Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 19, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 19, 1873 Page 6
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o MONEY AND COMMERCE. MONETARY. Fnu>AT Evkkiho, April 18. • There is scarcely any change to note lu the local money market.' Some of the banks Bay Ihey ore experiencing a very active demand and bonnet meet all the applications they would Uko to, but there is fitlll a good supply of money in the market at 10 to 12 per cent. * Now York exchange la still scarce, and aolla at KOo to 600 per SI,OOO premium. Borne of the bOhto are etlll shipping .currency to Now York. There is no currency going to the country, but Ihore Is considerable coming in. ‘ The Grand Jury of the Oily of Now York, after going through the usual farce of hearing com plaints of the violations of the usury laws, has at last succumbed to tbo logic of events, and appealed to the Legislature of tho State to re peal so much of tho usury law as applies to tho City of New York. Tho G rand Jury baVo at last been forced to tho conclusion that there Is no •other moans of relief from tho powor of the tnonoy-lendors than to let them loose, and lot them charge all they can got. Thia la un aonbtodJy tho right thing to do 5 tho money problem In Now. York would then aeon Solve Itself. Money ia worth more than railroad stocks and bonds or hau built railroads at tbo inflated prices of tho last »lx months, and If tho apooulators who are car rying those Booiiritlos ana endeavoring to shoul der mem oil upon the public persist In trying to keep up tho inflation, nobody can fool very sorry that tmvhavo to pay for their experiment, it Ib. of course, to bo regretted that tho tegular mercantile trade of Now York is made to suffer Mo somo extent with tho stock cnoculators, but Ihelr distress is tho unavoidableconsequence of Wew York capital Laving boon bq largely do- Sotod to gambling speculation Instead of loglti lato traao. Speculation in Blocks, bonds, and eocuritioß would, of course, not bo possible If the stocks and bonds woro not baaed on real property, aud did not represent legitimate enter prises, bat speculation in those securities de stroys confidence in tho value of' tho property Ahoy represent, and its tendency is to crush out legitimate trade and legitimate ontorprieoo. This must bo the effect of wall street financier ing on tho legitimate trade of Now York. The New York Times points out, very sensibly, that -l .Wall street bankers and brokers can hold out of speculation at the Stock and Gold Exchanges, and, after withdrawing most of their money from tho securities dealt In there, use it to loan out at usurious rates. But merchants cannot dp lids; they must continue with their usual busi ness of buying and soiling goods, oven if they lose money all tho time, and they know It. Should their stock of goods grow loss upon Mho shelves, then consumers will go whore a full is kept. There must bo no retrench ment in that way. Tho working expenses at the {establishment cannot bo cut down, for tho sala ries of tbo clerks in tho most prosperous times hardly suffice lor their support. Not only do jtheao remarks bold good regarding dry goods merchants, but regarding grocers, wholesale ] tieolera in provisions, cotton, and cloths. Tbo ' business men go on with their undertakings be cause they are forced to, and every day takes •way a certain sum from their capital. This goes to those who have money and loan it for what it is worth in tho market. Not only are business men in tho various branches of trade potted to contend With dear money, but also with blgh gold. This latter item of expense is no •mail one to Importers, whose goods brought from foreign countries amount 'to.- millions of dollars every year. The backs, in some Instances during tho late .stringency, have, it is said, loaned out mouoy fova;r night through brokers in so bold a manner jthat there has boon little difficulty in connecting ’them with tho transaction. A house in Brood street borrowed SIOO,OOO over night, at Jtf per '•cut, last week, from a broker known to them, but who wm supposed to bo lending his own money. The next day tho agent of one of the loading trust companies called at tho office of the firm which borrowed tho money, and asked if the house desired to keep tho 3100,000 for an other day. Tho borrower replied tbot ho had no Idea tho money came from tho Trust Company; that'he took it from a broker known to them, and ho was tho person whom ho recognized in the transaction. Tho agent replied that the broker had- been taken with sudden illness, and was unable to bo on tho stveot, aud that was tho reason ho called around. Tho bor * tower was much surprised that tho Trust Com pany should show its hand so boldly, but as he wanted the money, ho took it from tho agent of the Company over night. Those instances are not isolated, but nrool common occurrence, and there is a universal cry, not for tho enforcement 0/ tbo usury law, which would only tend to par alyze trade, but for A FUEB BANKING LAW.” Ab far aa froo banking meana a removal of all restrictions on the aggregate amount of National Bank circulation issued upon security of United States bonds deposited with the United States Treasurer, The Ouioaqo Tnmunn baa advocated it for several years. The present restriction makes National Bank circulation a wonopoty, nud that alono is sufficient reason for its aboli tion. -Those, however, who are now calling for a free banking law in Now Tork scorn to doso under tho mistaken notion that an increase of currency would in some way bo an increase of capital. Jt is therefore only another phase of tho. CLAMOR rOK MORE GREENBACKS, . which has boflot the Treasury ever since the Secretary claimed to have tbo authority to Issue $14,000,000. The public mind has got bo fud dled with the idea of currency being tbo solo representative of money that it Beems impossible to correct the error with tbo groat , majority. The New York WorW of tho 16th poiuta out, in a sensible editorial on tbo cry for currency, tbo fact, which has frequently boon pointed out in this column, viz: that tho supply of money in the market does not depondou cur- 1 renoy, but ou tbo amount of bank deposits, and “tbatifU. bo found that Secretary Kichardaon is immovable in his resolution not to make any •further issue of legal-tenders, out men of busi ness will accommodate thomsolvod to a fixed currency, as .they do in England.” There is, however, a largo class who, while recognizing the Insignificant part played by currency in tho Increase of loanable capital in tho market, arc clamoring for a much moro dangerous kind pf inflation, viz: on inflation of bank credits. “‘Liberate, says tbo Now Yorkßafictin of the 15th, “‘ourbonks from tho obligation of koopkig on hand at all times, in legal money, 25 per cent of their entire liabilities, and wo shall not require now issues of legal-tenders any more than Eng land requires new issues of Bank of England notes.” A superabundant currency that depreciates because it Is irredeemable is bad enough. But Ed increased issue of it would galvamzo trade 3to o.temporary and fictitious activity, because In tbo hurry to get rid of it every one who would receive ft would boston to oxebango It for other kinds of property that would nob • depredate, and thus tho bustling of it from hand to hand would make “‘trade active,” and make “prices rise.” But (ho kind of inflation advocated by tho Now York Bulletin would bo worse. The banks would ex pand their credits, and soon be as bard up if tho whole of their 25 per cent reserve against depos its w&s loaned out as they are now. Tho knowl edge that (hey must hold 25 per cent, or leper •cent, jor any fixed per cent of reserve against deposits, sustains tbo confidence of depositors. Tako away tho requirement for reserve, and there would bo froquont and suddou panics. LOCAL STOCK ASD BOND MARKET. Meaera. 4 Lunt, Preston & Koan quota as fo' • lows tbis afternoon ■Buirfnfl. Silling, £•209 of *62 '. \\*X 6*2 of! of 116 *• 110/f taosoros! ; Wi iw C-20a of *65, Jan. and Ju1y...... 116Ji HflJ< B-20a of *O7, Jan. and July 118 118,Vf 6.30s of *6B, Jan. and July , II Vi 110 HI 1U& U, fl. 8a (uew 1b«u«),.... I1S?4 1H OoM ami Gold Coupons 117,‘f 117 ii Gold Exchange H7)* BtorlingExchange...... .... 107Jrf@108Jtf Northern Pacific G01d7*309 IW> ■tint. Chicago Oily WH & lut. Cook County 7a „„ OTX&lut, UUnoK County and Township 10a, 92055 .... REAL ESTATE. Tho following inntrumoutawore filed for record ♦a Friday, April 18 1 cm rnorxnTT. Western av, 73 ft a of Laughton at, of, 91x121 ft, dated OoL 1, 1879; conalderatlon, S9OO. North QUrk at, between Uaple and Oak fits, of, 15 ft to alloy,' dated April 10; consideration, |I,COO, Tweuty-aocomi at, between Stale and IJurnaido ats, a f, 31x75 it, with buUdhiga, dated April 17: conaldora tion, 315,000. Lot aof Lot* 12, 19, to, In IDock a, Rockwell's Addi tion, dated March 20; consideration, SI,OOO, Ourtl* It, between West Indiana and Hubbard eta. e f, Lot 8, with other propertj, datedJNov. 80.1673 • con sideration. $7,000. * West Folk st, between Campbell and Rockwall its, n i, Lots 8 and 0, dated March 31; consideration, fl.ouo Waabtenaw ar, bet Thompson and Uirsoh ata. w/. i foil sJto4o, dated April 13 j gwwldws||pft st> # iw, Warren *r, no cor Woetorn, »f, 08x128 ft, dated Aug. **>* ««- uof Lot 81, dated April 10 { consMonUion, I M,«:10. *WcßtLcvko«t. wof and near Ami, nf, Lot Related Audi 10: cammloratlon, fa,823, „ , McGregor at, 35 ft w of Buddan, ■ t, 25 ft to alley, da* led April 11; consideration, S6OO. . Wat Madlaon el, 118 4-10 feel w of Loomis at. n f, ft, dated April 18, 1B70; consideration, 13, dated April 15; consideration, SI,OOO. ilncoln.placo. 16(1 ft nof SopWa st, e f » 25x130 ft » dated Bopt. 3,lß73;jjonsMoraton, •1»878. Western av, 141 tt • >t,, f, m no, .uica April 8 1 consideration, SI,OOO. , .. .. u 'icmiilo .I, « of nml near Chicago nv, w f, 21 ft to April 17 J consideration, S7OO. ,„, t> • .. _ Ualum tt, 314 ft« of Lyman at, o/, 35x131.V «, dated April 17} coualdoration, S7OO. Tjho promises No. 167 Cauolport av, dated April 18 ; consideration, $4,300, ,„ .. . . Twenty-third at, near no cor of Bnddan at, n f, 25 ft to alloy, dated March 3; consideration, SSCQ. Lota 88 to 80, in Block 83, In 800 10, 80, 14, dated April 4 ; conshfcralloo, SB,OOO. llonovor at, u w cor of Tvronly-ltflU at, cast 134 ft of enllro block, dated Bopt. 8, 1872; consideration, $14,000. Bbofllcld nv, a o.cor of Cloy at, w f, 34 85-100x125 ft* dated April 17; consideration, $1,500. aocTn op cm limit*. Part of Lot 1. in Block 2, In Assossor'a Lot 17 to 20, in Bco 10.38,14, anted April 17*, consideration, S7OO. Tart of some, dated April 17; consideration, $1,040. Lot 5, in Block 1, in HtchoW o }i of Lota 15 and 10, In Sec 10, 08,14, dated April 1; consideration, SI,OOO, Byi of Lot 9, In Block 60, Hyde Park, dated March 14 * consideration, SI,OOO. N of aamo, dated March 14; consideration, SI,OOO. Lot 10, in Block 3, of Bordol’s treat part of Lot 8, In 800 10, 98,14, dated April 17; consideration, $1,105. WP.ftT OP CITY LIMITS, Lots HI to 143, iu White ti Colo’s Block 1, of Stave's uvrt of ao 800 00,40,10, dated April 10; consldora lon, $1,200. COMMERCIAL. Fiudat Evramro, April 18, The following wore iho receipts and shipments of tho loading articles of produce in Chicago dining tho past twenty-four hours, and for tho corresponding date ono year ago: nroEirxa. 1873. 1673. 4,316 15,700 114,835 34,800 950 7,200 0,130 CO,BCO 40,450 Flour, brie Wheat, bn Corn, bu Oats, bu Bye. bu Barley, bn Grass seed, 1b5.... Flax eood, lbs Broom corn, lbs... Cured meats, 11*. Beef, brls Pork, brls Lard, lbs Tallow, lbs Butler, lbs Dressed hog*, No, Livo hogs, H0..., Cattle, No Sheep, N0... Hides, Ibß Hlghwlnes, brls.. Wool, 11*.... Potatoes, bu Lumber, m ft,... Shingles, m Lath, m Salt, brls 700 04,114 47,303 2,740 20,111 105,740 96 64,310 ‘ 750 223,830 25,423 27,600 91 13,080 4,110 1,628 243,648 100 20,530 0,524 1,070 1,728 25 105.9G0, 12,270 98,360 44l 0,004 2,910 1,190 161,250 319 97,007 5,751 1,702 2,120 120 Withdrawn from store on yesterday for city consumption : 2,201 bu com ; 719 bu oata 5 107 bu ryo ;'B2Q bu barley. Tbo following grain baa been Inspected into atoro,' this morning, up to 10 o’clock j 7 cars wheat; 121 cars com; 83 cars oataj 3 cars bar ley. Total, 101 cara, or 72,000 bu. Also, 58,000 bu No. 2 corn, and 23,000 burojeotoddoby canal. It la pleasant to know that arrangements are being made to more out a large, quantity of. groin from this city on tbo first nows that the Straits are open; and that nearly all the roseola available for carrying grain are now loaded. Cut it would bo still more agreeable if the commercial world were satisfied that tbo receipts Issued when this gram was place in store worou cancelled on its delivery to vessels. At present the commercial world does not know tbis to bo .the case, though the groat majority of its members undoubtedly presume that our governmental tacklo is equal to the task of keeping things straight. Nevertheless, it is thought by some who ought to know, that the .Ccßistrar’s cancellation*. the actual deliveries to yobbow timing the pres ent week, might show a rather wide difference, if they wore compared—a difference that possibly amounts to not far from 200,000 bu of com. It is not known whether the com has boon bought from warehousemen, or borrowed from them; in either case it should not bo delivered from store without the surrender and cancellation of the receipts. The matter is probably worth in quiring into a little -further. If there bo no ground for the surmise, it can )>e easily set at rest. THE SIMtKETS. The loading produce markets wore rather loss active to-day, in tho aggregate—wheat being tbo exception, as it was yesterday. Tho average of prices was about tho same, wheat and com in clining downward, in consequence of the excite ment in New York, and partially, perhaps, be cause tho weather was not qulto so heavy and our storm-signal bad boon ordered down. Other ar ticles of produce wore generally firm, under light receipts. Tbo shipping movement was slow, ex cept m tho carrying out of arrangements pro vioualymado. Dry goods woro moderately active, and un changed. Tho continued unfavorable weather interferes to eomo oxtont with tho uoar-by and local retail trade, but tbo move ment is liberal for (bo season, and tho market maintains a firm, healthy tone. There was a very quiet fooling in tbo grocery market, and dealers generally woro not particularly firm in their views, though aside from coffees, which woro off a #c, ana oho or two grades or refined sugars, which declined an Ko. thoro.waa no quotable decline. Butter was in light supply and prices woro steadier. No changes were noted in,tho fish and dried fruit markets, trade ruling quiet at substantially for mer rates. Hoy was reported scarce, and abide from pressed timothy a sharp advance was estab lished. Tho offerings of loose bay on wagons woro oxtromoly light, and prices wont to SIC.OO@ XB.OO for timothy, and to $13.00@15.00 forprairie. Tho demand was confined to supplying local wonts. Hides woro weak, while leather ruled firm at full prices. Oils, pig iron, tobacco, and coal wore quiet and unchanged. Wood declined to $ll.OO for beech, and to $12.00 for maplo, Tho lumber market was quiet and without par ticular change; Tbo unpleasant weather and bad condition of tbo country roads tends to hoop buyers away. Thoro was no change in yard firioos. A cargo was sold at tbo docks tins morn- Qgat $14,50 for No. 2 boards, and strips and lath sold at 00.25. Several vessels woro In this morning, and the receipt* next wook will px*oba>. bly bo liberal, as quite a number have gone out for lumber. Thoro was no perceptible change in tho market tor tho metals, nails, iron, and naval stores; tho demand la fair, considering the weather, and prices are generally steady. Build ing materials woro quiet. Common brick was a trifle firmer, now quoted at Ba.OO@U.DO, and lU clue pressed at SBO.OO. Other materials woro unchanged. Hops and broom-corn wore without essential change ; tho former is very quiet, bub dealers aro qulto firm in their views owing to tho light stocks and reports of plants being winter-killed in Wisconsin. Broom corn was in bettor demand and steady. Tho wool market remains quiet and easy; prices, ore quoted from 2@30 lower; millet, Hungarian, and tho bolter grades of timothy mot with a tolerably fair inquiry to-day, and ruled firm. Timothy and clover are scarce, and the former is a trifle higher; prime is now quoted at $3.40. Potatoes woro in good shipping demand and firm. Poultry continues scarce, and sells readily on arrival. Eggs wore in moderate local demand at former prices. Highwinos woro moro active, and firm at tbo advance noted yosterdey, though quoted inactive In Now York. Halos were reported of 200 brig at 870 per gallon. Lake freights wore inactive at unchanged ?;uotations, Agents asked 150 for com and 10c or wheat by sail to Buffalo fur tho few vessels yet untakon; but there was no demand. It was stated on the floor to-day that wheat can bo sent to Now York by rail at 00c per bu; and consider able dissatisfaction is expressed at the alleged foot that some shippers aro being extensively favored in (he matter of rates while others are not. Provisions wore less active than yesterday, but firmer, in sympathy with stronger markets else where. Mesa pork was in gooa demand, and ad vanced 100 per bri, though buyers reported (ho market weak till near the close, and held oil in hopes of a decline. Tho Inquiry was principally .{otifuuttoUvWi wulvfittoM for Hint mouth THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SATURDAY, APRIL 19, 1873. wore tho nlrongoot In consequence. Lard was more active, nml about 2Mo per 100 Iha higher. Meats wore In fair domonrt at prorlous quota tions : but buyers wore not generally willing to follow tbo advance of* Ko, P or °, n mlddlcn, bonce little was done. Bhonl dors wore steady, and boms wore dull and easier. Bacon middles are again marked up. Tbo market cloned at tbo following range of prices j Mens pork, cosh or seller April, $10.B0(§) 10.55; do seller May, $10.00(5)10.05 ; do seller .Tune, $10.05(o)17.00 j do seller July, $17.20(5) 17.25: prime moss, none boro; old pork, $15.75 (5)10.00. Lard, cash orsollor April. $8.47)5@8.50; do seller May, do seller Juno, Sweet pickled bams quoted at 10 @l2o. Dry salted moats quotable at C%®o)la shoulders 5 for short ribs ; and for snort clear. Boxed ehoul dora. OX0)O%c. English moats, • 8%@8%q for short ribs; 8)tf(fi)0o for short clear. Baconlo quoted at for shoulders, 9%0 for clear ribs. 10c for short clear, and 12Uf@l4o for hams, all Sacked. Mesa hoof, so.oo@u.Co; extra moss do, 10.00@10.50; hoof hams, $28.00@29.60, Olty tallow, ; grease quotable at sk'@G^o. Sales wore reported of 760 brio mens portc seller May at 810.00; 2,000 brls do at $10.50} 2,000 brls do, seller Juno, at 817.00 : 500 brls do at $10.00; 100 brie do atslo.B7><; 8,250 brls do at 810.85; COO brls do, buyer Juno, at $17.25; 500 brls do at $17.20 : 1,000 brls do, seller July, at $17.25: 1,000 brio do at 17.20; 100 too lord, Boiler May, at $8.55; 1,000 tea do at sS.s2'£; 850 tes do, Boiler Juno, at $8.75;- 600 tea do at sß.72)£| 250 boxes abort clear at 9>£o; 100 tes owoot pickled bams (14 tool at IWtfo ; 50 tea do (ID lbs) at 105£ c. • Flour was dull, there being only a local busi ness transacted, though a fow Inquiries wore made for shipment, at lower prices than holders would accept. Nor York was quoted duU and heavy, but dealers generally reported our market unchanged, though the fooling was weak, and coucoosTous wore undoubtedly mode in a few cases, no tho bulk of the sales wore on private terms. Tho following wore the reported trans actions* 75 brls winter extras at $7.75 1 20 brls epring extras (Minuohaba) at 89.00; 100 brls do (Minnesota) at 80.60 ; 50 brls do at brls do (low geode) at $4,8715; 500 brio do on private terms. Total, 845 brls. Also, 10 tone corn meal at 812.50 on track, and 20 tons bran at SO.OO on track. The following wore tho asking quotations at tho close; Fair (o choice white winter extras | 5.35 @IO.OO Bed wilder extras. 1.00 @ B.GO Good to choice spring extras Low to medium Minnesotan (patent) Good to fancy Minnesota.... Bpring supotiiucs Bye hour 8ran...... , Middling*. Wheat was moro active; but %@%o lower; ap parently in consequence of a reported decline In Liverpool, and a sluggish fooling m - Now York, 'which weakened the hands of option, traders, without bringing out any important offerings of cash lots. Cash wheat has boon really,scarce in this market for several days past, though money is close; the grain is being carried into May for parties to whom the holders have sold ahead, making a profit by carrying it. This is undoubt edly the reason why no regular wheat is offered, and fresh receipts ore scarce because arrivals are light, and probably will bo so till the planting season is over. Of course there is little demand for It. Tho freight room now hero is almost all taken for com, and thoro is no disposition to ship to Now York by rail, though freights avo understood to bo relatively low. To ibis statement wo must except that low grades have gone forward .by rail to Now York qulto freely, and oro offered thoro as “Chicago No. 2 M at several cents'per bu I below what real No. 2 can be bought for. In options, a groat many operators are waiting for I tho weather, afraid to trade either way till our : meteorological conditions are known more pre cisely* honco moat of tho trading is a.straight ouing up of previous deals. Sollof May opened at $1.21%, declined to $1.20%, advanced to $1.21%, and closed lame nt $1.20%. Seller Juno sold at $1.22%@1.28%. closing at.sL23. ' Seller the mouth was little bettor tbau nominal, , at $1.18%@1.10%, closing at 81.18%, and 1 strictly fresh receipts closed with $1.20 asked. No. 1 spring was inactive. No. 8 spring was dull nt $1.09%, and rejected do at 050, both for now receipts. Cash safes were reported of 2,000 bu hard No. 2 spring at $1.20%; 2,800 J bu fresh re ceipts No. 2 at $1.20; 800 bu regular do at $1.19%; 1,200 bu No. 8 spring at $1.00% ? 800 bu rejected do at ODo; 100 bu by sample at SI.BO. Total, 8,000 bu. Com was moderately active, and a shade|flrmor than yesterday, though tho receipts wore com paratively largo—mostly by rail. New York was quoted stronger, and it is probable that the ship pers wore again in the hold buying up receipts against com already loaded, or to bo loaded without delay. A considerable proportion of the caual receipts still inspect rejected, and tins was taken hold of to-day, most of it being first-class in quality, only a little damp. Tho demand, out side of this, was chiefly for May delivery, for which, there wore Rpveral vuumij account, the offerings from that source being larger than for several days past. Boiler May opened at 86% c, de clined to 30%0, and closed firm at 86%0. Seller tho mouth, or regular No. 2, sold at 35@35%0. closing at 85%0. Strictly fresh receipts of No. 2 closed at 000. Boiler Juno sold at 88%@38%0, closing at 88%@38%0. Seller July sold at 89% (®40%0, and seller August at 40%@410. Seller September woe offered freely, but thoro were no buyers. Cash sales were reported of 4,800 bu No. 2at 86%o; 8,000 bu do at 8Go; 66,000 bn do, regular, nt 86%o; 46,000 bu do at 85%o; 20,000 bu do at 86o; 12,800 bu rejected at S2o; 1,000 bu do at 81%o; 1,200 bu do at 31o; 22.400. bu do at Sloafloat; 6,000 bu do at 830 afloat; 1,600bu ears at 330 on track. Total, 188,000 bu. ' Oats wore in fair demand, and %o higher, soil ing rather frooly at tho outside quotation or yes terday, with a few sales at a slight advance. Tho market was quite strong during tho greater part of tho session, but closed easier, In sympa thy with a lower market reported in the second dispatch from Now York. Boiler tho month sold at 28%@28%0. closing at tho inside. Seller May 1 opened at 20%0, advanced to 29%0, and closed at 29% d. Seller Juno sold at Ulo. Cash sales I wore reported of 000 bu fresh receipts at J}0o: 1 5,000 bu do at 285/0; 3,000 bu at 28%o; 10,200 bu at 23%0; 000 du rejected at 26%0. Total, 2GJDOO bu. . . . Bye was in good demand, and scarce, there be ing no round lots on tho market, and scarcely anything in the way of car lots. Hence another advance of 1c per bu. Sales woro limited to 400 bu No. 2, fresh receipts, at C7o; and 400 bu by sample at 080. Barley was quiet and easier, there being very little demand, while several lots wore offered for next month. Hence that option was weak, open ing at 720, and closing nominal at 70@710. Bog ular No. 2 sold at 700, while car lota of fresh re ceipts, outside tho Book Island elevators, woro steady at 750. No. 8 was wanted, and firm at G9@ooo, and rejected do at 40@470, both outside tho Book Island. Cosh sales were reported of 2,400 bu No. 2at 760; 6,0Q0 bu do at 70o; 400 bn No. Bat 03c; 800 bu do at COo; 2,000 bu roj[ootod at47o: 800 bu by sample at 81.10: 1,000 du do at $1.00; 800 bu do at 90o; 1,200 bu do at 78o: 800 bu do at 760; 400 bu do at 080. Total, 10,200 bu. SniPMKHTS. 4,131 14,000 37,353 18,853 0,071 10,034 31,050 90,000 955 2,037 70,137 3,019 10,078 31,150 18,610 223.200 4 603 373.082 1)7 035 30,960 84,420 202 125,430 12,620 8,110 2,299 7,640 3,133 ■ 859 141,410 229 12.420 1,704 1,401 1,338 182 1,081 137,770 201 38,220 1,047 1,320 2,232 110 087 The Boston Shipping List Has the following: The growth of commerce on the lakes Is a remarka ble feature of tho progress of tho United States in wealth and pop.ilallon. In 1840, tho lake fleet amount ed to 48 steamers and 250 sail vessels. - In 1849, tho fleet numbered 014 altogether. During tho next twelve ycara there was a great Increase In the •»!*• «/ t*»® me tountige increased from 160.600 tons to 412,000, and the fleet numbered 1,040. In 1872, tho number was 6,420, and the value, as measured by the under writers, was over $58,000,000. Thu tonnage reached more than 7X7,000 touu. This equals nearly ono-half the registered foreign trade tonnage of the United States In 1868, and is a little more than one-fourth tho registered tonnage of 1601, tho year In which tho American whipping Interest was in It* best condition. Tho War of tholtoboUlon drove nearly a million of tons of our commercial marine from the sea. Vessels now navigate the lakes of 1.600 tons burden, but the In crease in capacity and In number hardly keeps pace with the growing trade. Freights last year were well sustained, and (he promlseof high rates for tho coming season is moot flattering. The agricultural and forest products of .the West Increase in value and quantity every year, and tho Iron trade of Lake Superior la rising In Importance. All theso things make necessary larger facilities at the seaboard for tho reception and transfer of freight, and give fresh Importance to the scheme for enlarging the canal and railway capacities of the State. The lake fleet may double in another ton years. For canned goods Baltimore stands ahead. A well known vegetable and fruit packer, of Baltimore, Is preparing on a gigantic scale for the packing season of 1878. Ho Usa between 1,800 and 1,600 acre* of laud under cultivation, and the canning establishment of Frederick is one of the largest in (bo country, cover ing an area of 4or 6 acres. During the busy season 000 persons are employed. Tweuty-Uvo can-makers ere constantly engaged, averaging 000 cans each dslly. Last year within a fraction of 1,000,000 cans wars packed, frequently 35,000 per day. Nova Beotia Fisheries—The report of (be Minister of Marino and Fisheries of the Dominion, Just published, furnishes the following statistics in regard to tbs Nova Beotia fisheries, from which It sppears that 20,313 men wore engaged In this very Important industry during 1871. The catch was unusually large, and was as fol lows: 8,885 brls of salmon, 100,091 salmon In cans, 408,096 1U of French salmon, 228.162 brls of mackerel, 901,600 brls of herring, 10,200 bzs smoked herring, 10,056 brls alo-wlves. 447,106 owt codfish, 110,639 cwt of flcsleftah, 6,l77 brls shad, 851,070 gallons offish-oil, 870,000 dogfish, besides fresh fish to the vslue of $146,- 700; 005,000 cans of lobsters. The total vslue of the above is estimated at $5,101,030. Five-eighths of (be produce of (ho fisheries in tho Confederated Provinces were (akun by Nova Scotia fishermen, A recent lumberman's circular estimates the number Of railroad ties in vreasnt tut lath# V4(«A£LaU4 160.000. A out of 200 ties to the aero la above rather than under tho average, and It therefore has re quired tbo product of 700,000 teres of well-limbered land to furnish the supply. Railroad ties last about five jetra{consequently 80,000.000 tics aro used Annu ally for repairs', (eking the timber’ from 180,000 acres. The manufacture of tolling slock dtapososof tbo en-- tiro yield of 880,000 acres; and full supply of nearly 600,000 notes moro every year. It appears. ibeu,tbat our railroads are stripping tbo country at tho rale of 1.000. 'acres por annum ; and their demands aro rapidly Increasing. The shipping statistics of France for 1873 Indicate a good degree of commercial prosperity, considering (ho manifold burdens bequeathed by the Franco-German war. During (bo year (hero was entered 3,327,000 tons of Trench Rhlpplng. and cleared 3,188.000 Iona; of for eign shipping, 4,391,000 wore entered, and 3,080,000 tons wore cleared. The tola! shipping under all flags entered and cleared was 11,031,000 tons, which exceed ed by 1,301,000 tho shipping of 1870. LATEST. In ibo afternoon wheat was quiet and closed tho flame ab at tho close of ’Obango. No. 2 spring was nominal nt $1.18*5/ sollor tho month, and sold at $1.20%, Corn wab active and closed a ahado otvalcr; No. 2 Bold at 05@95K0 sollor the mouth, and 80%(5i)30%o Boiler May, tho latter closing at 86%0. Mobs pork and lard wero in good remiOßt andflrj or; 1,000 brls of mess pork was Bold at $10.75 sollor May, and 1,000 brls do at $17.10 seller Juno. Moss pork cloned flrmat $17.12%@ 17.15 sollor Tune. Lard wao quoted Armor at $8.75@8.80 Boiler «Tuno. Oats and oilier grain wore quiet and unchanged. FiiiDAt EvENina, April 19, ALCOnOL-Was In fair demand at $1.7401.80 per cent proof. BEANS AND PEAS—Wero In light request. Tho offerings aro moderate, hut ample for present require meals. Wo quote: choice hand-picked navies, $2.60; do mediums, $2.45; inferior grades, $1.2801.00; green peas (in brls) $1.60 ; yellow do (lu bags), $1.26. BUTTER—There la a steady fair Inquiry for good to choice qualities to supply tho every day wauls of local consumers, and tho market is kept bare of such, but In tho poorer sorts a gradual accumulation Is now wit nessed, and prices arc cailng off in favor of buyers. Wo quote: Common to choice roll, 34®80o; strictly choice dairy, packed, 54@300; medium to good, 25® 38o; Inferior to common, 10033 c. . . BAGGING—Tho bagging trade was again reported quiet, with no material variation In prices. The fol lowing quotations- arc furnished: ‘ Btark. 37c; Lud low, 350; Lewiston, 34>/o; American, 32X6; Amos keag, 32X0; Otter Crook, 04c; burlap bags, 4 ami G bu, 20022 c; gunnies, single, 170180; double, 28029 c; wool sacks, 67X0. BROOM CORN—Was in tho usual demand, tho following prices being generally adhered to: No, 1 hurl, 606X0 per lb; No. 1 slock braid, 505X0; No. 2 do, 404X0; do, 3®3»fo, inside green, 3X'o; do red tip, 304 c; do patomidred, 202X0. BUILDING MATERIALS—Were quiet. Common brick was a trlflo Armor. Racine pressed brick arc now quoted at $30.00. Other materials aro unchanged,ns fol lows : 5tucc0,52.6002.76; New York stuoco, casting,s3.76 04.00; superfine do, $3.6004.00; Rosoudxlo cement, $3.2803.60; Utica cement, $3.00 por brl; Louiavlllo ce ment, $2.00: Akron cement, $2.00; marble dust, $3,250 3.60; lime in bulk, 9Oc0$l.OO; lime (brls), $1,25 per brl; white sand, per brl, $2.7603.00 • plastering hair, pec bu, 40060 c; flue brick, per 1,000, $40.00000.00 ; building brick (common), $8.0009.60 ; sower brick, $12.00013.00; country brick, $10,00012.00, delivered ; Bt. Louta hydraulic pressed, $15.00, delivered; MU , vraukco, $33,60, delivered; Racine, $30,00, delivered; Hillsdale, $33.00, delivered: fire clay, per brl, $4,000 6.00. Tbo foUowlng Is tho list of prices nor box of 60 feet for domestic window glass. from, which a reduc tion of 45 and 5 per cent is made to dealers; .TYivtC- Double <jt taUly. slrcmjtft. - 6x Bto 7xo $ 6.75 $ 8.00 7xlo to BxIO 0.75 0.00 Bxll to 7.23 10.00 Bxl4 to 10x15 8.10 18.00 11x14 to 13x17 8.75 14.00 • 13x18 to 0.25 10.00 14x33 to 10x24 10.00 18.00 .18x22 to 18x30 11.00 19.00 20x23 to 24x30 13.00 21.00 20x28 to 24x30 14.00 24.00 20x34 to 20x40 15.00 20.00 38x40 to 90x48 18.00 29.00 30x40 to 32x62 80.00 33x54 to 34x56 30.00 84x68 to 42.00 86x00 to 40x00 45.00 CANNED GOODS AND TlCKLES—Business, was again dull, and the general market was lacking In strength, tomatoes aud corn being tho only articles lu tbo lino of canned goods for which holders wore posi tively firm. Succotash was yesterday erroneously re ported ns In light slock.. Tho supply Is liberal, ami prices sro weak. A slight advance in Crosse A Black well’s pickles Is noted: CANNED COOPS. 8.75 1 @ 0.75 4.73 0 6.75 9.00 011.00 6.60 ® 8.00 3.90 © 4.75 4.20 0 4.30 9.00 0 9,60 10.00 ©14.00 Poaches, 2 lb Peaches, 3 1b..... Pears, 2 lb ... Flams, damsons, 2 1b..... Green gages and egg, 21b. Quinces, 2 1b,....,.. Strawberries, 2 lb Raspberries Blackberries, 2 lb .. Gooseberries, 21b Tomatoes, 2 1b........ Tomatoes, 8 lb, Corn, Elgin Corn, Benton Harbor, Corn, Yarmouth Peas, 2 lb, pod Peas, 3 lb, soaked..... Lima beaus, 2 lb 8.w.0p1aH»1..0 Lobster, 2 lb Lobster, 1 1b,....... ...... Oysters, 1 lb, full weight.... Oysters, 2 lbs full weight.. Oysters, 1 lb, slack weight. Oysters, 2 lbs. slack weight. Small, toll, 9,200 per pkg Small, % brli, 1,100 per pkg.. Medium, brla, 1,300 per pkg.. Modlom, H brla, 600 per pkg. Largo, brls, COO per pig.:.... Large, H tola, SOO per pkg.. In 10 gaf. kegs, per keg In 5 gal. keg vpo® keg,.... Ohow Chow {HarvoyJ, qti. vuun'fU. ;U. Choir Chow (Hirrey), pta.... 0. ft D.’fl assorted pickles, pta, O. ft D.’fl assorted plckloa, qta,. Pure, # gal. cans, per doz $ 0.00@10.00 Pure, quart caus, per doz 6.600 0.00 Extra golden, gal. cam, per d0z,....... 0.50® 7.00 Bztra golden, quart cans, per doz 4.00@ 4.25 CHEESE—OnIy a moderate amount of trading is be ing dono in this department, tiro demand, as is usual at this season of the year, being restricted to small or ders to supply Immediate wants, following are the quotations: New York factory, 16@10Ko; Ohio fac tory, 14015><c • Western factory, 14016kc. COAL—Dealers find it next to Impossible to make deliveries, and business is temporarily almost at a staud-stlll. The cross-streets and alleys are simply Impassable, and teamsters do not attempt to . deliver orders off from tha paved streets, Prices remain un changed : Lehigh, lump, $12,50013.00; prepared, $19.60 @ 13.00; Lackawanna, $12,00; Erie, $10,00; Briar UUI, $10.00: Walnut Hill, $10.00; Biossburg, $10.00; Cherry Mine, $0.00; Hocking Volley, $9.00: Indiana cannot coal, SIO,OO ; Indiana block, $9.00; ulrklaud grate, $9.00 ; Miuonk, $8.00: Wilmington, SO.OO. COOPERAGE—Pork barrels were in moderate re quest and higher. Flour staves aro scarco. Other descriptions. aro In ample supply. Wo repeat quo tations : Pork barrels, $1.3001.36; lard tierces, $1.65 ai.oo; whisky barrels, $1.85®2,10; flour barrels, 60®650; pork staves, rough, $17.00@18.00; do buck ed or sawed, $20,00®2a.00; tlorco staves, rough, $10.00021,00; do bucked or .sawed, $23,00028.00; wblaky staves, rough, $22.00036.00; do bucked, $28.00032.00; (lout staves, $9,00011.00; circle flour heading, 7@Bo pot sot; flour hoop poles, $14,000 16.00 per m; pork and lieroo polos, $30,00035.00 her m. Sales Include 2§3 pork barrels at $1.85. EGOS—Were In moderate request on local account only. The receipts were fair. Prices ranged about the same os yesterday. Wo note sales of 110 cases and 1,800 doz at lie 5 800,dozat 13#o; 5,000 doz atl3o. FEATHERS—Goesa feathers wore in good request snd firm 4t the recent advance. The receipts are very light. Chicken feathers ore'quiet end unchanged : Prime live geese at 70@780, from first bands ; Jobbing prices, 77V0800 for assorted feathers; mixed feathers, good graues, 45005 a; common do, 25®400; chicken, o@Bo. FISH—-A quiet business was done In the flah market without perceptible change in prlosa. Quotations are m follows: No. 1 whtteflah, K brl, $7.00; N0.2 do, $0.76: tro. l shore mackerel, x brl, $11.00011.36; No. 1 bay. $9.0000.25; No. 9 bay mackerel, H brl, $7.25 07.00: No. 1 aboro kits, $1.8301.00; bank codfish, per 100 lbs, $0.0000.25; George’s codfish, $0,600 0,76; Labrador herring, split, nrls, $0.0009,50; do £ brl, $4.7505.00: Labrador herring, round, brl, SB,OO

@8.50; do }i brl, $4.2504.60; box herring Nix 1, 31033 c; box herring, scaled, 430450; Columbia llivor salmon, X hrls. $10.00010.25. FRUITS AND NUTS—Raisins are scarco hero and nt SUNDRIES. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. rXOELES. MJIPLE STQUP. tho East, and tho tendency of prices seems utiU up ward. Other Imported fruits aro Arm also. Do* mcfillo varieties continue dull and tho market Is sgalu weak, llaapbcrrtea are In light Block and and aro firmly hold. Wo quote: rouEioN— Dates, 8tf09o; figs, drums, 11014o; Ago, box, UK01OWo; Turkey prunes. OX01O.Ko; raisins, $2.76 03.00; Zante currents, 808>;o. Domestic—Aldonop pluß. 18030 c; Michigan do, ; Western do, 60 6Ud ; Houthoru do, Stfo! peaches, pared, 17020 c; peaches, halves, O0Otfo; do, ydicd, 4tfo 5 wo; black berries, 509K0; raspberries, 40041 c; pitted cher ries, 22024 c. Noxa—Vllberls, 14016 c; almonds. Ter raoona, 21023 c; Naples walnuts, 24023 c; Brazils, 12 018 c; pecans. UOI2KOJ African peanuts, Otf07o; Wilmington peanuts, 708o; Tenuesseo peanuts, 4;io Co. OREBN rilUlT—Was la moderate request, Choice applet bring full prices, but Inferior Block Jo slow anil easy, 'Cranberries' tre quiet: Wo quote: Ap plet, common to fair,51.3593.60; good to choice, $3.76 Q3.75 pur brl from aloro; cranberries (cultivated! At 910.00(312.00 par brl 5 common do At $6.0009.00; lem on! At $5.6001.00 par box; Valencia oranges. $10,00(3 13 00 per cate; do per box, $6.00(30.60; Palermo do, per box, $3.60(31.00: Mussina do, $4.00(30,50; Havana oranges, 113.UU per brl. t OUOOEUIKB—Tbe extreme stringency in tbs Now York money market bat bad tbo effect to weaken firloea there of meat commodities in tbit line, and that act, taken in connection with tbe dullness of trade consequent upon tbe disagreeable weather and tbo un settled condition of tbe country roads, causes a feeling of depression here, and moat articles lu the Hat may now be bought at a concession from tbe prices current early lu tbe week. Among tbo quotable changes to day, we note a Jgb decline in tbe different grades of coffee (Mocha excepted), and an »,'o in crushed, pow dered. and granulated sugar. Following the revised list: B:-Oa«b Soda—Boßtfo. Corrwta—Mocha, 939930; O. 0, Java. 37<5380; Java. No. 3, 36930W0; ’ fancy Wo. 21®3iVo? choice d<U i *««9 lU9 ' J good do, WX 023 c; common do, 31»/031?foj roasting do, 19® IU‘4O! Singapore. 23V®240{ Costa Rico, fanny. 24JK0 24«J0; do, prime,23*fo3io; Maracaibo, 33023k0. Candles—otnr, full weight, 20Itf®3lo; stoarmo, full weight. IBj/QlOo; do short weight, 14,J/®l6o. liter.—Patna, Rangoon, 7XQ3o; Caro •Hus, 9®9iio i Louisiana, 6(oß>tfn. Banana—Patent cut loaf, IStfflllS’fe; crushed, powdered, and granulated, l3)l019i/o; A, standard, 11 V@UKo; do Ho. % U.'fOllMo i R. UXQUKo ; ex tra 0,11011^0; ONo. 2. 10X®l0j<o 5 yellow O,IOX 01OXo: choice hromi, lOtfcaiO’tfo ; prime do, OH® lOXo, fair do, OH®9,Vo J choice molasaos sugar, lOjtf 310‘i'cj fair do, 9Ho9tfo { Now Orlcano sugar, choice, 10X®10’;o; do prime, O^QOJio; do fair, OX3 O Ha ; common, 6X®3Xo. Hvnors—Diamond drips, $1.8801.40; silver drips extra One, 72075 c ; good sugar-house syrup, 45048 c; extra do, E0@560; Now Orleans molasses, choice, 82 088o; do prime. 76®800 ;do common, 05070 c { Porto Rico molasses, choice, 06005 c ; common molasses, 02 @4oc, SALttnATUS—Common to best. 0010 c. Swoks—Allspice, 17018 c 5 cloves, 37038 c j cassia, 08@40o; popper, 33«/(5240 • nutmegs, $1.2801.30; ginger, pure, 28030 a ; do No. 1, 20035 c { do No. 3, la 0100, BOAra—French mottled, OXOOXOS German mottled, 7V@7Xo; Golden West, 6®oWo { White Lily, OXO OXo ? WlUto Rose, OXOOXOJ nrown Windsor, 4x® 4Xo J palm, OOO,Vc J Bavou Imperial. 6)/0O)/c. BrAnoit—Gloss, OK@iOo; corn, 0011 c; laundry, 8® 7o 5 common, 6>soOo, . . . . HAY—Owing to tho meagre orrivnls, both loose and ftroHsod descriptions wero firmer, and, with tho oxcop lon of pressed timothy, prices wero higher all around. Tho receipts of loose hay in wagons wore Inconsider able, and tho few loads offered commanded extreme prices, as high as SIB.OO being paid for timothy, and SIB.OO for prairie. Wo quolo wholesale prices paid by dealers, os follows—cars to contain 20,000 lbs; On Timor—Timothy, bcalorprossod, $16.60010.80; tlm -1 othy, locso pressed. $14.80015.00; prairie, pressed, $10.60011.60. OH WAaoH—Timothy, loose, SIO,OOO 18.00; prairie, loose, $13.00018.00. For delivery of pressed, $1.0001.60, according to distance. HIDES—Tho general features of this market were unchanged. Buyers were operating only as necessity compelled, aud, notwithstanding; tho moderate charac ter of tho supply, tho prevalent fooling was ouoof back wardness, Wo quolo; Green city butchers’, 7o{ greon cured light, 13c; do heavy, lie; part cured, lO)/01O,*/o; green calf, 17018 c; veal kip, 14c; dry calf, 260; dry kip, 220; dry salted, 10017 c ; dry flint, 100 20c; long-holrod Jrip, 12o; deacon skins, 60065 c; grubby, scored, cut, or otherwise damaged, two-thirds 1 UONEY—The demand, as well as the supply, Is very light. Wo again quolo: Choice comb, 23028 c; fair to good, 20025 a ; strained and common, 13©160. HOPS—Wero quiet and firm. Following nrothoqup tatlons: Trlmo to choice Wcalcrn at 40060 c; fair to good, 35038 c; common to medium, 25030 c: Now York, 430BOC; English, 40@50o; Bavarian, 600550. IRON AND STEEL—A tolerably fair business was transacted at tho annexed prices; Iron 4 s*loo 4 8-10 rates llorsc-nhoo Iron 0 @6 8-10 rates Tlato Iron 7 © 7tf rates Rvussla 1r0n... 200210 lb Russia iron, No, 1 stained....... 180 %Mb Norway nail rods ....9 ®loo lb Gorman plow steel 11 ©I2o lb Engllah cast plow steel 12 012.5/0 |h American loci stool 17)/ 0180 Vls Chrome tool stool 18 ©20,. rates English tool steel 21 @32 rates English spring steel 11 @l2Vo lb LEATHER—Wo quoto prices steady and firm as given below: Oily harness $ 89® 41 Country harness 80® 38 Line, city, 9Xb 41® 43 Kip, y lb 69® 3.10 Kip, veals 85® 1.20 City upper, No. 1, Vft 28® 80 City upper, No. 2. ft 25® 97 Country upper, No. 1 25® 27 Collar, ft 20® 93 Calf, city 1.20® 1.40 Calf, country 1.1009 1.25 Rough upper, light 33® 35 Rough upper, heavy 80® 83 Rough upper, damaged 27® 30 Ruftolo slaughter solo, best... 85® 87 Buffalo slaughter sole, No. 9 83® 84 "B. A.” 8010 30® 09 Calf Kip, No. 1, medium, Kip, No. 2, heavy... Harness . French calf, Jodot 65,00®00.00 French calf, Lcmoino C0.00®80.00 French calf, 21 to 20 lbs I.Bo® 2.50 French calf, 20 to 80 lbs 1.75® 2.81 French calf, 80 to 80 lbs 1.05® 2.20 French kh>, 60 to 100 11, a I.lo® 1.C5 - METALS AND TINNERS’ STOCK—'The demand for metals, &c„ Is fairly active, though chocked to some extent by the continued disagreeable weather. Prices are ruling strong an quoted below: Tin Plate—lO, 10x14, §15.50: do, 12x12, $16.00: do, 14x20. $10.50: do, roofing, 10, $16.00; do, 20x28, $31.00. Pw Tin—Largo, 42c; small, 430: bar. 44c. Sheet IJino—Full casks, llo; halt casks, ll#Qll#c; less quantity, 11 #o { slab, 00. Bubct Dion—No. 24, o#o rales. Galvanized Iron—No. 16@20,150; No. 22®24,160 J No, 25®20,170; No. 27,18o; No. 28, 20c. A discount of 15 per cent Is made from tho listi Ootpeh—Copper bottoms, 48@48o; braziers, over 12 !bs, 4,7 c; tinned copper, 43c. Wine—3 to fi, 8c; 0, 8, and 9,10o; 10 to 11, Ho; 19, ll#c; 18 and 14,12#0; 15 amt 10, I4e; 17,16o; 18, 10a; 19,10 c; 20, 20e; full bundle, 15 per cent dis count; fence wire, 7#@7?.(c, NAlX.3—Were In fair demand, and firm. Wo auotot 10@C0d, per kog, $3.50 rates; fid d 0,55.75; 6d O, $0.00: 4d do, $0.23; 3d do, $7.00; 3d do, fine, SB. 60 ;2d do, $3.75; clinch, $7.87#; 12#o off to tho aiuftto —Were In good request and steady at tho annexed priced; Manilla rope, y lb ♦ 18 @ 10 Sisal rope, s)lb 1® 17 Hemp sash cord, Vlh 20 ® 23 Marline, lb 20 ® 22 Tarred rope, otlb 16 @ 17 Oakum, V halo 6,00 ®6.50 Pitch, tl brl 6.00 @7.00 Tar, brl 6.50 @6.00 OlLS—Carbon has advanced a#o la Cleveland, and tho market hero la stronger, in consequence. Lard and linseed are firm also. Other descriptions wore quoted steady. Wo repeat our Ust as follows : Carbon, lOMo; extra lard oil, 75c; No. 1, 70o; No. 2, Cso; linseed, raw, 07o; do boiled. $1.03; whale, 88o; sperm, $2.00®2.10; ncatsfoot oil, strictly pure, $1.10; do extra, 03o; do N6. 1, 60c; hank oil, 70c; straits, 750; elephant oil, 05o; turpentine, 08@70o; naphtha, 09 gravity. 2!@22c; naphtha, common, 17@18o, PAINTS, COLORS, AND PUTTY—Trading was light at the prices given below: whits lead. .$ 1.85® 2.00 . 2.85® 3.15 .. 3.00® 2,25 ~ 2.00® 2.23 2.7u® U. 25 ~ 2.75® 3.00 .. 2.5C® 2.75 .. 2.00® 2.75 ~ 2.00® 3.15 3.23® 2.50 .. 2.23® 2.40 .. 9.05® 2.83 .. 2.85® 8.00 2.80® 3.01) .. 3.25® 8.50 .. 3.15® 3.60 .. I.oo® 1.70 qko{« q.7« .. 2.60® 2.05 .. 8.40® 8.60 .. 3.60® 3.65 .. 1.20® 1.30 .. 2.20® 3.30 .. I.oo® 1.10 .. I.Bo® 2.00 .t10.00@11.60 . <3.00@ 0.50 , 8.60® 9.60 . 6.23® 5.76 7.50® 8.60 . 4.75® 6.05 . 3.750 4.25 . 8.76® 3.23 . 6.76® 0.75 3.00® 3.60 0.76® 7.25 B.Bo® 1.23 Strictly pure.. Fancy brands, Ocmilno Voillo Montague. American Snow white.... Masury’s railroad colors 11.60 Palace car colors in cans. 0.60010,50012.60 Pochollo ochre 3.60® 3,75 English Yen. rod 4.000 4.25 English orange mineral 15.60@10.00 Pittsburgh orange mineral 19.00 English red lead • 12.00 American red lend 11.00011.60 English Vermillion, per lb 1.400 1.45 ■ scarlet vormlillon 23.00 Paris white ' 4.00 Whiting 3.60 In bulk 3>*o In bladders • 4° PIG IRON—Was quoted quiet and Arm at former rates. Following aro the prices current: Scotch (according to brand) $03.00007.00 Tuscarawas 01.00 Massillon 01.00 Like Superior 69.00@00.00 67.00 Ulnaourl stonecool . C7.00@G8,00 rOULTUV—There ifl very Ilttlo coming In, and all offerings boU readily to the local trade. Turkeys bring 16®lCo, and chickens $4.75(56.60. Sales comprise 160 lbs choice dressed turkeys at 17@18c: 3 coops at ICo; 1 coon at 16o: i coops extra chickens at $5.60 ;10 coops do at £5.00; 0 coops at $4.75; 12 doz diccscd at $3.60; 0 doz do at $5.00. POTATOES—'The demand 1b active, particularly for choice pcachblows, and such noli readily at C3@Goc; common lots are quoted at 40@50a; white at CQo. Wo note Bales o£ I car extra pcachhlows at OCo; 1 car choice do at 03c; 1 car do (dirty) at 40o; 2 cava white at 50c, all on track; 1 car choice poachhlows at Csc; 1 cat com mon at 55c; 1 car good do at 00c, delivered. SALT—Continues to meet with a fair inquiry, at the subjoined quotations ; Onondaga and Saginaw, fine, $2,26; ordinary coarse, $2.25 ; coarse Diamond 0, $2.40; ground solar, $2.50; dairy, without bags, S3,CO; dairy, with bags, $1.23(3-1.50; Aahtou dairy, per sack, $5.00; around alum, $2.25@2.40; Turh’a Island, $2.00, BASIL DOCKS, AND D LINDS—Were in moderate re quest. Wo continue to quolo; DODllß—i OUU I’AJJEIi, Size. 2x G by Ox 0.... 2x Q by Ox ft.... 3xfl by Ox C.... 3x Bby Ox 8.... DOOII3—TWO VAN EL. ~.'2l ObyOx 0.. ...2x ObyOx fl.. ...2i ODyOx 0.. ...Ox Bby Ox 0.. ouraibKiiMn’Da, ThicKimi. 10*10 1 3-10 13*8 13.8 1 »-16 13-10. 10-10. 1 3-0 , 1 3-8 . Thickness. 1 Bxlo i oxia, X 3*lo 10x12 1 oxl4 1 10x15... 3.50 Hitt of Thick - Size o/U-Ught Vrietver Blast, nets. jdnrfmr. window, 8x10......1 0-10 1n.,. 3x 3** by 3xoft 4Uo oxl3 1 3-10 iu 2x7 by Ixo 670 OxU 1 3-10 In 3x7 by 5x2 Mo 10x13 1 3-10 In 3xlo by 4xo 570 10xU 1 3-10 in 2xlo by ox 3 Glo 9xll 13*8 In 2x7 bysx3 ••••....HOo 10x11 1 3*B in 2xlo by 5x3 800 A discount of per coni is mado from thoabove list. BI3EDB—The bettor grades of timothy met with a moderate Inquiry, and prices wore a Irlllo higher, the offerings being light, Halos ranged from $3.3003.40, the latter price for prime. Clover vrns qulot but firm at $4.7605.00 ; the offerings are light, Hungarian and millet woro la fair demand and tlrm, tbu former at $1.16(31.89, Iho latter at 00095p, Flax was nominal at $2.1602.25 for sowing, "Wo nolo sales of 205 bags prime timothy at $3.40; 43 bags do at $3,35; 35 bags at $3.23; 138 bags at $3.20; 18 bugs clover at $5.00: 142 bags Hungarian at $1.30; OS bags do at $1.25; 7a bags at $1.20; 10 bags millet ato3e; 108 bags at 000. TEAS—'Thera was less firmness In this market, tbo weakness being attributable to a falling off In iho demand, and the recent slight decline at the Kuat. We make no changes In our quotations: Young Hyson, common to fair, 60®60o; do good, 69®70d ;do enoleo to extra fine, $.0001.101; com mon to fine old Hyson, 70cG$l,00; oomiuon hn.RO- rl»l, C5®08o; good to choice do Boc@JJ.loj flno to good gunpowder, 70o@Jl.10; choice, $1.16®1.20; extra, $l;3B®U5; choice to extra loaf Japan, 00c®$1.00; fair to good do, 70@80o; common do 420,450! cololed natural loaf Japan. 65@Mo; common to line Oolong 8504BO;..good, 00®70o; choice to C *TobACC3s—No ncw.foaluros wore developed in tide market. Prices wore quoted steady as follows: Cjikwiho—Tine Cut—Extra. 78®85o; choice. Cs@ 78c; common, CB@Mo; poor, 40®6p0 . .. Pnuo—NaluralTeaf, 7tt®Boo; half bright, d0@70o; blsclt, sound, 43@58c, „ Bmokimo—Extra, 3D@350; medium, 30@82o; com mon alome. 27@20c. .. .. ■WOOD—Is In moderate requeat ai a slight decline, the following being the prices now current t Beech, $11.00; maple. $12.00; hickory, $13.00; Blabs, $7.60® 8.00, delivered. . . .. WOOL—Was dull and weak. Quotations are re vised as follows J Tub, washed, extra medium Tub, washed, common to fair Common dingy •«. Fleece, washed, XX. light Fleece, washed, X; light Fleece, washed, Xx, dingy.. Fleece, washed, X, dingy Fleece, wanhed, medium light Fleece, washed, medium dingy.. Flcoco, unwashed, X&XX. In good condition. Fleece, unwashed, X&XX. dingy.....< Flcoco, unwashed, coarse to medium., Fleece, unwashedt coarse, and dingy, Rnpor, pulled.... Extra, pulled HEMLOCK, 1.23® 1.45 65® 1.10 75® 80 40® 43 (11.60 0.00@10.50 14.60 U.60@12.00 11.50 I'OTTT, Price, ..$3.50 .. 2.75 .. 2.75 .. 3.00 .. 3.00 Price. ..$1.75 Murry wool 80100 loss. TVOODENWMIU AND BROOMS—Dealers report a fair trade the past week, considering tho unpleasant weather. Brices wore without variation, as follows:. Two-hoop palls, $3.60 per do*: 3-hoop do, $3,76; 0- lioop dairy. $4.25; extra do, $1.75; extra cheese tubs, $12.50; No. 1 tubs, $11.60; No. 2 do, $10.00; No. 8 do, $0.00; tubs, 3ln nest, $2.05; kcolcrs, oln nest, $1.75; half-busbol measures, plain, $3.75 per doz; do Iron bound, $4.60; pock measures, plain, $2.50; do, iron bound, $3.76; churns, No. 1, $11.00; do, No. 3, $10.00: do, No. 8, $9,00; do, No. 4. SB,OO por doz; headed clothespins,sl.lo(3l,26per box; washboards, $3,350 2.C0 per doz; barrel covors, $2.00@2.G0 ; kanuaklus, $3.0033.60 per rack; batter tubs. oak. 3 In nest, $1.58; do, ash, 2ln nest, sl,lo} brpom bandies, $12.00315.00 por m; No. 1 brooms, $2.75; No. 3 do, $2.2502.60; do, common, |1.7632.00. ItAILItOAD FREIGHTS—Tho recently adopted by tho linos loac Chicago to Boston Now York Philadelphia, Harrlsburgb, and B&lUmoro ........ Washington, D. 0 Alexandria, va Pittsburgh, Steubenville. Wheeling Buffalo Cleveland..- Detroit NowOostlc,Fa Norfolk, Va......... Wilmington, N, 0, Charleston, S. 0. Savannah, Ga..... Fetorsburgh and Richmond..... CHICAGO LIVE STOCK MARKET. Fmpat Evening, April 18. The receipts of live stock since Saturday have boon aa follows t Cattle. Ilorji. Sheen. 4,201 7,891 1,471 4,824 7,894 1,303 4,115 11,268 1,103 4,110 13,080 1,028 2 800 10,000 1,000 Monday.... Tuesday.... Wednesday. Thursday.. Friday..... Total 23,116 49,033 0,070 Siiinmontß woro oa follows: Cattle, ildqs. Shec)\ 2,020 7,330 174 3,fi1l 7,1G9 GGO 1,631 6.025 - 487 3,133 7,646 850 Monday... Tuesday... Wednesday Thursday.. 11,578 28,170 Total, CATTLE—To-night closes auotbor active day in tho cntllo raorkofc, tho attics of tho differ ent grades of stock amounting to somewhere in tho neighborhood of 8,000. in values* no de cided change was noticeable, though tho preva lent fooling, was somewhat Armor—for what rea son was not so apparent, as tho receipts wore again largo, and tuo tenor of advices from tho seaboard was not o£ a particularly encouraging character. Tho attendance of buyers wds more than usually full, and the different classes bought liberally; shippers at $4,75@0.00 for common to choice smooth woll-fatted steers of from 1,080 to },450 lbs average; local buklnraat $3.0Q@5.00 for inferior to good lots, and feeders at $3.75@4.76. Several sales of Texas cattle wore reported, tho most important of which were 73 head averaging 1,078 lbs at $4.90, and 73 head averaging 1,089 lbs at s6.oo—both by Gregory, Strader & Go. Tho market closed steady. OnnT»’TTn'Ma uraaen bigots averaging 1,400 R» and upwards • • .$5.00@0.30 Choice Beeves—Pino, fat, well formed 3ycar to 6 year old steers, averaging 1,300 to 1,450 lbs.-. 5.10®5.00 Good Beeves—Well-fattened, Andy formed steers, averaging 1,200 to 1,300 lbs 5.05@5.C0 Medium Grades—Steers in fair flesh, aver aging 1,160 to 1,800 lbs 4.80®5.20 Butchers’ Stock—Common to fair etecra, and good to oxtra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 Tbs 3.76® 4.75 Stock Cattle—Common. cattle, in decent flesh, averaging 700 to 1,080 1b*.....,;..,, Inferior—Light and thin- cows, heifers, stage, hulls, and scallawag stoors, Cattle—Texas. Northern wintered Cattle—Corn-fed Texas CATTLE BILES. 10 good steers,.,. 80 medium steers, 31 good steers,... IT choice steers... 84 fair steers 40 smooth fleshy steers. 18 smooth fleshy steers, 73 Texas steers 48 choice steers 48good steers... 66g00d steers.. 73 Texas steers , 13 butchers’ stock 87 good steers . 10 feeder.) 10 feeders 18 good steers 07good steers 83 medium steers 81 good stoors 13good steers 30 good steers 30 good steers 14 medium 5t00r5...... 10 good steers 10 choice steers 31 choice steers C(J good steers 10 choice steers 13 good steers 01 good stoors 32 good steers 33 goad steers 37 good steers HOGS—The market opened dull and lower, early sales showing a decline of 10c, but toward noon the demand increased, and before the close prices had worked back to about ycatordfts’’B quotations, or to 85.20@5.60. Bales wore chielly at $5.20@6.40, though tho extreme range was $5.1Q@5.5Q. The market closed llrm with about all sold. no a same*. I .Vo. Av. Price.\ 39 180 $3.10 20 227 6.95 69 217 6.35 no* 214 6.10 60 223 6.31 85 1 00 6.20 10 218 6.30 CO 215 6.10 123 200 6.40 10 - I'JO 6.16 68 108 6.20 80 160 6.10 80. 270 6.20 58 230 6.30 30 278 6.30 57 100 6.00 65 200 6,40 40 100 6.20 63 181 6.30 iVo. Av. /Vjcp.l 03 .... $.*5.00 83 .... 6.20 20 .... 4.516 Ofl 170 6.25 131 178 6.29 00 205* 6.30 05 SOI 6.30 103 100 6.25 05 150 6.20 01 185 6.30 68 ICO 6.20 03 177 6.20 68 10.1 6.20 01 SOI 6.21 65 18 J C.2*. 50 2>B 6.25 18 138 6,‘iU 75 U3 6.20 211 160 6.30 2CO 180 6.23 SHEliP—Woro In fair demand at about pre vious prices, or at $d.00@1.75 for poor to com mon, at $5.00@6.50 for medium, and at ss.7u@ 6.25 {or good to choice. Local and outfddo buy era wore operating, and nearly everything was disposed of. LUMBER. Friday Evenujq, April 19. Tho wholesale market was quiet to-day. Several cargoes were In, but there wna very little Inquiry, and only two rales were reported. The weather is exceed- Ingly unfavorable, ami very few buyer* are in attend ance. A good many vessels have gone out for lumber, amt tho receipts will probably bo quite liberal next week, but as yet tho market is hardly established. Piece stuff was nominal, quotable at $13.00, amt I in common at slß.oo(^l3.o3<<f. No. a boards sold at $14.00 : lath at $3.35; Joists ami scantlings at sl3.oo(iia.CiO. Hales wore; Cargo bcliv Gamecock, from Muskegon, 60 m ft. No, 3 boards end 43 m ft No. 3 strlpa at $14.60; 35 in (t Jolsta and scantlings rt $13.60; 40 ni ft latU at $0.33. Cargo oclir J. M. Hill, from Manistee, 60 m Joists wad scantUnga at $13.00 : 60 in ft cdgoboatda at $6.00; 60 m sliortlumber, 10 it and under, $6.00. Auolber quiet d*y was passed at Uie yards, the local trade being Interrupted by (he bad weather, and tbe country demand Is only moderate, Bhlngles and lath are firm, also tbe higher grades of lumber. Wo again quote: First clear, Boctmd clear, 1 Inch to 9 Inch Third clear, 1 inch Third clear, thick First aud second cleat flooring, toaelhar, rough 40.00042.00 First kart second clear siding, together... 23.00@24.00 Common Biding 20.00@21.00 Common flooring, dressed, flrat 03.00@38.00 Common flooring, dressed, Becond 80.00@32.00 wagon-bos boards, selected. U Inches and upward 87.00@40.00 Astock boards... ; 87.00@40.00 D slock boards 28.00@30.00 Common boards ic.00@18.00; Joist, scantling, small timber, oto„ 10 feet v^” ndfir * 14.00@15.00 xoncing, 14 00015 00 •Joist and scantling, 18 to at feel*, itbOO@22!oO rickets, square 13.00014.00* rickets, 0at,...., 12.00014.00 Cedar posts, split.., * lfl.oo@lß.QO Cedar posto, round 17.00028 00 Xeth 8 78 •Lath, on track 350 No. 1 sawed shingles 1.80Q2.00 A or Star. 8.8003.75 Bidnßicson track. 8.2.803,80 No.l sawed. 1.23Q1.80 Three dollars per car to be added when transferred, wWch charge follows Iho shingles. Thickness—l*lvo ehiugloa to be two Inches In thick* ness. Length—Sixteen inches. .610880 ,49@540 ,45@470 ,46@800 .440480 .40@430 .100440 .430480 .870420 ~000330 ~150290 ~800320 . .270300 ..88041c ..380440 5? k £ r V. tM.COgSJ.OO Bjnci Kalul 35,00®5Q,00 Ail; (dry). 80.00gM.00 Bullernut. J|S, 00000.00 Counter tops (b010c1)..,. i.OOoi 1 60 Flooring, O-ln. groorod and matched @75 qO Axles 60® *7B Wagon poles (each) 53® go HloTtory.,. . 60.00(375.00 Box boards i M.00@40.00 Common ...... . 2Q.00@15.00 01c« 50.00@40.00 ouu* PORT OF CHICAGO, ARRIVED April 18, Beta Kilty Grant. Saugatuck, 10 m It lumber. Beta 001. H. 0. Ucg, Portage Lake, 160 m ft lumber. 40 m pcs lath. Prop Bt. Joseph, Muskegon. light. Beta ICato Howard, Holland, 2,300 railroad ties. Prop Laura Ancle, Muskegon. 220 m ft lumber. Seta Coral, Lincoln, 100 m ft lumber. Scow Laurel, Duck Lake, 36 m ft lumber, CO mne# lath. Brig J. M. Hill, Manistee, IDO m ft lumber. Beta Wollln, nollfind. 38 m staves. Prop Oconto, Milwaukee, 3,600 brio flour. Prop Ira Chaffee, Bauaatuclr, 40 rolls leather. 180 m shingles, 40 tn ft lumber. CLEARED Seta Kitty Grant, Saugatuck, light, Beta Hog, Col. 11. 0., Portage Lake, light. Prop St. Joseph, Milwaukee, 300 brls sugar, 40 bale# broom-corn. Bohr Hattie Fisher, Davis Pier, 10 brls flour, 16 ptgt groceries, flehr Katie Howard, Ludlngton, light. Prop Laura Aimlo, Kowauuoc, light, Schr Coral, Lincoln, 0 brls pork, and sundries. Bchr Florence, Fontwater, light, fllmr Muskegon. Grand Haven, 10 brls pork, 13 brl| whisky, 1 nrl gin, 12 brls vinegar, 125 brls sugar, 31 tala crackers, 05 packages groceries* Schr John Minor, Buffalo, 20,400 bu corn* Beta Wollln, Holland, light* Brig Q. M. ForllJ, Manistee, light. Brig Gladiator, Manistee, light* Scow Mermaid, Kalamazoo, light. Scow O, 0. Hibbard, Muskegon, light* Beta Wm. Jones, Muskegon, light. * Tug J. M. Stevens. Manistee, light. Prop Oconto. Manitowoc. 65ti pugs hardware, 005 pkga groceries, 13 pkga liquor* 215 pkg* dry goods. Prop Ira Chaffee, Saugatuck, 400 grccu hides, 15 bags wheat, 20 brls sugar, 20 kegs palls* 18 cases dry goods, 30 boxes groceries. [ngarolho rstward; 111 tei . s?a $1,30 1.20 1 3S «. 23 • 20 136 Lake freights were dull nod nominal, at 16 and Wo for corn nncl wheat respectively. Lumber freights nro na follows: Manistee, $3,750 3.00; Ludlngtou, $2,75 : Munkcooo, $2.2302.50; Ocon to, $4.00; Menominee, $2.2303.50; Pontwator, $3.75. Tho flehr Delaware was bro*K»Ht Into port to-day by the tug LoVlnthan from Oruua ITavon, and Jh in very bad condition. Competent Judges say sho is tho worst wreck that over camo off a hcarti. Her bull is bent up so that aho draw about three icet of water in tho ecu* tto, aud olovcu foot at each end, Two ctoam pumps aro kept constantly of work to keep her from slaking. Tho schooner is to bo put in Iho docks, aud thOx a survey will bo mado and thocor.t of repairing her estimated; It la. thought that it will lake at least $23,0 M to put her la order. Tho Delaware was to the last vessel which left Chicago for Buffalo last fall, with a cargo of 33,000 bu o£ wheat, and was oaat achoro near Holland, NOTICE. A while hir'd will bo kept ou Perry’s Pier, 14 miles norlh of Jfci I. Ice, Mich., afUr Moy 1, during ship ping so*son of 1673. Tho light is at an elevation of 24 feet from surface of tho water. Two of the Vermont Central steamers which started from Detroit for Chicago are lying at Port Huron. The prospects of getting much farther at present are said °—limfour-maßicd steamer, built at Day City, has been launched. She is called tho D. M. BuUantino. —The prop Ohoß Holts m-.t with an immense held of ice on nor up trip from Manistee yesterday, and was delayed a long time. Several schooners were reported to be stuck, but no particulars are at hand. —The vessels coming in to-day do not report seeing much ice. —Tho prospect of an early opening at Buffalo is not very bright at present. Lake Erie is filled with im mense masses of solid ice. - —Tho Bo&n lilchmond has had (75,000 expended in hot reconstruction. Her carving capacity haa been increased, and she will bo used exclusively for freight ing. • —The prop Merchant, of tho Anchor Line has been enlarged. —Tho Ice in tbobay at Superior is becoming danger ous for teams, and tho channel is opening rapidly, —The ice has gone out of tho river at Alpena, and tho wind is breaking tholco in tho bay. —The schooner Idaho has been raised and towed in to Sandusky, where she will go on tho ways to bo re- P —The port of Kingston, Ont., is open for navigation. Tho way is clear to Capo Vincent and boats ore making their tegular trips. „ —Tho tug 8. 8. Coo left Cleveland on Wednesday for Folrport, to sea what could bo done to raise tho schoon er Citizen, • . , 4 _ , .. —Tho now steamboat company formed at Duluth have bought of tho Euglomann Transportation Com pany, sovcu-twclfths of tho propeller Manistoo and tho propeller City of Fremont, for (125,000. Advices from Marquette state that tho indications are far from favorable for an early opening. Some think not before tho 10th of May. —Tho propeller Benton, which was to leave Detroit on the 15th for Saginaw, was detained by the floating Ico on Lake Huron. „ . . . „ — l The Detroit Adtcrttoer and Tribune of tho 17th aaya: “A gentleman who arrived in this city yester day informs ua that from o commanding view no wa ter was visible off Port Colborne. and that tho same was the result of observations taken at Grand Diver, Canada, some twenty miles further up tho lake. Tho Ico In that region was apparently aa immovable os in midwinter.” —Tho now largo barge built at DaUantlne’s ship yard, in Bay City, tho past winter, Bold, a day or two since, to O. L. Nims, of Buffalo, tho price paid being $60,000. Sho will bo ready fur launching In a short time, ond ready for see on or before June 1. Bho will have three masts, and will carry, It Is stated, 70,000 bushels of corn, or 1,600,000 feel of lumber. —The Buffalo Express soys : Tho river tug fleet haa been organized very near tho same os last season, though there is expected during tho season some four or flvo independent tugs to be added to tho fleet. Thoro is little probability of tho adoption of association prices this season, at tho same time competition aud ruinous low rates aro not anticipated, in consequence of tho increase of boats. Hand’s line, as nt present organized, consists of eleven tugs, to which will bo added two new ones. One, the J, M, Tifft, having been told to Quebec parties, will leave twelve tugs, which will com prise the line. Tho following aro tho names of tho tugs, with tho exception of one not yet christened, ond omitting tho Tifft, which has been sold 5 O. W. Gardner, Compound, 8. E. Bryant, C. W, Jones, A. M. Ball, O. C. McDonald, HI. Smith, M. E. Fioroo, B. B. Uofford, U. Winslow. (P. L. Dauforth, No. 2, and one not named aro two now tugs in course of construction.) Tho Maylhcm Lino embraces four flno tugs, of which tho Maythcmßros., nro proprietors, amt Copt, James Doyle, Superintendent. Tho names of the tugs are as follows; Frank I'ercw, J. C. Ingram, Goo. Maylhcm, O. F. Wadsworth. Including the in dependent tugs, tho fleet of river tugs will number twenty to tweuty-oao tho coming season. 8.15®U5 3.6003.50 8.5004.00 4.3505.00 Av. Price. .1,253 $5.30 .1,197 8.12^* .1,333 6.65 .1,200 6.00 .1,120 6.10 .1,163 6.80 .1.133 8.20 .1,078 4.90 .1,300 8.75 ..,333 6.00 .1,311 6.06 .1,089 6.00 .1,051 4,50 .1,3 V) 6.65 .1,170 4.90 .1,113 4.80 .1,142 6.10 .1,818 6.00 ,1,183 8.12# .1,245 6.11) .1,214 6.85 .1,108 6.50 .1,310 6.50 .1,235 6.10 .1,389 5.00 .1,234 ■ 6.76 .1,380 6.75 .1,230 6,00 .1,830 0.00 ~1,293 B.GO ..1,210 6.50 ..1,859 6.65 ..1,203 6.50 ..1,389 6.60 f.Vy. Av. Price, 01 201 $5,23 G3 201 6.23 68 207 6.30 71 180 6.28 70 178 6.20 Cl 330 6.60 101. 218 6.30 ICS ICO 6.35 162 315 6.40 21 160 6.25 3.1 230 *6.40 60 207 6.25 83 103 6.30 02 278 6.45 68 203 6.25 70 107 6.30 01 221 6.15 CO 103 * 6.23 10 107 1.30 GETTYSBURG WATER. GKBTT^SBXJIRa- EATUTSmE WATER. ThoUnttod States Dispematory, tho authorised record of our Materia Medics, classes this water with tho most renowned Alkaline or Carbonated Springs of Europe. II far ozocU any other known in its self-preserving proper, ties. It doca not deteriorate by bottling and keeping. It has never boon claimed for any other nilneral water tho power to dissolve tho nrates, orso-callcil chalk formations in tho body or on tho limbs and joints. Ihls thoGottys burg Kaf alyslnu Water bos rtono In hundreds of instances. Gout, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, Gravel, Dio. bates, Kidney end Urinary Diseases generally havo all yielded to U» Intluowco. Hum restored Muscular rawer to tho paralytic, cured Abdominal Dropsy, and given healthy notion to tho Torpid User, It hat cured Chronic Dlarrhcca, Piles, Uonsilpallon, .Asthma, pa. tarrh, Diseases of tho bkln, General lioMllty and Ner. Tuua Prostration /ruin Mental and Physical Kxcois. es. All those by tho bottled water. It U a powerful anlhtotn fur Kxeowlvo 1-atlng or Drinking, it oonucta Urn Blumnch, promotes Digestion, and re- Ilevcs tho Hoad almost immediately. Pamphlets contain. Inu a history of the Spring, reports from eminent Pbysi. clans and medical writers, marvelous and woU-altcitod ourfcs, and lostliuonlals from distinguished citizens, will bo furnished and Bout by mail on application to WIIiTNKY UROIL llcn'l Ag'ts. 337 tinntlLi'rout-at., Philadelphia, Pa, Gettysburg Spring Co. Fur sale by VANSUUAAOK, STEVENSON A REID, IIUUK .t UAYNKIt. end druggists gonarally. PAIEB AUKS' *1 STANDAIID 1/ SCALES tA. OFALLSIZHB. MOESB &00 tt W£tiT 'iVASUUifITOK-ST. .i59.00@55.00 .47.00@60.00 , 89.00@10.00 . ,45.00 HARDWOOD, MARINE. .April 19. LAKE FREIGHTS; THE WRECK. ITEMS. SCALES.

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