Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 8, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 8, 1873 Page 3
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THE COURTS. llopo for (ho Lamar Policy-Holders- Tho Receiver (o do to California. Important Ruling of Jvfclge Tree as to Doubtful Insurance Com panies’ Charters. A Busy Day in the Admiralty Court- Suits for Salvage and for Ownership. Unsatisfactory Trade of a Valua- bio Mill for .Lands* Sewing-Mflohino Attachment Suit—Tho I*omont Troasurership, Etc. The Receiver of tho Lamar Insurance Com pany in tho cause Edwin Burnham ond Edwin R. Burnham v. the Company, yesterday, reported to tho Superior Court as follows: The undersigned respectfully represent s and reports to tho Court that among tho assets of the said Lamar Insurance Company which came Into his possession as Receiver, ho finds a claim on demand in favor of tho sold Lamar Insurance Company against tho People’s Insurance Com pany, of Ban Francisco, Cal., which claim arose and exists upon a policy of reinsurance Issued by the said People’s Insurance Company to tho said Lamar Insurance Company in and by which all tho outstanding risks of tho Lamar Company wore reinsured by tho People's. That In and by tho samo firo which rendered tho La mar insolvent, tho said People’s Company also became insolvent and uuablo to pay its debts in full. That tho said People's Insurance Company claims to bo ablo to pay from its assets but 25 cents on tho dollar upon its liabilities, and from such facts os tho under signed has boon ablo to ascertain concorniugtho truth of such claim, ho bolievea that said 25 per cent Is all that ’could bo collected in case of a suit brought against tho said People’s Company. That said last named Company has wholly sus pended and gone out of business ; that its office and such effects as It has are located in San Fran cisco,more.than 2,000 miles distant from Chicago, and cannot bo reached, except at great trouble and oxponso. Tho undersigned has reason to boliovo that ho con, by going in person to San Francisco, settle, adjust, and compromise tho said claim upon oquitablo toms; and he also believes that it will bo for tho best interests of tho creditors that ho bo permitted to make a sot* tlomont of said claim and adjust, and liquidate, and discharge all tho matters of difference be tween the said two companies, and ho thoroforo prays that an order or decree may bo ontorod ac cordingly. Dated Chicago, April 5,1873. Goorgo Chandler, Ilocolvor. Tho Court entered tho ’following deoroo: This cause coming ou again to bo hoard, and on loading and filing tho report of George Chand ler, Esq., Receiver, and ou proofs made in opon court, and tho Court being satisfied that tho claim of the Lamar Insurance Company against tho People’s Insurance Company, of Ban Fran cisco. should bo settled, and discharged, and that it is for the boat interests of tho creditors of the said Lamar Company that such course should bo Eursuod, it is ordered, adjudged, and docrood y tho Court that tho said Goorgo Chandler os aforesaid bo and is hereby authorized and om- Eowerod to settle and adjust tho claims of tho amor Insurance Company, against tho People's Insurance Company, of Ban Francisco, upon such terms and conditions as ho may deem for the best interests.of tho parties concerned, and to tako.and rocoivo from said People's Insurance Company such sum or sums of monoy as ho Obtain in compromise and settlement of said claims, and upon such settlement tho said Re ceiver is hereby further authorized and em powered to make, execute, and deliver to tho said People's Company a full and valid roloaao m law and discharge cno said Peoples' Insurance Company of and from all debts, duos, and liabilities which it may now bo llabio for to tho said Lamar Insurance Com pany, and alsb to mako and oxocuto any other release or discharge, or paper necessary to carry into effect tho objects of this decree. OF INTEREST TO FOLIcr-HOLDERS. Points of interest to policy-holders came up before Judge Tree, yesterday, in Wotzlor v. the Illinois Mutual Fire Insurance Company, a Com pany which is fighting the claimant on the tech nical ground that citizens of Chicago ore, under tho charter of tho Company, unable to sue in any other than Madison County, the- Chicago courts having no jurisdiction. It was doubtful whether the special act giving the Company a charter was not repealed, as regards this clause, and His Honor so construed it, hold ing that where legislation of so extraordinarily liberal a oboracterwas open to two constructions, tbo Court was not bound to interpret too rigidly against tbo interests of those who might suffer at tho expense of the corporations. Tho case came up on the plea of the defend ant, sotting up tho aforesaid clause in tho char ter as to all suits being brought in tho Madison County Circuit Court. Plaintiff demurred that tho plea woa not well plod (on technical grounds, of no interest to tho general reader); that tho charter was special, and had been repealed, in effect ' by the now Constitution, as well os by subse quent acts ,• and that tho plea failed to set forth tho fact that tho Company possessed an office, and was represented by oflicers in tho county where they wore to bo sued, whore service could bo bad, and therefore, the plea was not good. Tho counsel for tho plaintiff having argued at - some length in support of those positions, tho other side replied, the substance of his argu ment being, that ho relied on the act creating tho Company, and that the plaintiff had his remedy iu Madison County, whore the Company could moke a substantial defense. Tho Court, referring to tho act granting tho charter, said this statute was claimed to havo conferred extraordinary privileges on an insur ance company. It was a question whether tho Legislature bad tbo power to grant such priv ileges ; but, admitting it to bo a matter of doubt tho Court wos not bound to construe tho statute to havo boon intended by tbo Legislature to give tho corporation all that was claimed for it. Tbo effect of such a statute would bo in tho case of a citizen of Chicago suing this Company, that ho would bo practically debarred from a remedy, and tbo Com a could defeat his efforts to force them to a unont. For instance, although tho Com pany might bo doing business in any city and county of tho Stato to tho extent of hundreds of thousands of dollars; yet, by keeping neither oflicers nor offices in Madison, wboro tbo Company must bo sued, no remedy could bo had by a claimant whoso loss tho company had refused to pay. (In this case tho claimant’s loss is not disputed; hfs claim Las been duly adjusted; and there is no ques tion of tho Company’s liability to pay.) There could bo no service, and the defendant, while making no resistance to the suit, could not bo made to pay. It seemed to the Court necessary that defendants should set forth that thoy had, in reality, in Madison County, tho offices and oflicers that tho plaintiff ought to find in Modi eon County, if ho wont there, as tho defendant maintained he should do, in order to lawfully sue them. Therefore, without passing on tho other points, ho should sustain tho demurrer to tho plea as to want of jurisdiction of this Court, with tho leave to tho defendant to plead ever m five days. HEAVY SUIT FOU THE LOSS OP A DAUOHTIIB. A suit, for $25,000 damages, for lost) of tho servicesof a daughter, woo yesterday brought luthoOJrcnit Court, against Theodore Uonoy aett, by .Thomas Bmlth, whose daughter, Mary Ann, died, on Friday last, in child-birth. Tho circumstances of this Huit. aa represented by tho plaintiff, aro of on excoodinglymolanoholy char actor. Mr. Smith is represented to bo a man of respectability, whoso family, up to tho matters to bo related, has boon a source of pride and joy to thoir parents. Tho daughter In question was, at tho time of her premature death, about 17 years of ago. Bho hod always borne a truly ex cellent character for industry, lldellty, and gener al good conduct. Bho was of unusually attractive oppearance, a well grown, comely, healthy-look lug girl as one would wish to see. After leaving school, she worked in a factory, and there earned the respect and esteem of all who know her. After that, she hired as second servant to Mrs. Honoysett, the wife of a baker on West Madison street, her wages being paid to her parents. More, it is related, young Konoysotf, tho defend ant In this suit, who was engaged us salesman In hie father's store, and lived in the house, suc ceeded In accomplishing the girl's min, under promise of marriage. When her situation be came too apparent to bo longer concealed,-the young man refused to hoop his promieo, and tho girl wont homo to her mother and confessed her fault. The defendant proving deaf to all appeal, proceedings In bastardy wore Instituted for tho purpose of holding Theodore in ball, and that .formality having boon gono through, tho caao was con tinued until yesterday to owalt the result of tho Slrl's stale. On Friday she was taken ill, and led tho same day. Tho offspring of tho unfor tunate girl died with her; hence the suit. AN UNSATISFACTORY TRADE. lo - tho Superior Court, yesterday. Nelson Soy-. mour brought an action against William Claw son, praying for an Injunction to stay proceed ings. Complainant about tho 28th of March, 1872, ownoa Lot No. 12. in Block No. 0, in tho villagoof Thornton Station, upon which wore valuable Improvements, consisting of a $14,000 flonring-mlll. Clawson, at tho same timo, claim ed possession of a farm in tho County of Henry, described as tho northeast }{ of See. 17, In Town ship 10, north of Range 8, cast of tho 4th P. M., which hod boon, prior to that timo, sold by Sheriff on an execution to one An drew Crawford for about $4,444,28, who hold certificate. Tho right to redeem tho land was about to expire on tho IDth of April, 1872; Clawson, who claimed to bo a practical miller, proposed to purchase Seymour's mill, paying' a part by convoying tho land and certain llvo stock thereon. Seymour asked $14,000 for his prop erty, Clawson valuing his, If f roe of Inoumbranco, at SIO,OOO. An exchange was agreed upon. Sey mour engaging to soil his property for $14,000, taking in payment tho farm at SIO,OOO, loss tho sum of money required to clear It of inomn branoo, and tho farm stock, and tho balance in money in five equal annual instalments, with 10 per cent interest. Clawson agreed to purchase tho mill upon these tonne, and to secure tho nionoy payments by a mortgage on tho mill, and delivered the deed of the farm to Seymour, who redeemed it from tho solo to Crawford,' paying him $4,888.00, leaving tho stun of $5,102.84 to be applied towards payment of tho mill property. After crediting Clawson with all payments, the sum of $8,403 remained to ho paid, as mentioned, la llvo eqnal annual instal ments. Upon tho execution and de livery of tho deed, Seymour entered Into possession of tho farm, and Clawson began working tho mill, Seymour was not able subse quently to got Clawson to accept a deed of tbo mill property, and execute tbo uotos and tho so curing mortgage. Clawson temporized and re fused to complete tho purchase. Seymour claims fhat while ho has improved the farm property, Clawson has so allowed tho mill prop erty to depreciate in valuo from want of proper, caro and attention, that it Is now not sullioiont security for tho unsettled part of tho original transaction. Seymour shows that one of tho yearly installments is now duo, with a year’s In terest, in all $2,620.00. Clawson refuses now to receive a conveyance of tho mill property, or to execute tho notes and mortgages, and began In August lost an action against Seymour for tho farm, etc., who now prays for an Injunction re straining that proceeding, and summons to or der Clawson to appear in court, to make answer unto all those matters. SUIT FOR THE POSSESSION OF A VESSEL. Wallaco Ballon and Joel Taylor, of this State, yesterday brought suit against John Stupiuski, of Detroit, Mien., for specific performance of a contract to sell them tho vessel Floroita, of De troit. Thoy allego that on tho 21st March last, they contracted to buy tho vessel for tho sum of $19,000, and paid a sum of monoy on tho agree ment to bind tho bargain. Tho vessel was then in Milwaukee, bound for Buffalo, and tho agree ment was to tho offoot that the complainants wore to take her off Stupiuki’a hands Immodi-. atoly, run her to Buffalo, N. V., for which port she .was under chariot, and continue tho engagement of tho Captain for tho balance of tho season. Tho necessary deeds wore prepared and presented to the de fendant for completion, when ho refused to h&vo anything whatever to do with the matter. Wherefore, tho complainants pray an injunction restraining tho defendant assigning the prop erty ; for an account of tho oaminga of the ves sel, from tho dato of tho completion of tho con tract, and for specific performance. SALVAGE. Williams and others, tho owners of the steam ing J. W. Peabody, yesterday brought suit against tho schooner Sardinia, for salvage, in tho United States District Court, admiralty side. Tho libelant affirms that on tho 4th of No vember, 1871, the Sardinia was lying at tho rail road wharf, Dalatb, without tho protection of either a breakwater or harbor, when a hurricane sprang np, and tho schooner was in imminent. danger of being wrecked. In this emergency the master of the Sardinia sent for the steam tug so assist them, and tho J. W. Peabody put out to her, aud, after infinite danger and diffi culty, drew her Into u place of safety, Thu schooner’s timbers wore already starting, aud she could not much longer have held together. Tho owners of tho tug rolato that their vessel, was need only for the towage of Williams’ own vessels in Lake Superior in tho neighborhood of Dulatb. Tho vessel salvaged was valued at SIO,OOO, and her cargo at SBO,OOO. SEWING MACHINE ATTACHMENT PATENT. Tho Fuller Tuck Chooser Patent Infringement suit, which is familiar to most of tho readers of this column, was yesterday up before Judges Drummond and Blodgett, who will moot in con sultation shortly, and decide whether there has been any infringement or not of tho patent. The suit is of some importance, for tho reason that tbo plaintiff is tho owner of both tbo Fuller and Hose tuok-creaaers. which practically inoludo all creasers of tho needle bar system used in tho United States, and the amount involved would consequently bo very large. The matter was argued exhaustively, and there is nothing new to add to what has already been said on the subject in Toe Tiubdxe. THE “NEWS” FBINTZNO COMPANY. At tbo first mooting of the creditors of tbe Chicago Kewa Company, yesterday, before Reg ister Hibbard, Homer Cook was elected As signee. Tbo schedule of tho Company shows that tbo capital stock subscribed exceeded $42,160, tho debts amounting to only $0,700, which have yet ta bo satisfied. The press, typos, and engine are stored away In different warehouses, subject to sale of mortgagees. They wore mortgaged, in September, 1872, to O. H. McCormick, for $4,000, and afterwards to . Davis for $2,000. In November tho Company suspended publicotion. and tho property was turned over to tho mortgagees, In whoso hands it now Is. Thoy havo accepted it in full of all their claims. SUIT FOB OVEBPLUS OF SALE PBICB OVEB MOBT- OAOE. A firm named Engel. Anderson & Johnson, bought a quantity of lumber from White & Hafnor, in July last, valued at $2,000, for which thoy gave their notes, secured by chattel mort §ago on Nos. 77 and 79 Noble street. Tho latter oUvorod lumber to tho value of SI,OOO, and then, as tho former allege, in a bJJi yesterday filed in tbo Superior Court, refused to deliver tho balance, white & Hafnor are said to havo sold tho note for SI,OOO to Martin Culver, who wos duly noticed of tho failure of contract for which the note was given. Then Johnson sold his one-third interest in tho business, to one Jackson, to whom duo notice had boon given of the debt owing by tbo firm. Tho other two members of tbo firm assigned tbo equity of redemption, or overplus of money of said mortgage, for tbe sum of SI,OOO, In part payment of a debt owed by tbe firm. Then Culver foreclosed, and sold tbo property for $2,120, and tho firm now pray on injunction restraining the payment of any money to Culver for said property without tho due payment of overplus to Jacobson. TUB TBEAStniEUBUIP OF LEMONT. In the Superior Court, John Flynn brings ac tion on plea of mandamus against Stephen Koogb, one of tbo Supervisors oi tbo Town of Lomout. Fiynn was elected Treasurer of tho Board of Commissioners of the town, and there upon presented to Stephen Koogb, Supervisor, a bond duly prepared, with a certificate of a ma jority of tbo Commissioners, sotting forth tho fact that ho had been elected Treasurer, request ing him to approve it, which ho refused to do. BANHBUPTOY UATTEEB. Tho Assignee of Cyrus B. Durfoo yesterday filed a petition to soli certain real ostato Included in tho assets of tho bankrupt, consisting of brlok yard, fixtures, and implements of brlok raaklng, subject to mortgage and taxes, tbo pro ceeds to bo brought into court. In tho same matter tbo Assignee was allowed to compromise with one 8. L. Smith as to a claim against him in favor of Durfoo on a noto to which both wore Jointly parties, on which au execution was had, and a sale mono of Durfoo's real ostato. The petition of J. P. Hooch against the Home Insurance Company, for set-off, was yesterday referred to Register Hibbard to take proof and report. The rule to show cause, already published, in the matter of Shanahan, West & Manning, was yesterday extended twenty days. Tho objections of David Valentino & Co. to tho dismissal of proceedings iu tho matter of David Nouborgor wero yesterday withdrawn, and tho proceedings wero dismissed absolutely. The Assignee of tbe estate of Leon Gold smith ot al was yesterday authorized to pay Car ter. Booker <t Dulo, attorneys, their toon and disbursements, amounting to $l9O. , William W. Church, Jr., filed a petition' for voluntary bankruptcy on tho 8d inst. Tho papers and proceedings wore yesterday referred THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: TUESDAY, APRIL 8, 18715, to John T. Morgan, of Monmouth, Warren County, Register, GENERAL NOTES. Charles A. Putnam brings an action in as sumpsit against John R. Qorraly for £2,C00 dum agoui ' ’ i. ... • James M. Adslt sues David M. Ford ou a con fession of Judgment for 65,000; - . i Charles Koch, owner, carried water every day through tho hall of John Tcuroll, tenant. John ' refused to pay his rent. Verdict for two months. . JudgoAVilllams won busy all day in hearing “restored business.” Hoaly & Lyon replevin IL llappoll for an or gan. ■ 1 ; . . ■ Gilson sued Bulivan for tho rent of a house } verdict for tho defendant. Booth wants $2,000 from Malcolm for taking off his horse and buggy. On trial. Mackenzie and Nurse rented tho store No. 83 West Randolph st reet for throe months. Their time In up, but they refuse to quit. On trial. . Louis Kantrowltz brings a SIO,OOO action against John R. Brookman and John D. Skinner for trespass, in that they did, on tbo 80tU of April, 1871, outer his store, No. 85 West Ran dolph street, broke the doors, and removed a portion of tho stock in trade, consisting of gents’ clothing, ole., of tbo valuo of SOOO, and assaulted him so sovorely that ho was, in consequence, laid up sick, : The attendance of jurors at tho opening of ; this term of tho Criminal Court by Judge Far well was very slim ; out of a ventre of twenty throe grand Jurors and twenty-four- petit jurors, only four of tho former and two of tho latter filed an appearance. , Tbo will and codicil of Lucy A. Bryant was proven, and letters testamentary wore granted to Henry B. Bryant on ids individual bond for SIOO,OOO. to bo approved. . Adjudication was made and claims allowed in tho estates of Paul Dilgor, Peter Nnkroy, James A. Collins, Henry Ayo, Joseph Bchnoidor, Will : iam H. Callender, John Harnett. James H. Ack hurst, F. Sicokouom. Homy Hough, Herman Bchulkmp, and Dorollio Lubcr. NEW SUITS. The United States Circuit Court—Wallace Bill ion and Joel Taylor v. John Htuplnskl; bill for specific performance of agreement to sell tho schooner Floret* ty, of Detroit, for accounting, and for Injunction re straining Intermeddling with tbo property. Tub United States District Court—'Williams et el. v. Schooner Sardinia ; libel for salvage. Toe Summon Court— 42,o3o—Kelson Seymour v. Wm. Clawson; bill for Injunction to slay proceedings at common law. *42,olo—John McCord v. E. F. Hen show, assumpsit, $ 010.60. 42,041—Mechanics' National , Bank v. J, W. Walker It Co.; assumpsit, $703. • 43,012 Louis Brecht v. Joseph Bell; appeal. 12,013 —Appeal. , 42,041 —Lyon fi Healey v. U. Hoppell s action for re plevin, $3(5. 13,01.-s—Levi U. Toftv. Asa Vall/Nloho las B, Egloharl ct oh; hill lo foreclose mortgage for .$5,800. 43,010 —Max Engels et ah v. Morton Culver and IC. K. TrOaast. 42,047—J0hn Flynn v. Stephen Keogh; petition for mandamus. Tub Circuit Couivt. —o,lll—Appeal. 0,115 —Thos, Smith v. Theodore S.llonoysot; case, $25,000. 0,410 H. G, Soule k Oo„ Kew York, v. Homer Taylor : as sumpsit, SIOO. o,4l7—Charles W. Shumway, v. John , B. Walsh et ah; restored appeal and proceedings in ac tion of ejectment. o,4l6—Ltmlsll. Johnson v. Martha Johnson et ol,; restored bill to reform deed. 0.410 Bohort K. Holliday t. Jacob Bose and Frederick Col lett; bond ou appeal. o,42o—Emily H. Pratt and James Pratt v. Horatio Stone; restored bill and pro ceedings. 6,42l—MatthewLaflinv. JohnH. DUnhhm, Solomon A. Smith, and Dovillo It. Holt; same. 0,422 —Golssoppa Mazza v. Gulsseppe Mnzza; divorce'on tho ground of cruelty and drunkenness, *and,for cus tody of children. 0,423 —Robert Loltch ct ah v. Hiram L. 'Wilder, Ella Eugenia Wilder, and Frank : Wilder; petition for partition of prop erly leased - to Turner & Manfiold 'ln 1607, namely: N. W. X of N. W. hi of Bee. 8,88,14. 0,424 H. H. Schufeldt v. George A. Schufeldt et ah; restored bill. 6,425— Augusta Ellsworth v. J. O. Dowel ah; same. o,426—James Ellsworth v. John Porker ct ah; same. o,427—Oliver Smith v. George Aylosworth; same. o,42B—Joseph J. Gasser v. Gustav M. Van Bcblloven; same. o,426—Adclla Lynch v. William Kearney; same. 0,474— Appeal. 0,475— Appeal. ■ 6,476—A. W. McCauley v. Ann St. Clair; appeal. o,477—Appoah 0,478 —Appeal. o,4Bo—Appeal, 0,481 Louis Kantrowltz v. John It. Brookman and John D. Skinner; trespass, SIO,OOO. o,4B2—Esther Wardlow et ah v. David ■F, Bundle; covenant broken,'sl,ooo. 6,4B3—Charles A. Putnam y. John B. Young; as sumpsit, $2,600. o,4B4—Emma Ledger v, Susie Reed; affidavit for replevin, SIOO. o,l3s—James H. Rice v. John Q. Phillips, Matthew M. Befilngton,. John O, Jennings; petition for mechanic’s lien, SI,OBO. f1,48(P James M. Adslt v. David M. Ford ; confession of Judg ment, $5,000, 6,187—8. B. Buntnall v. Charles Schaunor; assumpsit, SSOO. SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED. Last week another sad lifo ended in Chicago.’ On Sunday afternoon a few friends gathered afound tho coffin of a woman in the parlor of tho Grand Central Hotel, to render tho final obsequies.. Tho femoral lacked every element of grahdour. Tho mourners woro not many, and tho trappings of woo woro not expensive. Tho service of tho Episcopal Church was road abovo the remains, and tho grief was not loss sincere that forror paraona wept. Thon through tho mist and rain thoy boro tho coffin through tho dismal streets, and laid it to temporary rest at Gracol&nd Cemetery., The scone was not how nor strange— A rainy burial on a sullen day. When all tbo bc&von showers Its boarded gloom, is not bo common a eight, it may ho said, that it nood oxcito special comment. The death and burial of which wo speak, however, had more than ordinary elements of'sadness. The deceased lady was of Portland, Conn. Sho had been for some years a widow/ and was about 80 years of ago. Sho had frequently visit ed in Ohicago, hut had not until recently made this, city her permanent residence. She came hero for the last time in September of last year. Most of tbo time which she has passed in Chi cago has been with relatives, among whom is on aunt living on the North Side. Her hus band was tbo nephew of an eminent lawyer of good family in Portland. Ho died throe years ago, leaving as fruit of his marriage, a son, who is now 0 years of ago. Tbo lady came to the Clarendon House, on North Clark street, soon after her first arrival at the West. A gentleman of high business standing, an old acquaintance of hors, boarded at the same place, ana paid her such attention as any gentleman might pay to any intelligent and accomplished la dy. The intimacy seemed to boof a Platonic char acter, and excited little remark, although it was known that tbo gentleman was married, but was living apart from bis wife, and bad a suit for di vorce pending In tbo courts. The lady paid her own bills with drafts on Now York up to tho last month of her stay at tho Clarendon, when thoy wero paid by hor frioud. She loft tho Clarendon ostensibly because hor room was not pleasant. On tho. 11th of last mouth tho lady and gen tleman registered at tho Qrand Central, and oc cupied adjoining rooms, with a door between. Tho social relations of tho lady with all at tho hotel wero most agreeable. The time was passed among tho guests in receiving calls, card parties, and tho hko trivial occupations, and if there wore lurking suspicions of ovil they wore ignored, or most guardedly spoken. About two weeks ago tho lady was taken sick, and a physi cian was called in who has tho reputation of as sisting ladies who are in need of delicate ser vices. Ho informed hor friends that she was suffering from inflammation of tho womb, and gavo her sedatives and such other remedies as seemed suitable to her case. Bho began to got better, and continued to mend until last Friday, when sho thought herself sufficiently recovered to leave *her bod. Bho rose, dressed herself completely, and walked about for a while, when she was seized with a sudden faintness and foil to the floor iu a state of unconciousnoss. Hor friends in groat alarm sent for tho physician who had been previously called. Ho came, but told them that there was no hope. Sho partially revived, and expressed regret that she had not followed tho wishes of the doctor. On Sat urday. death ensued. On Sunday, sho was buried under the circumstances already detailed, Dr. Dorsett, of tho Episcopal Church, officiating. It was tho iutontiou of tho friends to send tho remains at once to relations in Oon nooticut, but superior advico caused them to so far modify their plans as to havo them placed la a vault at Gracoland until Wednesday. A reporter of Tue Tbibune visited tho physi cian alluded to, but ouly a small amount of in formation was obtained from him, and that not of a satisfactory character. Tho Doctor stated that a small amount of blood was observed by friends on tho underclothing of the deceased at tho time ofher death. Lest this should oxcito suspicion ho told them that it was caused by hem orrhage of the womb, and added that, if tho slightest suspicion attached to tho case, ho hoped that there would bo an investigation. Ho said that tho hemorrhage was insufficient to havo caused death. Doatli must havq resulted from a rupture of tho heart, or somo of tho blood-vessels intimately connected with it. How this could havo occurred was not explained In such a manner -as to ho perfectly clear to tho reporter, but tho Doctor argued that tho thing was very possible in tho stale of weakness iu which tho patient at that time was. So tho case has Its elements of mys tery as well as its elements of sadness. The reason given for tho delay in taking the remains Eastward Is that a sister of the dead lady has lust deceased at Joliet, and it is desired to send both the bodies together. An investigation is improbable, us tho Chief of Police will not oct without tho concurrence of the Coroner, and the Coroner will not act except upon tho complaint of some Intorcutod party. THE HUNTER ESTATE. Over Forty Suits for the Dower of Widow Mclioll in the Above lands Restored. History of one of tho Earliest Spec ulations in Chicago Eeal Estate. The Firat Venture of the First Western ' land Association of New York Capitalists, Contest for Dower in Valuable Lands on tbe North Bide. Yesterday, in tho Criminal Court, Francis B. NlohoU, of tho City of Brooklyn, reinstated over forty salts in Chancery for widow’s dowor, in a valuable real estate on tho North Sido. Tho particulars of this litigation will bo found of un usual interest. It appears that Mrs. Nlcholl Is tho robot of the late Edward A. Nicholl, who’ died on tho 24th day of March, 1859, and who was possessor of tho roal estate subsequently mentioned, in which she claims dowor. About tho Ist of December, 1834, an associa tion was formed, In Now York,, for tho purchase and salo of Western lands, and it was mutually agrood by tho members that lauds intended to bo purchased should bo convoyed to, and tbo the legal title invested in one Charles Butler, who would soli thorn for the common uso and benefit of tbo Association. About tho Ist of December, 1834, in pursuance of tho agreement, a contract was mado and entered into on behalf of tho Association with Arthur Bronson, for tho purchase of certain lands in Chicago, and ho did transfer and convoy • those lands to Frederick Bronson. Tho consideration paid for tho prop erty was 6 100,000, wliioh was mode up by all tho members of tho Association, ouch contributing a certain proportion. On the Ist of July, 1835, Charles Butlor Issued to tho various members separate certificates, defining tboir respective shares in a part of the purchased roal ostato called tho “ Hunter property,” and sotting forth that tho property was to be divided into 1,000 ports or shares of SIOO each, and that tho inter est of oach of tho holders was to bo accounted for in money and as a personal interest, and not as land, when tho sold land oamo to bo sold. On the 6th September, 1835, Frederick duly trans ferred tne Hunter Property to Ch&rlos Butlor, in fee simple, yet the transfer was made in trust for the nonefit of tho members of the Associa tion. . Edward A. NiohoJJ, late husband of oratrix, was from its beginning and for several years, a member of tho Association and a share holder in the tf Hunter Property.” On the Ist April, 1840, Charles Butlor mado a declaration of trust, in writing,' sotting forth that ho hold the, property* for tho benefit of Nlcholl and others who hod contributed to its purchase. Nicholl owned six-eighteenths of ono-b&lf of the property, Charles Butlor one half, tho remainder being owned by John S. Bus ing, Chester Clark, Benjamin F. Butler, William

B. Ogden, and Barton White. At tho request of tho shareholders, tho half interest in the prop erty which did not belong to Charles Butlor was convoyed in trust to E. A. NlohoU and Orsamus Bushnoll, who on the 12th of April. 1842, mado a declaration of trust skewing that it was hold in for the members, in tho proportion of: E. A. NlohoU, six-eighteenths 5 Charles Butlor. .in trust for tho assignees of Simon Hyde, four olghtoontha; and tbo others in smaUor frac tions, aud stating that whenever partition should bo mode of the promises' among tho parties interested they would convoy to oach of thorn, or to such parties as thoy may desig nate, to rocoive it, tboir sbaro of tbo promisee, in severalty, by deed, with covenants of war ranty against their own- acts only, partition thereof to ho made, if practicable, within six months from date of declaration. By-this declaration of trust, oratrix submits,her lato hus band bocamo possessed of six-olghteonths of tho undivided half of the Huqter property, and that sho Is entitled to her dowor therein. An agroo-' meat was ontorod into by all tho parties interested in the trust, on tho 25th day of - April, 1842, to tho effect that tho objects and interests of tho trust woro that whenever partition should bo made of tho hurt E remises, tho trustees would - convey to the oneflolarlea in severalty, their heirs or assigns, their several shares of tbo said trust premises by deed, with covenants of warranty against tho acts of tho trustees: that said partition should take place, if •practicable, within six months from the date of the declaration of trust; that tho trustees,might, before partition. soU tho promises for such prices end upon suon terms of payment as thoy might deem fit. and might dele gate all tho above powers to Wuliam B. Ogden, of Chicago, or ' any other person or persons; ■ and that the - trustees should account to each beneficiary proportion ately the ’proceeds ’of such solo. On. tho 8d of January, 1848, by mutual agreement of aU parties interested, a deed of partition was ex ecuted by tbo trustees. Nioholfand Bushnol], by which a certain part or the property,' estimated to bo ono-half thereof, was convoyed to Charles Butlor, by Nicholl and Bushnoll, and the other half was convoyed by Charles Butlor to Nicholl aud Bushnoll with tho exception of one block, No. 8, in Kinzio’s Addition to tho OUy of Chi cago, said half being designated 11 Tbo trust half of tho Huntor property.” Tho ooroplaiuant submits that hor lato husband, E. A. NlohoU, by virtue of the deed of partition, bocamo possessor of six-eighteenths of “tbo trust half," and also six-eighteenths of tbo undivided half of plock No. B, before mentioned, and that she is entitled to hor dowor in tho same; that E. A. Nicholl sold two-thirds of his interest in tho “ Huntor property ” to Abol T. Anderson, and convoyed his remaining interest therein to Thomas J. Oakloy. Nicholl was removed, by decree of Cook County Court, from tho office of trustee, on 6th August, 1815, and BushnoU was thence solo trustee, and tho partition between Butler and Nicholl and Bush nell, trustees, was declared to bo valid. On tho 10 April, 1810, allthoporaonsinterested in tho “ Trust half of the Huntor property” sold and convoyed their several interests therein to Will iam B. Ogdon, and, on the 6th day of November, 1840, Bushnoll. trustee, for a nominal consider ation, convoyed tbo legal title-in foe simple on and to tho, “ Trust half of tho Huntor property,” and also tho undi vided half of Block 8 to said Ogdon Complainant shows that, on tho 2d of March, IBG3, defendants had, ana still has, a solo ostato of inheritance, both logoi and oquitablo, to tho various lots of land described in tho forty-odd suits: further, that sho has frequently sought to obtain from defendant one-ninth part of tbo lots in question, wherein she is dowered 5 but ho refuses to comply with horroquost. Whoroforo, complainant prays an accounting may bo had of tho rents and profits of said lota. which • have accrued since tho death of said Edward A. Nicholl, and that ono-ninth part of tho lots of land may bo assigned to hor for hor dowor, and that sho ho lot into tho full aud immediate possession there of, and dooreod to hold tho same for tho term of hor lifo, sho having at no timo signed hor assent to any conversion of tho property in tho person alty. Tho Circuit Court, before which tho cause was brought, dooidod against tho widow's claim, and tho Hupromo Court reversed tho decision; whoa the fire oamo and destroyed tho records, which woro yesterday restored. Tho causes wore ro- NORTHWESTERN IOWA. Lkuahh, March 20, 1873. To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune: Bin: Northwestern lowa enjoyed remarkably fine weather from about the oth to tho 20th of March. During that period farmers wore busily engaged sowing wheat, and a good deal of plow ing was done. Since that period it has boon cold and somewhat stormy, and a little snow has fal len. The last heavy snow fell on tho 27 th of February, which wont off rapidly with tho worm weather of tho beginning of March. Notwithstanding tho occasional dreadful snow storms which besot this part of lowa in winter, and which are apt to discourage those who havo not been accustomed to a bleak aud now prairlo region, the abundant richness of tho soil, and the hooUhfulnoss of tho climate, continue to at tract emigrants from the East in largo num bers. Tho prominent features of Northwestern lowa, In a cllmal Ic point of view, ami which nro particularly noticed by now settlors, nro, tho general dryness and wonderful salubrity of tho atmosphere* tho short periods of muddy weather In spring and fall, tho occasional uupornbund auco of dust iu munmor when tho wind blows, and tho total absence of malarious diseases, llalu is expected in April and May. Autumn is a season of groat beauty, appearing like a long Indian summer. I have scon no rain Iu whiter; and, with tho exception of occasional seasons, very little snow falls, —not sufficient to make sleighing amount to much. Tho grass being frequently burnt off iu tho fall, there is nothing to hold tho snow which falls, and tho most of it Is blown Into tho hollows, or Into drifts. This winter wo have two very sovoro show-storms. During these blows, which are invariably from the Northwest, tho snow is so flno that It finds Is way through tho smallest aperture in a building; and, when at tho worst. It is impose!* bio to boo an object a fow yards distance, malt ing it particularly dangerous to travelers on tho open prairio, Whoro fences and buildings aro fow and far between. Tho soil of tho prairio is almost uniformly a noli loam, fortllo in corn, wheat, oats, and po tatoes. It boars wot weather and drouth well, and ’ls easily cultivated. Last year, heavy props of potatoes ami grain wore grown. Tho surface is gently rolling, approaching to hilly near tho streams. Springs and crooks aro nu merous, and good water is obtained' by digging a moderate depth. Fences aro not needed, cat tle boing required to bo horded. What timber wo have, away from Missouri Bottom, is mostly in ravines among tho hills near streams. Tho crooks and rivors aro moro or loss fringed with timber. Coalls abundant in tho neighborhood of Fort Dodgo. There is little, if any. government land not taken up, but tho railroad companies hold largo amounts, and a good doal is owned by speculators, immigrants with moans aro bo ginning to tako hold of tbo railroad sections: and tnero is’plenty of choice lands to select from. , . ; Attention is boing paid to planting forest trees, all kinds of which grow well after tho prairlo-sod has boon killed by a year or two’s cultivation. Nothing olso is wanted but tho growth of troos for shelter, and to break iho pioroing winds of tho prairio, to mako this a splendid country. O. THE COUNCIL. Nomination of Three Health Commissioners. McGregor Adams, Charles E. Moore, and Samuel Hoard, the lucky Men. Tho Eleven O’Glock Saloon-Closing Ordi nance Pushed Forward An other Stop, A regular mooting of the Council was bold yes terday evening, Aid. Dixon in tbo chair. Pres ent, Aldermen Bowon, Richardson, Dixon, War ren, McQennias, Cooy, McAvoy, Bidwoll, Stono, Pickering, Tracey, Schmitz, Cullorton, Me dow ry, dowry, Dailey, Powell, O'Brien, Bond, Clark, Sweet, Heath, Minor, Moore, Cleveland, Quirk, Eckhardt, Stout, Mahr, Lbngachor, Bohaffiior, Carney, Cannon, Ogdon, Brandt,- Woodman, Cor coran'. ' " petitions. Petitions woro presented and roforrod for a sower on Millor street, between Taylor and Har rison ; for sower uoar the. Erring Woman’s Refuge; for wator-pipo m Nineteenth street, from Wood to Hbyno; in Twenty-first, from Leavitt to Wostom avonuo; In Throop from Tenth to Twonty-socond; lor a main sower in Washington street; for tbo vacation of land at iho intersection of Indiana avenue and Twonty socond street; for a sidewalk on Wood street, between Chicago avonuo and Oloronco stroot. ORDERS. Tho Board of Public Works was ordered to prepare an ordinance for cindering Twenty-sec ond street, irom Centre to Ashland avonuo; to survey Halstod stroot, between Archer and Egon avenues, with a view to widening that street; to build a sowor In South Halstod, 1 from Archer avonuo to Thirty-fifth'stroot, as ooon as possible • to.lay water pipe on Vincennes avenue. An order directing tho Board to request tho Northwestern Road to 'place a flagman at the end of North Market stroot, was roforrod to tho Rail road Committee. A resolution offered by Aid. Tracey, directing tho Bdard to tako up all tho railroad tracks on Ashland avonuo. was reforrod to tho Committoo on Streets and Alloys. 8. D, ' • , Tho Board ofHoalta was ordered to abate tho nuisance caused by tho 0., B. & Q. and O. & N. W. Roads,’ in emptying their manure, etc., on Twenty-second stroot, west of Centro avenue. • An order to tho Comptroller, directing him to draw his warrant in favor of Solomon Andrews for 6100, paid by him a year ago for a pawn broker’s license, was passed. BOARD OP HEALTH. , Tho following communication from tho Mayor was read, and reforrod to tho Committoo on tho Judiciary t • Gentlemen : Tbo term of office fop which Samuel Hoard was appointed a member of the Board of Health has expired. Tho act approved March D, 1872, and in force July 1,1872, makes it tho duty of the Mayor, by and with tho conseut of tho Common Council, to ap point tho mombora of said Board of Health. In pur suance thereof, ! hereby appoint Samuel Hoard a member of said Board of Health for the term pro scribed by law, via.: six years from the let of April. 1873, and respectfully request tho couourrenco of your honorable body in such appointment. Mr. A. B. Reynolds, who has acted as a member of tho Board of Health, has tendered to mo his resigna tion, to tako effect on tho 6th of April, 1873, which X havo accepted. A vacancy Is thereby created in said Board. I hereby appoint Mr. McGregor Adams as a member of the Board of Health to fill tbo unoxpirod term of tbo said Reynolds, which will terminate on the Ist of April, 1877: and 1 respectfully request tho con currence of your honorable body in such appointment. A vacancy exists oh sold Board of Health, by reason of the resignation of Mr. Oeorgo Von Hollen, and I hereby appoint Mr. Oharlcs E. Moore as a member of tho Board of Health, to fill tho unoxpirod term of tho said Von Hollen. which will terminate, on the Ist of April, 1876: and I respectfully request tho concur rence of your honorable body lu such appointment. BALANCES. A communication from tho Board of Police, making recommendations in regard to an unex pended balance from tho last annual appropria tion, was roforrod to tho Finance Committoo. errr officers. A communication from tho Comptroller, ask ing to bo informed os to tho policy of tho Coun cil in regard to leasing street ends, was referred to tho Committee on Wharves and X’ublio Grounds. Tbo samo officer submitted an ordinance di recting him to issue $50,000 in bonds, (0 retire a like amount of municipal indebtedness duo and payable Juno 1, 1873, and it was passed. The samo officer transmitted a list of all unoc cupied property belonging to tho city. The annual report of tho Board ox Health was presented, and placed on file. ' STREET IMPROVEMENTS. Tho Board of Public Works submitted ordi nances for paving Water street from lake to Michigan avenue, Fifth avenue from Randolph to Madison, Franklin from Chicago avenue to Division, and Eldridgo court from State to Michigan avenno, and they wore passed. A number of sidewalk ordinances wore sub mitted and passed. Tho reports of tho Commissioners to mako estimates for paving Twenty-second street from State to Wentworth avenue, Vernon avenue from Twenty-ninth to Thirtieth, Wabash from Thirty- Boconct toDcmglasavonuo, Thirty-first street from State to South Park avenue, State street from I*ako to Madison, Eldridgo from Btato to Michigan avenuo, Thirty-first from South Park avouco to Cottage Qrovo, and Wabash from Twenty-ninth to Thirty-second wore confirmed. COMMITTEES. Tho Finance Committee reported adversely on tho petitions of Francis Junker, Magdalena Webber, F; Burns, T. M. Blanoy, M. Hoffman, and others, and tho reports wore concurred in. The Judiciary Committee reported favorably on tho ordinance for tho prevention of cruelty to animals, which was laid ovor. The same Committee recommended tho pas sage of tho ordinance changing tho name of West Polk street. It was lata ovor. Tho same Committee, to whom wore referred various resolutions relative tocourt-houso plans, recommended they bo tabled, since nothing could bo dono without joint action with tho County Commissioners, who had refused to adont similar resolutions. Aid. Holmftnor explained that ho wrote tho resolutions presented by Commissioner Ashton, aud was alone responsible for them. 'Partof his object had boon attained, and tho reabhltlbft 0 might oty illo&fciil hio mil m imm Jiiiwhxj On tho recommendation of tho Committee on Streets aud Alloys, H. D,, tho ordinance lor paving Jackson ntroot from Btnlo to Michigan avonuo, was passed. Tho Committee on Btrools and Alloys, W. D.. roportod back sovoral sidewalk ordinances, ami ono for paving I’eorla from Lalto to Harrison; which woro passed, The same Committee, roportod an order, which was laid over, requesting tho West Side Btreot V:\lhvay Company lo lay a double track railway for Milwaukee avonuo from Division lo Worth avoimo. - Fins limits. Tim Special Commitleo on tho Firo Limits submitted two reports, tho majority ono oppos ing any modl/lcntlon of tho limits, and tho minor ity ono recommending that tho dro limits em brace tho entire city, and that, frame buildings, 24 foot by 40, and not over 10 foot high, ’tuny no erected, provided they are not within 40 foot of any brick or stone building already pat up. They woro both laid over. olabk sxiiKKr. ’ i Tho question of using horse instead of steam power on Clark street was taken up. Aid. titouo moved both majority and minority reports bo postponed till December. Ho did not see any reason why the Rook Island Rood should bo singled out for attack, when other roads oc oupiodothorstreets. - • Aid. Woodman took tho same view, and did not bollovo tho Company could do tho business with horse power. Aid. Sidwoll advocated the use of horso power, and kuow of no othor Biroot in a similar predica ment with Clark. Ho moved to postpone tho matter for two weeks. The motion was lost—yeas, 10; nays, 27. Aid. Stone’s motion was carried—yeas, 24 nays, 18. OTHEBT OBSTRUCTIONS. The order directing the Board of Police lo de tail a sufllclont force to prevent tho obstruc tion of streht openings by trains and cars was agreed to. CLOSING SALOONS. The ordinance relative to closing saloons at 11 o'clock was taken up; Aid. MoAvoy moved to amend by striking out 11-o’olook and inserting 12. The amendment was lost—yeas, 16; nays, 21. Aid. McAvoy moved to fix tho time at half past 11. ■ It was lost—yeas, 14; nays, 23. Tho ordinance was referred to tho Clerk for engrossment. The Council adjourned. AMUSEMENTS. “STAR” HEADINGS. ~T he belt reader teho Tioi ever appeared in Bolton."—Tht Boiton Globe, Slareh 16. ' 1 tit* votee it of splendid volume, and 10 divinely modu lated nt to exprut every articulate utterance of human emo lion,"—JViw Fork Herald, dan. 61. He Hsu to true Inspiration, and aft electrical thrill that hell able to lend through the audience, adils to the effect of Mi/fnepreienee and potterful and sympathetic voice. TVs Ur, ifollet* unigualsd 01 a reader,"—London FUST APPEARANCE BELLEW. “The Greatest Living Reader," TO-isria'Xa: r T , 3 Union Pork Congregational Church; Thursday Evening, April 10, same place* SECOND AND. LAST HEADINGS, Michigan Avenue Baptist Church, WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY evenings, April 9 and U. Admission, sl. No extra charge (or Reserved Seat, lor sale at Star Coarse Denote. CARPENTER A SHELDON, Managers. HOOLEY’S OPERA HOUSE. apbxl v. HOUSES CROWDED! I HUNDREDS TURNED AWAY! Fourth Week Of BARTLEY CAMPBELL'S Great Emotional Booloty Drama* IFIA-TEI with: THE , . BEST COMPANY IN AMERICA. Friday night-Beneflt of MISS KATE.KEEK. In rehearsal* tho last Flfth-av. success, ALIXE. Tn preparation, an entirely new domestic drama by Bartley Campbell, entitled RISKS. 0,001,1,1111 “ d NIXON’S, Cllnton-iL, between Randolph and Washington. tTAMGS. W. WILDER & CO.’S NATIONAL CIRCUS! . MONDAY. April 7, and every night this week, and Wednesday and Saturday Afternoons. ENGAGEMENT EXTRAORDINARY FOR THIS ... . WKB|£ ONLY. • j MljXiß- EX.XSE3 DOarnTTiTij ThoOuoenof tho arena, and beroelebrated PARISIAN TROUPE OP RIDERS, Grotesques, and Performing Horses, from Cirque Rants, Berlin, and Clrqus Napoleon, Paris. R. H. DOOKRILL, KENEBEL, the groat French Grotesque. ELLINGTON, tho Prince of Manage. Prof. ROGERS AND PUPILS. and all tho Old Favorites. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, last throe nlghta of JAMES KOBENSON. On aooount of the onormoua expense attending this en gagement. tho froo list will be ontlrolyiuspondod, with tho exception of the Press and Board of Directors. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. Immense Success of the Handsome Boys, BAKER A.25T33 Enthusiastic reception of the Sensation Drama. OXXXUS AIXTX> Tremondoua applauso at the rendition of tho LITTLE FBAUQS. The entire bouse in eostaolos over the genteel SONGS AND DANOES. Ladles engage year soati for the Matinee. MYERS’ OPERA HOUSE. Monrpo-st., between Dearborn and Stato-sts. Mltl, CuIhTWM lusWl AN ENTIRE CHANGE OF PROGRAMME! ayc-A-OKinsr «sc “wxx-soisr IN THEIR SONGS AND DANCES. New Vocal Quartette—Tho Throe Graces—The Clock maker's Hat—One—Two—Throe. Every Evening and Saturday Matlnoo, Monday, April 14, benefit of J. R. Kemble, on which occasion tho burlesque of Romeo and Juliet. METHODIST EPISCOPAL OHU’H. Anna Dickinson, At the Bide, FRIDAY “JO-AJST OF -AJR.O.” Admission, 60 cents; reserved seats, 35 cents extra. Tlokota for sale at Dyoho'e Drugstore, corner Madison and Halstod-ate., and F. U. RovoU's Book Rooms, 114 hast Msdlaou-st. AIKEN’S THEATRE. Loatwoek of MoKER RANKIN, MIRS KITTY DLANOIIARO, and full combination. MONDAY, TUESDAY, and WKDNESDAY U«t porlomunoo. it KIP VAN WINKLE, Grand Matlnoos, WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY afternoon. Host seats RO cents. In rehearsal. OLIVER TWIST and Rankin’s Now Piece, CAUL VON HOOK. Coming, tho Funniest Man In America, STUART ROUSON. MoVIOKER'S THEATRE. Engagement of tho Eminent English Artiste, hmcisss asrsxxj.soi'j-! wliowill appear on Monday evening, April?, and until further notice, in her world-famed rendition of J ULIET, lo tilmkspoaro's Tragedy of Homoo and Juliot which will be produoed with appropriate Scenery and Ap pointments. Saturday—NßlLSON MATINEE. MISCELLANEOUS, NOTICE. Notloo Is hereby glvon that tho books for tho transfer of tho stock of tile People’s Omnibus A Usggago Company are closed until after tho annual election of Tta Dlroclun for tho ensuing year. „ . _UEO.It. CHITTENDEN, Decretory. Ouiqaoo, April?. 1873. ’ BARLOWS INDIGO BLUE INO OLOTpI°Ka and 1)011 ftrtlol ° lo tho for ULUE- Tho gonulnphas]both Darluw’s and Wlltborgor’s names on thu label, and is put up at Wlltborgor’s Drug Store, No. SRS North bocoim-st., Philadelphia. in L’v'c I3y , FofsslobyDrocof»iaidl>fggßisaa‘>hQfnA iO yn/ -at ht'.n naSmol OE s«ft r aa?; , fls4K-«sww;*jse o dura loft with OILREUT lIUUUARD A CO., lUdHdEB South Water-st., will receive prompt attention. OCEAN NAVIGATION. FOR EUROPE. IIIAILINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. Will nail from New York as follows; CIITY OF BRISTOL Thursday, April Ift. 2 P. 7.1. CJITY OK BROOKLYN Raturday, April 13, 2 P. M. CITY OK WAHIIINOTON..Thnrsday, April 17, 9 A, M. OITY OF ANTWERP Saturday, April 10, 0 A. M. And oaoh succeeding SATURDAY and THURSDAY, from Pier No. 45, North River. Cabin fileorago, to British Ports $30,00 Currency. Hloorago. to Gorman Ports 86.00 Currency. Htesrago, to Urcmon or Scandinavian 1 l sraWlJKmsy.¥;ai«f;i-Ktf.v a “"“° cy - FEAN CIS O. BROWN, General Western Agent, 86 South Chicago, ALLAN LINE . Montreal Ocean SteaMin Co. Pirst-cinss Steamships, Unsurpassed for Speed and Comfort, running on tho Shortest ■ ' Sea Rentes between EUROPE AND AMERICA. RATRS OF PASSAGE: CABIN ai low as by nny other FIRBT-OLABB LINES. Itnturn Robots at great reduction, STEERAGE Tlckola either to or from Bnrnpo, also at lowest rates, ana through to points In tho West lowor than by other linos. RATRS OP FREIGHT: ; Tariff arranged on all classes Merchandise from Liver* pool or Glasgow THROUGH to Chlongo. ‘For other Information, or froightoontraots, apply at tho Company's OlDoo, 72 and 74 LaHsllo-st. : ALLAN A CO.. Agents. White Star Line. NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL—Now and full-powered •„ . .steamships 5 tho six largest In tho world. • OORANfO. OELTia UHPUBTAO, ATLANTI b. UAL'l'ld, ADUIATIO; IUXX) tons Imrdon—o,ooo h. n. each. Sailing from Now York on SATURDAYS, from Liverpool on THURS DAYS, calling at Oork Harbor tho day following. From tho White star Dock, Pavonia Ferry, Jersey Oily. i Passenger accommodations 1 for all classes] unrivalled, combining safety, speed, ana comfort. Saloons, state rooms, smoking-room, and bath-rooms In midship sec tion, whore least motion Is felt. Burgeon and steward esses aooomp&ny those steamers. 1 Rates—Saloon, SBO.- golds steerage, S3O, currency. Those wishing to send for friends from tho old country can obtain steerage prepaid certificates. Passenger* booked lo or from all parts of America, Paris, Hamburg, Norway. Sweden, India, Australia, China, etc. Excursion tickets granted at the lowest rates. Drafts from £1 upward. For inspection of plans and other information, apply at tho Company's offices, No. 19 Broadway, Now York. ■ . J. 11. BPARKS, General Agent, to tho White filar Lino Office, 00 South Markot-st. Chicago. , A. LARQREQEN, Agent. unuim Soiling from New York for Queens town and Liverpool every "Wednes day, and for London direct every fortnight. Cali Passage SBO it S9O Currency. STEERAGE, $29.00 currency* Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool, Queenstown* Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, or London, 831,00 currency. Passenger? booked to or (rota German and Scandina ▼lan polnte at low ratoe. The Steamships of this lino are the largest in the trade. Drafts on Great Britain, Ireland, and the Continent. WILLIAM MACALISTEB, 50 iXarket-at** Chicago* CUNARD MIL LINE. SBTA3LISHBD 1840, Passengers carried during 1872 .... 72,368 From Now York every Wednesday* From Boston every Saturday. Cabin Passage, SBO and SIOO Gold. Excursion Tickets at Reduced Rates. Spring sailings are now arranged, and Intending pas* songors are recommended to make early application (or Steerage Passengers booked to and from Bnropo at low est rates. Drafts on Great Britain, Ireland* ana the Con tinent. Through Bills of Lading for Merchandise to and from Europe; ■ ■ P-‘ H. DU VERNET, Oon'l Wost'a Agent. N. W. cor. Clark and Randolph-st., new Sherman House. ■ Sailing twice a week from Now York, and carrying pas sengers to all pacta of Groat Britain. Ireland. Continental Europe, and the Mediterranean. Cabin from $66; Steer age, British and Irish ports oast, $80; west, $33— provi sions included. Continental ports same as other regular linos. All parable In U. 8. currency. Apply for full In formation at tho Company's offices/ 7 Doming Green, N. YV, and N. B. corner LaSsdlo and Madtsoo-sts., Chicago, HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agents. STATE LIE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. . • Hew York ana Glasgow via Londonderry. Those elegant new steamers will sail from Slate lino Pier. Martin’s Stores. Brooklyn, N. Y. as as follwas PENNSYLVANIA, 3,600 tons Wednesday, May 7. GEORGIA, 8,600 Urns , Wednesday, Juno 4. VIRGINIA, 3,600 tons Wednesday. Juno 16. Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN i CO.. Agotits. 73 Broadway, N. Y. Steerage office, 4fl Broadway, N. Y. MEDICAL CARDS. A Book For Every Man. Tho "80IEN0E OP LIFE. OB SELF-PBESBBVA TION,”a Medical Treatise on tho Cause and Cure of Exhausted Vitality, Premature Decline in Man. Nervous and Physical Debility, Hypochondria, Impulonoy, and all other diseases arising from tho errors of jumth ortho Indiscretions or excesses of mature years. This la indeed a book for every man. Thousands have boon taught by this work tho true way to health and haonlness. Uis tho cheapest and best medical work over published, and the only one on this class of Ills worth reading. 190tb edition, revised, much enlarged, Illustrated, bound in beautiful French ololb. Price only sl. Sent by mail, postpaid, on receipt of price. Address PEABODY MEDICAL INSTITUTE. No. 167 South Clerk-st., Chicago, or Dr. Q. W. WARREN, Assistant Physician. N. 8.-Tho author may bo consulted on tho above, as well as all, dls eases requiring skill and eiteiuence. DE. C. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 464 Stato-et., Chicago, It la well known by all readera of tho papers, that Dr. O. Bigelow Is the oldest established physician in Chicago, Science and experience have made Dr. B. the most re nowned SPECIALIST of tho age. honored by tho press, esteemed of the highest medical attainments by all the medical Institutes of the day, having devoted TWENTY YEARS OF HIS LIFE In perfooting remedies thatjwill cure positively all cases of OBROmO AND SPECIAL DISEASES in both sexes. „„ CONSULTATION FREE. SEPARATE PARLORS for ladles and gentlemen. Cal). CORRESPONDENCE CONFIDENTIAL. Address all letters, with stamps, to Dr. O. BIGELOW. No. IlHStato-sU DR. J. H. CLARK, The able and well known specialist—at lot Bast Harrison at., between Clark and Stato-sts.—can be consulted—day qrevonlng-on all diseases and difficulties of a chronic, delicate, or confidential nature—of both sexes. Special attention to female dllßoultioa. Medicines sent by mall or express. Horn! stamp (or circular to the Married. Ad dross DR. CLARK. 101 East Harrison st., Chicago, 111. Obstacles to Marriage. • Happy Relief for Youmr Men. Bent frees In soalciflottor envelop*#. Address HOWARD ASSOCIA TION, Philadelphia, Pa.— an Institution having a high reputation for honorable conduct and profoMlonafaklll. Dr. TOWMTSEIOID, 183 SOUTH OLABK-ST., Continues to cure all Chronlo, Nervous, and Urinary Diseases of both sores, and may bo confidentially con sulted. personally or by mail, free of charge. Feraalo difficulties treated with safety and auoooss. Ills Medical Treatise to ladles and gontlomon sent froo. X> K.. STOHTE, ConfldeattolPhyalolaiii 112 W.MadißOii-Bt,,Chicago,lll, (A regular graduate In medlelne) euros all chronic and i*Special Diseases," of both sores, at reasonable prices. Meulotnesfurolshod. Nometouryused. Consultation froo, Eersonallyorbr uiftll. Cures guaranteed. All "fomaledlf*. oultles '» treated with safety and success. Clroularslree. 1 SBSSSI Dr. Kean, 300 South Clark-at., Chicago, May bo confidentially consultod, personally or by moil, froo of charge, on all chronic or nervous diseases. DU. J, KEAN Is tho only physician in tho oily who war rants euros or no pay. Ollfoo hours (rum Ua. m. to 8 NO CURE, NO PAY. A suro euro for Nervous Debility, Low Spirits, Loss of Memory, Energy, Ao., is Dr. Molts Herb Cure. IT NEVER KAILS. A package SUM' FREE on trial by It. CROIX A DO.. Covington, Ky. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages OF mimwiiet; -rmroD oihnooroiSlaAfcidmfc hai! iitblJodmuO TMtnSff TME - 3