. Inquire of Vi. P. JONES, Room 16. No. LaSaJle-st. ’ KENWOOD. 100 feet of Lake Shore property, with bouse and fnrnl* tnre. Nearest house to Keawooa Station. /S or before March Ist. For sale by CHA.CE 4 ABFLL, lo* Dearborn-si. FOB SALE, CHEAP. 48 feot oa Whltlng-st., opposite Washington Park, off LaSaUo-fll. Ad'lreM A ICC, tribune o2ce. MUSICAL. HALLETT, DAVIS & CO.’S PIANOS. SEVENTY-FIVE first premiums award ed for BEST PIANOS. 20,000 have been manufactured and are now in USE. Franz Liszt, first of living Pianists, says It is the most admirable iustruiuentever made. fiTThese Pianos, both Grand and Square, can be seen in Chicago, in large cumbers, with a variety of other manufactures, at the Plano and Organ Warerooma of W. W KIMBALL, Wabash-av.& Thirteenth-st. A large assortment of new Pianos and Or gans io KENT. Parties wishing to pay by installments can be accommodated. Some fine second-hand PIANOS and OR GANS at prices to suit purchasers. Pi ANOB from $75 to s2u». ORGANS (rum S7O to $l5O. AH for sals or rent. Can ba purchased on time. W. W. KniB.VLL, WuboaU-av., corner Tbirteentli-st., Cblcngo. JIILIi BAUER I CO., 390,392,394 & 336 faW-37., Have now on hand a complete stock of the c-i fiei dud Pins, THE Favorite Bair Pins, THE Iliwll Bauer Organs, THE Mi's Sta-Tflipi Orpis, Also, a number o? SECOND-HAND IN STRUMENTS, which they arc offering at VERY LOW PRICES and easy terms, prior to their REMOVAL to the PALMER HOUSE, comer State and Monroo-ats., in April. Such, has bees the extraordinary demand daring the pail few months lor the STEIIWAI “ UPRIGHT.” or ** CABINET," Plano*, that we have, until now. boon ncibio to accumulate c complete aunrt mentof these m.itchlets in»trumonta. Wo can-alaoox* hlblt a number of magnificent “SOUARB GBANDS," with the new duplex scale. New and accond-hand pianos of other makes at s2uo and upward*. SMITH A NIXON, Nos. IC2 and 164 Statist. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. $25, $35, $45, SSO, $55, $65, $75, SBS, SIOO. The Empire Parlor Bedstead Surpasses All. Seven Styles. Adapted to Parlor, Library, Dining-room, Offico, and Store. Occupies only ono-iourth the space of a common bedstead. An elegant pleco of furniture, convertible instantly into a perfect bed. Sold on installments of $lO a month, If desired. See prices as abnre. N. B.— Furni ture of all kinds on Instalments. EMPIRE PARLOR BEDSTEAD CO., 332 West Jladison-st. PROFESSIONAL. SEGUREYOUB HEALTH. ELECTRICnV— This moit effective curative agent, scientifically applied In the treatment of all scat- and Chronic Diseases, Khonmat'sro. Neuralgia, Sciatica. Asthma, Bronchial, Lung, and Liver Complaints, and all other disorders of too system. DR. JOHN A. CLARK bas opened hjs now parlors at 163 Dcarbom-st., St. Jullcn Building. Refers by permis sion to Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Kidder, State Savings’ Insti tution; Sir. A. M. Billings, People’s Gas Co.; Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Shnfeldt, Jr., and a largo number of citizens of Chicago. Send for his Circular. notceoss. Ai there has been a number of business men called at my office and wished mo to Inform them when I could commence evening treatment, I tako this method of let ting them know that I will commence Monday evening, March 31. The diseases treated are Hoadacha, Neuralgia, Disease of the Kidneys, Rheumatism, Ac. The care is effected by the galvanic attractive process, and has the greatest success. References of the enres performed in Chicago for the last 14 years can bo had by calling at tho office. DR. H. TONGUE, IST East Washington-st.. Rooms 3. 4, 5 and 6. IRON FOUNDRY. SCHILLO, COSSMAHH & SEH, IRON FODNDEY, 87 TO 05 WEST POEK-ST., Furnish HEAVY and LIGHT BUILDING and MACHINERY CASTINGS on short no tice. Call for estimates. Counter Brackets, Coal Hole Covers & Baker Furnaces for sale. WANTED. WANTED In an old and established Lumber Finn, doing a bail ness of 7 to b million feot per annum, n party fo take ln- Urest of a retiring partner. Capital required, $L> to 25,000 Address Z 43, Tribune etSc*. LUIBIE WANTED. 500 000 feet of lumber la exchange for iarido residence lote,’at cash prices, free from encumbrance, one milo from u sHcl- I i?U) , T. .TR,, IE! W..h1.-icion-it. MISCELLANEOUS, the greatest mums of te age dressmaking made easy By using Grossfeld's Sewing-Machino Attachment,which combine twelve distinct attachments In one model. Every Family, Dressmaker, and Milliner shoold have It. Sold at the low pries of *3. The inspection of the ladies, sowing-machine experts, and the public generally, is cordially invited to a recognition of lis merits. Odico and salesroom at tao Harper's Bazar Paper Fat tern Empoimm, ‘>.s ata:e-st., near Van iluren. J. LtA Y, General Agent. Mem’s stm LamGry. State-st. and Eldridge-court. ANDERSON & CO., Proprietors. BBA.VCH OFFICE. lg EAST MAPIBOX-ST. “GUNS.” A line of choice Breech-loaders, at moderate prices, new in stock. Also. Muzzle-loaders, FiahingTackle, and Sjoruas G( giQ G s > sI’E.NCEIi 4 CO., Importer!, • 211* ~ aozan-AT, SILVERWARE. Sterling Silreme. We have a very large assortment of the celebrated “GORHAM” STEELING SILVERWARE, which we offer at extremely low prices. Spoons, Forks, &c., &c., sold by the ounce. Fancy Piecec, in cases and trunks. Tea Sets, Cake Baskets, and Jelly Dishes. Knives, Forks, and Snoons, for children. Card Cases, Tobacco Boxes, Nap kin Rings, and Fruit Knives. The largest Stock of Silver Goods in the West. I. MATSON k CO., State and EEonroe-sts. PRINTING. C. E. EOCTHAED. SOUTHAI & GULLATOR, (Successors to Phoenix Printing Co.). 51 & 53 South Oanal-st. AMPLE FACILITIES FOR DOING ALL KINDS OP BOOL PAMPHLET, RAILROAD, AD COMMER- CIAL ram Posters, Programmes, Letter-Heads, Cards, etc.,in flrst-olass style. PRESS WORE A SPECIALTY. Will remove, about June 1, to 175 Monroo-sfc. CROCKERY. CHINA, &o. -AJT 1 RETAIL. GEi Kf Jk. Glassware, Crockery, SILVER-PLATED GOODS, &C.&C. We are the only DIRECT Impor ters of above goods in Chicago. Our prices are the lowest in the city. Please examine our stock be fore purchasing elsewhere. F. & E. JAEGER, 73 WABASH-AV., Hear Randolph-at DRESS GOODS. MANDEL BROTHERS. State ai Harrison-sl?.. Twenty-secoM-sL and lcM», Will on Monday. March 31, exhibit Now Novo.tlesof tbs coming season in NEW SHADES OP DRESS GOODS, B-AJR.a--Ajn.srs xinf BLACS&FANCY SUES. New design* In Imported Salts. Have just opened full Lines Hosiery, Gloves, Ca.v>lmcres, Linear, Cottons, Cor* set*, Ladles’ Underwear, «kc., Jc. First-class work in Cloak and Uress-Tcaklng solicited. BUSINESS CHANCES. ■BIDS WILL BE RECEIVED '■' OR Baitajt Steel of Bests aid Stas, And FIXTURES of Store 205 "West Madl son-st., on and after MOIsTDAY, iilct inst., at above number. WLL H. CUTLEB, Assignee. RARE CHANGE FOR A BARGAIN. STEAM SAWMILL FOE SALE, with 1,000,000 feet dry lumber. capacity of mill, 80,000 feet per day; situated at Lansing. lowa, SO miles above Prairie da Chien ; splendid market fur lumber. Will be solo with or withoni lumber. Possession given Immed'ateiy: or one partner will remain, and take a yjrtnur for nne-balf Interest. Apply to HRMENWAY, WOOD A CO., Lan* slag, lowa. • 520,000 Hardware Stock for Sale, Together with Lease, Fixtures, and Good Will, at Onto* cv, Hi. Dullness founded In IsM, and has always Doen the leading house In the city. Best of reaeonr for selling. Parties desiring a safe and permanent business. In a flowing and prosperous 10-caUty. wi.. find tlda an excel unt opportunity to establish themselves upon easy and liberal terms. For particulars address GARDNER A ROBERTSON. Quincy, 111. DISTILLERY FOR SALE. Capacity 575 bushel*, in first-rate running eontreof a corn country, with cheap foci, Ac., at leu than one-third of lu co-t. Apply v GEO. A. SJDTT-DT, JR., lr£ A First-Class Jeit PasaGj Offlee For Sale, Cheap for Cash. Applj to OaKLKY i SOS. TRUSSES, &o, BOW LEGS. We make to order apparatus for kuoc’t tnoo. bow lor. dab foot, weak ankle, spinal curvature, etc. We keep a full assortment of galvanic battcxiss, r’.ulio stockings, crutcher, abdominal supporter*, aatf r* cry kind of Sur geons’ appliance* and Instrument!:. Agent for G<o. Tle qibo & Co.'i celsoraled instrument*. Largest and only complete stock in the West at Xnw York o-ice*. Order* promptly attended to, W 33 . * r |«Aandl72liaadolpa-»t. The Petitions for Its Contraction Get an Unexpected Set-Back. The Special Council Committee Report in Furor of an Amendment Making the Fire Limits Coexten sive with the City The Special Commute of Fifteen appointed by th< Council hurt Monday evening, to consider tha petition for the modification of the Are limits In the Seventh, l Eighth, and Ninth Ward**, met in the City Clerk's ofhc»; yesterday afternoon. Aid. Sweet presided, anti therw were present Aid. Quirk, dowry, Powell, Richardson,* Clark, Warren, McGcnnisa, Stone, Sidwcll, Schmitz* Stout, Lcngachcr, Schaffner, Ogden, and Corcoran. The Chairman stated that If a change in the firar - - limlts was recommended, It would be a precedent, and S the Council would be covered with petitions for altera-*: lion. He hoped every Alderman would express hi* views. Aid. McGenniss Inquired if any one knew who signed the petition. Were they really property-own ers? Aid. Bailey said ho was Informed that 10,000 peoplo would have signed the petition had they been asked* He knew nothing about It, until asked to present it to the Council. One thing was certain, the people in tha wards named must have relief. There were no sewers in the district, property was valueless, and not a dwelling bad been put up there for a year, as tus owners of land hadn't money enough to jiut up brieli buildings. Aid. McGenniss claimed that there were not 10,(>.O vacant lots in the district. The fire-ordluancij wa.» passed In good faith, and many people, thinking the y would be secure under It, bad invested money, ami their rights should be respected. A court-house wu* to be erected; it would be in a direct line of a fire on • the West Side, if the wind was southwest, and he would not vote a dollar toward its erection if the Weal Side was made more combustible than It is now. M. CCLLATOTf. Aid. dowry hoped the poor people would be allowed to build a place to shelter themselves. It was unjust! to deprive them of the privilege when they wertx obliged to pay taxes. . Aid. Carney did not think that any Alderman who possessed a spark of humanity would endeavor to crush the poor men, who owned a single lot, and not command soiheient fund* to erect a brick building.! Aid, Bailey was in favor of making the fire limits coextensive with the dly limits, if the petition waw ignored. Ho desired the Committee to local— ity before they made a report. Aid. Bchaffner said the passage of the tiro ordinance was a guarantee to capitalists that money invested berw would bo cafe. It was hard, perhaps, to deny a poua| man the right to build a shanty, but they most con sider the larger interest involved—the millions of duN lars which bad been put into business blocks, making* Chicago probably the handsomest city In the world,/ and not place it in Jeopardy, The people generally* were satisfied with the onlinance, and hohoped it woulti* not bo disturbed. If tho limits were contracted in ono • portion of the city, the people in other parts would de mand modifications, and could not bo justly refused.- He waa prepared to-day to include tho whole city in the fire limits. Aid. Powell'wid the people who had signed tho pc titioa merely demanded equal rights with other*. They were not permitted to erect frame buildings, bu# a tract of land, a quarter of a mile away, was being covered with tinder-boxes; and if the Seventh, Eighth* and Ningth ward* could not be relieved, be dealretj that that tract be taken into tho fire limits. Thiawould, “atisfy the petitioners, and quelch a tiro-trap, which en« dangered tho West Side as much as the West Side ca« dangered tho South and North Sides. j Aid, Lcngacher desired, if the limits were contractor on the West Side, that they bo modified in the Sevens teenth Ward, If no change was made on tho Weal Side, ho would not ask it. Aid. Schmitz made a similar statement regarding a portion of tho Sixth Ward. Corporation Counsel Tuley thought, within sis months, there had been a universal acquiescence ;a the restrictions of tho fire ordinance. It was growing in favor, and he deemed it unadviaable to make any alterr.tioni*. The only question that should bo con uidertci vy wm %—■ :hat oi the extension of tho Limits. If changes were made, the ormnacco ok well bo repealed. Aid, Sweet voted for tho' ordinance, although it was against his convictions, and he conceived it to be bi« duty to maintain the present limits. Changes would be unjust to capitalists. • Property had advanced, an<S a better class of buildings had teen erected since tLo ordinance was passed. The improvements having been made upon tho supposition that It was to remain intact forever, it would be a great wrong to modify it. Aid. Stono moved that the Commute report ad versely. Aid.'Powell moved as an amendment that they re port in favor of malting the hro-linata coex'.cuaiva with the city limits. Aid, ITcGeaniaa moved to lay the amendment on tha table. The Chair decided that concurrence In the Last mo tion would lay the whole subject matter on the table. Aid. McGcnniaa then withdrew his motion, and the question recurred on the amendment, which adopted—yeas, 9 ; navs, C—as follows : jW-Clark, Quirt, Clowry, Powell, Richardson, Warren, Sldwell, Schmitz, Corcoran—l», jVays—McGcnniss, Stone, Lengachcr, Schaffncr, Ogden, Sweet—G. The Committee then adjourned. Application l>y ITlrs. Blake for Sop* The lovers of what may be called the prurient-sen- Batlonal in newspaper literature, and who remember vividly the details of the notorious divorce case in which Mr. Blake sought to relieve himself of the society of a wife of whose charms he fancied he failed to enjoy a monopoly, will bo pleased to hear that the cate is again before the courts with renewed vigor. It is, perhaps, rather unkind to inform such that the point upon which litigation Is again sought is one which will not necessitate the production in court of evidence of a 41 racy" character, but that, on the contrary, it will ■be decided by the dignified argument of opposing coun sel before Judge Gary. It will be remembered that the suit for divorce by Mr. Blake was uuaucce-ss.uJ, and iirs. Blake is forced to live away from her husband and children, unjustly, os the thinks, and she has petitioned for separate temporary maintenance and an allowance to enable her to prosecute the rx-e. Some time was spent yesterday by the opposing counsel in arguing the case. ....... The Court heard the petition, and decided that ha can all r>w plaintiff counsel’s fees, but postpones until tD-mo"**ow morning the decision as to whether he can allow c«r the means of living pending litigation. TO THE IRISH VOTERS Or CHICAGO. Falloxc-Countrymen : In a day or two you will bo called upon to vote for town officers, and we deem it our duty to caution yua against voting for irresponsible and Incompetent can didates, who are placed before you for your suffrage. In this city wo aro cursed with a class of Irishmen who the right to represent us whether we like It or not, and, by tactic? usually resorted to by bullies, compel us to cither vote for them or stay away from the polls on the day of election. Why Is this 7 Have we not the moral courage to hurl these men back to their dpcs of infamy? Tho power is In our hand.?, and, if we fall to exerdae that power, wo are respon sible for the odium they bring on our race. la It ro. time to teach this class of men that they cannot use ua as their tools any longer 7 Let us commence tha good work on Tuesday next. A better opportunity may ncj: present itself again for years, and, as this Is a holy sea son, in God’s name, let us make a beginning, and do tho work effectually. , . . Go to the polls on Tuesday morning and vote the saloon-keeper and everr candidate that intlorse3 the whiskey ring. Give them no quarter. Let thd rout to complete, and you will avenge 10 many a broken-hearted wife and mother for tho cars# inflicted on their families by these vile wretchw. Do not be dismayed by threats or bo influenced by promises of reward on the day cf election. I'rovldj yourself with » pencil. Then Mlcct your tlcke., ind dL£a?or™“ 2ll ' ! ‘‘ ‘ “ sSMS-J" 1 SOME OF THE PHILOCALIAN AUDIENCE, To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune: Sib : X thin* It Is * great misfortune for rucb a fine Intellectual entertainment as the Phflocallan Club of Dearborn Seminary • favored Its friends with Friday evening that the audience could not have been roe poaed wholly of gentlemen, no far as the sterner sex la concerned, We attach no blame to its members, Z9 some few of the invitations may have been transferred. About half a dozen men and old boys, who were unab'e to obtain seats because of their tardiness, select* 1 standing positions in the centre of the north ais: r, elbowing ladies’ hats and gentlemen’s noses, and o >- strutting the stage from the view of twenty times tiu-.r own number during the entire performances, Ur.o orang*ontangiah-looking fellow, who thought him. j c'.f much admired, and who peered more at the au iicnca th»n at the stage, and looked wise enough to chanr-J the centre of gravity in a twinkle, was asked to change his own base, and bo replied. ‘*l shall not unless you are able to put me out,”—a splendid subject for Dir* win to illustrate upon. Ortr or Tax Di«ut;srni). Chicago, llaxch 23.1573. NUMBER 223. THE FIRE LIMITS. Limits. BLAKE t. BLAKE. arale maintenance.

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