Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 5, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 5, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26, ROOFING MATERIA!.. BELT’S PATENT SHEET-IRON Booling. Partlo* dailrlag a Blotal Roof will find tho PERFECT* NESS. DURABILITY, and CHEAPNESS of this Roof* tag very deserving of examination and adoption. • PRICE: EIGHT DOLLARS por square, PAINTED en BOTH SIDES, boxed and delivered on can in Cin cinnati, O. CONTRACTS for 100 squares or more, will -be an lered Into for Its application on buildings in Chicago at Nine DOLLARS por sqtiaro, measured after roof ia laid, and WARRANTED WIND & WATER PROOF. This Roofing la vorx simple and rapid of application by »njr ordinary boas* carpenter. For further Information, circulars, or ordon, address W. S. BELT, Patentee and Manufacturer, sfi and 58 East Tliiril»st., Cincinnati, Ohio. REAL ESTATE. N7"-A-XjXTA-BX.E MAI STATE FOB SALE. Owing to A change in oar basinets (having rooontly on* ■agcdln linking), wo have decided to ollor for sale, for tUq noxt 80 day*, a part of our real estate at a bargain : KMxICO foot on Joffor*on-st., between Madison and Washington-*!*, Trlth substantial brick buildings coveting whole lot. 198)4x160 foot, on Canal-st., near Harrison. GO foot (with house) on Forost-av., near Donglaa-plaao. Block 98, Canalport. . .. _ . _ Block 18,ln Walker's Subdivision of partof 800. 81,89,18. N >tf of Block* 16 and 17, *amo subdivision, 40 acre* in *. 0. M n. w- H Soo. 86. 89. 10. 40 acros In a. w. M n. w. mHdo. 86, 89, 13. 10 acros, being Block 0 in uundloy’* oubdlvlson of w I. w. H Seo. 80, 39, 18. 90 acres, boms e. H of Blocks 11 and 12, and all of Block 17. s. 0. M BooT&S, 89, 13. SOaoroaln 0. k>. w. i£ 800. 85,.89, 18. 80 acres In e. « n. 0. *j Soo. 10, 88,18, just snbdtTided, but not recorded. 13}tf acros In w. M n. w. H 800. 1, 8818. , , 17M acres goro ol land fronting north side of canal, See. 8. 88. 18. ■ ICOlotain AdAm Smith’s Subdivision. •133 lota In Pierson D. Smith's Subdivision. ADAM SMITH A SON, Sonthwosfc comer State ami Waahlnglon-sls. TO RENT. TO REIT, On Second Floor, Madison-st. front, of Tribune Building, Room Ho. 4, very desirable, •with vault, English tile floor; one of the handsomest offices in the city. W. O. DOW, Room 1 Nevada Block. TO REIT, On Third Floor, Tribune Build ing, three very desirable Front Rooms, with and without vaults, steam heated, with ele vator. W. C. DOW, Room 1 Nevada Block. TO KENT, THE NEW STOKE, 26x125, 973 Wabash-av,; also, the large and commodious premises now occupied by us, on the corner of Twenty-seo ond-st. and Indiana-av. STANTON & CO., Family Grocers and Importers. HARDWARE. EDWIN HUNT & SONS, HARDWARE 58 and 60 Bakc-st. Builders’ Hardware a specialty. All kinds of Trimmings in Bronze, Silver and Nickel Plate, and other styles. FINANCIAL, SAVINGS Igl BANK, 105 CLARK-ST.« Metliodlat Church Block. Six per cant interest allowed on deposits, parable semi annually, July I and Jan. 1 In each year. GEO. SCOVILLE, President. W«. Kelsey Reed, Cashier. NOTH.—Until further notice, any boy or girl calling at the Dank will bo presented with a pass book free, and one dlmodepoaltod to hU orherorodlt, which sum can bo drawn out at pleasure. MONEYNOTICE. I havo SIO,OOO to buy a good PURCHASE MONET MORTGAGE, For that amount,'or will buy two of $5,000 oaoh. Satisfactory terms always for No. X securities. BAM’L &3DHB. No. 10 Tribune Building, IDIGr. Weadjustolalms throughout tbo country without charge union wo collect, no attorney's foes in suits. If we are unable to oollout of a party, wo publish hlsuamo for tho bunotit of those who credit. Fit ASHE'S Mercantile Ool* loutloß Agoooy, US Madlaon-nt. Real Estate Loans. Money to loan In sums of $6,000 and upwards on im jiroved property, at reasonable rates. w SHELDON St WATERMAN. .TO N1 ion’s Building. FOB SALE. TREES I TREES I 820,000 worth, all kinds aud sizes, for sale cheap at tho SHEFFIELD MISERY, 44 EaclßW, _ m , . R. J. LEWIS, Prop. ya~ Taka tho Chicago and Olyboum-av. oars. . FOR SALE. One of the loading drag stores of tb/elty, doing a good lotall trado or S6O per day. MoPHERBON AGO., 163 Washlngtonst., Room 36. HOTEL FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE lu Marquette, tho moat rapidly growing city on Lake Superior; hotel Hrst-oWo, gad full all llie tlmo. U. 11. UHOKW TH KIRKLAND GRATE COAL, SiW" ia,k “ od * v n d u; uWM;; 00 ’ tint. WubMU-M. mil U.aiMO.rt. CLOTHING. Slil Dints, Business & Dress Suits. Latest Material and Styles. CUSTOM DEPARTMENT, WEST SIDE STORE. EDWARDS, BLUETT & CO., 808 STATK-ST., 45 & 47 West Madison-st. GENERAL NOTICES. Final Moiceient! TUB SHERBAI HOUSE, CHICAGO* ILL.. 17111 positively bo thrown open to tho traveling world On Thursday, the 10th inst., When tbo FINEST HOTEL IN AUBRIOA will ba in complete order to rooclro ita guests. O. 8. MUNSON. Manager. WASHIGTOH HEIGHTS. The regular mail-train on Chicago, Rook Island A Pa clflo Railroad will leave Depot, at Harrlion-st., at 10 o'clock Sunday, April 6. end return to the city at 4p. m. Notice. An Indignation mooting of Sonth Olark-at. tax-payors will be held at the Sohool-Houio, corner of South Clark and Elghtoenth-sts.. Saturday evening, April G, at7M o'clock, In regard to the R. R. matter. COMMITTEE. HATS. BROADWAY STYLES FINEST SILK HATS. Also, a full stock GENTS’ and YOUTHS’ SOFT DBBBB HATS, at J. A. SMITH & CO.’S, MANUFACTURING HATTEBS, 513 <&> 515 Wabash-av. HATS. BREWSTER’S, Corner Clark anfl Maflison-sts. MUSICAL. In selecting a Piano for your otto n«e, or in behalf of your friends, you will display wisdom and economy by in* Testing your money In that Instrument which is certain to last a life time, the STEINWAY Of which wo hare at the present time a splendid assort* ment of tbo loading styles. Including Upright's Orand and Square Orand. Our stock also comprises a Tarloty of new and second-hand Pianos of other makers at S3OO and uo wards. SMITH A NIXON, Nos. 163 and Stato-at. CIGARS. CIGARS, Heavily reduced in price, by the Box and at Retail. Consumers cannot fail to bo suited in our largo stock, and at our LOW PRICES. 146 Madison-st., Corner Twenty-aeoond-st. and Indiana-ay. 101 WEST MADISON-ST, ST-A-OSTTOIST <Sb GO., TAWTT.Y QBOOEBB AMD IMPORTERS. MISCELLANEOUS. DON’T PINCH Year wife or children that yon may pay $M to 8100 fora Bowing Machine when you can buy a Blnger. Howe, W. it W., Florence, or any kind you may prefer for 815 to 840. and waluunted at that. Monthly payments. Machines repaired. Uanrasaers and Agenta wanted. A. W. PERCY * CO., No. 218 West Madison-st., Chicago. CARD. Tbo undersigned would tender his (hanks to those gen tlemen who soundly assisted his wife at tho time of tho accident on Thursday morning, when getting out of tho omnibus at tho corner of Wabash-av. nud Madlson-st. J. O. WOOLLEY, ttltf Wabash-av. CARPET OLEANI3MG, BOSTON CARPET GLEANING GO., 44 and 40 West Adoms-st., Chicago. Carpets taken op. cleaned, and rolsld at tbo shortest notice. No oliarno for cartage. Carpets are nob wot In any way to oloau thorn, ttatlsfaotfon guaranteed, A. N. HAJJKINSON A 00. KTOTICE. FLAG POLES, of all sizes, ready made or made to or der. White Ash Poles, of all sizes, always on hand. Or ders left with GILBERT HUBBARD «k GO., 226 and 223 South Watcr-st., will receive prompt attention. WANTED. PARTNER Wanted, In an old and established Lumber Firm, doing a buslnoaa of 7 to 8 million foot porannum, to take interest ofa retiring partner. Gapltalroqulro<l.iJls,ooo t0525,000. Address Z 43, Trlbuuoollloo. HOTEL WANTED, To rent, by an experienced man. Must be furnished. Good tolerances given. Address Bqi4&2. Sparta, Wla. GUNS. “DUCKS.” A line of choice Bronoh-loadors at moderate prices, now In stock. Also, Muzzle-loaders, Fishing Tackle, and Sporting Goods. BICIOS, SPENCER A 00.. Importers. fl.Vi Wabash-ar. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. DISSOLUTION. Cukuqo, April 4, 1879. The firm of BRF.BKK, BARTH A GO.. 136 North Jef ferson-st., dissolved Friday, April 4. Tbo Arm will do business hereafter under the name of BARTH BROS. & MERZ, DISSOLUTION. The Ann of J. D. Marshall A 00. baa this day expired by Ilmltatlou. All unsettled business will be closed by J. D. Marshall, who suoooodsto the business ol tho lato tlru. J. D. MARSHALL, Chicago. April 1* 1879. 0. U. OOOLIDOE. WASHINGTON. Presidential Pardons Regarded as a Personal Prerogative. Morton’s Proposed Speech on the An- noxation of Canada. Ex-Senator Harlan as the Advocate of the New York Central Railroad. Miscellaneous News at the Capital, Special Disvateh to The Chicago Tribune, TUB DROWN PARDON. Washington, D. 0., April 4.—Samuol Randall was informed by tho Attomoy-Gonoral, to-day, that ho could not have access to tho records of tho Department of Justice for tho purpose of Booing what papers woro filed to induce tho President to pardon Brown, tho Philadelphia re peater. Tho refusal was placed on the ground that the pardoning power of tho President under tho Constitution won a personal prerogative, not subject to bo called in question, either by Con gress or tho people. This would indicate that the Attornoy-Oonoral and tho President intend to pay no attention to tho resolutions, which passed tho House, calling for information in this somewhat notorious cdbo. SECRETARY SUMNER. Ah might have boon expected, thoro Is no truth in tho story which was given currency in Boston, to tho effect that Senator Sumner had declared that bo would novor again sot foot on Massachusetts soil until tho Legislature of that Stato had rescinded tho resolutions of consuro for his course on tho battle-flag question in tho Senate. Mr. Sumnor will visit Massachusetts in June, if his health permits. Had his physical condition warranted it, ho would faavo made ono of his groat speeches at tho last session, in de fense of his erasure resolution. His course in this matter has boon entirely consistent, dating back to tho timo when tho rebellion was in prog ress. Ho proposes to bo hoard from in this ai rootion at tho noxt session. IMPORTS FROM CANADA, Tbo refusal of tho Senate- at its Inst extra ses sion to consider other than executive business, prevented Senator Morton’s elaborate speech in behalf of his resolution, instructing the Secre tary of the Treasury to furnish a report to tho Sonato, showing tho amount of imports from tho Provinces comprising the Dominion of Canada, to tho United States, for tho years 1871 and 1873, and tho amount of exports to tho same Provinces from tho United States for tho same years, and tho amount of imports and exports between tho United States and tho same Provinces for tho two years preceding the termination of tho Reciprocity Treaty. Hu speech will bo a strong effort in behalf of annex ation. showing its commercial importance to the Canadians, and tho political advantages to bo derived by tho United States. It is tho intention of tho Senator to deliver this speech during tho summer, in order that tho suggestions in this di rection may bo brought practically before tho people of tue two countries interested. BROTHER HARLAN. Ex-Senator Harlan has tho hardihood to deny, in bis paper, to-day, that ho over appeared be fore thoCommissionorof Internal Revenue as an attorney in behalf of the Now York Central Rail road. Ho says nothing, however, as to his attempts to influence tho President and tho Secretary of tho Treasury in* this matter. Coupled with this Btfttemont in a dofoDßo of tbo Company from its liability to pay tho tax, ou tho ground that tho tax was levied as an increase, caused by matured stock, and not a legitimate dividend. It is woll known hero that officers of tho Now York Cen tral said at tho timo that tho wholo effect of tho Company’s action was to provent tho Govern ment from realizing Us hopes. [7b th» Associated Press.} Cmii-BEBVICE IN THE SOUTHWEST. Washington, April 4.—Tho officers of the Treasury Deportment and members of tho Ex amining Board of that department loft last night for St. Louis and tho Southwest, to apply tho ctvU-servico rules and regulations to such offices of customs and tho independent Treasury ser vice as fall within their operation. ALCOHOL FOB SCIENTIFIC PHBFOBES. Regulations wore, to-day, issued from the Treasury Department for tho withdrawal of alcohol from bond for scientific purposes, under tho act, approved February 21, 1873. INDIAN OUTRAGES. Tho Interior Deportment to-day was officially advised by telegraph of tho murder of a sur veyor, by a party of forty or fifty Indians, call ing thomsolvos Ohoyonncs, while in comp twenty mfloa oast of Camp Supply. Ono man was wounded and tho camp destroyed. On the 10th of March, four surveyors of an other party were murdered fifty miles further north, whore tho Cimmauon River crosses tho Kansas boundary. Robert Martin, a messenger, has boon missing since March T. Surveyor Bar rett, who sends tho telegram, asks, “Will tbo Government protect us?” Mr. Rosloy, agent for tho Indians at tho Whitestono agency, reports under date of tho 80th inst.,from Fort Laramie, that D. R. Rogers, United States mail carrier, was killed by Indians on tho Slut ult.,while carrying tho mail from tho said agenoy to Lar&mio. MATT. SEBVIOE. The Post-Office Deportment to-day ordered mail service on tho Chicago, Milwaukee <k St. Paul Railroad between Chicago and Milwaukee. OBEENBAOKS. Legal tenders outstanding, $358,850,614. POMEBOY SUED. In the Supremo Court of tbo District of Co lumbia judgment by default on a bill for SIO,OOO was given against ox-Souator Pomeroy, at the suit of Henry Clows & Co., I'ew York. RAILROAD ACCIDENTS. Groan Criminal Carelessness—A Pas senger f'raln Ran Into by a Con struction '.Train—Other Casualties. St. Louis, April 4. —It appears that tho rail road aooidont which occurred at Frouch Village, ou tho St. Louis 6c, Southern Railroad, yostor day afternoon, was occasioned by tho oulpoblo carelessness of tho conductor of tuo construction train. A passenger train was just about to take a eldo track, to lot a freight train paae, when the contraction train, which had been passed by the passenger train at a dirt-pile but a few min* utos before (and its conductor must have known of its proximity), camo thun dering round a curve at a high speed and plunged into the roar passenger coach. The conductor of the passenger train saw the construction train and*cried out to the pas sengers to “ lump for their lives.'’ Many did so. but before all could escape the engine of the dirt train entered a passenger coach, and, being smashed by the collision, the passenger oar was • Immediately tilled with steam, and a number of passengers mere or loss scalded. Mrs. John B. Lusk, or Luke, of Morgan County, Mo., while in the act of jumping from the train, was caught be tween the cars and crushed to death. Her hus band, with an infant in his arms, succeeded in reaching the platform unhurt. A gentleman, supposed to be James 11. Watts, of Chester, 111., an ox-momhor of the Illinois Legislature, was caught between the platform of the roar oar and tho engine of the dirt-train and literally tom to pieces. A young daughter of Mrs. Qrifilu. of MoLoansboro, received a jet of steam full In tho face, and was horribly scutdod about the hood and the upper part of the body, lior eyes wore put out, and it is thought that she cannot survive. Mrs. Bobbins, of Milwaukee, Win., was se riously out and bruised about tbo head, and sev eral other passengers wore more or loss injured. Tbo engineer of tbo dirt-train, Michael Fan ning, Hod as soon as he saw the result of his carelessness. Coroner Kyau hold an inquest on the bodied of tho throe kflled, to-day, and the Jury, after examining most of tho employes of tho trains, several passengers and ameers of tho road, re turned a verdict that conductor Michael Ward and engineer John Canning, of the construction train, wero grossly and culpably negligent in starting ahead of time and running at too great a speed. They also censure the conductor of the passenger train for not flagging tho construc tion train, aud ohloors of the road for not in CHICAGO, SATURDAY, APRIL 5, 1873. forming tho conductor of tho freight train of of tho discontinuance of certain trains, thereby detaining his train and occasioning tho accident John Fanning, engineer of tho construction train that ran into tho passongor train at Frouoh Village, yostorday, was arrested to-day and is now in Jail at Belleville. Efforts aro being made to find Ward, tho conductor of tho train, but so far ho has eluded tho officers, Halifax, N. 8., April 4.—Tho agents of tho Whito Star Lino, while going to tho Atlantic from Now York, had a narrow escape last night. Tho train on wliioh they woro camo in collision with a freight train, killing the engineer and haggago mastor of tho passenger train. THE MODOCS. Captain Jack’s luaolcncc—Ho Wants to JBo Lot Alone—Peace or War Not Tot Determined* San Francisco, April 4.—A dispatch from Yroka, to-night, dated March 27, says: Throe hundred troops broko camp and marched to tho upper end of Little Klamath Lake. At tho lava bed, tho Indians refused to come out to talk that day, but promised to come the next Sunday. On March 22, tho Hooker Jim party was soon at Alkali Lake, whore the party corralled seventy five horses. On tho following Tuesday, tho same Indians woro booii uu lUuXuLuu* ituDurvnUuu, wnoro they, talked all night, tho Modoos and Klamaths urg ing them to join Copt. Jack. Hooker Jim said that flvo tribes of Indians wore ready to join Jack whenever ho would got out of tho lava bod, and told tho Bosorvatioulndians that it would not bo safe for thorn to remain friendly to the whites. During tho night, ho sent two squaws to tho white man, Jordan, with money to pur chase powder. Ho refused to sell any to them. Tho people at Sprague lUvor ore greatly excited, leaving tho country. Tho noservatlon Modocs and Klamaths ore also seriously alarmed. Tho citizens near Goose Lake petition tho Governor of Oregon for protection. On April 28, tho Peace Commissioners haad talk with* tho Modocs, who made the same old speeches; refuse the proposition of removal: want to bo lot alone and have the troops sent away. Jock, in an insolent and overbearing manner, said bo .hod already stated bis tonus. Ho know no other country, and would go to no other. Scboncbln's speech was to tho same pur pose. Col. Mason's command was ordorod to movo at once to oamp two miles, opposite Jack's cave. Probably ton more days will elapse before peace or war Is determined upon. Maj. Mason, of the Twenty-first Infantry, commands tho troops on tbo oast side of Tulo Lake. To-mor row, two companies of tho. Twelfth Infantry go to camp at tbo lava bod, at tho foot of tho blulfs trader command of Maj. Oroeu. Tho entire forco under command of Gillom is 700. “Barton Charley" camo to tho comp from iUo lava beds on Thursday with intelligence that tho troops, and mombors of tho • Peace Commission woro coming up to talk with tho Modoos again with Oanby and with tho other Commissioners. Tho troops will mako no aggressive movement till the Commission gets through their work. On April 2, the troops at Van Bremers broko camp and marched to tbo southeast corner of Little Klamath Lako to tho bluff overlooking Jacks stronghold, before night all arrived safely at the foot of the bluffs, and the camp waa fired. In tho meantime the anuaw Matilda was sent with a message from the Commissioners, half a mile away. The squaw met Boston Charley con cealed. He wont back to her camp, directly* to quarters. Tho Commissioners remained till sunset, and ho returned with Jacks, with a message from tho Commissioners. Tho purport of tho message is unknown, as everything is now withhold from representatives of tho prose. This morning Boston Charley and Bogus Charley oamo hook to Conby and the Commissioners went out to moot Jack again, a milo beyond the picket lino. Not one was permitted to accompany thorn. . Tho Modoca sat four hours talking under rf pelting rain. They then returned to oamp. The squaws gave the only informatlon übouc council. Bogus Charley spoko first, Moacbam, Thomas, and Dyer following. Jack John Sohonohin, then spoko violently. Ho would-mako no moro promises, and would not leave tho country. Tbo Commissioners mode no propositions to tho Mo docs. Tho opinion at camp. la that tho difficulty will novor oud without fighting. A num ber of squaws. with Shack and Nasty Jim, returned to camp with tho Commissioners. They wore loaded with presents and food, and went back to Jock’s cave. A report is received by tho officers that the Modocs intend making tho first attack on tho troops. In consequence, tho pickets are doubled, and company commanders arfin ordered. to hold themselves m readiness to enemy at any moment. DISGRACEFUL. Blow for Blow on the Floor ef the New Jersey Legislature—A Jersey Senator Arrested, Charged with Bribery and Corruption* Trenton, N. J., April 4.—A disgraceful fight took ploco this morning in tbo lobby of tbo Houso. Yesterday, in a debate, Mr. Carso called James M. Scovill “a perjured man,” and “a scoundrel,” and when Mr. Colo and John Hood, members, met this morning they engaged in a war of words. Scovill came up, and, mixing in the quarrel, Colo called him “a liar,” and was immediately knocked down by Scovill. Tbo Speaker ordered all the doors to bo closed, but before it could be dono Carso- rushed into the fight, and Scovill knocked him down also,-and be was badly punished, it. is said, while bo was down. Tbo Mayor of Trenton interposed, and prevailed upon Soovill to loavo tbo Stato Houso, and tbo fight ended. Colo’s face was much disfigured. Tbo affair grow out of the op position or Scovill to the kill affecting tbo dispo sition of some property now in tbo courts. Boon after tbo fight both Houses adjourned sine die. Tbero was some excitement created boro to day in consoquonoe of tbo arrest of one of tbo Senators. Immediately after adjournment, sine die, an officer walked up to tbo lion. O. E. Shop- Eard, Senator from Cumberland, and arrested lm on a warrant issued ou tbo complaint of ono Joseph Shaffer, one of tbo contractors of tbo National Bailway. charging tbo Senator with corruptly receiving $2,500 In considera tion of bis voto in tbo interest of said National Bailway. It is stated that Shep pard received the money, but did not voto os was expected or agreed upon, and it is said bo intended to return the money. The affidavit chargee him with having taken tbo money and keeping it. Mr. Sheppard gave ball for bis ap pearance before the Court in May next to answer the charge. ' Cincinnati, April 4.—Tbo Republican Execu tive Committee, to-day, made nominations for four Police Commissioners, in accordance with the recent action of the Common Council divid ing the city into four districts. Special Diapaich to The Chicago Tribune, CiiAiirAiON, 111., April 4.—At a full mooting of the members of the Champaign County Bar, hold in the Court-House, this afternoon, to rec ommend to the voters of this Judicial District a suitable candidate for Judge, to bo voted for at the June election, Col. J. 8, Wolfe was the unanimous choice of the Convention, and was strongly recommended to the voters of the dis trict for the position. Niles, Mich., April 4.— The Republican city caucus assembled this evening, and organized by electing Dr. E. J. Beuino, Chairman, and MaJ. L. A. Duncan, Secretary. A motion to nominate a citizens* ticket was defeated. The balloting proceeded, and the following named gentlemen were monlnatod : For Mayor, Q. W. Platt {Recorder, William O. Gilbert; Treasurer, B. F. Fish ; School Inspector, Orvil Ooolidgo ; Justice of the Peace, R. K. Charles : Chairman of the City Committee, J. P. Hewlett. Special Diapaich to The Chicago I'ribune, Desmoines, April 4.— I The Farmers* Oranges of Black Hawk County, in Convention Assembled at Waterloo, with twenty granges represented, took the political bull by the horns in passing the following resolutions s Wheubas, The interest* of the farmers have been betrayed and sold out by all parties, and we now deem It expedient to look alter our own interests; therefore, Itciolved, That we will support D. W. Adams, of Alla makee County, for Governor, and James Wilkinson, of Tama County, for LisuUnant-Qovornor, at the next State election. Indignation at LaSalle. LaSalle, 111., April 4.—Tho nows of the de feat of the Illinois River Improvement bill is received Itere with universal indignation. Such a result was feared, but not anticipated. Political* THE LOST ATLANTIC. Investigation of tho Disaster by tbc Canadian Authorities To-Day, Searching for the Drowned— Recovery of Numer ous Bodies. Personnel of Capt. Williams—Relief for the Sufferers. PERSONNEL OF OAPT. WILLIAMS. During tbo present excitement with regard to the loss of the ’White Star steamship Atlantic, anything that la connected with this dreadful occurrence, however remotely, must bo of inter est. The revelations, if such they are, made by the oflloon nud passengers of the ill-fated ship, reflect very strongly upon the courage and soubo of Capt. Williams, her commander. A reporter yesterday visited a gentleman in this city, Mr. A. 0. Thomas, who crossed from Liver pool to Now York on the Atlantic on the last westward trip of this steamer, leaving Liverpool on Fob. 13, and arriving in Now York on Fob. 27. Mr. Thomas describes Capt. Williams ns a man slightly loss than half a century old, a pleasant, - jolly sort of a man, and an excellent seaman. Ho appeared to know all about his business and though the passage was according to the log, a very rough ouo, and only two opportunities woro given for ranking obser vations, the reckoning showed that tho vessel had. made 8,041 miles, or 27 onlvm excess of a direct lino .utuough, like nearly every Beamnuj Capt. Williams was not averse to an occasional glass, ho novor drank to excess. This was es pecially observable on tho celebration of Wash ington’s Birthday, on board tho steamer, when the Captain drank his champagne, as did the others, but notably drank very Utile. Tho only thing in Capt. WilUama’behavior that did not appear consistent with tho officer's posi tion in Mr. Thomas' judgment was his familiar manner with tho passengers. Ho was novor un pleasantly so, hut his manner was not that of a naval officer. As a matter of fact, nobody over looks for solemn dignity on tho part of a Captain of a Trans-Atl&ntio liner, it being almost one of tho qualifications of a commander to draw pat ronage by his social qualities, and houoo tho effort to obtain popularity by an oven good na ture and jolUty is studied os closely by a sea captain as an hotel clerk. Capt. WilUams sailed tbo steamer Colorado, of tho WilUams & Quion Lino, for ton years, and was Commodore of tho fleet. His discharge on tho ground of incompotonoy has boon men tioned by his former employers, but Mr. Thomas assured a reporter that this statement, ho has reasons to know, was without foundation in foot. Tho cause of his leaving tho line was Ul hoalth, and ho was for nearly one year incapaci tated from duty. On his recovery tho white Star Lino offered him a more Üboral allowance than ho had previously received. Ho was in tho habit of boosting that ho had landed COO,001) per sons on shore, and had novor lost ouo by aooident. The steamer Colorado whioh ho saUod for ton years was sunk by his successor in tho Mersey, very soon after ho loft her. Tho agonts in this city declare that tho Atlan tic can bo raised and repaired. The sudden sink ing of tho vessel is attributed to tho destruction of nearly all of the water-tight compartments by her striking four times on tho rooks beneath her, hor stern being uninjured. BELIEF FOB THE SOBVIVOna. Tho Committee who are soliciting subscrip tions in aid of the Fourth Ofllcor aua Rurviyora of iho Atlantic disaster made tboir first re port yesterday afternoon. They have oollcctod $065, the following named firms and persons contributing the sums credited: h. " sior .. tol P, Jonnlson L. Z. Loiter..., Union Nall Bank $lO Bf. D. Wells is Co 10 Keith Bros 10 O. M. Henderson 10 J.V.Farwell 10 Lewis Moss 10 Melds’ Bav„ L„ A T. Co 10 Hall, Kimbork is C 0..., 10 Hibbard is Spencer.... 10 E. Hunt is Sous 10 Hamlin, Hslo is Oo 10 M. Solz is 00. 10 U. F. Jacobs 10 Richards, Shaw tW... 10 D.B. Fisk it Oo 10 Hale, Ayer is Co 10 Doggott, B. it H 10 Thayer it Toby... 10 B. M. Nickerson........ 10 O. H. Curtis 10 Coni’! Nat’l Bank 10 Clias. H. Reed C Franz Honokel 10 J. J. Foaroo 10 Qeo. M. Pullman 10 J. B. Bickordiko 10 A. KlrchholT it Oo 6 W. E. Tewkesbury 10 W. B. Morris 6 W. D. Korfoot A 00. Dugan, Case A Spoors.. 10 O. J. Blair 10 A.L 10 P. Kovcll 1 A. W. J 1 Gash 1 M. B.Yarwood 6 Qeo. H. Holt 10 J, G. Brown... 10 Bonj. Dovo, Jr... 6 R. E. Qoodoll 6 E. T. Bumwoit A G0.... 6 I. 10 O. V. Corraack 1 A. G, Thomas... 10 Cash 1 J. A. Wolford 6 Win. O. Reynolds 10 A. B. Hitchcock 10 J, M. Wing 10 John P. Davy 10 O. F. 800 l 6 German National Bank. 10 Gorman Savings Bank. 10 Germania Bank 10 11. Claußßcnlua A G0.... 10 Thoo. B. Webber A Co. 10 A. Loob A Bro 10 11. OfTenholraor A C 0... 10 Orommcs. U. A Co 10 Vogler, Loudtnor A Co. 10 M. Kronoerg 10 Gimbol, L. AF 10 Hart Bros 10 Fred L. Fake 10 Jaa. E, Tyler 10 O. B, Taylor B H, Groonobaiua A G0... 10 111. Stoats Zeltung 10 International Bank.... 10 Peter Schuttlcr A Hotz. 10 National Bank of 111... 10 Vcrgho, lluhllng A Co.. 10 Waamansdorff, U. A 00. 10 Olios. O. Mocllor A Go.. 10 Swoltzor A Beer 10 Morkor Bros 10 Leopold, Kuh A G0..... 10 F. A E. Jaeger 10 W. W. Hall 6 Crcrar, Adams A C 0.... 10 D. Samson 0 H. B. Bryant. O. Croukhlte. S. Moßltcban 6 J. Esalas Warren 6 Dewar A Light 5 Luclou B. Colby 6 D. N. Burnham 6 M. Van Allen 6 Adam Smith A Son 10 RoddlnA Hamilton.... 10 D. W. Irwin A Co 10 George H. Taylor 6 O. FollansbceAßon..... 10 BludloyAHougbtou.... 6 Cook A McLain 6 E. T. Watkins fi Uhlrich A Bond 6 Wilson 8r05..., B Allou, Coryell i C 0,.... 10 George P.Qoro 10 Clark 10 Schwab, McQuade A: Co. 6 F. A.mldnor.. 6 Gould, Briggs & C 0.... 6 Spaulding it Morrlok... 6 Fttrwuil, Stool & Pratt.. 6 Worrou, Muralon kF... 6 Uurlbut Si Kdaall 6 Caab, T.L. B Talford Durubam 5 Job. F. Tucker 6 Bonlon, Pierce & C 0.... 6 Moaobacb It Humphrey. 6 W, H. Colvin 10 Downer h Oo 6 8. If. It. & Co 0 WlUla Crlntol 6 Dole*, Fay t Conkey... 6 W. J. Quau ti Co 10 The collectors are H. P. Jonnison, Franz Ilouckel. Fred L. Fake. and Augustus Johnson. It was nc first intended to reward Fourth Officer Brady for his heroism in rescuing people from tho wreck, but it appearing that many of tho steerage passengers arc penniless and In dis tress, it Is now proposed to assist them os far as possible. Tho Committee will solicit contri butions to-day, and for so worthy an object a largo sum villi undoubtedly bo collected. Tho money will bo forwarded to tho agent of tho Wldto Star lino, to ho distributed according to his judgment. [To the Associated Press,} BODIES RECOVERED. Halifax, N. 8., April 4.—The bodies of John H. Price, H. S. Hewitt, and Mr. Merritt, of Now York, Albert Sumner, of San Francisco, and Second Ofllcer Metcalfe havo boon recovered, and are now in boxes, awaiting metallic cofllns. As soon as the divers shall got at work, it is hoped that tho bodies of the remainder of the cabin-passengers will bo recovered. The bodies of tho ■ steerage-passengers and of tho crow are buried hero. The body of Mrs. C. M. Fisher has not yet boon found. Ono hundred and sixty-four is tho exact num ber of tho bodies found up to this morning. Tho work of burying them has commenced, and a gang of men will ho sent down this evening to help tiie fishermen in that work. Bodies an nounced as recovered, including that of Mr. Sumner, of San Francisco, wero Drought to tho city to-day and put in motalio coffins, to await orders from their friends. The report that Mrs. Fisher's body had boon found was not correct. Tho story that Albert Sumner committed sui cide 1s false. A friend who was saved says that Sumner held on to tho wreck until ho was washed off. Every effort will be made to recover the fol lowing bodies t 0. M. Fisher and wife, Vermont; W. J. cheat, wife, son, and daughter, Nevada; Henry L. Wellington, Boston ; Mrs. Merritt, Miss fiuhiyrasor, and Mr. Kruger. Now York; Miss Brodle and Miss Barker, Chicago} Mr. Brindley. Mrs. Davidson'an'daughter, Eng land. With those reported tl Scorning as re covered. this completes tho lid Jx' cabin passen gers lost. \h Captain Williams and assistd searched tho islands around tho wreck thoro & ly last night, and picked out from tho mony\£ Ties brought ashore those which had boon \«*igraphod for by friends. Tho bodies reported . mvorod this morning Lave boon dressed and p*. id In metal lic coffins and await the arrival of friends, and relatives to take them in charge. As it is thought tho bodies will hardly remain In condition to ho examined, tho coffins have boon sealed. Anoth er trip will bo made to the wreck to-morrow. Tbo steward and the mon acquainted with tho passengers have boon loft at Prospect to take charge of tho bodies as they aro washed ashore. John Brindley was lost. His name was put on tho list of saved bv mistake, one of tho passen gers having mistaken another person /or him. nuniAL. It Is now proposed to bring all tho bodies to this city, ana bury them together in tho Public Cotnolory, and erect a monument over them. Tbo City Council, on tho application of the Pro vincial Government, resolved, this afternoon, to place a lot in tho Cemetery at tho disposal of the friends of tho dead. TUB WRECK. A steamer has arrived from tho wreck of tho steamer Atlantic. The ship Is still almost intact. Only a few packages of her cargo have dome ashore. Tho swell continues so noavy that tho divers cannot work. If tho weather continues fair, most of tho cargo can bo saved. EXAGGERATED STORIES. The Captain says that the stories of tbo muti lation of bodies by tho crow are false, and that the reports of tbo robberies aro largely exag gerated. Ho said that.tho people at Prospect aid all that thoy could for the living and tho dead, but among tbo crowds who flocked to tbo place from tbo surrounding country, tbero wore some who robbed tbo bodies when they could got a chance. » THE REASQN WHY. The Captain con give- no explanation of the cause of tho disaster, except of miscalculation os to the current and the vessel's speed. bight-seers. Croat numbers of pooplo aro vlflltlng the wreck. liunjsvULENOE. dkw ions, April 4.—The proprietors of a number of hotels In this city announce that they will entertain, froo of charge, all passengers of tbo wrecked Atlantic passing through bore to their destination. SURVIVORS EN ROUTE FOR BOSTON. Boston, April 4.—Emigrants saved from the wreck of tbo stoamor Atlantic are expected to arrive hero frotn Portland to-morrow morning. Tho ogdhts of tho Whito Star Lino in this city have offered Fanouil Hall for tho reception of tho unfortunates, and preparations havo boon mode to provide for their wants upon arrival. They will remain in Boston all day, and on Sat urday evening proceed to New York. TUE SEARCH FOR BODIES. Halifax, April 4.— A gaug of men went down to tho wreck of tho Atlantic in a tug this after noon to assist tho fishermen in their labor of re covering the bodies. Tbo Bov. Mr. Ancient and several Roman Catholic priests, and Messrs. Byan and Longard, resident Magistrates, aro looking after tbo personal effects and valuables found on tho bodies. THE • CREW of the Atlantic will bo sent book to Liverpool by tbo first steamer. INVESTIGATION. The Collector of Customs has received in structions from Ottawa to proceed with on inves tigation under tho law regulating tho trial of such cases. and forma tion of a proper tribunal for that purpose, which will bo hold to-morrow. Mean while there ore detained tho -several officers and men of tho steamer and such passengers as were in position to know anything of tho circumstan ces immediately preceding tho time when the stoamor struck. DESCRIPTION OF THE COAST WHERE THE DISASTER OCCURRED. From the Few York Timet, The disaster of the Atlantic renders a descrip tion of tho coast whore tho wreck occurred a ne cessity in order that, the reader may gain a more comprehensive idea of lln peculiarities. Halifax harbor, for which tho Atlantic was making at tho time of her wreck, is considered to be one of the finest in British America. It lies about 120 miles westward of Cape Oanso, and 113 miles eastward of Cape Sablo. It is easy of approach, and quite accessible during all seasons of tbo year, being large enough to accommodate a large num ber of vessels in perfect safety. Its direction is nearly north and south, and about 14 miles long, tho channel being nowhere lose than half a mile broad, nor under 6 fathoms in depth. Tho land about the harbor and a little southward of it is rugged and rocky in appearance. Although somewhat bold in its outlines, the land is not high, except ing tbo highlands of Lo Havo and Aspatagoon, which have boon soon,.in clear weather at a dis tance. of nino leagues, or twenty-seven miles. The official sailing directions to pilots and mas ters stato that when Aspatageou Island, which has a long level appearance, bears north, at a distance of six leagues, an oast-northoast-half oast course will carry a vessel to Sombro Light house. Tho entrance to Halifax harbor is between Ohobucto Hood and Bumbro Island on tbo west, with Devil and Macnab Islands on tbo east. Sambro Island is small and rooky, and lies about four miles southwest of Chouuoto Hoad, being surrounded by a multitude of shoals and rocks, which aro known on tho charts os the Sombro lodges. There are several deep-water passages, but they are too intricate for a sailor to attempt, so that vessels without pilots aro cautioned to give tho island a berth of at least throe miles. Sambro Island has a white octagyu light-house upon the middle of it, tho tower be ing GO foot high. It shows a fixed light 116 feet above tbo level of tho sea. which is visible at a distance of twenty or twonty-ouo miles. It. was this light that tho Atlantic was making for when she struck. In the sailing directions to naviga tors, it is stated that in thick or foggy weather, ships firing signal guns will receive an answer from the signal station of two guns in quick suc cession, and that tho same reply would bo made from tho island at tho sound or a steamer’s whistle. Devil Island lies close off Hartland Point, and. like Sambro, is small and rooky, blit is connected with tho main land by a flat stretch, which is nearly dry at low tide. On tho southern end of Devil Island, there is also a fixed rod light, which is shown at tho height of forty-five foot above high water, and is visible about eight miles. Maonab, or Cornwallis. Island, forms tho eastern side of tho channel into tho harbor, and, liko Devil, is connected with tho shore by a Hat of from eight to twelve foot. Extending from about tho middle of ilia waolam sid* of Maonab Island occurs what is known as Maughor Beach, being a gravel split about half & mile in length. Near tho extremity of this beach there Is another fixed light which is shown at tho height of fifty-eight feet above the sea, visible ton miles. On the south end of tho island, another shoal, about one and a quarter miles iu length, extends to tho southward. Southward of, and under Sandwich Point, tho western point of the harbor, lies Mars Bock, dis tant nearly half a mile from tho laud, its easterly edge being marked by a buoy. Besides these shoals and rocks, there are several others of similar character. Tho sailing directions, in describing tho rooky promontory of Ohobucto. state that to tho southwostward of, and around Snmbro Island, are numerous rooks and shoals, which must always bo carefully approached, and adds, that the assistance of local knowledge is absolutely necessary to enable a vessel to sail among those dangers. Tho entire lino of tho coast from Halifax west ward to Margaret Bay la of a very rooky charac ter, with numerous inlets, tho shore being steep to and bounded with white rooky cliffs. Tho highlands of Aspatagoou, on tho coast side of Mahono Bay, ore remarkable; and proceeding eastward from Mahono Bay, the rooks which surround the shore are black, with hero and there some banks of rod earth. Between Capo Lo Have, which is a remarkable promontory 107 foot above the sea. bald on tho top, with a rod bank under it facing tho ( south westward, and Port Metway, there are some hummocks inland, about which from tho sea the country has tho appearance of being low and level, and, on the shore, white rook and stony beaches,' with several low rugged points. Thouco to Bhelburue Harbor tho land is wooded. Near the entrance of Port Lalour, and within land are several barren spots, which from tho ofling, are easily discerned; thence to Cape Gable, the land appears level and low, and on tho shore are some cliffs of exceedingly white sand, particu larly at tho entrance of Port Latour, and at Capo Sable, where they appear to bo very conspicuous from the sea. ° Mars Head, the extreme point of Proepoot Capo, is a rooky, peninsular cape, 'seventy feet NUMBER 229. high, And forma tho western limit of Pennant Bay, tbo entranco to which is three mlloa wido aqu about two miles deep. -Thia littlo bay *.tf Tory much onoumbored with rooky shoals ann irregularly-shaped islands, but It froquontly affords shelter to coasting vessels, whoso mas* tors are thoroughly acquainted with the passage botwoon them. Tho land at tho hood of tho bay is moderately high, tho highest point, called Hospital Hill, rising * fully. 250 foot obovo ih« lovol of the soa. A mile and three-quarters from -Kars Hoad lioa Betty Island, which Attains an elevation of ninety-two foot. Southeast Shoal, with two and throo-fourtlis fathoms water, lies nearly in tho centre of tho channel botwoon Betty Island and Kars Hood. Frospoot Harbor is dls tant from tho Hoad about two and one-half miles, in a northerly direction. Tho anchorage is good on tho eastern Shore of Prospect lllvor, Inside of Heron Island, and, although there aro dangers off tho harbor, thoy can bo easily avoided whan once tho islands have boon identified. Pennant Bay. west of Sambro Harbor, lies botwoon Pen nant Point and Mors Hoad. Margaret Bay is a splendid shoot of water, nearly twenty-five miles in circumference, having a depth of nine. miles, tho entrance being more than two mllos wide. Compared with other por tions of this coast tbo bay is unusually clear of dangers. Tho water in it is deep, and in various fmrts there aro harbors capable of receiving the argost vonsols, which may froquontly lie close to the shore. WALL STREET. Review of tho Money, Bond, Gold, Stocky and Produce PJtarlcctsi* Speciat'J)i»palch to The Chicago Tribune. New York, April 4. —Tbo money market wai easier to-dAy, and the bulk of tho business was at 8-16 to per diem, with loans at 1-1G to % about the close of bank hours. There is still some talk about tho District Attorney enforcing tho Usury law. Telegrams from London this afternoon reporting on outflow of X 170,000 sterl ing of bullion from tbo Bank of England, a rise in tbo rate of discount in tho op r mrl<ofc lo por cent as against 4 per com at tho b^nk. □OLD. In tho gold-room Iho ! ul'.u v at liondon woaiuterprotod as incusing a iiai!cz rise In tbo bank rate, and on this tho pm o' of gold woe mbyod up rapidly from 117% to 118% on purchases for “bull” account. Foreign changes woro also affected, and primo bankers’ was advanced. THE SUB-TBEASURY. Assistant Secretory Sawyer did not pat in aa appearance at tbo Sub-Treasury to-day. and no oraora have boon received from ■Washington tc do anything outsido of tho published pro gramme for tho month. STOCKS. The stock market was quiet, and tho interest centered in a few shares. Tho deoil igs up to I •o’clock wore at an advance of %to 1% per cent, hut unfavorablo advices from London imparled a weak tone to tho market, and a considerable Eortion of tho advance was lost. After 8 o’clock, owovor, a steadier fooling prevailed. Tho lead ing feature was Pacific Moll. Western Union was next in importance. After theso tho most active stocks woro Now York Control, Lake Shore, Erie, and Book Island. THE GOLD BALES. Of tho $1,500,000 gold sold by tho Treasury yesterday, $1,250,000 was taken up to-day, and paid for with $400,000 National Bank notes, and a little over $1,000,000 in logoi tender notes and logoi tender certificates. RONDS. Notwithstanding the condition of affairs at London, as reported by cable, there bos been a heavy buying of Government bonds for that market, and yesterday ond to-day over $1,500,000 were taken, chiefly by one Arm. A largo portion of those bonds was bought, buyer GO days, al prices much above quotations, the tegulat way, tho London market Doing much higher than oul own. • - PRODUCE. Tbo inquiry for flour was light, and tho mar* kot ruled dull and easier for most grades under SIO.OO. Tho supply of medium brands Is more liberal, and these ore lower. Family grades aro dull and tame. Tho stringent money market contributes largely to tho heaviness. Sales. 7.500 brie j receipts, 7,095 brls. In wheat there wore increased heaviness and inactivity, millers holding off, and prices undetermined. Bales, 10,000 bu. Receipts, 4,020 bu. Pork was moderately active, and about steady. Sales are reported of 100 brls extra primo at $13.02%, un inspected : 100 brls inspected at $13.76. tfow mess in a jobbing way is quoted at about $17.25. Receipts. 107 packages. For future delivery, April auu May was quoted at $17.00. In cut meats there was a fair business, and prices wore generally firm, with sales of 250 tierces pickled hams, 14% lbs. at 12%0, and reported 50 tea dry salted shoulders at 7%c. Dry salted shoulders, for on exception, wor« easier, and offered at 7%0 on tho spot. Receipts, 2,697 pkgs. Bacon was moderately active and steady. Sales include 35 boxes long clear at oc. Short clear was quoted at 0@9%0 ; long clear at 90. In lard there was a moderate degree of activity, and tho market rules higher, with sales of Western to the extent of 2,000 tes at 8 11-IGo for April, with this figure now Did ; also, May al 0o and Juno at 9%0. Of city about 50 tes wore sold at B%c. Receipts, 3,310 pkgs and 550 kegs THE WEATHER, War Department Departs and Prog- nostications* Chicago, April 4.—Tho thermometer rocorda this morning oro s San Francisco, 49; Corluno, 48; Ohoyonuo, 23; Omaha, 02; St. Paul, 43; Chicago, 40; St. Louis, 60; Memphis, 68; Now Orleans, 09; Nashville, 63 ; Louisville, 00; Cin cinnati, 60; Detroit, 87 ; Buffalo, 35 ; Bochostor, 83; Albany. 35; Quebec, 33; Boston, 44: Now York, 44; Washington, 43; Charleston, S. 0., 67; Jacksonville, Fla., 07; Key West, 73. War Department, Office of the Chief S:o --naij Service, Division of Teleobams and Bepobts fob tub Benefit of Commerce, Washington, D. 0., April 4.—Probabilities— Tho low barometer in lowa will move more rap idly eastward towards tho Lower Lakes, and ex tend especially towards tho Middle Atlantic Coast, whore special depression is about tc form during Saturday. For the Lake Bogioo Saturday, northeast and easterly winds, with Increasing cloudiness and possibly light rain. Winds backing to tho northwest, with falling temperature over Lako Superior and tho Mis souri -Valley. For tho Southwest, increasing southeasterly winds, veering to the southwest, with threatening weather. For the Eastern Gulf and South Atlantic States, increasing south easterly winds and cloudy weather. For thi Middle States and Southern Now England, north east winds, oloudy and threatening weather. Cautioning signals continue at Duluth, Mil waukee, Chicago, Grand Haven, Detroit, Toledo, and Cleveland. , , DesMoiseb, la.. April 4.—There was a hail storm hero at dusk to-day, followed by thunder showers till midnight. . , San Fbanoisco, April 4.—A plentiful ram hai fallen in moat sections of the State, though in somo localities there have boon very cold hail storms and frost, damaging tho orchards and vineyards. THE ENGLISH FORGERS. Ooorgo IHdvvell Out on Hall* London, April 4.—Qoorgo Bidwoll and Ed* ward Keyes, after thoir examination to-day, on charge of complicity in the frauds on tho Bank of England, wore released on filing bonds foi thoir future appearance. New York, April 4.—Judge Woodruff, this morning, granted a writ of habeas corpus, re turnable on Monday, In the case of Qoorgo Mo- Bonnoll, of tho Bank of England forgery noto riety, on tho ground that tho offense charged— “ conspiracy to defraud”—la not covered by tho Extraction Treaty. , , Havana, April 3.—An American detective has arrived here and identified Bidwoll, the alleged Bank of England forger, as a man well known to the American police. Indian Fight* Omaha, April ■!.— A fight occurred to-day be tween a party of Xhiwnoos and Sioux, at Willow Island, Nebraska, resulting in tho defeat of tho Sioux, several of whom wero severely wounded, and lost thoir guns ami blankets. To he Hanged* Pittsburgh, Pa., April 4.—At Washington, Fa., to-day, the motion for a new trial lu the case of Henry Briceland, oonviotod of the mur der of John Alliugham, was overruled, and Bvicolund was sentenced to bo hanged,

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