Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, March 30, 1873, Page 15

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated March 30, 1873 Page 15
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JiS PARTNERS WANTED. partner wanted—a man with brains and A S3OO, that will pay him and partner S2O per day. Ad* ijrets N 46. Trlbane office. _____ \ DAKTNER WANTED-IN THE FOUNDRY BUSI- X cess; me with $1,200 to $1,500 in cash; plenty of business. Please addrc&a P 71, Tribnne office. Partner wanted-with to §2.000, to take hall Interest la an old established brass mann factory; a good moulder or a smart business-man pre ferred. Apply to 1). HUMPHREYS, E3 Jederaoa-st-, comer Lake. __________ ■MARINER WANTED—KfLEST OR ACTIVE. WITH X $3,0d0 to s;j,ouU, to purchase an interest in one of the pest aa J ma«t responsible commission bouses in the city. Address fur three days G 25, Tribune office, YjAKTXEKWaStED-WITH 63,010 _OR 64,0 X). OB J. more, to join & wcll-catablitbed building-ltrni ; doing an extensive business. Address N 36, Tribont* office. 15aRTNER WANTED-WfflTTio.m TO JOTS THE i advertiser, with a view to erecting and cltjr and suburban property. Addre&e W 20, Tribune _•— Z^VaRTN FR~WAVTFD-I-V A FIRST-CLASS COM . £l.Vl?n h?«. «f ihfs city and cm trade; an active basino.sman of V »,«W. Answer, with references, O .1. Tribune omce . utvfKWi NTIiD-WITIICASH s<.ooo. I> GOOD P A SLmf“tcrin« biliiac.!. already ostablianod, and Eat “ri b£r thecloaaat Invcatlgatlon. Honor rounlrcd I, oiteni tho tmlncaa; beat of rofercnco given and ro , Party preferred to attend to otbee. Apply to S. If 21. PEAS&jtm.. li-5 1-aSal.c-at, tvaUTNER WANTED-WITII $5,000, BY A WELL- X. known manufacturing iinn, business pleasant and %is ticbly respectable. SatisJactory references given. Ad* 2 dress F 83, Tribune office. [ /V tSaUTNKR WaNTED-IN THE BEST PAYLN'O vc, i business in the West. Small capital required. Good 'patent rights wanted. 119 Dearborn-it., Room 5. S* 7)AKTNKR 'VANTEn~wifn 51.20J CAPITA!, IN K i well-pst&Miihfd and profitablemanufactarlnjrbasl- C e9*. Address V 67, Tribune office. T)ARTNER WANTED—IN SMALL HOTEL DOING X good business; must have £1,500 to cash. Young married man preferred. Address N6, Tribune once, I~sartner wanted-Tan ENERGETIC MAN with some capital, to take full charge of a business tiist is well established, and paying largely. The present proprietor does not live in the city. Address or call at iicrilEKSON A CO.’S, 162 Washlagton-st., Room £5. T)ARTNKR WANTKD-WITH A CAIMTAL FROM J. SlO.buU to£3o p ooo, in a first-class mercantile and manufacturing business, well established, and doing a fine business. None but principals need apply. Address UUD, Tribune office. PAHT.NKmVANTETI-WITH 51.500, IS A BOOK and stationery business: or would veil the •aholu in terest. NOCKINA FISCIIEg. 16 South Peaplaincs-st. I)ARTNER~\v7\NTKI)-WTTH £SOO CAPITAL. TO J. join tho advertiser in a No. 1 business that nets about PS.TO or £6OO a month ; mast be a rcgmlar imsmess man. Apply to-day between 2 and 4p. ra., at-10 South »atcr St., Koom 1. • AKTNER WANTED - EITHER SILENT OR active, with from S3,t»DO to $5, WO, to tako the placo ct a retiring partner, in one of the best pacing retail gro corloa in thu city. K 44, Tribune office. AF.TNER WANTED-IN A WELL-ESTABLISHED business: a good business man, with $5,000 to SIO,OOO capital. Is desired in a profitable and rapidly increasing business, in Toledo, Ohio; a practical tailor or good cut ter would bo preferred; references given and required; for furJier information address C., Tribune office. T/AUTNER WANTED-TO TAKE A HALF INTER- X cst in a carpdntor bhup Apply Monday, from 6to 12 o’clock. No-184 South Cllntcmst. ai;t>T-k w.v.nted-a Vodng lady can get an agreeable companion and a half interest in a good paving, legitimate business; must have somo furniture. N i-lTrribune office. t)ARTNKR WANTED-ONE THOROUGHLY AC- X qualntcd with hotel business, to* open a first-class Louse that will be finished about the middle of May. Ap ply to S. W. PEASE, 155 L&Salle-at. P~TRTNER WANTED-A PARTY WITH GOOD business experience baa from $3, CCO to $5,000 to in tent in some good paying business. Address N S3. Tribune office. tJaRTNER WANTED-TO TAKE ONE-HALF 1N- X terest in an A No. 1 manufacturing husin^es; splen did chance for a live man: capital required, $1,600. Ad dress ANDREW PEARSON A CO.. IbO South Water-st. Partner wanted-in a sawmill, with stock of logs, pine and hard wood: Investment will pay 100 par cent; call Immediately. LUMBERMAN, 37 and 3U aouth Canal-st. AP.TXEB "WANTED—WITH 52,000 CAPITAL TO increase manufactory of the portable show-caeo, which can bo sent to country four or six in a box, without breakage. Inquire at £. WILKOSHESKY, 487 South Halited-st., Chicago, 111. PARTNER WANTED-A GOOD BUSINESS MAN X with $12,000 to 1*15,000 can got a half poorest in a establiahod wbolocalo and retail b siness in this city. An opportunity rarely offered. A idress Y 28, Tribune office. PPATNER WANTF.D—WITH SSOO. TO ENGAGE IN a No. 1 business that nets S4OO per month. Apply at £3 West Kandolph-su. Room 1, up stairs. PARTNER WANTED-A Y’OUNO MAN WITH SSOO to take half interest in a well-paying business; way to be seen clear before starting. L 24, Tribune office. Partner wanted—to take one-half in torcst in a copper-distillery; capital required, $4,000 to $5,000. Address A 79, Tribane office. PARTNER WANTED-SILENT OB ACTIVE, WITH a cash capital of $5,000 to $3,000,. to engage In a man ufacturing business without competition in the Stato v and eon that will bear close investigation. Address K 15, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED WITH FROM 81,200 TO si,6ou, in a good-paying manufacturing business; S6OO do»c. Address V 27, Tribono office. PARTNER WANTED-LADY PARTNER, TO IN truduco three now medicines; mast have small capi tal: new «y«tom, and now stylo of practica. Address Dr. G. C. HOWE, 672 West Sladlson-st. AF.TNER WaNTED-A PARTY WITH A FEW thousand dollars desires to hoy an established busi ness. Address A fel, Tribono office. PARTNER WANTED—WITH GOOD BUSINESS qualities, and a few thousand dollars; business pleas* ant, will established, and profitable. A 60, Tribune office. TjARTNER~ WAN TED- AM A THOROUGH OFFICE X man, fifteen yean a resident of this city; have an ex tensive and influential acquaintance, and desire an inter* tst with a real estate firm of andoabtod standing, or to inm with a satisfactory party, well posted in real estate, 2><r a permanent business. Address, for fire days, B 69, Tribune otfice. « . T)AKTNER WANTED—I WOULD LIKE A SITUA- X tion in Rome reliable house with a view to partnership; would loan employer* from SI.OCO to $5,0(13 on real estate security. Address 00, Tribune office, for three days. "PARTNER WANTED—A MIDDLE-AGED LADY X of good education and respectable, with a little capi ta), would like to meet with a gentleman of same quality, * *io could furnish some 8400, to join her In a good paying business; only strict, responsible parties. Address, with particulars, lor five days, L 23, Tribune office. *|PARTNER WANTED-WITli 82.000 TO 82,600; X business manufacturing; easy to handle: profits good;«tmeat secured on tno property. Address, O 41, Tribune office. YPartner wanted-with a capital ofsio,- J. wO, in an old and well established wholesale tobacco, r.nd liquor business. Best of references given aud required,., Address A *37, Tribune office. FOR. SAXiE. pOR SALE - COUNTER, DESKS, WINDOW- X shades and carpets. Apply toE. E. RYAN A CO., S3 Sooth canal-st., near the tunnel. 150R SALE—TWO-THIRDS OF THE SCHOONER X Liberty, in good sailing condition, now lying in Og dea’s Canal, a few rods soutn of Division-fit. bridge, Fide: nil] hosold at a bargain. Apply to WM. 60AR LE1T, Aurora, 111. T?OR SALE—PACKER’S ICE CREAM FREEZERS X 1 and packing cans ; circular 12-foot counter; also black walnut coaming-room desk. Basement 671 Wabash-av. TtOR SALK-BILLIARD-TABLE FOB SALE. AP X’ ply at IS Eldridgo-court. VOK SALE-COUNTER, SHELVING, AND FRENCH J‘ plats show-case, 12 feet Jong. 20 inches wide, all tirst claas. Can be seen at 125 South Clark-st. 770R SALE-TWO TICKETS TO COUNCIL J. Bluff*. Will bo sold at discount by O. O. FARNSWORTH, IS4 West Madlson-st. FOR SALE-SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS-A FEW field cases United States Surgical instruments, and a few volumes of surgical works. Apply GOVERNMENT GOODS DEPOT, &sand 1?7 EastLake-st. *nOR SALE—Id YOU. CHAMBER’S ENCYCLOPE- J 1 dia, beautifully bound in morocco, f0r846; also, other books. Apply at Room 3, 133 West Madlson-st. I?OR SALE-BY MOORE A BAKER, AT 93 SOUTH ; Watet-al.: 27 feet black walnut counter, right curve. Cubbed with French, with marble tops; also, 20 feet shelving jo match: a first-class job, adapted for confec tionery, drugs, or bakery; will uo sold at about one-half cost price. FOR SALE-CHRAP-l SECOND HAND PUFFER soda-water apparatus; 1 second-hand Mathews soda water apparatus, at2oMarket-st., second tloon F“ OR SALK SECOND-HAND MICROSCOPES, from2i<i to 1,030 diameters, at DU. JOHN PHILLIPS’, Optician and Oculist,, Don’t forget the place, 120 Fourth sr., a few doors south of Harrison-st. Spectacles'suited br inspection to the eye. For sale-counters and shelving for a crticorj’ store, and an ico box; moat be sold this week, at No. icy Wcatwonh-av. I~7*OR SALE-TWO BICKFORD KNITTING MA ' chim-s, lirst-olas* and now, for sale or trado. Inquire at 163 East Washicgtoa-ft., Room 17, Monday morning. FOR SALE-MUST BE SOLD, A CHEST OF CHOICE carpenter’* tool* at a sacrifice. 171 Mathcr-st. T7IQR SALE-COUNTERS, SHELVING, AND GAS JL 1 fixtures of a first-class drr goods store. Apply at 856 West LaVs-st. Cheap tor cash. FOR SALK —A BABY CARRIAGE, PERAMBU lutor, which cost $25; nearly-new; price, SIS. Ad flref* Q 66, Tribune office. For sale-a good watch and rat dog. None bolter in tho city. Apply at No. SO North Ada-au SALE-A FINE MILCH COW AND CALF, 10 A day* old; used to bo kspt in the barn, at32SMichl gau-av. i SALE—SALOON LICENSE RUNNING TO July Ist. Address D Y P. O. Box 358. FOR SALE-TO BE REMOVED I3IMEDIATELY— Cottage, No. 99 Warrcn-av. Apply to M. GARST, withC. H. Fargo A Co., comer Market and Madison-*ts. FOR SALE-THREE FINE NEW COUNTERS, cheap. Union Chemical Work*, SSSWalnut-st, FOR SALE-NEW EMPIRE BEDSTEAD AT HAIf price at 447 Wabsih-av, l?OR SALE—LIGHT BRAHMA EGGS FOR HATCH JL' ing at $2 per doZaa, from imported slock costing $25 pach. Also a few of tbs chickens 1 year old, cheap. MARTIN, with Dickson A Cooper, 173 East Madison-st. For - sileTblack walnut office desks, partitions, Ac., first-class and nearly new. Will be s,ld very low. Apply at 171 LaS*llo-»t., bailment. FOR SALE-OR EXCHANGE-CONTRACT FOR SO acre* land. near the city, and well located forsubdi rihioa. A b--re»ln. Applj to W. F. BREWSTER, 1M Lvbalie-st. For sale—large upright silver-plated show case, well adapted lor millinery or jewelry store. Alio, 2 silver-plate counter ca*«i>; also gla** partition and Üb!», cheap. C.UI at B. F. NuRKXS A CO.. Wholesale Jewelers, 146 Staio-st. FOR SALE-OB RENT-BUILDING KNOWN AS Hay Press, on West Madimn-st.; suitable for hay pr?** or livery stable. For particulars addresa LW. A CO., 261 Woft sladi>on-sf. FOR 6ALE-SI7S—BUY AND MOVE-SMALL COT tsge, annniihed. Kinzle and Loavitt-st*., to bo r. m red, K. G. GOOD WILUE, 133 West Madisoa-bt. For sale-ana no. i new milch cow at no. S? Mrr»vret-»r., beyond house from Catbrrine-st., or Inquire f I’, B. KCUGII, at the office of Rand, McNally A Co. hfc West Itaadolph-si. DOR SALE-FOUR NEW BABCOCK FIRE EXTIN- L guivfior®, each with 6 charge*, at a bargain. Apply, prudclros*, JUUUS SILVEEhMITU, Room SI, No. 159 TOR SAXE. FOR SALE—A LARGE VAN’S range, in per fcct order, with copper water-boiler suitable for res taurant. hotel, or largo boarding-house. Apply at 143 South Clark-st, For sale-3 counters, at mbs. h, far- NUM’S Hair Store, 112 Twonty-Bocomi-st, XPOK - SALE-A DOUBLE-BARREL. MUZZLE, i? loading sbot-gun (Wm. Moore, maker), almost new; cost $45; will sell tor S3O. Address V. 66, Tribune office. -17-OR SALE—CAMP EQUIPAGE, TENTS, .WAGON X 1 covers, and thousands of other things,useful to miners and Colonization Societies, at Government Goods Depot, I<»6 and 1147 East Lake-et. TvrANTED—CUSTOMERS FOR 50 TONS OF SASH- It. weights. aMurtfd sizes, at lowest market rates. WARREN SPRINGER, North Clintop-st. TO EXCHANGE. Brewery worth sio,ouofor exchange; ca pacltyST, barrels a day; would like property here. L. H. WHITNEY, 1M LaSallo-st., Room &. UNINCUMBERED REAL ESTATE AND Tsecurod notes, 810,000 to $16,000 for mercantile, man ufacturing, hotel, or other good business. LL Tribune office. TO EXCUANGE-FOR READY-MADE CLOTHING or piece Rood*, lot 60x125. two blocks from Nortn&l, School, Englewood, and three blocks from railroad depot- AddrcssAyl, Tribuneoffice. TO EXCHANGE-A NEW HOUSE AND LOT ON West Side fora farm worth from 86,000 to SIO,OOO. Give foil description and price. Address A. FERUSON, 83 West Van Buron-st. TO EXCHANGE—ABOUT 8,000 BOOKS (2,000 A th ready sold) for good suburban lots or unimproved Usds. L. H. WHITNEY, Hoorn So. Otis Block. fpO EXCHANGE-A BRICK DWELLING OF 13 JL rooms, on Waahington-st., near Union Park, for a pleasant suburban residence. J. M. A CO., Room 13, Otis Block. ____ TO F.XCHANGE—A SEWING MACHINE, NEW, to bo selected, for a medium-sized or email tire-proof office safe. Didonmpo in cash. Apply at Room 20, No. ISB Madison-st. mo EXCHANGE-STOCK OF HARDWARE TO J. exchange tor city real estate orwell Address B 71, Tribune office. ■ rpo EXCHANGE—<IOOD SUBURBAN LOTS C i. miles from Court-House for cottaco and lot In city or suburbs. R. KENNEDY, 79 West Madison-st. TO“EXCHANGE-1.000 ACRES OF FIRST-CLASS land In Illinois for merchandise, K. KENNEDY, 79 West Madison-st. fro EXCHANGE—WELL-LOCATED SOUTH SIDE X lots for first-class parlor and chamber furniture. No rubbish wanted. Address Y So, Tribune office. T“ 'O EXCHANGE—2OXUO FEET, AND BUILDING, on West Lakc-st.; rents for $1,600, for residence and In to 20 acres of land in some town within 60 miles of Chi eftgo. SKLDEN, FISH A CO.. 155 LaSalie-st. TO EXCHANGE—IO ACRES OF GOOD LAND IN M’Leod Co., Mian., for a house and lot. or lot on tbs West Side; will pay SBOO cash. Address V£6, Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE-A NEW SET OF PLATED TEAM harness and wagon, for a good horse. Apply or ad dress 69 Davies-st., West Side. TO EXCHANGE—SOME VERY CHOICE SUBUR ban property, for aq Improved farm within 50 miles of the city. Address OWNER, 2 Markct-st. T~'~o~ EXCHANGE-A GOODDOUBLE-B A REELED shot gun and good lover watch for good gold hunting case watch. Call or addrest 3P R, 140 Bushnoll-st. TO EXCHANGE-NORWOOD PARK-BLOCKS OR lots at reasonable prices. S. E. WELLS, 188 Dcar bom-et. TO EXCHANGE-COTTAGE AND TWO LOTS ON Catherino-st.. for improved business property worth about $3,600. R. G. GOUDWILLIE. 133 West Madison. TO EXCHANGE-FOB A HOUSE AND LOT IN CHl cago—4oo acres superior land In Champaign County, 111. Apply to E. S. HAWLEY A CO., SI Tribune Build ing! TO EXCHANGE-BRICK BLOCK IN WEST Divi sion renting for $12.0U»; $75,000: will take good subur ban property. HID EXCHANGE-ACRE PROPERTY AT: WASH- J. ington Heights, for good inaido property. WILSON A MONTGOMERY. Room 25, Otis Block. - mo EXCHANGE -48 LOTS. 25x125 FEET. AT X Irving Park, for farm or country residence; 133 feet by 200 feet, north of Wicker Park, and $2,000 securities on residences; 800’acres lowa land wanted for property near city Ilimils. J. ;S. WOLFE, Real. Estate, 64 South Dciplaines-rt. • TO EXCHANGB-A VERY” DESIRABLE HESl dcnce r.l North Evanston,’with three choice lota, within two blocks of the depot. Good suburban lota will be taken In part payment. A choice place. D. B. DEWEY A CO., 14f LaSallo-st. TO EXCHANGE-SOME GOOD OUTSIDE LOTS FOR first--rate top-boggy, hone and harness. TAYLOR A BROOKS, 63 Clark-st. _____ - IPO EXCHANGE-AN ELEGANT 3-STORY’ FRAME A and brick basement, 10 rooms, all modem improve ments, on Donglas-placo, price, SIO,OOO, for a like resi dence east of Sratc-et. and north of Eighteenth- Address SILAS. Tribune office. I-'O EXCHANGE—IMPROVED OITY PROPERTY . foracro property near city; also, city property to ex change for a good Illinois farm. PHILPQT AHONOKE, 157 Washington-st. r EXCHANGE-CASH AND HOUSE AND LOT IN Beloit, Wls., for city or suburban property, or build- Ingmaterial. K. D. MURRAY, Jr., 603 Cottage Grove av. TO EXCHANGE—A FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE IN Hyde Park, 615,000. for acre-property near city, and will pay some cash. Address A 95, Tribune office. m 6 EXCHANGE— A HALF ACRE AND HALF AN X eighth at Washington Heights, close to general de pot, west of track, for a small farm, not less than 40 acres. Bouse, and other buildings; Stark Count/, 111., prefer red; trade near oven- Apply or address Tr K, 140 Buah nell-st. TXT ANTED—TO EXCHANGE-FOR INSIDE IM it proved property, a splendid suburban tract, near station, 35 minutes’ riae from city, excellent improve mentsmadoln immediate vicinity, mostly grove property in fine order, streets graded, »tc. An exceptional chance for an A 1 investment. Address, with particulars, A 70. Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE—IRVING PARK LOTS FOR FlßST class, clear title, lowa lands. B. F. CLARKE £ CO., 122 LaSallo-st. •\TTANTEI>-TO EXCHANGE TWOLOTSINBOULE- V V rard Addition for a span or one good sound horso and Lorsea. Call at 201 West Van Barcn-st. "Wanted—to do "first-class laundry VV work in oxobango fora new suit of clothes' Address Y 36, Tribune otnes- TIT ANTED—TO EXCHANGE-SOME GOOD LAND YV in Wisconsin for horse and carriage or business wagon. Address C. T. LATHRQP, 127 Twenty-second-st. VifANTED—SI,2OO WORTH SAN DIEGO LOTS Yl Gents famishing goods, or any merchandise, and money in exchange lor cottage and lot. AddraeaPfel, Tribune office. WANTED-TO EXCHANGE-A STORE AND lot in Batavia for a cottage and lot, or for lot In Chi cago. WARREN SPRINGER. 22 North Clinton-sr. TVTANTED—TO EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPER YV ty—House and 8 lots, choice property. In the Village of Lel&nd, 111., on the O. B. AQ. R. R. Apply to V B. KETCH UM, e4sFulton-st., Chicago. TirANTED-TO EXCHANGE-RRAL ESTATE IN VV Wisconsin for piano, Chlckering or Strinway prefer red. Address, with description, L2l, Tribune office. TYTANTED—TO EXCHANGE—PAINTING OR CAL YV cimining for merchant tailoring; good reasons. W. J. WILLIAMS A CO.. Tr.3 StaU»-wt. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. A RARE CHANCE—FIRST-CLASS FURNITURE for sale at about hall the cost; brick house to rent in good location, South Side. Inquire of BRUSH, SON A CO., Auctioneers and Brokers, IS3 East Madlson-st, AN ELEGANT BED-ROOM SET OF FURNITURE choap. Apply after 12 o’clock at 1236 Frairio-av. A FINE PARLOR SET FOR HALF COST, NEAR- Iy now. 223 South Park-av. A RARE CHANCE—AT NO. 13 CURTIS-STi WE will eell 1 elegant parlor suit; also, 1 marble lop chamber suit; the same not token on day of auction sale; parties leaving the city, and wo Intend to make clean sale, and will give a great bargain. HODGES A CO., 613 West Lake-et. ' TVON’T FORGET TO GO TO ONE OF THE FINEST XJ auction males of the season. No. 78 Robey-ut., 4-atory marble-front, near Madison-st. fioo auction column. HODGES * CO.,’Auctioneers. FOR THE BENEFIT OF MECHANICS AND strangers, we will say to those who cannot attend our auction sales can, by calling at our ware rooms, purchase goods from 75 to 100 per cent less at private sale than any other house in the city. We have on hand the largest stock of second-hand goods, as the saylngls, from a needle to an anchor, open every evening until 9 o’clock. Call at 613 West Lake-st., between Panlina-st. and Ashland-av., beyond Union Park- HODGES A CO., Auctioneers and Private Bankers. FOR SALE—FIRST-CLASS NEARLY NEW|HOUSE hoId furniture, from kitchen, parlorto sleeping rooms. Call until Tuesday at 42 1 < East HarrUon-st. TTtOR SALE—ELEGANT WALNUT AND MARBLE Jj top furniture, carpets, and stoves, ready for houso keeping, all in first-class order- Apply at 1055 Indisna-av. TTiOR SALE—IOO YDS GOOD BRUSSELS CARPET; F 50 jdt good Ingrain: 2 marble-top Bideboards, all fir*t elass, and tomn cock! furniture. E. ROGERS, \n East Madison**t. Room 9. For sale-or exchange-fob well lo cated real estate, a complete assortment of flnt-clQaa furniture, bra family going abroad. GEO. DeLOYNLS & SON, SB3 \Vabaah-av. Fob sale-at half-price, or will ex change for hardware, a nice rosewood 7-octavo piano, aet of parlor furniture, bedstead, carpet, bureaus, clock, and bedding, at 60 West Macll»on-*t. Household goods-i. j. has always on hand a few thousand dollars’worth of a good class of new and second-hand furniture, carpets, etc., which be will tell at price* that defy competition. Call and ex amine beforo buying. 177 Twaaty-Bocond-St. T OOK OUT FOR BARGAINS ON TUESDAY, COB- Jj ner Fulton and Peoria-sta. See auction column. HODGES A CO.. 613 West Lake-«t. SEND ALONG YOUR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of every description If you want it sold.' Great demand for new and second-hand furniture, pianos, organs, sow ing machine*, etc. HAVENS A CO., 63 South Caaal-«t. THE HIGHEST PRICE PAID FOR SECOND-HAND furniture, carpets, clothing, Ac. Call or address JAMES HANAGAN. 105 East Twelfth-st., one door west of State. T\rANTED—FURNITURE, CARPETS, Ac., FOR Vt csi>h: entire household stock* bought to any amount; prompt attention to letters or calls, ij, 177 Twenty-sec ond-«t. TIT ANTED—TO BUY A GOOD NO. 8 COOK STOVE, Vr arm and easy chair. State price and particulars. Address G 27, Tribune office. Ao-n WILL BUY THE ENTIRE FURNITURE of a alee cottage, consisting of bed*, bedding, carrels dining-room and kitchen furniture, all complete for houiokcaplng. House if wanted. Cheap rent. Ap ply «tPSB West STRAYED OR STOLEN. ctrayEd or rtolen-a dark-brown mare, O black tall and mane, a little swollen In the fe.lock joint of the nigh hind-leg; white spot on nock and fore head; in good condition. She was attached to a movable top buggy, with brown cloth trimming*, made by Rrown A Meyer. Aurora; running-gear striped brown; a new loaf In the forward spring: box rounded places for tho wheels to turn. A liberal will bo given for the above, by JAMES CAREY, 830 West .ladl *on-st. STRAYED— AN UNCOMMONLY LARGE BL.vCK and white imp;K ‘' on last Friday evening; taco Jlack and while, nearly equally divided- Finder and d-.jvercr of same to 96 Suuth will be liberally rewarded. WANTED—TO IiSASE. TT-ANTED—TO KENT—FROM MAY 1, BY A GEN TT tlcman and wif% part of a house with modern con venience* for housekeeping; will prove desirable ten ants. Address “TENANT.' h Box THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, MARCH 31), 18/3 WANTED—MALE HEXP. Booldtoopors, dories, Etc* WANTED A GENTLEMAN TO FILL POST OF Secretary a:.d Treasurer of a Joint Stock Maoufac* taring Company: salary, sl,6ooper annum. Ho would bo expected to tale not lota than $4,000 stock at security, upon which a 10 per cent dividend would bo guaranteed. Giro name, stale qualifications, and where intciriow can be had to G S7, Tribune otfico. WANTED— A I IRSYCLASS SALESMAN, WITH good trade. Address, with references, P 77, Trib une office. IVANTED-A 'BUSINESS MAN OR BOOKKEEPER 11 with soma •aoltal, in a « hulcsalo house that lost by the fire. Address G 43, Tribune office. WANTED -AN EXPERIENCED FURNITURE I > packer and shipping clerk: nano others need apply. COLBY A SVIRTS, !\'l aud 2M State-st. WANTED— TRAVELING SALESMEN FOR FUR nituro houses can mako their expenses by selling our gr*ods. Call at li*T- West Madlson-st., ln_baaemcnt. WANTRD-A YOUNG MAN WHO CAN WRITE A bold, logibk, and rapid band for a few weeks' em ployment in an office, with a view to its bslng permanent. Also ladr of liko qualifications. Address, stating salary expected. Y <3, Tribune office. TtTANTED—ADVERTISING SOLICITOR; 85 A DAY f T salary for experienced advertising solicitor. Call to-day, between U) and 12, at Printing Office 216 West Lakc-st. \\T ANTED—AN EXPERIENCED HARDWARE MAN * * aa clerk J n a retail store. Best of references re quired. Address TD M, Tribune office. Trades. TJTANTED—IMMEDIATELY—PHOTOGRAPHER— »" Iw'lsh to engage the services of an experienced, faithful, honest gentlemen of good habits la tho ca pacity uf general assistant in and abont my gallery, and tlow business. The principle business will be retouching negatives, assi'.tiuy in making In and outdoor negatives, printing, toniug, Ac., Ac. Only those need apply who are good workmen, hara had ojperionco in good galleries, can furnish go»d references, and aro willing to make themselves useful in the various branches oi my busi ness, for a roas nablo salary. New beginners not wanted. Tho situation will bo bo permanent, if mutually agreo fble. (Jail upon, or address with terms, for tea days, W.E, BOWMAN, General Photographer, Ottawa, 111. WANTED- A^FIR-ST^CLASS TAILOR TO TAKE charge of a merchant tailor shop in a country town; one who can out, and make a suit workman-like end in •tylo; good rorurenco required; none but good workmen need apply. Address J. L. AlcKKli, Richland Centre, ■Wisconsin. *l\rANl KD-GOOD CARRIAGE PAINTERS, n stripers, and finishers. Good wages and steady work, at 321 and a£3 Dlvislon-st. WANTED- A GOOD. SOBER, INDUSTRIOUS bookbinder: one who understands blank work and finishing. J. F. FUNK A BRO., Elkhart, Ind. WANTED— EIGHT OH TEN BOILER-MAKERS, used to custom-work; good wages will bo paid to first-class hands. J. U. BOWiSEII A CO., Fort Wayno, Ind. ANTED--A GOOD BELL-HANGER AND LOCK- Yt smith. PORTER & CO., 72 East Madison-st. WANTED— A GOOD WAGON PAINTER WHO UN dontanda hiabusiness; no other need apply. B. £3 State-sL, between 8 end 10 a. ra. WANTED - CONFECTIONER THAT UNDER stands mating fine counter and pan work for retail trade, and also the more common goods for wholesale. Must be strictly temperate and hare good references. The right man can hate stead/ and permanent work. Apply from 9 to 12 a. ra. and 4t09 p. m, Monday at Room 6, Kuhns’ Hotel, Dor rborn-st. YvrANTED-A FIRST-CLASS RULER. APPLY AT VV the bindery of RAND, McNALLY & CO., IC3 West Randolph-st. WANTED- IMMEDIATELY, FIFTY BRICK-LAY ers on Palmer’s Hotel, corner State and Monroo-sts. WANTED— GOOD PAINTERS FOB AN INSIDE job at No. lii North Halstod-st. Call from 2 to 8 p.m. to-riay. ’ TTTANTKD-2 GOOD TAILORS, AT 123 WEST I T Washington-st. TIT ANTED—A N EXPERIP.NCED CLOTHING TRIM n mcr:£i»lrwi.-»-oa and steady work given. GOOD MAN, BAJI'JE, a MAYER, 80and S3 Waoaah-av. T\J"ANTED—FOREMAN FOR CABINET MANUFAC ti tory; ono capable of making designs and drawings for office work at*d furniture; a thoroughly posted man re quired. Address, /or 5 days, G 44, Tribune office. WANTED-LOOKBINDER: A GOOD FORWARD er fur law and edition wort. W. L. TIDD, 63 South Canal-s t. Wanted -6 good carpenters, at church corner Sirteenth-st. and Wabaah-av., Monday morn lag at 8 o’clock. TSIANTED-2 OR 3 GOOD COAT-M A KERS, AT VY PORTER A O’CONNORS*, 604 West Lake-st. WANTED 2 FIRST-CLASS JOURNEYMEN BAR- I T bon>, aV A. M. DELIGHT’S, corner Madison and Ia Salio-sts. WANTED— 7*»VO OR THREE FIRST-CLASS OAB rlage painters, at Union Stock Yard Paint Shop. W' ANTED—ONE GOOD CARRIAGE TRIMMER; Apply to J. F. KIRKLAND, 44 Paclflc-av. T\TANTED—PRESS ROY TO RUN GORDON PRESS, f T Apply Mo;u. sy at 23 and 27 Woat Lako-et., Room 19. TVrANT^D—A GOOD SILVER PLATE BURNISH r i er; ono that can make himself useful in filing brass preferred. Apply at onoo to DANE, WESTLAKE A COVERT, 2;Saa.ko-st. X\TAXTEH~ r :.HREE MORE BOYS TO FINISH V i chain: tboso that have worked at the boalnosa pre ferred. 3U Meu.*oe-*t. WANTED— AN ASSISTANT OUTTERA; YOUNG man of good address, who can make himself gener ally useful, can secure a position in a fine trade. Call, between 10 and 11 (’clock a. m. Monday, at Room 22, Foot Block, comer Clark and Moproo-«t». Y-i7-ANTFI>—SiA UUOD PAINTERS. CALL AT 264 I T North Clark-at. at 7 o’clock ready for work, Monday morning. ■nrANTED-TWO FIRST-CLASS PLUMBERS. AD -11 dress H 71, Tribune ,\rANTED—A PAINTER AND GRAINER AT 205 East Lake-st. WANTED WATCHMAKER TO GO SOUTH. NONE YV but a first-i tass workman. Call at Anderson’3 Hotel, between 10 anc i3a. m. A. P. I.\.'ANTED-ONB BURNISHER AT 1M EAST \ V Washington-st., Monday morning. "WANTED—FIRST-CLASS CARRIAGE PAINTERS, YY at HATHAWAY’S. 600 State-st. Coachmen. Teamsters. &c> TX7ANTED—A MAN TO TAKE CARS OF HORSES Vi and attend to a garden. Apply at Room 25 Central Union Block. ‘ WANTED-A STOUT BOY, lo OR 19 YEARS OLD, YV German preferred, to take care of horse and drive delivery wagon. Apply at IC7 Blue Island-ar., Monday morning. •WANTED 30Y TO DRIVE DELIVERY WAGON YV at HENRY’S Eureka laundry, 157 West Madiaon-st. Tl r ANTED—A COLORED COACHMAN- MUST YY understand his business and come well recom mended. Apply Monday and Tuesday, after 4p. m., at 75Ashlanduv ~ Miscellaneous. WANTED -CORRESPONDENCE WITH CON tractor*, builders, foremen, Ac., who wish to legiti mately increase the- income without Interfering with their regular business; wo can present Inducemcntswhlch will bo satisfactory in every respect, both as regards busi ness and remuneration. Send address and whom and when may be “ocn to £. 9?, Tribune office. T\7 ANTED—A GOOD FIRE INSURANCE SOLICIT- Vi or: German preferred. Applyatoffice of GEO. O. CI ARKE, 8 and 4 Bryan Block. ___ T\TANTED-CANVASSERS FOB 1 * PICTURESQUE i?" and otter popular serial publications. J. H- CHAMBERS, 306 Locust-st., St. Louis, Mo. IXTANTED-TEA CANVASSER, BY A FIRST IT ela*a to.i bouro; man with wagon, wo supply horse; can make sio. Address Y 23, Tribune office. TXrANTED—7SI WABASTI-AV., A NEAT COLORED YV boy to writ on table oad help around tbo bouse. WANTED— A BOY ABOUT 14 OR 15, ONE THAT nc ’^standscutting moat preferred, with references, at 355 P(.fk-st., Monday. • TVANTF.D-TWo' EXPERIENCED YY None others coed apply. • Address C 78, Tribune office. "WANTED—SOLI JIT *R FOR SIGNS AND SHOW YV errda. 7.“ West M -.dison-st. I fff ANi'EE-MEN OUT OF EMPLOYMENT WANT- Y T ing to engage in a nice business, no capital required, call on A. STONE. 150 Siato-st., from 6 la 10 a. m., and 1 to 2 p. zn. • TV-ANTED- AGENTS. PRACTICAL MEN, OF Yl good ac‘dross, some knowledge of steam appliances desirable. Business profitable and permanent. Apply between 1 and 4 p. m., or address Asbestos Rooting Co., *74 South Watcr-st. WANTED— CANVASSERS; BY THE EXCELSIOR Photograph Copying Ctw To canvassers for pictures to v . py. wo oiler extra Inducements and pay largo com missions; India ink work a specialty; call and see us. 156 Vincennes-av.. near Douglas House, Chicago. E. SPENCER i SON. TtrANTED—A MAN WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER YV stands the most business. Apply Monday, between 8 and 6 p. m , at 831 West Lako-sU TTT ANTED—GOOD BUSINESS MEN, AT 84 MAR VV kct-*t, to handle useful article* (new stylo) made by e popa’a., wealthy, Chicago company. Tx/ANTED-MEN-BIGGEST CHANCE TO MAKE V» money; $2 profit on everydollar. Call immediately at 179 East Madisoi-st., Roota IS. • W'ANTED—A GOOD, STEADY MAN, AS PORTER VY ff rahotel. Johnstone Houao, southwest corner Dcsplaloct and Madison-ata. TirL-. ’B-A GOOD SALESMAN TO TAKE V ij •. v for a select lino of goods, on salary and com r. slon; r ;i*t be a gentleman. Address P t£J, Tribune TIT'ANTED—A FIRST-CLASS CANVASSER FOB » the city, to call only ox business men; salary and commission to a competent msn. Address P 73, Tribune office. ________————— TITANTED—A SMART YOUNG MAN TO DRH r E VV team and work in store. Address G 45, Tribane of fice. __ "ITT"ANTED—A FAITHFUL YOUNG MAN TO GO TO VY the country to assist la taking care of an Invalid gentleman, and take c*ro of horse and cow, and work about the house; te one that can bring good reference* a good homo and r>a; will be given. Call at 67 SouthCanab “t., L. B. WALK fell * CO. Vxr an-TFD-A FEW YOUNG MEN FOR CITY AND W couSST Ao*ft with *3 to 88 can clear sl3 to S3O ft weak. Apply at WANTED— AN EXPERIENCED NECKTIE CUT VY ter. Addn-i* for five days. Q S5, Tribune office, ■rj FaNTFD—I N r BI DERY, A GIRL THAT UNDER \* stand* blank work, and can »ft; also, aby to feed ruling machine. Apply at IIENDLE A JENKINS, I*3 Clark-st. TOASTED-WE WANT GOOD StES IN’ CITS' ASD W counirr U; .oil tho Improved-Ml c» I »ni u cite;, 11b.r.1 inducement. offered. MICA CUI-M.N 1-1 CO., 147 State-st. TirAX .ID CANVASSERS ON GBOSZFELD'S \V Setrinff Mechlao Attecl-mcai.; liberal pcrcenraso allow<d. Call at ifcß Stato-st. V\rA7'TED —A LIVE BUSINESS MAN WITH OAP h itiJ lo engage with other* In a legitimate land prise In the far West. Addro**, with real name, U W» Tribune ' ffico. TATAi. ‘ED—AT THE MAULTON HOUSE, NORTH >V -V.' .i-x-t «nd Kinzie-at*., an experienced man, a» sight c? -rk; must bo a good carver, and willing to maxe birns *lf renurally jseful. Also, a bell-boy. *\\rANTED—AN U4TELLIGENT, QUICK LAD. 16 W year* old, rLo I* no*, afraid of work. Steady wbrk for tho right boy; no thln-ekinnod chap wanted. Apply this morning £* 87 Fomth-st., near Miiwaukee-av., in bxiemont. J. L. STRANAHAN. TI^ANTED .MEN TO WORK IN AN IRON \t yard: no Irl»h need apply. WARREN SPRINGER, 22 North Cliaum-e;. IJTANTED-A HOME FORA SMART AMERICAN IT boy, 12 years old. stoat, and healthy. Address o TQ. Trib* to office, for three days. WANTED—MALE HELP. Miscellaneous-Continued, TYTANTED-AN EXPERIENCED WHITE MAN TO tt lako charge of pantry In a hotel. None but first das* man wanted. Apply at the office of the Orient Hotel. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN TO SELL CIGARS AND tobacco In the city: most havetflooat security. Ad dross, with reference, JAMES HOWARD A CO., Trib une office. WJXTED-A STOUT. ACTIVE, AND COMPETENT »» farm hand and gardener, near city. Apply to C. H. BECKWITH k CO. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestic*. TVTANTED-A GOOD ENGLISH GIRL, WHO T T would be willing to travel with a lady, and do light arcond-nork. Apply at 334 Washlagton-it. WANTED-TWO GOOD GIRLS FOR KITCHEN and second-work. . Swede, German, or Bohemian preferred. Good wages. Call at 1010 Michlgan-ar., In basement. W” ANTED-TWO EXPERIENCED GIRLS FOB ■ general housework. Pali at 621 Mlchlgan-av. \yANTED—AN ENGLISH OR AMERICAN WOMAN IT to taka care of children and assist In second-work: would profora widow, or ono who has hod the care or children. Call at once, at 19 Indiana-av., between Twelfth and Thirtoenth-sts. WANTED-A GOOD GIKL WHO CAN DO PI. AIN sewing and assist In taking caro of a child; also, a girl who Is a good cook, washer, and Ironer; good refer ences required. Apply 'at 49 South Morgan-st. VyANTED-TWO GIRLS; ONE TO COOK; THE VV other to do second work and take care of children, at 44 Oak-av., Cottage Grove. Ty ANTED—GERMAN OR AMERICAN GIRL v V from 13 to 15 years of ago. Inquire at 923 Statist., third floor. WANTED-A GOOD STEADY GIRL TO COOK, wash, and Iron. Call at 73 Aahland-ar. WANTED— TOUNO GIRL FOR CARE OP TWO children. 262 West Washlogtcn-st. WANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL FOR GENERAL housework In a small family whore there is a servant who helps. Inquire at 169 Ellis-av. T\ r ANTKD—A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL » T housework at Highland Park; good wages. Apply Monday next between fl and 3 o’clock at Boom 4, No. 153 Monroo-st. WANTED-AT W8 WABASH-AV., A CAPABLE girl to do chamborwork in private boarding-house. WANTED-A GOOD. COMPETENT GIRL TO DO tho work of a small family and assist In sewing. 21 Cottage Grovo-av. WANTED-GERMAN OB SCANDINAVIAN GIRL for general housework; good wages. Apply at 603 West Monroe-st. WANTED— A YOUNG GIRL, FROM 13 TO Id jean of age, to do light work in a private family. Apply at 25 Johnson-placo, between Thirty-eighth and Tuirty-ninth-ste., two blocks west of Cottage Grove-av. ANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework. Call at No. 405 West Monroo-at. WANTED-GIRL AT 61 MONROE-ST., TO DO general housework. ANTED-A GERMAN OR SCANDINAVIAN girl for kitchen work. Apply two days, at 992 In dlana-av. W ANTED-A SWEDE OR GERMAN GIRL TO take caro of baby. Apply .Monday at 458 South Park-ar. WANTKD-ACOMPETENT GIRLTO DO GENERAL f r housework, 374 Fulton-st., comer Carpenter; Ger man, Swede, or Norwegian preferred. \\fANTED-AN EXPERIENCED COOK, AND A iT girl to do general housework; sisters preferred. S7O Mlohiganiev. W ANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework, at 298 West Jaokson-et. W ANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. Apply Monday, a.m., at 1323 Indiana-av. WANTED— TWO GIRLS, ONE A GOOD COOK, the other to do second work. Apply at Ashland-av., corner Adams-st. W ANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO GEN eral housework in a small family. Apply at 1496 Pralrlo-aT. W ANTED-A GIRL TO DO KITCHEN WORK. Inquire at 834 Indlana-av., Monday morning, at the basement door. W ANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. Inquire at 36 Park-ai. TXT ANTED—A GERMAN, DANE, OH NORWEGIAN 'ii girl, to cook, wash, and iron for two In family, at XS4 West Waahlngton-st. \\r ANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL if housework at 18 South Jefferson-st, None but a good trash er and Ironer need apply. Good wages paid. TIT' ANTED-A GIRD FOB GENERAL HOUSE- Vi work in a small family. Apply at 487 South Dearborn (Bamsido-)kt. TXT ANTED-A FIRST-CLASS KITCHEN GIRL AT 11 417 West Taylor-st. To a competent cook good wages trill be given. Apply for four days. WANTED— A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO HOUSE work la a small family. Apply at2o Bine Island-av. WANTKD-A FIRST-CLASS GIRL FOB GENERAL housework. Good wages. Call at SO3 Thirty-fint-st., second floor. WANTED-TWO GIRLS TO GO OUT TO LAKE Forest; one to cook, wash, and Iron, end one to do second work; none bat the best need apply, aa they will not answer oar wants; will be a good home for good girls. Call at 115 Wabash-ar.

XITANTED—3OO GIRLS, OF EVERY NATIONALITY, * i Immediately, at the Star Employment Office, No. 5 “West Madlaon-st., and at Branch Office, 126 West Mdh roe. We have seven hotels waiting for help; also, board ing -bonses and private booses, both In city and country. So, girls, come early, and oozno prepared to work. Also, cooks wanted for the takes. TXT ANT G D—A GIRL THAT CAN COME WELL iT recommended, to cook, wash, and iron. Apply on Monday at 31S West Washington-st. m \KT ANTED—A YOUNG GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF »T children sod help about light housework. Apply Monday at 1406 Wabaah-av,, with reference. TyANTED—TWO GIRLS FOR DINING ROOM AND n chamber work; none but experienced girls need ap ply; good wages. South Side House. 1121 State-at. WANTED— A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework. Apply on Monday at 2U North Ada-st. [\T ANTED—NURSE GIRL FOR CHILD YEAR OLD. • I Apply at 109 Park-ar. • WANTED- A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work in a small family. Inquire at 1074 Wabash-av. TFTANTED—A GOOD GIRL, ONE THAT * CAN tT cook. wash, and iron. Call at l&iH West Jackson Monday morning. \\T ANTED—A NURSE GIRL ABOUT 16 YEARS T t old. Inquire at Indiana-av. ■\ITANTEI)-A GOOD GIRL TO WASH DISHES AT TT WEBNER'S Dining Room, No. 61 South State-sC.: no Sunday work. WANTED— A FIRST-CLASS CHAMBER GIRL, and to assist waiting on table. 878 Wabash-av. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE- T» work In a family of four; must be good cook and laundress. Inqairo at 148 West Jockson-st. ■TTrANTED—COOKS, KITCHEN GIRLS, NURSK tt girls, and girls for all kinds of housework, at Mrs. WHITTAKER'S, 265 East Chicago-av. WANTED-ONE FIRST-CLASS COOK, 1 PASTRY vT eook, and 6dining-room girls. Apply on Monday to FRANK GLOSSOP, manager Hotel Reporter, 65 Sooth Canal-st., from 9 to 12 a. ci. . . TyANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL ,»F housework atß46Michigan-ar., small family. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO’ DO GENERAL T i bousowork for a family of t oar persons. Wages $3 60 porwock. References required. Apply at 33/ South Park-ar. W ANTED “ A FIRST-CLASS GERMAN OR NOR- T T wcglan girl for general housework, at 746 Wabash-av. WANTED-GEHMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN GIRLS wanted every day at the Employment Room for La dies, 131 Snperior-st. No fees. WANTED-A GOOD KITCHEN GIRL; GOOD wages paid; 112 Cottago Groto-av. WANTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL TO DO HOTlSE work. Call at 226 SouthHoyno-st. nX7ANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE VV work. Apply at 135 Twenty-nlnth-st, aStED-A GOOD LAUNDRESS 1 ALSO, GIRL to do second work. Swede, Norwegian, or Gorman; reference required, 290 West Washington-at. WANTED— A oikl to DO GENERAL HOUSE work: German or Swede preferred. Apply at 640 West W’aaalngton-at. ANTED-AGIRL FOR G ENERAL HOUSEW'ORK; must bo good cook, washer and Ironcr. Call with references atllTl Mlchigan-av. WANTED-A GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF A BABY. Apply at 186 Aahland-av. ’ WANTED-FIRST-OLASS COOK; BEST WAGES paid. 69 North Sbcldon-et. WANTED-A SWEDE. NORWEGIAN. OR GER man girl to do second work and take care of a child. Apply to 949 Ipdlana-av. XXT ANTED—A GOOD, STEADY GIRL, FOB GEN iT eralhousework; German or Norwegian preferred. Inquire at 343 Worron-ar. WANTED -A GOOD COMPETENT GIRL FOB general housework; small family and good wages. 1-13 West Washlogtcn-st. WANTED-A NURSRGIRL, 14 TO 16 YEARS OLD. Apply at 16 Stantoa-av. WANTED— GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work In small family. Apply Monday afternoon, at 116 South Morgan-at. \\T ANT ED—SMALL TIDY GIRL TO TAKE CARB IT of children., Apply at 21 Sixteouth-st. ANT ED—IMMEDIATELY—A KITCHEN GIRL; IT ono that ondarataada washing and Ironing, at 959 Indlaaa-av. \\T ANTED-KECOND GIRL AT 117 SOUTH PARK TT av„ just south of Twonty-fourth-st. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work. Apply at 134 Walnnt-*t. • WANTED—TWO GIRLS AT 797 MICHIOAN-AV.. v r ono to cook, wash, and Iron, the other to do second work and help wash and iron, or else a none girl; white or colored girla. ■ T\T ANTED—GIRL IN SMALL FAMILY TO DO T f general housework; bring reference. 6*4 West liar rUon-et. \\TANTED-A KITCHEN GIRL; ONE WHO OAN It cook, and la a good laundress. Apply on Monday at 176 Twenty-third-st. WANTED-AT 63 SOUTH UALSTED-ST., BE tween Madison and Washington, a girl to do second work; none bat good ones need apply. TI rANTED—A COMPETENT GIRL FOR SECOND tt work. Inquire at 363 Superior-at., North Side. German or Swede preferred. _ WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO THE HOUSE work of a small private family; good wages; Irish preferred. Call at 123 Ohlo-st. WANTED-AT 385 WEST RANDOLTH-ST—A cook; one that thoroughly understands her business, first-class; Irish preferred. WANTED—TWO GOOD GIRLS; A CHAMBER maid and dining-room girl. Apply at 4K> South Dearborn (Burnside )-st., nearTweuty-nlnth-st. "r\rANTED—AT m WABASH.AY.. BOOM 4. TWO I T good Scandinavian or German girls, for cooking and general housework. High wages pald7 Wanted— a good kitchen girl at in South Jetfer*oa-«t. *I\ T ANTED—AT MRS. BATES’, 10 PECK-COURT. A TT pastry cook for country hotel, good wages; also, several capable girls for cook* in families In this city and at Riverside. References required. nrANTED—DINING ROOM GIRL AND GIRLS FOR \V laundry, at Bishop-court Hot /;, 511 West Madison, WANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK tt and onefor t chamber-work. No traah. iS6 Mlchi* gan-av. * WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics—Continued, TyANTED—A NEAT, TIDY, COMPETENT GIRL M for general housework In ft family of time. Call Monday at 1U& Indiaaa-ar. TYTANTED-A GOOD, NEAT GIRL FOR KITCHEN yl and second work; wages, gl per week-- Apply 24 Bishop court. TyANTED—2S GIRLS FOR GENERAL HOUSE * T work, boats, vessels, city, or country. Employ ment office, 80 Sherman-st., opposite R. I. depot. TyANTED—ONE WOMAN WHO UNDERSTANDS • T running tho Eccentric Washing Machine''and Starcher, two first-class bundle Ironcn*. tbroo girls to wait* on helps’ tablo. Apply to MR. BALDWIN, Sherman House, corner Clark and Handolph-sts. WANTED-AN ENGLISH OR SCOTCH GIRL TO f r . do housework. Must be a good cook, waehor, and iruner. References roquirvd. 568 Lako-it., opposite Union Park. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework in a small private family. Good wages paid to tho right kink of s person, and one who is not afraid of work. Apply at 274 Blue Island-av. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework In a small family. Good wages for a good girl. Apply at 121 Westero-av., near Adams-st. TIT ANTED—AN ENGLISH OR SCOTCH GIRL, U that understands cooking, washing, and Ironing; must give reference. 563 West Lake-st., opposite Union Park. Seamstresses. Ty ANTED—ATOUNG LADY WHO UNDERSTANDS T* cutting snd fitting ladies* drosses. Apply at 244 Cottage Grove-ar. \y ANTED—SO WHEELER A WILSON OPERATORS. T T Apply to WISE A WiUTE,Maanfacturers of Ladles* CndergarmonU, 115 Fraaklia-et,, between MadUou and Washington. WANTED— FIRST-CLASS NECK-TIE MAKERS. Apply to J. E. SHIELDS, lOand 12 Hast Madlson-st. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED OPERATOR ON Wheeler A Wilton sewing-machine. 1393 State st-, op-stairs. WANT ED-AT WO STATE-ST., TWO APPREN- Uces to learn dress-making; also, six good sewing girls. Ty ANTED—ONE GIRL THAT OAN MAKE SUM- H mer coats on Wheeler A Wilson’s sowing machine. Call at 683 Blue laland-av., third floor. WANTED-A MILLINER TO GO TO AMBOY ILL. Apply to KEITH BROS. TyANTED-FIBST-CBASS SUIT AND CLOAK MA TT kern, also sowing machino operators, at J.W. GRIS WOLD A CO., 64 and 56 Madlson-st. WANTED— AT MRS. BISHOP AND MADAM KEN DEL’S dressmaking parlors, 76 Twonty-fifth-st., a machinist, with either a Wheeler A Wilson or Florence machine; also two apprentices, and one servant girl. WANTED— FIVE WHEELER A WILSON OPERA ton. Steady employment to first-class help. COYLE A DICKENSON, manufacturers Chicago Shirt, ?09 West Madison-st. • WANTED-TWENTY EXPERIENCED HAND SON nccktiqy and bows. IS9B Stato-at., np-stalrs. ANTED-A DRESSMAKER, ONEWHOUNDER stauda cutting and trimming, to go to the country. Apply, with good references, to 119 Aberdcen-st., on Monday, March 31, from 9 a. m. to S p. m. W ANTED-A GOOD DRESSMAKER WHO CAN trim nicely, and able to finish oQ dresses; also two apprentices. 31 Cottage Grove-av. WANTED-ONE GOOD PLAIN IRONER. ALSO, one washwoman, at Central Hotel, Market-st. W ANTED-A GOOD TAILORESS, ALSO, FlßST class vest maker. Apply at ORDWAY A NEW LAND’S, 209 West Madison-at. . WANTED— SHIRT-MAKERS. PORTER A HOYT, 81 Madison-st. Xaimdrssses. W ANTED-A LAUNDRESS, IN A PRIVATE PAM lly; a good washer and Ironer, with satisfactory ref erences, may find a good place by applying at 2»1 Ash land-av. WANTED-LAUNDRESS, KITCHEN, AND SCRUB girl for country hotel; also a largo number of s.rls for all Kinds of housework in first-class private .rmuies la city and country. MRS. THOMPSON, lOUO Stato-st. WANTED— 2 WASH WOMEN AND 2 SHIRT IRON ers: only those accustomed to work In laundry need apply, at IGU Twenty-sccond-st., or 14 East Adams-st. WANTED FIRST-CLASS SHIRT IRONERS wasbers. and an A No. 1 etarcber, at the American Steam Laundry, 139 West Madison-at. TTTANTED—EXPERIENCED IRONERS FOR NEW TV shirts. Wopay $1.37 per dozon for ironing. TOM LINSON * RUYDER, 160 btate-st., up-stairs. TXrANTED—AT THE ENTERPRISE LAUNDRY, VV 4G3 State-fit., a No. 1 forewoman, Bringrofeienco. Apply Monday forenoon, from 9 to 12. Narsos. TTT ANTED-A WOMAN WITH A FRESH BREAST VV ofmllk. whowzshcstoftndagoodhomolnareipoct able family, and to have the full caie of a child. Call at the office of DR. STRATFORD, No. 62 West Madlson »t., between the hoars of 12 m. and 1 p« m. Housekeepers. TTrANTED HOUSEKEEPER A MIDDLE-AGED VV woman wanted immediately at 131 Suporior-st. Gor man preferred. Miscellaneous- WANTED— FIFTY LITTLE GIRLS AND ROYS, ages from Slo 10 years, to bo taught dancing and go la ballets. Apply to 118 West Washington-st. TTr ANTED - WET NURSE IMMEDIATELY, AP- W ply, with references, 169 West Adams-st. American family. TXT ANTED TWO . PRACTICAL WEAVERS ON VV power looms. A- O. GARFIELD Jt CO., 239 and Ml Lako-st. ___ WANTED —A HEALTHY WET NURSE.FOR SIX months. Good caffes. Inqairo of Dr. VINCENT, at Room 18, 63 South llaiated-at. TTTANTED—SEVERAL GOOD MILLINERS TO V V go Into tho country. Apply immediately to GAGE BRO. A CO., No. 2?7&nd 229 Wabash-av. TTrANTED—A WET NURSE WITH FRESH MILK VV at 665 North darkest. TTj'ANTED—A COMPETENT LADY CANVASSER T T in every town In Illinois and Iowa: very light work and large commission. Address P. O. 80x606, Chicago. CANVASSERS FOR THE Eastern and Southern States. Call at Room 6, 207 West Madiaon-st. WANTED-A YOUNG LADY EXPERIENCED ON different leading sewing machines, that has beou engagedin the business preferred, at No. ic3 fitato-st., near Van Burcn. WANTED— 8 VARIETY PERFORMERS AND 10 ballet ladies. MRS. FRANCES HALL, 604 Statist. . TyANTED—LADY AGENT FOR CHICAGO, FOR vT the boat dross model In use. Apply at 154 Sanga pioa-st.. from 10 to 12 a. m.B LOST. T OST-ON THE EAST SIDE OF HALSTED-ST., Jj between Adams and Washington, a ladies' hunting case gold watch. Tho tinder will receive any reward he may require by rotnming it to D. H. ELLIOTT, 106 Dear bo ns-st. LOST-ABOUT THE 12TH INST., LADIES’ GOLD chain, “Regard ” engraved on clasp, bell and lockot attached. Being is highly prized. Liberal re ward for Its reinrn to SMITH. 175 Randolpb-st. LOST— $5 REWARD-A BIiACK-AND-TAN PUP, on Friday. Return to 509 stairs. LOST-AN ENGLISH SETTER DOG. WHITE AND liver colored; answers to the name of Shot; city tax 64. A liberal reward will be paid for his return to 46 South Union-st. . LOST-ON TUESDAY EVENING, MARCH H, AN nnmado coat. The tinder will be liberally rewarded by leaving It at 9*o South State-st. EOST-IN WEST SIDE BUS. TWO WEEKS AGO, A Russia pockot-book, containing a small aum of money and two notes, one $1,600 and one SIUO, of no uso except to owner; the tinder is welcome to money if the papers are returned, T, 370 West Monroe-et. T OST-ON FRIDAY EVENING. EITHER ON VIN- I j cennes-ar. or at McVicker’s Theatre a square gold chatelaine pin. Tho tinder will bo Ilberallyrowardea on leaving It at 153 Vlacennoa-av. LOST— MARCH ZV A SARDONYX SEAL RING. DE vice, shield bearing aword encircled by a chain, in scription J. W, 8., Graduating Class of 1661. By leaving It with Mr. T- P. LAWRENCE, Room 10 Chamberol Commerce, tho tinder will bo suitably rewarded. LOST-NEAR LAKESIDE BUILDING, ON ADAMS •t.. a time book of WM. STAGER. Will pay $5 If re turned to Tribune office or at 436 Bntterfield-st. T OST-ON THURSDAY MORNING, WHILE WALK- J_iing on Canal, Madison, or West Washington-st., a cutl eontJdninggold aloovo button marked “Fido." Tho tind er will be rewarded by leaving at 33 North Canal-at. Lost-on Friday evening, a lot of ship ping books. The finder will receive a liberal reward and no questions a*kod by returning to the anbscribor at No. 7 Stale st. J. J. WHITE HOUSE. LOST-A BROWN HORSSi FIVE YEARS OLD. with a liudd od right hind log, and top-baggr, lining of too torn, box black, running gear rod. A liberal re ward will bo paid U returned to 142 Nowberry-av. LOUIS FANTEUX. OST-SATURD AY, MARCH 22. A LAB ROBE, bine on one side, and red on the other. Any ono fur nishing Iriformatlon that will lead to Us recovery, will bo rewarded by E. L. HOWARD. 822 North-av. ? EO ST—GOLD WATCH, OPEN FACE. INGOING from 145 Tweaty-second-st., down Mabash-av. to Twenty-drst-st., from Twenty-first-st., to State, ersa fitato-st. to Twentieth, near £leld A Letter's. >aluablo to owner as gift of deceased friend. Reward paid if ro turned to -MRS. B. D. HODGE, liSTwenty-secoad-st. V OST-ON SATURDAY MORNING, IN WaBASH- Ii ... .ago, » Bilk umbrella. " 111 Sudor I«aT0 or land iddre.J to JIL NORTON. No. S Orieotil Bolldlag, 13 LaSaUo-at.? GOLD HUNTING-CASE WATCH. No 23.237, P. S- Bartlett, maker, Saturday after noon on Hal«ted-«t., between Harrison and Washington. g>”ase return to D. 6. ELLIOTT. 106 Dearborn-^. SEWING MACHINES. OBSALE-A WEED FAMILY FAVORITE SEW- Ing machine, cheap for cash, bat llitlo used, is In per fect order. Address A 29, Tnbuneotflce. —tORENCE" SEWING MACHINE*. SIDE-FEED or bact-focd, run easily, run quietly, are easily learned and managed, never skip stltcboa; the very best and finest that are made. on easy terms, fully war ranted. Wil. U. SHARP A CO., General Agents, 264 Btate-st. _ —OR SALE - FLORENCE SEWING-MACHINE cost $92 ; Will sell for 530. Apply at 644 West Madl son-fit. , • T?OR SALE-A GROVER * BAKER OR SINGER r family machine, In coaplirta order, good aj no». lor $25. East Indiana-st., between Kush and Pino. F“ OR SALE-GROVER a BAKER SEWINO-MA chine, in complete order, cost 560; will sell for S2O; good as now. 421 ” cst Jack*on*st» /S'ROVER a BAKER’S SEWING MACHINES— \T General Ofiice, 150 State-st., Branch OtSce, 972 Ws basb-av. Persons having cld Grover A Baker sewing machines aro Invited to call nnd see the new improve ments, and hoaraometbiag to their advantage. O INC Eli* SEWING MACHINE OFFICES OF J. N. O WILKINS, 25 South Dosplaiaes-st,, 167 Miiwankeo av., and ICS Twenty-sccosd-at. •WHEELER a WILSON SEWING MACHINES, \y the new improved sold or rented on easy monthly payments. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agents, otree. 157*3, to 16a.S;ate-st. WANTED-PAKTY WITH LITTLE CAPITAL TO IT take general agency for a new Sowing Machine Co. Interested parties can boo the machine, and learn all par ticulars bycallLngat 166 Randolpb-st., between 3 and 5 o’clock The machine will tako first-class rank, and acll for aa much aa the best. HEATH A HOBKIBK, Agent* for Whltaey Sewing Machine Co. SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE. SITUATIONS WANTED—TEMAUE Bookkeepers, Clerks, SITUATION WANTED—AS ASSIST-NT BOOK keeper and clerk in an office by a man of expe rience; unfiuestlopHble reference given as ©ability, «kc. No objection to going into the ctuntiy if .’ealrod. Ad dress Q 34, Tribuno office. SITUATION WANTED—3Y A IYOUN(. MAN AS assistant bookkeeper; best of reference « liven. .ad dress J J K, No. 71 >Vest Adams-at. QITUATION WANTED- IN A WHOLE ’ ‘XB HOUSE hr a sober, industrious young man from tho country. Has had no experience, but willing to work for a small salary. Good city references given. Address 0. H. WESTON. P. O. Box 219. SITUATION? WANTED—BY A TOUN'C MAX AS AX a*»Utant bookkeeper or salesman. of reforcncea Siren. Appljrat2Uß rulton-at,, 'Ha, SITUATION WANTED-BY AI 11. Tl RIhNCED bookkeeper, who Is thoroughly rt - *hj .s-idod. Ad dress P. O. Box 125. CITUATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPER BY A O young man well acquainted with the English, French, German and Holl&sdish languages. Best of reference giron. Address JACQUES PIUNS, 718 Wabash av. SITUATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPER 0R corresponding clerk; *JJ years’ eiv w »rienco. References unexceptionable. V 35, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED />UV crof foreign and domestic woolens, with a thorough knowledge of the jobbing trade, U desirous of an engage mont; can refer to present employers. Addrcs- W 25, Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT’DRUG O and prescription clerk, who la cooreraant with Eng lish and German. Only those willing to pay a good salary need address OTANCKjEN, Box 1092, Aurora, 111. SITUATION WANTED —BY A PRESCRIPTION and retail drug clerk of five years’ experience; speaks and writes the German and English languages. No ob jociion to go to the country. References given. Ai.dress O. F. PECKER, Aurora, 111. SITUATION WANTED-AS SALESMAN IN A flour, grain, or commission bouse; the best of ci'y and Cincinnati references given a* to sobriety and Integrity; will bring a good trade and engage at a reasons* 1} salary to the right party. £ 50, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-AS SALESMAN IN A RK tall dry goods store, oy a young man of experience; best of references given; no objection to goiny in the country, if desired. Address N 1-1, Tribune olli ..v SITUATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPf.E, BY one who is competent and reliable. Address G 52, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS cALES man, who spuaks German, and understands 11* busi ness thoroughly, in some retail or wholesale i.’.otblng bouse. Have been in the business 9 years; also under stands boys clothing. Best of city references. Address W 27, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—IN A WHOLESALE CLOTH ing ur boot and shoo boose, as packer, shipping clerk, or general man. by a young man i' oxtio;lenco. Itofer eucoa given. Address G 7t>, Tribune ofe^c. SITUATION WANTED—AS BOOKKEEPER. HAVE bad 6 years’ experience as bookkeeper and cashier for one of tbo heaviest manufacturing firms in tho city, to whom 1 refer. Address Z 40, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY aYoCNG SGANDINA vian. who understands English, either in a store or in iouio other light work, where no can make Mmself useful; best <4 references. Apply 210 South Wr vr-»t., Room I. ITUATION WANTKfCIN WHOj ESALE DRY goods store; SM year* in last situation. Apply at ltd East Madison-st., Hoorn 17. SITUATION WANTED—AS BOOKKEEPER BY A gentleman of experience, lirst-class references given. Address V 62, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-A YOUNG MAN DESIRES a situation as salesman in a fn-Tture store. Has six years experience and good Address P 95, Tri bune office. SITUATION WANTED—IN THE CROCKERY AND glassware business, will ic*. as clerk or traveling agent. Also understands groceries. Address O 52. Trib une office. SITUATION WANTED-H. I. DIXON, EXPERT accountant. Room 1, 119 Dcarborn-st. Books opened and closed; complicated accounts examined and adjusted. Posting by the day, week, or month, on reasonable terms. Offic. work in general promptly executed. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OF several years* experience '3 clerk in a hotel, with best of city reference. Address B 92, Tribune office. Cn’UATION - WANTED- .MY A N~eSTpERIF.NOED O retail grocery salesmen. Address W 92, 'tribune office. _ SITUATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPER, CASH ler, or salesman in retail grocery. Havo .arge family trade. Address E 45, Tribune office. Trades. SITUATION WANTED—TO PRIN'IEI.S-BT A young man who has had fo-r > ears’ experience as a job pressman; he could learn c>«».<isr DreM'.vf rk; can set typo, etc. Address, for three days, 0 3u, Triune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED cutter, la a first-class establishment, city preferred; good references. Address, stating alary, N H *3, 213 North Clark-st,. carp of Ltmdborg Jt Larson. SITUATION WANTED-TO BREWERS—HA VING been several years brewer in an English brewery, would bo glad of a situation to do any kind of work. Ad dress Y 37, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A PRACTICAL GAR- O dener: understands taking caro of horses and driving if required; has good reference. Address G 41, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—*BY A YOUNG .VAN IN A tin shop, as apprentice; hsd fix mouths'experience, and Is willing to work. Address B ’l'fbuno office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS GAS O and steam fitter. Address GM, Tribca; xfico. SITUATION WANtED-IN a TAILOI'.’S SlfU!’ AS O abusheiman; tha best of reference given. .iV.'resa G 49, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A'PRACTICAL of Alß bnllder, as foreman of a *:ilr shop, or to take charge or work outside. Address V 63, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-TO PAINTERS—BY A first-class job printer not tf.iiA of work, and who can furnish the best of reference, .address V 65, Trlb tmo office. SITUATION WANTED—B* A FIRST-CLASS COOK, moat or pastry. City references Call at tho Weber House, comer Lake and Union';;s. Coadunon. X«3amst-nra. &c. SITUATION WANTED—BY J. FIRST-CLASS gardener and coachman. Good references. Apply at HO West Washlngton-st, SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS coachman; thoroughly undersl;»r. Is the business; strict ly temperate. Best of city Address Q 69, Tribune office. SITUATIONS WANTED —BY MAN AND WIFE, without family, as coachman and cook; good city ref erences . Address A 94, Trilmao office. SITUATION WANTED—B Y A YOUNG MAN, AS coachman in a private family; n Da.j.t, who under stands tho caro of horses and Irving, and make himself generally useful; the best c. references givon. Please address, for two days, Q “6, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG COACHMAN, is of good habits, understands the care of bones ana garden; can giro tho best city references. Address T 4-1, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A TOUNi» MAN AS coachman, who understands the car* of horses. Ad dress O 43, Tribuns offico. SITUATION WANTED-FOR A STEADY MAN. well acquainted with tho ciri, withe root! horse ana wagon, to deliver through the city. L 4, Tribune office. ITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG - MAN AS coachman In a private family; thoroughly understands the care of hordes; can give references if required. Ad dress G 74, Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN, IN PRL O vafe family, by a young man (English), who will make himself generally useful. Good city reference. Address G 47, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-DRIVING A DELIVERY wagon; well acquainted wltball parts of the city and can give the best ot reference. Address W 20, Tribune office. MiscollanooTis. CITUATION WANTED—A MIDDLE-AGED GEN- O man of unlimited experience In the Chicago and New York jobbing and retail dry-goods trade, is open for an en gagement la either branch of the business; is well ac quainted with tho retail trade here, and coaid success fully manago a business. Can give tho highest city refer enco. Address B 87, Tribune offico. SITUATION WANTED—TO PUBLISHERS-APR AC tical editor of 25 years' experience, classically educat ed, capable of filling any position npon au editorial staff,- is open for so engagement. Address Q 94, Tribune office, if UAT 10 N~W ANT ED—TO SELL GO 0 DS~BY SAM ples fur a wholesale bouse. Am acquainted with city trade. Address Q 85, Tribune offico. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, where ho can work for his board and go to school. Can give good references, and Is willing to work. Address L 8, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO Is willing to work: speaks English and German, and Is a good penman. Address L 11, Tribune offico. SITUATION WANTED—AS BA.' .IN CHURCH choir, bj one of experience: salar- net so roach an object as the beru Sl of the practice. ju H 94, Trib une offlee. SITUATION WANTED-BY A PUSHING YOUNG man anxious for Improvement, as t* :■"*! 'assistant Jn a photograph gallery; have conslderai. ■ experience. Ad dress Q.';7, Trihnne office. MTJSICAIi. Bargains in pianos-previous to my rr rooval to 148 Btsto-st.; pianos to rent. G. C. KNOP FEL, 980 Wabaah-av. For sale—a second-hajtdkna.m; piano, in perfect order, low for cash, at J, BAUER A CO.’S, 890 Wabasb-av. , For sale-several second-eand pianos of various makes, warranted perfect, *.» a easy terms, at J. BAUER A CO.’S. 390 Wabash-ar. TpOR SALR-A NEARLY NEW, UPRIGHT PIANO, J? standard make, at J. BAUER A CO.’S, 31*0 Wabash- F OR SALE-SEVERAL SECOND-HAND ORGANS, low for cash, at J. BAUER A CO.’S, 290 Wabasn-av. OR SALE—A" FTRSf~CLASS “PIANO. VERY cheap; can bo seen at Bauer's music store, 290 Wabaah av. ; will Lake buggy And harriers In exchange. Apply to H. ZEUCH. HOOWabanh-av. For sale—must be sold Monday, march SI, before noon, one hoe piano at CHAPIN A GORE'S, 75Monn>e-st. Will be sold for half price cash. FOR SALE—A BEAUTIFUL PIPE iORGAN. PEB frctly new. It has 2C stops, 3 manuals, and full pedal; suitable (or a small or medium sized church, or any good sized music room; part cash, the rest on easy terms. Can bo seen at the Conservatory of Music, fffiJ lndian*-av. T WISH TO EXCHANGE A NEW, FIRST-CLASS Pi- X ano for lumber. The piano can be selected from one of the largest stock* In the city. Address Z 64, Tribune office. PIANOS FOR SALE—A_V ELEGANT DECKER A Co.; and also other warranted pianos on instalments, and very cheap for cash. Call and see. 77 North Clark-st. T~ HK^BESTJANd"CH EAPESTORGANISTHENICIL ohton. Price, *SO to £9OO. Retailed at thofactory, 63 East Indiana-st. TO RENT—CHEAP, A GOOD PIANO. INQUIRE AT 921 Wabashav. TO RENT —A 7-OCTaVE ROSEWOOD PIANO, fall sized, carved I-gr, for only $5 per month, If taken to-day or to-morrow. 5Q North Ashland-av. WANTED -A FIRST-CLASS PLiNO FOR A YOUNG \V horse and good buggy and harass*. Address, with description, O tXJTribnrjo offico. WXNTED-TO BUY-A good SECONDHAND \V piano. Address, stating price and make, Z 29, Tribune office. _________________ WANTED-PIANO rOR STORE DURING SUM* mer. Beat of care. Apply at W4 West MadUoa-at. Domestics. CmTATION WANTED-BY A GIRL AS SECOND aJ girlornqrao. Apply at 117 Vinoonnes-ar. Situations iv i antki>-two Swedish orßi-d would Uka a situation together as cook end second gtri. Call or address, on Monday, lEH Prairio-ar, QITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT SEC, br ond girl who thoroughly understands her business. Beat of ref«r>ncoa. Call at No. 10 Park Row. o ITU AT ION ANTED—FOR A GOOD NOTi'tt'E- O Ktan aa UuadrcM or cook la ti-iat-claaa prirato family. ■New Intelligence office. BS3Suto, entranceEightoenth-sU SITUATION WANT E D -13 VTGIRL TCTdO SEC ON D or general houaownrk inaimall family; Wcat Side preferred- Apply at 277 Sooth Morgaa-»t. Situation > w^stT:dT' SITUATiw FOR A NO. 1 SECOND jrirl;nne of Mrs. Patch'* b«t rolUbla aUla. Addlt at ifilS. PATCH’S. HAS Stato-st. PP 7 SITUATION WANTED--AS CHAMBERMAID OR i ~Hning-room girl in a boarding-house; good references. 731 Cottage Grove-av* SITUATIONS WANTED-BT 2 ENGLISH GIRLS, IN one house preferred. CallatSiS SoathJefforson-st., down-stairs. SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOUNG GIRL AS cook, or to cook, wash, and iron, in a private family. Inquire at 4il Butterfield st-, near Twenty-seventh. CITUATION WANTED—AS SECOND GIRL IN A O private family. Good reference given if required. Cal! at bT3 Mlchigan-ar. ' SITUATION WANI ED—IN A FIRST-CLASS PRl vato family, to do second work. City reference. Call at 810 South Clark-st., for 3 days, SITUATIONS WANTED-FOR COOKS, CHAMBER maids, and girls, in hotels and boarding houses, at MRS. THOMPSON’S, Offlco lOWJ Stale st, CITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE Swedish girl, as cook, or to do general housework in a Srlvate family; references exchanged. Pleaso o*ll Mon ay, at 3U6 North Market-st. SITUATIONS WANTED—BY.TWO SISTERS. IN A private family. He»t of references given by their pres ent employer. Apply at €& Monday. SITUATIONS WAOTF.I^in' - SISTERS, ONIS ~A good cook, washer and Ironer, tho other to do second work. Call Monday, from 2to-J p. m., at Sherman-st. SI TUATIoYwaNTEirTnT A YOUNG GIRL, TO do second work and plain sowing; lately corao from the East. Cali Monday and Tuesday at 269 Oalumet-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL,I TO DO SEC onJ work ami sewing in a respectable family. No ob jection to go on the West Side. Address ST, fcO Batter, nsid-st. ITUATION WANTED-BY A F.IRSt-CLASS COOK. Apply at£U3 North Clark-st. C ITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD GIRL IN A Ofamily of 2or 3; can furnish good reference. Apply at 360 South May-bt. S' ITUATIONWANTED-IIY A COMPETENT CIRli u chambermaid and waitress In a private family; good city reference. Apply Monday at waahlngton-av. CITUATION WANTED -BY A nESPECTAULd O Protestant girl, to do second work or general house work in a email family; good references. Apply at 211 West Tyler-st. SITUATIONS wanted-for as GOOD as the O beat cooke, laundresses, chambermaids, dining-room girls, and girls Cor every kind of work, on tho lake. In th« city or country. Great Western Business Exchange, 14] West Washington st., corner Union. Girl* will pleas* come early to-morrow. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD. STEADY Swede girl, to do eithur chamber or dining-room work, inhoto 1 or boanUng-houso. Call at 136 Buttorfield-st., Mondv or Tuesday. SITUATIONS WANTED—BY SOME GERMAN, Norwegian, and Swede girls. Families supplied with good help. MRS. HAMILTON, 46 South Unlon-tt. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO COMPETENT girls, together if possible; one as cook and laundress, tho other to do second work. Apply Monday morning at 656 Michigan-av. SITUATIONS WANTED-FOR COOKS, HOUSE keepers, nurse, chamber, and dining-room girls of va rious nationalities. Good, reliable help a specialty. 131 West Jackson-st., MRS. BALK AM’S office. SITUATIONS WANTED-FOR SUITABLE HELP ladies should call at the Scandinavian Employment Rooms, 131 Superior-st SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD COOK, IN A respectable family where they keep a second-girl. Q 60, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-TO DO KITCHEN OR GEN. oral housework in a small and respectable private fam ily. Q 69. Tribune office. SITUATIONS WANTED—FOR SOME OF THE BEST working girls In Chicago, with references from former employers, in hotels, restaurants, laundries, boarding and private houses; ladies will remember that we hare established a permanent business, not to speculate upon, so don’t fall to give us a calls’ No. 5 West Madlson-tU, or Brand office 126 West Moaroe-st. STAR EMPLOY MENT OFFICE. SITUATION WANTED-AS COOK. OR TO DO general housework, by a competent girl; good refer ences. Call at 116 Abordeon-st. Seamstresses- SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL TO work at sowing machine, and assist la tho caro of a child, in aprivato family, city or county. Address Y 66, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY WHO HAS bad several years’ experience In dressmaking, at seamstress in a private family. No objection to the coon, try. Best of reference given and required. Address H 70, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN GIRL to sew in a private family and take caro of children. Apply at Woman's Home, 2 days, comer West Jackson and Halstcd-sts. SITUATION WANTED—IN PRIVATE FAMILY, to do plain sowing and finish oil dresses, by tho day; can bring machine. Can bo found at 774 Wabash-av., all summer. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED girl as seamstress; is a good tailoress. Address or apply at 88 Oak-av. - SITOATISN WANTED—BY A COMPETENT DRESS maker, employment at her own homo. Terms mod* orate. Address Mrs EJ, 99 Blao Island-ar, SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS DRESS* maker of longerperience. work by. tho dar or week. Apply or addressDRESSMARER, 1(17 South Peoria-st.. S“ if UATION WANTiID^NOAOEMENTS”TO’SBW by the day. Will furnish Singer machine, if desired. Call or address 773 Habbard-st. SITUATION WANTED-A COMPETENT DRESS maker wishes a few more customer*. or would go out by the day to cut and fit. SJ South Paullna-sU SITUATION WANTED—BY A THOROUGHLY competent young woman, dressmaking to do by the day or week. Call at CS9 West Madlaoa-st. SITUATION WANTED-BV A GIKLTO DO PLAIN sowing, with her own machine: willing to assist in second work, or in taking caro of a baby. Call at 391 Desplalnos-st., Monday. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST GLASS WASH cr woman to go out by thod*y. Apply at Third-sv. Niltbos. SITUATION WANTED-BY A SWEDISH GIRL TO take caro of a baby. Call at 319 North Market-at., in the rear. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE middle-aged Scotch penoo, to nurse a lady ucd baby, or Invalid, for the month of April. Inquire at 10l West Adams-et. M. Me. SITUATION WANTED—AS NURSE, BYA MIDDLE aged women af experience, B<*st of references given. Apl>jy»t 191 West JscVsoa-st,, Monday, or address Mrs. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE woman, with a fresh breast of milk, a situation as wot none: bosk cf references given. Call or address 31S Twcaty-tbird-sfc. HonsokocDcrs. SITUATION WANTED-BY A WIDOW LADY, without incumbrances. ss housekeeper. HachMnror widower preferred. Situation in a hotel would bo accept ed. Address A 65, Tribune office. SITUATION’ WANTED-BY A BESPECTABIji ralddlo-aged American woman. In a small family without children. Would accept situation ns house keeper. The best of reference given. Call at 675 West Monroe-st. SITUATION WANTED-AS HOUSEKEEPER BY a young lady. In a widower’s family. Reference ex changed. Address G 42, Tribune offico. SITIMTION'WANTED— A WIDOW LADY. WITH a little girl, would like to fake charge of a gvctleman’s house, widower preferred, city or country: no salary ex pected tho first month. Ffil, SITUATION WANTED—ANY GENTLEMAN WISH- Ing a competent, reliable, mlddle-ag'd woman fox housekeeper will hoar of one by addressing O 43, Tribune offico. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG SWEDETSH lady as housekeeper In a widower's family. Sp**ak« Gorman and English. Best of refirrencc* given. Call or address No. 996, near Thirty-ninth, on Mon day March 31, between 10 a. ra. and 6p. m. _ S ituationWanted-a young widow lady would like a situation aa housekeeper; widower or bachelor preferred. Address P fr'J, Tribune office. MisoftUaneoaft. SITUATION WANTRD-BY A LADY EXPERT, encwl In rilk and cotton embroidery, utemjiinr, etc., also ernteheting and knitting-work, .where she could maka herself useful in the above branches as a saleswoman. Address A 17, Tribune office. _____ S' ITUATION WANTED-A LADY WHO HAS SPENT sovoral year* on tho Continent, speaks French, would like a position to travel in Enrnpo as governess or com panlnn. Address EUROPE, P. O. Box *sl. _ S~ ITUATION WANTED--IN A OUARTK'fTECHOIR. by an experienced alto singer; is familiar with the Episcopal service. Address care of Q 72, Tribune office, for throe days. QITUATION WANTED-A YOUNG LADY ACCUS O tomed to traveling and an A No. 1 hair-dresser would like to engage with a family or invalid lady to go to Europe and back. Address M C, Tribune otSc-j. C ITtTATIONS WANTKD-ltY TWO LADIES AS OB- O ganlxt and soprano of a church jn the city • orono of the adjoining town#. Address I* A, care >■ J*- qituatTo.v' \va xted - -llv A W'inow r.'i)V. T f > aaslst in the care of a home and family. The beat ol references given. Address Lin, 1 ribnne o.jce. _ i sssra. SaV/rofor ApplyTur aVa 3 av^Gr.T.Jri'.ui.ootfiee. OITUATION WANTED-TO TRAVEL AS LaDIR’S x'rn.lH nr tike charge of children; am used to the ••••.. undcrit.nd F..nrh ,nd G.rrr.«n; UnMlu. refur •nces. Apply at 73 .South Rob'-y-d. OIT UAT IO NS WA NT KD -V.’F HAVE THE NAMES b of about twenty-five Hoi's. wno can fcm yi nn.-xop tlonaW# reference*, desiring miscellaneous of ern, clcrki, eosm-frew.-., ocunpAa lons, housekeepers, hon-cho.d a. c.c.. wo ln..te all person, to call and to«t our ab.l.ty u, furnlah tr.e very best help and 49> Wabash av., Room 1. OITUATION WANTED BY A YOUNG LADY, IN O printing office. feeling pruts, or in in % hotel or laundry, or aigoveraau for children. Call at 443 Wabashav., Room 4. __ C rrCATION WANTED -BY A YOUNG LADY THAT O speak* Oerman cad English, in r. fancy n thm vtorc. orsomootber light employment. Plotw call Sunday <r Monday, at 72fi South JuJerson->t., corner Cao.-.lpcrt-av,, up-staira. DIVORCES. DIVORCEE LEGALLY OBTAINED. FEE AFTER decree; tcamlalavoided: nlnflfin’ practice in tbo courts of Chicago. Addro*s P. O. Box 1037. \ro divorce. no fee-divorces legally XN obtained for causes; all law badness attended to. Call at, or address. Room 3, 357 .South Clark-st. Inclose stamp. PRINTING MATERIAL. FOP. SALE-CHEAP-A NOVELTY QUARTO printing pross. without Apply at *ccoui Uousa below DUcny-at.* on North Clark. 15

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