Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 17, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 17, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 20. SAPOXIO. ENOCH MORGAN’S SONS’ S .A. IP OLIO Isa substitute for Soap for all Household par* poles, except washlnsr oi'thcs. . S.A. IP OLIO g For cleaning your house this Spring will sate the g labor of onooloanor. 6SAPOLIO M Will not Inlnro or discolor Paint, bat restores col* g or aud brluhtncus. Try It. ISAPOLLO 2 Cleons Windows without water, and eavos tho g trouble of removing curtains nml carpets. Esap olio DrlnhtensKnlvoa ataamotlmo they are washed, g mvldr time and labor. Uso It. ISAPOLIO [sj Cleans Dath-Tnli!', Tables, Floors, do., quicker end bettor than Soap. Trylton. SSAP O.L I O M Polishes Tin, Brass, Ooppor, and all Metal Wares, 4 rendering thorn ns bright ns new. |SAP OLIO For washing Dishes and Glassware Is Invaluable. Cheaper than Soap. S-A-IE 3 O L I O Remotes Stains from MarbloMantels, Tables, and Statuary, from llard-Hnl*hcd Walls* and from China and I’orcolaln. 10 cents. SAPOLIO Removes Stains and Groasa from Carpet* and oth er woven fabrics. Depot, 88 and 88 South Water-st., OHIOAGO. XXtXv, TO BENT. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in the Trib une Building. Single or in suites. "With and without Vaults. English Tile' Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled In the city. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo cation. W. C. DOW, Room 1 Nevada Block. TO RENT, The Double Store, Nos. 191 and 193 Flfth-av., near Mon ro«-st. Price to suit tenant. THOMAS BASSETT, TO LET, Offices. wlUi vaults, in Andrew* 1 Building, cor. LaSalle st. and Arcado-oonrt. Also, Hall ou fouitb floor. MEAD A COB, . TO WENT, OCoes at 813 to 836 per mouth, near Court House Square. WM. H. CONDON, WANTED. WAITED, Fifty to a hundred teams, for hauling coal. Will pay good wages. Ap ply at 176 West Kinzie-st. MM T. MS & CO. SHIRTS. SHIRTS Made to order in the most complete artistic manner, of fabrics unsur passed for durability. Large lines of fine Furnishing Goods at lowest prices. Money cheerfully refunded if not satisfactory. Willi MOS., B. E. oor. State and Washington-ate,, 35 West Maflieon-ut. (Sherman House), Chicago, Pike*!* Oncra House. Cincinnati. HOTELS. BEH MSB, Corner Madison and Oanal-sts., OHIOAQO. REFITTED AND REFURNISHED. THREE DOLLARS PER DAT. WENTWORTH & WOOL WORTH, PROPRIETORS. MISCELLANEOUS. CHANGE OF NAME. On and after this date the name of our firm will be OKO. G. ROBINSON A CO., the partners and respon sibility of the Ann remalnlngjhe same. _ OEO. O. BOUINBON, I VOICE. ROBINSON A 00., CEO. L. VOIOE, ( 867, B6'J and 871 Sodgwlok-et, Chicago, April 18, 1673. SAVE YOUR CARPETS By getting them oloanaod from Dirt and MOTHS, without injuring (hem, at A. B. EDWARDS & CO.’S, MEETINGS. Masonic, Waubansia Lodge. No. 160. n oeU this (Thnrsday) stoning at fUn’oiU'tk, In Oriental Rail, ISB LaSallo-st., for work on I'. U. Degree. Visiting brethren cordially invited. By order of Tho W.M. a BTf JOJUf . REMOVALS. .BEMOVAL. Reefl’sTegeoflsic A. EEED & SONS, Having removed to their Now Building, Oor. of Dearborn and Van Buren-sts., Aro offering tho flnast assortment of CHICKERIIG And othor Pianos ovor oponod in this oifcy. They ore tho only firm wost of Now York keeping a oompleto stock of tho various stylos of Pianos, via.: Concert Grands, Par lor Grands, Square Grands, Upright Grands, Square Upright, and Cottage Pianos. Pianos and Organs furnished on time. All ore cordially Invited to call and exam ine tho now Warorooms and tost tho beauti ful Pianos. ■. . . REMOVAL. CUtKIAT WESTEHKT TYPE MIIY (BARNHART BROS. & SPINDLEE, Prop'rfi), REMOVED TO Bos. 105, 107, 109 & 111 East Maflison-sL Wo have complete stocks of English and German Body Display and Fancy Type, Presses, Paper and Card Cut ters, Inks, Wood Typo, and, In abort, everything needed In a Printing Office. Our now quarters, having boon con structed with special roforoncoto requirements of Typo Founding, enables ns to turn ont orders of any size promptly and satisfactorily. For convenience of our cus tomers wo have put in a largo Oabinet, in which wo carry sorta from Nonpareil to Pica of type of our manufacture. Orders for Electrotyping promptly filled. R E M OVAL I J. H. PERRY & 00,, Merolumt Tailors, REMOVED TO ■ NO. 129-DEARBORN-ST., ONE DOOR NORTH OF MADISON. RDMOVATp. JAS. P. SMITH & CO., DEALERS IN Crystal Lake Ice, Have removed to their New Office. No. 101 LaSallo-st., Republic Life Building, bet. Madison and Monroo-sts. NEW PUBLICATIONS, THE POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY, CONDUCTED BE B- ii. "sroxj^-AJsrs. NO. XIII. nnnbmu of No. 13i for May, I. Wavo-Aotlon in Nature. (Illustrated.) 11. Instinct In loseota. By Georqg Pouchet. 111. Tbo Doctrine of Natural Selection. By AL FRED r. Wallace. „ IV. Tbo Black Death in Now England. By Hez- EKIAII BUTXERWORTII, Kaq, V. The New Psychology. By DOUGLABS A- Spalding, VI. Ocaan-Oables. By Sir James Anderboh. VII. Tho Study of Sociology—Tho Class-Bias. By HERBERT SPENCER. VIII. Tbo Borora of the Soa. (Illustrated.) IX. Or tbo Causes which operate to oroato Scien tific Mod. By Francis Oalton. X. Tbo Sbonnan Astronomical Expedition. By Emma M. Converse. XI. The Battlo of Life among Plante. By Maxwell V. Masters, M.D..V.R. 8. • XII. Tbo Hippopotamus and bor Baby. By Frank Bookland. (Illustrated.) XIII. Euthanasia. XIV. Freezing of Plante and Animals. By Prof. Fit. Mour. XV. Professor Tyndall’s Deed of Trust. XVI. Sketch of Sir G. B. Airy. (Portrait.) XVII. Correspondence: The Sphere and Limits of Science—MOMMßEN’a History and tho Stone Ago In Italy—"A Spider's Engineering," XVIII. Editor’s Tadle: Scientific Normal Schools— Mr. Goodwin's Letter. Literary Notices : Aiunori Mori's Educa tion In Japan—Goulet’s Disease of tho Urinary Organs—Fret's Microscope and Microscopies! Technology Thompson's Depths of tho Sea, etc.. oto. . „ ~ . Eibcf.llani: Motoor*Bhowora on tbo Night of November 37, 1873-Profeuor Agassiz's School of Natural History—Tbo Oansos of Typhus-Habits of Right and Sponn Whales —Cruellies of tho Seal Fishery—Tho Failure of Car-Axlos—Marked Caso of Heredity in Mastiffs—Changes in River Bods, oto., oto.. NOTES. The POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY Is published In a largo ootavo, handsomely printed on clear typo, Terms, $6 per annum; or, 60 cents per copy. OXiUB TIESIFOyESJ. Any person remitting S2O for four yearly subscriptions, will receive an extra copy gratis, or flvo yearly subscrip tions for S3O. The POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLYand APPLE TONS* JOURNAL, for one year, $6. S, APPLETON & CO,, Pnlste, 540 and GSI Broadway, If. Y. CROCKERY, &c. CROCKERY, GLASSWARE, LAMPS, &C. Wo keep the largest slock la the city of above goods, la original packages or opoa stock, and soli at Now York prices free of freight. Country merchants are Invited to examine onr goods before purchasing elsewhere. F.& E. JAEG-ER, 73 VaM-av,, near BaioliM FINANCIAL. InTOTIOIB. CaiOAOO, April 16, 1873. At a meeting of the Hoard of Director* of tho Trader*’ Insurance Company, of Chicago, held this day, a dlvl. dead of 6 per cent on the Capital Btockwaa declared, pay* able at tbo cilice of tho Company, on the 6th day of May next. By order of tho Board, W. E. HOLLO. Secretary. ZDICa-_ Wo are publishing the names of all parties of whom we are unable to collect. This, owing to tho magnitude of our business, extending over (bo oallro country, contains an Item of Interest, and proves of btmoilt to creditors and debtors alike. ERASER’S Mercantile Collection Agency, 116 Madtson-st. Real Estate Loans. Money to loan in sums of $6,000 and upward* on Im proved property, at reasonable rates. SHELDON 4 WATERMAN, BUSINESS CHANGE. HOTEL roil SALE, Or exchange for Chicago property—Tho Summit Rouse, at Marquette, Mich., L. o. This very popular hotel con tains upward of 6(1 rooms, and is located In tho centre of business, convenient to railroad depot* and steamboat landing, and commands a beautiful view of tho lake and harbor. Gas and water Ibrougbout the building. Pos session from Junel. Ifar particulars, apply to subscrib ers, who have a photograph of tho property, A. J. AJ. w, cooler, w (*Sm- #t.« oo» ihwfi, OXXR BNTIKB STOCK OF W A T C H E S JSJrS? COST! In order to mako room for our Spring Stock of watches, wo shall close out our present largo stock of Watches, which reached us too late for tho Holiday Trade, at tho aotual cost of manufacture and importation. NO RESERVATION. 2,000 GOLD WATCHES, at from S2O to , S6OO each. GILES, BRO. & CO., <386 & 868 Wabash-av. VALUABLE BEAL ESTATE FOR SALE. Owing to a change In our business (having recently en gaged in banking), wo have decided to offer for sale, for tbo next 80 days, s part of oar real estate at a bargain : 101x160 foot on JofTorson-st., between Madison and Wa6hlnßton-sU.,withsnbstantlalbrlokbaildinßß covering tbo whom lot. _ 108kixl60 feet, onOsnal-st., near Harrison. 60 foot (with house) on Forost-av., near Dougl&s-plaoe. BlookPa, Oanalnort. .. .. Block 18.1n Walker’s Subdivision of partot Soo. 81,89,11. N X of Blocks 16 and 17, samo subdivision, 40 acres in s. o. M n. w. M 800. 86, 89, 13. 40 acres Ins. w.\(n. 800. 86, 89. 18. . . 10 acres, being Block Bln Handley’s anbdlvlson of w M s. w. M n. w. X 800. 88, 89,18. , SO aaros, being o. H of Blocks 11 and IS, and all of Block 17. s. o. *Boo.M, 89, 13. 80 acres In o. Jtf s. w. M Soc. 85, 89, 13. .... 80 acres In o. « n. o. 34 Soo. 10, 88,13, just subdivided, butnot recorded. 13ft acres In w. ft n. w. H Soo. 1, 88,13. 17ft acres grovo of lanu fronting north side of canal, Soo. 8. 88, 13. 160 lota In Adam Smith's Subdivision. US lota In Pierson D. Smith’s Subdivision. File Sale it-Mnot An adjourned Publio Salo of School Property, compris ing two of the most desirable oomor lota in tbs abovo suburb (93 by 165 foot), togothor with the building there on, will bo sold by tho Board of Trustees of Town 40, 14, on SATURDAY, tbo 19th Inst., at 6:80 p. m., at tbo School-House in JUvonswood. Train loaves the city at S {». m., and, returning, loaves Ravontwood at 6:10, reach ng the city at 7 p. m. I<. D. OWEN, F. BAER, W. P. JONES, JR., Board of Trustees T. 40, U. EOE, BALE •’ ON NOETH DEAEBOEN-ST., North of Ohicngo-av., over 700 foot front, comprising some of the fiuoot building lota on this favorite street, including several choice corners. M3DAD&OOB, 163 Xiftßallo-si. .PRICE, FIFTY CENTS. DREXEL BOULEVARD. A. EABB Two first-class residences, with ample grounds and ■hade trees, at city limits, on South Slue, within one minute's walk of steam and horse-cars, and at the bead of Droxol Boulevard, the finest driveway la tlio South Dlvla- l °°. ,or ‘“°- to «“ h U£f t lTOß!iND?B?'L to ..ban...t. . A NEW SUBDIVISION. Business and Residence Lots for sale cheap, fronting on Milwaukoo-av., Norlh-av.. Wood, Girard, and Elk Grovo-sta., opposite Wloker’a Park: wooden pavement, and all other Improvements on Milwaukee-**.. Paul by tho owner; street railway will run to North***, this Sum mer; every lot will double in prloo In 13 months. Inquire of JACOB WEIL AGO., cor. of Madison and Dearborn* sta. . AT A BARGAIN—OnIy SIB,OOO usual, terms. Tho two story and basement brick house, with all modem Improve* moots, bay window, do.. No. 1303 Indiana-**., cor.Twon* ty-nlnlb-el. Brick barn, with oarriaso-houso attached. Moat bo sold this week. Apply at the house or at ray office. 4 Wabaali-a*. • _ OHAB, V. MARSII. _ CHAPIN & GORE, Nos. 73 and 75 Monroe-st,, . WHOLESALE DEALER? IN !! ! ’ Fine Whiskies .. AND'IMPORTED ilines, Lips, ail Cigars. We have secured tho Store No. 78. in connection with our old stand, and have opened wltn a complete lino of Imported Cigars, Tobacco,.sod Smokers’Articles, which wo are offering at very low prices. FOE, NEW ORLEANS. STEAMER THOMPSON DEAN, Captain Popper, leaving St. Louis April 19th; Cairo. 21st; Memphis, 23d. GREAT REPUBLIC Leaves St. Louis April 20. For passage apply to THOMAS MORRISON, 20! North Levee, Bt. Louli, Mo. A W. FABBB’S Ml EMILE LEAD PENCILS, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. CULVER, PA&E, HOME & CO., 118 AND 120 MONKOE-ST. SPOTS Of oil, grease, champagne, Ico cream, oto., taken oat of the most dollcato material without cleaning the whole gar* or romovln* trlmmlog., A BOIIWAnZ , The Original Importer of the Industry. 264 West Madison-sL - - -158 Dliols-sL TREES I TREES I 820,000 worth, all kinds and sixes, lor sale oboap at the R. J. LEWIS. Prop. fW~ Take tho Chicago and Olyboum-av. cars. WIDE SAGINAW TRUNK BOARDS for solo. Hunt oloao out by May 1. W. H. JENKINS, . Corner Otmal and Lumbor-sta. For Bale, Acre property, In LIU A Dlvorsoy's division, Sec. 59.40, 14, cheap. This property U well located for limnetllato subdivision. PUliLPfi x BIOUJU m tiQuUA Room i. CHICAGO, THURSDAY, APRIL 17, 1873. WATCHES, &o. REAL ESTATE. ADAM SMITH A BON, Southwest corner State sad Washlngton-sts. FOR SAX/EL WINES, &o. RIVER NAVIGATION. LEAD PENCILS. DKESS-CLEANING. FOR SALE. SHEFFIELD NURSERY, 44 Eaclne-fIT. 100,000 FEET THE MODOC WAR. Gen. Gillcra Determined to Ex terminate Jack’s Band. Estimated Cost of Tlioir Eradi cation $75,000 Each. Attack on Mason’s Picket Line by the Modocs—One Red , Skin Killed. Tlie Snakes and Pitt River Indians Watching the Contest. Special Dupatfiji to The Chicago Tribune* .Washington, April 10.~-Tho nows received hero from tho econo of tho Modoc war Is moagro, and confined to unofficial dispatches. Tho im-‘ proeeion among army moa is, that tho opera tions of Gon. Qillom will bo neceßsaruy pro tracted, and that ho will. bo compelled to resort to tho starving-out process. It is not known how well Capt, Jack and his baud oro supplied with food and ammunition, but it isboliovod that thoy have sufficient to last thorn sovoral weeks. It is estimated at tho Indian Bureau that at least $75,000 will bo expended In tbo ex termination of oaob Indian, and it is not known how many are awaiting eradication. [7V> the Associated Press,] San Francisco, April *ls.—Yroka dispatches frotn Col. QUIom to Gon. Schoflold say that Lieut. Sherwood died at 1 o’clock this morning. A dispatch from Col. Oillom to Ood. Schoflold, received m this city to-night, says that he will uso every endeavor to prevent the oscapo of the Modocs, if possible, and not an Indian shall bo loft to boast of having mnederod Gon. Oanby. Lava Bed, April 14.—0n tbo evening following tbo murdor of Gon. Oftnby and Fo&co Commissionor Thomas, the Modocs attacked Col. Mason’s pickets, ono and a half milo oast of tbo Modoo camp. Tho pickets wore quickly reinforced and drovo tho savages back Ono Modoo was killed, and ton horses woro cap tured. Donald MoKinna and 72 Warm Spring Indians arrived yostorday. Dyar will go back to tho res ervation to-morrow. Meacham is pronounced out of danger. Tho Snako and Pitt lUver Indiana are still quiet, but watching tho contest with groat inter est. The funeral ceremonies, on tbo 12th of April, over Gon. Canby and Commissionor Thomas in tho camp woro very impress! vo. Tho troops woro drawn up and received tho remains in tho ous tomary manner, with salutos and muffled drums. WASHINGTON. Special Dispatsh to The Chicago Tribune, GOVERNMENT FINANCES. Washington, D. 0., April 10-—Considerable interest has been evinced hero to-day in relation to offairs in Wall r*too*, Now York, for tho tum ble in ino price of stocks, etc., was not unex pected by parties who had givon tho matter oloso attention, and were familiar with tho anbjoofe of otoclc-gamblingV Thuao parties, know ing as they did that tho Government would not allow itself to bo drawn into embarrassing com plications by taking any Action whatever in re gard to the recently disturbed condition of tho monoy market, wore -* of tho opinion that, if tho operators in the street woro only let alono, thoy. would work their own ruin or discomfiture, which was generally hoped for, particularly In .view of tho boast made by tho Now York cliqno that If thoy could get gold above 120 thoy could put tho monoy markot beyond tho influence of tho Government. Tho Treasury ac counts show tho condition of that institution to bo bettor to-day than it b&s been for weeks. Secretary Bichardson’s promise that ho would as fast as practicable reduce tho outstanding logal tondorsto the minimum of $350,000,000 w to ho mado good. Binco tho Ist Instant, noarly $300,- 000 of tho $2,500,000 that had boon drawn from tho $44,000,000 rosorvo havo boon replaced. KELLEV’S CREDIT UOIIILIER. United States Treasurer Spinner b&s confis cated tho cheek of Judgo Kelley for S3OO handed him by Judge Poland, by covering it into tho Treasury. Mr. Spinner has waited since tho ad journment of Congress to hear from Oakes Ames about tho ono thousand dollar certificate of Credit Mobilior stock, which ho alleged be longed to Kelley, and which Mr. Spinner sent Amos for tho purpose of having It transferred to Kelley. Amos, howovor, has evidently con cluded to place tho stock “ whoro it will do tho most good," and be is sat isfied that place is not tho Treasury of the United States. Nothing has boon hoard either from Amos or the certificate of stock. Spionor has waited long and patiently for the stock, and ho has at last determined to turn in what lie had. It is understood that Amos does not intend to return tho certificate. THE LOUISIANA SLAUGHTER. The Department of Justice proposes to look up the reported Louisiana outrages with tbo greatest incredulity. The Attornoy-Qonoral said, to-day, that ho hod received no official in formation of tbo alleged trouble, and thinks it greatly exaggerated for political purposes. The President is reported as saying that if the diffi culties are as serious as stated in the newspaper dispatches, ho will order the Federal troops to interfere, not in behalf of either party, but simply to preserve the peace. Much nerv ous anxiety is expressed in all administration quarters as to the extent or truth of the reported troubles. nmsoNAii. Ex-Sonator Diair, of Missouri, has gone to Cliftcn Springs, N. Y., whore bo will be treated for his nervous disorder. {To the A ssociaUd Putt.] TOE PRESIDENT. Washington, April 16.— Tho President, his wife and daughter, accompanied by Gon. Bab cock, will leave for Bt. Louis this evening. APPOINTED. The President has appointed Joseph H. .Hen derson, of Oregon, Consul to Amboy. POSTAL CARDS will bo Issaod on May 1, GREENBACKS. Legal tenders outstanding, $358,211,400. nrronxANT decision. The Supreme Court of the United States has rendered on important deoislon in ease No. 861, E. J. Davis, Governor of Texas, vs. John A. 0. Tray, Itocoivor, affirming the decree of the Cir cuit Court of Texas, that the Memphis & El Paso Railroad Company are entitled to tho exclusive right to locate tho land certificates, of said State, and to obtain patents therefor on the lands with in and forming apart of tho land reservation of said Company, being tho odd sections granted on tho 20th of Juno, 1808, for a distance of eight miles on each side of the extension line of said road from the eastern boundanr of Texas to El Paso, designated and recognized ac cording to tho returns and maps of the same, now ou file in tho General Land-Office of tho State of Toxas. The ordinance of the Btato Convention granting lauds to actual settlors and repudiating the Memphis & El Paso land-grant is declared unconstitutional. Tho injunc tion of tho lower court against the Governor and Land Commissioners, ro-. straining thom.Ao,. Is mado perpetual. Tho total amount of the land grant is eight million aoros, of which tho eutlro amount passes to tho Toxas Pacific Railroad, conditioned upon 700,000 acres being sot apart for tho redemption of tho Toxas and El Paso bonds, this amount being sufficient for tho purpose. All tho bonds Imowu to have been uttered wore transferred to John Munroo «k Co.. Paris, for receipts agreeing upon ilioir redemption in this amount. They stand in escrow with Duncan, Sherman «fc Co., New York, waiting tho decision. Tho lands provided aro for all expenses of tho Receiver, besides# redeeming the bonds. Tho result will release Qon. Fremont from all tho obligations. Uo has for some years devoted himself almost exclu sively to scouring this result, and has refused political and othor employment until its consum mation. . In view of his success tho absurd French edict against him will probably bo da hastily , vacated as it was inconsiderately ren dered. STEAMBOAT INSPECTORS. The Hoard of Supervising Inencctors are now in session in Washington. At tuo mooting, to day, tho Committee on Boilers and Machinery was instructed to report to tho fioard a draft of a circular to bo distributed among tho iron manufacturers, boiler-makers, aud In spectors, on tho inspection of boiler plates. It was resolved that tho Depart ment.' circular requiring one copy of oach certificate of inspection to bo returned to tho De partment is .unnecessary, and that tho Secretary of | tho Treasury bo requested to abolish tho same; and it was also rosolvod that horonltor only two> certificates of inspection shall bo re quired on all tug, tow, and freight steamers. Thb following resolution was referred to tho Committee on Buies and Regulations : 'Jtemtved, That hereafter fire oxllnguluhera shall not be required on tug, low, or freight steamers; neither shall the same ho required on passenger steamers of leea than 100 tons. HAYTIEN INDEMNITY, Tho Department af State baa received infor mation of tho payment by tho Haytion Govern ment of an award of SIO,OOO against that Gov ernment for tho illegal arrest of Mr. Tool, a Consular Agent of the United States at Hira gonno. THE OIVIU BEUnon rosnjTMTfiv . , iißw tuwj. A|..u 10. — a Washington special states that tno rrosidont has appointed Dorman B. Eaton, of Now York, and tho Hon. Barauel Shellabargor, of Ohio, to fill tho vacancies in tho Olvil-Sorvlco Commission caused by tho resigna tion of Messrs. ModiU and Curtis. WALL STREET. Suspension of a Prominent Stock- Dealing Firm Yesterday, Sodded Panic in the Speculative Rail way Shares. The Produce and Cold Markets. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. New York, April 10. — ‘Wall street was tho scono of groat oxcltomont to-day, amounting at ono timo to a panic. Money was scarce and dearer all day, tho afternoon being exceptionally severe. This caused a decline in values very de cided in somo cases. Tho prossnro was felt par ticularly on tho Stock Exchange. At tho open ing, tho markot was Arm at an advance of per cent, but as soon as tho First Board con vened, tno presauro to soli increased on tho port of speculators, whoso margins woro giving out, and others who woro growing woary of tho dally trials of tho monoy markot. Theso parties surm iscd that oven if tho monoy markot would ooso up eventually tbo rush to unload would naturally send prices downward. They, therefore, determined to take timo by tho fore lock and sell tho markot down. They could koop control of tho markot to a certain extent, shift thalr load upon other shoulders, and, when tho time came and money was easy, thoy could cover their shorts quietly, and, aided by tho largo uncovered short Interest which would naturally bo out at that timo, have a basis for a sharp upward turn, which would send prices up to a figure at which holders could re alize and bo thought exceedingly generous for consenting to part with them. Toward noon a rally took place, but tho improvement did not last, and at tho Second Board thoro was another break, under a frantio pressure to; 0011, which carried prices down from Ito nearly 8 per cent. This was caused by reports that some stock houses woro iu trouble. In tho midst of tho excitement it was announced that Barton «fc Allen had failed. Tho street staggered like a drunken man under tho unexpected blow. Mr. Barton is a nephew of Commodore Vanderbilt, and tho house do most of his stock* busi ness. They woro regarded as tho strongest parties on tho street, and ablo to_ withstand any financial crisis. A regular panic ensued, especially in those stocks in which tho firm was supposed to bo most deoplyintorosted, and thoro was a decline of 7% por cent in Union Pacific, por cent in Western Union and Wabash, 3X per cent in Now York Central and Bock Island, per cent in Harlem, 2% por cent In Chios, 3 por cent in 0.0. and 1.0., 2% percent in Lako Shore, 2% por cont in St. Paul Common, 2% per cent in Pacific Mail, 2 per cont in Panama, and per cent in tho rest of tho list. Tho break was chocked by strong parties coming forward to sustain tho markot, hut reactions and counteractions during tho last hour, woro very frequent. At tho close, specu lation was unsettled, but prices woro 1 to 4 por oont bettor. Tho decline represents a very largo sum in tho aggregate. Two or threo other failures are reported, but nothing positive is known in regard to them. Somo brokers had Barton & Allen’s checks returned to thorn by thoir banks as not good, just previous to 3 o’clock. Theso chocks woro deposited yester day for collection through tho Clearing House, and should have been returned before noon to-day. Possibly tho Courts may havo to dooido tho question. Barton & Allon’sHabilitiOs are $2,000,000. Bar ton is tho son-in-law. and Alien, tho nephew, of Commodore Vanderbilt. The other failures, positively known, are Mr. Otis and Mr. Foster, both prominent members of the Stock Exchange. It is also reported that Van Schack & Co. havo gone under. Many other brokers havo lost heavily. Over $1,500,000 will accrue to tho “ shorts ”by to-day’s operations. Tho corridors of tho Fifth Avonuo Hotel wore crowded to-night with oxcited brokers. GOLD. The movement of the last two days In the gold market is explained, this afternoon, by the fact that when some of the parties who broke the price of gold yesterday sought to got back their coin, they found that there was none to bo had. There has not boon any particular combination in gold lately. A very strong capitalist acted on his own hook, and carried his lead without re gard to the views of other bulls. This unanimity of action was disturbed yesterday by one oper ator,' who probably thought it about time to coke a profit on his long gold. Ho accordingly commenced soiling, and that drew into the ring two other operators, who had made up their minds to assist m the movement, and then cover when “ hard pan " was reached. This led to a break to lato yesterday after noon. This morning gold was sold and tho price broke to 117#. When it was ascertained that there was a scarcity of gold, and as was shown by the loaning rate foiling to that of car rying, then on effort was mode to cover, and tho price moved up to hut just before the close it again declined to 117^. PONDS AND EXCHANGE. Governments and foreign exchanges wore heavy and lower. produce. Flour opened easier for most grades under SIO.OO, with larger arrivals, chiefly of spring wheat extras. Shipping grades wore in fair re quest, but tho market closed lower and irregu lar, especially for winter wheat extras. Bales, 9,300 brls; receipts, 15,027 brio. Wheat was easier, with only a limited demand for export, hut white winter was in request for milling at oxtromo prices. Tho stock of the latter is now very light. Sales, 86,400 bu. Pork was higher and fairly active, with Bales m tho jobbing way of 800 brls at $17.76@18.00 for now moss, and $14.00 for extra prime. Two hundred and fifty brls moss, for cash, sold at $17.83; and for future delivery 1,000 brls for May at SIB.OO. Receipts of 1,672 pkgs. Out moats wore generally very quiet, and prices about nominal. Tho absence of urgent export orders is restricting business in this di rection. Dry salted, 9,271 pkgs. Bacon was quiet, tho scarcity of SVostorn long and short clear chocking business for those descriptions. Roth aro quoted about 9%0 nominally. Lord wan moderately aotlvo and firm, with sales of 1,500 tea at Do for Western for April, and Owe for May. City is hold at Oo and quiet, Juno is hold at 9 11-luo. Receipts, 2,176 packages. Found Bend* Memphis, Tonu., April 16.—A man supposed, from letters found on him, to bo G. 11. Uaucook, of Lacon, 111., was found dead In tho northern portion of tho city this morning. An inquost was hold and a verdict rendered of death from sickness and exposure. • , f, ■ , : THE LABOR QUESTION. them, which wore returned. A good part of tbs • crowd followed up to tho bridge. In a fow mo* >yj monts tbo negroes wore marched book to the bridge. nrraoa with rifles and fixed bayonets. Full History of the Recent Riot-' bloifot thJcomm"^, 10 CftUß ° tUe oro ' vd t0 of. Knifirhtavillfi. Tnd ■ ;* Thus the affair ended for the day. - It waa gon ® iraUy feared that an attack would bo made oo 1 ho mill in ;tho.night. Maslons <k Morrison's ' ogrocs, all armed, wero brought upon the round about 10 o’clock p. m. Troops wore degraphod for from Indianapolis. Gov. Hon* ricks responded by.saylng the Emmet Guards id a detachment of jiolico would 1 *» sent on the 6 o’clock train. Shooting was Kept up all night ny both sides—a desultory, harmless fire. ‘Pat Smith’s saloon is pretty well riddled by shots from the mills. ’ Tbo reason for this is as* signed that several shots wero fired from the windows at the negroes at the' mill. Several shots wont through the windows, one of which lodged in the pillow upon which Smith was on the corner n little.after dark by the guards on the bridge. *\All scorned quiet through the night, with tho exception of tho random firing from tbo mill. Tho troops, about fifty In number, with a detachment of police, arrived on Wednesday morning at 5 o’clock.' * ■Numerous arrests..will undoubtedly bo mad© to-day.■ Ai tlilo time all la quiet, ‘and > reporters for city papers are unable to find any person who can toll them anything about tie not. Several yory. narrow escapes wore made. Con Collins, a puddler received a ball through hfS coat-sleeve, and ono .through tho body of his coat, while in front of tho boarding house. from a negro. William Watson had a lit tlo haii'-cuttliig done just over the oar,while near tbo bridge, from a ball ilrod from somo ono on tho common. Daniel Davis, while standing on a store box in front of his store, wit nessing tho affray on tho common, was forcibly reminded of tho danger of too much prominence by a ball in unpleasant proximity to his auricular protuberances, fired from tho direction of tho mill. . . The majority of tho minors refused to take any part in the riotous proceedings, and con demn them in strong terms. It is to do lamented that such a terrible affair should have occurred .in our midst. William Watson was quite badly hurt by o> cinder thrown by some ono during the moloo at the boarding houso. Shots wore fired at inter vals through tho night from persona in tho patch, which wero promptly returned by tho be sieged. Negro Iron-Piiddtcrs Attacked by I Striking and Discharged P Whites. Arrest of Most of the Ringleaders—All Quiet Now. Scenes ami Incidents of tho Dls- turhauco. Special Dltpaleh to The Chicago Tribune, KmanTBViLLE, Ind. April 10.—Tbo puddlors’ strike took plaoo eomo four months ago, on ac count of tho discharge of a part of tbo men who - woro not working to tbo satisfaction of tbo pro prietors. Tbo wbolo foroo of tbo rolling mill loft work and domandod tbo restoration of tbo diflolmrgod bands. Sinco then they Lave boon doing nothing, boing supported hy lliu National Puddlors* Union. A part of thorn bavo gono from boro, but enough wore loft to technically maintain tbo strike in accordance with thoir na- tional rules. They rocolvod money a few days ago, and some of tbo worst of thorn indulged frooly at tho saloons. During the day a fow of thorn counseled peace, and behaved themselves peaceably, and tried to restrain tho ringleaders of tho mob; but others woro violent, and, after tho darkness of tho ovonlng, woro out upon tho streets with guns, challenging the passers-by and demanding tho pass-word. It was very dork in tho early part*, of tho night,, and. as it • was known that the negroes ana others on tho promises of. tho Western Iron Company woro armed and on guard, thoro was not much passing on tho street during that port of tho night. From many of tho houses around shots wore fired at intervals at tho guards, when a volley of minlo-balla would bo returned. Nino shots woro lodged in tho houso of Paddy Smith, asoloon-koepor, from whose upper windows fivo shots had boon fired : also from tho direction of tho patch on tho oast side of tho blast-furnace, ono shot narrowly grazing tho'car of Mr. Watson, tho Superintend ent of tho establishment. This occasional firo was kept up all night. Tho arrival of tho troops from Indianapolis, this morning, produced quiet. Processes aro being iesuoa for tho arrost of as many of tho ringleaders of tho mob as could be identified. Some of them havo already escaped, but will likoly bo arrested. Tho peculiarity of this rob was that tho women woro tho most furi* o, vul tho aggres sors in overy special attack. - / acted like in furiated devils without roauou. Fooling scouro from an attack with arms, they dashed around, Hinging their murderous missiles with a fury that never had an equal at tbo Fivo Points or tho thieving alloys in tbo Strand. Tho hitter wrath, and vile oaths, and obscono speeches would havo dis graced tho purlieus of tho vilest haunts of slu. Tho fooling among tho minors and puddlors over tho employment of colored laborers has boon most iutouso, and inoro&sed as their noo»*® . sitloo became more pressing, and it well known that tho least outbreak would produce a collision. Tho Western Iron Compftpv cdly offered to tho minors and raiders whom thoy hud not diucharpoA ““ opportunity to re sume work, but would not accept nnloaa on suoi» terms os could not bo assent ed to by tho' Company. After •It was evident that tho strike was to bo prolonged, tho mills resorted to tho expedient of of negro labor., Tho lives of tho Messrs. Watson havo boon re peatedly and openly threatened, and for tbo past ton days they havo been subject to insnlt and abuse upon tho streets. All who chose to diffor in sentiment or romaln silent wore “ spotted,’* as they termed it, and tho merchants of tho place woro forced to tako ono side or tho other. Butchers and bakers, and others furnishing supplies, worn called upon for their opin ion on tho merits of the coso on pain of discontinuance of patronage, and many wore threatened with tho torch of tne incendiary unless they cave their adherence to the cause of tho strike. While all tho minors sympathized with tho strike, yet some of them aro law-abid ing, aud have proiossod all along that no violence would bo resorted to, end many utterly disap prove and took no part in tho riot. The same may bo said for a few of tho puddlors. If tho negroes had boon permitted to havo their own way, there would havo boon no neces sity of bringing troops or an extra police force on thoir account. Tnoy wore ready to dofond themselves, and would have boon tho aggressors after tho attack upon tho boarding house, if it had not boon for tho restraint of Mr. Watson, who kept thorn within doors as long os it was safe to do so. , . _ , lt , Thoro aro thousands of stones afloat this morning of incidents connected with tho night and afternoon’s work, somo of which prove to bo true and others false. Mr. Matthews was not shot by tho negroes as reported, but was struck by a stone or heavy cinder on the hack of tho. head, as he was walking away from tho crowd of rioters. Ho appeared upon tho streets this morning. . „ , Mr. Derby was beaten very badly. His face and head wore mashed almost into a . jolly. Mr. Barridon was injured internally, but not seriously. Mr. Morborgor was beaten, and wont homo to find his only child just dying. Tho body of his dead chad and family wore taken away from homo for as tho riot occurred, information was sent to tho negro minors coming to thevillago from thoir work. Two of tho Messrs. Watson, who with tho foreman were at tho bank, were also informed of tho danger of coming to tho village. Tho negroes, instead of coming around tho town, and entering from tho oast sido as advised, camo*up directly through tho crowd waiting for- them, and tho lively skir mish that followed was not inferior to the old riots of. “Know-Nothing” times. Many shots wore fired and blows glvon and received by each party before tho negroes wore safe in tho guard ed premises. This riot la another evidence of the sad effects of whisky. The miners in one of tho coal-banks near Knightsvillo wore off duty yesterday, and enjoyed, as reported on the streets, free beer, and they imbibed freely,and the K' hors, having received a remittance from the , had also boon indulging. Tho proprietor of that bank indulges himself, and. in new of the probable termination of tho miners* strike, hod turned tho day into a drinking holiday, and, hut for the impetus thus given by beor and bad whiskey, it is believed that the riot would not havo taken place. As tho saloon-keepers reap the richest harvest during tho strikes, they are tho aiders and abettors of the difficulty between tho laborers and tho proprietors, and Uko to soo tho strike continue. But for those dens of vico tho community would doubtless bo moral and re spectable. ______ ANOTHER ACCOUNT. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Indianapolis, April 10. —The following ac count is from the Clay County Enterprise, pub fished at Kuightsvillo: Yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon a difficulty oc curred between a negro and one of the white puddlora near the Company boarding house, which. brought on a bloody row. Several women engaged in the affair. The boarding-house where the negroes are quartered was soon bombarded by a shower of cinders, nearly every fight in the front partof the house being Knocked out. The blocks rush ed for their arms and Boomed eager to fire on the assailants, but wore hold back and kept in the roar of the house by William Watson. George Murbargar, Leonard Randan, John Durbin, guards, and the Rev. Matthews wore each caught in the street and severely beaten. As soon as tbo excitement be gan to die down la that quarter, the crowd be gan to collect near Daniel Davis store, by wliloh the negro minors would pass on their return from the mines, which they aid about 0 o’clock. As the rear men crowd, one of the negroes drew a revolver, whoa ho woo taken in custody by tbo Marel al- An m ir P 3oo? f NUMBER 241. 1 7b the A Modated PresnA KmanrsviLLE- Ind., April 10—0 p. m.—Eight arrests have boon made and the prisoners sent away in safety. . All is' apparently quiet now. The police and Emmet, uuards will return to Indianapolis to-night. The trouble is liable to break out at any time again. An amount of ammunition will bo left with the furnace author- itioa who aro determined to prevent inter ference. There is a very bitter fooling on tbo part of tbo strikers, and only groat caution can provont a serious riot while the negroes aro nero. STATE LEGISLATURES. MICHIGAN, Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Lansing, Mich., April 16. —The Conference Committee on adjournment reported a concur rent resolution for adjourning at noon on May 1. and for closing all business except signing bills by 10 a. m. on April 25. The House imme diately adopted the resolution, 83 to 2. Among the bills finally passed is that authorizing a pisci culturist establishment and the appointment ol a Commissioner of Fisherian. "W£ WA, J? atln l lS 816 000 f a- year and next.. The Sonata cLulunittoos reported approving the taxation of railroad . bonds and the reduction ~ of tbo tax on foreign Insurance companies. The bill passed establishing uniform school text books in Berrien County and amending the'charter of Kilos, relating to boundaries. The House defeated the bill ap propriating 82,000 annually for 1873 and 1874. aid for the State Bornological Society, but will probably reconsider. It also passed bills raising the wages of the four Upper Peninsular mem bers to $5 per diora, the regular rate being 83; also a bill establishing a Board of Public Works for Detroit unanimously. The bill passed re quiring the publication in one or more nowspa- Sora in the connty of the official proceedings of upervisors and of County and District Can vassers. , Lansing, April 16.— TJio House, almost unani mously. passed tbo House bill to compel the railroads of Michigan to use the air brake on passenger trains. ‘ The Special House Committee appointed to investigate the charges preferred against tho Grand Trunk Railroad by the Detroit Board ol Trade, in not furnishing proper facilities for the transportation of freight, will report to-morroW that they cannot publicly brand the officered said read, either as neglectful or incompetent, without more convincing proof than has been furnished them. OHIO. Columbus, April 16.—1n tho House, this af ternoon, tho Senate bill passed, so amending tho Cincinnati Southern Railroad act that tho trua* toes of said road may havo power, to award the contract for building and leasing tho road. A substitute was roportos for tho House Jury bill and passed. It codified tho jury laws. Tho vote by which tho Gouoral Appropriation bill was lost on yesterday for a third timo, wa* reconsidered, and tho bill was passed—yeas, 55 j nays, 84. . In tho Sonato, tho Houso bill to amond tho act of 1872 to prevent railroad accidents, by leaving out of tho original act tho requirement os to the ringing of locomotive bolls at crossings, and to provide only for tho blowing of steam whistles, failed to pass. . ARKANSAS, Little Bock, April 10.— I Tho Senate to-day passed tho Houso memorial to Congress reciting that tho disturbances in Arkansas during 1868J which caused Gov. Clayton to declare martial law in certain counties ana call out the militia, werej tho result of tho reconstruction measures o I Congress, and that tho General Government shomd refund to tho State tho amount expended by hor—ssoo,ooo—in quelling tho disturbances. Tho House passed tho Sonato memorial to Con gress asking tho General Govommont to make settlement with tho Southern Methodist Publish-, ing Houso at Nashville, used by tho army during tho war. NEW YORK. Albont, N. Y., April 16,—A petition was pre sented in the Sonato to-day, signed by nearly 80,000 residents of Now York, asking for. an ap propriation of $2,600,000 for tho Vienna Eipoai- The Assembly Committee on Canals reported in favor of proposing an amendment to the Con stitution making navigation on the canals. free. The Sonato amendments to tho Now York charter woro concurred by the House, yeas, 109; nays, 11. MASSACHUSETTS. Boston, Mass., April 15. —The State Senate to day passed bills to enlarge Boston by. annexing Brookline and Charlestown. ■ ’ • Scandal In nigh Life* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, New York, April 16.—Brooklyn is excited over a choice bit of scandal, involving the reputation of Mr. Thomas Klusolla, ox-momborof Congress, member of the Board of Education, and editor of the Brooklyn J Eagle, and Mrs. Thomas Fields, wife of the Superintendent of Public Schools of that city. The story goes that yesterday after noon Mr. Kineolla drove out with Mrs. Fields on Coney Island road, and stopped for luncheon as Oapt. Olrastoad's public house. Soon after Mrs. Kinsolla, who had followed them, drew up, and, JJV* wagon, furiously assaulted Mrs. Fields with her fists, stigmatizing her as a strumpet, and calling upon the aHtoiilsbed spectators to witness that her husband bad deserted her and their ten children for Mrs. Fields’ company. The latter Hod in confusion, and, entering her carriage, was rapidly driven off. Mr. Klusolla endeavored to calm his irate spouse, and finally succeeded in Inducing her to go homo with him. The high standing of all parties gives to the affair the greatest local importance, and it Is the chief topic of conversation on all sides to-night. Accidentally ;I*oi«oncd. Atlanta, Ga., April 10.— Last night, Dr. J. W. Craig and Judge Thomas Pullum, member* of the firm of Hoard. Craig & Co., took a drink in their store, and, by mistake, aconite was puo In for flavor instead of “Elixir of Orange. Craig died in four hours, in terrible agony. Pullum recovered. Mr. Jones, an employe of the ilryi, prepared the drlnkfo

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