Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 1, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 1, 1873 Page 7
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Till! NOSEGAY WAP.. Itlr* cnflr Faints tlic Dlitron and Suf forlnir at Kls Fninlly-A Ncw Hla /clilno Found that Actually Gives no OffcnMC»«A Tost to Tnko f . i'lnco Next Wcolc Hope • For tho Suffering: Noses. Never, perhaps, since tho warn of the. Bobos has so fragrant a passage of arms boon irllnesscd kb that wltloh still drags its weary length along before Mr. Justice Farwoll. In emulation of tho spirit, If not of tho magnificence of the United Blatoa in tipping tho Geneva tribunal, it would become both sides of tho Nose gay law-suit to join together 'at tho close of hostilities and present tho pro elding Justice A‘»th a silver smelling-bottle dr eutpff-box, bearing on its sides riobly-obasod de signs to commemorate tho peculiar beauties of eight and smell that hang round bono factories, rendering shops, stock yards, slaughter-houses, end fertilizing companies. Tho idea la original, end if borrowed and carried out, ono. more in teresting object characteristic of Now. World peculiarities will loud a charm to tho Tiffany collection at tho Vienna Exposition.! Tho greater part of tho evidence produced et the trial yesterday was of an uuiutoroating •character. One Peter Gobran gave tostdmony as to tho number of houses in tho vicinity of tho •company’s works, with a view of showing the uumbor of people moro intimate with, and mote acutely suffering, its outbursts of odor. Mr. Cady, tho head man of Uydo Park, and tho •chief causer of the present action; testified in a most unequivocal manner anont tho nature of tho smell, ; Ho lives some miles .'from the factory, and is often troubled by tho gases which escape, from . tho Company's smoko-stacko. When tho wiud is in what tho witness called tho t light (ho probably meant wong') direction, tho smell strikes tho inhabitants very disagreeably, cud nausea very often ensues ; but it is when there is uo wind, or hardly any, that tho worst Is realized. Then, in tho language of Mr. Cady, “it settles down like an angel of death,” and li lt don’t bring death with it, tho inhabitants almost wish it would. The smell is indescriba ble—artist, poet, and sculptor alike fail to do dt justice. Several very decided 44 sniffs ” last summer sout witness and his-family into tho ibonso. Though never troubled in that wayhiiu- Bolf, Mr, O. has known people awakened m the middle of the night by the smell, v In answer to an inquiry witness states that ho didn’t know that at tho Pondering Company’s establishment there aro at present lying about 100,000 dead hogs and tho festering bodies of numerous other bygone quadrupeds, whoso ap pearance must call to tho mind of their owner (ho words of tho Hymnal poet: “ What nhall I render to my Lord?” Altogether Mr. Cady considers that tho pro pinquity of tho Fertilizing Company is a bless ing. which ho hankers to dispense with. The right bower in the defense was played in afternoon,’in tho shape of the evidence of -a Mr. fl. W. AUoton. a packer at Communipaw, and one of tho largest operators in tho United (States. His evidence was brief and to tho point. Understands tho pork-packing business thor oughly packing about half a million a year. • Has personally examined tho process car ried on in Iris establishment at Communipaw, whore tho .process of manufacturing fertilizer from fresh offal is carried on without in any de gree causing offense to tho neighborhood.. Tho. original treatment of offal was to take it fifteen miles out to sea, and there dump it, at a weekly cost of SIOO. At prosont tho same offal is util ized in tho raw material for making' fertilizer, nud a weekly profit of S4OO is tho result. Tho machine is simple, consisting of a largo cylinder lu which tho offal is dried by moans of steam applied outside j a shaft inside :moving tho mass. Tho vapor whioh arises is condensed and carried through pipes and emp tied. Witness is going to huvo one working In 'Chicago by the end of next week. The cost of rtlio fir st machine was $2,000, which is considera bly above what tho average price will ho, and It 9.U capable of turning out eight tons of dry ma terial daily. He wns m constant litigation before tho introduction of tho machine, hut now such a thing is (iruhoard of. Ho considers the machine & perfect kucccbb. Ono or two other witnesses .followed, but their testimony paled at romour-. hrauce of that of .the Communipaw man who slaughters half a million hogs annually, and has .i solved tho problem of tho inodorous manufacture • of fertilizer Tho case will be continued to-day. OBITUARY. ANDREW JACKSON DAT. Tbo announcement In tho evening papers of tbb death of Andrew J. Day,tho much esteemed General Western Passenger Agent of tkq Erie Railroad, has caused pain to many of our road ora. For tho last fifteen years • this gentleman has been in tho employ of the Erie Hailroad Company hero and in Cincinnati, Previous to his connection with this road bo was Captain of u first-class passenger canalboat on the Erie Canal, and has boon before tho pub-' lie continually, in one responsible position or another, over since. During a trip to Cali fornia Inst fnli, illr, Day contracted a severe cold, which, settling on bis chest, caused his death. Tho funeral will occur at 12:80 o’clock to-day from his residence. No. 25G West Washington street, and will be attended by a very largo rep resentation from tho raihroou fraternity.,in.the city. Tho Chicago A Northwestern ’Railroad Company have considerately placed-a spcoial I min at the disposal of friends of tho deceased, to leave the depot for Boschill at 2 o’clock. AXZI 11. CONDIT. Among tbo dcutL» of worthy mon vrliioh wo are required to chronicle. id that of Auzl B, Coudit, who died on Sunday morning of pleuro imouinouia. Ho was a graduate of Oborliu Col lege, and was City Engineer of Indianapolis from 1850 to 185-1. Ho published tbo drat nows- J inner in tbo South at tbo close of - tbo war, the ackaou County J\ r ews. For tbo past few years Lo has lived in Chicago, and was tbo' loader of tbo organization to pre-empt the 10,000 acres of land which constituted tbo bod of Beaver Lake jaud tbo Calumet swamp lanps. The First Advertisement, An Ingenious physician in Paris,—Uenaudot by name,-more than two hundred years ago, began clr cuMlug a nowß-hlioot for the amusement of bis pa tients. From this newspapers grow, and some became advertising'mediums fur all classes of goods, Includ ing the Elmwood ami Warwick collars, FINANCIAL. CLAIMS— REPUBLIC, KNICKERBOCKER, GREAT Western. Gblcugo lire, Equitable, und Germania Insurance claims cashed by J. N. WiTHERELL, 150 Dearborn-st. LASSEN’S LOAN OFFICE—LATE JACOBS A CO.— 177 Ulark-st., corner Monroe,, Money advanced oil collaterals on liberal terms. Loans of large and small sums on real estate; inaduratu amounts on second mortgages. M. o. Baldwin a go., nioDciEdLuSaiia-st., Room 21. T OANS NEGOTIATED, SUMS OF ABOUT St,COO. 6 JJ to 13>nonttiaon real estate, or real estate mortgages biught: also money to loan on collaterals. W. OITA WAY. Room IS. 73 Dearborn-st. Money to loan-sumv to-day, for one year. Apply at Room 3, 171 Madlson-st. Money to loan" on real estate in or near Chicago. W. G. ROBERTSON, SlOUasi Wash lagton-et. VfONEY TO LOAN IN SUMS OF $9,000 AND $5,000, i>l upon fint-olass real citato; Interest 10 pir cent. LYMAN A JACKSON, 40 and 41 Bryan Block, 100 La :6alla-at. ■ Money to loan in sums of 91,c00 to SIO,OOO, 3to 6 years, at 0 and 10 por cent. Short I too nauor bought. LKVI WXNU A CO., 17b Doarborn*at. Money to loan on city rkalkstitb. o. 8. HUBBARD, Jr.. 163 Waahlngton-it. TVANTED-TO loan-41,000 TO $1,200 ON HEAL TT ostutu security worth three times tho anuunt. Ad ■ dress D, caro J. S. IIAIR, Roum£o, Bryan Block. WE ARK PREPARED'TO~MAKB“FiRW-OLABa roalostato loans (not loss than SI,OOO cash) on city crOook County property. GUAHU A AiiA-Mb, HI Bryan Block. o*l r;nn ANY PERSON WISHING io LOAN •VLwUvi this amount on Ilrst-class rual citato scour* fly, can Hilda man to take Rut lu por cent Interest tier Liar for live years. Principals only way apply to JOIIN WALLIS, Attornoy, 70 IJAarburn-st. PARTNERS WANTED. f>AUTNKU WANTED-BUhTNESS THAT WILL X pay list per emit; only no;uU to iio soon to bo proved, •tail at 11 North Halstcdst. J. L. MARSH. PARTNIiUWAN'i’KD— TO TAKH ONH-HALF IN torMtlnttcopiJordlitillory; cnnltnl ruaulrud, SJ.OOO AdclMis A Tribune mCoo. I>*OTKll WITH AUQUT tho Advertiser In a etral/rht i “ lt wll excellent; butt of rolor- Bflco ® * anJ required. Addruia A 2U, Tribune r~"" SlBagilESBF PAHTiNIiiII WANTED-WITH NOT l.irsfi niriiw 810,000, totak« (ho tlnanolul management of ad os aoUshod manufacturing buHno.s, In which the sales lars outgrown rho capital. UoucU ataojo. p? ofiu 0 fiu lawo ioit of references given. Addreus U b7, iVfbuno oiUco TO LEASE. r» LKABE-I)OCK8-8aiU0 I’K KtT COHNEirTTuN Drsmolf and North Doarboru-st, Will be leased for * arm of years, 'i hit lot has been ocouplad for a number f roara bv tho Wo*torn Transportation Company, and la II docked and road/ for uio. Alsu, 160 fuel on South (ranch, Just north of Twenty-seoond-st., corner of Todd. CITY REAL ESTATE. 1,1011 SALK-UV OWNRH, l«-aTOBy house on r Davis-st., and 24-fnot lot, nearly now, B room*, wAtor, all complete, for S2,7GOi lorms, S4OO cash, .$1,203 five years’time, balance S6O pot month. : . ■ i Also, good wide 4-rui'tn collage, with M foot front by .131, bay window, on Davls-st., usari'Ulton, for $2,660; terms, abimtSMOcafh, SOU) one year, balance five years. ; Ono lot, £5x120. Ogdeu-av., south of Twelfthst. i price, • CLIOOi avenue 160 foot wide: very cheap. ... . . West Lake-st., comer Valentino, twe blocks wostof .Woslern-av., TSirffcotrunLako-iL: this la aspocnlathm 1 for a builder, being enough lor block ol stores, Just out ol iirollmln, which would pay a largo rental; laoumbranoo of $2,900, nmnlng.lho year*. ' ' ' .. . A tmo realdcuoo «m i'ullop-st., botwoon Oakley and . Wostoru-ar.. 1« alotlon amf basenienti •gat-pliios and wator on belli floors; lotSDxltl); sbadotrees, andflrst class neighborhood j prloo. $1,200: easy toms. Also, “n satuo block, 60*141). tlrst-olawi house, and all Imnrovoraonts,' built last fall foromiuao; price, $7,600, half cash. _ Lot on Southweslom-ov., near HarrUon-st. House ami lot on Walnut-sU near Oakley,'ll rooms, IJrf stoijos and basomont: price, $1,600. ■ , . , Allof thoabovo are good, well-built houses, not shan ties; titles perfect. Apply, botwoon 10 and 6 o'clock, at Room 26, Central Union block, oornor Market and Madl ■ ion-ats., Markot-st, entrance. . 1 ■ ■ 61. HALL. • xpon SAtE-ILUINOia.ST., 90 FEET. NEAR MAB JP kot-Bt. .•■■*'.'■ . , I Btato-9t., 83 foot near Krlo-st. . Michlgau-av., corner Tlilrly-sooond-st., w/xlCOfoot.' Cottage Qrovo-av,, ncarTluriy-nlnth-st., G6IISO. Mlchlgan-ar,, corner Tblrly-sevonth-st., 160*140, Walinsh-av,, near Tlilrty-tiflh-st., 150*160. . Calumot-av., nonrTnonty-foutth-at., 60*180. A<lnma-«t., near WcsLoru-av., two-atury Iramo bouae, with lot, warn. • ' 4 • . Park-av., near Lcavllt-at., atono front houao, modern Improvomoni*. . • jßokaon-st., near Woitern-av., two-atory frame bouse, • lotWorlOOxl23foct. . . Adanis-it., near Aberdeen, 3 two-story and basement bouses, lotMxlM. J>oko-BL, near Halstod, 74*195 foot, with buildings, well ronlod. „ „ . Wniliington-ut., nearHoyno, 80x125. • Wilooz-st., uoarCatlfornla-av., two lots. • ; J. MATriiSONorE. I* OANFIRLD, ' MLaHallo-st. FOR BALE-1, 3, OR 8 LOTS ON WKIISTBR-AV., ■outh front, ono block from ears, 1)4 from Lincoln ■ Park; sKOj>or (oat, on caty terms. Lots on Wrljhtwood-av., SI,OOO oaob. Two lota, comer of Shotllold-av. and Noble st., for $1,600. 'lVolotsonLlnooln-av.) $3,600. ’ Ono lot on West Jaokson-st.. $1,200. OnolotonHampsoa-st., S9OO. lOOfoctonHtato-at., near Ruglowood, S2O per foot, one tbirdoaab.' I'OO foot oofltato-st., sl3 per foot. J/Otou Uolt-at., near Division, $1,600. ' , Two lota on Bhorldau-ar.incur Douglas Park, $725 each. Two lots outslduot lire llinlia, on North .Sid j, for s2,yw)i ono-fourtb cash, balauoo thuu. K. RUUKNK uADWi.LL A UO., 18a Aifldlson-at.. Room 8. 1 TJIOR SALE—HOUHB, ON~"FLOURNOY-BT.. NINE J? rooms, &u-foot lot; $3,C00: SI,CUO cash: balance on time: bouso of 0 rooms, with 60-foot lot; s4,ooo:ono lourtnuaab.' - . ' ■ . Ilouso on Fulton-st., 6 rooms, pantry, closets, Ac.; lot ahd barn; all for $2,800 :60 foot on Park-av., with bonso o(7 rooms; sd,ooo;’s3,ooo cash: balauoo on tlmo. < < Pottage and lot, with barn, In Hydo Park, $3,600. . Cotlago and lot at Hydo Park, SJ,OCO. - btory and half house & rooms, tilth lot on Fulton-st., pL7ir\V()Biuni-av., s2,Coo;sl.OoUcaab. Cottage of 4 rooms on ArnoUl-it., with lot, SI,OOO. ‘ E. EUGENE OADWICI.L A 00., . ~ l&j'Madlaon-st., Room 3. - FOR SALE—AIFIRST-OLASS SANDSTONE FRONT on South Bide, near University: two stories and base ment, 13 rooms, laundry, hot and oold water, and all mod ’ora Improvements: two stories llnlthod iu hard wood; now being rolittod throughout. Will sell with or without' furniture on very easy forms, or will take part in building material. K. EUGENE OAD WELL A CO., JSSAlaOl son-Bt., Room 8. ■’ FOR SALE—TWO 2-SXORY AND BABESIENT brick dwelling houses :msn«ard roofs, on Pmlrte-av. Lots 80C180 and 3UIM. SNYDER A LEU. 14 Nixon Build ing, northeast corner Aionroo and LaSallo-sts, ... F" OR SALE—LOT 60 FRET FRONT ON av. near Tblrty-socCmd-st. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nix on Budding, northeast corner Monmo aud Lnballo-ata. For bale—two brick houses (NEW), on North Hide, 10 rooms, all modern itnprovomouts, SB,OOO each, on easy tonus. Uno brlok bouso, octagon front, two atorlcs, basomont, ’and largo attic, S9,OWi terms easy. U. EUGENE OAD WELLACO;, lbßMautson-st., Roomß. . For sale-building lots at central Park, cheap and on long tlmo. W. F. BREWSTER, 154 LuSallo-st., basomont. • - ' ■ FOR BALE—6 AOUUS. BEAUTIFULLY WOODED with large evergreens, near Droxcl Boulevard entrance to South Park. UEO. U. ROZUT, 166 LaSallo-st., An drow’s Buildlog. , ' ' • For sale-a s-story and basement driok dwolllhg, with furultoro, barn and lot, No. 16 Abor doon-st., lot 134 foot deep lo a 20-foot alloy; house In good repair, with modern Improvements. Apply to.F, B. LITTIJI, Hu North Cnnal-st, - For sale-house, is rooms, and lot so . foot, on Oakloy-st., noar Fulton; $5,000. with 50 feet, on Fourth-st., near Oakley; . House, 11 rooms, and barn, with M foot, on Bryant-av., noar Vincennes; SII,OOO. For salr-oheapest property in this city, 25x125 on Warron-av., lost west of Western-av. Want an offer to-morrow. Inquire at 60 Bluo laland-av. For sale-at a great bargain, on terms to suit, lot* on Jofforsou-at., noarDoKovon. Ingulro at 105 South Olark-st., in bank. EOB SALE-tfYLEVI WINO A CO., 178 DEAR* bdrn-at.— Homo nod lot, 170 Walnut-at. Honso and lot, Colfnx-ar. and Thlrty.sooond-st. MxlM, Langloy-av. and Forty-sooond-st.l Houbo and louo. 281 Thlrd-av. Houbo and lot, West Adams-st, All bargains. Fob sale - SIOO, down, why pay "bent when you can boy a' good lot on highest ground, Just outside of the lire llmita, and Inside cl tbo old city lim its, for from S4U) to SiOO./or email payment down and two years’ time r Our title la perfect; you got an abstract and warrantee dood when you make the Aral payment. A. G. STIinUVA HON, 1U (Jiark-at., ladlsonaodOlark-st., Boom 8. . FOR BALE-NEW S-STORYFRABIB HOUSE, NO. 43 North May-st., 10 rooms. modem Improvements, with or without furniture; ground louse nmato 10U.'but can bo bad for twenty years. Owner will giro a decided bar gain. Apply to H. OLAUSSENIDB A CO. t)R SALE-TWO 3-STORY AND BASEMENT 10- room bouses (modem), Stanton-ar. andThlrty-tlfth-st. nud Bowon-av., $6,000 and $7,000, on 4 and B years’ timo; 4 lots, ISurnsldo and Tbirty-olghth-sts.: 100 foot comer Harrison and Roboy-ste. B. F. HEAD, 126CUrk-st, For sale-marble front two-story and -basoinoutdweUlng-Uuuao on Indlana-ay.. noar Park Row; «Qs-flitnro3, furuaco, oerpeta, do. SNYDER A LEE, H Nixon's Building, northoaat coroor Monroo and LtSallo-st. For sale-a 99 years* lease on a lot run. nlug trom Lako-st. to South Water-lit.. two fronts; exempt from taxation for all tlmo. D. lIAVRETY, Room 61, Bryan Block. ■■ ' For sale-or rent-prairie, mioiiioan, and’ Wabaab-avs., SIO,OOO, SIB,OOO, s2fi,oooj only $3,000 down: bargains; 6 years' tlmo. S. MEAHS, owner, 148 LaSallo-at. For sale—s choice RESIDENCES CONVENI . ent to depot, at Oak Park. O. P. PEASE, FOR SALE—B3OxI2S FEET, EAST FRONT, ON QAL umot-av., near Douglas-placo. Make-an offer, as this must be soldi will soil half. H. WHIPPLE AGO., 75 Heath Conalst. * . FOR SALE—SEVERAL Flßfil-CLASS RE3l donees on Mlchlgan-av. between Fourteenth and- Twontioth-als. <oxlßo foot on lndlana-av., juet south nf Twouty slxfh-st.; this Is a eboleo residence lot in a Hrst oln*s neighborhood, and will bo sold Tory cheap. E. It. noiiu X co„ so South ciatii-»t. T?OR SALE-AT A GREAT BARGAIN, LOTS ON X’ Wostorn-av., Lexington, polk, Taylor, and Campbell. Parties wishing to build, no money required down: also 6 now homos containing 10 rooms each, 4500 cosh, balance on tonus to suit. Inquire onpremises of GKO. CAD WELL, oratl3sSoutholark-st., In bank. FOR BALE—SIX LOTS ON BURNSIDE BT., NEAR Flfly-nlnth-st., SOOO noriot, Jrf cash, balance on ttmo to suit. ULUICiI A BOND, 6v Doaxborn-st. For bale—at a decided bargain, first class throe-story and basomont, No. 4 Park Row. Build ing lu good order, with kitchen range, heated by steam, aed lot 2fixlCo foot, with brick barn. SNYDER A LEE, Nj. 14 Nixon's Building, northeast corner Of Monroe ana LxSallo-sta. I pOR SALE-100 BY 100 ON ILLINOIS-BT., NEAR 1 tbo lake, on easy tonus, or will trade for desirable aero property. HAIR A CO., Room 36Bryan Block. inoß hale-i!ousii*s in south division and I 1 la Hyde Park. OHACE A ABELL, 181 Dcarboru-st. ipOR SAXE-8 ACRES O!* VINOENNES AV., RE -11/11/I 1 / tween South Park Boulevard and Vlnconnos-av. Other desirable acre property lor sale by UIIACE A ABELL, 184 Dearborn-st. FOR BALK-VERY DESIRABLE LOTS ON SOUTH Park Boulevard, Columat-av., Forty-fourth-st, Vlu. connen-av., Egandalo, and other parts of Hyde Park. CHAPE A ABELL, 184 Dcarborn-st. EOll SALK-m FEET ON SOUTH PARK BOULB vard, between Forty-third and Forty*fonrth-sts. 143 foot south front on Forly-fourth-st., near South Park Boulovard. OHAOE A ABELL, 181 Denrbom-st. For sale-cheap lots on south Morgan, Aberdeen, Carpenter, and Moy-sts., nerth of Fifty f.f th-st. boulovard, and M mllo from Dexter Park, at 4350 (o £f>oo, on montuly payments; bouses erected thoronu to suit purchasers; partlus looking for cheap homes, without going outside, are invited to call ac our office and go and eoo our property before purchasing elsewhere: it costs nothing, and we are confluent we can suit you. NICHOLS A FITCH, 25 South Canal-st. * For rale-at a great bargain looiiie feet on Wabssb-av., corner of Forty-socond-st., cai-t front. Wantollors to-morrow: must bo sold. M. O. BALT). WIN A CO., 81 and 86 La Sallo-st., Jtoom SI. TBOR SALE-ONE TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT X 1 brick hnuso, comer of Arohor-av. and Sangor-st, Rente for QUO par month. Price, $13,000. Inquire of M, O'NEILL, owner, 03 MoGregor-st. FOR SALE—HOUSE AND LOT ON HUBBARD- Mt.t_nnnr Hoyno; 7 rooms, nrlcoonly $3,000: 6600 cub. F. M.rOX, Room 6. 159 Laßallo*«t. fVtWV ' ,fWV FOR SALK—2-STORY and basement marble. front house; 1020 Wabash-av., near Twon(y.thlrit*Bt.; has all modern ImproTemonts: lot 200 foot deon br 25. in. ply to FRKD. W. PECK, No.’ 8, NUon Bulld/ngf F* OR SALF—B-hOOM COTTAOB AND LOT ON I’ oloso to street oars, only 92.000. easy terms. OYRUS HllfaN A qp.. 126SouthClarkt^ 'itoomSj. FOR BALE —CHEAP—WAR ASII*AV., NEAR Twenty-slxth-st.. marb o-front house, If rooms, good barn. A. O. ODBLt, llooj|j lb, Bryan Week. * F' OR SALE-10 AOREFn. It. J( BEO. 26, <O, ijT 20 acres n. w. H Hoo. 26. 40, 18. * iU * 10 aorosu. w, U Soo. 06, 40, in. All this property onorpoar HumboldtPark Bouleratd, and very desirable for subdividing, cun bo sold Tory low on easy tonus: good houses to ecll on all tbo avenues on tho South Side. PIIILPOT A HONORB, 167 Washing* ton-st. - COUNTRY REAL ESTATE* TTtOR 8A LB-8 J. 000-40-ACRE FARM. AT DOWN- X 1 or’a drove, well Improved, high and dry, on Chicago, llurlloaton A Quincy Railroad, la miles from Chicago. sy,lXXi-tl aoro farm. 10 miles from Chicago, 8 blocks from depot, and fronting on Milwaukee plank-road: good house and well Improved. _ T, IJ. UOYl>, 160 Wait Waihlngtou-st. IjlOR SAI.K-01l EXCHANOR—FOR OITV PlloP ' *rty, a farm of ISO acres of prime prairie land In Ilooua County, lowa. Address UEO. P. FARRAR, 6U3 South Danrliorn-it., Chicago. INSTRUCTION. SITUATION WANTED—HV A YOUNO LADY, AH O governess In a young family j can touch ail tho English branches, with music, Fianoli, and drawing, and would make tho children’s clothes; boat reference* given sad oioeotod. N 10. Tribune ofllao. CLAIRVOYANTS. Mrs. iujtt, natural clairvoyant, test? and business mediumsalic, pbyaloUl examination!. At 111 South Despjaloont. Fes Si. THE PHLPAPU HAIL id TRI SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. , WOR BALE—LAKE FOREST—RF.SIDKNOKB FROM ■V $6,000 to $25,000. Building silos from S3«J to $1,600 jmracre. Lake Forest la tho most beautiful. of Chicago iiuburbs; laid out by a landscape gardener In tlio slylo of a park, with seminary, academy, and publlo schools of a hlgh gradet 20 miles of beautiful drives, olsgnnt private residences, f\rst-nla«s hotels ( offer* uousnal luduoonioala • to llmse seeking snhurban homos. AUSTIN—Lots near depots will build housns loordor end sell on terms to suit, or will sell lots without cash i Payment to.ihoso will build. Austin is rapidly improving. Wo hare some of the most desirable property there. :ENULK\VOOD—ltcnldcnoo on Mlolilgan-av., noarfllx ty-llrst-st. Vacant lot* on Ulity-aecond sf ~ near ■Wallace. 14VAN8TON—Roaldentfb noardopot, lot 60x190, and va cant lots pleasantly located. ■ iliAKli VIEW—On Dummy Road, lot 140*225. 10cores In Section 17. 40, 14. I'Amis and landrln Indiana, Illlnoh, Wisconsin, and lowa, for sals and exohanso for city property. B. L. CANFIELD or J. MATTKSON, - ' ' ' MlAHallo.sU For bale-beautiful ualf-aore lot« 7 Woabldgltm Heights, s6oo:s3scaah;sßpormonth, In terest finer cent. Carpeutor-work wanton a* payment. O. W. DEAN, 183 BouthClark-st., Room 16. 'lilOß SALE-40 AORKB ON THE ARCHER ROAD, sontb of tho Hrlahlnn Hmiao. at a bargain, on tho ,boat kind of terms, J. 8. GOULD, 119 Dparoorn-st.' FOR BALE - NORWOOD PARK - bbvrral blocks or lota,'and oboioo house and lot for tula or oxobango at .roasonablo prices. Considering improve mont and loeatlun, Norwood properly is choapor than In any other suburb. • Blocks will bo sold tn retailors so that . ll n to SOO per cent can bo itiallxod In 9(1 days. 1 - - ißavonswood—One block and several hundred foot for sale at groat bargains. ■ 1 8. B. WELU, 188 Dearborn-si, For salb-at hinsdalr-houhrs, with largo grounds n( $1,600, $3,600, $<1,600, $4,600, $5, WO, and up lo $26,000. on any terms desired. The property may bo soon by calling on mo at my resi dence in Hlnadalo any afternoon. O. J. BTQUQU.. FOR BALE—6 AORBB NEAR THE aOROSSINQ and depot of tbo Chicago, Milwaukee A Ht. Paul and the Chicago A Paollio Railroads, at the. low price of $1,600 per aero. Alao Macros la N. W. 6, 87, 13, at $l6O per acre, ahd W) acres near tho Wentworth farm at S3OO per aoro. WM. PRIOR, Room B, No. 133 Alarttsnn-at. • ' • For balr-one of tiir best lots in south ICvanatnn. O; BHAOKULFOUD, otlloo Travelers' Insurance Qo., 64 LaSallo-at, i'TIOR EXOIIANOE FOR CITY PROP -1 orly. ono or two blocks at Norwood Park, noardopot. F. M. FOX, 169 LaSallo-st., Room 5. For bale-a corrAOR that hah no equal In build, stylo, or finish in Hydo Park: largo lot: good location: nioogrovo; one bluek from alroot oars. Apply to tbo owner, tourlb homo south of Forty-tlfth-nt.. on rKvans-av.', noar Cottage Prove. FRANK IniWNBTT,' ifPOR BALE—AT EVANSTON-SPKOIAL INDUCE- I 1 menta; lots 33 foot front by; 160 deep, 3 blocks from North Kvanston depot, 8 from tho ohnroh, 3 Irom tho railroad, and within'l block of seven goudhonsos; s26o' each; oail), balance 1, 3. and 3 years, or 610 monthly payments. Gomo and see them. ROBERT OOM&IONH, 143 LaSallo-st.. •: . . ■ ' ■ - ■ ■ For hale-a beautiful suburban home, ' complotofn all ita anpolntmonts: prico $10,600. Lot, 160x350. Easy terms. Housca and Jots In Norwood Park, .from $2,700 lo $6,000. . Terms oasjr, A50x163 In Irving ,I'ark at a bargain. GEORGE BUMMERH, IBS Madl son-st. >■ ■■■ , - : IpOR SALE—WASHINGTON HEIGHT 3-60 FEET, 1 160 foot fnnn dummy depot, onProsnoot-av. Much be low vnluo if taken at ouco. L. L; WILSON, Room 4, 123 I>aKallo-Bt. ' • IPOR SALE—AT A GREAT BAOKIFIOE-& LOTS IN : Lawndale.. .Apply, .to owner at otllco J. S. HAIR A .CO., Room 20. Bryqa jiluclt. For sale hyde park - comfortable ' house with barn and lot CUzl&o, oast front, near hotel and lake; gas and good water, aud uonr depot. ULRICH A BOND, t)7 For sale-lakob house with ample grounds, at Oakland, near lako and depot; gcod-slxcd bam attached; collar, greon-houao, gas andwntor. UL RIOH A BOND, 87 Doarbom-st. ‘TTIOtt BALE-LOTS IN BOUTH ENGLEWOOD ITHE *X’ “original plat”). Do not buy In Additions “at South Englewood." Easy terms. HENRY W. BROOKS A Room 4, Empire Block, 128 and 130 LaSclio-st, SALE—ARLINGTON HEIGHTS. ADJOINING J) . Lombard Wcot, 45 mlnntcs* distant from Chlc«go, a 61) aero tract In fifteen sbhres for talo fur SIGO cash down, balance in 0 and 0 yoars.-with Bpercent Interest. W. F. BREWSTER, 164 LaSallo-Bt., baeomeut. ; ;"I7)OR SALE-GOOD RESIDENCES AT EVANSTON, JL' from SU*O lo $10,000: also eboleo building lots, ana 'acre-property for subdivision, on easy terms, ALFRED L. SEWELL, Chicago, FOR SALK—iI LOTS AT SOUTH ENGLEWOOD, notir depot and all tho improvements being mode there. For tho amount required, u splendid Uivustuiont. LINGLU A DARLOW, II Otis Block, LaSoilo-»t., comer iladlaon. FOR SALE —KENWOOD —IOO FEET OP LAKE Shore property, with house and furniture. Nearest bouso to Kenwood Station. Pomsasjon on or bolero May 1. For sale by CHAUE A ABELL, 184 Dcarborn-tt. FOR SALE—AT EVANSTON, NORTH KVANSTONT and Gloucoo, 18 houses and cottages, having from S to 10 rooms, atlowtlgures. Terms, onu-tiith cash, ami bat anoo lu monthly or yearly payments. O. E. BROWNE, Grover's Block, noardopot, Kvanston. TJOU SALE—2O LOTS, 3 BLOCKS FROM THE JJ Transit Bouso, frontlug on Unlou, Shormin, and Wnllaco-sts. Tortus to suit purchaaorn, SNYDER A ],EK. U Nixon Building, northeast corner Monruo and LaSallo-tla. ■ TPOR SALE—6oxl26i FEET, CORNER LOT, AT MA- X' plowood, two blocks from depot. I want an offer; bound to soli.' T. B. BOYD, 180 West Wnsblngton-st. REAL ESTATE WANTED. .TVANTKD-FOR A CASH CALL; HOUSE AND VT tot, 6or 7 rooms, south of LnUo-at., east of Leavitt, north of Van Burou; worth $3,600 to ’ $6,000. GYRUS SHINN A CO., 126 South Olark-st., Room 30. WANTED— HOUSE AND LOT ON WEST RIDE, south of Madlton-at., worth from $5,000 to S6,DUO; * ,na -— 4U ~ WANTED— I HAVE A CASH CUSTOMER FOB A bouse worth $6,000, onPark-AV., WacMnglou-at., or Warren-av. Qlre your bottom dgurn at unco, and ad* dross CHAR. CRAWFORD, KBEuat Waahlngton-nt. WANTED-A GOOD BRICK HOUSE, 8 TO 13 mums, In good locality j will p&y SI,OOO cash, SI,OOO or moro in building material; must bo a bargain. Ad drows A. 11E1LE, Seo Wabn«h«ar. ' WANTED—IO TO 100 ACRES, CHEAP FOR CASH, Tr not to exceed 10 mlloa from Chicago. Address O. DROWN, S6O South CUrk-at. (Dr. J. Kean's oUlcoj. WANTED-HOUSES AND LOSTFORCUSTOMERS; » I also loib on Weal UavrDon and West Van Buron-Me., for Immodlato sale. I£. E. OADWELL A CO., Real Ebtato and- Uouso Routing Agency, ISO Madlaoa-at., Room 8. • WANTED-A bargain in unimproved Vi property; $2,000 cosh. Address A 2U, Tribune office. WANTED— FOR READY CUSTOMERS. HOUSES and lots, aud gopd rosidonco lotn on North.'West andSoutli Sides. Property loft entirely with ua will receive extra attention.._H._pSuOßN A SON, 123 Sooth Olark-st BOARDING AND LODGING. West Sido. T Q SOUTH QREKN-ST.—FRONT ROOM, NICELY xO furnished, with first-class board, suitable lor two gentlemen. 1 UNION-ST.-SINGLE AND DOUBLE X<J rooms; first-class board, 85 per week; day board, sl. O A BISHOP COURT. SECOND DOOR FROM Madlson-st.—Largo front alcove; also 1 largo room finely furnished, with lint-class beard; coed table; deslr* ablolocallon. A QWEST WASHINOTON-ST.-A NEWLY FUR urOtiishod bonrding houao; also furnished and unfur nished rooms, Terms reasonably. QQ CENTRE-AV.—A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT t/t/room, with bed-room oil, for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen, with first-class board, luaaim.ll private family. Iluforonocs exchanged. TKI SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.—PLEASANT FUR- Xt-/X nlshod rooms, with board, sultablo for gentleman end wife, or gentlemen; also, single room. Oft A 1 WARREN-AV.—FURNISHED ROOMS, VA 4\J\J2 rlous slzosiand prices; modern Improvements; respectable, quiet, moral. QQO WEST WABHINQTON-BT.-TWO ROOMS, 004 with board, for gentleman and wife, orgoutlo- ftOQ WEST ADAMS-ST., CORNER PAULINA- furnished rooms and one unfurnished, with board; rooms contain hot and cold water, grates, registers, gas, closets, and adjoin bath-room; accommo dations No. 1. South. Side. A Q HUBBARD-OOURT—NEWHOARDINO-nOUSE. trO First-class board, with room, $1 to sfi.C(i pur week, with übo of piano. Day-board, $4. OQQ OALUMET-AV.-DAY BOARD, 81.t0: BED AJOOxnd board, $6; pleasant rooms; dinner at bp. m.; throe meals Sundays. OQC OALUMET-AV.-DAY BOARD, gl.fiO. DIN -400 nor at 6 p. m. A QQ SOUTH DEARBORN (BURNSIDE), NEAR Twonty-ninth-st.—A nice, cheerful family hotel. Excellent table and surprisingly low prices. Largo front room for gentleman and wife, sl4. Cftft WABABU-AV. —PLEASANT FURNISHED UUU rooms to rent with board forgontlotnau and wife, or two single gentlemen; references exchanged. BOARD WANTED. Board-a steady young man wants board In a private family: will pay 85 a week; lUorlSmln- Dtcs walk from Halsted and Lake, WustSldo. Address V 6, Tribune otflee. "HOARD—SUITE OF ROOMS AND ONE SINGLE JL> room, with board, on West Side, for party of four. Address W 8, Tribune oflloo. BOARD-FOR SINGLE GENTLEMAN: GOOD LO cation. Address, stating terms, Q 00, Tribune ollico. IJOARD-A SUITK OF ROOMS AND'BOARD FOR JL> a gentleman, wife, ami single lady, on the West bide, oast of Abordoon-it. Address, statlnll terms, A L, caro Carson, Plrk*, Soutt A Co., wholculo depart* niont. Roforoncoa furnished If required, 7JOARD—AND UNFURNISHED ROOM. OR SUITE, -I J for young couplo, on Wost bide, oast of Park, between Randolph and Jackson-ata.i will bopormauoat. Address, with lowest terms, CJ73, Tribune odfeo. SEWING MACHINES. For sale-a quover a baker or binder family machine, In complete order, good ns now, for $25._82b East Imllnna-it., botweon Ruab and Pino. * G" ROVER A BAKER’S BEWINO-MAOUINES-OKN. oral otHco, 160 Stalo-st,; branch olllou, 073 Wabash* av. Persons having old Uruvor A Baker sowing-tnnohiuos firo luvltod to call and soo the now Improvumoute, and mar something to tholr advantago. QINOKU HIiWXNd MACHINHR-OFFIOIiS OF NICII kJOLK A J’EAUKON, HI NoulU HaUiod-at. audl'H North Charie st., corner OUlo, Maobluosnold or routed on easy .payments, and aiming given when doalrod. WHEELER A WILSON HEWING MACHINES, ino new Improved sold or rented on easy mouth y payments. IIUIINIIAM A FLANNERY, City Agoulo, oilioo, IkM West MadUoa-*t.; will remove about April 10, 1878, to l6sStato-»t. * * HOUSEHOLD GOODS. SALE-PARLOR KKT, CARPETS, AND lIED- X 1 room lunilturu, Tory cheap, at I2IM Prolrlo-av. I?OU R-1 bliMop tablet, mirrors, bookcase*, desks, ouniole, phalrs, kitchen ami chamber furniture; H roottia; will soil cheap lo liuuro Its sale at ouco. Cull and see. ‘East Itarrlroust. TPOR SALE—A COMPLETE OUTFIT FOR HOUSE* X 1 keeping, mitabla tor small family; house rent roainn* •bis: good neighborhood.* No brokers need apply. Call at ill! Fulion-n., between 11 a. in. undo p, m, V\''ANTED-FURNITURU, CARPETS? Ao„ FOR it eaeii; entire homolmld stocks bought to any amount; prompt attention to loiters or calls. IJ, 117 Tweuty-aoo- 15 LI IV E.:, TUESDAY!, APRIL 1, 18 BUSINESS CHANCES. A 1 RESTAURANT, OYSTER, AND ICE CREAM parlor*, Smith Side: doing a No. j business. Room* overhead for family an J boarders and cheap rent, Small capital required, J. K. KIMBALL, A RARE CHANCE—A STRICTLY FIRST-CLASS cutter with largo oily aoQiiaintanoo enn havo an ln( or* cai In a now merchant tailoring establishment on very ad* TanUgeoita terms. Roforenooa unqttoslioaabla. Address 1180,Trlbnne OUloo. , - ■ , A GOOD PAYING DRY GOODS BUSINESS, WE&, located near the groat manufacturing district of tho cby, and on a lending thoronahfaro, for sale. Halos tho past year over $50,000. Hnllloion treasons for soiling, nnd pnrlloular* given to partloa addressing DRY GOODS, caro Carrier No. 69. A PARTY WITH SSOO TO TAKE HALF-INTEREST, active or silent, In oatabllablng a llrat-class sample and olub rooma; or will par good Interest on a loan. Have’ Snrt llxluros, good home, locality, and cheap Icaio. Ad* roaa A 84, Tribune offleo. . TWINING ROOM 170>* WEST ALL xs fitted up and doing good bualnoia. Will be aold for $176 If taken within 8 days. TBINE BUSINESS CHANGE—A FIRST-CLASS RES- X 1 taurnntand confectionery storelntho thriving city of Elgin for aalo; Doing a good builnosst location bostln tho olty. Address JO D, Boa 113, Elgin, I Us. For sale, or will exchange for real citato or merchandise, tho right of tho Wcatorn States In whole or In part, of a valuable patent now‘being sno 'ccssfully mamilaoturod at tho East, haabocnln successful operation for ton years. Tor a man Wanting business this Is an opportunltyeoldnm offered. Model aud full particu lars by addressing E 88, Tribune office. /'VROOERY STORK FOR SALE: BEST LOOALITY IJT on North Stdo, for $l,lOO, worth 81,7001 must bo aold. B. MATHIBON, 59 West Randolph-st., Room 3. IN ORDER THAT I MAY DISVOTK MORK TIME TO ;JL banking, 1 oiler foraalo or rent my atom room, 26i«W. Cstorloa blgli. dwelling adjoining; splendid collar under Uho whole, with good wareroom, barn, and other onw buildings oouVoutent. Itavo built up within tho last fif teen years o largo cash and prompt-paying trado; bavo tho -oldest nnd boat bualnoia corner In town, aurroundodby ono of tho boat farming oommanittca In tho State, and to a live man who means business will offer a pood bargain and on reasonable terms. B; D. ALFRED, Jn., Cam bridge, 111. . , ONE-iTaLK INTEREST IN ONE OP THE BEST ro all hordwnru and boaso-fnrmslilag stores in the city for aalo; capital required,so,oo(l. Satisfactory reasons given fur soiling. Address Bl\ JOHN, 15(1 Laßallo, - R’ 1181’AURANT AND 14 SLEEPING ROOMS, ALL furnishod, doing a good paying business, foraalo at a groat aaorldoo. Call this a. m. lb ARE CHANCE FOR A BARGAIN-STEAM SAW XI mill for salo, wlthl,ooo,ooofontdrylumhor;capaolty of mill SO, 000 foot per day, sttualed at Lansing, lowa, 80 miles above Prnlro duOlilontsplomlid market for him her; will bo sold with or wlthoullumborj possnaslon glvon immediately; or ono partner will remain, and take n part ner for ono-hnlt Interest. Apply to UEMICNWAY, WOOD ft CO., Lansing, lown.j S" ALOON, FOR SALE CHEAP; GOOD REASONS glvon for soiling. CnllatllO West Madlsou-at., after I o'clock p. m. rfE DAYS STATE MARKET FOR SALE FOR three days: the best fruit and vegetable stand on tho West Side. 311 West Lako-st., corner May. ©1 nn WILL BUY TUB STOCK AND FIXTURES tyJ-UU of a candy, tobacco, and news store, living roomhaok. Rent, S2O. !ICI WontHarrlson-st. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. A UCTION EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATUR XL-day. of horses, wagons, carriages, harness, and n car-load of mutes and nonce; pood stabling for. horses; mouoy advanced on goods. O. BUIGGS, 4il Stalo-st. . ARE BELLING FROM TWENTY TO THIRTY hones a day, andean males room this morning atO o’clock for <0 head. Plenty of buyers for parties who moan business, at SGI and 263 Stato-at.. BRADLEY A A GOOD, 1110 OART HORSE. 1.800 POUNDS, AND ft nlco pony, for sale cheap. 747 West Madlson-at. C AN SELL A NUMBER OF RATTLING TROTTERS, who have thorn at their real value. Alio ono pacer Pint can do his milo In about23 l at 261 and 203. Stato-Bt. BRADLEY* WILLS. - C* ARRIa'gES, PHAETONS, BUGGIES, A GOOD variety now arriving, at 363, CCS, and !tij7 West Ran dolph-st., rooms formerly occupied uy “Strong Furniture Company." G. L. BRADLEY. . F" OR SALE-SMALL TROTTING-MARK, TIMRStU, 6 years old; also harness and lino light top buggy. Wlllacll choap. Call at 49 East llarrisoa-at. . HORSE, 6 YEARS ’ old, perfect In every respect; trots In 21:35. Will soil fur halt what ho la worth If taken at onco. Gall at 43 Cast llarrleon-st. FLETCHER, LAZEAR, A CHENEY, 825 STATE-ST., can lit you out with any stylo of nn open or top buggy at a lower liguro than any houio la tho West. Factory comer Sedgwick and Dlviilon-Bts., North Sldo. For balb-oailloadTiobses justf’rom the country. All kinds (mod work-bones from S4O to $100; soinu nlco drivers. 69 West Moarop-st. . . TTOU SALE-OPEN BUGGY, SINGLE AND DOUBLE X 1 harness, rube, etc.; also, good drlvlng-horeo and largo work-horse. 70 WestMonroo-at. FOR SALE-LIGHT AND HEAVY EXPRESS AFD delivery wagons of all kinds; also, ono second-hand burry, at 263 South Canal-at. . ■ . For salb-oiikap-nkw patent wheeler buggy; also, now express, with harness; also, grocery vrtgon, with top. L. LINN, 1529 North Olark-it, ■ For sale-a i business horse, buggy and harness nt a bargain. Apply to 11. NEWTON A CO.,

Livory, bottvoon Washington and Ilandolph-ata., near F.^nklln. TTtOR SALR-OHEAP FOR DASH-SQUARE BOX J? buggy, shifting top, patent wheels, pole, and abaft; also single set ol harness, all neatly now. Apply at 209 Buparlor-st., near Clark. For salh-a oar load of good work horfccs, just arrived from the country, at tho Wheeling House Stable, Si Wost Lsko-st. : TTIOR SALE—CARRIAGES, TOP AND OPEN BUG -4? glos. A good assortment at oor mw ware-rooms, Nos. HILL* 1 **° U "* 4U ou “ 4 *** ■*-. noar. Wuthiuutruv 11. It- F" OR SALK FINEST ASSORTMENT OP OAR riogos, harness, etc., Intboolty; ovoryatyloand do aorlptlun- 1. 8. TOWER A BRQ., 105 South Ollnton-Kt. For sale-i will sell or exouange for roal estate, my carriage-team, hamoss, and carriage; they are young, sound, kind, and stylish. Call and coo thorn at 1294 Pralrie-av., or oddroae li. A. 8., 1210 Pral rlc-av., ... pOR SALE-LIGHT DELIVERY WAGON, NKAR iI lynow, cheap; prloo SIBO. N. QOOLD A BON, 13 Cottngo-Oruvo-av. . OMNIBUSES FOR BALE—THE WEST MADISON it. Una of omnibuses for sale, one or tho whole, cheap for cash. They arc In good order, light, and suit'* able for tho use of country hotels.' Also 40 good work horses. Address nr apply to T. W. WADSWORTH, Room 1, 177 Mndlson-st. V/ANTED-A SOUND, GENTLE HORSE FOR • ? buggy; must bo a pood stepper, and broke to city use. Cr.ll at, nr address J. H., 1182 fndlana-nv. ■ ■ • MISCELLANEOUS. ABSTRACTS COPIED WITH NEATNESS AND Uispntcli,at 168 Mouroo-st., Room 3, Kent’s Building, A PAPER FOR THE UNMARRIED OP AMKRIOA7 . the ** Matrimonial Nows," sold brail nowsdoalors. Bond 1(1 cents for sample copy toP. 0. Box 607, Chicago. pASII PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING AND MIS- U ecllauoous goods of any kind, by sanding a letter to I. OELDER, Loan Office, B<H Stato-st. pOLORADO—PARTIES WISHING TO GO TO COL ormlo on very favorable terms are invited to call on Dr. HAWKKS between 9 and 11 s. m., and I and Up. m., at 127 Clsrk-at. ■ pOLONY-ALL WHO WANT FREE HOMES, COMB \J andeoous. Wo go this month to Southern Dakota. No Irrigation. Best inducement, climate, soil, etc., over offered to settlers. 11. D. STEVENS, Secretary, 167 Filth-ay., No. 10. T AIMES, TAKE MRS. DR. BROWN'S TURKISH 1J or .thermal baths at 266 Mlchlgan-nv. P G. OLSEN. CARPENTER AND BUILDER, 61 X * South Franklln-st. Job work taken and promptly at* tended to. Please give me a trial. , . PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED AT ROOM 25, Boon Block, after 3 o'clock p. m.. April 1, 1873. fur material, work, and labor required In tho construction of brick dwelling. A. LYON. S~ TONER'S INVENTOR’S BUREAU. D. STONER A CO., Patent Solicitors nnd Brokers, 125 Clark-st. OlHco, 72, 78, 74. Patents bought and sold. . rilO WHOLESALE TOBACCO DEALERS—I CAN X control a first-class cash trade In cigars In Northern Minnesota; Chicago roforoncco givuu. Address ADVlilt* .TISKU, Northern Pacilio Junction, Minnesota. THE HIGHEST CASH PRICE PAID FOR OLD boohs and libraries In ovory language. Call or addroas BALDWIN’S Original Cheap Book Store, headquarters now at 109 East Madbon-at. ntO DEALERS AND AIANUFACTURERS—A TRAV- X olor intending to make a trip tu San Francisco desires to repro'ont some reliable firm on commission. Addroas P 70, Tribune olHco. W' ANTED-A NEW MILOII GOAT. WILL PAY a eood price. Apply at CU7 Miohlgau-av., near Thlrtoontu-et. W ANTED-A PERMANENT HOME IN A CHRIS tlan family, lor a eood hoy, 10 yuan old, In the city, to go to school and do ennroe; will pay $6 per month and clolbo him. Address, for llvo days, W 17, Trlhuno ofHoo, "ANTEDCORRESPONDENCE WITH CON tractors,builders, foramen, otc, who wish to legitimate ly Increase their Inooiuo without Interfering with their regu lar business. Wo can present Inducement# which will uo satisfactory In every respect, both as regards butlnostaud remuneration. Bond address and vrhoro and when may bo Boon to A K>, Trlhuno ortlco. LOST. TjnOUGHT TO MY STABLE A BLACK HORSE. JJstar in forohoad, one hind foot white (right). Said tb bo a livery horse. A pair of painter's overalls and •hoes wero loft In buggy. OSCAR FIELD, 42 and 44 Congreas-st. T OST-A lIItOWN HOUSE, FIVE YEARS OLD, J-J with a lump on right bind log, anil (on-bugsy, lining Of top torn, box black, running gear rod. A liberal re gard will be paid If rolurnod tolETNonberry-av. LOUIS LOST-ON HAST SIDE OF STATIS-ST., BETWEEN Madiaon and Washington, plan of writing-desk; will tho finder leave samo at Tribune office or word where it can bo had. 0. A. 11. I OST-ON SATURDAY KVKNINO, BETWEEN J-J, rwoQty*seoeud>Bt. and Hoolov’s Opera House, a ladles hunting-case gold watch.. The finder will be lib eral y rewarded by returning it to J. L. SMITH, CO juiolugan-ar. T OBT-SltK UMHUItLLA, CORNER WHSTMADI XJ eon,to Hlxtocmb-st. and Hoisted. Returner will bo sutlsfaolorlUy rewarded at S3 West Madlsun-st., Room 11. t 'O§T-pN THE fIOTIj OF MARCH, A WATER *, J'TOof cane, on Jolfornnn-st., between Madlsou and Lamdl. A liberal reward will bo paid If rolurnod to 57 Oamdl-st. MUSICAL. A GOOD SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO FOR BALE AT a bargain; haiidiomo rosewood vase, four round cor •‘"V. l LV , . u .? t V 1? Boltl this week at some price. Call at 12m or laid Pralrlo-av. IpOR SALE—A SECOND-HAND KNABE PIANO, IN order, low for cash, at J. BAUER 4 CO.’H, TjlOli SALE-SEVERAL SECONDHAND PIANOS , P makns, warranted perfect, on easy terms, nt J. BAUER 4 CO.'S. BtKJ Wnbash-av. 11 ORBALR-A~ftEARLY NEW, UPRIGHT PIANO, 1 standard make, at J. BAUER 4 CO.'t), ÜbO Wabash, tv. • ' YjlOll SALE-SEVERAL SECOND-HAND ORGANS, -L' luit for oaili, ftt.l. lIAIJKU 4 OO.’H, CW Wttb.lh ar. TSTOW I HAVI! JUST WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN Ax waiting for,—a 7-ootave piano, roiowood oaio, over strung baas; been used Just enough to take ot! ’tho now look; for cash; 251 Park-av. pIANOS TO RENT AND FOR SALE; RENTING A ifiiuSa'jlil/ii# ou * “* wu ’ TO RENT—HOUSES. rno RENT-UY W. n. SAMPSON A CO.. REAL I Estate aud Renting Agency, 144 LaSftllo it., Otta lllnolc t - - r 337 Wmt Mnnroo-st., near Aberdeen, 9 rooma, from Wnyl. 1073; SPoO ayear. .8M I’n.k-av., #BO normontli. fromMayl, 1873. 6 rotms In brick building corner Cnrpunfor and Ran* dolnh-sta,, «85 iwr month ; ponsculon April 1. 71; 8 rooma, from Mayl, 1873. 48 I-gan-av.; OroomsiWdß month. B.Bluillaim-ftT., noarElghfoonlii-st., 10rooma. 1113 Indlana-av, j 14 rooma. 931 Thlrd-av, tO rooma.' ,847 West Woshlnglon-sl., Broome, 840 nor month. ; A largo lot of bousesi for rent In all parte of tiro city. J , w. 11. SAMPSON A Co., H4 LaSallo at. rpo IUINT—FROM MAY I, A FHISTToBASS GOT A- X gou front residence on’Knporior-Bt., near tho lake; 13 rooms, furnace, range. and all modem Improvements. . Apply to WM. If. SAMPSON A CO.. Real Estate and Heating Agency, IRLaHaHo-st., Otis Block. -mo RENT-FROM MAY 1, THE 3-STORY FRAME a. No. 297 Mlehlgan-av.j rent. $1,600. Also, ‘ theß-Bforrmathto front dwelling No. 10 Eldrlrtgo-oonrl: rent, SI,WO. Apply to J, O. FARRINGTON, offleo of : Goo. O. Olarko, 8 and 4 Roan Block, fpO RENT-HOUSE 750 WABASH-AV., CONTAIN. . JnS.l? foo'.'i?. .Also 752 Wabash.av., 10 rooms. Apply to 8. OUEGSTEN. 753 Wabash.av.. from 13 to 1 :M: _ fjpo RENT-IIOUSE 1297.INDIANA-AV. APPLY TO J- O. T, IRUOO, Room iDy 81 Laßailo-st., between 3 and 3 p.m. • rpo RENT—FIRST-CLASS HOUSE ON MICHIGAN- J- bolwpon Elghtoonth-iit, andTwontloth. Apply toWM. UiVNHHIItjUGir, 181 Laßallo-at.’, Boone Block. To RENT-COTTAGE OF BIX~ROOMS, OLOflEm ami pantry; very desirable; cheap rout: alllugooo ■ordor; posnostloo at onoo. 175 Wcalorn-av, DIO RENTV3 BRICK HOUSES CORNER VAN BU x. Ron and • ono April 1 furnished: and two M«y_l. Inunlro at 130 Throop-at., before 11 a. m. rRE NT-rU UN ISH USE, AT A modorato rent, to a ro‘ponslb!o parly, with small family; owner would retain two of tho rooma; location, j»P*t b1d0,,101 minutes’ walk from old Court-Housu. BASH ft BHAPLBY; RoomC, OtU Block- HID RENT-A FIRST-CLASS HOUHR OF 11 ROOMS, X / aonlh of Twanty-aoeond-at., on Indlana-av., to small • family, who will board gentleman nnd wife, nnd second moftla for boy. Addroaa O 50, Trlbuno otllca. qiO, RENT - TUREE-STORY AND BASEMENT X ■ brick dwelling on Wabash-av., oast front, No. 871, northi; stores, bssomoots, and rooms In marble-front block on Waba»h-av., Just north of Twenty socond-st. Apply to BAIRD 4 BRADLEY, 00 La uaiio-at. rp6:RKNT-TWO NEW MAUnLK-IHIONT HOUSES. * Mlchlgan-nv., between Fourteenthnotl olzioentb-sta., with all modern Improvements. In-iuiro at tha bouses, or of E. B. LINUOLN, OJ7 Wabash-av. TO RENT-1929 WABASH-AV.—3-STORY FRAME house; lot6ofoot front; good barn. Long lonsoaud reasonable terms to a responsible man. Snbnrban, rrq rent-at lombard, 45 .minutes distant X from city, dcslrablo dwellings; possession ImmrrllHto lys also brick house on Ilonoro-st. W. F. BREWSTER. ■ 154 LaSalle-st. . . ■ ' TO RENT—ROOMS. rpO RENT-ONE FURNISHED ROOM TO A GEN- X Homan ntNo. Cil Slxteenth-st. THO RENT—A SUITE OF FURNISHED ROOMS FOR ■ X light housokooplng nr lodging ni 749 Wabash-av. rno RENT-B ROOMS ON WEST MADISON-ST.: X - also 8, n, 10. and 21/ with sfnro, only ftltO per month. TRUEBDELL AtißoiVK, 175 West Madlson-at. • qiO RENT—ROOMS—WITH FURNITURE FOR X Bale, <CO South Morgan-st. A good ohanoo for parlies wishing to keep homo. For partlculan, apply on tho premises. . TORENT-SECOND FLOOR, 20X45. HEATED AND supplied with wntor-cloaote; S4O per mouth. Apply on tho prcmlioa, 184 Lnko-st. FRONT ROOMS ON THE FIRST _X floor, with water and closote. Apply ftfcC23Mitcholl-at. 110 RENT-CM WABASH-AV;, 10 . Wabash-av., u rooms; also two houses on Oakwood Boulevard, (Cbttsgo Grove) sls per month, HENRY J. GOODRICH, 868 Wabash-av* 170 LKASE-TIIE DOCK WITH LOTS INTHR REAR . on Oanal-at., north ol Lako-at. bridge, now oeouplcd by John Granger. Thta property adjoins tho track of tho Danville Railroad nnd has a front of 140 feet on tho river. It haa auporlor advantngos for n coal-yard, and can ho leased for a term of years. Apply to MATTOOKU A MASON, 883 Wabssh-av. TO LEASE—THIS DOCK ON THE WEST SIDE, .north of and noar Lako-nt. bridge, now occupied by tho Union Steamboat Company. This dook has n river front of 800 feet, with lots also In Iho rear. This property is finely located for steamboat and railroad Imalnosi, and specially adopted for elevator or warehouse purpose's. For terms apply to MATTOCKS A MASON. Wabaoh-av. TO RENT-A VERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED room. Apply at 134 Olark-at., northeast corner of Madison, 4tU floor.- rilO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, UN SUITE OR X alnglo, on flrat and cecond floors in Parker Block, ntirihonst corner of Madison and Halstod-sta.: onlranco 83 South Ilalstod-st. Office, Room 42. TO RENT-A FURNISHED, ALSO AN UNPUR nulled, room In -private family to gentlemen. 816 West Wa»hlngton-st. rilO RENT—A NICE. . PLEASANT FURNISHED X parlor at L 74 Uost Vashlugtcm-at., for I or 2 gontlo- TO BENT—STOKES. OFFIOKS, & o, rrO, HBNT -IK TUB NEW BTAATS BBITUKQ X building, northeast corner of Washlugton-st. and flflh-av., an olegnntly-fltfod office, 85x40 feet, with vault, suitable for a bank, brokerage, or insurance business, at a low rent. Also, an office in tho roar of tho snir * *ront ing on 1-lfth-av., suitable for a Ant-class re jstato office. Also, rooms for attorneys or fur any office busi ness. Also, amnio room for a light manufacturing busi ness, ora weekly Journal. Plans can bo examined, nr rftO RENT- FINE BRICK STORE AND BASEMENtT X No. 87 Thlrd-av.; also two floors above wit li 16, with all oonvcnlenoos for housekeeping, H. LOWY. aouthwest corner Clark and Monroo-sta. Torrent-second floors op nos. 23 and ss South Cannl-st., between Randolph and Washington. 20x60 and 2Ux80,-soparato or together, aultablo for offices, ,{gr!°V£»^ ri l © RENT—WAREHOUSE FOR MANUFACTURING X or storage, 40x£0, 2-story and basement, Calhoun* place, roar of 134 and 136 East Wathlngton*st. Apply 13, 15, and 17 Market-st. TO RENT-STORE 220 WABABH-AV., BETWEEN Adams and Jackson-sls., 4-utory and basement, 27x 150. Will be rented very cheap to a good tenant. Apply on tho premises. . fjnO t RENT-TUB TWO-STORY WOODEN WARE- X bousn Nos, lit and 1-16 Fultoa-sl., suitable for any manufacturing purpose; baa a largo yard and sheds, run* nlng back to tho now St. Paul depot: access on both struct.. ÜBNIIY 11. SUUFELDT 4 6o„ on the prom lees. * rpd RENT—THE FIRST-CLASS STORE; NORTH. ■X west corner of Laka-sr. and Flflh-av.; tiro stories and bsepmoat; 40x!00, with vaults aud modern conveniences. JOHN A. VALE, Agent, 7 Bryan Block, IC9 iJiSnllo-at. TO RENT-STORE, BASEMENT, LOITB, AND Olliers on Stata-st., opposite Palmot’s Hotel, and ad joining Flku's Block, inquire at Room U, !M Monroo-at. npO RENT—THIRD AND FOURTH FLOOns*6F7B j.m^riHßoS'aiaX°el ,ulllt “ pl ‘ °” d r RENT—A BLACKSMITH-SHOP, NO. 33 BLUE leland'&v. Inquire In tho roar. rpO KENT-11ALFOFA STORK ON SOUTH WATER. X at. Address (j 61, Tribune otHoo. rtlO RENT-ON EAST MADISON-ST., 200 AND 202. X second floor, 45x60; elevator. Also, store and basement, 45x163, at 211 and 213 East Mpnroo-st., near J. V. Fanvcll'a steam elevator and wldo alley. Also, adjoining building, live stories and basement. WANTED—TO KENT. WANTED-TO RENT-BY SINGLE GENTLEMAN, furnished room, with orwithoutboard, onSouthSldo, east of Statu, between Twelfth and Twonty-fUth-ata.; boat of references given and required. Addroka W2I, Tribune olHco, for 6 days, stating terms, -do. \A7 AN TED-TO RENT-HOUSE SUITABLE FOR »T boardors, 10 to IB rooms; will ront furnished or unfur* planed. Address B, care Carrier 13. % YXTANTED—TO RENT—A COTTAGE FOR A OEN ,» ’ lonian an l wl(01 JttUßt bo In a good location and with in 30 minutes of oldUustom.llouso: remtfrom $Sd to S6O nor munth ; a good and permanent tenant can bo scoured. Address C 33, Tfrlbuuo ofllou. WANTED— TO RENT—I HAVE SEVERAL PAR tloi who want bouse to ront on tho West and South Sides. ROBERT COMMONS, U3 LaSalle-st. TIfANTED—TO RT2NT-IJY MAY 1. A SMALL, V.J.- peat cottage oast of State ami north of Thirty mth-et.; fntnily q( thrcesparty Is a careful and respon sible tenant, and can chord to pay from is4o to 9M nor month, which will be paid twoorthreemonthsln advance. If desired; prefer dealing with owner* direct. Address! staling locality, price, etc., N 41, Trlhuno otllco. W^?. T .¥ D 7T. 0 . lIKNT-A GOOD BARN SUITABLE J' about IS horses, on South Side, north of or about Twolftb-at. Address A. caro TOWLE A ROPER. WANTED— TO HENT—DY MAY 1, A COTTAGE OF or g rooms, on Vi est Side, in a good neighborhood. 10 ~o, t nnd wlwla two miles of Hlato-st, and Madison. First-class references furnished, ami Address, stating location, price, etc.. W «, l nouns ernes. * W^,rfJ E ?H-. T0 •i l J F9'f,- UI!8K - I ‘00:U ! STATE price. Address V4l, Tribune oliico. Wffi!^ TC Ii I l?F^ W ®. FO,INIBHE D ROOMS TT suitable lor light housekeeping for man and wlfo la an Antorioan family, Address V 33, Tribuo oflloo. W^S£ E » D ~ Tt lf KKNT-BY gentleman and ■IL?« h' i m of 6or 7 rooms Inn good f'S b .. h A<liltim WQS, 70 South Lanal-st., stating tonus, location, Ao, TITANIED-TO RENT-ON SOUTH BIDE, II Y A ' warriod couple. a furnished cottage, uotto ? r S au,t « rooms suitable Inr honso tT.« m f ?, renoß Address, giving full particulars, 1110, Tribune office. *W ANTED—TO RENT-WK CAN RENT ANY NUM wpirriUmllOU.s“,,b{)t\TCoa now and May 1. K. 1!. OA1). KLju»u .V./nl!,“'a? “ a lluu, “ “" nU “ g MmU ' WJiP. 11 -™ RENT-ONE WINDOW OE A STORE ri*« W Trlbnnoollioo otroo,n ' bUl *^ o * fl ,oca * ily ’ Address WANTED-TO RENT-3 OR 4 ROOMS FOR LIGHT G-roSy, Hoar bu.luoia part ol Uio city. Address 171 Madlsun-st., Room 2. \\r anted-to nisNT-a on a rooms suitarlk J/ or board In a private family, near Woatorn-av. Address F 79. Trlbuno office. WAN! KU-TO RENT-TWO OR THREE ROOMS, r »i «>fhght housokooplng, near Mndlsou autl office 1 * A ‘ I(lrol •' •tAtlng terms, etc., H b3, Trllmuo FOR SALE. 17TOR SALE —COUNTER, DESKS, WINDOW* 1’ shadoi, and carpels. Apply to E. E. RYAN 4 CO., 8J near the tunual. |7oli SALE-SPORTBMEN-TWO FINE BREECH* gnEaif.4KVt?AWu-?t”‘ borß 10 - sytiTKM TTIQR SALE-nEMARKABr.Y CHKAP-fIXU ANDTo Blu/lslnnd’tv EUt * ,tab ' * or naut wom> Inquire W ■J7TOR SALE- CHEAP-ONE TUFT’S SODA twf> tubs, ut RICHARD. BON 4 FOltoY'liPS, norUiwost corner Van Huron aud llalstod-ati. ■fjOß BALE-A FKKNOiI TEREORATINO MA i. chine for nmnufnolurlng patterns for stamping; awn. one of tho largest a:lcctlo»n of patterns In the United States, and tho receipts lor making all colors of powders, •ud ihogood will of a Urgo city and countiy traiio. This buvlnesals suitable for lady nr goutluman. For parllou* urs inquire at tit) West Madiaou-st.. uu-itsin. WANTED—MALE HELP. ' ■ . Bookkeepers, Clerks. Etc. WANTGD-A GOOD COUNTER II AND TO SERVE ao " n "'"” JEnBll ' h ; WANTim-A noon SalSSman in a hat, gap, m and gent's liirnlsblng goods business, who apeaka German and English. and oanhrlug good reference. Ap* ply Immocllatoly id llluo IsUnd-av., coruor Taylorst. W r AN“n:i>-A i’ 11 ifi'rTo la s a~y o u ncTma nt oat". tend atom and uno that enn attend well to honest moitUavo roffcroncoa. InqulroJoßlnelsland-av. WANTED-RXIUJUfENOkb DRYGOODS RALESt fT moat apply aligfl WostLakest., thin morning. TriuTon. . WANTED-BIX FIRST-CLASS CARRIAGE TRIM- WANTED -GOOD BUNCH AND MACHINE bauds for sash, doors, nnd blinds; good wages nnd aioadr work. u ROD WAV/SMITH 4 bO. ManuWur ers, 6ato iQThlrd'it., Milwaukee, Win. • UlT ANTED —IB GOOD BRASS FINISHERS AND r» mathomatleaUiMlrumont makers to work on lolo srnplt iQßtmmonts. OKO. 11. BLISS ft 00., 41 Third- Chicago. , ANTED—3 GOOD HOUSE PAINTERS. APPLY it to 11. T. BALDWIN, corner WestLakeaud Boy* mour-ste. WANTED-10 FINE HARNESS MAKERS AT 829 VV_Htnlo-Bt. BOYNTON A NOYES. WANTED— LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTERS. COR _ncr State and Twenty-sooond at., over market. TAXLORS AT 1M WESIMVASIL "WANTED-GOOD CARRIAGE PAINTERS, STRIPS i f era, ami flnlshors. Good wages and aloady work, at til and 323 Dlvlalon-at. TyANTBD-A GOOD .SOBER, INDUSTRIOUS T . bookbludorsono who understands blank work and finishing. J. F. FUNK A PRO., Elkhart, Ind. \\T ANTED—EIGHT "oit TUN BOILER-MAKERS, it uaodtocuatom.wnrk; good wages will bo paid to first-claoe bands. J. O. BOWSER 4 CO., Fort Woyuo, Ind. * TyANTED - CONFECTIONER THAT UNDER it stands making lino counter nud pan work for retail trndo, and also tho more oummou goods for whulosalo, bo strictly temporato nnd havo pood references. Tho right man can havo dtoady and pormanont work. Aimly from 0 to 13 a. m. and 4 to 9 p. m. Monday at Room o, Kulin’e Hotel, Doarburn-st. WAHTJSD-Atf lE3 OTATK-ST. APLUMBRII AND ness a U ° J ■ 0 hM two or throo years at Ibo bust-' \Y ANTED—A GOOD TURNER AND SCROLL V> Bawyor. Apply early. to J. BULLARD, coruor la dtana and WANTED-A FIRST-OLARS EXPERIENCED brens. Also, smart, tiusty errand poy. RUIGUTHIDij (JO., » Wo-it Mudlmn-nt. TyANTEU-CARPENTERS, AND PI.~ABTKRERS !. to takuoontwetsat other half real estate; none need apply but sobormen of gent lomnnly fra n .r\ WUh c,cnucollttr * E * ASHLEY MEARS, W A A^mlaiu^lo3? 1,l ' 01^ ■ “ WEOT LAKK-ST \V ANTED-A“ljOY bit YOUJIO MAN WHO HAS A .’ T x nrt^, f l d P?, 0 , f . l ’‘V T^lU m I ,cr nnJ point trad 3. Apply 10 A into., 2UJ NortliOJnrk-at. \V^P^ R .°- A P A ® nii,< «)vivHTßxfAiX7jXpnw T» to lako nn intnpjst nnd run n lirat-olass shop In tho country. Lull Moat Lnke-bt. WANTED— A GOOD BARBER AT 70 BLUE 18L and-av. Steady employuiont. Misoollanoous. WANT ED-CORRESPONDENCE WITH CON- Iractorr, builders, foromou, Ac., who wish to Iccltl matolyluon.as3 their laconic without Interfering with Hi?» i, ro **Hi a s , DO . B3 ’ no osn present Inducements which will bo satisfactory In every respect, both as regards busi ness and remuneration. Send address and wboro and when may bo Boon to A ft), Tribune ollico. *UTANT£D—AN EX PER IE NOE D NECKTIE OUT. T f tor. Address lor llvo days. (j C 5, Trlbuno office. \\f ANTED—INTELLIGENT YOUNG MEN TO nnw^nu! l 'W t \. cnaa . ; 7. , JV l tho tolegruphlnir business, at BCHtTKR’S National Telegraph College, 169 LaSallo-st., ■WANTED—A GENERAL AGENT FOR THROITY J.i or *^ t f tp ’ |P r op. Embroidering and Flullng Ma- Uro° d\v«w N° aicK ° o M tt uuh»otuHng Company, 809 W^TKD-ISIMEpLYPEIiY—AT THE AVENUE i f llouao, corner aboah-av. and Twonty-aocond-at.. 2 good colored wolton, ’ RELIABLE BOY, ABOUT J3 J, ? years old. Call at Room 1, third floor MoVlokor’s Thoatro Building, between 8 and o>} o’clock. ‘\yANTED-01TY CANVASSER, TO SELL TEA, 1 ' t5« Pvv?!?^ w Bploos: liberal commission allowed. Ad ply JAPANESE TEA STORE, 91 Twonty-Bocond-st. WANTKD-UX) RAILROAD LABORERS, HOUSE pain tors, aud ul hnr help. Also, eemo good business interests foraalo. 157 Fifth-ay., Jtoom 10. \\T ANTED—MEN OUT OF EMPLOYMENT, AND JT willing to work, agents, clerks, teamsters, or la borers, to call at 93 South Cllnton-st. WANTED-A FEW YOUNcTmKN FOR CITY AND J '.v c “'! nt 7- T‘,0.0 with S! 1 to S9 oiin clour if 12 lo S3O . wcek._Applyat Room 8, 25 WeatXako-al, WANTED-60 FARM ILLINOIS, wages $1 nor day nnd board for tho whole year round; rnro savanooa to men with bauasiro. Annlv nsrlv tn CHRISTIAN A BING, HU SouWVanal-sC ortfo.l South Ulsrk-st., up-atalra, Uooml. TXTANTED—AIICN—BIGGEST CHANCE TO MAKE iteT.aSn 1 !. 1 ifo°M l iS.' l ° l “ r ' °* u ‘-‘-oOLtcir, WANTLD-TEN FARM HANDS FOR ILLINOIS. TT liroofaro. L»norors and mechanics for Texas; 60 wood choppers. ANQELL A COAKEU, 21 Wostllan dolph-st. Room 6. Good patents wanted. * ■UrANTHD-A MAN THCrOUGHLY KXPKRI «f!w«n^ uc J l horees, nnd who can take care of trees and shrubborr : rmtst boaOorumuor Scandlua vlnn. Apply to JOHN MATTOCKS, 623 Wabash-av. Call boUveen 9 and 10 a. m. WANTED-a MEN FOE COUNTRY ANB 10 FOB ■;.! R;i 1 ,f, , 1!’ l, bK°rl,.“ V ° m °°- 171 Wost WVhlnrton. W A *m •° U . T 01 f ’ra'PLOVJIENT AND Cllnton-Bt. t0 at 80 ? d wases to cull at IQ South \VT ANT ED—MEN LOOKING FO R EMPLOYMENT _»,* , to c , n , 1 adJ ress JONES ACO , IC'J West Madl son*st. Rig Inducomnuta offered to good Jive men. WANTED-A YOUTH 11 OR 15 YEAItS OLD. AT VV WISE A M HITE'S, 116 Franklia-at., between Mad hioa_and Washington. >s»u mu i Ty'ANTED—A BARKEEPER, 137 SOUTH JEFFER* ‘ Bou*Bt»; must oomo well rccommcudod. WANTED -25 FARM HANT)S“FOU~IILINOIS; wages. $22 and 826 per month; free faro. Also, ono man In tu the city, ot 2H West Mndlfon-it. . WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domostioa* TyANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERA!, HOUSE- J T work In a small family; Gorman preferred. 19 North W A w ] i K^r A .9 00K / A K D ALSO A laundress, M at the Washingtonian Homo, 670 West Madison-ut. s good wagos will bo paid for tho right person. \\T ANTED—A GERMAN OrUL* ONE WHO CAN I T . co 9* t ' wash, andiron. Inqulra at 180Twcnly-liflh st., for three days. * WANTRU-A COMPETENT GIRL TO TAKE CARE of child., from3to4p. m., on xuogday, April 1. ' WANTED-A GOOD GERMAN, SWEDISH, OR ir ( l r V < y f ‘ nn to do general housework. Apply at ■m-Wcst Adams-st. WANTED-GIRL FOR OUNICRAL HOUSEWORK. Apply at H3Thtrd-av. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO COOK. WASH, AND ' T iron in private family. Call at 39(1 Clhiongu-tiv. WANTKD t A COMPETENT GIRL TO COOK, woahand Iron. and do general housework. Small laroily, No children. Call at 729 West Washlngton-nt. WANTED-AT 1223 MICHIGAN-AV, GIRL 13 TO Tt 15 years old to take care of children. WANTED-A GIRL FOR COOKING AND WASH* anchlgau’al* * Bocon(i Rlri * or kouaowotk, Apply at 333 W A ?T I | iD «\- FI S S Ji'9{ ,ASS COOK I BEST WAGES Tt paid. 69 North bholdon-st. COOK, AND IRONKR »T Immediately : must bring references. Good wages to a competent girl; Swede or Gorman. 1121 Pralrlo-av. W^S^°. 1 CIIAMBKU! ' I AI D - WEST mo ItXOIIANGE-OU FOR 'sALfUSIX HOUSES. J. $-1,600, $6,000, $7,600, SB,OOO, SII,OCO. $15,000. Nino farms; prices, 83,600 to $63,000. 8,6-10 acres of choice lowa lands. • la acres, covered with frail, and a good residence In Los Angeles, Cnl.; $13,000. Oao $?, COO residence In Genova, Very nice, to exchange for a farm. * Kansas land, improved and unimproved. Throe good doming mills, all hi order. M. A. LAWRENCE & CO., TIT-ANTED—FII-rV GOOD GIRLS FORGHNKHAL ISI Ka.UlaiUson.t. T? lioßOwork on South Bldo: Also cook for Evanstou. 'I 1 ' wages $6 per week. MRS. THOMPSON, 1000 Slato-st. jf COMPETENT GIRL FOR GENERAL .1/ , housework. Apply with reference at 170 Twenty thlrd-st. ■\ST ANTED—A GOOD COOK. WASHER AND IRON IT orlnqsmall family. Applynt4l SouthMay-st.. bo tween Washington and Mndtaoa-sta. WANTED— AT MRS. BATES',IO PEOK-COURT, A pastry cook for country hotel, good wages; also, sovorol cnpablo girls for cooks In famulus In this oily and at Riverside. References required, "anted-a good girl for GENERAL HOUSE work; small family and good wages. 743 West Wash- ■ ■\\T ANTED - TWO THOROUGHLY COMPETENT TT girls for second work; one must bo a good washer and Inmcr. Apply at ID4 Wnrron-av., corner Wood-st. WANTKD-OOLORKD WOMAN, AH COOK, AT 200 it West Lako-at.. corner Carpenter. Alio, two colored men to watt on table. WANTED-A GOOD OIUL COMPETENT TO DO general housnwork. Gorman or Scandinavian uro forced. Apply at 21 North Ourtls-st. MlsooUanoonti. WANTED-A NUMBER OF GIRLS ACCUSTOMED J T to working In a bindery. Apply Immediately at 107 Fifth-av,, secoud door. \\rANTKB— A YOUNG LADY ACCUSTOMED TO IT attending candy and confooSlonury store; must thoroughly understand tho biielnoas, and speak Gorman and English. Apply at K*7 Stntu-tt. AGENTS WANTED. A GENTS WANTED-SEND $1.25 FOR SPLENDID J\. Prospectus and Territory for tho Ufa and Tlraea of Horace Groejoy, by L. D. liigersoll. An unbiased, non* partisan life of this great man, with extended notices of many of bis ootomporary statesmen and Journalists. This work will bo got up In superior stylo, royal octavo of CWJ pages, fully Illustrated. A groat opportunity for Agents, Kr dosorlnUon, address UNION rUDLISIIINQ COM PANY, Chicago. A GENTS WANTED—FIVE FOR THE OITV. AND cno for evory town throughout (ho ontlro West. A. M» RICHARDSON, I70)i Hmith Halstcdst. A GENTS WAr^TJf.D—FOTt GOODS TIIAT PAY Jix. either sox $lO to i3&O nor week. Samples to cuutilrr free. Cull at Room 8, $5 West lAko-st. * A GENTS' WANTED -IN KVERY COUNTY FOR J\. Universal Thread Cutters; soil quick: 200 por cimfc mollt. Samples sent for 23 cents. 170 East Madlsou-st,. Room 15. ’ A GENTS WANTED-TOHELL THE BEST BUTTON jfV holo-outtor over offered; also, the needle-threading thimble, and other now articles. 83 East Madiaou-st.. Room n. • divorces 7 iSIVOROES-LKOALLY OBTAINED—FEE AFTER 1J decroo. Hcaudaloyoldod. Nine yoars’ practice In tho courts of Address P, O. Box U137. o myo XT° r ..jnOK, NO FICIi—DIVOIIOES r.KOAI.r.Y obtained (or oauio.i alllaw bualiiim attondod to. Call at, oraddltilf, ÜbomO, fillß luulbao •Uiup. SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE. BoolclcooDoi’fl, Glories. Sc c. CITUATION WANTED—fIY A YOUNO MAN AS O axalMautbookkcopor; host of references given. Ad dress J J K, No. 71 West. Adauta-st._ _ Situation wante'd-dy* a'youno man as an O aisUtant bookkeeper or salesman. Bout of roforonooi given. Apply atsoß rulton-Bt., oornorPoorln. CITUATION WANTED—AQ BOOKKEEPER BY A O young man well acquainted with tlio English, French, Gorman and Hollandixh languages. Best of reference given. Address JAUQUKS BRINS, 719 Wabash-av, CITUATiON WANTKD-BYXyOUNb MAN. AQKD O 23, ns salesman In some wholesale linueo. Well ao. qualnted with the retail grocery busioota. 04, Tribune oldco. CITUATION WANTED - AN EXPERIENCED O wholesale hardware salesman doslroa an engagement. Can give unqualified- roforouooa. Address V 61, Tribune office. CITIJATION WANTED-BYAYOUNO MAN POST. ID «d In Jho English, German, and Scandinavian lan gnagos. Will glvo good roforonccs. Address PW, Trlb. Uno office. CITUATION WANTED—IN A WHOLESALE HOUSE kJ by a sober young man fmm tbn counlrynot afraid of work. Address W d 11, IC>3 South Hnlilod-st. , OJTUATIQN WANTED-AB ENTRY CLERK, AH- W bl SLM n ii bo:, .V <oo . por ' n i‘ “kipping clerk, by a young man Tribune ofiloo* 110 olt °* c l l V reforonoca. Address 06, WANTED-BYA YOUNG MAN WHO kJ has bad pzporlonoo In morcantilo and banking busl* ness as bookkeeper, oto., for several years. Speaks Qor- KHirir 81,0 N °- 1 CITUATION WANTED—A YOUNG MANOF2IDK- Imti.n” lon as bill-clerk In a wholesale grocery irJi*™ V Cft V.Bl« good city roferoncos as to diameter. Tribune oin ,, 00t 0 °" *° loavlnß lho olty * Add «« U 88, ‘SSMffIS-* 8 «o6K KKErE n. AP. QTTUAtibNH WANTI!D-A8 DRY GOODS OI.HIiKS Scotchmen, wUh good experience: would not Trlbunoofifoo S ° Utl ° r W °“* Addro ” SCfOTSMAN, Tratlon. R I .T.PA TI 9 N WANTED-BY A STEADY TOUNO man_as dmißbtnniaii. Addroas P 85, Tribune office. kj cutter, In a first-clnsa establishment. city preferred; ?P li* it. ni° r i° n C i° s * Add r/‘?«. idallng salary. NUB, 31 i North Clark-st., caroof Lundborg A Larson. QITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD BAKER IN O cracker shop. W 38, Tribune office. QrrUATION WANTED—BY AN EXPERIENCED S‘ ,mM ’ aB scuoral blacksmith. Apply at 119 South Conohmon. Tonmstora. &o. CITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS SITUATION WANTEDIbY A YOUNG MAN AS O Oimcbiimn in a private family; thoroughly understands toiOwrlVibmio°ofii£! 0 rororencoß ** required. Ad- CrfDATIQK WANTKD-AS fJOAOIIMAN IIY A Unll' , a& , S. Al ' 1, ' ylo U ' KOUIiON - 0»n1™..1.. DITUAITON WAKTED-A8 COACHMAN, BY A SIN. i?T,. ££« ,nßn *. wh .? thoroughly nmletat.-nda bis business: SmiX!, 0 B *"i . cl,y lr Q (S ro n , J''.?: ; win »>oiouud willing ami obliging. Address V 18, Tribune ofllco. MifiooUniioong. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MARRIED kJ man of oxper.onoo, as porter or salesman In a wholo sale grocery or produce commission aloro; bust of refer pneos can bo given. Address U. WERNICKE. 868 Soulb lialsted-st. OITUATION WANTED-lltT'a YOUNG MAN, A kj> Dane, no porter in a wholesale boose. Reference* Address V 94, Trlbuao olSco. • DITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN IN A Pfi’Mo family, who Is perfectly willing to make him ?.rnr,^ ,0fU l“| r | IUU , h °i llU V, B "i.> oan mllk » Cl*o BOOd TOf oronco. Address to-day llfi Twunty.speonJ-st. SITUATIONS 'WANTED—FEMALE Domestics* R l .Tr^ A «I lON r A . NT . K D-nY A RESPECTABLE kJ klrl, In a small private family, to do general bouse wo™ orsocond work. Apply at 170 Twontlcth-at. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS COOK. rofo /n. r 1 0 , 0 ! Apply for one week, cornoi Khodoa-qy. ana Thlrty-tblrd-st. (SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO SISTERS (OISR. k? man) la a private family; one to do kitchen work, the other second work. Can bo seen at IC3 Ninoteouth-st.. corner Bumsldo. ■ k ** SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO GIRLS TO DO l»ou«cwork or second; West Side preferred. Call at 397 South Dosplaluce-at. OITUATION WANTED-BYA GEUMAN'oTRL TO 121 No°ruf llalatod l ßt rotllna *“ * prl?ato Apply at OITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL kJ to cook and do general honsowork In a small andro spoctablo family. Satisfactory reference given. Apply «j Moy-sl., noarTwollth. vv * SITUATION WANTED—BY A DANISH LADY; kp willing to do housework in an American family, whore , she oan have a pleasant homo and nohnneo to learn the language. Apply, for two days, at 81 Milwaukoo-av. qrruATioN wanted-by acompetent girl kJ to take earn of a baby and to assist In light work In a llret-clnsß family. Good rolerouco If required. Call at 117 North Ontarlo-at. OITUATION WANTED-BY A NORWEGIAN kJ widow, In good American family without many ohli* dron, to do general housework. Best of references. An ply at Blu Houth Wotls-et., Uoom 1. D SITUATIONS WANTED—BY TWO REBPEOTADLU kJ. girls, sisters, ono to do general hnneowork In private Qroon ° f Bocond * work ‘ at 191 Fnlton-st., neat SITUATION WANTED-TO DO GENERAL HOUSE, work, by a rospectablo woman; la a good plain cook, washer and honor. Apply 19 Hpruco-st., offlUmmls, b» twoonPlmn and Polk. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD, COMPETENT grirl to cook, wash, ami Iron, In a private family. Call at.3 Aflhlaudav. CITUATIONR WANTED—FOR TWO GERMAN O gins in one family: references, 3 years. Also, girls ol • every nationality, both lor city and country. Ladles will remember that wo have two oiticos at work, lining tlm one order. Call end soo us at No. 6 West Madlson-st.. Room ®* or branch olHoo, Lkl West Star Employ* montottlco. (SITUATION WANTED-BY A KUSPEOTAnLi! kJ tflrl to do gonoral housework In a private family: is a ?S!? d » c .?in k <tr T, ‘! hor '’.. <indlronor - Boat of rcforcnco. Ap ply at 1110 Wentworth-uv. ~ CITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS SER.' k? yant, for general honsowork In a Email family, to cook, wash and iron. Wages 44 per wook. West bid# proforrod. Address U 6tf, Tribune otlico. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL AS laundress or second cook. Good references roeuired. Apply at 1000 Stato-et. * (SITUATIONS WANTED-FOR EXPERIENCED kJ cooks, launurcJßOß. diningroom ami gonurnl house work B»rl8. for lake, clly, amt country. Groat Western Union 08 * xo^*u ß°» Hi West Washlngtou-it., corner giruT* * JATIOir WANTED—IIY A IIKSPEOTABU3 uoKonoral homework In a private family. Call at 119 ocbor-at., between Ollatoo ami Jotlorson. SITUATION WANTED-AS SECOND GIRL BY A Protestant German. Address N4. Tribune otlico. Honsolioouers. CITUATION WANTED—DY A MIDDLE-AGED kJ American wonmnas nurse or housekeeper. References glvop. Address L. M Twouty-oigUth-st. CITUATION WANTED—BY' A RESPECTABLE kJ person under middle ago, as housekeeper in a widow orsfnnilly; can do light work and sowing; no objection to iA'.'W }, h m 3 4 yoars’ (•xperioneu. Address MOUSE. KEEPER, Trlliuuo olHco. MiaooUnnoou*. CITUATION WANTED-AN ENGLISH LADY AGED U CUroauircs an engagement os resident or daily goror n??? *9 y° u “9 ohildrou. Would not object to take charge of (heir wardrobe; Protostaut. Address P 76. Tribune of. lice. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-GLASS WASH. or_woinan to go out by the day. Applyat 281 Thlrd-av. TO EXCHANGE. ,10 EXCHANGE—FAIIM OF 40 AGUES, GOOD J. hnu»o nnd lmjiruvpmuuts, perfect Mtlo, worth $1,600: sltuatptts times south of Gram! Ilaron, on Lake Shore' Hlfft “no view; good fruit locution, 2.0C0 young trees! Will gl»q good trade for Chicago property or about same vaiuo. Address tho owner, hot 117. Grand llavou, Jlloh. rpo JSXCUIANOJC—TWO LARGE LOTH, 4Um FEET X each, In Toledo, Ohio, valued *t SI,OCO, for A lot on tho West hido outaldo tbu lira Umilo; or wi'l civo the •nine and SSOG each os mripayinontoiiß doalrahlo cottnao and lotontho WcM Hldo, Call or address IM3 SuutLt Hul stod-st,, Hlngorotlloo. IJO r EXCHANGE—IMPROVED CITY PROPERTY -f for Buro properly near city :nlso. citv yiuijorty to ox. for a tout! Illinois (arm. PIULPOT A UONOUIC, 157 W&ahlngtun-it. rro EXCHANUR-NOUWOOl) PARK—BLOCKS OR X lolontioaiousblo prices. 8. 15. WELLS. 168 Dear boru-at. ’ HIO KXOIIANGE-5 ACRES AT MORGAN PARIC X Washington Heights, with sidewalks and alreete. for city property. * JCO notes, tho boat Illinois fanning lands, for city or suburban properly, LINULEht DARLOW, H OtisUlock, La .Sallu-nt., cor. Madison, *9 TOO WJP ANB.CORP HOUSE MID 1,6? olmngo for good Chicago property. Address A It), Trib une oitluo. <S9 900 P A ?'f AN P >«• acubs op iowa /V All WL*l to piohanjfo for good Chicago prop prty. Address E 78. Trllmnoulileo. * * PERSONAL.* PERSONAL - LITTLE "cAT-ORASE MEw7n(L Mourn not for n», my pussy Ucnr, wo nro not weak, but sleeping horo. ELIZA. I>fiRSONAL— IE MISS COLLANS (D. M. 11. GOOIL X rich) formerly of Marshalltown, lows, will send Uoi address to (1, 168 LuHftllu it., slio can boo au old friend, liimsoNAi^aTwrooTO X phauton advortlssmuut, please Inform L 7 where ho uiayjjo aeon. • P" ERSON AL—IE CHARLES BALCOMI3 WILL eund hU address, or where ho can bo soon, ho will greatly obllgo cue in distress. Address P 71. Ttlbunu otfluo. pERSONAL-TO JCO-1 mo NOT THINK YOU X would dcoolvu mo ln thU way, ft). BUILDING MAXEUIAL. 7,1011 HA.E-A I.OT OP MATKKIALH BUITAHLB J.’ - tor contractor.’ u... One litooiucllro holler, with .[«. tloaurr ungluu, la»l», tvjllt llj.wheel, imllois, toll., con. trlfug.l humiiit, with lUlnroa eumiilctoi one lotlnhfo on. nice oiiif holler, hi}!,with tin-wheel anil holt-piillS at tnohotl; one tierUhle hol.llnn onnlao, double iiillntloi,, * 1 wsJisiy uutup-cata ; llftum to twonty tons I'i-penud 'l' 5* *iorriok«, wltitsuyuaudaltuuliniuntucomplete? drills, nicks, bars. oto.: all nearly now, and In coed or- n,oaiu “ n * »•• ■»»««&

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