Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 18, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 18, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. ROOFING MATERIAL, Hi Materials, FATING CEMENT, PARAFFINE TARNISH, ROOFING FELT. MSmUfflOLDWißill, 230 East Monroe-st. REAL ESTATE. TWO COTTAGES OWE COTTAGE (new), Blx rooms ami lot 21x131 feet, cast front, on ATLANTIC* ST., botwoon Fifty-first end Fllly-aocond. TWO GOOD LOTS Da WENTWORTH-AV., each 23*125 foot, oast front, about 23 foot south of Flfty-tlrst-at., AU located la tho Immediate vicinity of ROOK ISLAND OAR-SHOPS. ATJCTIOKT, On Saturday, April 19, at 12 M., on the rnEMißtfij. Bale poromptory and without reserve. .. „ A splondtd ohanco to obtain a homo at reasonable fie* arcs. TERMS OF SALE-Ono-thlrd cash, bnlanco In odo and two years at 8 per cent interest. A deposit of 10 por cent will bo required at tlmu of aalo. * O. O. THAYER & GO., Real Estate Auctioneers and Brokers, . Oflloe, 180 East Madiaon-st. test Side Residences. MARBLE FRONT BLOCK, two-atorles and basement. One or all the Buildings. WEST WASHINGTON-ST., No. 000, two story frame, single liouso. FIRST-CLASS BRICK, two-story and base ment, line grounds. COMPLETE in ALL ITS APPOINTMENTS. For sale by B. F. CULVER, FOR SALE, Hesidonoe on Miohigan-av. near Twenty-flfth-st., 35 feet front, 10 rooms. The greatest bargain on the South Side. Must be sold immodi •atoly. TOWNSEND MAC COTJN, 190 Dearboru-st. Mile Sale at Earasiooil An adjourned Public 8a!o of Sohool Property, comprla tng two of the moat desirable comer lota in tho abovo suburb (03 by ICS foot), together with tho building tboro- OD * t! A° board of Trustees of Town 40, 14, on SAPUfIDAI. the 10th Inst., at 6:30 p. m„ at tho School-House lo Kavonswood. Train loaves the city at S li. m., and, returning, leaves Kavonswood at 6:40, roach eg tho city at 7 p. xu. L. 1). OlVitN, F. DA.EH, vr. p. .tones, an.. • Board of Trustees T. 40, 14. MTOWOOD. Choice Lota in Olybourn’s Addition, 60x 152 feot, high and thoroughly drained, for solo from SSOO to S7OO each, on easy terms. One or two blocks for sale at a bargain. Apply to ROBERT GREER, 84 LnSalle-st., Room 2. A NEW SUBDIVISION. Business and Rosldonoo Lots for sale cheap, fronting on Mllwaukoo-av., Korth«av,. Wood, Girard, and Elk CroTo-sts., opposite Wlckor’s Park: wooden pavomont, and all other improvements on Mllwaukuo-av., paid by the owner; street railway will run to North-av. this Hum* mer; every lot will double in price In 13 months. Inquire of JACOB WEIL A CO., cor. of Madison and Dearborn, ets. Forty Acres, 800. 23, fronting east on Boulevard, for solo by B. P. CULVER, . FOR SAI»33, AN IMMENSE BARGAIN. 133x160 feot on Calumot-av., west front, souibof Twon tv-alxtb-st. Ton CASH customer, before Marl, next, a BARGAIN will ho given. 0. W. PIERCE, Real Estate and Note Broker, lal East Madlsou-at., Room 7. FOE SALE. AT A BARGAIN—OnIy $13,000 usual tonus. The two* ••tory and basement brick bouse, with all modern Improve, '.manta, bay window, Ac., No. 1803 Indiana.av., cor.Twon ty-nluth-st. brick bam, with carrlago-houso attached. Must bo sold this week. Apply at the house or at my office, 4 Wabash-av. OUAS. V. MARSH. HOTEL. BRIGGS HOUSE, REBUILT, Oorner of Eandolpli-at. and Fifth-av, OLD TERMS, 83 PER DAY. RIOEIOOBLS & HUNTOON, Proprietors. A. F. WELLS, formerly of Briggs House, ) . W. D. RKOTOR, late of Barnes House. { <lr * Ul, DISSOLUTION NOTICES. DISSOL UTION. The firm formerly existing under the firm named ficbwolnfurth Bros. A Co., was this day dissolved by mu. *ual consent. Philip sud Frank Schwelnfurtb will ool lect all asset* and pay all liabilities of the late Arm. FRANK SOHWEINFUUTH, PHILIP BUHWUINFUUTHI HENRY MAL2SAOHER, Chicago, April 16, TB, LOUIS MALZACJUER, Frank and Philip Bohwolufurtb, under the firm name of Sobwolnfurlh Bros., will continue the business at the same place, NOl. 401 and 403 South Clark-st. * * FRANK SOU WKINFURTIL PHILIP SOUWIfiINFUHTU. DISSOLUTION. The oopartnorihlp heretofore existing between B. A, Saslflold, 11. Vorbook and Win. Zlnoke, under the firm name and style of Saalfold, Vorbeok 4 00., has boon dla* •olved by mutual oonaont, and B. A. Baalfold la alone au tborlzed to aettlo up accounts of the old firm, BAALFBLD, VORBEOK 4 CO. SCALES. wEsg PAIEBANKS 1 ; JJ—ri STANDARD 1* SCALES ‘.rri Til OP ADI- SIZES. i/njßggJggl FAIRBANKS, HOUSE & OO 66 WEST WAHHINUTOM-BT. MEETINGS. Masonic. Wuhtaiton o{, Mo. .a, XI. A. M.-licsuUrConto «»l.on tuia (rrlilnj) civoriluit «t o’uluul.-. Important business. All members in arrears for dues are MuTZVUU) to be present. By order of the M. K. H. p. UEO. I*', SINCLAIR, Secretary, Masonic, Oriental Lodge. No. 83, A. F. and A. M. Regular com* munloatlou (bis (Friday)> evouing, at Ik o’clock, for bust* ness and work outlie i?, CJ. Dosreq. Ip order of the Mas* er. E. N. TUOKER, Booretary. To Rent—-Societies Attention! A (iirnlshsd Hall, for Lodge or Society purposes, located In now building. No. 13 South ilaUlod-si.; will bo ready May 1; everything now. Imiuire of M. VUNEY, south, west cor. AUiLLww and Uulyu-sU. REMOVALS. BBMOVAL. Q-XIEAT WBSTBFUNT TYPIFOMHY (BAENHAET BEOS. & SPINDLHR, Prop'ra), REMOVED TO Nos. 105, 107,109 & 111 East Mailisou-st, Wo have complete stocks of English anti Gorman Body Display and Fancy Typo, Prosaor, Paper and Card Out; tor*. Inks, wood 3Vpo, ami, In ahort, oyorythlng neodod In a Prinllnc O/Hoo. Our now quarters, liavinre boon con* elruotml with apodal roforoncoto raqulromonlß of Typo Founding, enables ua to turn out ordon of any also promptly and satisfactorily. For conronionoo of our cub toinora wo hare put In n largo Cabinet. in which wo carry sorts from Nonpareil to Plea of typo of our manufacture. Orders for Kloctrotyiilng promptly filled. RE MOVALI J. H. PEEET & CO., IVlorolraiat Tailors^ REMOVED TO NO. 129 DEAEBORN-ST., ONE DOOR NORTH OF MADISON. TUSMOVAXj. JAS. P. SMITH & CO., DEALERS IN Crystal Lake Ice, Have removed to their Now OSlca. No. 10l LaSallo-at., Ropubllo Life Building, hot. Madison and Monroo-stw. TO KENT. OFFICES. A few.Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in the Trib une Building. Single or in suites. With and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled in the city. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo cation, W. 0. DOW, Boom 1 Nevada. Block. To Rent, Two of those elegant stone front dwellings; three stories and high basement. They are replete with every convenience of modern times, finished in tho best stylo; balls ele gantly tiled with English tiles; plate-glass windows from .top to bottom. Possession 26th inst.; situated on Rush-st., near Ohio. Apply to GEO. E. STANTON, 140 Madison-st. TO LET, Offices, with vaults, la Andrews' Building, cor. LaSallo st. and Arcado-oourt. Also, llall on fourth floor. MEAD i COB. TO RENT, Offices sb sl2 to $36 per moutb. near Court House Square. WM. 11. CONDON, PAPER HANGINGS. Don’t Fail TO CALL ON HILBEB, JMKIHS & FAIOS, 107 STATE-ST., . And seo the largest and most com plete stock of Paper Hangings, Dec orations, Window Shades, Dace Cur tains, Lambrequins, Bedding, &0., to bo found in the city—all New and Boautiful Designs. WINES, &o. CHAPIN & GORE, Nos. 73 and 75 Monroe-st., WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Fine Whiskies AND IMPORTED Wines, Liprs, aM Cigars. Wo have secured tlio Storo No. 73, in connection with our old stand, and have opened with a complete lino of Imported Cigars, Tobacco, and Smoker*' Articles, which wßaroofTerintfAtverj^ovn’rlces^ STOVES, RANGES, &o. STOVES AND RANGES, UNION WASHING MACHINES, AMERICAN MANGLES, PACKER’S ICECREAM FREEZERS KEDZIE’S WATER FILTERERS, REFRIGERATORS & ICE BOXES, HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS. XiAIiTONT c &3 00., 80 a 82 BANBOLPH.ST.. noar State. LUMBER. HENRY N. HOLDEN, Wholesale and Retail Dealer In all kluds of HARDWOOD LUMBER. Also. Mahogany. Rosewood, Florida Oodar, Venoors, &o. Particular attention paid to filling bills for any kind of Hardwood or Fancy Lumber. OFFICE AM YARD-No. 211 South MarteHl. RIVER NAVIGATION. FOR NEW ORLEANS STEAMER THOMPSON DEAN, Captain Pepper, leaving Bt. Louis April 19tb \ Cairo, Slat Memphis. 33a. (JBBAT REPUBLIC Loaves St. Louis April 28. For passage apply to THOMAS MORRISON, SPECTACLES. SPECTACLES AT J. a. LANOGUTirS, OPTICIAN, 83flUt«*#U b«lWMn'W#iWn«tim ftud Randolph. WATCHES AND JEWELRY. OUE ENTIBE STOCK OF w i . A. T O SC E £3 : AT COST! (Xnjrder to malco room for our Spring Stock <>* Watches, wo shall oloso out our present large stock of ‘Watohoo, which reached us (too late for the Holiday Trade, at tho actual < ooafe of mtvnufaotuco-aud Importation. 1 NO HESERVATXOISr. 2,000 GOLD WATCHES, at from S2O to SSOO each. GDIS, BED. & CO., 266 & 268 WABASH-AV., AND 334 WEST MADISON-ST. FINANCIAL, fill! Sill fi Si, Bankers, First Monal Bank Building, soutliwest corner of state and WasUngton-sta., Chicago, Dealers in Gold and Silver Bullion, Car. Leaf, Sheet, and Granulated form, for mechanical purposes. Deposit# received in either currency or coin, subject to check without notice. Hl* per cent Interest allowed on all dally balances. Chocks upon us pass through tho Clearing House as If drawn upon any city bank. Interest credited, and acconnU current rendered monthly. Coin and Onrronoy Drafts on Now York. WALKER, AIMS ft C 0„ 14 Wall-st., N. Y. <& 00», 10 Place Vondomo, PARIS. Travelers’ Credits Issued, both In STERLING, on UNION BANK OF LONDON, And In francs ou PAitlS, UNDER THE SAME LETTER. Olroular Notes, Of £lO, £2O, and £6O on tho UNION BANK OF LONDON. Commercial Mils; Exchange on London & Pans. Stocks, Bonds, and Odd bought and sold on ooramls sion. Hallway Loans negotiated. CHARLES H. BROWER. R. PARKER PIERCE., PIERCE & BROWER,; •- , BROKERS, 08 I^E^OISSOBT-ST. Local Stoolcs, Commercial Paper, Govern ment and “Western Securities. Illinois 10 per cent Hogistored Coupon Bonds. CROCKERY, &Oi CROCKERY, GLASSWARE, MVS, U. Wo keep the largest stock in the city of above goods, In (yiginat packages or open stock, and soil at Now York ; prices free of freight. Country merchants aro invited toy examine our goods before purchasing elsewhere. F. & E. JAEG-ER, 73 ValM-ay., near Raiiaolpli-st. WANTED. Wanted. HOUSES, STORES, OFFICES,f TO ZREUSTT. We have numerous applications for the above from good tenant.. u.t in fnr aalo column of Sunday's Tribune. JACOB O. MAOILL, 81 and 83 South Olark-st. Partner wanted In the Dry Goods business that has got $3,000 to $2,600. Established and good trade. Apply to K. O. COLE A 00., OFFICE FURNITURE. AT COST, t Our Entire Stock of Fine DESKS.' Other Office Furniture at Reduced Frlcot TJaxtll IbflCaay 1, STATIONERY. Office Stationery Goois OF ALL DECX3STIDS, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. CULVER, PAGE, HOYNE & CO., 118 AND 130 MONKOE-ST. BUSINESS CHANCE. mrTi«ri?ou'haiskV -^ Or exchange for Chicago property—The Summit House, at Marnuoiie, Mich., L. o. This very popular aotel con lalui upward of 60 rooms, ami Is located luibo controof business, convenient to railroad depot# and, steamboat landing, and oonunatids a beautiful vlmv of (no lake and harbor. Gas and water throughout the bullalnK, Pos ■osilun from Juno I. bur particulars, eppltfu* subscrib ers, who have a photograph of the property. A. J, 4J. W. COOPiiU, 151 Lattalio-st., Otis Block. • CHICAGO, FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 1873. THE MODOC WAR. Further Details of the Murder of Gen. Canhy and the Rev. Thomas. How the Indians Made a Feint on 001. Mason’s Linos. Gen. Schofield Orders the Extermi nation of the Band. Gen. Crook’s Campaign in the Apache Regions. Another Crushing Defeat for the Red skins—Forty-one Killed. San Francisco, April 13.—Tlio remains of Gen. Oanby and Dr. Thomas reached Yroka this evening. A procession of citizens wont to re ceive them, Flags wore at half-mast, Delano was banged in effigy at Yroka. Gen. Oanby’s body was in charge of tho Masonlo body. Dr. Thomas* remains will bo sent to this city. Tho following additional particulars of tho m&ssacro of tho Peace Commissioners are re ceived t Copt. Anderson was at 001. Mason's camp when the attack was made on tho Peace Commission party. Llouts. Sherwood and Doyle were allured oat from the camp by a white flag. They wont 400 or 500 yards, when they mot what they supposed wore only two Indians, who said they wanted to talk to "Little Tiger," 001. Mason. They wore told they did not want a talk, and they wore advised to go back to their camp, and they (tho officers) would return to theirs. As the latter turned around, tho Indians, four in number, fired upon thorn, -wounding Liout. Sherwood in tbo arm and thigh, tho latter being a very serious wound, the bono having boon shattered by tho bullot, Oapt. Anderson, who was on duty at tho signal station, on Hospital Book, saw plainly tho attack upon Col. Mason’s front, and telegraphed Qon. Gillom to notify tho Poaco Commission immediately. Col, Bid-" die, who woe at the signal station at Gillom’a headquarters whon this message was received, at onco placed his Hold-glass upon Gon. Canby as tho party sot together about ono milo distant. Very soon tho whole party scattorod. Ho fol lowed tho General’s course with his glass while ho ran about fifty yards, threw up his arms, and foil backwards dead. Two of tho Indians, who wore following him, jumped upon him. One, believed to ho Capt. Jack, stabbed him in tho nock, and ho was oomplotoly stripped. Dr. Thomas was also entirely stripped. His purse, containing about SCO, was found under the body, tbo Indiana having dropped it. Mr. Moacham was shot In throo places, ono hall having entered at the Innor corner of his right oyo, another in tho aldo of his bead. Those are both bollovod to havo lodged within his cranium, Tho third passed tiirough tho right forearm. Ho also received a cut on his left arm, and a scalp wound five inches in length. Ho was found about fifty yards from tho spot whero tbo slaughter began, in a direction opposite to that taken by Gon. Canby. Ho was also entirely stripped. Bewildered in mind, tho Captain spent an hour with him yesterday morning. He was conscious and in no pain. Moacham says ho thinks ho shot Schonchin in tho abdomen, and blood was found which indicated that ono of tbo Indians hod been wounded. The soldiers, who wore ready, started on doublo quick Immediately upon tho ring of tho shots, mot Dyar, and Biddle and his wife before they wore half-way to tho camp. Tho Indians retired to their retreat, ahout GOO yards la advance. Tho soldiers who followed thorn half a mile beyond tho placo of tho murdor, there remained until dark, and wore withdrawn, as they wore not provided with supplies. To-day would bo spent closing upon tho rod devils, and if a general assault was not made to day, it certainly will ho to-morrow. San Fuanoibco, April 14.—Qon. Bobofiold sends this dispatch to Gon. QUlom : Please inform mo fully of tho situation, so I may scud more troops, if necessary; or, if tho Indians oscapo from tho lava-bod, I may send troops to operate against thorn from another di rection. Lot mo know fully what you wish. I suppose you have force enough to destroy tho outlaws, unless they succeed in eluding you. Nothing short of their prompt and sure de struction will satisfy. tUo ends of justice or moot tho expectations of tho Government. B&k Fsanoisoo, April 14.—A special messenger returned to Yroka to-night, from tho “lava hod.” nothing doflnito from tho seat of war. Thor* had boon no lighting up to tho time ho loft. Ammunition supplies had boon crowded forward. A dispatch says tho Surgeon extract ed four bullets from Meacham’s wound. There is little hope of his recovery. There were various rumors when tho attack 'would have been made; some to-day, some to morrow; waiting tho arrival of warm spring. Indian scouts aro to bo used between the linos of CflUom’a and Col. Mason’s command, they with tho cavalry making a third' lino, all advanc ing together from the north, south, and east of tho lake, and from the west. It is believed the battle will bo a hard one. No quarter will bo shown to the Modooo. Tho Pitt lUvor Indians remain quiet and peace able, but the Modoc escape will bo dangerous. Bam Fuamoihco, April 11.—Tho remains of Con. Ganby and Dr. Thomas have boon lying in state in Yroka, at Masonic Hall, all day, and have been visited by nearly the whole population. Over 1,000 persons have passed in. At 12 o’clock the children of tho public schools passed in pro cession by twos. There woro about 800. Tho coffins aro wrapped In tho National colors aud strewn with wreaths of flowers. An expres sion of groat sorrow was visible on every coun tenance. The horrible massacre seems too ter rible a thing. Gen. Ganby’s remains will bo forwarded to Portland by this afternoon’s stage in care of tho General's Aid, Oapt. 11. H. Anderson, and will ho mot at llosoburg on Wednesday evening by a special train from Portland. Dr. Thomas' re mains willleavo for Redding in a private convey ance at 2 o’clock p« m., and will arrive there Wednesday creuiug. They cannot go by stage, owing to the epizootic on the Boutbora end of the road; No courier has arrived from the front up to the hour of 1 p, m. One la hourly expected, Nothing later than last evening's dispatches. San Francisco, April 13.—Arizona dates to April 4 state that Maj. Randall, Twenty-third Infautry, struck tents of tho Apaches on the Fast Fork of the Verde, killed forty-one war- and captured a number of women and chil dren. Propoaltlomi for tho surrender of largo numbers of tho worst Apaches in Arizona have koon.nmdo to Gen. Crook, who has gone to tho Verde to moot tho troops now coming in. Itoviow of tlio money, Gold, Dond, Stock, amV Produce markets---A Hindi Uettor Peeling in Financial Circles. Special Dispatch to The C/itcnj?o TVftmnc, New York, April 17.—Tho monetary Bltuatlou to-day showed an Improvement on that of yes terday. During tbo early hours a largo city hank called in considerable money, and there was also a general oalling-ln of loans on the part of money-lenders, under fear of further failures on the Stock Exchange, and price advanced and for a time was positively close at per cent. Those rates induced borrowers to seek ac commodations immediately, and tho effect was plainly felt during the afternoon In tho de creased demand, as affairs took a turn for tho bettor. Many lenders showed some anxiety to place their funds at interest over night, which had a tendency to weaken tho rates of interest. Many capitalists who called In their money during tho morning, wore offering tho same /mite freely later lu tho day, and before 3 o'clock tho price had declined to 1-10 per diem. After that hour loans were made at 7to G per cent. Advices from Chicago and other ‘Western points state that nearly all tho loose National Bank notes have boon sent to tbo East, and that very soon legal tender notes will flow this way. This will provo a groat relief to tho banks and tbo money market. To-day National Bank notes wore offered at 81-10 discount to tho parties who hid for the Government gold, and in other coses tho banks wore offering to take tho gold, and lend tho currency thereon, if tho successful bidders .would tako National Bank notes from them,' and place tho same in the Treasury in payment for the gold. It Is said, on tho host authority, that parties

manipulating Bt. Paul are tho actual instigators of tho money stringency. Van Sobayck & 00. have not foiled, as reported. GOLD was weak in tbo morning, and declined to 117%, but in tho afternoon tbo prices ad advanced to 117% on a oablo telegram that tbo Bank of England bad lost £400,000 sterling for tho week, and tbo Bonk of Franco had gamed 1,000,000 francs. Late in tbo day tbo markot reached to 117%, and again rallied to 117%@ 117%. STOCKS wore feverish and unsettled during tho morning hours, and there seemed to bo a general fear of further failures. Prices fluctuated from Ito 2% per cent, alternately up and down, tho changes Doing very rapid. After meridian, thoro was loss excitement, which culminated in a strong markot whon the ‘‘delivery hour " passed with only one now failure, J. L. Brownell «k Bro.,.and that an unimportant ono. Increased ease in money also assisted tho upward reaction, andhoforothe close prices advanced from 1% to 5% per cent. Tho widest fluctuations and greatest animation wore iu Western Union, Pacific Mail, Now York Cen tral, Lake Shore, Bock Island, St. Paul, Wabash, C., O. & I, 0., Union Pacific, Erie, Ohio, Pan ama, and Northwestern preferred. Thoro was considerable buying for out of town account, and this hod much do with tho strength of tho markot late in tho day. Experienced Wall street men say (hat thoro iu now no fear of a general convulsion, which would extend to mer cantile circles; but lb is evident that thceo en couraging views are in a measure forced. It is well known that tbo banks and trust companies are iu such condition of depiction that a shrink age of probably loss than 5 per cent iu loading stocks would compel the institutions to soil tho securities they hold as collat eral. Usually, when thoro in a groat depression iu tho market, tho trust companies como forward and stop into tho broach, prevent ing further shrinkage, and then call tip tbo margins on their collaterals. Now such a call a would be in vain, for tbo owners of the stocks havo olready suffered a loss of from 7 to 10 per cent by the stringency iu money, and loss by tho break of yesterday is to bo added to tho hurclou. DONDO. In railroad bonds, tho greatest activity was in Pacillo mortgages and Boston, Hartford A Erie ilrsta. Tho Inst named wore weak and lower, some sales being made at 88 to 88. Foreign exchange and Governments wero heavy and lower in tho morning, but firmer and in bettor demand toward tho oloso, in sympathy with tho money market. Fpr flour, tho inquiry, except for future, was limited. The inclement weather and largo ar rivals givo buyers a further advantage. Host of tho spring wheat brands must golowor to sell freely. Choice family grades oro much lower and very dull. Bales, 7,000 brls, including 2,000 brls good Western extra for May. at $7.80 1 receipts, 1*1,103 brls. Wheat was weaker, with a moderate milling and export inquiry. Tho busi ness la largely confined to car lota of spring. Choice white wheat Is scarce and firm under a good milling demand. Bales, 37,000 bu; receipts, 29,720 bu. Pork firmer, at $18.25 for spot and for future. Tho business in tho jobbing way embraced sales at $11.50 for rump, ana $17.50 for medium. Bales are reported of 500 brls at $18.25 for Juno and July. Receipts, 1,010 pkgs. Cut moats exhibit a moderate busi ness, with an advance for dry salted shoulders. Bales of 250 boxes dry salted shoulders on tho spot at.VKo are reported. 50 boxes abort cut hums sold at and about 100 boxes pickled boliloa at Re ceipts, 2,255 pkgs. Bacon was strong, with sales of 60 bxs Western short clear, spot, at 9%0. Lard was quite active and firm, with sales of Western to tho extent of 600 tes reported for June at Hay is held at Djfo, April at 9>£o, and of city 50 tea bt 00. Receipts, 2,127 pkga. John U. Schofield. Halifax, N. H., April 17.—TUo Cuatom au thorities are proceeding Against the parties known to. have plundered the Atlantic dead or stolon goods from tho wreck. The Dominion Government, hearing that tho Wliito Star Lino have not made any provision for tho burial of tho dead bodies yet to bo recov ered, have ordered tho Collector of Customs to attend to it at tho public expense. Halifax, April 17.—Tho weather being favora ble to-day, the divors ronowed tbolr search for bodies, and, up to tho timo tho steam-tug loft Prospect, forty-two had boon recovered. They woro all unrecognized, atrango passengers. prin cipally women and children. They were burled without delay, tho White Star agents having made all necessary arrangements. “The Domin ion Government agrees to pay a share of tho ex pense. There is not cargo enough saved to load the steamer Peril, sent from Now York. . Capt. Williams, Mr. Brady, Mr. Pinnoll, and others, came up from tho wreck to-ulght to bo present when the decision of the Court of In quiry is given to-morrow. It is reported that tho .bodies of a woman and child drifted ashoro near Lunenburg. Mr. Todd, who lost his father ami mother on tho Atlantic, arrived this morning from Chicago in search of their remains and their property. The body of tho father had boon recovered and buried at Prospect. Tho money found on his body was re stored to tbo son. Warrants woro received yesterday for a man named Blanghou White, ana his throe sons, resi dents of Prcupooi, suspected of pilfering at the wreck. A quantity of baggage was found in tho father’s possession, including some Identified as the properly of Miss Scrvmsor. New Yoiik, April 17.—Among tho passengers looked for on tho ill-fated steamer Atlantic was an aged lady named Mrs. Eldcrwald, of Phila delphia, and daughter. Through some accident the mother wan detained in London, while tho daughter, anxious to rejoin her husband and children, would not bo delayed, and embarked on tho Atlantic, and was lost. Mrs. Lldonvuhl sailed on tho Pdca, expecting to moot her daughter hero, but on arriving learned her WALL STREET. PRODUCE. Tlio Lost Atlantic* daughter's fate. The shook prostrated the mother ho she now lies in a precarious condi tion. THE ERIE INVESTIGATION. Testimony of Stnto Senator Wood, Charles P. Shaw, and Thomas J. Al vorrt. Alhant, April 17.—1n tho Elio Investigation, to-day, Senator Wood toatiflod In relation to Butcher's fltntomont that bo and other Senators paid 85,000 aplcoo. That ho was not acquainted with Butcher. Hover convoraod with him in re gard to legislation, and never received a cent for any action or voto oh Senator from anybody. Ho received in April, 1870, a loan, from Jay Gould, of 81,000. for which ho gave Ida note, winch mat ter had already heon invoatlgalod. There wore then no Erie measures in tho Legislature that ho know of. Know that Mr. Church was hero en deavoring to gob a hill passed repealing tho OlaHßiflcatiou act, which witness endeavored to got reported. Tho loan wna for tho benefit of a friend, Henry Chamberlain, who used It In an enterprise, hut has not yet repaid witness. Didn’t know Gould was interested in tho repeal of tho Classification act, or that Fisk and Gould worojntoioslod in legislation in former years. It was witness’ first session, Tho Bopoal oct was reported by witness’ committee in 1872, and passed. Witness voted for lb. It was a political measure, and all llopnblioana voted for It. Became acquainted with Gould through tho matter of making a road in which his county was interested, Never acted as Gould’s counsel. Never hoard it intimated that Gould hod used money for legislative purposes. Didn’t consider lb more improper to borrow from him while a member of tho Legislature, than to borrow it from Mr, Stlcknoy. Paid tho whole amount of the loan, principal and inter est, prior to February, 1072. Paid tho interest in 1871. Paid both from tho proceeds of Gov ernment bonds ho had before no became Sena tor. Handed Gould tho bonds, amounting to 810,000, worth loss than 815,000, and Goulu al lowed him tho excess. Tho bonds had previ ously boon deposited, part In tho Gonosoo and part in a Safo Deposit Company in Now York. Gould had nob demanded payment of the loans. Tho bonds had boon accumulating live or six years from witness’ profession. Did not at that session apply to anybody else for a loan. Witness took an assignment from Chamberlain to secure hla loan, but novor forooloiwul ill* Tnort(f*nn.. HiuV tin discussion oroonvorantion regarding tho prorata Freight bill last session. Komombor the amend ment to tbo code as to tho suit brought by tho Attorney-General, but did not know as that ap plied to tho Brio Company. Charles P. Bhaw testified as to 81,250pa1d him for service la effecting a revolution in Erie. Ho related a conversation with Gen. Sickles, who thought tho result could bo effected for $20,000 by tho passage of two kills—tho Classification Bopoal Bill and the one known as the Attomey- Qoueral’s hill. Witness told Bioklos ho was mis taken as to what was tbo political power of tho State of Now York, and that If ho attempted to defeat Jay Gould through a faction of the Bo publican party ho would find ho hod been absent from tho country a long while and had lost track of tho elements of power: that tho custom-house party bad lust triumphed by a few votes in electing Henry Smith Speaker, but that tho real power in tho Houso was tho faction lod by Gov. Alvord. Ho thon appeared very anxious to conciliate tho Fonton-Grooloy faction, and urged that they should shako loose from the Gould party, and adopt a uniform plat form, go in for impeachment, etc., tuko tho wind out of tho soils of tho other faction, and, with tho banner of reform homo aloft, march on to tho turning-out of tho Gould Directors, and thus prove tho purity of tho Bopubllcau party. Ho said this would bo good for tho party and good for tho country. Ho thon desired mo to oomo hero, and have a consultation with Gov. Alvord and other loading men, among them ox- Sonntor Bon. Field. I cumo hero from Washing ton, saw ox-Sonator Bamsoy, and assured him that no money was to bo used improperly. I re ceived money from time to time to pay expenses, but not a cent to use improperly. First, I saw Gov. Ponton In Washington, and ho approved of tho matter. Then I saw Alvord hero, and ho was ready to moot and co-operate with Gen. Bioklos. That gentleman came hero and they conferred. There was difficulty at the start which I had anticipated. Gen. Barlow and Gen. Sharpe appeared to want to monopolize all tho reform. They did not wont to take hold of tho Attorney-General's reform. Those matters wore going on when tho coup d’etat took place. I re f;ardod my mission to be to work out a groat po itical result, and Gen. Sickles, with his disposition to benefit the country; always had that object In view. I hoard Gon. Sickles say not one coni was to bo used, except it was to hire counsel. 'Mr. Babcock—Did ho not expect money would bo improperly used by others i Witness—Vos, air; but ho was too high-toned to stoop to'similar tactics. 1 did not understand any money was to bo used to got tho Directors to vacate their places. Clou. Huskies never in timated that money would bo used for that pur pose. Mr. Babcock—Did Qon. Sickles over toll you what he personally expected to gain by his ac tion. Witness—Well, that is a question which I don’t think tho Committee ought to press. It is going into private professional matters, which have no connection with corruption and wrong. Thomas O. Alvord, on being sworn, stated that Oou. Sickles came hero through tho last witness, and intimated that ho wanted a confer ence with mo. I said I would moot him with pleasure, as 1 was an old acquaintance of his. lu tho conference there was nothing said about Erie matters whatever, except perhaps an inci dental remark concerning tbo Attorney-Gener al’s bill. As to tho Classification act, everybody know my views. 1 said to Sickles that I was de cidedly opposed to tho Attorney-General's bill. Our interview was almost exclusively concerning political matters,—tho harmony of tho Republi can party. Ho boomed to come in behalf of tho authorities hi Washington, and appeared to bo ‘ very desirous of effecting har mony in tho Republican party. Ho did not sneak of harmonizing ou those measures. There was a hitch concerning ordi nary legislation. lam strongly of opinion that Erie was not spoken of in connection with his proposition for harmony. Never was told by him that money was used for legislation. Hoard it as common rumor.' Have no positive knowl edge of a legislator receiving money, but lam positive, nevertheless, that money was used! 1 think I could go into tho House now and point but a least half a dozen men who received money. It may bo I am possessed of & psychological fac ulty, through which I am informed, bat, how ever it was, lam certain that men did receive money. My experience and observation has boon -such that I am able to Judge who would and who Woilld not rftdOlVe money. I judge by their conduct and by their physiognomy. I introduced tho pro rata freight bill, and it was reported against unani mously. I have no knowledge whether tho money was used on committee. I introduced the bill early in the session, and it was reported against at the close, I appeared before tho Committee several times, and urged it. I was told at one timo that tho Committee was in favor of tho bill, and It was to bo supported. As to tbo employes of the House, such as Clerks of tho House, my opinion of them is that it would bo far bettor if some of them wore not em ployed. They are very active lobbyists. Last year they wore more or loss Inter ested. I don’t think they ate particular as to what measures they are interested in. There wore some honorable exceptions, how ever. There are fifteen or twenty persons hero every winter who havo no visible moans of sup port except that of looking after legislation. Adjourned, to moot in Now York Saturday morning. machinists’ Convention* Philadelphia, April 17.— I Tho third Conven tion and second annual meeting of tho National Association of Engine and Machine Manufac turers began this morning, Henry Blandy pre siding. li. S. Dyer, of Hamilton, Ohio, made a report on cost and construction, which was adopted. Alex. Gordon, of Cincinnati, pre sented a report on tho adoption of a standard of gauges, threads, bolts, Ac. Tho Committee on Hours of Labor andAp- Erouticeshlp presented a report, which concludes y saying that piece-work ooinoi nearer equal justice between employer and employed, and that tho best interests would be served in this way, Tho report makes a suggestiou tnat tuo term of apprenticeship bo modified and by tbo prollolont industry and good bobav or or tho uoylco. Tbo potty tyranny and n““tpa tlon Bought to bo oxorolaod by tho ™rioua tradOß-miiona la devoid of “ vor X,,f’ r “° r t i. law. Tho report wao ndoptod. report ot the Committee on Standard Moaautpa waa dlu NtMBER 242. °u b A Ind referred to tho Committee to report , t VVn moo *'ing. A committoo was ap poin X'ito. ascertain It a uniformity in tiia moat of bar iron could pot bo adopted. Amt v- 1 in-no mado and oarrlod that tho corrt inlllfi o port oot gaugoß for bollor plates thicker than r-Vqnavlor of on inch. Tho Convention adjoil- .retd to moot to-morrow. \|; -y.NEW YORK. . ’JTho 1 Mrcitjr Charter—TUo Brooklyn Soni—il-Rljr Libel Suit Pending Affgli /t Henry C, ISownu—Advcrti*. Ing Caooile Ituloaaod— Miscellaneous Local Nows. Special DiepaUh to The Chieaah Trihunt. New Yomr, April 17.—A special from Albany says that tho Governor lids expressed his inten tion to sign tho charter as soon as it is present ed to him. Tho bill is already engrossed, but tbo President of tho Senate being in Bostonj it will not probably bo sent to the Executive Cham ber before Saturday. Thomas W. Field, Superintendent of tho Pub lic Schools of Brooklyn, whoso wife and the Hon. Thomas Kinsolla wore mixed np in a scandalous story, tho particulars of which woro telegraphed you yesterday, has instituted n libel milt against llonry O. Bowen, publisher of tho Brooklyn Union, wherein ho complains that the defendant wickedly and maliciously wrote aud published an editorial article, with intent to charge this plaintiff with having been elected to tbo posi tion of Superintendent of the Public Schools in a shameful aud dishonorable mauuor, through tho influence of said Kinsolla, a member of the Board df Education, ns aforesaid; and with iu topt to charge that the plaintiff had permitted and.connivou to wicked, unlawful, and criminal Intimacy between tho said Kinsolla and the wife of plaintiff, to obtain tho voto and influence of said Kinsolla for tho position of Superintendent of tho Public Schools, and that ho did obtain tho position by permitting such criminal intimacy between his wife and said Kinsolla. Damages are laid at 8100,000. Tho scandal continues to bo a groat local oxcitomont. Mrs. Field la about to institute another suit similar to that of her husband. [To the Associated'Pres*.] New Youk, April 17. —Tuo newspaper advortiß- Ing agents, id convention, to-day, adopted tha resolutions roforrod to tho committoo yesterday; 8180 Hio TM«luUon mow ftQnntn tiA rntArl an canvassers, and bo allowed only half the commie-* eion given to tho old agents, George ShroQlin, who la on trial for tho murder of hia wife, haa refused tho request of hla conn* sol to plead guilty of manslaughter in tho second degree, and testimony is now taking for the dor fcnco. Special-Agent Jaynes, it ia said, intends to publish tho facta relating to tho Government prosecution in tho Phelps, Dodge & Co. caao. It now turns out that thoro was no foundation whatever for tho report mado to tho Treasury Department that goods consigned to Fort Garry wore undervalued arid smuggled out of cars within tho territory of tho United Stales, Upon which report 111 packages woro seized in tho Now York Custom-House. Tho Treasury Do fiartmont proposes to inquire as to tho motive of ts special agents in Now York in making tbo re port, and tho American agents of tho Hudson Bav Company, Austin, Baldwin <k Co., will in quire into tho legality of tho seizure. Potor Fay, of Brooklyn, who kicked his little son to death bocauso tho little follow refused to purchase boor for him, has been found guilty of manslaughter iu tho fourth dogroo. Ono of tho gas strikers was to-day eont to tho Penitentiary for assaulting a workman. Jay Gould has boon subpoenaed to testify on tho usury question boforo the Grand Jury. A police guard is stationed inside the Now York Gas works to provont the strikers gaining entrance and destroying tho property. Tho Park Commissioners aro considering a model for a monument proposed to bo erected in commemoration of the members of the Seventh Hogimout who fell during tho late war. The gas-men on tbo strike hold a mooting to day, at which addresses woro mado, conns; ling perseverance. The estimated cost of the strike to tho men' now out has boon SB,OOO, but tho funds of the society are still represented to bo iu a nourishing condition. George D. Emerson, formerly a leather-dealer in Boston, was arrested hero to-day, charged with defrauding tho Maverick and other National Banks out of $15,000, by moans of notes with forged endorsements. THE ENGLISH FORGERS. Darius' Attempt of One o£ the Bidwoll Gang 1 to Btoal.tUo Original Paper* In the Case—Examination olf Bid tv oil in Havana* Havana, April 15.—Inspectors Hayden and Green, of tho London police, and Mr. Good, dork in tho Bank of England, arrived hero on the steamship Mono Castle. A man named Os car Wilson, who is supposed to bo a celebrated thief in Now York, took passage on tho samo steamer shortly before her sailing from New York. When tho vessel had boon at sea but a few hours, Green’s trunk was opened and forty sovereigns and some jewelry abstracted. Purser Himonu, of tho Morro Castle, suspected Wilson of tho theft, and kept a watch on Idm, while others on tho steamer suspected one of tho waiters. On Saturday evening. Wilson was invited to walk tho dock, and, while doing so. a person wont below and inspected tho satchel which Wilson brought on board the steamer. In tho satchel wore found a complete sot of burglars’ tools and skeleton keys of beautiful workmanship. Tha Morro Castle arrived hero on Sunday evening, and the passengers wore not permitted to land oh account of tho lateness of the hour. Whlla tho passengers wore on dock, Wilson wont below and forced open tbo trunks of Hayden, Green, and Good, and abstracted a quantity of papers,: and then hid tho burglars’ tools under ft" closet in Green’s room. Wilson’s object undoubtedly was to got hold of tha documents ia tho hands of the Inspcctortf relating to tho forgeries of Bidwoll In London, After tho first attempt to rob tho trunks, tha Londoners removed their papers and kept them' about their persons. Tho Clerk of tho Bank of England has identified Bidwoll as tho man who opened an account with tho bunk, and tho English Directors have also identified him as a noted character. , „„ The Havana authorities have arrested Wilson on tho charge of burglary. Tho crime was com mitted Insiuo the harbor of Havana, and thocasa is consequently under Spanish jurisdiction. The English detectives and tho British Consul havo completely bafllod the efforts of Bidwoll** friends to obtain Uls release. London, April 17.—George Bidwell and Edwin Noyes, the alleged participants in the frauds on the Bank of England, wore again brought boforo tbo Lord Mayor this afternoon for examination. Seward, a lawyer of Now York, counsel for ih« bank during tho examination of MaoDoimell in that oity, was present and produced the docu mentary evidence in tho case. Tho examination was further adjourned and tho prisoners re manded. METEOROLOGICAL. Signal Service .Bureau lleporti and Prognostications* Ouiaxao, April 17—10:16 p. ra. The following reports have boon received Iron tho places mentioned below; Station, Bar. JVirl U'imf. UVafAef R>tN R, froeh It ruin IW.K, front! Itroia 4($H W, frosh brain 46'N, frotb o oudy BSIN K, froih cloudy St) N. brUk f^udy Wflw, gontla It rain 41 IN, frc*b . jl« ar 4:1 N W, frost fair Chicago.... Cincinnati. Detroit Davenport. Milwaukee Pembina... Toledo Kt. Paul... Omaha ........ 80.10 Report* are mining from the Wo«l. rnouAniLiTnss. Tho arflfls of low barometer In Ohio and Ilh nola will Gitoml 01. Friday over tho lower lukoa. That over Now Jorooy will move northeastward toward Capo Cod. For Now ling ami, northerly and easterly winda, with ram. For tho lower •iiTkoß Winds booh to southerly, with rain. The barometer will continue to fall in tho Northwest, with southerly winds and rising temperature over Minnesota and Lake Superior. Tor the Southern Slates, rising temperature, partly cloudy and clear weather. Cautionary signals continue at Milwaukee, Chicago, Grand Haven, Detroit, Toledo, Clove-, laud, Buffalo, Rochester, Oswego, Now York, Now Haven, Now London, and Boston. Tho Louisiana Slnntfhtor. New Yobk, April 17.—A Now Orleans apodal atatoa that United Statoo troopa for Grant Pariah, and will bo HUtiouod ali iy th, Vvdu q( tho rivet to ptojont Author trouble

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