Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 11, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 11, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 2d. ROOFING MATERIAL. Riliia Materials. CARPET FELT, ROOFING FAIR, Hi FELT. BJBRETT, ABKOLD & KIMBALL, 230 East Monroe-st. TO RENT. OFFICES. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in tbe Trib une Building. Single or in suites. With and without Vaults, English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled in the city. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo cation. W. C. DOW, Doom 1 Nevada Block. TO HIT, WITH POWER, Booms 40 by 180 foot, or of smaller sizes to suit, at SHERWOOD’S SCHOOL FURNITURE FACTORY, ld3 & 106 South Canal-st. For Rent. first-class A No. 1 store, 40x100, northwest eemer ske-st. and Flfth-av.; on reasonable terms to desirablo uant. All modom improvements. JOHN A. VAT.H, Agent, 7 Bryan Block, 163 LaSallo-sU TO RENT. Offices, first-class finish and well lighted, for sl9, sls, 120 each, at 47 Laflallo-st., near Court-House Square. By WM. H. CONDON, Room 3. HAIL TO KENT. The largo ball known as tho Halsted Street Opera Honae, corner Halstod and Uarrlson-sta., with rooms adjoining. fforsoelotymeotlngs, or other purposes. Is the lanrastand inwt hall In tho West Division. ApplytoJ. U. KEELER, 46 Clark-st., comer Madison. TO RENT. Store 93 Lako-at., 36x140. four stories and basSnient, vault and elevator. Opposite now TromontHouso. Ap ply to W. H. CLARKE, Room 14, southeast, comer Adams and LaSalle-sta. STOVES* RANGES* &c. WARREN RANGES, STEWART COOK STOVES, RICHMOND RANGES, AMERICAN COOK STOVES, DIAMOND FURNACES, REFRIGERATORS & ICE BOXES, HOUSE-FURNISHING GOODS. DALTON & 00., 60 & 82 Ranclolph-st.. near State. WANTED. WanteflJarflForeman A man of experience and well acquainted with the yard sorting in the lumber yards of Ohioago, to go to the mill to take charge of yard. To the right man a permanent situation will bo given. Address* stating salary ex pected, amount of experience* and rofor enoes* Hl7* Tribune NOTICE TO LUMBERMEN. Situation wasted, by a young roan of experience, as salesman, or to take Charge of a yard. Refer to present pmployora. Address H SH, Tribune office. OPENING. ■A.T TEE IB OLD STAND AGAIN! The elegont HAIR DRESSING and BATHING ROOMS at the SHERMAN HOUSE wiU be opened on THURSDAY, AprU 10,1873, by TO. A. HETTICH. Opening. Fokin Tea Company will open to the pnbllc their now Store No. 87(1 Btate-st., on Saturday, the 12th Inst. They *vb, regardless of ozpomo, fitted ud the finest tea atom In tho country. Thoro la not a mure pleasant place In the city to spend an agreeable halt hour examining the decor* fUnns, four gf which llluatrato tho propers of curing tea. LEGAL BLANKS. Legal Blanks, Of Regular Forma cr Printed to Order, by CUM, PAGE, HOfflE 4 C 0„ 118 AND 120 MONItOE-ST. HOTELS. BRIGGS HOUSE, REBUILT, Corner of Eandolph-Bt, and Fifth-av, OLD TEUMH, 83 PER DAY. RZOEOOBDB & HUNTOON, Proprietors. A. F. WELLS, formerly of Briggs House, I «, W. n. ItKOTdn. 1.1.a B.rne. Hi 11... 'i Clerk.. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. CHICAGO BAG FACTORY. DISSOL UTIOIST. The firm of J. A 11. Chapman la tills day dissolved by inataal consent. JO lIN E, OHAP4IAN, U. J. NisAlilt. Omoioo, April 6, 1873. CHICAGO BAG FACTORY. The business formerly conducted by Messrs. J. A H. Chapman will be continued by tho undersigned, at the Um.lwtoß. laSlßouthW.l.r.jt, Ufot Stattg FINANCIAL. WALKER. ANDREWS & C 0„ Wall-at., N. Y. cfc> 00., 10 Plaoo Vondomo, PABISi Travelers* Credits lamed, Loth la STERLING, oa UNION BAM OF LONDON, Anti in francs on PARIS, UNDER TUB SAME LETTER. Oircular ETotos, Of £lO, £2O, and XSO on tlio UNION barb: op London. Commercial Credits: Exchange oa London & Fans. Stock*, Bonds, and Odd bought and sold on commit* turn. Hallway Loans negillatou. AdaSiiilMSt Bankers* First National Bant Building, souttwest corner of state and WasMngton-sts., Chicago, Dealers In Gold and Silver Bullion, Bar. Loaf, Shoot, and Granulatod form, for raoohanloal purpose*. Deposits roootved In oithor currency or coin, snbjoot to chock without nolico, ~ , Six per #—• interest allowed on all daily balsnoot. oaeoxt upon u* past ttirongh the Clearing Uouto as If drawn upon any city bank. Interest credited, and account# current rendered monthly. Coin and Currency Draft# on Now York. BANKING HOUSE WRENN & BREWSTER, SO W galiln gton-et. DopoaUa RecoUod and Intoreit Allowed. Gold. Oorormnont Bondi, Local Stocks, and Commer cial Paper Bought and Sold. Collateral Loans and Commercial Paper form a loading feature In our butlnoisi for the negotiation of which wo hara unoaoal facilities.' ’ . CHARLES H. BROWER. It. PARKER PIERCE. PIERCE & BROWER, BROKERS, ea Local Stocks, Commercial Paper, Govern ment and Western Securities, Illinois 10 per cent Registered Coupon Bonds. Real Estate Loans. Money to loan In earns of $5,000 and upwards on Im proved property, at reasonable rates. SHELDON A WATERMAN, $50,000 To loan, In sums to suit, for throe and six months, on approved collaterals. EMIL JOSAPUAT, Banker, 184 East Rnndolph-at. GRAND RAPIDS EAGLE. Grand Rapids Eagle, Grand Rapids, Michigan. THE BEST”MEDIUM BY WHICH TUB MEN WHO ADVERTISE CAN REACH THE TRADE OF Western Michigan. For rates address the pub lishers, A. B. Turner & Co., Grand Rapids, or apply to COOK, COBURN & CO., Chi cago. REMOVALS. IREirMrOV'.AX.. CLARKE, ABBOTT k C 0„ DEALERS IN RAILROAD SUPPLIES, Aud Bolt Manufacturers, From 60 Jt 63 Uadlson-st. to 144 LaKe-st. REMOVAL. The undersigned will remove on the 16th lust., from Nos. 68 South Canal and 107 South 01ark*sts., to hJa new and spacious quarters, Nos. 104 and 108 Hadison-st., Where all branches of bis business will be continued as heretofore at the bid stands. "W. JORTES, or. nun. Stationer ami Printer. CANDIES. James a. sracM:, Confectioner, Has REMOVED to bis Now and Commodious Building, 3STO. SO STATE-ST. 3M3IJQ. 3D. A.. jrAOKSOZO', Agent, has removed her Millinery and Pattern rooms to No. hi htate-st.. near Washington, whore ahe will be pleased to sea her former customers and friends. She la now ready to supply the trade with all new and novel de signs in ladles'and children's costumes for spring wear. Miss M. Austin, the well-known Modiste, will supertax* tend our Dress and Cloak Making Department. BUSINESS CHANGES. HARDWARE. A first-class stock of Hardware, good location—city. Will take H In Real Estate-balance cash-easy. Houses. WABABH-AV. near FonrtoontU-st., elegant home, ® a'ukHdVkN-BT. near Adams, 14-room bouse, $7,000 long tlmo—bargain. NkAII ABin.AND-AV. and Van Buren-st., 6-room house. 84.000—long tlmo— cheap. JACOB O. MAQILL, hi and 83 South Olark-st. FIRST-CLASS HOTEL Lease for Sale. 00 Booms, in a good location in thia city, do ing a good business, on very advantageous terms. Gash required, about SIO,OOO. For Airtber particulars apply te O. B. FIELD & CO., Boom 1, No. 161 Mouroo-st, HATS. IUIB UTS! SM ifl FELT, IN ALL THEIR VARIETIES I. A. URE Ik CO,, 513 & 515 Wabash-av. “AMIiON HATS” And every mow stylo of Hats for Gouts nnrt Youths. Low prices. 104 East Madlson-st. J. S. Barnes & Co. "MEAT CHOPPER. m w 'B The four knives, with drawing out. make OGO strokes, and oiittbo montln 75,C00 nieces,in one mlnuto,. by ono turn of the block. For salo by 088 <Sc LOCKETT, 170 Soutli Clark-st., Chicago, Doalors In Builder# 1 and General Hardware, Deal Bronze Trimmings, Fluo Cutlery, and every description of Ale* ohsnlcs 1 Tonis. REAL ESTATE. •V-A-X/CJ-A-BXiE POE SALE. Owing to a change In onr business (having recently en gaged In banking), wo have decided to odor for solo, for the next 80 days, a part of our real estate at a bargain : 104x160 feet on Jeflorsoa-st., between Madison and Wasblngton-sts, with subatantlalbrlokbuildlngs covering the whole lot. 199,4x160 feet, on Canal-st., near Harrison. 50 toot (with bouse) on Furost-av., noar Donglas-plaoe. Block 08, Canalport. Block 19,1 a Walker’s Subdivision ofpartof Soc. 81,89,14. KXot ntookaieand 17, same subdivision, 40 aoros la s. o. kn.v.U Sco. 86, 89, 18. 40 aoros In a. w. If n. w. J(Soc. 86, 89, 13. 10 aoros, bolng Block 8 In Hundley's oubdlvlion of w Jrf i.w. «n. w. JdSoo. 85, 89.18. . 20 acres, bolng o. Hof Blocks 11 and IS, and all of Block 17. s. e. il Soo. 85, 89, 13. 80 acres In o. H a. w. if Roc. So, 89,13. 80 aoros in e. « n. e. if 800. 10, 89,13, just subdivided, but not recorded. Witf acres la vr. H n. w. }( 800. 1, 8813. 17# acres grovo of land frouliog north aids of canal, Sec. 3, 58, 18. 150 lota in Adam Smith's Subdivision. 12) lota In Plonou D. Smith's Subdivision. ADAM SMITH & BON. Southwest corner Stato aud Waihlnglou-sta. RAVffISWOOD. Ohoico Lots in Olyboum’s Addition* 60x 162 foot* high and thoroughly drained* for sale from SSOO to S7OO each* on easy terms. One or two blocks for oalo at a bargain. Apply to ROBERT O-FIBER?,,, 40 LaSalle-st. FOE SALE. Acre Property In Sections 33. 37, and 28. Town 89, Range 13, and at Riverside and Hinsdale. Also, a venr choice property near Western and Ogdon-avs., east of Douglas Park. Loans negotiated on city real estate. G. S. HUBBARD, JR., 168 Washlngton-st. WINES, &c. GRAPH & GORE, Nos, 73 and 75 Monroe-st., WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Fine Whiskies AND IMPORTED Wines, Liprs, anil Ciprs. Wo have scoured the Store No. 73, in connection with our old stand, aud havo opened with a comploto lino of Imported Cigars, Tobacco, and Smokers' Articles, which vre aro offering at very low prices CROCKERY, Sec CROCKERY, GLASSWARE, IP£3, dtbC. We keep the largest stock in tho city of aboro goods. In original packages or open stock, and soil at Now York prices free of freight. Country merchants are invited to examine our goods before purchasing elsewhere. IP. <SC 33. J’.A.IBGt-lEm, 73 Wnlwali-iiy.. near liaudoliili-st. FOR SALE, UTHEUnOiL INSTRUMENTS, At J. G. LANOOUTII'B, Optician. * S3 RUto-sU, between Washington and Itaudolph. TUBBS I TUBES I 820*000 worth, all kinds and sites, for sale cheap at the SHEFFIELD MISERY, 44 RacllM. R. J. LEWIS. Prop. Take the Chicago and Olybouro-av. care. LUMBER FOR SALE, 60.000 foot Ist Com. and Clear Norway Flooring, 80.000 foot 3d Com. Norway Flooring, !W,IWO loot 4-lnoh Norway Flooring. 80.000 feet While Pino Flooring, Ist A 2d Com. A Clear, 70.U0U 4-lnoh Fencing Hlrliis. This lumber was piled last year, and we will mil the same In small or round lota. A. B. WILCOX A CO., JtuumO, Lumbermen's Kxohango, Chicago. MEETINGS. Masonic, Corinthian Chapter, No. 63, R. A. M.—RogularConyo* cation this (Friday! evening, atUtfoVlock. Work on the If. A. Dumoo. J. Q. DIUKICnaON, Bee. Masonic. Oriental Lodge, No. W, A. F. end A. M. Special com mmiloatl'in this (Friday) evening, at 7X i/olook, for work on tho F. O. Degree. By order of tho Master. f ‘ 9 ’ * E. N. TUOKKU, Secretary, CHICAGO, FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 187& WASHINGTON. An Administration Organ on the Death of Civil Service . Reform. Ex-Sfmator Nye LdoMug After the Japanese Mission, Whidii Oole Declines. The President Congratulated by Some Quakers oh His Indian Policy. Farther Arguments 6n the JPostal- Car Service. Mayor Medill Resigns His Position on the Civil Servibe Commission. What President Brant Says in Accept ing the Same. Special Ditpateh to The Chicago Tribune, Washington, p. 0., April 10.—Tho Balti more American this mdrhing, ft staunch Admin istration organ, baa thd following melancholy trail over Civil Sdrvlcd Itbform; It says: Wo don't know how it is In bth6r Stales, but. Civil Service Reform baa been entirely abandoned in Mary land. The Collector, Naval Officer, and Surveyor have all been removed, and tbo work of slaughter among tho Innocents in the subordinate tanka boa commenced. It la nothing but simple Justice to Bay that all thcao officer! were regarded at the Department aa among tbo moat efficient In tbo service. There bavo not only neon no promotions, bnt nearly all those in the line of promotions go out with their principals. Wo never believed Civil Service Reform likely to last long enough to got it In full operation, and supposed It was aure to be disregarded Justqd adon as there should bo a change of Presidents;, Wo. hope, however; that its death will bo officially promulgated; and that therd will bo no niofo announcements about Examining Boards, and the other Impossibilities bred In tho brain of the dbfunct Jencks; Whilst believing it, wbcu adopted at Philadelphia; to bo a mere 41 campaign catch," we wore willing to giro It a fair trial, and when tbo President announcodln bis Inaugural ms de termination to adhere to It in letter and spirit, wo thought that it would likely last during tho Presiden tial term. Zt Beams to have taken but a few days of actual experience in enforcing It to have brought about a change of mind, as it has been gradually ap proaching dissolution from tho time of Us birth. THE VIRGINIA, CAMPAIGN, Tho Virginians aro* working themselves into a considerable excitement over their forthcoming campaign this summer. Tho distinctive fea tures of this canvass are that it involves the election of a Legislature, which Is to cliopso a United States Senator in the place of John Lew is. and tho enactment of a free railroad law, which shall take tho building of railroads out or tbo hands of a few monopolists, And give ingress to the Northern companies now seeuing admis sion into tho State. The latter issue particular ly influences tho Conservatives. The latter claim that on tho Presidential election their vote fell one hundred thousand short, but no expec tation is had in any quarter that this reserve will rally around the Democratic standard in tho com ing election. Personal considerations in the nomination for Governor will also enter largely into the contest. Tho or-Oonfodorates ore emerging from their obscurity, and their names are being generally used for •foridua leading po sitions. It. M. T. Hunter, who was Chairman of tho Senate Finance Committee prior to the war, is prominently mentioned as the Conservative candidate for United States Senator, while ox- Confodorato Commissioner Quids scorns to stand the host chance for the Gubernatorial nomination. THE JAPANESE MISSION. Ex-Senator Colo has informed the President and tho Secretary of State that he is hot a can didate for any foreign appointment. Ho.does not want tho mission to Japan, nor will he ac cept of any appointment. The general impres sion now is that ex-Sonator Nye will bo appoint ed Minister to Japan. CONGRATULATORY. Caleb Clotbior and William Dareoy, of Phila delphia, with James 8. Hulmo, of Now Jersey, a delegation from tho Society of Friends, called upon tho President to-day to congratulate him upon tho success of his Indian policy, and also upon ' tho general management of tho Administration. They endeavored to hoop their visit as private as possible, but of course It leaked out. The President received the delegation with great cordiality, and thanked them for their visit. He stated that it is his in tention to carry out tho policy ho has hitherto pursued. ANTI-MONOPOLY. Tho National Executive • Committee of tho Workingmen of America hold a mooting hero last Tuesday. Speaker Blaine, it appears, was among the liberal contributors to the object of the association. Several reports woro received from tho organized movements of the agricul turists in the Western States, assuring earnest ness of the people as against the oppressions of over-grown monopolies, and clasping bands for tho practical work that is to comb m the first groat effort to secure more just and equitable legislation. [To tht AaiodaUd Press.] GREENBACKS. Washington, April 10.—Legal tenders out standing, $353,795,100. rnODAULE APPOINTMENTS. It is reported the President will appoint Qon. Lafayette McLowo, United States Marshal for Georgia. ORDKOB ISSUED. Tho President to-day loaned an order changing the boundaries of the Omaha and Grand IsTond Land Districts in Nebraska, qb rocommoudod by tho Secretary of the Interior and Commissioner of the General Land Ofllce, Senator Hitchcock and ox-lloprcßontativo Taafe. Tho President also directed on order to bo is sued giving tho right of way to tho Flint & Pero Marquette Railroad through Township 18, North Range IG, Western Michigan, formerly on Indian reservation. APPOINTED. William L. Scruggs, of Georgia, bos boon ap pointed Minister Resident to the United States of Colombia. TUB POSTAL-OAR SERVICE. New Youk, April 10.—In tho postal-car in vestigation, to-day, Mr. Hinckley argued in favor of railroad companies bomg paid by measurement instead of weight for carrying mail matter, and against being compelled to use patent boating apparatus In postal-cars. N. Davis, Assistant Superintend ent of Postal Service, replied for the Government, and road a' statement showing that tho Middle and Eastern States railroads wore paid an advance of- 20 per cent since 1807, and in some instances on Western roads as high as 100 and even 150 per cent... Mr. Davis said ho con sidered tho postal-cars' a necessity, because of tho timo saved In delivering moil matter, and tho relief given tho largo post-oOlcos, which other wise would have to be provided with additional apartments for distributing and regulating the malls. Mr. Hinckley believed tbo now Postal bill would compel the railroad companies to carry tho mail at a compensation which they regarded in adequate, ami leave it optional with the compa nies to carry the mail or not. Adjourned. UATOU MEDIUMS RESIGNATION AS A CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSIONER. New York. April 10.— Tho Times to-morrow prints tho following correspondence: Mxyoh’s OrncE, Ciuoxuo, April 1,1873. To Hit Excellency U, S, (Irani, l*retident of the United HlaUt: Beau 6m:. Au Executive order was promulgated on tho 17th of January, 187.7, against the holding of Stale or mmilcipnl ofilcen by Federal appointees eftor tho Ith of March, 1873. Under this order U would bu Illegal for mo to continue to hold the ollkoof Commissioner of the Civil Service Hoard unless I resign the Mayoralty of Chicago. .Not feeling that it would be expedient to do tho latter at present, I therefore tender my resigna tion of the appointment from you of Civil Service Commissioner, and I hereby tender my Uianki for the confidence you reposed In me in making such appoint ment. I alao trust that the rules prepared by the Hoard, and accepted and adopted by you, will not be abandoned, Ignored, or neglected of enforcement, ho- Itevlng as I do that tho etofiltadlon will tfc’rid Id Im prove and olovnto the Civil ScrvltA'. and (hat th'oy are indorsed by tho groat mass of tho Amoriciri people; Very respectfully yours, Jonsrii MEDit.r,. ExEOtmvn Mansion, ) Wabiiinoion, D. 0., April 0.1875. j Drxn Bin: Upon my return to Washington I find your letter of tlio ltd Instant, rcslgulug tho position of Commissioner of tho Civil Service Board on account of your Inability to hold that poolllou, together with Jtnir teapohslblo ofllco of Mayor of Chicago. I Appreciate ♦emt reason while I regret that tho Board will lobo your valuable Services, ami in ncoopting your rcnlgnollon I beg lo thank yohi for yovjr anrnent labors In tho cause of Civil Sorvico Reform, - alia to assure you that the spirit of tbo rules adopted will bo niamttiitted. Very respectfully yours, U, 8, Quant, To llodi Joseph ModlU, Chicago, 111. NEW VoRK. The Acquittal of Tan Alc(;?iify iito Brooklyn Uxorlcidc»Tlie loffod SmiiggllngMiProipcctlve Trou« bio fdr tlio Collector of tuo Port—Tli« I,you Strvtuc—A Curious Suit—Hlll - Tlio Bull’s lionil ilmik collaneoiis JLocnl Ncwn- Special Dispatch to The Chicago T'riburic.. New Yobr, April 10.—United States Deputy Mflnihftl I’Urvls loft for Chicago to-night, armed with a warfdilt for tho arrest of a prominent res ident of that city bU tho charge of defrauding ' the Government. . .The prisoner id W ijt) brought hero for trial. Tho acquittal, in Brooklyn, yesterday, of Van

Siokols, on tho charge of poisoning his wife, cSufee'h ft grftflt deal of dissatisfaction, and tho District Attorney rind JildtfO uro severely cen sured,— tho former for tho woiiknftsS Of tho pros ecution, and tho latter for tiro partiality of hid charge to tho Jury. To-'day th 6 Community hks boon much excited over tbd discovery of two facts that woro not oven referred to in tho trials that Mrs. Van Siokol’s life was insured for $9,000 1 and second, that tho will referred to so Confidently by Mr* Bponoor. counsel for the ac cused. was drawn tlrid BigtiGd after Mrs. Van Bickolß wfla polbo’nbd; . llfid thdeo ffleta boon brought out in tho trial; they wodld certainty have given now forco to BO"mb othdr harts of tho euldonco. Mr. Bpcncor, in summing up tho case', laid groat emphasis upon tho' fact that there hiia boon no motive shown why Van Biokols should havo committed tho crlmo laid to his charge; but, whilo declaiming in that way, ho hod thoin surance policy on tho woman’s life in Kls pocket, Tho British Consul has made an informal de mand upon tho Oolloctor for- SOO,OOO worth of goods seized on tho Algeria on Saturday, on route id tbd Bed IllVor country. Ho cloimo that ilid goods word in transits, ana that tho authori ties add no more right to tobch tlidtH that! they would articles Intended for himself; prob= dblo that be will bring suit against tbd Collector for damages, arising out of • illegal detention. Mr. Archibald's views are sustained by tlid best legal talent of tho city,* and the worst of it is, that an examination of tho packages thus far has utterly failed to bring to light any evidence of smuggling. The seizure was made ou account Of tho discovery of silks packed In crates of crockery washed ashore at tho time of tho wreck of the Atlantic. J. Wilson Mac Donald has completed his statuo of Qon. Nathaniel Lyon, and it will soon bo given to Castor to be put into bronze. The group In a colossal one; and is peculiarly noteworthy for its symmetry .and grandeur of action; The mo* mont of action is when, fit tho battle of Wilson’s Crook, the Union forces pkziio stricken and ad-, 'nloralizod, wore crying for a loader, and don. Lyon redo to the front and said, “ I will load you,” and then dashed forward to bis death. It is to bo placed in Lafayette Park, St. Louis. Judgo Nollson and jury, in the City Court of Brooklyn, have yesterday and to-day boon en gaged in tho trial of a curious suit, between John W.-Bcaerff, an artist, .and tho Andos Fire Insurance Company. Four. years ago, Mr. Scaorff spent several years in designing and executing a very largo historical work, ropro eonting the “Triumph of Liberty,” which was painted at StvXouis, Mo. After its completion, the artist took his work to Chicago, and after ward to Washington, whore ho exhibited It with a view of selling it to tho Nationdl Gov* eminent. Not being able to dispose'of it, ho brought It on to Brooklyn for tho purpose of having It retouched, and stored it in a vacant room of tho building, comer of Maroy avenuo and Hooper street, E. D. In tho latter part of July last, ho effected an insurance upon the work with tho Andos Insurance Company for $7,000. One morning about tho middle or tho following August on going to his studio, ho found a largo hole had boon burned near-the centre of the picture, which ho claims rendered tho painting valueless, and he brings ■ this suit, to rocoror the amount of insurance, alleging that the painting was worth about $15,000. After the picture was burned, bo cut tho canvass into throe pieces. Tho Compano contest tho suit, first, upon the ground - that tho picture was not worth anything like tho amount it had bcon insured for. Various artists woro examined to prove that it was a very indifferent work of art, and that, undor favorable circumstances only, it might sell for from SSOO to $1,500; sec ondly, that tho picture was not destroyed by tho injury it sustained, but could have been easily repaired, and rendered nearly as valu able as before, and that they are liable only for tho actual injury resulting from the fire; and, thirdly, that, under the circumstances, they wo justified in alleging that tho owner himself damaged tho picture with a'view of recovering tho insurance, the painting being a sort of elephant ou bis hands, which ho was unable to dispose of. Mr. Bcaerff states that, on the morning no discovered the picture burned, ho found a lighted candle and a box of matches behind tho can vass, placed there he know not by whom, although ho suspected that tho vandals woro some young men who woro actuated by tho spirit of roveugo, ho having refused .to allow thorn to see the work, r During the trial the car toon, which is sixteen foot long by twelve foot high, was suspended from tho gallery of tho court-room, and gavo the place the appearance of an art gallery. The trial is still in progress. [To the Associated Prtta.] New Yobk. April 10.—The Trainers* and Driv era* Protective Association, last evening, ox proßßod their gratification at the friendliness of the Dexter Park Aaaociatlon, of Chicago. A forfeit of @250 a aide haa been deposited in the billiard championship game between (JyriUo Dion and Maurice Daly, to bo played Hay 10. The specie dealers are complaining of the United States Mint for delaying the issue of tho now silver coins. Officials stale that tho now dies are not ready, and that they cannot issue coins from the old ones. John Hanlny, the youthful he v o of tho Atlan tic disaster, visited the Stock Exchange, to-day, oud received $283. Fresh evidence is being discovered daily, at the Hull's Head Bank, clearly pointing out the defaulters, and tending to inculpate others not yet mentioned. One of the bookkeepers- has been placed under bonds to appear as a witness on tho trials of Merritt and Book. Tho first yellow fovor patients soon at quaran tine this season arrived yesterday from Bio. Janeiro. Tho authorities have taken every pre caution to arrest tho progress of the disease, and have no fear of a general epidemic. James O. King, awaiting ttlal on an indictment for the willful murder of Anthony O’Neill, is in an advanced stage of consumption and liable to an early death. Nixon, who is under sentence to be hanged, is improving, and Dutch Heinrich, the celebrated bond robber, is insane. United States Marshal Harlow tu-day, attached the steamer City of Mexico, of tho Alexandria Lino, under a penalty of S2OO duo tho United States for violation of tho Shipping laws. Mrs. Meyers remains in prison, not having yet furnished the required surety for her appear auco as a witness in tho Goodrich case. The in quest will bo resumed to-morrow evening, when a verdict will probably bo reached. Tho remains of J. 11. Price, one of the victims of tlio Atlantia disaster, arrived hero to-day. Tho deceased was a resident of Mount Vernon, Westchester County, whore tho funeral will take place on Sunday. This afternoon Carl Voght, the alleged mur derer of Chevalier do Bianco, was arrested by tho United States Marshal. The atlUluvits in tho case wore made by BoiuUug, tho Gorman Consul at this port, who maintains tho case comes with in the Jurisdiction of his Government. Tlio Labor Question. New York, April 10.—A Workingman’s Con vention is to bo held in this city, on tho 22d in stant, to take action to insure tho speedy en forcement of tho Eight-Hour law. Tho work ingmen in general have little sympathy with tho agitators, and do not care to invite a repetition of the disaster of a year ago. A Gorman on his way to tho gas-works yoster- day was brutally beaten and unnaturally muti lated by strikers. Tnd strike of tbo pas men is considered a fall tiro. To*dfty a number of gas men from other cltidn arrived at tbtf Now York Company's works by steamer, and nioro Italians wore rollovod from diity to their, great Joy. Tbo gas motors aro filling, and before tbo end of thd wdek tho ofllcorß say everything will bo going oa with tbd old tlmo regularity. TIW police aro still ou guard, and tula morning arrostdd two strikers for assaulting workmen. . Tho car drivers on tho "Holt Lino." who w*?ro to havo struck to-day for£2.7C have boon offored $2.25 by tbo Company. NtwVong, April 10—Midnight.—Per contra It la staled that the strikers hold a private moot ing to-night, and to-morrow night hayo a mass mooting. The President of tho Gasman s So ciety says tho organization is new complete, and that a general strike will result tttforo a week. WALL STREET. Review of iitii flitncfi Bond, (Sold* Slock* and Frodttea Markets. ' Special Ditpateh to The Cfifaft Tfitmne, NUW Yonit, April 10.—Tho monetary situation wtmmarked by Increased case early In tho day*, when oCli loans wore made at 1-10 ovor to Satur day. In tbo aftfrnoOtt, When At was announced that sixty brokers had tfICU ( gttbpajnacd before tho Grand Jury on tho_usury money, bcoamo scarce and dear) rising to pCT digmin lato street dealings. This apparent scarcity’ tffid attributed byaomo to fear of tbo law, and by oih Jr J Co A disposition on tbo part of lenders to rotaUato by withdrawing thoir capital from market. Tho rocoipio of onmmay to-day wore smaller than on yesterday,. tffthig to Intsmiptlono to railroad travel with tbo Wort cdusdd by tbo recent froabot. Tho total receipts to-day WerO riboilfc $1,500,000. Thoro was an im- S roved fooling irf fluJfcantilo paper, prhno being old at 10 to 12 per Cent.' GOLD* was quiet find steady, between 117% ritfa 1111%. Tho Treasury sold $1,600,000 to-day at current rates. COMMEECE OF THE fOBT. Thfl Imports at this port will bo very light this jW6ok. The dry goods aro estimated at loss than $2,000,000. auu the general merchandise at. abotifc §4,70*0,006! EXCHANGE. Foreign oxctatig’o into strong and higher, with a modorato business. STOCKS wore quiet but Arm during the greater porCkfti of tho day. Tho loading shores advanced. % to l%por cent, but toward 8 o’clock they turned, and general decline in prices of % to 1 per cent was noted from tho highest pdmt* Panama was exceptionally weak, and declined ffora 108 to with only a slight recovery at tho close. The most aotivo dealings wore In Pociflo Mali, Western Union, Now York Central, Lake Shore, and Rock Island. In tho late afternoon deal ings. Rock Island sold at 110%(®109% l ex-dlvi donu. Small purchases of different stocks nndor tho rule wore made during the afternoon. The loading feature 'in tho very latest dealings was Paoiilo Mail, which advanced to 67%. and imparted a firmer tono to tho rest of the Ret. It was Boml-offlcially reported this afternoon that the Now York Central loan of .£2.000,000 sterling, or $10,000,000, had been negotiated iu London at about 96, gold. Paoiilo bonds wore firmer, Boston, Hartford & Erie firsts advanc ed to 4 1 . BONDS. Oevommontfl wore firm, with an aotive demand from foreign habkerih HOLIDAY. (To-morrow will bo observed m 4 holiday In the Stock, Gold, Produce, and otlift Exchanges, but the Treasury* banks* and bankers* offices will ba open for business. ‘ • r moored. . The demand for trade ; and family brands of flour Is light. Those are'irregular, but low grades are steadier, and in fair request.; . Sales; 6,800 brls:’ receipts, 10,882 brl?.j foldersJefy. spring wheat woito firmer in their vlnWe, but tliu, demand is limited, chiefly for milling. Winter is' well hold.. Solos, 27,000 bU } receipts, 17,600 bu>. Pork was moderately active and steady, with, sales of cosh and regular. ICO brls at $17.37% for now mess, and $16.02% for Western prime mesa; and $17.00 for thin moss j for future delivery, 760 brls at $17.50 for May and Juno. Receipts, 045 packages. Cut moats were moderately active. Dry salted shoulders havo declined, and 250 tee . sold at 0%0, tho buyer paying brokerage; also, 75 bxs pickled bellies, 13@14 lbs, at lD(S)10%o, and 6,000 lbs do, 10 Ids, at 10%o} pickled hams, 11%@130. Receipts, 3,208* pbga. Bacon was rather quiet. Short clear has sold to tho extent of 800 boxes Western at 9%c, and ISO.bxs city at 0 6-IGo. Long clear quoted at about 0%0, and scarce for Western. Lord was moderately ac tive and about steady. Western for April was quoted at B%@B 15-IGo, without business; For future delivery, 1,500 tea for May sold at 91-lGo; 40 tes city sold at 8%0. Receipts, 2,010 packages. {To the Associated Press.) A commotion has boon created m Wall street by tho announcement that the Grand Jury has summoned several leading hankers, who are in clined to toll all they know about tho cliques al ready formed and now forming, and to give tho names of usurers. Thoro woro nineteen bids for gold to-dny, amounting to $0,072,600. at from 117.88 to 118.10. The amount sold was $1,600,000, at from 118.18 to 118.10 CINCINNATI. Tho Tract Society—The Musical Festi val election Returns Women’* Foreign missions* Cincinnati, April 10.— I Tho American Tract Society, of Now York, and tho Western Tract and Book Society, of Cincinnati, have united. Hereafter thoro will bo only one depository iu Cincinnati, whoso fioldcousists of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Tho funds con tributed iu future will go to tbo General Benevo lent Fund, and one-tenth of all tho American Tract Society gives away will bo used in tho Cin cinnati field. Tho rehearsals for the musical festival, to commence on the Gth of May, are now occurring frequently, and aro of the most satisfactory nature. Prof. Singor, the representative of Theodore Thomas, highly commends tho effi ciency of tho Cincinnati chorus. Workmen aro busily employee in getting tbo Exposition Hall in readiness for tbo groat musical event. Tho sale of season tickets commences on Monday. It is claimed to-night that the ofllclal count of votes elects D. T. Wright, Liberal Republican, to the Constitutional Convention over John W. Harrod, Republican, by 10 majority. Tho result will, however, not bo promulgated officially till to-morrow. Peck, Liberal, is elected over War rington, Republican, for City Solicitor, by 17 majority. The third annual meeting of tho Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, Cincinnati Branch, was hold boro to-day, with Mrs. Bishop Clark presiding. Tho reports of tho Corresponding Secretary shows encouraging progress during tho year. Ono hundred and six auxmarysociotioa have organized, making tho whole number 311. distributed through Onto. Kentucky, and West Virginia. Tho receipts for tho year wore 810,050, $5,000 of which havo gono to India, and $3,000 to China. Dr. Dorsty, Republican delegate to tho Constitutional Convention iu Miami County, according to a decision to-day, is elected by a ma jority of 620. THE WEATHER. IVnr Department Iloporte and Pros'* uostieatlons. War Department, Office of toe Grief Sig nal Service, Division of Telegrams and Re rORTB FOR TRE BENEFIT OF COMMERCE, WASHING TON, D. 0., April 10.—Probabilities—'Tho barom eter will continue highest on Friday over tho Southern and Middle Atlantic States, with gen erally clear weather and rising temperature. Tho pressure will fall decidedly, with possibly a storm-centre In the Southwest. For Now Eng land and tho Middle States', rising barometer, cool westerly winds, and clear weather. For tho Lake region, westerly winds,, backing to tho Southwest, with partly cloudy weather. The afternoon telegraphic reports aro missing from tho extreme Northwest, and the Florida and Texas coasts. flail road Now*. Cleveland, 0., April 10.—A large nnmbor of stockholders of tho Cleveland, Columbus & Cin cinnati & Indianapolis Railroad, among whom aro such well kuuflru citizens as W. D. O. Otis. T. D. Crook, P. Brown, Judge Caldwell, and others, have determined to resist Ur* proposed I (9 ; VO*' ' o' : •-n! H H •. O i ■ NUMBER 235. Increase of stock and (lio loaao of the road to tho Atlantic & Groat Western Company, fThoßo BlotfJfholdora claim that tho $5,000,000 now stock Is wholly Uncalled for, and Is proposal only for fraudulent and corrupt purposes, and that the At lantic A 'Groat Western Company, with ila $109,000,000 bonds, Is hopelessly Insolvent. Stxctol Dispatch to CMeafjo IVtbunc. LaSallr, IU., April 10.—The work of making a preliminary survey of tho route of tho Lafay ette, LaSalle A Clinton Railroadhasboon pushed northward Id tho south bank of tho Illinois River, opposite tho city, and tho Chiof Engineer reports that tho farthers along tho lino have, with remarkable unanimity, expressed their wil lingness to donate tho right of way. Tho exact pomt at which to cross the Illinois River, to coi>* noct with this city, will probably bo determined Ida day or,two. _ ! . . Raleioii, N,‘ O. April 10.—The Staio to-day sued out before Judge Watts a writ of injunction against A. 8. Buford, President of the North Carolina Railroad; and oil employes of said road, preventing a ohauge of gauge of said road from Greensboro to Charlotte, and tho Injunction was served. 1 Tho gauge was to have boon changed in a day or two, which would enable trains from tho Dansvlllo Road to pass through to tho South, and to bo dono In tho interest of tho Pennsylva nia Central. Washington, April 10.— The Sixth Presby terian Church has boon awarded $11,500 dam ages from the Baltimore A Potomac Railroad, for laying a track in immediate proximity to tho church property. . . SPRING FRESHETS, Sttfgoft of Witter In Eastoni and! AVcstc'rrt Stlvcrm Destruction of Property- the IDlglilands—Detention of iCmltvuy Xraiiut* Bemorr, Mich., April 10.—Tho rainy weather during the post four days has hod a disastrous effect upon the railroad business of tho whole State. EVdrylino is Buffering more or less in conToniouco. Tracks on the Flint & Per o Mar quette. on tho Jackson & Lansing, and on the Detroit & Lansing are all suffering from tho wa ter* and all the roads of tho State are threatened by rising creeks and largo streams. At Chatham Chd Water is eighteen foot high, threatening groat dafifSrfo to tho ship-yards. Titusville, Pa.* April 10.—The Allegheny Hirer still continues at the flood-stage, having risen four inches to-daj'. The water is nearly up to the deoond 'floors on Seneca and .Low streets, at Oil City, irhilo portions of the flat on both the oast and west sides are flooded. Trains on tho Franklin Branch of tho Atlantic & Great Western Railway are discontinued between Franklih and Oil City. Tho track in somo places IB fnre‘6 to four feet: under water. . Wo hoar of no extotfflird losses of property so far in conse quence of thd fdgh water 1 . , , Omaha, April 10.-*-TUe river is 14 foot 0 Inches above low water mark, and on tho stand, running full of heavy ico. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. LaSalle, April 10.—Tho Illinois River has ceased to rlso, and is now at a stand. Rochester, JJ. Y., April 10.—Tho flood is about tho same as yesterday but much higher in the upper valley of Genesee. Atmtmif, N. Y., April 10.—Tho Oswego River iB the highest since 18C5. Several frame build ings were swept away and others injured. The dam at Noyo*fl woolen factory was, also torn awfly, and goods carried down stream, involving a loss of SO,OOO. Little Rook, April 10.—Three Iron piers, each 60 foot in length, of tho bridge now being constructed hero over ■ the Arkansas River, for tho Cairo & Fulton Railroad, wore washed down last niglit by tho rapidly rising river.' The loss is estimated at $30,000. Tho rivorhas risen about 20 feet during tho post forty-eight hours, and is still rising rapidly. Tho Little Rod River j fl overflowing Its banks. Tho White River is fllsti tenr high. Tho Mississippi River is 22 feet, and stllfrapldly rising. _ # • > special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. • Ottawa, DL« April 10.—About 100 foot of tho Htraok oh the Fas JUvor Valley Branch of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy,- two miloa above :3>g£ion, end six mites north of Ottawa, wore uWept away-with (ho embankment lost night. No trhins have crossed since, but bonnootlons havo .boon made on time by transferring passengers express goods to trains on either side. The track is being repaired as fast os possible. Auboba. 111.. April 10.—For sonw days tho water* of Fox luvor has boon on the rise, tbougli without doing any sorious damage that ire hoar of, until, last evening, it so undermined the rail toad bridge and the track of the Fox River Rail way, ti Soroua, as to prevent the arrival of trains at Aurora this morning from Ottawa. A largo force of workmen, however. aro to-day repairing tbo damage, aud it Is expected that trains Able to pass In a few hours. . • TUahesvili/e, Ont., April 10. —The greatest flood known herb for fifty yoara, is devastating this locality. Many families have boon com pelled to' movo, and others have taken rofugo in the upper stories of dwellings. Farmhouses aro inundated, and horses and cattle aro strug gling to roach places of safety. In the principal streets the wotor lo four foot deep, and the Poat- Ofllco and several stores can only bo reached by boats. Four bridges oil tho Grand River have been,carried away. PRINCETON, ILL. Anti-Monopoly Convention To-3ct- Suit tor Damages Growing Out «>S it “ IjCgaNFare ” Tender on tho Itoclc Island Railroad* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Pbihoeton, 111., March 10.—Tbo Bureau County Anti-Monopoly Convention will bo held to-morrow, April 11, for the purpose of selecting delegates to tbo Fifth Judicial District Conven tion, which is called .to moot in this place April 00, to nominate a candidate for Judge of the Su preme Court. 8. V. Riley, of Mineral, in this county, who waa ejected from tho Rock Island card at. that plnco a few days since, has just brought suit against tho Company in tho Bureau Circuit Come for $5,000 damages, having boon seriously in jured in bis fall from the cars. Candac or Wheeler had attempted to put a number of oth er passengers off the traiu, who had tendered tho “ legal faro,” and, supposing that Mr. Riley belonged to tho party, pretty roughly bandied him, and finally threw him off the train. Riley v.ut a rheumatic cripple, but tbo conductor seemed to ho so much excited that ho did not wait to tee whether tho regular faro would bo tendered or not. If Riley’s statement bo correct, tho action of the conductor was a gross outrage. OMAHA. Heavy Shipments of Silver Rttllion— expedition Up tho Vollowstonu—Sec retary Rollcnap and. Tarty* Omaha, Neb., April 10.—Tho shipments of sil ver bullion ovor tbo Union Pacific Railroad for tbo first nine days in April amounted to 40,480 pounds, or an average of 4,500 pounds per day, tbo valuo of which is not far from $675,000, Thu bulk of tho shipments were from California, Utah, and Nevada. This evening tho steamer Key West is expect ed to loavo Sioux City for tho Yellowstone, Capt. Grant Morris in command. It is expected that Secretary of War Bolkdap, Gen. Sheridan, and their party aro to make tho trip. Steamers havp gone a short distance up the Yellowstone at various times, not further than thirty miles, and this expedition proposes explor ing for a considerable distance up tho stream. Eminent scientists have long pronounced the Valley of the Yellowstone as one of tho most re markable sections in America, and it is to be hoped that, during the coming summer, wo shall ho told something of its wonders. A murderer Wants Another Trial* Washington, April • 10.—The counsel for Wright, convicted of tho murder of Rogorskl, to day entered a motion for a now trial, taking ex ceptions to tbo charge of tho Court ami also on tho ground of newly-discovered evidence. The motion will bo argued on Monday. Dalco Navigation* Detroit, April 10.—Tho steamer Dominion, which came through from Wallacoburg this morning, reports that tho St.Clair fiats are all clear or ice, and tho Cleveland steamers this morning reached their destinations promptly, finding no 100 to contend with on Luke Erie. California Tanners* San Francisco, April 10.—Tho Farmora' State Union adopted resolutions In favor of making this a free port, and have under dii cussUm a resolution in favor of adopting United Status currency throughout the Statu,

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