Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 7, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 7, 1873 Page 6
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MONEY AND COMMERCE. MONETARY, Saturday Evening, April 5. « Notwithstanding tho stringency that hau pro- ; tailed In all tho Eastern cltioa mid In Europe, mo ney continues In “fair supply In this market. Tho demand is active, aud in some quartern tho banks have more good paper offered than thoycaioto take, but in tho Btroot tho supply of money offer ed is good, and all really first-class paper la easi ly disposed of at 10 to 12 per cent, with some transactions In loss desirable paper at 15 lo IS per cent. Exchange is In demand, tho romUtnncoa of Western merchants to Eastern oroditora being largo. Bales of Now York funds wore mado to day at 500 and GOo per SI,OOO premium. The groat feature in finances to-day is tho ad vance lu tho price of gold to 11D>$, though the closing prico was somewhat lower. It is appar ent that the great decrease In tho amount of gold In tho country during tho last fifteen.!, months, aud tho probability that tho uamo ox-:. Sorioueo is to bo repealed iu tho next four orl vo mouths, is placing tho price of gold entirely in tho control of the gold speculators, and when tho exports of domestic products fall off, as they usually do In summer, gold will go much higher than uOw. t , , t . Tho clearings of tho~ Chicago banks for tho week woro: Clearlnntt. fiixlances, f3,074,{1;1ti.19 $401,000,23 4, 0f, 5,011.21 481,772,20 • 7,315,052.01 837,048.13 4 330,010.01 378.431.1T 4,117,150.00 304,100.81 3,085,773.04 300,231.30 Date. Monday.... Tuesday..., Wcdnccday Thursday.. Friday Saturday.. Tolnl $20,595,779.83 *2,708,004.99 Corresponding week last year. *19,709,070.81 *2,044,248.02 i Tho following quotations of local stocks aro*. furnished by Messrs. Hammond & Gage s ‘ LUI. Asltd. First National 8ank..... 150 ... Third National Bank U<> Fifth National Bank 130 ... Commercial Notional Bank 137 140 German National I~> 130 1 Manufacture™' National Bank 100 HO |i Sforlhvreotcru National Bank 220 ... .? Oorh Exchange National Bank 118 !-•>/.! City National Bunk 14«» Homo Notional Bank 100 ••• . National Bank of Illinois 110 ••• National Hank of Commerce 100 Chicago CUy Hallway lk> HO West Dlvialon Hallway • North Division Railway 03 101 Pullman Paluco HO 114 Elgin Watch Conqwuy lOjJtf *OB Chicago Gaslight A: Ooko Company K'j 19» Chamber of Commerce • £* *•' Traders'lub. C 0..... * 101 10i> lULKfI. J2.600 Chamber of Commerce at 01, 3.000 Travelers’ Insurance at 102. 3.000 Chicago CUy Hallway utlOTtf. • •• GOO Trmlcrb’ luburutico at 101. . . Jloßßrs. Luut, Preston & Koau quote aa fol-' lowa this afternoon Buying, Setting. 6-20aof’C2 UOM ■ B-aoaot’oi iinic }}l t c-loaot'6s IWX n»J 6-20b of ’<>s, Jrm.nnd July HOJa » ' 6-20 a of’o7, Jun.and July 117»y 6-20b of’o3, Jan. and July 118»£ 10-40 JJ2« H‘f*. U. 8. 5b (Now Issue,) 11. I Gold and Gold Coupons 118# lIHJi Gold Exchange *i“,,. Sterling Exchange (largo drafts) 107 if© 103?,, Northern Pacific Gold 7-30s 100 & jut.) Chicago City 7a JJ W J Jjjj- Cooh County 7b. ... W# it lut. lUJnoU County und Township 10’h 02Gi0o New York, April B.— Money was stringent, loaning ib bleb ns ‘a to }6 and interest, closing at 7to 1-10. Tbo bunks report a return flow of currency from tbo West Tbo v tekogcH, at flint hinnU in amount, now* reach aa high as SOO,OOO to ?100,000. Thu brink slaty ment shows a loss In tho reserve of $"2,808,000. Sterling is dull at Gold wua stvongat 119 ut the close. The market was active and excited on iucrrnacd business. Tlio price advanced from 118J*' to llOtf, the highest point of the 6CUBOU. . . , Loans were from flat to 3-32 percent for carrying. Clearings, $131,909,009. The Treasury disbursed. $84,000 on account of interest, and $709 In redemption of 5-20 bonds. ~ , Exports of specie to-day, $629,8C^; for tbo week, $1,240,187, State securities were dull. Railroad mortgages ruled quiet. Stocks opened Arm at i. ilight advance; at noon were very strong, but closing dull, with prices little ouanged from tiie opening. Sterling, 107‘f. GOVERNMENT BONDS, Coupons, *Bl 118 Coupons,'C7 5.20* of *92 HCM Coupons, ’9B H7*X Coupons, ’64 113/ i Now 03 114 Coupons, ’65 IPJ 10-40* H2)X Coupons, ’OS (n0w)..,117‘b Currency Cs HBAf Mlssonris :93?H Virginias, old 41 TonucPseeß, old 80’,'- Norlh Cnrolluns, 01d...20 Teunossccs, new hO. 1 -; North Cavollnus,now.. 10 Virginias, new 50 00 jUt. Paul lifd. Canton W, U. Tel 84-#‘Waba3U 70 Quicksilver I*9# Wabash pfd 8(1 Adams Express. 90 iTortWayuo JO# •Wells Far«o 80 iTerre Haute 15 American Express.... 07 Torre Unuto, pfd 49 United States Ex 74#.Chicago i: Allou 110# Paclflo Mail C7i,|Glitci'UO A Alton pfd.llU New York Central.... 101# Ohio a Mioeibßlppi... UK Erie W‘,.C., C. A O SO 72’ia!5'.&Qi Shore Erlo pfd. Ilarlom. [lndiana Central 3Bjj Illinois Central.ll3 Union Pacific Blocks.. 345tf Central Pacino bomla.lo2# I Union Pacific bonds.. 80 iDel. lack. & Woalera. 05 (13. U. & Erie.. VI I Harlem pfd 133 i: Michigan Central 101 I Pittsburgh 88& ' Northwestern 78 ! ( Northwcßtcrn'pfcl.... 80J<] Rock Inland 113 N. J. Central 101 flt.Paul 39 REAL ESTATE. Tho milder weather of tho last week or ton days has increased tho disposition to buy suburban lauds, but it has also caused a feeling of greater confidence on tho part of holders of land, and many who wore willing to sell a fow weeks ago, whou tho woathor was wiutcry and tho bleak prairio lauds in tho suburbs looked mything but inviting, aro unwilling to sell now. Spring sunshine and sprouting grass oro groat stimulants to imaginations, that picture future suburban villas where there is nothing of tho kind yet. But whilo there is more confidence there aro fewer traneoctious, for the reason that tho views of holders and of*' would-be-buyers eooin to bo further apart. Somo of tho latter be gin to think that, possibly, “ tbo speculation is out ” of land in some directions, whore tho ad vance in prices has been great within tho last few months. Tho moat active speculation just at present is porbaps in that extensive, uninhabited, and al most inaccessible district extending about six miles west from tho Groat Eastern Railroad, and about six miles Boutlr.rard from the Chicago & Alton Railroad, comprising about twelve square miles of territory in tho west half of tho Town of Lake, and about tho snmo in tho cast half of tho Town of Lyons. Tho price of laud in that direction is low compared to the prices in oilier directions tho eamo distance from iho city, be cause there is no menus of transit to and from the city. Two or three suburban railroad pre lects for making this land accessible are talked of, though wo hvvo reason to believe none of them have, ns yot, any more substantial foundation than “ talk. The talk, however, ban bad tho effect to increase tho prices asked for a largo part of tho laud in that quarter, and a good many salos have been made at prices double what tho land could havo been bought for a year ago. Tho latest sale wo bear of in that direction is that of 100 acres, in tho northeast of. Section 110, Town of Lalco, being four miles west of Englewood, and one mile directly west of South Lynne, at SSOO per aero. There appears also to bo sumo kind of a speculative railroad project brewing in connec tion with tho district between tho (J. B. A Q. it. R., and tho Ogdon ditch, and extending all tho way from tho city limits out to tho Dosplalnos River. In tho NOIITHEUN TAUT OP CICERO, which includes Rldgolaud. Austin, and tho North western shops, there in also a good deal of spec ulative activity, though it has a more substantial basis of actual improvement—in tho way of now railroads already built, and buildings being erected—than tho districts first mentioned. About a hundred men uro now at work on tho rouud-houso, which is to ho part of tho grout blvo of industry at tho Northwestern shops, and aovoral dwellings for occupation by persons con nected with tho mechanical department of tho Northwestern Railroad aro about to bo erected. In this quarter wo hoar of tho sale of 10 aoros In Beo. 16, being on Madison street, half a mile west of tho new city limits, at $9,600 per aoro. also 4 acres in 800. 10, over a milo and a half west of the city limits, and half a milo southeast of Austin, for $2,600 per aero. A HAU.IIOAD HOUND TUB* CITY. Two projoctu for a “ Bolt Hallway n around tho entire suburban territory, just outuldo tho city limits, uro being talked of. One of those has a sort of quasi indorsement from tho North western Railroad Company, and it is proposed lo make a 1i..0 from flomo'polnt In tho Town of Lake View, north of Lincoln Pork, and running nont ami uouth, adjacent to tho boulevard. It would naan Humboldt, Central, Douglas, and tlio Ho'.Uh Parks, tbuH forming a bolt railway, which, in lIM progress, would crosa every railroad enter ing Oiilcnco. All tho advantages of a union depot would thereby bo Bcourod to tho traveler. Truinn would bo mu, Ray starting from the Doutboru terminus ; and, on arrival ut tho first crossing, tho uamo of that railway would bo an nounced, the transfer of imwiongora made, and tho tmmo proceeding repeated at caoh crossing upon tho naif circular route. ALONG TUB CHICAGO A PACIFIC RAILROAD. The work on tho Chicago & I’aciflo Hallway la now being pushed forward with energy. About ono tullo of track Is laid per day. The rood in graded, the exception of a few oulh, to Elgin, and tho track in laid a distance of 25 miles from their temporary depot, coni or North llrauuh, Water, and misted directs, It in ex pected that tho lino will bo in working order to Elgin by tho 10th of uoxt May, and to the junc tion on tho Western Union Hallway dining tho season. Thoro la considerable activity in refer ence to stock along tho Uuo, aud tho suhaorip- tlons arc encouraging. ; A mixed traiu will bo put on within a week, ruunlug over tho completed part each way once per day. As soon as spring has fairly opened n suburban train, running six or eight times a day. will bo added. Tho Company is already supplied with considerable rolling stock to moot the de mands for freight and passenger traffic. Several stations are established near tho city limits, around which thoro Is much activity in real estate. Tho first one of these is at Humboldt Park. Lands adjacent may ho put down at from $1,500 to $4,000 per acre. Much of it is subdivided, and is ou tho market by tho lot. Cue and a half miles west of Humboldt is the second station, called “Pacific.” Tho lands at this point have boon subdivided into village lots and aro hold at about tho samo figures as above. Next to Pacific and one aud a half miles further, is tho third station, called “Kolvyu Grove." Tho lands around this station are now being subdivided. Seven hundred and forty acres are In tho posses sion of ono party, who proposes to mako this locality ono of groat attraction. A boulevard 200 feet wide will extend through it oast and west, and north and south. Every alternate street will bo 100 foot in width. Tho uoxt elation is “ Qalowood," which Is lo cated on “ tho ridge.” Thou another mile and a half comes “ Lovett,” where a oration has boon built, and two miles more brings tho lino to the Dosplalnos Hlvor, at “ Oazonovlt*,” whore thoro is active demand for acre property. This lino of railway roaches the city on tho Bioomingdnlo Hoad, crossing tho North Branch near the Bolling Mills. THE EVANSTON TRAINS. Tho residents of Evanston make considerable complaint of the "Tact that tho trains on tho Northwestern Itoilroad do not run into Wells street depot, na they did last year, but start from and stop in tho Northwestern depot, on the what side of tlio river, to tho groat incon venience of tho Evanston people. The other project is for a similar lino branch ing of! to tho west from tho Illinois Central Bailroad somewhere obont liydo Park and run ning west just south of tho South Parle to some poiut west of South Lynne, thonco north through tho Town of Cicero, and eastward through tho Town of Lako View to some point of junction with tho Milwaukee railroads, thus crossing all the railroads that outer the city. Ono of the oh-, jocts in view is to transfer freight cars from ono railroad to another. This toad is, wo under stand, favored by tbo Illinois Central Company, who profess willingness to give passenger depot facilities for tbo trains of tbo toad in tboir Luke Bboro Depot. WHOLESALE PHY GOODS AND CLOTHING. Tho tendency tu ail largo cities is, for dilforont departments of business, especially of tbo whole sale trade, to form centres, around which nil seem to cluster. Immediately after tho Uro, it appeared as if tbo ontiro dry goods business was about to locate in the throo or four blocks bound ed by Market, Washington. Mouroo, and Wells streets. It is now evident that moat of tbo larger retail stores will drift back to tboir old quar ters ; but tbo wholesale trade seems likely to remain whore it is. Within tho Inst week or two, several of tho wholesale clothing cslnbUsh monts have been looking for quarters in tho vicinity of tbo heavy dry goods houses, and wo should not bo surprised to see a very consider able movement iuthat direction by tho Ist of May. * THE NEW CUSTOM-HOUSE. Tho work on the now Custom-llauso building will commence vigorously, with a force of nearly 100 mon, ns soon as tho weather permits and tho frost is thoroughly out of tho ground. Up to tho present tlmo, and for the excavating and.concreting, etc., $51,000 has been expended. All reports to tho contrary, and there. aro such abroad, are false. The work has progressed, iu addition to tho oxoavntionu, to tho laying of the foundation of tho area wall. Tho stone for this, wall iu nearly all oil the"ground, together with ft .good portion of tho pier stones. Ic is being de livered as faot ns it is prepared. It is furnished by John H. Mueller, and comes from .Buena Vista, iu Ohio. Some idea of the contract for this material may bo formed when it is slated that the machinery, alone, for handling this atone at tho quarry and tho landing at Cincinnati and at tho depot on Twelfth street, cost $200,000. It is brought from Buena Vista down tho Ohio Bivor to Cin cinnati. and thence to Chicago over tho Illinois Central Railroad, via Kankakee. The pier stones will each weigh five tons. The machinery for hoisting and handling this mate rial is now being received at tho grounds. There aro other single pieces of tho stone-work thatwill weigh twouty-two and a half tons. Tho coat for all sizes will average $1.30 per cubic foot. It will bo sandstone, and of tho same bind ns seen in tho Board of Trade Build* lug and many other flue buildings in tho city. Tho iron work of tho basement and first story will bo let on tho 12th inat. Tho competition for ilia contract, which includes tho material and placing it in position, is extended all over tho United States. It is not known who will re* coivo it, bat it is honed it may bo award ed to Chicago. The bids will bo opened on tho X2th, and then sent to Washington for award. Tho columns of tho first story—many of them will weigh eight tons— aro single castings. Tho iron-work for tho basement and first story vail cost near $400,000. It is expected that two stories of tho great odifico will bo completed during tho season. At tho present, nothing more is being done than tho pumping out of tho water in tho founda tion that is below tho sower level, and tho planking around tho building to faeiliiato team ing. hatuuday’o tiukbfehs. Tho following instruments wore filed for record on Saturday, April 5: orty rnoi’F.nnf. Hastings st„ o of ami near st, n f, 24 ft to al loy, date I April I; consideration, $l,lOO. Khclllcld av, between Clay raid Kroner st, of. lota 110 and 111, dated April 3 ; consideration, si;33o. - West Harrison at, between Gold and Morgan ala, n - f, Lot 40, dated April 0 ; consideration, $5,001). Calumet av, near Twenty-eighth fit, of, Lot 7, dated March 20 ; conaidorutiou, {O,OOO. Lota 24 and 25, in Dlock 5, of Sherman's Addition to Holstein, dated Oct. 12, 1872 ; consideration, SBOO. Von Horn at, near n ocur of Paulina et, sf, Lot 31, dated April 6; consideration, SBOO. Lola 20 and 21, In Diode 2, of Phinnoy’s Subdivision. In a e M of 800 11, 30,10, with other property, dated March 15 ; consideration, $4,500.- ' • Lowo uv, between Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth eta, wf, 24 ft to alloy, dated March 28 ; consideration,' SCSO. Hub-lot 18 of Lot 6, in Died; 29, Soc. 29, 39, 11, dated April 3 ; consideration, SB9O, ' Forest av, no corner of Thirty-seventh ni, 3)/ acres, dated March 29: condduraliou, ‘*75,000. George Hkherdiko to Jacob Duller. Huo-Tot 7 of Lot 8, In D’oclta 3 mid 4, Bee. 29, 39,14,' dated March 31 ; consideration, $550. Arnold st, n-w corner of Thirty-third at, of, 30?nill0 ft, datod April 3 ; consideration, $1,109. Dread st, o of and iwwr Arclior av,- w f, 24 ft to alloy, With buildings, dated.Fob. 13 ; consideration, $1,707. Ogdon av, no of and near Taylor at, t o front, 24 ft to alley, dalod March 29; consideration, $1,450. Lois 28 and 29, In 'Wilson's subdivision in w M of n w of See 18, 39, 14, dated Fob 1. Consldertion, $3,000. Indiana av, 227 2-3 ft north of Thlrty-flflh ft, of, 25x ICO 7-10 ft, datod March 3; consideration, IV'OO. Wouteru uy, 143 ft south of Thompson-st, of, 60s 120 ft, dated April 2: consideration, $1,500. lloboy st, 288 ft d of Polk si, w f, 24x114)/ ft, dated Nov. 0,1872; conshlorMon, $2,760, Winchester uv, 330 ft uof Polk st, of, 24x114|/ ft, dated Nov. 0,1872 ; consideration, $2,850. West Chicago av, near Dose st, s f, 25x120 feet, dated April 6; consideration, $2,100. The premises No, 400 West Chicago av, dated April ' 6 ; consideration, $3,900. First st, 100 ft o of Itonbcn st, n fj 25x123 ft, dated April Q ; consideration, $(,000. Lot 2, In . Dlock 0, In Mclloynolda’ Addition, dated April 6 ; consideration, S7OO. tiixtoeuth st, near Prairie av, af, 23x145 ft, dated July 30,1872 ; consideration, $15,009. Milwaukee av, hot Division ami Cleaver ala, a w f, 25 Xl44jtf ft, datod March 7 } consideration, $2 000. Hupcrlor at, bnt Cues and, Itush elu, s $, 25x135 ft, dated March 1; consideration, $5,000. West Monro# st, near u w cor of Lincoln st, a f, Lot 33, dated March 17 ; consideration, $2,600. Lot 21, in uume, dated March 17 j consideration $3,000. . , . KORTn OP CTTT T.IMITB, Blocks, In LIU et r.l. Hulnlivlalou of bw Wof nw.V Bin. 2D, 40,14, dated Feb. 22; conuldcraUuu, $15,G00. LoU 42 ami 4J, lu Block 2, of a of u o u o ){ See. 20,40, 14, dated March ill; consideration, $1,1)00. Lot 17, of Wcaao & Ilydo’fl Lot 1, of nvr &of ho if 800 20, 40,14, dated March 20; consideration, SOOO. booth of city'nmim Lot i t iu Block 7, of Taylor & Kriegh'a o of thou w See. 4, as, 14, dated March 22: consideration, (500. . Lot 7, In Block 2, of vr >4 n w Jrf 800 3, 38,14, dated April 3; consideration, (13,000. Luts i and 6, in Block 3, of Patrick's Subdivision In Httwofiw l( Suo 15, 38,14, dated Juno 5. 1372 ; con sideration, $9,990. Lots 23 to !i;Vln Block 2, of Traver'B n vr V of n w vofno >< of iSoo 6, 38,14, dated March 11; considera tion, $5,000. East C neves of n H w )4 flVngofmTV 800 4, 33, 14, dated Fob 28; consideration, (22,1500, Block 14, of I’nrkcr’fl no of n w •«( Beo 6, 38, 14, dated Fob. 25 ; consideration, SIB,OOO. Lot 34, In Block 1, of llolnl/.’ Budlvlnlon in s vr }( of 800 4,38,14, dated Feb, 25; rouMdomUnn, SOOO, Lots 7t09, In Block 2. of MeOhesnej’j Subdivision in nwU of Beo 0, 38j 14, dated March 10;. considera tion,‘ SOOO. wrar or orrr limitb. Block 0, in Salisbury's o jtf of no h( Bee 3, 30, 13, dated March 1 { coucldoratlun, $12,300. SUMMARY FOR THE WEEK. Tho following is tho total amount of olty and suburban property transferred during tho week ending Saturday, April 5 t City properly, num ber or sales, 107; consideration, $1,271,188.' North of city limits, number of salon, -1; con sideration, $21,000. South of olty limits, num ber of sales, 88 ; consideration, $170,001. West of city limits, number of sales, 1 ; considera tion, $13,500. Total sales, 235 : total considera tion, sl, -170,180. COMMERCIAL. Batdudat Evening, April 6. The following woro tho receipts and shipments of tho loading articles of produce in Chicago dur ing tho past twouty-four horn’s, aud for tho oor rospondiug date one year ago : REOEUTH. SHIPMENTS. 1873. | 1873. 1873. 1872. Flour, hrls 7,1181 3,525. 10,500 4,429 Wheat, Im 24,873 1,7501 33,833 13,430 Com, bu.. 30,330' 47,215! 13,608 40,890 Oats, hU 24,2501 18,130| 10,943 40,308 Ryo, bu 2,077 . OCR 9,300 1,200 Barley, bn 0,970 2,510] 12,425 8,345 Ornos seed, lt>3 09,170. 43,140) 103,507 40,853 Flax seed, 1M...... 17.000 1 30,700 19,600 Broom com, 1b5,... 8,100 10,000, 400 Cured meats, lbs... 153,400 197,108 1229,345 711,420 Beef, brls |... | - 135 Pork, brla 73 229' 1,400 1,020 Lard. Ibn 278,300. 20,2001 340,080 130,003 Tallow, 11)8 23,870 18,700 20,075 Butler, lb 42,445 41,773 6,500 10,300 Drcoscd hoRH, No.. 81 44 Live hOgn, No 17,235 3,025 10,703 2,053 Cattle, No •.... ' 3,234 1,538 2,530 2,848 Sheen, No 1,134 480 043 1,934 Hides, Ibn 201,103 112,830 143,289 02,020 Ulghwlncß, brls.... 383 250 109 305 Wool, IL3 09,700 41,280 10,050 21,800 Potatoes, Im 4,083 7,415 1,017 1,510 Lumber, M feot.,.. 358 1,705 1,247 083 Shingles, M..: 720 1,020 1,709 1,303 Lath, M 40 400 40 37 Salt, tglS. 300 619 3,109 Withdrawn from store on Frida’ sumption: 3,161 buwheat; 4,305 harloy. Withdrawn for do duri 19,699 bu wheat; 18.319 bu com; 2,G76 bu rye; 9,233 bu barley. The following grain has been' inspected into store this morning, up to 10 o’clock: 37 cars wheat; 103 cars corn; 7 cars oats; 1 car rye ; 11 cars barley. Total, IC2 cars, or 61,000 bu. The following wore the receipts and shipments of broadntuffs and stock at this point during the week ending with this morning, and lor corre sponding weeks ending as dated: April 0, March 29, April 6.’ 1873. 1873. 1872. ....’; 11,801 T. 113 5,485 Bini'MllNlS. . . Flour, brls.... Wheat, bu Coni, bu Gale, bu Ityo, bu Barley, bu Live hogs, No. Cattle, No Flour, brls 05,298 00,176 21,203 Wheat, bu 101,8110 , 50,080 67,992 Corn, bu 81,184 8it, 023 ' 164,018 Oats, bu 142,603 140,707 120,857 Kyo, bu 5,378 8,809 0,413 Barley, bu 09,000 72,181 4.3,122 Live hogs, No. 58,83 1 48.143 23,829 Cattle. No 13,502 12.838 10,384: Tho warm, pleasant weather of this morning seemed to take everybody by surprise, and im parted a wholesome stimulus to many depart ments of activity, as it promised an early re sumption of summer business. Such weather, if continued, would speedily unlock tho straits, : and permit tho resumption of navigation, whiio it would also compensate for tbo hitherto retard ing weather, which has prevented tbo farmers, from seeding cs extensively astlioyhad expected. Building operations took a now start, although it was tlio Inst day of tho week, and tho move- • moats of vossols in thoharbor showed tho anxiety of business mon to bo ready for tbo first breeze which shall carry out our groin and other pro- . duci?to tho consumer. Atthoenmo time , the ‘straits are* now full of 100, and some say they contain raoro ice than at this date iu any ono of twcnty.yoars past. Tho Associated Press report of last evening gave throo reasons for tho weakness in grain in Now York, but omitted to give what is un doubtedly tho true reason. -That is tho fact that that thoro has been no export demand on tho seaboard, as proven by tbo statement that tho exports from Now York for tho week ending lost evening woro only 1*2,000 bu wheat, ana 130,000 bu corn. With such plentiful offerings of California wheat in Liverpool, tho merchants there do not care to order wheat from this sec tion. and thoro is little encouragement to spec ulative shippots, in tho fact that tho best bid in Liverpool yesterday for Chicago No. 2 spring to arrive in May was 48a per quarter,-which willnot admit of over $1,05 being paid for it boro, reck oning on the basis of 15c freight to Kings ton. Tho leading produce markets were dull to-day, with the execution of wheat and provisions. Saturday is seldom a busy day, - except when it falls at tho end of a mouth. Tho shipping de mand was very light, and tho speculative ele ment hold back from Investing. Tho receipts worn only moderate, and tho rail shipments lib eral for tho season. , There was a good degree of activity in tho grocery market, and prices wore again firm all around, and unchanged. Dry goods continue reasonably active, with but little variation in prices. All staple fabrics, and seasonable goodk generally, are hold with pronounced firmuoss. utter was in good request at yesterday’s prices. Receipts are increasing somo, but tho increase is chiolly iu common to fair grades, choice . dairy continuing scarce. Bagging remains quiet as previously quoted. Thoro was no change in tho chocso, fish, and dried fruit markets. Canned goods mot with a satisfactorily active Inquiry, and nearly all ar ticles enumerated iu the list wore hold firmly at tho quoted prices. Com advanced a trillo, with which exception thoro wore no quotable changes in values. Hay was again reported dull, with prices unsettled and Irregular. Hides wore iu moderate request only, aud the market was lack ing iu strength. Leather was firm. No now features wore noted in tho pig-iron, tobacco, and wood markets. Oils woro fairly , active at tho quoted prices. Tho warm woathor has had a favorable effect on the lumber market; tho demand for all de scriptions having improved, and a steadier fool ing exists, tho higher grades and shingles re maining firm. Brick, rune, cement, oto., aro in good request, tho quoted prices being generally adhered to. Fair activity was noticed in tho market for metals, tinners’ stock, and nails; and prices are ruling steady, and for many articles strong. A fair business was transacted in iron and steel, tho market being: firm for all imported stock. No further change in' American iron was reported. Naval stores mot with an improved inquiry, and rule steady. rWool and hops woro quiet, and without particu lar change. Prices for tho former- stivplo aro weak and irregular, while hops aro held firmly at quotations, as tho stocks are light, and gradual ly becoming loss. Broom corn was without new feature; manufacturers aro purchasing for im mediate consumption, tho hotlor qualities being mostly wanted. Thoro was voiy-littlo trading iu tho scad market, to-day, and all descriptions woro dull, excepting tho higher grades of tim othy, which woro iu tolerably fair demand. Prices w?ro unchanged. Tho demand for pota toes continues fair, aud former prices woro readily obtained. Green fruits woro , quiet; prices woro unchanged for oil varieties,'except apples, which, under liberal stocks and many in ferior offerings, aro weak and Irregular. Poultry Is still very scarce, and all offerings sell readily on arrival. Eggs were in moderate local demand ut ll@lso. Lake freights woro inactive, and nominally un changed, al-16ofofr corn andlUo for wheat, by sail to Buffalo, and 200 and 21>£o for do to Oswe go. Bail freights are firm at Gflo per 100 lbs to Now Jerk, anu7oo to Bouton. Through freights, by lake and roll, aro quoted 100 below those rates. H ghwinoa were qulot and steady at tho recent decline, though quoted llrmor In Now York till near tho clouo. Sales wore limited to 100 hrls at per gallon. I'rovhdoua ;voro rulhor moro active, being in traitor demand. Tho trading wna principally in pork and lord, tho former iidvnnoing lOmlOo nor brl, tuid tho lottor 100 por 100 IN, tho' rooont oharp doolino having brought out oovornl buying ordora. Moata woto iu omnll, olid a ulmdo ouolor, several holdoro offering inoota frooly at yesterday's quotations. Tho warmer weather will intorforo to eomo oxtontvrith tlio movomont of moats, nn<l yob sollor May in in favor with buyers, several largo loto having boon recently sold on that option. Tlio demand to-day, for pork and lard, was boliovod to bo altogolhor from tbo obort iutorent. Tbo market cloood at tbo following range of prices: Mesa pork, cash or sollor April, 010.CO; t H5.05; do sollor May, $15.75: do sollor Juno, IO.OOCPIO.05; do sollor July,-$10.25? prime moss, none boro; old pork, $11.00(3)M.50. Lard, cash, or sollor April, sß.Bo@B.Usj do sollor May, $8.47^@8.G0; do sollor Juno, $8.05 @8.70. Swoot picklod hams quoted at 11@ Dry sailed moats qnolnnlo at 0@0>(jo for shoulders; 7j1f@7%0 for long clour; 7M@ 7Ko for short riba ; and for short clear, fioxod ohouldoro, English moats. 7)tf@7.%0 for Ouraborlando? B@BK° for short ribs; for short clour: forlongcut hams. Bacon is quoted at 7Uo for shoulders, Oo for door rlbo, V}£o for short clear, and 13@150 for hams, all packed. Moss hoof, §0,0()@9.C0; extra mess do, $10.00@10.BO; hoof hams, $28.50@29.50. City tallow, groaso quolablo at 0).( @oJtfo. Halos wore reported of 1,500 hrla moss pork seller May at $15.75; 8,000 brls do seller Juno at $10.05; 250 brls do at $10.00; 1.050 lea lard seller May at $8.50 ; 1,250 tea do sollor Juno at $8.70 ; 20,000 lbs short ribo at 7^*050,000 lbs short dear at 80. Tho following wore tho stocks of pork pro ducts on hand in this city on tho Ist innt., as reported by tho packers nnd warehousemen to tbo Secretary of tbo Pork Backers’ Association: Mesa pork, new, brls 53,002 Mesa pork, old, brki 80,310 Prime mesa pork, br15.......... fiO Clear pork, brla. 480 Lard, tea.; ~..i 42,200 Sweet pickled hams, ten 0(5,2118. Sweet pickled hams, brkt 2,150 Simulacra, lbs .5,050,500 Short rib mlddlcu. lbs 0,0.12,300 Short clear middles, 1b5.... 3,374,230; Long clear middles, Ibn... 117,300 Cumberland middles, ibn......... 70,000 Hough sides, lbs ~ 134,000 Dolllca, lbs 107,000 CKtease, ' Tho daily u Commercial Report" gives tbo fol lowing as (ho shipments of provisions from this city for tbo week ending April 3.1873, and ainco Nov. 1, 1872; also comparative llgurcs: Wools cmllnif April 3 3,257 6,1 IW 3.7JU 3,631,800 6,W9,?(W Rainowoeklß79.. l.H'5 I.WB l.SfiH 417,i»l RlnooNov. 1. *73.103,313 157,140 40.717 39,1i14.;i14 Hl.OUU:!! Homo time *71.73. 07.833 140,123 49,W7 31,010,032 00,220,013 Tbo shipments In detail wore on follows : Shoulders, bxs, 4,430; short ribs, bxs, 2,083;-short doer, bxs; 3.705 j long clear, bxs, 1,535; long hams, bxs, .1,751, Cumborlauua, bin, 1,188; bacon, bxs, 139} long rib, bxs. 23; Staffordshire, bxs, 2CO; Strolforus, bxu, Cl; Irish out, bxs, 2-i; Birmingham, bxs, 10; bullies, ten, 400; shouklon. Pcs, 8,134; short riba, pea, 10,030; short clear, baolct, 02 tea. Flour was qulot, though a shade moro aotivo limn on Friday, thcro being a moderate inquiry for shipment. thoughToported dull'and heavy in Now York. The demand from the local trado was .only moderate. Prices wore unchanged, some holders being a little firmer in their views from tho fact that tho shipments now exceed tho receipts.' Bales wore reported of DO hrls white winter extras at $10.25 260 hrls do on private terms; 200 brls spring extras at $0.50 ; 50 hrls do at $0.37k ; 100 hrls do at $0.25 ; 100 brls do at $0.20; 050 brls do on private terms ; 200 brls Biiporfliioß at S4;GO ; 50 brls do at. $3.75 ; 200 brls rye (King William) and 100 brls do (Forest City) at $.1.25 : 100 brls do on private terms. Total, 2.050 brls. Also 80 tons bran at SIO.OO on track. The following was tho asking range of prices at tho close: ty for city cou >bu rye; 017 bu ring tho week : - ; 4,800 bu oats; Bair to cholco white winter extras $ 8.25 010.60 Red - 'winter extras... 7.00 'O-8.50 Good to cholco spring extras 6.75 0 0.76 Low* to medium 5.00 0 6.75 Good to fancy Minnesota... 6.50 0 8.00 Spring supcrflncß 3.00 0 4.73 Ryo flour 4.00 @ 4.35 Bran 10.00 $10.60 Middlings 10.00 014.00 Wheat tci moderately aotivo, ami %o higher than on Friday, under a good demand, which was chiefly from the put interest, till tho shorts were attracted by tho increased firmness, and filled in with more freedom. New York was quoted ir regular, with largo holders firm in their views, notwithstanding a very small export demand. Tho advices from Liverpool generally quoted, that market as firmer, though nil did not agree !u that respect. This gave tv stronger tone to onr market, especially as there are a groat num ber of orders hero to buy May wheat at $1.10(5) 1.20. Tho greatest cause of tho improvement in .prices scorned, however, to bo the fact that there wore numerous “ puts " out, to deliver at about 81.10% to-day; and tho parties who had sold those privileges wore naturally anxious to pre vent deliveries from being made. This put business is growing, in magnitude; in fact it seems now to bavo boon organized into a regular science, like tho bookmaking of tho turfite'. It has recently had a great deal to do with the tone of onr loading grain markets. Seller Slay, wrhich was tho principal option dealt in. opened at-$1.19%i advanced to $1.209£, de clined to $.120, rose to $1.20%, and declined to 61.20)4 at tho close. Seller tho month, or regu lar No. 2 spring, sold at $1.14%@1.15%, closing nt $1.15. Seller Juno sold nt $1.21%@1.22%; and buyer May at $1.23(2)1.23%. ' Now receipts of No. 2 spring closed at sl.lß. No. 1' spring was nominal at sl.2C@l 28; ami No. 3 do nomi nal at SI.OO for regular. Cash sales wore re ported of 7,G00 bu No. 2 spring (fresh) at $1.18; 6.000 bu do regular at $1.15% ; 10.000 bu do nt $1.15%; 10,000 bu do nt 51.15%; 40,000 bu do at $1.15%; 15,000 bu do at $1.15%; 10,000 bu do at $1.15; 5,000 bu No. 3 spring (fresh) at $1.08; 1,600 bu do nt $1.07%; 800 bu rejected spring nt 93%0; 2,400 bu do at 03c. Total, 108.000 bu. Corn was dull and steady at an average decline of%c from tho average of Friday, with a greatly realised demand. Now York was heavy, and tho weather hero was fine, which promised a larger yield on the now crop, and larger receipts on tho old, while tho prospects of snipping out are small, ns most of the freight room now in harbor has boon engaged by one or two parties, and a considerable proportion thereof is understood to bo for corn to arrive by canal. So great an anxiety to sell, and bo little desire to buy, *havo not boon noticed in corn for several days past. It is probable that much of this fooling was duo to fears of tbo effect of • tho weather upon tho com now in store hero, as much ;of it was secured lu on inferior con dition as to dryness. There Is ‘little doubt that a long spell of warm, muggy weather would try it severely. Seller tho month, or regular No. 2, sold at 80%(2>30%0, with one sale at 30%0 ; now receipts of No. 2 at 330 ; seller May at 34% @31%0 ; seller Juno at 36%@30%c; seller July at 08%@30%c, and seller August at 3'J%(S)S9%c I all closing firm at the inside.' Cash-sales wore reported of 14,400 bu No. 2 fresh at 83c ; 5,000 bu regular ac 30% c; 25,000 bu do at 80% c; 45.000 bn do at 80% c 5 3,200 bu rejected at 2H%c; 12.000 bu, by sample, nt 02o; 800 bu do nt 31% c; 400 bu ear at 80c, all on track. Total, 105,600 bu. Oats wore dull and Httlo bettor than nominal at a slight advance on lie reduced quotation!) of Friday, buyers being few and far between, while the reported shipments nearly equaled the receipts, and the arrivals of this morning were small. Seller the month, or regular No. 2 sold at 23#@23#c; now receipts of do at 2G@2o#o; and seller Slay at 27%@27.%0 l with one rumored sale at 28c. Boiler Juno was nominal’at 29@ 29#0. The market closed rather Arm. Cash saloH wore reported of 10,000 bu No. 2 fresh at 2G#o; 2,400 Im do at 20o; 1,200 bu rejected (Neeley's) at 220; GOO bu (black) by sample at SOo, oh track. Total 14,200 bu. quiet aud unchanged, there being lit tie offering, and no demand to speak of. Rogu lar No. 2 was nominal at 62#0. • Baloa wore re stricted to 400 bu No. 2, now receipts, at 04c; aud 400 bu by sample at (57c. . Corley was dull, and about 1c lower all round, with only a very limited demand at any price. Regular No. 2 was tamo nt 75c, and was offered freely at 770 seller Inst half. No. 3 was dull and

nominal at G4@050. Cash sales wore reported of 2.000 bu No. 2 fresh at SOo ; 400 bu do at 700 j 5.000 bu regular at 750 ,• 4,800 bu rejected at 43c; 800 bu do at 42K0 : 400 bu by sample at 900 ; 400 bu do at 730 ; 400 mi do at 720; 400 bu do at Cflc, all on track : 600 bu do nt 850 ; 400 bu do at SOo, delivered. Total, 15,800. LATEST. In the afternoon there was a moderate amount of trading on the curbstone, and wheat closed a' shade Armor than at the eloao of 'Change. No. 2 spring was nominal at seller the mouth, and sold at $1.20@1.20,% Holler May, closing at $1.20#. Corn was m moderate re quest, and steady at 00#@30%0 seller the month, and 01#@3l5<o seller May. Other grain was quiet and unchanged. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Satuupay Evening, April B. f ALCOnOI/— Waa In fair request at U.7BQUJ) for 01 per ccut proof. „ , UUCOM COltN—Local ami Eastern manufacturers aro purchasing small lota, chiefly of the higher graded, for Immediate consumption. There waa no change in the inferior qualities. Wo repeat: No, 1 hurl, CftGjijO nor ll>; No. lalockbruia,6®B*<o: No.ado,4ft4M«: do, U@3ji£o; inside green, ajqo: do rod Up, do pule and rod, BDTTEII—The featuroo of this market wore un changed. Tbo demand for cholco butter again largely exceeded the supply, and the extrema prices establish ed earlier in the week woro easily obtainable to-day, sales making at 84@380, and in a small way at 400. Tbo poorer sorts woro quiet and firm. Wequulo: Common to cholco roll, a4@330; strictly cholco dairy, packed, 34(3380: medium to good, 3f1(3300j Inferior to common, 10@i3o, I'crl - . Lnr<l, U-ims, Shoulders, Jll'hltei, hrla. Us. les. Ihs, tht. DAdOlNC—Crain Inga woro moving to oxlcnto fair at full prleen, while burlaps, gunnies, nml wool nocks ruled qntot nml omiy. Following arc Iho quolallonn : Stark, 370; Ludlow, 35e; Lewiston, American, 32*tfc; AnioKkong, 321-io; Otter Greek, 34c; burlap boguj 4 and 5 bu, 20®22,m0; gunnies, ulnftle, 17© 18MO: double. 23©200 J woolsacks, 07L'o. DEANS AND PKAS—Were in tnodondo request. Tho rorolpla aro fair. Wo quolo: Navies nt $2,3t)©2,50; primo to rholcb, $2.10©2.25; fair to gooJ, (1.C002.00 ; com mon to medium, drecu peas, $1.4001X0 per bu; whllo do, £1.2501.50. UUlT.blNd MATEItIALH—Were In good demand. Prices for moat materials rtdo steady. We quote: Rtucco, $2.5002.75 { Now York Btucco, mating $3.7604.01); rn perdue do, $3.50(754.00; llontmlnlo cement, $3.23© Si/iD; Utica comout, 52.00 per brl; Louisville cement, $2,00; Akvon cement, S2.fiJ; marble dust, $3.2*.©3.50; lime 1» bulb, !)Oc©H.OOs Umo (brio), $1.25 per' brl; avhllo cund, per brl, f2.78©3.00; plastering hair, por bn, 40©50o; flro brick, per I.COO, $40.00 ©00.00: building brick (common), IO.CO@10.00; sower brick, $12.0(1013.00; country brick, 110.110012.00, del,’; St, Lento hydraulic pressed, (45,00, del. ; Milwaukee, $32.00, del. 5 Itacino, 825.50, dot.} Hillsdale, $25.00, del; Aro clay, per brl, $1.00(3-5.00. Tho following la thu list of -pricey per box of 00 feet for domestic window glnon,- from which a reduction of 45 and 6 per cent iff made to dealers * first Donors onxftty* tinnnth, fix 8 to 7xo $ 5.75 $ 8.00 7xlo to oxlo 0.75 0.00 fizU to 10x19 7.25 10.00 8x14(0 10x15 8.00 12.00 11x14 to 12x17 8.75 14.00 12x181610x20 0.25 10.00 14x02 to 10x24... ~ 10.00 18.00 18x22 to 18x30 11.00 10.00 20x28 to 24x30 13.00 21.00 20x23 to 24x30 14.00 • 24.00 20x34 to 20x40 15.0 20.00 23x38 to 23x44 10.03 28.00 28x40 to 30x48 18.U0 20.00 30x50 to 32x52 00.00 32x54 to 34x50 30.00 31x58 to 34x00 42.00 30x00 to 40x00 45 00 CANNED GOODS AND PICKLES—Corn i» becom ing ncarco, and in Yarmouth nnd E'yin wo nolo o slight advance, tho former now being held at $3.00® 3.25. and tho latter at $2,8504.00. Other articles in tho lint wero without quolablo change, remaining Ann, an follows: CASHED GOODS. reaches, 3 lb PcHches, Ulb Pears, 2 lb Plums, dnmsonn, 2 lb Croon gagas and egg, 2 lb, OuhiccH, 21b Strawberries, 2 lb Raspberries.... i . lb. Uooooborrk'H. 2 lb, Toinatoca. 2 1b.... Tomatoes, 3 lb. Cam, Elgin.... Corn, Denton Harbor. Com, Yarmouth., Pone,.3 lb, p0d.... Pons, 2 lb. soaked, Lima beans,'2lb.. Succotash. 3 lb. Lobster. 3 lb. Lobster, 1 lb, Oyiuro, 1 lb, full weight.... Oysters, 2 lbs, full weight.. Oysters, ! Hi, alack weight.. Oysters, 2 lbs, slack weight. Small, brls, 2,200 per pkg Small, y brls, 1,100 per pkg., Medium, brls, 1,200 per pkg.. Medium, Irf brls, COO per pkg. Largo, brls. COU per pkg Largo, y brls, 300 perpkit.... In 10 C'dl. kegs, per keg In 5 gull, kegs, per keg... Chow Chow (Harvey), qta. Chow Ohow (Harvey), pis. Chow Ohow (O. It B.), qls. Chow Ohow (O. U B.), ptu.. Bure, y gall, cans, per doz $ 0.00010,00 Bure, quart can?, per doz... 6.600 0.00 Extra golden, y gall, cans, per doz.. 6.600 7.00' Extra golden, quart cans, por quart; 4.000 4.25 COOPERAGE—Was quiet and unchanged. Wo con tinue to quote: Pork barrels, $1.1601.25; lard tierces, $1.6001.60; whisky barrels,’ $1.85@3.20: flour barrels, 60@550; pork staves, rough, $17.00 018.00; do buckod or sawed, $20.00023.00: tlcrco staves, r0ugh.512.00021.00; do (inched or sawod,s2s.oo • 028.CO; whisky slaves, r0ugh,522.00025.00; do bucked, J28.00Q32.00; flour staves, s'J.Uo®ll.Co; ctrclo flour heading, 706cper net; flour hoop polos, $14.00016.00 per m; pork and tlcrco pole**, $30.000 35.00 per m. CHEESE—Remains firm and unchanged. A fair amount of trading was dono at tho annexed quota tions : Now York factory, 17010 c; Ohio factory, IC© 17c ; Western factory, 15017 c, COAL—Brices range substantially tbo samo os on the preceding days of tho wock, where, for tho pres-. i cut, they uro comparatively steady. Wo repent our list, as follows:.. Lehigh lump $12.60013.00; prepared, $12,60013.00 ; Lackawanna, $12.00 ; Erie $10.00010.51); Briar HU), $10.00010.60; Walnut IHII, $10.60; BlOßsburg, $10.00; Cherry Mine, $9.00; Booking Valley, $9.00; ludinua cauucl coal, $10.00; Indiana block, $0.00; Kirkland grate. $3.00; Miuonk, SB,OO ; Wilmington. $6.00, EGGS—Wore in moderate demand on local account. - Dealers wero asking 160 for cosoa and pocked lots, while loose packages are quotable at 14014 ye, Brices nre rather weak. Wo note sales of 115 eases at 160 ; 1,700 do/ nt 14*£ c; 35 eases and 400 doz at 14c. i’EATHEIIS—Tho receipts of prime feathers nro very, light, and genuine live geeso feathers nro 2c higher. Wo now quote: Brimo live gee«o at C 60700 from flrat hands; jobbing prices, 720780 for assorted feathers; mixed feather?, good grades, 460630; common do, 25040 a; chicken, 008 c. ITail—This market was without now features. WliiloCalt'* nra ra]itilly iUwtipy>««rltj,f from (homarket, and tho few yet on hand nro flrmly held at S7.CO. Cod, (hough temporarily in short supply, will noon bo In full stock. Brices range as follows: 4 No. 1 Whitehall, y brl, $7.00; No. 2 do, $6.76; No. 1 choro mackorol, y brl, $11.00011.25; Ko.l bay, $3.6008.76; No.2baymackerol, y brl, $7.0007.25; No. 1 shuro kits, $1.8501.90; bank codflah, pc r loo lbs, $0.0006.23; George’s codfish, $3.60 06.75; Labrador herring, split, brls, $9.0000.50; do y brl, $4.7605.00; Labrador herring, round, brl, SB,OOO 8.50; do y brl. $4.2504.60; box herring, No. 1, 310 33c; box herring, sealed, 420460; Columbia River salmon, half-brls, $10.00010,25. FItUITS AND NUTS—NoILIng now was noted In tho market for good* la this line. Only a limited move ment was visible in domestic fruits, and holders wero weak In their views, foreign assortments were in fair request at full rates. Itaislnn nro tend ing higher, Wo quote ; Fokkion— Dates, B>£(39c; figs, drums, ll@Hc; figs, box, prunes, 10® 10>;o; raisins, $2.50i32.C0; Zanto.currants,. B®B>jC. Domestic— Aldea apples, 18@20c; Michi gan do, 6#® Bo; Western do, 6®‘J’<fc; Houthcrudo, 4&os>jc; peaches, pared, 17®20c; poaches, halves, C®7o; do mixed, 4X® 5 X e » blackberries, 0X®10°» raspborrlea, 30®410 ; pitted cherries, 21@25c, Nuts— Filberts, 14@10o; almonds, Terragona, Ul@23c; Na ples walnuts, 24®25c; Brazils, 12®13c; pecans, 11® 12’tfc; African peanuts, o,*<®7o; Wilmington peanuts, 7(uj8o: Teuuonsco peanuts, GMGe. GUEEN FIIUITS—Were In moderate local request. Wo continue to quote: Apples, common to fair, sl.fio@3.oo; good to choice, $3.G0®3.75 per brl. from store; cranberries /cultivated) at slo.oo® 13.00 pcr> brl; common. uo at $3,00®0.00; lem ons at $5,50@7.00 pw box; Yalouola ;oranges, $10.00®13.00' 'per ease; do per box, S3.OO®S.GO; Palermo do, per box. $3.00®4.50; Moaslnado, $4.00® 0.00. llavana oranges,’ $13,00 per brl. GllOOElllES—Prices of groceries were not subjected to any important change. Trade was fair, and tho 2 notations wore generally adhered' to. Wo repeat our stas follows: Xji-Caru BODA— B®B,'.SC. (Jokkkeh— Mocha, «K)®31o; 0. O. Java, 28®290; Java, No. 2.2CQ20 Me; fancy illo, 21M0241fc ; choico do, 2102 t,Vc; prime Rio, 23’f021c; good do, ®23,vfc; common d0,22®22Kc; roastlugdo.iy;tfo2OJ,fo; Blugaporo, 23 I £o24‘ ; fo; Costa Rica, fancy, 24,‘.j®21»X c » do, prime, 24®24>.fc; Maracaibo, 23>f®23?ic. Cahdlkh— Star, full weight, UOJtfG-lo; stearin©, full 'weight, 15M(S»lGo t do short weight, 14,^015c. Rice— Patna. B^®B’i c * Rangoon, 7;*®8o; Carolina, 9®9Vc; Louisiana, 7?.j®BWc, BctiAns—Patent cut loaf, 13>i®13^o; crushed, pow dered, and granulated, A, Hloudard, lltf @ll*:c; do No. 2, n s *®Il'to ; 11, H/a®ll)tf 0 ; extra C,ll‘a®llM°? C, No. 2, lOJ.f®llo; yellow 0,10>;© 10 Vc; choico brown. 10 Me; prime do, 10®lD,Vo; fair do, choice molasses sugar.lO.'.fGSlOJtfo; fairdo, O&yifo; Now Orleans- sugar, choice, IDif® lOjtfo; do prime, 9Jf ®10o; do, fair,®9»io; com mon.BW@8 i .tC. OTnera—Diamond drips, $1.35@1.40; Bllvor drip* extra flue, 72075 c; good nugar-houflo aynip, 45®43e; extra do, 50@530; Now Orleans molasses, choico, 82 @Bsc; do prime, 75®80c; do common, 05@70o; Porto Rico molasses, choice, 65@050; common molasses, 32 @4oc. SAUEUATua—Common to heat, 9®loc. Spices— Allspice, 17@18o; cloves, 3T0380 j cassia, 88040 c 5 popper, 23,'n024c; nutmegs, $1.2.701.30; ginger, pure, 28030 c; do No. 1, 20025 c; do No. 2,10 @2oo Soaps— French mottled, CX®o?.fo; Gorman mot tled. 7*.fQ7jtfc: Golden West, CoOjtfc; White Lily, Cjtf ®C»fo; White Rose, C.V®Ujtfo; brown Windsor, palm, CoCjtfos Bavou Imperial, flJtftsHJJfo.. Btauom—Gloss, y *.i0lOo; corn, l)011c; laundry, 00 7o; common, sjtf@flc. HAY—Was in small demand at about former prices. .Wo quote wholesale prices as follows cars to contain 20,000 lbs: Oh Tiuoii—Timothy, boater pressed, $15,5001(3.50; timothy, loose pressed. $14.50 ©15.50; prairie, pressed, $2.00010.50. Oh waooh— Timothy, loose, $13.50014.50; prulrlo, loose, $2.00® 0.50. For delivery of pressed, $1.0001.50, according to distance. HIDES— The demand was moderate at the annexed quotations : Green butchers’, 7o; green salted, cured, heavy, lie; dollght, 12o; part cured.; grcencalf, 17c; green city veal Idp, 20o; prime, 14c; dry lG@17o; dry kip, 220; dry calf, 20c; dry flint. 19® 2Uc; deacons. 00065 c; damaged, B,'.f©flL'c; all other damaged stock two-thirds prise; branded, 10 per cent off. 110PU—Trade is still restricted to the immediate wants of local and country brewers, stocks arc gradual ly becoming reduced, and consequontlydcalcrs are Arm In their views. Wo again quote: Prime to choico Western at 40<3480; fair to good, 33038 c; common to medium, 25®300; Now* York, 45050 c; English, 40050 c; Bavarian. 50053 c. i ION EY—There Is scarcely any comb honey offering, and the market Is entirely nominal at the following range of price*: Choico comb, 23@280; fair to good, 20®25c; strained i»n.l common, 12015 c, lUON AND STEEL—MuivhnnU report a fair trmlo for the season. Them wau no further elmngu In prices. Wo quote: iron Uorso-shoo Iron Pluto iron.. RtiQsia iron Itm-blo Irou, No. latalucd Itio sft Norway nail rods.. 0 Csloo ft lb Oormnu plowntuel ...11 MlSo ft lb liimllßh cost plow Htcol 13 ft lb American tool aleel I7j< (&l»o ft lb Cliromo tool steel.... 1H tTiu rates ISmtlUli tool utc01..,. ...21 CC2*i rates KiibllbU Hpvliitf tiled U ft lb LUATilUU—Uuuiuecs was reported, and both domestic and Imported idock wan being hold with de cided firmness. Ilolow are the prices current: Oily harness . Country harness Linn, city, V Hn... Kip, lb iKip, veals Olty upper. No. 1,19 ft City upper, No, 2. V ft Country upper, No. 1 Collar, 9 ft Calf, city Calf, country Hough upper, light Rough upper, damanca...... UutVnln daughter solo, best.. IJufTaln slaughter sole, No. 9. "U,A." 501e..... Calf Kip, No. 1, medium, Kip.No. 2, heavy.... Harness French calf, Jodot. 65.00©00.00 French calf, Lcmolno. C0.00@80.00 French calf, 24 to2o lha I.Bo© 2.50 French calf, 20 to 00 Urn 1.75© 2.05 French calf, 30 to 3C 1.65© 2,20 French kin.CO to 100 11)3 I.lo© 1.09 LUMUBU—Tho demand for lumber of all kinds Is fair aud steadily Increasing, tho warm weather of a day or so past having a favorable effect upon the mar ket. Thonotlor grades ore very Arm, being In light slock, ami loltcro ore received from various Eastern points denoting a scarcity at those places alro. Shingles aro firm. The lower grades of lumber arc steadier than for somo time past, owing to the In creased demand, at the range now given: First clear $32.00®65.00 Second clear, 1 Inch to 2 inch 47.00(350.00 Third clear, 1 Inch 38.00@40.00 Third clear, thick 45.00 First and second dear flooring, together, rough,.... 40.00@42.00 First and second clear siding, together... 23.00@24.00 Common siding 50,00©21,00 Common flooring, dressed, first 35.00©38.00 Common flooring, dressed, second 30.00©32.00 Wagon-box boards, selected, 14 Inches and upward....... A stock boards,. 2)stock boards.. Common boards. Joint, scantling, small timber, etc., 10 feet find under 14.00@1R.60 Fencing 14.00@15.00 Joint and scantling, 18 to 34 feet 10.00@2;2.00 rickets, square 16.00@10.00 Pickets, flat * 13.00@14.00 Cedar posts, split, 1C.00@18.00 CodArposts, round.. 20.00@22.00 Lath 0.75 $ 1.85© 2.00 '. 2.85© 3.15 ........ 2.800 2.00 Lath, ontrnclc . 8.60 No. 1 sawed shingles 1.60® 2.00 Aor Star ~ 3.60® 3.76 Shingles on track 8.2.1® 8,60 No. 1 sawed 1.25® 1.60 Three dollars per car to bo added when transferred,. which charge follows the shingles. Thickness—Five shingles to bo two Inches in thick ness. Length—Sixteen Inches. H.UIDWOPD. Ook (dry) $20.00085.00 Black walnut 25.00080,00, Maple 1t.00fa35.00 Ash (dry) 30.00040.00 Butternut 25.00000.00 Countertops (select).... I.oo® I.CO Flooring, 6-in, grooved and matched ($76,00 Axles CO® 75 Wagon poles (each).... 65® CO Hickory 50,00®76.00 Box boards 35.00@40.00 Common 20.00®25.00 Clear 80.00®40.00 Culls 1Q.00@14.00 .$10.60011.60 . 0.000 6.50 . 8.f»0 0.50 . 0.250 6.75 . 7.600 8.60 . 4.760 6.25 . .3.760 4.25 . 2.760 3.23 . 6.760 6.25 . 3.000 8.60 . 6.500 7.00 . 0.760 4.00 METALS AND TINNERS' STOCK—Woro In nctlvo demand and firm. Following nro Ihopriccs current: Tin Plate—lo. 10x14, $15.50; do, 12x12, $10.00; do, 14x20, $10.50; do, roofing, 10, $15.00. Pia Tin—Largo, 42c; small, 43c: bar, 44c. Sheet Zino—Full casks, lie; naif casks, lljf® ll!<o: loss quantity, lltfo ; slab, oc. Sheet Ikon—No. 24, fl*£c rates. Ooppeb— Copper bottomn, 45®480; braziers, over 12 lbs, 470; tinned copper, 43c.• Wins— 1 2 to 6, So: 0, 8, and 0, lOo; 10 to 11, llo; 12, ll)tfc 5 13 and IS and 10, 14c; 17, 15c; 18, 10c; 19, 10c; 20, 20c ; full bundle, IS per cent dis count ; fence wire, 7*rf®7*fc. NAlLS—There Is a good demand for nails on both local ami interior account. Wo quote: lOQGOd, per kog,ss.6orates; Bd,do, $3.75; Od, do, $0.00; 4a, do, $0.25; 3d, do, $7.00; 3d, do, fine, $8.50; 2d, do, $3.75; cllucb, s7.67itf ;12&o off to the trade. NAVAL STORES—Trade is atoadily Increasing, and present prices are well sustained, as follows: Manilla rope, ftlb $ 18 ® 19 Sisal rope, lb 10 ® 17 Hemp sasu cord, Jb 20 ® 23 Marline, ylb 20 © 22 Tarred rope, 73 lb 10 ® 17 Oakum, Wlmlo 1.... 5.00 (30.50 Pitch, •$ brl 6.00 0,7.00 Tar, tfbrl ..5.60 @O.OO OlLS—Trading was on n litoral scale, and the mor tal exhibited a firm tone. Following are thorul-i lug prices Carbon, 10#c; extra lard oil, 750; No. 1. 70c;*No, 2, Csc; linseed, raw, 05@970; do boiled, $1.00®1.«2: whale, 88c; apenn, $2.00®2.10; neat-foot oil, strictly pure, $1.10; do extra, 05c; do No. 1, 80o; bank 60, 70o; straits, 760; elephant oil, 05c; turpentine, 72®73c; naphtha, 03 gravity, 21@220; naphtha, common, 17@18c. PAINTS, COLUIIS, AND PUTTY—Trade was good to-day, the plcanant weather having a favorable effect, and the market was firm for all standard goods. Wo quote: WHITE £>EAli.' Strictly pure., Pancy brands. Genuine VolUo Montague, American Snow vrhlto Masury’s railroad colors. Palace car colors in cans, Itocbcllo ochro... English Yon. red 4.000 4.25 English orange mineral 16.60@10.00 Pittsburgh orange mineral 13.00 English red lead.... 13.00 American red load 11.00@11.60 English vermiUlon, per lb. Scarlet tormllliou Paris while. Whiting.,.. In bulk In bladders. PIG IRON—Remains steady and firm at the quota tions given below: Scotch (according to brand) $00.00(367.00 Tuscarawas.... 60.00 Massillon 60.00 Labe Superior 68.00(560.00 Chicago, stone coal 67.00 Missouri, stone coal 67.00@68.00 POULTRY—The receipts were light, and all offer ings sold readily to the retail trade. Turkeys sold at 15018 c, and chickens at $4.60@5,00. Wo note sales of 110 lbs choice dressed turkeys at 18o; 160 lbs do at 16@17o; 1 coop do at 15c; 10 doz largo dressed chick ens at $5.00: Odozdoat $1.00@1.50; 12 coops at $1.60. POTATOES—Were In good demand, and the receipts being moderate, former prices were obtained. Teach blows are quotable at 66@580 on track. AVo uoto sales of 1 car pcachblows at 670; 2 curs do at 650 on truck; 1 car choice do at 60a delivered. SALT—Was in tolerably fair roquent at tbo prices given below: Onondaga and Saginaw, fine, $2.25; ordinary coarse, $2.25; coarse Diamond C, $2.40; ground solar, $3.60; dairy, without begs, $3.50; dairy, with bags, $4.25@4.50; Ashton dairy, per sack, $5.00; ground olnm, $2.2602.50; Turk’s Island, $2,00. BASII, DOORS, AND DLINDS—Trado lu this de partment Ifllmprovujg. Prices rule steady, as fol lows : ThicKiiese. 1 8-10, 1 3-10. 1 3-3 . 1 8-8 . 1 8-10, 1 8-10, 1 8-10, 1 3-8 , 1 3-8, Thickness. 18-10 18-10 1 8-10 18-10 1 8-16 Size of Thick- Size of Untight Pr(coper nlasa. nets. window. uinuow. Bxlo 1 3-10 In 2t by Bx9# 400 oxl3 13-lOln 2x7 by4xo 570 9x14 13-16in...;....2x 7 bysx3 tilo 10x13 1 3-lfl 1n........Ux10 by 4xo 670 10xU 1 3-10 In 2xlo by Bx2 C4o oxl4 13-8 In 3x7 byCx'J 800 10x14 13-8 Jn 2xlo bv 5x3 .. 800 A. discount of 16025 par cent Is mado from tbo above list. SEEDS—Excepting a fair amount of trading in choice grades of timothy thero was very little doing in this market. Timothy is qutablo at $0.2003.33 for good to choice, and clover at $4.0004,70 ; Hungarian at $1,030 1,15, and millet at 80090 c. I’Jaxat $1.75®2.00 for poor to good crushing, and $2.1602.20 for sowing. Wo note Bales of 5 bogs choice timothy at $3,35: 276 bogs at $3.30 ; 226 hags prime at $3.25 j 18 bags at $3,20; 0 hags fair at $3.00: 11 bags choico clover at $4.70: 23 bags prime at $4.00: 7 bags prime Hungarian at sl.lO I 20 bags fair do at $1.00; 20 bags millet at 85oj 1 car do on private terms; 25 bags tlax at $1,76. TEAS—Wore quoted Arm oil around, end Borne of tbo Arm grades were hold at a slight advance. We make no change in our Ustas follows': Yo. ng Hyson, common to fair, 6O0COo; do good, C 60760; do choice to extra Ano, $1.00©1.20: common to Ano old Hyson, 7Oco $1.00; common imperial, Co®Gsc; good to choice do. Bl) 011.10; Ano to good gunjwwder,. 70c®$l.00j choice. $1.1601.20; extra, $1.3301.45; choice to extra leaf Japan, OOc0$l.OO;’ fair to good do; 70® BOo; com mon do, 420450! colored natural loaf Japan, 65005 c; common to Ano Oolong, 8S045o; good, 0C®70o; choico to extra, OUCOII.OO. TOBACCO—The following prices nro furnished : Ouewiho—Fine Gut—Extra, 760 850, choico, 65Q 760; common, 65000 a; poor, 40053 c.—Natural loaf, 760B3o; half bright, C0®70o; black, Bound, 48055 c. BuoKiKO—Extra, B3@85o; medium, 00®32o; com mon steins, 27®290. ' WOOD—la quiet and easy, the tendency being to lower prices. We quote: Beech, $12.00; maple, $12,00; hickory, $14.00; subs. $7.5008.00, delivered. WOOD—Tho wool market is very quiet. Western manufacturers ars about the only buyers, and their purchases are limited to small lots for current ne cessities, Prices are weak, bat without quotable change, as follows: Tub, washed, extra medium... Tub, washed, fair to d 0......... Common (Unity l-’lccce, washed, XX, light Plcoco, wacnod, X, uput. Fleece, washed, XX,dingy.., Fleece, washed, X, dingy,. 4 B-lOft 4 8-10 rates Q ft (18-lOralea 7 ft Vi rates SU(£3lo UKMLOOC, .9 00(9 41 . . 36© 33 M© 1.20 * I.lo© 1.25 27© 00 33© 34 .... 1.25© 1,45 .... 83© 1.10 .... 75© 60 .... 40© 45 87.00@40.00 37.00©10.00 28.00©30.00 15.0U@1C.00 .$11,50012,00 . 10.00011.00 •0.60010.80@12.60 1.400 1.45 23*00 rUTTT. noons—Foun panel, Size. 2x 0 by Ox 0.,.. 2x 6 by 6x 6.... 2l 8 by Ox 8.... noons—two panel. 2x CbyGx 0.... 2x BbyOx 8.... 2x GbyCx 6.... ~....2x 8 by Ox 8.... OUTSIDE ULINDO. Size. rxlO Price, ..$2.60 .. 2,76 . 2.75 .. 8.00 .. 8.00 Price ..$1.75 .. 2.05 .. 2.05 PLAIN UAIL HASH. bi&boo Fleece, wnsbod, medium Unlit ’9^ Fleece, wnnhed, medium dingy V, Flcoec, unwashed, XAXX, In Rood condition.. ll;. Fleece, unwashed, X&XX, dingy..... Fleece, unwashed, conrao to medium >;Jj° Fleece, unwashed, coarse, and dingy 23(j$.»ic Rm<*r f pu11ed,...! 42©40<l Extra, pulled 42{i4flft Burry wool s@loo loss. CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. llovlow top «ho Week Ehdlnff Satur* <lay Evening, April IS* Batuhdat Evkhiho, April 5. Tlio rccolplo of llvo Block during tho wool! bavo boon os follows: Cattle. • ' lion*. Sheep, 8,707 13,803 1,141 4,(ir.8 111,473 1.564 2,488 14,531 058 0,03'J 14,180 2,231 3,234 17,323 1,134 CUO 7,500 500 Monday.... Tuesday..., ■Wednesday. Thursday., Friday Saturday... Tolal 17,153 80,RU 0,029 Last week 17,533 57,5(10 6,207 Week before last 14,6(14 62,870 7,314 Weekending March 15... 14,522 52,410 0,244 Total, 4 weeks 03,672 253,660 25,604 Since Jan. 1.1873 172,701 1,284,510 113,828 Same period In 1872 140,354 824,713 120,002 Increase 23,437 450,830 .... Hocrcano. .... 16,074 Shipments wero an follows: Cattle, Jlone. Sheep, 2.387 0,830 870 1,869 .8,867 1,380 10,412 474 2,820 11,430 053 2,539 10,703 043 Monday,,., Tuesday..,. Wednesday. Thursday.. Friday Total 11 007 60,448 2,654 CATTLE—Ah was feared would bo tbo case, tho largo shipments eastward from boro during last week resulted in a sharp reaction of prices at tbo soa-board, tho aupply exceeding tho de mand at all pomtn, and values being subjected to a &(®hjo decline all around. Our market has sympathized to tho oxtonl of a bo far as shipping gradoa woro concerned, but romalno essentially unchanged for other descriptions. That under tbo pressure of tbo enormous re ceipts of tbo past two weeks (Homo 85,000 bead arrived during that poriod) tbo depreciation in values Bhould have boon no greater, is matter for surprise. Had not the attendance of outside buyers boon unusually full, and the quality of the stock exceptionally liuo. tbo profits of drovers bad been loss; or, rather, their losses would bavo been greater. The inquiry for stock steers has steadily exceeded tbo offering, and the inquiry for butchers’ stuff has also kopt paco with tho supply, and for thoso two classes tbo prices current a week ago bavo uniformly boon well sustained. Stock cattle may bo ox- S acted to continue in active request for some mo to come, and it is not probable that tbo supply, within the next six weeks, will at any time so far oxcccd tbo demand as to cause any material decline. In a few instances feeders have paid $4.G5@4.75 for especially desirable lots, but their purchases woro chiolly at S3.CO@ 4.00 for poor to medium, and at $4.25@4.50 for fpood to prime. The supply of now niilchi cows s gradually increasing, but tho market has not ns yot been overstocked, and prices keep well up, ranging from $20.00 per bead for poor to $45.00 for choice, veal calves woro salable at about former rates, though tbo tendency is downward, as tho receipts are more liberal. Good to choice fat light-weights sell at $5.00(5)5.75, and poor to medium qualities at $8.50(5)4.50. Corn-fed Texas cattlo bavo been la fair supply at $4.00@1.'50 for common to modi-, urn droves, aud at $4.75(5)5.00 for choice, with a fow extra at $5.12)£. , • „ To-day there was a dull, heavy feeling in tho market. Tho different classes of buyers woro well represented, bub tboir wants woro fow, and it was n dragging trade from tho opening to tho close. Shippers woro tho principal operators, a fow loads only being taken by local butchers or feeders. • Prices wore without quotable change, os compared with yesterday, tbo following being tho closing: QUOTATIONS. Extra—Graded stcoro averaging 1,400 lbs and upwards *0.2500.50 Choice Beeves—Flue, fat, well formed 3 year to 5 year old steers, averaging 1,300 to 1,400 lbs . Good Beeves—Well-fattened, llncly-formcd ' steers, averaging 1,200 to 1,300 lbs 5.230J.60 Medium Grades—blcera in fair flesh, aver aging 1,150 to 1,300 lbs 4.000J.10 Butchers* Stock—Common to fair Aleora, and good to extra cows, f<*r CI W slaughter.averaging 800 t01,100»8....... 3.7604.75 Slock Cattle—Common cattle. decent flesh, averaging 700 to 1,050 1b*............ 3.6004.60 Inferior—Light and thin helfcra, stags, hulls, and Hcallawa/Btcers 2.-5@3.-3 Cattle—Texas, Northern wintered a Cattle—Corn-fed Texas- 4.2j«5.00 HOGS—During Uio first linlf of the wool: tm dor roviow tbo jn*riiot was an excited and ad vancing ono. Although tbo receipts wore much larger than over known at a corresponding nortod in any former season, there wore buyers for all offerings, and up to Tlmisday noon there bnd been an advance of on@Csc per 100 lhs, priooo going to i?5.‘15@5.85 for poor to choice qualities. The continued heavy arrivals, how ever, proved too severe a strain upon tbo mar ket, and during Thursday afternoon and Friday S rices cased off lfi@2oo, or to $5.30@5.G5. honld tbo present rate of supply bo maintained —which is scarcely probable—the course of prices must continue downward, as nouo aro rash enough to predict that there will bo, for any considerable length of time, a legitimate de mand in this market for 70,000 to 80,000 per week, at tbo relatively high prices now preva lent. ... To-day tlioro woe fair activity, and prices wore sustained at $5.50@0.40 for poor to common ; at $5.45@6.50 for medium to good grades, and at $0.50(2)5.65 for choice. Several thousand re main in the pons unsold. non sales. *Vo. Ar. Price. 62 255 $5.65 63 186 6.35 70 200 6.40 60 217 5.45 03 210 8.47«tf 115 274 5.50 GO 251 6.40 130 100 6.40 40 178 6.36 62 215 5.40 01 227 C,37tf CO 212 5.50 67 173 5.50 50 100 5.45 00 181 6.40 60 220 5.50 127 102 6.40 40 138 6.40 63 211 6.45 20 311 6.40 „Vo. ylr. Price . 48 240 $5.62)4 64 100 5.40 66 240 6.35 25 210 6.45 05 218 6.45 100 190 6.60 100 108 6.40 63' 205 6.35 Cl 168 6.40 - 00 220 6.15 60 232 6,37/tf 115 215 6.40 61 225 - 5.45 91 140 6.40 63 287 6.40 CO 210 6.55 60 170 5.40 CO 218 5.37)4 65 191 5.45 61 163 6.40 62 211 6.60 vo boon in light supply, and in $3.75@4.50 for poor to common ; or medium ; and at $5.50(30.25 ice, with the hulk of sales within ,25\®5,75. Very few lambs havo md it hi impossible to give reiia- All the sheep havo boon dls io market closes steady at the is. SHEEP—Hav. fair demand at $ at, $4.75(5)5.25 fo for good to clum the range of as yot arrived, ai bio quotations, posed of, and th< above quotations THREADS. | k F. COATS’ 11,1 ■ BEST SII-OOBD WMts ai Black Threads Are soft finished, without the use of nuy mdu stance whatever to produce an artificial gloss, thereby preserving the superior strength of six-cord thread. Tho now shade of black has u silken polish, anil all numbers arc warranted six-cord to 100 Inclusive. Tor Sale By all Dry Goods Dealers. ASK FOR J. &P. COATS’ BLACK, , And v*h> It for Machino Sowing. BTOCK-]iOLi)i:i:s’ akkual hSetinq OP TUB Laie Shore & MicMsan Southßra Railway Co, Office of Tie: Lake huouk & MiomciAN SocTHcmO RAILWAY UOUI’ANY. > Or,r.vr.t*ANi>, O , March 27, 1873. ) Tho animal mootlm: of me Ktoukholdors of this Com* pany. for tliocl jotl .u of Directors for tho ensuing year, ana lor tho transaction of other Important buslnosi, will bo hold at tho otlico of tho Oomp..ny, in the city of (riovoliuul, 0., on Wednesday, 7th Day of May noth botvroen tho lumra of 11 o'clock in tho forenoon ami 3 o’clock In tUo nflornooij of that day. Tho transfer books of tho Company will bo cloned at tho olosoof business, on tho Mb day of April next, and will xo-oucu on tho morning of tho till day it .May nett. _ OKOUCJB if. KLY, hoorotaiy. Notice to Stockholders and Uoud , holders. OnioAao A Alton lUitnnAr Co., ) SEcnKTinx’s Oman, Cuioaqo, March ill, 1873.1 Tho Klockholdbrs and voting Bondholders of tho ChN cage A Alien Railroad Company aru horuhy notlllod that thu Annual Mooting of said Cmupany, for tho vlootion oi toroo Dirooters to servo fur three yours, and trausaotUm of such other business as may bo presented, will bo hold at thoolUocof tho Company, in ChlooßO, Illinois, on Map,* day, thu 7th day of Apfll nozt, at Id o’clock a. in. TUa Transfer Books will bo closed at (ho oloso of business hours on tho sMth Inst., and roononod for Transfers on tht Bth day of April nrat, W. M. I.AUfIAUUB, Soo’y, .Vo. Av. Price,. 63 221 $6.35 68 182 6.35 22 210 6.45 66 2U5 6.4*5 67 200 6.43){ 29 249 6.45 66 220 6.45 62 101 6.60 63 157 6.35 60 201 6.40 120 102 6.40 62 200 6.37 H 03 252 6.00 05 261 6.40 60 210 6.65 82 104 6.40 63 180 6.40 42 200 6.40 83 201 6.60 110 214 6.60

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