Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 16, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 16, 1873 Page 3
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i THE COURTS. Is North Evanston a Legally Con structed Village I The Danville Railroad v. The City of Chicago. Suit Against a Eailroad for $50,000 Worth of Property Lost. Proceedings Against the South Park Commissioners. Extraordinary Charges Against Z. I. P. Omnibus Officials. rjjiio. West Chicago Election—Stow Suits, Etc. The cose of John CulvqY)' ot nl., v. tho Board of Trustees of North Evanston, In which tho plaintiff seeks to annul tho election hold in that place In January lost, came up before Judge Farwoll, at tbo Criminal Court, yesterday after noon. Tho counsel for plaintiff, Mr. Burroughs, road the petition, a synopsis of which has al ready boon published In Tub Trioure, in which complainant seeks to sot osido tho election of officers made on tho 28th of January, 1878, on the ground of its illegality, arising from tbo fact that an alteration had boon mode in tho pe tition to Judge Wallace to issue notices of elec tion for village organization, subsequent to Its being signed by some of tbo petitioners; end that tho notices of election issued by Judge Wallace wore dated Jan. 13, 1873, and or dered tho voto to take place ca the 28th of Jan uary n ext, which strictly moans January, 1874. • Countor-afildavita wore rend by tho counsel for the defence, Mr. Forrester: Tho affidavit of Horace Fulton and Martin Blackburn, Trustees for North Evanston, stated that tho notice of tho County Judge of tho vote to settle tho question of village organization •was universally under stood by tho village voters os fixing the time for the election on Jan. 28, 1873;. that a general .mooting of voters took place two days before tho issuance of notice, at which tho petition to tho County Judge for organization of North Evana 'ton as a Village was signed by many voters Ihoro present, and it was understood by 'nil In attendance that tho voto was to bo taken as soon dk legal notice was given; that the then approaching election, on tho 28th of January. 1873, was much discussed and canvass ed, ana by none more than Culver, tho petition er ; that every one who saw tho notice, including Sotltionor himself, understood that to bo tho ato of tho voto, and not 28th of January, 1871; that, with tho exception of two or three absen tees, all tho legally-qualified electors of the place wore present at tho election of 23th of January, 1873; that petitioner himself was there, tnakiug strenuous efforts against organization, and it was tho counsel for petitioner who first found out tho notice would hoar any qthor moan ing than that tho voto would bo taken on tho 28th of JanuatTi 1873; that the petition, by Setitionor and others, to tho Trustees of Erans m, to bavo their property annexed, was gotten up by tho signors thereof for tho purpose of forestalling . and defeating said appli cation of said voters for organization, and that action thorcon was post poned until it was soon that a majority would Voto for organization; and thaHhoso who signed the petition for tho organization wore not In formed when they presented tho same to tho County Judge that sold petition to tho Trustees of. North Evanston bad been filed with said Trustees; nor were those who voted for organi sation informed that an ordinance had been passed by Evanston annexing tho lauds referred to in the petitioner’s petition to Evanston; that tho Trustees of Evanston took no action thereon for annexation of said land until tho 27th of January, 1873: and that, when on that day they passed tho ordinance annexing it, they had no tice of the proceedings of tho County Judge in fixing tho time and place of said voto for organi sation, and wore fully apprised that said election was to tako place next day; but illegally, at the instigation of petitioner John Culver, and others, paused said ordinance In order to thwart and embarrass, if possible, the proposed organization ; and that after said notices of vote had boon posted, and boforo the vote had been taken, tho matter was discussed in tho Evanston Index, tho local weekly news paper, as coming off on tho 28th of January, 1873, and tho general belief of tho inhabitants Was to tho same effect. William Jocks, of North Evanston, in his affidavit, averred that on the oth of January, 2878, ho prepared and wrote the petition for vil lage organization by name of North Evanston, which was subsequently signed by more than thirty legal votois of the territory, and filed with the Clerk of the County Court, at which date the County Judge ordered to ho published the notice of election, to behold 26th January next afterdate of the notice; that the petition was presented by affiant for signatures at a public mooting, and before any person had signed the petition, de ponent* erased with his own hands, by pencil marks, tho words “ or otherwise ; ” and that ho was directed by tho Judge to write notices of election, inserting tho 23th January, 1873, as tho day for holding it, and such was his intention. Tho affidavit of Samuel B. Pocnoy, of North Evanston, showed that ho attended tho public mooting hold in the school-house on tho 10th January, 1878 ; that Mr. Jonks there rood a peti tion for village organization, which was adopted by tho meeting ; that ho was the first person who eigned the same ; that before ho did so ho 'board Hr. Jonks toll a number of citizens that ho had crossed out tho words, “or otherwise,” in said petition, as they were mere surplusage; and that he knows that tho words wore crossed out at the time ho signed said petition. Tho counsel for tho plaintiff read an affidavit by John Pickett, which stated that ho had road the affidavit of William M. Jonks, and was pres ent at tho mooting referred to therein; that tho petition proposed was road over to tho meeting, and the words, “or otherwise," wore rend as a part thereof at tho time; that it was then, in chat condition, adopted by a vote, and signatures colled for; that ho signed tho same, understand ing the words “or otherwise” to bo apart thereof; that ho bad not then road it over to see whether eald words wore erased or not; that the first ho know of tho matter was the next day, when there was some discussion about tho effect of those words, but bo hoard no such discussion while the mooting was being hold; that ho proposed at tho meeting that Culver’s property bo not included In tho petition, stating that if it were done, Culver would no longer approve tho organiza tion; but this proposition was voted down at the meeting, Tho counsel for tho defense urged that it was not in tho power of tho Court to decide tho mat ter, which shouldboleft for decision solely to the Attorney General. Ho depleted in glowing terms the immense probabilities of tho young suburb, and showed the evil which an adverse decision would cause. Tho counsel for tho petitioner stood for tho legal rights of bis client, holding that tho error In tho notices of election annulled them, no matter whether tho Inhabitants agreed mutually to misunderstand their litoral moaning. lie showed that his client Culver, owning ono-tonth of the entire property, was deeply interested in the suit. Boforrlng to tho remarks that tho Criminal Court was not tho ono in which to try tho case, he mentioned tho alteration of words, characterized it as forgery, and claimed that his case was before tho right court. Tho Judgo hold tho matter under advisement. THE BOOTH TAJIK LANDS. James E. Clarke, of Rochester, lad., yester day filed a bill against tho South Park Commis sioners, Chauncoy T. Bowen, Paul Cornell, George W. Gage, L. B. Bidway, and Potter Palmer; affirming that ho Is the owner in foe simple of tho north half of tho wost ono-half of tho northeast quarter of Section 24, 38, 14, con taining twenty acres of land, valued at $160,000: that said Commissioners, under authority of thoiraots of incorporation (Fob. 24, and April 10, I860), claimed the rights of possession and occupation of all of tho lands named in sold act, of wuioh complainant's laud, abovo described, formed a part; that various notices were served, and other acts done for the securing such possession; and that complainant’s lands wore selected, among others, for the purposes of said park. Complainant represents that said act conferred no right or title whatever in said Com missioners to said lands, as decided by tho Su premo Court of this State: since which doclsloh {he respondents have withdrawn from com {ilainant’sland, and left him in possession. by bin enaht, although tho Oorrtmißßlonora eilll main tain » fonco along tho Treat 'Uno of said Section 34, and Across the public highway loading from complainant's lona to tho City of Chicago. Complainant noxt shows that tho Commia elonors havo leaned bonds in renewal of bonds, etc., under an not Issued Juno 10,1871, andmndo assessments on property in tho towns referred to la said act (South Chicago, Hyde Park, and Lake) for tho purpose or paying for thouands to bo so taken as aforesaid os por ostlmato mado by them, which assessment they aro attempting to collect. Ho represents that said aotk, or Febru ary and April, 1860, aro unconstitutional, as it authorises tho taking of lands without consent, and without any public necessity existing; that his lands aro in tho town of Hydo Park only, seven miles south of tho centra of Chicago; that said town is a rural hamlet,’ sparsely peopled, Its population not ■ exceeding a low thousand souls, and so remote from tho city that it can ho of'no value as a place of recreation and re sort ; and he shows that the said acts aro In con flict with Sees, l and oof tho Constitution of this Btato. and Section 6 of Art. 8, of tho samo Constitution, etc., oto.s and further, that tho act authorizing. tho appointment cf ofllcors by a Judge of tho Circuit Court is ia vio lation 'of tho samo Constitution; and that' a majority of said ofllcors haro boon appointed by a Judge or Judges of said Circuit Court. - Farther, that tho act of Juno 10, 1871, is in violation of tho samo Constitution, in that It Is an amendment and change of a charter of a corporation by a special* law attempted tb ho concealed by general phraseology; and that it him never boon adoptodby a voto of tbp people (5T said towns, nor by a majority of their legal voters; wherefore lie insists that there exists np lawful moans whereby tho said Oommisslon oi3 oan collect such assessments for tho payment of said land os aforesaid. Complainant further shows that tho bonds negotiated amount to $3,000,000; tbfvt tho entire sum has boon expend ed, together, with nearly albthat has boon collect ed ; aud that whatever funds they oan command aro altogether inadequate to the purchase of any considerable nart of complainant's lands. ' The amount tho Commissioners estimated they would have to pay for all tho lands they would require 'woe $1,260,000; whereas thoy aro alleged to u&vo already expended all they can obtain, from every source, and have yet to acquire or pay, for 800 aoros.iEvon if.tho proper condemnation proceed ings were taken, therefore, the complainant urges that tho Commissioners would bo unable to pay tho value of his land. :Ho afllrms that there aro judgments unsatisfied" against tho Commission ers, amounting to $250,000; that thoy owo a further indebtedness of $600.000; that thoy havo contracted with parties for tno purchase of land which they aro not able to pay for, and that oven tho interest on such; purchases is unprovided for; that by the report of tho County Commis sioners, of Ist December last, .the Park Com missioners wore shown to havo not more than $30,000 on hand, tholr annual necessary expendi ture being sot forth at $140,000; that tho limits of tho Park, as they are now settled, do not include the complainant’s land, but that tho maps show that it is part of tho land on which tho bonds are secured, thus creating a cloyd on complainant’s titlo. Ho afllrms that the appoint ment of tho Commissioners has not beep con firmed'by tho State Senate, accordingja law; and prays that tho bonda-moy be declared by tho Court not a lion on his land, and that tho de fendants ho restrained entering on the land, or commencing proceedings against him for its pos session in the Circuit Courts EXTRAORDINARY OUAROEH AGAINST Z. X. P.', OP , nouns.- ZlmriL Pratt, M. 8. Nichols, John T, man, Goo. B. Chittenden, Goo. Bickordiko, and Joseph B. Bickordiko, of Chicago, bring, suit on behalf of all tho shareholders of tho PoOplo’a Omnibus and Baggage Company (except tho do fondants to tho suit), complainants affirming that tho capital stock of tho Company is SIOO,- 000, "in 1,000 shares of SIOO each, par v&uo: that Zimri Pratt holds 14.0 shares; M. S. Nichols and John F. Coffman, 6 shares ; G. B. Chitten den, 110 shares ; Goo. Bickordiko, 174 shores; Joseph B. Bickordiko, 1 share; that 131 shares have novor boon issued by tho Company, and aro still tho property thereof; that on tho 6th of October last. Jool D, Harvey was President of tho Board of Directors of tho Company; that Edward O. Halo was Secretary, ana holder of one share ; that Morton F. Halo, a brother of Edward 0., was, atthodato aforesaid, and still is, a stockholder in tho Company, and Tro&suror of tho Board of Directors ; that, about tho dato aforesaid, Jool D. Harvoy, as President, and Edward O. Halo, ns Secretary, fraudulently conspired with Morton F. Halo, Treasurer, to issue the sold 181 shores of tho Company, to and in the name of Morton F. Halo, without any authority from tho Board of Directors, and without tho assent of tho other Directors ; that tho transfer waemado by virtue of cortiflcato No. 57 of tho capitolstock of the Company; that said Morton F. Halo, about tho date of tho issue of the cortiflcato No. 67 for 181 shares, executed his promissory uoto for' $13,400, payable on de mand to tho order of the Company, in cash, or certificate of tho Company’s stock; that tho noto was taken by Jool D. Harvey, as President, or E. G. Halo, as Secretory, or both of thorn, and was loft among tho papers of the Company in their office, and, without tho knowledge or con . sent of the Board of Directors, and without any corporate action; that at a mooting of the stock holders of tho Company, hold 18th Docombor lost, Halo attempted to voto as holder of tho 131 shares, and refused to pay tho uoto when re quested to do so by tho President, at tho request of the other share holders;. that at present his holding of tho shares is a more trusteeship ; that in March, cither Harvey or Halo surrendered fifty of tho said shares, retaining eighty-four, upon wluch Halo attempted to voto at a mooting hold on tho 7th of this month ; that ho hta novor paid a dollar therefor; that ho refused tore turn tho shares, oven when a written demand for them was made upon him; that Harvoy, tho. President, and Halo, tho Socrot&ry of tho Com pany, who hold, with tho said eighty-four shores, a majority of tho stock of tho Company, Book to dictate the policy of tho Company to their own peculiar benefit, and tho other stockholders’ pe culiar detriment. Therefore tho complainants pray for an injunction restraining Harvoy from soiling or voting upon tho eighty-four shares, and an order to have Harvoy and Halo examined upon tho points alleged. Judgo Williams issued tho injunction ou tho report of Butler, Master. QUESTIONABLE ACTS OF A BANKBDPT. It. E. Jenkins, Assignee of the estate of Charles G. Übollor yesterday filed a hill, on tho chancery side of tho United States District Court, against Max Kohn and Ann J. Hall, for tho pur poses stated below. The Assignee shows that said Übollor, a dealer in liquors, at tho time of his being declared a bankrupt, was possessed of a warranty deed of land signed by william Cook and wife, namely tho northeast quarter of Soo. 8, Township 80, 8, In tho County of Livingstone, valued at about $6,000 and subject to about $2,000 incumbrance. This land ho leased, on tho 28th March, 1872, to his wife’s sister, the defendant Ann J. Hall, for live years, viz.: 15th March, ’72 to 15th March '77, for au alleged pay ment in hand of $1,600. On tho 25th Oct., 1872, Ann J. Hall transferred her interest in said lease to the defendant Max Kohn, to whom Übollor also owed SI,BOO for goods, for which Übollor made payment in goods. Tno Assignee charges that both these transactions wore fraudulent, and Intended to defraud tho creditors; wherefore ho prays tho Court to declare tho lease and trans fer null and void, and that tho goods be return ed, or thoir value paid into Court. LAUQB MOUTQAOE FOUEOLOSUUE SUITS. Tho Assignee of tho Groat Western Insurance Company, in bankruptcy, yesterday filed a bill in the United States District Court to foreclose mortgage on tho southwest of 800. 3. Township 18, Bango 3, being near tho City of Altona, walnut Grove Township, Knox County, 111., given to secure two notes of Harlan H. Pock for SIO,OOO each, said mortgage being signed by Abner aud Lawrence Pocu; also, to foreclose mortgage of James and Emily Jane Montgomery, to secure a note of $20,000 given by Henry H. Boado, on tho oast % of the north K of Block 3 in Wilson, Hoald & Btibblns’ Subdivision os tho cast }{ of the southwest l£ of 800. 16, 88, 14. TUB WEST CHICAGO ELECTION, Judge Williams was occupied, at the coming in of court, yesterday morning, in hearing argu ments on a petition for uu injunction restrain ing County Clerk Poliak delivering tho assess ment-rolls of tho Ton'll of West Chicago to tho nowly-oloolod Assessor, Adam L. Amborg, and restraining said Ambcrg from making such as sessments until tho final decision of tho Court iu tho cause People ex rol. Bout H. Foss ot a!., to doolaro tho late town election of Wout Chica ?o void. Tho reader of The Tmmmu is already iiUy acquainted with tho facts that are made the basis of this proceeding. Tho counsel for defendant, in speaking against tho proposed injunction, remarked that it was of vital public Importance that tho assessment bo Crocooded with. Ho considered tho Assessor to o tho most Important officer iu tho municipal machinery. He did not understand how tho luostion of a contested election could bo settled In a court of ohauoory. The question is simply to decide whom is tho proper officer. Tho tax payer has not the power Co interfere, aud hinder tho officer from doing his duty. Tho matter ought to bo decided at once, as tho Assessor hod hardly time to got through his work under tho moat favorable circumstances. Counsel stated that ho did not appear merely as the counsel of Hr. Amborg, but in tho interests of. the public, who would suffer if tho Injunction was allowed. Counsel for the people agreed with tho state THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1(3, 18733. *znonfc that the question was one of pnhllo Inter est, ond not ono solely of contested election. Tho interest of tho public Is thus i Tho Constitution oxprossly requires that somo person must make tho assessment who has booh elected, and thus no ono can do it wlio is not olootod. Tho Irijnrv now feared is that Mr. Amborg is going to make an aaaossm'ent. Under existing circumstances it Cannot bo legally collootod ; so that tho only thing loft was to obtain a temporary Injunction, without which tho taxes will bo lost. Judge Williams thought tho case ono of con siderable importance, aud, na ho could not givo it sufficient attention at tho time. ho continued tho caso until noxt Saturday morning. Thoro are numbers of tax-fighters in tho city who will never pay if thoy con help it, and, if thoy fight tills cause on tho ground tuat tho Assessor Ims not tho power to collect, and suc ceed, not ono dollar will bo collected from those not inclined to pay. SUIT FOR THE RECOVERY OF TUB VALUE OF JEW- ELRY. In tho Circuit Court, W. J. Carson, who sues for tho uso of Louis J. Mulford and Bhubail Oottlo, brings notion Against tho Michigan Cen tral Railroad Company for 850,000, for trespass on tho caso. Mulforu and Shubail aro jewelers, of Now York City, and they had on a car of tho Michigan Central Railroad Company, In Decem ber Inst, a sample trunk of jowolry, which was burned up witli a quantity of other baggage, be tween this city and Detroit. Thoy uuo to recover from tho Company as carriers of bag gage. Tho Company deny that as such thoy aro responsible for jowolry, as baggage, except so far as tho reasonable, amount that may belong to a passenger. THE CURTIS AND CARROLL STREET RAILROAD WAR. Tbo caso of tho Chicago, Dahvillo & Vincennes Railroad v; City' Of Chicago came np before Jndgo Williams,-yesterday nilothoon, on a mo tion by plaintiff to grant further injunction to prevent tho City interfering vtlifjf their relaying track across Curtis and Carrol|jflfrootß. On tho 13th February lost, on tho same : day on whioh tho original bill was filed; tho motion was made sotting tho caad for last Monday week, but it was allowed to ho amended, and the case was con tinued until to-day. Tim City, through Us coun sel, denied all the Allegations of'plaintiff except tho fact of tearing np tbo track) and ■ sustained tholr answer by twelve or fifteen 'affidavits that tho track was not laid as the ordinance required, that tho Railroad Company continued laying it on Saturday, through Sunday, and into Monday, tearing down fences, filling up gutters, and ob structing tho streets; that thoy claim a private coal-yam at tho corner of Curtis and Carroll streets ; and that thoy desire access thereto for private speculation. Tho argument was oponod by John Wood hridgo.for tho railroad, who was replied to by M. McDado. In tho interest of private property holders in the city, followed by Mr. Tnloy, Cor poration Counsel. $25,000 SUIT BY THE OTTY. In tho Superior Court, tho City of Chicago brings action against John Holly. Michael aud DavulHallanin, James Payne, John McCabe, A. J. Latham, George W. How, Charles G. and Joel H. Wicker, for debt, $25,000. Tho suit grow out of tho fact that, in 1870, Kelly & Co. woro' dis appointed of obtaining a contract to build tho 'tunnel to tho crib for tho Chicago Water Works. Thoy sued tho city for an injunction to restrain tho Hoard of Pnhllo Works awarding tho contract. Thoy obtained an ox parto injunction, and a motion to dissolve it was successfully maao be fore Judgo Farwoll. Holly & Co. appealed tho case, which continued tbo injunction. In a year, tho city won tho caso before tho Supremo Court. At tho iimo of appeal by Holly & Co,, Judgo Farwoll roquirod them to givo a $25,000 bond to secure tho city from loss. Tho parties defendant to tho present suit woro tho signors of tho bond, which tho city now Books to collect. * CRIMINAL COURT NOTES. In tho Criminal Court,' tho caso of People v. Timothy W. Fuller, Ohoa. T. Samoa, ond Rich ard Rainforth, for conspiracy to dofraud Duncan Forbes, on a real estate transfer, was called for trial. Neither Forbos nor Fuller appeared, but Rainforth and Barnes clamored for trial. Ful ler’s bail was defaulted, and tho caso passed as to tho other defendants. A nolle prosequi was entered In two Indict ments against G. W. Parent, concealing mortgaged property, the other fosdarcony. NEW SUITS. Tire United States Circuit COURT.—James E. Clark v. tho South Park Commissioners ; bill In chan cery. Tire United States District Court,—Robert E. Jenkins, Assignee of Charles O. Übcllor v. MaxKohn and Ann J. Hall; bill In chancery. Clark W. Upton. Assignee of tho Great Western Insurance Company v. Abner and Lucrctia Pock; bill for foreclosure of mort gage. Same v. Jaroos and Emily Montgomery ot al*; umo. Joseph It Payson, Assignee of tho Republic In aurnneo Company, v. Henry Welsh, Jr., ($3,000); A. O. Orovcm&n ($500); E. F. Lawrence ($3,000); Caroline O. Willard ot al. (11,000); John H. Colton, Executor, etc. ($500); Henry Miles, Executor, otc. ($500); ana Lydia F. Taft ot al. ($1,000), all in assumpsit. Tire CmoniT Court.—o,oo2—W. J, Carson, who sues for tho use of Louis J. Mulford and Sbabail Cottlo, v« Tho Michigan Central Hall road Company; $50,000. C,so3—John Jonaon v. W. E. Halo, J. ' Moss, and Charles n. Rowo; coao; $10,030. 0,694 Z. I. Pratt ct al. v. M. F. Halo; bill for injunction. 0,595—G, H. Parko and A. Sopor v. G. U. Sngar and J. It. Frcman ; assumpsit; S3OO. o,s9o—Julius O. D. Ross v. Mary Rosa ; bill for divorce. 6,597—J0hn Wotzlor v. John W, Becker ct al.; §otltlon lor mechanics’ lien,' 6,s9B—Appeal. 0,599 'rcderickLcochman v. Charles Boetcher; caao ; $lO,- 000. 0,000-I—Appeals, 6,002— Appeal. (Burnt Rec ords—o2—Benjamin E. Gallup v. Henry A. Blodgett. 63—Tramor v. Jefferson ot al. Tub SurKßioa Cocht—43,olo—Daniel A, Bogon ct 01, T. Leopold A. and Joseph Hart; assumpsit, $500.’ 43.011 I. A. Boyer ct al. r. Martin Sauber, John H. Trodons, nml Julius Schrolbo: assumpsit, $1,600, 43.012 Luolla A. Handy v. Ho Witt O. Handy; divorce. 43.013 Hay St Whituoy v. Anthon and Thoodoro Wagner; petition for mechanics' lien, $317.80. 43,015 —Al)ol Hoover and Charles B. Allen v« li. G. Blathcr wlck; assumpsit, $1,600. 43,010 —Ann M. Baker v, Asabol Gage and Henry N, G.igo: petition to establish and confirm title. 43,017—William Haythorn ▼. Julius H. Haven; trespass, $5,000. 43,014—City of Chicago y. John Kelly,Michael Ilallantn, David Hallanln,James Pryno, John McCabe, A. J. LntUsra, George M. Hay, Charles Q. Wicker, and Joel H. Wicker ; debt, $25,000. 43,016— Henry Dohuo y. W'ilhobauia Potors ct al.; iiin. THE CITY IN BRIEF. Tho cantata of “Tho Haymakers” will bo re peated at the Michigan Avenue Baptist Church on Thursday evening. An adjourned mooting of tho Chicago Photo graphic Association will bo hold this evening at No. 168 State street. A mooting of tho Council Committee on Streets and Alloys of the West Division will be bold to morrow afternoon in tho City Clerk’s office. Ira A. Pease, proprietor of tho Wells street stage-lino, was yesterday fined S2O and costs by Bauyon, for using horses with sore shoulders. Giles Bros., lime dealers, were fined yesterday $6 and costs by Justice Scully for overloading a team on Western avenue. Prank Brodlo has boon in prison a week, on the charge of stealing $2 from W. P. Bolter. At tho examination, yesterday morning, before Banyon, it was learned that Bolter had bolted, and Brodio was discharged. A woman named Mary Wilson, was examined before Banyon, yesterday morning, on the charge of stealing a quantity of clothing from the house of Mrs. Jeanette Harrington. Sue was hold in SSOO ball to appear at tho Criminal Court. Tho alarm from Box 123 at half-past 11 o’clock yesterday morning, was caused by a small a frame shod, adjoining tho soap factory of J. B. Kirk & Co., on Water street. The fire origi nated in a defective flue. Loss, S2O ; no in surance. The Common Council Commltteo on Wharves and Public Grounds will hold a mooting to-moiv row, to consider tho petition of tho Directors of tho coming Exposition, to build a temporary structure ou Lake Park. Last Saturday night, tho clothing storo of A. Wostman, No. 112 Hickory auonuo, was forced open by thieves, and eighteen coats stolen. Yes terday morning, ton of tho coats wore found under a sidewalk on Division street, by a police officer, and wore returned to their owner. W. W. Biohardson, proprietor of a lino of West Side omnibuses, was sued before Justice Banyon, yesterday, and fined $6 for not having his name aud number distinctly marked upon hlo vehicle, with an additional fine of $5 for driving it with out a license. Tho Board of Public Works, yesterday. Issued tho following building permits s W. A. Lowell, two-story and basement stono front, 85x36 foot, on Wost Adams street ; William Niomoyor, two story and basement brick, 22x65)rf feet, No. G2B North Wells street; Trustees Clinton Btroot Congregational Church, brick bulldiug, 00x40 foot, corner of Wilson aud CUutou streets. Tho occupants of tho roar car of tho day ex press train from Milwaukee on tho Chicago & Northwestern Hallway, woro thrown into a slato of oxoltoment, near Division street, at 3 o'clock on Monday evening, by a bullet crashing through ono of tho windows and lodging iu tho coiling. An old gentleman who sat opposite the window narrowly escaped being struck, tho ball passing so no&r the top of his hat as to singo it. Tho Coronor hold an Inquest yesterday after noon, on tho body of tho man who was taken out of tho rivor at tho foot of Wost Washington street, on Monday. Tho report that a gash was fouud upon his forehead, was untrue. Two wltr nesses testified that they believed tbo body was that of John Kelly, a sailor, who had boon mis- sing sinco tho middle of January. When las? scon ho wofl at a funeral, and was intoxicated. On tho person of tho dead man was found an omply flank. Tho jury rendered a verdict of oc cidental drowning* 1 • . Tho Eioohtivoand Finance Committees, ap pointed to-make arrangements .for decorating tho. soldiers’ graves on tho 80th of May, mot at tho Gardnor Houso last evening. Thoy hold separate mootings, but did nothing boyond coming to tho conclusion that $1,600 would defray tho expense,.and appointing ft committee of llvo to suggest sub-committees on transporta tion music, flowers, otc. It was stated that tho committees intend to make tho coming Decora tion Day memorable, tho decorations and tho ac companying services to ho oqual to any in tho country. ) A man who lived In tho town of Leyden, died Inst Thursday of small-pox, and his body has boon lying ovor sinco in his house. His family aro all ill with tho samo disease, and tho stench arising from tbo oorpso Is voty Injurious. Tho town Supervisor has boon appealed to, hut bo will do nothing, fearing if ho goes to tho house ho will bo attacked. Tho Superintendent of Public Charities was appealed to yesterday, and sent a man to bury the remains. Tho other members of tho family havo had medical. attendance) hut It is probable that two or throo of them will dio. • Chris Stutz) a young engaged as the commer cial agent of. several manufacturing establish ments in Chicago, lias fallen into the hands of tho police authorities of Bt. Lonls. - Bomo years ago no had a dispute with, a wholesale grocery firm of that city. Tho other day, happening in St. Louis, ho resolved ho would Oot tlo -tho matter' vi ot onnla, . A. police officer, however, interposed between tho parties, Just as Stutz .vtfts about to draw a deadly weapon. Ho woe'takon before a “ Police Magis trate” (tbo namo'byVUich St. Louis seeks to dig nify her Justices'), and fined $25 for carrying a concealed weapon;■ _; Tho Board of Warehouse and' Railroad Com missioners mot at Anderson's Hotel yesterday, hnd transacted some general business. The only thing of interest done was tho making of ap pointments in tho Grain Registrar’s office and fixing tho salaries of tho assistants. Tho resignation of . Franklin Prico, First Assistant was received and accepted, and those below him promoted ono grade, tho working forco standing now as follows: Registrar. Stephen Clary; First Assistant, Troylns Tyndall, $1,500; Second As sistant, John Allen, $1,200; Third Assistant, C. W. Daniels, $1,200; Fourth Assistant, Harry Doan, $1,200; Fifth Assistant, Homar W. Bco .villo, sl,ooo—tho last was tho only now man ap pointed. Tho following aro names of saloon keepers in tho Third Polico District, commanded by Cnpt. Ound; who havo boon reported for violation of tho Sunday Liquor law, last Sunday: T. Casey, No. 280 North Clark street; peter Shields, No. 118EastKiuzio; M. Cain, No. 18 North Clark; Lipo A. GilUs, No. 45 North Clark: P. Mur phy, Olyboum • avonuo ; O.’ ‘F. Fisher, -No. 625 North Clark; N. Scbniodor, No. 410 North avonuo; Agustus «k Son, No. 443 .North Wells; Samuel Drown, No. 880 Division; John Cobonosckki, No. 257 Dayton; J. 'O. Brown, No. 150 Willow ; Anton Fisher, No. 631 -Larrabeo ; W. Sohloodor, No. 200 Dayton; Louis Boeohtoz, No. 112 Willow; A,. O. Bloats. Elston & Crossing, corner of Dearborn and Water: D. Barrett, No. 49 East Erie ; H. Ford.No.Bs East Erie; A. J. Gibbons, No. 147 jJromor; M. McNomy, No. 24 Selah; G. Plophs, No. S3 East Indiana; Albert Boose, No. 145 Michigan ; John Tanbraar, Wedder and Vino; J. Vollsman, North avonuo ; Albert Cohair, Hoisted and Willow ; H. Gildorman, Redgwick and Linden ; J. Lozzario, No. 879 Division : "G. Hontchol, Mohawk ; P. Roark, Wright and Rawson; W. Gamble, No. 80 Rawson. Total, 20r CHICAGO PRESBYTERY, Proceeding* Ot the Second Par’s Sen sion*»Au Overiiiro from tho General AsNombly—Appblntmont of Standing Committees* Tbo second day's session of tho Semi-Annual Meeting of tbo Chicago Presbytery, with a full membership, was bold; yesterday, in the locturo room of tho Second Proabytori&vr Church, tho Moderator, tho Bov. 0. L. Thompson, in tho ohalr. Tho following overture from tho General As sembly to tho Presbyteries was, after an ox tmoptive discussion, answered in tbo negative, and a Committee, consisting of Dr. R. W. Pat terson, Prof. F. L. Patton, and tho Rov. J. H. Trowbridge, was appointed to draw np an over uro to. the General Ass embiy, expressing tbo mind of tho Presbytery on tbo subject, and re port this morning: Shall tbo'follovrlng section bo added to Chapter XV, of - tho Form of Government, to-wlt: The ofilce .of a Minister of tho Gospel la perpetual. No ono can lay It aside at bis own pleasure, or be deprived of It. but by deposition; yet for reasons not calling for discipline: 1. A minister may, on his own request and with tho permission of his Presbytery, cense to bo an acting minister; or, 3. If tho Presbytery is convinced that a minister is per manently disqualified for tho ministerial work (except by age, sickness, or other accidents), it may, with the consent of tho Synod, obtained after three months! no tice to such minister, require him to demit tho exercise of tho functions of his ofilce; It being understood that bo will still bo a member of the church, and eligible to tho offico of ruling older or deacon; That if any one, lu either of those ways, cease to bo an act ing minister, ho shall not bo permitted to sit as a min ister in any of our ecclesiastical Judicatories; and, if ho is not connected as ‘ a mem ber with fome ' particular church, ho shall still be responsible to his Proabytevy; and ho may. by It, be restored to tho exorcise of the functions of his ofilce and to all tho rights incident thereto. Tho following standing committees wore ap pointed: Foreign Marions—' Hots. Arthur Mitchell, W. 0. Young, A. Bwazey ; Elders D. It. Holt. J. It. Plsscll. Home Missions— Bovs. William M. Blackburn, Arthur Mitchell, J. 11. Trowbridge, Benjamin £. 8. Ely; El

ders 0. B. Nelson, T, B. Carter. Church Erection— Rev. It. W, Patterson, Bov. L. 11. Beid, Bov. E. B. Davis, Elder William G. Holmes, Elder H. E. Seely. Education —Bov. James H. Taylor, Bov. Charles Elliott. Bov. David Swing, Elder B. T. Hedges, Elder 8. M. Moore. Fullication —Bov. E, B. Davis. Bov, D. J. Halsey, Bcv. O. L. Thompson, Elder Thomas Dent, Elder James Oils. Ministerial Relief— Bcv. E. L. Hurd, Bov. G. 0. Noyes, Bov. John Covert, Elder J. 8. Gould, Elder V. A, Turpin, Sabbdth-Sehools— Bov, 0. L. Thompson, Bov. J. H. Walker, Bov. 0. Wlsnor, Elder W. A. Port, Elder McGrcggor Adams. Examination of Candidates for the Ministry— Experimental Religion, tho Moderator; Theology, Bov. B. W. Patterson; Ecclesiastical History, Bav. L. 11. Bold; Arts and Science, Prof. Swing: Greek and Hebrew, Bev. A. Mitchell; Government and Sacra meats, Bev. G. 0 Noyes; Trial Pieces, Prof. P. L. Pat ton, Bov. 0. L. Thompson; and Bev. A. E. Klttredgo. Tlio following rules for keeping sessional records wore adopted: First—! The meeting of tho session should be uniform ly closed with prayer and opened with prayer, except when held immediately after religious services, and in circumstances that would make such an opening exor cise inconvenient; and the record should notice the opening or closing prayer according to the fact. Second —Tho names of tho members of the session present, and of tho minister or other person presiding, should do given in tho record. Third —at Is proper that the pastor, or supply of tho church, should msko a report to tuo session of all children and adults baptized by him, of all commun ion seasons In tho church, of all persons who have entered into covenant with the church st the commun ion, and of all deaths of members of the church that have come to hia knowledge, and these reports should appear, aa such, In the record. Also, it is advisable that complete lists bo kept in an appendix to the Record of all the baptisms and deaths thus reported. Fourth—* The pastor or supply of the church should bring to the notice of tho session any resolutions of tho Presbytery, Synod, or Qenerol Assembly requiring special attention; and tho record should present a full and clear statement of such special action. Fifth— lt is expedient that the minutes or record of each meeting of tho session should bo read and ap proved at a subsequent meeting. Sixth— Tho Commissioner appointed by the session to attend any meeting of the Presbytery or Synod, should report his attendance or nou-attcudauco at tho first opportunity, of which due notice should be taken in the record of the session. Sir. n. W. Goodoll was nominated with & view to licensure and hia examination, which in cluded tho usual requisites, except the trial pieces and church history, were made and sus tained. Mr. Joseph D. Cowan, of Nowry, Irolond, and now a student in the Presbyterian Seminary of Chicago, was licensed to preach tho gospel, after which tho Prosbytory took roooss until 0 o’clock this moring. Tho narrative on tho Stato of Re ligion, ana tho report from tho Committoo on tho ovorturo to tho Oonoral Assembly on De mission, will bo beforo tho body this morning. Tho session will olose to-day. PERSONAL Qon. J. 11. Lodllo, of Now York, Is at tho Gardner House. The Hon. I. S. Kolloch and lady, of Kansas, aro at the Mattosou House. Stuart Baboon, tho comedian, now playing at is, Aikiu’s at tho Gardner House. Gon. L. B. Tower, and Col. D. 0. Houston, U. 8. A., are at tho Sherman House. The Mayor was yesterday intervlowod by Mr, Alexander Bulkoly, Superintendent of tho Phil adelphia House of Correction. A. K. Joslyn, of Now York, arrived at the Gardner House yesterday. Up pomes hpro to (superintend the completion of tlio largo estab lishment to bo oceuplod by tho Howe Sowing Machine Company. A. O. Pascal. St. Louis j ’Winslow Robinson Now Orleans: Roth B. Howes and Indy, Chicago. M, H. Irish, Madison ; H. A. Rogers, Boston; D. Ronnie, Ann Arbor; 0. Q. Oanu, Sharis; Fa., aro of tho Gardner. , A grand complimentary concert wlllbo tender ed to Mr. John Swenson by tho Froja Scandi navian flinging Society, on Monday next,'at Or pheus Hall, comer of Peoria and Lako streets. Qoorgo T. Reward, Taunton; Goorgo W. Brown, Denver; W. D. Richardson, Springfield; J, D. Howland, Indianapolis; A. L. Murdock, B6stou; Qoorgo Reed, Manitowoc; A. 8. Garrl eon, Montana; William Loitoh, Montreal; Frank Tumor, Toronto; It. E. Drako, Detroit; John Vanßorn, Loniayillo, aro at tho Hhorroan House. Tho dramatic roan of tho Journal has recently assumed the editorship of MoVioj(6r’a' Pro ?rammo, os will bo Hcbnhy tho following, copied rom the latter publication of yesterday: “ Tuesday evening, April 18, 1873, will bo pre sented linlmr's Popular Play, iu Five Acts, en titled, “ Romeo and Juliet." Dr. W. E. Ronholde, who bos boon.oloolod Physician to tho Bt. Goorgo’a Society for tho fifth time, is in noiway connootod with B. P. Reynolds, who is supposed to know all about, the tragic Casa recently unearthed at tho Grand Con tra! Hotel. Ho has'tho misfortune to possess a name that sounds like tho lattor’s. That is all. An Association has boon formed, known as the Pullman Mutual Bonoflfc'Association, for tho pur pose of enabling all employes of Sleeping or Paiaco Car Companies to have their lives in sured at a comparativolyr.BraaU coat. Following are tho officers of tho Association: President, A. D. Pullman; Vico-Pfiosidont, Charles W. An- Soil: Secretary, E. B. , Parke; Treasurer,'B. A. [osnor; Directors. Col.'D, N.Woloh. Johnßom mor, E. Putnam, Frank Bennett, Joseph Cau- Ihony, John Qoraty, and'H. S. Cooper. The fnnoral services over tho remains of Mr. Alfred Ecoffoy occurred yesterday afternoon, when they woro taken to Qrncoland for inter mont. Mr. Ecoffoy was a native of tho French part of Switzerland, and though but SO years of ago, bad led tbo life of a frontiersman, being a brother of Mr. Jules Ecoffoy, tho woll-kuown interpreter of Rod Cloud, Spotted Tail, and other •Indian Chiefs of note. Tho funeral was at tended by Mr. Constant Qobot, who was a companion of tho deceased in his hard ships on too plains, and about 200 members of tho French Mutual Society of this city. When it is stated that any Eastern gentleman intends to start out on a western tour, every body supposes bo intends to fulfill bis contracts with tbo managers of a lecture course. While ibis applies to Mr. Boochor and Anna Dickinson, it is not strictly true of President Grant. It would bo superfluous to state that bis ob ject in coming West is not to givo a lecture in each of the principal cities. There Is much that the public would like to loam from him, but not on this tour will they learn thereof. 'Qon. Grant will leave Washington to-day, and arrive in Indianapolis on Friday, whore be will bo mot by Liout.-Col. Fred Grant. From Indian apolis the illustrious party will proceed to St. Louis, whore they will spend a few days. Idaho and the far West will next blossom with justifi able pride at receiving them, after which, on May U, Chicagoans can rejoice at beholding them. Joseph Wagner is serving bis 28th year as a Supervisor in Fond du Lao County, wia., and is a State Senator. William M. Beach, of London, Ohio, having boon four years in tbo Legislature, aspires to bo the next Lieutenant-Governor. Henry 0. Pratt, M. 0. elect, of lowa, loft his native village (Foxcroft, M 0.,) fourteen years ago as ah ox-teamster, and having never soon bis parents since, now returns to visit them, a mom her oljCougroaa. Willlaih L. Scroggs, of Georgia, whom the Sonatdrwould not have for Minister to Bogota, (vice Steve Hurl but), ban boonj nevertheless, appointed by the President. Among tho presents received by tbo Quaker brido of Augustus Scholl at Now York, lately, was a sol of bronzes from Commodore Vander bilt, valued at $15,000, and a sot of silver from Horace F. Clark, valued at SIO,OOO. Lord Bomilly, who has occupied tho position of Master of tho Rolls in London for twenty-two years, has retired. Ho still retains his seat in tho House of Lords, and os a member of the 1 Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Col. Mosby, tbo Virginia guerrilla, who daily declines a Federal office for himself, has had another of his men appointed, viz.: Richard N. Brooke, of Warronton, Va., to bo Consul at Now Rochelle, Franco, an office worth $1,600 a year, with nothing to do. Wo bavo authority from Mr. Thomas Morphy to deny tho report about an engagement between his sou and the daughter of tho President. Hr. Murphy says tho report originated in tho news papers, and both fumUios feel aggrieved to sco so much made out of it, whon it has no founda tion in fact. —New York Graphic. From India is announced tho death of Mr. "William Brydon, 0. 8., of tho Bengal medical sorvico, who waa tho ono solitary individual of 13,000 soldiore and camp-followora composing tho British army under General Elphinstono, who was neither Killed nor taken prisoner in tho terriblo disaster of January, 18-12, m tho rotroat from Oahul. It is said that Miss Mary L. Wadsworth, daughter of Titus V. Wadsworth, of Fraukliu, N. H., is physician to tho Bultan of Turkey and his Court at Constantinople. Bho graduated from Mount Holyoko Seminary, studied medi cine in Philadelphia, and, after practising her profession four years in Springfield, Mass., went to Constantinople thrbo years ago. You wouldn't think it to look at him, but Presi dent Grant is tho most restless man in tho coun try. Ho is always on tho move. There is only one placo ho can stick to, and that is tho Presidency. But yon can. never find him any where. To-day ho is at Washington, to-morrow in Now York, the next in Philadelphia, tho next at Long Branch, then back again at Washington, oto. In a word, now you soo him and now you don’t.—JVao York Graphic. Speaking of tho recent promotion of Lieut. Fred Grant, tho Army and JVduy Journal says: 41 There is little profit in criticising injustice for which thoro is no remedy, but it is not woll to disguise tho fact that groat dissatisfaction has boon created in tho appointment of a young Sec ond-Lieutenant of infantry, just from tho Mili tary Academy, to tho position of aid-de-camp on tho staff of tho Lioutonant-Gonoral, in placo of officers whoso services and experience so much hotter entitle them to such a position." Tho story In regard to Lady Ellonhorough. which originated m tho German Gazelle, ami which tola of how tho lady resided long in tho East, where sho bocamb addicted to polyandry', and had so many husbands sho hardly know what to do, is denied in tho Pall Mall OatcUc of March 20. Mrs. Isabel Barton, wifo of Capt. Burton, tho famous African explorer, who know tho lady in Damascus, says that tho slanders in regard to hor wore idle talcs invented by uowsmongors. Tho truth is that, about sixtoon years ago, sho mado up hor mind to leave Europe and Uvo in tho East. Sho ar rived at Boyrovt, Damascus, and from thero started across thotlosort to Bagdad, hav ing Bhaykh Mljovol as tho commander of her escort. She was oxtromoly beautiful, and the young Shaykh foil in lovo with and proposed to marry hor. The romantic picture ofbecoming a queon of tho desert exactly suited Lwjy Ellon borough’s wild fancies, and sho maiVyl tho chief, and ever afterwards lived honoral\ with him, a faithful wifo. Sho passed half of each year at Damascus and half in tho dosort. BAILEY, THE DEAD-BEAT. To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune. 8m: We note, in your artiolo of yesterday, an article taken from tho Buffalo Commercial Ad tertleer of 11th inat., headed 41 Whore Wore Our Detectives ?” and detailing tho protended ex ploits of one Alexander H. Bailey, who claims to havo swindled ua out of SB,OOO, and a largo Amount ot courtesy. Wo will add that wo havo never seen, and do not know Bailey; never sold him goods as stated, and can only suppose there must no a dearth of items In that city, which may havo caused the re fiortor to bo gulfed by some very worthless fel ow. 0. H. Beokwitii & Co. INDELIBLE INK. PATSON’S SfSaBSEgSS A MM *'*'*« a/ „ ar#tUi# Trado , UH ,nJf d M , ~ roller A Fuller. OanTftsiora Miami iSg* LUMBER, XjUMBER. Wo remora our yard after May 1 neat, and offer Induce tnenta on baUnoo of our ■took, consisting of UL ad, and thlokne#sotts2d ami 3d common flooring, wldoiloorinir, box and Hook board*, common board*, inch and Ik inch fencing; also Ui inph common, 4 and 8 luob plank, Utb, oto., »10, b’lßlfKU, PEULK^ A.00., coruer lhroop and Tweuu-‘»«cou|l-#U,' * AMUSEMENTS. MYERS’ OPERA HOUSE. Monroe-st., between Dearborn and BUto*sts. Arlington, Cotton & Keiiie's Minstrels, 1 OHANOBOF PROGRAMME! x reduction of tbo latnjbablo burlesqua, h* r ( | Marble. onlblod ROMEO AND dbi.IKT. ’ * In an entirely now act. , Law In Chicago t The Three Graces t vocal Quartette 1 _ The Coming Crisis! Every Evening and HatmUay Matinee. HOOLEY’S OPERA HOUSE. BEST OOMPAHT, IN AMHBIOAI SION HAY, APII, 14, mTU, ?r Q »i.«*A«^i At V? < ? t it, 0 m ,?1 1 . r \2 c * > Fits'- appearance of tbopharmlnK artist, Miss ELIZA O'UONNI Rand ttio beautiful Miss JOSIU BATCaBLDEII, and Initial pro® ductlon of tbo wonderful Parisian rentatiou, ALIXB, Having jost completed a run of twelve weeks at Daly's Flfth-ar., Now York. Aboaullful patholto plo* turo of real Hfo. In rohonrual, an entirely now domestic drama by Dari* SAVAOI3 ° 11 ' * IB,CB ‘ Also THE GENTLE MoYIOKER’S THEATRE. LAST NIGHTS of tbo Eminent English Artiste, TMOKSS KTEXLSOETI Who will appear on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Evenings, and Saturday Matinee, In her celebrated char acter of ROSALIND, in Shakspcaru's Comedy of -A.S YOU LIKE XT, Next week—Tbo popular aolor. Mr. MARK SMITH, In ONE HUNDRED YBAKB OLD. AIKEFS THEATRE. Immonso success of tbo FUNNIEST MAN IN AMERICA, STUART ROBSON. FUN, FUN, FUN. Thin Afternoon at 2>j o’clock, Evening at 8 o’clock, Xi-A-W X3ST 3STSW YOKK, McKKE RANKIN* KITTYI)I>ANCIfARD* PRANK LAWLOK, Allas ADA UILiUAN, Anil a Strong and Powerful Oast throughout. Admission to Matiuco 25 and AO ots. OPERATIC CANTATA THE HAYMAKERS Miohigan-av, Baptist Olmroli, Thursday Evening, April 17. Admission, CO cants. Toborocorodatthodoor. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. Tho Bleat Einplmtlr, and Decided lilt Chlcnso line Ever Known. Tho Eminent Character Actor, Mr. FRANK S. And hla Wonderful Drama, KIT, Tho Arkansas Traveler! Standing room only at 8 o'clock. Soatscan bo secured 10 days In advance. Matinees Wednesdays and Saturdays. ’ NIXON'S, CJlnton-st., botwoon Randolph and Washington. Poilllvoly last week of JAMES W, WILDER A CO.'S NATIONAL OIROUS. .Monday, April 14th, and every night this week, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, Robinson, Katie Btokot, Foster, Pastor, Burk, Rogers, and all tho old favorites. Previous to tho entreo a Whole nerd of Wild Pontes will bo lotlnoso In the ring, and a wild CALF BUFFALO loose amongst them. HUEEAH FOE THE EAOES. FRIDAY AFTERNOON, April 18, A MATCHED RACE, Botwoon M. F. Tearney'a b. g. Prairie Boy, and W. Oglesby’s b. m. Prairie Qnoon, for S2OO a side. Half mile heats, best two ont of three. U...U uub. inu vat u. uuuv. To bo rnn on the half-mllo track on Arohcr-av., two miles west of Brighton, at the place known as Murphy’s Tavern. MAETINE’S HALT,. GUST AVUS GEARY reminds his friends, that his GRAND ANNUAL CONCERT, Takes place in Martino's West Side Ilall on to-raor row (THURSDAY) evening, 8 o’clock, when be will be as elated hr a HOST OF DISTINGUISHED TALENT. Tickets, $1 each; to bo bad at his residence, 226 South Qroen-st., whom ho gives loseons dally In Vocal Culture and Italian and English singing. ■ THREADS. | Sc P. COATS’ ,s ‘ BEST SIK-00ED Wit ,il M Threads Are soft finished, without tho use of any sub stance whatever to produce an artificial slohs, thereby preserving tho superior strength of six-cord thread. Tho now shade of black has a silken polish, and all numbers are warranted six-cord to 100 Inclusive. For Sale By all Dry floods Dealers. ASK FORJ.&P. COATS’ BLACK, And use it for Machine Sowing. OCEAN NAVIGATION. STATE LIE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. Mtw Yorlt aM Qlasjow via LonJonierry. Those elegant now steamers will sail from State Lino Pier. Martin's Stores, Brooklyn, N. Y, as as foilws: PENNSYLVANIA, 4,600 tons Wednesday, May 7. GEORGIA, 2,600t0ns Wednesday. June 4. VIRGINIA, 2,600 tons.. Wednesday, Jnne 18. Port nightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN A CO.. Agents. 72 Broadway, N. Y. Steerage office, 46 Broadway, N. V. Sailing twice a week from Now York, and carrying pas* songorsto alt parts of Groat Britain, Ireland, Continental Europe, ami the Mediterranean. Cabin from $66; Steer* ago, British and Irish ports oast, 930; west. $32. Conti nontai porta same as other rcguTarllnos. All parable In U. 8. currency. Apply for full Information at the Com* pany’s offices. No. 7 Dowling Green, Now York, and N. B. corner LaSalle and Madlson-sts., Chicago. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agents. Just published, “The Trip to Europe," a Magazine of Information fur Ocoan Travellers. Can be had free of charge on application, or sent by mall on receipt of three emit stamp. .. . _ DISSOLUTION NOTICES. DISSOLUTION. Tb. firm formerly oxlatlog under the Arm name of W, S. HogloACo., was this day dissolved by mutual consent. W. 8. Bogle will collect alt aascU and pay all liabilities of the late firm. W. 8. BOOLE, S. F. WHITE. S. P. WHITE will continue thoLlmo business at the panto place, 70 South Market-at.. DISSOLUTION. The Arm of THOS. A. & M. HILL U this day (April 18, 1878), dissolved by mutual content. PROPOSALS. THE CALCASIEU SEIPHDB AM Mining Company of Louisiana Invites proposals for tho oonatrnotlon of a abaft In Cal* °*Tbo objMt h to*roa*ch a deposit of aulphur, about four hundred and forty. (440) feet below the surface of tho ground. Thonaturoof the soli, and thloknoaaof stratus aro as follows I ... First—l6o foet of clay containing Band, Second—l7o feet of quick aand, Third—llo (eot of Ouloarcoua or llmo stone, and non tho sulphur bod, which U about one hundred ftUdton (llo) foot thick. . . The Company Will exhibit apian and spoolflcatlona to contractors for eald shall, and has on tho spot Iron rings, extraction engines and tools, Imported from Europe, with the view ofualng tho Kind A Ohandron system, also a steam saw-mill, obuudancoof timber, necessary build* Ings, oto,. 010., etc. . . . „ The work will bo dono under the supervision of the En gineer of tho Company, Proposal*will bo received unto the lab of July, 1679. Address V. A.' UELAUME, Boorotary. nKCarondelot-at., New Orleans. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages OP FIACTIOML CUBRBICY FOR BALE AT teibtjkb omoE, RAILROAD TIME TADLE. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE DF TRAIN! Winter Arrangement. EXPLANATION OV RsrXIIXKOR M oepted. * Sunder excepted. iM rive Sunday at 8:00 a. m. (Dally. CHICAGO & ALTON R Chifaijo, Allan <C .ft, fsmte JTtroH' (Mo, ) iiern tharl route from Chirnyt Jhpnl, HVsf SOU, near .I.'adi*nn>i( ana. M 0,,.,,..,,,, Wonona, Laoon,-Wa*MnßtoD ibx. _P,w>»«.lWostorn Division.)...,., wollot A Dwight Aecomu’datlnn. St. Louis A Sptloallcld Lightning Express, vlaMafn Lino, and also via Jacksonville Division Kansas City li t press, via Jack, ronvlllo, 111,, A Louisiana, Mo.. Jefferson City Express. Poorla, Kookuk A Durl’n itx Upally, via Main Lino, and dal Jacksonrtlla Division. JjDally, ' except Monday, via Jacksonville CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & SI t/nfon Dejiol, earner .VailUon nn>l 37 1IV«< MatUion’tt, nm Alllwankoo, Bt. Panl A Mlnneap nils Day Express Milwaukee A Prairlo dn olden Mall and Express Mllj v ank-.e, Ht, Panl A Mlnneap* oils Night Express..... CHICAGO, BUBUNOTON & OUINOY RAILROAD. J)epot»-~Foal r\f f/ilwl., /ndfontwiv,, nnd .ff,rt«-n(A.'‘ SSSST/S!'' Ttd “ t ofi '* rri®,.i Mall and Express Dubuque and Sioux City Kxn.... Paolllo Fast Linn Galesburg Passenger Mondota A Ottawa Passenger... Aarons Passenger Aurora Pasiongor. Aurora Passenger (Sunday) Dubuque A Sioux City fixn Pnclllo Night Express,..., Downer’s Grove Aoooramoda'lrm Downor’s Groro Accommodation Ottawa and Htrcator Passenger.. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot foot of Lajre-et. and foot of ricenliMrcand-n. tir'a office, 75,, comer q/' Mndteon, Leave. Arrir St. Lonls Express * 7:30 a. m. MW«n m' Bt.Lmll.F»t liltio • 755 - . m. CeleoMnl} *7:.%ia. m. m Cairo Express + 8:15 p. m. • 7sMa! m! Spring jo <1 Kxpros 7:31 a. m. • {•••xip. tn. Snringtlold Express.. }Bs sp. m. • 7j55a, m. Dubuque k Sioux City Ex • 9:15n. m. * 2;00n. m. Dubuqao A Sioux Oitjr Ex t9:oflp.m. '7:ooa. m. **o Iman Pasaongor • sj!su, m. • 9-nOa m IlydoParknnrl Oak Woods • 0:10 a. ro. • (1:13 a. in. Hyde Park and Oak Woods • 7:!0a. m. • 7:45 a. m. Hydo Park and Oak Woods i 9:00 a. m. • B:4da. ra. Hjdo Park and Oak Woods 4l2:10p. m. • 9;fXU. m. Hrdo Park and Oak Woods 4 3:00 p. m. «O:Wa. m. Hyde Park and Oak Wood* * 4:30 p. m. 4 l.isi, .«• Hydo Park and Oak Woods • 6:15 p. m. * 6-'>' i c »•, Hydo Park and Oak Woods • 6:l0o. m. • c‘sai»‘ m HydoParkandoakwoS};::::::: ‘iiaoS: IS:« is: ’On Saturdays this train will bo run to Oliai CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. /Von l}« arm l Cinlral Kallrood Depot, fool of r*ir.,r. For thrown UeJitlt and sleeping-car btrlht appfu at Ticket office, 75 Gtnaf-K., cornsr ifadleon; 120 1 Vathinglonat.: TremontUouee, comer Congreee-et. and MiehUtan-av.: alto foolpf Tuentg-eecond-et. Leavo Chicago Arrive at Indianapolis Arrive at Oinolnsatl Only lino running Saturday night train to Cincinnati. Pnllman sleepers on night trains. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. Ticket office, 81 )Vett ifadho< mi. Arrive. PaelfloFast Line Mn : ir. a. m. *1:46 p. ra. Dubuque Day hz. via Clinton.... 10:15 a. m. 3:45 >. m. Pacino Night Express.... t!o>l6p. m. $6:30 s. in. Dubuque Night Ex. via Clinton.. 10:15 p. m. 6:30 a. ra. Freeport A Dubuque 9:15 a. ni. • 9:00 p. m. Freeport A Dubuque Express • 9:15 p. m. • 7:ffi a. m. Milwaukee Mall * 8:00 a. m. *10:15 a. ra. Milwaukee Express..,., • 9;30 a. ra. • 4:COp. m. Milwaukee Passenger ■ 6:00 p. m. • 7:40 n. m. Milwaukee Passenger (dally) {11:00 p. m. S 6:00 a. in. Green Bay Express 9:40 a. m. * 7:15 p. m. St. Paul Express *10:10 a. m. 6.00 p. m. Green Bay Express • 9:00 p. m. » 6:20 a. m. St. Pan! Express.... t9;30 p. m. t 6;sut. ra. CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC R; Drjwt, comer of Jlarriion and Sherman-ete. Omaha,Loavonw'thAAtcht«oaEx M«:fl0a. m. • 4:00 p. ra. Peru Accommodation • fi:oop, m. • 9:30 a. ro. Night Expros t 7;Wa. ra. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. Depot, comer Harrison and Sherman-ite, Ttc-'itt o'Jleti, norttnreet corner Clark and ftandolpA-jfi., and soidAercjt comer Canal and 31adteon-ite. Mall, via Air Lino and Main Lino * 6:40 a. m. •9JOp. m. Special New York Express, via Air Lino.... • 9:00 a. tn. * 8:00 p. m. Atlantic Express, via Air Uno.. 5:15 p.m. 8:00 a. tn. Night Express, via Mala Lino.... *t9:oop. m. '10:30 a. m. KlkhartAccomraodatton.... ■ 3:4 Up. tn. MU:lOa. m. Sooth Chicago Accommodation.. 12:00 m. | 1:60 p.m. CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. Pateenger Depot at P,, C. A St. Louie Depot, comer of Ca nal and Kinsie-eU, Freight and Tided office 163 H'aehing-ton-et, Mall • 7:40 a. m. Evansville A Terre Haute Ex.... * 7:00 p. m. PITTSBURGH. FORi WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. Day Express... Pacific Express Fast Line. Mall Valparaiso Accommodation. MICHIGAN CENTRAL & GREAT Depot, .foot of Lahr tt . and J Ticket office, 7S CSnaMt.. e Mail (via main and air lino) Day Express Jackson Accommodation Atlantic Express.. Night Express INDIANAPOLIS VIA PEBD HOAD. Mail Night Express OJIAND HAPIDB AND PENTWATEH. Morning Express Night Express. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETINGS. STOOK-UOXiDERS’ ANNUA! MEETING or THE Lake Store k MlcMgan SoutDern Eailway Co. OmcE ov The Lake Saone A Mioidoan Sodtheiin) Railway Company. ( CLEVELAND. 0,, March 27, 1373. J The annual mooting of the Stockholders of this Cora* pany, for the election of Directors for the ensuing year, and for the tramaotlon of other important business, will bo bold at the office of the Company, in the city of Cleveland, 0,, on 'Wednesday, 7th Day of May next, between the hoars of 11 o’clock In the forenoon and a o’clock In the afternoon of that day. The transfer books of the Company will be closed at the close of business, on the 6th day of April next, sad will re-open on the morning of the Bth day of May next. GEORGE H. ELY. Secretary. DR. 0. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 461 Stato-et., Chicago. Itlavroll known by all readers of the papers, that Dr. 0. Bigelow la the oldest established physician in Chicago. Science and experience havs made Dr. B. tho mo«i i»- nownod SPECIALIST of tho age, honored by tho pre»N esteemed of tho highest medical attainment* bv all ! s i> medical Institutes of tho day, having devoted Tw IvN 1 i YEARS OF UIS LIFE In porlrolinx remedies th «•. will euro oosltiToly all eases of OIIRONIO AM) SPECIAL DISEASES In both sexes. . CONSULTATION FREE. SEPARATE PAJ? I.Oh;s for ladles and gentlemen. Call. CORRI'.bPuNDhNOH CONFIDENTIAL. Address all letters, with stamps, to Dr. C. BIUKLOW, No. 464 Stato sU . THOS. A. HILL, MATSON HILL. COBURN Medical Institute, 176 and 177 South Olark-at., corner Monrpa, Chicago, founded and conducted by Dr. J. O. Coburn, for the treatment and cure of all forma of chronic and special diseases In both aoxos. This Institute Is unquestionably the moat solontlllo In this country for the treatment of dlaaaaca. Dr. Coburn la a regular graduate of modlclna, and baa throe diploma* from the Vll world, and has had more experience hi Ji}f, *?.• nrivata diseases than any physician tn unlcago. xoung SSI “hS7SSK.» .‘.‘id. « 1 o Voilimk, 176aud 177 South Clsrk.M., Chicago. 111. Alloonhdentlal. Otliou hours: Pa. m. to« p. m.; Sunday, a to j t>. m. , . S8 pay's I Dr. Kean, 300 South Clark-st,, Chicago, Maybooonfldonllallj consulted, personally or by mall, free of charge, on all chronic nr nervous diseases. DU. J. KEAN Is the only physician in tha city .vhonar rants cures or no pay. Uilico hours from Pa, in. toflp.m. NOTICE la hereby given that application hao boon made to tbfl Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Company for the rolsaui of tho following cvrtlrtcalos of stock, tho originals bavini boon lost, mislaid, or destroyed: . Fob. SI. I'cli, No. '(UP*, K» fharns. I'.C. a Jolm ORBBAB. 3 lATtSR. t Saturday or [onday excepted. ; RAILROAD. ugh Line, and Lnuithfi* 7 ota Kama* OUj, Untne it, bridge, Leave, Arrive, • 8:10 p. ro. * 9:16 s. tn. * 9slß a. tn. * 6:10 p. m, * 4:lii p. m. 4 slo p. m. * Bdop. in * 9:40 a. m. H9:oop. m. U7:30 p.m. *17:30 a. m. ;17iMn. m. * 8:10 p. m Y9:oop. m, 719; M p. tn. *9:00 r. m. lly otoopt Saturday, v'a rfa.Milu Lino, aaddall,, Division f. PAUL RAILWAY. CnnuUfte.f Tiekil OJlct id at Depot, Leave, * 9:00 a. m. i 7:20 a. in. *4: Bop, m. niflO*. n, t0:00p. m. *6:nnp. m. Leave. Arrive. • 7:45 a. m. * 4.16 p. m. •P:10a. m. • 2:l0n, ni. •lOjilOa. m. '3:lsp.m. • 2 on 1 *' ra * ! 8: ‘ ;:, P- m. • 4:2fl p. ra. • OtV.a. m • l:4.ip. m. • 8:15 a. m. • 8:35 p. m. * 8:6-5 a. m. 1.0.) p. m. 9:.v>n. »t. m. J 7:00 a. m. I'lltJOp. m. ;C:Hln. m. ’llj'.K) n, m, • 0:Vli». i-i • 5 8 is v * m *(’ "»• 7:16 a. in.l Earn p. m. uiipalgn. THROUGH * 8:00 a. m. 5 8:00 p. m. * 4:2tlp. m. 4 3;50a, m. * 9:30 p. m. } 1>;15 a. m. ILROAD. IVe&st office. Leave, Arrive, Arrive, Leave, Arrive. Leave, * 1:40 p. in. t 7:30 a. m. Arrive. : 7:80 p. m I 6:30 a. m rS.'OOa. m 1 6:10 p. m ' 6:50 s. m * 9;00a. m, {5:10 p. m. f*9;oop. m. 1 4:65 a. xn. * 3:40 p. m. RAILROADS ■nty-t eeond-tt {((on. WESTERN I r oot of 7>«er ymer of Uadi Arrive, f>ar«. * 8:45 p. m. • 8:00 p. tn. 510:20 a. m. 5 8:00 a. m. rfi:3oa. m. * 6:30 a m. * 9:00 a. tn, 4 8:35 p. m. & 6:)6p. m. T*9:oop. m. *B:4sp. m. r CJsm. 8:00 p. m. *6:COa. m. • 6:30 a. m. 19:10 p. m. 9,00 a. m. 19:10 p. m. HENRY O. ‘WENTWORTH, General Passenger Agent. MEDICAL CARDS. GENERAL KOXIOEi i

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