Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 1, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 1, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. REAE ESTATE. HYDE PARK PROPERTY JTor Bale at tha office of ULRICH A BOND, Heal EaUto - Agent*, 87 Do&rbom-Bt. Ilnatn and 100*160 on Waslilngton-ar., near Oak-st., •two block* from oar», $9,600. __ 100*160, ca»t front, ou Waalilngton-ar., corner Fifty- QSOperfootj Ys7ißreiit^oti‘of» < AlftdUon*»l., near Fifty thlrd-it. 800x170 foot on Ohostnut-st,, near Woodlswn*aT., at comer of Oakst. and Jefferson, one block of •depot] very choice; bargain. 160x160 on comer of Oak-Bt. and. Washlngton-av.} both ■ctroota maced limited s sewor end gat pipe* laid; very •choice and cheap. ... _ , . . 76 foot on Cornell**!., out front, near Oak-at.; trees on .‘lt: choice building,alto. , 1 50x176, cmtfront, on Monroo-st., near Flfty-Borenth it. i only $46 per foot. , ~ . 5*60x176, went front, on Jaokson-at., near Fifty-slxth-at.; only S4O per foot. _ 100x166, to alloy, cut front, near Oak •at., In Egan*. Vino aonth and cait frontage on Oak-at. and Rgandalo* a?., near Droxol-ar. boulevard; covered with evergreens, oholos residence alto. . . . , .... Wo hare a number of other residences and choice build* Ing lots, valued from $2,600 to SOO,OOO, at Jbdo Park, which wo will bo pleased to show customers at any Umo. Two houses to rent at .$66. . , _ .. Aero property and cheap lots at and near Junotlon, lloaltfonoo property at Tlydo Park from S6O to 8100 per foot; la the cheapest property In the market in and around Chicago for the advantages It possesses in locality aun proximity to business centre. , . 4 . UlilUOll A POND. 87 Dearborh*»t. FOE SALE. Tho Executors of tho Estate of Thomas Bufltern, late of Now York, now offer for sale SIXTEEN HUNDRED LOTS, Hounded on tho north by Diviaion-at., on tho 'east by Robey, on the aouth by Ohioago-av., ■and on tho woat by Wostorn-av. These Lota will front on tho nbovo-namod streets, and also on Hoyno, Leavitt, and >Oakley-sts. Thia valuable property has novor ‘boforo been placed in tho market, and is nowoffored on the moat favorable terms. For plats, ab stracts, and torms apply to * MATTOCKS & MASON. Agents, BARGAIN. Wo can offer tho greatest bargain, In a home, In Chica go. Long tlmo and easy narmonta. JACOB a. MAOILL. HI and 83 South Olnrk-st. ROOFING MATERIAL. BELTS FATEH SHEET-IRON .Roofing’. Parties desiring a Metal Roof will find iho PERFECT NESS, DURABILITY, and CHEAPNESS of this Roof ing vory deserving of examination and adoption. PRICE: EIGHT DOLLARS per square, PAINTED on BOTH SIDES, boxod and delivered on cars in Cin cinnati. O. CONTRACTS for 100 squares or more, will be en torod Into for its application on buildings In Chicago at NINE DOLLARS par square, measured after roof la laid, and WABEANTED TONI) & WATER PEOOF, This R9©fing la very simple and rapid of application by any ordinary house carpenter. Tor further Information, circulars, or orders, addrosa W. S. BELT, Patentee and Manufacturer. 56 find 58 East Third-st;, Cincinnati. Ohio. EDUCATIONAL. RACINE COLLEGE. Tho Spring and Summer Term of Haoino College will open April 2. For admission to College or Grammar School apply to Hov. J. DeKOVBN, D. D., Haoine, Wis. Catalogues oan be obtained at the Mor chants* National Bonk, Chicago. IMMANUEL HALL. A HOME SCHOOL. Spring terra begins April 18. For ufQrraaUon address tho Principal, AIRS. K. N. PARK, Itavonswpod, Cook County. 111. BUSINESS CARDS. CARD BOARD PAPER HOUSE. T, S. GILLETT, 118 Fifth-av., AND 103 West Randolph-st. WALTER TRELEAVEN, 144 WEST LAKE-ST., CHICAGO, Manufacturer of and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in GOLD PENS. A good assortment on hand for my owu ri'tatl trade. Single Pena made to order to suit any hand. Pons for repolntlng can be sent by mall. Enclose 60 cents lor each Pen. SBAVE'S’’S RAIN, LAKE & RIVER WATER FILTERS, Wholesale and rotal], at SBAVEY’S Hardware and House Furnishing Htoro, lEOLako-st. HOTELS. BRIGGS HOUSE. Tbit well-known Hotel, rebuilt upon the old silo, comer of Randolph-st. and Fifth-av., will open for the rcccp* tlon of guests on TUESDAY, April 1, 1673, elegantly fur* Dished, haring a passenger-elevator, batb-roorai, eto., with hot and cold water In each room, warmed by steam, and amply provided against lire, by fire-plugs and hose on every floor. The Proprietors Invito tho patronage of tho public, fooling confidant that a reputation of more than 10 years* standing will be fully sustained. OLD TJ2UMS-83 PER DAY. RIOKEOUDB & HUNTOON, Proprietors. A. F. Wells, formerly of Briggs House t W. D. Rector, late of Barnes House, Clerks. BUSINESS CHANCES. $20,000 Hardware Stock for Sale, Together with Lease, Fixtures, and Good Will, at Quin* cv, 111. BualnesH founded in 18H, and haj always been the loading turns} In tho city, Bust of reasons for selling. Partis* dezliiug a safe and permanent business, In a Browing and prosperous locality, will thid this an excel* loot opportunity m establish themselves upon easy and liberal tonus. For particulars address G A H UN Kit 4 KOHKRTSON. Quincy, 111. TO RENT. TO RENT. Three-story and basement brick dwelling on Wabash at., east front, No. 671, north of Twontletb*at. Stores, basements, and rooms In marblo-front block on Wabash* *v<» just north of Twonty-socond-it. Apply to BAIRD 4 BRADLEY*. 90 LaSalle st. FOR SALE. “DUCKS.” A Una of choice Breech-loader* at moderate price*, now in stock. Also, Muzzle-loader*, Flatting Tackle, and Sporting Good*. BIGGS, SPENCER 4 00.. Importer*. . 835 Wabmh-ftT. HOTEL FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE in Marinette, th* most rapidly srowing oily on Lake Superior: hotel ilnt-ol***. and fallal! the lima. O. It. BECKWITH. KIRKLAND GRATE COAL, ffi P V '(s d H,'DYEH** l OO.V f Oof. Wabaih-ay. *ud INSURANCE, GEO. G. GLARES, ME MD IMiE Insurance, 3 and 4 BRYAN BLOCK. London Assurance Corroration of London, Assets, $13,2.34,000 Gold. Northwestern National Inn. Co. of Mllwante, Assets, $383,285. Home taram Company of Colnmlras, o.j -Assets, $800,734. Hoffman Fire Insiirance Company of N, Y. Assets, $288,353. ’ lannfactnrers’ F. and 1 Ins. Go, of Boston, Assets, $560,000. GENERAL NOTICES. NOTICE. Room II Staats Zeituhg Building, 1 Wasuinoton-bt. and Fiftii-av., > CHICAGO, March 2D, 18 1 3.1 Notice Is hereby given that a mooting of tbo subscribers to tho capital atookof "THE INTER-STATE INDUS TRIAL EXPOSITION OF OIIIOAGO " will bo hold at tho Common Council Chamber, OltyHall, Chicago, HI., Thursday, April 10, at 8 p, m., for the purpose Of Mooting a Board of Directors of tbo aald Corporation. A. O. lIK3LNG, N. S. BOUTON, J. D. HARVEY, W. K. NIXON, JACOB ROSENBERG. A. E. BISHOP, NOTICE. Tbo public aro boroby notified that D. J. Maokollar, at tho office of tho American Builder. 414 Wabaah-av., U tho only person in Chicago authorized to rooolvo moneys on my account. Only receipts Riven or authorized by'him aro binding. , CHARLES D. LAKEY, Publisher of tho "American builder," REMOVALS* REMOVAL. THE NORTHWESTERN BRANCH OF THE CONTINENTAL LIFE INS. CO., Of Now York, has removed to Its Now Office, Wo. 187 Waohington-st. OH AS. E. FROST, M'anagor. jCUBMOVAT.», I & E. JAUIAM, Architects, HAVE REMOVED TO Metropolitan Block, Booms 69 and 61. py" Passenger Elevator in the Building. 035- BLACKBURN BROS., Dealers In Lealler ana Shoe Mings, to 3xro. aos lake-bt. CONFECTIONERY. jKTOTOCOJB. GAUDY & GONFBCTIOIBfiT. The nubile are respectfully Informed that tho under, signed nos bought out Mr. Gunther’s Confectionery and Candy Store, 947 Stoto-st., cor. Twentieth, where no In. tends carrying on tbobuslnosson tho same flrat-olasa basis as heretofore. He la tho original inakor of Chocolate and other Caramels: also, Nugat and ovory description of home* made Caudles. CARLO MARAEESI. HATS. BROADWAY AND FIFTH-AV. STYLE SILK HATS. Bishop &Bames, COK. STATE & MONKOE-STS., Opposite Palraor’a Grand Hotel. MISCELLANEOUS. CARMINE INK AND 3^/!ETSJLCSIIOig:<e ? AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. CDI7IR, PAGE, HOYHI & CO., TO PUBLISHERS. “The ProirioPannorCompany,” 074 Wa bQsn-av., is prepared to do a limited amount of newspaper composition and press-work. in first-class style, at cheap rates. MU ELEPHANT And other Drawing Papers at J. O. LANGGUTIPS, and Randolph. ALES. Established for the sale of Pare Ales, Bottlefl for Family Use and Shipping, ir9. , n?S of »F ,n i^. Bp#r ! lUn ‘? A . ,B i Home, for 3 cents. l oar io T |*>»oa tlioy oau now bo supplied ♦i »* A J°?t Lagor Boor, Porter and Stout, in but* m Ua «V 111 R° r dozen; full pints, al.-A, full half pints. Bacon’s pordozou (by ordering iwo dozen), and by this plan can enjoy a glass at their own ta ble at the smalt cost of throo cents. Orders by mail solicited. Goods delivered to any part of the city. ‘ ®TJ333Xj db 00,, Importers and Bottler* of ‘oW 116 Fori!lel1 aDI **ll® Alta, Lager If* iM BEBr ’ Porler ' aßll Brown SIODI \\£ Sul Agent, for tlio following Droworloa, \ra/oR«y and"Multler* of Wra. Massey A Co.'* VS»>, celebrated Philadelphia Ales. Portor, XS£flS 2 CsZs ®nd Brown Smut, Allsopp 4 Son’s In* dl* Palo Ale, Dawes 4 Co.’* Montreal, Canada, Ales, Portor, and Extra Stout, Cincinnati Lager Boor. Ollloe and Salesroom, lot East Madlson*at.: Buttling Vaults, 130 Houtu Doarboro-at., Chicago, 111. AXiIiSOPF'B World-reuownod INDIA PALE ALE, In bulk, for sale la bond to the trade, and In bottle for private families. Montreal Ales. In bulk In bond. Massey 4 Co.’* cele brated Phil*. Ale* and Porter, in bottle, lor private fam- Die*, at HI'ICKL 4 CO.’S, lUI East Mauisea-st., and Ilk) South Doarborn-st. FINANCIAL. Real Estate Loans. Money to loan la sum* of 86,000 and upwards on Im proved property, at rsasonabla rates. SHELDON 4 WATERMAN, B0 NUoq’s Bullmnsr, WASHINGTON, The. Financial Policy of Sccrc' tary Richardson. Important Decision by tlio Supremo Court of the United States. Postmaster General Creswell to Make a Tour of Postal Inspection. The Pacific Railroads and the Govern' ment to Appeal to the Su | prepje Court. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, THE TREASURY POLICY. Washington, D. 0. March 01.—Tho now Sec retary of tho Treasury, Judge Richardson, gave the first intimation of what bis policy with re gard to the aalo of gold and tho purchase of bonds Is to bp, yesterday, when ho issued his programme for tlio month of April. His prede cessor, Senator Boutwoll, was in the habit of making his purchase of bonds about equal to his sales of gold. It Is understood, however, that a necessity exists for this polioy, which was un . known under OoutwoU’s Administration, or at least it had no existence until Inst fall. At (hat time a certain amount of $44,000,000 of ourrouoy reserve was put in circulation. It has never boon entirely replaced. Tho action of Congress at its last session, though not mandatory on this question, was sufficiently explicit to indi cate that further drafts upon tho reserve would provoko positive legislation. According to tho last public debt statement, there was about > $2,670,000 of this reserve still out. It is under stood that the purpose of Secretary Richardson is to replace this sum at the earliest time possi ble. To do so, ho will, of couteo, bo compelled to. sell os much gold as ho can spare to help moot tho current expenses of tho Govern mout, and purchase a loss amount of bonds. This polioy will necessarily load to contraction, but that appears to bo tho polioy for the present, at least of tho Administration. Some persons will, perhaps, bo surprised to loam that during 1 the last year contraction has boon carried on by tho Treasury Department to tho extent of $3,000,000. This has boon done mainly by tho redemption of tho 8 per cent certificates, and through tho operation of the law redistrib uting tho National Bank Currency. It is tho popular impression that the action of the boorotary of tho Treasury has a marked effect upon tho monetary interests of tho coun try. Judge Richardson is of. tho opinion that it is not his orders to buy bonds or sell gold that convulse Wall street, but tho condition of tho money market in Europe and tho amount of im ports. THE PACIFIC n.VILBOADB. Tbo amount of money which will ho withheld , from the Pacific Railroad Companies, in accord ance with the recent act of Congress, will reach from $1,000,000 ,to $1,C00,000 annually. This is on the transportation account. It is tho purpose of the companies interested to immediately submit tho question of tho right of tho Government to withhold tills money to tho Courts, and they will push it with as little delay as possible. They hope to have a decision', from tho Supremo Court of tho United States In' loss than a year. The officers of • tho • Company noom confident that tho action of Congress will not bo sustained by tho Supremo Court. Tho Secretary of tho Treasury is of a different opin ion. At all oveuts till there is a decision by tho Supreme Court tho transportation account will bo suspended. DOBELL AND UDBTEED. It is mentioned boro, iu connection with tho administration of tliose eminent jurists, Dared, of Louisiana, and Dustood, of Alabama, that iu all tho proceedings in bankruptcy which have been had iu their respective courts, not one cent of dividends has ever yet been made to creditors. It is suggested that tho contingent fund of those courts must be enormous. SUPREME COURT DECISIONS. In tho case of Olcuttvs. tho Fond dn Lao Com missioners, which came up on appeal from tho United States Court in Wisconsin, tho Supremo Court decided to-day in favor of the Commis sioners. In this case tho plaintiff resisted the payment of toxos, assessed by reason of a county subscription to a railroad. Tho ground taken was that tho Legislature of that State, in passing an act to authorize this sub scription, violated the clause of tho constitution which provides that private property shall only bo taken for public uses. Tho Court hold that a railroad was a public uso. In tho use of tho above clause ; that the act of the Legislature was con stitutional, and that tho taxes were legally as* aoßßod. In tho State of Kansas against tho Kansas Pa cific Railroad, imposing taxes on tho land grant of tho latter corporation, tho Court Hold that the State had no right to make snob assessment. Tho decision was based on tho restrictions m tho act of Congress, making tho grant of laud, whereby the road was liable to perform several conditions precedent before tho legal title would rest. [To the Associated Press.] SUPREME COURT DECISIONS. Washington, March 31.— 1n tho caso of tho City of Now Orleans against Myra Clarko Gaines, from tho Circuit Court of Louisiana, tho appeal sought to re verse tho decree of the Court below in favor of Mrs. Gaines for $125,200 as rent and profits from lands belonging to hor, which had been in tho possession and uso of tho city. Mrs. Gaines brought her action to recover possession under tho former decision of this Court in her favor ou tho general question of hor rights. Tho report of the Master to whom tho caso was referred was in her favor, and the Court entered a decree thereupon accordingly. Tho Court directs- the afllrmanco of the decree, disallowing the excep tions thereto. No. 108. Barrett v. Barney ot al. This was an action brought by Barrett to recover of Wells, Fargo & Co.’s Exproeo Company damages al leged to ha ro boon clone to tho building in which their office in San Francisco is located, by tho explosion of nitro-glycorino, which caused so much consternation a fow years ago. The question was whether, as common carriers, they were liable for having in their possession tho fa tal box, and consequently for damages done by the explosion to other portions of tno building than tho rooms occupied by them. The decision below was in their favor, and it is hero affirm od. Tho Court say that if tho Ex press carriers aro chargeable with notice of tho contents of packages carried by thorn, they must have tho right to rofuso to recolvo packages, unless thoir contents aro known. It would oo unreasonable to roqulro thorn in that caso to accept as conclusive iu ovory instance tho information givon by tho ownor. U’hoy must bo at liberty whonovor in doubt to oxaot tho right of inspection of contents as a condition of carriage, but the dootrino, which would load to snob a course of business, would causa groat incon venience and seldom accomplish any good. For tunately, tho law is not so unreasonable, and does not enforce such a dootrino, and tho conclu sion is that tho carrier is not chargeable with tho notice of tho contents of packages, and should not ho hold liable for an act douo without his fault. No. 163. Btftto of South Carolina, ox rol. Wag nor agaiuat tho Treasurer of Charleston County. Tho question in this case was. whether tho tax olllcor was bound to accept bills of tho Bank of South Carolina In payment of taxon, tho alloca tion being that, by its charter, bllla of tho bunk wore to bo receivable for all duou to tho State. Tho County Treasurer answered that tho bills woro issued in 1861. and were in aid of tho re bellion, and wore, therefore, not a legal tender * and secondly, that tho clause of tho charter un der which payment had boon tendered had boon repealed. Tho first question was found by tho jury In favor of the bank, but the Court hold that tho olauso requiring the State to receive bills for taxes was substantially repealed. This ruling is sustained hero, and judgment is affirmed. PEUBONAL. Tho President, with Mrs. Grant, Miss Nollio CHICAGO, TUESDAY, APRIL 1, 1873. Grant, and General Bobcook, will leave on tho noon train to-morrow for a visit to Now York, whore they will remain tho greater pari of this wook. , INTERNAL revenue. A comparison of tho receipts' of internal revenue for six months ending Jan. 81 I 1872 and Jan. 81,1878, shows an inoroaso in'tho latter bn spirits of $2,017,002 1 formoulcd liquors, $000,234 ; penalties, $08,613. ■ Commissioner Douglass has sent a olvll engineer to South Carolina to complete surveys of lands for direct taxes to* tho United States, and authorized to bo redeemed under certain conditions,' in order that an -accurate map may bo make for tho use of tho Internal revenue officers in making deeds, and for: future use in tho event of logoi controversies, growing out of tho United States sales, as to boundaries and titles. Tho remains of tho late Rear-Admiral Mont gomery wore interred at Oak Hill Comotory to day. There was a largo attendance of officers of tho navy. It was thought, last week, that tho Hon. James Brooks was improving, but yesterday and to-day It was not so i avorablo. • CURRENCY : MATTERS. Tlio Comptroller of tbo Currency to-day noti fied the Secretary of tho -Treasury of tho issue of $600,000 National Bank notes •' during March, and tho Secretary will to-morrow call in the balance of tbs 8 per cent certificates remain ing unpaid. which will finally complete the re tirement of tho whole of $45,000,000 of 8 per cants, as provided in tho act of July 12,1870, which Authorizes tho issuo of $64,000,000 in National Bank notes. Tlio Senate Special Committee on Transpor tation Routes to tho Seaboard will moot at the Fifth Avonuo Hotel, New York, on Tuesday, Anril 8, In order to consider tho subject of the railroad postal-car service, and' to hoar state ments. Tho Postmastor-Gonoralhes made tbo follow ing reply to the announcement by the-railroad companies of tboir purpose to continue) for tho present, running postal cars : Post-Office Department,\ „ . .Washington, D. C., March ni. f To Isaac Hinckley, Esq‘., President Philadelphia, Wil inington «t Baltimore Railroad Company: Dear Sir: I acknowledge the receipt of tbo letter communicated on tho 29th, digued by yourself and tho representatives of several other railroad companion, requesting that tho notice given mo under dato of 27th of January last, relative" to- tbo withdrawal of railway post-office cars, after tho , Ist of April proximo, bo considered suspended for tbo pres ent. The announcement-made in that communication of the purpose of tho companies to continue to run such cars until a sufficient time shall havo elapsed to asccrloln tho views of tho Special Committee charged by tho Sonato of the United States with the doty of considering and reporting ou tbo nature and extent of ■ tho obligations subsisting between tho railroad com panies and tho postal service of tho country, is duly noted, and In tho event that the companies obtain a bearing boforo tho Committee, I shall bo happy to bo present, ns they request. Very respectfully, your obe diealaorvant, John A. j, Creswell, - Postmaster-General. POSTAL SERVICE INSPECTION. New York, March 31. —1t is reported from Washington that ’Postmaster-General Creswell is to start, in a day or two, one Southern tour) in company with Senators Howo and Cameron, his principal object being to inspect the postal service. Tho postal-car difficulties ho now con siders settled until the next Congress. MR. CURTIS RESIGNS. New York, March 81, —The announcement is made that George William Curtis resigned.about two weeks ago from tho Advisory Civil-Service Board. His resignation was accepted. WALL STREET. Review of the Money, Gold' Bond, Stock, oud Produce Markets. Social Dispatch to Tho Chicago Tribune. New York, March 81.—Tho events of tho day In financial circles -wore unusually important. Tho new programme .-of Secretary Richardson was tho groat topic of discussion, and elicited much oritieftrn. SoordUry, In th« present impoverished condition of tho Treasury, result ing from largo appropriations by Congress, had either to draw freely upon tho.s-14,000,000 logal toudora or keep up his gold sales and decrease his bond purchases. Ho chose the latter alter native. Tho street generally looked for infla tion, and tho now programme was accepted as contraction, or at least as anything but inflation. The disappointment which followed was the’ basis for most of tho wide fluctuations to-day, although subsequent events assisted in aggrava ting the financial situation. Money was very stringout. Early In the day, all ronewala and now loans wore at 1-16 per diom } bat later the price rapidly advoncod, and, before 3 o’clock. per cent and interest waa paid. After that time, % per cent waa paid, and before 4 o'clock loans wore mode at 1 per cent. The banks were calling in loans to-day, and one institution, banking for the city, called in a largo amount, which was one groat reason of the stringency. Tho Comptroller of tho Treasury denies that ho has called on 800 National Banks to make good their reserve within thirty days. Mercantile paper is nominal. waa buoyant and excited, with wide and fre quent fluctuations. At tho opening tho market was steady at 1X69£@117, and remained at those figures for some liitlo timo, but during tho early part of the afternoon tho demand suddenly in creased, and there was a steady advance to 118>£. Tho upward movement waa assisted by reports from London tlTat money on tho street was % to K per cent above tho bank rate. A noticeable feature of tbo speculation during tho afternoon was tbo heavy buying on mercantile account, and to cover outstanding short contracts. It waa a sort of general scare on the port of merchants and speculative boars, although the parties operating for a rise naturally assisted tho upward movement. Tho largo advance of tho day induced considerable realizations forbull ” account, and, late in tho afternoon, prices react ed about 1 per cent from tho highest point. Tho excitement in tho room was very groat all day, mid tho galleries wore thronged with spectators. Tho cliques have clearly tho control of tho mar ket; and it is feared that, before Saturday night, they will hut up tho price to 120. They can do this easily by buying tho Treasury sale this week, and looking it up, tho sftrao as they are understood to havo dono last week. Thoy claim that tho Secretary of tho Treasury is in a tight • Elaco. Ho has determined to lot out ut $6,000,000 of gold this, month, because, they say. ho dare not sell anymore. His balances to-day show that ho baa 868,880,000 in coin in tho Treasury, of which $23,700,000 are certificates, leaving but $44,630,000 of actual coin with which to moot current expenses, and provide for tho payment of tho May interest, which amounts to about $25,000,000. It is also assorted that be has deferred payment of obliga tions on tho Treasury until April, and that next month ho must use liberally tbo legal-tender re serve, if ho would moot his drafts. Tho etook market was aotivo, and the fluctua

tions wide and rapid. The oxtrorao decline waa 8% por cent, but tho general list showed a fall of Ito 2 por cout. This was tho result of a gen eral want of confidence, and tho bull cliques took advantage of tho fooling to market tnoir holdings and got out. The business of tho day, as recorded in tho official list, is enormous. Control went to par; Rock Island to 113%; aud other stocks foil in proportion. Great oxoito mont, bordering on panic, prevailed. Late deal ings exhibit more steadiness. GOVERNMENT BONUS were lower at the close. FOREIGN EXCHANGES woro completely demoralized. At tho close quo tations woro entirely nominal. Bankers have boon making up an .estimate of the amount of outstanding borrowed sterling, and havo arrived at X 1,737,000 sterling os the amount, with ex ception of that of one firm. PRODUCE, Flour was quiet, with limited arrivals. Prices of family brands were steady. Low and medium grades were easier at tho close. Good No. 2, and superfine aro scarce and in fair demand. Fancy Minnesota ianotplontyandlngooudomaud. Bales 0,000 hrls; receipts, 0,551 brio. Nothingwaa done iu wheat, aud prices of spring ore nominal and favor tho buyer. Winter was scarce and com paratively firm. Tho advance iu gold chocks business and unsettles values. The demand is chiefly for milling. Sales, 10,000 bushels: re ceipts. 10,000 bushels. Stock in Now York and Brooklyn warehouses for the week ending March 22, 521,181 bushels. Pork was firm, but rather auiot. New moss Is quoted at $10.02% cash, n Saturday evening 260 barrels extra prime $13.26. For . future delivery, ylfi'CO Is reported bid, without business Receipts, 1.472 packages. Out moots showed a FUNERAL. BROOKS. POSTAL. George Francis Train is to be examined as to his sanity before a Sheriff’s jury on Thursday. [;To the Associated Press,] New York, March 31.—The bound of gold to 118>£ to-day causes groat osoltemont, bordering on a panic. No failures have yet boon reported, but it is believed, unless the excitement is chocked and the markets steadied, some will necessarily ocour. Nino Jurors woro obtained to-day in tho caso of Nixon, on trial for tho murder of Charles Pfloffer a few weeks ago. Tho Morris Canal, Now Jersey, will bo open for navigation within ten days. A challenge has boon issued to match a Jersey amateur against Paine, tho champion pigeon shooter, to shoot ilfty birds with one ounce of shot, each to iind trap and handle for each other, eighty yards boundary and twouty-ono rise, for $250 against Paine's SSOO. The high winds of Saturday night and yester day caused a considerable portion of tho coast on parts of Long Island to bo submerged. At Hunter’s Point largo quantities of lumbor wero floated off by tho overflowing of the wharves. A passenger train on tho Long Island Bailroad ■narrowly escaped floating out on a bridge. In consequence of ardors from President Cos pedes, of Cuba, changes are made in the person nel of tbo representatives of tho Bepublio in this conntry. A confldontial agency is establish ed in placo of tbo existing olucos, and Mayorga consequently resigns tho general agonoy hold by him. GOLD The story published in a sensational pa papor, yesterday, that it was known that Boacoe waa tho murder of Goodrich, is pro nounced by olUcials a fiction. Bosooo, thoy think, may havo hod something to do with it, and it is true that tbo authorities seek his ar rest, but Mrs. Myers, alios Armstrong, is known to bavo boon at tbo bouse on tho night of the murder, and on that night had boon in company with Goodrich in Now York until 9 o’clock, when thoy parted amicably. There Is no clue to tho whereabouts of Kate Stoddard, an intimate of tho deceased. She is a suspected party, and ceuld probably throw light on tbo mur der. On the other band, tho Chief of Po lice relates that Mrs. Myers admitted to him that lloscoo was tho murdoror, but her state ment does not correspond with what has been Eublishod. Tho Chief, therefore, thinks that irs. Myers was not a party to tho crlrao. Judgo Brady denies tho application to amend tho judgment record in tho Stokes cose. Ho thought tho matter could ho brought boforo tho full Court by a cortoorari. CharlosJJurko, a convicted burglar, escaped last night from Sing Bing. Tho Supremo Court has appointed Lawyer Eruott a referee, to mako a report on account of tho Bull’s Hoad Bank. STOCKS. Obitunryi Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, New York, March 81. —Charles M. Barras, author of tho “ Black Crook," diod last night from injuries received by jumping from the Boston express train, which loft this city at 7p. m. Mr. Burras for sorao months has boon in tho habit of visiting Goa Cob, in Westchester County, every Sunday. A few years ago ho purchased two acres of ground there, aud erected a sub stantial and beautiful residence, commanding a fine view of Long Island Sauna, but, in conse quence of tho death of several relatives, ho sold the place to Air. Edwin Booth, with whom ho imulohishomo until tho commencement of winter, when ho took up his abode iu tho city. Since that time, his visits to tho village woro occa sioned by his friendship for a young lady resid ing iu tho neighborhood. Last night ho took tho express train, as usual. It was Mr. Barras' cus tom to remain on tho train until it arrived noar tho crossing, several r:ds beyond tho regular stonplng-placo. Tho truck crosses tho road ou a bridge some twenty-five or thirty feet above. Mr. supposed ho had reached the path, and sprang oil, The night waa dark, and, mis calculating tho distance, he fell over tiro ease of light business, but prices wore generally firm. Dry salted shoulders are quoted at 7(®7|io. with out transactions. Receipts. 4,116 packages. Bacon was dull, irregular, 1 aha unsettled.. • Long clear is quoted at and short clear at Ok'tJDtHtfo. Lard was fairly active, and very firm. Of Western. 1,260 tierces sold at 818-IGo for April, and early for Juno. City is quoted at Bx@B%o, the lower bid. Receipts, 2,838 packages. NEW YORK. Tlio Ooodrioh Nlyi(ory-*Anteco(lortta of Itoscoo, tlio Supposed Murderer— -1 Itlng-f the Murderer* Dylnff—Stokcn— Miscellaneous Atoms* ' ! - Special Dispatch ta The Chicago Tribune. New York, March 81,— Tho ropublioatlon in this city of tho fact that Charles Goodrich was murdered by a Spaniard,' named Robcoo, first announced in The Tribune, hoe created an In tense excitement in tho community, and detec tives are terribly angry. They .cannot under stand how tho secret leaked.out, and while they acknowledge that it is true la the main* they continue their old polioy of throwing doubtupon such portions:of tho story ,as they imagine have boon adduced' by reasoning. At 6 o’clock .this . evening . a close carriage drove up to Police Headquarters,; Brooklyn, and two Now York detectives alighted, followed by a stout, dark-looking man, heavily ironed. His hands could not bo scon, but ho answered tho general rtotfcriptiou of Roscoo, except that in addition to mustache, a goatee, apparently of a fow clays’ growth, ornamented his chin. The trio proceeded up stairs to Chief Campbell's room, and several headquarters detectives rushed down stairs to prevent ■ the reporters from questioning tho , coachman. as an additional prevention tho latter was ordered to keep moving up and down tho street. Rumor wont abroad that tho murderer had boon captured, and an excited crowd collected. After about thueo-quartora of an hour, tho two Now York detectives and their quondam prisoner de scended tho stairs smiling, tho latter without irons. Tho throe re-entered tho carriage and drove rapidly off in tho direction of tho ferry. Reporters followed in hot chase, but tho carriage suddenly turned a corner and gave them the slip. Chief Campbell refused to disclose tho name of tho prisoner or nature of tho interview, but it is surmised that the man was arrested on suepiciou and subse quently proved himself innocent. Mrs. Moyers’ father visited Raymond Street Jail this afternoon, but sho at first refused to aco him. Ho pleaded so earnestly that she re lented at length, but informed him that tho loss she Baw of her relatives until sho got out tho bettor sho would bo pleased. A fact has leaked out to-day which is hold to bo important as one of tho links in tho chain of evidence, which is to clear up the mystery, that Mrs. Moyers has asked for medical attendance for a loathsome disease from which Goodrich was Buffering at tho time of his death. Tho po lice Bay that Mre. Moyera will tako the stand at tho inqueat to-morrow, and Mr. W. W. Goodrich announces his intention of tolling oil ho knows •about tho woman ho saw ono morning at his brotbor’s house. A gentleman has given Information about a man iiamed Roscoo, answering closely the de scription of the supposed murderer, who was in the parish prison of Now Orleans in 1803, charged with shooting a man in a case in which a woman was involved. Ho was of dark com plexion, with largo, handsome black eyes, and slightly prominent cheekbones. Ono of his foot turned over a little toward the inside, and gave an appearance of lameness to bis walk. He had a dark stain of Indi .au ink- on- ono of his hands. Ho was not a Spaniard by birth, but a native of New Orleans, of Spanish or Cuban parents. Ho • spoke French, Spanish, and English. Ho was about 23 years old at that time, and wore a long block moustache. When asked to enlist in the Federal service, ho refused, preferring to take his chances of getting o.ut of prison otherwise. •Ho Tfao drcaaua UKo a gentleman, afca -ww cleanly In person. Two impa ago last Jammer a person who saw hircTin the Now Orleans prison, and who was formerly an ofiicor in the volunteer service, mot him not far from the cor ner of Spring and Wooster streets, in his shirt ’ sleeves, and carrying in his arms a small dog. This would seem to show that ho at that time was living in that vicinity. Ho accosted Itoscoo with tho question, “ Hello, whofc are you doing hero ?” The latter started at tho iccognition, .and blushed. Ho gave no account of what ho 'was doing in Now York, merely explaining that* ho got out of prison soon after the gentleman whom ho was abducting loft Now Orleans. King, tho murdprer of O’Neill, is dying of venereal disease and consumption. Ho is con fined to his bod, nud is hardly able to movo. Dr. Noalis says ho can’t live two months. Warden Johnson has applied to have him removed to tho hospital. Foster’s execution prostrated him completely. the cliff down to tho road beneath. The train was backed, and tho Injured man picked up and placed * n the express-car. Ho was in on insensible condition, and was terribly mangled. Ho’was removed to tho .residence of Mr. Sari Ojark, and thence to’ tho house of Mr. Lano, whore ho died at midnight. Mr. Barras has re ceived in tho author’s copyright from tho per formance of tho " Black Crook’l nearly $200,- 000, and tho popularity of tho piece Is still as groat as over. The author had parcelled out tho whole territory of the United States to various speculative managers, who paid him a stipulated sum for tho exclusive right to play tho piece for a term of years. For months past Mr. Barras has kept on office hero for tho "Black Crook" business. • St. Louis, March 81.—Charles G. Manro, a prominent criminal lawyer of this city, died yoa tqrday from tho effects of a paralytic stroke which ho received several days ogo. Mr. Mauro won bom in tho District of Columbia, and camo hero thirty-four years ago. Baris, Biarch 81.—Tho Marquis do Chassoloup Lanbat, an eminent French statesman, is dead— 68yooraof ago. • * New York, March 81,—Tho death of Mrs.' James Gordon Bennett is announced by a cablo’ dispatch. It occurred this morning at Koenig stolu,. Saxony. ; . , 6 ’ New York, Moroh 01.—Hugh Maxwell, long prominent among tho business men of this city, and at one time .Collector of, th'6Bort,;diod'at Us residence, Bt. Mark's Place: to-day, aged 85. ■ • | Theodore Cozzons, of West-Point, died In Paris on Friday last.: Tho deceased-was well known to visitors at tho Point. SPRINGFIELD. Tlio Lamar liiHiiraiico Company’s Affairs—3*crnonal—Judicial Itcalg* nation—Work on tho Now State- Mouse* : 1 Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Springfield, March 31.— Tho following is tho aclion of this branch of tho Lamar Insurance Company, had to-day: Resolved, That lu our .opinion tho Lamar Insuranca Company has righto and credits which, by duo atten tion and legal proceedings, may bo saved. That it is tho wish of this branch of tho Company that such proceedings' bo at onco instituted lu tbo Courts at Chlcrgo. That wo aro willing, and propose to pay 1 per cent on' our stock as a fund to meet the necessary expenses of ouch pro ceedings, and that wo will pay tho samo to Edwin A. Wilson, ou his request.' That iho other branches and stockholders bo requested and urged to Join us In such. proceeding, and to bear an equal assessment, and to immediately act. Col. R. Andrews, who hag boon for four years past tho able and efficient Superintendent of the Illinois Division of tho. Toledo', Wabash A Western Railroad, has received a call to como up higher, and ho takes tho position of Chief En gineer of tho entire road and all its branches. Col. Andrews has made a host of friends in this city, who are pleased to hoar of his deserved promotion. Hon. Anthony Thornton, Judge of tho Su premo Court for tho Second Judicial District, baa tendered his resignation, to tako effect at date, May 81. On accepting his resignation, Gov. Beveridge ordered an election to bo hold to elect bis successor on the 2d of Juno next. It is also rumored that Judge Scott, of the Fifth District, will soon tender his resignation. Work was resumed on tho now State House thia morning, and tho Commissioners are con fident that tho building will bo completed so that tho adjourned session of this General Assembly can be hold iu it next winter. Largo quantities of stono aro received daily from tho Penitentiary. DETROIT. i A Delinquent Treasurer—The Superior Court Judgoalilp—Municipal Mat ters. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Detroit, Mich., March 31.—Paul Gies, tho last Treasurer of this county, whoso term expired in January, has thus far failed to turn oyer to his •nirniAßHCirl..funds ly l —a 4 o•■■■*— 1 ; »«»■»- to nearly 5100,000. Tho County Au ditors to-day notified his bondsmen that, unless ibis amount was at once mode good, suit would bo commenced against them. , A meeting of tho Bar Association was hold to night to suggest a candidate for Judge of tho Superior Court, an oflico created by recent legis lation, and who is to bo chosen at the election to bo hold April 8. After seven ballots, In which .Judge 11. B. Brown, Republican, and Levi Gratiln, Democrat, were the loading candidates. Ashley Pond, Democrat, was unanimously agreed upon ca the choice of tho bar, and a committee was appointed to present his name to tho Re publican Convention, which meets on Thursday. Republican caucuses wore held in several wards •last evening to nominate delegates to tho city convention, and also to nominate ward candi dates for now Board of Estimates. An “ anti-park” caucus was held this evening, attended bv E. B. Ward, H. E. Baker. W.. If. Craig, and other loading citizens, who issued a call for a citizens’ meeting on Wednesday night to take action with regard to the coming election for Judge of Superior Court and Board of Esti mates. Chauncoy Hurlbut will bo reappointed a member of Board of Water Commissioners by the Council to-morrow night. INDIAN MASSACRE. A Party of Pour Government Survey ors murdered on the Southwestern Frontier of Kansas* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune . Leavenworth, Kas., March 31.—Direct and’ trustworthy advices from the southwestern frontier toll of further depredations. On tho 10th of March four Government surveyors loft camp and strolled down tho rivor. Not returning that night, tho friends in comp became alarmed, and next day started in search-of them. Ton miles out they struck au Indian trail of twenty ponies, and 8 miles further found tho dead bodies of tho surveyors buried under tho sand 6 inches deep. Tbo mur dered men woro David Short and E. M. Doming, of Arkansas City; O. 11. Davis, of Cream Bidgo, near Ghilllootbe, Mo., mid an Englishman named Bobt. Pool; 800 Cheynnes woro in camp two miles from tbo sur veyors, and tho latter, fearing an attack, returned to Arkansas City, 150 miles distant. Two more parties are out in that region, with Dr. Colby and Wm. M. Gough, of Washington. Appre hensions are felt for their safety. Later. —Thirty armed men with thirty days’ supplies loft Arkansas City March 23 to warn and protect the surveying parties. Settlors on the frontier are indignant, and no doubt will re taliate on tbo Indians. MORE MYSTERY. A 'Widow Lady Foim d Murdered tu the Suburbs of Eureka, 111*—Unpleas ant Position of a Clergyman—l Sis Wife Suspected of tho Criino* Peoria, 111., March 81. —Tho Transcript to morrow will contain a full account of a terrible tragedy at Eureka, 111. At 8 o’clock Sunday morning tho body of a woman was found in an unused railroad out, noar tho west school-house, tho lower part of tho face and neck having boon eaten away by hogs. At noon the remains woro identified as those of Mrs. Elizabeth Hodge, a widow, who lived a milo from tho soono of tho murder, She was a collector of moneys for tho Methodist Church, and had collected funds for it on Satur day, which with other moneys paid, made $l5O in her possession. On Saturday night she loft Mrs. Gould’s house at 7 p. m., saying she would go to church that night. Her way lay past the school-house. A medical examination proved that she had boon struck ou the loft temple with a club, and her throat had been out with a sharp Instrument. During tho examination a letter was fqund pinned to her under clothing for concealment, which tend ed to show criminal intimacy between tho writer and tho deceased. This was Identified by tho writer, tho Rev. T. 0. Work man, a Methodist minister, as written by himself two weeks before, and given to tho deceased iu church, but ho denied any criminal relations. Suspicious circumstances in regard to Mrs. Workman, a woman of violent temper, caused a surmise that tho crime was committed by. her from jealousy. She was brought before the Coroner s jury on Sunday, but fainted, and wont from ono fainting fit to another. Mrs. wns * woman 40 yoare of age. The people of Eureka are greatly excited. Every clue to the perpetrator of tho crime is being followed up. Tho Coroner's jury bad not at a late hour to-day completed then wyealiga tiou. NT'TBER 225. FO f iIGN. • ■ ■ ~i'S ■ Destruction h Brega, Spain, by ttS Jarlists. . i-3 1 . Serious Troub; « In Malaga and Barcelona. The English Bondholders and the Sa mana Bay Company. SPAIN. Madbid, March 81.—Dispatches' from Baree lona: cay tho situation: in that city la grave. Intelligence hao roaehod there that the town of Borga, captured by Cachets on Friday, had boon destroyed by Ore by tho i insurgents, who, S° >°5® “PP'yhig the torch, saturated a number of i buildings with petroleum. Tho nowsof tho burn ing of tholown created great excitement In Bar celona omVtbe populace wore assembling In tho ; streets In largo crowds. Disorders are feared ■and tho authorities worro making every effort to allay tho excitement and prevent a dis turbance. Eoprisals wore threatened against the clergy and a number of known Carllst sym ■ patmzors. Borga contained a hospital and sev eral convents, and had over 6,000 population Oon. Contreras, Captain-General of Barcelona has resigned, and Gen. Vilando is bis successor. It la expected that Catalonia will soon bo de clared in a state of siege. Acta of lawless vio lence are of daily occurrence in Barcelona Tho' burning of tho churches and tho massacre of tho priests are threatened. Tho authorities are doing all in their power to prevent such outrages. Ton thousand armed citizens maintain order in the city of Malaga, but refuse to admit the regular'troops or Government customs officers: nor will.thoy allow vessels convoying soldiers to other points to remain in port. They provide for their expenses by taxing wealthy residents. In abeyance of customs, the ofllcialß say smug gling is carried on to a largo extent. The citizens are divided into two parties, Mod erate and U tralFodorallsts. The Moderates now liavo control, but tbo Ultras are gaining etrougtli CANADA. _ Special Ditpatch to The Chicago Tribune, Ottawa, March 31.—Tho Ministerial support • ors from Ontario held a caucus to-day, but noth ing definite was arrived at. Tho several defeats of late, it was felt, demanded moro patient efforts on tho part of tho Government support ers. Everything points to a Minisloriarcriais. winch is believed to bo near at baud. The only hope for tho Government is granting bettor terms to Now Brunswick, to secure tho support of the members from that province. It is a no ticeable fact that tho majority of tho members from each of tho provinces, except Manitoba aud British Columbia, voted against tho Gover nment ou tho “dual representation” Question, and ovona majority of the French members from Quebec. Mr. Strahan, a member of tho Opposition, has given notice of amotion in the Commons simi-: !^i r i?* a( L 0 ft ortwo ago by Senator Christie in tho Senate, for full information re garding tho Canada Pacific Railway,—tho corre spondence, construction, equipment, stock lists, deposits, etc. . ■ Montreal, March 31. —Drumm, arrested a few • days ago, charged with tho robhoryof .a lot of jowolry in Chicago, is still under arrest. Wit nesses are, err* •*'* * . - > case is pos Toronto ing raado I ta hero all oWel r 5 ■ option with Halifax. foundlaud . very satisfactory. Thirteen vosboiohave tauoa 135,000 ceals. • 1 GREAT BRITAIN. London, March 31.— Tho Rov.Mr. Miloa, Sec-1 rotary of the American Poaco Society, sails thiai week for tho United States. Tho results of his ' mission to Europe in tuo interests of arbitration as a method of settling all international dis putes, ho says, are encouraging. Since his re- ■ turn to London, accompanied by Minister Schenck. ho had an interview with Mr. Glad-, stone, which was of tho moat satisfactory char acter. More than half of tho striking colliers at Bel ton have gone back to work. Tho council of foreign bondholders have opened communication with tho now Saraana Bay Company, with tho view to bringing obout an equitable arrangement of their claims on the Republic of Ban Domingo. A memorial pro pounding tho whole case has boon forwarded to tho Government of San, Domingo. HAWAII. Sah Francisco, March 31.—Tho nows from Australia aud Hawaii, by tho Moses Taylor, is unimportant. King Limalllo has made a tour of tho islands in his Kingdom, in tbo steamer Benicia, by invi tation of Admiral Ponnock Tho coal famine has reached Now Zealand, owing to a colliers' strike in tbo Newcastle colony. Tho thirty-third anniversary of the colony was celebrated Jan. 29. King Lun&lilo will come to San Francisco soon, and. with Gen. Scofield, will make a tour of the United States. FRANCE. Paris, March 81.—'Iho Government is sending strong reinforcement to the troops now stationed on tho Spanish frontier. President Thiers has received an invitation from tho Emperor of Austria, to attend tho Vienna Exhibition. . GERMANY. Lnrrsio, March 81. —Tho negotiations for tbo settlement of tho priuters’strilioin this city havo failed. CUBA. New Yore. March 81.— Aspocial dispatch from Key West, Fla., says that some Cuban patriots were lately captured at Hoansoavillo, an impor tant point on the eastern coast. THE TEMPERANCE CAUSE. National Cutliolic Convention— •Tbo Movement in Fort Wayne. Fobt Wayne, Lid., March 81.—The tempe rance mooting in Hamilton Hall to-night was one of tho largest and moat enthusiastic ever held In this' city. Several short and pithy speeches were made and some pointed resolutions passed in favor of tho thorough enforcement of tho new Temperance law. A citizens* committee of forty was also appointed to aid tho prosecuting officers in their duties. Philadelphia, March 31.—Tho Catholic Total Abstinence Union of America will hold an an nual convention of State Presidents in this city to-morrow. Tho Presidents of Now Jersey, New York, and Now England States arrived this even ing. Some of tho Western Presidents are also hero. An envoy sent to Ireland by tho Now Jer sey Union returned this week with a proposition from tho Irish societies to form a junction. The Irish Bishops and clergy wore conferred with. Tho plan Is to ho brougut before tho National Board to-morrow by tho Now Jorsoy President for definite action. Embuzzlor Arroutod* Cincinnati, March 81.—Matthew Griffin, Ohio State Agent of the United States Life Insur ance Company, charged with embezzling $6,000 of tho Company’s funds, was roarrestod here to night. Two weeks ago ho was arrested, and made his escape. Now York Central ISuilroad Taxon. Alvany, N. Y., March 81,—Collector Ballej this afternoon seized eight more locomotives at tho round-house of tho Now York Central & Hudson Hirer Itailroad on account of tax duo to tho Government. Drowned* Btempton, Northampton Co., Pa., MarohSl.— ; Last evening, a son of ItoUevt Stewart, aged 15, and Mies Klnloy, wore drowned while crossing a' 1 creek which empties into tho Lehigh River near bore.

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