Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 7, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 7, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 20. ROOFING MATERIAL. toil Materials. PAVING CEMENT, PARAFFINE VARNISH, ROOMS FELT. BARRETT. AMOID & KIMBALL, 230 East Monroe-st. FURNITURE. WE OFFER For tho next thirty days ourflno and exten sive stock of Cottage Furniture at Retail. Manufactured by us, aud warranted. Wo make a specialty of COTTAGE FAiTED CHAMBER SUITS, And got thorn up in groat variety of colors and Htylo of workmanship, with or without marblo. Wo mauulUoturo and shade thorn in coloring to match famituro and carpets of rooms, and set thorn up to order If desired. In calling the attention of the public to our goods, we fool Justified in saying that, in hav ig the facilities for manufacturing goods at the lowest possible cost, wo can guarantee good bargains to the purchaser. Wo also manufacture Walnut Bod-Room Suits. Remember our Sale at Retail for the next thirty days. SWAN, CLARK & CO., Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in Cottage Furniture, 211 and 213 Monroc-st., Chicago. REAL ESTATE. OBNTRB-AV., No. II; 2-story ami basement brlok, all conveniences, IS rooms; value, 33,000. INDIANA-AV., near Twoutynlnlb-at.; 3-story and basement brick; $9,C00, easy toms. JOHNSON PLAGE: 2-story and basement brick ;36,600; SI,OOO cash, balance, S6OO every tf months. TWKNTr-SIXTII-bT., near Pralrlo-av.; a good house cheap, easy. WABASU’AV., near Twonty-nieth-st.; a good house; a bargain. TWENTY-NINTH-ST., near Wabash-av.; good cot tage, 8 rooms, ground lease only sgti; $1,600. ABKRDEEN-BT., near Adams; 3-story and brlok base ment, all conveniences, barn: $7,000, long time. WASHINGTON-BT.; au elegant residence; $9,000, worth $12,000; long time. TO RENT. One of the most elegant residences on the Booth Side, worth $60,000, cheap to good tenant. 800 for snlo column of Sunday Tribune. JACOB O. MAGILL, 61 and 83 South Olark-st. FOB S-A-I/B. Acre Property fh Soollons 22. 27, and S3, Town 09, Range 13, and at Slvcrsldo and lllnsdalo. Also, n very choloonroporty near estern and Ogdon-avs., cast of Douglas Park, loans negotiated on city real estate. G. B. HtTBBAED, JE., Forty Acres. Tho handsomest high grove laud around .Washington Height*. Two residences and largo out-buildings; find orchard, excellent water, commanding views, and a very ohfloo property (or subdivision or improvement. Ear sale by O. H. BECKWITH. FOR SALE. MATHEMATICAL INSTRUMENTS, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, AT CULVER, PAGE, HOYUI & CO.’S, 118 ami 120 Monroo-st. HOTEL FOR SAXE OR EXCHANGE In Marquette. tho most rapidly growing city on Lake Superior; hotel lirst-clasi, and full aU the tlmo. O. H. BEOKWITH.. KIRKLAND GRATE COAL, Mined by Kirkland 4 Co., Voodors, Fountain Co., Tmi. Bold by 0. 11. DYER 4 CO., Oor. Watiash»av. and Madl«nn-st. TO RENT. TO HIT, WITH POWER, Booms 40 by 160 foot, or of smaller sizes to suit, at SHERWOOD’S SCHOOL FURNITURE FACTORY, 103 & 105 South Canal-st. TO RENT, Four 4-story and basement Brick Stores, Nos. 63. 65, 69 and 78 West Waablngtoo-st. Steam power If wanted. Also, 2d, 3d and 4tb floors, containing 80 rooms, No. 86 South Ollnton-st. Inquire at 16 South Jofforsou-st. FOR RENT. Stores corner Madison and Carpontcr-st*,, 86x120 each; vaults, and everything complete: 17-loot celling. Rent low to right party, D. COLE 4 SON, House Agonta, 188 West Madl«on-»t. TOEENT, HIE ELEGANT BTOIIK, £SXBS, NO. 189 Wcit Uadi* lon-st., (bird door from Ilalstod. I). COLE A HON, BUSINESS CHANCE. FOIDRY FOE SALE -A.T A. BARGAINT- A small Foundry, on tho North Side, in porfoot running Bidor, on favorable tonus, THOMAS WILOE, <33 West Munreo-st.. or Room 2U. 156 Washlngtnn-st. HOTELS. BRIGGS HOUSE, PtEBTJXXiO?, Corner of Eandolph-st, and Pifth-av, OT.II Timurs. 03 PER DAY. IUOKOORDB & HUNTOON, Proprietors. A> WELLS. formerly of Hrlggs House,) pi, r v. Oil. Imp of Ramos House, { Olmm. WANTED. Life Insurance Solicitor Wantefl, by ono of tlie oldest, strongest, and most popular companies iu the country j compensation. Ad dross Q M 4, Tribune olllco, with releronccs. TO JEWELEES. An oxporloneod Watchmaker and Engraver, vrUh very best testimonials, wishing to omno to Chicago, makes an' plication for situation (u us wtthtlrst-ciass home. 1 WM. VALfi A 00., 86and 87 Dearborn-st. HOTEL WANTED To rent, by au oxporloneod man. Must bo furnished. Good references given, Address BoxlW. Knarta. WU. tKft t ®fihum FINANCIAL. MmilSlllitMSil Bankers, First National Bant Bnllllne, Bouthwest corner of State and WasMnston-sts., CMcago, Dealers In Qoldand Silver Bullion, Bar, Loaf, Shoot and Granulated Form for moohanloal purposes. Deposits received in either currency or coin, subject to ohook without notice. Six per cent interest allowed on all daily balances. Ohooks upon us pass through the Clearing- House, as if drawn upon any city bank. Interest credited and aaoounts-ourront rendered monthly. Coin and Ourrenoy Drafts on How York. Tie National Bank of COMMERCE Will pay the usual quarterly DIVIDEND On and after Monday, April 7. E.- MAYNARD, Cashier. BANKING- HOUSE WRENH& BREWSTER, 83 T7U~caQlaJj3.gtox3.wSt. Dopoiltd Received and Interest Allowed. , Gold, Government Hoods, Local Stocks, and Commer cial Paper Bought and Bold. Collateral Loans and Commercial Paper form a leading feature In our business, for the negotiation ot which wo have unosoal facilities. CHARLES H. BROWER. R. PARKER PIEROS. PIERCE & BROWER, BROKERS, 98 Local Stocks, Commercial Paper, Govern ment and Western Securities. Illinois 10 per cent Registered Coupon. Bonds. MONEY TO TOAN On collateral, local etooks. Commercial paper wanted. Loan* on Imtdo real oitato negotiated promptly by WM. P. WATSON A CO., IQS Clark-at. STOCKS BOR SALE. Cbsmbor of Commerce. Third National Bank, Traders* liuuranco, By HAMMOND A GAGE, DRY GOODS. HAMLIN, HALE & GO. Are now receiving a line of Extra Choice Prints and Medinni-priced Dress Goods. Also, a Special Drive in 4-4 Bleached Cottons. MADISON AND FEANELIN-STS REMOVALS. CLAEKB, ABBOTT k CD., DEALERS IN RAILROAD SUPPLIES, And Bolt Manufacturers, From 50 4 63 Madlson-st. to T.alge-St MATTRESSES. YOUR LIFE / IS SPENT IN BED. You got tho Most Comfort by ualng tho PETERS* IMPROVED Woven Wire Mattress. An Improvement over alt othen, Bold by dealers In Furniture and Bedding. WHITTLESEY A PETERS, 120 3d Door N. of illudlmin. BOOTS AND SHOES. G. S. RICHARDSON & CO., WHOLBSALB BOOTS AND SHOES, 128 and 130 Franldin-st. Finest Assortment and Lowest Prices. TRY ITS. ryfloo local notion. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. DISSOLUTION. CHICAGO, April 4, 1873. The firm of DRESKE, BARTH A 00.. 136 North Jof forson-st., dissolved Friday, April!. Tho firm will do business hereafter under tho namo of BARTH BROS. & BIERZ. MISCELLANEOUS. STOEAGE, Corner Sixteenth and Stato-sts., Burlington Warehouse. Money loaned on all kinds of property. H. ID. BAWY33B. MEETINGS. MttHOIIIC. The regular meeting of thoMasonlo Board of Rollof will be held In the Parlor of Oriental Hall, I2*J LaSnllo-sl., this Monday evening, at V 4 o’clock inonipl, for bull ness- By order. KDWAltli COOK, Secretary. Highland Association of Chicago. A mootlngof the above Association will bo hold In tho lecture-room of tho Suotoh Church, corner of Sangamon and Adama-sti., to-morrow (Tuosdavl. at 8 d. m, ADVERTISING. if - lit TO MIMTK! Among the marvels of Northwestern growth and material development, nothing has sur passed that of newspaper printing on what is called tho co-oporatlvo plan. This economical plan originated in tho Northwest, and is tho out growth of Western enterprise. In 1803, tho Madison (Wisconsin) Daily Jour nal was supplying about twenty country news papers with shoots, printed on one side, with nows and general reading matter, selected from tho dolly issues of their journal. Tho other sido of tho sheet was loft blank until received by the local publisher, who printed his editorials, local nows, etc., upon it, thus completing* the newspaper. No advertisements woro printed on tho shoots os issued by tbo Madison Journal It occurred, however, to Mr. A. J. Aikens, of tho Milwaukee Daily TFfsconsfn, that this plan might bo much improved, to tho mutual advan tage of tho purchaser and tbo seller. His idea was, to supply shoots printed on ono sido with nows, literary selections, oto., and a limited amount of advertisements, and that the . profits 'from tho advertisements would ohablo him to supply tho half-printed sheets at tho cost of whlto paper, or oven loss. Mr. Aikens soon put his plan into execution, and it was very favorably received by publishers and advertisers. It at once superseded tbo other plan and became suc cessful, ioading to tho establishment of similar printing offices in Chicago, Now York City, Mid dlotowu, N. Y., St. Louis, and Nashville, Toon. Tho genius and life of tho system is in tho ad vertising feature, which Mr. Aikens invented, making tho marvelous increase possible. Tho growth of this enterprise for sovorol years was gradual, but in tbo past two or throo years it has boon rapid. At tho present tlmo, about 1,800 newspapers are printed on this plan. Tho resources of tho supplying offices are such, that they famish a paper which, in tho variety and amount of contents, and in mechanical execu tion, cannot bo produced by tho local offices without considerable additions to their expendi tures. Tho enterprise is no longer an experiment, bat an established success, and tho system is one yielding manifold advantages to advertisers as well os to local publishers. Although tho growth of this peculiar business has been very rapid at all tbo great centres, in this, as in all enterprises, tho City of Chicago has outstripped all competitors. Of tho thirteen hundred newspapers now being prineod on this plan in tbo United States, BIX HUNDRED ore printed in Chicago. Thus, by tho genius and power of co-operative labor and skill, full one half of all tho weekly newspapers of tho groat States of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and lowa ore furnished with ready printed paper from ono of two groat control offices in this city,—tho Chicago Newspaper Union, 114 Monroe street, and A. N. Kellogg, 77 Jackson street. Those two groat co-operative establishments print tons of thousands of news paper shoots every day, and hundreds of thou sands every week in tho year. Bringing within easy reach of the merchants, manufacturers, and business men of Chicago tho reading milhons of those imperial States— the kmrt of tho continent—it is unquestionable that over throe millions of prosperous adult peo pie weekly read these newspapers. From tho four central points of tho Southwest and tho Northwest, are weekly issued tho full editions of ONE THOUSAND NEWSPAPERS, distributed as follows: NUMBER OF NEWSPAPERS. .225 Wisconsin. ,180 Michigan,. Illinois 90 Minnesota Indiana . 85 Kansas and Nebraska .... 85 .140 Miscellaneous 76 Missouri.. Southern States I Total newspapers, 1,000, Advertisers can use tho whole list of ono thou sand newspapers, or olthor of the Jive subdivi - aions. 1. Ono hundred newspapers. 2. One hundred and fifty newspapers (a). 3. One hundred and fifty newspapers (b). 4. Two hundred and fifty newspapers. 6. Throe hundred and fifty newspapers. RATES OP ADVERTISING Ordinary advertising, 1 cent per lino per paper. Special notices, 1 cents. Reading matter, cents. m On largo orders a liberal discount will be made. For circulars, estimates, and further information, apply to Coat CaMm & Co. CHICAGO, Comer Dcarliorfl anQ Washinffton-sls., AUTHORIZED AGENTS. CHICAGO, MONDAY, APRIL 7, 1873, FEARFUL TORNADO. Detailed Account of tho Burlington, la., Visitation. Seven Persons Killed and Twenty More or Less Injured. Buildings Moved From Their Foundations—Rqofe De molished. One Hoof Carried a Distance of Three Hundred Yards. Special DUpatch to The Chicago Tribune. Bdulihoton, lowa, April G.—At a quarter ftftor i o’clock, yesterday, the moat terrible ball, wind, and rain storm in all tho history of our town burst upon us. It oamo with fearful vo looity from tbo southwest, and ewopt tbo busi neso part of the town, working groat damago to bouaoß and feeding itself on human life. Tbo atorm flrat bocomo visible at tbo West Kill school house. Tbo roof of ibis bouse, ono of tbo ilcost in tbo city, waa lifted from bis post tion, and carried fully 800 yards. It was tom into kindling-wood. It passed several residences which woro saved from tbo fury of its flight by tbo merest accident. Tbo direction of tbo storm was tbcuco toward tbo rivor in a northeasterly direction through tbo. heart of tbo oliy. Roofs woro blown away, chimneys woro destroyed, and many buildings woro seriously damaged. MoCasb’s planlng mill, a now brick building, was lifted from its foundation and carried fully two foot from Us position. Tbo Hvory-stablo of McArthur & Eels, on tbo corner of Bird and Valiev streets, was badly damaged,. tbo front of tbo roof being blown into shreds. At tbo cornor of Fourth and Jefferson streets tbo tomposb gathered now strength, and destroyed tho west slue of tbo roof of Hedges' block. Tbo heavy timbers of tbo roofing woro tom up like gross, and lay curled up on tho oastom part of tbo roof. Two chimneys woro blown from tbo Barrett Houso, and three from tbo Grimes Block. Tbo resi dences of H. W. Starr and T. L. Parsons woro n damaged. But tbo horror of tbo storm o destruction of Pond’s buitor and egg warehouse, on Jefferson sroot, near Eighth, and tho foarful loss of lifo which it outallod. Out of about tblrty flvo persons, strong, healthy, and hopeful, tbo messenger of death carried away seven. The building was a throe-story brick, wbiob badbomi erectedlast summer. It was built by Mr. Pond, who occupied it as a storehouse and business of fice for bis largo trade. Tbo tompost struck it at tbo southwest comer with a force which throw tbo wbolo bouse into a mass of ruins. Tbo walls sank into tbo collar, burying beneath them tbo mon who woro at work in tbo building, number ing about twenty-flvo Tho employes of Band’s lumber yard, directly across tbo street, saw the fall ana wont to tbo roscuo. They commenced digging, to savo tho inmates of tbo houso if possible. They soon succeeded in reselling a Swedish woman who bad gone into tbo houso just beforo tbo storm to buy eggs. Sbo told them that two mon woro near her, and askod them to pay no attention to her, but save the mon. In a few minutes tbo body of Mr. Pond was recovered, dead. Ho bad boon in tbo counting-room at tbo thno of tbo storm, and bad evidently attempted to leave tho houso, wbon a suadou and borriblo death over took him. Mr. Pond was ono of tho mnst promising and popular of tho young busi ness mon of this section. Ho was 83 years of ago. full of vitality and business energy. Uo controlled tho trade of Southern lowa in his lino, and was making himself an important operator. Tho othor victims, who woro brought from tho ruins dead or mutilated, woro three in number. They woro Mr. Trainer, Mr. Pendograst, and Mr. Israel Neff, all employes of tbo houso. Trainer was found crushed between two boards, bis back broken, and bis face terribly bruised. Ho leaves a wire and throe Utile chil dren in destitute circumstances. Pendograst was a very intelligent young man, lately married. His wife fa Uviug in Keokuk. His bead was ter ribly smashed, and it Is probable that bo died in stantly. Israel Neff, tbo fourth victim, was well known In town, having wrought at bis trade as a tinner for about seven years iu tbo establish ment of Parsons, Berry & Warren. Ho was 80 years old. Ho loaves a wifo aud five chil dren without any moans of support. The houso directly oast of tbo Pond warehouse was a small frame dwoUing, ocoupiodby Mr. Btoig 'or, a Gorman, who kept a select school iu tbo bouse. At tbo timo of tbo accident bo was down town, and his wife and twin children about G months old, were alono In the bonso. They woro taken from it dead. Ono of tbo little ones was badly bruised and mutilated. Nineteen of tbo employes of tbo houso wore recovered alive, but all woro more or loss injured. They are Frauk Miller, badly hurt in tbo spine and mugs; bo is not expected to recover. William Dawson, or Dallsou, was slightly hurt on bis bead. Ono named Buiitb was badly cut on tbo hoad and faco ; bo is a nophow of Wm. Scott, of Lomax, who waa tel egraphed for. Another, a Scotchman, named Smoaton, was slightly hurt about tbo bead. W. 9. Haulm was badly out on bis hoad and bad sev eral severe contusions on bis body. Benjamin Swigort, tbo foreman of tbo butter department, is badly hurt in bis bead and breast. Ho has , two ribs broken. Mr. Turner, having charge of tho packing department, was only sbgbtly hurt. Gilbert Chase was hurt in his obost, but is not considered dangerously hurt. Ward escaped with a small out iu bis ebook. Brow, who was in tho third story, foil with tbo floor to tho ground unhurt. His escape was miraculous. Mr. Shorts, ono of tbo loading mon of tbo establishment, received a small wound on bis bead. Throe brothers named Gorman crept out of the back end of tbo building, and escaped with very slight injuries. Several others escaped uninjured. Wo have tho names of but flvo s Sutpbon, James Dunn, Thomas Dillon, Douuis Kinney, and Henry Lang. Mr. Junk, tbo bead man of tbo bouse hero in tbo absence of Mr. Fond, happened at tbo timo of tbo accident to bo at the Chicago. Burlington & Quincy freight depot with two others of tbo employes, Nichols and Mooney, loading & car of oggs, and thus fortunately escaped. PACIFIC COAST. Shoottiiff Affray—dipt. Jaclt’s Last Proposition* San Francisco, April 6.—ln an affray last night in thin city, Manuel E. Esoudora. clerk of the Mexican Consul, was shot and killed by Buenaventura Oironco. no gave himself into custody. Ho claims that ho acted in self de fence. ti A dispatch from Yroka to-night says that on Thursday Jack sent Bogus Charley to Rosobor ough, saying ho would moot Fairchild and tho other Commissioners on Friday at Lava Bod. Cauby and Oillom must not como. Ho did not want tho Commissioners to talk at all. 110 would do all tho talking. On Friday noon tho Commissioners wore in council with Jack at tho appointed place. If torms of poaco are not agreed upon, probably a light will commence on Tuesday. The weather at Lava Bod is intensely cold. ST. LOUIS. Tho Social Evil—Haiti on tho Kono BSoiinom—Civil Service flnrejui. St. Louis, April 6.—A mass-meetup of ladles was hold yesterday afternoon sldm;tho Social Evillaw, now in force ixuhl*. city, and to devise moans for its ropoul. Quito a number of prominent ladies woro present, with two or throe clergymen. Letters woro road from several ministers of tho gospel and phy sicians taking strong grounds against tho law, mid two or throo syotchou woro mode by tho gen tlemen present, including one by Mayor Brown, who regretted that tho discussion was confined to ono side of tho question, as them woro many Inter esting and important facts involved in tho case, and inuoh could bo said on botli sides. A resolution was adopted declaring against any compromise with vice, and demanding u re peal of the objectionable ordinance. Tho police at ft into hour last night raided tho kono-housos of tho city, captured some 05 play- seized tbo apparatus of various houses Mr. S. J. Kimball, Chief of Bovonuo Marino Bureau, and member of tbo Examining Board of tbo Oivil-Horvioo, and Edward O. Graves Chief Clerk of tbo united States Treasury of fice, arrived hero, and Capfc. Morrinmn also of tbo liovonuo Marino service, will arrive to-morrow. Those gentlemen will establish in this city a Board of Civil Service in connection with tbo enstom-houso and sub-treasury office, before whom all applications for positions must appear for examination. Mr. Kimball and bis associates will leave on Monday evening for Galveston, Texas, whore they will establish a Civil Service Board. They will then visit various ports along the Gulf coast, and establish life-saving stations in accordance with tho recent not of Congress. From Now Orleans they will proceed to Key West, and thonco up tho const to Maine. THE LOST ATLANTIC. Arrival of n Largo Number of tho Snr* vlvors in Now York—Af footing Scones and lncidonta*««lfloro Uotlloa Itccov*

orotl* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, New York, April o. —Tho Atlantic survivors ar rived shortly after 7 o'clock this morning. An immoutiu oiuml of relations and friends bad as sembled at Castle Garden to meet them. Among tbeso woro hundreds who had not soon tho names of tboir loved ones in its list of saved, but who still clung to tbo lingering hope that a mistake might have been made. Tho scone as tho fortunate emigrants landed was in tensely painful. Husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sisters, daughters, and other relatives pushed and jostled each other in their eagerness to obtain a near view. Every face that passed was closely scanned, as friends recognized each other they instantly throw them selves into each others aims and wept and shrieked with joy. Other faces boro a look of suspense, which grow more intense as the number gradually lessoned, until, finally, wbou the Inst survivor had gone by, they broko down dispairingly aud sobbed in a hoart-rouding man ner. Many refused to bo comforted. Even reporters wore obliged to turn away to hido tboir feelings. Ono wife had soon her hus band's name among tho saved. Ho did not appear. She burst forth into tbo most heart rending shrieks and fainted. Subsequently ho turned up all right, and the exhibition was pain ful to witness. Tho father and aunt of ono young man when they saw him, nearly hugged him to death. Tho aunt wont into hysterics. There woro two men of tho samo name on tho Atlantic. Ono was saved and. tho other lost. Tho relatives of both assembled, tho greater number being on tho lookout for the dead man. This scone oaunot bo imagined. Little James Hanley was tho special object of interest, and received largo presents of money. Tho survivors woro given meals, and every thing was done for tboir comfort. A largo num ber wont west on tbo 7:20 train on tho Eno Road this evening. [To the Associated Preen.] New York, April fi.—Three hundred and five of tho mirvivora of tho ill-fated Atlantic arrived boro this morning from Boston, by tbo steamer Now-port. It being generally Known that they wore coming, ns early as 4 o’clock anxious crowds gathered round tho pier, and tho wildcat excite ment prevailed. As soon as tbo Newport neared tho dock, tho pior was closed and uono but employes and members of tho press woro admitted inside tho gato. Meanwhile tho Commissioners of Emigration had a tug chartered, and to avoid tho largo crowd outsido tho pier, ran her up close to tho Newport and took tbo unfortunato passengers on hoard and steamed down to Castlo Garden. On her arrival thoro 1,000 men, women, and children, of almost every nation, woro gathered, and it was with tho greatest difficulty they could bo kopt from forcing their way through tho gates. Tho poor follows looked miserably, woro poorly clad, and seemed to bo very much disheart ened. On their arrival at Castle Gordon they woro registered as usual, aftor which friends who woro waiting In tho information room sent in tho names of those whom thoy sought, and as wifo and children, sister or brother, recognized ono of tho unfortunato' men whom thoy doomed lost, tho scono was most affecting. Tho men gave way entirely, and tho women either swooned or screamed from Joy. Even outsido of tho gates men and women who woro gathered in groups sobbed and cried bitterly. After a short timo breakfast was laid. About odo hundred of thorn leave to-night on the Erio road for thoir destination, and tuo re mainder in a fow days. Thomajority of tho mon speak disparagingly of the Captain and crow, and complain that after being two or throe days at sea thoir food was out short. Tho following aro tho names of thoso in hos pital who aro still suffering from wounds and unablo to proceed at present: Thomas Ronoy, 22 years, English, hands are badly bruised, some of tho nails tom off, and foot are badly frozen. William G. Linfiold, Eng lish, 22 years, aim badly bruised and feet frozen. Hugh O’Neill, Irish, foot frozen. There wore eight more who had thoir wounds dressed and felt well enough to leave. Halifax, April o. —Fourteen bodies wore re covered yesterday, all of them by grappling. To-day, the weather being very favorable, the divers worked for tho purpose of finding bodies, and twonty-sovou, all apparently steerage pas sengers, wore recovered. Many of them had considerable sums of money. One, whoso name appeared from tho papers found in his pocket to bo Crooko, had a bill of exchange . for £2OO. and considerable mouoy besides. Tho divers* crows number sixty-five. Tho only bodies now remaining uncofllnod on shore, are thoso found to-day. All the others having boon buried, or coffined ready for burial. Those recognized by prayer-books, etc., as Romau Catholics, wore taken to Torrouco Ray, a fow miles distant, and buried in tho Catholic cemetery. Tho remain der have been buried in tho Episcopal cemetery at Prospect. Bomo of the bodies brought up to-day showed that they died by suffocation, and not by drown ing. As the bodies aro brought by they aro placed in a boat undor charge of Goo. Liugard, a Justice of tho Peace, and convoyed to a hill side on Ryan’s Island, whore Edmund Ryan, an other Magistrate, rocolvos them and takes from thorn all tuo mouoy and valuables, noting them iu a book, with sucu marks of identification as can bo found on tho persons. The bodies of Mrs. Davidson and hoi; daughter wore found within a short tlmo of each other. There was found on Miss Davidson, sowed to her dross, a letter from her mother, adviumg l»o» in oruo of any un foreseen ocourronco taking her (the moth er) away, to take possession of all nor money and letter of credit and proceed with all speed to San Francisco, and inquire for Mr. Mc- Donald, who would send her to her unolo, L. H. Tomploy, of California. On tho body of Mrs. Davidson was found and put into tho hands of Edmund Ryan, at Lower Prospect, tho following: £BB gold: slßl cur rency, and a letter of credit for Xl5O from Lon don and country banking company, signed by N. Howard, Manager Brown, on Falkuor Doll & Co,, of Sim Francisco. Its number is 7101. Tho bodies of both Mrs. and Miss Davidson aro al ready sealed in metallic coffins, and await tho advlco of friends us to what disposal is to bo made of them. It is expected that moro bodies of cabin pas sengers will bo recovered. One diver has boon detailed specially to search tho cabin. Tho roport of a steamer being ashore at Spay harbor iu not likely to bo correct. Communica tion with that place could not bo attained to-day. Vessels which passed thoro a day or two ago say there was an old wrook thoro, which drifted ashore somo time ago, and men wore breaking it up. Probably tho schooner which made tho report saw tho wrook at a distance and mistook it foe a steamer. Four men belonging to Halifax picked up a bale of silk and appropriated and sola part of it. Tho Customs authorities have recovered most of the silk, and arrested tho men. Hud tho raou given up tho silk to tho agents they would havo been entitled to 4200 salvage. Tho Customs ofllcoru found somo silks In crates of orockory-wavo, showing an intention to smuggle them into Now York. ’JTho Seventh Cavalry* Special Despatch (o The Chicago Tribune. Cairo, 111., April o.— lu addition to tho two troops of tho Seventh United States Cavalry that arrived hero youlorday, eight moro have arrived, four on tho Iliohmond, this morning, Gon. Hturgoss commanding; two on tho Emma 0. Emmet, from Memphis, and two on tho Paulino Carroll tJ«o afternoon. Tim troona with Gon. Sturgons leave this evening. Tho General goes out on the Northwestern boundary survey, with headquarters at St. Paul.' Gen. Ouster will bo hero to-morrow with tho remainder of tho regi ment, and from hero with tho troops, will go to Dakota. Thomas Watts, ono of tho soldiers, died last night from spider bito. Another was lost off tho steamer Bichmond Friday night. His name was Oommlsh. It is expected that tho entire regi ment will got away by Tuesday evening. Col. Johnson, tho Agent of tho Illinois Central, is now making every effort to got them away os soon as possible. There is an immense amount of baggago and equipments for men, officers, and horses, but everything is moving along well. FOREIGN. The City of Manzanillo Captured hy the Cuban Insurgents. Programme of the Russian Campaign in Turkestan, SPAIN, Madrid, April o.— The official report of (ho surrenderor Borgn, charges the* Commandant of tbo 10-rm -with truuDou, ana attributes tho disas ter to that oauso alono. It also confirms tho statement that tho Carlisle bayoneted sixty-seven prisoners. It Is rumored that revolutionary agents havo gone into Portugal, and that they aro well sup plied with money. Fresh oases of insubordination among Capt.- Qon. Ooutrora’s troops, ot Barcelona, are report ed. Tbo arrival of tho now Captain-General, Volardo. Is anxiously awaited there, but tho rail road between Madrid unci Barcelona, has boon in terrupted, it is said, by Carlisle, and bo is de layed. Republican guides havo brought to Barcelona a prisoner on whom they found important cor respondence addressed to Alphonao and Ca- Tho churches In tho town of Boua havo boon closed, and are guarded by armed peasants, A Carllut baud, under Tristamy, burned tho railway station at San Guin. Tho Federal Republican Committee, at Barce lona, has sent a circular to tho Catalonian towns, ordoring tbo inhabitants to placo them In a Stato defense, and force tho Carlisle to encamp in tho fields where tho volunteers and regulars can ex terminate them. Each local commUtoo is direct ed to send to headquarters at Barcelona for what arms tboy may require. Brussels, April G. —Tbo Madrid correspondent of tbo Independent Beige says tho roports pub lished in French and English papers, of popular disturbances and military insubordination in Spain, aro greatly exaggerated. RUSSIA. St. PETEitsmmair, April O.—A dispatch from Baker on tho western coast of the Caspian Sea, dated April 2, announced that tho Tcngisohlor column would tako tho field against Khiva on tho 6th inst. Tho expedition against Khiva is in throo detachments, tho first starting from Oionburg, concentrates at Unbaposa, and proceeds over tho table of Uctijust, which begins 600 versts south of Oren burg. at tho Blvor Tzobaijan. There it will take six days' drinking water, because a supply will bo unprocurable until tho springs of Amczohah kutuk aro reached. Tho second, or Atiolc Valley detachment, will march through Astribon, and must overcome tho Turcomans boforo reaching Khiva. Tho third detachment, starting from Turkestan, will probably avoid the desert in tho neighbor hood of tho Boa of Aral, and march along tho Syrdiroßlvorto Fetrmosk, thonco it will tako tbo banks of tho Djana Daria Bivor to tho frontier of Khiva. Tho Khivan forces aro insignificant, and Us armament, poor rifles, being particularly dofootivo. ' CUBA* ’ New Your, April C.—News from Havana, through Spanish sources, confirms tho reported capture or tho fortified city and seaport of Manzanillo, and says an immense amount of booty in money and munitions of war fell into tho hands of tho Cubans, who sacked tho town. Tho at tack was mado at night, in tho absence of tho Spanish troops in tho field.. Capt.-Gon. Oaballos has telegraphed to Madrid that a largo body of troops is imperatively wanted in Havana, as a revolution may break out among the Spaniards at any moment. Tho slaves oro also reported to bo meditating a revolt. New Yoek, April 6.—Tho Herald Havana spe cial states that tho Captain-General save its cor respondent, O’Kolly, bad oomo into Manzanillo from tho insurrection; that he was arrested, and that a court of inquiry is being hold at tho latter city. Information comes from another source that dooumouts from tho insurrection wore found on O’Kolly. Kingston, Jamaica, April 3.—Schooner Yillago Bride, Captain Sams, carrying goods contraband of war for tho rebels in Cuba, has boon seized at Port Antonia by a Spanish man-of-war. CENTRAL AMERICA. New York, April o.—Panama papers by tho Ocean Queen report tho bark Albert at Aspin wall, on the 10th of March, from Bouton. Had two mates and four seamen badly frozen tho first night out, from tho effects of wbioh the first Mato ana one of tho sailors died, and woro buried at sea. Tho others woro disabled, having lost fingers and toes. A sanguinary disputo occurred in Darien be tween the Canoho collectors and Indians. A largo body of tho former woro driven off by tho Indians, of whom quite a number have slnco boon assassinated by other Cancho seekers. Oon. Quosada Is at Bogota to obtain help for tho Cubans, and is' cordially welcomed by tho authorities. Tho steamship Tropio picked up at sea a boat containing two mon and a woman, the solo sur ulvors of the ship J, W. Ehvoll, from Liverpool, for Volporaiso with coal, which look flro and blow up. Tho people bad been two and a half mouths in the boat. SANDWICH ISLANDS. San Fuancisco, April C.— The war steamer Bonoola has arrived from Honolulu with Qona. Schofield and Alexander are on board. There is a strong native opposition to tho King's proposed visit to tho United States. CANADA. Special Dispatch to The Chicago IHftune. Ottivwa, Apill 0. —Senator UoPlioraou'a mo tion in tho Bcnato on tho Pacific Pailway matter did not oomo up yesterday on account of tho pro duction of certain documents, which are neces sary. Mr. McPherson will delay tho motion for a few days in consequence thereof. CINCINNATI. Porlc-Pnclcors’ Contribution to tlio Vienna exposition—City Political* Special iHspatch to The Chicago Tribune. Cincinnati, 0., April G.—Tho contribution of tbo pork-paokora hero, which started for Vienna to-night, is three caribous, each 6 by 80 foot, drawn in oharooal on mounted paper. They represent tho slaughtering and cleaning, tho cutting and tho rendering and canning process. There is no grouping in the cartoon of tho cutting process. Everything is strung out in Uno like a panorama. Tho drawing is very spirited. On exhibition at Merchants' Exchange they attract much attention. llio excitement over tho municipal election of to-morrow, is more intense than for years be fore, and almost exclusively upon tho Mayor and Police Commissioners. The Democrats and Liberals, to all appearance, are working with entire unanimity and aro exceed ingly confident. Tho Republicans are considerably alarmed. Tho result of the Presi dential election, giving Greeley 6,000 majority hero, gives interest to this first election follow ing, and, at tho same time, makes a reasonably accurate prediction of tho result difficult. On Police Commis sioners tho vote will bo strictly party. On Davis, tho present incumbent and Republican candidate for Mayor, tho vote will bo affected by (ho feeling against him on account of his neglect to tho present time to veto the unpopular ordi nance of immunities to all existing street rail roads hero. Sirov* - PiTTBDDnan, April o.— Tlio lu ,V?, v nroabout Mobhib. Omit & Co,, were destroyed 12 o'clock lust nigbb. Loss, *53,000 j insurance, 800.000. | NUMBER 231. WASHINGTON. ( Snorol Butler and His Throe* ; '?•, Cent Refunding- Scheme. District of Colombia Finances in a WoflU Condition. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, ddtlEb hefunds. Washington, D. 0., April o. —Since his famous response to one of his complaining constituents, With regard to the salary steal, Mr. Butler baft boon id dally receipt of letters from others of his constituents, requesting him to forward to them the percentage which ho adxfilts to bo due to. the tax-payors on this account. Butler re* piles promptly in each instance, but, instead of franking the letters, places! a postage-stamp on them. The letters aro worded thus i Arnix. 1, 18)3. Deai\ 8m: You will And your throo coats on Ute out side of this loiter. ' Yours, truly, ■ ' D. 3?. BUTLXBt THE MONET MAUKKT. The cllauo of Now York politic*®"" In tho In* torost of ox-Sonator Morgan aro now on tho war* path against two members of tho Cabinet, to wit: Secretaries Richardson and Flab. Tho hostility of tho Now York Times to tho present successor of Boutwoll is said, on tho very best authority, to bo at tho instigation of Morgan, who has long had an ambition to fill tho position. Bo long as Secretary Fish remains in tuo Cabl* not of course New York cannot hold another Cabinet appointment, and this intrigue involves the two gentlemen above-mentioned. Secrotaiw Fish returned hero lost night. Secretary Richard son states that ho will not allow himself to bo in volved by taking any action whatever with re gard to tho present disturbed condition of tbs money market. Tho only measure of relief ho pro* S3BOB in case of urgent necessity Is to anticipate io payment of tho May interest of tho public debt. Tho Now York clique ban made tho boast to tho Department that if they can got gold above 120 they con put tho money market be yond tho influence of the Government. EXCEPTIONAL OASES. Tho President's order forbidding Federal office-holders to hold Htate oQlcoa has its excep tions. It seems that Congressman Platt, oi Virginia, was told ou Friday that two member* of tue Common Council of Petersburg wore af tho samo time holding positions in tho Custom* House. Those might disregard the above or* dor with perfect safety. DISTRICT INDEDTEDNEB3. Tho stroot and sowor contractors aro not tho only creditors of the Government of tho District of Columbia who aro unablo to got their pay. Tho annual appropriation mado by Congross for the Metropolitan Police of tho District for the current year was $207,890. This, of course, has boon irregularly disbursed, but tho same act that made this appropriation provided that a furthur sum, amounting to $103,045, should bo paid to defray tho expenses of tho Metropolitan Sollco force by tho cities of "Washington and oorgotown, and tho country beyond the limits of tho cities, in the proportion corresponding to tho number of privates allotted sever* ally to tho precincts; bnd tno authori ties of tho District aro required to levy a special tax for tho payment of this monoy, which is not to bo used for any other purposes. Now tho fact is that tho police force of the District have received no pay from tho District authorities for more than three months. This could only result from one of two causes: cither tho fault of tho District authorities to levy the tax as required by law, or tho illegal use of the money for other purposes. Tho public school toaohors have boon worse treated than tho policemen. They are dependent entirely upon the District Government for tboir pay, no part of their salary being provided for by tue General Government, and they have received nothing for several months. The toaohors will hold a meet* ing next Saturday to devise some method of get ting their pay. A circumstance worthy of men tion in connection with tho management of Dis trict affairs, is tho silence of the local Eross on tho subject. Tho banlcs of tho 'istrlcl aro largo holders of tho Auditor's certifi cates of tho Board of Publio Works, which there is no present prospect of paying. The trades men of the city havo token them for goods. Contractors are paying enormous rates of inter est to enable them to hold on until tho Board can pay them for work done, or are selling the certificates at 20 per cent discount. Laborers aro obliged to Uvo on credit and even the teachers and policemen can got no monoy. It would ho natural to suppose that tho people of tho District, and especially tho tax-payors, would be anxious to know just how their Government stands finan cially, and if tho Board of Publio Works has been obliged to cancel $2,000,000 worth of contracts for paving, etc., tho people who have boon E remised patent, wood, or concrete pavements oforo their residences tho coming summer, would liko to know if they are to be disappoint ed. But no one of tho eight or" ton dafly and Sunday and weekly Journals printed in this dis trict, has a word to say on the subject. Har lan's Chronicle did mildly protend, a few weeks ngo, that it was not right to collect assessments on property before tho improvements for which tho assessments wore made had boon completed, but tho files of tho local press would bo searched in vain for any Information in regard to tho present financial condition of tho district, or iis prospects for the future. Perhaps this can bo accounted for by tho fact that during the first year of its exist ence, the district government paid those papers, for advertising, about SIIO,OOO. It ought to bo said, in justice to those papers, that they are no longer defending the Board, and havo ceased abusing those who print tho truth about it. [To tho Aooociated Preno. 1 tue mixed COMMISSION. Washington, April C.—Tho British and Ameri can Mixed Commission have adversely decided what are known as tho Calcutta cases, growing out of tho detention of United States vessels under tho proclamation of tho Quoon during tho lato rebellion, preventing them from sailing from British East India ports with cargoes of saltpetre. THE WEATHER. War Department Prognostications** snow Storm at and Around Denver* Wab Department, Office of the Chief Sig- VAT. Rrtivzoo, DivihtON OF TeLEORAMS ANB Reports fob tub Benefit of Commerce, Washington, D. 0., April 6.—Probabilities— Tho barometer will continue low on Monday ovox Lake Ontorio and Now York, but will very gen erally rise over tho Upper Lakes and Ohio Volley. Easterly winds with clouds and rain willcootinut In Now England and over a portion of tho Mid dle Atlantic coast. Southwesterly winds and partly cloudy weather will continue in tho South Atlantic States. Cold northerly winds and cloudy weather will prevail from tho Upper Lakes south ward to Kentucky, and westward to tho Rooky Mountains. Cautionary signals continue at Milwaukee. Chicago, Grand Haven, Eastport, Portland, and Boston. Denver, Col., April 5.—A heavy snow-storm sot in this afternoon. About six Inches foil up to 8 o’clock this evening, and there is a prospect of Us continuing all night. At Central City ana Georgetown just such a storm Ims boon long desired, and will bo of groat advantage to the mining and agricultural interests. Denver, Col., April 0.-Tho snow-storm con tinued all night long and part of to-day. inor wore about fifteen inches of snow on the g at 10 a. m. It cleared up about noon, and is thawing slowly this evening. Weekly Uevfew L ‘ V ° ttlQclc fllarltel* Vntcial Dliixitch to The Chicago Tribune* bpeetat ui Ukbves—Trade slow at a Au»ahv, «. *.» laKt week's prices. Prices (till ilecUuoorfuU , oa7- , 3 . o.iro.jiuoaT.ns; Aral i Kw .ocoiidaii.uiy,»s.aaaM7i third 1“ S’ •( 50M5.0I)! Inferior, SI.OoJii.US. q *iV» mi flows—Tlio market la steady with a good do maud and limited supply. Bales at $«.00(d?0.00 for coiiimou to good milkers with calves. . ... 13is kef and Lamuh—l’liu supply is moderate, with • vmv limited Southern and Eastern demand. Prices are oft from Ko to i»c. quote us tho ruling pricoa: Fine wool Illinois ami lowa at ; doNowiork ami Michigan, o)tf@7Ko; lambs, 7(sJBo. , Hobbes—'There hasliuun a lively trade In ml** l ® partment this week, at prices lower than at any luuo this season. Tho demand la good for worker# nut drivers, and the supply is fully equal, hoiug 05 cars, of, tt)o head,

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