Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, March 31, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated March 31, 1873 Page 7
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the courts. Tho Livingstone'County AMuotion Case—An Unparalleled Outrage. Another Chapter of the Hyde Park Poi’fumery War. •Tho Poualty of Compounding Willi A Bankrupt. Bud of the Great Coal Oaac—Verdict for $119,637. Bankruptcy and General Court Notes—Now Suits. Tho roadorwlll remember’ tho case of Fetor MoNab v. llohoccft Bennett, whore an abduction of tho moat outrageous nature was perpetrated, which was appealed from Livingstone County to tho Supremo Court. Tho circumstances de veloped lu this case tho Supreme Court do not liosltato to condemn, as showing au outrage to tho citizen, a wrong to good morals, and willful violation of tho low, unparalleled in tho annals of jurisprudence. Tho Legal JVcioa publishes the opinion of tho Supremo Court in full., wo give Uio salient points : Tho facta alleged aro that tho plaintiff fraudulently tausod complaint to ho rondo, charging tho defendant with a crime, and fraudulently caused tho issue urn wot rant and his arrest without any grounds, for tbo purpose of forcibly taking him from tho county of hta residence to another county, nnd there haying the civil process served upon him. %aß«iodefoadant found In the county where sonico woo had within tho meaning of tho statutet It provides ns follows: "It shall not ho lawful for any plaintiff to sue a defendant out of tho county whom tho latter resides or may bo found," elc If a roau voluntarily leaves his residence and cocs to another county, or if seized whoa properly chargeable with crime, and taken to auolher county, ho might ho said to ho found there, within the seiiso of- tho words as used In tho stat ute But it would ho n haso and tutor perversion of tho object of tho law to permit on arrest upon false and fraudulent pretenses, and tho abduction of a man, for tho solo purpose of obtaining service in a civil proceeding. If this wero allowed, tho statute would bo no protection against tho machi nations of bad men who aro willing to prostrate thoir oaths for aeldsU purposes, and use criminal process for private ouds. Under tho facta, tho defendaut was not found In tho county; ho was entrapped there, Tho other error assigned is tho refusal of tho court to set usldo tho default. In support of tho motion to vacate tho Judgment, affidavits were presented, which. If true, exhibited a roost infamous ochomo, conceived and carried out In total disregard of truth and right, sad law. A false charge was roudo of felony, and tho party arrested ond carried from his homo for tho solo purpose of obtaining service in these suits. After Invest- Icallon, tho Justice of tbo I’caco discharged tho pris oner. and found that tbo charge was mallclouo. Dur ing Iho examination Uio Sheriff requested him by vir tue of a capias ad respondendum, issued at tho instance of tho plaintiff below, aud confined him In Jail. Upon the hearing of a writ of habeas corpus ho was released from custody by tho Circuit Judge. Tho infamy of this proceeding, on tho. part of tho party whoiuutl stltmcd it, tho outrage of tho rights of the citizen, tho wrong to good morals, Uio willful violation of Jaw, aro scarcely paralleled lu tho annals of Jurisprudence; Yet, if the party could have made his defense before tluulcfault, bo is estopped afterwards, could ho then have pleaded lu abatement boforo tho default waa en tered •/ Was ho iu court so os to authorize Uio Judgment? Tho affidavit of appellant is-posi tive that ho did not know of tho pen dency of tho suits .until after default, when ho immediately loft his house, iu an adjoining county, for t>:o place where tho court was held, aud on Uio next day mndo tho motion. Tho roturu on tbo capias was —•‘l have executed tho within writ by arresting tho defendant, who Is now In Jail.” Ilo.was only lu court by virtue of this return, for tho motion previously mode was apodal and only to question tho jurisdic tion of tho Court, and this had been dismissed. Ho had boon discharged from custody, and was not lu court, lu person, or by attorney. The defendant was then not in court by virtue of tho Indorsement of Uio writ, and tho delaullsbould not have boon taken. Tho Practice Art requires “ tho Sheriff or Coroner to scree all process of summons or capias, when It shall bo firaotlcnble, ten days before tho return day thereof." lev. Stat, 1818,413 See. 3. Tho arrest and Imprison ment did not constitute tho service contemplated by tho statute. If tho defendant hud been kept lu Jail, then ho could and would tmvo been before tho court when It mot, and his body could have been taken in execution after Judgment. Bat ho had been released long prior to tho term of tho Court, aud nu Ua!l-l>o»d liad b«n token or ip.julroj. Service, under our law, means to read tho writ to tho party. Properly it Is an oxcouUon of tbo writ without an arrest. There may bo an arrest without service, and service without au arrest. Tho orroat lu this case did not necessarily Include service, did not inform tbo defendant of Iho motion of tho suit, or tho term at which ho mud appear. In tho absence of any return' by tho officer that tho writ was read, tho court could neither know nur presume that tho defendant had any knowledge of Us contents, or that ho had over noon op hoard of It. Wo are of opinion that tho default should have been sot aside, aud tho defendant allowed to plead In both cact-s. Tho Judgment is reversed and tho case remanded. lire NORTHWESTERN FERTILIZING COMPANY, Aiothor link was, on Saturday morning, added to this apparently interminable trial. The evi dence was not of an exciting nature, its only peculiarity being that it was free from tho savory spiciness that has given to tho proceedings of previous days a singular interest. Mr, Balaton, the Yico-Proaldout, was recalled, with a view of eliciting further particulars with regard to tbo negotiations between tho Company and Hyde Park toward tho removal of tho ob noxious establishment. Mr. Cuthborlson, a packer, was examined with rotpect to the nature of tho contribution mado by Chicago packers to assist iu fighting tho Hydo Park authorities, and ho endorsed tho former testimony, that they paid SI,OOO to carry on tho litigation until the close of the packing season, cud retained Judge Beckwith for that purpose. Mr. Furstmau, who ban charge of tho platform at tho Stock Yards whore Iho offal is received, testified that they never allowed tho matter to accumulate, and that duo caro was taken in tho transportation. Mr. Cady, Mayor of Hydo Park, testified with regard to tho negotiations already mentioned be tween Hydo Park and tho company. To meteorologists and mariners tho evidence of Dr. Bauch, Sanitary Superintendent, will prove highly edifying, as showing what are tho mont prevalent mr currents in Chicago. From obser vations taken during tho years 1859, 1800,1801, 3802, and 1803, ho announced that tho five years had yielded 203 winds from tho north, 733 from the northeast, 205 from tho cast, 872 from tho southeast, 290 from tho south, 939 from tho southwest, 382 from tho west, and 511 from tho northwest. Tho Northwestern Fertilizing Coni- f tally’s works, lie stated, Ho about southeast by inlf south of Chicago, and iu a somewhat more easterly direction us regards Hydo Park. This dosed the evidence for the complainants, \ and this morning the witnesses for the defense will uo examined. COMPROMISING WITH A HANiaiUTT. Tho case of Kalkoy v. Wilkowoky was sub fnittco to tho Court for trial and a judgment for defendant wan rendered. Wilkowsky, when In solvent, compromised with his creditors for twenty-five cento ou tho dollar, Balkoy, ono of them, refuting to accept tho composition. Sub sequently Saikoy, by private arrangement, took from Wllkowsky in settlement of his claim a rote for half tho amount, that ia to say, accepted n composition of fifty cents, and thoro is no doubt, smiled blandly when ho considered how ho had got 25 por cent ahead of tho rest oMlio creditors. 'Unfortunately, .however, tho unto was not paid at muturity, and his suit to recover tho amount was thrown out, ou tho ground of tho impropriety of his action in tho matter. PROM THE SUBLIME TO THE RIDICULOUS. In these days of gigantic law suits, when a City Collector is sued for $120,000, and Falstalt ian Justice, with tho paunch and brain of e, Bauclio Punza, is wanted to hand over to plain tiff the sum of SIO,OOO for alleged trespass, it is in pleasing contrast to view occasionally tho minute damages that follow tho superhuman ex ertions of opposing counsel. Such pleasure awaited those interested in tho suit of Weiss v. Kornhousor. in which tho attempt to sully tho plaintiff's character was so nobly baffled by seven CJiicago merchants. Tho jury found for tho plaintiff, awarding him the sum of Scouts damages. A nickel and a S-coub piece would have been the proper change to hand the de fendant out of a dollar bill. END OF THE OItEAT COAL CASE. Tho verdict In this case was, on Saturday morn ing, rendered iu favor of the plaintiff, the jury assessing damages nt $119,097.00, The jury brought in tho following special findings: W<*, the Jury, find, from tho evidence and specimens exhibited, that there wah nut canucl coal in thu un called camiol coni mlno of merchantable quality. We, tho jury, find from tho uvidcnco that there was coal of mordnintnblo quality In tho find hill, and estimate tho quantity of coal that has nut boon mined, and ought to have been mined, at 11,000 twin, and aunuss (ho royally and Jurorest thereon to date at $1,890.07. Wo, tho Jury, estimate royalty on tho nut coal at ono-urvcnth of the whole amount of the coal that was mined and ought to have liQun mined at 05 rente per ton mi 91,000 tons, and 'li rente per ton on 91,085 tons, and interest, name ly, smuo. THE CHANDLERS MARE THEIR DOW. The firm of Chandler, Pomeroy A Go., and P. B. Chandler, on receiving their discharge from bankruptcy, wore overcome with cmutiou. When they recovered mtfUolontly, their milted Intellects framed the following opistlo for pub lication in Uio press lu the shape of their last acknowledgments in quitting the stage of bank ruptcy : Chandler, Pomeroy At Co., and P. It. Chandler, who have rocolvod ttioir dual discharge*, desire to return tholr hearty thunks to their numerous creditors, who bo cheerfully consentod to their release from bank ruptcy, ami to tho thren only who positively rofuaed ; (hoy will bo congratulated If, through tho necessities of trade, they never got into bankruptcy thcmaolvcn. To Iho press, tho bankrupt* roturu (liolr compliments for tliclr long continuing, full, and gratuitous notices in full to date. VAN VLEOK V. PLANOnARD ET AL. Counsel for tho defense in this case movo, be fore Judge Rogers, for a now trial. Tbo plain tiff recovered a juagmonbof $5,059 against do fondants for pulling hor out of thoir hoardlng houso. Plaintiff offered to accept $9,000 in full for damages awarded, but tho opposing oouneol moved for ft now trial on tho ground of tho ad mission of improper evidence, tho plaintiff hav ing boon permitted, against tho objection of de fendants, to put In evidence a parolo agreement, prior to tho lease for repairs, which, it is now contended, was improper. IIANKRUTTOV MATTER'S. The District Judge will bold a term of Court at Fooria, at tho office of E. G. Johnson, Register, on tho ICth April, at which all cases in tho Dis trict Court of tho Northern District, which hftvo boon referred to E. J, Johnson or J. T. Morgan, Bogistora In Bankruptcy, ami all issues and pro ceedings arising of bankruptcy business in tho said District, will bo decided. On tho motion of Homer Cook, in tho matter of Ernst Brandt, tho exceptions to exemptions heretofore moved woro overruled. A petition of William 11. Basket was filed, and motion made for further exemptions than those already granted. The motion was overruled, 11. L. Lewis was appointed Provisional As signee of tho estate of tho United States Brick Machine.Company, with authority to soil brick ivt private or pubflo sale, aud to tako such stops as lie may doom host iu regard to a certain suit. • William Croo, of tho Town of St. Charles, Kano County, on Saturday filed a voluntary peti tion in bankruptcy. A reference was' ordered to A. B. Coon, Marengo, returnable April 0. An order was entered, on Saturday, dismissing tho proceedings in bankruptcy, on motion of iho petitioning creditors, against Goorgo F. Lots ofc al., unless objections are filed by Tuesday morn ing next. lu tho matter of James Goodwillio, Fetor M. Livingstone, and David Boboffold, iho Court on Saturday ordered tho salo of Llviugstono's prop erty. Matilda Kendrick' on Saturday petitioned for tho bankruptcy of Robert B. Henry, of Nos. 171 to 183 -Twenty-first street, claiming ns creditor on a note for $-171.78, and alleging that tho debtor has suffered his property to bo token by legal process. Au ordor to show cause, aud warrant of seizure, woro issued. GENERAL NOTES. In tbo Circuit. Court, John B. Itonry has en tered an action for trespass against Augustus 11. Bnnyon, tho Justice, claiming as damages SIO,OOO, and EH Potter has entered n similar ac tion for a liko amount against I. F. Clark. 1 Emma E. Duplno has commenced ft suit against John Fox and another against Shipman Fox, in oaoh case for SIO,OOO damages. In Darling v. Morris, the defendant moves that plaintiff bo required to produce his books in or der to enable liim to prepare bis defense. De fendant is charged with having sold, for plain tiff's account, some SB,OOO worth of highwinos, -alcohol, etc., and omitted tho highly necessary action of remitting tho proceeds of tho salo lo Darling, who naturally objected to allowing .tho ngont 100 nor cent commission, and had him ar rested. Tuo Court ordered tho books to bo pro duced. In Falmor v. Founoh. boforo Judge Booth, a Jury was waived, and tuo caso was submitted to tho Court for trial. On hearing, tho Court found tho defendant guilty andguvo Judgment, finding tho feo simple m tho plaintiff. In tho suit, tho Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad Company v. Ehorhart ot a)., motion for now trial was sustained boforo Judgo Booth. In Johuston v. Ferris, tho defendant was found guilty, and tho property declared in plaintiff. Tho motion for a now trial in Erlio v. Koch was denied. Judgment was given, and appeal fixed for $1,51)0 m twenty days. R. C. Bouusavoll has brought action for SO,OOO for debt against Bans L. Hausen, Hutou L. Wulff, C. A. Walter, George Bauson, and S. M. Brognosa, ond another tor $5,000 debt, and against Huton L. Wulff, Hans L. Hanson, Ira Brown, aud B. B. Farrart,for $6,000, both In tho Circuit Court. Cqlia Wastman wants a dooroo of divorco against Uor husband, mainly on tbo ground that ho took Mrs. E. Gilbert to Joliet and treated l.or, while thoro, “ in every particular” (which words the attorney thinks It necessary to itali cise) as his wife. John J. Suhr, on Saturday, filed an affidavit in tho Superior Court to garmshoo Morris & Wil liams in an execution for debt against Homy and John Sobulkamp; and John Qoorgo Knott tho same- in au execution for $830.48 against tho same parlies. George SV. Lackey on Saturday commenced suit in replevin for tho recovery of a quantity of fixtures, lUtings, furniture, and stock of liquors and cigars, valued at SOOO, against L. H. Grimes and J. K. Ellis, Noyes & Massinger on Saturday obtained a writ of attachment against Popo & Bloasdalo, of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, for £3,880.27, being for balances of account, damages, and other charges in connection with the manufacture of paper bags. Catherine E. Whlslor asks divorce from her husband Francis ou tbo ground of cruelty. She, or rather her attorney for her, makes tho rather startling statement that before her marriage she was “hold and enjoyed" by tho name of Cath erine Eugenia Dickson, Tho City of Chicago has filed a petition in tho Circuit Court for a jury to ascertain damages sustained by property-holders in the works to bo undertaken m extending Logan street, south ward to Archer avenue, and m widening North Stato street from Chicago avouuo to Schiller street. Judgment was yesterday given by Judge Porter in tho suit diaries A. Lewis v. John N. Qogo and others, for the full damages assessed at the Into trial, $-1,790, and an' appeal was taken, the bond being fixed at $20,000. NEW SUITS. Tub United States Cmotrix Count.—William H. Seymour ami Dayton B, Morgan v. Freeman, Byron, and Julius Graham, and Freeman Graham, Jr.; patent for improved harvesters Infringement suit. Calvin O. Udell v. Itnfus B. Pnyuo and Joshua Y. Payne; patent for step-ladders infringement suit. Tun Ciucuit Court.— o,292—John B. Wcnny v. Augustus 11. Bauyou, John Hanson, and Timothy Muthcgau : trespass, SIO,OOO, 0,2911—EH Potter v. I. F, Clark ; trespass, $10,090. 0,294—J0hn Knowles et nl. v. M. E. Mougou ami D. O. Busch, partners ; as sumpsit, S3OO. o,29s—llohcrt Wolf v. Jacob Miller; assumpsit, S3OO. o,29o—Emma E. Depuo v. John Fox; case, SIO,OOO. o,297—Emma E. Dopue v. Bhlpumu Fox; assumpsit, SIO,OOO. o,29B—Marvlp A. Lawrence v. George H. Ward, Benjamin F. Bay, and W. I. Fau)kuor ; assumpsit, SI,OOO. 0,299—1C. O. llounea veil v. Hans L. Hausen, Huton L. Wullf, O. A. Walter, Gcorgo Hansen, and 8. M. Brogness; debt, SO,OOO, 6,000—1t. O. Itomisavell v. Huton L. WuliT, JI.-uiß 8. Hanson, Ira Brown, and It. It, Fur run ; debt, SO,OOO, o,3ol—John H. Leavitt etui. v. Myron lluplie, 11. A. Baldwin, nud D. T. Harbor; assumpsit, SI,OOO. 0,302 and 0,303 —Appeals. o,3ol—Quorgo E, P. Budge, el al. v. Thomas English ; petition to supply record. 0,303 —Georgo 11. Koycs et Al. v. I’upo Us Bleasdnlo; attachment for $2,880.27, for balances of account for tho manufacture of pupor-bugs, and damages by. falling to manufacture, etc. 0,300 and o,3o7—ltostored cases, o,3o3—Sylvester Olcavolund v. Itoyal B. Banion ; ntlhlavlt In garnishes v. W. K. Swallow. 0,300 and 0,310— Appeals. o,3ll—John T* Brown v. E. H. Crawford; assumpsit, $2,000. 0,312- City of Chicago v. Joliet « Chicago Hailroad Company et al.; petition to ascertain damugca for the opening or extension of Logan street, from tho present southern terminus through to Archer avenue. o,3l3—City v. Joseplvßarbcauctal.; same ns to widening of North Slide stroet from Chicago avenue to Schiller street. 6,314, 6,315, and 6,3lo—Suppressed for service. Tun Superior Court,— 42,B72—Charles W. Ivea v. Jtuchcl Ives; divorce. 42,073—Cecilia Whatman v, John O. Waslmau; divorce, ou ground of adultery. 42.874 Thomas Buckley v. Michael Curtin; appeal, 42.875 Willis M. Hitt v, Lombard Dunham et al,; pell tlon to confirm title, 42,870—Henry Scbulknnip et»!., for uso of Qcorgo Knott, v. Morris k Williams; affi davit for caridahce. 42,877—Same, for uso of John J, Bahr, v. same defendants; affidavit to garnishee. 42.878—Georgo W. Lackey v. L. 11. Grimes and J. K. Ellis; replevin of plaintiff's fixtures, furniture, and Stock of cigars and Honors, valued at S9OO. 42,879 Catherine E, v, James Whlslor; divorce, on tho ground of cruelty. 42,880—OXcavy v, Mooney; appeal. 42,881 ■—Moses D, Welle ot al. v. Matthew Langdou oud John E. llogcrs; confession of judgment. Saloon Affray. St. Louis, March 29.-—lUchavd Powell. John Kano, and a man named Bartlett refused to pay for drinks in the saloon of Alexander Light stone. this evening, and, upon Lighlstoue re monstrating against such treatment, ho was tilt over the head with a bottle, indicting an ugly vouml. Lighlstono thou drew a revolver, ami Bint Kano through the thigh, and Powell re coiled a serious wound in the leg. All parties woroarrebtodand locked up. A Stupendous JUonil-Iloat. New 7oiut, March 20.—Kdward Myers, an EngHshraiu, claiming to bo a member of the linn of Qe»rgo Myers A Hons, London, and who ropresoutodlu Wall.street that he had a letter of credit for C 1,600/000 sterling for railroad operations. bf*j boon arrested in Jersey Citv on a cliargo of iflsmig a worthless draft for s9o‘on tho bunking Uopjo of James King 6c Son, of New York. ' ’ STREET-CAR RUFFIANISM. Wlmt Ilclntort Booont I’ooplo nro Com pollcil la Endnro on'lho Into State Street Cars. A Sample Seono—Tlio Remedy—The Duly of the Railway Compaay and Uio Council. Ladies and gentlemen who, either through tho requirements of thoir duties or unlooked-for ac cidents, are detained until a lato hour, and com pelled to tako ono of tho lato cam to thoir homos on tho South Side, nro now, through tho crimi nal negligence of tho car company, in danger of losing thoir lives. Tho lato cars aro Infested with a crowd of roughs from various dons on Stato Direct, drunk, swaggering, boisterous, and ready for any deed of disorder that thoir animal passions, stimulated by bad Whisky, may suggest. It Is nob safe for any porson to travel on a street car running upon any of tho branches of tho Stato street lino nf tor 12 o'clock. It is to such an unfortunate, a most shocking torment, and thoro aro not wanting reasons to compel ovory traveler at that hour to arm himself with a deadly weap on for purposes of self-defense. Tho driver of a ono-horso car cannot attend to tho preservation of order In tho car, oven if ho dared, for, be tween tho management of the vehicle and tho collection of faros, his timo is fully occupied. Thoro is no conductor to interfere with brutal passengers, or assist a docent porson to ordi nary comfort.* Thus it is that tho hundreds of drunken rowdies indigenous to tho lower re gions of this division And ample opportunity to Indulge in tho “ bloody fun " which brought de served death upon tho McVeigh brothers. Two or throe nights ago, on tho 1 o’clock, two women and several gentlemen wore traveling south in ono of those cars. At Folk street the vehicle was stopped to lot in about fifteen drunken bullies, who wero just ripe for somo “bloody fun." Observing tho two women sit ting closo to the door, the rowdies clustered round them. Thoro wero vacant seats at tho further end of tho car, but thoro was hotter op portunity for “bloody fun” whore two dofonso : loss women sat, aud therefore they preferred to stand, maldug uso of tho vilest phrases of which our elastic vernacular is capable. They cursed, blasphemed, talked obscenity, and ondod by throwing ono another into the laps of tho women, who, petrified with horror, woro unablo to offer any resistance. Thoir clustering round tho rear end tilted tho foro wheels of tho car off tho track, and nearly upset the vehicle. In thoir efforts to create some “bloody fun " by doing so, tboy for a moment forgot tho terrified women, who, seeing thoir opportunity, escaped' from this worse than pandemonium, amid n shower of curses. At tills moment a colored man got in, aud took his sent near tho door. Ho produced his faro, and ono of tho rowdiop volunteered to pass it to tho box. In other words, tho rough topic It from him aud pocketed it. After vainly ringing tho boll for somo minutes, tho driver, who,from long experi ence with tho ruffian element’ in street cars, guessed what was tho matter, asked tho darkey whether ho had handed his faro to anybody. Tho man answered lu tho affirmative, pointing out the animal who had taken it from him. Tho driver called upon this production of tho slums to pass it nn. Tho produc tion would “sco him d—<l first," and ap plied vilo names to him. Tho driver warned tho production that ho would call a policeman, whereupon tho whole crowd, whoso professional abhorrence of anything like ordor was aroused, vented their obscenity upon blm. Tho driver was firm, however, and tho cowardly animal sur rendered up tho stolen nickel. Baffled in his potty theft, ho turned upon tho colored man, and, joined by tho wholo party of ruffians, un mercifully pounded him, until tho poor follow sought refuge in flight, and walked tho re mainder of tho way homo. .Tho above is not an isolated Instance of as saults upon travelers. Thoro is not a gentle man who travels on this sido of tho rivor lato at night but can relato a similar star}'. Scarcely a car Inavoa Hio tnnnlnna offer 19 o’oloolr but is filled with ruffians, who smoko bad cigars, ewoar, and talk filthily, rofuao to pay their faro, and rob paaaongora an they pass ov\t to alight. The condition of affairs is most atrocious, and tho only wonder is, that some ono is not shot down every night. Thoro is no really intelligent Jury that would not acquit a citizen for protect ing himself against those roughs, oven at tho trilling oxponao of their worthless lives. Thoro are two parties responsible for this out rageous state of affairs—the Common Council and tho Chicago City Baih'ond Compony—tho former for allowing tho low dives to boopou after 11 o’clock, and tho latter for not afford ing tho traveling public some protec tion against tho class above described. Tho remedy is easy in each case, and tho duty is plain also. Tho Council can perform their share of tho work by tho panaagi of • tho ordinance called for by tlio present otticient Board of Polico Commissioners, and peremptorily close every bar from 11 p. in. to 5 a. in., without fear or favor. This will out off the supply, of alcohol and send tho roughs homo earlier. Tho duty of the railroad company is also manifest. They aro bound by their charter to afford passengers protection. They must bo made to do it. Tho into cars must bo accom panied by an employe of tbo company vested with polico power to protect iho public. Tho company can, by tbo expenditure of a very small sum of money, hire men to guard tho cars, and tho Police Board will ap point them special policemen, giving them full authority to make arrests, amt preserve order at all hazards. This it is their evident duty to do, and this tbo public demand they shall do. Tho late cars aro a necessity, and tho preservation of public order none tho loss so; tho combination of both is as simple ns it is desirable. What is true on tho South Side is also partially true ou tho West Side, although tho main linos, not passing through such bad neighborhoods as Stato street south of Harrison, aro not likely to bo invaded by ruffians. But iu tbo Blue Island avenue, Milwaukee avenue, Milwnkoo avenue, and Clinton street cars, there is vast room for improvement. Even on Madison street tho luto cars are not altogether free from invasion and tho Superintendent cannot do bettor than make a few suggestions as to tho necessity of pro serving something HUo order occasionally ou tho last car. By tho way, tho present last oar ought not to bo tho lust car. THE ELECTION TO-MORROW. Judging from tho character of the various tickets nominated by the several squads of bum mers, the town elections to-morrow promise to bo a most disgraceful scramble among the politi cal dead-beats and loafers. It is, perhaps, for tunate that thoro aro to bo but three polls open in all tho city, and that this whole class will bo gathered at thoso places, instead of being scat tered in all parts of the oily. Tho law makes it the duty of tho Sheriff to close and keep closed ail saloons and drinking-houses within one mile of ouch voting placo. , Tho polls In tho South Division ace to be at Burlington Ball, and, con sequently, all saloons between Jackson and Twenty-eighth streets, the lako and Halstod street, must bo closed. The polls in tho West Division arc at Bandolph ana Halstod streets, and all saloons between State and Boubou streets, Polk street and Chicago avonuo, must bo closed. On tho North Side, tho polls aro to bo at Tumor Hall, and this necessitates tho closing of all saloons from the lako to Pooria street, and from Madison street to North avo nuo. As this will close nearly all tho disreput able saloons in tho oily for tho day, tho election will have at leant one good effect. Will Sheriff Bradley boo to it that tho law is executed? The following is tho section of tho law of tho State : Section 79. No oplrltumiH, malt, vinous, or Intoxi cating liquors shall bo sold or given away at retail, nor any saloon or bar-room, or place where uuoh liquor Jh bo sold or given away, bo open upon any general or apodal election day within one mile of the placo of holding an election. Whoever violates thu provisions of this auction shall ho fined In u uum not low than sils nor mure than SIUO. It vhall ho tho dutyof the Sheriff, Coroner, Constables, and other olllcors of the county, ami Mughtratcu, to sou that thq provisions of this sec tion are enforced. flxompt from Taxation. Atlanta, Cla., March 2!).—Tho Oily Council last night, passed an ordinance exempting cot ton, woolen, and iron factories from taxatloi for tho next fifteen years. TO EXCHANGE, ■\VANTEU-TO HXmiANOIS-LAUaE OIL OIIRO i r unit for ullvor-motmum shuir-CABoi* Apply to O. WHALE. 105TvTflUty.«cooml.aL CITY REAL ESTATE. iron SALK—BY D. COLE A HON. REAL ESTATE' J' Agents, 168 Wont Madlson-st. t uriok houso, and lot 50x170, 480 Wn»hlngton-st.: marble front ’ 8-story mid. basomont, lot.2flilli). Nivlli Washlngton-at. t marblo front,' find lot 25x170,411 Washlngton-st. ; house, and lot 87x170, 400 WashlngUm-tt.. i lot 40x170, Wash- Ingtgn-sl., oast of Union Park; house, And 10t71x200, D9o,Waahington-*l.j brick house find lot, Mon roo-st,, nearLoomis} uriokhqnfloandlot. 49110n0r0-#t., CO foot; marblo front. lot RixlWJ, 63 Ashland-av. i hodse, And lotlW foot, to Warren-sv.; lot. 13x188, Adamant,, noor Latllu; marblo fronla, corner Van Duron and Pan lina.stf., lot 7BxlW. Tbroop-st,. fronting Park) Biota corner Ada and RamlolpU-sls.i 9'lota on Park-av., near Union Park | brick house nnd lot 50x200, DCS Washington at. i collage and lot, 7 Psgo-st.. 25x125} 8X aoroa in John son's Hulmlvlfllon, noar MUwaukoo-av.; 6 aoroa In School Section wost of Central Park \ 6 aoroa corner Call furnla-av. and Taylor-st. | houso and lot Wfl Woit Lake st., wllhCOfl.t 3WJ lola near Contra! and Douglas Parka; lot 48x105 on Park-av., near Oakleys 20 lots on Lake at., Park-av., andWashlngton-sl., coat of railroad trnokj houso and lot 580 lullon-av.,. the luaao; brick hoasos nnd lot 81 Park-av. j 4 sores in School 8001100, west of Contra! Park, on Madlson-st. i 5 cottages oornop Poorln and Tyler* Btn. jenttnao and lot 140 North EllMboth-5t.,58,000; store, and 10t21x!25, 753 Madlson-at.i 100 foot on Madlson-st., near Paulinai 80 foot on Madlson-st., near Paulina: COx 188 on Madlson-st,, noar Dlnhop-oourtt 41x188 on Madl ann-st., noar Ada} 3 htlok houses, Nos. Ull and 633 West AdAinlst. { brick houso and lot. 839 West Adams-at.; houaoi, and lot, Nos, 11 and 18 Park: lot 40x135 JaoksoH-st., oast of Western-ay.: house and lot, KM South Hobov-sl. } house And lot 125 Houlh Greon-st., with 50x125 foot; houso and loaso 223 South Groon-st., Oyears, cheap} houso and lot, 50x136 foot, 140 South (Iroou-sU i brick house and lot, IfiOSoutU Poorla-Bl.; 10t25x1250n Paullua-sl,, nrar Harrison} lot 135x125 foot, comer Jackaon and Wood-sta. ; lot 125x75, corner Van Duron and Wood.ste.} lot 100*100 .corner Van Huron and Ilormltago-av,, lino residence lota on Athlambav., north of Van Duron-st.i 60x136, comer Jackson and Booloy-av.} lot .50x125, on Booloy nv,, noar Adams; houso, and lot, 43x150, 609 Jnckßoti-at.j houso and let, 183 Watron-av.; lot 170*100, cor. Wisconsin, IranKlln and Llncoln-ovaj lot 35x193. on Madison, oast of Central Park; 8 lota, cor. Oontro-st. and Imsoll, North Side, SI,OOO cschj hmißO, and lot 76x126, 247 Laflin-st.} houso and lot. 97 South Sununmon} 5 aoroa on Lako-st., near Control Park} 10 acres onMadison, near Central Pork} hohao and lot, 119 South Dosplatnos] houses, and lot 50x65 foot. Nos. 95 and 01 Boutli Jottoreon; lots, .cor. Jackson and South wostorn-av. Parlies looking for Investments In tho Wost Division will do well to give us a call.- Wo mako West Sldo property ft apoclalty. Particular attention glvonto non-roslaonta. D. COLE A SON. THOR SALE—BY H. OSBORN" & SON, 128 SOUTH r uutk-.t.: noiitii sidh. Nortli Donrbom-st., 2-atory aud basomont brick, 13 rooms: 810, too. .. North LaSa110-st~ • Hnnoro-st., near Adams, 3-story brink, with bam} lot 80x125; $0,500. ■ Honoro-at., near Adams, 3-story frame; $5,600. - Jackson-st., near Loomis; houso, 9 rooms, $5,800. Monran-st., near Aberdeen; briok houso, about 10 rooms, SIO,OOO. SOUTH SIDE. Mlchlgan-av., north of Eclghtoonth»st. t matblo front, $19,000. > EllU-ar., 2-fltory frame, briok basomont, $9,000. LOTS On Twenty-fifth, Twenty-sixth, Twonty-sovonth, and Twonty-clghuPsts., botvroon P.j £t, W. A O. R. R. and Wnllaco-st. Dowon-av., noarCottagoGrovo-av; 80x180, soonor foot. Oak-av., near Vincennes; 50x160; oholco and oTioap, 1 Wo waul a largo number of houses to soli before tho Ist of May. Wo want oholco residence lots.. ParUoular attention given to property of uon-rosldonts. FOR BALE—HOUSES AND LOTS, 1041 PRAIRIE** av., marble front, very handsomely tlnlshod; tine barn. Will bo sold on easy terms. Indlaua-av., marble front, north of Twonty-sooond-st.; ... - twßhodoo-av., marblo front, carpets, gas fixtures, far. nlluro, otc. ; $6,500. M!oh!gan-av., largo . brick, corner lot, 60foob front; S3O,CVO. Pralrlo-av., No. 1620, brick hooso: $19,000. Tlihtloth-flt., No. £29, between Wabash and Michigan avs,, two-story frame, brick bosomont; all modern lm- Vrovomouta, etc.; largo lot. Price, $8,000; very cosy onus. . Michlgan-av,, No. 602, throe-atorymarble fronts $16,000. Wo have a large list of desirable residence and business property, to which attention la Invited. ' FRED. Ij. FAKE A CO., 88 East Washlngtonst. THOR SALE-VALUABLE INSIDE PROPERTY, AT J? low rates: _ • Wabash-av., 25 fool, near Fourtoonlh-st.. oaR front. Walmah-av., 100 feet b. W. corner Thlrty.lirst-at. Wahaah-av,, 50 foot north of Thirty-thlrd-st.,o. f. Wabash-av., llOfootndrtliof Thlrty-fourth-st., 0. f. Wabash-nv., 225 loots. 0. cornerThlrty-fourth-st. Wabash-av., 50 feet n. w. corner Thlrty-tifth-at. Waboah-av., 50 foot north of Forty-llrst-st., 0. f. Wabash-av., 25 font north of, 0. f. Wabash-nv., 40 foot near Eldrldgo-court; .09 years’ lease. • , Wabash-nv., 60 foot north of Twonty-olghth-at. As Wabash-av. U, beyond doubt, tho coming “Broad way" of Chicago, tucro Is no street whore money, judi ciously Invested, will yield a morn certain or larger re turn. - J. ESAIAB WARREN. 18 Chamber of Commerce. THOR SALE—3-STORY MARBLE FRONT HOUSE J? on Indlana-av., between Twentieth and Twenty-lint- Btn; $20,000. 2- brick homo No. 148 Oslumot-av., between Twen ty-third mid Twenty-fourfh-sts.; $13,000. 3- marble front house No. 171 Oalamot-av., near Twonty-fourth-st.; $13,000. • , - , A very ulco now stono front house on Mlch!gan-av t , bo twoon Eighteenth and Twontioth-sts.; $23,000. 2- marble front houso on Wabash-av., noarTwon ty-thlrd-st., 515,500. „ 3- marble front houao on M(oh!gan-av., botwoon Thirtieth and Thlrty-first-sts. 5 $16,000. fl-Fitory marble front homo on Mlubigan-av., botwoon Twolllh and Thlrtccnth-sts. :'S23,WO. _. . JMtory Btono front houso No. 510 Mlohlgan-av., near Fourtoonth-st.; SIO,OOO. 2-story brick house on Pralrlo-av., just south of Twon ty-socond-st.; SIB,COO. _ Frame houso with 130 foot of ground on Oalum«b-ar., corner of Twonty-ilxth-flt. (agroatbar^ralti^ Real Estfllo Office 160 Poarbom-st., Hoonro Block. For sale—a very desirable residence on Pralrlo-av., near Twonty-slxth-st., at a bargain, for all cash. . Also, a desirable residence in samo locality, half oosh, balauoo on time. Also, a number of other residences on tho avonnoe and crons streets. P. A. BROWN & D. HORTON, Real Estate Agents, 16U Dearborn at. Ipoil SALE—SOUTH PARK—IO ACRES FRONTING 1 on nnd near tho loner South Park at a bargain. If taken Immediately; oa*y terms: beyond fjuoatton, whoever buys this property ami holds It far n fow years cannot fail to realize an Immense proilt. j, ESIAS WARREN, 18 Ohninbor of Commerce. , FOR SALE-SOUTH SIDE-BEAUTIFUL LOTS, just adjoining and outside of city limits, on South Park Boulevard, Oakwood Boulevard, Egan and Viu connos-avß., at low prices; and on oxtromolv easy terms. For Inroitmont or Improvement there is nothing in market tuoro desirable or available than Ibis property, tbo attrac tiveness and convenience of which will bo apparent to any ono wbn visit* It. Tltto beyond nucstlou. J, ESAIAB WARREN, 18 Chamber of Gommorco. Foil SALE—A 2-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK dwelling, with furniture, barn and lot, No. 10 Abor docn-st., lot 134 foot doop to a 20-foot alloy; house In good repair, with modom Improvouiouts. Apply to F. U. LITTLE, Hu North Oanal-st. TBOR SALBMiOUSB, 13 ROOMS, AND LOT 30 X' feet, on Oakloy-at., noarFullou; @5,000. Cottage, with 50 foot, on Fourth-et., noar Oakley; "l’lou'«o, 11 rooms, and barn, with 50 foot, on Bryant-tv., near Vluconneß; @U,OOO. IpOR SALE-A VERY DESIRABLE RESIDENCE ’ on PraUio-av., near Twonty-slxth-st., ut a bargain for all cash. Also a doilrablo rosldouco in Kune Ideality; cash, balance on time. Also a number of other real* donee* on tbo avenues and cross streets. P. A. BROWN A D. HORTON, Real Estate Agents, 150 Doarborn-st. For sale—on jaokson and adams-sts., oaetofCaUfornla-av., now houses, good lots, water, and sidewalks. Address UKU Jaekson-st. For salr-at a great bargain, on terms to suit, lots on Joffursou-st., near DoKovon. Inquire at 135 South Olark-st., In lionk, EOU SALE—UY LEVI WING A GO., 17S DEAR boru-st.—Housp and lot, 179 Walnut-st. Jlonaoandlot, Oolfax-av. and Thlrty-aooond-at. COxl.'O, Lanaloy.av. and Forty-sccond-at. House and loose, 231 Thlrd.ov.

House and lot, West Adama-st. All bargains. For sale aioo down, why pay rent when you can uuy a good lot on highest ground, lust outside of the lire limits, and Inside of tbo old city lira— its, for from S4OO to Slut), for small payment down and two yonra’ time! Our title is perfect: you got on abstract and’ warrantee deed when you tuakn tho tint payment. A. G. STOREY A SON, 145 South Olark-st., southeast corner Madison and Ol&vk-Bt., Room 8. FOR SALE-OifEAP LOTS ON SOUTH MORGAN, Aberdeen, Carpenter, nod May-sts.. north of Fifty fif th-st. boulevard, nnd Jtf mile from Dexter Park, at @350 lossUo, onmonthlypaymonta; bouses erected thereon to Suit purchasers; portion looking for cheap homos, without going outeldo, aro Invited to call at our office and go and soo our property before purchasing elsewhere: it coats nothing. amlwoaroconfluontwo can suit you. NIOIIOLS A FITOII, 25 South Oanal-st. F'“ OR SALE-ONE TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT hrlok house, corner of Arouor-av. and Sangor-st. Rontifnrsl4opermoiith. Price, $13,000. InauiroofM. O’NEILL, owner, (BMoQrogur-st. Oil SALE-ONE AND A HALF STORY FRAME collage, situated on Thlrty-socond-Bt. just oast of ■Wallace; water on promises and convenient to can. fclvo years time auil monthly payments. - Apply to FRED P. FISHER, 148 LaSallc-st. basement. ipOH SALE—GOOD LOTS, ON THE FOLLOWING 1 Htrootn: State, Burnable, Butterfield, Arnold, Gari baldi, Hanovor, Butler, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Mur* rnv, ami Ualstcd; alao on Wentworth. HhurllofT, Portland ami Stow&rt-avs. j also on Alexander, Twouty-fourth, Twontv-alitli, Twonty-flovonth, Twenty-eighth, Napo* loon. Twenty-ninth, Lari. Thirtieth, Huron, Thirty-first, Thirty-second, Thirty-third, Thirty-fifth, Thirty-sixth, Thlrty-sovnntn, Fontaine, and TnirtyolHnth-stn, Tltlo Enrfoot. Warranty doeda, A very small payment down, year#’time, 0 per cent intoroat. No Agency bnilncu. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANE, 572 Wabaah-av. OR SALE—STATE-ST., SOUTHWEST OORNUR TMrly-slxth-flt,, 15x125 foot; only $133 per foot If taken at onco; a rare bargain. Stato-at., southwest corner Blxty-flftb-st.; only $29 per foot, for u few days; 141h.TH9 foot; a lino Investment. Stalest., near Randolph, 29*44 foot*. W years' lease, J. EBAIAS WARREN, 18 Chamber of Comtnoroo. tn'Oß SALE—THE OHARMING*nESIDENOE NO. J? 1333 Wabash-uv.; price SIO,OOO. Bnqak thlovpa and street shysters, now run to the avonoonnd steal this ad- TerllHcmimtnnd my commission. E. 11. CUMMINGS, No. liQ blast llandolph-st. F' Oil HALE—BARGAIN—THE TWO-STOUY HOUSE and lot No. HO Wurren-av. Cheapest thing In tho market, considering location. Price $3, WO. E. U. CUM* MINGS, No. 103 East Randolph-at. rOR~BALK-ON WABASH-AV., NEAR Tlllß toonth-st., 2-story frame with brlok basement. The lionao has all modern Improvements. Will be sold for wbatthulotls worth If taken at once. J. HENRY WEIL, 150 Doarhorn-st., Room 6 Fuller's Building. OR SALE-A NEW MARBLE FRONT DWELLING on Imlluna-av., between Thirteenth and fourteenth* Bio ; will take part pay In outoldo real estate at u*,vamij. TTlOli SALE—SI,2OO—WOOD-KT.—6-ROOM GOT- X' Unto and lot, and barn. Lot 23*123. Title perfect. A. bargain. Must bo sold at oncut S9OO down. TRUES* DELL A BROWN, 176 West Aladlson-at* 1" nOR SALK—io'AOREB~N. U. It SEC. 26, 40, 18. . ' 20 notes n. w. it Boa. 25, 4«, 13. 10 aorcun. w. if 800. Iltf, 40, 18. , , , All i his properly on or near Humboldt Park Boulevard, anil vnry ilcslrublo for subdividing, cun bo sold very low on oiny tontms good bouses to sell on nil tho avenues on tho South Side. PiULPOT A HONORE, 167 Washing HOUSEHOLD GOODS. A RARE CHANCE-FIRST-CLASS FURNITURE fur sale at about half Ihn cost; brick house to,rent in good location, South Side, Imjulruof BRUSH, SON A GO., Aiictloucurs and Brokers, 198 East Miullson-st. WANTED— FUUNriTJRU, CARPETS, AO., FOR <msh; untiro huueohuld stocks bought to any amount; promiitaiteatloutololtgrior calls, IJ. 177Twouty-#oo ood-st, 1 ' 2 SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. IPOH SALE—WILLOW fIPUTNOB r ?n AOJIKB AT ', Willow Springs Jif iiillo from depot | 17 miles from Old oago doflot, on Hi. Louis Railroad s land .very high s good homo, horn, oto. i all under fence} hoantlful grove, lino ylmv, oto. } only SII,OOO, if taken immediately i thorp In a forlunr In this property; tltlo perfect. J. KoIAS WAR REN, 18 Chamber of Commotco. Ipon hAI.H-Itr.KQANT OOUNTHY SKAT-TUB I property known M “Glen Flora,"nt Waukegan, 111., containing 53 acres, with first-class Improvements, In. eluding largo brick dwelling, fine horse stable, and conch houso, eold grapory, and largo variety of fruit. Ice houso, chicken houso, largo and convenient caltlo barn, nil la first-class order, This property In situated ono mil* north of railroad de pot, on tho Shift, with lino view of Lako Michigan, nnd «is a beautiful suburban homo, and ottered at a bargain on favorable terms. For particulars apply to O. S. LIN • COIN orC. O. PARKS, WaukogonT T7IOU.BALE—A SUDUUUAN HOTEL, WITH LARGE X* grounds, beautifully ornamonleil, within ID miles of tho Court-House, and easy and frequent access to tho city. A good farm within 50 mites of Chicago, nr other good property, takon In oxehango as part or full payment} or, long time will ho given on purchAso-monor at o por cent. M. VAN ALLEN, IC3 LaSnUo-st., Room 16. IHOR BALE-BEAUTIFUL HALF-ACRE LOTS, I Washington Ilelghta, s6oo} $25 cash; sßpormonth, In terest 0 per emit. Orfrpontor-work wanton as payment. O. W. DEAN. IC3 South Olark-st,, Room 18. THOR SALE—4O ACRES ON THE ARCHER ROAD, X 1 south of tho Drlghton Houso. at a bargain, on tho boat kind of terms. .7. 8. GOULD, IIP Doaruorn st. TTIOR SALE NORWOOD PARK - SEVERAL X' blocks or lota, and oholco houso and lot (or unto or oxehango at reasonable prices. Considering Imnrovn ment and location. Norwood properly Is cheaper than In anyothorauburh. Ulooks will ho sold to retailors bo that 100 to 2(W per cent cau bo realized in DO days. . ... . Havooswood—Ono block and several hundred foot for ealo at groat bargains. FR SALE-AT , HINSDALE—HOUSES,' WITH largo groumla at $1,500, SI,BOO, $3,500, .$3,500, $4,500, $6,500, and tip to $35,000. an any terms desired. Tho property may bo soon by calling on mo at my rest donee lu Hinsdale any afternoon. O. J. HTOUGK. For sale—blocks, already sunmvin od, fronting onat. Humboldt Park Boulevard, which 1 can soil at such a prica that easily 100 per cent profit can bo mado out of It In a short rotalllna. J. HENRY WEIL, 160 Poariiom-Bt., Room 5 Fullor’s Dnlldlng. FOR SALE—6 ACRES NEAR THE CROSSING and depot nf Uio Chicago, Milwaukee A St. Paul and tun Chicago A Pacific Railroads, at Ibo. low price of $1,500 por ncro. Also CO acres In N. W. 5, 87, W, At $l6O por aoro, and 60 acres near tho Wentworth farm at S2OO por aoro. WM. PRICE, Room 6, No. 188 Madison-st. . For Baj,e—one op the best lots in south Rvanston. O. SHACKELFORD, o file a Travelers’ •Insurance Oq., frt LsSnllo-Bt. ; j - POR SALE—AT NORTHWESTERN OAR RHOPS} well located; tltlo perfect: very low; ono-slxth onsh, balance In 4 years. LiVltKlN A JUNKS, 116 Ulark-st., Room ij For sale—enolewood—lo acres adjoining Hooka* Park, only $21,500, for ft few days; not moro than two-thirds of tho valuo of tho property: a groat and certain bargain 5 tltlo perfect. J. I'aAlAB WAKUEN,*IB Chamber of CJoimnorco. THOR SALE—OR TO RENT—ELEGANT OCTAGON JU homes. Pralrloand Mlchlgnn-ars., $18,000; Wabash av.,luuarTwolfth-st., $25,000. ti. MEAUS, owner, 148 LaSallo-at. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. FOR BALIC-OR EXCHANGE—FOR CITY PROP* orty, ft farm of 120 acres of prime jiralrlo land hi llunno County, lowa. Address GKO. If. FAUIIAIt, 594 South Hoatboru-at., Chicago. REAX ESTATE WANTED. WANTED—IO TO 100 ACRES, CHEAP FOR CASH, it not to exceed 10 miles from Chicago. Address O. BROWN, SCO South Olnik-at. (Dr. J. Kean’s olllco). WANTED— COTTAGE ANU LOT IN CITY. OWN era call on J. J. WALSKIt, 82 South Wator-st. T\7ANTICD--rOR READY CUSTOMERS, HOUSES Yt and lots, ami good residence lots on North, West audSouth Sides. Property loft entirely with us will receive 01 Ira attention, H. OSBORN A SON, 128 South.Clark-wt BUSINESS CHANCES, A SMALL AND WELL-SELECTED STOCK OF DRY goods, with loaso of store, well located. In one of tho bust towns of Michigan, for sale. Full particulars may bo had by addressing A 97, Tribune office. ~ A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY—FOR SALE OR TO rout—A shop with all necessary machinery"! stnem* cnglno and bollor of ft furniture foolery, all now, and In comploto order, centrally located. Will bo sold or routed to suit. Imiuiro of NOWAK & KABPAU, 479 South Canal-sL A GOOD PAYING DRY GOODS BUSINESS, WELL located near the groat manufacturing district of tho oily, and on a loading thoroughfare, for solo. Sales tho past year over $50,000. Sutllolonf reasons for selling, and particulars given to parties addressing DRY GOODS, caro Carrier No. 89. A PARTY WITHSSCO TO TAKE HALF-INTEREST/ active or Rilont, in establishing a first-class samplo and club rooms; or will pay good interest on a loan* llavo Sart fixtures, good houso, locality, aud cheap lease. Ad rosi A 21, THbuno oßioo. THINE BUSINESS CHANCE—A FIRST-CLASS RES JD taumnt and confectionery store In tho thriving city of Elgin for sale. Doing a good business; location best la tho city. Address J O I), Box 112, Elgin, Ills. Great sacrifice, we mean what we say, Monday, March 31, nt2p. m., wo will soli, to cloto co partnership, a steam canal boat; double, onclno: two wheels 5 atonn-deck, Ac., at ladiana-st. Bridge, North Branch. BRUSH, SON & CO., Auctioneers, 168 East Madlson-st. TN ORDER THAT I MAY DEVOTE MORIS TIME TO 1 banking, I nlfor for sale or rent my atom room, fOvdO, 2 stories high, dwelling adjoining; splendid cellar under tho whole, with good waroronm, barn, and other out buildings convenient. Havn built up within tho last fif teen years a largo cash and prompt-paying trade; bavo tho oldest and best business corner In town, surrounded by one of tho beat fanning communities in tho Stato, and to A lire man who means business will otter a good bargain and on reasonable terms, a. D. ALFRED, Jn., Cam bridge, 111. RARE CHANGE FOR A BARGAIN—STEAM HAW* mill for solo, withl,ooo,oCofoot dry lumbar; capacity of ralUßO.OOOfootporday, situated at Laming, lowa, 89 miles above Prairo du Olden; splendid market for lain bar; will bo sold wither without lumber; pus*oßslon given immediately; or one partner will remain, and tnko a part* nor for ono.half interest. Apply to IIEMENWAY, WOOD A CO., Lansing, lowa.; QTBAM FLOUUING-iIILL, IN A TOWN OP 9.000 jp inhabitants, forsnlo cheap, and on easy tonus. Mill has loven run of stone, with ample power; cooper-shop and warehouse attached. Fuel cheap; good shipping facilities by Mississippi Elver and by railroads. Call or address, F. L. UNDERWOOD, Muscatine, lowa. rpUB FIXTURES AND TOOLS OP A MEAT MAR. J. kot for sale.and loaso If wanted. CAMP A RIEDLE, corner Stato and Thirtloth-sts. Q,j AH WILL BUY A HALF INTEREST IN A tp'Xv/W nloo cash business paying that amount month ly. m 3 Washlngton-st., Room 38. CASH IP TAKEN AT ONOE-A IRES- V 1 vU taurnnt and Ice cream parlors, 0 rooms in all, complete furnlturo in dining-room, ico cream parlor, kitcueu, and throe rooms overhead, for above amount if taken atonco; owner going South. This place enjoys No. 1 patronage. Runt cheapest In Chicago. J. E, KIMBALL, 130 Dcatboru-tt. ©1 C\(\C\ ONLY WILL BUY ONE OP THE OLD tPI.uUU ost and best-paying phntograpli galleries in excellent locatiou. Inquire of NOCKIN »fe FiUIiER, 1(3 Smith Desplalnca-at. . HORSES AK3) CARRIAGES. AS WE LEAD OUT 50 HORSES THIS MORNING, that are sold, will have room for that number oi sale hones at 10 o'clock. Plenty of business for momvhc muanlt. £6l and 2G3 Stato-st. BRADLEY A WILLS. Fletcher, laz'kar a chenry, at their now repository, 835 State-st., can give you n lirst-olass carriage at lower rates than nuy firm la tho West. Cull and boo thorn before purchasing. Have made many a*man.jhappy the last week. Sold their horses at good prices, oud sent them homo to their families rejoicing with plenty of money in thoir pockets. 2tJI and 26J Stato-st. BRADLEY A WILLS. . OMNIBUSES FOR SALE-THE WEST MADISON st> lino of omnlhuscß for pale, ono ur (ho whole, cheap for cash. They arc in good order, light, and suit able for tho use of country hotels. Aina 40 good work hones. Address or apply to T. W, WADSWORTH, Room 1,. 177 Madiaon-at. MUSICAL. For bale—a second-hand knabr piano, in porlect order, low for cash, at J, BAUER A CO.’S, 890 Wabash-av. F** OR SALE-SEVERAL SECOND-HAND PIANOS of various makes, warranted perfect, on easy term*, at J. BAUER A CQ.’H. 890 Wnbash-av. FOR SALE-A NEARLY NEW', UPRIGHT PIANO, standard mako, otJ. BAUER A CO.’S, 890 Wabash- POlt SALK-SEVERAL SECOND-HAND ORGANS, low for cash, at J. BAUER A CO.’S, 890 Wabash-av. ISIANOS TO RENT AND FOR SALE; RENTING A . specialty; do not rent to go out of tbo city. WM. R. PROSSER, CM Wabash-av. . nunc BUST AND CHEAPEST ORGAN IS THU Nidi- J. olaon. Price, SSO to S9OO. Retailed at tlio Factory, 63 Hast Indlana-at. TO LEASE. TO LEASE FOR ATKRM OF YEARS, WITH STEAM power (or mnnufuntmlug. 10 ft lot on West Side, ncur luiko-st. and river. Splendid locution. Address UW, Trlbuno ollioo. 110 LEASE-FARMS, WELL-IMPROVED, BUILD. . log*, orchard. Ao., at Hinsdale. Call or address O. J. STQUOH, llltudalo, or Stato-st. TO LEASE—DOCKS—BIIzI 10 FEET. CORNER MAIN Branch and North Dearborn-at. Will bu loused fur a term of years. This lot has boon occupied for a number of year* by the Western Transportation Company, and is alldooltod and ready fur uso. Abo, ICO feet on South Branch, just north of Twonty-socund-st., corner of Todd, well adapted for a coal, atono, or lumber dock. Apply to W. D. KRHFOQT A CO., 1U Euat_Wa»hlngton-at. MACHINERY. For sale-one so-iiorsr hoisting engine, one 23, one 6, ono 6-horio stationary engine. R, ORO'i'Z, 259 Third-avenue. F* or salu-ohrap-second-iiand portable and stationary engines and bolters. Uto fronts, grato bars, sod smoke stacks; al«n, now tubular anil upright boilers. CHICAGO STEAM BOILER WORKS. Co and 73 Mloblgnn-st, fpENdIORSE PORTABLE BUCKEYE ENGINE AND X holler for salo cheap. .Apply to J. S. THOMPSON A CO.. Printers. 85 South Canal-it. FOR SALE. For gale counter, desks, window. shades, and carpots. Apply to E, E. RYAN A GO., 83 South caual-st., near the tunnel. ; , I?Oir¥ALK-SimdlOAL iksthumentb-a few X' Hold cases United States Surgical instruments, oud n few volumes of surgical works. Apply GOVERNMENT GOODS DEPOT, Hid and 137 Hast- J-ako-Ht. DIVORCES. TAIVOROES LEGALLY OBTAINED. FEE A ITER .L/docroos soandal avoided; uluo years' practice in tho courts of Chicago. Addruss P. 0. Bo* 1037. NODlVdildl!, NO FEi;-DiVI)UC!CS LEGALLY obtained fur causon: til law business attended to. Cali at, oraddrosa, Room 8, Ul7 South Clark*st. Xticlosa etamm CLAIRVOYANTS. Mrs. butt, natural 'clairvoyant, test, and Business Medium j also, Physical Examinations. at2l SouthDosplalncs-st.; too, sl. TO BENT—HOUSES. mo RENT-MAY 1. AS A PRIVATE RERIDENOK X only, Robolcn rnsfdonce, Irtrgo lot, largo Imrit. Ao.» on Warronar., noar Union jf’ark. H. 11. CUMMINGS, No. 100 East Rnndolph-st. - rit ENT-FIRfIT-GLASS fl-HTOUV AND JIASR. Mont stone-front house, with furnlttiro, retaining first or second floor. Prloo. (Jl.fkM. Owner would pro fur to board with family: Miohlgan-av., loutb of Elgh tnonlb-st. Address N 111, Trllmno ollluo. riVo rent-furnished iiouhk. no. in cot. A tago-piaco, SO3 por uumtll. Inijulro No, 13 Uotlngo* placo. 1' 10 RENT—FROM MAY 1. A FIRSTAR,ARS OUTA gon front residence on Hnperlor-st., nnar tho lake; J2 rooms, furnace, tango, and all modem Improvements, Apply to WM. 11. SAMPSON AUo..ltoal Estate and Rcntliyr Agency,_lH X.aHallo-st., Oti» Block. T~ O RENTING. MaWIRD-AV., AND furniture for onto. Ills elegantly furnished, and la offered at half price, ami rent, extra aheap. Call and boo it at onco. No*, twito a'itl Waliash-av., corner (JongroHS-et., with Bloroo ami room*, at a bargain. Alio, 117 dwellings for rent from May I, 1673, on tho South and West Hide*. ParHoa now occupying will do cldo at umo to ro-rnnt, or 1 shall rnnt their houses without furthornotioo. I will bo at 97 Ulark-st. In April. •!. M. AIAUHUALL, llouso-Honllug Agency, now at‘l2l Clark-st. TO HUNT—THU NEW HOUSE NO. 223 NORTH Franklin.*!., containing 0 rooms and closets ;gns and water on promUos. Apply at 233 North Franklin, or 4UKouth Market-st. rm RENT—FURNISHED—A TWO-STORY FRAME X house on BP foot lot, south front, on Washlngton-et., west of Union Park* homo has 11 moms, bath-room, 9 pantries, largo cellar, hot and cold water, furnace, and gas. Will bo rented till Oct. 1, or for 1 year from Alar 1. Tenant will notbo allowed to koop boardur*. Owner, wife, and child 4 yearn old may board with tenant If doiltod. Jinmlro of Globe Mutual Life Insurance Company, M 3 'ifth-av. ______ rpO RENT—RRICK HOUSE ON CENTiIE-AV.. NO. X 167, 2-atnry and baspinout, or without busomnnt If pre ferred, 18room*, gas, water, bath-rooms; lit fora board iiig-huHso. Imiuiro next door. No. 169. fpO REN'IWFRdM MAYT, THE 2-BTOIIY FRaSiB X dwelling Nrt. 2S>7 Mlcblgnn-av.s rent, $1,600. Alin, tho 3-ftory marblo front dwidllmt No. 1U Elilrldgu-eotut: rent, ffil.Wtl. Apply to .1. O. FAUIUNUTON, oflioe of Oco. 0. Clarke, a and 4 Urynn IRook. rpcT“RENT—MAY^ C 1U f -^IDENCE NO. 740 M’EST X Idiko-st. To tho many calling upon mo to rent and tako full charge of their property, I wish It distinctly understood that I lake nut loss than R por onnf. I think 19 years' oxperionno worth something. E. 11. (JUM MINGS, No. lu2 East Ranclolph-st. rpb RENT-HOUSE 7PO WARASIDAV., CONTAIN- X Ing 111 room*. AMo 763 Wabaah.av., 10 rooms. Apply to S. QUEGSTEN. 753 Wabaah.av., from 12 to 1:30. . DIO RENT-HOUSE AND FURNITURE, iSTOBY X and basement, stono front, ou Mlohlnan-av., near Twonttolh-st. I’rlco, to good touant, Q2,sCUayoar. Ad dress H 77, Tribune othco. mo KENT—COTTAGE, 2-STORY, BRICK BASE- X mont, northwest corner Uublmrdand Kuokor-sts. j allmndom improvements. 0. P. BAY, HORucknr-st. rpO RENT—ISI TWENTY-FIRST-ST., TEN'ROOMS. X South lloyno-st., house It) room*. Hubburd-st., 440, liourc, 9 roomy. $35. ludlaaa-ar., near, fiplomlld order. E. C. COLE A CO., 1!M Lnß:.:*. -*». a lO RENT-A COTTAGE OF 6, ANOTHER OF 5 rooms, onoblock from borao-emat North SI.-:; and gift. A. T. GxVLT, 77 South Duaiborn-ii., IP)—-. Su utii wu. rpO RENT— THE BEST RED OLAY BRIdC-YARD, X near Chicago, with power and Miodr: alim, hoarding, bouse, store and blacksmith shop, on railroad. near city. Inmil runt Room 11, Phoenix Block, cornier Madlson-st nnu Fifth-ar. TO RENT—ROOMS. TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, KH SUITE OR single, on first and second tluors in Pucker Sleek, northeast corner of Madison nnd Hnlstudsts.; entrance 6i South Mnlstod-flt. Ofllco, Room -12. IPO RE.NT-U ROOMS ON WEST MADISON-ST.; X alsoß, 3, 10, and 21, with store, only £IOO per month. TRUESmSLL A BROWN, 175 West Madlson-ot. rpo RENT—ROOMS—WITH FURNITURE FOR X sale, HOC South Morgan-at. A good chanoo for parties wishing to kocp house, ,I'or particulars, apply ou tho premises. riV6'RENT-FOUR ROOMS CORNER HALSTED X nnd Ma<Uson-bti<., nultahln for doctor or dcutnl ohloe. Also room on second Hour 169 Madiruii-st. D. COLE A BON, House Agents, 133 West Madlaon-st. rpo RENT—A LARGE, NICELY FURNISHED X . mum, suitable for two goutlomuu, at 20l West Won, near Sangamon. tpo KKNT_UANI)3OIhiNI,YVUKNISUKOIIOOMSi X transient accommodated. Apply at Room 43, 10 ami 12 East Mndisnn-st., near Mlchlgan-av. TO RENT—STORES. OITICLS, &o, mo runt-a store and a rooms aimsj hut- X noarTwoiay-nlnth-st., at $25 per month. Apply on tho premises. _ moIHSNT—SECOND FLOORS OP NOS. £3 AND 25 X South Canal-bt., balwoou Randolph ami Washington, SihCO nnd Silxflil, sop.irnto or together, nuitablo for unices, fobbing, or light manufacturing; also, a part of third lloor. J. F, NICHOLS A South Canal-st. fpO RENT—WAREHOUSE IT>R MANUFACTURING X or storage, ■lOxsy, 2-story nud basement, Calhoun* place, rear of IS! aud 1&6 East Washlngtou-st. Apply 13, 18, and 17 .Market-si. fpO RENT-2 VERY DESIRABLE STORES 40x170 X each, IWo storks and baaomont, on Rnmiulph-st., be tween Walmah and Mlohlgan-avs., utcum elevator in each. Apply to BOWEN BROTHERS, Room 18 Metropolitan Block, comer LaSallo end Kandolph cta. rpo RENT—STORE—Jd EAST WASUINCTON-BT., X ucut to Fluid, Letter A Co.’s now retail establishment. Inquire nt tho promises. Mb RENT-STORE* 220 WABASIT-AV.. BETWEEN X Adams and Jackiou-sts.,-1-story and unEumont, 27x bid. Will bo rented very cheap to a good tenant. Apply on tho Mb RENT—THE TWO-RTORY WOODEN WARE- X bouso Nos. IK aud 148 Fullon-sl,, nultnhlo for any manufavtarlng purposo; baa n largo yard and nhodx, run ning buck to tho new St. Faul qoput: acouss cm hath elroots. HENRY U. BIIUFELDT & CO., on tho prom ises. rjlO RENT—FINE BRICK STORES 83 AND 40 X Sooth Cnnnl-ut. Flno brick stores, 42 and 44 South Cnnal-st. Flue brick stores, Cl and 63 South Cllnton-st. I*l iio brick stores, G4 and M Washlngtou-st. Apply to W. H. SAMPSON A CO„ TO RENT—HI ROOMS ON WEST MADLSON-ST.. near Wustorn-av.;all now; gaaond water, with a good largo atoro. Flret-rnto for enluon and boarding-honso; only SHOO nor month to a good party. TRUESDELL A BROWN, ITC West Madlson-at. rpO RENT—THE FIRST-ODABS STORK, NORTH- X west corner of Lako-sr. and Fif th-av,; rtvo stories and baflcinent: 4Uxll)0, with vaultn and modern conveniences. JOHN A. YALE, Agent, 7 Bryan Block, 168 LnSallo-st. rpO RENT-ON EAST MADISON-BT., SCO AND £O3, X aoooud lluor, 4&\BQ; olovator. Also, eturoand basement, -16x163, at 2U and 213 Knot Mouroo-st., near J. V. Farwoll’a steam olovator and wldo alloy. Also, adjoining building, five storicn and basement. Ajiplyqt 2U7 and 209 East Monroo-st. WANTED—TO RENT. WTANTED—TO RENT-BY MAY 1. A SMALL, it nest cottage cast of State and north of Thirty fifth-st.; family of three; party is a caroful and rcaiion eiblo tonnnt, und can afford to pay from i?4O to stupor month, which willbu paid two or throo months in advance, tS desired; prolordeallug with owncra direct. Address, elating locality, price, etc., N 41. Tillmno office. W‘" ANTED—TO RENT—A GOOD BARN SUITABLE for about 16 horses, on South Sido, north of nr about Twcllth-et. Addroaa A, enro TOWLE Si ROPER, WANTEU-TO RENT-BY MAY 1, A COTTAGE OF 6or 7 rooms, on West Side, iu a good neighborhood, convenient to hurno-cars, nud within two miles of Stato-st. nud Madisuu. First-class references furnished, and prompt pay. Address, stating location, price, etc., W 4, Tnhuno office. WANTED-TO RENT-HOUSE, SOUTH SIDE, I ? cast of Stato-Bt., rent not to exceed SI,0C0« Ad dress 107'Statc-Ht. BOARDING AND DODGING. West Side. 1 KQ WEST INDIANA-ST—BOARDERS WANTED XtJO by day or week; location lirat-clasa. QQO WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—TWO ROOMS,, 00-i with board, for gentleman and wife, or gentle men. ■ South Siclo. /IQ IIUBBARD-COURT—NEW BOARDING-HOUSE. ttO First-class board, with room, $4 to £6.60p0r week, ■with use of plane. Day board, $4. IKQ FOURTII-AV. FURNISHED LODGING XOO rooms for ladies and gontlomon, with or without board. OQKOALU.MET-AV.-DAY BOARD, 81.60. DIN -400 nor at Bp. in. BOARD WANTED. Board-two furnished rooms and board fur four persons, iu exchange for 2 lota Insldo boule. vard; must bo on Wont Side, near Union Park preferred. Address I*. O, Box 47. FINANCIAL. CLAIMS-UEPUBLTO, KNICKERBOCKER, OUl oago Ftrd, Groat Western, Eqnlluhln. mid Germania Jnaurunco claims coahcd by «J. N, WITUERELL, ICO Duarburn-at. L ARSEN'S LOAN OFFICE—LATE JACOBS A CO.- 177 Clark-et., corner Monroo,. Hoorn No. C. Money advanced on collateral cm liberal tonna. - Loans of large and small sums on real estate: moderate amounts on second mortgages. M. U. BALDWIN A CO.. HI and E6 LaSallo-at., Room 21. Money to loan-on city real estate, g. S. imiIBARD, Jit., lißWaihlngton-nt. Money to loan in bums of suhw to $U).w. alo 5 years, aft) nml Id nor oont. Bliort tlmu paper bought. LI2VI WING ± 00., ITB l)oarbom-at. \irE ARE prepared to make first-class I T real estate* loans (notices than {Jl.tiiO enob) on city or Cook County properly. CHASE & ADAMS, lit iiryaa Block. C;Q nnn* 1 ® AND fIGRU to loan ON CITY oO«UUUrealostato. W. M. HOWLAND, Iff Wash* inglon-st., Room 21. LOST. LORT-BATURDAY. MARCH 20, IN GOING FROM Etghtoanth-st. to Aiken’s Theatre, In tho omnibus a {islrof npura-glassoi in a black leather cauo. J, N. BTA* 'LEH, BSI Prolrlo-uv., Chicago. . LOST-A DROWN HORSE. FIVE YEARsTJID, wllUalmnuon right bind lug, and uni-buggy, lining of top torn, box black, rtinnlnu gear rod. A liberal ru ward w ill bo paid 11 returned to ltd Nouborry-av. LOUIS FANTEUX. , T OST—LADIES' GOLD HUNTING-CASE WATCH? Jj No. S£),tiU7, P. 8. Bartlett, maker, Saturday After noon, on llalttod-st., between Harrison and W'aalilmttou, Phiaao roturn to 1). It. ELLIOTT, !U>t Ihiartinr»-at. SEWING MACHINES. IROR RALE-A GROVER. & BAKER OR SINGER X; family inathlno, tnoouiidoto ordur, good an navi, for tf2s. Kiß Eaat ludlana-at.. uolwoen Ruah and Pine. 'iyiIKELER A WILSON SEWING MACHINES. IT the now Improved told or rented on easy monthly payniontH. BURNHAM A FLANNERY. City Agent-, pttloo, LIB Uiut Aladjuou-st,! will remove about April D, l-nB, jo jCsStAto : »t. INSTRUCTION, SITUATION WANT]fiU-*BV A YOUNG i.ADY, AR O govurniias In a yuimg family \ can tench all tha EiirUmj branch')*, with music, TVonoii. and drawing, and would make tho children's clothes ( boat rulorcuoea given and eipcctod, N It), Tribune oftlco. WANTED—MAI^ Bookkeepers, Clerks* TITANTISI)—THIS FORENOON, ONE OWI VV manly canvayßerj agood position. IIRAULISi u CO., 772C«rr011-st., corncrof Iloyno; __ W" ANTED-TO RETAIL DRUG _ CLERKS A thoroughly oompetont presoripMonlat of good no* dro**, unmarried, fora city drug sloru. Apply bylottortoll 78, Trllmno otlloo, > Trades. WANTED-AN ARTIST, OB GKETOHER. TO > V make out-iloor skntolios of farmhouse* and grounds, business blocks, Inmlscrtniis, otfl.! steady employment and, good wages i noun but tnoso of experience need apply. Address llo* 005, Elgin, 111. WANTKD-A' SCANDINAVIAN OH OHRMAN W bnkor for Km cn'intry. CHRISTIAN & IIING, 1 Smith Olark-st., nr lot \Xr”^NT Kn~-BI FIUST-fTtiASH (lAUIUAnKTIUM; 1V morstntoady work and good wflgos. BrUDEBAKIiB BROS. MFO. CO., South Rand, Hid. TATANTED GOOD BENCH AND MACHINE VY liandn for sash, door*, mid blinds! good wages ana •toady work. RODWAY, SMITH A 00. Manufactur ers, 63 to 70 Thirds!., Mllwnukuo, Wts. WANTED-A GObf) WATCH REPAIRER, TO GO i V to the country. Apply to W. 11. CLAPP A 00., M 3 Btato-nt. Coachmen. Toamntor#. &o. TXTANTED—A MAN, WELT. ACQUAINTED WITH • T tho city, to rhlro carriage nndtsko caro of stock, at Stables, 713 and 717 Wont linko-nt. Mlr.coUanoons. WANTED —COURESPONDENCR WITH CON-; tractors, builders, forcinnn, Ac., who wish to logltl. luntoly inmeasn their lucmno without Interfering with their regular business; wo c.m present Inducements which will bo satisfactory In every respect, both as regards busi ness and TomnnnraMrm. Send nddroso and where and whoa may bo soon to A D 9, Tribune othco. . W7vNTKD-C ‘agents, ‘riIACTIOAU MEN. OF good address, some kunwleduo of r.fnam nppltancca <lo*lrabln. Hnslnoss piutltablo and permanent. Apply between I and 4 p. m.. or address Asbestos Reeling Co., 274 South Wu(er-st. WANTED-A HOY 15 OR 10 YEARS OLD. WITH references from last employer, for general work la groccry_fif°rm_E. lIANCOUK, VOtf West llandolph-Mt. _ ~nr ANTRD—MEN—niOtVES'F"bIfA.Nb'IC TO MAKE VY moneys $3 profit on every dollar. Call Immediately ftt 170 Eaat MadUon-at., Room 15. . WANTED-A FEW YOUNG MEN FOB OITY AND country. Those with $3 to $8 onu clear sl2 to S3U a week. Apply at Room P, 27 West LnUo-st. ANTED-AN OUT YY tor. Addross for llvo days. QO3, Trlbunoolßco. WANTED —6O FARM HANDS FOB ILLINOIS; wages, $1 per day and board, for ibn whole year round; faro advanced to men with bnguago. Apply early to CIIiIISTIAN A RING, Ini South Caaal-st., or No. 1 South Olark-st., up-nlidn, Room I. W‘* AKTKD-20 FARM HAKIM FOR ILLINOIS, G farm laborers nnd mechanics for Tons. I men nnd wlroi to kocp hoarding homos RO chopper*, dl.SSpor cord, ANGKLL A COAKKK, £1 West Randolph-st. W’ ANTF.D-200 lUIf.UOAD LABORERS OK DlF forout rnada; company work entirely: froo faro. Apply early (o HEKRY IlJoRTl!, 210 South "Water, ur 20 North Canabst. ' ■\,i ft, S’TK D-MOKIIAY, AHOY AHOOT IB YRATiS .<.(i | one who Ima lind uxnorlonoe la thn retail gro v.u-y badness preferred. Apply at 723 Btnlo-st. W’ JiIOKNT A’OUNO WEN TO b-nrn nnd engage In the tclnirraphlng business, at PORTER'S National Telegraph College, 159 LaSallo.Bt., Iloom 7P. • "WANTED-TWO WEN TO SELL GOODS TO TUB Vi trade, one with %”uo, lorhuslncsß chance, 174"West Wa>hlogton ct., Room 4. W" AKTED-A general agent for the city or State, for nur Emhtohlorlnc nnd Fluting ?.fa chino. Address the McKco Manufacturing Cumpauy, 303 Broadway, N. Y. T’irANTET)—A COMPETENT MAN TO TAKE YV ohnrgo of wash-room, drive, and make himself use ful about a stable. Apply at Northwosloru Stnblos, 2W and 23d Mlohlgan-wt. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics. "WANTED-A GIRL THAT CAN COMB "WELL it roooinmemlcd, to cook, wash, nud iron. Apply on Monday atlilS WuhtAVaalilngion-at. WANTED-TWO GIRLS AT 7W MICHIO AN-AV.. it onn to cook, wash, and Iron, tho other to do socond work and help wash und Iron, or also a nurso girl; whit® or colored Rlrls. \\TAXir.n~A kITOHEN HIIUiiUNK WHO OAN it cook, and Is a good laundress. Apply on Monday at 170 Twemy.thlrd-st. WANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL FOR SECOND TT work. Inquire at M 3 Suporlor-st., North Bldg, Gorman or Swodo preferred. _____ WANTED-A FiXIST-OLARSCOOK;GOOD WAGES paid. No washing or Ironing. Apply at 109 North Wolls-ot. . •WANTED-A COOK; MUST HE A GOOD WASHER it and Ironor. Apply after 9 o'clock, at 033 Wield gan-av. WANTED-A GIRL FOR. GENERAL HOUSE. work. Apply at 11 Thtnl-UT. : ScnnxstrcnßOfl. TTTANTED-AYOUNG LADY WHO UNDERSTANDS it cutting nnd fitting ladlco’ drosses. Apply at 244 Cottago Grovo-ov. Mlsoollactoons. ■WANTED-TN BINDERY, A GIRL THAT UNDER TI stands blank work, aqd can tun a paging ma chine: also, a bny to feed ruling machine. Apply at UENDLK i JENKINS, IfA Clark-st. WANTED-A COMPETENT NURSE, TO TAKH Vr chargo of a onso of smalbpox In tho country. Ap ply at .ISO Statr-st., drug atom, from 12 m. to 1 n. m. SITUATIONS WANTED—MALL, BooldcooDors, Olorlin, &o* SITUATION WANTED-BY AIYOUNO MAN -VS O nßsistanthookkoopor; host of roforoucoa given. Ad dross JJK, No. 71 Woit Adama-»t. QITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN AS AN O assistant bookkeeper or salesman. Boat of references given. Apply at SOS Fnlton-bt., corner Peoria, QITUATION WANTED—AS BOOKKEEPER BY A O young man well acquainted with tlm English, Froncli, German and HoUimdlsU languagoa. Beat of tofmoucu given. Addreaa JACQUES RUINS, 718 WftbnsU-av. SITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT DRUG and proscription clerk, whole conversant with Eng h nod Gorman. Only thosn willing to pay a good salary need address OYANOCIEN, Box 101)3, Aurora, 111. Trades. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED cutter, In a Brat-chins establishment, city preferred: Sand rotorouoos. Address, stating salary, Nil S, 218 Forth Clark-st., cam of Lumlbcrg A Larenn. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domestic^. QITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE O girl us kitchen girl In a pilvato family. Call at No. DO Ontarlo-st., noar Market. . Soßmntrnsßos. QITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY WHO HAS O had several years' expnrlonco lu dros-maklng, aa seamstress in a private family. No objection to tho coun try. Best of reference given and required. Addrat.uU 70, Tribune nlltoo. AGENTS WANTED. A GENTS WANTED-*’s TO &250 PER MONTH iI, ovorywhoro, male and female, to introduce tho GEN UINE IMPROVED COMMON SENSE FAMILY SEW ING-MAOUINE. This mnehino will stloh, horn, foil, tuck, riullt, cord, bind, braid, and embroider In a most superior manner. Price, only £ls. Fully licensed and warranted for tiro years. Wo will pay Shown for any mu. chine that will sow a stronger, inoro beautiful, or muro elastic seam than ours, It makes tho "Elastic Lock Stitch." Every second stitch enn bo cut, nud still tho cloth cannot bo nulled apart without tearing. Wo pay agents from $75 to B‘iT.O per month and expenses, or a commission from which twice that amount can bo made. Address SECO.MIS i CO., Chicago. 111. AGENTS WANTED—SEND SI.CS FOR KPLRNDID Proapoctua and Territory for tho Life and Times of Horace Greclov, by L. I). Ingcrenll. An unblivert, non* partisan llfoof this groat man, with extended notices of many of hla cotcmpornry slalemum and Journalists. This work will bo got up In auporlor style, royal octavo of 600 pages, fully Illustrated. A rrnut opportunity for Agenia. For description, address UNION PUBLISHING COM* PANY, Chicago. Agents wantkd-in Evr.uv county, for. UolvorealThrond Cutters: sell quick; 200 pop cent profit: samples 25 cento. ITJ East Msillson-st., Room 16. ‘a'gENTS "WANTiTISIIi r ff!mß niTw^artioles Ji. that pay oilbor sox sls tu BGO per week. Can bo bcoq at Room H, 25 West Lalco-at. ... PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED—WITH gIJSiX), TO TAKE half Interest In uno of tbu boat phßograpli galleries In tho city: a knowledge) of the art- unnecessary. Apply at SMITH'S Art Gallery, 29 Wost Randnlph-st. WANTED-¥(/dOJN ''JdlE ADVERT User iu a straight lino of biißinu»:i that will pay 100 for cent: can be toon nt Vermont Block, FUth-uv., ■ loom 0, for two dayn, Cali ut onco; small Cai-lml re quired, but work aud ouurgy, J. B. BRADLEY, 153 and 157 Vlfth-av. PARTNER WANTED—WITH sls,(hX) TO OR X imurgutle bnslm i !-fi agent, or consignee on salary, uho can loan s*>,o'Xl to sJliMiuo on llr»t mntlgtiK'i, rcalrstufu security, north live tlnnn Ilia loan: cr.pitnl required to Increase capacity nf i ntablWjcd works utul mining «tn. vulutmicuta. Addr.-'--, giving rnsldonco ami available capita), STAR MINING GO., (Jl.-vcbnd, Ohio. "PARTNER WANTED—TO TAKE ONE-HALF IN. X toioat in a oopitor-dif lllloty; capital ruaulmi, SI,OOO to so,CtO._ Addrera A 71*, Tribune olhue. Pautner wanti.d -with a capital ofsiv X UCO, in an old and noli cjuvldhlicd who'es-do tobacco, clear* nnrt liquor bm.lnot!'. llo*l ct r.dcro ncci given end required. Addro*** A H7, Tribune ciTeo. APAPRttFORTiIM UNMARRIED OF AMr.RKLv? tho “ Matrimonial Now*,’ 1 sold by all nowiural:..:). Bond In cents for sample copy to P. O. Bus.VjT, GlUi-ig /TASK PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING AND MIS* \J uollamxiiift good* of any kind, by usnUloit a lotto** vt I. 012LDER, Loan UIMc-s »U Buto st. Ofi) Kboica-TusiiPAvi>"Fon taw,-medical, and private Übmiv, and single volume*; old no tinea, inUalo, phitUrou Cnll or ruulr:*" ijn ,*d miml.wd ohuap book-stores, CIiAITN BROS., Sl-J and Sl-I.V ikut Mttdfsonut. PC. OLSEN, CARPENTER AND BUILDER, r>t • South IVauulin-Hi. ,b>b v».n\ taken r.ud-proUiplly at tended to, Pioimu give jno a trial. _ IpO WHOLESALE TOBACCO PKALKIDT-t fV.N X control a Uret-ctasj cash tnido in tlrusln North; rn Minnesota; Chicago rofmonuci given. addvet.iADVM.l- TIBER, Nortlicrn J’.ulilo,(unction, Miime>.)iu. WANTKII - AVU II CON il trAOion, builder*,'id'.Huirj lylnorcaaotholrUicwnowithout lnt' , riorin , r'v!{hi :nlrvi :u jar hublhem. Wo omi priooni liuiucuim-ulu '•Hi' - !; ru'd 1 1 BaUaliiolQty lu every rom-ur, Luth ni roganla bn' lu.'i nod rumunoratmu. Semi Ml Ucaaßtul nhurunud when may l i Boon to A_W l Trlbrino olhoii. PKrtsoNiXi*. YOUNG SIAN WHO HAS A GOOD X bnaioesannd nicedy Income tleiilivj to (ur.u (|Uftlntuncoe/imln!elll«.-!il, good b>okln,v young lady— object company, inulm 1 eniuvmcnt. •«nj uiutrlm ny. Ad droßalaoonllilunco LOUISTOAIPKINS, Clly Peat Of lice. TAKEN UP7 TJfORSUQTAKEN UP—A SMALL BROWN MARK, J L ami a fl-yonr old gray horso «»>lt. The owner can Juva eomo by enlllng at lift ami 117 Smith S ini.umon-at,, LoL cogo, and paying cUargc], DWIUUT AitAN ua*