Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 1, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 1, 1873 Page 5
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THE STATE CAPITAL, The Lake-Front Investigation Dill Ordered to a Third Reading in the House. Debate in the House on the Bill for nn Act to Define Monopolies. Stoport of tlio House Committee on Minus mid Mining. Special DUpatch to The Chicago Tribune, ADJOURNMENT RESOLUTIONS. } SrniNQFiELD, 111., Alarch 81.—Mr. Ray ofTorod •.-resolution, providingfor adjournment elnfi dio April 10, which tho House rofueod ovon to con elder. Mr. Anderson submitted another, to ad journ from April 15 to Doe. 8. Mr. Dunham moved to mako it April 10, and Mr. Mosaic of fered a substitute, to adjourn from April 10 to Deo. 4. Air. Bbaw was in 'favor of staying till tho dog days, to enact railroad laws. Mr. Brad woll thought thoy ought to go homo, and relievo tho pooplo of tho burden. Air. Dunham was nearly of tho samo mind. Mr. Johnston said an adjournment on tho 10th would bo a practical adjournment at tho end of this week. Air. Hart, of LaSalle, on tho part of tho farmers, was against sotting a day till tho special orders on railroads and other im portant matters wore disposed of. Air. Mooro ■did not think thoy wore ready to adjounf, ond Mr. Aloffatt said ho would bo afraid to go homo without railroad legislation, Tho further con sideration of tho subject was postponed till Fri day. Tho dobnto indicates a weakness for an adjourned session. WORK IN TUB HOUSE. Tho House ordered to », third reeding tho Ohl 'cago aud United Slates Heal Estate Exchange bill, thoblll to give duplicates of tho State geo logical specimens to institutions of learning. Tho House slmck out tho ounoting clause of tho I’oltzor bill to ontabliub a Btato Board of .Examiug Surveyors. ~ LAKE FRONT INVESTIGATION RILL, Tbo bill providing for investigating tbo moans 'by'which Uio Lake Trout bill was passed camo up ns tbo special order in tbo House. when Hr. Race expressed his conviction that tbo bill was unnecessary, and moved to strike out tbo enact* lug clause.’ Mr. Grey was of tbo aamo opinion, .although bo believed men who wore opposed to Investigation woro likely to bo charged with fraud and corruption.* Ho behoved tbo bill un der consideration was introduced to spur on tho passage of tho bill repealing tbo Lake Front act. They should not take up i.ho time and money of tho , State to go buck four years to wash tho dirty linen of a preceding Legislature. They had already douo me ito than was asked by the people in passing the repealing bill through the House. Lot tbo parties interested do their own investigating, as it 'would bo a work of su pererogation for tbo La gislftturo to punish them with evidence of fraud that might or might not -vitiate contracts. Wh at would they do with men if they found them gu'ilty? It was not true that tfbu satellites of railroads woro around that House to prevent tbo passage of tbo bill. If they were, they bad little- influence against the pas sage of the repealing bill. Those who wanted investigation woro dinappointod in stealing tbo land themselves. His people wanted no such committee. Ho tliougbt somebody needed a summer's work. Mr, Bbnw boliovpd tbo hill not a ponular demand. Ho had no dosiro to act on* tbo fcom imitlco when raised. Tbo public and tbo press ’demanded an investigation. Charges of fraud woro reiterated day after day by tho press, and by gontlomon on that floor against tho Legisla ture that passed tbo iniquitous act. It was timo tbo repeal of tbo act bad passed the House, but bo predicted it would cover bocomo a law. Its repeal involved too much. It involved thorigbts of tbo pooplo of tho Btatq, of tho city of Chicago, and the titlo to $25,000,000 of pro perty. Ho behoved that tbo investigation could bo finished in two ’weeks at a cost of $2,500, Ho believed that tbo right of tbo railroads to tho laud was involved' in tbo question of fraud. Vested rights procrorod by fraud wore divested. Fraud violated all contracts. If fraud was de veloped it would 100 oon tbo grasp of tho corpo rations on tbo propo.-fjf, ami if no fraud was dis covered, tho pcoplo erf Illinois wouldrojoico to know that a Legislature of its Representatives •was purged of charges’ that reflected on public morality. Mr. wood, of Effingham, was in favor* of in vestigation, wborovor fraud was charged, if ony good could result; but bo could not't'eo wlioro tbo good was to como from in this case. Mr. Mooro, of Adams, thought tho ruoo who wore bought like stoors in tho market should bo exposed and hold up to public scorn, especially os some of them since wore candidates for office. Mr. Armstrong, of LaSalle, aakod why they did not go back to 1865, which was a notoriously corrupt year for Legislators. Tho State would not bo reimbursed for tho money tho investiga tion would cost. Mr. JnqucHH, of Wabash, boliovou it was duo to honest members of tho 1860 Legislature that their characters should bo vindicated, while tho guilty wove exposed and hold up as a warning to others. Public good demanded tho investiga tion, which should bo thorough. The motion to strike out was lost—ayes, 44 ; nays, 44. Mr. Grey moved to postpone future consider jition until Friday. Mr. Armstrong, of LaSallo, moved to lay tho bill on tho table. Lost—yeas, 41; nays, 40. Tho motion to postpone was lost, and the bill order ed to a third reading—sl to 88. farmers’ convention. .The use of tho hall was given to tho Fanners’! Convention for Wednesday evening. The fore noon session of tho convention will bo held in the Opera House. THE SENATE did nothing to-day but adjourn twico, for laclt of a quorum. ANTI-MONOPOLY. * | The House bill discussed House Dill No. 805, 1 introduced by Mr. Johnson, “ To define monopo lies in tbo internal trade and commerce of the State, and discourage the formation and coun tenance thereof,” intended to {prevent railroads owning coal-shafts from discriminating unfa vorably against owners of coal-shafts who do not own railroads. This was tho primary intention of tbo bill, which applies, however, to other , commodities as well as coal. It provides: Section 1. That any railroad company, express company, corporation, person, or warehouseman, or firm in this State, or doing buemess in this State, and being a common carrier, which .shall, by contract, agreement, or arrangement with any other railroad company, express company, corporation, person, or firm in this State, or doing business In this State, have -or obtain any special or excluolvo right or privilege to purchase, bargain, soli, or in any way dispose of any -of (ho minora), agricultural, horticultural, or mnnu- , yacturod products, articles, or things of this State, or of any other Slato or puce, which anay bo brought luto this State for sale, barter or 4rafilo, and shall exercise or attempt to exercise any *mcU special or exclusive right or privilege, Urant any such exclusive right or privilege in the use of elevators, warehouses, storehouses to any lessee, .agents, or to any person, corporation or fii;m, ami thereby shall prevent hinder, delay, or in any way cmr ’ barms free trade and competition in the product, ; article, or thing purchased, sold or disposed of, every »uch special or oxchuilvo right or privilege shall bo (deemed and held to bo a monopoly; and all such con tracts, agreements, and arrangements shall be, by all itho Courts In this State, deemed and held to bo against ithu public good, and null and void. Seo, 2*. It shall bo unlawful for any railroad cora- Kny In this State, or doing business lu this State, and lug a common carrier, and being tho owner and op l«£tor, or the possessor aud operator of any coal mine lu this State, or of any coal mine out of this State, tho products, or any part of thoproduotsof which Is trans ported into any part of this State at any time, to trans port its own coal, except so much thereof as may be uecossary for its own use, aud not for sale, In prefer ence to, or before transporting tho coal of puy other corporation, firm, or person in this State; or transport its own coal, whether obtained from its own mines, or by purchase, or otherwise,* so as to hin der, delay, or in any way embarrass any corpora tion, person, or firm in this State, or doing business lu this State, lu transporting his or their coal over tho lines of its roads, or tho lino or linos of any railroad by it possessed aud operated, In this State, and to all places in this State, over tho lino or linos of any other railroad, over which it transports or may transport Its own coal; or to glvo to any corporation, per son, or firm, in this State, or doing business lu this State, any special or exclusive right, benefit, favor, or privilege ua to time or mode of transporting -coal, or in ibo rate or rates of charges fur transporting coal over any of-its said Hues of road, over any other corporation, person or firm, In this State, or doing business iu this State; and any such railroad company violating any of tbo provisions of this section, shall tie deemed a monopoly: Provided, It shall, also, bo consid ered a violation of tins suction, if any such railroud shall, at any Unto, refute or neglect to transport uuy coal, other than Its own coal, to a place of destination beyond tho terminus of Its own. or leased, lino orlluos of road lu this State, if, at tho time of such refusal or neglect, it transports, or may transport, Us own coal to the same place of destination. Seo. 3. It shall b# unlawful for any railroad com- Sin (his State, or doing business lu this State, aud j a common carrier, to transfer by sale, or other wise, its franchised, road-bed, roadway, or rolling stock, or to lease, lot, hire, or in any way part with tho or possession thereof, or of any put thereof, so that by tbo terras of the sale, Icailug, letting, hiring, or other manner of transfer, atiy special ’or exclusive right, privilege, benefit, or favor, is retained or re* served in favor, or for tho übo and benefit, of any such railroad company, by reason of which tho party obtaining tho title, posßoaslon, oruao shall bo placed In a position obnoxious to any of tho provisions of Seva. 1 and 3 of this act, or is hold or obligated to make any unjust or unlawful discrimination in favor of any such railroad company, or against any corporation, person, or firm, or against tho public, or so that free trade, commerce, or competition Is. In any way, hindered, delayed, embarrassed,or prevented, or by reason of which tho public Is put to more than ordinary or unusual time, trouble, or expense. In the use of any such roadway, road-bed, or rolling (dock, or any part thereof, and any such railroad company vio lating any of tho provisions of (his bcction, with nil such grantees, leasees, users, or possessors shall, Joint ly or severally, bo doomed and hold to lw monopolies, and any and nil such sates, leasing, hiring, lotting, or other manner of transfer, arc hereby declared to bo against the public good, and null and void. Seo. 4. Any and all such railroad companies, express companies, corporations, persons, or firms, violating any of tho provisions or this act, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and,upon conviction thereof, before any court of competent Jurisdiction, In tho county in which tbo offense was committed, or In which tho party Injured may reside, shall for each offense bo fined In any sum not loss than |SO nor more than SSOO, with costs of suits, to be recovered by elocution os upon Judgments at law. Suita under this section shall bo commenced and prosecuted in tbo name of tho people, by Information, com plaint, or indictment, as tho practice of, the Court in which tho suit Is commenced may require. All Slato a Attorneys of this Btnto are charged.with the prosecu tion of all suits commenced under this section; and all Ones, when collected, shall bo paid Into tho County Treasury of tho county In which Iho suit may have been commenced, for the use of such county, “Pro vhieil, that service may bo mado In all actions com moncod under this section upon railroad companies, •express companies, and corporations, as now to. or ’hereafter may ho provided by for service in civil no- U< Beo. f». Any person or parly having been damaged by a violation of any of tho provisions of this sot may have redress by suit at law In an action of trespass. ■ Tho measure of damage shell bo throo-fold tho actual damage sustained, with cost of suit, with which shall bo toxud, os costs, reasonable attorney foes, to bo de termined by tho Court by which, or before which, tho suit Is tried, for which tho person or natty damaged or Injured being plaintiff, shall have Judgment and exe cution. And any person or party having been damaged or injured as aforesaid, may, by the ala of a Court of .chancery, enjoin tho committing or continuance of any act or doings porolli declared to bo unlawful. Hro. 0. Iu commencing any suit, authorized by this act, It shall bo sufllcleut to charge In tho complaint, in formation, or indictment, &■ tbo caso may bo, or allege in tho declaration) when a declaration is necessary, the fatfta constituting tho plaintiff's cause of action, In ordinary and concise language, without repetition,,cit ing this act by its titlo’ouly; and, in substance, tbo section or part of section nndor which tho plaintiff claims,' nud, if the action ho In trespass, tho actual amount of damages claimed, Bko. 7. Any and all railroad companies, grantees, lessees, users, or * possessors mentioned in 800. 3 of this act, shall bo Jointlyor severally liable for all flues or penalties imposed and damages sustained by reason of any violation by them or either of thorn of any of tho provlalons of this set. Bko. 3. It shall not bo first necessary to oxhaust real estate before personal property shall bo taken; but personal property may bo first loviod upon and sold; and If. -thereby, Iho execution is not satisfied, then such real estate may be levied upon and sold under tho same or an alias execution, . An interesting discussion arose upon 800. 8 as to tboliobility of stockholders for the torts of a corporation, as provided in tbo first part of tbo sections which was stricken out, leaving it as printed above. Tho bill was ordered to a third reading. TESTIMONY IN CRIMINAL OASES. The following is tho bill for an net to enable parties and persons interested to testify in all criminal cases or proceedings: Section 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Aesembly, That no person shall bo disqualified as a witness in ony criminal case or proceeding by reason of his interest In the event of tho same, no a party or otherwise, or by reason of his having been convicted of any crime; but such Interest or conviction may bo shown for the pur pose of affecting his credibility. Seo. 2, On tho trial of all indictments, complaints, or other criminal proceedings, any person charged or on trial shall, at his request, but ) *■ otherwise, bo deemed a competent witness; but b neglect or re fusal to testify shall not crcato any prssumptlon against him, nor shall any reference bo mado to or any comment bo made upon such neglect or refusal. GENERAL REMARKS. Tbo House opened tbo week without a quorum. It'took half an hour to gather in tbo constitutional number, and tbo Senate went to work without tbo legal majority called for by tbo Constitution. Absenteeism is tbo curse of this Legislature, and . has already prolonged tho session three weeks. On Wednesday tbo Rail road bills will be considered, and on Thursday tbo Rivor bill takes its final chance. Tbovoto will bo very • close, but if all who aro friendly to the measure aro boro it will pass. Tbo absence of ouo man may cause defeat,.aud postpone indefinitely the pro- Eosod improvements, ■ All tbo water in tbo liinois River will not waob-away tbo sin of ab sence, on Thursday, if tho bill is defeated. INEBRIATE ASYLUM. The Committee on Public Charities, through Dti. IkSCUjTOpuUUU IWlviuvij. —. ,V. «'•»» i. „ tabilah an Inobriato Asylum to bo maintained out of a fund supplied by annual tax of $lO on evory person or corporation manufacturing or soiling liquors. There is to bo » commission of three S arsons to tako charge of tbo institution, to rout uildings, biro officiate, and bavo a general super vision of tbo reformatory process. Mr. way man desired to tablo ibo bill, but tbo House re fused, and it was printed. STATIONERY, A bill was introduced to pav Mr.Harts, tho for tunate stationer at whoso shop incidental stati onery is purchased, tho sum of $3,900. This stationery business needs watering. PERSONAL. Tho Hon. Edward Taylor, who was a member of tho House in 1869, has arrived. Ho is here on general principles, and to look after tho interest of Lincoln Park, thongh thoro are wicked men who intimate that ho is one of tho railroad janis saria3 interested in defeating tho Lake Front repealing bill. Hon, A. L. Morrison has withdrawn from his candidacy for Penitentiary Commissioner. VALUE OF THE ENACTING CLAUSE. The House discussed tho Estray law, when a motion was made to alrlko out tho onaotiug clause. Mr. Wayman, of Oook, innocently in quired, after being in tho Legislature three months, what olfeot striking out the clause would have. The Speaker illuminated him by stating that it would kill the bill as dead aa a herring. This valuable information is printed for tho benefit of other gentlemen who are ignorant of .the importance of the clause. Tho bill was or dered to a third reading. It is probable that the Williamson warehouse amendment bill will pass tho Senate tlpa week, and go through tho Houso without unuouesßary delay, Being intended to rclievetho grain trade from arbitrary inspection and indexible grading, it should moot with no opposition. MINES AND MINING. Mr. Day tho intelligent Chairman of the Com mittee on Minos and Muring, prepared tho fol lowing report, which tho House concurred in: The act entitled “An act providing for the health and eafetyof persons employed in coar mines,” ap proved March 37,1873, constituted County surveyors ex-olHcio Inspectors of Miuos within their respective counties, and made it their duty to make an annual report of tho condition of tho mines to tbs Governor, Section 13 of tho said act provides as follows: Seo. 12, Tho Inspector provided for under this act •hall sco that every necessary precaution is taken to in sure tho health and safety of tho workingmen therein employed ; that tbo provisions and requirements of this act shall bo faithfully observed and obeyed, and and the ponaltlea of tho law enforced against all who willfully disobey its requirements. Ho shall also col lect and tabulate the following facts, tbat la to say : The uumber of acres of workable coal lands in his county : tho number and thickness of tho coal bods, ami their respective depths below tho surface : how they are mined, whether by shaft, slope, or drift; tho number of mines In operation, tho number of men employed therein, and tho aggregate yearly production in tons; together with an estimate of tho amount of capital employed in coal mining la his county, and any other information relative to coal mining that ho may deem necessary; all of which facts, so tabulated, together with a statement of the condition of the mines as to safely and ventilation, and tho gen eral result of his examination luto the causes of all ac cidents in aud about tho coal mines and collieries of his county, be shall fully set forth in an annual report to tho Governor, with his recommendation as to such other legislation on tlds subject as may bo proper. Your Committee recognizing the vastness and im portance ol the coal interests of tho State, and realizing the value of such statistical information as is intended to bo obtained under tho act referred to, deeply regret their inability, at tills session, to present a report embodying tho facts desired. Of tho seventy flvo coal bearing counties of this State, reports have been received from but nine, viz: Jackson, LaSalle, Madlnou, McLean, Macoupin, Menard, Randolph. Rock Island, and St. Glair. Tho area of tho coal fields of Illinois is four times greater than that of Great Britain, where tho annual product exceeds 100,000,000 tons, aud whore the value of coal exported annually aggregates about $10,000,000. This fact fa in itself convincing proof of the present aud prospective importance of the coal Interests of Illinois—futcresta that claim und deserves such legis lation as will boat enhance them—and believing that those interests can bo best suttaerved through tho possession of such statistical facts and suggestions as are called for under the act referred to. your com mittee recommend tho adoption of tho following reso lutions: Jlesolved, That Comity Surveyors throughout tho fltnto aro earnestly urged to comply with tho provisions of tbo “ act providing for the health aud safety of per sons employed lu coal mines, 1 ’ approved March 27, 1872, aud that they bo requested to transmit (heir re ports to tho Governor by tho Ist day of January, 1871. JlesclveJ, That the Secretary of Htato bo requested to transmit, as soon aa may bo. to each County Surveyor contemplated in the act above referred to, & primed copy of this report end tho act to which It relates, to gether with printed blanks, for tabulating in a uniform manner, the statistics enumerated lu Hoc. 12 of uald act. THE PDDLIO PRINTING. Tho bill to provide employment for two raon In'tho Auditor's oflico, at 98 a day each, for I'lll.v i'llli'AViA lull V wimirwu. WtTW«Jr»AV a trot? i Tcm THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: TUESDAY, ABRIL 1, 1873. estimating tbo public printing, reading proof, and so forth, tbo work now performed at $5 a day by ouo man, was reported on favorably by tbo Bonato Printing Committee. It is a long bill, called a printing law, Identical in Us main features with tho present law, but gotten up to confer BluoouroH on gentlemen who wore de prived of thorn when tbo present law was enact ed. Tbo bill also proposes to allow all tho Stato ofllcora to order printing without going through tho Secretary of State's ofllco. thus dividing tbo responsibility, and increasing tbo tempta tion to extravagance, already strong enough. • If tbo present law needs amendment, and can bo improved, why not amend and improve it. This would hnvo boon attempted in tho present In stance. but that It would bo too barofacod to in sert a potty steal of $lO, and nothing else. Mr. Brodwoll is preparing a bill curtailing tbo quan tity of tbo public printing, cutting down tbo re ports of tho dliToront institutions, and prohibit ing tbo printing of much of tbo useless trash now embalmed in typo at groat oxpouso to tbo State. Such a kill would bo a publfo benefit. TIPPLING OFFICE-HOLDERS, ATTENTION. Tho following la of interest to ofllco-holdora: A Dill for on net Ip provontdruntanla from holding ofDco inVlio Htnto of Illinois. Section 1. Me it enacted by the People of the Slate of Ulinoit, represented in the (Jenerat Aneembly, That hereafter it oball be unlawful for any person, holding office under tho lawn of thin State, to bo Intoxicated during bin term of olUce; and any person holding any oinco under and by virtue of the laws of this Slate, who shall hocoino Intoxicated during such term of of fice, shall forfeit his position os an ofilcor, and bin office shall bo declared vacant, tho same an If ho had died or resigned, and said vacancy shall bo filled &a now provided by law for filling vacancies. Sko. 3. Any person knowing to tho fact of an officer having violated tho Aral section of this net, may go bo* foro nny Court of Record in his county and enter complaint, setting forth tho timo when nuch offonno vras committed, and tho Court shall Isnuo summons to said officer to appear nnd answer to said complaint, and, If upon tho trial of tho enuso, tho Court shall find tho officer guilty as charged, then tho said Court shall declare tho said offico vacant, and tho costs shall fol low tho finding of tho Court. teumb op supervisors, Tho following is Tillson’s bill for nek to doflno tho term of service of Supervisors in counties under township organization: * Beo.l, He it enacted by the people of the State of HU noil, represented in the General Amuibti/, That iuall counties now, or that may hereafter como, under town ship organization, tho term of oifico of Supervisor shall ho for two years'—to bo established in manner as follows: At (bo regular annual election In such counties for township officer*, in tho month of April A. D. 1874, there shall bo elected by the qualified voters thereof, such number of Supervisors ns oach township, city, or ward In said county Is entitled to under existing laws, and at tho first regular meeting of such Supervisors, after such election, they shall bo divided equally, as nearly os may bo, Into two classes, and the Board shall determine by lot which of said classes shall continue in office for two years, and which shall vacate at tho end of tho year, and elections thereafter for Bnpervluors,shnU only bo hold biennially In those townships, cities, or wards whore tho term of oifico of tho Supervisor is about to expire. ! WAREHOUSE RKGULATIONS. A Bn.ij for an act to amend an act entitled “ An act to regulate public warehouses and tbo warehousing and inspection of grain, and to. givo olToct to Article thirteen (13Vof tho Constitution of tho State,” ap proved April 25,1871, In forco July 1,1871. and to establish a Committee of Appeal, and .prescribe their duties. Section 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the. General Assembly, Thst tho Board of Rnllrond and Warehouse Commis sioners shall establish a proper number and standard of grades for tbo inspection of grain, oud may alter or change tbo same from timo to time: Provided, no modification or chango of grades shall ho made, or any now ones established,without public notice being given of BUeh.contomplatcd change, for at least twenty days prior thereto, by publication in three dally news papers printed in each city containing warehouses of class A: And, provided, further, that no mixture of old and now grades, oven though designated by tho same name or distinction, shall bo permitted while in etoro. Seo. 2. Within twentydays after this act takes effect, the Board of Railroad and Warehouse Commissioners shall appoint three discreet aud competent persons to act as a Committee of Appeals, In every city wherein la located a warehouse of class A, who shall hold thoir office for one year aud until thotr successors are appointed. And every year thereafter a like Committee of Appeals shall be appointed by said Commissioners, who shall bold their ofllco for one year and until their successors are appointed: JVovi'cfcd, said Commissioners shall have power, in their discretion, to remove from office any member of said Committee at any timo, oud fill vacancies thus created by tho appointment of other discreet persons. • Sec. 3. In all matters Involving doubt on tho part of the Chief Inspector, or ony Assistant Inspector, as to tho proper inspection of any lot of grain, or mease any owner, consignee, or shipper of grain, or any ware house manager, shall be dissatisfied with tho derision of tbo Chief Inspector or any Assistant Inspec tor, an appeal may bo made to said Committee of Ap peal. and tbo decision of a majority of said Committee shall bo final. Bald Board of Commissioners are authorized to make all necessary rules governing the manner of appeals, as heroin provided. And all com plaints In regard to tho Inspection of grain, aud all notices requiring tho services of tho Committee of Ap peal may be served on said Committee, or may bo filed with tho Warehouse Registrar of said city, who shall immediately notify said Committee of the foot, and who shall furnish said JJoimnittee with such clerical charge of their duties. It shall bo tbo duty” of said Committee, on receiving such notice, to immediately act on and render a decision in each case. tita. 4. For every case decided by said Commit tee of Appeal, they filial! bo entitled to such fees as may bo fixed by the Hoard of Rail road and Warehouse Commissioners, not to ex ceed $3 for each member of said Commit tee for each case submitted; sold fees to bo paid either from the inspection fund or by tho party taking the appeal, as the Commissioners may direct; and all necessary expenses incurred In carrying out the provisions of this act, except as heroin otherwise provided, shall be paid out of tbo funds collected for the inspection service, on the order of the Commis sioners. 8 bo. 5. No grain shall bo delivered from store from any warehouse of class A, for which or representing . which warehouse receipts shall have been issued, ex cept upon tho return of such receipts, stamped or otherwise plainly marked by tbo Warehouse Registrar with the words “ registered for cancellation,” and tho date thereof; and said Board of Commissioners shall have power to fix tho rates of charges for tho Inspec tion of grain, both into and out of ware house; which charges shall bo a lien upon all grain so inspected, and may bo collected of the owners, receivers,' or shippers of such grain, in such maunor as tho said Commissioners may pro scribe. Bso. C. Bcc. 13 of the act to which this is an amend ment, is hereby repealed: Provided, tbo provisions contained in said section shall remain in force until the grades for the inspection of grain shall have been established by tho Commissioners, as provided in Boc. 1 of this act. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. SENATE. SpßiwariiLD, 111., March 31. Tho Senate met at 0:30 o’clock a. m., Senator Williamson in tbo chair. NO QUORUM. On motion of Senator BTARNE, tho calling of tho roll was dispensed with, thoro being only 20 members present. SECOND READING OF lIILL9. A largo number of Senate bills passed a sec ond rending, and wore ordered considered by sections; and subsequently a number of Houso bills woro read a second time.' NEW DILLS. By consent, Senator SANFORD introduced a bill defining a law in regard to. removal of county seats. RECESS. On motion, adjourned until 2:30 o'clock p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION, NO QUORUM. Upon reassembling, 13 Senators only wero present. • RAILROAD AID. The Committee on Railroads reported back, with amendments, House bill 231, to determine the length of time counties, cities, townships, towns, and precincts shall bo liable to issue aid for tbo building of any railroad in pursuance of any vote in conformity to tho laws of this State. OFFICIAL REPORTS. Mr. WHITING introduced a hill prescribing tho number of official reports to bo published, Read a first time. Adjourn od. house. The Houso met at 0:80 a. m. Prayor by Roy, Mr. l)yor. Mr. BRAD WELL moved a call of tho Houso. Carried. Tho call showed no quorum, 72 mem bers being present. A quorum finally appearing, tho Houso pro ceeded to business. NEW DILLS. By Mr. OLESON—To amend the act iu regard to forcible entry aud detainer. By Mr. QRIDLEY—For tho protection of shoop. By Mr. ORENDORFF—Appropriating a sum to pay for stationery. ASYLUM FOR INEDRIATES. Tho Committee on I’ubHo Charities reported a substitute for other bills to establish an Asylum for Inebriates. Mr. WAYMAN moved that tho bill bo laid upon tho table. Lost. Tho bill was ordered printed, and referred. EHTRAYS. Tho Houso bill amending tho Estray law was road a second timo. Mr, LEWIS moved to striko out the onaotiug clause. Lost. Ordered to a third reading, MONOPOLIES, House bill No. 805, to define monopolies in the internal commerce of this State, ami to dis courage the formation thereof, was read.; Mr. HTARU moved that it he referred to the Committee on Railroads. Tho House refused to refer. Tho eighth section was amended by striking out tho clause dolJiilug tlio liability of stock holders for judgments rendered against corpora tions uudor tho proposed law. Tho bill was or dered to a third reading. HEW DILL. By Mr. MAfISIE—-To provide for tho release of trust dooda and mortgages whoa satlsflod. DENTISTRY. Tho hill to regulate tho practice of dentistry was ordered to a third reading. STATE IMPROVEMENT LANDS. Senate hill 245, providing for tho sale of In ternal improvoraont lands belonging to tho Btato was road and ordered to a third reading. ADJOURNMENT RESOLUTION. Mr. ANDERSON offered a resolution provid ing that when this lloubo adjourns on tho 15th of April, ib stand adjourned until tho 8d of next December. Mr. MABSIE offered a substitute, providing for adjournment on tho 10th of April until tho 4th of next December. Tbo subject was postponed until next Friday. Recess till half-past 2 o'clock p. ra. AFTERNOON SESSION. LICENSED SURVEYS. House bill 02, providing for tho appointment of licensed surveyors, was road a second timo. aud tho enacting clause was stricken out LAKE FRONT INVESTIGATION, The special order Houao bill 525, tho Lake Front Investigation bill, was taken up, aud Mr. RACE moved to strike out tho enacting clause'. Tho yeas and nays wore called un the motion to strike out tho enacting clause. Lost.—yeas 44 \ nays, 44. • ■ ’ J ’ Mr. QUAY moved to postpone tho further con sideration of tho bill till Friday next. Mr* ARMSTRONG (LaSalle) moved to lay tho bill on tho table. Lost,—yeas, 41; nays, 40. YEAS, Alexander (Oraw-Frecmau, Race, ford), Graham, • Ramoy, Alexander (Mont- Grant, Ray, gornery), Grey, Scott, Armstrong (L» Grldloy, Stroolor. Salle), Ray. Taggart! Bishop (Edgar), Usury, Thomas, Blokeloy, nollonuack. Thornton, Chambers, Mosaic, Vcrden, Collins. McDonald, Wayman, Darnell, Moacham, Webber, Dement, Moore (Mariball), Webster, Dunbara, Mooro (Adams), Westfall, Flanders, Nulton, Wood—4l, Forth, Ulcsbn, NAYS. Anderson, Herrington, Novllle, Billow, llorllng, Oakwood, Bocock, lllldrup, OrendorlT, Bradwell, Hopkins, Peltzer, Branson, luacore, rinuell, Bullard, Jnequess, Plowman, Casey, Jackson, Quinn, Connolly. Johnston, Rountree, Crawford, Lano (Hancock), Shaw, Davis, Lewis, Shorldan, Dowoy, Loltzo, Snow, Dolon, McPherson, Btownrt (Wlnno- Lfnor, Mitchell, bago), Golden, Moore (Adams), Tllbon, Gordon, Moffatt, Mr. Speaker—4C. Hart, Mulvano, Tho motion to postpone was lost. The bill was ordered to a third reading—roas. 54; nays, 08. “ ' 9

4 REVENUE LAW. House bill 505, to amend tho Revenue law, was road a second time, rending its considera tion adjourned. NOTES AND OPINION. Wisconsin town elections to-day. The State* at largo will ro-oloot Judge Oroamua Colo to the Supreme Bench, unanimously; the counties elect County Judges; tho cities elect Mayors, etc. —L. M. Ilavoratick, editor of tho Rock Island. Union and late Postmaster, solemnly swears that ho never demanded “$1,200 or any other sum, as a condition upon which ho would sup port tho said John B. Hawloy for Congress." - Lot us have a stick. —Tho PhiladolphiaPrcaspredictagroat things to como in 1874 of “ a combination of all good, znon to secure an honest election.” —Tho Bloomington Pantograph , speaking of recent rumors of consolidation, says : Verily, “ transportation rates will regulate them selves ".with a vengeance, and “ competition " will ba a 11 big thing,V whon all the railroads of tho country are united under a single head and in a single band,—e consummatlon which will not he long delayed, at the present rule of progress. —Tho Pennsylvania Constitutional Conven tion ban taken a roco.fjij to April 15. —Judge Newcomb, at Indianapolis (althongh. it is none of hla business), ban soon fit to char acterize tho mockery of justice in which tho In diana Supromo Court soeks to concoal its own. shamo in th£ enso of a decision said to bavo boon bought for $15,000. —Tho Utica Congressman who was lately thinking how to dispose of his share “without ostentation," has gono to Europe ; but bis own “To" hia uo"fe>™ out th ° lTord th “ t , —The Toledo Blade says: • The Hon. William A. Wheeler, of the Seventeenth rtow York District, drew hla hack pay, but Invented it In United States bonds, and then canceled the bonds. Inasmuch ns the money did not belong to him, whnt right had ho to draw and invest it 7 There is no evidence that ho did “ draw and in vest It.”, —James 0. Freeman, Republican M, 0. ©loot, having attended to some little matters of patron age in Washington, has returned to his Ooorgia constituents with the cheering word that “ Gen, Grant has no malice towards the South." —The Cincinnati Times thinks that “ Stronger things have happened than Joe Hawley’s nomi nation and election to the Presidency in 1876." —When John Logon, of this State, madoa labored defense of Caldwell's briberies, ho mis represented the Republicanism of Illinois. Rockford Register, —Wo call uonames, but, scattered up and down the land, groat reputations lio in ruins. Mon who had wealth which they stole, and men who hod positions which they bought, and men who used their publio ofilco to push their private schemes, are thrown high and dry out of in fluence, and Ho all exposed upon tho rocks of disgrace, where they are sure to rot or go to pieces.— Camden (R. J.) Press (Administra tion). —Washington warned posterity against tho baleful effects of party spirit, and predicted that its despotic rule would bo bat tho preliminary stops to a still more' crushing and permanent form of despotism.— Albany Argus. —ln late years,' Congress has sought to both appoint and confirm Government ollloials, thus leaving tho country without that wholesome check which was designed by placing the ap pointing power in tho hands of tho President, subject to tho approval of tho Senate.—Tofccio Blade. —Tho appointment of Mr. S. Tough to tho ofilco of United States Marshal of Ivannas is ouo of tho worst appointments over made in any State. “ New Kansas" bows her head in shame. Mr. Ingalls’ “now deal" means a very bad deal. Tho trumps oorao from under every time.—Law rence Standard. , —Wo are glad to see that tho farmers are coming down to tho true sense of tho groat proasuro upon thorn, and aro making a warfare upon that old robber. High Protective Tariff.— Jonesboro (111.) Gazette. —Kick out tho demagogues who would drag in old party issues, and thus destroy harmony and offootivo work. Railroads know full well that, numerically, they stand no chance in a con test with tho people; they roly upon their per fect organization, thorough unity, and systom izod course of action, backed up by immense wealth, for success. They aro also anticipating au easy victory through this very course—intro duction of questions that will divido public sen timent, and put them at war among themselves. We are persuaded that in no possible way could a man more effectually work for tho interest of tho railroads than by forcing into discussion the old question of froo trade.— Champaign (111.) Wo made inquiries‘yesterday, but failed to loam tho details of that plan of adjustment for our Louisiana troubles which Col. Goo. William son reports as acceptable to “ tho President, tho Vice-President, tho Attorney-General, and other distinguished Republicans." What our people want is a plan acceptable to them—ono in which tho rights of self-government are to somo ex tent recognized, and in which tho proposed ad justment will bo based ou tho eternal principles of justice. Buch a plan would bo accepted as a boon. It would virtually inaugurate a now log islativo policy, having relief and fair-dealing for its aim, and secure that restoration of confluence without which prosperity is impossible. —New Orleans 2Hmes, March 28. Jail Delivery* Qdinoy, m., March 81. —Dispatches from Pal myra, Mo., slate that a number of prisoners con flnod iu tho jail at that place had succeeded in breaking out and effecting their escape. Tho foot was discovered by tho oflicors before tho de livery became general, who, after securing those who wore loft, started iuhot pursuit of the fugi tives, with overynrospoot of recapturing them, as they had but little start ahead. Among the prisoners confluod iu jail Is Ambrose Oon, tho murderer of Miss Summers, who, fortunately, was net among those who got out. Arrest of n fllurdoror* ■ Washington, March 01,—A young colored man named Harry Young, alias Charles Williams, has been arrested la Alexandria, Ya.. charged with tbo murder of Hahn. Tho ovidonco against him 1b strong. Ho had boon Boon talking to tho do ooaßod oatho night of tho murdor. and had ex hibited a draft which deceased obtained on a Baltimore hank for SO2O. Hoeoomod to know that Hahn was intoxicated on tho night of tho murder. Thoro aro numerous throats of lynch ing him. KANSAS, Visit of tho Secretary of Waro-Itlurdor of a Brother of Senator York* Parsons, Kansas. March 81.—Tho Secretary of War, accompanied by Gen. Shondau and parly, will bo In Parsons on Thursday, on their way to Texas. It is his intention to visit all tho forts and posts of tho Indian country of Texas, and tho Mexican border. Ho will establish now forts and posts, and rolooato others, with reference to tho now linos of railroad now developing In tho Southwest to glvo perfect ' safety to our hitherto noglootod frontier. Tho Govern ment is determined to give bettor protection to our frontier settlements, and advance ‘ tho outposts of civilization. Tho construction of tho two great linos of railroad, the Missouri, Kansas & Texas, and tho Texas Central, opens a now lino through from Eastern cities to Uio frontier posts on tho Southwestern border. This action of the Government will bo appreciated by adventurous pioneers, and its in fluence will bo felt in tho Eastern market. Information reached hero to-day that tbo body of the brother of Senator York had boon found in the woods, two miles west of Osago Mission. Ho bad boon übot, and tbo body was concealed in some thick busbos. This makes sotoq per sons missing, and supposed to have boon mur dered between Osago Mission and Independence, within tbo past six months. Judge C. T, Shonmin, Cleveland, 0., March 31.—Tho Cleveland Ear Association ibis afternoon considered thofollow iug resolution: Jiwlved, That the tesllmony given by Judge O. T. Sherman before tho Committee In tho recent luvoitl gatlon in Congress, and the letters admitted by him to o genuine, evince such a want of integrity, and such moral turpitude, as to destroy oil confidence In his Ju dicial administration, and require that ho should at once resign and relievo tho Federal Court from the em barrassment consequent upon his continued occupancy of tho Judgeship. Action upon tbo above resolution was post poned to givo Mr. Sherman an opportunity to communicate with tho Association. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Now York Financial Now*. New York, March 31.—The Treasury programme has hod a serious olTcct In financial circles. Cold ad vanced 1?/ nor cent. Money rose to ?/ per cent per diem and Interest, or 230 per cent per annum, and stocks under an active selling movement declined 1(J3?/ per cent. Merchants have been compelled to buy gold Heavily, and arc Indignant ot the neglect of the Treasury to como to the relief of the gold and money market. ' Money was very stringent, and the price on call ad vanced rapidly from 1-1G to */, */, and ?/ por cent per diem and Interest, which Is about tho highest rate, though some loans wore rumored at 1 per cent. Tho banks called In some loans, one of them to n largo amount, and there wore shipments to a moderate amount to tho interior for April settlement. Sterling was demoralized and closed nominal at 107?/ for long and 108?/ for short sight. It is estimated that thoro la about X 1,600,000 borrowed exchange oulstaud lug. f Tho gold market was less buoyant nud excited, with wldo and frequent fluctuations. Opening steady at there was an early rise to lI7M - , followed by a decline to 11G?/, from which a steady upward movement carried its premium to 118?/. There was a heavy buying on mercantile account, and to cover out standing short contracts. The largo advance induced considerable realizations under which tho market Anally reacted to 117?/. Tho closing bidding rate with 117*/ asked. Loans wore made at 4to 7 per cent per annum, and 1-10 por day. Clearings, $78,000,000, Treasury disbursements, $14,000. Customs receipts, $459,000. Governments were dull, rather heavy, and feverish. The effect of the reduced Treasury purchase was, however. In the main, offset by tho advauco In gold. Stato bonds wore nominal. Hallway mortgages wore quiet and firm. Stocks wore active, with rapid fluctuations and gen eral weakness. Tho extreme decline was 9*/ per cent, the general list showings fall of I®2 per cent, nud closing weak at about the lowest prices of the day. Tho market was steadier late In tho day, hut there was no recovery of moment, (Sterling 107 ?/. dOVERNUR! Coupons, ’Bl 113’/ 5-208 of *C2 110?/ Coupons, ’61.,.. IXG?/ : Coupons, ’O3 117J/ i Coupons, ’65 (n0w)..,110*/ ; Coupons, 07 117*; Coupons, ’OB 117 10-lOs 112 Currency Gs 114?/ Now Ss 114 DOMDB. STATE Missouri! 93?/ Tonnosseos, old 80,!/ Tcnncssees, now 60’; Virginias, new 60 Virginias, old 44 North Carollnas, 01d...30 North Carollnas, now. .10 Canton 02?/l Adams Express 931/1 Wells Fargo 81 American Express.... 68 United Stales Ex 75*/ Pacific Ma 11...'. 63 New York Central.,.. 101*/ Erie 04 Erie pfd 73?/ Harlem 1371/ Harlem pfd 136 Michigan Central 108 Pittsburgh... 89*/ Northwestern. 82 Northwestern pfd.... 85 Hock Island. 113?/ N. J. Central... 102*/ St, Paul 67?/ |St. Paul pfd 73*/ HYSlllßll pin: (Fort Wayne 93?/ Terre Haute.. 20 Terre Haute, pfd 40 Chicago k Alton 112 Chicago k Alton pfd.ll3 Ohio A Mississippi... 44*/ 0., C.4 0 865/ 0., B. A Q 11l Lake Shore 9l*/ Indiana Central 373/ Illinois Central 111?/ Union Pacific stocks,. 33*/ Union Pacific bonds.. 80J/ Central Pacific bonds.lo3 Del. Lack, k Western,loo B. H. k Erie 3;/ Foreign Markets* Liverpool, March 31—11 a. m.—Flour, 27s od@2Ba. Wheat—Winter, 12s 2d; spring, lls@l2a 3J; white, Ils6dolls7d; club, lls od(gl2a 2d. Corn, 27a Od. Lsrd, 3Cb Od. LondoK, March 31.—Consols, Ol&QJOlJf; 6-20 aof *65. oi»tf; 6-208 of *C7, 03,'/; 10-40s, 89 W; now 6s, 91; Erie, 61tf. ’ * * Tallow, 43a od. Liverpool, March 31.—Cotton firmer; middling upland, o}g; Orleans. 9X. Sales, 15,000 bales; Ameri can, 10,000; speculation and export, 3,000. BrcadstulTs qulot. California whitn wheat, average quality, Ha sd@llo fld; club, 1159d@123 2d; rod win ter, 12* 2d, Flour, 27b fld(g2B?. Corn, 27s Cd. Fork* 04s. Obeoso, 73b. Cumberland!, 395. Short ribs, 41b. Now York Live Stock Market* New Yens, March 31.—Beeves— Yesterday and to day, 298 cars, or 4,900, making 8,C85 for the week, against 0,830 last week. Tho prices of Friday last were maintained, and tho bulk of tho traunactlone wore ut an average advance for tho week of Wo *ou dressed weights. Tho market dragged a little towards tho close, und slight concessions were necessary to clear tho yards of stock. The oxtromo range for common to Srcmlum native steers was 11014 c, with a few selcc oni at 14Xo, to dress CO lbs gross cwt; and poor to prlmo Texas and Chorokeo cuttle at 10X@12o, to dress 60 and 67 Iba. Sales Include 4 cars premium Illinois steers, strong, 9X cwt, 14c, GO lbs; 8 cars prlmo do, 8X cwt, 13014 c; 16 cars fair to good Illinois steers, 7 cwt, 12013o; 20 cars Toxans, 0 and 7 cwl;llV@l3c; 9 cars do, 6X cwt, lOXOllc. Bueep— To-day, 25 cars, or 4,300, making 10,700 for the week, against 11,000 last wook. Market slow, and the offerings not fully closed out. Tho quality ranged from common to extra, aud prices from OXo to 8 5 / c for unshorn {lots, with one oar-load of good sheared State sheep, 87 lbs, at OXo. Among the sales wore; 8 cars Ohio sheep, 7,XQ80 ; 6 cam State sheep, 7XQB Xc; 6 cars Ohio, O.XQSo ; 8 cars State, do sheared, 87 lbs, OXo, Hons—Receipts, 40 cars, or 6,100 hogs, making 30,800 for the week against 33,900 last week. Live hogs are wanted at 6XOOXc, end city dressed are firm at 7X <BBXc. Notv York Dry-Goods Market* New York, March 31.—Business was moderately active with the Jobbers in all departments. Flue brown and standard shootings are active. Fine bioached sheetings more freely, and are In short supply, wide sheetings aro active and firm. Denims and ticks are in good demand. Prints, percales, lawns, and organdies are In improved request. Fancy casslmercs met with a fair Jobbing request at steady prices. Plain foreign dress goods, and black mohairs are brisk. Other im portant fabrics aro qulot. PlttuburgU Livestock Market* PiTTßDumm, March 31.— Cattle— Market dull; ar rivals heavy; best, $8.60®f0.80; sloukors, $3.60®4.80; common, $3.0005,60. Sheep— Market unchanged ; arrivals fair; best, flX®7j<o j medium, 6XQOXO 5 comraou, 4XQSXO. Hogs—Market unchanged; arrivals fair ; Philadel phia, $8.0000.70; Yorkers, $8.0008.10. Philadelphia Live Stock market, Philadelphia, March 31.— Cattle— Active; sale* 3,100. Prime to extra steers $7.75@8.25. SinusiI—Unchanged 1 —Unchanged ; sales 0,000 at 6>tfo8 l ,'c. lloqb— Active and higher, with sales of 5,000 nt $0.35 ©0.60. * Pittsburgh oil market* PiTTsouitaii, March 31.—Crude petroleum quiet and nominally unchanged: quoted nt $3,18 nor brf at Park er’s Landing. Helmed, quiet and nominally unchang ed at 160 spot. TUo Produce markets* ‘ . NEW YORK. N*w Yonn, March 31.—Oovxow—In hotter export demand, and prices higher; middling upland, 20c. DttKAUßTU>‘>%—Flour steady, with moderate busl iiene; receipts, 0,000 brls; auportlno Western and State, $0,1000,78; common to good extra, SO,OOO 7.05; good to choice. $7.7008.38; white wheat ex tra, $8.60010.50: Ohio, $7.16010.50; Bt. Louis, $7.50012.76. Rye Hour quiet; $1.0003.73. Corn meal steady ; yellow, $3.10. Wheat lower, with limited de mand ; receipts, 10,000 bu; No. 3 spring, Mtlwau kco, ailoat, $1.04; No. 3 Chicago, sl.Ol. Rye dull and nominal. Earley quiet, Malt quiet; Slate, $1.03. Corn easier, with moderate business; receipts, 20,000 bu; now Western mixed, old do In Btoro. Mo; yellow. CdtfQtfTo, ORs tinner;receipts, 34,000 bu ; new mixed Western 4806Otfo; black, 46 043o; old mixed, Wtfos3o, OLovxa Seed— Quiet; B*;®B*fc; Tlmotjy, |3.CO s.en. Eons—Dull; Western. 33®33 Wo, Hat—Quiet,* Hors—Firm, OnooEniEs—Nothing doing; tho high price of gold checks tho demand. I’ktrolkuu— Crude, refined, 10^o. GRAIN IN WAnEKOUfIi: Wheat, lm., Corn, hu.., Oats, bu..., Rye. bn..., Barley, hu, Peas, bu,,. Malt, bu.. Provisions—l’ork stronger; nowmc**, ilfl.BO01O.78; prime mean, $15.00010.25. lieof quiet and unchanged. Out meals in fair demand; hams, ll,V@10o: should ers, D*{o Middles stronger; tong clear for April, Do; do spot, Do; short clour, o>fo, Lard firmer; Western sloain, Uia-lOo; kettle. O^OD,V«. Hotter—Firm for choice old, und steady for now Western, at 18081 c. Cheese—Quiet at 12®170. Wiiibet—Easier at. (Hl.Vf'JOlc. NEW ORLEANS. New Orleans, March 31.—Uriiadstuffs—Flour dull: XX, $0.50 : choice, $8.25 : family, 58,75@10.50. Corn easier; while, 680; yellow, 60, Oats, 40c. Hran—93c. Hay—Quiet; prime, $20.00. Provisions—Vork active; mess, $17.50; dry wilt meals scarce at d*ie, 8.'.;0, ami oc. bacon active at 7*Je, o>;c, and IQtfo. Hume quiet at 14jtf(g.l5c. Lard quiet; reiluod tierce, 8?f ; keg, H’Xq^lOc. Onoaßmr.s—Sugar dull; good common, 7Jtfo; fair to fully fair, S.tfOjSJtf. Molasses dull; common for meuliug, 40c; cistern bottom, 550. Coffee, 17(^10^0, Wnifir.v—B7o93c, Cotton—ln Rood demand ; sales 0.500 bnloa ordi nary, 13Wo; good ordinary. low middling*, 18’ic; middlings, 19*«i'c; middling Now Orleans, 10 .‘«c. Eocolptn, 0,003. Exports—Great Britain, 4,130 ; Con- Uncut, 5,171; coastwise, 1,071. Stock, 19,750. OSWEGO, Oswego, March 31.—UaKAnsTOFra—Wheal quiet nml Arm ; while State, $1.90. Corn dull; State, 08c. Oats dull; Stale, 40c. LOUISVILLE. Louisville, March 31,—Ton.vcco—Very firm, but sales only moderate at full prices. Flour—Quiet: extra family, $7.00. Provisions—Strongaud excited; mess pork, SIO.OO. Bacon—Shoulders, 7o; clear rib, Oo; clear, Olfc. Wain bams, meats steady; shoulders, C®oifo; clear rib,' clear BKOBMc. Lard—Choice loaf iu tierces, BltfQOc. Whisky—Firm at 800800. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, March 31.—Breadstuff#—Wheat quiet at 81.0501.08. Corn quiet aud unchanged. llye quiet at 78080 c. Oats and barley quiet and unchanged. Provisions—Strong. Mesa pork $10.03010.50.; held higher. Lard Armor; eulcs, steam, 8a; kettle, B>yc. liulk meats steady; sales at o>f, Stf, nml OJtfc. Ilacou very strong; sales, shoulders, o*^c; held BfrTc; sales, clear rib,9c; sales, clear, Dj^c, MEMPHIS. Memphis, March 31.— Cotton— Active and higher ; good ordinary, lO’/QdC’/c; low middling, 18(i|18*/c. UuiiADSTim'H—Fiour quiet ntul unchanged at $5.12,!/010.60. Corn meet dull at 21,*/ c. Corn In good tjcinnud ut fair prices at (Jl®o3c. Oats quiet at 10 Hay—Dull at $22.00(320,00. Hsian—Dull nl $10.0U(.U7.00, Provisions—Bacon in fair demand and a shade higher; shoulders, 7?/c; clear tlh.OVc; clear, o*/c. CLEVELAND. Cleveland, March 31.—Breadstuffb—Flour steady. Wheat dull and u shade lower for No. 2, which offered at $1.02; No. 1 held at $1.70, Corn quiet at 44®45c. Oats steady; No. 1 State, 3‘Jo. Refined Petroleum—Steady; car lots, Iflo; Slate legal tost, 24?/®23c. DETROIT. Detroit, March 30.—Breadstuff*—Flour dull and unchanged. Wheat steady; extra white, $1.03; No. 1, $1,84; amber, sl.Cfl?/. Corn steady at 41?/ca49o. Cats, 30c. • Clover Seed—, BUFFALO. Buffalo, March 31.—Market generally dull, Wheat—Sales 2 cars Western spring ot $1.65. Corn- Bales of C cars on track at Me. TOLEDO. Toledo, March 31.—Breadstuffb—Flour dull, un chaugod. Wheat dull and lower; extra wbito Michi gan, $1.92: No. I do, $1.78; amber Michigan, epol and April, $1.03?/ ; No. 1 red. $1.70 ; No. 2, $1.04*/, seller April. Corn steady; high mixed, 39?/c; spot; 41><’o sollor May; low mixed, 39?.<0 ; white, 41 wo ;no grade, 360, Oats dull and nominal. Clover Beed—Mammoth, SB.OO. Receipts—Flour, 3,000 brls; wheat, 8,000 bu ; corn, 17.000 bu; oats, 700 bu, Shipments—Flour, 000 brls; wheat, 2,000 hu ; corn. 12.000 hu ; oats, 700 on. ST. LOUIS. St. Louis, March 31.—Breadbtuffs—Flour quiet and unchanged; only order demand. Wheat Cull and unchanged ; No. 2 spring, $1.21; No. 3 fall, $1.05. Corn firm and a shade hotter; No. 2. 32®33?/c on on»t track. Barley quiet; only sample lots sold. Rye Arm; No. 2, 70c. ’ Whisht—Dull at 86^97c. Provisions—Pork SIO.UO on spot; $17.00 June. Bulk meats active, with largo speculative business ; shoul ders, 6?/c for up-country, spot, oud April; clear rib, Sector May. Bacon Arm; shoulders, 7c for snot; 7?/o for May. Lard firm at 7?/c; up-country hold at 8c here. IToog—Firm at $4.75(3)5.25. Cattle—Steady and unchanged. PHILADELPHIA, Philadelphia, March 31.—Breadstuffs—Flour dull; superfluo, $4,60(35.76 ; extras, $0 00@0.75 ; Ohio and Indiana, $8,26(39,60. Wheat dull; red. $1.00@1,93 ; amber, $1.98(d)2.00 : white. $2.10(32.20, Corn Arm; yellow, COc, Gate dull; white, 45®500; black, 4C®47c. inVn * rnflnn ' l " inralf,’",c •BALTIMORE. Baltimore, March'3l.—Breadstuffb—Flour dull and unchanged. Wheat firmer; Western red, sl.Cs@ I.7s—amber—do $1.80@1,90. Corn steady with light receipts and good demand; mixed, Western, 60® 60*/ c. Oats quiet; Western mixed, 43Q470: white. 48®49c. ' * ' Provisions—Strong but unsettled; mess pork firm er, $1G.6U®17.00. Bulkmcata higher; shoulders, O?/® 7o; rib sides nominal; clear rib, B’/090. Bacon firmer; shoulders, 7?/o ; rib sides. 9,4/ c ; clear rib, OJ/c ; su gar cured hams, 12®15c. Lard firmer; e*/®8?/o. Butter—Western active ; choice roll, 33®35c : bow. 87®10i’. * » * Whisky—9l o. MILWAUKEE. Milwaukee, March 31.— Bueadstupps— Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat steady ; No. 1, $1.29 ; No. 2.51.10 V. Oats steady; No. 9, 20Xo. Corn in fair demand but lower; No. 2, 35 Xc. Itye scarce and firm; No. 1, GGc, Barley steady; No. 2,80 c. Receipts— Flour, 4,000 brls; wheat, 68,000 bu. Shipments— Flour, 15,000 brln ; wheat, 0,000 bu. BANK STATEMENTS. QUARTERLY REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF THE dircial Lora taw, At tlio.C'lose of Business, ITnrcli 31, 1873. RESOURCES. Loans secured by Real Eitato 3307,500.93 Loans secured by other approrod collater als 78,280.48 United States, Cook County, and other Stocks and Bonds 100,070,50 Bankimr House and Lot 25,1350.211 Burglar-Proof Safes, Furniture, aud Fix- turns 7,850.55 United Suites Revenue Stamps .fit) Current Espouses 4,707.15 Taxes paid 4,330.27 Gold and Silver 3 17 17.21 Currency and Exohaugo. 150,030.74 LTAH.TJTIK3. 3<.5., 000 .Tt Capital Stock 8100,000.00 Deposits 633,505.98 8051,500.71 TOLMAN WHEELER, President, M. L). BUCHANAN, Vico President, FBK1) MEYER, Cashier, ’ W. H. ROOD, noorotary. QUAKTERLY REPORT Of tho condition of tho UNION TRUST CO. SAVINGS BANK, northeast corner Clark and Madlson-sts., at close of business, March 81, 1973. , RESOURCES. Loans and Discounts— Real Estate, tint mort gage on improved city property 8180,202.87 Demand Loans, approv ed collateral 80,11)3.06 Timo Loans, approved collaterals 170,844.03 Cash and Now York and Boston 4 < 4 change on hand. 828,034.80 Cook County Bond 01,000.00 Banking Homo 35,500.00 Hxturos... 4,000.00 Taxes Paid I,H 17-NO Current Expenses., 1,047.30 8770.300.40 „ . . LIABILITIES. Capital Stock paid in 8135.000.00 Surplus. 33i000.72 Undivided Earnings 50.00 Interest 11 ,i»01,00 DuoDoposltors 000,725.00 Exchange.. BOS.HI Profit aud Loss 7H1.07 877(1,200.40 B. W. RAWSON, Prcsk. R. P. PULSIFUR, Vico Pros’t. W. U. ROSWELL. Cashier. tkusteks. W. K McAllUtor, E. l>. Pululfcr, «Tnmes Longloy, John Ruohler,* H. W. Rawnoti, Jamos Ward, J. 11. Pournon. REMOVALS. 3FS. & iEDOLO)^ stu 12 GEORGE C. SMITH & BROTHER, BAKTKHRS, HAVE REMOVED TJIKIR OFFICE TO THE Southwest Comer of Dearliora am HaniM-sts. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. BISSOLTJTION. QeorseS. Ohsto having sold bis lutorost In tho Arm of »»• B. Oraglu A 00., retires from said linn. The business wUI be conducted under the soma name as heretofore. U* li. ORAQIN 4 OU. DRY GOODS. The Receipt of Twelve Hundred Packages of ~ 531,000 .1,900,000 743,000 ~ 106,000 . 83,000 .. 4,000 .. 103,000 Prints, Domestics, Pcfcales, Cottonades, Cassimores, Jeans, White Goods, Lmens, Hosiery and Gloves, together with 100 cases SPRING DRESS GOODS, and large additions to the' NOTION DEPARTMENT, makes an assortment excellent for this week’s business. Close buyers and prompt pay will iind it advantageous to open accounts with us. HJffIHH, HALS & 00., Madison and Franklin-sts. CLOSING-OUT SALE. SIOO,OOO OF DM GOODS TO BE SOLD AT A. GREAT SACRIFICE. HUNT, BARBOUR. & CO. Having determined to close out their RETAIL Stock of DRY GOODS previous to May 1, will commence, MONDAY, MARCH 31, To sell the entire Stock, regard less of cost. 103 East Madison-st., Between Clark & Dearborn. GETT'iTSBURG WATER. GKETT-'STSBXJIR.a- nmißis water. The United States Dispensatory, (ho authorized record of our Materia Modlca, classes this water with tho most renowned Alkaline or Carbonated Springs of Europe. U. far excels any other known in Its 8011-preserving proper ties. It docs not deteriorate by bottling und keeping. It has never been claimed for any other mineral wator the !» «k Ml’*, tfis ftvstM’iffl.te 11 iW tsmtiss: burg Kalnlyslno Wator has dono In hundreds of instances. Gout, Khoiunatism, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, Gravel, Dia botes. Kidney and Utlnary Diseases gonorolly havo all yielded to Its influence. It has restored Muscular Power to the paralytic, cured Abdominal Drouay, and given healthy action to tho Torpid Liver. It has cured Chronic Dlarrlucn, Piles. Constipation, Aothma, Ca tarrh, Diseases of tho Skin, General Debility and Nor vous Prostration from Mental and Physical Execs*, es. All thoio by tho bottled wator. It is a powerful antidote for Excessive Eating or Drinking. It corrects the Stomach, promotes Digestion, and re lievos tho Head almost immediately. Pamphlets contain ing a history or tho Spring, reports from eminent Pby»l oians and medical writers, marvelous and woll-nttcstud puros, and testimonials from distinguished citizens, will bo furnished and sent by mall on application to WHITNEY iJROa., Goii'lAß'tß „ . 0 237Spnth Frcnt-st., Philadelphia, t-a. Oottysburc Spring Co. * Per sale by VAN riUUAACIC, STEVENSON ± REID BUCK A UAYNKIt. and drul-rrMa generally. ’ SHIRTS. Made to order in the most complete artistio manner, of fabrics unsur passed for durability. Money cheer, fully refunded if not satisfactory. S. E, cor. State and Washington-ats., 36 Welt Madison-st. (Sherman House), Ohicago, mint!. REAL ESTATE. Forty Acres. The handsomest high grove land around Washington Holglitc. Iwo residences and largo out-bulldlngs: fine orchard, excellent water, ci'inmandlnc views, anti a vurj choice property (or subdivision or Improvement. Foi ealoby 0. H. BECKWITH. STREET AKD PARK LAMPS. BARTLETT'S “BOULEVARD,” STREET AND PARK LAMPS. TORCH .A-UNTID KEY /ornghtlngßtroot lamps Instantaneously. tho enmo now mod in Now York: aro hoing adopted everywhere. Full VUUn U ‘r^?i/ ~ru ,hod «P«n application to J. W. BAilT* Lbrr. W Broadway, Now York. LAKE NAVIGATION^ LAKE NAVIGATION. On and after THURSDAY, Aprils, tho Propeller X3FBLA. 03E3LA.1T‘3ir , 3333 jyi 1 IpH'Al l ®A'Y9,'J, o okly tripi* hotwoon OIUOAOO, SOUTH IIA VKN, h AIIQ A T lIC K, DOUGLAS, ALLEGAN, «ud I ’“ r freight or passage apply to W, E. HENRY, Agont, wont end Raudolph-et. Bridge, adjoin* U»ir Star nncl CruHCQUt Mills. * MISCELLANEOUS. BARLOW’S INDIGO BLUE INOGLOTru‘'H nDd bo,t arUcl ° ,n ,ho n >arkot for BLUE* Tho gonultioha’i both BnrlowVand WlltberKor’a name* sa.'is lW . nr- For.alpi„time"'.«!'nn'^i'.*,!,;I*' 1 *' rt ° I ' r '°'° r - MEETINGS. Attention, Sir Knights. n ii p ! l . l ?£°'."V'“? dor > r l. N ,'.’-!., «alod conolavo tUla oto. nlng-Al 7i< o clock, atllit)), l&| Twonty.Buuond-Bt. Bust* ucsb and uork on K. T. Order. VMtlmr Sir Knight# courteously Invited. By order of tho H, O. h B. H. W. LOUKK, Uocordor. Masonic, Win. 11. Warren T.odgo, 2(0, A. F. AA. M. School of Initriiullon nvery ibundiiy ovonlug, la anteroom of Ori ental Hall, i.uaiiUo-BL. Members will not fall to attend. VUttoiß courteously Invited. Masonic, Th. member, of Woiibanaln I.fidno, No. 183. aro re. nuoutod to moot at lliolr ball. Oriental Uulltlhiti, 12a La- Sallo-.t,, on, April 1, nt 11 a. m. .harp, to atlond tho funeral of our Into brother, Avery U. Preston Mom bora of tho fraternity cordially Witft ti> mm w th ua J. 0. HOWULL. W. JSf. Masonic. i A . Nt A.hlar tattoo, No. ms. Mis.® Aahlnr Quartotto will bo in altoudAnou. AN L * hM * Ancient Order of Foresters. of Cuuit 6.61UA.0. la or,l ““ d ' MoUUCili. Soorolary* PT 5 ALSO,

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