Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 16 Nisan 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 16 Nisan 1873 Page 6
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6 MONEY AND COMMERCE. MONETARY. J\. TuiaDAT Evßjfmo, Aprlflf. pio local money market presents no unusdcU features. Tbo demand for money is active, but'' /Ihlfl city contlnuoa to enjoy tho flattering ox emplion from tbo provaillng stringency in all tbo other principal money centres of tbo United States. Tbo fact is that wealth in tbo Nortb vrost has increased more in tbo last two years than In any other quarter of tbo country, and tho effect is to increase tbo amount of money capital in this its principal monoy contro. f Exchange was in boitor supply to-day, and ■old at 600 per SI,OOO premium, but tboro was '■till so much demand that some banks wore 1 obliged to ship Now York. [tmXXriCTED EFFECT OF fffgTTLW COINAGE I*AW. The now coinage law which,was Intended to flx . end confirm tho legal-tender value of our gold Scoiho, has had tbo unexpected and startling of foot of depriving moro than throe-fourths of tbo Wold coin in tbo country of any logal-tondorqual- Sty whatever. Tho now law provides that tbo 'double-eagles, ©agios, balf-ooglos, quortor-oaglos, )lbroe-dollar pieces, and ono-dollar pieces shall fee a legal-tender at thoir nominal value, when toot below tho standard weight and limit of tolor- Enco. The permitted variation in weight called 1 tolerance, • is tho allowance mado for bo unavoidable difference in tbo Iwoigbt of coins when they oomo from the mint, and is so Infinitossimal that in commercial transactions no account is over mode U)f it. But it is well known that of all the coins In existence tbo wear baa boon sufficient to ro puce tbo weight of throe-fourths of them con siderably bolow tbo margin of toloranoo, and, according to tbo exact lottor of the law, these Wot'being of standard weight, aro deprived of their logal-tandor character and legally reduced to that of a commodity. Tho first intimation of ■his new legal bearing was in tho instance of a Blew York bank, which, on tbo Bth instant, re fused to accept the current gold coin tendered in payment of a draft payable m gold, and sent So It for collection, what 1s to bo the result of ibis now legal point is difficult to foresee, but it Weems probable that tbo law musk either be Changed so os to allow moro variation in the ptandord weight of coins,or else that, in order to ■restore tbo legal-tender character to tho large toroportfon of tbo coin now In existence, it must bo recoined. But oven if tho latter is done It Seems probable that under tbo present law there (Will always be a considerable proportion of tbo 'Coin that from tbo effects of oven moderate woar Will not bo a legal, tender. This effect of legislation over-reaching tho intended effect may afford a bint to • our law-makors bore In Illinois, who, in thoir endeavor to provent on tbo part of railroads, may frame a law that will have as startling and un expected on effect as has tbh now coinage law* TUB EXPANSION OF SAKE CREDITS. Id our money article of thin morning wo re* f tinted fromtho Boston Adwrifscr some tables bowing the expansion of bank credits during ibe last throe years. The comments on the to* trios were also from the Advertiser , but the 'credit of them to that paper was inadvertently omitted; and they wore thus made to ap pear as our own, when in fact wo do not entirely agree with the Advertiser in its pre diction of a crisis as the necessary result. But that there has boon a groat expansion of bank 'credits during the last throe years can bo shown fccyond question by the following figures taken from the reports of the national Banks to the Comptroller of the Currency at the undermen tioned dates: fcJepoßlta.... Circulation. Specie Legal Tenders Bmk Nolrb and Fractional, Clearing Uouao Chock* .Capitaland Surplus, Loan* The aboro figuroß show that while the Na tional Banka of tbo United States do not hold as much actual cash (specie, legal-tenders, and -hank notes) hy $46,000,000, as thoydid throe years ago, their liabilities to tho public for cir culation and deposits havo boon increased $217,- 1000,000. LOCAL STOCK ATfQ.JIOTTO UAHKET. Messrs. Lunt, Preston- & Keau quote as fob lows this afternoon: e-2050f’63. B-20sof ’CA. i-20ior ’65. IWOs of ’GO, Jan. and July. 11 <» 8.20 a of '67, Jan. and July... 11H»; 8.20b of ’CB, Jan, and July.... 110^ 10-ioa ua op. 8. 6s, {Now Issue) mv Gold nnd Quid Gouponn. • 118 , Gold Exchange . 118 V B orllug Exchange, (latro Drafts. . 108 @IDB,V Kurthem Pacific Gold 7-30 a .. 100 fclnl. Chicago City 7b 9'.»V k iul, C**ok County 7s ; 09>£ fclut, Illinois, County and Township 10a. 02(395" ' 1... COMMERCIAL. Tuesday E viking, April 15, Tho following wore tho receipts and shipments of tho loading articles of produce in Chicago during tho past twonty-four hours, and for tho corresponding dato ono year ago: ■ * BIOEIPXB. SHIPMENTS, 1873. 1873. 1873. 187 a. Flour, brls 10,878 4,300 4,334 8,173 Tk’beat, bu 10,095 11,199 13,625 0,700 Corn, bu 82,W0 62,370 16,624 81,767 Oats, bu 32,670 23,830 1 17,798 83,762 Rye. bu 850 827 443 ........ Barley, bu 6,616 4,845 6,341 18,066 Or«a Bead, lbs 61.489 61,240 62,696 68,246 SFlax seed, 1b5...... 20,134 Broom corn, lbs 24,000 40,210 12,000 £ured meats,1b5.,.. 436,410 126,330 488,860 483,300 eef, brls 76 135 Fork, brls 180. ICO 203 • 67 Bard, lbs 82,720 123,800 1 9,000 255,429 Tallow, lbs 29,440 69,260 21,660 20,000 Butter, lbs 41,948 83,860 18,160 22,969 Brewed hogs, No.. 11 •Live hogs, N0..... 7,691 6,407 7,830 4.064 Cattle, No 4,261 4,622 2,920 2.736 BUeep, No 1,471 1,450 174 ........ Bides, lb 170.230 133,630, 106,121 136,996 ailgbwinefl, brls.... 160 202 330 862 >VOOI, tbs 40,240 '16,869 93,400’ 8,651 JPoUloee, bu 8,887 0,110 932 1,697 Lumber, mft 838 1,175 3,141 888 Bbiuglea, m 3,037 966 1,867 1.410 Bulb, m 80 402 84 60 B»U, brls 140 1,110 1,233 Withdrawn from store on yost< consumption: 8,035 ha wheat; 4, 1,210 bu o&tfl ; 8,127 bti rjo ; 1,961 The following grain has been fetore, this morning, up to 10 o' Wheat ; 14 cars ooro ; and 21 aari 54 oars, or 25,000 bu. Also, 11, corn by canal. The death of 0. J. Wyeth. a member rf tlo JJoprdof Trade, iraa announced oo ’Change to* tflay, and appropriate reiolattona ware adopted. A number of tho veißil-ownors .of thii city wore discussing to-day th# need for an ex tension of the towing facilities on the Bt. Clair Wud Detroit Rivera; and it waa proposed that tho Vosßel-Ownors’ Association of this city take borne stops in. the matter. It was not stated that any conclusion was arrived at, bat the gen tlemen wore very reticent on the subject, for Wasons.that need not hero bo stated. A now schedule of railroad freights to Eastern points took effect to-day. It makes a reduction of 2%0 per 100 lbs fourth class to Cleveland, and fio per 100 lbs to other points. They are now GOo to New York, and Cso to Boston. - The proposal.that the Board of Trado shall not enforce contracts between its members if made before 0 o'clock in the morning, or after 6 o'clock in tho evening, is now posted on the bulletin-board. The rule would be a good one: bat it ought to be amended so as to include all trading done on days declared by the Board to be holidays. People may trade if they want to, on the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Now Years; hut if the Board closes its doors on those days It ought not to encourage assem blies in tho corriclors. Much better keep the rooms open every day in tho yoor, except Sun days. On deliveries of winter stored grain, mode be fore 0 o'clock to-day, the seller deducted per bu, so that the grain could run 6 days after de livery, on 4o storage. After 8 o'clock to-doy regular grain must nave 6 days to run from tho time of ,delivery, on 2o storage} or 3Wo • must bo deducted from 4>tfc. Houee ! at 3 o'clock to-d&T a nominal advance of 3o per bu occurred in the price of regular grain, independently of an actual change in tho market for options for delivery after the first half of this month. Winter stored grain will now be. subject to an additional charge of Uo per bu for every ton days, or part of ten days, that it may remain in store. The Icadlng'Pioduco markets ware again quiet. (hough rather more active than yesterday, with few Important changes In prices, outside of a further advance In pork. The etorm had little effect upon quotations, though it helped to keep, receipts down to a low point. The rail ship ments wore also liberal for the season, especially as the season of navigation will so soon open. It was reported on ’Ohaugo to-day that thoßtralts of Mackinaw aro still open for foot passengers .or for horses. Dry goods mot with a satisfactorily ocllvo de mand on Interior account, but the purchases of local retailors wore small In consequence of the disagreeable weather. Prices underwent no im portant change, remaining steady and firm for all tho loading uranda.of cotton textiles and sea sonable woolens. Bomo of tho loss popular brands of prints, brown and bleached cottons,' and stripes wore being offered at a slight con cession, nut woro not quotably lower. Tho groce ry market was again reported quiet, and tho prevalent fooling seemed loss buoyant, though aside from an }£o decline in sugars, and a VJtlo coffees there was no appreciable change. Tho general tendency of prices Is to greater firm ness, In sympathy with the high gold premium. Butter was In fair local request, but outside buy ers woro not operating to any considerable ex tent, and under increasing receipts prices con tinue to work downward. Bagging remains steady and firm. No change was noticeable in the canned goods market. In tho absence of tho activity that usually dharaotorizos tho market at this season of tho year tho general fooling is depressed, com and tomatoes being tho only articles for which the market is posi tively firm. Cheese remains quiet at the late reduction. Coal was unchanged, ruling quiet and steady. Tho fruit market exhibited moro activity, and both domestic and imported varie ties wore firmer. A further advance of Bo In raisins is noted. Fish remain steady at former quotations. There was a fair amount of trading in oils at about yesterday's prices, or at 10)£o for carbon, at 780 for' extra lard, at 07c@51.02 for linseed, and at G7(fflCßo for turpentine. Prices of hay, hides, and leather woro not changed! Fig Iron was quiet and firm, as wore also paints, colors, and putty. There was a moderate amount of trading at the lumberyards to-day. Tho unpleasant weather and bad condition of the roads intorfore with trading to a considerable extent. There was no change In prices. Tho demand for nails, metals, and tinners* stock continues active, tho quoted prices being fully sustained. Iron was unchanged. Drugs and chemicals wore In good demand and firm: an advance was noted In several articles. Building materials wore in moderate request at previous prices. Furs are arriving quite freely, and heaver are higher, being in good shipping demand. Spring mink are quoted 25c lowor. Other fora are changed. The markets for wool, broom-corn, and hops, woro without essential change. Tho blgbor grades of com and hops aro hold firmly, but the tendency of wool is to decline. Glover and timothy seed were in fair request and firm. Hungarian and millet remain firm. Green fruits were In moderate request at previous prices. Tho shipping demand for potatoes continues good, and choice peachblows are firm at tho quoted price. Poultry mot with a fair inquiry on local account, and ruled firm, being scarce; Eggs woro in fair demand at Highwlnos were more active at yesterday’s quotation, solos being made of 200 brls at 8G&0, and closed strong at that figure, in sympathy with a firmer tone in New York. Lake freights wore inactive, and nominallyun ohanged, at 150 for corn and 10a for wheat, by sail to Buffalo. Through rates by lake and rail' are quoted at 310 for corn and 830 for wheat to Now xork, and 83%0 for corn to Boston. Provisions wore rather more active, and again etrong. The principal interest woa In moss pork, whioh opened 150 higher, than at the oloso yes terday, and advanced 25c per brl further under a rather sharp competition for the limited offer ings, the buying being done on telegraphic or ders from outside parties. It is thought by some that our pork is being bought by Cincinnati op erators, as a retort courteous for the Chicago corner of last fall. Lordjwas in gooddomaud, and strong at former quotations, and moats wore'a shade firmer, la sympathy with pork. The market closed at the following range of prices: Moss pork, cash or seller April, 910.40(a) 10.45; do seller May, 810.50@1G.55; do seller Juno, $1G.85@16.90; do seller July, $17.00@ 17.10; prime mess, none hero; old pork, $15.60 @16.00. Lord, cash.or seller April, $8.40@8.48; do seller May, $8.50@8.55; do seller June, $8.76 @B.BO. Sweet pickled hams quoted at 10@12%c. Dry salted moats quotable at G%@G%o for shoulders; B@B%o for long clear; 8%@8%0 for for short ribs: and 8%@8%0 for short clear. Boxed shoulders, G%@U%o. . English meat's, 7%@80 for ' Cumborlands; 8%0 for short ribs; 8%@8%0 for shott clear. Bacon is quoted at 7%c, for shoulders. Do for clear ribs. ' 9%0 for shore clear, and 13@150 for hams, all packed. Mess boor, $9.00@9.50; extra moss do, $10.00@10.50; hoof bams, $28.00@29.50. City tallow, 7%@8%0; grease quotable ot 5%@6%c. Salon wore reported of 300 brls mess pork at $10.25 ; 1,000 brls do seller May at $lO.lO ; COO brls do at $10.35; 500 brls do at $16.80 : 1,000 brls do seller Juno at $1G.87%; 500 brls do nt $,16.85; 600 brls do at SIO.BO ; 1,000 brls do at $10.75; 250 brls do at $16.70; 500 brls do at SIG.GS ; 1,250 brls do at $16.60 ; 1,500 brls do at $16.55; 500 brls do at $16.50 ; COO brls do at $16.10 ; 500 brls do seller July at $17.00; 250 ten lard seller May at $8.65; 1,000 tea do at $8.50 ; 1,000 tes do seller Juno at $8.76 ; 1,500 tea do at $8.70 ; 26 tes country lard at 8%0 ; 20,- 000 lbs shoulders (country) at Go ; 200,000 lbs do (at Milwaukee) Boiler May at 6%c; 250 boxes do cash at 6%0 ; 20,000 lbs short ribs (country) at 8%0 ; 10,000 lbs short clear (country) at 8%o; 150,000 lha short ribs, and 50,000 lbs short clear, seller Juno, at 8%0 all round; 64 tes country awoot pickled hams (13% lbs) at 11%0. Flour was quiet and tame at nominally un changed quotations, though the fact thafmoat of the sales woromade on private terms indicates that prices were generally shaded. There was a jnodoraio Inquiry early, but the subsequent weakness in wheat, larger receipts of flour boro, and reported 'heaviness in Now York, caused buyers to withdraw. Bran was plentiful: and lower. Sales wore reported of 100 brls white winter extras on private terms: 800 brls spring extras on private terms; 100 brls do at $6.12%; 100 brls spring saperflnes at $8.00; 100 brls ryo flour at $4.80; SO brls do at $4.12%: 100 brls do at $4.10; 100 brls do at $4.00. Total. 1,180 brls. Also 10 tons bran at $9.00; SO tons do at $8.76; 20 tons do at $8.50, all on track; and 10 tons middlings at SIO.OO on track. The following were the asking quotations at the cloao: Mar. 24, Feb. 28, 1870. 1873. Millions, Millions, 653 838 ... 202 338 057 1,174 87 17 128 DR 10 18 76 131 Selling. 317* Suiting, ....m m H ....11 9i< ....llU'i ....ÜB‘i ....llrttf ....112* ..,.114* ....117* mu Fair to eboleo white winter extras. .....$ 8,25 (§10.60 Rod winter extras 7.00 9 8.60 Good to choice spring extras, .Low to medium Good to fancy Minnesota. Spring superfine*........ Ryo flour Bran, Middlings, Wheat was rather more active, and quite irregular, at about the same range of prices os yesterday. The market opened out strong, as a consequence of bad weather here, but soon turned' under liberal offerings and reports of a heavy feeling in Liverpool, where California wheat had declined Id per 100 lbs, and the skies wore clear, giving hopes of a good barveet. Shore was not-much cash wheat offered to-day, as the creator portion of our slocks boro are “salted down" against May options, while some is hold for shipment. But considerable May wheat was offered, several round lota beiug sold on account of Mow York holders, who bato been lone for several weeks past, and had grown tired of holding it with present proepeota on the other side of the Atlantic. It is noteworthy that there are no chipping orders here for wheat, except by car loads for interior points, and wo have hoard of none for some time past, while the speculative element that shipped in former years, under adverse conditions, is now in the background. Seller May opened at $1.22%, ad vanced to $1.23%, fell to $1.21%, rose to $1.21%, and closed at $1.21%. Belter Juno sold at $1.23%(®1.25%, closing at $1.24. Seller the month, or regular No. 2 spring, was dull at $1.17%@1.18%; now receipts of do at $1,19%(5> 1.20% ; No. 1 spring was scarce and strong at $1.28% ; No. 8 do dull at $1.10%', and rejected do at OSo, both on 2c storage. Cash sales wore reported of 400 bu No. 1 spring at $1.28%; 1,600 bu No. 2 spring (gilt-edged receipts) at $1.20%; 4,800 bu do at $1.20; 400 bu do at $1.10%; 80,000 bu regular do at $1.17%; 6,000 bn do at $1.17%; 2,600 bu No. 8 spring at $1.10%; 1,200 bn do at $1.10; 800 bu rejected do at 060 : 400 bu by sam ple at $1.92. Total, 102,400 bu. Cora was dull and a shade easier daring tbo greater part of the session, but strengthened towards the close, making the average of prices about tbo same as yesterday. Now York was quoted strong, but tbo dispatch was not received till late, ana previous to that the market was tame, in sympathy with wheat, as buyers hold off, though receipts were again light, and there was not much offered. The buying was princi pally done by tbo short Interest. Regular No. 2, or seller the mouth, sold at 31%@81%o; new re ceipts of No. 2 at 83%@310; seller May at 34%@ 85o; seller June at 37@37%0 \ seller July at 88% @380; and seller August at 400, all closing strong. Rejected was in better demand, and higher, with most of the sales at 300. Cash sales reported of 6.000 bu No. 2at 84o; 0,000 bu do at 83%o: 26,000 bu regular do at 81%0 j 10,000 bu doatal%o: 5,000 bu do at 84%0. afloat i 10.400 bu rejected at 80os 800 bu do at 29%0; 6,600 bu do at die, afloat t 0,000 bu by sample at 83%0, on track. Total, 81,800 bu. Oats were active in options, and %o higher, early in tbs session, but soon fell off, and closed dull at inside quotations, which were about the torday for city 1,342 ba com; 8 ba barley. impeded into 'clock; 39 oar* t oaU. Total, .COO ba 80. 2 THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16, 1873. lame as the prices of yesterday. thoucb oats were quoted stronger in Now Yorlt. Seller the month, or regular No. 2, sold at 2i%®2A%0 { seller May at 28%@!28%0t and seller Juno at 20tt(g)30o. Btrlotty fresh receipts closed at'27k’o. Gaeli sales wore reported of 1,800 ba at27so; 000 bu (2o storage) at 2GJ£o j 5,000 bu at 21)£oi 10,000 bu at 24#0: 6,000 bu at.24%0 : 600 bu, by sample, at 820 : GOO bu do at 810 j 000 bu do at 800. Total, 24,200 bu. : . Ryo was quiet, but Ann, at goatorday’s t quota- (lone, -with &4o bid all through tho ’session foe No. 2, on 2o storage, ana very little offered. Bales woro restricted to 100 bu No. a gilt*odgod roooipta at Gso, and 400 budo (20, storage) at C4o. ’ Barley was more acilvo, and averaged lo lower than yesterday. The market opened quite weak, with a sale of seller tho month at COKo (winter storage), but improved to close, belter Slay sold early at 700, and cloned with firm holders at 710. New roooipta of No. a varied from 0D@740, according to location. ’ No. 8 was in bettor demand, at 60@020. Cash sales woro reported of 400 bu No. 2 (A..D. & Co.) at 740: 400 bu do at GSo; 400. bu do (B. I.) at COo; 11,600 bu do, regular, at GBWoj 800 bu No. 8 (Central) at C2o; 800 bu do (B. I.) at COo; 400 bn rejected (regular) at 40o: 400 bu by sample at 91.10; 400 bu do at 91.00; 400 bu do at 82e; 400 bu do at 800 bu do at 660; 1,200 bu do at G4o; 1,200 bu do'at GOo. Total. 10,000 bu. The following is tho official report of grain in store in this city on tho evening of Saturday last, and at corresponding dates: April 33, April B, April 13, 1873. 1818. 1872. . WHEAT. No. 1 amber No. 1 red No. 3 red RoJ. winter.'. No. 1 spring No,' 2 spring...... No. 8 spring No. 1 bard spring, No. 3 bard spring. Rejected spring.., No grade spring.. Total, wh«e.. ~vr.:r: yellow No. 1.. No. 3 Rejected No 3 kiln dried. Kiln dried No grade ;. New No. 3 XoUt, No. 1 No. 2 Rejected., No grade. Total, N0.1.... No. a.... Rejected. Total, NO. 9.... NO. 5.... Rejected. Total. Total, 10,351,108 bu, in addition to .162,839 bu wheat, 1,212,411 bu corn, afloat. The account in store shows a decrease during the past week of 84,810 bu wheat, 184,745 bu corn, 18,701 bu oats, 7,424 bu rye, and 32,239 bu barley. - Total do orcase, 217,070 bu. The Now York “ Produce Exchange Weekly” gives the following: Tho foreign exports of provisions from Now York for tbo week ending April 8,1873, snd the distribution of same: Pork Detf hard. Bacon, Cfitttt, 2b 6rU. pkgt Ibt. \ \tb»» tbi. Liverpool ~486 229 ' 1(3,965 3,805,663 640,034 London. 867,665 Glasgow 60 646 663.047 1,641.030 Havre 61.600 830,205 .'. Antwerp 883,886 1,076,816 Hamburg 85 175 MU,6S6 271,000 Bremen CO 651.040 009,630 Stettin 2,112,643 803,463 ......... •Rotterdam 130,033 383,616 ’ Stockholm 606,623 OadlE 4.726 480 Trieste 80,000 Genoa •West ladies 3,421 430 804,061 73,449 0.467 B. Guiana 835 1W) 35,000 11,110 4,0;(O Venezuela 4 4 84.838 9,416 6,227 Brazil 10 10 3,882 Hew Grenada 182,73* . 6,670 O. Republic 16,741 Arg. Republic ,82,830 Total iTeSO 6,842,074 9,873,46 ft 660,703 Previous week 4,261 2,222 6,ir77,65S 13,983,536 817,986 Week March 2&.... 4.879 1,763 6,650.660 14,677.88.' 830,446 ■Week March 18.... 3,050 1,768 2.953.084 7,047,071 79,188 Week March 11.... 5,090 8,036 7,372,867 13,739.434 639,630 ■Week March 4, 1873 4.449 2,806 6,611.61) 14,878,88' 618,610 March 9, 1873 1.764 1,86316,027,89. 6,114,21* 69,394 76311)85 "* ‘—Tine, 13,- And batUr, 63,71 823 lbs. Ami from 270r. years: 1872-73. 1871-73. 1870-71. ,1863-70. Pork, brla 77.834 75,W0 73,593 88.867 Beef, beta, tea 62.797 63,263 161,498 88,704 Lard, It>a. 104,904,260 95.878,048 40,636,820 15,868,603 Bacon, 1Da.... 108.664.iM8 120,246,412 37,917,136 21,097,199 Butter. H>a.... 1,680.278 2.843,706 1,611,066 623,037 Cboeso, 13,38.1,686 7,377,460 13,914,444 8,716,864 Tallow, 13,744,769 25,316,666 9.043,674 12,364,600 Exports of pork, lard, and bacon, from Now York, from Nov. 1,1871, to April 2,1872-3 ; Groat Britain. Continent.. Other port*. Total. Pork, Lord, * Bacon, Ibi. Ibi. Ibt. Great Britain 28.909 19,175,78$ 85,289,624 Continent 2,695 63,010,969 89,208,183 other porta ..41.844 10,875,450 4,284,671 Total .73,607 09,663,100 168,781,183 The export clearance* of the hop product from Mow York, for the week ended Saturday, April 6, were: Pork,3,7oobrio; lard, 6,889,857 tbs; bacon, 11,106,073 lbs. Total lbs, 18,036,710. And from Atlantic ports, 1,705 brio pork• 6,733,385 lbs lard; 13,911.776 Jba bacon. Total Ibi, 31,609,180. The foreign exports of tbe hog product from porta of New York, Boston, Portland, Baltimore, Philadel phia, and New Orleans, from Nor. 1, 1872, to April 0. 1873, as compared with tbe exports from all United Blalea ports, from Nor. 1,1871, to April 1,1873; Pork, Lara, Bacon, brls. lb*. 16*. From Now York 77,354 104,904,260 103,654,948 Boston 16,182 1‘i.662,009 . 81,836,618 Portland 036 9,896,191 4.8A697 Philadelphia 2,647 .687,649 4,678,676 Baltimore 8,231 7,317.749 9,292,679 New Oilcans 780 1,830,860 102,000 6.76 & 6.76 4.76 <3 6.76 Total, 1872-3 109,029 139.C58.618 256,288,411 Total all IT. B. ( i 6,60 <£ 8.00 .2.00 9 4.76 4.00 9 4.30 ports, 1671-3... .121,928 105,116,112 140,167,007 increase. Decrease. slbO 9 9.00 10.00 914.00 This season's exports of the bog product, bs'cocqpar ed -with, last, Is, reduced to pounds, as follows: 1872-3, Nor. 1 to April 6 Fork, brls, equal in lbs 21,009.600 Lard, lbs 150,668,618 Bacon, It 265,288,411 400,969,829 1671-2, Ncr. 1 to April 1. all United States ports— Fork, lirla, equal in lbs. 24.386,000 Lard, lbs 106,116,112 Bacon, lb ..149,167,097 57*.668.809 Increase, Iba 137.391,010 1871-3, April 1 to May 1, all United Btetei port*— Pork, me 3r.di3.548 Lard, IU 131,341.110 Bacon, It 901,917 213.191,763 Increase In 1873-3, to April 8, ever lITJ-I to May 1, lb <8,111,077 Thoßodon BMppfn? J.ut laji The sales of the wsek have bsen upwards of 1,000,- 000 Ibi domestic and foreign, but lh« market rtnuiDi in tbo same dull alata prevloualy noticed, and sale* art out of tbo question, except at very low and uniallifao tory prices. After the rapid decline for acme time past, and.the comparatively low prices now currant, It (a but reaaonable to look for tome check to the downward movement, but aa yet there la no Indication of sfavor able change. Fleeces have been sold lower tbo past week than at any time for (wo years, and the market appears to be gradually set! ling down to about 50053K c per lb for good lined of Ohio and Michigan,and 67@600 for good Western and Wisconsin, and no considerable lot could be forced off above these figures, except very choice Ohio and Pennsylvania, of superior quality and condition. Holders in Kew York and Philadelphia are still underselling us, and this accounts for the very limited soles of fleeces for the pail two weeks. Our dealers were very fortunate In placing the balk of tbetr fleece wool some weeks ago, when prices ruled much higher than are now current. Extensive preparations have been made for handling the new clip, and It Is believed that a much largerper centage of wool from tbo West and California will find Ita way to this market during tho year. Large and commodious lofts have been secured for storing and grading, and tbo embarrassments In consequence of tbo fire nave been fully overcome. • Even with a dull market our weekly tales ace seldom loss than 1,000,000 lbs, and the large quantity of wool received and sold for consumption since the Ist of January Indicates that tho wool trade of the country is fast centreing here. From great Britain advices Indicate no material change, but It U feared that the result of the London April sales will establish lower prices for wool abroad and bavean unfavorable influence here. About3so,ooo bales will be offered. The California market Is at'a standstill. No buyers from the East have made tbolr appearance, and prices havo pot been fixed aa yet for the now clip. Id the afternoon, wheat waa active but weak, declining And closed at 91.19 cash, ana $1.21@1.21K eollor May. Corn was* dull and easier, closing with sellers at 83Wo, 84$£o, and 870 for seller April, seller May, ana seller Jquo. , .... 3,850 ... 6,747 6,744 21,117 ..1,605,675 1,733,213 1,225,130 ... 410,898 461,873 66,209 ... 6,387 8,173 6,676 ... 86,985 92,423 87,697 ... 44,184 46,628 28,496 ... .39 89 1,269 2,247,918 2,932,123 1,864,23 a . 49,753 60,4T8 48,183 . 217,448 217,600 79,648 .6,331,030'6,360,810 -4,901,612 . 218.329 283,677 121,884 . ■ 9,633 8,633 .... 361. ; SOI 1,839 .6,820,614 6,906,269 6,147,829 OATS. . 9,617 2,C17 0,810 .1,702,820 1.716,090 638,470 . 47,848 64,346 69,132 f .1,763,291. 1,722,953 699,034 BTB. 6,674 6,674 49,496 288,738 290,162 999,603 1,067 1,067 7,644 ... 300,209 . 803,693 260,633 BABLET. 166,250 170,470 262,162 81,420 . 40,995 68,025 80,099 45,465 7,660 827,733 293,781 ( 250,020 TOOYIBIONS. gre«o, 6i;879 lbs; steal to April 8, inclusive, for four Pork, lbs. Bacon, Jb*. ; Lard, tbs; .36,021 83,442,048 81,811,679 . 3,099 43,643,326 84,634,045 .89,866 12,300,665 4,286,480 .10,786 69,445,939 120,132,201 25,642,606 100,131,311 16.899 front* LATEST. Oats woro qulofc and unchanged, at 20%0 cash, and 28><o seller May. Other grain aua provi sions woro Inactive. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET 1 . • ; Tuesday Evbhimo, April 15, . ALCOHOL—Was In moderate demand and steady at $1.7301.80f0r 04 per cent proof. SEANS AND PEAS—Choice hand-picked beam are la request and firm: common lota are plenty and rather slowof sale. Peasaro unchanged. Wo repeat: Choice hand-picked navies, $2.00; do mediums. $3.45; inferior grades, $1.3601,00 J green peas (In brls) $1.60; yellow do (In bags), $1,35. . J3AQOINO—There have boon no changes of Import ance in tho condition of the market. A steadily fair movement is witnessed in the different linos of goods, and prices remain steady and firm all around. Stocks •re full. Tho following are the quotations: Stark, Stark, 370; Ludlow, 86o; Lewiston, 34>fo; American, 83>(o; Amoskeag, 83#o; Otter Creek, 84o; burlap bags, 4 and S bu, 3O032o: gunnies, single, 17018o; double, 28030 c t wool sacks, G7Wc. BROOM CORK—About the usual number of orders for the bettor grades of corn woro received. There Was no change in prices. We quote: No. 1 hurl, C@ 6Vf° per lb; No, 1 stook braid, 605#0 : No. 9 do, 40 4#o : do, 803|£o; Inside green, {do rod Up, 00 4o; do pale ana red, 3@3Wo. . BUILDING MATERIALS—Were In moderate de mand at the prices given below: Stucco, $3,60 03.76; Now York stucco, casting, $3.7604.00; su perfine do, s3.6oo4.ooßosendalo cement, $3,350 8.60; CUca cement, $3.00 per brl; Louisville ce ment, $3.00; Akron cement, $9.00; marble dust, $3.35 03.60: lime in bulk, OOc0|l.OO; lima (brla), $1.35 per brl; white sand, per brl, $3.7503,00: plastering hair, per bu, 4O06Oo: fine brick, per 1,000, $10.00000.00; .building briok (common), $9,00010.00; sewer brick, $13,00013.00; country brick, $10.00012.00, delivered; St. Louis hydraulic pressed, $45.00, delivered; Mil waukee, $33.60, delivered; Racine, $26.60, delivered; Hillsdale, $26.00, delivered: fire clay, per brl, $4,000 6.00. The following Is tho list of prices per boa of 60 feet for domestic window glass, from which a reduo- Uon of 46 and 6 par cent is made to dealers: jnrst Double quality, strenqth, 6x 6to 7x 0 $6.75 $ 8.00 7xlo to 6xlo 6.71 0.00 7.25 30.00 Billto 10x13, 6x14(010x16, 11x14 (612x17. 19b18 tolSsOO. 14x32(616x24..; 10.00 18.00 18x33 to 16z90 . 11.00 . 30.00 30x28 to 34x30, 20x2816 24x80, 26x34 (0 26x40, 28x38(0 98x44 28x46(0 30x48...*. 90x40 (6 32x69, 82x64'(6 34x60. 94x58(0 34x60. 80x60 to 40x60. ... BUTTER—The week under review baa witnessed a allll further depreciation In (bo value of (his staple; (be decline being moro noticeable in roll, and (bo poorer grades of packed. The receipt! have not In creased to.ony largo extent, but tbo absence of any thing. like activity in tho demand has allowed some little accumulation, and, realising (bat the course of prices must continue downward, holders of undesira ble lots have,urged sales even st 2@3c decline. Strict ly choice, dairy,ln tube and pails, continues scarce, and Is but little lower than last week. Shippers are taking hold with , more liberality than during tbo preceding two or three weeks, but the chief inquiry, aa hereto fore, Je on local account. We quote: Common to choice roll. 24@300; strictly choice dairy, packed, '34937 c; medium to flood. 25C4300: Inferior to common. 1064 230. CANNED GOODS AND PICKLES—The more favor able weather of the past week has witnessed some • slight.lmprovement In tho canned goods trade, but there has been no particular activity in any department, and tho season Is now so far advanced that dealers have despaired of doing anything more than a fair business, and the market has lost much' of Us buoy ancy. Corn is scarce and advanced; and 2 lb tomatoes are higher, but with those exceptions the quotations are substantially tbs same as a week ago. Imported pickles aro. firmer, owing to the advance In gold pre mium : OAKKKO GOODS; .Pcachoe,2 $ 1.85® 2.00 Peaches, 31b 2.360 3.15 Pears, 2 tt> - 2.000 2.25, Plains, damsons, 21b 2.000 2.2S Green gages and egg, 3 lb 2.760 3.23 Quinces,, 3.760 3.00 Strawberries,3lb 3.600 2.75 Raspberries 2.500 2.76 Blackberries, 2 lb. ' 3.000 3.15 Gooseberries, 2 lb 2.250 3.50 Tomatoes, 31b. 3.250 2.40 Tomatoes, 3.1b 3.650 2.86 Corn, Elgin., 3.850 3.00 Corn, Benton Harbor 2.600 2.90 Corn, Yarmouth. 3.250 3.60 Peas, 2 lb, pod 3.160 3.60 Peas, 3 ib, soaked I.COO 1.70 Lima beans, 3 lb 2.600 3.76 Succotash, 2 Ib 2.600 3.76 Lobster, 2lb 3.400 3.60 Lobster, 1 lb.-. 2.600 2.65 Oysters, 1 lb, full weight 1.20© 1.30 Oysters, 3 lbs full weight 2.200 2.30 Oysters, 1 lb, slack weight... 1.000 1.10 Oysters, 2 lbs. slack weight 1.890 2.00 TICKLES. , Small, brls, 3,200 per pkg .$10.60011.60 Small, X brls, 1,100 per .pkg.... 6.00© 6,60 Medium, brls, I,2ooper pkg..... 8.600 9.60 Mcaiuuif M.brifl, ooupor pkg....... e.zo© 8.78 Large, brls, 600 per pkg. 7.60© 8.60 Largo,. X brls, 300 per pkg 4.76© 6.28 In 10 g&L kegs, per keg 8.76© 4.25 In 6 gal. kegs, per keg 2.76© 3,25 Chow OUqw (Harvey),qts........ 6.76© 6.76 Chow Obow (Harvey), pis 3.00® 3,60 Chow. Chow (O. & G.), qta 6.50© 7.00 Chow Obow (O. A 13.), pts 3.76© 4.00 MAPLK SIRUP. Pure, * gal. cons, per doz $ 9,60®10.00 Pure, quart cane, per doz 6.600 0.00 Extra golden, * gal. cane, per doz 6.600 7.00 Extra golden, quart cans, per doz 4,00® 4.23 CHEESE—The past week has witnessed a further decline in the price of this staple, the reduction being due In part to the lower prices prevalent at the East, and partly to the deterioration of stocks, Really fine goods are virtually out of the market, the present sup ply consisting' mainly of common to fair grades of Western. How obeese will soon make its appearance, but it will be several weeks yet before a prime article can- be placed. We now quote: Hew York factory, ICQlOtfo; Ohio factory, 14016*0; Western factory, 14(416*C. - ■ ■ COAL—Only ;a light business has been done in this market, and prices have not been subjected to any material change, ranging as follows: Lehigh, lump, $12.60013.00; prepared, $12.60013.00; Lackawanna, $12.00; Erie, $10.00; Briar Hill, $10.00; Walnut HIU, $10.00: Blossburg, $10.00; Cherry Mine, $0.00; Hock ing Valley, $9.00; Indiana oannel coal, SIO,OO ; Indiana block, $9.00; Kirkland grate, $0.00; Mlnonk, $8.00; Wilmington, $6,00. COOPERAGE—There Is very little doing. Prices arc without alteration as follows: Fork barrels, $1.1601.25; lard tierces, $1,6501.00; whisky barrels, $1.8602.10; flour barrels, 60055 c; pork staves, rough, $17,000 18.00; do. Bucked or sawed, $20.00023.00; tierce slaves, rough, $19.00021.00; do bucked or sawed, $26.00028.00; whisky staves, rough, $22,00026.00; do bucked, $28.00032.00; flour staves, $9.00011.00; circle flour heading, 7@Bo per set; flour hoop poles, sl4.oool6,ooperm; pock and tierce poles, $30,000 35.00 perm, . . DRUGS AND OHEMIOALS—Trade in this depart ment continues fair. The market is firm for most Im fiorted drugs, and an advance Is noted In ssveral ar- Icles. We how quote: Acid, citric, 1b... 1.75 0 1.80 Acid, oxallo, &>. 33 0 35 Acid, tartaric, powdered, lb 66 0 70 Ammonia, oarb, lb 23 0 80 Asafosllda, lb 80 0 85 ‘Axle-grease, - BldweU’s, doz.. 1.50 0 1.65 Beans, Touqua, lb . 1.95 0 1.40

Borax, ref., lb '. 36 0 88 Blue-vitroli, lb 16 0 ,18 Bromo-cbloralum, pts., dot 4.00 Corrosive sublimate 1.40 0 1.46 Cream tartar, pure, lb, Cochineal, liond., 8.. Chloroform, Tb Glycerine, lib balk, lb. Gum Arable, picked 60 ® 70 Gum Arabic, a0rta........ 28 ® SO Gum camphor, lb 46 ® 60 Oura opium, lb 8.60 ® 8.76 Gum shellac, lb 65 ® 60 Glue, white, lb 46 ® 60 lodine,- lb -9.00 ® 0.60 Lye, cone, case 8.25 ft .... Morphia, sulpb.. oa 6.60 ft 6.75 Oil, bergamot, Band,, 1b............ ft 6.60 Oil, oailotV gat;'..,.... 1.80 ft 1,75 Oil. lemon, BiDderioa’* ft 6.60 PoUiiß.thlor., H> \\a 00 ft OS Potassium, oym, fused, lb 05 ft .... PoUailam. toJ.. D) 7.00 ft 7.60 Potash, Dsbbltt’s, case v.'.v. 9.00 ft .... Quinine, sulpb., os. 3.60 ft 3.05 Red prsclp., 1b... 1.60 ft 1.05 Rootlpecac,powd., 1b... 1.75 ft 3.00 Rooivbsl.B. 1., powd., 1b.......... 1.60 ft 1.75 Balvpiara, lb v.... l*ft 0 Silver; nit., oryit,, os -.-....1.15 ft 2.30 flo»p, entile, geo,, 1b.... 19 ft SaJpbur. lb 6 (4 EGGS—Were In dsmsnd on 'local and shipping ac count st 130110. ’Bales Include 6,600 doi at 15c; 060 do* doat'l2*o; 300 do* at 1261 26 brl*,in shipping order, at llo; 10 brla do at 13*o; FEATHERS—Were In good roquesfand firm. Geese feathers are very scarce. We repeat quotations: Prime live geese at 700, from first bands; Jobbing prices. for assorted feathersmixed feathers, good grades, 450C30 ; common do, 2904U0; chicken, 6ftßo, Flßli—No Important changer have taken place In the fish market within the past half dozen days. Trade la qulto as activs as in former seasons at n cor responding period, and Is fully Up to the expectations of dealers, both the local and Interior demands being liberal. A slight sdvanco In bay mackerel Is noted, aside from which quotations are the seme as'on the date of onr last weekly review, where they are firmly sustained: No. 1 whltefiab, * brl, $7,00; No. 2 do, 10.75; No. 1 shore mackerel, * brl, 5U.00ai1.25; No. 1 bay, $9.0009.26; No. 2 bay mack orel, X brl. 17.26(37.60: No. X shore kits, $1,8501,90; bank codfish, per 100 lbs, $0.0006,35; George's cod flab, $6,6000.75: Labrador herring, split, brls, SO,OOO 0 60; do X brl, (1.7609.00; Labrador herring, round, brl, $8.0008.80; do X brl, $1.3601.60; box herring, No. 1, 91098 c; box herring, scaled, 13016o; Columbia River salmon, X brla, $10.00010,26, FRUITS AND NUTS—The week under review has been a fairly active one In this department, and prices have invariably been well sustained. The low price at which domestics have recently been offering, has at tracted the attention of speculators, and, as stocks are being concentrated, there Is a prospect of a firmer market. Imported fruits are exceedingly firm, In con sequence of tbs high gold premium, but If we except an advance of 200 per box m raisins, no changes have taken place. The stock of raisins is small, and a fur ther upward movement Is looked for. We now quote: Foreign—Dates, 8)4090; figs, drums, 11011 c; figs, box, llvaiOWoj.Turkey.prunes, 9*010*0; raisins, $3.7003.80; Xante currants, Bftß*o. Domestic—Aldeu assies. 180300; Michigan do. 6* ftßo i Western do. 60 0#o; Southern do, 4XOS_Xo ? peaches, pared. 17020 c: E caches, halves, C07o; do, mixed, 4X05X0; mack, orrics, OO9X°! raspberries, S0«iOo; puled cher ries, 32024 c. Nuts—Filberts, 14018o; almonds, Tar. rsgona, 320330; Naples walnuts, 94025 d; Brazils, la 0l8o: pecans, 11012Xo; African peonuts, OXO7o s Wilmington peanuts, 708o; Tonnetsoo peanuts, 6(gflo, FOBS—The receipts havo been fair the past week. Mink are about 2So lower, owing to a fair supply and the fact that the fur of the spring catch Is inferior. Beaver are in good demand for shipment and choice skins are higher. Other furs are unchanged; Wo 3 nolo: Extra otter, $8.00010.00: No. 1 do, $0.00; No. 3 o, $4.00; No. 3 do. $3.0003,00; No. .4 do, 60o; extra fisher, $10.00; No. 1 do.$8.00; No. ado, SO,OO. No. 3 do, $3.00; No. 4 do, $1,00; extra marten, $4.00 @0.00; No 1 do, $3.00; No. 3 do, $2.00; No. Udo. $1.00; No. 4 do, 950: extra mink, $3.2803.76; No. 1 do, $1.2603.26!: No. 3 do. 6Oc0$l.OO; No. 3 do. 40o; No. 4 do, lOo; black hear, $6,00013,00 {cross fox, $1,0003,60; red do, 36c051.76 { grey do, 10 076o; kilt do, 100400; silver do, $10.00040.00. timber wolf, 60c©|3.00; prairie do, 36c051.00; wolver ine, $1.0003,00; lynx, 76c053.00; wild cat, 10036 c; skunk, striped, 1604Oo; do, black. 60000 c; cadge*, 10050 c: muskrat, fall, 10©10o; winter, do, 18019o; spring do 290; kitten, 80Bo; opossum, 601Oo; do cased, 13o: raccoon, 160SOo; deer skin, raw, per ft. 30030 c; do dressed, 75c®51.60; beaver, V lb, SI.OO 01.7603.00. GREEN FRUIT—Was In moderate demand. Fol lowing are tbo prices current: Apples, com mon to fair, $1.2003.76; good to choice, $3,000 5.76 per brl from store; cranberries (cultivated) at $10,00013.00 per brl; common do at $5.0009.00; lem ons at56.6006.60per box; Valencia oranges, SIO,OOO 12.00 per case; do per box, $6.0005.60; Palermo do, per box, $3.6004.00: Messina do, $4.0006.60; Havana oranges, $13.00 per brl. GROCERIES—Nothing has occurred In tbo market to disturb the quiet that prevailed on tbo date of our last weekly review. Neither Interior merchants nor local retailers have shown a disposition to operate be yond meeting Immediate necessities, and this lack of activity In the demand has operated to prevent that upward movement in prices that otherwise must have taken place In those lines of goods that are sold on a gold basts. Quotations have been firralv sustained for side goods as well as staple articles until to-day, when the different grades of sugars and Bio coffees eased off a little—the former an >{o, and the latter a Bo'aps, spices, syrups, rice, ike., remain firm. Wo quote: Bi-Oard Soda—Boß>fo. Coffees—Mocha, 320330; 0. G. Java, 27X028X0; Java, No. 3, 2CO2OXOJ fancy Bio, 24X024X 0 , choice do, 23X®24n: nrinia nir>.23Wo33*fc: good do, 230 93k®? common do, 91X0220: roasting do, 19k0 90Xo; Singapore, 23X024kc, Costa Rico, fancy, 94X 034X0, do, prime. 24094X0; Maracaibo, 23k023X0. Candles— star, full weight, 9OX021o; etearino, full weight, 16k01(5o; do short weight, 14X016c. BtoE—Patna, 6k®BXo; Bangoon, 7XOSo; Caro lina, 009X0; Louisiana, 808Xo. . Buoarr—Patent cut loaf, 13X013X®; crushed, powdered, and granulated, 12X013Xo; A, standard, llX®H?«o; do No. .2, UX&lXo; B. 11X0UXO; ex tra 0,11011X0; 0 No. 9, 10XQ10XO; yellow O,IOX 01OXo; choice brown, lOXOIOX® ? prime do, OXO 10Xo; fair do, 9X09,X01 choice molasses sugar, lUX 010X0, fair do, 9X0OXo; Now Orleans sugar, choice, 10X010X0 i do prime, 9X09X0 5 do fair, OXO OXo; common, BXOBXc. Bvnors—Diamond drips, $1.3601.40; silver drips extra fine, 720760; good sugar-house syrup, 46@480; extra do, 60065 c; Now Orleans molasses, choice, 82 085o; do prime. 7608Oo; do common, C507Oo; Porto Rico molasses, choice, 66005 c; common molasses, S3 ®4oo. 6.10 19.00 8.76 14.00 13.00 21.00 14.00 24.00 10.00 26.00 10.00 28.00 18.00 20.00 Saliratub— Common to best. o©loo. Bnosu—Allspice, 17018 c; cloves, 87038o; cassis, 88@10o; popper, 23X@240; nutmegs,' $1.2501.30; ginger, pure, 2803Oo; do No. 1,2O025o; do No. 3,16 QlDo. Soaps— Trench mottled, 6X@B*£o; German mottled, 7^®7Xo: Golden West, C©(3Xc I White Lily, 6XO 6>£o; While Rose, 6XOOX°J brown Windsor, 4XO *x 0 • palm, C@GXo ; Savon Imperial, 6X@CXc. SxAitan—Gloss, 9X©10o; corn, 0©Uo; laundry, CO. 7o : common, 6XOOo. . . DAY—Owing to the unsettled and almost Impas sable condition of the country roads, the receipts of ■ this staple have been light, and although there has been •nd noticeable Increase in the. demand, the market is Armor, quotations being COo per ton higher than on the date of our last review. High freights keep shippers out of the market, thus leaving the trade to rely almost exclusively upon local consumers. Wo quote wholesale prices paid by dealers, os follows—cars to contain 20,000 lbs; Ok Track— Timothy, beater pressed, $16.60010.00; timothy, loose pressed, 5U.60016.00, prairie, pressed, $10.00011.00. Ok Waook— Timothy; loose, $13,60011,60 ; prairie, loose, $9.00010,00. For delivery of pressed, $1.0001.60, according to distance. HlDES—Prices aro not nuolably lowor than a wcok ’ ago, but the market is sensibly easier, the cause of the weakness being tbe recent decline of aX c at the East. Doth local and outside buyers aro restricting their purchases to meeting actual requirements, and. at the moment, the market has a decided downward look. .Tho receipts, though light, are sufficient to meet the demand. Wo And the following in tho Boston Ship* pingLitlot April 12: "Hides are considerably de pressed, and It seems that prices will have to settle on a lower basis before a healthy demand starts up again. It is admitted that tanners have been losing money for some tlmopast; afowotgthem have suspended, and tho others aro determined) work more cautiously.” Quotations are as follows: Green city butchers', 7o; green cured light,l3c; do heavy, Ho: part cured, 10X019^0; green calf, 17@16o; veal kip, Uo; dry calf, 260 ; dry kip, 22e; dry salted, 160170; dry flint, 1902Oo; long-haired kip, I'ic; deacon skins, 60065 c ; grubby, scored, cut. or otherwise damaged, two-thirds price. HONEY—Was quiet and unchanged, as follows: Oholco comb, 25028 c; fair to good, 2O025o; strained and common, 12016 c. HOI’S —Wore Inactive and nominally unchanged. Wo quote: Prime to choice Western at 40048 c; fair to good, 35038 c; common to medium, 2S0SOo; New York, 45060e; English, 40060 c; Bavarian, 60055 c. IRON AND STEEL—Was in moderate request. All foreign goods are hold Armly, but prices for common Iron are shaded to some extent. Wo repeat: Horse-shoe iron. Plato iron Russia Iron. Russia iron. No. 1 stained 180 v U> Norway null rods 0 QlOo German plow alee! . 11 Ql2o Vlb English cast plow etccl 12 ol2#e Vlb American tool steel .....17# ditto Vlb Chrome tool steel *...18 Q2O rates English tool steel 21 Q22 rates English spring sled. 11 Ql2#o lb LEATHER—No change has taken place In the leather market during tho past week.. The movement though not particularly brisk compares favorably with former seasons at a corresponding period, and as both domes* tie and imported leather are in light stock there is no inclination to increase sales at the sacrifice of prices. The following is from the Boston Journal of Com merce: "Tho leather market is rather more active, owing to the foreign shipments. Indeed, tho amount of sofa leather shipped is somewhat surprising, during tho week there being shipped from this port 12,000 sides, while from Nuw York the amount of foreign shipments reached 20,000 sides, only 7,000 less than the total receipts. Other classes of leather remain about the same, with tho exception of splits, which are very active, receipts being taken almost as fast as received. Oak and union crop are in fair demand, with no sur plus stock in tho market, while hemlock sole is ex ceedingly light in supply.” , City harne55,...V...... $ 99®. 41 'Country harness 86® 38 Lino, city, Vlb 41® 43 Kip, 9 tb 60® 1.10 Kip, veal* 86® 1,20 City upper, No. 1, Vlt SB® 80 City upper, No. 3, V ft...; ; -25® 27 Country upper, No. 1 36® 37 Collar, It 20® 23 Calf, city 1.20® 1.40 Calf, country I.lo® 1.26 Iloughupper, 1ight.......... - S3® 85 Hough upper, damaged..... 37® SO Buffalo ilaughtereole, best 85® 87 Buffalo slaughter aolo, No. 2 SB® 54 “B. A.”*80lo 00® 82 oaif Kip, No. 1, medium. Kip, No. 3, heavy... Harness French calf. Jodot French calf, Lemolno... French calf, 24 to 20 lbs. French calf, 20 to SO tbs, 46 ® GO 90 ® 1.00 1.40 ® 1.60 35 ® French calf, 30 to 9S lbs., French hip, CO to 100 lbs, METALS AND TINNERS' STOCK—The demand continues active, and tbo tone of the market laono of firmness. Following arotho quotations: Tin Plate— lo, 10x11, $16.60; do, 13x13, $16.00; do, 11x20, $10.60; do, roofing, 10, $16.00; do, 30x38, $91.00. X’io Tin—Large, 12c; small, 13o: bar. 11c. Sheet Ziho—Full casks, lie; half caaks, ll*@U*c; leaa quantity, Xl*o; slab, Do. Suect Iron— No. 24, 6*o rates. Galvanized Iron—No. 16020,16o; No. 23031,160; No. 26036,17 c; No. 27,18 c; No. 28, 20c. A discount of 16 per cent is made from the list. Oorwtn—Copper bottoms, 16048 c; braziers, over 13 lbs, 17c; tlnuedcopper, 430, Wine—3 to 5, Be; 6, 8, and 9,10 c; 10 toll, lie; 13, ll*c; 13and ll,13*o; 16and 16, lio; 17,15o; 18, 16o; 10,19 c; 20,20 c; full bundle, 16 per cent dis count; fence wire, 7*©7*o, NAILS Were In good request, at the rates given below: 10@60d, per kog, $6.60 rates; fid do, $9.76;; id do, $6.25; 3d do, $7.00; ad do, floe, $8.60; 2d do, $8.75; clinch, $7.87* ; I3*o off to the trade. NAVAL STORES—'The demand Is Increasing, and prices rule steady as quoted, at follows: Manilla rope, V l<> * 18 a ID Steal ropo. lb Xlempeaah cord, lb, Marline, V lb Tarred rope, T& lb. Oakum, bale.,.. Pilch, brl Tor, brl 6.60 06.00 OlLS—Aside from an advance of 2o In linseed oil, and a reduction of 3010 In turpentine, prices of goods coming under this head range the same as on the date of last week’s review. The demand has Improved some, but the geuoralmarkotls still lacking in activity. Woquoto: Carbon, ll)*o; extra lard oil, 760; No. 1, 70c; No. 3, 65c; linseed, raw, 07o; do boiled, $1.03; whale, BBo; eperm, $3.0002.10; ueals-foot oil, strictly pure, $1.10; do extra. 06c; do No. 1,80o; bank oil, 70c; straits, 760; elephant oil, Uso; turpentine, 07068 c; naphtha, 63 gravity, 21032 c; naphtha, common, 17 018 c. PAINTS, COLORS, AND POTTY—Business has been fair during the past week, and the market exhibits « firmer tone for many articles In the list. We quote : Blriotlypuro.. Fancy brands, Genuine Vollle Montague. American Buow white Maanry’s railroad colors 11.60 Palace car colors In cans 9.60010.50013.60 Rochelle ochre 8.60 ft 0.75 English Yen. red 4.00 ft 1.35 English orange mineral..... 16.60010.00 Pittsburgh orange mineral 18.00 English red lead. 13.00 In bulk ?tfo In blarnlers . In no IRON—ltam&lni Arm «t undungod prions. Wo atioto: colch (according to brand) |f13.00®C7.00 TiiacarawM....................' 61.00 MadßlHon Cj.OO 4 6-10® 4 6-10 rates @ G B*lo rates ■&JX . rales 20@210 UKBZLOOE, 76® 80 C6.00@90.00 C0.0()@ 80.00 1.60@ 3.60 1.76@ 3.35 i.csu l.lOfrt 1.155 10 ft 17 SO ft 29 SO ft 32 10 ft 17 6.00 ftil.6o 6.00 @7.00 WHITE LEAD. 21.60 12.60013.00 11.60 American rod load.*. English per lb, Bcarlet r0rmi11i0n......... Paris white, Whiling, SDTTT. Lake Superior Chicago atono coal.. UlOßourl atone coal. POULTRY—BeIIa rowdily to tho local trade at former prices. The receipts are light. Live turkeys are quotable at 16o: chickens at (4,6000,00; dressed do at $4,0006.00. Wo noto sales of 1 coop turkeys at 16c; 3 coops chickens at $5.00; 4 coops do at $4,75; 4 coops do at $4.00; 10 doz do dressed at $5.00; 20 doz do at $4.6004.75! 20 doz at (4.0004.25; 20 doz do In poor order at $3.76. POTATOES—Aro In good shipping demand, and firm. Peachblowi are quotable at 6C@C3n on track; Early Rose, COo; mixed lots, 36040 c. Bales include; I car poachblo'wfl at 00c on track; 1 cor do at OSo do* Uvcrctl, RAGS AND METALS—Price* ire firm. There Is * good demand and a fair supply at the annexed quota tions: Mixed cotton rags, sk&Vivi country do. 3® 8X0 ; mixed wool do, 1X31&0 ; mixed rone, 4@4*tfo ; mixed copper, 23®240; braes, 14@10o; heavy load, SXo, tea load, 3xo; zinc* 4o; machinery castings, etc., l>io; stove plate, ixo: No. 1 wrought Iron, IX ©life. BALT—Was in tolerably fair demand, and steady it the following prices: Onondaga and Saginaw, fine, $3.25; ordinary coarse, (2.35; coarse Diamond 0, $3.40; ground solar, $3.50; dairy, without bags, $3.60; dairy, with bags, $4.3504.50; Ashton dairy, per sack, $5.00; ground alum, $3.3502.40: Turk’s island, $2.00. BASIL DOOBO, AND DLTND9—There was an Im proved Inquiry for those goods at the annexed prices: coons—roun PAlnu* Size. 2x 6 by Ax 2x AbyCx 8.... 2x 6 by Ax 6.... 2x 8 by Ox 8.... 1)0008—TWO PAKKL. ......3x A by Ax A..... 2t 8 by Cx 8 ......3z 6by Ox 0..... ......3x 8 by Ax 8.... OinalDK BLIMUB. Thieknett, Site, Price. 1 8-16 Bxlo ; $1.76 1 3-16 9x12 3.05 1 8-10 10x12 3.06 1 3-16 oxl4 3.35 1 3-10 10x16 2.60 Size of Thick- Size qf 12-light Price per glaet, nets. xdndow. window. Bxlo 1 3-10 in 2x B *i by SiOk* 400 9x13 1 3-10 In 2x7 by4x6 670 9x14 1 3-1 Ain 2x 7 by 6x3 C4o .10x13 1 3-10 in 2xlo by 4xo 870 10x14 1 3-10 In 2xlo by 6x3 640 9x14 13-8 in 2x7 by6x3 ••■•..,.800 10x14 13-8 in 3xlo by 6x3 fiOo A discount ol 16®30 per cent ismadofrom theabove .list. ThieKixm. 13-16 18-10 10-8 13.8 13-10 13-10, 18-10 18-a . 13-8 SEEDS—TImoIby was less active (ban yesterday, bat in fair request and Arm at $3.1003.36. Clover was in better demand and Ann at $4.76(34.85 for nftdlum, am! Jtf.OO for mammoUi. Hungarian sold at $1,35(3 , 1.80. Millet ■was quiet and firm at OOcosl.OO. We note sales of 337 bags choice Umotby at $3.85; 24 bags prime at $3.30; 20 bags at $3.25; 149 bags at $3.30; 40 baga at falrats3.l6; 13 bags ats3.lo; 48 bags clover at $4.85; 100 bags prime at $4.80; 0 bags good at $4.75; 18 bags Hungarian at $1.30; CO bags at $1.35. TEAS—The tea trade ban been only fairly active, but the high prices of gold Induces a Armor feeling, and tbe annexed quotations are fully sustained: Young Hyson, common to fair, 60@COc; do good, C5@750; do - choice to extra Ado, $.0001,100; common to Aoe old Hyson. 70c0|1.00 ; common Imperial, 600 Cso: good to choice do, 8Oc0$l.lO; Ado to good gunpowder, 700 (31.10; choice, $1.1601.20; extra, $1.3601.46; choice to extra leaf Japan, 90c®$l.00; fair to good do, 700 80o; common do, 42@460; colored natural loaf Japan, 66005 c; common to Ane Oolong, 85®450; good, 000 70c; choice to extra, 90c051.00. TOBACCO—Is In fair request at former quotations: Ourwiwo—Fine Out—Extra. 76@860; choice, 660 75c; common, 65060 c; poor, 40050 c. ■ Pr,no—Natural loaf,_ 76080 c; half bright, 60070 c; black, sound, 43055 c. ’ Smokino—Extra, 83035o; medium, 8O033o; com mon stems. 37029 c. WOOD—'Remains quiet and weak. Wo quote: Beech, $13.00; maple, $13.00; hickory, $14.00; slabs, $7,600 8,00 delivered. ■WOOD—There was no Important change. A few orders are received from Western manufacturers, but, aside from this, there was no change. Prices are weak and unsettled, os follows: Tub, washed, extra medium 65068 c Tub, washed, fair to do 61050 c Common dingy. 46047 c Fleece, washed, XX, light 60053 c Flooco,crashed, X, light 40048 c Fleece, washed, Xx, dingy..... .....40044c Flccco, washed, X, dingy ......400440 Fleece, wished, medium light 47050 c Fleece, washed, medium dingy 40045 c Fleece, washed, XfeXX. In good c0nditi0n......80033c Flccco, washed, X&XX, dingy 15020 c Fleece, unwashed, coarse to medium... ...32036c Fleece, unwashedt coarse, and dingy 23031 c Super, pulled '. 40044 c Extra, pulled 42040 c Burry wool 6010 c less. BAILROAO FREIGHTS—A reduction in rail freights has taken place. The following are the rates now cur rout; , . !? Q Q t-*o q 5| &M I |i. Chicago to f»n S’ : 3 if hi i il LLi_i£_Li_£ Boston * 05 $1.30 New. York 60 1.20 00 70 Philadelphia, Harriaburgb, and Baltimore 65 1.10 65 65 Washington, D.0..... 63 1.28 Alexandria, Va 73 1.46 Pittsburgh, Steubenville 85 .70 35 40 Wheeling 40 .60 40 46 Cleveland 35 .60 25 27# KowO&stle, Pa 35 .70 36 40 Norfolk, Va 04 1.20 Wilmington, N. 0 80 1.40 Charleston, 8. O. 80 1.00 Savannah, Oa 80 1.00 Pcteruburghandlllchmond...., 73 1.44 CHICAGO LIVE STOCK MARKET. Toxrdat Kvrwiwo, April 15. , The receipts of 'live stock sinco Saturday have boon os follows: Cattle, llogt. Sheep. Monday i 4,201 7,691 1,471 Tuesday 4,600 7,600 1,600 Total 8,701 .15,001 3.071 Same time last •week...... 7,509 '20,020 1,391 Week before last 7,703 37,360 9/M Skipmonta wore os follows: Cattle, Haas. Sheep. Monday .V.". 8,020 .7,330 174 CATTLE—Measured by tho amount of stock sold, tho markot was active, tho number of transfers exceeding that of any previous day within tho past six weeks, but there was, after all, a laok of animation, and prices woro unmis takably in buyers* favor. In comparison with last week, the seaboard markets wear a healthier look, hut this favorable circumstance wna moro than counterbalanced by tho almost, unprece dentedly heavy receipts, and shippers woro un willing operators, save at something of a reduc tion from former rates. Early sales did not indicate any material chango in values, but toward noon, as it became evident that tho receipts would considerably exceed 4,000 head, tboro was a general “ softening " of prices for tho better grades,—tuo decline averaging an Tho common sorts, such as aro usually sought after by the local trado, commanded vory full prices, nor woro stock oattlo appreciably lower, but tho greater firmness in those descriptions was duo to tho comparatively light supply of such on sale, and was not tho result of any unusual activity in tho demand. Thoro was a noticeably large number of fine beeves among the offerings, and tiio average quality was, perhaps, tho host of tho season. Sales wero reported at $3.00@4,75 for ?oor to good butchering cattlo; at $3.75@4.60 or common to prime atockors; at 94.75 @5.60 for common to good shipping grades, and at $5.C5@0.40 for choice to extra shipping steers, whilo tho bulk of tbo day's busi ness was transacted within the range of $4.75@ 0.75. The outside quotation was obtained by Conger Brothers for two car-loads of LaSalle County steers, averaging 1,469 lbs. Among tho other important sales was 136 extra Texas steers, averaging 1,168 lbs, at $5.10. They wore sold by R. Btraborn. The ehipments of ono of our largest operators (Isaac Waxel), yesterday, amounted to 1,100 head, among which were 163 choice 41 utillers "—the first instalment of 000 herd owned by Mr. Waxel,which have been feed ing during the past winter «t the distillery of Miller & Bead. Tho market closed weak. . i QUOTATIONS, Extra—Graded steers averaging 1,100 lbs and upwards $8.3500.50 Choice Beeves—Floo, fat, well formed 9 year to 6 year old iteors, averaging 1.300 to 1,450 lbs 8.7809.10 Good Beeves—'Well-fattened, finely formed atcors, averaging 1,200 to 1.300 tba 6.8506.55 Medium Grades—Steers In fair flesh, aver aging 1,160 to 1,300 Its 4.6006.25 Butchers' Stock—Common to fair steers, and good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 fee 3.7504.78 Block Cattle—Common cattle, In docent flesh, averaging 700 to 1,060 lbs 8.5004.60 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, stags, bulls, and scallawag steers 2.6003,25 Cattle—Texas, Northern wintered. 3.5004.00 Cottle—Corn-fed Texas 4.2606.00 Sterling, 7*. . GATT LI SALTS. -4t». JVfcs, . 1,304 6.60 13 choloo steers... 14 medium steers, 17 choice steers, 81 extra steers., 44 choice steers. 12good steers.. 80 extra floors,, 39 good steers.. 11.00911.50 1.40(3 1.45 83.00 4.00 2.60 14 choice steers.... 81 choice steers,... 130 Texan steers..., 47 good .steers..,.. 17 good steers 18 0xen............ 16 butchers' ulcers, IB butchers' steers, 70 choice steers.... 14 good steers 90 choice steers..., 18 choice steers,.. IB good steers...., 16 choice steers.... 19 cows 72 good steers 10 cows., 10 extra steers 17 good steers 68.00® 60,00 67.00 67.00008,00 17 good Siro 14 cxlra steers 1,389 0.25 81 choice steers. ..................1,823 0,80 87 butchers' steers i 038 4,75 10 butchers* steers.,.. - .1,087 4,75 17 butchers’ steers 892 6.25 84 medium steers 1,055 6.05 10 medium steers 1 237 6.00 02 choice steers i 329 6.05 87 choice steers 6.75 02 choice steers 279 6.05 48 choice steers 1,308 0.10 10 choice steers 1 350 6.75 64 good steers 1 937 6.00 60 good steers ..1,229 6.00 64 good steers 1,253 6.00 75 good steers 1,237 6.20 78 good steers 1,200 6.30 HOGS—TIio light receipts induced a confident feeling all around, and holders ashed and buyers cheerfully paid a further advance of 100 per 100 lbs, prices early going to $5.80@6.C0, whora they wore firmly sustained to the closo. Very few sold under $6.85, while by far the larger por tion changed hands at56.40@5.50. Bomo “culls” were closed out at $5.16@6,26, while a car load, or two of extra fetched $5.65: but those sales wore no criterion of tho market, and should noi bo taken Into account. All tho fresh receipts wore picked up, but thororemaln in tho pens un sold several hundred stale hogs thatworo bought last weok ou speculation, and which tho hold era would undoubtedly bo glad to dispose of at tho prioos they paid for them. Tho market closed firm. Price, ......|2.60 HOO OALSB. lA7>, Av. Price. 63 183 $6.35 107 231 6,03 73 807 6.18 60 221 6.40 21 171 6.25 46 289 6.35 142 193 6.46 173 184 6.45 Vo, Av. Price, 27 104 15.86 86 180 6.60 44 174 6.50 88 223 6.50 26 202 6.60 132 220 6.60 69 201 6.66 64 280 6.35 CO 190 5.45 61 160 , 6.45 CO 323 6.60 60 339 / 6.65 369 184 6.45 80 187 6.40 66 180 5.80 67 383 6,60 73 320 6.45 64 170 6.40 ’4B 333 6.37k 61 354 6.40 SHEEP—Thoro was decidedly more life In iho Bbeop trade to-day, and prices were sensibly higher. Not only was there a bettor local de mand. but outside buyers took hold a moro liberal scalo than for a number of days past, and under tbo combined demand the supply, which amounted to about 2,000 head, was easily dis posed of. A bunch of extra sheep, averaging 128 lbs, fetched $0.76, but with this exception, $6.25 was tbo highest figure obtained. We quote poor to common at $3.75(2)4.50, medium at $4.75 @5.60, and good to choice at $6.G5@0.25. Among tbo transactions wore tbo following: Ah, Av,* Price, Ah. Av, Price, Ah. Av, Price, 167 81 |5.62k 75 91 $5.40 128 107 SO.OO 45 75 4.25 72 100 6.87k 60 123 6.79 177 118 C.UO 29 80 6.25 The wholesale lumber market is not fairly open yet. A few cargos have arrived, but a good many ports are still blocked up with ice, and it will probably bo two weeks yet before navigation Is fully resumed. The cargo of schr Fannie D. Floyd, from Bau gatuck, consisting of 60,000 ft inch and two-inch lumber was sold at $12.00 and $13.00. .650580 .610500 .480470 .600520 .400480 .40044 c .40044 c .470500 .40045 c .80033 c .15020 c .320350 .23031 c .400440 .420400 Thoro was only a moderate inquiry. The disa greeable weather and bad condition of tbo roads interferes with tbo trade to a considerable ex tent. The bettor grades and lath remain firm. Common qualities are weak. Hardwood remains dull and nominally unchanged. Wo repeat: First dear $32.00055.00 Second clear, 1 inch to 2 Inch, Third clear. 1 inch Third dear, thick First and second- dear flooring, together, rough... 40.00@43.00 First and second dear Biding, together... 23.00@24.00 Common siding 20.00@21.00 Common flooring, dressed, first 35.00@38.00 Common flooring, dressed, second 50,00@33.00 "Wagon-box boards, selected, H inches and upward 37,00@40,00 A stock boards... 37.00@40.00 B stock boards 28.00@30.00 Common boards, Joist. BcantUng, small timber, etc., 16 feet and under 14.00@15.00 Fencing Joist and scantling, 18 to Si fcot. Pickets, square Pickets, flat Cedar posts, split Cedar posts, round Lath Lath, on track No. X sawed shingles, A or Star Shingles on track . 3.25(^3.50 No, 1 sawed 1.25(^1.50 Throe dollars per ear to be added when tranafcrrcd, which charge follows the shingles. Thlckneia—Five shingles to bo two inches in thio - ness. Length—Elite on Indies. v n innu’nnn, Oak (dry. Black walut, Maple 14.00(435.00 Ash (dry) 30.00@10.00 Butternut 35.00@C0.00 Counter tops (select) I.oo@ 1.60 Flooring, 6-in. grooved and matched @75.00 Axles 60@ 75 Wagon poles (each), Hickory Box boards Common. Clear, Culls, NEW PUBLICATIONS. Mason & Headley’s System for Beginners. Compiled by two emtnontand successful teachers, It has acquired an excellent reputation, cannot fail to antlafy both “mastoraud scholar," and U unexcelled by on/ other Method fur tbo Pianoforte. ryiTPa b«1 American Tune Book. In one aenae THE Saored Muilo Book of the ago, alooo itooutalna 1,000 of tho Best Tunes andAnlboiaa, careful* ly selootod by 600 Choristers and Music Teachers from all accessible books, and therefore it MDfIT bs the choicest collection of tho century. Winner’s New Schools For Plnno* Cabinet Organ, Melodcon, Guitar, llanjo, Cornet, File, Accordion. Clarionet, Flute, and Flageolet. Don't despise tiiuso little books because they are cheap I For persons who wish to learn easily and pleasantly, and only go a Utile way, there la nothing better. Price of caoh book, T6 cents. ' The above books sent, postpaid, on receipt of retail price. OUTER DIT80H& 00., (HUB, a DITBON &, Oft, BOSTON. 711 B'dway, Now York. LYON & HEALY, Chicago. FURNACES, &o. BBnnßtt Hot Air Fmace Go., Having removed all its branches to Cincinnati, Ohio, and Its Manufactory and Warorooma from 18 and 15 Woat Fifth-it. to 653-718 Woat Eighth-it., and baring no au thorised agents whatever in Illinois ozoopt P. P. HoUoi and 0. B. Chaco, la prepared to rooelre orders from indl* rlduala and from the trade for Furnaooa, Patent Boom Heaters, Ventilating Columns, Laundry Heaters, t and Heating Apparatus, for Steam and Hot Water. In on* present location oar facilities are greatly Increased, and we are prepared with extensive improvements to moot the wants of tbo community in every particular.' Address BRNNRTT HOT AIR FURNACE 00., . Cincinnati April 18. 1878, Cincinnati. Ohio. MAPLE SYRUP A SPECIALTY. dozen In a oast; one and live-gallon tin cans, ond ln kegs, half brls, and brls. And several tons rich sugar, hut La arge cakes. 0. 0. FitUIUNU, gu, l*ka and Masked .1,208 6.08 .1,311 8.62# ..1,158 6.10 ..1,251 6/.0 ..1,444 6.2.1 ..1,680 6.12* ..1,028 4.70 .. 070 4.12* ..1,278 8.110) ~1.241 6.60' ..1,341 5.C0. ..1,617 6.00. . -1,130 6.28 ..1,410 C.OO .. 801 4.30 ..1,231 6.45 .. 712 3.37* .1,840 C.32* ..1,240 6.60 Vo, Av, Price, 68 224 $5.55 60 272 6.45 68 219 6.50 89 201 6.30 03 283 6.45 68 214 6.45 60 256 6.65 63 947 6.60 49 170 6.40 43 355 6.40 44 180 6.60 01 109 6,60 40 SOI 6.60 08 387 6.40 70 317 5.65 70 204 6.60 65 273 6,50 115 333 6.60 01 333 6.40 CO 340 6.G0 27 103 6.45 67 200 6.60 55 106 6,50 69 213 6.65 68 205 5.60 C 4 167 6.65 60 109 6.65 73 194 6.60 69 300 5.G0 65 109 6.60 05 184 6.40 68 200 6.40 LUMBER. AT TUB YAHD3. 47.00@50.00 38.00@40.00 45,00. 16.00@16.00 H.00@16.00 1C.00@23.00 12.00@14.00 12.00@14.0fl IC.OO@IB.OQ 17.00@25.00 9.75 3.50 1.6002.00 8.6003.75 *• 2503.^ .(30.00@35.00 35.0U@C0.00 65@ CO 50.00@75.00 35.00@10.00 20.00@35.00 30.00@10.00 12,00@14.00 Price* 83.00. Price, 81.50. THE TOR SALE.

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