Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 16, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 16, 1873 Page 5
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THE STATE CAPITAL Debate on the Compromise Railroad Hill in tlto House. Resolution Adopted Condemn ing the Indian Peace Policy. . The Lake Front, Grain Inspection, and City Tax Bills Approved. Memorial to Congress on the Sub ject of Ijtvko Navigation. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. ' THE RAILROAD RILL. •Springfield, April 45i—House bill No, 674/ Irolng tho Railroad bill reported by tbo Special Committee on Railroads, was takon up as tbo ■special order at 10 o’clock this morning, when Mr. Oborloy took the floor and began reading a Hong lucubration on railroads, andoxtortlons, and unjust discriminations. A rather prosy subject was enlivened by classical allusions, intended to Illustrate bow railroads woro gobbling up tbo people and everybody else. Tho “ monster of Frankenstein” and Hamlet” figured in that railroad oration. Ooramou carriers, bo bad no doubt, woro subject in spito of charters to tho com mon law, and rules should bo provided by which seasonable maximum rates might bo established, ns it was necessary to fix snob rates boforo ex tortion could bo proved. Tbo railroads should >bo compelled to furnish figures, and prove their -.rates woro reasonable. Tho bill was based on •tho common law, which was to bo enforced by; ißtatutory penalties. Ho behoved it was in tho •power of tbo General Assembly to fix reasonable maximum rates, and make such rates prima ;faoio evidence of reasonableness. The goutlo :man argued ingeniously that ibo blil should •ploaso everybody, as tboro wus of ovory- Jjody’a bill in it, and .what moro •could thoy desire? It vfkt' a “ Jo seph's coatt” that would 'A' 'old, tho poonlo from tho extortions and tyranny rall ixonds. Tho bill was taken up by and Amended. Tha amendments will do for.’-'I*' 1 *' i ■ Regular report, ! *v| Tho dobato on tho bill was continued fv p* [ afternoon, tho most animated part of tho d/ ‘ ,j eion being ou tho clause in tho third section pto-. bilAUug special rates. Hr. Carpenter offered an amendment that tho section obould not bo con strued to prohibit spociair rates for largo quanti ties of freight, Mr. Moftlt T.-Ab<jnpoßod to giving special privi leges to persons v?M could afford to employ Jargo nurabors \f cars, while tho poor man was <chargod a higher, proportionate rate for ono car. Mr. (Jassody.wns of the same mind. Mr. Carpenter contended that manufacturers and wholesale dealers should have special rates, or there would nut bo a manufactory in Illinois in throe months. It would cost him SIOO,OOO in that tirao. ~ v Mr. Massio believed special rates were a bene fit to tho farming community. Mr. Bishop, oi McHenry, believed a bill pro .hibitlhg special rates would discriminate against .mechanics and laboring men, and in tbo end .against the farmers.- The iarmors.wore crazy, '.but that was no reason tho House should go ( crazy. Mr. Harvey believed tho mon who favored special rates wished to destroy tho bill. Special iratcs gave manufactories a monopoly by prevent ing others who had not tho same advantages tixom starting factories and competing with them. Mr. Warron Inquired if the object of tho Leg islature was to make tho rich richer and tho poor Were they determined to give tho rich mont 'polifltß, who shipped thousands of tons, low rates, for which tbo poorer shipper and tho pro ducer v'ould have to make compensations. Mr. H Vwoo said the manufacturers woro howl ing now instead of tho farmers. As soon as it was proposed to put manufacturers on tho samo footing as farmers, they began to bowl ter ribly, tbo on ly difference being that tbo poor farmers wore* used to it. Manufacturers had lobbies in Congrwo-to secure high tariffs, nnd bad power onougU .to secure special rates on railroads.- No wonder they woro prosperous and rich. They dfei not calculate to manufacture anything on which they could not make 100 per-cent. Tho manufacturers bad no' deuiro 'to benefit tho farmers. They would not soil to him direct, but to a mid dleman, who made 33 per cent on tho salo. Tho farmers would like to know what special priv ileges manufacturers were entitled to. .When tho Farmers’ Convention was in town, plug-hat farmers, middlemen, and agents of manufactur ers, tried to break it np in a-row. because they woro afraid of the movement. Dead-heads and imposters worked their way. into tho Convention, •but tho day was coming when manufacturers ana All monopolists would understand that tbo farm ers were in earnest.- They would find it out at *ho polls. Mr. Streeter could not boo why a man hiring ten care should got them cheaper in proportion than a man hinng ouo. That was tho meanest •bind of unjust discrimination. Why should tho big fish eat up tho littlo ones. Manufacturers on that floor wore monopolists working for their own Interests. Hr. Carpenter disowned any intention of at tacking the formers, but ho should uphold tho manufacturers of Illinois, who were trying to Bold their own, and wore yet in their infancy. Towns wore offering bonuses to got manufac turers to sottlo in their midst and employ their labor, while the Legislature was inclined to discriminate ' between them. There wore 24,217 persons depending on tho manufacturers •of tho State, and tho manufacturers wore poor, struggling men. Did they desire to crash them ? Tbo previous question being ordered, tbo Car penter amendment was lost—44 to 67. Special rates wore prohibited except in cases of commutation tickets and excursion parties, which, by a previous amendment, wore allowed. The Bouse adjourned ponding tho consideration of tho third section. The light to-day was between tbo farmers and tho manufacturers, tho lawyers being amused spectators. Tho consideration of the bill will, bo resumed in tbo morning, when an attempt will bo mode to striko out tho third section. Tho bill will scarcely pass if tbo aoolion is retained, as all tho Chicago members and members from manufacturing towns believe it would bo ruinous to their interests. It is ex ceedingly doubtful if It will pass with tbo emer gency clause. The Senate is determined to ac cept anything the Houso sends it, so as to loavo tho responsibility with the House, which refused to pass its bill. The debate to-day shows that the more tho eubjoot is ventilated tbo more vast it appears, and that tbo Legislature is unable to grapple with it. Tho bill needs amending, but the amending needs an export to do it wall. There aro no exports in either House or Sonato. THE DIVER IMPROVEMENT DILL was unanimously ordered to a third reading In the Bonato, and will bo put on its passage to* sorrow. The prospect of its success cheers its dills APPBOVED. The Governor devoted the day to examining 3)111800, which ho signed in the afternoon. Ho. .■also signed the Justice of the I*oooo and Con stable act. and tho act pormittiug oitioa to con* struct and maintain water-works. ADJOUBNED SESSION. The two Houses opened this morning with returned sufficiently recovered from tho fatigues of last week to stick to busluoss until they have passed tho llailroQcl and Appropriation hills, and oro ready to adjourn to moot no more, when those bills are enacted into laws, -.tho mission of tho Twenty-eighth General Assembly will have, been performed, its usefulness will have ended, and a continuation of tho session in tho shape of an adjourned meeting will bo a deliberate fraud upon tbo Treasury, and every man who votes to meet again next year will vote to com mit potty larceny to tho amount of $5 a day. It may bo true, and undoubtedly is, tbatmany, por bops a majority of tho members, cannot earn $6 a day at homo, but that Is not tho fault of tho State, and is no excuse for an adjourned sos aion. According to an estimate made in the Auditor’s office, tho per diem of members and officers of tho General Assembly amounts on an average to $1,872.50, exclusive of print ing, committee expenses, and incidentals, which swell tho sum to $1,500 a day. An adjourned session will last at least ninety days, for if members come hack at all they will stay as long as tho frost stays in the ground. That would bo $185,000. There is nothing to justify snob an outlay. There is no earthly use for it. Tho revision of tho statutes migut ho continued, it is true, but that 1s in no hurry, and , tho Judiciary Committee think It cau bo contin ued by the next Legislature, if at all, There is bo nooewUy for an AdJournedHowioD, and mom' bora who perpetrate snob nn outrage on their constituents should bo marked forever. ODBOEKE LITERATURE. The law in Now York for the suppression of obsoono litoroturo bos driven Us publishers from that State, and it being understood that tbo headquarters of this demoralizing traillo is to bo transferred to Chicago, Mr. Forrior hoglntro* ducod a copy of tbo Now York law in tbo House. It should bo passed. . . TUB ROAD LAW. Tbo IToueo ordered the printing of 12,000 copies of tbo Road law, rotating to. counties un der township organization, and 5,000 copies of tbo low relating to counties not under township organization; Tbo copies will bo distributed by members among tbolr constituents. REVISION OP TUB STATUTES. ‘ The House Judiciary Committee, to whom wore referred queries ns to tbo progress mado in tbo revision of tbo statutes and as to tbo propriety of 'continuing tbo revision, reported that tbo original plan of revision bad boon deported from, and tbo departure bad boon sanctioned by tbo •last General Assembly, which bad passed chap ters submitted to Hand made appropriations to pay the expense of tbo Commission. It being uncertain that tbo last Logislftturobad desired revision to proceed, two of the revisers, Messrs. Nelson and Hohaffor bad resigned and Mr. Hurd was on tbo verge of doing likewise. It was recommended that tbo revision bo continued, Mr. Hurd to turn ovor tbo papers to a joint .Committee of.tbo Senate ana House, which should employ a legal clerk and proceed with tho work. Tho chapters thus prepared could bo submitted to an adjourned session, or to tbo next General Assembly in caso no adjourned session was bold. Tbo report was concurred in and ordered printed. Accompanying, tbo report was a statement by Mr. Ilurd showing tbo present status of tbo different chapters, •Mr. Nelson bad drawn $2,000 from tbo Treasury. Mr. Hurd and Mr. Schaffer $4,600 onOb, and tbo expenses of tbo Commission amounted to about SBOO, making tbo total cost of tbo work so for .about *12,000.*" ‘ WEST BIDE FARR. Tbo. West Side Park bill was road a first - timo in tho House, and referred to tho Oommittco ou Municipal Affairs, whcnco it will bo roportod un amended.' -It contains a little clause which will enable Lincoln Park to construct ail tho boule vards desired by tbo Commissioners. RIOHTEODS INDIGNATION. Tbo Senate passed the following,' introduced by Mr. Forrol, and sent it to tbo House: Whereas, Tho frequent and lawless Indian depre dations on our frontiers, which culminated in tho treacherous assassination of Oon. E. It. S. Oinby, and his associates, by tho notorious Oapt. Jack, Chief of tho Modoce, admonishes us that tho future use of soft words and gentle means are useless, therefore, JleMlvat, By tho Senate, tho -House of lleprcsenta lives concurring, that tlido moral Government should at onco resort to forcible measures in the prosecution of refractory tribes of Indians, and that wo have no sympathy with or respect for any course which does not look to tho severest penalty for tho outrageous as sassination of tho illustrious otneor and bis associates, the sickening details of which bavo not yet ceased to ’ dbrato over the telegraph wires of tho country. THE CITY TAX DILI*. xua vui aaa v.uu. Homo gonllomon in Chicago have boon misled i:- a rumor that tho Governor had determined to veto House bill 300.' Thoro is no foundation for tho. rumor or tho consequent uneasiness. Tho bill has not yet reached his Excellency, and thoro is hardly any doubt that it will moot bis approval. THE LAKE FRONT. Tho Governor has signed tho Lake Front re pealing hill, which will go into effect July 1. GRAIN INSPECTION. The 'Williamson Warehouse Amendment hill has also received tho Executive signature, which will be : good nows for tho Board of Trado and, for tho new Inspector, Mr. Harper, who worked' hard to got it through. It rollovoa him of tho ontiro responsibility for inspection by allowing an appeal from his decision in caso of dispute. TRANSPORTATION. The Committee on Federal Relations reported favorably on a memorial adopted by tho Wiscon sin Legislature with reforouco to the lako trade. Tho memorial os adopted roads as follows : This memorial of the Legislature of the State of Illinois' respectfully represents that In tho opinion of this Legislature, tho acta of Congress, now in force, regulating tho navigation and commerce upon tho Groat 'Wcsiern Lakes sro unnecessarily embarrassing and restricting such navigation and commerce, and that therefore, they should bo revised with a view of removing aQ restrictions now imposed on our Lako navigation and commerce which are not essential for tbo protection of tho revenue, * * This' Legislature is aware that tbo proximity of the foreign territory, the comparatively unprotected con dition of onr frontiers, and particularly tho present high tariff, makes it a matter of necessity, that laws shall be made to protect tho revenue, and that for such purposes commerce and navigation on our waters bordering on foreign territory bo to some ex tent restricted ; nut this Legislature, at tho same time, is of tho opinion that tho solo object of those laws ought to be to protect tho revenue and restrict the commerce and navigation only so far as It Is absolutely necessary and essential for such protection of the rev enue. This Legislature begs to call attention to tbo pro visions of 800. 18 of tho act of Congress entitled '* An net for tho enrollment and licensing of ships or ves sels and for othor purposes,” approved Fob. 18, 1793. by virtue of which ships and vessels, duly enrolled ana licensed, can carry on tho coasting trado between a district in one State and a district in tho same or an adjoining State on tho sea coast, without being required. to report at any custom house and to deliver a manifest of their cargoes, and to obtain a clearance previous to depar ture, or on arrival within such district, to make a re port thereof, and obtain a permit to unload; and the Legislature suggest that these orsimllar privileges bo -extended to all ships or vessels, enrolled and licensed to carry on the coasting trado on tho Northern, North western, -and Northeastern frontiers of the United States, and trading • between a port or place in one Stale and a port or place. in the earno or an adjoining State, and not touching or landing at any foreign port or place, and that, to this effect, all acts or part of acts conflicting with these privileges bo repealed. And this Legislature, your memorialists, .will over pray. CONTEMPLATED IMPROVEMENTS. The Governor bos boon invited by tho Gov ernor of Georgia to attend a convention of Gov ernors at Atlanta, in May, to consider tho feasi bility of digging a canal to connect the Missis sippi with the Atlantic at Savannah or therea bouts. Tho Governor does.-not know yot if bo can attend. Ho has another invitation from the Governor of lowa to attend a convention, to behold at some point not yet determined, to consider tbo improvement of the Wisconsin River, and of constructing a canal around Ni agara Falls, and asking his views thereon. Tho Governor is of opinion that such a convention should consider the whole subject of transporta tion. THE PENITENTIARY. The Penitentiary management will certainly bo changed. There is excellent authority for tho statement. It is expected that tho Commis sioners and Warden will resign. There is a regi ment of candidates. Who tho qow Commission ers will bo it is impossible to say. Maj. Pink ham, of Dixon, is most prominently spoken of in connection with the Wardonship. TRANSFER OF RAILROAD DONATIONS. Tho Sonato discussed the Casey bill, to permit tbo transfer of municipal subscriptions from railroads never built to others that might bo built. This would violate the spirit if not tho letter of tho Constitution, so tho bill was wisely postponed. TILLSON CLAIM. Thu Senate recommitted the Tillson claim bill, with tho intention of reducing tho account ana trying it again. THE CHAMPAIGN UNIVERSITY APPROPRIATION DILL was amended in tho Sonato, and SIO,OOO to pay sub-contractors for tho failure of tho contractu, an impudent claim, was very properly stricken out. MORTGAGE DILL. Tbo Senate discussed the revised mortgage bill this afternoon, and. as it did not allow tho same right of redemption under trust deeds as under mortgages, it failed, and was recommitted. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. SENATE. BrimtoviKiJ), 111.. April IS, 1873. The Senate met at 0:80 o'clock a. m., Prosi* dent Early presiding. tub wodoo Senator FEHIIEL introduced a joint resolu tion censuring tho Indian peace policy pursued by tho Administration, and requesting tlio Gov ernment to take speedy measures to mote out adequate punishment to tho Modoos. Adopted, unanimously. BOAS LAWS. Senator NICHOLSON offered a resolution di recting tho Secretary of State to havo printed 10,000 copies of tho Hoad laws, recently passed, and to distribute tho samo to tbo sovoral coun ties pro rata. Adopted. TOWNSHIP ORGANIZATION. Senate bill 108, revising the law in relation to township organization, was taken up, amended, and ordered to a third reading. GAMES OF CHANGE. Mr. DOW introduced a bill prohibiting tho ad vertising of lotteries and games of ohauce, aud tho same was read a first time. RAILROAD AID. Tho special order, consideration of Senate bill 881, authorizing cities, counties, and townships to transfer donations mado to railroad corpora tions was taken up. Senators CASEY, YOUNG BLOOD, and ARCllEll advocating its passage, and Senator BANFOIID opposing it. Further consideration was postponed until to-morrow. SECOND BEADING OP BILLS. The special order for 11 o'clock, consideration of hills by sections, was taken up, and tho fol lowing bills wore so considered: Senate bill4oo, regulating and making appro priation for tbo Illinois Industrial University. A mcflbßgo from tho Governor VfM received, THU CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16, 187& announcing bis approval of tbo bill repealing the Lake-Front act, also of Williamson’s bill, amending the act In regard to public ware houses. THE TCTXfIOK CLAIM. Senator BURNS called up bis motion to re eonsidor the vote by which tno Tillsou claim bill was lost. Carried, and tbo bill was recommitted to tbo Committee on Appropriations. Adjournment until 2:80 o'clock p. m. AFTERNOON BES9ION. Tbo Senate reassembled at 2:80 o’clock p. ra. niVF.II IMPROVEMENT HILL. Senator CUMMINGS called up House bill 174, authorizing the construction of a lock nud dam at Copperas Crook, and it was ordered to a third reading. JURY niLL. Mr. SANFORD called up Senate bill 25, In re lation to juries, and consideration of tbo eamo was postponed. MORTGAGES. Sonato bill 815, revising tbo law In relation to mortgages of real and personal property camo up. After dobato at length, Mr. MURPHY of fered an amendment providing for redemption in caso of 'sales under trust deeds. Adopted yeas 18; nays 17. Mr. DOW moved to strike out tbo onnoling olause—ayos, 10; nays, 10, tho President vot ing negatively, • Tbo motion wos lost, and tbo bill recom mitted. A motion to reconsider was filed. THE TILLSON CLAIM AGAIN. Tho Appropriation Oommlttoo reported back tho TiUson war claim bill, recommending a re duction of tho claim from $10,185.10 to SIO,OOO. Concurred in, and tho bill was ordered to a third reading. COMMITTEE EXPENSES. By consent, Mr. WILCOX introduced a bill allowing tniioago to members of standing and special committees and their clerks to reimburse thorn for traveling incurred in official business. Road first time. Mr. FERREL introduced a resolution pro viding for adjournment upon April 25tb next. Laid ovor to Deo. 8, 1873. Adjourned. HOUSE. HOAD LAW. Mr. MULVANE offered a resolution instruct* ing tho Socrotaryof State to have 12,000 copies of tbo Hoad law, relating to counties under town ship organization, printed for distribution. Amended, to in elude tbo law for other counties, and adopted. THE REVISION. Tho Judiciary Committee reported back tho resolution nuking whether it is necessary to con tinue tho Commission of Revision, recommend ing that tho act organizing tho Commission bo repealed. Tho Committee also submitted a statement from Mr. Hurd, showing tho condition of tho work. Tho report nu(l tho statement of Jlr. Hurd woro ordered printed. Tho Committee also submitted a bill to repeal tho aot. LAKE NAVIGATION. Tho Committoo on Federal Relations reported back a memorial asking tho General Government to romovo all restrictions upon tho navigation of the groat lakes, recommending its adoption. Tho memorial was adopted. TICE COMPROMISE RAILROAD RILL. Tho special order, consideration of House bill 574, tUo Compromiso Railroad kill, thou carao up. Mr. HAJIT, Ohalrm&n of. tho Boloct Commit tee, submitted an amendment from tbo Coramit too, changing tbo provisions of See. 7, and making it tho duty of tho Railroad Commission ers to personally investigate alleged violations of tho law, visiting railroad stations for that purpose. Mr. OBERLEY made a lengthy spocohin sup port of tho bill. Tho amendment proposed by tho Soloot Com mittee was adopted—yeas, 57; nays, 27. Mr. COLLINS offered an amendment, allow ing discrimination in tho carrying of passengers in certain cases to conventions or on othor pub lic occasions. Mr. TRUITT offered a substitute, allowing commutation tickets to bo sold, or special rates to ho allowed, for excursion parties. Adopted. Mr. ARMSTRONG (Brandy) offered an amend ment to 800. 1, to prevent extortion by express companies, and prohibit the leasing of tracks to through transportation companies. Lost. Mr. DUNHAM offered an amendment striking out tho word “ rate.” tf)d substituting tho worn “ amount ” in tho tlilra lino of tho third section. Tho provision in tho same section regulating tho uso and transportation of cars was amended in tho samo manner. Mr. MOORE (Adams) offered an amendment adding tho words <( por mile” after tho word “ amount.” Recess till half past 2 o'clock. AFTERNOON SESSION. - IIAILIIOAD The House resumed consideration of the Bail* road bill. Hr. DUNHAM moved a reconsideration of the vote by which Ibo word ‘‘rate” had been stricken out, and the word “ amount” inserted. [Note—The word “rate” iuthobillwaß interpreted as limiting the railroads to a uniform rate per mile without regard to distance. The word <( amount ” was substituted because it was con strued as simply prohibiting railroad companies from charging for a given distance a sum in ex cess of the amount charged for the same kind and quantity of freight for a greater distance.] The motion to reconsider was lost. Mr. Moore's amendment inserting the words “ per mile ” was lost. Mr. MASSIE offered an amendment striking out the clause prohibiting special rates to indi viduals for use or transportation of cars. Lost. Mr. CARPENTER offered an amendment pro viding that said section shall not bo construed as prohibiting railroad companies from carrying largo amounts of freight at special rates. A lengthy discussion took place upon the amendment, representatives of tho manufactur ing interests contending that a law forbidding special rates for the transportation of freight in largo quantities would bo ruinous to their busi ness. Mr. HABT moved tho previous question. Car ried. Tho amendment was lost—yeas, 44; nays, 67, as follows: Alexander (Oraw-Qrant, Moore (Adame), ford), GrlUloy, ' Moobo, ArmßtrongfGnm-Hay, Morrison. dy), into (Bt. Clair), Neville, (La- Hopkins, Peltzcr, Salle), JaqnoHs. Plnuoll, Sallow,i ’ Jnckßou, Hay, Bishop (McHenry) Jones, llounirce, Bradwell, Krmn, Sherman, Bryant, Llolzo, Starr, Bullard, Lomax, Sylvester, Oasey, Loomis, Tillson, Carpenter, Mann, • Webster, Condon, . Massio, Westfall, Davis, Moacham, Wicker—-44, Golden, MJddlocou, NAYS. Alexander (Mont- Henry, Bice, gomcry), Hite (Madison), Savage, Bucock, Holies, Scott, Branson, Hollonback, Benue, Oassedy, luscoro, Shaw, Collins. . Jessup, Sheridan, Connolly, Johnston, Bhumway, Crawford, Lano (Hancock), Soule, Darnell. McDonald, Stewart (Wlnne- Dement, McGee, bago), Dewey, Mcl’horran, Stewart (McLean), Dolan, Moore (Marshall),Strcetor, Dolton, MotUtt, Stroud, Dunham, Mulvauo, Swan, Flanders, Oakwoou, Taggart, Forth, Oborlr, Thomas, Freeland, Orondorff, Thornton, Gordon, Pcnflold, Truitt, Graham, Plowman, Warner, Granger, Pollock, Webber, Hart, Race, Wood, Harvey, Ramey, Mr. Speaker—67. Hawes, Rankin, Adjourned. WATER TRANSPORTATION. Proposed Convention on tlio Fox Jliver Improvement, Huron and Ontario Canal, and Exorbitant freight Charges* St. PAUii, April 15.—Gov. Carpenter, of lowa, baa addressed a letter to Qov. Austin, uudor date of April 8, containing references to a moot ing hold at Dos Moines some three months ago, with a view of calling a convention of delegates from the sovoral Northwestern States and Ter ritories to devise moans for tho improvement of tho Fox and Wisconsin llivors and tho Huron aud Ontario Canal, and to make such arrange ments as will tend to promote the oarly con summation of those enterprises. Gov. Austin's views are requested upon tho following points : 1. As to tho practicability of holding such a Convention as has been proposed. 2, If, in bis judgment, such a Convention could promote the efforts of tboso necking to remedy tne evils connected with present facilities for transporta tion. 8. What place Is preferable for holding tho Convention ? and 4. Is it advisable to enlarge the scope of tho call so as to comprehend a more extended consideration of the important ques tions involved ? Gov. Carpenter, among other reason, sug gested in favor of tho Convention, says tho enor mous over production of tho Mississippi Valley now seeking an eastern outlet, but absolutely withhold from market and consumption of popu lations clamoring for broad, owing to a luck of facilities for transportation, and tho exorbitant charges of railways now in existence, cannot bo regarded as a financial stringency arising from wild speculation, or uuy of the ordinary causes of business stagnation.j CHICAGO DRY GOODS MARKET. Tukbdat Evening, April 15. Our loading jobbers report continued improve ment in the demand for staple and fancy dry goods, the distribution during tbo past.wool! un ?uoslionnbly being tho largest of the season so ar. Largo numbers of bnyors from points near and romoto aro now in attendance, and although thoro still appears to bo a disposition to confine purchases to mooting immediate wants, tho de mand is much moro general in its character, and many linos of goods that heretofore bavo moved sluggishly aro now having a Üboral sale. So far as tlto standard brands of,cotton textiles aro concerned, thoro has boon no porcop tiblo. softening of prices, but certain unpopular makes, and light weights, have eased off in bnyors’ favor,—in somo instances to tbo extent of %@lo per yard. Tho carpet trade seems to bo in a prosperous condition, tho de mand being active and collections easy, wbilo the Blocks aro in excellent shape, both as regards sizo and general assortment. Prices remain steady and unchanged. Tho Now York Mercantile Journal says of tbo woolen goods market t Tbo woolen goods market Is allll ratherqulot and de pressed for most descriptions, although thoro is a bet ter fcolhig in regard to good stylos of light-weight fancy ensshnorts and coatings. Tho demand for these has slightly Improved, and they are being held with a little more firmness by agents as well os jobbers. Me dium diagonal-coatings are soiling moderately well, whore the stylos aro good. Thoro Is rather a qulot movement for all tho hoavy-wolght cloths and cassl moros. Tbo recent decline in wool has caused some hesitancy on tho part of clothing manufacture ra In placing orders, but thoy aro canvassing tbo market closely for any Job loin that can ho had cheap. Tho Jobbers complain that business is not as brisk as it should bo, but thoy aro doing a fair trade with tho general retail dealers in assorted ploco lots. QUOTATIONS, nnows COTTONS. Atlantic A; 4-1 14 o Great Falla E, 4-4...19#0 Atlantic 11, 4-4 18# Cabot A, 4-4 10 Atlantic D, 4-4 .12# Oabot W, 4-4 13# Atlantic P, 4-4 11# Lawrence. LL, 4-4.. 13 Indian Hoad, 4-4....14 Agawam F, 4-4 10 Indian Hoad, 8-4...;13# Shnwmut, LL 11# Stark A, 4-4 14 Swift River 0# Nashville, CO 1a..... 14 Hosier/4-4 10 Nashville, 90in.....12 UUca 0 0 Nashua E, 40-in.....10 o Dwight Star, 4-4....15 o Nashua R, 80-in 14# Continental 0 14# Nashua 0, 33-ln 13# Lawrence D 14# Popperell E, 40-in...l4#' Newmarket A 12# Foppcroll R. 80-in,..13# Massachusetts 138..12# Fcpporoll O, 33-1n..;13# Massachusetts E....11# Popporoll N,30-1n..;11# Portsmouth P 0 rnurrs, MorrlmaoTV, Plnk.;.l3#o Garner Fancy 11 #o Morrlmao D. Fancy.Ml# • Amoskeag Fancy. ...10 Cochoco Fancy 12 Mourning......ll to 11# Dunnoll Fancy 11# ShlrUng 10# to 11# Richmond Fancy.... 11# Mallory Pink 12# American Fancy 11# Mallory Purple 11# Sprague Fancy 11# Manchester 11# Gloucester ~..11# Womautta Fancy.... 8 OIMOHAUB. ..IS o I Amoskeag ..18 Glasgow. ..15 t Hartford oonnsr JEAHB. Renfrew.. Lancaster Bates.... Kaumkoagsatteons.. I liockport 13jfo Poquot salterns Columbian 12# Laconia ...13# | Indian Orchard 12# Garner Plat B#o I Slater’s Paper *lO o Washington 8# 1 Manvlllo Paper 10 High colors, I cent extra. COTTONS. 9LEAOUEI Lonsdale cambric...22#o Lyman, do ...23 Now York Mills 21 Wamsutta. 20 Prido of ih0W05t....20 Langdon, GD 10 Fruit of the Loom.. .17# Lonsdale 17 urn 10 Auburn,*A 10 Androscoggin, L....1f1#0 Blttckatono, AA 16 Oabot 16 Dwight Star 16# Western Product....lß# Harris 14# Gold Medal ..14 Social, L 12# Green, Q 11# Methuen, AA 24 o Willow Brook-. No. 1.34 Portland, AAA 35 York, 33-inch........25 York, 30-inch 21 Pacific ......15 Swift Rlvor 18 (IMS. Minnehaha, 4-4 85 o

Minnehaha,-7-8 90 Amoakeag, AOA..-...30 - Amoako&g, A........24 Amoakeag, 8.. .21 - Amoakeag, 0..19 - Amoakeag,-D;.......17 - sen: .20 o] Warren, AXA 33 O Warren, DB 21 WarroD.CC.. .18 Haymaker 14 Beaton*..... 13# York Dine. Amoskoak. Columbian, Otis, AXA., Otis, 8D... Otis, C 0... • Him Minnehaha,' 0-3......28#0 Amoskcag, 6-3 10 Amoakrag, 8-8. IB Uncofivlllo, A .14 Whtttenton, A 17#o Whlltcnton, 0 13# American, 6-3 14 American, 8-3.......13 WABP. O&ItFEl Standard white 37#0 j Rockford, QQG .35 Reaper City.... 31 ■ -OAHPE Ta^tttry !,i!« Thrti Hartford,ß# : Hartford, 1mp'1.... 1.49 ! Jni 7l i .Smith’s tapestry $1.30 ’Hartford extra 1.30 Hartford med 1.05 8e1grade..*.......... .85 • lit Common p1ain.,23#Q270 • Mat English cocoa, h05t....850 American common.. ..650 American best 750 Bod and wb. chic I—4 . ,350 Bed and wli, cUTc 6-1. .100 Continental 83t*o Bee Hire, c010red....37# I Brussels. I Higgins $1.90 | Koxbury 1.32# te*Ply. I Lowell ,$1.40 j smitnss aourueda. jravit. Bright's Oroßsloy’s,..., i Lowell extra $1.20 i .Lowell superfine..... 1.05 Common wool 65@750 Union B0(flG0o mp. | Twilled and ox. pl’n.. ..940 tting, \ China matting 4-4 SOo i China matting 6-4 350 i China matting 6-4 400 i Bed and wh, ch’kfl-i ..450 Ttls! Spool thread, grain bags, off 10 days. Domestics, cottonadca, E< cent off 80, 9 per coat off 10 Regular department gooi cont off 80, G per cent off 1C etc,, 30 days, or 1 per cent (oDtuchy Jeaui, oto., 1 per ) days. 3(lb, 4 per cent off 60, 6 per 10 daya. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH, Now York Financial Nowi* New York. April 15.—Money Is still tight, with all loans of the day on call at HQX per day, mostly 3*lo® jif. The receipts of currency hy express were about $1,000,000. The Now York Central Company has commenced to disburse tho semi-annual dividend, amounting to $3,000,000. Ono of the loading bonks called in a large amount of loans for to-morrow, an operation supposed to bo con nected with tho elty finances. A petition In favor of tho repeal of tho Usury law, signed by loading bankers, goes to tho Governor to night. and it is reported ho will urge the Legislature to repeal tho law, so far as pledges of personal property are concerned, leaving the limit on real estate at 7 per cent. Tho outstanding legal-tenders show a gain of SXQO.< 000. Sterling opened firmer, leading bankers advancing their rates to 107H for sixty days, and 108 for sight, but this checked the demand, and the market closed dnU and weak. Tho actual business was at 107J£® 107tf and 108jtf@108*. respectively. Gold declined from lISJf - to on largo sales by prominent buUs, amounting, It Is sold, to $1,000,000, closing at U7K@ll7tf. Loans 4 per cent to 1-33 for carrying, and flat for borrowing. Clearings, $76,000,- 000. Treasury disbursements, $121,000. Customs re ceipts. $415,000. Governments heavy and lower, Btato bonds dull. Stocks oponod'strong at an advance on last night’s closing rates, but by noon a general weakness was de veloped, and under considerable presuro to soU, ap parently from the “ bulls,” tired of paying extravagant rates for money,'as woU as a etoady hammering by the “bears,” prices wore forced down X&i per cent throughout the list, and closed at about the lowest prices. Tho market was very acUvo during the latter portion of the day, and appearances Indicate an in creased business In the immediate f uturo. Sterling, 107>(. QOTZnSUIKT BONUS, Coupons. *81.,,..,. ..110?^ 5-208 of 5 02 .....117* Coupons, *64.........117* Coupons, *OS 119 V Coupons, *OS (new).. ,110 V Coupons, ’O7..TV Coupons, ’08.... 10-408 Currency 65..,. Now 0S BTATB BONDS. Virginias, old 13 North Oarolluas, 01d..80 North Carolina#, n0w.17 Missouris 00 Teunossees, old 70 Teunossoes, n0w......70 Virginias, now.. 10 BtPanlpfd 72 Waba5h......,,,.,,., 67* Wabash pfd 85 Fort Wayne.,.,,,.,, 02* Terre Haute 16 Terre Haute pfd 10 Chicago & Alton 108 Chicago & Alton pfd. 113 Ohio £ Mississippi.. 43* 0., 0. & 0 83 0„B. UQ 100 Lake Shore 00* Indiana Central 88* Illinois Central 117* Union Pacific stocks. 82* Union Pacific bonds. 80* Central Pacific bonds.lo2* Do). Lack, h Western. 08* 8., U. & Erie 8* Canton 00 W. U. Tol • 83* Quicksilver 10 Adams Express 02* Wells Farg0....'..... 80* American Express... 66* United States Ex.... 71* Pacific Mall 66 Now York Central...loo* Erie 61* . 74* .131* Erie pfd Harlem, Harlum x>W. Michigan Central,.,,lo4 Pittsburgh «B*i Northwestern 78 Northwestern pfd.,.. 80V Hock Island.. 107 N. J. Central 08 Bt. X'aul 60 Ruffctlo tiro stock Market* BOstxlo, N. Y., April 15.—Oattlk—Uocelnta to-dsy, 1,207 ; total for the week, 4,420, with tbo bulk of the arrival* of medium grade. Tbo market opened low, at Vo advance on last wcok'd closing prices, About 760 wore disposed of. Sales : 405 Illinois Htoera, averaging 1,004 to 1,084 lbs, at $5.3500.60 j 43 Ohio steers, av 1,374 to 1,413 its. at $5.7630.60 ; 15 Ohio cows and heifers, av 024 !bi, $4.75 ; 10 Ohio etockers, av 003 Iba, at $5.00 ; 01 Imllnna steers, av 1,080 to 1,131 lbs, at $5,4006,50 ; 45 Kentucky steers, av 1,380 tbs, at $0.13* ; 30 Indiana atockors, av 070 to 073 lbs, at $4.0005.00. UitKEr and Limbs—To-day, 400; total for the week, 6,300, The market opened with light rocolpla at Vo advance on last week’s closing prices. Bales: 101 Michigan sheep, 67 lbs, at $7.35; 600 Ohio shooi). 00 to 103 lbs, at $5.37*00.60 ; 408 Indiana sheep. 85 lbs. at $0.37*; 08 State sheep, Oil tbs, at $7.50. Hoau—To-day, 0,000; total for the week, 34,100.' Most of tho arrivals wore through consignments, Tbo market Is slow at XOo per owl advance on last week’s closing rates. Trices rule at $5.4005.70. New York Dry Goods Market* New York, April 16,—There was a greater activity In the jobbing trade to-day, but tie oommiiiioa •gents were quiet. The market for ootton goods con tinues Arm (or the boat grade*, but weak on light make shootings. Corset Joans of now shades aro In good demand. Ticks and denims aro active, scarce, and firm. Cottonadoa meet with more demand. Prints and ginghams rule fairly active, and Paciflo per cales aro brisk. Shawls are dull. Woolens are nulot, except for light-weight cosslmores. Foreign goods aro inactive, but plain ualornos, Orleans cloths, and block alpacas are soiling freely. White gooda aro bettor. Forolirn market*. Livxnpoon, April I.l—ll a. rn.—Flour, 27s Od. Win ter wheat, 12s Qd; spring, Hs@l2s 2d; white, Us Odft 11a 8d; club, lls od@l2s. Com, 27s 6d. I’ork, OCa. Lard, 80s. Lmtnpoon, April IB—2 p, m.—Breadstuff* nulot. White wheat, lls 6d@lls 7d. Pork, C7s Od. Rest un changed. London, April 15—B p, m.—Consols—Money, ; account, 93#; 8-20 aof 'O3, 94#: do of 'O7, 93#; KMOs, 89#: now os, 00#; Eric, 61#. Tallow, 44s 3d. Frankront, April IB,—Five-twenties of *02,95#, FAms, April IB.—Routed, Bflf 16c. Liverpool, April 16.—Cotton quiet; middling, 9#d; Orleans, 9#09#0; sales, 10.000 halos ; Ameri can, 6,000} spoculolTon and export, 1.000. Breadstuff*'quiet: California white wheat, average quality, lls 6cl®lln 7d; club,lls 9il®l2s; red spring, llsftl'is 2d; red winter, 12s 2d. Flour, 27s 6d. Com, 27s Bd. Choose. COO. Oumborlands, 96s 6d ; short ribs, 40s. Receipts of wheat siuco last report, 14,000 qru, of which 0,000 qra wore American: receipts of com to the same time, 13,000 qrs, of which 10,000 qra woro American. Yarns and fabrics at Manchester quiet and firm. The Produce lilarboto« NEW YORK. New Tons, April IB.—Cotton—Dull and lower 5 middling upland, 19#0. Dreadhtupfs—Flour steady, with moderate de mand. Receipts, 14,000 hris; superfine Western and Stale at $5.90@0.60; common to good extra, $0.90® 7.60; good to choice, $7.06@5.28; white wheat extra, $8.50®10.60; Ohio extra, s7.'iOftlO.SO; St. Louis, $.7.50 (312.60. Rye flour and com meal unchanged. Wheat dull; receipts, 21,000 hu; rod Western, $1.80®1.82# } amber Western, $1,90; No. 2 Chicago spring, afloat, $1.60# ; No. 2 Milwaukee, in store, $1.62 hit!, $1,040 1.05 asked. Rye quiet: Western, 820. Barley quiet. Malt in limited demand; Wee torn, $1.10®1,32#. Cora steady; receipts, 23,000 bu; now mixed Western, 04ft 05#o; old do afloat, 06#ft00#o; do In store, 03#® 04o; yellow. 66ftG5#o. Oats quiet;, isoolpts, 20.000 bu; now mixed, 60054 c; old do in store, 630 Lid, 640 asked. Glover Seed—Quiet at B#®B#o. Kaon—Easier at 18®10o, Hat—Quiet. Hops— Unchanged, Groceries—Coffee dull; IUo, 10#@19c. Sugar vrenk ; Muscovado, B#®9 1-lflo ; • Centrifugal, 0 3-lOc. Molasses Arm; Now Orlcaus, 750. Rico quiet at 7#@ B#c. 'petroleum—Crude, 10®10#o; refined, 30#@ ao# o . Turpentine—Firm at 880. Provisions—Pork firmer; now moss, $17.50(317.60. Beef quiet oud unchanged. Gut meats quiet; bams, 13®13o; shoulders, 7#@Bc;- middles steady; long clear hold at 9#Q9#o ; short clear held at o#c. Lard steady; Western steam, 9®9#o; kettle, 9J<(39 5-lRc. Butter—ln good demand t-fair to prime Western. 83(3400. ’ at 12®10#o Whiskey—Finn at ol#®9Jc. MILWAUKEE. .18 o .13 Milwaukee. April IB.—BnExuarurm—Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat dull and a shade lower; No. 1, $1.81#; No. 2, $1.22#. Oats scarce and Ann; No. 3, 370. corn scarce and firm; No. 3, 37c. Rye dull and drooping t No. 1, 64#c, • Barley firm; No. 2, 83c. Receipts—Flour, 8,000 brls; wheat, 10,000 Im. Shipments—Flour, 6,000 brls ; wheat, 10.000 bu. BUFFALO. • . Buffalo, April 16.—Bbkadbtuffs—Flour steady. Wheat dull. Oom quiet; sales 1,000 bu No. 2 at63o. Oats neglected. Rye neglected. Barley firm. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, April 16,—Breadstuffs—Flour firmer; tT.6037.C5. Wheat firm at $1.0531.07. Corn firm at 400. Ryo quiet at 80c. Oats steady at 813880. Provisions—Stronger, Mesa pork at $10.76 bid ; $17.60 asked. Lard firm; steam 8#o; kettle B#@B#c. Bulk moats strong; shoulders, o*£o ; held at C#o buyer April; clear rib, B#@B#o—same option ; clear, B#o. Bacon firmer; shoulders, 7@B#c; sales, clear rib. 0c ; clear, o#o, generally bold at Whibkx—Steady at 800. TOLEDO. Toledo, April 15.— BuitADflTumi Flour firm, Wheat firm and higher : No. 1 white Michigan, $1.62 ; N0,2 do,$1.00; amber Michigan, $1.C7®1.07#, spot; $1.70@1.70# sellar May; No. 3 rod, $1.67#®!.08. Corn quiet; high mixed, 420 spot; 430 sollor May; low mixed, 42#0. Oats a shade higher; No. 2, 85#o ; Michigan, 85#c. Oloteb Seed—s4.os. Ukoeipxb— Fiour, COO brls; wheat, 8,000 bu; corn, 6.000 bu; oats, 600 bu. Shipments—Flour, 000 brls; wheat, 19,000 bu; corn, 10.000 bu : oats, 1,000 bu. CLEVELAND. Olxvkdand, April IB.—BBEADSTurrs—Flour firm. Wheat quiet but firmer; No. I hold at $1.70 ;No. 2, $1.03. Corn steady at 4C®470. Oats quiet at 40c, Pjetbolbum—Quiet and unchanged. ST. LOUIS. St. Louis. April 15.—Bbeadstuffs—Flour quiet and weak, wheat dull and unchanged; No. 2, spring sl.lß# ;do soft lowa, $1.30; No. 3 rod full, SI,CO, of fered at $1.59 at tlio clone. Corn steady; No. 2, 341*0 In elevator; 40(R420 for sacked. Gala firmer at 29@300 In elevator; 33i332#q sacked. Ityo and bar ley very little doing. Wiiibky—Dull; small lota at S7o, Provisions—Pork strong and higher at $10.75, Bulk moats active and higher; largo demand for future; shoulders and clear rib, at Burlington, lowa, BVo, buyer May; clear rib and clear, at Poorin, seller Juno. Bacon active and higher; shoulders, 7jtfo seller May and buyer May; clear rib, seller August; clear, 100 seller May ; lOjtfo seller June; 110 seller August. Lard held out of market; 80 freely bid. lloos—Steady at $4.70@5.T». Cattle—Firm; Texans, $2.0005.00; fat natives, sUo@s.B7tf. NEW ORLEANS. New Orleans, April 15. Breadstuff—Corn moderately active at 62067 c. Oats dull at 40©410, Bran—Quiet at 75c. Hat—Quiet at $23.00®28.00, PnovisioNS—Pork firmer; hold at $17.25. Bacon firmer at 7>*o, oJ£c, and 100. Odooebies— Sugar dull; fair, OolToo quiet at 17@19#0. Others unchanged. Cottoß— More doing ; sales, 4,7(W bales: good ordi nary, 16*{®lCc;low middlings, 17Vc; mldUngs, JB*£c; miauling Orleans, 18jfc. Receipts, 4,703 bales. Exports —Continent, 0,756 balesstock, 170,870 bales. MARINE, PORT OF CHICAGO. ARRIVED April 16. Scow Cousin Mary, South Haven, 68 cds wood. Bchr Fannie a Floy, Saugatuok, 60 mft lumber 0# m lath. Bark A, P. Nichols, Manitowoc, 3<tf m pickets. Scow Granger, St. Paul’s Pier, 66 cds bark. Bchr Fisher, Ludwig’s Pier, 30 cds wood, 30 m ft Imn- bar. Bchr Madison, Manitowoc, CO cds wood. CLEARED April 15. Scow Cousin Mary, South Hayon, light, Prop M. Grob, Manistee, light. Scow D. G. Wright, Ludington, Bchr Truman Moss, Muskegon, light. Bohr Fannie h Floy, Saugatuck, light, Bchr E. Elmwood, White River, light. Bchr Clipper City, Ludington, light. Bohr O. L. Johnson, Muskegon, light, Bchr Monson, Muskegon, light. . Strap Corona, Bt. Joseph, light. . Bchr J. O. Moss, Muskegon, light. Bchr Jolla D. Merrill, Ludington, light, Bchr Petrol, Muskegon, light. Bchr Eliza Day, Ludington, Ught, Bchr Little Belle, Muskegon, light, Bchr Ithaca, Muskegon, light. Bchr Arctic, Muskegon, Ught. Bcow Granger, Bt. Paul's Pier, light, Bohr Curlew, Muskegon, light. Bohr Blue Bells, Manitowoc, light. Bohr Raleigh, Muskegon, Ught. Bchr Sardinia, Lodlng’s PI or, Ught. Bchr Persia, White Lake, Ught. Bchr Hamlet, Muskegon, Ught. Illinois Hlvor and Canal Nows* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. liiSAiiLX, April 15.—N0 arrival or departure by (bo river. .118* .110* .112* .113* .IH* Tho river 1b slowly falling. The Montauk, from Lockport, loaded with flour for LaSalle and Peru, passed out of tho canal to-day. Nothing passed in. Peoria, April 16.—The Illinois river Is over fifteen feet above low-water mark, and rising rapidly. Weath er cloudy and rainy. Canal Collector's Office, April 15—1 p. m.—An hived—Chicago Belle, Utica, 6,000 bu com; Dolphin, Ottawa, 6,600 bu com; Eollpao, Lomont, 80 yds stone; Florence Bogvor, Lomont, 85 yds stone; Goorgo’Judd, Lemont, 66 yds stone ; 001. Manning, Lomont, 62 yds •tone ; Gon, MeFherson, Lemont, B6 yds stone; Ad vance, Lemont, 66 yds stone: Charles W. W. Walker. Lomont, 86 yds stone; Henrietta Walker, Lomont, 67 yds stone, SO brla lime; H. L. Pessloy, Lomont, 70 yds stono; lilllo O’Oonnoll, Lomont, 80 yds stone ; Ex celsior, Summit, 86 yds stouo. Cleared—W. A. Steel, Joliet, light; Georgia, Sene ca, and Graole, Griswold, all light. Canal Collector's Office, April 16—8:05 p. m.— Arrived—Board of Trsde, Marseilles, 6,700 bu corn ; North Star. Ottawa, 6,900 bu com. Cleared—Elizabeth, Lockport, 6,008 bu wheat, 6 brls oatmeal; Harriot, Seueca, light; Montana, Sen eca, light; Advance, Lomont, light; Eclipse, Lcmout, lights EUle O'Connell, Bag, light; Gon. McPher son, Lemont, light; Florence Boyer, Lomont, light; Henrietta Walker, Lomont, light; Georgo Judd, Lo mont, light; 11. L. reasly, Lomont, light; Chorles W, Walker, Lomont, light; 001. Manning, Lomont, 600 ft lumber, LAKE FREIGHTS. Lake freights remain quiet and nominal at 100 for com and 160 for wheat to Buffalo. Lumber freights are not fully established. Tho follow ing quotations are furnished: Muskegon. $2.50; Oconto, $4.00: Manistee, $3.00; Ludiugton, $2.75. Milwaukee, April 14.—Tho schooner Typo, tho only uuoimrtorod grain vessel at this port, was taken at 200 for wheat to Kingston, to loud here. ITEMb. The following dispatches wore received fioin tho Bit-alts to-day; , .. , , Maokinao. April 15.—Weather clear. No wind. Thermometer, (10 degrees. Teams are crossing tho Straits on tho Ice, „ . „,. Au Sable, April 15.—Wind northeast, light. Weather clear. Lake full of drifting ice. Port Austin, April 15.—Wind northeast, light. Oloar and pleasant. Plenty of 100 on this shore. The iohoonw flandford, with a cargo of lum- her, tlio first sail vessel from Manistee arrived hero this morning. Tho Btoamor Montgomery, of tho Olilcago and Sarnia Lino, la expected to leave this port for Sarnia on Saturday next. Tho first grain charters of tho Benson for lower lake porta took place on tho docks this morning. They wore the hark Montgomery, with wheat, to Ogdonslmrg, at IGo; and the schooner H. F. Mer ry, alao with wheat, to Frio, at Go per bushel.— Toledo Blade. —The flood in Now York State has seriously damaged tho Chenango Canal. Several breaks have occurred, and tho Injury to the banks is so groat that it Is thought tho State may not care to go to tho expense of repairing them. —Tho Welland Canal will ho open for naviga tion on Monday. tho 21st, —Tlio Detroit Advertiser and Tribune gives l tho following concerning hnrkantiuo vessels t This class of vessels, which, until quite recently, on tho lakes, are fast becoming extinct, that mode of rig being dono away with, for tho reason that fore-and-aft sails are doom ed mucli bettor for lako service. Thus being divested, they are classed or generally known as throo-and-aftora. A fow of them re tain tho top-sail, which,in scudding duringhoavy weather, Is as important a sail ns any on hoard tho ship. Borne flvo years since, there woro up ward of 100 barkantinoß on tho lakes. At the present time, however, tho number does not ex ceed ono-fourth of that, probably. Many thus classed more properly belong to those known as three-masted. top-sail schooners. Not more than eight or ton full-rigged hacks havo over boon in troduced upon tho lakes. —The Ice at the Clay Banks, on Colchester Beef Is piled up fotty feet high. —Tho schooner Columbian was soldyostordoy, at Detroit, by It. Moglnnity to B. J. Hnckott and Oapt. Graham for tho sum of 820.000. —Tho vessels laid up at Malden are making preparations to leave. —Tho route between Cleveland and Port Stan ley is said to bo open to navigation': ' . —Tho lighthouse at Spectacle Beef, a danger ous placo which lies to the eastward of tho en trance to tho Straits of Maokibaw, will probably bo completed next fall. In thick weather tho present season a steam whistle will bo sounded for throe seconds at intervale of 12 seconds. —Oapt. Sinclair, of tho tug Prindivillo, reports fifteen foot of water on tho St. Clair Flats, when ho passed over on tho 11th, which Is tho host stage known for some years.— Cleveland Herald. SPECIAL NOTICES. liOthargicluflucnccs of the Season. languor, Ustltudo, an Indlspoiltlon to ongago tn any actual employment, mental dullnoas and melancholy, aro evil# which materially detract from human enjoyment, and they arc experienced In a greater or loia degree, ac cording to the temperament and constitutional tenden cies of the Individual, by a largo proportion of the com munity In Spring. To route the physical and mental powers from this sluggish condition a tonto and corrective la Imperatively required, and Hostotter’s Stomach Bitten la tho only medicinal preparation in existence that Is thor oughly adapted to the work. The first doso produces a gonial glow throughout tho system, which Is an earnest of ponnanont relief. Astlmowoanon and tho tonlo and regulating properties of this pure and agreeable vegota bio romody takes full effect, every trace of debility, nor vouanois, and hypochondria vanishes! and mind and body become alike alert and vigorous. DRESS GOODS. GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY BEYOND DOUBT CARSON, ERIE & CO., No, 329 West Miullaon-st., Are selling Dross Goods and Silks cheaper than they can bo bought olsowboro. Japanese Silks about half price. Black Ground White Stripe Silks, all silk, at 75 and UO cts. Colored Stripe Silks at SI.OO, very cheap. Elegant quality Grey Stripe Silks, $1.20, really worth $1.75. Black, ail silk, Gros-grains at SI.OO, good sight ly goods. Belter and richer qualities Black Lyons Gros grains at sl,lO. $1.25, $1.60, and $1.76, very cheap goods. Richest and finest makes of"Gninefs,” “Pon sons,” and “Bonnot's"BlackGros-grains, from 75 cts. to $1.50 per yard below the market price, Rich quality Silk nnd Wool Epiiiglincs, choice shades. 7u cts.. well worth sl.2ii. Finest quality Cashmeres, now shades, 90 cts, price elsewhere $1.25. Choice new shades in best Rcnhaix Poplins, 35 cts,, worth 45 cts. Handsome shades in all-wool Cretones, at 40 and 50 cts., regular value 65 and 80 cts. Plain, Figured, nnd Striped Mohairs and Pop lin Alpacas at 37 1-2 cts., cheap. Wo defy competition in Black Alpacas, Mohairs, and Rrillinntines. Bargains on the Cheap Dress Goods tables at 18, 20. and 25 cts, MILLINERY. Wholesale Opening, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, APRIL 18 AND 10. THE PUBLIC AEE INVITED. Our SPECIAL RETAIL OPEN ING will bo during tho coming week, and will be duly announced. D. VASTER & CO., Successors to WEBSTER BROS,* 370 & 373 Wabash-av. LEATHER AND FINDINGS. X3STVITA.TXO2ST TO THU Shoemakers of Chicago HENRY H. HEEVIERDXN GBR, Dealer In Leather, Findings, and Fitted Upper*, having removed Into hi* now and *paolou* place, 62 Lake-it., cor ner of State, hereby Invites hi* friend*, and the Shoemak er* of Chicago, to attend hi* opening thlJ, Tuesday, April 18. 1873. ADVERTISING. "YO'cr Oan bare an advorllsomont, tho size of this, Inserted IN THIS SATURDAY STAR, PublUhod at Oilman, 111., 8 Weeks for 91. lt . you want to become acquainted with the people of IronunU County, now la your time. bllAllr • LORD, Advertising Agente, Chicago, 111. BUSINESS CARDS. CHARLES H. SMITH, Jr., LAVTSTEB, Commissioner for Illinois anil All tlio States, 318 Broadway, Booms 0 aud 7, Bow York. Experienced In taking testimony on commission, 0. H. DYER & 00., Corner Wnbash-av. ami Madlson-st., dealers in all kluda of Fuel, lllluols Coal per ton, delivered, $5; Kirkland Grate Coal (boat Indiana) per ton, delivered, $8.50; Wa bash Coal (Indiana llltuminous) per ton, delivered, tjs.M. Hard Coal and Wond ot all klnds alwnya ou hand. MEETINGS. Masonic. It. W. Bigelow Lodge, No. 433, A. F. XA. M. Regular Comimmlcatlon Wodausday uvonlug, April 16, at Lessing Hall, No, 12 North Cllntun-st. work mid business of importance will oumo before tho lodge. AH mumbers an* hereby noiltlud to attend. Visitors cordially invited. By order of B. T. SMITH, W. M. Masonic. Special communication of Ulanoy Lodge, No, 37), P. ami A. M., will In* hold this (Wednesday) evening at 8 o’clock, In Oriental Hall. E. ». 11UW/EU, tTuo. To Kent—.Societies Attention! A furnished Hall, for Lodge orßocloty purposes, located In now building. No. 13 South Halsled-at. i will bu ready May 1; everything now. Inquire ol M. V&URs* aouth weat 09t. Madison god Ualoa-tt* DRY GOODS. HAMLIN, HALE & GO. Arc now receiving a new lino of very choice stylos in Spring Dress Fabrics, bought with special reference to affording Mailers ; a handsome margin. Also, ! now in stock, tho largest and most attractive assortment of Prints in this market, including many novelties in Polka Spots. ; MADISON AND FMNKLIN-STS. REMOVALS. Removal.: SIMPSON, '] NQRWBLL&CO; WILL REMOTE MAT 1, TO 7WBISTATE-ST.. Between Randolph nnd Washington, THE OLD LOCATION. Prelims to our Removal, we offer our EMIE MW STOCK AT COST, TOR THIS WEEK ONLY. SimpsflnJorwell&Go., 146 and 148 TWENTY - SECOND - ST. REMOVAL. On and after May 1, tho Chicago Agency of tho MASSACHUSETTS Mutual lire insurance co. will occupy the Basement Office, No. 170 LaSailo-st.,'Bryan Block. ERISBIB & RAPPLEYE, General Agents. FINANCIAL. B. F. Allen, Win. A. Stephens* 11. Blonnorhossctt. Men,Stephens&Co. WILL DO safe Bankers do ii 26 Pine Street* New York. (Do no Stock Business) Domestic Bankers. LAPSLEY & BAZLEY, BROKERS IN STOCK PRIVILEGES, No. 47 Exchange Place* N. Y. SIOO sad commission will purobsio s first-class ooatesot, ' giving you tho privilege of calling or delivering (i. «,, bo ins ,r long" or “sbott") 100 abates of any aoavo alook, st soy time la 80 or 60 days. 6125 and commission will purchase sa A 1 contract (same lime and tonus a> stocks} on $60,000 American gold coin. No further rlik or outlaw U inourrod beyond tho amount you decide to risk. A l namoa on all oontraota negotiated. For further particu lar*, write for our “Explanatory Circular," just Issued, with practical illustration!. We refer to Messrs. Haw* •on, llllbroth A Co., sad Messrs. Boott, Strong 4 Co,, Now York. REAL ESTATE. Elegant Country Seat for St, -AJr WATTKEO-AJIST, IXiXj. The property known as “Glon Flora," containing SS acres with flrst-olsss improvements, Including largo and?' commodious brick dwelling, splendid horse liable and coach house, cold grapery, largo variety of fruit, loa bouse, ebloken buuso, and a largo convenient cattle barn, all In ilrat-otasa order. The property I* situated one mil* north of railroad depot, on tho bluff, with lino rlow of Lake Michigan. Tala Is a beautiful auburban borne, and is offered at a favorable price and on easy terms. ADDIr to O. H. LINCOLN, O. G. SPAHKH, Waugegan, orF*. . P. KR3KINE, Hoard of Trade, Ohleago. TO RENT. BILLIARD HALL TO iEWaHSTT, The largest and best-looatod Hall in Chi cago for lease, 61x128 foot, with store on Olark-st. and entrance on and Board of Trade alloy, in Exchange Building. Apply on the promises, CHEMICAL BATHS. Yergnes’ Eleotro-Ohemioal Baths, TOO WABASn-AV., Give immodlalo relief In eases of Rheumatism. Paraty* ala,-Sciatica, Neuralgia, Gout, Liver Complaint, Kidney Diseases. Especially adapted to tlio treatment of maladies peculiar to females. Our treatment will often oEoob wonderful results.. Note.—A competent physician and lady in attendance. No danger of taking onld after this treatment, which i* unlike nthor Electrical Baths given In this oity. DISSOLUTION NOTICES. DISSOLUTION. Public notice la hereby given that the copartnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, under the firm name of «I. Edwards X Co. and Edwards. Tail X Co., fa this day dissolved by mutual consent, Jeon Edwards retiring from said linn. All debts duo and owing said hrm aru to bo paid to Andrew Hampton, James Ralston, or John Tail, who slant* are authorized to sign In liquids* tlon or to receipt fur tho name, aud who will carry on tbo business its heretofore. Dated Chioagn, April 18. 1673. JOHN UUWaUDH. .IOUNTAIT, JAMESRALB , rONI ANDREW SAMPSON. DISSOLUTION. Thu partnership heretofore existing between N. O. Jnlmtoaaud A. W,.Johnson is this day dissolved by nuu tual consent. All dobts owing by said Arm will bo paid by said N. O. Johnson, and all debts duo eald firm an* to bo uuUnotedbyhlm. N. O. JOHNHON, . Dated Chicago, April 14. 1878. A. W. JOHNSON. SCALES. dgSf PAIEBANKS’ IP*! STAND AUD | ' SCALES , * ff OH ALT, SIZES. . V AIRBANKB, MOUSE JcOO 86 WEST WASUUiQIOS-IBC, 5

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