Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 8, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 8, 1873 Page 8
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8 FOREIGN. Favorable Exhibit Made by tho Eng lish Annual Budget. Government Proposition to Reduce the Income Tax. GREAT BRITAIN. London, April?.—Parliament will adjourn from to-night to tho 21st Inst. In tbo Houso of Commons; this ovonlng, tbo budget was presented by tho Chancellor of tho Exchequer. Tho floors woro well filled with members and privileged persons, and tbo gal leries woro crowded with spectators. Mr. Lowo, on rising, was greeted with cheers. Ho pro ceeded to make his statement of tho budget, of which tho following aro tho principal Items of ilnanoo for the year ending March 81, 1878 : ‘ Grants by Parliament, £71,881,000; expend!-1 turos, £70,714,000; estimated rovonuo, £71,-; 810,000; actual rovonuo, £70,008,775; present debt, £785,800,000; reduction of tbo debt during tho year, £0,801,000. Estimates for tho year ending March 81, 1674: Expenditures, £71,871,-. 000;' decrease from last year, notwithstanding tho enhanced prico of coal, oto., £10,000; rovo nuo. £76,617,000; balance on hand at tbo ond year, close upon £12,000,000. After making this flattering financial exhibit, which pat tho Houso in groat humor, Mr. Lowo said tho Government bad eomo propositions to make. It had to provide for tho Gonova award, and proposed to pay half of tho amount out of the revenues of tho present year without tho‘ addition of a penny to taxation. Honextaor-. prised tho Houso by announcing that,’ tho Government was enabled to pro pose a reduction of 50 por cent in tho duty on sugars, and to take off a penny from tho tax on Incomes. Thoso proposals, If adopted by Parliament, would change the esti mates to tho following figures : Bovonuo, £78,- 762,000 ; expenditures, £78,471,000. Thus a heavy payment would bo mot, a largo reduction made in taxes, and a satisfactory surplus shown. • Mr. Lowo was frequently cheered whilo mak ing his statement, and at its close was loudly applauded. Ho then moved, in accordance with tho recommendation of tho budget, that tho in come tax be reduced ono penny on tho pound. Several members criticised tho budget. Sir Wilfred Lawson remarked that tho Government hold on to tho malt and spirit taxes, and it was evident that habitual drunkards woro tho sheet anchor of tho British Constitution. Ur. Fawcett complained of what ho termed a cowardly way of {lartially paying tho Alabama claims by borrowing from tuo Income tax and from tho sugar and other duties. Tho budget was approved pro forma, and tho House adjourned over tho Easter holidays until April 31. FRANCE. Paris, April 7. —Tho Republicans carried tho municipal elections in Nantes and Marseilles. Paris, April 7.—The Assembly to-day passed the bill reimbursing tho City of Paris its war contribution of 28,000,000 francs, and granting indemnity on tho some account to departments to tho amount of 24,000.000 francs. At tho close of tho sitting to-day tho Chamber adjourned until May 10. CANADA. Special Dispatch to Tho Chicago Tribune. Ottawa, Ont., April 7.—Tho action of tho Premier In tho House of Commons, in moving the same resolution as moved by the Bon. Mr. Huntingdon, and voted down by the Ministry and their supporters, gives rise to much com ment upon him by certain supporters, while oth ers contend that the object is to show tho Oppo sition that ho fully controls the House. The revenue of Canada for March was $1,595,-. 547.99; tho expenditure, $1,809,062.06 ; revenue from customs, $1,134,103.68. t A school of gunnery opens at Kingston on April 20. MONTREAif, April 7.—The Fire Committee of the city have offered a premium lor the boat model of a fire escape. They have purchased a fire escape at S4OO. . Toronto, April 7.—Reports from every part of the country represent the storm of Saturday as. unusually severe. Immense quantities of rain fell, and in some places largo hailstones. Several buildings were destroyed by fire, occa sioned by lightning, while eloctrio currents occa sioned much injury otherwise. Three buildings were struck in this city, including the now Union B&llway Depot. Several men wore stunned, but have recovered. ITALY- Roue, April s. —Tho Popo, owing to his feebel condition, Is forbidden leaving his apartments. CINCINNATI. Fatal Result of a saloon Fight—A Po- liceman Kills a Ulan in Self- Defense* Cincinnati, April 7.—Hi is afternoon, just after the oloao of the noils in the present Eighth (the old Fourth) Ward, in John Gibbons’ saloon, on Front street, about a square distant from the polls, a light commenced between two men. Officer John Gleason and tho Chief of Police went into the saloon and tried to quiet tho disturbance. A great crowd followed, filling tho room, and tho fight became confused. Gleason fired nls pistol, shooting Luke Leonard in tho right breast. Leonard is thought to be dying. Six surgeons attend him. It is said that bo was trying to keep tho crowd off tho officer. Police Officer Gleason was soTorely beaten and bruised about tho foco, head, and ribs. Attending surgeons fear no will not recover. He states that, when be went in the saloon, tho crowd turned on him. boat him down, and that rising he drew his pistol and fired. Ho did not seem to know of aiming at any particular person. Policeman Joseph Murray attempted to got into tho saloon to aid in quieting the disturbance, and was knocked down by the crowd and beaten, but not severely hurt. The riot alarm was turned in. At this time there wore about twenty officers on tho ground, and. they started to the station with Officers Gleason and Murray, both of whom tho crowd charged with shooting Leonard. But for tho arrival of sixtv police from the nearest station, there would nave been additional bloodshed. Tho officers* succeeded without further trouble, and the excitement, though still great, is cooling down. Thoro is no political sig nificance to tho fight. The two persons who first began tho fight in tho saloon wore of tho samo political party. Officer Gleason came off with tho loss of his pistol and billy. Several fights had occurred at tho polls just before closing, which alarmed tho officers, and caused tho already large detail of polico there to bo increased. Where tho trouble did occur it was not anticipated, and it had gone on for somo time before' the officers within call heard the alarm. Tho ringing of tho police alarm bells had a great effect in quieting tlio angry crowd. WHOLESALE MURDER. A Galveston Desperado Kills Two and Fatally Stabs Throe Unoffending Citizens* Galveston, April 7.—Last night at 10 o'clock a man calling himself James Holm drew a knife and out a boy, whoso name is unknown. In Ids attempt to escape ho attacked and out throe un offending parties, who happened to bo in his way. Officer Ferguson, in attempting to arrest him, was tho next to receive tho knife, and died five minutes afterward. M. Bouison, on old and respected citizen, who was one of tho un fortunates, has since died, and it is thought that two others will die. Henry Myers, a driver for Engine Co. No. 2, it is behoved, will die. The Bremen swear vengeance against Holm. Intense excitement prevails, and it is believed ho will never bo allowed by tho mob to have a trial. Some of tho police force have already assorted their intention, if called on, to defend tho Jail. Holm gives his name as James Bennett Holm, of Floyd County, Va., and a cousin to tho notorious Jack Helm, of Toxas. ISnilroad Accidents* Special Dispatch to The Chicago 2'ribune. Bloomington, 111,, April 7.—On Saturday, Michael Foley, a track-hand of tho Lafayette Railroad, was instantly killed at the depot of that road. This morning tho dead body of a friendless traveler was found at tho stock-yards near Nor mal. It was ascertained that his name was James Loo, and that ho was on his way from Kansas City to Chicago. St. Louis. Mo., April 7.— During a very heavy rain-storm, last night, a street railroad oar was struck and thrown from the track at the crossing of tho Missouri Pacific Road and Seventh street, by a freight train on the latter road which was being backed up from Levee street. The cor was a good deal broken, two or throo passengers woro badly bruised, and tho driver, namod D. 0. Knight, was thrown uudor tbo oar. Ho sustained a compound fracture of both logs, had several Angers cut off, and was out and bruised about tho head. Tim accident was caused by tho neg ligence of Martin Koyton, tho watchman of tho Pacific Pond, who failed to signal tho street car of tho approach of tho train. Koyton, and also J. H. Haley! tho engineer, and Charles Anderson and Scott Moore, brakomun, have boon arrested, and ball for them la refused until tho result of Knight's injuries is ascertained. Detroit, Mich., April 7.—An engine and ten der used in constructing tho Michigan it Big Baplds Bollroad ran off the track. last evening, near Holton, killing one man and fatally Injur ing another. Both woro Norwegian laborers, names unknown. WALL STREET. Review of the Jllonoy, Gold, Rond, Stock’, and Produce iflnrlcotfi* Special DUpateh to The Chicago Tribune. New York, April 7.— Tho chief feature of Wall stroot to-day was tho sudden ohango from comparative oaso to sharp stalugonoy Intbo money. market. Early in tho day loans woro mado at 1-16, but later tho rates wore 8-16 to }{ until long after 8 o’clock. It is reported that Philadelphia drow $3,000,000 legal tenders from Now York on Saturday, and this was givon as ono reason for tho strin gency to-day. Money is still coming In from tho interior, and the express companies report tho aggregate receipts as quite largo.during tho past throo days. It Is charged that somo of tho banks bavo boon doing a largo business on tbo stroot loaning monoy at usurious rates of interest. Tho allusion of Booordor Haokott to those shylooks In his charge to tho Grand Jury this morning was mot defiantly by tho lenders of monoy, and throats are mode that money which last week commanded on tho avor ago about 2 per cont for uso will bo withhold from the market entirely. There was naturally .much excitement over the sharp upward turn In monoy, and borrowers who' neglected to make up their balances experienced' groat difficulty in obtaining currency even at current rates. Mercantile paporis neglected and nominal. GOLD was loss active and lowor, closing at 119%. It Is behoved that tho oliquo have boon fooling tho pulso of tho markot preliminary to a further ad vance. STOCKS woro firm at tho opening, but vrbon money ad vancod.a general decline of # to 1# por cent ODsuod. Harlem declined from 129 to 124#, advanced to 120#, and sold at 125@120 in late afternoon dealings. Panama rose from 108# to 109#, and later reacted to 103#, tho recovery at the close being about 2 por cent. This was ovrfng to reports of an unfavorable exhibit at the annual meeting of tho Panama Directors this afternoon. Tho Stock Exchange will bo closed on Good Friday. Foreign exchange continues demoralized. BONDS. Governments closed firm at an advance, not withstanding tight money and lower gold. A loading Gorman banking firm bought SBOO,OOO to-day for shipment, chiefly 1681s, now and old, 1805s, 1807s, and 10-40s. Tho same firm has shipped over twelve millions of Governments since tho opening of the year. PRODUCE. Floor was qnlot, with a limited inquiry for tho low grades. Medium grades close 100 to 150 low er. Winter wheat extras are In liberal supply. Shipping brands are scarce. Sales, 6,800 brls ; receipts, 18,258 brls. Tho market for wheat was tamo. Shippers hold off, millers buy ing only for pressing wants. There are buyers of No. 2 Milwaukee for May and first half of Juno at $1.58. Sales, 11,400 bn; receipts. 7,400 bu. Fork was higher and moderately active, with sales of 200 brls at $17.12# for new moss, and $12.50 for unin spected old mess for future delivery; 600 brls for May on Saturday evening at $17.26. Receipts. SI pkgs. In ant meats there Is a light business, the want of ocean freights still Interfering with tho export trade. Sales of dry salted shoulders woro at about 7o ; pickled hams, ll%@lßo, as to weight. Receipts, 2,910 pkgs. Bacon ruled firm, with sales of 200 boxes for this month at 9#o for long, and 9#o for short clear. Lord ruled quiet and tho mar , kot was rather unsettled, with sales of 200 tos of Western on the spot at B#o, and 100 tes city steam at B#c. For fntnre delivery April is hold at 9o ; May, 0#o; and Juno o#c. Receipts, 2,140 pkgs. FIRES. Destruction of Property in Various Placos~JLoss of Life* Nashville, April 7.—A fire occurred at Mur freesboro, Tonn., thirty miles from Nashville, at 3 o'clock this morning, commencing in Cook’s family grocery store, ou the east side of the pub lic square, from which It spread to Heed's hard ware store, and Mrs. McCorgaU’s millinery es tablishment, and several other stores were burned. The loss is not ascertained, but was mostly covered by insurance. Hartford loses $12,000. * Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Janesville, Wls., April 7. —The sash and door factory owned by Mr, Humo, of Oshkosh, and occupied by G. K. Colling, was burned about 3 o’clock this morning, together with contents; also two framo dwellings adjoining, belonging to A. 0. Bates, and about $5,000 worth of lumber of tho Harris Manufacturing Company. Loss, about $17,000? insurance, about 87,000. Jacksonville, HI., April 7. —The passenger and freight dopot'of the Hook Island & St. Louis Hailroaa Company at Winchester, HI., was struck by lightning during tho storm of yester day afternoon, sot on lire by tho electricity, and burned to the ground. San Fhanoibco, April 7. —At a fire to-night in Sutter street, the son and daughter of John O. Day wore burned to death. Tho children wore in on upper story of tho dwelling. The firemen wore uninformed until tpo late to save them. Detboit, April 7. —A firo at Spring Lake this morning destroyed tho residence of Charles E. Soule. Loss, $5,000; insured in tho Phoenix for $3,600. LOUISVILLE. Board of Trade mooting—Lottery Postponement* Louisville, Ky., April 7.—Tho annual moot ing of the Board of Trade occurred to-night. Tho Treasurer’s report showed an expenditure of SB,OOO during tho year; balance on bank, $025 ; membership, 209 firms. James M. Duncan, President of tho Planter’s National Bimk, was re-elected President, and Frank P. Smith, of J. Peters & Co., J. D. Alien, of Piott & Allen, T. L. Jefferson, of Jefferson Bros., elected Vice-Presidents. Much gratification was expressed at tho favorable auspices under which the Board begins its new year. Tho Public Library lottery drawing advertised for to-morrow has boon postponed, os was gen erally anticipated. It will take place July 6, and Gov. Bramlotto, in his oard an nouncing it, says, it is postponed in order to bavo a full drawing, which he positively promises, in view of tne extraordi nary large number of tickets already sold. Five hundred thousand dollars have, accordingly, been deposited in tho Farmers’ & Drovers’ Bank, to pay tho prizes in full, aud can only bo used for that purpose. Tho Now England motliodists* Boston, April 7. —At to-day's session of tho Now England annual conforonoo of the Metho dists, tho report of tho Committee on the Amer ican Biblo Society was submitted. The manage ment was heartily indorsed, and resolutions commending their Society ana asking tho co-op eration of the Church in aiding it, wore adopted. Tho following persona wore chosen officers of the Church Extension Society: President, tho Roy. Joseph Scott 5 Vice-President, O. T. Tay lor ; Corresponding Secretory, tho Roy. W. S. Leonard; Treasurer, James P, Magee. A reso lution stating tho need of a denominational mis sionary magazine to bo issued monthly in Now York, and urging immediate stops in this direc tion, was also adopted. A Murderess Confesses* Peoria, HI,. April 7.— The Democrat of this city learns from parties over from Motamora that Mrs. Workman, tho wifo of the Eureka Methodist minister, has confessed having killed Mrs. Hodges, at Eureka, ana says she did it in self-defense, Tho general feeling is that Mrs. Workman was driv en frantic by her discovery of her husband's too intimato relations with the Widow Hodges, and in a fit of desperation killed tho supposed cauuo of her domestic misery. Lake Erie Navigation* Sandusky, 0., April 7.—Tho steamer Jay Cooke arrived hero this evening at 7 o'clock from Detroit, being the first boat across tho lake this season. She ran through twenty-five miles of Ice between the mouth of Detroit River and Put in-Bay. She reports the steamer Northwest, of the Detroit and Cleveland Line, at Put-ln-Bay. unable to get through to-nlght, but will proceed to Clevsl&ud to-morrow. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: TUESDAY, APRIL 8, 1873. THE ELECTIONS. l>it Connecticut Chooses a Democratic Governor. municipal Elections in Var ious Parts of the Country. Hartford. April 7. —Tho election to-day is tho quietest In this city and Stato for many years. A light voto will bo polled as, traveling is very bad in many parts. Tho Legislature will probably bo Bopublican. Gon. Hawley will bo elected to Congress from this district by a larger majority than last fall. Btarkwoaihor will bo ro-elootod in tho Third District, and tho chances are Irx favor of Kellogg's ro-olootlon in tho Second, though that district will bo oloso. Tho chances aro In favor of Barnum, Democrat, in tho Fourth ‘District. Hartford, 10 p. m., April 7.—This city gives Haven (Bopublican) for Governor, 8,147; Ingor soU (Democrat), 8,012; Smith (Temperance). 27, against last year, Jewell (Bopublican), 8,481; Hubbard (Democrat), 8,489. Now Britain gives Haven 621, Ingorsoll 054, Smith 54, against Jewell 036. Hubbard 754. Boturns from 88 towns, including tho abovo, foot Haven 11,088; Ingorsoll, 11,500; Smith, 530. Tho same towns last year gavo Jewell 12,380, Hubbard 11,661. Tho ohoico of a Gov ernor by tbo people Is doubtful. Hawloy (Bo publicon). for Congress in this district, la olootod by about 1,400 majority. Hartford, April 7, 11 p. m.—Morldon gives Haven 010, and Ingorsoll 1,012, against last year Jowoll 1,009, and Hubbard 808. Now Haven city gives Haven, 4,771. and Ingorsoll 5,584, against last year, Jowoll 4,004, and Hubbard 4,674. Blxty-sovon towns give Haven 17,546, Ingorsoll 22,807, and Smith 681, against last year, Jowoll 21,064, and Hubbard 21,545. Ingor soll is probably olootod, by at majority. Hartford County, with Hartland to hoar from, gives Haven 0,007, Ingorsoll 0,830, and Smith 280. Hawloy, for Congress, 0,775; and Kendall, 8,885. Hartford, 'April 7—Midnight.—Sovonty-flvo towns givo Haven 18,016, Ingorsoll 24,122, and Smith 683. against Jowoll 23,370, and Hubbard 23,000, last year. Ingersoll’a majority overall ns far as hoard from is 4,723. Tho towns yot to hoar from gavo Jowoll 1,721 majority last year. . Hartford, April 7 —Midnight.—Starkweather (Bop.), for Congress in the Third District, is un doubtedly re-elected. ■ Gon. Hawloy runs about 1,600 ahead of tho Bopublican State ticket, in his district, and Is elected by about 1,800 majority. Last foil bo had 633. ’ Ingorsoll (Dora,) is elected Governor by the people by 2,000 to 8,000 majority. Tho Legisla ture will bo close. Hartford, Ct., April 7.—At midnight tho Evening Post has returns from 169 towns, which show an Opposition gain over last spring of 7,586, of which 1,867 aro for Smith, tho Temper ance candidate for Governor. Ingorsoll's ma jority will bo about 4,000. In tho Second Congressional District Kellogg has 258 majority, with four towns to bear from. Those towns gave a Republican majority, last year, of 145. In tho First Congressional District Hawley has 1,288 majority, with four towns to hoar from, which gave a Hopublican majority, last year, of 4. In tho Third Congressional District, Stark weather is re-elected by about 1,200 majority. In tho Fourth District, Barnum, Democrat, has 1,249 majority, with two towns to hoar from, which gave a Democratic majority last year of 47. Bridgeport goes—Haven, 1,642; Ingereoll, 2,004; Smith, 150. . Danbury gives Haven 601, Ingorsoll 629. Smith 10. Norwalk gives Haven 776, IngoraoU, 607. Hartford, Conn., April 7, 1:80 a. m.—Hart ford County, wanting Hartland, gives Haven 0,007, Ingorsoll 9,380, Smith 280. New Haven County, wanting Woodbridge, gives Haven 7,092, Ingorsoll 12,192, Smith 448.' Now London County, wanting Franklin and Salem, give Haven 4,645; Ingorsoll 8,050; Smith 615. - Fail field County complete gives Haven 6,702; Ingorsoll 7,922; Smith 205. Windham County wanting Voluntown, gives Haven 2.804; Ingorsoll 1,870: Smith 166. Litchfield County, wanting Sharon, gives Haven 8,758 ; Ingorsoll, 4,584 ; Smith. 100. Middlesex County, wanting Killlngworth, gives Haven 2,005; Ingorsoll, 2,6965mith,, 101. Tolland County, wanting Union and Willing ton, gives Haven 1,732; Ingorsoll, 1,768; Smith, Total, Haven. 88.585: Ingersoll, 44.101: Smith, 2,050. . * ' Hauttobd, April 8.-2 p. m.—Tho Senate probably stands 11 Republicans to 10 Democrats. Last year it was 14 Republicans to 7 Democrats. The House will bo very close, the chances being that it is Democratic by a small majority. Cincinnati, April 7.—The returns up to 1 o'clock have neon coming in ,so slowly that, aside from the office of Mayor, comparatively little is known. Eight wards and precincts show again of 844 for Davis,Republican,for Mayor,over the Presidential vote, the larger part of which was in the Gorman wards. The indications are now that Johnson, Democrat and Liberal Re publican, is elected by from 1,000 to 2,000 majority. The Republicans seem to have no hopes of any part of their general city ticket, save tbo candidate for City Solicitor, John W. Warrington. It will probably bo late to-night before much will bo known defi nitely concerning the delegates to the Constitu tional Convention, aside from those who woro running on both tickets. Cincinnati, 0.. Aprils—2 a.m.—Twelve Words and Precincts show Davis, Republican, gains 1,424 over the present vote, but nothing to indi cate the change on previous estimates of John son’s, Democrat, majority. Thoro seems no doubt that Bishop, Kook, Carborry, Wright, Hunt, and Rowland, Democrats, . audXiboral candidates for Delegates to the Con stitutional Convention aro elected. King, Head ley. Froibury, and Johnson woro on both tickets, and of courso elected. Tho returns with reference to tho four Police Com missioners elected under tho now law aro more meagre. Gaither, Republican candidate from tho First District, Is having largo gains, but tho Republicans aro by no means san guine of his olooiion. There is now.hardly a doubt but that tbo whole city Democratic ticket is elected, not excepting Warrington, of whoso election thoro appeared some indications earlier in tho ovoning. Special Lispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Detboit, April 7.— The election in tho Sl’oto to-day has resulted In tho ro-olootioa of Judge Christianoy, Republican, without opposition, and of E. 0. Walker and Andrew Ollmio, Repub licans, as Regents of tho Btato University, by a very largo majority, no practical work being done In opposition to them, though a Liberal ticket was nominally in tho fiold. In this city tho vote for Regents stood: Doty, Democrat, 8.045; Fitoh, Democrat, 3,430 ; Walker, Republican, 3,137 ; Climio, Republican, 2,701. Albert Bote ford, Democrat, was elected to tho Council from the First Word to fill a vacancy, by 180 majority. For 1 Superior Court Judge. Ly man Cochrane, Democrat, has 392, and William Jonnison, Republican. 2,848. For tho Board of Estimates, tho onii-Pork general ticket has an average of 4,400 votes, ana the Park ticket averages 2,100. Tho anti-Park men have a ■ throe-fourths majority in tho entire Board. The local elections throughout the State are divided ou local Isaacs. Special Dispatch to The Chicago 2Yibune. Duddque, lowa, April 7.—The election passed off quietly. Very little excitement was mani fested, except on tho Mayor and Marshall. The Democrats nave undoubtedly elected A. H. Poaslee Mayor, over H. P. Ward, Republican, by not over 48 majority, while the Republicans elect John Kintzmgor Marshal, over Owen Hardy, Democrat, by 112 majority, and tho Third Ward still to boor from. Tho following are tho Aldermen elected: First Ward, A. A. Cooper, Reformer; Second, J. J. Lonohan, Democrat; Third, John Urayor, Democrat; Fourth, J. W. Parker and John Beach, Reformers; Fifth, A. 0. Koizor, Democrat, and George Fouglor. Reformer. Beach and Fen glor were elected to All vacancies. Wra. Gra am. Republican, is elected City Attorney over 0. A. Qoudolfor, Democrat. As tho returns come in slowly, counting in some 'wards being postponed till to-morrow, It is impossible to make an accurate statement, but the above re sult Is generally conceded. Special Dispatch to The Chicago TVftun*. Cleveland, 0., April 7.—ln the city election hero to-day, John Huntington. Republican can didate for Mayor, was defeated by Charles Otis, Democrat. This result is due to a variety of causes, Huntington having boon a member of the City Council for many years, and made ene mies on various issues. Tuo remainder of the Republican City ticket and delegates to the Con stitutional Convention, wore elected by large majorities. Tho vote was light, and tho interest limited. Special Dispatch to The Chicago TWtan#. Ottawa, 111., April 7.—The elootion for Post master, ordered by Congressman Corwin, re- Bultod in favor of J. R, Oamoron, tho present incumbent, boating Cant. Kellogg by four votes. Columbus, 0., April 7.—Tho election passed off very nniotly. TJio returns come In so slowly that anything more than crude guesses are uso loss. Tho Indications are that Bull, Democratic candidate for Mayor, is elected. Blolcloy and Baker, both Domooratio candidates for tho Con* stltullonal Convention, are probably elected. Dayton, 0., March 7.— Tho election passed off without excitement. Tho Domooratio city ticket Is mostly elected in the Council and School Board; representatives for the Constitutional Convention, Olay, Democrat, and Shultz, Ropub lican, are probably elected in Montgomery Coun ty. Niles, Mich., April 7.— Niles city and township have gone Domooratio by an increased majority, owing to tho dissatisfaction existing in tho Re publican ranks, on account of tho nomination of a citizens’ ticket. Baton Rouge, April 7.— Tho municipal oloq tion to-day passed off quietly. Tho McEnory ticket was elected without opposition. Annapolis, Md., April 7.—The entire Repub lican ticket for Mayor, Recorder, and four Aldermen was elected to-day by majorities rang-, iug from 100 to 050. NEW YORK. Nixon, tlio Condemned fflnnlorcr— Revengeful Action—Tho Italian Gas IVorKonraTwo of Them Prefer Sui cide to Work—Wholesale Dog-Kill lug—miscellaneous Local Nows. Sueetal DUpateh to Tho Chicaoo Tribune, New York, April 7.—Nixon, tho condemned murderer, who had partially recovered from tho serious illness consequent upon his terror at his sentence, hod a rolnpao to-day, and it Is thought that bo oannot rooover. James Julian, a Now street broker, was ar rested this afternoon by tho Sheriff, on a charge preferred by James M. Dixon, of refusing to ac count for SIO,OOO alleged to havo boon deposited In his oaro by tho plaintiff on March 14, 1878. David D. Wright made an affidavit that ho had soon tho money deposited. Tho complaint pur posed to bo witnessed by Thomas Sodlor, of No. 8 Broadway, and Notary Public. Julian gavo bail In SIO,OOO, and was released. Deputy Sheriff Jarvis. was somewhat astonished to boo Mr. Bodler appear as attorney for the defend ant, and, on subsequent investigation, It turned out that Wright was tho assumed name for Philp Stanley, who is under indictment on a charge of forging Wabash and Fort Wayne cer tificates, with which it was recently attempted to flood tho market. Julian was approached at the time by Stanley with a proposition to Join in tho scheme, but refused. After Stanley’s arrest, his two sons, who wore, in Julian’s offleo, wore dis charged, and it is boliovod tho proaont action was taken for revenge. When'their mon struck on Saturday, tho Now York Gas Company rooruitod their force from tho' swarm of recently-arrived Italian emigrants, who havo been idling about tho streets since tho too was cleared away. Tboso men have not taken kindly to tho now work. Constant explosions of unskillfully handled retorts frightened them, and many sickened at tho smell of escaping gas. On Saturday, two wont out of their minds, and com mitted suicide by plunging into the river. This afternoon tho steamer George Blrbeck arrived at tho Gas Works with a sooro of additional hands. Tho moment she touched tho pier, over 100 of tho Italians, who bod boon working since Saturday, simultaneously throw down thorn tools, and made a rush for tho boat. Tho Captain drow a pistol and, springing to tho gangway, drovo them back. Tho majority subsequently returned to work, but somo positively refused to do so, and a fow jumped into tho rivor and swam to passing vessels. Tho fact that those men aro kept at work against their will excites intense indignation among tho fow to whom it is known, and it is expected that its publication to-morrow in tho daily papers will provoke on outbreak. [7\> the Associated Press,] New Tonic. April 7. —Of tho Atlantic pasaon- Sors who loft this city last evening by the Erie allway, thirty received • tickets to Ohioago 5 twenty to Olovelond, 0.; four to Duluth, Minn.; throe to Minnesota ; three to Youngstown, 0.; two to Detroit, and one to Saginaw. Mich. Among those for Chicago is Mr. Qlanflold, who has worked for a number of years in that city. Two of the Italians taken from Ward's Island to supply tho places of tho men who loft tho

works of the Now York Gas Company, on Satur day, preferred death to that kind of industry, and orownod themselves. Others clamored to bo returned to the island, to await loss exhausting employment. On Saturday a chock, was received at the Cus tom-House from tho Treasury Department for $71,000, the amount due the informer in tho Phelps, Dodge A Co. suit. During tho week tho Collector, Naval Officer, and ox-Surveyor Connell, it is expected, will receive $20,000 each, as their moieties for tho penalties recovered from the firm. The Bocleto Alsace-Lorraine, of this city, baa forwarded an address to President Thiers, felici tating him on bis successful efforts to secure the early liberation of French territory from Ger man occupation. The New York East Conference baa appointed a committee to make arrangements, in concur rence with committees in other sections of the country, for tbe proper celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the first Methodist Conference in America. . Robert Moillor, while drunk, yesterday, broke into the house of his father, in Brooklyn, and assaulted him with a knife. .The latter seized a stick and clubbed his son nearly to death. President Borgh has written to Mayor Havo moyor suggesting that in view of the approach ing season when it is supposed that aogs are most inclined to become mad, the city shall ap propriate a lot of ground and erect a small build ing thereon, to be used for the destruction of dogs by carbonio acid. Recorder Hackett, in his charge to the Grand Jury to-day, urged them to deal severely with offenders against tho usury laws, saying: “Theft of industry and of regular profits by moans of tho immoral and unlawful machina tions of capitalists or moneyed institutions ought to command your attention much moro than ordinary larcenies." Up to tho recess to-day, tho only now point educed in tho Mutual Life Insurance Company investigation was that Police Commissioner Mannierro had obtained $2,000, which, it is said, had boon used at Washington to relievo the Company from taxation, ana charged to the ac count of “ legal expenses." Upon cross-examination, Mr. McCullough ac knowledged that the charges made by lum against the Company had boon investigated by a committee of Boston stockholders and the Super intendent of Insurance for this State, and de clared without foundation. Eugene C. Pinckney, who keeps a banking and exchange office in tbo basement, 08 Wall street, was to-day arrested and lodged in Lud low Street Jail on tbe charge of swindling a Gor man immigrant, John C. Korsondorffor, out of SBOO. Tbe counsel of Robert Blakely, charged with tho murder of Maud Merrill, to-day applied for a delay in order to obtain proof of tho prisoner's Insanity. Decision reserved. Mins Laura Keene, the actress, has brought suit against O. M. Brolsford, of tho American Literary Bureau, to recover $16,000 damages for alleged libel. The trial of John Van Sycklo, butcher, charged with poisoning his wife lost October, began in Brooklyn to-day. The general term of tho Court of Common Pleas to-day decided, in tho suit of Isaac Edol muth against Alexander McOaro. that under tho law of this State tho lottery business is unlaw ful : that any contract which has tho effect of abetting it is void, and that the loaso of a place of business for tho purpose of soiling lottery tickets is Invalid. Judge Tappapi on the application for a re lease of Mrs. Moyers, a witness in the Goodrich case, to-day granted a writ of habeas corpus, re turnable to-morrow. United States Marshal Barlow to-day seized in Brooklyn tbo propeller Pigeon, bnrlr Ruth, and schooner Emma F. Law, under process of the United States Court.. The express lino from Now York to Boston via the Long Island Railroad will bo resumed Hay 15. No new developments to-night In the gas-men's strike. The street lamps and private dwellings are supplied with gas to almost the usual extent. The light is, however, fitful, and waxes dim very frequently, as if about to go out, but again brightens up and bums steady. The Now York Company was to-day reinforced by thirty men from the Manhattan Company, and, besides, they have procured a number of Qorman and Irish laborers, who prove bettor workmen than the Italians. Congressman Roosevelt has given his hack-pay to the Board of Education of this city to bo used to furnish prizes for deserving pupils. Spring- Freshets* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribtme, LaSalle, 111.. April 7.—The present freshet in the Illinois River at this point is unprecedent ed this spring. Tho river has risen fully eight foot since the commencement of the storm on Saturday evening, and la still rising fast. Groat quantities of rain must have fallen in the re- cions drained by tho Kankakoo and Fox Rivers. Many barges of Ice shipped from LaSalle and Peru have been tied up along tho Lower Illinois for lack of water, but it is now believed thoro will bo plenty for moving thorn onward. Tho canal-hoat Qlpsoy Queen, from Joliet, passed out of tho canal light yesterday., and awaits towage at Henry* Buffalo, N. Y., April 7.—Tlio freshet caused by tho Into rains has covered tho Isohua Valley, on tho lino of tho Buffalo, Now York & Phila delphia Railway, to a depth of 4 foot, and has carried away tlio south abutments of bridges on either sldo of Ischua. Largo bodies of men aro engaged in repairing damages, and travel will bo romunod on tho road boyonu Isohua in a few days. W ill!ambpout, Pa., April 7.—Tho river is 18 foot ahovo low water marie, and still rising. Part of a boom broke this morning, and it in esti mated about 2,000,000 foot logs passed down. Tho river at Banbury is within 12 inches of tho flood of 1806. THE LABOR QUESTION. Tho Strike of* tlio flai-nion in Now York. New York. April 7.—Andrew Cosoy, a striker, assaulted Robert Bloom as tho latter was going homo from tho gas-works, last evening. Casey was promptly arrested. ' Tho men of tho Now York Gas Company oro tho only ones on a strike. Tho employes of other companies refuse, thus far, to Join them. Tho police, in largo forco, aro still on duty. Loaves of absence to tho firemen aro suspended for tho present. Thoro is a full supply of gas in tho down-town districts to-night. Tho strikers say they will hold out. No disturbance is reported to-day, and all tho mon aro at work oxcopt those dis charged by tho Now York Company. A commit tee of workmen now employed la tho Manhat tan Company waited on tho loaders of tho strik ers of tho Now York Company to-day to mako arrangements for a joint mooting this evening to consult, relative to tho strike of tho former. Tho anticipated strike of tho Brooklyn car penters did not tako place to-day, but tho move ment is threatened. LOUISIANA. Doublo Tragedy—An Assassination— Tito Franklin Bar. New Orleans, Apiil 7.—'William Merriman, aged 10, and a negro man, killed each other In an altercation, on Saturday night at Dryos Crook Station, on tho Mobile & Montgomery Railroad. Tho assassination of W. B. McDonald, at a hotel, In Vernon, Jackson Parish, is reported. He was shot through tho window at night, by an unknown party, with a doublo-barrol shot-gun. A riotous demonstration on tho port of soma negroes, in Grant Parish, is reported. Somo whites wore ordered to loavo tho parish, and obeyed. It is stated their residences wore after ward plundered. . A telegram from Franklin, La., says that Henry Train, Republican, Judge of tho Third Judicial District, arrived this morning, and open ed tho regular term of tbo District Court. Tho members of tho Franklin bar positively refused to appear and practice boforo him. MEMPHIS. Tlio Nowolt murder—Two Clerks, tbo Principals In a Duel. Memphis, April 7. —Robert Coloman and John Keel, charged with shooting John Newell on Friday night, woro brought before Judge Ray to-day. After a partial examination, tho case was postponed till to-morrow, tho defendants by consent of counsel being placed under bonds of SIO,OOO each. A duel was fought on Saturday afternoon, two miles south of tho city, by two young clerks, James Pastor and John Murtaugh. After exchanging four shots tho latter was shot In the arm. The seconds interfered and tho matter was amicably adjusted, each bavin grocoivod a bullet in his clothing. CITY ITEMS. Officers Slayton and Gallagher yesterday re covered $2,000 worth of millinery goods, which wore stolon from tho store of E.J. Hobson A Go., Nos. 485 and 437 Wabash avenue, last Fri day night. Tho goods wore found in tho pawn shop of A. J. Andrews A Go., No. 693 state street. Tho officers worked tho case up with groat skill, and the capture of tho thieves will not bo long delayed. At 11 o'clock Inst night a. man named Henry M&ok, who resides at No. 40 Norton street, was run over by a switch engine on tho Pittsburgh, Cincinnati A St. Louis Railroad, on Kinzio street, near tho corner of May. Doth logs wore out off below the knee. Mack was intoxicated, and fell in front of tho engine while attempting to cross tho track before it. Roundsman Simmons saw the accident, and carried the wounded man to a store near by. Dr. Robert Hartoourt amputated both legs. Thcldonnon Conference* Balt Lake. April 7.— The Mormon Confer ence is in full blast. The attendance Is large and increasing. Brigham Young delivered -a long discourse to-day, tbe main point being against Qontllo sectarian schools being intro duced boro from Babylon. He urged the mothers to educate their own children and not allow outsiders to interfere with tho Kingdom of God. Ho denounced tho growing disinclination to pay tithing. Tho salvation of tho people is imperiled by tho non-performance of duty. Apostle Woodruff also urged tbe importance of tho saints paying tho tithing, and deplored the waning receipts of tho Church Treasury. Progress on the various railroads is encourag ing. Obituary* Washington, April 7.—A telegram from Gon. Oauby, this afternoon, reports tho death t atTulo Lake, yesterday, of Dr. Thomas McMillan, of heart disease. Ho was a resident of Kentucky. Colu2idub, 0., April 7.—Mrs. A. J. Reynolds, a most estimable lady, wife of the absconding Sheriff of Athens County, died at Athens on Sunday morning, it is said, from grief caused by her husband's conduct. Stevenson, Ala., April 7.—Louis Cargilo, born in North Carolina in 1765. tho oldest citizen of Jaokson County, died yesterday, aged 108 years. Ho lived here sixty years. Judge Lynch at Strontor, 111* Peoiua, April 7.—Tho Democrat, of this city, has information to tho effect that O'Neal, tbo murderer, who was confined in tho Peoria County Jail, last fall, for killing a man at El Faso, and who was acquitted at a late term of tho Woodford Circuit Court, killed another man at Stroator. LaSalle County, a day or two ago. Ho attempted to get oat of town, but a orowaof excited miners caught him, and hanged him without further ado. No particulars bavo boon received. Itocont ITlurdora—lndlan Raids* Omaha, April 7.—On Saturday last the bodies of Richard Bell and O. E. Hildebrand wore,found on the Loup fork, about twenty-five miles north of Kearney Junction, Nob. A man by tbo name of Frank, who was trapping with thorn is sus pected of having committed tho murder. A party of Indians havo boon making a raid on tho settlors about tho Loup fork, and are re ported to have gotten away with quite a number of horses. Arkansas Legislature* Little Rook, Ark., April 7.— The Senate to day passed a bill creating tho office of Circuit Clerk, in counties containing 10,000 inhabitants. The House passed bills creating throe now coun ties, —Faulkner, Howard, and Stone. Tbo ma jority of the Committee on Federal Relations of the House, all Democrats, reported favorably on a memorial to Congress, asking that tho ben efit of tho bankrupt law bo extended to Arkansas. Another Shipwreck. New York. April 7. —The agents of the steam ship Thorwaldßon have a cable dispatch saying that she woe wrecked in the sound off the Swed ish coast, on the night of April 4. The passen gers and crow are all safe. Tito vessel and cargo will bo a total loss. She is fully insured. Ocean Steamship Nows* Liverpool, April 7.—Tho steamsliip Greece, from Now York, arrived hero. Tho Thuringia is at Plymouth, aud tho City of Now York at Queenstown. New Yoiiic, April 7.—Arrived, steamers Idaho, City of Brooklyn, aud City of Bristol, from Liv erpool. . miwatilcoe Chamber of Commerce* Milwaukee, April 7.—The Chamber of Com merce annual election took place to-day. 0. J. Halo was elected President; John Nazro and John Johnston, Vice-Presidents ; with a strong Board of Directors pledged to erect or cause to be erected a now Ouamuor of Commerce, to bo ready for occupancy Jan. 1,1875. San Francisco Items* Ban Fbanuisco, April 7.— Buenaventura Olenzi, who killed Manuel Enoadero, clerk of the Mexi can Consul, on Saturday, was discharged by the Polios Court. It was proved that tho prisoner Acted In self defense. Tbo British steamship Altona Is duo at this port from Hong Kong, April 16. INDIAN TROUBLES. Four Whites Killed. UEADQUAnTERB V. B. SunVXIINO OoRPS,) AnKAMflAfl Orrr, March 28. j Editor Leavenworth Journal t On Wodnos day morning, tho 10th Inst., Eddlo SI. Doming started out with his party to complete his Town ship 27, north of Range 18, west of tho Indian Meridian, about ton or sixteen miles south of State lino, near tho ninety -ninth meridian of west longitude, in tho Indian Territory. Ho ox pociod to got It finished by noon. About 11 a. m. bo sent ono of his cornermen to camp. Ho Din all right. When bo loft tho parly they about tbroo miles to meander.down tbo lofl bank of tbo Cimmaron lUvor. Eddlo and his party failed to got In that night, but. as wo had no Idoa of danger, wo did not suspect for ono minute that they had had any trouble with tho Indians, although thoy wore very thick through that section. As thoy did not got in by noon on tho 20th, Wo got vory anxious about thorn, and a party of tbroo mon-Willard F. Short, of Lawrence, Frank L. Davis, of Chilli cotho, Mo. (thoy each had a brother In the miss ing party), and tho man who was sent In tho day boforo, started out to look for thorn. Thoy struck their trait on tho rlvor bank, and followed It down until thoy arrived at tho town lino, tho placo whoco Eddlo had closed and finished his work. Thoy thoro found a groat many Indian tracks. A band of some forty or fifty warriors had crossed tho river right below tho town lino. From tbo closing point tho tracks turned up stream, in tho direction of camp. Wo suppose tho Indians acted friendly and allowed thorn to start toward camp; then as soon as thoy had thoir books turned, shot thorn in tho back and buriod thorn right whoro thoy foil. Wien tho boys found tho mounds of sand, with tracks ending at thorn, thoy loro away somo of tho. sand ana recognized tho body of Eddlo N. Doming. As thoro woro hundreds of Indians within a mile, thoy did not wait any longer, but started for camp, getting in (a dis tance of about ion miles) in about ono and a half hours. Wo stood guard all night, but woro not attacked, and rolled oat for headquarters at Arkansas City tho next morning, about an hour boforo daylight. Tho murdered men ore Eddlo N. Doming, son Of Mr. A. N. Doming, proprietor of tho City Hotel In this city s Daniel Short, of Lawrence, Kan.. Charles A. Davis, of Cream Ridge, near ChiUlcotho, ‘Mo., and R. Poole, a yoaug English man, of Lawronco, but ho has no relatives in America. llioro la still a party of thlrtoou men in danger, and a provision train of Capt, E. A. Darling, United States Surveyor, tho contractor. About thirty of us start out to-day to bring in tbo other Sarty and train, if possible, and recover tho cad bodies of our murdered comrades. If the parties who report that tho Indian's are disposed to bo quiet on tho frontier would tako a trip out among thorn for a little while they would change their minds. I am satisfied that they are anything but peaceably inclined. It is high time wo had a change in tho Indian policy. Ono band of Indians have declared their de termination to fight all summer, and will com mence os soon os gross is high enough for food. Edou F. ItianAßns. NEWS PABAOBAPHS. Tho newspapers are still publishing as a nows item the hoax about tho homing of tho Natural Bridge in Virgipia. —Not leas than GOO mon will bo employed on the now Capitol at Albany, N. Y., os soon os tho weather permits. . —John F. Green, indicted at Baltimore for a 81, COO larceny, goes free because "fraudontly” was used in the indictment for “fraudulently.” —Soa&cacha Pond at Nantucket was opened Into tho soa tho past week, and largo quantities of pickerel wero loft on its shores by tho re coding waters. —Carl Dittmar’s dualin manufactory at North Quincy. Moss., was burned Wednesday night; loss, $20,000; no insurance. Tho 10,000 pounds of dualin, in process of manfocturo, wero bumod, without any explosion. —Tho opUsootio has broken out again in Polk county, lowa, and Is proving much more fatal than before. So far the 'some horses that wero affected the first time tho disease was there ore tho victims. —They moon business in Memphis, all but four of the Oounty Judges having boon indicted for drawing 86 a day when tho law only allowed thorn $2. Tho people aro Doginning to regord tho monoy-graboing practice with aocidod dis favor. —Tho Cuyahoga Falla (Ohio) Reporter says that Tod Ford telegraphed to that town that ho would leoturo for the Ladies’ Dime Society of the Congregational Church. He gave his sub ject os ‘‘A Taste of Naples and Borne,” and the telegraph mode it road, “ A Taste of Apples and Bum." —Chief Malay, of tho Albany police, says that over $1,500 worth of shawls and velvet cloaks have boon rninod in that city during tho past two months by certain undiscovered wretches who perambulate the leading thoroughfares for tho sole purpose of doing mischief w.ith tobacco Juico. —An Indianapolis femalo lost $11.40 by a sin gle rubber tho other day. She tried to play a lone hand with a rubber overshoe; using her neighbor’s child for a card table, and then tho Pouco Judge stopped up and told Lady Gay Spanker that he guessed she bad lost the game. . —Tho old Town-House, at Hopkimton, N. H., was burned March 20. It was a Court-House when Hillsborough and Merrimack Counties wore one, and has lately boon occupied, on the first floor, as a Town-House, and above as an academy. Tho loss is about SBO,OOO ; no insur ance. ' —Another man has 'graduated at the Yale “School of Journalism." Ho has been rather, more successful than any of his predecessors. When ho found that ho could get no more than $8 a week on any Western journal, ho wont right away and got a position as clerk in an oyster saloon, where his weekly stipend is $lO. —The last matrimonial freak was at Spring field. Mass. A loader in the ton of that toonisn city took a fancy to bo married in tho same building in which her mother’s bridal occurred — tho old Unitarian Church. But tho church had boon converted into a furniture-manufactory, and so it booamo necessary to arrange tho sofas and chairs, and tho wedding was cold in tho furniture w&roroom. Tho English Forgeries. New Yobic, April 7.—MaoDonuell, tho alleged principal in the forgeries on tho Bonk of England, was brought ooforb Judgo Woodruff to-day on a writ of habeas corous, but, at the request of the counsel for tho uritish Govern ment, tho case was adjourned till to-morrow. Telegraphic Brevities. Archbishop Bailey, of Baltimore, has returned from Florida, with his health entirely restored. A daughter of O. E. Thubauvillo, of Milwau kee, was run over by a runaway team yesterday, and instantly killed. DEATHS. SMITH—In thiscity, Sunday, Aprils, of Inflammation of tbo brain, Frank Ives, wlfo of O. H. Smith, and daugh ter of Ooorgo Ives. , Funoral from roildonco, 61 Wahpanaoh-ar., Tnciday, 1 April 8. at 9 o'clock, n. ni. \3T PoUdara ana Lowvlllo, N. Y., papers please copy, BOHYNOWETH—SuddenIy, on tbo Ist lust,, at Phil adelphia, tieorgo Bennett, oldest eon of James and Ullon Bennett Bchynowoth, in the 19th year of bis ago. Was bnriod from the rosldonoo of his mother. No. 631 Worth-st., on the 4th Inst. BTEARNB-On the evening of April 6, James B. Steams, aged W years. Funoral from the residence of hie father, 1839 Wabash ar„ at 11a. m« to-day (April 8). Frlonde of the family are Invited. BOYS—In Barrington, Cook County, 111., April B,Mrs. Oarlotts Boys, aged 61 yoars and St) days, Funoral service by tho Rev. L. A. Alford, D. D., of llaAdENßUßGU—Baddonly, on tho morning olfAprll 7, Maudo O. Maoklot, wlfo of P. K. L. Hardonbuygb. Notice of funeral In to morrow morning's papers. COLNE— On the 3d lost., In Washington, D. 0., after a painful illnosa. Annie, tho wlfo of d. P. Golno, and mother of J. P. 00100, Jr., of thlaelty. COFh BY—April 7. James Edward, son of John R. and Kate M. Coffey, agod 4 years and 6 mouths. Funeral from his residence, 83 South Canal street, by cars to Calvary Oomotory, Wednesday, April 9. Friends are requested to attend without further notice. EASTMAN—In this city. April 6, Edith Miriam, Infant daughter of Mrs. Jennie 11. and tho lato Edwin G. East man. Funeral Wednesday, April 9, at 3:80 p. m., from the residence of tho family, Iv I Oalumat-av. PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED—IN A GOOD-PAYING MAN ufaoturing business, with $1,600,0n1y S6OO down; host of roforonoos. Address, with real name, stating wboro an interview may bo bad, N 8, Tribuno oflice. . "PARTNER WANTED—A RELIABLE MAN WITH X $1,000: business profitable, geutool, and legitimate; beilot references given. Address 1165, Tribuno olfloe. PARTNER WANTBD-WITII $7,000 OR SIO,OOO, TO engsgo hi banking and brokerage. 1 will furnish same amount. Address DBfi, Tribuno nttloe. MACHINERY. FOR 60 DAYS WE WILL SELL ANY OF ODR machinery at cost, to make room for a large amount we have purchased at Worcester, W. A. JAMES, UOOIIH A HPENOKR, 376 South Oaoal-at. ' K~iIAVE OVER FIFTY ENGINE LATHES IN ■took, new and second-hand: will sell thorn ohsap. Iron planers, all sites: drills; bolt cutters; planers and watchers; Farrar sunaesrs; resawing machines: band tans. Auyono wanting Iron and wood working machinery ■ad best call at 376 South Oanal-it. W, A. JAMES. HOOIIE A SPENCER. AUOTION SALES. By GBO. P. GORE & CO., S3, JH, and 86 lUndolph-ai, Attractive Auction Sale To dealers who want regular goods at priooa mado by thomsolvos, On TUESDAY, April 0, at 91-2 a, m. f Of Dry Goods, Cloths and Oassimeros, Chil dren's Plquo and Llnon Suits, Notions, and an especially flno lino of Silk and Cloth Hats and Caps. Also, Ladies’, Misses’ and Chil dren’s Trimmed Hats.* Brussels, Ingrain, and Hag Carpets, by tho plooo only. oro. P. oorr a 00., 22. 24. EIGHT HUNDRED GASES . Boots, Shoes &Slipers AT AUCTION, BY CATALOGUE, Oh WEDNESDAY, April 0, at 9 1-2 a. m. Wo moan that wo have 800 OASES of all qualities of goods, that WILL BE SOLD, and thoy aro guaranteed perfect and regular, or no solo, ORO. P. CORK A 00., 22. 24, and 26RandolDh-Bt. REGULAR. SATURDAY’S SALE OF Household Furniture, Parlor, Library, Dining-room, and Kitchen Furniture, Sideboards, Wardrobes, Marblo top Tables, Sofas, Loungos, Rookors, Chairs, Hall Troos, Extension Tables, .Bureaus, Oar pots, 10 Orates of W. Q. Orookory, 10 Casks of Yellow and Rookingham Ware, 100 Pkgs. of Glassware, ono flno-tonod Molodoon, Bug gies, Harnesses, 10 now Lumber "Wagons. Thit sale la worthy of attention. On SATURDAY, April 13, atflj*o’clock. G» P. CORE A 00., Auctlonoera. By WM. A. BUTTERS & CO. 200 RESIDEICE LOTS At Cornell, Tom of Hyde M, jf3LT AUCTION ON Monday Afternoon, April 14, Solo commencing at 2 o’clock, at our sales rooms, 66 and 67 South Oanal-st. Theto lota aro desirably located in Preston Subdivision of tbo northwest Xof 800. 86, Town 88, oaat of the M. 8. and P. 4 Ft. W. Railroads, and near tbo Chicago Watob Factory, between Seventy-ninth and Elgbty-llrst-flts. Lota 23x125 feet. Btroota 66 foot, with wldo alloys. TERMS OF SALE—cash, H one year, H two years, Intoroit 8 per cent. Title porfoct, with full warrantee dootj and abstract of tltlo to oaoh purchaser. For other particulars, soo i * WM. A. BUTTERS 4 CO., Auctioneers. By W. F. HODGES & CO. We will offer one of tbo boat bargains of the season. A large house of 10 rooms, all furnished; two double par lor#; 78 yards English Body Brussels, nearly now; one Rosewood Plano; four Marblo-ton Chamber Bete; two large Pier Mirrors; Ornaments, Stool Engravings, Oil Paintings, Marblo-top Tables; Dining, Sitting, and Bed rooms; two Halls, Closets, Bath-room, Kitchen; every thing complete for housekeeping. Those goods cost oyer 89,6w, ana we will soil tbo entire lot for 91,000 cash. W« want nono to call but those moaning business. Inquire at 613 West Lako-st. HODGES 4 00, Auctioneers and Private Bankers. Also, two-story Brick, on Walnat-st., twelve rooms and two parlors, furnished complete, together with all the J:as fixings and leaao of tho houses'coat #l.wp: will sou or 870U co-b. WM. J, IIOUOEB 4 00. By HODGES & CO., 613 West Lako-st., Will 101 l on WEDNESDAY MORNING, APRIL 9. » largo and genteel lot of farnltaro, consisting of 800 yards Brussel carpets, 160 yards Ingrain carpet, 75 yards all wool carpet. stair carpets, Ao., 4 nice oook stoves, 8 parlor stoves, 9 counters, 3 show oases, largo lot nice shelving, largo lot orookory and glassware, office fur niture, do., 1 largo mirror, 3 elegant sideboards, also nice lot spring mattrossos and Jioddlng and feather pillows, do., manilc-top chamber eot, I oak chamber set. So wal- Ciut bedsteads. 1 Empire parlor bedstead, 8 French-carpcs ounges, 4 walnut bureaus, ’lO bureau wasbstands, Sex tendon tables, 34 breakfast tables. 15 kitchen tables, 14 whatnots, 4.dozou walnut chairs, do., do. _ Positive and without reserve. Salo to commence at 10 a. m., on Wednesday morning, at the Union Park Ano. tlon Rooms. HODQBB d CO.. Auctioneers. By W. F. HODGES & CO. An excellent chance for any person wishing to purchase a home. We have orders to dispose of a nloe three-story Sotbio house of 10 rooms, with parlor, hall, bath-room* 0., all furnished in tho latest stylo and nearly new. Tho house, lot, and furniture, complete, will ha sold cheap, as the owner is going to Ruropo on account of health. Cost $2,800 to furnish it. This chance will bo left open only a fow days. Apply to HODOBS A GO., CIS west, Auctioneers and Prlvato Bankers. By EDWIN A. BICE & CO. LARGE SALE OF FIRE FDRNMffi At private residence 890 West Madlson-st., WEDNES DAY, April 0, at 10 o’clock, sharp, consisting of Black Walnut Parlor and Chamber Sotta, Black wialnut Bu reaus, Bedsteads, Wasbstands, Lounges, Oomodes Etc .gore, Mirrors, Centre Tables, Chairs, Rockers, Brussels and Ingrain Carpels, Lace Curtains, Curled Hair and Husk Mattresses, Pillows, Bedding, Cooking and Heat ing titoves, Orookory Ware, Eto. bale pooltlvo and with out reserve. EDWIN A. RICE A CO.. Auctioneers, Office, 147 Randolpb-st. ■ Havens & Co., 'Will soil this day atlO o'clock, Books, Stationary, Maps, Chromes, Racks, WaUPookots. Ao.. Ao. HAVENS A CO.. Auctioneers, 63 Booth Oanal-st. HAVENS & CO., Auctioneers, Will soil on WEDNESDAY. April 9, at D :80 a. m., Dry Goods, Yankee Notions, Fur nishing: Goods, JUDIES' UNDERWEAR, CARPETS, FANCY BOAPS, CUTLERY, ETO. 5,000 OHOIOE OiOAES. HAVENS A CO., Auctioneers, S3 South Osnsl-at. TWO MILLION DOLLARS. GEEAT CLOSING OUT, TRUSTEES’ SALE REAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY Belonging to tbo CHICAGO LAND COMPANY, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, On Wednesday, the 18th day of June, 1873, . By the articles of the association of said Company, ills Erovldod that all the property in the hands of tho Trustees i tbo month of June, 1873, must bo sold at auction for oath, tooloso tho trust. The realty Is ooutrally located in tho CITY OP CHI CAGO, and is valued at 91,800,000. and composed largely of river and canal frontage, docked and ready for Imraodi. atouso. Also, a largo nuroborof vaoantlots in tho imme diate vicinity of tho docks, all noil adapted for bualnosa P tKotitle to this property is unquestioned, having boon bold and owned by tho Association for twenty years. Tbo personal property consists of notes bearing 7 per oont Interest, having from ono to live years to run, ana amounting to about «7U0,000. These notes wore received for deferred payments on land bought from tho Company by tho makers thoroof, and their payment 1* secured by mortgage on tbo same. TERMS OPSAJLB, OASIi. The personal property will bo ready for transfer and delivery immediately after tho sale. Purchasers of realty will be required to make a deposit on tho day of sale of 10 per cent on tho amount of their purchase, thubalanoa to bo paid within thirty dais, or as soon after the sale a* deeds can bo made and delivered. no maue ana uo MAIILON D. OODEN, L. S. BKKOIIKU. GEORGE WATSON, Chicago, March 19, 1878. Trustees. 11. U. BOQUB, Secretary. Oltlco with Ogden, Sheldon A 00., Room W, No, 178 La- Salle-st MORTGAGEE’S SALE. THIS DAY AT ll O'CLOCK, To he sold at public auction, at 65 Blue Isiand-ar.. near Halstod-st., a quantity of shelving, ooujtars, and loo limes, with largo coal-stove, suitable for grueo* store, or •alooa. WALLACE, Auctioneer. By EUSON & FOSTER. BANKRUPT STOCK Boots, Shoes, Clothing, Hats and Gaps, Dry Goods, Hosiery, dco,, &0., At Auction, on Thursday morning. April 10, at 9Jrf o’clock, at our salesroom, 67 Msrkot-st. U, order of R. E. Auct’n.