Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 8, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 8, 1873 Page 5
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THE STATE CAPITAL. Composition of tlio Special Committee on the Railroad Bills, The Cook County Delinquent Tax Bill Deported Back in the House. The Williamson Warehouse Bill—Park Bills—Wages of Legislators. Special Dhpateh to The Chicago Tribune. the rnonLEir. Springfield, April 7.— I The Speaker announced (lie Select Committee of Thirteen on Railroads, as follows: Ilarf, of LaSalle; Moflltt, Crawford, Mulvauo, Johnston, Savage, Swan, Scanlon. Oborly, Collins, MoPhorran, Stroud, and Scott. There aro six farmers, four lawyers, an editor, a speculator, and a doctor, giving tho farmers a solid front, if they aro united. Hart, Moflltt, Savage, Oborly,' probably Scott, and perhaps Stroud, aro “maximum raters,” and will bo in favor of tho farmer idea of fixing tho rates, Tho host men hare believe such a law would bo so much wasto paper, and that tho only remedy is tho common law enforced by statutory penalties. Calkins. Swan, McPhorran, and probably Johnston, will favor such a hill, and Mulvauo loans in tho same direction. Crawford, Scanlan, and Stroud have f dvon no expression of opinion. Tho Oommlttoo o admittedly weak. There Is no extraordinary ability on it, no groat man, no man who has mode tho railroad question a special study, and a majority aro apt to loan in tho dark. Tho Speaker is not to blame. Ho did the best with the material at bis disposal. Everyman on tho Railroad Committee had to bo excluded, or tho Speaker would have boon accused of “unjust discrimination,” and tho men who had ox- Sroßsod decided views in favor of particular bills isquallflod themselves for service on tbo Com mittee. A place on tho Committee is unenvia ble. Those untutored souls who think it is an easy job to select from the bills boforo them, or build a compromise measure out of such con flicting material will And themselves mistaken. Already they are being buttonholed by tho pro prietors of bills who desire to liavo their beloved offspring resuscitated from tbo grave to which ft was consigned when referred to thot Committee. The prospect is thot a now bill will bo introduced only to ho attacked by tho friends of tho rejected bills, and lay the foundation of a now fight that may result disastrously to any railroad logislotlon. Tho hope of getting effective laws on this absorbing subject grows more and more dim. COOK COUNT* RACK TAXES. On behalf of tho Judiciary Committee, Mr. Shaw reported back without recommendation House bill 424, introduced by Mr. Walker, of Union, to provide for tho collodion of hack taxes, alleged to bo duo by Cook County on tho lovy of 18G8. Tho history of tho transaction, having.boou related at every session of tho Leg islature, is growing familiar. Tho Stato Board of Equalization raised tho rato in Cook County somo 27 per cent, which tho County Clerk neglected to extend, and tho books woro in the hands of tho Collectors, when tho Supremo Court issued a mandamus, for disobeying which tho Clerk was fined. The amount of tho tax uncollected was $129,024.22, which tho bill claims, with interest from Kept. 1, 1888. It is a favorite stroke of policy with gen tlemen from tho South to introduce a bill pro viding for tho collection of this monoy, as it tickles their constituents, and helps on the way to Congress. Therefore, no gentleman con be blamed for indulging himself in this harmless way. It is not likely tho bill will over pass, but it is foolish for Cook County members to try and smother it, thereby provoking a fight. It should bo allowed to die a natural death, and discussion of tho matter can do harm, for if Cook County really owes tho money, it is willing to pay. There is a fooling that it would bo unfair to tax persons who acquired property in Cook County since 1868 for tho delinquency of tho County Clerk of that year. Some Cook County gentlemen desired to hnvo tho enacting clause stricken out, bat Mr. Hopkins sensibly opposed tho motion, aud tho bill took the natural course, and will bo printed. GRAIN INSPECTION. Tho Williamson Warehouse bill already passed tho Senate, and which, it will bo remembered, provides lor UoxihUlty in grading of grain for a Committee of Appeals and for canuumug noiu bouso receipts, was, on motion of Hr. Johnston, ordered to a third reading in tho House without opposition. This bill should and will pass. WEST SIDE PARK DILL. Tho West Side Park lull still bangs flro in tbo Senate ou its third reading. It will probably coma up during tho week, when Mr, Kohoo will “go for that clause” and endeavor to havo it stricken ont. Ho may suc ceed in beheading the bill. It will go through only by close scratching, ■if at ail, as none of. tho Cook County members are earnest advo cates of it except Mr. Dow, who is tho guardian angel of tho parks, in which his constituents are interested. Its voyage through tho House, If it over roaches there, will bo stormy and danger ous. NO QUORUMS. The House opened very badly this morning, without a quorum, and proceeded to order impor tant bills to a third reading. Finally, a division disclosed that but sovonty-ono members woro present, showing an alarming absenteeism of oighty-ono. “ A man cannot bo in two places at tbo samo timo, barring bo was a bird,” as some body sold, and as moat of tho members wore at homo they could not bo boro, “barring they woro birds." A call of tbo House took place, tbo doors woro ordered to bo shut, and tho doorkeepers sent out to search tho hotels and billiard-rooms whoro honorable mon might take thoir matutinal exorcise. Tho members meandered around tho hall, talking, joking.'and entering foolish motions. Tho names of those present will bo found in tho regular proceedings. Tho list is interesting, and should bo scrutinized by every constituent to see whether his repre sentatives aro unfaithful. Tho samo is true of tho Senate list. There wore 21 Senators present nnd 30 absent. This neglect of duty at this .stage of tbo session is shameful, and should bo remembered in tbo future against every man who is guilty, and vico versa. FEMALE SCHOOL OFFICERS. The passage of tho bill allowing women to be elected school officers, has drawn out the state ment from the women suffragors that a woman roust bo run for State Superintendent when Mr. Bateman gets through, and they predict that women can easily ho elected County Superin tendent in somo counties. By running a pretty girl thoycangot tho young follows to work for her and succeed. Why not? Devotion in her cause would bo a tender and delicate mode of declaring love, and she could reward the most successful politician by marrying him. That women will run for school offices is certain, and that many of them will perform tho duties as well if not better than men, can hardly he doubted. In ono of tho Morgan County districts, Mrs. Gordon, wife of Mr. Gordon, a member of tho House from that county, was made a candidate for Directress and oomo within five votes of being elected, This was in antici pation of tho passage of tho law. and tho lady would have boon elected woro there not some doubts as to whether sho would bo qualified until the law goes into effect in July. Thus tho world moves. LEGISLATIVE WAGES. No stops havo boon taken to fix tbo pay of tho next Qoncrttl Assembly, although tho Constitu tion requires it to no douo by its prede cessor. Somo of tho members would as soon adjourn sino die without passing such a law so that thoy might be con vened m special session, and got tho stationery money, SCO, and mileage. It would bo a potty steal. Thoro Is a disposition to raiso tho com pensation to $8 or $lO a day. Should that he done, it should only bo for actual service, and members should bo "docked” like any other laborers when thoy do not work. Tho Senators who hold over should bo satisfied with tho rate fixed by tho last General Assembly, as tbo Gou ntitution prohibits any increase or diminution of' compensation during tbo term for which thoy were elected. Homo thorn contend, howovor, that thoy will bo part of tbo Twenty-ninth General Assembly, and entitled to rocolvo higher pay if higher pay is fixed. Thoy would probably construe tho Constitution tho other ' way if thoro was a likelihood of lower pay holug awarded. THE SPECIAL IUTLROAD COMMITTEE. Eight of tho Special Committee of Thirteen hold two sessions, which woro occupied In talk ing over tho question of regulating rates. Every man had ids own theory. Thoro won a division into thoso in favor of fixing maximum rates, and those In favor of a common law remedy, tho Juttor being ft minority. Tho maximum rates ovou Buhclividpd into thono who beliovod in fixing ono rato for all roads, and those who holiovoa in establishing rates according to tho plroumstauws of each particular rood. Thoro was a further subdivision Into those who did and thoao who did not deslro to compel railroads to allow connection to bo made with their tracks at any point, so that persons could run their own cars ana take advantage of the constitu tional declaration that they are pub lie highways. The common law men wore disagreed 'as to how it • should bo enforced. Those diversified views show that It will bo, perhaps, impossible to unite the Committee on any one proposition, though there is a disposition ail round to concede something, ami construct a bill that will moo* with the an- S rotation of the House. It looks now as if this ommiltoo would leave'the problem of what should 1)0 douo worse than they found it. No action was, and tho Committee ad journed until to-morrow, with the expectation of being-in session all the week NO AFTERNOON SESSION. For lack' of a quorum, neither Senate nor House, has mot this afternoon. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. SENATE. BrniNariELD, 111., April 7, 1873. NO QUORUM. I Tho Senate mot at 9:80 o’clock a. m., President EARLY in tho chair, and. there being no quo rum pronout, tho President declined, under tho rules, to entertain n motion to take a recess, and, on motion of Senator REYNOLDS, tbo Sen ate adjourned. SENATORS PRESENT. Tho following wore tho Senators present: PrcHlilcnt Early, Hampton, Btoolo, Duma. Jacobs, Vorls, Canltem,' Leo, Waito, Caaoy,' McGrath, Warren, Casey, ' Reynolds, • Wlfillng, I’crrol, Shepard, Williamson, Green, Stnruo, Youngblood—2l. Absent, 30 Senators. HOUSE. Prayer by tho Rev. Mr. Highland. SPECIAL RAILROAD COMMITTEE. Tho SPEAKER appointed tho Special Railroad Committee, as follows: Messrs. Hart, Mofilt, Crawford. Mulvano, Johnston, Savage, Swan, Bcanlan, Oborly, Collins, MoPhorran, Stroud, and Scott. NEW DILL. By Mr. CARPENTER—'To provide for tho nocossary revenue for Stato purposes. DELINQUENT COOK COUNTY TAXES. Tho Judiciary Committee reported, without rec ommendation, House bill 424, to provide for tho collection of Stato taxes duo from. Cook County for 18G7. A motion to recommit was lost, and tho hill was ordered to a second reading. SECOND HEADING. Senate bill 360. amending tho law in relation to grain inspection, providing for appeals aud for cancellation of warehouse receipts, was road aud ordered to a third reading, and mado tho special order for Wednesday of this wook. House bill 423, to fix too terms of County Courts, was read and ordered to a third reading. Bill to provide for tho organization of mutual fire insurance companies. Same order. The Committee on State Institutions reported favorably tho bill providing for settlement of accounts between towns, counties, and cities and State charitable institutions, which was read and ordered to a third reading. * House bill 246. making an appropriation for tho Southern Illinois Normal university, was road a second time, and * Mr. MOORE; of Marshall, moved that, it bo recommitted. Mr. LEMMA moved that the motion to recom mit bo laid on tho table. No quorum voting, a call of tho House was ordered, showing sovouty cne members present. Tho names of those present are: Alexander (Oraw-Flandors, Mooro (Marshall), ford), Forth, MoflUt, Alexander (Mont- Freeland, Mulvane, gomcry), Freeman, Neville, Anderson, Gordon, Oberly, Armstrong (Qnm-Graham, Oleaon, dv>, Grant, OrcudorlT, Ballow, Hart, Race, Blakeley, Hay, Rico, - Bocock. Henry, Hountroo, Bradwcll, Hildrup, Savage, Branson, Holies, Shaw, Bryant, Hopkins, Stewart (Winno- Caaoy, Inacoro, bago), Carpenter, Jacqueas, Stewart (MoLo&n), Chambers, Jackson, Taggart, Collins. James. Thomas, Connolly, Johnston, Truitt, Darnell, Jones, Walker, Dement, Lemma, Warner, Dewey, Lewis, Webster, Dolan, Mann, Wolnhclmer, Dunham, Masslo, Westfall, Efncr, McPhorran, Mr. Speaker. Fcrrlor, Mitchell, Mr. MOFFIT moved that tho doors bo closed and absentees sent for. It was so ordered, and tho Speaker directed tho Clerk to furnish a list of absentees. Tho Doorkeeper was directed to bring in members who oro iu tho city. Mr. OBERLY stated that tho RoUroad Select Committee could hold a mooting in tho after noon, occupying tho time well In the absence of ■ iU- IZouao adJOuTn. Carried. FEMALE SUFFRAGE. Miss' Clara Ikoymaxm on “Our Oppo nents In tUo Woman Question.” A small, but very respectable, audience, com posed of Gormans, assembled, last evening, at the North Sido Turner Hall, for tho purpose of hearing Miss Clara Noymann, of Now York, de liver her lecture on “Our Opponents in the Woman Question.” Miss Noymann is not only young, but very handsome, and differs In this respect entirely from many of her American sisters who advocato tho samo cause. Gorman lecturers on woman’s rights aro yet very scarce, and are looked upon as something of a curiosity, and, had it not boon for tho opposition of that tyrant Jupitor Plurius, tho hall would havo boon crowded to its utmost capacity. Tho fair speaker, after a few intro ductory remarks, said although wo livo in a timo of civilization and enlightenment, and in a land of liberty and Justice, yet there wore many who would opposo, stop by stop, all progress, right, and liberty. That women should havo tho cour age to demand to booomo tho equals of the other sox, was considered a heinous crime by those opponents. That woman should object to bo tbo foot-ball of the tyrant man was an act of insanity in tboir eyes. How could a country call itself froo when it tolerated such injustice and oppression, and deprived a largo part of its population of tbeir personal rights ? According to our Constitution, women wore nothing more nor loss than outlaws, and wore treated liko minors; but moro was demanded of them than of young mon that had arrivodat maturity. Ono opponent had even gone so far as to call them, in her presence, the typhus of tho country, and she only blushed because the ladies f resent did not ovon foel tho insult, u no other country could tbo woman question malco such progress as in this. Tho greater tho despotism in the rule of a country tho loss woro tho women considered. The more liberal a laud, tho moro rights woro given 'ib woman. Germany was a despotic country, and women were, there fore, treated there as slaves. Gorman husbands woro bom natural tyrants, who would abuse their wives as no other nationality would, and she would adviso German women to show a bold front and join tho good causo. Tho antipathy of Gorman women to woman’s rights was owing to tho tyranny of their hus bands, who considered their wives their slaves and tools, who had no nobler a calling than to do thoir bidding. After pitching into Fred Hockor and Carl Sohnrz for their opposition to woman's rights, and lauding Carl Homzonas tho only Gorman who had common sense enough to advocate their cause, she went into a lengthy ex planation* of tho momentous question, and closed with the hope that the woman question would soon ho settled, and a new orajbo inau gurated. Sewing Machines. Tbo Dovifl-Sowiug Machine Company bave taken tbo Initiative In a grand reform of tbo oowing-macblno business of tbla city, for which they arc to bo highly commended. Tbo old practice of employing canvass ers baa boon abandoned, it being to them an expensive way of soiling machines, and a groat annoyance to our good housekeepers. They cordially invito all wishing a good, reliable machine to visit their ollico, where tbo Davis will bo shown with pleasure. Thoy will remove, about tho ICth of April, to their Quo now building, No, 858 'Wabash avenue (opposite tho roaUOfllco), which they are fitting up in beautiful style, Boally Nioo Paper Collars. The consumption of that once much abused article— a paper collar—has been largely increased by (ho in troduction of those really nice collars, tho Warwick and Elmwood. Tho most fastidious in personal ap pearance need not hesitate to wonr either of those collars. The Nathvlllo Exposition* Nashville, Tonn., April 7.— Tbo third annual Industrial Exposition of Nashville, which com mences next mouth, already promises to oxiol iu interest Us predecessors. Tho art hall and othor additions to tho building havo boon com pleted, and applications for space from exhib itors oorao in so rapidly as to Insuro a full occu pancy of the building. All tho railroads con centrating boro, and steamboats plying on tho Cumberland Blvor, will bring freight for ex hibitors at half rates, and tho railroads concen trating South will transport ores and alt minerals freo or ohargo. This department promises to bo most attractive. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: TUESDAY, APRIL 8, 1873. THE NEW JAIL. Opening of Bids for Its Con- s traction. Appearances, the Building Will Cost Something. Tho Board of Oonnty Commissioners mot yes terday afternoon, President Miller in tho chair. Present, Commissioners Galloway, Singer, Har rison, Ashton, Jones, Boguo, Clough, Pahlmau, Crawford, Lonorgan, Russell, Harris, Hortlng. ‘The Gravel Road Inspectors reported that tho road from Jefferson to Higgins’ Bridge was In bad order, as complained of, bat that it was now a free road, tho toll-gates having boon removed. Tho Financo Oommlttoo recommended that the County Treasurer have the additional clerks ho asked for, and it was so ordered. Tho Committee on Public Buildings, Hospi tals, etc., reported back several bills which wore ordered paid. The Clerk was ordered to draw a warrant in favor of Wright A Tyrrell for $21,500, on ac count of tho ground bought for a Jail and Crim inal Court. Tho bids for tho construction of tho Jail and Criminal Court Room woro taken up, and tho Board wont into a Oommlttoo of tho Whole to open them. They aro as follows: For plumbing and gas fitting, M. O. Sloan, $18,090; E. Baggett, $14,000; Landers & Brothers, $20,850; Herman Voottnor, $14,000 ; John Towoll, SIB,OOO ; P. L. O'Hara, $12,000; W. 8. Shepherd, $16,007.60; P. Nocoy, $17,073 ; Joseph Hogan, $11,226; Lano <k Mnrphv, $20,- 187; Boyd & Huffman, $10,010; H. Byrne, $17,- 400. * For plastering: Kelly & Melody, $20,700; Bohlanu & Sullivan, $18.600: John B. O’Brien, SIO,BOO. For mason-work, plastering, and firo-tlling: Oox Brothers, $143,222: John Oox, Including out atone, $270,000; J. M, Dumphy, $149,000; Mortimer & Tapper, including out stone, $295,- COO, with $11,200 off if sandstone is used in front: Bamen & Elder, 8103,000; William E. Wheeler, mason-work only, $147,150; L. L. Loach, in sandstone for $280,050, and limestone for $291,850. For carpenter work: Honncssy, Bros., $29,- 787; Allen «fc Bartlett, $37,100; John H. Don lln, $27.400; William Goldie, $80,776: J. W. Angus, $20,000; James K. Byrne & Go., $20,027; Edward Olooson, $41,000 : John L. Howeon, SOO,- 000; Mcßougall. & MoKindloy, $39,800; P. J. Sexton, 859,037.57; John W. Garvey, $20,804; D. W. Clark, $35,647. For nibble stone work, concrete, cement, and out stone: $284,004 or $282,000 for Cleveland stone. For same, including plastering: N. T. Loborg, $200,573. . For out stone, Andrew Bavldson, $140,000 in limestone, and sl2liooo in sandstone: J. G. Qin dolo, $148,000 in Athens stone, and $129,000 us ing in part Amherst sandstone; J. Price & Co., In limestone $144,000, in sandstone 802,000; John Atkinson, iu limestone $139,700, partly in sandstone $120,600; Russell, Hubloy & Co., in limestone $130,040, sandstone, $124,100: W. O. Boakonan, in limestone $110,703, in Cleveland sandstone $90,808, in Kankakee sandstone $74,- 620; John Tomlinson, limestone $182,500; Price & Cook, including plastering limostono 8219.- 353, Kankakee sandstone $107,170, tiling $64,000 ; Thomas McDermott, limestone $145,000 ; sandstone, SIBO,OOO ; Singer «fc Tal cott, limestone, $124,700; Reeves & Wells, lime stone, $187,000, -rubble aud plastering, $90,000 ; Patrick Flemming, limostono and sandstone, $128,850; Burckhardt & Coo, limestone, $147,- 250, sandstone, $186,200; MoEwon & Kelly, in sandstone, $183,000, in limestone, $186,000. For iron work; John S. Crawford, $116,208; G. J. Schultz, $160,400; N. 8. Bouton, $128.000; H. A. Streeter & Co., $108,200 ; John McAr thur, $182,829; Architectural Iron Works of Now York, $144,676 ; • Lotz & Co., $110,900 ; William Qorbin, $110,028; Clark & Batten, $118,218. For out-stono, masonry, and carpenter work: McNeil & Riley, in limostono, $267,000, in sand stone, $240,800; Donahue & Oudmoro, $288,161; Agnow & McDermott, in limostono, $288,304, in sandstone, $277,104; John L. Hewson, includ ing plumbing. Ac.,. $468,000; Reeves & Wells, $283,000: William Grady,inlimostono,s4l9,o94; M. B. Bailey. $128,000 for-mason-work, plaster ing, and tiling; M. B. Bailey, for entire work, $418,789: E. F, Boro, for masonry and out stono. $242,000 in' sandstone, or $268,000 in limostono; Doyle & Johnson, entire job, in limestone. $409.8341 in 'sandstone, $444,256; L. H. Boldonwiok. cutting and sotting stone, $129,600; Frank Silverman & Co., iu limestone, $447,835; J. W. Qarvoy, Hmftnfnnn, $117,500. Mr. Miller moved the bid bo referred to ‘the Committee on FubUo Buildings, to find out which was the lowest, classify them, oto. It was agreed to. Tho Committee roso, and its recommendation wsa agreed to. • A resolution directing tho Clerk to draw a war rant in favor of tho County Treasurer for $4,800 out of tho county funds, to be iuado good wnon tho Collector, received a valid order for a like amount against tho Town of North Chicago on tho Supervisor, was referred •to tho Finance Committee. Tho Board adjourned till Monday. BANISH THE TRAPEZE, AnotUer Argument in Favor of its Re jection from Every Place of Amuse ment—Sad Accident to Ono of tho JLcon Brothers, Tho largo audionco at tbo circus, last evening, was startled and shocked by a melancholy acci dent which befol tho youngorof tho Loon broth ers, athletes, who aro ns- well known in this city is any in tho profession:' Wliilo performing thoir trapozo act on a bar elevated about twenty foot from tho ground, young Loon attempted ono of tho most daring feats in their list. It con sisted of eliding down hia brother’s body, hoad foremost, while tho latter hung on to tho trapozo-bar with his hands, and looking foot. Tho unfortunate young man missed his mark by about half an inch, and fell to tbo ground with a loud cry, striking on his faco and hands and fight sido. Tho instant ho touched tho earth tho crook of a breaking bono could bo distinctly hoard all through tho houso. Ho attempted to nso, but foil over on hia uninjured side, and fainted away. Two assistants then removed him to his dressing-room, and a surgeon was sum moned. It was ascertained that tho right thigh bono was broken near tho hip. Tho proba bility is that tho young man, if not disabled for lifo, will never again bo able to perform on tbo trapozo-bar. This sad casualty is another argument In favor of tbo abolition of that dangerous feature of circus performances. It affords no amusomont to spectators, for they always expect to seo tbo in trepid athletes oomo tumbling to tho ground, and aro troubled with visions of broken nooks, bruised bodies, Ao. During tho performance of tho “Field of tho Cloth of Golu,” at Crosby’s Opera-Houso, tho Leona appeared in tho same act that they attempted last evening; hut tho trapozo bar was several foot higher up, aud tho narquotto beneath was filled with people. Tho thought of what would inevitably havo happened, bad such an accident occurred as that last ovou big, causes ono to shudder. THE CITY IN BRIEF. Messrs, W. 8. Lyon and N. Lazarus, of tho well-known house of Lazarus, Morris & Co., Now York, wore iu town, yesterday, on route from St. Paul, homo. Tbo boss stone-cutters of this oity hold a pri vate mooting on Saturday evening and resolved not to pay moro than S3,CO pOr day to their workmen during tho coming season. Tho organ for the Odd Follows* Hall, in tho Methodist Ohurch Block, has arrived, and may bo hqon this forenoon at tho music-room of Lyon & Hoaly, corner of fitato and Monroo streets. Tho salo of seats for Anna Dickinson's lecture, "Joan of Arc,” next Friday ovouing, at tho Contonary M. E. Ohurch, will oommonco this morning, at tho Book Booms of F. 11. Bovoll, No. lid East Madison street, and at Dyeho's drug store, corner Ualstod and Madison streets. Ono week from this evening Prof. Lewis will leoturo on “Bogor Williams, Founder of Boliglous Liberty in America.” at tho Contonary Methodist Episcopal Church. Tho Bov. Dr. Goodwin will occupy thoohuir. Tho Presbyterian Church at Bivorsldo was organized and hold its first communion service on Sunday, Bov. J. W. Trowbridge officiating. Tho roll shows a momborship of ton. They will worship in tho handsome stone chapel erected by tho Bivorsldo Company. Tho Old Folks’ Concert will bo repeated Thursday evening at tho Fifth Baptist Cuurch, corner of Harrison and Sangamon streets. Sev eral now foaturos will bo Introduced. Tho slug ora will bo dressed In costume like those worn a century ago. Tickets of admission cost 25 cento. Mr. Bellow, tho long-expected and much-her alded English reader,will make his bow to a Chi cago audience thin evening at the Union Park Congregational Church, whore ho will also ap- Soar on Thursday evening. On Wednesday and aturdny evenings ho will road at tho Michigan Avenue Baptist Church. From tho criticisms of the English and Eastern papers, there Is every reason to expect a rare treat from his readings. About fifty of tho emigrants who escaped from tho wreck of tho steamship Atlantic will roach this city this morning, in ohargo of tho agent of tho Whilo Star Lino. Their expenses have boon paid to Chicago, and,as they go farther West, the Chicago Committee who have boon collecting monoy for them will onablo them to roach their destination. Tho Committee finished their labors yesterday, adding about $250 to tbo $1,050 previously subscribed. Ou Saturday evening laht a burglar entered tbo engine-room of tbo North Pier Paper Mill through an open window, and whilo prospecting for something worth talcing, was observed by tho ouginoor. Tho tbiof saw no way of escape unless bo rendered tbo engineer harmless, and accord ingly throw off his coat and attacked him. A blow in tbo face, however, somewhat discouraged him, and when tho engineer picked him up aud throw him out of tbo window into tho mud, bo was doubtless glad enough to sneak away. Yesterday morning, tho people of tho village of Gross Point, which is situated about fifteen miles from Chicago, on tho Milwaukee Division of tho Chicago & Northwestern Railroad, woro much agitated over tho fact that tho dead body of a Gorman named Max Siegel had boon found on ono of tho highways of the town. Coroner Stephens was sent for to hold an inquest on tho body, and bo visited the Point yesterday after noon. Dr. Emmons mode a post mortem ex amination, and testified that deceased bad died from congestion of tho brain, produced by ex cessive drinking. Tho verdict of tbo Jury was in accordance with bis testimony. Obarloß Young, a woll-droßsodyouth, employed as clerk ia tbo dry goods store or Messrs. Mau de! Bros., was finedsloo on each of sis offenses, yesterday, by Justice Banyon. Tbo charges specified tbo most disgusting conduct on his part, sustained by a number of women. The full amount of hie fines, with coats, is 0009, giving him 1,218 days in tbo Bridewell, unless tbo miser able creature dies, becomes insane, or obtains a Sardon from tbo Mayor or bis successors in of co. It is to bo hoped that no pardon will over roach him. Young’s arrest saved him a sound thrashing at tbo bands of Fire Marshal Matt. Bonnor, who observed him in tbo perpetration of an outrageous aot. Only five persons responded to the call for a meeting of- tbo property-owners on Southwest ern avenue, between Madison and Twelfth streets, last evening. Those five mot at the corner of Honoro and Madison streets, but did nothing except talk of tho indifference of tboso who will bo benefited by tho proposed improve ment of tho avenue. The Oouncil ordered tho thoroughfare to bo macadamized, and tho assess ment collected being somewhat in excess of tho estimated cost of tho work, tho Board of Public Works havo agreed to put in a water-main if the property-owners will not ask for a rebate. The excess- is to bo refunded when tho yearly water revenue derived from the use of tho pipe shall amount to 15 cents per lineal foot. About two-thirds of tho property-owners havo assented, and tho remainder ore requested to call at tho office of tho Board of Public Works and sign tbo agreement. AN OIL-TRAIN ON FIRE. Yesterday morning at 10 o’clock an oil-car on (bo Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, standing at tbo corner of Sixteenth street and Centro avenue, was found to be on flro. An alarm was at onco struck from Box 807. Tho cor was unfortunately in tbo centre of a train of cars of tbo same kind, and boforo tho flames were subdued twonly-two cars wore more or loss damaged. Tbo origin of tho flro was pe culiar. It is supposed that tbo under volvo of tbo tank where the Are began was unscrewed by some malicious persons, and that tbo oil ran out on tho bod of tbo car, and was ignited by

sparks from passing engines. The loss will roach $7,000, upon which there is very little insurance. Two employes of tbo road, named Oorrott Striker and Martin Lobosoy, have been arrested on suspicion of having caused tho flro. A largo quantity of oil was found In their pos session. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Now York Financial Nows* NcwYona, April 7.—Money, waa stringent. The reported action of tbo State authorities to .enforce the lirovlolnno nf *n« TTonrvlaw In met rloflantly by tho ondois, who threaten to. withhold entirely from the market. Tbo money, which for. the . last week com mantled on a low average about 2 . per .cent for use. Early in tho day loans wore made at 1-10, but later tho rates wero 3-10 to X until long after 3 . o’clock. It la reported that $3,000,000 of logoi tenders .have boon sent to Philadelphia to get .them .out. of the. New York banks. Money is still .coming from, .the Interior in largo sums The combination in gold, which appears to have con trol of tho market, showed their band to-day by let ting ont a little, breaking down tho prlco X per cent, and moving It up again or holding It steady at their option. Tho opening prlco was 11%, from which there was a fall to 11%, a rise to ÜB%- a fall to 11%, clos ing at 11%. loons flat for carrying. : Clear ings, $103,000,000. Treasury. disbursements, $41,000, Customs receipts, $330,000. ... Sterling was dull and heavy at 107®107irf for 60 days and 1080108% for sight. ... Govcnimento.woro Arm and. X@X higher. The Gormans bought SBOO,OOO for shipment. Ono Arm alone has exported , twelve millions sluco the Ist of January, . . fitato bonds wore very dull. The stock market was Arm early In the day without a material advance, but a general. decline followed the putting up of rates for money, and, with exception of Harlem and Panama, cent. Halom declined from 133 to 12%, recovered to 120% ond sold at 126012Q lu.loto dealings, Panama roso from 108*1 to 10%, fell to 103% and recovered to 101% Tbo now Board of Directors, chosen to-dny, is as follows: S, ,L. M. Barlow, Edward B. Plorrcpont, T. B. Muflgrovo, A, B. StookwcU, J,. M. Burke, O. G. Haven, O. A. Hotchkiss. Alex. Maaterson, 8. J. Har riot, 11. W. Gray, L. 8. atockwoU, C, A. Avery, and i\ W. Q. Bellows. Pacific Mall sold at 67% 67% and 60% and Western Union at 81 % 85% aim 81 if. Erlo rose from 01 to 01% hut closed at 03% Tho remain der of tho list was quiet, the change being only X®K per cent. Sterling, 107% GOVERNMENT BONDS. Coupons, *Bl 120# I 5-20 a of ’B2 117# Coupons, *Bl 117#. Coupons, *BS 110# Coupons, *B3 (n0w)...117#| (Coupons,-87 118# Coupons, ’6B 117# .New 5b 115 10-40s 112# [Currency 6s 113# BONDS. Virginias, old 44 North Oarolluas, 01d...30 North Carolines, new.. 17 STATS IIIfIBOUTIS 93# Tennessees, old 85 Tormcasocs, now 80 Virginias, n0w........49 Canton 01 1 W. U. Tel 84#' Quicksilver 88 I Adams Express 03#: Wells Fargo 80 1 American Express.... 67 ( United States Ex 74 1 Pacific Mull B6#i New York Central... ,101#i Erie 83#, Erie pfd 72 | Harlem 123#- Uarlem pfd 135 Michigan Central 103 Pittsburgh 88# Northwestern.. 78 Northwestern pfd.... 88# Bock Island ....113 N. J. Central 00# Bt. Paul 68 j |St. Paul pfd 74# Wabash CO# Wabash pfd 88 iFort Wayne 82# iTorre Haute......... 16 (Terre Haute, pfd..... 40 (Chicago & Alton 110 .Chicago tt Alton pfd.lll [Ohio & Mississippi... 44# ,0., 0.& 0 86 |O,, B. &Q 110# •lake Shore 01# Indiana Central 88# Illinois Central 114 Union Pacific stocks,. 83# Central Pacific bonds, 102# Union Pacific bonds.. 80# Del. Lack, h Western. 09# B. H. 4c Erie 8 Foreign Alarkotii Liverpool, April 7—ll a. m.—Flour, 27s fld. Winter wheat, 12s 2d; spring, UsQlOs 2d; white, UsSdQUeTa; club, 11s Bd®lls lOd. Corn, 27s 3d. I’ork, 60s. Lard, 80s fld, Liverpool, April 7—1:30 p. m.—Broadsluffs quiet, firm, and unchanged, London, April 7—5 p. ra.—Consols—Money, 030 93*; account, 03*; 5-20 aof >OS, Oil.; 6-20sof ’C7, 03*; 10-408,89; DOW Bs, 00* ; Erie, 60*. Turpentine, 435. » FRANKFORT, April 7.—-6-203 of ’O2, 05*. X’amh, April 7.—Rentes, 60 francs 17 centimes. Liverpool, April 7.—Cotton quiet: middling up lands, OVQO’ld ; middling Orleans, 0)*tl. Bales, 12,- 000 bates; American, 7.000 holes; speculation aud export, 2,000 hales ; March and April shipments from New Orleans, o*d; February aud March shipments from Savannah or Charleatou, 9)ud; March aud April, OX4. BreadatufTs quiet; red winter wheat, 12s 2d; flour, 27s Od ; com, 27a 3d. Ohcoso, 09s ; Cumberland middles, 36s 6d; short rib middles, 40s Od, Antweup, April 7.—Refined petroleum, 40*s, Now York Cattle Market* New York, April 7.—Beeves—Total for the week 0,419, against 8,085 last week, aud 0,902 the corres ponding week last year, Fresh receipts, 198 curs, or 3,230 head; 104 cars at Oomraunlpaw; BO at One Him droth street, ami 14 at Woehawkon. The supply wos comparatively light for the day, and the downward movement so marked from Tuesday to Saturday wes checked, aud some salesmen were holding for a alight advance from tho rates of last Friday, hut generally thu prices, quality considered, wero the same aa on Friday. Four to best Texans, 0)4(3120 • poor to primo native steers, 10®13o, to dross 65 lbs and 68 lbs to gross uwt.; cholco to fancy se lections, 13)4(h|140, to dress 69 and 00 gross owl. Sales Include: 0 cars rough Texans, 6)4 cwt, 0*o; 7 curs fair do, 0* cwt. 10*o; 2 cars good Cher okee cattle, 6)4 owt, 10*®uo : 6 cars Illinois steers, 7)4 owt, 12u; 6 cars do, 3 owt, 12*0 ; 6 cars do, 7)4 cwt, ll*o ; 12 cars do, 7* owt, 12®130 ; 6 oars cholco do, 8)4 cwt, 12)4® Uo *lO curs good do. 7)4 owt, 11)4® 130 | 6 caps light do, scant 0 owt, UQl'io; 6 can do. 7 cwt, J9o; 0 cars do, OK cwt, ll#o ; 9 can bnlla, 4# owt, and 4 can thin steers, COOK owt, llQll#o. . As usual, during tlio last week la Lent, dressed hoof Tru extremely dull. The wholesale slaughterers have been heavy losers during the last five days. Sour-Total for tbowook, 14,000 against 13,700 last week, and 13,080 the corresponding week last year. On sale to-day 85 can or 5,800 head, chiefly fair to ex tra, unshorn. The sheep market Is not active, but a bettor demand for mutton on Saturday and to-day helped the market market materially, and the bulk of the offerings changed hands. Unshorn sheep sold at 7V3BKc,wlth one car-load at B#o, end clipped at OK ©nfo. Good lots, flko. Swim— I Total for the week, 89,080 against 80,8(0 last week, and 34,255 the corresponding week last year. Arrivals yesterday and to-day, 15,860, of which 54 can wore at Oummunlpaw and 00 at Fortieth street. Mar ket weaker, and prices, both live and dressed, lower. Live hogs are quoted at o#3oJ{o, with sales of 9 car loads, av 158 lbs. at fl#o, City slaughtered ranged 7# to 7,',' c, a few pigs going to 60. Now York Dry Good* Market# New Your, April 7.—The commission houses wore quiet to-day, but tboro was a fair jobbing movement in domestic cottons at unchanged prices. Low grades of brown and bleached shirtings continue Irregular, but the best makes are firm In price. Denims, ticks, and corset Joans are active and firm. Cottonaaca arc in bolter request, hut Everett plain and plaids are jobbing at 16#o, The Daily Dulletin says woolens show no Improvement, and are dull. Plain foreign dross fabrics of now shades are in good demand, and all other Imported goods rule quiet. Bhawls are In active. Pittsburgh Cattle Market# Pmsoonoii, April 7.—Cattle—Market dull; arri vals heavy; heat, $6.6030.80} Blockers, $3.2504.25 ; common, $5.0035.60, Sheep—Market very dull; arrivals heavy; best, $0.6037.26; medium, $0.0030.25; common, $5,903 6,60. IToos—Market inactive; arrivals heavy; Philadel phia, $0.2030.60; Porkers, $5.6035.05. Philadelphia Live Stock Market# PniAUELPuu, April 7. —Breves—Fair demand; sales, 3,500 ; extra State and Western steers, $7,600 8.00 ; fair to good, $0.0037.00 common, $4.0035.60. Sheep—Fair demand; sales, 0.000 at 7QB#o, Hoos—Higher; sales, 6,000 at $0.2630.37#. Pittsburgh Oil Market# Prrrsnuaon. April 7.—Crude petroleum dull and market unsettled; $3.1602.17#, Refined petroleum quiet, but Arm; spot, 15#o asked, 16#o bid; Philadel phia delivery, spot, 19#o, seller April, 10#c; May, lo#o. Tho Produce Markets# TOLEDO. Toledo. April 7.—DnsansTUFFS—Flour dull but unchanged. Wheal dull and prices a shade lower; Ko. 1 white Wabash, $1.05; No, 3 do, $1.00; No. 3 do, $1.76#; extra white Michigan, $1,00; No. 3 do, $1.60 ; amber Michigan spot, $1.63; seller April. $1.63# ! seller last half, $1,64; seller May, $1,07 ; seller June. $1,60# : No. 2 rod, $1.03#; No. do, $1.63. Corn dull and a shade lower; high mixed. So#o ; low mixed, SOc; yellow, 40#o. Oata—No. 3 a shade higher at 33#033, CJlovzu Seed—s4,7o. Receipts—Flour, 9,000 hrls; wheat, 6,000 hu ; corn, 20.000 hu ; oats, 0,000 bu. Shipments—Flour, 0,000 hrls; wheat, 4,000 bu; corn, 9.000 bu; oats, 8,000. NEW YORK. Ksw Yens. April 7. Cotton Quiet and un changed ; middling' uplands, 10’£o; Bales futures 8.700 bales; April, 19010 l-lOo; May, lO#01O#o: June, lO#01G*fo; July, 10 8-1601015-10 c; October. 17#c. Buxadstctfs—Flour dull and heavy; receipts, 18,000 brls; super Western and State, $0.16(90.05 ; common to good, $6.0007.50 ; good to choice, $7.63(38.35; white wheat extra, $8.60(310.50; extra Ohio, $7.90(310.50; Bt. Louis, $7.60019.76. Bye flour quiet and unchanged. Corn meal quiet; yellow Western, $3.2503.40. Wheat dull and easy: business chiefly for milling; export do* mend chocked by unsettled money market and scarcity of freight-room: receipts, 7,000 bu; No. 3 Milwaukee, afloat, $1.65; rejected spring, $1.4001.45; winter rod Western quoted at $1.7001.84 Bye dull. Barley quiet; Western, sl.lO. Malt neglected. Corn dull; receipts, 30.000 bu; new Western mixed, C3#oCso; old, afloat, 65065#c; in store. C3o63#e, Oats quiet; receipts, 16,000 bu; new mixed Western, 6O0D3o; now White, 63066#0. Eaos—Quiet at 190200, Hay—Bull. Hops—Quiet. GnooEoixfi—Coffee quiet; 16#019c gold. Sugar qnlot at B#o9#o. Molasses quiet; New Orleans, 730. Bice quiet at 7#oß#o, PKTnoLXUxt—Crude, 9#o; refined, SOo. TUItFSNTIKK—46O64c. PnoviflioNs—Pork firmer; new mess, $17.25017.87; prime mess. $15.76016.02; moss, May, $17,25: Juno, Beef quiet and unchanged. Out meats dull; heavy hams, 12013 c; shoulders, 7*fo; middles firm; short clear, 000 l-16o; Western long clear,o l-10o; city do, o#c; long and snort clear, 0#o: long clear for the balance of the month, 9>tfo; short clear, May, o#c. Lard firmer; Western steam, B#c; kettle, O#o9*o. Bunin—ln good request; Western, 18031 c. Ouskse— Bun; 12017 c. Wmsxr—Quiet at OKjoiJfo. PHILADELPHIA. PmmnßLrrnA, April 7.—BniAnaTUTTS—Flour dull and weak; super, $4.6005.75; extras, $6.0000.50 \ Western and Minnesota, $7.2608.50; Indiana ana Ohio, $8.0000.25. Wheat dull; rod, $1.8301.86; am ber, $1,0501,06; white, $2.0002,10. Byo firm, 63c. Corn in fair demand ; yellow, 610Cl#o, Oat* dull; white, 40060 c; mixed, 46048 c. PnovißioNß—Firm; mess pork, $17.00; bams, In pickle, 12013*0. Lard, 9©9#c. Fxtbolsdm—Crude, 19#013#o; refined, 10#c. Whisky —Western in iron at 01c. BALTIMORE. ZUi/nuous, April 7.—Bbkadstuitb—Flour dull, and in buyers* favor. Wheat firm but unchanged. Corn active : mixed Western, 310. Oats dull; Western mixed, 40(3170 ; white. 180. ityo unchanged. PnovisioMs—-Dull. Mobs pork, $17.00017.60. Balk meats dull end lower; shoulders, ojtf(ao%s; clear rib aides, B#@B*{o. Bacon—Shoulders. 7tf@7J{o ; rib •Idea, 0®0*o; clear rib sides, o#®9tfo; sugar cured hams, Lard. B*£o, Botteh— ln good demand | market for Western, 20*fo; choice now packed, 360l2o; choice roll, 35037 c: fair to good, 280830. Wmsmr—Steady at 00 Jtfc. OSWEGO. Oswcoo, N. Y« April 7.—Wheat quiet; prime while Canada, $2.10. Corn dull; Western, 68c. NEW ORLEANS. Nrw Onnsans, April 7.— Bheadstoffs —Flour dull ; XX, L50.26®0.50; XXX, $7.6039.60: family, $9.50® 10.26. Corn dull; mixed, 6(k368c. Oats quiet at 400. DUAN—B6Q9OO. Hat—Dull; prime, $24.00. Provisions— Lard dull; held at $17.60. Dry salt meats dull at oK@BK@9c. Bacon dull at7*f@9&® 10c. Hams, 140. ■ Lard, refined scarce; tierce, B*/c ; keg, oX®oj£o. GnooEniKß—Sugar dull; fair to good fair, O®CXc. Molasses quiet at 25 to 00c. Coffee, 17®19^0. Whisky—-Dull at 00@950. ..Cotton— Quiet; sales. 4,000 bales ordinary. 13,V@ l3#o ; good ordinary, lu?£®lojrfo; low middlings, 18 @18)fo; middling, 10@ 10>»o; middling Orleans, 19X @IOXo. Receipts, 0.160 bales. Exports—Great Brit ain, 8,045 bales ; dINUI&NATI. OnfontHATi, April 7.— Cotton— Quiet 19c. BnEADSTurra—Flour dull at |7.40©7,05. Wheat dull at SI.CO©I.CO. Cora Arm at 40c. Rye quiet at 79©800, Data steady at 30©380. Barley quiet and unchauged. OuooEEiEa— Firm. Oils—Steady. PnoYisioNß—Quiet. Fork nominal at $18.50; demand and offerings high. Lard Arm; steam, B,#@B#c • city kettle held at B#c ; B#o bid at inferior points, Bulk meats quiet and nominal; shoulders, fl#@fl#c; clear rib sides, B#@B#c ; clear, B#(3B#c. Bacon quiet; shoulders, o#o ; clear rib sides, B#c; clear, o#c, #c less bid ; demand moderate. Wuibey—Firm at BSO. BUFFALO. Buffalo, April 7.—Market generally inactive ond nominally unchanged. MEMPHIS. Memphis, April 7.— Cotton— Clean scarce and firm; dusty neglected ; good ordinary, 10V<ai(t#o; lowrald ngs, 17#@18c. Itocolpte, 1,836 bales: shipments, 4,456 halos. Stock, 42,370 hues. DnKADflxoprs—Flour dull and nominal. Com meal dull and declined to $2.60. Corn heavy ; receipts do* Jr&ss the market, at 05@600, Oats scarce and firm, at 2®430. Hat—Dull and lower, at $20.00(320.00. Bban— Quiet and weak, at $18.00(310.60. Puovmions— Bacon quiet and unchanged, at 7#o, 7#c. o#c. 10c. Lard lufolr demand and firm ; tierce, B#@Uo ; kegs, o#oloo, Pork scarce and Him at $17.60 In store. LOUISVILLE. Louisville, April 7.—CAoaiNo—Firm at 13®14c, Cotton—Quiet; low middling, 17)*'o. Flour—Quiet;, $7.00; A No. 1, $8.00; fancy, $9.00. Grain unchanged. Provisions—Quiet; moss pork, $17.00. Bacon— Shoulder*, 7o; clear rib sides, Do; clear. Djtfo; plain bams, 12i£0l3o; sugar cured hams, 13)4(9140. all packed : bulk meats, shoulders, 6)fo; clear rib sides, 8)»®8mo: clear 8)»(jS8)4o loose, )£o higher packed; lard—choice leaf in tierces, BVf@B }{o ; kegs, 9)4@10o; prime steam, B,Vfo; small lots ou orders j£(SMo. Wuisut—Firm at 85QHflc. DETROIT. Detroit, April 7.—Bheadstuffs—Flour quiet and unchanged, Wheat dull and a shade lower; extra white, sl.Ol asked; no buyers; No. 2,51.03; amber, $1.03U(91.64. Com steady: 42c. Oats In good de mand at full prlcea ; white State, 89c. Gloveu Seed—s6.oo. CLEVELAND. Cleveland, April 7.—Breadstuffs—Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat quiet and unchanged ; No. 1 rod winter held at $1.70 ; No. 2 red winter at $1.02. Corn steady ; mixed, 44®450, Oats quiet; 390. Petroleum—Refined firm; car lots, 16o; Ohio State test, 21*@230. ST. LOUIS, St. Louis, April 6.—Cotton—Dull, but unchanged. BnEADSTUFFS— FIour quiet and weak; super winter, $4.06®6.25; extra winter, $5.60(30,00; double extra winter. $0.2507.00, Wheat dull ami prices drooping; No. 2 Chicago spring at $1.18; No. 2 soft lowa at sl.3oasked,sl,29bid; only sample lota wlutor sold, Coro steady; No. 2 mixed, 83)4c, oust track; 41)4® 42u sacked. Oats steady at 280 oast track : 82®330 lu sucks, Burley Arm ; ouly sample lots sold. Ryodull aud but little doing. Wuisky—Quiet at 870. Provisions— Fork dull and weak; generally held at |10.&0®10.76 ; only peddling lota suld.Moats dull, little doing ; clear rib sides, up country, 7*o cash, Bacon aulct; some sales at lower prices; shoulders. 7)40 May; oar rib sides, 10*o for September; Johhlug end order lots of shoulders at7*®7*o; clear rib sides, 0)4(30)4o 5 clear, o*@o*c. Lard firm ot 8o hid, 8* ®B*o asked, lluas—Steady at $4.860.4.00 Cattle— Steady ; Toxun, 2®60; native cows and heifers, 2*®4*o; stock clears, B®4*o; fair to choice fat steers, 6@flc. MILWAUKEE. Milwaukee, April 7.— Breadstuffs— Flour quiet aud unchanged* Wheat dull and nominal;. No. 1 MU waukoo, $1.27)4 i No. 2 do. sl.lß. Oats steady ; No. 2. 300. Corn In active demand; advanced; No. 3 mixed, 84Vo. Rye dull but unchanged ; No. 1, 06#°* Barley In fair demand aud firm ; No. 2 spring, 790. llxoxiPTS—Flour, 4,000 brla; wheat, 1,000 bu. 8n i pmbnts—Flour, 8,000 brla ; wheat, 0,000 bu. PARASOLS AND GLOVES. Parasols j&JSTJD Kid Gloves. We have just received from the Custom-House, and will open this morning, large in voices of Kid Gloves, compris ing a special importation of the new shades and colors now popular, of plain and stitched in self colors, one, two, and three buttons, both Ladies and Misses, in all sizes. Also, new and novel styles of Parasols and Sun Umbrellas, with Plain, Club, and Tourist handles, aU shades, in Silk and Serge. dim. Gossage 4* Co. (Successors to Ross Se GoMn-m). 235 & 237 WEST MADISON-ST. 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LAMB A CO., _ . , .... 127 Olark-st., Room 29. . Commission paid to Agent" who furnish purchaser. MISCELLANEOUS. NOTICE. The undersigned, heretofore manufacturing at 103 and ICki Mouth Uaiml-Rt., have sold and transferred their school douk business to O. J. Ramos, who will pay all bills from and after this date. *All claims on tho tirra of llonry M. Sherwood must be presented this month. All parties In debted will please make Immediate pnymnnt to gkSV BHKiiwBBB;i III;NKY Sl - ‘msmvooD. c ’o^.“n t ,sp.?y.4 w - 103 M °" ih WILLIAM A. HARRIS, ProTldonoo, R. 1., Builder of the HAEEIS-OORLISS ENGINE, With Harris' Patented Improvements. Bond for Circu lars. Allltluht Hnlvo for Hums. llolln* CORNS! DR. STKPIIKNS. 121 Dearborn-at. CHEMICAL BATHS. Vergnes' Eleotro-Ohemioal Baths, Permanently curing thousands of patients yearly. Rs tabllshod in Now York, Paris, London, ana at No. 706 Wabash-av. For cases of Rheumatism, Paralysis, Sciati ca, Neuralgia, and all Nervous snd Chronic Diseases, thoroia nothing to equal this treatment. Kxtraota mer cury and other poisonous substances from tho system. Particulars, with references of tho highest character, given at tho ottloo and residence. 706 Wabash-av, Note.—This treatment is entirely unlike other Klaotrl oal Hallis given in this olty. WANTED. WANTED TO BUY An established Furniture Business, from 820,000t0 $-10,000 atouk. Addruss, with partlunlnm, W 40. Tribune otHcii. MEETINGS. Masonic, Ashlar Lodge, No. 809, A. F. and A. M, Special com munlcatlou this (Tuesday) evening, at their unll in Ma sonic Temple, fur wurk ou F. O. Doit roe. Fraternity cordially liivlied, By order qf the W. 81. _____ 0. 11. CRANK, 800. Masonic. ..Uegular communication o( National Lodge. No. CM, A. V. AA, M., tills (Tuesday) orunlng, at a o’clock. A full attendance) is doilrod. Amendment to Hy** find work. Uy order W, M. A. Ji< bIILUS, bocmUry. DRY GOODS. HAMLIN, HALE & CO. Are now receiving a lino of Extra Olioico Prints and Medium-priced Dress Goods. Also, a Special Drive in 44 Bleached Cottons. MADISON AND FEANKLIN-STS CINCINNATI EXPOSITION. THE FOURTH Cincinnati INDUSTRIAL EXPOSITION WILL OPEN Wednesday, September 3, AND CONTINUE! UNTII, Saturday, October 4, 1873. Largest and most complete Ex liibltiou ever hold lu the United States. Send for Buies and Premium List. GRAND OPENING. LADIES! REMEMBER THE GRAND OPENING HOTCHKIN, PALMBB S CO, IN TUnm NEW STORE 137 & 139 State-st., NEAR MADISON, TO-DAT AND TO-MORROW. ALL ARB INVITED. REMOVALS. SAMUEL J. WALKER, Real Estate Office, To 88 East Washington-st,, . Between Dearborn and Clark-sts. REMOVAL! , On »nd «(t«r Mw I, Hid oniOAOO AGENCY of tho No. 170IaSalle-st., Bryanßlock. FRISBIE ARAPPLEVE, Qonoral Agents. I=tE33VS;O» - V-^.X J i. -A-- KIBOLLA Has removed to his now and neat Barber Shop, 157 Dear, born-it., Speed Block, 8d door northeast corner of Madl •on-at.. wboro ho will bo most happy to boo his old friends and patrons, and as many moro as will favor him with a $500,000 100,000 50.000 50.000 40.000 CO, 000 Sftf.BOO 105,000 REMOVAL. We will romoTO May 1 to tbo spacious stores now beta? eroded for us at Nos. 41 anil 43 South Wator-at. Wo are now offering our stock of fancy groceries, green and dried fruits, 010,, at reduced prices, to save movlt&eamo. Store now occupied by ua to rent. GETTYSBURG WATER. a-ETTVSBURa EATAL7SINE WATER. Tho United States Dispensatory, tbo authorized record of our Materia Modloa, classes this water with tho most renowned Alkallno or Carbonated Springs of Kuropo. It far excels any other known In Its self-preserving proper ties. It does not deteriorate by buttling and keeping. It baa never boon ol&lmod for any other mineral water tho {tower to dissolve tho urates, or so-called ohalk formations n tho body or on tho limbs and joints. This tho Gettys burg Kattlyslno Water huadono In hundreds of Instances. Gout, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, Gravel, Dia betes, Kidney and Urinary Diseases generally h&vo all yielded to ll« Influence. li nns restored Muscular Power to tho paralytic, cured Abdominal Drousy, and given healthy action to the Torpid Liver. It Ims cured Obromo Dlarrhcrn. Piles, Constipation, Asthma, Ca tarrh, Diseases of the Skin, General Debility and Ner vous Prostration from Mental and Physical Excess es. All those by tho buttled water. It Is a foworful antidote for Ezcossivo Ealing or Drinking, t corrects tho Rtonmob, promotes Digestion, and re lievos tho Hoad almost immediately. Pamphlets contain ing a history of tbo Hprlng, reports from eminent Physi cians and medical writers, marvelous and well-attested euros, and testimonials from distinguished citizens, will bo furnished and soul by mail on application to WHITNEY BROS., Gou’l Ag'ts, - 227 bouth hront-st., PulLtdolpbla, Pa, Gettysburg Spring Co. For sale l>y VAN dCHAAOK, STEVENSON A REID. BUCK A RAYNE jt, and druggists gonorally. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETINGS. STOCK-HOLDERS’ ANNUAL MEETING or.TUB Lake acre & IMian Sontten Railway Co. Office op Toe LaubSuouk & Michigan SouTncmtl Railway company, > . Cleveland. 0., March I*7, 1873. \ Tho annual mooting of tho Stockholders of thin Com* pany. forthooloctiimof Directors for tin* unsuing year, end for tho transaction of other important bnsluTss, wUi bo hold at tho othue of tho Company, inthu city of Cleveland, 0., on Wednesday, 7tU Bay of May next, between tho hours of 11 o'clock in tho t'oronoon tind i o'clock In tho afternoon of that day. The transfer hooka of tho Company will he closed at the close of business, on tho 6th day of April next, and will ru-opon ou tho morning of tho Hth day i,f May nuxt. (IKuUOH It. ISLY. M,>ctJtnry. FOR SALE. DESES And Office Furniture ut BnQ'T-WTfF’Q 131 West Washlngton-st,, BUlll i?llilv ij. 3TOX3. SSA.Y-.ia, 600 IIOUBH AND HOTULTKNTS, j3l3T°. W KACH. Water-proof oanvas.siittabia for Cobmh’htlim und Kmi grant Societies, Railroad liulluors, Lnnibonnni, L |--i*o r . muu, Iluutors.and Oamn-MecMnj hoiks. Can be suppiud at Government Coods Dopot, lyj and 107 I'.Ml Lukc-st.. Chicago, 111. _____ 1,000,000 Cigars, lu Job Loti, from «18 to «n norl.nn Sou 1 Im'H-.uiiil™. ... ‘{AUnkv, snouv.ito., :t,.innlui), Pr. FINANCIAL.. Real Estate Loans. Money to loan In sums of Sl.oou and upwards on im proved property, at rousoridbla rates,' tUIFLDUN i WATRRMaN, 90 NUuu’e UuUdnff. 5