Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 12, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 12, 1873 Page 5
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THE STATE CAPITAL. XCcnttimei from the First Pngf.] who makotlio management of convicts a study are bettor able than wo to docldo upon methods of forcing obedience. Tho prosperity of tho con tractors who employ tho convicts depends very closely upon striae discipline; that not being maintained, the contractors would suffer annoy- : anco and loss, and tho now largo and steady in come from them would, in tlmo. bo seriously di minished, and tho Pouitonliaiw greatly de moralized generally. Strict discipline Is intimately connected with tho finan cial prosperity of tho prison, and should bo continuously maintained; caro be ing taken that tho law bo not violated by tho lu •fllctlon of cruel and unusual punishments, •among which may bo classed tho ducking of prisoners in cold water. ’ Tho prisoners aro well clothed, tholr clothing •regularly washed and kept noat and clean. Tholr 'food wo find to bo of suifioiont quantity, wholo •Bomo and woll cooked. Tho colls and coll houses ■aro models of neatness. Tho complaints of con ■ viols aro remarkably fow, tho expression of many ?being that tboso who oboy tho rales aro ns com fortably situated os is possible for prison life. Your Committee tako pleasure in expressing 1 their approval of tho neat, pleasant, and homo •liko appearance of tho lomalo department, •everything therein showing tho presence, taste, and good ordor of gontlo woman. In this con »noclitm wo would command most highly, for •kindness of heart and faithfulness of coudnot, tho matron of that department, Miss Braloy, •who is doing all in her powor for tho comfort of •hor unfortunate charges. Your Commlttoo woro impressed with tho im •novtanco of ascertaining whether or not tho books of tho prison woro being kept In a truth ful manner. To facilitate this portion of tho in vestigation, a Sub-Committee was appointed, ■•contesting of Messrs. Barkley, Rankin, and .Easley, who spent several days at tho prison in .making tho oxaminotion in connection with Mr. .Alfred Spink, of Chicago, an accountant of Stato -reputation. Tho Bub-Oommittoo submit tho •following report: •jTO the House FenUenttarjf Committee: ' Gentlemen: Your Bub-Oommittoo, appointed *0 examine tho books nud papers of the Pcnlton diary, nog leave to report as follows s To* insure a complete and thorough invostiga •tion of the books wo secured tho services of Mr. Alfred Spink*, National Bank Examiner for Chi cago. an export accountant. In accordance with ' previous arrangement, wo mot Mr. Spink at tho prison on Wednesday, March ID, ami made an •exhaustive examination of tho prison accounts. The rchult of our examination is shown in tho report of Mr. Spink: Springfield, March 27, 1873, JETon. J>. IT. Barkley, Chairman. Ac.: 8m: Having completed the books of tho Illi nois Stato Penitentiary, with especial reference to tho business of tho year ending Noy. 80, 1872, I now present tho following as my report: Tho nooks woro found to have been kept in a thorough, systematic, nud business-like manner. Cash disbursements aro substantiated by proper vouchors, and tho record of tbo employment of tho convicts is guarded by ample and aufiiciont. chocks. . Tho system is suck that all accounts of receipts and disbursements can bo thoroughly verified, and that no fraudulent entries could osoapo detection upon proper examination. Taking tho fumitnro, fixtures, supplies, and material on hand, November, 1872, at tho value fixed by tho sovoral inventories, tbo assents of tho Fonitontiavy, ovor and abovo all liabilities, amounted at that dato to $880,804.16. Prom this amount there should bo deducted n largo amount of old notes and accounts uncol- lectablo, at any rate of but Utllo value, amounting in tbo aggre gate to ..1CC.C03.08 Ono worthlcsaaccountmndodur- Ing tbo year An Item charged, Nov., 1871, to tbo State-House Commission ers, which oLalm has since boon abandoned Which would loavotho amount of assets over liabilities roprcaontcd as follows : Value of. furniture, fixtures, material, and supplies, as per Inventories ...$181,258.24 Good accounts, now 83,435.25 Good accounts, old 4,703.38 Good notes, now. 28,530.02 Good notes, 01d....,,. 320.00 Cash on hand 4,4X4.44 ABflOtfl.... labilities, Derived from the following sourreg . Assets over liabilities November, 1871 $208,800.47 Ixas claim ogaluflt Statc-Houflo obaudoned. 1,037.85 $207,702.03 yroflla of the current year s23, Xcss bad account , 07.40 Amount advanced by tbo Stato over amount to pay old loans In explanation of tho item, $30,1-15.15, tho books show that tho Stato paid out in Betllomont of liabilities of tho Penitentiary previous to Roe. 1, 1870, $17*1,780.70, while tho actual losses on property and bad accounto and interest on old liabilities only amounted to a total of 8111,- 611.01, leaving a surplus of $30,115.15 going to tho incronso of the assets to that amount during tho year over and above and aside of the gains made through profits earned. Tho notes rppro sonting bills receivable on hand Nov. 80, hnvo been found either on hand, paid eiuco that date, or vouched for by receipts of agents in whoso hands they are for collection. Contractors’ accounts outstanding Nov. 80 have all been vorillcd by actual payment. Tho charges to thoeo accounts for convicts’ labor during tho year wero found correct from exami nation of tho chock-rolls. The principal accounts, bearing on tho famish ing and cutting of stone for tho State Uoubo, cannot bo absolutely verified until completion of ibo story now going up and unfinished. Tiro cutting for tho basement and principal stories has been settled, finally and correctly, according to tho tonne of tbo contract, Tho account, therefore, against tbo Stato-Houso Commission ers is, and can only bo, an ostimato. Tbo samo of ibo accounts of tbo contractors for furnishing and cutting stono. A final adjustment can only bo raado as tbo different parts of tbo work avo completed, and tho material' is on hand to verify thoeo accounts when tho proper timo comes. 1 have examined them as closely as it is Eiossible to do so at ibo present, and am satisfied bat tbo estimates are on tbo safe sido, that they diminish rather than increase tho profits repre sented to have boon made during tho year. Tbo.liabilitics of tbo Penitentiary consist in largo part of tbo indebtedness to tho stono con tractors, and it is tho duty of tbo Commission ers, for tboir security and that of tbo State, to continuo to withhold from them a largo percent age of tho amount'’apparently duo them on ibo basis of ibo estimates inado until a final and thorough adjustment can bo arrived at', * * m * # * <K'«' * % Tbo average of tbo convict prisoners during tbo past year, male and female, baa boon 1,233, Of UicßO 1,030 have been employed at producing tbo gains established in tbo balance shoot, as follows ] Labor, {leased {©contractor).., Machinery department Stone department, (Bmonthb) Teaming department Quarry department, The number of working days through* tbo year was 811, and thuir 0.20,800 days' labor brought a fraction oVer cento per day, including tbo work of teams employed, which would amount Co but a fraction, and which cannot bo estimated Separately. Of tho balnnco of 253 convicts, an average of 25 wore employed as State runuors in tho shops. 11)0 at general prison work, and 38 woro on trie sick list or kept In ooniinoroont. Tho system of check rolls, for keeping tho ac counts of tho prisoners, is a good and roliablo one, each guard making a daily report of tho prisoners in his charge during the day, tho re port of tho wholo being proved ny tho actual number known to bo on hand, tho proof being made daily by tho chief clerk • and book keeper, from wnich the charges are made month ly to contractors for tho labor of convicts ployed by thorn. As tho Inventories are now made out, they fall to show in a plain, dtflkhlg manner tho amount Ip value bf articles of furmturo and fixtures nec essary for the permanent uso of the prison, apart from tho amount of supplies and material on baud. Bufch Items are now generally kept under the bond of expense account, and it wuuld eoom that they he transferred to now ac count's, to be opened under tho hood of “ Prison furniture, prison fixtures," etc., under which all Articles for permanent uso should ho kept, The inventories taken at tho end of each year would show tho amount of appreciation chargea ble to profit and loss account, and that item of expense could readily ho soon. Tho thorough examination I have made of tho'accounts of the Institution satisfied me that daring tho past year it has not only boon self-sustaining, hut lias legitimately made and earned tho profits repre sented in the balance-sheet for November, 1072. Bospoctfully. Annum Bpink. It having been charged that Lot 7, In Block 14, lu'thbT’own of Morris, 111., owned by tho Ponli tbutinry, had boon corruptly transferred to Mr. Teller, wo made a full examination of thareo prds of the yrlaoDj tmd found the title of the properly to bo In Elmer Washburn* Worden of the Illinois Stale Penitentiary, and bla sue oosaora In oflloo. A letter from our Chairman, addressed to Mr. F. W. Tup per, Circuit Clerk of Grundy County, elicited on ofilolnl cortiflcato identical 'with the records of the prison. Tho Warden informed ns that tho property would bo transferred to Mr. Tolfor whenever he delivered tho amount end quality of coal stipulated In tho original contract, it Is but Just to state Hint tho Warden and Com missioners gave your Committee the fullest ac cess to tho books, papers, and accounts of tho Penitentiary, and tendered us every facility for making a thorough examination of tho same. Your Commitloo fool that a word should bo said In opposition to very long terms of Impris onment la tho Penitentiary. It Is tho opin ion of tho prison officers that after ton or twolvo years’ confinement at Penitentiary labor, with strict discipline and enforced silence, a convict becomes physically and mentally unfit to caro for hlmsolf in the outside world. If comts of Justice fully understood tho effect of a ton or fifteen years* sentence, they would often give crimi nals shorter tonus, and thereby allow them one more opportunity to atouo for past misdeeds and to make good nud useful citizens. ; This report would bo Incomplete without ap proving reference being tmulo to tho present system of leasing the labor of convicts, first adopted in 1871. Tho Stato maintains tho disci pline and has nolo charge of tho personal waulsof tho prisoner, tho contractors paying a stipulated price per day for tholr labor. Tho system Is working admirably, being, in fact, in tho opinion of your Committee, tho host possible method by winch humanity to tho prisoners can bo assured, and at the same time the financial interests tff tho State mo:t carefully guarded. In one very important direction tho State nog loots her criminal clasn. Convicts aro sent from tho Penitentiary at the ex piration of their terms with barely money enough to pay railroad faro to the place whore they wore convicted, and a pittance to pay for subsistence while on route. Consequently they arrive at their destination without money, and, their history being known, they often find it unusually difficult to procure employment. Tliis is especially true in the winter, and In many cases they see no alternative but to starvo or steal. Often, they do tho latter, and a second term is tho result. By being given a sum of money sufficient to pro vide food for a week or two, many discharged convicts would bo enabled to find employment, and carry out previously-formed goodjlutoutions. It would bo much cheaper for the Stato to pro vide liberal aid to discharged convicts, thus saving many to honorable lives, than to pay tho increased cost of tho Criminal Courts incident to ro-couvlctlonof such a largo number of former criminals. Prevention of crime is cheaper than punishment. Your Committee would commend those viowoi to tho earnest consideration of tho General Assembly, nud urge prompt action thereon. Asido from tho culpable irregularities mentioned in this report, tho Btato of Illinois can justly bo congratulated upon tho present successful and v'.rf}sporouß couaitiou of the Penitentiary. Its highly commeficuiu, is unsur passed ; its discipline iindkcbiiCu, uasd generally os a penal institution it ranks among .Wjo best in tho world. It* is an unheard-of financial condition, being run with profit, asking no appro priation from the General Assembly. While this fact should not bo made a clonk for delinquen cies, yet it should bo brought prominently, before tho public, as a proof that tho present general management of tho Penitentiary is of a oharaotoi to moot tho hearty approval of tho pooplo. (Signed) D. w. Barkley, Chairman; Benson Wood, Olios. H. Dalton, Joun 0. Jessup, A. 33. Stewart, B. Bishop. 11. B. Bishop, E. E. Lane, John Tillson, J. D. Webber, M. 0. Quinn, J. L. Wymore, W. W. Easley.” 1 Mr. Wyman desired to tako his namo from the report, as ho disagreed with it. Mr. Rankin submitted a minority report,‘stating tbo property bought by Rosonfiold for $15,000 was worth twxco that amount. Tho eamo prop erty was appraised by tho former In vestigating Committee at $41,096.80. It was in evidence that Bosonficld had offered SIB,OOO for tho property throe months before, and Washbumo had boon offered $20,000 for it exclusive of a largo quantity of machinery thrown in to Itosonfiold. ' An engine sold to Ro sonfiold for sßoo.was cold by him for $2,000. Not one cent of tbo $15,000 was paid by Boson field yet, although tho Stato hod’ paid him the sum of $20,000 for tho purchase made of him. Tho 720 suits of clothing' bought at $8 a suit, estimated by "tho majority as being worth S8 a suit, woro not worth .$4 a suit. Con tracts wore made contrary to law, and tho pur chases ante-dated in tbo books. Contracts amounting to $17,409 wero made, which woro $0,549 too high. That was a fraud. Commis sioner Hold was corruptly interested in tbo Taylor quarry. There should bo no more chap lains, os it would create divisions among con victs on doctrinal points, and destroy discipline. Ho disagreed with tho cneomiumsof tho majority oh tho prison - management, which merited the condemnation of tho pooplo. Officials used tho prison to increase their privato for tunes, and convicts wore employed, to swoar falsely before tbo Commission, 110 could not think such conduct should bo praised. Mr. Batikiu offered a resolution asking leave of tbo House to exhibit samples of clothing which ho got from Chicago, to compare with thq cloth ing lionght by tho Commissioners. Leave was granted. Mr. Westfall explained that ho did not sign tho majority report, as ho objected to tho multi plicity of chaplains, and was satisfied that tho re port had done tho management injustice in charging them with having purchased a throe years' supply of shoos at ono tune, when tho sup ply was only for ono year. Mr. Barclay moved to print 1,000 copies of tho report, and it was moved to include tho testi mony, Mr. Wood said tho evidonoo was voluminous, and not all written out, and there was no mate rial difference In tho two reports. Tho motion to print was adopted. Mr. Hart, from tho Special Railroad Commit tee, reported a substitute for all tho bills, which was read a first tlmo. 1,037.85 $ 67,709.23 203,09-1.93 .$307,070.23 . 44,676.30 *209,031.93 30,145.15 $203,094.03 Tbo bill was ordered printed. After an incon sequential debate as to when it should bo con sidered, it was made tho special order for Tues day morning next at 10 o'clock. Tho House took up House bill fIOO, sent in from tbo Senate, and concurred, in tho amend ments—Bs to 17. Tho vote confirms tho wis dom of striking out tl\o emergency clause in the Senate. Tbo lfiU now goes to tho Govoruur. The Governor signed the bill amending tho Limitation law, tbo Deficiency Appropriation bili, and the Road and JJridgo bill. Tiro two Houses adjourned to Monday evening by Iqi-go majorities* 'll is useless to publish tbo of those who voted to tnlco 810 for doing nothing. Members bavo lost all shame and are incorrigible, Tho House adopted a resolution to dißponßo with tho uso of committoo rooms before April 15, and requiring Ohairmon to turn ovor station ory and other property to iho Slate. Homo ono suquld call lor an itemized account of tho sta tionery and espouses' 4169.1W.C? . 10,729.80 . 81,017.10 . I,‘iCU.US SCHOOL TAX, She Sonato debated the propriety of subatitut ing an annual tax of for tho two-mill school ta*, and boat tiro proposition 10 to 20. *913,008.53 Mr. CABPENTEU, from tho Temperance Com mittee, unloaded a cargo of bills, intended by their authors to alter tho Liquor law, with n recommendation that they bo laid on the table. Nobody objected. The House postponed action on tho final ad journment resolution one week. EVENING SESSION OF THE SENATE, The Senate had an evening session, and jumped bills out of their order in a reckless fashion. Tho hill providing for the appropriation of tho unknown dead for dissecting purposes, which passed tlio House and io now in the Senate, should receive kindly consideration from that body. It docs not dincrimluato against tho poor in favor of the rich, but puls all on a Iqvol. Tlio physicians of all schools —except quacks—aro urging tho passage of the hill as necessary to tlio proper study of medi cine and surgery iu tho State and to tho pros perity of medical schools. Tho fact is, that cadaver will bo had by fair moans or fowl, and tho desecration of graveyards will not cease until Illinois is ou a par with Now York and other States where tho study of anatomyis sanc tioned by law. Tho hill, if passed, will abolish tho hideous resurrectionist. l)r. Blmlmrdt, of Chicago, is hero looking after the LIU, which will probably pass tho Senate. LECISLAT^PFfOC^EDINGS, ‘ RnmiHPii.tß, 111.. April 11. The Senate mot at H:80 u, m., BBEBIDENT EAULY presiding. Jlo\l*call was responded to by 37 Senators.- RLANkH yOH RAILROAD COMMISSIONERS. Senator MoQBATH olfercdam-.Qlutiou direct ing'the Boorotary of Btalo to furnish tho Bailway Commission auch blanks and circulars na limy may require. Boferrod to the Printing Com mittee. TAX DILL. OTHER BILLS SIGNED. recess, committee booms. ■pun TEMPERANCE QUESTION, FINAL ADJOURNMENT. DISSECTION. THE CHICAGO DAILY TIUHUJNE: SATUIIbA SECOND READING, A largo number of hills.wore considered by sections, and ordered to a third reading. RIVER IMPROVEMENT. House hill providing for' tho construction of a look and dam at Copperas Crook, and appropriat ing tbo canal revenue for that purpose, was rood a second time. THini) READING op ijillo. Tho order of hills on third reading was then taken up, and tho following hills so road: Bonato bill 281, relating to counties and tho .management of county affairs. Passed—yeas, 82; nays 5. Mr. PALMER called up his motion to recon sider tho vote by which House bill 800 was pass ed. Tho vote was reconsidered, tho emergency clause of tho bill stricken out, and tho bill agalu passed—yeas 83 ; nays 5. Senate bill 89. regulating tho completion, Im provement, ami management of public parks, boulevards, etc. Passed—yeas 28; nays 18. Senate bill 55, providing for tho publication of tho sixth vnlumo of tho report of tho Stato Geol ogist, and fixing tho salary of that officer. Passed—yons, 85; nays, 4. Bonato bill 802, relating to foes and salaries. Lost—yeas, 21; nays, 17. A motion to reconsider was made. Carried, and tbo bill recommitted to tho Commlttoo ou Poos and Salaries. Senate bill 141, amending the act In regard to elections, and providing for filling vacancies, was read and recommitted for clerical informality. Bonato bill 2(30, amending tho School law. Ponding discussion of this till, tho Bonato ad journed until 2:80 p. ro. AFTERNOON SESSION. THIRD READING OF RILLS. Upon reassembling, tho Sonato resumed con sideration of Bonato bill 2130, amending tho School law. Lost —yoas, 19: nays, 20. No. 299, repealing an act therein named in re lation to solicitors’ foes. Loot—yeas, 18; nays, 22. RECESS TILL MONDAY. Mr. CASTLE offered a resolution calling for a session this evening, and that, when tho Bonato adjourn, it adjourn until Monday at 7 o’clock p. m. Tho question was divided,, and both clauses adopted separately. MUNICIPAL RONDS. By consent, Mr. HENRY introduced a bill to provont tbo issuance of bonds by municipalities in aid of railroads, whore all tho conditions have not boon complied with. THIRD READING CONTINUED. No. 51, regulating tho appointment of licensed surveyors, was read, and consideration of tho samo postponed until Tuesday next. No, 207, for tho relief of Christian Plfiofer and John Roll, Lost—yooa, 17; nays. 11. A motion to reconsider was filed. No. 203, in relation to tho lovy and collection of taxes, was road and consideration postponed. No. 7, relating to Reform School for Juvenile offenders. Passed —yeas, 32 ; nays, 2. No. 831, authorizing cities, counties, and town ships to transfer donations made to railroad corporations, was read a third timoand discussed at length, Senators CASEY, STEELE, and LEE advocating tho bill, and Senators UINCHOLIFFE and SANDFOKD opposing it. Consideration postponed until tho evening session. No. 229, amending tho net to provide for tho coajßtruction'of .drains, .ditches, etc. Tho hill, having on lunwgrimcv clause, was lost—yeas, 29 ; nays, 8. ' ... Tho emergency clauso was stricken out, and* tho hill passed—yeas, 29 ; nays, 8. Adjourned until 7 o’clock p. m. EVENING SESSION. A largo number of Houso and Sonato bills passed a second reading. Consideration of Senator Oaaoy’s bill authoriz ing cities, counties, and townships to transfer donations mado to railroad companies was far ther postponed until Tuesday next. House bill in relation to gateways, roods, -and bridges in counties not under township organiza tion was taken up and passed—yoas, 85; nays, 0. Tho Sonato advised and consented to tho nomination of certain persons as Notaries Public. Adjourned. house. KITE OP INTEREST. Tho Committee, on Banka and Banking pro- Bontod a majority report adverse to the Senate bill regulating tho rato of interest. Mr. MO ORE (Adams) presented a minority re port. The bill was ordered to a second reading. riiEADiNaa. Tbo Committee on Judicial Department re ported back,. without recommendation, a bill to simplify forms of pleadings. Ordered printed. Also reported adversely various other bills. Also reported House bill 533, to amoud the act ex tending the jurisdiction of County Courts, with amendments, which wore concurred in. Also reported, without recommendation, bUI repeal ing said act. CALUMET DAM. Tho Committee on Canal and River Improve ment reported back a bill in relation to tho re moval of tho Calumet dam, with a recommenda tion that it do pass. EDUCATIONAL. Tho Committee on Education reported favor ably tho bill providing for tho uao of publio grounds for school purports. Ordered to a third reading. Also bill 372, to amend tho School law. Samo order. NEW DILL. By Mr. ORENDORPF—To amend tho Ware house and Grain Inspection law. Also to provide for tho payment of tho claim of W. D. Richard son, SGIO, for fitting up room in tho now Stato llouso for the Stato Geologist. MISCELLANEOUS. Senate bill defining tho rights and liabilities of married women was ordered to a second read ing ; also bill to provont tho circulation of ob econo literature. Tho bill regulating pawnbrokers was ordered, to a third reading. Tho Sonato amendments to tho Deficiency Ap propriation bill wore concurred in. Tho Sonato amendments to House bill 253, in. relation to construction of wator-works, wore also concurred in. Also Sonato amendments to House bill 238, in relation to Justicoa and Con stables. . . HOMESTEAD HILL. Tbo Homestead Exemption bill was taken up, and various amendments concurred in. Tbo House refused to concur in tho amendment in creasing tbo homestead exemption from 81,000, as provided in tho bill, to 81,500; also refused, to concur in tho adoption of tbo Sonato amend ment striking out ibo 8100 cash exemption. COMMITTEE ROOMS. A resolution was adopted requiring all com mittees to vacate ihoir rooms by tbo 10th in stant, and directing them to turn over to tho Secretary of State all stationery and other prop erty belonging to the State. TAX HILL PASSED. Tho Sonato amendments to Houso bill 800 wqto concurred in. Recess till half-pact 2 o'clock p. m, AFTERNOON SESSION. IMPROVEMENT LANDS. Bonato bill 215, providing for tho sale of all Internal improvement lauds or lots bolangiug to tUo Stale, was passed—yeas, 100; nays, 2. XtAILKOAD BILLS. Tho Soloct Committoo ou Railroads reported a, substitute for tho various railroad hills, entitled “ A bill for an not to prevent extortions and un just discriminations for tbo transportation of passengers or freight on tho railroads of this Slate.” Hoad n Unit Unto, and made tho special order for Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock, and GOO copies ordered printed. RAILWAY CONSTRUCTION RILL. Sonato hill 416, tho Hallway Construction hill, was ordered to a second rending. THE PENITENTIARY. Tho Special Committee appointed to investi gate charges in relation to the management of the Ponitontiary submitted a majority report, which was road, and 1,000 copies ordered printed. Mr. JtANICIN submitted a minority report. Same order, Mr. llaukin offered a resolution providing for the exhibition of tbo clothing re ferred, to in the minority report, in order that members may act undorstandmgly. Adopted. RECESS. A resolution that when this House adjourn to day’it stand adjourned uutil.uost Monday evening at (i o’clock, was adopted. NEW RILLS. HITE (St. Clair). to prevent tho issue of bonds voted in aid of railways previous to tho adoption of tho Constitution By Mr. BBADWELL, iu regard to action of account. APPROPRIATION DILL, Tho bill making appropriation for tho North ern Insane Asylum was ordered to a third read ing. THE TEMPERANCE SPECIAL COMMITTEE reported adversely ou various hills proposing changes In tho exuding law. Boport concurred In. Adjourned until G o’clock next Monday even ing. Hosier explosion. Social Di*vatch to Tho Chicago '/W&'fiu, Trotwood, 0., April 11.—A largo storms saw mill, belonging to Daniel Hayro, situated in the suburbs of tins village, was destroyed Saturday evening by boiler explosion.. But two of tho six men employed in tho establishment were injured. Mr, Hayro ami hit) brother woro seriously in jured by being struck by Hying pieces of Umber. A largo piece of the boiler was found imbedded In tho garth a quarter of a mile from the econo of ttie accident. Thu building is partially in sured. FOREIGN, Awful Catastrophe in dehtral America. San Salvador Engulfed by an Earthquake. Eight Hundred Lives Lost—sl2,- 000,000 of Property Destroyed. The OarUsts Defeated in Their Attack on Puigoerda, Spain. Tlicy Arc Forced to Retire with a Loss of SOO Killed and Wounded. Another devolution in Panama, and a New President. AspinwaLL,' April's, via Havana, April 10.— Tbo City of Salvador, Central America, has boon destroyed by an earthquake. Eight hundred persons perished, and $13,000,000 worth of prop erty was destroyed. • Tho earthquake was fol lowed by a. coufiagraiiou,. and many buildings woro burned. Havana, April 10.—Tbo following aro tbo par ticulars of tho groat earthquake at Sau Salvador, South America r. Tor a few d aye slight shocks of earthquake had occurred, Lmt no eoriouo apprehensions wore entertained. It was on tho afternoon of tho 4th of March, i ibout half-past 4 o’clock, and almost without war uing, that a groat part of tho city was reduced -to a littlo moro than ruins. Tho ground heave tl like a ship in a galo; a terrific thundorii ig burst from underfoot; walls woro sbntt ared and rent in many places, with wide ore vices, and roofs sank, and tiles, &0., woro pr eoipitatod to tho ground. Lamps, pitchers, ha. rins, glass, &0., woro ovor .tnrnod and broken. Throo violent shocks fol lowed in succession; ....and tho servants com menced to scream pi' tooasly,'and" cSould nut* .bo pacified. Wild birds i low to tho houses; horses . grow frantic in stable, i, and dogs, howling, fllnpk away for protection. Every few minutes phak ings of loss violence o centred. Tho acono beg gars description. Buii md houses, panic-stricken people, men, women, a aiohi/dron, fleeing to tho fields with valuables, ho wtily ce'Ucotod by them { tho ringing of tho alar ax bolls"/ and tho boating of drams calling all tho. soldi era mndor arms, for in San Salvador murder* and pilla.go accompany tho confusion of groat < mthquokae, and as tho frightened citizens lor rvo tho town, dusky In dians from tho forests j prowl for pro; ‘ i°to it, only checked by tho bay mots of tho Government troops. Thoao wore po atod In squads at’’ abort distances all ovor Sun S nlvador. CANADA. Special JHtpaVeh to- The Chicago Tribune, Ottawa, Ont., April IX.— In tho House .of Commons yostordi »y, Mr, Young, of Waterloo, movnd a Committoi j of tho Whole to consider the resolutions sotting forth tho disadvantages un der wldch natonmi :od Gormans suitor, praying that stops bo token) for rodross by tho negotiation of a naturalization jtroniy between Groat Britain and tho German States. Ho contrasted tho lib eral policy of tho United States with that of Canada,, in favor of '.the former. Tho now arrangements acta of tho Grand Trunk Company, with a light amendment, is to ho re ported. Tho salary of members for tho session is to be ' raised from SGOO to 81,000. freights on tho Ottawa Bivor will bo highor this year than formerly. ’Tobonto, April 11.—Burglaries and highway robberies have been unusually frequent of late. There Is a sailors' striko at Kingston. Tbo men are demanding $2 per day, tho owners of vessels offering 32, $1.60, and sl. Intimidation is practiced. A fire occurred afc Durham, yesterday, by which one life was lout. Ports Colborno and Balhousio, at tho ends of tho Welland Canal, are free from ice. SPAIN. Paris, April 11.—A dispatch from Perpignan says that tho Cartfuls have boon repulsed, after lighting a wholo day and night before Puig cordft. Perpignan, April 11,—A dispatch from Puig corda, dated noon to-day, says : After tho fail ure of their final attack last night, tho entire Carlist force withdrew before daylight, leaving 800 dead and wounded on tho field. Wo lost eight killed and have many wounded. Five houses wero fired by tho enemy’s shells, and de stroyed. Precautions havo been taken against tbo renewal of tho siege. Madrid, April 11.—Owing to tho Interruption of trains by the insurgents on tbo upper section of tho Northern Railway, tho Government has granted temporary concession to a company, authorizing it to establish a Hue of steamers from Santander to Bayonne, for tho transporta tion of passengers to and from Franco. FRANCE. Parts, April 11.— Ou tho Cth instant, 50,000,- 000 francs wore paid by Franco to Germany, on account of tho war indemnity, tbo subsistence of Gorman troops, oto. Gon. Cromer made a speech last night, at tacldng’Do Bomusat, the candidate for the va cancy iu tbo National Assembly from Paris, and declaring bis intention to support Br.rodet. Sev eral Republican mootings ore announced f6r to day. New* York, April 11.— European mail advices state that tbo Liberia announces that M. Lodm Bollin has accepted the nomination for Paris on tbo condition that the Government,will permit publiu mootings to bo hold. ITALY. Home, April 11.—Tiao Pope is suffering from rlioumatio fovor and ‘ulceration oMho log. His illness ia extremely sorions. A manufactory in this city was destroyed by lightning yesterday, and forty porsousburiedia the ruins, five of whom were killed and seven teen wounded. Roue, April 11,—Victor Emmanuel will visit Vienna during the Exhibition if tho condition of Italy will permit hhi departure. WEST INDIES, Havana, April 10, via Key West, April 11.— Tho sugar oatto on fifteen plantations in tho Union jurisdiction has boon destroyed by fire. Bt. Tuouas. April 2, via Havana, April 10.— Tho British Bulpvaruno, from Now York, Jan. 23, for Liverpool, was abandoned at sea, after bolne out fifty-two days. The crow and one of tho mates have arrived hero. Tho British man of-war Challenger found tho Vanina, towed her into harbor and delivered her to tho authorities. Tho Yanina was heavily insured. Tho Under writers will make on investigation. New York, April 11.— Tho Herald's Havana special says tho Captain-General states that two letters from Oospodos was found on its corres pondent, O’Kolly, and ho will bo treated as a CENTRAL AMERICA. AsPiNWAtiD, April s—(Via Havana).—A revolu tion has broken out in Panama, in favor of tho ox-X’rouidont Oorrooso. President Niora is a prisoner. It is said ho secretly sustains tho revolutionists, who ore in posaoarlon of every thing. No lives wero . lost. Correoso was ex pected at Panama on the Uth instant. NEWFOUNDLAND. New York, April 11.—A latter from New foundland to tho Evening Post, fjatod April 1, says tho House of Assembly him agreed, by an overwhelming majority, to tho provisions APRIL 13, 1873 of tlio Treaty of Washington •which havo rofp-r onco to Newfoundland. Only foiir out of a Ilonflo of thirty members voted against tho rati fication of tho treaty, and they dm bo on toohiu cal grounds, arguing, that tho question should havo boon first submitted to tho conslltuouclcs. . TURKEY* New York, April 11.—It Is announced that tho now Turkish loan for £50,000,000 In meant to cover all payments for tho construction of now railways and a largo deficit In the budget of this year, now expected to amount to £8,000,000. DENMARK. , New York, April 11.—Three socialist leaders, charged with being officials of tho Internation ale, havo boon tried at Copenhagen, and sen tenced to terras of six. five, and four years ira prisonmout respectively. GERMANY. New York, April 11.—Herr Sydow, Under-Sec retary of State, ban boon appointed Prussian Minister of Public Worship in tho room of Dr. Falk. ANTI-MONOPOLY, mooting of tho nurcau County Farm crs«»Tlio Supremo Court Hueslion— They Disclaim Pledging <t Candi date to Decide <luo«tlouB in Fftvor of any Ono Claus—Opposition to Juflgo liawroucoi Special Dispatch to Tho Chicago Tribune. Princeton, 111., April 11. — Tho Bureau County antl-Monopoly Convention assembled at tho Court-Houso in this city to-day at 1:30 p. ra. W. P, Buswoll was made Chairman, and J. W. Tomplotoa Secretary. A Committee was ap pointed on credentials, after which It was found that noorly every town In tbo county was repre sented. On motion,' a Committee of ono from each town was chosen to select ton delegates to represent tlio county in the Fifth Judicial Dis trict Convention to behold in Princeton April3o. A Committee of Five was then appointed on -Resolutions, after which tho Convention took a recess of ton minutes. On reassembling the proper Committee reported tho following dolo catoo to tho Judicial Convention: Tho Hon. Robert Hunter, Wheatland; H. F. Woodln, Selby; Nathan Gray. Westfield: Capt. Rufus Ford, Macon; Col. J. H. ElUott.Princeton; Ju lius Benedict, Berlin; Samuel Dorr, Nononset; Simon Elliott, Dover; O. L. Boars, Walnut: H. D. Davis, llinoral. Tho report was received and adopted. , „ ' Tho Committee on Resolutions reported tho following, which woro adopted: •Whereas, Wo hear It intimated from certain quar tern that this movement of tho people to nominate a candidate for Supremo Judge lu place of Judge Law rence, whoao term 1§ obout to expire, carries with It. either directly or by Implication, o pledge from said candidate to decide questions coming before tho Su premo Bench In tho interests of ono class, therefore, Jlceolced, That wo disclaim any intention of thus pledging our candidate either for or against any class, whether farmers or lawyers, ' ‘ _ Detained, That wo recognize in tho non Edwin S. Lcland, tho present Judge of tho Ninth Judicial Cir cuit, an honest, faithful, and upright Judge, and respectfully request him to bo a candidate at the coming election for tho position ho now holds, at the eamo Umo pledging him our earnest and cordial sup port. Tho following was offered by J. W. Harris, and occasioned a wido rtingo of discussion, during which Judge Lawrouco’s letter to the l&wyers of tbo district was road: Itauibca: JClmt wo Instruct tho delegation appointed at this Convention umdor no circumstances to vote for 'Judge Lawrence at tho Judicial ilouvo utiou to bo held on tho 30th lust. Tho Convention seemed disposed un.faypr,of Judge Lawrence so far as his decision in’dlio McLean County case was concerned, but his letter to tlio lawyers was regarded with much disfavor. The discussion continued until near G p, m„ when tho resolution was adopted. Thoro is no disguising tho fact that Judgo Law rence is an honorable and able man. and, further, that tho Convention would havo Instructed for him, but for that letter; and oven as it was, a largo number woro In favor of him. But it was thought that tho Judgo inten tionally relloctod upon tho friends of cheap freights and anti-monopolists generally, hence tho final adoption of tho resolution. Tho dele gates to tho District Convention woro empowered to fill any vacancies that might occur In their number, after which tho Convention adjourned. THE INDIANS. Gen. Oanliy’B Views ontlio Jloilac Blt iiatian--Ucturn ot tbo Commission- oru, Distrusted—No JQLopos pf Peace* V'\N Francisco, April 11.—Tbo Foaco Oom- P* oners. disgusted with tho Modoea, returned miaau There ia no hope of peace. lUddlo’e it thorn to-day to have one more talk, ho last. The Modocs insist on having and Cottonwood, fm . 00K * aro expecting orders to inarch on ” at any moment. April 11.—A telegram from Gen. p»'^ A n UI i N ? T ?nl,.'i ' Lake, California, April 7, and Canby, dated lllK .: Gr { 0 Yroka, Gal., waa ro forwardod by con. , SUommlli whioU Gen. coivod to-day by Gon. , on tbo inatruotiona sent Canby atatoa bo bad a. , ora b tho Secretary of to tho Poaoo Commiaßiok . ..-ij tho Modoos eur tbo Interior, and continent >bo General Govorn rondor aa prlaonors of war v , nd oxcluaivo juriH . mout would have paramount i. Tbo uamo ; oml | t diction over tho cases of all. . Tv jjut aro would bo secured by trm. T{* an tribes not , „.-. tr , G ,“ UGa , J” 1 ! 1 , I ? u V reservation prohibited by recent legislation ? \ or Orcuou within tho limits of cither California i a ft o r ito would not bar Stato juriadictipn, uutL , no rot _ cession by those States, and would haw w ithin roctivo effect. And for orimoscommitted ’itful the limits of such reservation, it is doiu , BU £ under Justice Miller’s decisions in the ILaw reservation cases, whether tho State juriedlctk would not prevail. Tho murders of citizens wero committed be ?ond tbo limits of any roaorvatiou, and within ho jurisdiction of the two States, and of course anterior to- any arrangement with tho Modoos, 1 do.npt question tho right or power of tho Gen eral Qovornmout to make any arrangomeufttbat may ho thought proper, bub 1 think they-should make such as to soouro permanent peace, to gether with a liberal and just treatment.of tho Indians. In my Judgment, permanent Vpoaco cannot bo secured if they aro allo.wod to remain in this immediate neighborhood. . 'The Modocs are now sensible that they k cannot Ifwo iu peace ou Lost Liver, n and have abandoned their claim to] it, but' they wish bo left iu tho lava bods. (This moans* license to plunder and n stroiigl (old to to, and was refused. Their last £ (reposition isi to come iu and have an opportunity of looking; for a now homo, not far away, mid if they aro i sincere iu this tuo trouble will.soon bo But thoro has boon so much vacillation andy duplicity in tho talks, that I hawo 'hesitated j about reporting until eomo definite* result was» attained. All the movements of tho troops Uavo boon made deliberately and cautiously so to avoid collision, and to impress tho Indians that •we have no unfriendly intent. Thus far wo havo iiticcoodod very well, nut their conduct has given* so much reason to apprehend that they are only trying to gain time, that 1 havo organized a party of scouts to oporuto with tho troops, if they should go to tho mountains or renew, hostilities. ST. LOUIS. Died from His lnJurloa>«Aitl for Cu ban IKufugucs. Bt. Loots. April 11.—D. Knight, the street car driver wno was injured by tho collision of hie car with a train on tho Pocillo Railroad, last Sunday, died yesterday, and to-day tho Goroaor’s jury round a verdict that the injuries which resulted in death wore caused by tho gross neglect of signal watchman Keating, of the Pa cific Railroad, in not being at his xumt to signal the approach of tho train, and that tho parties in charge of tho train aro to blame for not displaying signal lights. Keating, tho watchman, launder arrest. Knight’s mother and friends live in Fulton, 111. Throe Cuban ladies from Now York aro hero seeking aid for refugee Cabans. They visited tho Merchants' Exchange to-day, and received Assurances of assistance. Tho I.o«t Atlantic. Special Dispatch to Tin Chicago Tribune, Madison, Wis., April 11.— Tho Slate Journal publishes a statement of B. W. Suokow, of this city, who, with 010 Bull and other Norwegians, was a passenger on tho steamer Atlantic to Eu rope, that tho ship only missed by about two minutes running ou-to a dangerous place on tho Irish coast, on tuo 2-Uh Juno lost, ou account of a miscalculation of tho distance run, and tho failure of tho look-out to give tho alarm of breakers ahead, they having boon soon by some passengers u few minutes before tho proximity of laua was discovered by tho ofilcors of tho ship. Hazjvaz, April 11.—Tho customs authorities are now satisfied that the story of silk hoiug found in orookery orates was untrue. Tho brig D, W. Hennessey bus been chartered to tako to Now York tho goods already recovered from tho wrook. .A largo schooner, sent by tho Coast Wrecking Company for tho same purpose, was at Liverpool, N. 8., yesterday, aud will reach Prospect tu-uight. To-day not much work could bo done at tho wreck. Ono of tho Now York cllvcra wont clown and attempted to roach tho cobin, hut owing to tho undertow had to doßtot. Ho will try again to-morrow. No bodlon woro recovered to-day. Powder was sent to tho wreck, and will bo em ployed In blowing a hole 10-raorrow. New York. April 11.—Mr. Sparks, ngont of tho White Star Line, announcoa that, in con formity, with tho wiahoa* of tho contributors to tho fund of $2,000 collected In Chicago, a imm will bo Rot aside for tho purchase of unit* able rewards for tho ollloora and orow of tho Atlantic conspicuous hi saving life; also, for rewarding tho llov. Mr. Ancient and tho fluhor xnon who ho nobly aseintod. A mooting of tho frionda of tho lost cabin pas- Bongora of tho Atlantic waa hold tb-uight, at which resolutions woro passed condemning tho Whlto Stai Lino managers for not taking more vigorous measures to recover tho bodies. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Albany Live Stock market. 1 Special Dinpateh ta The Chicago Tribune, Albany, K. Y., April 11.—UKF.vr.s-Tho market opened cu Tlmmlay with n small attendance of local and transient buyers from tho river counties nud vicltilly; and, although llioro was a plentiful mipply of cattle, but few sales were effected, and these at tho closing prices of last week. Much inconvcnlcneo was caused by tho non-arrival of slock which had been shipped from tho West. Tho freshet, by inundating tho track, canned much delay, but two car-loads hav ing arrived on Thursday. A slight Improvement in the demand was experienced yesterday, and, although tho sales aggregated a much larger num ber than woro disposed of on Wednesday, trade was not as lively as If tho cnttlo bad arrived on time. A goodly number of tho car loads expected arrived hero yesterday afternoon about 4 o’clock, ami tho prospects are fair for a brisk trade • to-morrow. Tho average quality of tho receipts Is much bettor than last week, with several ffuo hortfs amongst them. llEor-U’TS—Tho receipts at West Albany In car loads, for tho week, ending Inst night, are as follows; Cattle, Sheep, Uooe, Horen. Saturday 113 17 51 *2 Bumlay 8* 4 5? Monday W) . 3 '1 1^ Tuesday 72 0 13 12 Wednesday,.,. 118 , 0 80 10 Thursday 3 2 0 1 Friday.... 170 10 B7 11 Total CIO 42 3C9 CO' Tho following Is tho number received, estimating cattle ut 17 head to tho car, sheep 200, hogs 100, ami horses 10. Hooves, 10,778} sheep, 8,400 ; hogs, 30,000; horses, 1,030. ~ , Milou Cows—Tho market is steady, with n good demand and a limited supply. Sales are effected at an advance of $3 per head. . Siiscp and IjAMds—Tho supply Is very small, with a limited Southern and Eanleru demand. Prices are from H to Mo per Jh in advance of tho closing prices of last week. Wow York Live-Stock Iflnrkof• New Your, April - 11.—Beeves—Itcccipts, 44 cars, making a,170 for four days, against 3,300 (ho name, time last week. Quality, common to good, and all sold before noon at Armly-snstaiiicd prices; native steers atlUfQiao per lb, and 5 cars Texas and Cherokee cattle nt TUo transactions include 24 Illi nois ulcers, 7(«5!7.K owt, to dress 67®58 lbs to tho gross owt; C cars do, 7,'.£ cwt, 12, 1 4@13c; 4 cars do, owt, Ohio steers, strong 7 cwt. at 12J.(o; 2 cars Cherokee cattle, 0 owt, lljsfo per lb, to drees 07 lbs; and 3 cars Texans, OK cwt, lie per lb, to dress 5B lbs. Chicago bought cattle muko no money, say tho salesmen. Bnner—To-day 10 cars or 2,870. making 7,G00 clneo Monday, ogaluab 7.700 tho same time last week. Mar ket dull and sales limited, blit prices not changed. Throo cars fair to good sheared Ohio sheen sold at B.KOO&c* and 3 cars good to primo unshorn do at 8© 8?aO. . lloos—To-day 50 cars or 6,680. making 17,500 since Monday, against 25,500 same lime last week. None oll'orcd olive, and no regular trade la* dressed hogs, but a few car-loads sold at 7,K@7/£o per tb. Buffalo Live-Stock market. Buffalo, N, T., April ll,— Cattle— To-day 740 head, making the total for tho week 7,510', or 448 cars against 470 last week. Market slow and dull at about yesterday's prices; few caltlo in tho yards : nearly ov{anything having boon shipped East. About 400 wore disposed' ojf. Sales : 118 Illinois steers, av. 1,034 to 1,20011*, at $5.7o(^l?.00; 17 Canada steers, av. 1,232 lbs, at 15.50: GO Missouri BctM»*B, av. 1.338 lbs,at sG.l2»<s 130 lowa steers, av, 1,810 to 1,015/ V !*»•», ot $3.60(36.60 f 373 Ohio stockcrs, av. 023 lbs, nt $4.60. N. Sheep and Lambs—To-day, 200, makingv. .total for tho week of 4,400, against 8,600 last week. Thir-.nona are dear of atouk. No sales. I'ricoa rule at 7.00 for Western, woolod sheep, and $5.60®0.50 for Western clipped. lloas—To-day, 675, making tho total for tho week 24,200, against 27,800 Inst woes. Market slow at 150 Eor owt advance ou good hogs on yesterday's prices. Ight hogs aro a drug ou tho market. Price:* range nt |5.30®3.00. Sales : 346 Illinois, ranging 180 to 182, at $5.60®5.C0; 425 Ohio, ranging from ICO to 184, at $5.40 ®6.50. Oil market* 1*1X76000011, April H.—Crude petroleum quiet at Refined quiet and firmer at ICc, riiila dclphta delivery, seller April, 19>,fc. fho Produce frlnrlcctu* UALTIMORE. Daltuiouk, April 11.—UitEiDHTUrrs —Flour quiet, steady and unchanged. Wheat firm. Corn in good demand; stock scarce—Western mixed Ole. Oats ac* tlvo; Western mixed, 47®480. PnoviaioNe—Heavy. Lard dull at B?.{c, HurrEn—'Western Armor; stock source’ | choice rpll, 33($08o; now tub, 38®42c. Wihskx—Firm at lH)#@9lo. OdWEGO. Oswego, April 11,—43raln market unchanged. • MEMPHIS. MnMwnfl, April 31.—Coit ok—Dull and nominal; no sales. Breadstupfs—Flour dull and unchanged. Corn meal dull and lower at $2.46. Coin dull and lower at 63®55c. Oats acmeoaudilrm at 4Go In store. Hat—Dull at 20®2Gc. Bran—lo>;o, 1 Bacon—Dull and lower ; ■ shoulders, sides, LOUISVILLE. Louisville, April ll.—Touacoo—Very active and strong, particularly for medium and good grades; Bales 200 hhds. steady; mess porlc, 517.00. Bacon—Shoulders, 7c; clear rib, Do; clear tides, packed. Bulk meals—Shoulders, O&o; clear rib, ti\(c ; clear, B’.<o looso. llama steady; plain, !2W(glUo; sugav-cuml. 13,V0 1 fancy, lie. Lard—Choice leaf, ; prime steam, OJic. Wuibkt—Steady at BGc. MILWAUKEE. Milwaukee, April 11.—Buf-austutfs—Flour quiet ami unchanged. Wheat steady; Ho. 1, $1.21); No. 2, sl.lO. Oats steady; No. 2, 27c. Com steady ; No. • 3-la. Ryodullr.nd nominal; No. 1, C4>tfc, Barley ii 'ady ; No. 2, 78e. KOEins—Flour, 3,000 brls; wheat, 13,000 bu. ... ii'Mimxs—Flour, 6,000 brls; wheat, 1,000 bu, CINCINNATI, \ pwi'niwti, April 11,—Uueausxuffs—Flour dull, .V*-or'’.flS. Wheat nulot at $1.0001.03. Corn steady I s(io ItiSJ <l uiet at 80c, Oats steady ut 31®380. Barley L fvuiat nuu' unchanged. ■' Quiet and firm. Pork nominally «n- LMUvced Jjtrd firm; steam, B&®3*;c; kettle, B,V® «" Bulk rticata steady, with bettor demand for shetatriovs, 6K<§oAfo; clear rib, o,'«© Sw?W M ho,d 8;ie8; * 0 - i tic tor eats on track. Oats 1 BISSWM Mot No 3, 370. PEtaoilkUU—rtrm amt tmdaa&d- XOt/BJJO. IS2“S£m- Sa “uiio Ml?S«on; $r.M - No.l red, fi foV • No. S do, SIMX. pom «oldt rW&U mixed, So spot; iSo.sillw May; McWgun, «te. Oajs a shadehigher ; V 0.2, Mlchigom 3pd, firovuk finko—fl.GO ; mammoth, $->.73, ItEOEiFW-ilour, WO brla; wheat, 8,000 Jm ; .corn, 7,l ßniriiin-Sj'iour, 800 bu; wheat, 0,000 bucpip, 10.000 bu ; oats,. 4,000 bu. \ ut. lotos. , „ , > st.n Louis, April 11.— BaKAi>»*o*T^n oT » d ““ "J.* 1 ’attiaotflod. Ivbcat dull, and drooping JotVv' c ?° ”*}• ..(torn nCcndy; No. 2, 33)/con cast track, and d105.7““°4; ,oam dun: No. 2, 27)4(3230 on cast track, and 3j>H(3 3;)vp sacked. Barley lower to sell; only sample loiS sold. Ityo dull oml lower; No. 3, Cso. ' WmcaY—Dull; round lota.not salable over Qs <i> , BDMo. PnovwiatfO—Pork quiet; prime mess, $14.C0. Bulk ala quiet; shoulders and clear sides, Go and 80 cash. Bafou active for future; clear eidcß, \)%c seller Slay and\buyor May,; 100 seller June. Lard firm; prime steam, 8o spot. HouS' —Lower-; .$-i.70@|5.00. Cattle—Dull; ,fut native steers, 4#052£0; stock* en?, 2®i&o« NEW ORLEANS. New Ojiixanb, April 11.—BnEAnsTDtrs—Flour dull; treble X, $7.0008.00 ; family, $9,23®10.75 Coru iuiot: mixed. 65e; white, DC®s7o, Oats cooler at to. Bran—Lower at 80<?. Hay—Dull»l*rline, $25.00. Pr.ovmojts—Pork dull nt $10.70; dry salt moats Arm at Juiot and llrmor at 7.M Oi9.V®loo; hams firm at 140. ard llrmor; tloroo rcfltunl, d%®9o; keg, o>j@9)4o. Ohoobuies—Sugar ilrm; common, 7®7)fo ; prime, ’ 9®t))fo; molauovs, fair rebelled, COc; coffee, 170 19>jC. Whisky—Dull at 89@950, Cottok—Quiet; sales, 3,000 bales.; ordinary, 13)Yo ; good ordinary, ,10Vo; low middlings, 1.7*405 mid dlings, lBJ(o; middling Orleans, 10c. Receipts, b,slo bales. Exports—Liverpool. 3,010 bales; Antwerp, 1,100 bales; coastwise, 805 bales; stock, 180.310 bales; week’s sales, 20,000 bales; receipts, 20,004 bales ; gross receipts, 23,077 bales. Exports—Continent, B,o92bales; Great Britain, 21,088 bales ; coast, 35,100 bales. DETROIT. Detroit, April 11.—Bueadstupfr—Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat steady, extra, $1.00; No. 1, $1.84)401.85: amber, $1.05#. Corn steady ut 42 Vo. Oats, UUo. Clover Seed—Dull at $5.00. lllluoiu and Kliehlgnii Cannl. Canal Cor.tEoror.'s Offjov, 1 Ghioauo, 111., April 11. / AnniYKD—Reliance, Lemout, 80 yards stone; Augus ta, Lomout, 60 yards utouo; Constitution, Lcraout, 80 yards stone; It. If. Atkinson, Lemout, 05 yards atone 5 Martin Hogan, Lomcmt, fit) yards stone; May Flower, Willow Sprluin, B5 yards niouoj Elllo O'Oounoll, Bag, 60 yards stone. . . , , CLrAUBD-Edwlu Walker, Lcmont, 20 yards land, 133 kegs powder; Wasp, Summit. light; Rescue, Loinout, no; Reliance, do, do; Traveler, do, do; Martin Xlogan, do, 1,200 lbs machinery 5 Constitution, do, light; Col. Mnjjlu, do, do 18. & T., do. do; Sligo* Willow Springs, 40 lons shavlngo ; l.lUo 0 ouiiiu-n, Sntr, Unlit: Augusta, Lemont, do; It. 11. Atkinson, do, do {May iWor, Willow Springs, do. SPECIAL NOTICES. Ton Cnu Bet Tour Bottom IJollnr That there ntlsls no own of Ilhnurna \3 lUm. Ncumltda* Swelling, or Bill jffjvjl Joint*, which Urn Ontnur Llnlmonl, /u whlto wrapper, will not Alleviate and euro. Mark tho difference. It Is tho Con* tanr Liniment, yellow wrapper, whlcl Ib again placing no many nsod-uphor go* iu Uip harness. nntwhoth kmlTArprc 0 r tho cnao Uo Spavins, Sweeney, Scratches, Strains, oranySwelllnß-tho oHcotUwomlor* Children Cry Tnr ni.lior'a Onlorb. U r.’mijntM tlm slomncli, ouro« wind colic, and causes natural tlcop. It la a tubaululo f«r castor oil. . Schonck’s Pulmonic Cniuly Kmlirnoj. In n BrenUrnren nil tUnprlnolplM ol Sobnnok'. Pulmonic Svrup, nnd, while as ntoafiuit to tho palato ah tho purest (if onnfcolious, Its medicinal proportlosgrander It otlocliinl la coughs, onhb. brnnohhi and ‘f* faction*, An. XtU tho most nnooplnh o romnrtv forohUd too or Infanta, und can bo given with Impunity, whdQfor professional gitatloincn. or those who Bailor trora loss of voloo, It li tiicttspeimblu. „ , „ '• . Tliono oumllos nropntnplnSl cent boxes, convenient for 11.0 pallet, .nd an far .»{»'.t HnJ TC. K. cornerSlxjh_tut;l Anih.blb., Phll'tilalphls._ TlKlf GOOWS. lOffiriMfilTY.'' Gillijlltel®, 329 West Madison-st., OFFER, TO-DAY, 100 Children’s White Pique and Linen Suits at SI.OO each,loss than half price. 1.000 Ladies’ and Misses’ White Aprons, at .12 1-2 cents, worth 40 cents. 1.000 Ladies* Linen Collars at 5 cents each, worth 20 cents. Ladies’ Linen Cuffs, slightly soiled, at 10 cents per pair, very cheap. The cheapest Hamburg Edgings ever offered hero, now stylos. Best SI.OO Kid Glove in tho city. Bargains in Ladies’ Ties, Eichus, and Bib bons. Handsome' Now Stripe Ottoman Shawls, $4.00 upward. New Lot of Blade Ground, Colored and White Stripe Bilks, at 75 cents and SI.OO. very cheap. . ’ _ CLOTHING. Wo aro receiving an Tmmnnuo Block nf FINE and ME> DIUM CLOTHING for ffl’SMYS’ffEifi All our own manufacture, and suited to al'classon. BUSINESS SUITS, froip|i2 to S4O SPBIN& OVERCtlffg, sl4 to S3O 'XCnslom DepiitSßnt at West sue Store, ParfloSt.’-vatlcnUft paid to the manufacture of Clerical OarmoiS-tf'Jpon which a liberal discount is made. EDWAEDB, BLUETT & CO., 45 &47 West MafllSOß-st., & 308 State-St. FINANCIAL. 11, F. Allen, Win. A. Stephens* U. Blounqrhnssutt. Allen, Stephens & Go, WILL DO GS ra gßusiness that H syi W Bankers do on MM m II terms that 11 i U tl safe Bankers do it 20 IMne Street* New York* (Do no Stock Hushiens) Domestic Hunkers. , REMOVALS. ESMOVALI Onnndnftor Mavl, Ui> CHICAGO AORNOY of the MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY will occupy the Basement OBicc, No. 170 LaSallc-st., Bryan Block. FRISUIE * RAPPLEYR, Uonoral Agents. _A__ 3R.IDBOXjXj-A- Has removed to his now and neat Barber Shop, 127 Dent* bom' St., Speed Block, 3d door northeast corner of Mad)- son-Bt., whoro ho will bo most happy to nee tits old fr ends and patrons, and as many more tu will favor him with a call. PACKING BOXES, PACKING- BOXES AND TEA-CADDIE MANUFACTORY. Wo would respectfully announce to our friends and patrons tlmtwobavo resumed business again for the pros ont, at tho corner of Twenty-second and Tbroop-sts., Just ono block cost of our former mill. Wonro prepared to fill orders, bo they largo or small, at tbo sboitost posal bio nolioo. OUico, No. 60 Qontli Water, Room 1, up-staln, -THOfl GOODWILLIE & BRO. CHEMICAL BATHS, Vergnes' Eleotro-Ohemioal Baths, PomunoDUy curing thousands of patients yearly. K«; tabllahcd in Now York, Louden, find at No. /« Wobaah-av. for csb?« of Ilhoumatlna, Paralyst*. hciatl ca, Neuralgia, arid all Nervous nn«l Chronic Diseases, thoro ia notiling to onuM this treatment. Extracts inor eury and other polsouoiw subatancos from tho ayatoui. Particulars, with roforeneas of tho. highest character, given at tho olllco and roaldouco. .Uu Uala'li-av. • Vx>TE.--Thla treatment is entirely unllk t othor Uioctrl given in this city. ’ cal >. *'■ ..r'* - JO KENT. TO *‘ , ro3, No#. 63, 63, C 3 Four 4*story and basement Brick til. It wanted. and 73 WostWashlngton-at.; steam pu -uulntna ttt Also Second, Third, and Fourth Flours, •mhJof* rooms, No. 86 South Ulluton-st. Imjulio at lu 'I fereon-st. ■ . 'W* 3j-Cf»fld33S33ra.r Wo romoro our yard after May 1 next, muJ olfor induce* ments on balance of our stock, ooinlttlng of Ist, Sd, and 8d clear and select, all thloknoßHCH: 9d and Brt common flooring, wide flooring, box and slock hoards, common boards, Inch and l,\i Inch fencing: also I‘, Inch common. 2 and 3 Inch plank, lath, oto., oic. ÜbllLU, PEULEY A 00., corner Throop anJ Twonty-wncoiul-uts. O. H. DYES. & CO., Corner Wubaah.nv. and, dealers la aUkimlf of Fuel. Illinois Opal per ton, delivered, $5; Kirkland Grata Con) (best Indiana) per ton, delivered, $0.60; W» bash Goal (Indiana Httumlnom) per ton, doltvorod, $5.60. Hard Coal and Wo;,d of alt kinds ahroys oij hand. masonic Funeral Kotico, ATTENTION, 8111 KNIGHTS,—ApoIIo Commanderj No. 1, K. T.: You are hereby requested to bo present at Oriental Lodge Hall, 122 nt., IWnday morning, nt 11 o'clock, to attend the funeral of Mr Knight Course F. Balnea. Sir Knights will nppuar in fatigue dross, bit Knight* of other Commandorlea courteously Invited, By order of tho U. U. n. B. W. LOCKE, Recorder. FOR SALE. JTCPIZ], 600 HOUSE AND HOTEL TENTS, $lf,TO S4O EACH. \\ atenproof canvas,suitable for Uolentratlon and Emi grant Hooleilos, llullruad Budilins, I.umbcnucn. Fisher men, Huntors.and Unmn-Meoltng Folks. Can lie supphoi at Government Goods Depot, 195 and 101 East Lako-it. Chicago, HI. 5

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