Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 12, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 12, 1873 Page 8
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8 WASHINGTON. Speaker lilniuo Nominated for tbo Presidency at a Congressional Dinner-Party. Resignation of Fred. K. Low, United States Minister • to China. The Postal-Car Investigation-Gen- eral Routine Business. Special Dispatch to Tho Chicago Tribune. PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATION. Washington, April 11. —A dinner wos given boro to-day, at which Congressmen representing sis different States wore present. A toast nomi nating Speaker Blaine for tho Presidency, in i 876, was rapturously applauded aud responded to by all tho Congressmen present in a manner which showed that their sentiment united in this direction. THE PRESIDENT states that bis visit to Bt. Louis, noxt week, will bo entirely upou private business, and that ho will stay in that city for about two weeks. Ho will bo accompanied by Gon. Babcook. THE MEXICAN BORDER. The authorities horo treat tho sensational dis- Satchos about tho concentration of troops on tho [oxlcan frontier with tho utmost contempt. Tho explanation is that tho troops that aro now being sent in this direction are simply In accord ance with instructions that woro issued eomo timo ainoo, and are simply Intended to preserve (ho peace, both so far os tbo Indians and tho Mexicans are concerned. Tho visit of tho Sec retary of War and of Geu. Sheridan In this direc tion Is merely for tho purpose of inspecting tho military posts, and perceiving whether tho proper military discipline is kept up on tho fron tier. [To the Associated Press.] PATENT EXTENDED. Washington, April 11.—Tho Commissioner Of Patents has grouted an extension of tho first and third divisions, and refused to extend tho second division of tho patent of Samuel Ray and M. R. Bhattocs, of Alliance, Ohio, for harvesters. postmasters. Tlio President reappointed, to-day, the follow ing Postmasters, whoso commissions wore about to expire: Robert 0. Kinkoad, Groonflold, Ohio; John M. Carroro, Hillsborough, Ohio? J. 0. Starkweather, Oconomowoc, Wls.s and Gharlos Franz, Kenosha, Wis. The President also ap- Eoiutcd John Mahon, Postmaster at Muscatine, owa, vice Richard A. Brent, whoso commission expires April 16. * INDIAN AGENT. The President has appointed E. E. Henderson, of Wisconsin, to bo the Agent for the Chippewa Indians of Lake Superior. GREENBACKS. Legal tenders outstanding, $358,635,527, CABINET MEETING. The Cabinet session to-day was of two hours' duration, and no subject of unusual import was under consideration. The Postmaster-General and Secretaries Robeson and Belknap wore ab sent. ARMY MATTERS. Gens. Sherman and McDowell had on inter view with the President this morning. Gen. ■JCcDowell, who commands the Military Division of the South, has been lor several months on on inspecting tour in his Division, with a view of making such changes of posts and concentration of troops as will secure greater economy in the expenditures. Ho will leave for his headquarters at Louisville in a few days. THE roSTAL-OAR SERVICE. New Yous. April 11.—The Senate Postal-Car Committee to-aay hoard an argument by T. Ouyler, of Philadelphia. Hoholothat the Gov ernment had no more right to force railway com panies to perform service for nothing, or for un satisfactory compensation, than it baa to toko a citizen's residence and turn it into a post-office. He denied the power of Congress to fix compen sation for carrying matter. £. L. Dennis, President of the Now Jersey Railroad and Transportation Company, said that the railroads oro not' now paid more than one eighth of the cost of carrying iho mails, and if the Post-Office Department paid at tho rates paid by tho Adams Express Company, the rail roads. Instead of receiving $01,138, would hot $631,000 a year. Tho Committee then went into executive session. The committee debated for some time their future action, and finally resolved that the sub ject should bo determined at a meeting at Wash ington on Thursday next. Tho following reso lution was also adopted, copies of which are to be sent to the Governors of States,-Presidents of Railroads, Canals, Chambers of Commerce, Boards of Trade, Ac., Ac.: Jteeolced, That, with a view of facilitating theft In vestigation#, tho Select Committee on Transportation Routes to the Seaboard, respectfully request that' the State Governments, Boards of Trade, Chambers of Commerce, railroads and canal companies, and other corporations and persons engaged or interested In the subject of transportation, furnish to said Committee such facts and statistics relating to the internal or ex ternal commerce of tho United States os may bo in their possession or conveniently accessible, and (hat 411 .such communications bo addressed to tho Hon. 'William Window, Chairman of tho Senate Committee on Transportation at Washington. RESIGNATION OF MINIBTEB LOW. A Waahington'dispatch states that the resigna tion of Frederick D. Low, Minister to China, has been received at tho State Department. It Is reported that Senator Colo, of California, will bo Mx. Low's successor. CINCINNATI 803-TEE AS OBEB. Tho President, to-day, appointed Buthorford B. Hays, Assistant Treasurer of tho United States at Cincinnati, under the' fifth section of the act, approved March 3, 1873. PENNSYLVANIA. A Brief But Pointed LeglslatlVd'Oblt- uary* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Washington, D. 0., April 11.—Tho PhilkdeK sbla Press dismisses tho Pennsylvania Logisia-* Aire, which boo just adjourned, as follows: “It/ tended as It commenced, In scones disgraceful to* fthe State of Pennsylvania. Of tho 133 xnom*4 hers not seventy-five were qualified for their da- 4 ties, and not that number were honest or did . their duty. Considering this fact wo ought not complain of the shameful work of tho session, of the jobs, the speculation, and tho rowdyism of the Housoj and of. tho oaso with which’ it concurred in palpably corrupt meas ures', Tho . blame attaches to tho peo ple who chose thoso men to represent • them, not from ignorance for - the reputation ofj tho faithless members, for this city had been* carried long boforo last October, and was well] known to every voter, but because ar largo pro portion of them have become so completely tho a slaves of party and tho tools of politicians as to neither think nor act for themselves when they exercise the dearest right of freemen. Looking back over the session, wo cannot discover ono good measure that atones in any degree for tbo< thousand and one corrupt ones. Wo cannot re-* call on abuse that was corrected, or a Treasury leak that was stopped. Many steals, it is true, were frustrated, but tho press and tho Governor are tho parties to whom the credit belongs." Louisville Canal* Louisville, Ky., April 11.—Messrs. Benjamin Eggleston and Theodore Cook, the Committee of tho Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, hold an interview this morning with tho Directors of tho Louisville A Portland Canal, to ascertain the views of the Directors with reference to sor rendoring tho canal to tho Government. Tho Directors expressed themselves willing and de sirous to surrender the canal whenever tho Sec retary shall comply with tho terms of tho acts of (he Kentucky Legislature and Congress. The interview was entirely satisfactory to thoOoja xnittee. Bailroad News* Louisville, April Xl.—Messrs. Theodora Stanwood and G. P. Griffith, Caahiora, respect ively, of the First and Third National Banka of Cincinnati, are here, in consultation with some of our bankers. It la rumored that they are In the interest of the Cincinnati & Southern Rail way, aud that their business la to ascertain whether the ten millions of gold can be placed Hvtdal Ditpatch ta Tht Chioaaa Tribun*. Dayioh. 0., April 11.—The Inoprporatoni of the Dayton & Louisville Short Line Railroad held a meeting here yesterday, and resolved to have the lino of the road surveyed through thla State. The capital stock was fixed at $500,000. The next meeting ia to bo held on Saturday, the 26th Inst., at Camden, Ohio. The groat object tf thla road Is to secure cheap coal for this olty, New Yohk, April 11.— The Htookholders of the Atlantia & Great W.estero Railway to-day rf Bolvod to ratify tho lease of tlio Cleveland, .Co lumbia, Ciiiclmmtl A Indianapolis Railroad to tho Groat Western. Salt Lake City-, April ll.—Qronnd -will bo broken, on Monday, on tlio Salt Lake, flovlor Valley A Pioohb Narrow-Gauge Hallway. The work will bo rapidly pushed tho coming booboh. Dubuque, lowa. April 11.—Tho sooi'et session of tho officials of tho Chicago, Dubuque A Minne sota and tho Mltwaukoo A St. Paul Railroads, at ‘Winona, Minn., on Saturday, April B, was In roforouco to completing arrangements for diroot railroad communication between Dubuque and' St. Paul. Tho negotiations on tho subject aro now nearly closed. Connection between tho two roads is to bo mndo at La Otoeoont, ono week hence, and northward-bound passengers can then buy through tickets to St. Paul on our rivor route. NEW YORK. Tnrf Decisions—An English Detective llobbod—important Suit Growing Out of Usurious nates of Interest— Commercial Celebration of Good Friday—-City .Printing* and Adver tising—Jay Gould and Tweed’s Contempt of the PTow Vorlc JLoglsin< tnre—Ohtiroli Imbroglio—lnjured by n Horse-Car—miscellaneous Lo cal Nows* • Special Dispatch to Tho Chicago Tribune. New York, April 11.—Tho Board of Appeals of tbo National Association for tho Promotion of tho Interests of tho American Trotting Turf as sembled this morning, at tho Evorott House, to hoar appeals from tho decisions of judges in races, and other matters for arbitration. Tho following named gentlemen compoood tho Board aud its officers: Amasa Spraguo, Providence, President; D. F. Longstroot, Providence, Sec retary; J. T. Vail, Hartford; H. 8- Bussell,Bos ton ; O. J. Hamlin, Buffalo; Chas. W. Woolley, Cincinnati; and Qoorgo Sturgos, Philadelphia. Tho following cases woro decided: Petition of J. S. Carr, of Now York, to Imvo tlio aiallluu Landseer reinstated—granted; petition of J. H. Martin, driver, for tho re moval of a decree of expulsion— granted; petition of J. H. Olarko to have sorrel gelding Babe of tho Woods reinstated—refused: application of James McGillon vs. tho Prospect Park Pair-Grounds Association In regard to a raco between Gray Horry, Tom, and Hippy Mc- Gillon, claimed that two heats woro trotted in a sea-fog that hid tho horses from tho Judges— decision, that tho two heats bo trotted over at such time as tho Proepoot Park Association may appoint; application of B. W. Booklet to know whether his horse, having trotted on Beacon Park track to sleigh time, should bo placed on record, and bo a bar to future en tries—affirmative decision; Herrington vs. Hall's Driving Park, to compel tho payment of premiums—granted; application of O. P. Kool or, of Massachusetts, for reinstatement of his horse, George A. Hall—refused on account of insufficient reasons. O. R. Jommison versus B. P. Akers. Tho tatter Is charged with falsolyrop rcsontlng himself as a partner of Amasa Sprague in Kansas. Acommitteoof tbrooappointodtogo to Kansas and investigate, and report at next moot ing of tho Board. Several cases, including that of E. 8. Stokes versus Homy N. Smith, woro laid over, and tho Board adjourned sino dio. In the suit brought by John W. Schaorff against tho Andos Piro Insurance Company for 67,000, the amount for which ho had insured his picture “Tho Triumph of Liberty" the jury rendered a verdict for tho plaintiff for $6,000. Last night, whilo Mr. Abraham Habited, son of ox-Chanoollor Halsted, of Now Jersey, and brother of tbo famous “Pot" Halsted, who was murdered In Newark eighteen months ago by Georgo Bolts, was returning homo to Lyons Parms from Elizabeth, ho was suddenly thrown off the front platform of tho horso car by a sudden stoppage and jerk. Besides being shockingly ont about tho head by tho horse’s hoofs, tbo car ran ovor him mangling both logs frightfully, so that amputation is in evitable. Physicians think ho cannot rooover. Ho spent port of his life in California, was mem ber of the Son Francisco Vigilance Committee, and at ono timo served as Clork of tho California Court of Chancery. Tho nows of the rosolutlon passed in tho House of Assembly last night, on tho motion of Mr. Babcook, that tho Sergeant-at-arms bo in structed to arrest William M. Tweed, Jay Gould, and John B. Dutchor, and to bring thorn boforo tho Houso to answer tbo ohargo of contempt, for having refused to appear boforo tlio Erie Investigation* Committee, notwithstanding that they havo boon, repeatedly summoned to do so, caused an unusual amount of excitement and discussion, to-day. Mr. Tweed was not at his of fice, but hla private Secretary accounted for his absence as follows: No summons had ovor reached Mr. Tweed, and ho was ignorant that tho Committee wanted bis presence. Ho had been in tho city during most of tho session of tho Commlttoo, and could, therefore, havo boon reached with suhpama without difficulty. Ho had not endeavored to avoid giving his testi mony. On tho contray, ho shrank from no in vestigation, but was willing to toll tho Commit tee all that ho know. As it was Good Friday ho had not'been at his office to-day, but if anyone wantodito boo him ho might ho found :hi some ono of tho up-town Presbyterian Churches. Notwithstanding tho last assertion, it is reported omgood authority that tho “ Boss *’ has cone to Chicago. Jay Gould is in Newport, and Mr. Dutchoms in this city, as usual, fear ing no arrest bofopo to-morrow, inasmuch as tho i Sorgoant-at-Arms' or his deputy with papers of arrest cannot got lAmo boforo that timo. [To thei Associated Press.] New York, Aprilul.—Whilo tho English de tectives now horo, engaged in tho Bank of Eng land forgery case, woro. seeing tho city the other }night, oue of them was robbed oflhis watch and and papers for tho extradition of ißidwell of Havana. 'The papers have boon ro jturnod. > Henry O. Tanner & Co. havo obtained a tem iporory injunction restraining Peter A. H. Jack fson from disposing of $500,000 worth of bonds lof tho St. Joseph & Denver City Bailroad, | pledged with him, on the ground that tho terms of tho $50,000 loan for which they woro pledged . wore usurious. Business is generally suspended in Wall street to-day, the Stock and Gold Exchanges being closed. Both institutions visit penalties upon members for dealing when closed; -hence there have boon no street operations. Tho banks woro open, as it is not a logoi holiday, and adjusted orders on the basis of closing quotations of last evening. . A suit has been commenced by Nathaniel Mc- Kay to recover $175,000 from John. H. ondllar rveyK. Flagler, of Boston, based on' an alleged transaction in iron -and stocks in .] Boston * Tho report of Comptroller . Green, of New fiYork city, shows that $U,CG9.676 / woro paid by tho 'Khty and County of Now York for advertising ’Muring 1867, 1868, 1869, 1870, and 1871. Thoro iductlon in 1872 from 1871 was nearly a million of dollars. The Comptroller thinks sioo,ooo will itovor tho cost of . 1873, unless tho ‘Legislature < mlors additional advertising. Tho claims pre sented since 1871, but not allowed,-would make tho total of claims for five years, 85^180,995. Who Bergoant-at-Arms of tho Legislature ar rived hero to-day to arrost Jay Gould, William M.xTwoed, and J. B. Butcher, changed with con tempt in not appearing boforo the v JEdo Inveatl \ gating Committee ■when summoned. Neither has Ivettboen found. TLe Brooklyn Park Commissionihas roado a .i onlract for building a tomb ia Washington tlPaijk.—Old Fort Green, —for* the remains jjof the prison ship martyrs, iso long no- Ihslooted in tho small lot of groundinear tho Navy (Yard. Tho structure will bo partly of Ohio sand - < stone and bluo stone, with elaborate ornamental /{facings, at an expense of $6,800, -the money for trwhloli was long since appropriated by the Legis lature, * Tho Goodrich inquest was not resumed to .nlght. Tho Warren Street Methodist Church. Brook lyp, refuses to receive tho now pastor, Mr. Saunders, just appointed by tho Now York East CoiXTerenco. claiming to have a promise from tho Presiding Elder to appoint Mr. Johns, who has boonVproaohing since tho death of Mr. Hadley, and htevo decided to oloso tho ohurch on Sunday, and notify Mr. Bauudora that he is not wanted. The OlAlcial Board say. in the ovont of Johns’ removal’,, they will sell tho ohurch or make a Congregational Church of it. It is rumored an other church is threatening to adopt a similar course. The sixttn annual reunion of the Sixth Army Corps is to*bo hold in tho Tomplo of Mimic, Now Haven, tho jl4th of May, It ia bellowed that the story of tho woman Ar lington, tho'victim of malpractice in Brooklyn, as regards husband, is mythical. Tho police aro said to know her true name aud con siderable of hor history, and aro actively search ing for tho two men thought to bo concerned in tho caso. Tho woman’s recovery is probable. Abraham Holstod, son of tho ox-Obaucellor of Now Jersey, and brother of the murdered Pet Halatod, was probably fatally injured by being thrown from and run over by a horse-car, near Elizabeth yesterday. A wild stoor injured several persons In Madi son avenue to-day, Bridget Clark, ono of tho persons injured by thonanlo in St. John’s Ohurch, Trenton, has died. Tho others aro recovering. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE; SATURDAY, APRIL 12, 1873. STATE LEGISLATURES. Unearthing' Enormous Frauds in the Michigan Land Office. New York State Senators Accused of Corruption. MICHIGAN. Special Dispatch to Tho Chicago Tribune. Lansing, Mich., April 11.—Gov. Bagloy ad dressed a apodal mOßsngo to tho Legislature, to day, announcing tho discovery of four distinct and extensive frauds perpetrated in tho Land Ofuco, ainoo last Juuo, whilo under tho manage ment of ox-Commlßßlonor Edmonds, acquitted on an impeachment trial last spring. Tho frauds consist In Improper sales or lauds} namely j 4,060 acros of land uovor belonging to tho Stato; 0,080 acres of swamp indemnity lands, sold with out giving tho puhlio notice; 4,870 acres of lands, alleged to ho forfeited and sold under auspicious circumstances on tho last day of Edmunds* term of office, and 1,210 acres of mineral lands . sold at $5 per aero, although worth §4O. Tho Gov ernor desired a commlttoo of Investigation, and tho President of tho Sonato appointed Senators Whoolor, Gray, and QoodoU. Tho following wore Introduced: A .bill establishing n Bureau of Industrial Statistics; also, a bill authorizing tho appoint ment of a Commissioner to obtain statistics re lating to tho treatment and ouro of Inebriates also, bill for tho payment of additional bounty to soldiers in tho tato war, and to tho widows, children, and dependent parents of deceased soldiers; also, a hill for paying tho expenses of Circuit judges whilo discharging their duties: also a joint resolution for refunding National. Bank tax illegally levied In 18G7. No bills or special mtorost passed.. * ' Detroit, April 11.—Gov. Bagiev recently caused an examination into tho affairs of the State Land Office. Tho result Is astonishing. According to tho report of tho examiners, tho tato Commissioner Edmonds, in tho fall of 1872. sold to parties land not belonging to tbo Stato ac all, but to tho Unitod States, or that had boon patented by tho General Government to private fmrtios years ago. Tho amount thus disposed of s 4,010 acres. Also indemnity lands that had boon granted by tho Unitod States to roplaco lauds assigned to tho Stato; of this class ho dis posed of 8,000 acres. Also, 4,375 acres of lands re served to tho Chicago A Northwestern Bailway. Also, 1,240 acres of University lands, which hod boon reserved from Bale. Tbo oxposuro makes somothlng of a sensation. Lansing, Mich., April 11.—Tho annual appro priation from tho military fund, to bo sot apart and denominated for.'ala/ was increased'from $5,000 to 67,000. J A motion mado to reconsider tho veto by which a joint resolution granting tho privilege of tho oleotivo franchise to tho women of tho Sato was lost yesterday in tho House, was voted down al most unanimously. Tho Gouso to-day passed tho following Sonato bills: To provide for tho inspection of illuminat ing ollsmado from petroleum or orudo oils; to pro vide that whenever tho death of any person snail bo caused by any wrongful act,neglect, ordofault, which would, if death had not ensued, have en titled tho party injured to maintain aotion and recover damages, the person or corporation which would havo boon so liable shall bo still liable to tho personal representatives of tho de ceased. OHIO. Columbus, O m April 11.—In tho House this af ternoon tho following bills woro passed: Houso bill to allow Probato Judges to collect 10 cents for oaoh registry of births and deaths ; House bill to authorize two or moro townships to asso ciate themselves together to establish a cemetery association; Senate bill to provide for the exten sion and embellishment of township cemeteries; bill to authorize incorporated hotel companies to issue preferred stock; House bill to authorize incorporated mining and manufacturing compa nies to transfer tho business to any county of Ohio, after they shall have bad their original obartor * recorded in the county in • which they propose doing business. House bill to repeal Section 61 of tho act to incorporate tho Slate Bank of Ohio and other banking companies, and to repeal tho act to restrain bonks from taking usury} and to repeal Sco. 24 of tho act to authorize free banking, passed respectively Feb.. 24, 1845; March 10. 1850, and March 21, 1851. Tho vote 'by which tho General Appropriation bill vroa defeated yesterday was reconsidered to day. In tbo Senate the following hills wore passed : Senate bill to provide, that in case of railroads the rent shall bo at least equal to tho not earn ing of such road for tho year preceding tho lease. House bill for exemption of certain specific articles of personal property from taxation. Senate bill making legal tho contracts of married women for tho purchase of real estate with their separate money. A bill was introduced for tho suppression of gambling, embracing faro aud kono. This bill contains provisions similar to those contained in the Little Lottery Act, as to penalty aud forfeiture. NEW YORK. Albany, N. Y., April 11.—Tho Senators who wore reported as having received $5,000 each for voting against tho Pro-Bata Freight bill deny the allegation, and ask to appear hoforo tho As sembly Investigating Committee. Vice-President Henry Wilson visited tho Senate to-day, when a recess was taken, and tho Senators were formally presented to him. Senator Hadden, before tho Erie Investigating Committee, this morning, testified that tho SI,OOO ho received from tho Erio Company in 1893 was handod him for a lawyer named - Little. Madden was not a Senator thon. In 1871, whoa a candidate for Senator, Could sent him $4,000 for election expenses, and those two sums were all tho money ho ever received from tho com pany. _ ARKANSAS. Little Bock, April 11.—Tho House to-day passed a memorial to tho Congress, asking tho General Government to refund to the State the amount of money paid out on account of tho Pope County troubles. Tho House passed tho Senate hill increasing the Judicial Circuits to sixteen, and giving the Circuit Courts jurisdic tion over the same. Tho House passed a bill of the Senate providing for Circuit Clerks in coun ties containing 10,000 inhabitants. THE ERIE INVESTIGATION. What Jay Gould Bid Not Know About the India-Rubber Account* of Gould, Fisk* and Tweed* New Yobs, April 11.— Tho Erio Investigating Committee resumed its session hero to-night. Jay Gould was examined, and testified. Ho could not remember having approved or dlrootod tho payment of sums to Tweed. If these woro vouchors, they spook for themselves. Had no hooka or papers that would show such payments; employed A. D. Barber as a kind of gonorol agent on behalf of tho Erie Company, to eoo that no hostilo liquidation passed to its injury; ho was to uno his influ ence with legislators; had no recollection that payments woro made him oftouor during tho session of tho Legislature than any other time; had faint recollections of real estate transactions wlthßarber, Yon Vochton performed legal services for tho Erio Company, and to see no hostilo measures shipped through tho Legislature. Tho vouchor for $85,000 paid Tweed was shown witness, whaeald ho auposou tho signature his, but afterwards wasn’tsuro of it. A clerk in tho orflico named Nolan was able to sign bis name so ho couldn’t distinguish it from his own writing. A voucher for $22,000, paid to Tweed, Jr., was shown to Gould, but no recollected nothing about it. Ho could remember nothing about au order for $1,200 in Tweed’s favor; was unable to stato anything about tho vouchor for $6,000, dated Aug. 1,1871; don’t know Tweed’s handwriting ; could toll nothing of various other vouchers of Tweed's ana could give no information what the payments wore for; Tweed was one of tho Executive Committee and Directors; remember nothing of tho legislation relating to tho Erio Bailroad in 1809 and 1870; was engaged in too many transactions of magnitude to remember details ;, sometimes sums woro charged to legal services,] which woro not paid for strictly legal services; it was an india-rubber account; didn’t know how much tho election of favorabio mou cost; it was a good deal; several thousand woro sent to Gr ange and Sullivan Counties to carry tho elec tion for tho Republicans; thought better to do it that way than afterwards; It had bettor results; sent out whatever amount ho was told was necessary; port of It through Senator Madden; contributed somo money in Clinton County, ami -in nearly every Senatorial District; was besot for contributions on all sides; couldn’t give tho items of expen diture at ouoo; tho contest ovor, ho -banished nil recollection of details from his mind. They had four States to take cars of, namely. Now York, Now Jersey, Pennsylvania, . and Ohio, aud delicate questions lu ull Qf thorn to bo looked after ; ho considered this class of Investments profitable to tho Company; some times they caught a Tartar; for himself, ho was a Democrat in a Democratic district, Repub lican in a Republican, and doubtful In a doubtful districts got things so mixed that bo couldn t toll what his own politics woro ; had always boon anErlo man however; oven if shown the list of members of tho Legislature ho could not give tho names of any ho assisted i remem bered no payments other than those to Borbor. At midnight tho Committee adjourned. WALL STREET. Very JLlttlo Doing* Yci(onlny..OooA Friday Generally Observed—Pro , posed Usury Prosecutions—Richard Schell tlio Alleged Principal—The Produce markets* ; Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. New York, April 11.— Tho only transaction of consoquonco on Wall street to-day was a loan of $200,000 until Saturday at per cent and inter est. Tbo 61,000,000 gold purchased yesterday i was chiefly paid for In National Banknotes. It is supposed that nearly $1,000,000 of tbisamonnt will bo kopt out of tho bauks, so that sales will not benefit tho reserves. Serious complications aro expected to-morrow on account of tho proposed usury prosecutions. Tho guilty parties threaten to retaliate by with holding tholr money from tlio street, and, In that case, tuo probabilities arc that tbo rate will ad vance to an equivalent of 1 per cent per day, de moralize exchange, prevent a further advance In gold, and break tho prices of stocks down 1 or moro per cent. Mr. Richard. Scholl is credited with being a loading mover in tho prosecutions of the money-lenders, and It is also skated that ho'is “ long ’* of stocks, and has Buffered deple tion in pocket by tho tato squeeze of money. At tho offices of the loading private bankers, to-day, small orders for gold and governments have boon oxooutod at tho closing quotations of yesterday. produce. Flour was In fair demand for tho local trade, and pricos'Wßroworo woUsnstatnod. Halos, c.200 brls. Wheat was quiet, though firm. Millers woro tho only buyers. The present firmness of holders checks business. In pork there was , nothing doing. Bacon exhibited a small busi ness, the transactions embracing 600 boxes short oloor for May delivery at 0 moats there wore no general transactions worthy ofjioto,and quotations woro nominally unchanged. Tiiroo hundred city pickled hams in bulk, 14 tbs, sold at 120. Lard was very quiet. Bales woro reported of 200 tes choice Western at 00. and 50 tes choico city for to-day’s delivery at 8%0, and 15pkgs prime at 8%0. Western for May delivery was quoted at o@o 1-ICo ; 1,000 tea sold on tho basis of 0)£o for refined, and 60 tea kettle city at 8%@8%c. SPRING FRESHETS. The Floods East and West—Destruc tion of Property and Detention to Business. Albany, N. Y., April 11.—Tho flood continues. Tho ico-honso ox John Rosa was washed away ; loss, $7,000. Some lumber piles woro also carried

away. Tho residents of tho lower part of tho city suffer from tho continuance of the flood. Detroit, April 11.—Tlio froshot in Canada is doing groat damage. Near Chatham and Thamoavillo tho railway track is washed away, making transfer of passengers on tho Groat Western Railway necessary by boats. Tho Pa cific express from tho East, duo in this city at 7 o'clock, had not reached hero at noon, but is ex pected this afternoon. Still greater damage to this railroad is feared. At Prairie Siding tho current is bearing furiously across tho track, and threatonq-4ta v dpatfU*tieu for a long dis tance. ■ ’ * , ... Nashville, Tonu., April 11.—Tho river is fall ing, with 7 feet scant on Harpoth Shoals. Detroit, April 11.— Reports from Bay City state that tho river is still rising. Trains are obliged to pass through tho water up to tho car axles. It is doubtful if another tram con roach that point until tho water subsides. Little Rook, April 11.—Tho river is still rising; now 22 foot m tbo channel. Omaha. April 11.—There was about 0 inches rise in the Missouri Rivor during tho last twenty-four hours. The river is very low at Port Benton. KANSAS CITY. Accident at a Railroad Bridge—Pistols and' Coffee— Ono Killed aud the Other Severely Wounded* Social Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Kansas City, Mo., April 11. —Tho Manhattan bridge was burned yesterday. As two mon woro carrying timbers to repair it, tho trestle which had been partially burned gave way, precipitat ing thorn sixty foot. A colored porter at the Laclede Hotel slipped and fell down stairs, yesterday, striking on hla bead, breaking in his skull. Quito a little excitement was exhibited at tbo final termination of a difficulty between Prank Triplett, who is well known throughout tho West as a drummer for a New York house, and a cattle-dealer named Bates, who fought a duel on tho Kansas Pacific Railway, a fow days ago. Triplett was shot through tho heart at tho first fire, being instantly killed. Bates was shot through the lungs and shoulders. Ho is now in a critical condition, his recovery being doubtful. It is estimated a much larger amount of cattle will bo shipped from tho Southwest this season than last. Extensive arrangements aro being made for their reception at wichitab. The search for York, brother of Senator York, who mysteriously disappeared some timo siuco, baa boon abandoned. THE WEATHER. War Department Deports and Prog- nostications* War Department, Office op the Chief Sig nal Service, Division of Telegrams and Re ports for the Benefit of Commerce. Washing ton, D. 0., April 11. —Probabilities—Tho area of lowest barometer will move northeastward down tho St. Lawronco Valley on Saturday, For Now England, southeasterly winds and threatening weather. For tho Middle States, southeast winds vooriug to southwest, with cool, cloudy weather during Saturday.! For tho Lower Lakes, fresh and possibly brisk northwesterly winds, with falling temperature and clearing weather. For tho Upper Lakes, diminishing northerly winds, partly cloudy and door weather, followed very generally by southerly winds with falling barometer by Saturday night. For tho Lower Missouri Valloy and Southwest, falling barometer and rising temperature. For tho Eastern States, northwesterly winds, backing to south, with falling barometer and portly cloudy weather. Cautionary signals continue at Detroit, Toledo, Olovolaud, Buffalo, Capo May, and Now York, and aro ordered for Rochester, Oswego, Norfolk, Wilmington, and Baltimore. Chicago, April 11.—' Tho Signal Service re ports snow at Escanaha this morning, and rain at Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Louisville. Tho lowest thermometers aro at Pembina, 20 degrees above Eero; 31 degrees at Marquette and Esca naba. Moderate temperature all over tho country. Cloudy in tho lako regions, and in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, nud Tennessee. DES MOINES. Tlio lowa noform School—State Pol* itICM. Sptcial Bfcpateh to The Chieapo Tribune, Dm Moines, la., April 11.—Col. W. L. Ves tal, editor of the Storm Lako Pilot, was to-day Sointod Trustee of the lowa Boform Behoof, the political pot begins to boil in this State. District and County Granges in different parts of the State have boon taking action on the nominations recently made by Blackhawk Comity Oranges for a QJato ticket. Bo far as known to the public, the nominations made have been condemned. The Republican State Convention will prob ably ho hold on the 18th or 25th of Juno. Fires. Des Moines, April 11.—A firo to-day destroyed tho sheds and mining apparatus of the Eclipse Coal Company, south of this city. New Yomr, April 11.—LitzolloNs grocery and dwelling. Stark's whoolwrlght-shop, and six other buildings, occupied partly by small stores and dwellings, in Monlslaua, wore burned to day. Loss, SIO,OOO. New Yokk, April 11.—A firo to-night, at 11 Bowery, damaged Edward Smith’s stock of cigars and tobacco, $16,000, and other property $6,000. Fully insured. Dubuque, lowa, April 11.—A firo at Faribault, Minn., last night, destroyed the United States Express cilice, Tuttle & Barnard’s market, Shoe's billiard hall, and tho 011100 of 0. N. Daniels, architect. The fire originated in a de fective fine. Tho loss is $6,000, partially cover ed by insurance. Huso Hall* Philadelphia, April 11.— Tho base-ball season was opened hero to-day by a game between (ho Philadelphia Club, profQsaiouul, and tho Eureka, amateur^. JUSTICE BANYON. Another Chapter In the Life of tho Chicago Dogberry and Ills lost Watch, Ho Accuses a Rospcctablo Citizen of Stealing the Judicial Tlmo-Plcco. 1 Another of Mr. Justice Banyon’s Btraogo doings while under tho inlluouco of liquor has oomo to light. It is oven moro outrageous than any other of his maudlin nets, because it Imo boon a source of groat trouble and annoyance to one of our oldest, best known, and most roipoot od citizens. In The Tribune of yesterday it was slated that Canyon was oven In tho gam* bling-bouso of the notorious John Lawlor. Ho was so drunk thou that ho could neither speak intelligibly nor carry himself and tho gomblors called upon tho proprietor to remove him. In order to got rid of him quietly, Lawlor invited him out to Imvo supper. Thoy wont to Tom Andrews’ chop-house, be tween Dearborn and Clark streets, In tho alloy north of Madison street. They bad boon seated but a short time before tho hiccoughing and driveling Judge began to speak about the loss of a gold watch, which was presented to him by some of bis admirers a mouth or two since, and which was undoubtedly stolon by ouo of the donors. In order that tbo last indecent act of Mr. Jus tice Canyon may bo thoroughly understood, it is necessary to go back to tbo time when tbo watch was stolon. That fact was published In Tub Tribune on tho following morning, but additional particulars bavo since looked uuU TLo night of tiio robbery, B»nyon boarded a Cottage Grove avenue car somewhere on Twenty-second street. The oar was almost empty, but “ His Honor ” was exceedingly full. Ho bad scarcely tumbled into a seat before he was sound asleep and nnoring. While In this condition, tbo watch was taken from him. The driver observed two men got off tbo car in tbo vicinity of Harrison street, and it is more than likely that they wore tho thieves. It is also more than likely that thoyworo largo subscribers to tbo fund with which tbo timo-pioco was pur chased, aud that their object In stealing It was to mako it useful in. case either of thorn should got into trouble with tho pollco, and bo brought boforo tbo Court over which Canyon is supposed to preside. Tho worthy Justice should bavo alighted from tbo car at Harrison street, os bis roaidonco is situated on that thoroughfare, but bo continued ■to sleep peacefully, ana snoro- calmly until the . turn-table at tbo Lake street end of tbo route was reached. Tbo sudden jolt which announces that tbo oar is again boadod for tbo southern terminus of tbo lino aroused him. Ho got on his foot as best ho could, stared about him with a vacant expression of countenance, and said, “Bless ray soul!' whore ami?” Then ho felt for tho “ expression of ostoom" presented to him by bis numerous friends. It is noodloss to remark that bo didn’t fiend it. About this timo the turn-tablo was tho econo of a lively commotion, in which tho Judge, aud tho drivor, and tho starter, and tho passengers, and tho car, and tho horoo woro indiscriminately mixed up. Tho judicial voice was raised to a terrible pitch, aud tho judicial whistle was ap plied to the judicial lips, and blown upon several times for tho purpose or summoning policomon to look for tho lost watch. Banyon himself mounted tho stop of tho car, and refused to al low any person in or out until tho vehicle was searched. Tom Andrews happened to bo out rather lato with a friend that night, and when tho Judge whistled for help ho was standing at tho corner of Madison aud Stato streets waiting for a cor and talking to a policeman. As soon as tho lot ier heard tho whietloho rushed off in tho direc tion whence it camo, leaving Mr. Andrews aloud. Tho car finally camo along, with Banyon stand ing on tho roar step, and oliuging to tho door, handle. Mr. Andrews attempted to enter, bat Banyon refused to lot him in until tho car could ho searched. Mr. Andrews said ho would ontor, search or no search, and, when Banyon hoard him speak, ho immediately recog nized him and offered no further objections. Further along on Stato street tbo Justice sum moned another squad of polico to bis aid, and wanted them to search tho passengers, but tho Sergeant very propprly refused. Tho Chief Justice then went homo. Now this is all Tom Andrews had to do with the loss of Augustus H. Banyan's “ token of respectyet that official disgrace to tho city, while in a slate of beastly intoxication on Thursday evening, accused him, in tho pres ence of four or flvo gentlemen who woro talcing supper in his restaurant, of having stolen his watch. Mr. Andrews was for tbo timo being rendered powerless and speechless by tho charge, and by tho timo ho was enabled to com prehend Us full moaning Banyon bad loft. It was a lucky thing for him that ho retreated as soon as bo did. for Tom Andrews is apt to resent an insult in a terrible manner. Tho mention of Mr, Andrews in connection •with the theft of a watch, after tho many honor able years ho has spent in this city, is sufficient to mako Banyoa tho laughing stock of tho ontiro com munity. It Is probable that this last outrageous act will bo brought to tho official notice of tho Common Council, in which event it whl undoubt edly result in the removal of a man who makes law a burlesque and justice a farco. MADISON. Wisconsin Geological Survey—-Blotol Nows—Duclc Shooting* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tnbxine. Madison, Wis., April 11. —Under tbo law of last winter, authorizing a geological survey of this State to bo mado and completed in four years, Gov. Washburn has appointed, subject to confirmation by tbo Senate. Dr. Increase A. Lop ham, of Milwaukee, Chief Geologist. Dr. Lap ham is ono of tho oldest residents and best scientists of tho State. Ho has tho appointment of assistants not exceeding four, subject to tho approval of tho Governor. The Capital House hero has boon purchased by Dr, J.-B. Bower and Mr. Qoorgo A. Mason, and leased to H. Barohimua. There is splendid duck-shooting boro nor* PERSONAL. The Hon. Edmund Bico, of St. Paul, Is at tbo Gault House. Gen. Dan Dustin, of this Stato, is at tho Gault House. Gen. Nat Hoad, of Now Hampshire, is at tho Gault House. Prof. J. V. M. Blandish, of Galesburg, is at tbo Sherman House. Tho Rev. F. N. Zabriskio, of Connecticut, is at tbo Sherman House. TUomae Fry, Barnstable, England, and George Anstoy, England, ore ut the Gault Hones. The Chicago Metropolitan Club will givo a re ception to J. S. Bellow and F. B, Ohonfrau tUa evening. Tho Bov, D, A.Wallace, President of Monmouth College, is in the city, and is expected to preach in the United Presbyterian Church to-morrow. "Boas" Tweed is atill at the now Briggs House. It la uudorotood, however, that ho will leave for Now York some time to-day. Ho visit ed Dooley's lost evening, and throw hla peculiar smile ana the sparkle of his peculiar diamond upon the people from a private box. Among the arrivals at the Gault House yester day wore the following: 0. J. Hilliard, Pitts burgh i George B. Newell, Minneapolis ; \Y. Ad ams. Omaha: 0. 0. Colo, Boston: George W. Taylor, Now York; W. E. Gillens, Now Orleans 5 O. Merritt, San Francisco 5 J. N. Vanoo, Wheel-’ Ing, W. Va. ; H. 0. Giles, Natchez. Mr. V. Wood, business agent for, and one of the Executive Commiltoo of, the Nebraska Granges, loft for homo yesterday. While in this city ho made arrangements with several agricul tural implement manufacturers to supply the granges with the machines they want at first cost. Among tho arrivals at tho now Briggs House yesterday wore tho following : S. M. Mungor, Washington: H. E. Duwcy, Grand Banlds, Mich, :A. F. Miller, Cincinnati; Samuel S. Field, Now York ; 0. B. Taylor, San Francisco ; Joseph O. Lawrence, Now York ; Will 11. Phil lips, Ottawa, 111, :W, Hoover, lowa City: W. Vr. Barnett, Galesburg 5 Fred Adoo, Now York. Among tho arrivals at tho old Briggs House yesterday wore tho following: F. Derby, Now York; It. Id. Bassett, Connecticut; J. 11. John son, 11, H. Nogloy, Pittsburgh; J. J. Nicholas, Buffalo; G. F. Warner, Minneapolis; U. W. Bchaokloy. Fort Wayne; M.'.M. Butler, Lincoln, Nob.sJ. A. Kouncy, Kansas; William JI. Wil cox, Chicago; Dr. J. Buthcrfoid, Worstor, N. Y, Among tho arrivals at tho Bhnrmau House yes tordoy wore the following; J. T, ilancmilc. Du buqno; George 11. Naillant, John S. It. McKay, Cleveland} MaJ. Lyon, Col. James 11. Flnnigan. Gapt, Bruco, Dndgevlllo; 11. C; Nutt, OouiioU UliiJTs; T. D. Sherwood. P; M. Shepard, Now York; 11, D. Phillips, Trenton, N. J.; Goorgo W. lloynolds, Bprlugflold. Sanford Johnson died at his residence, No. 800 West Adams street, on Thursday afternoon. 110 came to Chicago in 1833, and his occupation enabled him to assist In developing the city. Many handsome structures erected bylilm wore destroyed by the fire, but in others built since his handiwork can ho scon. Ho was generally known and respected by all his acquaintances. The funeral will take place at noon to-day. If ovory man In the city would show the same regard for disirossod follow-citizens ns J. 0. Loro did yesterday, the Recording Angel would have more blank pages In his profanity account against mankind. Mr. Loro observed a drayman, stuck in the mud, flogging his horses, and mak ing the vicinity of Lake and fitato streets re sound with echoing oaths and the like. Mr. Loro and somo other gentlemen bade him cease, and, assisted by same other gentlemen, helped him out. CHARGE OF ARSON. A Jew named Leopold Kohn was mado some* what notorious, a few weeks since, by para graphs in tho newspapers of this city, which stated4hot ho had purchased several largo In voices of goods, representing that they wore for a store on Canal street, but whioh ho started for Louver, 001., to tho address of “H. B. Lewis.” Tho goods wore detained, however, nt Knukakco, and Kohn arrested for obtain ing goods under false pretenses. ' Kohn will bo made yet moro notorious by tho publication of what has transpired sinco his arrest. On tho night of tho Othof January, his store at No. d7l State street was burned out. Ho had $2,000 insurance on his stock in tho Allo mauia Company, of Pennsylvania, and tho Mill ville, of Now Jersey, which was promptly paid by tho agent of tho companies in this city, 8. J. MoKnjcht. Further developments indicated that Kohn had oprinklod bis stock with oil and' sot lire to it. Mr. MoKnlght accordingly had him arrested on tho charge of arson. Yesterday afternoon Kohn was examined before Justice LoWolf, and was hold in SBOO bail for further examination. ttnh Items* Salt Lake Oixr, April 11.—Tho bar of Balt Lnko City gave a banquet to retiring Judge 0. M. Hawley, this ovomng, at tlio Walker llouso, as a marie of appreciation. A number of smelting and mining companies have boon incorporated with largo capital. John MauUtor, cook at Granite, Little Cot tonwood, was instantly killed, last night, by John H. Bradley, by a pistol shot in tho nock. Maul ker was drunk and flourishing a knife. Bradley boa figured in the Penitentiary history of Mon taua aa a hard case. Ho la in arroat. Judge Emerson arrived to-night. Fearful Fall* Cumberland, Md., April 7.—At tho Borden mines, near Erostburg, Allegheny County, yes-' torday, as John Langley was being lowered down with a horse and cart, the horse kicked the coup ling loose, and all wero precipitated to the bottom, 166 foot. Langley was instantly killed. Ttio iUacUiiiao Strutts* Mackinaw. April 11. —Tho condition of thoico in unchanged. There is a light oast wind, with tho thermometer at 10 degrees. At Crawford's quarry, between Presque Isle and Mackinaw, there is no ico In sight. In Point au Barques and Au Sable, Lake Huron, there is but llttlo Ice drifting. • DEATHS. DORIAN—In this city, April 10, Edward Dorian, con of Patrick and Margaret Dorian, aged 29 years. Funeral from his father’# residence, No. 8 Nebraska* st., to-day at 10:30 a. m., by cars to Calvary Cemetery. Friend* and relatives are invited to attend. DUPER—In thin city, April 11, of consumption, Mrs. Cornelia O.,wi(oolHorace SI. Dupoo, and oldest daughter of Ijcroy Church. . Funeral on Monday, 14th Inst., at 9 o'clock p* m.» from 603 Wabash-av. EOKI.ICY—In this city, April 11, of congestion of the lungs, Walter Hutchins, aged U months, son of Charles T. and Mary J. Eckloy. Remains token to Lacon, 111., for burial. HAINES—In this oily, April 11, George F. Haines, aged 41 year*. Funeral from residence, No. 285 Orohard-st., North Ssdo, Sunday, at 13 o'clock, by carriages to Rosehlll. JAMES—In this city, Friday evening, April 11, at 6:30 o'clock, Airs. Margaret James, widow of tho lato Thomas O. Janies, aged G3 years. .. . , „ , . Funeral from tho rosldcnoa of her son-in law, Mr. John Link, No, 72 Judd-st., on Sunday, April 13, at 2 o’clock p, m. Friends oftho family are iuvltod to attend. CLAIRVOYANTS, Chicago spirit rooms sn “West madison. at. Publio seances ovory evening at B o’clock p. in., at whieh many spirit faoas appear ami aro recognized by their friends. Private sittings at all hours, with the most wonderful trance, business, tost, clairvoyant, pbys. leal, healing, ami developing tnodlurasof tbo ago; who will tell of business, nu.rriaßCs, journeys, law-suPs, lost or stolon property; oinmine, proscribe, and ouro all dlsoasos that aro curable; reveal past, prosout, and future events. Good, reliable wanted at those rooms. RS. DR. 8. K. TATUM, GERMAN AND ENGLISH Doclruss, baa removed to 179 North Halstcd-st., near Mllvmukoo-av. PERSONAL, PRRSONAL-MR.J. BROOKS, IF IN THE CITY ploaao send address D 87, Tribune oiDco. Formerly of 19 Doarborn-at. PERSONAL ~ INFORMATION WANTED OP Mathew Henry Cara ley; oml if Mathow Henry Oarsloy will call or communicate with Thomas A.Haros, 103 Dear* born-st., Chicago. ho will hoar of something tonlsadvao tago. JOHN PARSLEY. PERSONAL-IF MARY SMITH OR HER FRIEND " Mablo," book agents, who woro In lonia. Midi., a year ago, oro In tills city they will hoar of an old friend by addressing 1C 8. Tribuno office. SEWING MACHINES. A WEED FAMILY FAVORITE SEWING MAOHING for sale cheap (or cash; but liltlo used,and In perfect running order. 573 Mlchlgan-av. Grover ± baker's sewino-maouines-gen. oral utiioc. J6O Stato-et.: branch office, 1)72 Wabash* ar. Persons having old Grovor 4 Baker sowlng-ninohlnoi nro Invited to call and soo tho now improvements, and hoar something to thotr advantage. SINOERTiBWING MAOHINES-OFFIOE3 OF NICH OLS 4 PEARSON, 144 South Halstod-at. and 121 North Clark-st., corner Ohio, Machines sold or rented on easy payments, and towing given when desired. TirUEELER 4 WILSON SEWING MACHINES, VV tho now Improved mild or rented on easy monthly paymoniH. BURNHAM 4 FLANNERY, City Agents, office, 838 West Madison-st. i will remove about April 15, 1873. to 155 State-st. ' NEW PUBLICATIONS. JUST PUBLISHED: Sohouler on Personal Property. A TREATISE ON THE LAW OP PERSONAL PROP ERTY. By James Schooler, Author of “ A Troatlsa on tho Law of Domostlo Rotations." 6ro. $7.50. CONTENTS: Part First—lntroductory Chapter. Part Second—Natural and General Incidents of Per sonal Property. Personal Property In General; Chattels Real; Chattels Personal; Heirlooms and Emblements; Fixtures; Personal Property In Expootanoy; Joint and Common Owners; Partners; Mombors of Limited Part nerships and of Joint Stock Companies and Shipowners; Members of Corporations; Interest la Usury; Conflict of Laws relating to Personal Property. Part Third—Loading Classes of Personal Property, Ships and Vessels; Money; Dobtsln General;Debtsßocur. od by lion; Debts Secured by Pledge; Collateral Security ; Debts Secured by Mortgage; Chattel Mortgages; Bills and Notes; Quasl-Nogotlable Instruments; Coupon Bonds; Stocks and Shares; Patents and Copyrights; Flro and Marino Insurance Policies; Personal Annuities and Llfo Insurance Policies; Legacies aud Distributive Shares. LITTLE, BROWN 6 CO., PUBLISHERS, 110 Washington-st., Boston. AUCTION SALES. By WM. A. BUTTI3BS & CO., Auctioneers, 55 null 67 South Canal-sl. OONTHfUED SALE OF FORFEITED PLEDGES By A. IiIPIIAN, PiiwuliroPcr, On MONDAY, April 14, at 10 a. m., consisting of &oM & Silver Watches, Jewelry, &c., FINE DIAMONDS, AU of which will bo sold to payad- vunoos tvucl oUai'KOS. AUCTION SALES. By TiCiXOB & HAKRISOJJ. REGULAR SATURDAY’S SALE Household Goods, &o.i Tills Morning:, at 9 1-2 o’cl’k. Kleganl Parlor And Chamber Furniture. Now nml see ond«baml Carnots In groat variety. JVpirblo.fop Tables. Showcases <>! nil flt*v«* Ohromos; I-ancy Toilet Hots, omn., o U .K lc ..nt Anotlonoorn, i\ and 33 Houlh Canal-st. , TAYLOR & HARRISON. 16 Orates W. G. Crockery. 10 cask* 0,0, Wore. In open lots to tho trade, at suction, this morning, St 10 * o’clock, by TAYLOR 4 lIAIIItIHON, . . Auctionoors, 81 anti 33 South Cnnal-at. By TAYLOK & HAICUISOJT. MOKTOvALacb SALE. ■ TlintClC LARGE IIOOH rmri ONE UAY-OUTTINO MAUHINK, nt Auction, TO-DAY, At 13 o'clock, At 81 and 83 South Canal-st. ’ By TAYLOR A 11 ARRISON, Auctionoors. MORTGAGE SALE OF jQtoxiselioia Goods, &c. SATURDAY, April 13, At OJtf o'clock,conslsllngof Park ier, Chamber, Dintng-Room And Kltebcn Furniture,. Brussels and Wool Carpets. Crockery, Ohm, anil Plated; Ware, Stoves, Ac., Ac., comprising a hno assortment of. aoqpna-hand Furniture. Halo peremptory. Ily TaYLOH. & HAKIIISOTT, Auotionoers, 31 ttnd-33 South Oanal-st. MORTGAGE SALE. Entire Stock: nnd Fixtures of a Retail Grocery. Teas, ColToos, Sugars, Flour, Spleos, and Sundry Mer chandise, together with tho Fixtures, Tea Caddies, Sample Ooflco Cans, Show Oases, Scales, etc. Sals peremptory. ... April 12, at 10 o’clock, Dy TAYLOR A HARRISON, Auctionoors, SI and a South Oanal-st, MOE.T’a.-ft.O-E SALE. At Anotlon, April 13, at 13 o'clock sharp. Ono 7-yoar old bay mars', One open buggy. Ono K f S Vn y harnoW com P loto * S«”o NramntSn. Ilp TAYLOR i nAHIIISON. Auctioneers, hi and 83 South .Canal-st. TAYLOR & HARRISON. 20 Extra Bowing Maoi/ines. Second-hand, but in perfect order, whl/di parties wishing to purchase will do well to boo. By TAYLOR A HA-TOUBOff, 4 Auctioneers, 81 and 83 Sou. h Canai-at. By BIiISON & FOSTER!* Regular Saturday’s Sale NEW AND SECOND-HAND Household Furniture,, -A.T ATTCTION, On SATURDAY MORNING, April 12. Nt U,VJ o’clock, ati Our Salesroom, No. 8? Marhot-st. EDISON & FOSTER, Auctioneers. XaOMEE3ISr£3:E3 Chattel Mortgage Sale: OP ELE6ABT FOEffITOMj: Being tho Entlro Contents of the Metropolis Hotal, Micliijfiui-iiv., cor. Pourteentli-st.- Wo will «oU at Auction, on Tuesday morning, April 15, at 9 o’clock sharp, on tho promises, tho entire Fumlturr of tho Metropolis Hotel, consisting of Elucanb Parlor Suits, Elegant Ulinmbor Sots, Marble-top Tables, Bu reaus. Wash-Stands, Black-Wolnut Wardrobes, Sofas,. Easy-Ohairs, Lounge*, d0.,.t0. I,oooyards Elegant Bru* bqls Carpet, Wool Oarpota, Bugs and Mats, Mirrors,. Looking-Glasses, Oflico Fnrnlturu, Dining-Room Furni ture, Kitchen Furniture, Bods, Bedding, Shoots, Pillow- Cases, Towels, Napkins, Crockery, Cutlery, Plated* Ware,. Glassware, Stores. Ac , Ac. . , . _ . Tho Metropolis Hotel was furnished now sloco tho fire, st a cost of $20,000. 8«lo positive. Largo hotel range, billiard table, and flro-proof safe. EDISON A FOSTER. Auctioneers.. By G. P. GOBB CO., 22. 24, and 26 East Randolph-st. A.T ATJOiaON, HOUSEHOLD GOODS. Srn.t lu Parlor Suita, Chamber Buts, Ward* os, Sofas, Lounges, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Extension Tables, Beer Tables, Office Desks, W, Q. Crockery, Yel low and Rockingham Ware, Glass Ware, Carnots, Mir ror?, Buggies, Harness, Farmers’ Wagons, a Fine Tons. Mulodoou (Edwards), 10 crates W. O. Crockery. On Saturday, April 13, at IBs o'clock. . O. P. GORE A CO., Auctioneer*. Exteriw Mtractinn! TO CASH BUYERS i At tho Auction Sale, on Tuesday, April 15, at 0 i-2 A, M., of Piece Goods, Hosiery, Gents’ Un derwear, Shawls, Notions, etc. El egant Line of Silk and Gingham. Umbrellas and Parasols. 100 Pieces Best Grades Black Alpacas, 75 cases Men’s and Boys’' Hats and Caps, and Ladies’ Trim med Hats ; 75 Rolls Brussel’s, In grain and Rag Carpets, by the piece only. GEO. P. GORE 4 CO., 23. 24. and 28 Randolphs. GEO.P. GOBB Sc CO., 23, 24, andSCßandolph-st., Will offer by catalogue, On Wednesday, April 10, a* 01-2 a. m., One of tlio finest Linos of BOOTS, SHOES & SUPPERS over opened In this oily, and retailor* arc Invited to look them oTor. By m A. BUTTERS & CO. 200 RESIDENCE LOTS At Cornell, Town of Hyfle Farit, A r B? ATCJOTION ON Monday Afternoon, April 14, Sole commencing at 2 o’clock, at our sales rooms, 65 And 67 South Oonol-st. These lota aro desirably located in Preston Subdivision of tho northwest M of Soo. 88, Town 88, east of tho M. S. and P. 4 Ft. W. Railroads, and near tho Obloago Watoh Factory, between Seventy-ninth and Elgbty-flrsHU. Lota 25x126 foot. Streets 68 foot, with wldo alleys. TERMS OP SALE—>» cash, H one year, H two years. Interest 8 per oont. TlUoporfcct, with full warrantee dso£ and abstract of tltlo teoaoh purchaser. For other particulars, soo WM. A. BUTTERS 4 CO., Auotlonaor*. By AV. F. HODGES & CO. BBBUKB AND GO TO UODGE3ACO. Large and Extensive Auction Sale, This Saturday Moraine At 10 a. m, Thor havo tho contents of throo largo residences and the sonus aro Tory lino, consisting of marblMop chamber sots oak and walnut sots, velvet English body and American and throo l>ly carpets, bedstead", bureaus, wardrobes, imrlor suits, 0 Ural-class cook stoves, oust over lj t£ and in tuo but a very short time, chairs of all descriptions, largo rockers, sowing chairs, Ac., Ao,, and liino thousand articles too nuuiormis to mention. You cannot bu disap pointed in any article kept in tho housekeeping line, fur it is there; snro tlto goods must bo sold, as tho owners aro leaving tho oily and have given orders to soil them for what they will draw. Take Madison anti Randolph street oars, get off at Asbland-ar.. and so© rod flag. UODUI‘B A CO., fiia West Lako-et. HAVENS & CO., Will soil on Saturday, April 19, at U:SQ a. m., furniture, carpuls, orockoryware. U5 KI.KUANT 6F.WINCJ MACHINES. Show canes, bookcases, sideboards, minors stoves, 010., ole. Comprising Iho largest assortment ottered (his sea son. HAVENB <k C 0„ Auctioneer, WtioiUhCaoalst. Silver-Plated Ware, Empire Parlor Bedstead, Lounges, oto. Solo this day at 9:90 a. m. by HAVI^SACO.. Cans!-at.

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