Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 19, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 19, 1873 Page 3
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THE COURTS. Dickens’ City of Eden With the Water- Main Turned On, An Interesting and Novel Marino Insurance Suit, Bill for Condemnation of Baud for South Park* Bankruptcy Tiattcra—Courts in Brief-*- Gcneral Notes; The case against Palmer and others for con spiracy to cheat and dcfrftud one Goetz* In tho Crm’nal Court, was, yesterday, resumed. It was commenced on Thursday* and reported in yesterday’sTiunoNß. Thofraiid consisted of tho ealo of thirty lots in a swamp lying some icot under tho sm'faco of tho waters of tho Cohimoi Pivot*. Tho plats representing. tho desirable water estate referred to* known as Rubboll’s Sub division, show a beautiful array of streets had avomioa, with tho Cnlumot flowing peacefully to tho lako in tho 'distance. Tlio only residents of those streets, so far, are wildfowl, and they only sail there between tho long stalks of grass, In pursuit of littlo fishes. Tho punt of tho hunter Is tho nearest approach to a buggy that has threaded those visionary ave nues. Martin Ohuzzlowit's Eden at least grow oguo. and rotting timber, but Russell's Bub dmeion grown only water and rushes, flohos aud water-fowl. , , , There was considerable fun caused by tho ex amination of witnesses. Everybody who had bought lots there had au idea that tho property was situated some miles from tho rivor, and formed an excellent basis for future specula tions in real estate. But thoy wore free to con fess they had never paid tho spot a visit. County Commissioner Jones was put on tho stand. Was ho familiar with tho land In question ? Oh, yos, quite . Well, yes, ho was familiar With tho land in question. How long hod ho been familiar with It ? About threo years. When had ho visited U? . Well, ho hadn’t visited it { but ho was familiar with ife-lhat is, tiro plats; Did ho own any of it? .a.*. Yes, considerable. Had bought and Bold lots there; What prices had hb sold it at ? ■ Prom SSO to S7O per lot; novormoro than S7O, And never less than SSO. What did ho consider tho lota wore Worth now* say for “ speculative purposes?” The Court did not understand what tho coun sel meant by “speculative purposes;” where hpoii ensued explanations, objections, and loomed arguments* followed by a resumption of Ibo testimony. .. Had no particular hankering after ihoso lots, hod wouldn’t pay much forthom. How much was tho outside prico ho would give ? • ■ - Probably n dollar and a half. , That was a fair sample of tho evidence called by tho defense to provo that tho lots wore an article of market value. DAMAGES FOB INJUNCTIONS. .Tho reader is already familiar with tho partic ulars.of the injunctions granted against tho own ers of Nos; 125 and 127 North Clark street,which were fully published in Tax Tribune at tho timb tho oiils wore filed. Tho Injunctions hav ing boon dissolved, application was made to tho court (Judge Gary) for damages, and Wiudboim, one of tho plaintiffs,” resisted thb application. Great part of the morning was taken up in dis cussing the matter. Mr. Allen (Schlntz &. Allen), . attorney for Windboim. argued that, in thb cusb of his client, thoro had noon no service of tho injunction, and therefore no damages could be issued. Tho injunction, ho admitted, had' been issued by tho Court, against Windboim, but it bad novor been served; Tho st&tuto said that 4 * after servico ”an attachment may issuo for contempt, oto., but it was nowbero shown that it could bo dono before servico; and if that was so in tho case of tho issuing of an attach ment, tho mlo would apply to other proceedings. The injunction having boon dissolved, bo moved the Court to dismiss tno bill. Tho Court refused to dismiss tho hill. A sug gestion of damages had been filed, and that question must bo passed on. Ho considered that tno statute cited was unnecessary legislation, and that tho attachment may issue after notice, and not necessarily after service. Ho therefore al lowed an assessment of damages, audit was so ordered. INTERESTING MARINE INSURANCE SUIT. Henry 'Y. Porter and Samuel 11. Puller, doing business as Porter & Fuller, suo tho Meohmiica’ and Traders’ Insurance Company of Now York, In the Superior Court, to recover an Insurance of $9,000, under rather singular dircumetances. It appears that the plaintiffs, last September, wbro the owners of a Quantity of lumber lying at Bay City, Mich., for shipment to Chicago, They ob tained freight, and effected an insurance on the Cargo with tho defendant. According to thoir advices, a shipment waa made on board tho etoam-bargb Detroit oh Sept. 28, 1872, consisting of 680,085 foot of lum ber, and tho policy was drawn out with reference to (hat fact. There was also a condition in tho policy restricting tho insurance to an undor-dock load. On Sopt. 30 advices came informing tho plaintiffs that tho cargo bad boon shipped on hoard tho barge Hunter, and not tho Detroit, as firoviously supposed, and that she had a deok oad; whereupon plaintiffs wont to tho agents of tho defendants, in Chicago, who, upon representation of tho facts, erased tho namo De troit, and substituted for it Hunter; and also altered tho condition as to tho deck load,so as to suit the altered circumstances. Intelligence afterwards arrived that tho bargo was wrecked, on tho voyage to Chicago, on tho let of October, in the severe weather that at that time pre vailed. Tho plaintiffs duly put in their proof of loss, and tho defendants refused payment on ac count of tho change of name and alteration as to deck load; bonce tho suit. SUING OK A riBB POLICY IK A OIIAKOEBY COUBT. it is not a frequent thing to find a claim on an Insurance policy sued in a Court of Chancery, pot ton out or tho hundreds of notions com menced since tho lire, finding their way out of common law. An exception has turned up, however, in Judge Gary’s room, in Marks Jackson v. tho Continental Insurance Company of Now York. The plaintiff sought to recover under tho following oiroumstanoos. On tho 6th October, 1871. ho wont to tho agent of tho Company in Chicago for tho purpose of arranging with him for tho insurance of his stock of boots and shoes. An agreement for insurance was made that day, and tho complain ant was promised his policy as soon as it could bo prepared. Thou camo tho llro, tho property was destroyed, and tho defendant mused to fiay. Tbe Company, in defense, whilst admit ing that tho complainant did call upon the agout as aforesaid, denied that any agreement, or oven bargain, was made. Tho complainant, being ablo to adduce proof in support of ills claim, and the defendant not disproving tho same, the Court found that tho Company’s authorized agent bad bound tho Company for an Insurance so related, and directed a dooroo to bo entered Against the defendant for $1,551.60. OBOENB WANTS EXACTLY HIS POUND OF FLESH. Daniel Webster commenced suit in tho Circuit Court, yesterday, asking an injunction to re strain Hermann Qrocno from Instituting and carrying on proceedings In ejectment against complainant. Ho avers that, on the 22d of Feb ruary, 1872, through his agents, D. Colo ft Bon. he eold to Groeno Ho. 470. one of two adjacent dwellings, with lot, on West Randolph street. At tho lime his agent brought him tuo deed to eign, ho was busy in his store and failed to ex amine It, and to discover on error therein, by which the lot was described as having 80 foot front, instead of 28 foot, its actual frontage. Qroone found out tho error, and began a cult for ejectment from the odd two feet, of laud to obtain which it would bo necessary to diminish the adjacent dwelling, pull down the walls, etc. Complainant sought Groono, to try to arrauga matters with, him, offering to buy land from the adjacent lot, or pay him the valuo thereof, which Groano refused. Tho under standing between complainant and Groono (as the agent testlAos) was simply for tho house and lot transferred; wherefore, complainant seeks relief in a court of equity, and asks for an in junction to stay Groono from pursuing legal proceedings further. PILL you OONDJEMKATION OF LAND FOU BOUTS panic. In the Oirouit Court the South Park Oomrala liouera yesterday hied a bill for condemnation, complaining that they have not succeeded In ao quiriog certain real estate, below mentioned, be ing unable to agree with the owners thereof as to the compensation to bo paid therefor; and taking the Court to rbeobb their value. The parties whose laud the Commissioners seek to appropriate are Francis and Amanda Dunlovi. William JL*. and Buslo M. Kerr* Qeerge D. nnd Hotla A. Wright, John It. Whnloy, Donlol W. OahtwOU, John mid Itobor, WlrlDortor, John B. nnd Jonlo 0. Drnko, Howard Prloßtloy, Mnry Word, Itohoccn J. Drake, A. H. Dunlovy, Clinton 0. Olnrlto, Sidney T. Webster, James Welsh, Tho Btato Savings Institution, James E. Olnrko, Ohnrloa W. and Anna P. Calhoun, T.aura N. Stark, Mnry Aurolla Stark, James Landon Stark, Wilson 11. Nixon, Henry Polnin, George W. Snydor, George Pitch, Doug as B. Taylor, tho “rnlniomt owners ” of tho L. Hof tho W. K of N. E. fraollonnl Hof Sco. 24, T. 83, N. of Kongo 14, E. of BP. M.| tho “unknown own ers ,p of tW.y t ofW. Kof N.K.frao tlonnl U of See. 21, T, 88, N. of Kongo 11, E. of BP, M.; nnd tho “unknown owners of 8.3n of W. K of W H of N. E. frnotlounl H of Soo. 24, T. 88, N. of llango 14, E. of 8 P. It. ;. AM. IK THU rMIII.V. It. E. Jenkins, Asalguoo of the entato of Boli via A Simpson, yesterday tiled a hill in tho United States District Court, under rather nn tmml clrdumetflucep. Ho alleged that william 11. Bimpson and Rciny BoUviu were patlnora in business, previous to their bankruptcy, find that Bimpaon sold Ida interest in tho concern to >Yi I-. Haul, tho son of Delsy, receiving therefor a tranefor of real estate belonging to hnuna, Wil llam’n wlfoi Simpson nnd all tho parties are al logcd to have known that Simpson won insolvent for at least four months prior to this trnusac- Tho lota wore eaoumborod to tho extent of' SI,OOO on a security in favorof Harriot Simpson, tho wife of William 11.. nud for an alleged purchase for $4,250, and Emma and William .convoyed tlio properly toiler. Tho petitioner prays that the Court examine Into those allega tions, tind dcclaro, (ho proceedings fraudulent and the title in hiui. „ . tub counts ik inner. In Judge Porlor’o Court, the cult of Rftbano wilz, a Now York jowolry merchant, v. Uns sandon to recover tho vuluo of goods sold defendant, resulted in favor of plaintiff, with $82,081 damages. „ , , In Vanordon ot al., Executors, v. Charles Oroamor, nn action (o recover for money lent, plaintiffs got a verdict for $450. P. N. Hamlin, for tho uso of Hamlin, Halo & Co., brought suit to recover from tho People's Insurance Company, of Ban Francisco, tho amount of a policy issued upon a building of plaintiffs, which was destroyed by tho fire of 1071. A verdict was obtained by plaintiffs, car rying $5,872 damages. Tho case of Field & Shepherd, boforo Judge Tree, was resumed, and letters between tho two woro read. Tho caao will ho resumed this morning. In Judge Booth’s Court, tho jury, in tho caso of Chicago, Milwaukee A St. Paul liailroad v. Peterson and others, decided that Johanna Chris tina Bophia Peterson should receive, for her 80 foot of land on Waymnn street, and 78 feet on Doaplainou street, tub sum of 87,020, with an additional $6,000 for improvements thereon; that Henry and Augustus Oaraton, owners of 80 foot on Wayman, and 00 on Doanlainos, should receive SB,IOO therefor, with $6,000 for im provements ; and that Daniel GUlom should re ceive SO,OOO for his 30 foot front by 108 feet, on Connl street, and $2,500 fur tho improvements thereon; Tho caao of James W. Dasnotfc v. W; E; Smith ot al., action for mcchuulo’s lion, wafl takon up bo foro Jndgo Booth, aud will bo resumed this morning. iIAKKnUPTOY MATTERS. In tho matter of Lewis W. Cass, tho bankrupt South Clark street clothier, respecting whoso af fairs thoro has boon so much logal fencing, tho first.mooting of creditors for tho npnointmoftl’of an Assignee was yesterday hold, before Ilogistor Hibbard. A majority of creditors woro absonk and of those who attended, cloven as compared with seven; voted for 11. E. Jenkins. In tho matter of thb Aurora Fire Insurance Company, in bankruptcy, tho Assignee yesterday filed his report of solo of securities. Tho amount sold aggregated $31,018, and realized $17,032. Tho voluntary petition of Jacob Bernstein was yesterday referred to Bogistor Hibbard. John B. Smith on Thursday petitioned for ad judication of O.H. Scanlon, wino and liquor sell er; claiming as creditor on throe notes of SIBO.OI each. Petitioner alleged that tho debtor has had judgment entered against him, and has still two suits ponding, in tho State courts, and that ho is in tho meantime soiling off his stock as rapidly as possible and pocketing tho proceeds. Tho usual rule to snow cause, and a 'warrant of seizure and writ of injunction woro issued. GENERAL NOTES. James Sinclair brings suit in tho Circuit Court against Joseph E. Moss and Joseph S. Booth Complainant avers that ho entered into a verbal contract with defendants to sot tho out stono on tho now Briggs House, corner of Fifth avonuo and Bandolph street, for $1,050, of which ho has only rocoivod S6OO, and ho prays for amoohanlo’s lion on tho building, of which tho defendants claim to havo a leasehold interest from tho own er, Margaret O. OnlUviw, tho Cull nature of which complainant desires defendants may be required to sot forth, and charges that defend ants own tho building oithor wholly or in part. Tho will and codicil of tho lato Charles J. Wyseth were proven before tho County Court yesterday, and letters testamentary granted to Nathan Carwith under a bond of $250,(100, to ho approved. Tho will of John McKenna was also proven, and letters testamentary woro granted to Mary McKenna, under a bond of $16,000, to bo ap proved* John J. Mullano was appointed administrator to tho estate of tho lato Hamel Byan, under a bond of $2,000 to bo approved. Tho Assessor of South Chicago called upon Mr. Poliak, yesterday, for his books, but Mr. P. told him lio had bolter wait until after Judge Williams had given his decision in tho caso bf tho West Chicago Assessor. Mary Lovott, in tho County Court: was ap pointed guardian to Charles E. Lovott ot al., minors, under a bond of $120,000 to bo approved. John H. MoAJvin, an Executor named in tho will of tho Into Granville Kimball, yesterday filed his bond for $120,000 to bo approved. Oliver G. Byan yesterday commenced suit in replevin in tho Circuit Court for tho possession of tho furniture, seized by Isaac A. Hartman and Minnio Dunlap. Jndgo Gary mshed through tho business ot his Court before noon, and was able to enjoy a few hours* repose, nothing being sot for tho afternoon. Patrick Fitzgerald yesterday obtained an at tachment against Isaac Baker and Edward To gin, bottle dealers, for tho sum of sl,l-12.83, for ottlos sold and milk supplied tho latter. Tho affidavit states that tho udloudauts are about to leave tho State. NEW SUITS. The United States Dimmer Counr.—R. E. Jen kins, Assignee, v. Harriott Simpson * bill. Tub SuPEnion Coubt.—43,os3—Hannah A. Van Patten v. John Van Patton; divorce. 43,034—Divorce. 43,055—'Thomas Holdcu v, John Gavin; assumpsit SI,OOO. 43,050—Elizabeth v. Leonard Brown; divorce on ground of cruelty and desertion. 43,067—Patrick Fitzgerald ot 01., v. Jacob Baker and Edward Topln ; attachment, |3,000. 43,058—Charlotte v. Augustus W. Hardy; divorce on ground of desertion. 48,069 John O. Knowles ot al., v. W. A. Adams ct al.; as aumpslt S4OO. 43,060— Appeal. 43.061 H. Mayer tt Co. v. A. Sohloaingor; assumpsit $2,000. 43,002 — Bernard Steele ot al., v. Henry Hcippcl; assumpsit S7OO. 43,063—Harriet Thomas v. IV. O. Hinsdale, N. O, Moyers, and M. D. McDonough: trespass, $5,000. 430,045—Appeal. 43,006 E. J. Doyle and Philo G. Dodge v. E. F, Honshaw : assump sit, SI,OOO. 43,067 —Park Savings Rank v. Marvin 11, Dooos; trespass on tho cose, SSOO. 43,003—Appeal. 43,060— Benjamin Bruco ot al. v. Ucllen M. Uaigh; assiimpsit, $509. Tms Cihouit Ooo«t—6,622—Oliver G. Bryant v, Isaac A. Hartman and Minnie Dunlap j replevin, $250, o,o23—Walter Smith v. Charlotte E. Smith ; divorce on ground of desertion and cruelty. 6,o24—Cheater D» Kushmoroot ol.v. Thomas Jones ; bill tn dissolve part nership and far the appointment of a Receiver. 0,625 —Restored bill. o,o23—Patrick L. O'Hara v. John and liUcrotia W. King; petition for mechanic’s Hen on Sub Lota 1,2, 8, and 4, of Lot 7, In Block 42, ip tho original Town of Chicago. . o,627—Charles Hunorboln V. City of Chicago; trespass on tho case, $2,000, o,o2B—Patrick W. Dunne ct al. v. Dennis Keating ; appeal. 6,o27—Daniel Web ster v. Herman Grocnoj petition to stay proceedings In ejectment. o,63o—Restored case. 0,031,2,8,4 Appeals. 6.63s—James Sinclair v. Joseph E. Mobs and Joseph A, Rood ; petition for mechanic's Hen on the Briggs House. o.636—South Pork Commissioners v. Travers Duntavy: hill for condemnation of land. (Burnt Record)—o6—Alrida Wllhclmlns Vnut Woud v. Augustus Van Burnt; petition to establish ond con firm title to tho went }i of Lot 20, In Hayes, Bhollyard A Magullln’s subdivision of Block 82. in Carpenter's Addition to Chicago, 25 by 100 feor, on Randolph street, between Morgan and Carpenter. Jayno’a Expectorant. If yen are troubled with a slight cough, hoarseness, or soro throat, you may savo tho expense of a doc tor’s hill by using at onco Dr. Jayuo’s Expectorant, A neglected cold often terminates, through much suf fering, In consumption. A slight inflammation of tho lining of tho wind-tubes, tho usual symptoms of which aro a soro throat, or a pain in tho breast, will, if not properly attended to, frequently lead to bronchitis. Even os a matter of economy, to eay nothing of com fort, or tho danger to pulmonary ami bronchial organs, act prudently with your cold, and by resorting In time to a standard remedy—tho Expectorant—save money, and escape more serious trouble. Bold everywhere. Chicago, Burlington & Quinoy Railroad Sunday Train. The Through Pacific Express for Council DlufTs, Omaha, Ban h'raueUco, and all other Far Went points, will leave the Control Depot of the Michigan Centra), Illinois Central, and Chicago, Darlington Si Quincy Railways at 10:00 a. m., Sunday, April 20, 1873, stop ping nt Indiana avenue and Canal stroeta. Through tickets, via Chicago ti NorlUwcfitorn and Chicago, Dock Island it Pacific Railway* will ho good on this train. Burnett’s Coconino makes the hair glossy and beautiful. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SATURDAY, APRIL 19, 1873. ENDED IN TALK. Mass-meeting of South and West Sido Saloon-Keepers. A Motion to Close on Sunday Voted Down. The saloon-keepers of tho West and South Di visions hold a mans mooting yesterday afternoon, at tho Gloho Theatre, for tho purppso of agree ing upon some course of action in roforonco to tho Sunday Liquor law. Tho mooting was called to order by young Mr. fichwucholf, who stated tho object of tho moot ing. nnd suggested tho election of a President. George Qlnssuor was rejected. Hr. Hichaolson wanted to know if North Biders could voto. Ho was informed not, and tho North Sidors woro banished outside of tho pavquotto. Somebody asked if there woro any “ muckers” present, and was answered in tho negative. Another attempt to elect Olasimorwos de feated, and Mr. Harmisch was elected, hut re fused to accept, owing to native modocty. Mr. Franks would not servo. Mr. Link was elected, but doeliuod, not doom ing himself qualified. Mr. Metz wda elected, but preferred to bo a private citizen. Another attempt was made to put in Qlassnor, but it failed. Mr. Foldkarapf was olcctod, but was not pres ent. Mr. Qlasonor was at last olootod, and ho stuck. Ho woars spectacles and a cloak, and returned thanks for tho honor conferred on him. Mr. Bchwuchow declined to bo Secretary. Mr. Triodctich wao elected, but declined, being a North Sidor.. Mr. Micbaolson euggofted that tho dlßOUßßions bo in English, that boing tho prevalent language of this country. Bomo of tholr English-speaking brethren woro with thorn. Mr. Sohwuchoff did not think tho meeting called to spook English. Thoy wore all Germans present. Michnolson’s motion died. Mr. Wolff was elected Secretory, hut declined, his handwriting being bad. Mr* Bchwuouoff was detailed to do duty or fiorlbb. Several Inquiries were made os to tho objoot of tho mooting, and tho action which had boon takon on the Nortu Side* Mr. Michaolson mado it his duty to speak at regular intervals, sandwiching himself in be tween all tUo other sneakers. Then there was a dispute as to the participa tion of North Sldors In tho mooting, and it was decided they could talk, hut not veto. Mr. Michaolson talked some more, pitched Into tho Temperance law, and deplored tho de graded condition of Gormans with tho heel of fanaticism on their nooks. Ho repeated his North Side speech, and hoped tho North Bido resolutions would ho adopted. At last various people howled at him to shut up. Mr. Banunol moyor was warm in his expressions of wrath. Mr. Michaolson wont on to discuss tho Bopub lican and Democratic parties, whereupon thoro wao more howling, several people wont out in disgust, and several others yelled at Michaolson. Tho Chair insisted that freedom of speech should bo preserved. At last tho orator shut Up and somebody else got tho floor, who deprecated all reference to politics. Tho Chair urged tho need of harmony among tho Gormans of Chicago. Thoy had mado a contract with tho city. Thoy bad gotten licenses and paid for them. If they bound ono party, they did the other. Thoy said that tho saloons must bo shut Sunday. So long as thoy hold such licensee. It was their duty as good citizens, to observe tuom. Tho only way to got their freedom was to act together and repeal tho ob noxious laws. Th6y must oloct men who thoy tohld trust td carry out tholr will in tho Counou or tho Legislature. Mr. Bammolmoyor and others wore In favor of closing Sunday, if all others did. Thoy did not soo why street cars, etc;, should run. The Chair read a long string of resolutions, betting forth thoinjustieo of tho Sunday law, but declared that tho saloon-keepers would obey it, in order to show tho people now odious it was : that a committee bo appointed to inform on all who violated tho law, ami another Committee to ask tho Mayor to revoke tho liconso of any vio lator. It was moved that tho North Side resolutions bo adopted as a substitute. Then a number of speeches wore mado, most of tho talkers wanting to bo suro that everybody and everything was shut up Sunday. A motion was mado to adopt tho North Side resolutions with tho proviso that all butchers’ and bakors* shops, etc., should bo closed and cars stop run ning. If that was carried out, it was believed tho public would find that Sunday laws woro not such good things after all. Ono man opposed it, since if Urey shut up, tho temporauco people would laugh at them, and it was a long wait to tho noxt election. The mooting got very noisy, and everybody talked loudly at once, and a feeling of opposition to Sunday laws began to develop itself. It was asked why only Gormans woro present ? Why had not Irish, English, etc., boon invited, so that thoro could bo joint action between whisky and beer. The naked motion to clone Sunday, was lost by an immense majority, amid groat rejoicing, It was claimed that tho North ciders voted “no ” when thoy had no right lo vote at all, and tho Chair tried to put tho question over again, but everybody got up ami left the room, ami ho had no chance. PERSONAL. Judge W. M. Zoarlng is at tho Mattoson. Tho Hon. Bat Clark, of Wisconsin, is at tho Gault House. Tho Hun. Gcorgo E. Horsey, Boston, is at tho Sherman House. Maj. J, W. Powell, tho explorer, is at tho Tre* mont House. S. 6. Stoekwoll, Now York, is at tho Sherman House. Horace Williams, the lowa Bailroad King, la at tho Ticmout. Hon. William B. Allison, of lowa, is at tho Gardner Houao. Col. James N. Burns, of Missouri, is at tho Tromont House. T. J. Ohittondon, of Wisconsin, Is at tho Mat teson House. Maj. H. Jorollmnn, of Now York, Is at the Tro tnont House. God. Charles Craft, Torro Haute, is at the Bhonnan TIoUSO. Rev. D. R. Dreed and family, St. Paul, are at the Gault House. Dr. N. P. Duffey, of Pittsburgh, la at the West Side Briggs House. Dr. Ponfeld Stephana and wife, England, are at the Gardner House. 'William 8. Pope. Superintendent of the Detroit Bridge Company, is at tho Mattoson House. A. R. J. Bauuatopoo, Edinburg, andD. John aton, of Leith, Scotland, are at tho Gault House. H. P. Clough, General Traveling Agent Indi anapolis, Cincinnati ft Lafayette Railroad and Kankakee Lino, is at the Bhormaa House. Julius A. Kohn, of tho Arm of H. A. Kohn ft Brothers, loft Now York for Europe on the Kith lust., on tho steamer Russia. Among tho arrivals at tho Tromont House yes terday were the following : M. 0. Tripp, Grand Rapids ; E. F. Hooker and wife, Boh Moines ; D. Kinney and wifo, Cincinnati; Edward J. Bright, PottsviUo, Pa.; B&muol T. Black, Phila delphia ; James Mix, Mixvillo, 111. Charley Hilton, chief dork at tho Shorroan Houso, has bocomo such a favorilo with tho patrons of that elegant establishment already that ho 1h absolutely Indispensable, 110 has such winning ways about him that ho can put a limit in tho Mansard roof and make him boliovo ho Is his bout friend. Among tho arrivals at tho Mattoaon House yesterday wero tho following s Thomas Itorko, Pittsburgh; Edward H. timllh, Now York; John A. Boaty. Richmond, Ind.; Charles Jackson, Philadelphia? G. K. Clark, Jr., Now York ? J. W. Cowan, Colorado j G. D. Har rison, Atchison; J. T. Bombaugb, Now York. Among the arrivals at iho Bouth Side Briggs House yesterday were the following: A. It, Whitehead and wife, Pontiac; J. K. iToudflt, Santa Fo, N. M.; H. Nellander and family. Lan sing, Iowa: John Downes, Now Yorkj W. B. Boobo, Philadelphia; John Burnet, Brooklyn; L. B. Kent, Pontiac. Among the arrivals at tho Gault House yester day wore the following 5 W. I*. Clulo, Baltimore | Edwin Thoo. Hook, Now York; L. O. Lawrence, Worcester, Maas.; W. M. MoNnmoo, Cincinnati; Thomas Bock, Madison ; J. W. Dakor, St. Paul; O. M. Hall. Eaebßaglnaw ; J. Yorkora, Philadel phia; W. T. Jordan, Cleveland ; J, w. Hutchin son, Esoauabo. Among tho arrivals at tho West Bldo Briggs House yesterday woro tho following j J. \v. Hagoo, Boston; B. N. Ray, Pittsburgh; E. K. Williams, Now Orleans; O. A. Hoffman, St. Louis; A. XL Bush, Boston; T. Bulpin and wifo, Wilmington, III.; William Hoywooa, Texas; B. D. Fletcher, Loulovlllo; Win. O. Wood, Now York. , Among tho arrivals at tho Bhorman Houbo yesterday woro tho following j J, p. Robinson end wife, Boflfcou ; A. B. Harris and wifo, Louie iona ? A. V. Gardner and wife. Now York ; G. N. Jjodno, Detroit'; William liobkirk and wifo, Waupun: A. M. Bold, Minneapolis; G. w. Evans, Be. Louis; N. A. UUcs, U. 8. A.; George T. Paine, Providence ; O. L. Chase,-Austin. Among the arrivals at tho Gardner Houbo yesterday woro tho following * Perry Hannah, Traverse City; M. O. Burivor, Baltimore; Ooorgo Barrie, Philadelphia; J. A. Marston, Boston; J. B. Leo Gar and wifo, San Francisco ; D. A. Nesbitt and wifo, Now York ; W. Drown and wifo, Ireland s J. S, Raunoy, Canada; George O. tTarmou, T. N. Bagga, De troit ; L, W. Clerk, Now Haven, Conn. Chicago has lost ono of her host hotel men. Mr. Richard Somers, bettor known, porhapri, as “Dick,” has gone to Now York for tho purpose of taking charge of tho Grand Union Hotel, & largo and ologout houad situated noar tho now Harlem depot. Mr. Somers loaves an enviable record behind him. As proprietor of tho Rich mond Houbo, and manager of tho Shormau House during tho last fow years of Gage Bros. k Rico’s proprietorship, and lu nls offi cial capacity of Alderman from tho First Ward, ho nmdo a host of warm friends, and was generally esteemed for honorable hearing in nil nm business relations. Mr. Somers lo far from being a .stranger in Now York. Ho is woll known to tho loading business men there, and with their nnslatanco, and hhi own gentlemanly, off-hand way of doing tilings, will soon become oa great a lavorito in tli« 3£ast as ho la lu tho West. THE ABSTRACT CASE, Chase Brothers to Pay tho Rama go§, Sl*3oo»*lHßtructloiiß of Judge llogcrs* Tho oaeo of Hoauoy v. Chase Bros. & Co. was resumed, before Judgo Rogers, yesterday morn ing. Tho morning and part of tho afternoon woro spent by tho counsol in argalng tholr caso, which thoy treated exhaustively. Tho Jury brought In a verdict for plaintiff, with $1,300 damages. Tho following instructions road by tho Court to the jury will provo particularly in teresting : Counsel for the defendants asked tho Court to chnrgo Ibo jury as follows 1 Ttmt no recovery can bo bad in this case unlcaa neg ligence Is shown on tho part of tho defendants in pre paring tho abstracts In question. If the jury bclloVo from tho evidence that nt tho time the plaintiff sold tho land to Julia A. Church, ho know that thoro was a cloud over bis title, then bo cannot recover* although negligence may bo abovyu on tbo port Of tbo defendants* If tbo Jury believe, from tho evidence, that tho plain tiff had actual notice of tbo tax-sale complained .of, in ample time to redeem bis land therefrom, tbo defend-, ants cannot bo bold responsible for bis failure to re deem the land, notwithstanding tbo abstract faUed to show suck a ale, and tho verdict must bo for defend* ants. Tor the plaintiff tho Jury aro instructed that negli gence primarily signifies tho want of ordinary care, caution, attention, diligence, skill or discretion In tho performance of an act by ono having no positive in tention to injure tho person complaining thereof, and that warrantable caro and skill is a relative phrase or term, ond is always to bo determined by the subject matter to which It is applied. The Court lustmctsiuo Jury, os roottcr of law, that when a person hold himself out to the public oa prac tising any profession, or following any special busi ness, ond tender hlo services as such to tho public, the law holds him responsible for tbo exorcise of reasonable skill and care in such profession or busi ness, and a failure on tho part of such person to use and practise such reasonable skill and care lu all caecs when employed in tho line of such profession or busi ness, la itself evidence of negligence. If tho Jury bclloro from tho evidence in this case that tho defendants, as copartners, on ot about tbo 20th day of March, 1860, wero engaged in this city In tho business of making, preparing, and furnishing ab stracts of title to lands in this county, for pay ana re ward; and word holding themselves out to tho public oa abstract-makers possessed of certain tnx*salo books, among others, which they pretended contained, amongst other things; a record of all tax-sales of any of tho several lots, pieces or parcels of land situated In this city, and winch thou appeared upon the public records of Cook County, Illinois; and if tho Jury further believe from the evidence that tho defendants, as flitch abfltract-iuukora, then and there protended and held out to tbo public that such ab stracts of title so mado by them contained, amongst other things, a nolo or memoran dum of any such tax-sales as should appear upon said records of such county, against any of tho said lots, pieces or parcels of laud, during tho (imo of period for which tho defendants should or might bo employed by any person or persons to examine, or bringdown, tho abstract of title, to any such lota, pieces or paresis of land; and If tbo Jury should also bcliovo from the evidence that tbo defendants, whilst engaged in tho making of such abstracts of title, were retained and employed by tho plaintiff to continue or bring down an abstract of title to tho land described lu Ibo declaration; from tbo Hist day of March, 180(3, until tho 20th day of March, 1809, and that the plaintiff paid them a reasonable foe there for; then the Jury aro instructed (hat it became ond was the duty of tho defendants to nuto and show upon such continuation of abstract so to bo made by them as aforesaid for tho plaintiff, all tax sales of sold premises appearing Upon the public records of said Cook County from tbo said 81st day of March, IBfifi, until tbo 20th day ot March, 1000 ; ana that they are liable in (bis case for omission, If any, to noto a tax sale ho appealing in buch .public records, unices tbo plaintiff know or had notice of such tax nalo before the time for redemption from such solo expired. Tho Court instructs tho Jury that If they believe from tho evidence tbnt tho plalullif employed tho de ft udntila to prepare or bring down on abstract of tltlo to the lot’or parcel of land described in tho declara tion, from (ho 31st day of March, 1600, until tho 20lh day of March, 16(19, and that at tho time tho defendants were so employed by tbo plaintiff, mid at tho time of preparing and bringing down such ob struct of title, there existed a tax Bale and certificate of Bttcb promises, which appeared ujxm the public recorded Cock Cvunty, Jlhnuii; and that plulutlffa had no knowledge or notice of auch Bale of brul prom ises for taxes ever Laving been made until after tbo time for redemption from tbo same had expired ; and that In pursuance of such employment by tho plaintiff, the defendants proceeded to prepare and bringdown, and did prepare and bring down, an abstract of tho title to tho said premises, from tbo filet day of March, 18GC, until the 201U day qf March, 1600; and if tbo Jury shall further bollovo,

from tbo evidence, that tbo defendants, in preparing and bringing down such abstractor title to tho paid premises, wholly foiled and negloctod to noto or show on tho abstract so brought down and continued tho said pale for taxes of tbo promises ; and (bat, by rea son thereof the plaintiff, without fault on his part, has sustained loss and damages aa tho natural conse quences of such negligence on tho part of' the defend ants ; then tho jury aro Instructed that tho plaintiff Is entitled (o recover therefor in bis suit. Unices the Jury also believe from the evidence that tbe plaintiff had notice of such tax »nle in time to have redeemed tbo lot therefrom within two years from tho time sale. BUTCHERED HIMSELE. A Stranger Commits Suicide at rtxo Adams House—Found with Hit xiiroat Cut From Far to Ear. A man committed suicide la his room at the Adams House, comor of Harrison and Clark streets, yesterday morning. On Wednesday afternoon he arrived at tbo hotel, and registered himself as James H. MoHenuy, North Britain, Conn; Ho was assigned to Room 48, on tho third floor. Ho had a valise and trunk with him, whloh at first ho said ho would leave In tho office, hut later In tho evening had them taken to his room. Ho was noticed at tho tea table, and there was nothing peculiar in his actions. Boon after tea a bell-boy was sum moned to his room, but, upon knocking several times at tbo door, ho was about to go away, when UoHonry opened tbo door ami called him back. The boy said, “Did you call ?” Tho man said “ No," and closed tho door. At 9 o’clock a chambermaid saw him in his room, apparently washing on t some handkerchiefs in the wash bowl. At that timo his room-door was open. Boon afterward ho closed it, and nothing more was soon or hoard until about 0 o’clock yester day morning. At that hour a chambermaid opened tho door of Ids room, whloh was un locked, for tho purpose of making up his hod. Tho hod had not been laid upon, for tho man had not retired, but was found stretched upon tho floor, his head wedged between tho wash stand and tho water-pitcher, and a deep, gaping gash across his throat. His oyos wore wide open, and fixed and glassy. About two foot from his right hand a razor was found, covered with blood; and on a trunk, a penknife, with one blade broken and another bloody. Tho broken blade was found on tbo washataud. Tho chambermaid fied from tho room at tho first sight of the man, and informed Mr. titrong, ono of tho proprietors of hotel of tho horrihlo dlsoovory. Ho at onco sent to tho Armory Po lice Htatiou for Sergeant Lull, to come aver and examine the corpse and tho room. It would soom from the surroundings that the man haa first made an effort to cut his throat with his pocket-knife, but on more deliberate reflection remembered that his razor would do the work loiter. Xu hi? haste to got it, he oven cut tho straps of his trunk, and must have broken tho blnuo of bis knifo In sovorlng them. 11 in also evident that ho had out htuisolf somewhat with the knife, before opening Ills trunk as blood-stains wore found on the innldo. Iliu windpipe won completely Hovered, and death must liavo boon almost inataufanoous. ' At tho Oorouor’a innuost, yesterday afternoon, nothing was developed by which any explanation of tho eauso that prompted Iho man to commit Bolf-murdor can bo made, A half-ornpHod boitlo of whisky wan found in his valine, and It may have boon that a orazod mind, produced by in toxication. was the cause of his committing tho deed. A loiter waq found upon hlo person dated 11 Hartford, Conn., April 8. 1873,” and signed by Albert Scdgwlok, stating tliat tho writer wished him much success, and regretting that ho did not got to soo him hoforo ills departure. T’horo was found, also, a lottorof introduction from Ibo same person to Ida brother, Curtis Bodgwiok, of No. 850 liutlerflold street. Trorn this letter it would appear that tho maids first narao is Alex ander, and not James, ns ho registered. Tho sum of $050.00 was found upon his person, which excludes all nossibility of tho supposition that poverty was tho cause of tho act. Coroner Stephens,, last evening, dispatched to Albert Sedgwick, of Hartford, to ascertain what to do with tho remains. Deceased was apparently 80 years of ago, and was very genteelly attired. SPECIAL NOTICES. Tho Great Keincdica for Ooamimpllou, Wanting. and Indigestion,nro Savory i Mnoru’s Pancreatic Kmulsion and Pancreatine. Medical men who have made It n special study, testify that life is prolonged in a remarkable manner,appetite,also strength and wo wit, Increased, digestion greatly promoted, nour ishment imparted, and the general condition of tho body Improved. Sold in buttles by Savory A Moore (Chemists to the Quean. 11. It. 11. tho Prlnoo of Wales, Ills High ness tho Khodlro of Kgypl, Ao,), 143 Now Ilond-sl., Lon don, and ail chemists, druggists, and storekeepers throughout the States. Note.—Name and trade markon onoli luittlo. SUMMER RESORT. Congress Hall AND SHELDON SPEINGS, QUEJXiXJO ONT. VDBMONT, Are situated 8 (eight) miles by Hallway oast of St. Albans. Vermont. St. Albans Is reached by all tho Railroads of Now England, tho Canada, and all the United States Railroads. Sheldon Springs are 930 miles from Now York, duo North, 280 miles from Boston, GO mites from Montreal. The following six advantages most precious to Invalids and their friends are found lioro: Ist. A pure mild air. hardly any easterly winds at any season. One of Ibo healthiest of places, no malaria, no fevers, no dysenteries, no fogs, no swamps, no mosqui toes. Pure granite water for all domestic purposes. 2d. One of tho best and largest minoral and medicinal Springs in tho world, Mowing 14,000 gallons dally. ild.Tho ilnestsot of hot, cool, ana tepid mineral water baths, known nn/whoro. 4th. A Hotel well furnished, well ventilated, and well warmed when necessary. There aro 760 foot of nlassa on throo sides of the house. Blindo at all times. Too Table, none better, Quail, Vonlson, Prnlrla Chicken, Wild Pig. eons. Brook Trout, I'rcsh Salmon, Beef, Mutton, Lamb, veal, Turkey, Ducks, Chickens. Croon Turtle, llggs la all styles, Ham, Roast Pig, WalUo-i, Griddle Cakes, Kells, Ice Oronms, Water loos, .lollies, IlobHouso Orapoa. Poaches. Canned and Candied Fruits, Raisins, Almonds, Nuts, Green Peas, Sweet Corn, Green Boans, DnulUlowors, Tomatoes. Melons, and nil garden vegeta bles. Tho cooking, baking, and confectionery not ex ceeded anywhere, iFroaoh and American cooks. Ctb. Beautiful Scenery, a largo river flows la front of tho hotel, with 11D foot 1011, 70 mllos of the Oroon Moun tolas In fall view from tho piazzas of tho houso. Boautl ful boating and fishing. a Rood library of obolco reading, Croquet. Nino-Plus, Billiards. 6tli. Tho sanitary otfeots from tho amusomoats, tho mineral water and mineral water baths, and tho exquisite air. Pulmonary Consumption is soon helped, and in its early stages cured; llosd, Throat, and Pulmonary Catarrh, soon cured; Expectorating, Hawking, and Spit* ting, do., soon cured; Cancerous Affections, Throat' Diseases, Hoarseness, ana Weak Voice, Hklu Diseases, Headaches, llliuumatkm. all Kidney complaints, and Abscesses, Dyspepsia, mid Fomalo Complaints promptly toileted and soon cured. . .. Price of Board, S'J.OO to 93,00 per day. Cheaper In May and Judo, and to tho 16th of July, and lu Ootobor and November. For rooms and information, write or call on Dr. S. S. FITOU, at7l4 Broadway, Now York, or U5 Troraont-at., Boston, or at Congress Hall, Sheldon. Vermont. Tho uetol opons on tbo lint of May, and continues open until llio tint of Dncombor. and lator if required. NEW PUBLICATIONS. MANHOOD, WOMANHOOD, AND NERVOUS DISEASES. PUBLISHED BY TUB PEABODY MEDICAL INSTITUTE, No, 167 South. Clark Street, OHIOAGO. Ur. O. W. WAItUEN, Aftaistnnt Pliyolclnn, .Vedfcol Knottlctlgefor Kter;/hod>/> Tuo JLfftCfon Copies Sold, A BOOK FOH EVERY MAN. TUB SCIENCE OF LIFE, or Self Preservation. A Medical Treatise on tho Causes and Cure of Exhausted ■Vitality, Premature Decline lu Man, Nervous and Physi cal Debility, and Hypochondria. This la indeed a hook for every man. Price onlysl. 25D pagof, bound In cloth. A BOOK FOR EVERY WOMAN* Entitled SEXUAUPJIYSIOLOGY OF WOMAN, AND HER DISEASES; or, Woman Treated Physiologically andPathnloglcally from Infancy to Old Age,with Elegant Illustrative Engravings. BiO pages, bound in beautiful French cloth. Price $2. A BOOK FOR EVERYBODY. Tho Institute has Just published a now book, treating exclusively of NERVOUS AND MENTAL DISEASES. JW pages, cloth. Price SI, or sent mv*! on receipt ot $8 for tho otbor two bonks, postage paid. Tbo reception with which those books have mot Is en tirely owing to their clear and forcible style, and (ho tru isms which they contain, there being nothing that tho MAnnrco or single of either sex can either require or wish to know but what is fully explained, and many mat ters of tho most important aud Interesting character aro Introduced, to which no allusion oven can bo found in any other works in our language.' All the NEW discoveries of the author, whoso experience is such ns probably novor before foil to tho lot of any man, nro given in full. No person should bo without theso valuable books. It is pre sumed that few, if any, will withhold from themselves tho pleasure and profit of thoroughly making, fbemsolvoa ac quainted with those marvelous world, from the pon of so omlnonta medical man. Dr. G. W. WARREN, Member of tin Royal College o! Surgeons, London, lato Medical Inspector-General,.U. S. A., IJouorary Member of tho American Medical Faculty, and Assistant Physician of the Institute, may also bo oou suited on all diseases requiring skill and experience, to whom all correspondence should bo addressed, or to tbo PEABODY MEDICAL INSTITUTE, No. 167 South Olark-at., Chicago. Mason & Headley’s System for Beginners. Compiled by two eminent and successful teachers, It has acquired on excellent, reputation, cannot fail to satisfy both “mastoraml scholar," and Is unexcelled by any other Method for tho Pianoforte. Price, 53.00. Txana American Tune Book. In one Mjnio THE Sacred Music Book of tho ago, since It contains I,«W of tho Best Tuuoa and Anthems, careful i, selected by MO Choristers and Mania Teachers from nil accessible books, and therefore it most be tho choicest collection of tho century. Price* 81*50. Winner’s New Schools ror rnino. thioinot. Organ. Itlclodcon. Gnitnr* jliiiiju, Cnruvt, Pile* Accordion. Clarionet, Flute* nml Flageolet. Don't despise thoso little hooka because they nro cheap I her persons who wish to learn easily and pleasantly, and only go a little way, thuro Is nothing hotter. Price of each book, 76 coats. Tne above books aout, postpaid, on receipt of retail price. OLim MTBON & 00., OflAfi, E DITSON 4; 00., BOSTON, 711 B'lwoy, How York, LYON & HEALY, Chicago. JTJST rPTJBLISITEID =* THE GREAT NOVEL OP THE SEASON I "OUIDA’S” NEW WORK. PABGAREL. Ny “oi;i»a,» Author of “Strathmore," “Idalln,” “Under Two Flagg," “Trlootrln," “Puck," oto, 12mo. rino Cloth* 82.00. *'' OuldaV pan Is a graphic ono, nnd page after papo of iTorgooua word-painting How trom It In a smooth, melodl oiu rhythm that often nos tho perfect measure of blank verso, and needs only to bo broken Into Unea. —i’huaaol phla Evening bulletin. For sate by ell Ilooksollors. or will bo sent by mall, post paid, upon ruuulpt of the price by J. B. LIPPINOOTT & 00., Publishers, 71A &s 11T niuikul-sl.. l , hllni\i.ll>lilu. $5 Packages OF MCTIOML CURRENCY FOR HALE AT TRIBUNE OFFICE. AMUSEMENTS, MYERS’ OPERA HOUSE. Monroo-at., between Dearborn ami fltato-sts. Arlington, CottouTjiWs Minstrels. . AN RNTIRR OIIANGI? OP PROGRAMME Production of Ilio langhablo bnrlonmm. by Rd Marble, onlllled HOMHO AND JOI.IIIT. MAOKIN A WILSON In an entirely now cot. Law In Chicago I The Throo Orncoa I Vocal Quortotto t Tbo Coming Orlflii I Rrcry Evening and Saturday Matinee. HOOLBTB OPERA HOUSE, BEST COMPANY IN AMBBXOAI _ MONDAY, A PIT, I*l, 18711* During tno week and iu Iho tnMlnoo*. Vltm. nmvoatanco of tho charming nrlhf, Ml>n ICMZA O'UONNKftnml (bo beautiful .Mlfs dOaiM IIATUIIELDKR. and initial pro* duotlou of tho wonderful Parisian aonsaUon, .A.X,IXB, Having just completed a run of twelve week* at Daly's Flflli av. Theatre. Now York. A beautiful pathotlo plo turo of real life. „ _ In roheartal. an entirely now domestic drama by BarN ontltKd RISKS. Also TUB OI3NTLR ACADEMY OF MUSIC. F. 8. CII.VNFHAU, thoKreatest Character Aolor. 3511T! fell's Xtl'T 1 scxt! Tho Orcalost Hit cvor made In Chicago. Houses Crowded. Order Carriage* nt 10:20. During tho mn of KIT tents can ho secured 10 day* In advance. MoVIOKEB’S THEATRE, Farewell Performances of tho Eminent English Artiste. IVET.SS 353-ES3:X.®O»3Sr! Who will appear at tho Matinee this afiornoon at 3 o'clock In her celebrated character of HOSAXjX3ST33, In Bbakspoara'a Comedy of AB YOU LIKE It. This evening Bhakapoaro’s Tragedy of RoavrEO ottxiiet. t JULIET MISB NEILSON. Momlay-MARK SMITH as JAQUES KAUVEL In ONE HUNDRED YEARS OLD. AIKEFS THEATRE. LAST PERFORMANCES. this Afternoon and Evening, of Mr. STUART ROBSON’S Immensely funny caricature of Sorgt. John Boat, in tho rattling Now York localism entitled Xj-A-W I3ST 3STBW “SrOR-K- Matinee Prices. 50 and 25 cents. Noxtweok, LITTLE EM'LY, with STUART ROBSON as WILKINS MIC AWB UR. ON PBEE EXHIBITION, . For a fo\r days only, at Rico A Thompson's, 259Wabash-ar. Braun’s Famous Antotps of Pails, Comprising all tbo Drawings, Paintings, Frctcoos, An* tlqno and Modorn Statuary, of all tho Art Qaltcrlos In iSuropo, aa novor boforo exhibited. NIXON’S, Ollnton-tt., botvroon Randolph and Washington. pMllivolr hot wook of JAMBS W. TVIUJEII A CO.’S NATIONAL OIKOUS. Monday, April 14th. and ©Tory night this week, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, Robinson, Katin Stokes, Foster, Pastor, Burk, Rogers, and all tho old favorites. Previous to tho ontrco a Whole Herd of Wild Ponies will be lotlnoso la tho ring, and A wild CALF BUFFALO loose amongst them. OCEAN NAVIGATION. ALLAN LINE Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. First-class Steamships, Unsurpassed for Speed and Comfort, running on tie Shortest Sea Eontca between EUROPE AND AMERICA RATES OF PASSAGE: CABIN as law ns by any other FIRST-CLASS LINES. Return tickets at groat reduction, STEERAGE Tickets either to or from Europe, also at lowest rates, and through to polnU in tho West lower than by other linos. RATES OP FREIGHT: Tariff arranged cm all classes Merchandise from Liver pool or Glasgow TIIUOUQIt to Chicago. For other Information, or freight contracts, apply at the Company’s Office, 73and74Laoalle-st. ALLAN AGO., Agents. FOR EUROPE. IMAI LINE EOTAL MAIL STEAMEES. Will rail from Wow York ns follows: CITY OF WASH INQTON. .Thursday, April 17, 9 A. M. CITY OF ANTWERP Saturday, April 19, 9 A.M. CITY OF BALTIMORE....Thursday, April 24. 2P. M. CITY OF LONDON Saturday, April 26, 2 P.M. And each succeeding SATURDAY and THURSDAY, from Pier No. 46, North River. Cabin Passage, 885 nml 8100 Gold. Steerage, to British Ports... $30.00 Currency. fitoorngo, tu Gentian Porta 36,00 Currency. Steerage, to Bremen or Scandinavian Porto 88.00 Currency. SIGHT DRAFTS for sale at low rates. FRANCIS O. BROWN, General Western Agent, 80 South Marliot-st., Chicago. Balling twice a week (rom New York, and carrying pas* sengers to all parts of Great liril'dn. Ireland, Continental Europe, and the Mediterranean. 0 diln from $63 i Htoor. ago, urltlsh and Irish ports oast, S3O; west, $32. Conti, ncntel porta tome as other rogularlinos. All payable In U. H, currency. Apply for full information st the Com pany's others. No. 7 Bowling Green. Now York, and N. K. corner LaSalle and Madlaon-ats., Chicago. HBNDHHSOM- BROTHERS, Agonta. Justpubllabod, "The Trip to Europe,” a Magazine of Information for Ocoau Travellers. Can bo bad ftoo of charge on application, or sent by mail on receipt of throe cent stamp. STATE LINE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. Hew YorK ail Glasgow via lonloMerry, Those elegant now stoamore will sail from Stato Line Flor. Martin's Bloros, Brooklyn, N. Y. as as follws: PENNSYLVANIA, 2,600 tons Wednesday, May 7. GEORGIA, 2,KG')tuns Wednesday, Juno 4. VIRGINIA, 2,600 t0n5.,... Wednesday, June 18. Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN A CO., Agents, 72 Broadway, N. V. Steerage office, 46 Broadway, N. Y. FURNACES, &o. TUB Butt Hot Air Furnace Co., Having removed all Us branches to Cincinnati, Ohio, and Us Manufactory and Waroroonu from 18 and 16 West FUth-st. toG&3-715 'West Elghth-at., and haying no an* thorlrod agents whatever In Illinois except F. P, Holler andO. B. Chaco, Is prepared to rocoivo orders from indi viduals and from the trade for Furnaces, Patent Room Heaters, Ventilating Columns, Laundry Heaters, and Hoatlng Apparatus, for Steam and Hot Water. In oar present location our facilities aro greatly Increased, and wo aro prepared with extonsivo Improvements to moot the wants of tho community In every particular. Address BENNETT HOT AIR FURNACE 00., Cincinnati April 13. 1873. Cincinnati, Ohio. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETINGS. STOCK-HOLDERS' ANNUAL MEETING or tus Lake Skore k MlcWgan Sonllm Railway Co, Ojtice or Tub Lake Suouk 4 Miouioan Southern) Railway Company, > OIBVEL*MI>, 0., March 117, 1873. > Tho annual meeting of tho Stockholders of this Com* patiy, far the election of Directors for tho ensuing year, ami inptho transaction of other important business, will he hold at the office of tho Company, In (ho city of Olovoland, 6., on Wednesday, 7th Bay of May next, belwoen tho hours of 1! o'clock In tho foronoon and 8 o'clock in the afternoon of that day. Tho transfer hooks of tho Company will bo closed at tho oloso of business, on the Dth day of April next, and will ro-opuu on the morning of the fcth day of May next. V aKOUOB if. ELY, Secretary. MISCELLANEOUS. AliUlgUt Halve Tor Durim, Uolls, CORNS! DR. STEPHENS, 131 Dearborn-#!. BARLOW'S INDIGO BLUE Is I no cheapest and best article In the market for BLUE INI} CLOTHES, , „ Tho genuine haa both Barlow’s and IVlltbsrosr • names on the label, and Is nut up at Wlllborger’i Drug titoro, No. Sfl Nord,BooonA.l.,4.hM.d B . iil hU. IST For gill by Orwm and Drug|Uli. RAILROAD TIME TABLE, ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS, Winter Arrangement. ItXPr.ANATIOH orRBfEnRKOR MAURA.—t Saturday contort. • Sunday oxcoptort. 1 Monday wcoploa. | At* tU* Sunday 8 ;00a.m. 5 Dally. CHICAGO ft ALTON RAILROAD. Ch(f<igo, Alton tfi St. /.fluff Through Lint, and Loulttanm (Mo.) neie ehorl route from V.Mrngoto Kanea* City. Union Vepol, Wetl tilde, near ihvlUon*it, bridge. Leave. tit. Louis A Springfield Express, | via Main Lino Kansas City Fast Express, via Jaoltsonvlllo, 111,, And Louhl nun, Mo ... 1 0:I8a. m. Wannaa, Lacan, Washington Kx press (Western Division.) * 4:10 p. m. •Toilet A Dwight Acoomo’datlan. * 4:10 p, ra. tit. Louis A Springfield Lightning Express. vlaMftln Lino, and also vl* Jacksonville Division.,..,,. 79:00 p. m. Kansas Oily Express, via jack* sonvllto, 111., A Louisiana, Mo.. 79:00 p. m. Jefferson City Express 70;00 p. in. I’ooria, Keokuk A Hurl’n Kx • tt;oor. tn * 9:10 a. id. UPMIr, tla Main Lino, am] dalk Jacksonville) Division. j{ IJ.illr, vu except Monday, via Jacksonville Di V exoopc onlay, vis 1a Mala Lino, tad dally )ivbloD. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & SI Union Depot, corner MmUton anil 87 We»t Mndliomt, am r. PAUL RAILWAY. CWna/-*<#.,‘ Ticket OJHet id at Depot. Milwaukee, 81. Paul 4 Mlnnoap oil*Day Express Milwaukee 4 Prairie du Obion Mall and Express........ Milwaukee, Bt, Paul 4 Minneap olis Night Express *0:00 a. ra. *7:2 on. ffi. •4:80 p, m. I*llsoa. m. tOiOO p. m.t* 0:00 3UINCY RAILROAD. n-av., and Sixteenth'll,,' rtel oJJIce In Bright ifouss CHICAGO, BURLINGTON &C Depots—D)ot i\f Lnke-st., Tndlant ami t'raial mid Tit an/l at depots Mali and Express DuVmnuo nnu Hlimx Oily lisp. Pacific Fast Kino • 7:13 a. m. • 0:10 a. m. *10;!)[) a. m. • OjlTi p. m. • 4:IU p. m. • 1:16 (». m. • 6:30 p. m. I.OOp. m. 1- 0:C0 p. m. IlliOOp. m. •11:00 a. ra. • 6:16 p. tn. 7:45 a. ra. Qalesbul-ff Passenger Mondota A Ottawa Passenger... Aurora Passenger Aurora Passenger Aurora Passenger (Sunday)..... Dubuque 4 Sioux City Exp...... Pacific Eight Express Downer's Drove Accommodation Downor’a Urove Accommodation Ottawa and Stroator Passenger.. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot foot of Tsiffe-M, and foot of 7\renli/-teef>nt office, 76 corner of Madltor feasß®£== Cairo'Hxprosß Hpringflold Kxpross Sprlngltolfl Kxproas Dubuque A Sioux City Kr Dybuquo A Sioux Oity lix. •’Oilman Passenger , Ilydo Park and Oak W00d5,...... Hyde Park and Oak Woods Ilydo Park and Oak W00d5....... Ilydo Park and Oak Woods Ilydo Park and Oak W00d5....... Iljdo Park and Oak W00d5,,,.... Ilydo Park and Oak Woods Ilydo Park and Oak Woods Ilydo Park and Oak Woods * 7:30 a. ra. f 6:15 p, m. * 7:30 a. m. t B:\Bp. m. * 7:30o. m. f 8:15 p. m. 4 0:lBt». ra. t 0:dOp. m. 4 5:15 p. m. 1 6:10 a. m. * 7:10 «. m. 5 9:00 a. m. i 12:10 p. ra. * 3:00 p. ra. * 4:00 p. m. * 5:15 p. in. * 6:l0p. ra. *ll;00p. ra. •*bu Saturdays this train will bo run to Obai CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. IVom the Great Central Jfall road Depot, foot For through tickets and sleeping-car berths ap) Office, 75 tbnaf-rt., corner JtaiUson; ISM irtw Tremout House, corner Congress-st, and Miehlao foate\f Twenty-second-St, Leave Chicago • 8:00 a. m. } 8:00 p. m. Arrive at Indianapolis • i:2Up, m. 9 8:60 a. a. Arrivent Olnolnnat! • 0:30 p. m. } 0:18 a. m. Only lino running Saturday night train to Cincinnati. Pullman weepers on night trains. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. Ticket of lee, 81 Wetl J ladleon-et. Leave. Arrive, PaclfloFastLlne...... *10:18 a. in. • 8:45 p. m. Dubuque Day Kr. via Clinton.... lOdSa.rn. 8:45 p.m. Paeltlo Night Express..... +10:16 p. m. 16:30 a. m. Duhuqne Night Ex. via Clinton.. 10:16 p.m. 6:30 a. ta. Freeport A Dubuquo Express *0:16 a. m. *3:oop.ra. Freeport ADabuquolixpross.,,.. *9:lsp. m. "7:00 a.m. Milwaukee Mail *8:00 n. m. *10:16 a. m. Milwaukee Expre55............... * 0:30 a. m. * 4:00 p. m. Milwaukee Passenger.... * 6;00p. m. * 7:10 p.m. Milwaukee Passenger (da11y)..... {11:00 p. m. S 6:00 a. m. Green Bay Express 9;4Qa. m. * 7:15 p.m. Bt. Paul Express *10:10 a. m. 6.00p.m« Green Bay Express * 0:00 p. m. 1 8.-20 a. m. Bt. Paul Express 10:30 p. m. 16:50 a. m. CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILROAD. Depot, corner of Uarrlten and Merman-tit. lieiut office, 83 tVeH MailUoit‘6t, Omaha,Loavonw'lhAAtchUonEx *10:00 a. m. * 4:00 p. m. Peru Aocoraraodatlon * 6:00 p. m. * 0:30 a. m. NightKxproas..... +10:00 p.m. t 7:00 a. m. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. Depot, corner llarrieon and Shtrman-tlt. Ticket ojjieu,' norfhteett corner Clark and Jiandolph-ele,, and soulhueit corner Canal and MadUon-iU; Mall. via Air Lino and Slain Lino Special Now York Kxprcse, Tin , Air Lino * 0;(K)a. m. • Atlantic Kxpross. vin Air Lino.. 5:16 p. m. Night Express, Tla Mnln Lino..., *t9:oop, m. *. Kmh&rtAocommodauon * Ss<oj>, ia.l*l South Chicago Accommodation.. 12:ouni. [ 0:40 a. m. * CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. rautuger Depot at P. t CVtC SI, Louie Depot, corner Of Ca« naland l\lu:le-tu. , , tYcipht and Ticket office 168 lraMfnj-<on,«t. Mall ■ 7:10 a. m. Evansville A 'Terre liaoto Ex.... * 7:00 p. to. PITTSBURGH. FORi WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. • 9:00 a. m. 1 {6:10 p. m. 4 i t’ihOOp. m. t’ 4 4:66 a. in. 4 Day Express.. Pacific Express... Fast Lino Mall VnlparaUo Accommodation. * 8:40 p. m. * MICHIGAN CENTRAL & GREAT WESTERN RAILROADS Depot, foot q/‘ Lake, tl . and fool of Ticket office, 75 Canal-tt., camera/ Madison, I Leave, Arrive. Mall Ma main and air 1in0)...... * 6;30a m. * 8:45 p. m. Day Express.. * D:00a. ra. * 8:00 p. m. Jackson Accommodation 4 3:3.6 p. si. 410:20 a. in. Atlantia Express 4 6:16 p. m. 4 8:00 a. m. Night Express.... T* r* INDIANAPOLIS VIA PERU HOAD. Mad * 6:30 a. m. *8:45 p. m. Night Expaoss.. to:lop.m. •3:3oam. GRAND RAPIDS AND PENIWATER. Morning Express 9,00 a.m. 8:00 p.m. Night Express..., , f9:10 p.m. *6:ooa. m. HENRY O. WENTWORTH. General Passenger Agent. CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. (OPEN TO ROSELLE.) Depot comer Dallied ami Korlh Branch-sis. General ttffleo 16 Metropolitan liloek, tornef liandoiphand LaSalle-ete. Roselle Accommodation. Roselle Accommodation. GEO. S. BOWEN. GEO. H, DANIELS. Vice-Pros, and Pen.Manager. Ocn.Paasongor A( MEDICAL CARDS. DR. O. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 434 Stato st., Chicago. It Is mill known by all readers of the papers, that Dr. O. Bigelow Is the oldest established physician In Chicago, Boleuco and experience have made Dr. B. the most re nowned SPECIALIST of the ago, honored by the press, esteemed of the highest medical attainments by all the medical Institutes of The day, having devoted TWENTY YEARS OF 1118 LIFE in perfecting lomodlea that will onro positively all cases of OHRONIU AND SPECIAL DISEASES In both sexes. CONSULTATION FREE. SEPARATE PARLORS for ladles and gentlemen. Call. CORUKSPONDENOB CONFIDENTIAL. Address all letters, with stomps, to Dr. O. BIGELOW. No. 461 Stato st. DR. J. H. CLARK, The able and woll known epoolallst—at 101 East Harrison* at., between Clark and Stato-ets.—can bo consulted—day or evening—on all diseases and*dilßoultlos of a chronic, delicate, or contldontlal nature—of both sozes. Special attention tofomalo difficulties. Medicines sent by mall or express. Rend stamp tor circular to the Married. Ad* drossDU. CLARK, lul East llarrlson-st., Chicago, ZU. Dr. Kean, NO OUKBt NO PAY 11 300 South Clark-at., Chicago, May ho confidentially consulted, personally or by mall, iron of charge, on all chronlo or nervous diseases. DU. J.KEAN is tho only physician In the city who war* rants cures or no pay. Ofpco hours from Ba. m. to* X> 3F5.. STOIMK, Confidential Physician; 112 W.Madlson-et,, Chicago,llLi (A regular graduate In mudlolne) cures all chronlo and •‘.Special Diseases," of both sexes, at reasonable prices. ModicincsfuruUhsd. Nnmoronryusod. OonsultaUoafree, porsonHllyorhy mull. Cures guaranteed. All lomaioan* liuuUles " treated with safety and success. Circulars free. Xfcxr. T , 0^5757 - KT®3E!KrX>, IBS SOUTH OLABK-ST,, Oonlinuos to euro all Chronic, Nervous, and Urinary Diseases of both sexes, ami may bo oontidontlallv con sulted. personally or by wall. fvoe of charge. t«mala difficulties treated with safety and success. Ula Medical Treatise to ladles and gentlemen sent froo. Obstacles to Marriage. TION. I'hlladolphla, Pa.—un Inalitutlon having a high reputation for homiralih) conduct and profosalonal skill. GENERAL NOTICE. NOTICE Is hereby given that application has been made to the Atlantic and I’aolllo Telegraph Company for the rol.tme of the following oorlitlcato# of stock, the originals having been lost, mislaid, or destroyed: Feb. 31, Iwi9, No. 71»i 16 shares. hfb. Bt, Itioy, No. 68i ic shwvi. t xQUN OKEBAU. S Arrive. * AilO p. * 8:10 p. m. * 8:10 p. to. * 9:10 a. m. 1J7:80 p. at. 127:30 a. m. H? :30 a, ra. *8:10 p, m. Arrive, Leave, Arrive. Leave. 1 4.15p, m. ; asWp. raA ‘ 8:16 p. m. 1 8:00 p. mj P:Ma. ur. 8:16 a. m. 8:53 a.. m. 0:55 a. raj 7:00 a. ra.- 6:00 a. roJ 6:60 p. m. 7:16 a. m. 8:00 p. in. id•*(. IteM in. Arrive. Leave, • 0;00p. ra. • 7:55 a. m. • 9:00 p. m. • 7:65 a. m. • 0:00 p. ra. • 7:63 a., ra. • 3:00 p. ra. • 7:00 a. ra. • 9:00a..ra. • 8:48 a. in. • 7:45 a. in. ■ 8:40 a. m. • 0:00 a. to. 510:80 a. m. i 1:45 p. ml • B;20 p. TO. • 6:58 p. TO. • 7:35 p. ra. impaign. THROUGH t of Laht.rt, oply at Ticket aih(ngton*t,; ian.a»,; alto Arrive. Leave, Arrive. leave. 9:20 p. a. 8:00 p. m. 8:00 o. m. i 6:300. ra. 10:10 a. m, 1:60 p. m. Leave. Arrive. * 1:40 p. tn. t 7:30 a. m. Leave. Arrive. : 7:30 p. m. 6:30 a. m, r»B:ooa.ra. 1 6:10 p. m. 1 6:60 a. m. Arrive. , Leave. 6:00a.w. 11:69a.ra. 8:00 p.m. 7:6op.ia.

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