Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 19, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 19, 1873 Page 7
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CITY BEAL ESTATE. port SALIf—CHOICE PROPERTY INSIDE CITY Wabash-av., near Fourteonth-at., cast front, 60*170 feet. Wabash-av., southsait corner Thlrty-Qrst-it., 100x160 feet. Wabash-av., north of Tblrty-thlrd-st.. 60x180 foot. .wabash-av., southeast corner Thlrty-fourth-sl., 230z178 font. Wabash-av., northwest oomor Thlrty-Ofth-st., 50x176 foot. . Mlohlgan-av., north of Twonty-slxth-st,, oast front, COx 180 foot. . Mloulgan-av.. lonthoait corner Forty-olghth-st., 200* 163 foot. Mlohlgan-av., north of Flfty-fourih-st.. 76x160 foot. Indlana-av., southeast corner Flfly-thlrd-st., 166x1,0 lent. Pralrio-av., southwest corner Fl/ty-tblrd-st., 165x170 feet. Pralrio-av., southeast corner Flfty-thlrd-st., 166x180 foot. Oat nmol-ay., southeast cornor Flfty-thlrd-at,, 166x160 feet,. ’* Calumet* at., southwest oornor Flfty.thlrd-st., 156x180 feet. Oalumot-av,, northeast cornor Flfty-thlrd-st., 250x1M feat, Oalumot-av,, northwest oornor Flfty-thlrd-st., 160x180 foet. Also a largo amount of other choice and desirable prop, erty, comprising some of tho most remarkable Invest toonla In markoV. J. RSAIAB WARREN, • 18 Chamber of Commerce. •CIOR SALIC—IO LOTS ON* EGAN-AV. - , CORNER JJ btawact. 95 feet on Langloy-av., botwocn Forty-second and Forty thlrd-sls.- 126x166 cornor Forty-oSghlh-at. and Konwood-cnurt. 150 foot mu Konwuod-court, between Forty-seventh and Forty-olghth-sts.. within 1 block of Kenwood station. <9*160, Klmbarlc-av., between Fifty-sixth and Fifty ■oronth-stfl. 60x160, on Indlana-av., between Fifty-third and Fifty* fourth-sts. 10 lota on Wcstcm-ar., nearLanghton-st. 20 loti on Laughton and Marvln-ots.. near Wostorn-ar. 10 lots on Seocnd ami Erlo-sts., between Uoubon and Noble. 6(1x170, on Mlohlgan-av., with first-class house; £6xllo, with 3-story frarao house, on Fourlh nv., hotwoon Harrison and Polk-sU. WIND A FAIILIN, esEnstMadtiop-st.. Room <■ TTIOR SALE-GOOD LOTS ON THE FOLLOWING J? streets s Stale, Rumsldo. ButfaHiaid, •Arn<'*d« oari bold!, Hanover, Rntler. Wallace, Summor. Wlntor. Mur. ray. and Hnleted; also on Wonlworth, Shnrtloff, Fortland and fliowart-avs; also on Alexander. Twenty-slxtb, Twcnly-sevonlh, Twentrelghlh, Napoleon, Twontv-nlnth. Earl, Thirtieth, Haven, rnlity-first, lldr &«Sond!riWuar<l, Thirl,':«nh, aW-jli Hi, Hl.ljr. soTcnth, tontalno, andThlrly-olkhlh-sts. Itlloporfool. Warranty deeds. A very small payment down, llvo yoor s time, fl per cent iulorost. Nn ngoncy business. Apply to owner. ALBERT ORANE. 87d Wabash-av. . JJIOR SALE-60FEET OALUMET-AY., NEAR TWEN- Jo!scot on, near Calumet-av. 78 foot on Twonty-flftb-st., corner Portland-av. 65 toot on Wab&sbav., near Th rty-slxth-Bt. 75 foot on Indlana-av., near 60 foot on lodiana-av., near Thirtythlrd-st. 100 foot on Mlchlgan-av., corner Thlrly-second-st. 160 toot on Mlchigan-av., northeast corner Thlrty-icv ,n iSOfooton Wabash-av., norib of Douglas-placo, cast *Two-storyond basement brick-house, offered forß day» OR 3ALE-"SAIIINi:'8 '■ TKUUAOK-ONE I.EJT ol three houses to bo finished bolero May lonlorty- Hrst-sL. bolwccn Oottago Orovo and Vlnconnoa-avs. Call and see them Sunday. ContalrUng Sroom■ nod cove, gas, cistern, barn. oto. Only ifft.COO* SI,OOO cash, ti.OOOln flvo years, balance In monthly payments, aop thponnor, J. £■ KcKKEVKB. liaLuUMlu-.t.. Boom 18. Fob" hai.k-cottacii: containing 7 itooMS, with elosots, hard sod soft water; house in good repair; good bam, carriage room; lot. 25x125. Apply on promises, 717 WasUiagton-av., corner of Roboy-st. _ •1?OR SALE—2-STOHY AND BASEMENT BRICK ON if Van Bnron-st., east of Robey, will bo completed by £j»toir frame on Van Buron-st., corner TToyno, $8,000.. 2-story frame on West Jockson-st., oast of Throop, residences and residence lots,in all Part* of the city. MEAD A COE, 163 Lnßallo-at. TBOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN, COTTAGE WITH X basement and lot. No. 800 Thlrty-thlrd-st., one block west of Htato-st. 7 good, rooms, closets, and now barn. Inquire on promises. For sale-at a great bargain, and on cissy terms, <6 feet fall depth lob on Mlchlgan-av., between Madison and Mouroo-tU. Inquire of JOHN COVERT, 67 SUto-st. OR SALE-LOTS I LOTS I CHEAP LOTS I SAVE $8 A week, and owns homo of your own. We sell those lots from 3100 to SSOO, for small payment down; balance at tbo rato of $3 a week. They are Just out side cf tho fire limits, on tbo highest ground in tbo olty, Call and lot us take yon to boo them froo of charge. A. Q. STORY A SON, 145 South Olark-at., Room 8, and 287 JdHwaukoo-nv. T7OR SALE-NO. 90 WARREN-AV., CORNER PAU- X' lina-st., largo two-story frame. lot 78 foot front, a <very desirable place. MEAD A COE, 153 LaSalle-st. TTtOR BALK—OR EXCHANGE-GOOD HOUSES AND X lots on Jackson and Adams-sts., oast of Callfornlo- Bv. Address McOaLLY, Builder, 1091 Jaoluon-st. TJIOR SALB-A NIOFi NEW 6-ROOM COTTAGE, ON X Erio-st., between Robey and Home, with lot; terms easy. Inquire of ownor, 8. M. MILLARD, 185 South Clark-st., Itoom 9. FOR SALE-TWO SWELL FRONT, FRENCH ROOF, basement brick bouses, 14 rooms each, all modem im- Rrovomonts, situated on West Monroe-st., between Fau na and Wood-ats., north front. In tbo best-looking brick block la tho VTcst Division: prleo low. and term* easy. Also two lots, with goodS-Btory frame house, containing 9 rooms, with a fine sot of shade troos in front, $8,000; sasy terms. Apply at house, 649 West Monroe-st. For salk-two-story frame, lot WestWashington-st., nonverlincotu; housoifboMrA by steam, and has all modern Improvements. MEAD A OOE, 163 IjaSttllo-st. •pOR- SALE-200 FEET ON INDIANA-AV.. WITH X oast front) near Thirty-nintb-at. A. J. AVeRELL, ;180 Doarborn-st.. Honoro Block. T?OR SALE—UOUfIII AND LOT, 179 WALNUT-ST. T House ami lot, Thlrty-flrst-it., nearWahash-av. House end lot, Colfax-av., icutli of Thiity-socoud. House and lot, West Adams-st. .60x169, Langley near Foriy-second-sU _. . . _ Also some acronropcrty at Washington Heights. wo •want effort. LEVI, WING A CO., l7BDoarborn-Bt. -inOR SALE-SEVERAL OF THE CHOICEST RESI- J? donee lots In the Sonth Division t.. . ._ . . 100x206, n. o. comer South Park Boulevard and Thirty* rtevonth-lt. 99x178, n. w. comer Mlchlgan-av. and Twonty-slxth-st. 186x2w, South Park Boulovord, south and noar Thirty* eiTonth-st. 1(0x180, Indlana-av., noarTwonty-nlnth-st. _ 60x185. Wabash-av., nonr Twenty-sixth; a bargain boro, ft*, Calumet, south and noar Twcnty-thlrd-st. _ The above, all llrst-clasa rosidoncolota, are offered low •and on favorablo toms. G. A. LBLAND, l6BDcarborn-st. T?OR SALE-40 OR 80 FEET ON EAST MADISON 1’ st., routh front, full depth, botwooo WollsandFrank -tln-sts ; terms easy. J. D. HARVEY. 174 LaSallo-st. T?OR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT 168 NORTH DEAR- J? born-st.; oil modem Improvement*. Inquire on prem ises. TTtOR 8 ALE—WEST LAKE-ST., COTTAGE. 7 ROOMS, 1' lot 20x140, sower, water,.gas, etc. SNYDER A LKU, i! 4 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo and La- Jallo-sts. ‘ TmOR SALE-120 FEET ON VAN BURKN-ST., NEAR J Uootro-uv. CANFIELD A MATTKSON.Cb For sale-a fine lot on the north Side, fronting south on Superior-fit,, near Rush-st. DRAFTS A SNOW. 64 LaSallo-st. PALE-DESIRABLE HOBIES—INDIANA-AV. ' and TwontSoth-st., a largo, fine residence, with 60 or .110 feet of ground. Prairic-av. and Twonty-first-st., a good frame house, iglth lot 76x178 foot. Those desirable roaldoncos will bo offered for a few days .on very reasonable terms. B. W. THOMAS, FOR SALE-HOUSE, 2-STORY AND BRICK BASE* moot, good repairs, with 83 foot lot, Pralrie-av., .north of Tidrty-thlrd*sl.; price 88,000; onsy tonus. !ll:.uso No. 188 Uakloy-st., near Fulton, 13 rooms, lot CO ‘Toot front,and small barn: price $6,000; oaeytonni. Houses Nos. 23, 21, 26, 28, and id) wnupansoh-av. (Thlrty-eovonth ft.), between Lake and EllU-avs. s each hoaso 3-story and Abasement, with 20-foot lot; price $5,000 Mcd^oafij^terms. : T?OR I3AI.K—TO PARTIES WHO WILL BUILD AND .J? Improve—l will sell a number of lino building spots, 1106 foot front by 266 foot deep, or halfa block, or n acres, .at low rates and on oasytorms to those who will build tgoodhoufios. JOHN CULVER, 143 LaSalle-st. For sale—s three-story brick iiouhes nuiblo fronts—together with lots, situated on tho ■northeast corner Union Park Place andOarroll-av; houses Ibnvo all tho modem Improvements, sub-basements, bath iroumv, water-hafiln*. furnace, ranges, brick bams, and ■everythingrcquUUo for tlnt-olssa bouses: tho vicinity is tfirst-olasß. and theso bonsos will be sold on easy terms. ■Apply on the promises to the owner. T. B. COUivTNRY. ifruß SALE—2-STORY AND BASEMENT MARBLE ji.' front house, furnace, gas fixtures, Ao., on Indiana itv., near Park-row. SNYDER A LKE, 14 Nixon Build ting, northeast corner and LaSaUQ-sta. : ,|jIORSALE—TWO-STORY AND BABK6IKNT BRICK,. Jl' eotegon-front housot'lirlekbnrn. Ac.; now; on Park- Uv., nonr i.locoln. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Build ins, northeast comer Monroe and LaSalle-sts. F OR.B ALE WABASH-AV.—60x173 FEET, WEST front, on Wabsiib-av., north of Thlrty-lulU-st.. Douglas-placo. SNYDER 4 LEE., No. 14 Nlxon’sßuild- Ing. northeast corner of Monroo and latSalle-stfl- ITiOII SALE—CHEAP—A ONE-STORY AND A HALF P cottage with 6 rooms, with 8 years' lease. Apply 363 Walnut-st. FOR SALE-TWO GOOD 2-STORY HOUSES ON Pnlton-st., with 10 years’ lease of lots ground rent *3O a year: gas and sower In street. MORION CULVER, Room 4, Metropolitan Block. FOR SALE-TWO SWELL-FRONT. FRENCH ROOF brick houses, 14 rooms each, with all modem Improve monte. No. 634 and 838 West Monroo-st., only two blocks from Union Park. M’Ul bo sold low on easy terms If ap plied for soon at 643 West Monroo-st. FOS SALE—SI&,OOO—A LONG LEASE ON CENTRAL Iroprorodproperty paying over $6,000 yonrly, can bo bought fur cash. Adurcss, with real naOo, B 80, Tribune .office. _________ F' ORBALE—S MARBLE-FRONT HOUSES ON PARK ay,, near Weod-st. Two-story and basement house, , and lot on Prairlo-av.j only $6,61*0. Lot oornor LaSalle and Erlo-sts. j only «1M per foot. Housei and lot on I lull .ana-st..: only «I,W0; easy toraifl. W. H. PHARE, No. .JSlfl . Fon SALE 2-fiTORY FHAME, WITH IIIUOK basomout, house, on Thlrtiolh-lt., between Wabush ; and Mlchlgan-avs.; lot 21x171) foot to 40-feot court In rear. iHouso has all modem Iroprovomonto: bot and emd waters ineatod by furnace: good bam, Ao. BLANCHARD .'BROS., 163 LaSalle. FOR BALE-LONG LEASES-WABASINAV.-M years loaso of houso and lot No. 461 Wuhath-av.; lot 16x170, with good ham. Immediate possession. There U % fortune In this lease to any ono who buys it. Htate-st., 86x44 foot, east front, 63 foot north of Ran dolph-st. 5 party wall on three sides; will ho sold for a moderate bonus. Lease runs for W years. J.EBAIAS WARREN, 16 Chamber of Commorco, FOR fIALH WABASH-AV.-26x170 FEET, EAST front, near Fourteen tli-st.imily rt.VWpor foot. Tltlo perfect. J. ESAJAS WARRLN, 16 Chamber of Com aiorce- OR SALE-OR RUNT—A GOOD HOUSE, EIGHT rooms, an Ft. Wayno-av., corner Rodnoy-st., bo twsen Forty-eighth and Forty-ninth, with 60 foot lot, Would soil low and on easy terms, or would rent Tory Invr (63J), with tho privilege of selling. Call on W. J. BAR* NEY, 163 East Randelph-st. TJ>OR BALE LOTS ON OHIOAOO-AV., FIRST, JD Erlo. and FourlU-sts., bolwmui Wood and Oakley. U prices? and easy terms. BOYD A WIHNEU, U Dsarbom-st. A ■f?OH SALK—IOO FT., MADISON-BT., FRONTING » JJ Central Park 1100 ft., Mlchlgan-av., near Furly-soo- Rad-st. >loash, balance u years. S. E. GROSS, Room i, Major IBook. IBORSALE—NO.47I WESTTAYLOR-ST. ;l>i-HTORY A' gathlo frame hniun, 16 rooms, water, gas, oto.; lot fom foJt; price $9,7W, FRED L. FAKE A 0O„ M Wuhingtou-st, CITY BEAL ESTATE, T7IOR SALB—BUSINESS PROPERTY CHEAP. Jl Lako-st., cast oiLnSallo. 40x180 font. Randolph-st. (with storo), 20*W feet. 1t Mloblgau-av.* southwest oornor Madlson*st>. 68x110 Olark-sv., north of Jaeksoa, lUzlM[foot. Htnte-st., near Randolph (W years* lease), 98x44 fool. Wabash-av., near Fourtoontn-st., 25x170 foot. Wabash-av., near Kldrldgo-conrt (honso No. 401), 40x 170 feet, W years’ lease, at low rate. ..... , B . WahMh-av., sombweat oornor Tblrty-flrat-st., 100*180 southoaatcornorThlrty-fourth-st., 326*160 Wabash-av., north of Thlrty-thlrd-st., east front, 60*180 Wabash-av., northwest corner Thlrty-flfth-st., 60*176 Besides those, a largo nnmbor of olher Important looall* ttes. ’ , FortDToaUnonti I 18 Chamber of Commerce. TjlOR SALE-WEST HIDE RKBIDENOB—WE ARE 1’ authorized to sell a S story brick re* denco, eltiintoH on one of the most prominent and desirable ooniors.of West Waaldngtoii-st.i fronting south and containing 15 rooms: tho lot is 60 foot wide, and tho Internal arrsngomon a of tho homo aro unusually convonloutand pleasant, tho liana of nmido also and all tho rooms, except tho laundry, are on two Hours; both the house and tho stable contain all modem Improvements and tho whole property makes ono of tho most attractive and elegant homos wo have otor offered. Thoplaoowlllbe sold cheap and on very easy turms. D. COLE A SON, Real Estate Agents, 188 West Madison-st. ' IP OR HALE—MARI) LU-FUONT HOUSE NO. 171 X 1 Cnluniot-nv.,, $13,000. A nice brlok house and barn, on a cornor, on Indiana ftVA* goocLmarblo-fronl house on Mlohlgaa-av., near Four* tconth-st.. $15,000. m „ lt Mnrblo-ironthousoonMlchlgan-av., botwcon Twelfth and Thlrtccnth-sU, oast front. _ Marble-front homo No. 607 Wabash-av,, near Four 8-story brick house, with 44 foot of ground, No. 19 Lake* av sif,too. 2-story brick house. No. MTwonty-olghth-st,, SII,OOO. - Also n number of llrst-olass houses on tho avomios, eligibly located, vanlng Inprloo from tfCo, 000 460,000. A ,1. AVKRLLL. lU*Tli»tato Ol)ico. No. Iso i>, lionoro lilook._ iTinii OALK—CORNER ROBEY AND POLK-STS., X 1 grocery and rosldenco. 14 rooms, largo barn and lot, $4,600. Loavltt-st/, near Van Huron, two-story and basa ment 11 room brick liouso, llnely finished and all modern Improvements, $7,000; easy terms; n emsf. bargain. No. 638 Warrcn-av., a» ft -south front lot, story frame bouse, 8 rooms, largo barn; $6,000—52,960 cash, balance on time. Fine lot for dry goods or grocery store, Madl. son-st.. botwoon Leavitt and(oakloy, 23 foot south front, with party walls built? on long time and low Interest. Lots within ono block of Lawndale dopot,botwoon Ogdon av. and Twonty-socond-st.; SB3 por foot. Lots ono block west of Foot Wayno Railroad, at Forty-nlnth-st. T. B. BROWN, Room 9 Fidelity Bank Building, 147 Ran- Uolph-»t. ' Fou sale-bv w. j. onaiian, &a central Union II look, N. W. corner Madison and Markot-stfl.: FINK RESIDENCE PROPERTY. „ Two-story and basement marble front houao, 10 rooms, with all modem improvements; brick barn, ole.; Wa* bnsb-av., near Twcnty-slxth-st. ' Two-story ond basomnntbriok house, (rood bam, etc.; lot 80x178 to an alloy; Mlchlgan-av., noarThlrtcontli-st. Two-story frame house, and CO foot lot; West Jackson* at.. near Centre-ay, ..... „ Throc-story and basement brick hooao, Carponler-at., near Madlson-st. ■fTIOR SALK-OAKWOOD BOULEVARD—UKAUTI X’ ful rosidenoo lots, north and south fronts, 'i bis prop erty Immediately adjoins the city and tiro limits, ami Jins between South Park boulevard and Vlncennes-av. Oak wood boulevard Is 100 feet wide and is being Improved by tho South Park Commissioners, without oxpouso to tho ,„d South Park boulevard. In tho sumo tract, and on Vlncennes-av. . For builders, or those socking sites for elegant resi dences in tho most convenient and attractive locality out side of city limits, no property offers greater Inducements than this. Very easy toms can bo given to purchasers. J a ESAIAS WARREN, 18 Chamborof Commerce. For sale-at auotion-saturday, apiul 19, at 12 o'clock m., on tbo promises, 2 cottages 6 rooms each, and lots each 25x121 foot, on Battlo-et., be tween Fifty-first and Fifty-second. ..... 1 cottage 8 rooms, and fob 84x134 foot, on Allantlo-st., between Fifty-first and Fifty-second. 21otson Wontworth-av., near Fifty-firs t-afr:, east front, each 25x126 foot. Bala peremptory and without reserve. O. O. TBAYER A CO., 186 East Madlson-st. TTIORSALE-PRAIRIE AND INDIANA-AVS., COR- X 1 non of Flfty-tbinl-st. High ground, adjacent to South Park; longtime; at 7 percent upon largo part o! purchase money. As an investment, nothing can be more absolutely certain. J. ESAIAS WAltllKN, 18 Chamber of Commerce. ITtOR SALB-TWO-BTORY FRAME NO. 119 PEORIA- X st., lot 50 foot, oast front, at a bargain. MEAD A COB, 153 LaSalle-st. For sale-or exchange-house and lot No. 808 Walnnt-st.; price, $4,500; bongo Ingoodor dor, and contains IX rooms, besides closets. Terras. 9(2,000 cash, balance on time. Apply to owner, 915# West Lako-et. EOR SALE-LOTS ON ASHLEY AND FOURTH its., near Robey. Z/otson.lnckson-st., cost of Oontro-av, LotsoaPauUaa-st., near Van Huron. 25 foot on Van Buron-st., oast of Lincoln, at a bargain. OR SALE—MY TWO HOUSES ON SOUTH Park-av., between Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth sts., with lot 50x180, east front. Tbo houses aro two-story and basement, thoroughly built, conveniently arranged, with hot and cold water, bathrooms, water-closets, and modem improvements. E. S. HULBURD, 95 Eaat Harris ou-st. • For salk-vermont marble front house, 9 stories and basement, on Van Buron-st.. wostof Ashlaud-av. Would take ottior property, city or.tubnr-, u ln ai M«w«v »A, JIC., 60 FOR SALE-BRICK HOUSE AND LOT. INDIANA »v„ north of Twonty-nlnth-st.. for $11,500. A. AA, D. BELLAMY, Room C, 157 and ROLaSallo st. FOR SALE—243 AND 246 SOUTH BANOAMON-BT., with Improvements, at a groat bargain. A. AA. D. fItBLLAMY, Room 6, 167 nnd.ls9 LaSallo-st. For sale-cottage ok a rooms, bath room, pantry, and closets, on leafed ground, on Indl ana-av., noarl'wonty-ieoond-nt., with or without furnl turo. Apply toJAa. T. ALLEN, 106Twenty-seoond-st. FOR BALE—BV M. V. HOTCHKISS, 87 CLARK-' st.j Abrickhonso, with gas. water, soworago. Ao., and 60-foot corner lot, at Oakland, 811,000. Also, houses on South and West Bides. 1 For bale-0 acres, fronting 1.020 fket on Lake-st., at Northwestern Car Works; small payment; long time. O. W. DEAN, 133 South Olark-st., Room 16. For bale-100 third-av.. 2 blocks south of Government Buildings (Custom-Homo), with front on Doarbom-st., only $14,600, In 6 payments. 870 Wabash av., 4-atory marble front, lot 40zh». Acres, 3 blocks front Boulevard, oast of Central Park! a bargain. Four lino aero blocks, 2 blocks from Station, South Englewood, 61,100; will retail for 8200 nor Jot. WO lots at Irving Park, at low prices. AVERY, MILLER A HIGDON, 143 Wonroo-st. I7IOR SALE—BY 11. O. MOREY, 77 OLARK-ST., ; 125 foot and nlco 2-story frame bouse, (roes and shrub bery, Adams-Bt., one block west of Wostem-av.. $13,C00. Basement cottage, 13 rooms, No. 173 South Wood-st., $4,600; No. 460 West Vanßuron-st., 10 rooms, gas, sowor, bam, newly painted. $0,600; now marblo-frout bouses, Pftrk-av,, near Wood-st. For sale-by h. o. morey. n olark-st., No. 3461xtocnth-«t., 0-atory and basement brick; modern Improvements, FOR SALE-KRIE-ST.-25FEBT BETWEEN CLARK and Laßalle-sts., s, f., nr will exchange for South Kldo property. F. 0. VIERLINQ, 126 Doarbom-st., Room 18. For sale-two acres choice land, front- Inc Lake-Shore Drive, and running west to HaUted ■t.; cheap, and terms easy. MORTON CULVER, Room 4, Metropolitan Block. FOR SALE-fiOxllO FEET ON COTTAGE OROVE av., near Thlrty-socond-st. Price, $l2O per loot. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroe andLaSallo-sts. ■ For bale-or rent-elegant is-room mar blo houses Wabash-av., near Twelfth-st.. Prairie and Miohlgan-avs., $16,000. $19,000, $25,000. Only $2,000. caah. 8. MEARH, 148 LaSallo-st. FOR SALE—too feet of the most DESIRA bio rosldonce property In Chicago, fronting Union Park, at a bargain, and on easy terms. MORTON OUL VER. Roon»4 Metropolitan Block. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. FOR SALE-STONY ISLAND-AV., 10ACRE3NEAR depot on Illinois Central, at Bovontloth-st. 40 aoros north of Kovanty-tiith-st. OiXACE A ABELL, 184 Doarbom-st., Honoro Block. FOR BALK-AT lIINSDALIt-nOUSKS, WITH largo grounds, at $1,600, $1,860. $2,606, $3,6u0, $4,600, $5,006, and up to $25,060. on any terms dotlred; also, nooses to rent. Inquire of tho owner, at 74 Dearborn-st., or at Hinsdale, O. J. BTOUOII. I pOll SALE-A NUMBER OF HOUSES AND LOTS ' noar Hyde Park Depot and tho Lako; also lino building lots in same vicinity, will tako parties wishing to buy to look at tho property at any time. DUJNUY L. UNDKit- WOOD, 99 flladlson-st. Foil SALE—BY n. 0. MOREY, 17 OLARK-ST., several aoro tracts on Flfty-hfth-st. Bouluvuvd, west of llalsted-et. __ 16 acres on SUte-at., near Hawthorn, $1,600 per aoro. 60 or 70 aoros on Twelfth-st. ami Desplalnea River. 13acresouHarrlaoa-st., corner city limits, $3,260 per aoro, 713 foot on Madison, Monroo, and Adams-sts., cast of Central Park, $3.200. For hale-at ravenswood-a neat ootiiio dwelling, brick basement. 8 rooms, hard and soft wa ter, and furnaco: loH43iUj3 foot, with fruit and shndo trees: easy terms. Apply to ROuT. GREEK, 81 LaSallo at., Room 3. FOR BALE—BURNSIDE RTATION-80 ACRES ON Nlaetr-tlfth-st., west of Burnside Station. IlUnols Central Railroad. SNYDER A LEE, H Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroe and LaSalle-sts. rpOH HALE-HARLEII—(O ACRES OF HIGH RIDGE 1? on tho Caunty-mad. between Galena and Chicago A Psoltlo Railroads. SNYDER A LEE, 14NUon Building, northeast coruor Monroo and LaSallo-sU. For sale-baltimorr a oiiio road, 40 acres In Hoe 81, 88, 14. OHAOU A ABELL, l&l Doarbom-st., Honoro Block. ■pOR SALE-AORE PROPERTY WE HAVE OHOIOE J* aoro tracts, south of olty limits, also a few tracts of Lake shore property, suitable fornrst-class residences. OIIACIE A ABELL, 164 Dearboro st., Honoro Block. EOll BALE-OR KXOHANOK—AT MAYWOOD, bosutlful residence, with large oornor lot. A. T. HEMINGWAY, Roomsß4 and 80 Major Block, corner Madison and Lsoallo-sts. For sale-south Chicago-to acres on Bovontr-hlth-»t., lying between Oornoll and South Chicago. High, dry land. SNYDER A LEE. No. 14 Nixon’s Building, northeast oornor of Monroo and La. Hallo-ati. For sALE-isa lots at south knolkwood, near tho depot. Also, 6-acre blocks fronting Eighty seventh-st. Will soli to builders on 6 years 1 time without any cash payment, If purchaser will build immediately. MATSON HILL, 401 Wabaihav, FOR SALE—vicinity of HYDE park-house now and newly furnished] good grounds: now barn and carriage houso. A bargain for cash. E 73, Tribune oflloo. FOR HALE-LOTS AND BLOCKS AT THE WEST Furty-oighth-st. depot, within a quarter of a mile of tbo Northwestern car shops. Some good houses and building lots at Austin, and nemo aero property cheap at Humboldt boulevard and near Irving Park. GRAFTS & SNUW. H LaHsllo-st. TTOil HALE—RIDOKLAND-61 ACRES ON RIDGE i» laud-av., midway between Rldgeland Station, on (Ja lona Railroad, and Oalo Station, un Uhlcaun A Paclllo Railroad. HNVDER A LEE. 14 Nixon Building, north oast oornor Monroo and LaHalle-sts. WOU SALK-NEW IHOUSE AND LOT, AT OAK I 1 Park, biuflos wostof Chicago, on O. ± N W. Railway. Tonus us*y to suit purchaser. Apply to 11. SGIIUCL PER 140 North Unlon-st. For sale-at park side, on Illinois cen. tral Railroad, 11 aores, which can ho retailed nt largo profit: thUproperlyadJolnsdepot; commutailonfaro, 10 ciali. WING A FAnLIN, M Fail MsdUon-it-, Room 4. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SATURDAY, APRIL 19„ 1873. SUBURBAN BEAL ESTATE. rlt SALR-UIOinVOOD, lIKTWMEN EVANSTON nmlLsko Forest, on tho lake shore. In a beautiful park, with vigorous growth of largo shade trees, gravo! walks and drives. ... 91,600-Cottagq, sldo wing, two piazzas, boywlndnw, Inshio blinds; #260 yearly for two years; sl,ooola five years. If9,ooo—Voty stylish cottage, front and sldo, piazza, hay window, hall, parlor,silting,tuning,and family room,roar addition, wltlikltchennnduoodehodisnmotornis. Two-story brick; any terms,no matter howfavor* $4,000— Spacious brick near W. W. Rortngton'a palatial roaldcnoo. All nhovo houses have desirable lots. Houses built to suit, and sold on as favorable terms. Houses ore carefully ntnl substantially built, one hour from Chicago: yearly commutation, 13 oontaarlrtq. Tho terms on widen 1 nflor those honaos will coat you only what you aronovr paying for rent; so you can decide between a rldo of one hour to your own home on trains that carry a largo number of tho wealthiest merchants ol Chicago past lllghwuod to thnlr palatini residences In Lnko Forest, or bang to?,(of on hour nn roar of street-oar to rented house fn poor location, subjecting ynuraelf to annoyance of frequent romovnlo and n^ronls. Roaldcnoo Illghwood; olllcn H8 LaSalle-st. FOR BATiR-DUOIOirSUUURHAN LOTS-ON TUE Mllwaukoo Railway, at* miles dtslant, andtwonty minutes' rldo from tho depot, in Ulybourno's Addition to Ravonawood. . ... Tlioao lots are laid out 60x153 foot on 80 foot streets, and will bo sold upon oesy lorms, at from s6tto to s7fO per lot. Tlio facilities for access to And from tho city—tho desir ability of the land—lt being high and thoroughly, drained —tho proximity to first-class improvements, churches, schools, and society, commend (ms property as tho best at tho prices now In tho market. . .... Comparison challenged! Tho attention of tho industrl* mis—tho thrifty—tho cautious-Is called tothoso lots as sites for bomostoads or for investments. Call, for a printed abstract and plot, upon ROBERT QUEER, 81 LaSalle-st., Room 3. FOR BALE-SUIIUUUAN HOUSES and lots in Norwood Park, Haronswood, Evanston. Oakrark, and Fatk Ridge, etioap and on c&sy tonus. Alsoiiiimo houses and lots to exchange for city properly, UEOUQE SUM MEUH, 183MndUon-et., Room 4. TpOR HALE—BY HENRY E. MARBLE, ROOM 0. 70 J; Dcarborn-st. t 100 acres of choice timbered property, located on tho rldgo at Washington Heights. A rare up* portunlty Is hero offered for a spcculativo Investment. TPOR SALIC—AT EVANSTON-BEAUTIFUL REBI XV denco lota, S3 ft front, bylMdoop, In the Immediate neighborhood of good Improvonmnta. 1 will soil 6 more atthls price. ItOUKRI' COMMONS. 143 LaSalle-st. Tlthn. RAT.TC— AT NOMTIT WVATJRTON — LDTB~W X’ foot by 160 foot, with good streets, sidewalks, and beautiful largo ahndo trees, for SSOO. Toms one-quarter cash, and balance In 1. 3. end fl years, or in monthly pay* monts. JOHN CULVER. 143 LaSalle-st. TpOR SALE-HOUSES AT NORTII EVANSTON, X 1 with 8 largo rooms, betides closets, brick basomont, bay windows,marblo mantels, all In good stylo, for $8,600, on oasy terms. JOHN CULVER, 143 LaSalle-st. IrOltaALK-A BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE IN WIN* } nolka. 10 largo, tlnu rooms, well, clstom, barn, nice lawn, shade and fruit trees; 2 aoros choice land, being 60 feetahovotho lake, ami running to the lake shorn sprier low and easy tonus. Inqulto of J. 8. HAMILTOn, 99 Btato-st,, comor Washington, or R. M. GRAVES, Win* notka. FOR SALE-NEW COTTAGEAT ENGLEWOOD, 7 rooms, third house from .Fort Wayne Railroad, on Sir tloth-st.; grounds nicely Improved; lot 50x12ft: low price before W. J. BARNEY. 163 East Randolph-st. TpOR SALK- MAPLEWOOD ADJOINING OLD X 1 oily limits, only 4 miles from CourUlouso, accessible br steam oars; commntatlon faro IWtf cents; largo frontage on Humboldt boulov ard, Fullerton and Westorn-avs.; trees liftto boon sot out over tho ontlro property; sidewalks have boon laid: artesian well, superior to any other In lids vicin ity, llowlng At tho rato of 850 gallons nor minute of pure water, equal In every respoot to that of Lako Michigan, Purchasers of thoso lots avoid city taxes, while at tho same time the property Is rapidly enhancing In valuo by tho oily Improvements, which will soon roach this vicinity. No cashpnymont required of parties making improve ments.- Price of lots from S4OO to S6OO. Wo can furnish S rlntod abstract of title to tho abovo property. WING A 'ARLIN, 68 East Madlson-st., comer State, Room 4. FOR SALE-r-AT ENGLEWOOD. A TWO-STORY house and large lot. beautifully situated on high ground, near tho depot, ipply to YOUNG A ROWLY, Room 8,152 Doarboro-st. FOR BALE—ENGLEWOOD—ONE-HALF OR THE wholo of a JH-ooro tract fronting cast on Halstod-st., comer of Blxty-soventh-st-, and opposite Bock's Park. TbU property Is offered at a decided bargain and on easy terms. Inquire of party in Interest at Room 6, 150 Dear* bom-tt. TBOR SALE-AT OAK PARK—SEVERAL DESIRA- X bio residences; also, oboloo variety of lots. A. T. HEMINGWAY, Rooms 54 and 80 Major Block, earner Madison and LaB&llo-ats. FOR SALE—4O ACRES IN N. W. H SEC. 80 AND 160 acres In blocks north W See. 7, all on the highest ridge In Washington Heights. YOUNG A ROWLEY, Room 8, No. 162 Dearbom-st . IrOR SALB-A TRACT OF 23 ACRES ON NORTH ) Branch, and accessible by gravel road; also near railroad. Tho premises aro adjacent to city, and avail able for subdivision. E. MANIEURK, 13 Honoro Block, or 1024 Pralrlo-av. For sale-lots, blocks, and acre prop orty in vicinity of Central Park and now oar-worki of a. A N. W. R. R. Co. 10 acres in See. 16. 89, 18, fronting Madlson-flt, 4 sores In See. 10, 89, 13. 40 aorcs fronting DouglarPark Boulevard and Twelfth at., on very o*»r tonga of payment. J. D. HARVEY, 171 LaSsllost. For sale-at a bargatn-by golden a FIIGSHWATKRS, 83 South Clark-st., Room 10: 40 acres In 800. 11, 88,,13. 40 acres In See 15, 89,13. ____ For sale-by si. v. Hotchkiss, 87 olark st.: Houses and largo lots at Maywood, ranging In Srlcofrom 84,000 to $7,500. Also, houao at Oak Park, 6,600. Irion DAtjCt-10 AOim x.otc, imjr ponnoni un ’ o«clis half improved; good, dry land; some timber; at Hobart Station; Chicago, 82 miles. Price, 3<o per acre: terms easy. Olfloo dsys, Fridays ond Mondays. J. EARLE, Itoom 3, basement 153 Monroe-st. 7710R SALE- EVANSTON—HOUSE AND LOT, $4,000; X ono-hslf cash, balance? per cent; only 4 blocks south west of depot; lottOxlOO: house, Brooina, garret, collar, etc. Inquire at H4 East Monroe-st. For salk-orovr-lot at Washington Heights, throa blocks from depot, £0x206 foot; monthly payments, Inquire at 18 West Madlsou-st- IPOR SALK-HOUSE AND LOT IN ENGLEWOOD; ' lot 75x191: good houio, 9 rooms, and now; 2 minutes 1 walk from cars. Inquire 16 West Madlion-st. IJ>OR SALE—AT A GREAT SACRIFICE, TO RAISE ’ money—l,ooo foot on Stato-st. and Wabash-av., noar Englewood, for sl3 per foot only. Call Quick. L. A. OIL* BERT A CO., 16 Hooao Block. . FOR SALK-SOUTH ENGLEWOOD-WB ARB soiling lots, hall acrof, and blocks In tho original of this growing suburb, on four, live, and six years’ time. Call and got a plat. GILBERT A GIVINS, 68 LaSallo-st. FOR BALE—AT HINSDALE—A FEW FlßST class rosldoncoa, all near depot, built by tho owner* to live In, with an oyo to comfort and oonvoulonco; plontyof ibrnhbory, and fruit of all kinds, qsn-rogua, ole. Photo graphs of two can bo soon at KEELER, PLATT A CO.'S, 147 Randolpb-st,, ovorFidelity Bank. FOR SALE-GOOD RESIDENCES AT EVANSTON, from sßootosHs,ou6; aUocbolce building lota, and aero-property for subdivision, on oasytorms. ALIuED L. SEWELL. 169 LaHMle-st., Chicago. REAL ESTATE WANTED. T\rANTED-I HAVE AN ALL CASH CUSTOMER IT for a residence In good location. JACOB 0. MA GILL, 81 and 83 South Olark-st. WANTED-A LOT 25 FEET FRONT BY THE IST of May, west of Union Park, south of Kinrlo, north of Folk, and oast of Roboy-sU. Price about $1,609. Ad dress J U, 883 Fulton-st. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. AS WE WILT, SELL, DO SELL, AND AREDETER minod to soil, would Invito both buyers and sailors of horses, buggies, and harnots. Plenty of business and a good time. Room at U o'clock for 100 norios. Don't for got tho number—lt Is 161 and 163 Stato-st.—BRADLEY N WILLS. For sale-i wish to dispose of a first glass horse (one out of tbroo) which 1 will offer foi solo at a dooldud bargain; weight, 1,2000r 1,800 pounds. Apply at No. 81 East >VUltnoy-st., near Pino, North Bide. JACOB LUDWIG. I BOR SALE-A HANDSOME YOUNG SADDLE ' horse. Address P 41, Tribune efllco. TPOR SALE-A BUGGY IN USE A VERY SHORT X\time,anA In prlmo order. Address P 41, Tribune otttco. TITANTEP - A FIRST-CLASS GENTLEMAN’S 11 driving horso, poifessing speed and stylo. Address, full particulars and price, Room 6,l6oDoarborn-Bt. 170R BALE—THE BEST HORSE IN THE CITY, JL' for a lady; sound and gentle; trolsla3:3o; top buggy and harnots. 1123 ladtaoa-av. j For sale-a coan a ten broeice concord buggy, with shifting lop. little used, andeetdoublo bamosa. inqulro of WM. O. TAYLOR, Am. Brldgo Co., Ottloo6st Wabash-av. For sale-a small stylish bay mare. largo tail, fast; also, harness and buggy, cheap. Ad dress v Pa 7 Tribune office. For sale —finest assortment of oar rlogui, harness, oto., in tlio city; every style and du sorlptlou. I. 8. TOWER ABUO., 165 South Cllnton-st. FOll SALK—TWO SADDLE PONIES, TWO TROT- Una geldings, fast pacer, workorn ami drivers. Omaha Staples, M. O. WILBUR A BUO., IGTMlobl ganav. milß SUBSCRIBER HAS ARRIVED FROM THE J. East with a tine assortment of custom-built carriages, embracing ton buggies, phaetons,carryalls and open bus* Bios. Repository at tho salo stablo of Whsolor A Cook, 140 Mlchlgan-av., ooraor Monroo-st. Call and aoo mo, for I claim to give tho best carriage for tbo least money of any man In town. O. W. ABBOTT. MISCELLANEOUS. A NY ONE WHO WISHES TO ADOPT A FINE .21. pair of twin girls, about B months old, ploaso call at 621 South Olark-st. A NY ONE' WisiHNO TO ADOPT A LITTLE GIRL J\. baby of good parentage, 3 weeks old, can do so by fur- Dishing good references. Address 81, Tribune otnoo. •OBDDINO PLANTH-SEND FOR CATALOGUE JD Splendid stock, as usual. Address EDGAR BAN dors, 360 Htate-st. , i GAZE’S TOURIST TICKETS FOR EUROPE and tho , . East, by shortsoa-routes from England. Osors Hotel Coupons far Europe and the East. Tickets by tbo London A Northwestern Railway. Atlantia passages aoourod by any lino of Mtosmsmpi. American ottlce, No. fl Bowling Croon, Now York. OLD BOOKS—UAHII PAID FOR PRIVATE, MUDL csl and law libraries, at (ho Standard Old Hook Store. 01IAPIN BROS.. 214 and East Modlson-st., foui doors oast of Franklin. T' WO THOUSAND GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, Jewelry, etc., at half prloo U> pay advances: 80 per ceut discount allowed from factory prloo-mts an all American watches: weekly payments taken. Old gold, silver, and old watohos takeu In exobango or bought for cash. J. O. BARTLETT’S Lean Ofliuo, 203 East Madlsoust. WASHING AND GENERAL HOUSE CLEANING, till) South Park-uv., up-stalrs, In the soar. MIBB QLBEN. ANTED-A PARTY WITH A FAMILY OF FIVE would Ilka to arrougo with another party to rent a dwelling for Joint occupation. References exchanged. Address B 26, Tribune olHco. PERSONAL. PERSONAL - WILL THE PARTY WHO BOR rowed of us on abstract of Black 3. T. B. Brown’s Sub dlviiiou of Lot 18, ami s 8 acres uf Lot 1, D. M. Loo’s Sub. of ow if 13, BD, 18, please return to uur olhco f SNYDER A LElt. 14 Nixon Building. PERSONAL - GRAOICHMA N- IN ANSWER TO yuursofldth, you can negotiate with moat my Place of buslnoss In safety, which you must do Immodlatoly. 1 will answer uumoroeoiuimiuicstlous. W. B. 8. INFORMATION WANTED-ANY PERSON KNOW lag of (ho whoroftbouts of Thomas Nolsun, palmer, for merly of Chlcugu, but who has not been heard from since tho groat lire In 1671, will confer a favor by communloat ;g iu. ..ino 1a liUZAUHTU HgUONOUQU, mi »prutf9*lt.| Phiudolpbla, Pi, TO RENT-HOUSES. mO RENT—469 BLUB ISLAND-AV., TWO.STORT X house, U rooms, water upand down, good barn ana a llltlo garden, with wlno grapery; good for two famlllas. HI, J. FAURIKB, 78 Klovontn-st., in the rear house. TO RENT—FROM MAY I. A PLEASANT 2-STORY frame dwelling, with bath-room; will be putjn excel lent order. 134 South Morgan-st.; SBOO. Apply to J. FORSYTHE, Room 9, Central Union Block, . mo RENT—BRIOK 2-STORY AND BASEMENT X house, nil modern Improvements, Including furnace. BuMarslleld-av., within ono block of Van Buron-st. car* and Asbland-av.j at low rent If satisfactory tenant. F O. WELLS, 68Marahtlcld-av» rno RENT—TWO-STORY AND BARF-SIENT MAR- X bio front Ijouio on Lako-at., onpoilto Union Park, and frame house on Fnlton-st., north of nark, with 14 rooms and barn. Rent reasonable. Apply 43 North Asbland-av, Fno RENT—A NEW 0 BTOUY AND BASEMENT X house on North LaSalle st., near Oak. .modern Improvements, Apply to JOHN MoKWEN, 943 North Wells-st. fKo RENT-HOUSES IN ALL PARTS OF THE X oily, low to good tenant*. JACOB O. MAOILL. 81 and W South Olark-st. mo RENT —OR FOR HALE - M AUBLE-FRONT X liouso on Mioblgan-av.. near Twelfth st.. 18 worn;, with modern Improvements, fully furnished. W. J. BARNEY, 163 Eastßandolph-sl mO RKNT~IN NORTH DIVISION, SOUTHWEST X oornor of Reldon-av. and Halstod-sl., largo S-slory and brick basement house of Brooms, with modern Im provemnnts. Dlnlmr-rom, and kitchen on main floor, OGDEN, SHELDON * 00., Nlxon’a Building, cornor and Alonreo-sl*. mO KR.Vr-I WILL RUNT MV, IIOUSIC FUIINI.SII. X od, 681 Allehlgan-av., with a large brick bnnij con tains all modern Improvements. Rout, SB,OOO for one mar. Nono but desirable parties need apply. W. R. IIURDIOIC. - IPO RENT-AND FURNITURE FORBALK-OFNO. X 111 North Panllna-at., near Union Park. Inquire at North Paullna-st. mO RENT—MAY 1, FIRST-CLASS COTTAGES NOS. X 219 and 269 Douglas place (Thlrly-flfth-st.), near Pralrlo-av. Also first-class brick house corner Dayton-st. and Wobitor-«rv. Inquire of SCOTT A GAGE, No. D3l Hopth HaUtod-st., botwoon 1 and Bp. m. mO RENT—NO. 1087 MIQHIQAN-AV.—HOUSE IS A X frame, withTirlck basomont. containing 13 rooms; has bath room and closets. Lotßo*lßo, with frame barn. Tho location Is ono of (ho best, fcof odralsslon or parllonlanianplv to n *HSK'i , 'l , lc. SPRINGER A YOUNO, basement, 14U ana 151 Msdlsou-il. n\Q RENT-A S-BTORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE, X furnished, to a gentleman and wile, located on Wa bash-av., north of Twonty-llrit-st. sownor will take tho rent la board. FRISBIE A RAPPLBYE, 884 Wabash-av. mO RENT-NEW 8-BTORY AND BABEMENTBRIOK X house, north house In block on Stato-st., cornor Divi sion, with all modern Improvements; rent $1,200. In qalroof PAGE A SPRAGUE, taßrlO-st. L mO RENT—MARBLE FRONT HOUSE, WABASH. X at., noarTwonly-llfth-st., cheap to good tenant: also finely furnished marble front, same re sponsible party willing to board four persons toward rent; good barn. 8. DBLAMATER, southwest corner Clark and Madlson-sls., Rooml. mo RENT—FURNISHED, TO A SMALL FAMILY, JL till Oot. I. 2-story and haaomont brick houao 1029 Prat* rlo-av. Inqulro on promises. Possession given ituniodl* atoly. fpO RENT—FROM MAY 1, FURNISHED. HOUSE, 9* X story and baiomont brick Ho. 11l South Wood-»t., with barn and all modern Improvements. Apply at onoo toD. O. BRADLEY, 1M Waablngton at. r RENT-MARBLE FRONT RESIDENCE, NO. 1090 Wabasb-fiT. Has 11 rooms and all modern im provement#. Apply to FBRD W. PECK, No. 8 Nixon’s llulldlng. ■ mO RENT-FRAME HOUSE, NO. 18 BAST HARRL Xsnn-st., near Bllohlgan-av. Apply to BRANDT A HOFFMANN, 126 South, Room 28. mo RENT-FINE HOUSE OF7ROO.MB, ATWABH- X Ington Heights, in beautiful grove, near dummy track, Twomy-lour trains a day. Address 114, Tribune oilico. 110 RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE, MIOHIOAN-AV., . modern improvoraonta (12 rooms). Will soil low. In* quire at 814 Btato-st., forono week. ' HlO RENT-DWELLINGS 414 WEST MADISON-ST., X and 469 and 477 Uubbard-at. W. WALLER, No. 8. 830 Btste-st. mo RENT—BEAUTIFULCOTTAGES467 HUBBARD. X St., and 476 West Indiana st. W. WALLER, No. 8, 820 Htato-st. mO RENT B-STORY BASEMENT AND SUB- X collar marblo front house, all modern Improvements, Including fornaoo, No. 830 West Wsshlngton-st. Apply at No. 857 West Randolph-st. for terms. TO RENT—DWELLING NO. 1240 PRAIRIE-AV., 9 rooms, In perfect order: good barn 5 $65. Only No. 1 parties nood apply. DU. M. W. CASE, 629 SUte-st., corucT Ilamon-conrt. ■ TO RENT—4-BTORY OCTAGON MARBLE-FRONTS, 1161 and 1163 Mlcblgan-av.; $1,200. 1120 Mlobigan-av.s <1,860. Pralrio-av., near Twonty-ulnth-st.; $1,600. llousoß aro new, elegantly built, and are perfect In all rospoots. The furniture can bo bad with 1163 if desired. Tho houses on Prolrio-ar. aro very door, and have bay

windows In rear, fancy ceilings, frescoed hall, oto.sor will sell SI,OOO down, balance lu live years. B. ABIIIEY MBAHS; owner, 148 LaSallo*st. TO RENT-NO 883, MARBLE-FRONT HOUSE, with furnitura.cocnQr ot Indlaua-av. and Eighteenth •t. Inquire of O. 11. MORTON, southeast oornor Madi son and State-sts., orß. L. HONORS, 192 Doarborn-it.» mo Rent—l 33 south oreen-bt., a large X houso of 20 rooms, suitable for boarding-houso, lodg ing rooms, or sub-lotting. A S years’ lease to responsible p\rl.oj Also, a first-class piano for sale. mO RENT—COTTAGE, 14 ROOMS. $76 PER MONTH, X H8( Pralrlo-av, Also, a furnished dwelling, rant takon out In board, and SIOO extra board paid per month Apply to ROBT. ItAB, 63 Central Union Block. TohuNius Ho6*t oottaoe, 066 NORTH CLARK •t., onr to. aud two of samo kiua, k further r.ort_bis2s. D. WILLIAMS, 128 South Clark-at., Room 11. rii'o RENT-NO. 74 KGAN-AV., 10 ROOMS, HALF X block wost of Cottage Orovo-av.; house in elegant re pair; S6O per month. J. tt, 4A. ttCUVEL, 70 Madl sun-st. rno RENT-TWO NEW brick dwellings, cor. X norof WlUard-plnco and Randolph-st.. 10 rooms, hot and cold water, marblo mantels; to no pal la nlco order. Alho six dwelling rooms, 889 West Lake-sl., water, gas, and sower; near Hayes School; rent $35. L. 11. ROBIN SON, SO Park-av. . TO RENT-NOS. 608 AND CM WEST ADAMB-BT., possession May 1, ail 3-story and basement brick houses, with brick barns, modorn Improvements. Also. 2-story frame bouse, southwest corner Oalumot-av. and Twoniy-sixtb-st. Also, No. 81 Twontv-ilxth-st,, 2-story frame house, 0 rooms. Also, No. CftJ Buinsido-st., two toaomontfl, ono SBS per month, the other S3O per month. P. A. BROWN A I). HORTON, Rooms 6 and 7, ISO Dearborn-sU TO RENT-469 MIOHIGAN-AV., NEAR FOUR tconth-st.. 0-stonr b&somont, 12 rooms, gas fixtures, andfurnuco. B. F, IIKAX), 126 Clark-st. - f]lo RENT-MAY I—TUB BEST 6-ROOM COTTAGE X on Futtou-at., Nu. 603. Price $35 per month and wa ter rent. Security for ront required, and an order from mu to oznmlno it. E. 11. CUMMINGS, No. 102 East Randolph-st. • • TO RENT—NO.- 9 UNION PARK-PLACE, AND 12] -Ourloy-st.; both places bnvo barua. YOUNG A; ROWLEY, Room 3, lEJDoarhorn. rno RENT—2-STORY FRAME, 445 WEST JAOKSON- X et.: 8 rooms, gas, water, barn, l&rgo lot: SSO. 2-story frame, 1450 StAto-st., 10 rooms and store; S6O. Also, nico cottage. 212 North llahtcd ut., 6 rooms: $25. 214 North Halsted-at., store and 3 rooms on first floor, 5 rooms up stairs; $45. Also. 3 2-atorjr houses, lino neighborhood, on Irving-plnce, between Loavitt and Oakley and Adams and Munroo-su.; one at $43, and two at $25 each, D. E. FI3KE, Room 6, Otis Block.■ . ; alO RENT-NO. 1239 WABASII-AV.; 2-STORY, WITH basement and Mansard story; matblo-front building; anvrand in perfect repair; from May 1.- BONFIULDA SWEZEY, HQ Wasblugton-st. TO’ RENT-BRICK HOUSE OF 111 ROOMS. NEAR tho corner of Throop and Van Burou-sts. luqulro at 130 Tbroopot. . mo RENT-NO. 474 WEST TAYLOR-ST.; $65 PER X month. FRED L. FAKE A CO., C 8 Wsshingtoa-st. a VO RENT—FROM MAY 1. THE 2-STORY AND baeomunt building, No. 230 Twonty-flfth-st. J. N. WITHERED!*, 150 Doarborn-st. rno RENT-NO. 859 WEST POLK-ST., ELEGANT X 6-room houso; all modern improvements. Ront low. Also, 6 rooms on ground floor. Apply on promises. mo RENT-HOUSE ON WABABII-AV., BETWEEN X Twelfth and Fourtoenth-sta. Rout, $ ,200 per an num. Address, real nauo and address, Z 13, Tribune office. Suburban. rpo RENT—OCONOMOWOC—BEAUTIFUL RKBI- X donoo, handsomely furnished, on Lake La Bolin, for tho summer; bam. do. Fruit# in abuudanuo. Inquire of 11. 11. SHUFELDT. 161 Adams-st., corner Flfth-av. TO RENT-MAY 1, LARGE. NEW, MODERN bouse at Maywood, near depot, 11 rooms, sUmo-collar and olstorn, largo lot, CO mjnntos fronj Welli-st. depot, hourly trains of tor May 1. GUO. P. KIMBALL, 45 West Washlngtoo-at., Room 6. rno RUNT-OR FOR SALE—A FINE TWO-STORY X frame dwelling with brink basement, 10 ruuiiiu, With bath-room and closets, and all modern Improvements. Tho house lisa double parlors, 2 bay windows, 3 marble tmmlols, and built In tlrat-claaa stylo, Inclosed in au acre of ground, beautifully located within half a block of tho depot, In a flourishing village, 45 minutes'ride from Chi cago, on tho Milwaukee division of tho Chicago & North- Western Railway. Apply to J. O. GRIFFITHS, with Arthur C. Ducat, 165 LaSallo-st. mo RENT-BY M. V. HOTCHKISS *B7 01-AUK-ST., X 3 houses at Maywood, $26, SBO, and S4O a month. rpo RENT-AT MAY WOOD—DESIRABLK RK.SI- X donoo, with largo lot, near depot. A* T. HUM' MINGWaY, Rooms 81 and 88, Major Block, corner Madl son and LaHaUo-sti. mo RUNT—AT EVANSTON—A VKRYj PLEASANT JL Gothic houso of 0 rooms, on oornor lot, 100x148 foot. Plenty of carriage and eUbtoroom. Gallon or address O. T. VAN VLIET, corner Hinmau-av. and Greenwood* at., Evanston, 111. rpO HENT-AT EVANSTON, NICELY-FURNISHED X houso of In rooms, for summer. Apply at office of BRIUIITBIDE COMPANY, 8 West Madlson-st., or at tho house, corner Forost-av. and Dompstor-st. rpo RENT—A FINK 2-STORY FRAME DWELLINQ- X house, containing 10 rooms. altusteJ at Waukegan. 111.; pleasantly located, and within 6 minutes' walk of tho depot, luqnlro ol A. 11. EVANS, Clerk’s office, U l B. Courts, Chicago. TO RENT—ROOMS, TO RENT—ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS AT Huuuro Block, corner Monroe and Dearborn-sis. Apply at No, t&, rpo RENT—THU UNDIVIDED HALF OF SECOND X story. No. CB Lakc-at. Apply to J. O. FINLAY A CO., 70 South Oanal-st. a IO RENT-3 NICELY-FURNISHED ROO3IB. BUIT . ablo for housekeeping, No. CB4 Cars by tbo door. rpo RENT-5 ROOMS IN A NEW HOUSE NEAR X Weatoru-ay. Address NOTARY, Room 1, 64 La* Ballo-st. niO RENT—COTTAGE, 6 ROOMS, SOUTH PARK- X av., S3O; 0 rooms, Wo»lLako-»t., SBO. Apply to 31, WILLIAMS, 7l)7_W»Uaih-av. rpo RUNT-NIOICLY-FURNiaUUD FRONT ROOMS, X mllablo for gontlomeo. with oaro,ln a private family. References exchanged. Also small bant. Apply at 871 West Lako-st. nib RENT-ROOMS. KN SUITE OR SINGLE, FOR X sleeping rooms and ollluos, In Davy’s Block, north, west corner Green and Madlsoo-sU. By D. COLE • SON, IhH West Madlson-st. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. CHATTEL MORTGAGE BALE OF HOUSEHOLD furniture at 1W West Wasblnglon-st., Monday, April 91, at U& o'clock, by HAVENS 4 CO,, Auctioneers, 6J South FOR BALK-OHEAP-A GOOD LOT OF HOUSE boId furniture, carnets, beds, bedding, stove, o(0., In good order. E. ROGERS, 177 East Madtsou-st., Room 8, "DABTIRS HAVING HOUSEHOLD GOODS ON JT merobaudlseof any kind for sale will flod a cub pur* ebaiw by addxeuUj* U 71, Tribune cfflei, TO BENT-STORES. DITTOES, &o. mJfnKIT-wSiiMAM 635, mu' JL ono year from May 1, to a reßponslblo party* A* BLAKE, iy7LaHallo-«t. ■ mo RENT-HBOOND AND TIItHD KLOOHB OP X 88 and 85 Ronth Oanal-at., JttsfiO each, together or ipparato. J.F. MIOHOLS ACO., buulb Caual-Bt. mo UKNT—BTOIIItfI AND OFFIOKRjNAMiLOnA- X linn*. low, to good tenants* JACOB C. MAOILL, Bl and 83 south Olark-at. mo hunt-offices and blkepino-apart- Xmenta la banding comer Wabaih-ay.aua Oaokßon-Bt. ; water, gaa, and all modern ImproTomontß In all rooms. Apply l» building. JOHN 8. OAKLAND A CO* TO KENT—OFFICES—GOOD LIGHT, AND FIRBT eIaiB Hnl*h, at sl2 to SBS per month, onposllo Metro pnlttan Block,-at LaSallo'it., by WM. XI. CONDON. Boom 2. mo UKNT-A. STOUR ON HTATE-ST.. OPPOSITH X Potter Palmer’* Hotel. AUoolfloo* and loft* aboro, well lighted. Inqulro at Koom 11,1 CI Blnnroo-et. fpO KENT—HOTEL BUILDING ON TUIS CORNER X of FUth-av. and Adnmn-st., oontalnlpg 70 room*. Including bath room*, water close!*, laundry, hot and cold water, etc., suitable for a hntol. Apply to ownor on tbo premise*, or DREW A NEWBURY, Itooma 8 and 9 Bryan Block. TO BKNT-Pnost MAY 1, STOIUS AND DWKLL- Inff, No. 145 Hluo Island-ay. s alfo 31x43; Rood loca llonsTanoirocouplodaaaboot aod ihoo atoro. laqulro ■tns9Hi>latpd-»t., bpiTfoon Bwltir and VniQUor. TO RENT-FROMMAY 1. SECOND FLOOR OP NO. 46S(AtO'it. j Rood light In front and *luo; corner or R " P ffelUtIN ) G A bmlnoßi. Apply on pcuniuoa TO RENT—THR BASEMENT OF THE REFORMED Presbyterian Olutroli, corner of Fulton ana Msy-sts.. wall adapted for a solcot school, or fornnsr ovanflOlloal body of Christians to worship in. Apply at 200 North Car* poater-st., at? o’clock In the evening. mo RENT-MARBLE FRONT STORK, OPERA .L hall, hotel, and ono residence, by tho owner. 221 Mad ison-st. N. B. QUOff. . mo RENT— A LABOR STORE-ROOM AND BASE- X monton "West Lnlco-st., near the bridge. Callata«o West Washlngton-st. ■ rpo RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT, NO. 278 X Sooth Wator-st. Inquire on promises. TO RENT-LARGE ROOM, 28X43 FT. ON 2D FLOOR in Orpheus Hall Bnildinir, oornorroom, well lighted and ventilated, suitable for socloty purposes, W. H. PIfARB. 216Wost Madlson.nK mo RENT-4 GOOD OFFICES ON SECOND BTO- X ry. Also sovoral largo and small rooms, well lighted, with or without steam power. Apply at No. 11 North Olark-st.' ' rpo RENT-LARGE. AIRY BASEMENT. NO. 143 1 Monroo-et., SSx& AVERY, MILLER A RIG DON, 143Monroo-st, TO RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT, 231 NORTH Olark-st.j dwelling above, 13 rooms. Apply to H. 11. FLEMING, Room 14, 1M Washlngtou-st. TO RENT—BARN-AT 248 WESTPOLK-ST., ROOM far 8 torsos. rno RENT—FIRST, SECOND, AND THIRD FLOORS X of 170 South Olark-st., together or separate, with Sowor and ludoptmdont hoistway. 0. W. FIERCE, 181 ladlaon-at. r RENT—THE FRONT BASEMENT, NO. 69 South Canal-st., 91x100 foot, dry, and in good ardor. Apply toO. E. HOLMES. No. 69 South TO RENT—BRICK STORE CO NORTH DEARBORN at., from May 1, now occupied by Oborno, MoDanold A 00. Comer, opposite Rush*!, bridge; hail base ment, with storage roominlolta, with ore of atoam ele vator; also roomn with steam power for light manufactur ing business. Inqulro of W. M. HOYT, Corner Mlcblgan-ar. and ItlTor-at. mo RENT—AT CORNER OP WEST TWELFTH X and Cliuloaits.. C rooms, pantry, and closots, all lo Eorfoct order for bousokecplng, with water and fine, llthy persons, and those having small children, noounot apply. E. MARKS.jM West Lako-st. WANTED-—TO RENT. ■UTANTRD-TO RENT-WK HAVE NUMEROUS T l applications for good houses to lot, la all parts of tho city. Parties owning samo will find It to tboir odvan tago to call on J. B. CRAWFORD A 00., 160 LaSallo at. WANTED-TO RENT-HOUSES FOR FlßST class tenants lo all parts of tho city. JACOB O. MAOILL, 81 and 83 Clark-at. WANTED-TO RENT-A LARGE, HANDSOMELY furulshod bouse, on South Sldo, on oau of tho avo. nuos proforrod: a liberal prloo will bo paid, aud promptly. Address W 60, Tribuno office. T\rANTKD-TO RENT-A FURNISHED ROOM ON IT the West Side, fora single gentleman, with gas and nio of bath-room, In a private, respectable family, whoro there are no children; from May 1: neighborhood near Union Park proforrod. Apply, stating prlco, by loltor, W 69, Tribuno otllco. WANTED-TO RENT—A GENTLEMAN DESIRES alargoslngloroomorsultoot rooms, without board, on the South Side; roforoucos exchanged. Addroaa D 46, Tribuno oflloo. WANTED-TO RENT-A OOITAGE FOB A FAMILY o! throe, rant, not looxcood 530jior month, south ot Washlngton-av. and west of Union Park. Address V 48, Tribune olQao. •\ITANTED-TO RENT—HOUSE AND BARN ON Vr any of tho avouuos north of Thlrty-thlrd-st.; rent not to oxcoodjMO per mouth; will pay throe months rout In advance; Bouse 7or 8 rooms; address V 98. Tribune. TIT ANTED—TO REN—TBYIMAYI, 3OR 4*ROOMS tt for housekeeping for family of throe, in a quiet homo cast of Btato-st., south of Twonty-seoond-st.; will pay good rent; address L. M. M., caroLottorCartlor23. WANTED — TO RENT A SUITE OP AIIOUT throo anfurnlshod rooms for housekeeping, by a quiet family of two, within ono and a half miles ot Court linn** -address PB6, Tribune. WANTED —TO RENT FURNISHED' COTTAGE or house, 7 to 10 rooms, nicely furnished, good neighborhood, on West or South Side, and at moderate rone. Family small, careful, aud responsible. Address P 40, Tribune otllco. WANTED-TO RENT-ROOMS ON TUB NORTH Side, for housekeeping, from Ist of May. Stay buy somo furniture. Address B 10, Tribune office. WANTED— TO RENT— HOUSE FURNISHED OH partly furnished, with 14 or 15 rooms, between Wash* Ington and Adums-sts and Sangamon ana Loomls-sts,, or Wabash and Mlchigan-av*., botwcon Twoaty-thtrd and Hurrlion-Bts. Would hoard owners. Must bo first-class. Address B IK), Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT—BY MAY 1, OR SOONER, lower part of house or cottage of <5 or 8 rooms, lu good repair and noigborhood, on Wont Bldo, by a reepon sibio and prompt paying tenant. Rent not to exceed $W per mouth. Address, with full particulars, X 44 Tribune uttioo. . • BUSINESS CHANCES. A LARGE PORK HOUSE FOR SALK, IN THE CITY of Louisiana,-Pike Co.. Missouri, 117 nilFa above hi. Louis, on tho Mississippi River, with all tha unroisary ar rangements for the pork business, nmuku-bouso, etc., with throo acres of ground attached. This |h a taro chance for any party desirous of going Into the pork and provision business, as tho surrounding country is well stocked with bogs, and a ready market fur tho salu of the product cithor In fit. Louis or Chicago. For further particulars, apply to GILBERT PRYOR A CO., Provision Brokers, No. Ilia East WußhlngUm-st. ■ A RARE CHANCE A DRUG STORK, KSTAH llshod Bovon years, in a thriving town of 1.000 Inhab itants, now doing a good business, for rnlo. Block about S3,SCU. Sales, SO,COO per annum. Will sell or rent (Mure building. Inquire ol JOHN McKINNEY, Sturgeon Bay, Dorr Co., Win. • A DRUG STORE, COMPLETE IN EVERY RE •poet, in a good locality in tho city, will bo "old for SSoti. Rent very reasonable. CHARLES HAUSSNEU, glDOlybourne-sv. CIGAR STORE FOR SALE, 178 BLUE ISLAND- A GOOD CLEAN STOCK OF CLOTHS AND PRY good* for ealo or oxohango fur unincumbered Chicago city property. Amount, SB,OOO. ULRICH A BOND, 87 •Doarborn-st. A WOOD AND COAL YARD, WITH FOUR years' loose, for ante. Apply on promises, 1 East Erie at., bridge. ■jmSINRSS INTERESTS SOLD-PARTNERS PRO- Jj cured. Good business openings on baud former with S!KK) to‘sU),ooo. Worth Investigating. J. E. KIM BALL, 126 Dearborn-st. . An unusual oiianoe-thb advertiser, having rsountly entered into other business, oifors for sale a manufactory of staple goods, now doing a vary large trarto with fobbing houses only- Factory In excel lent condition, under charge of a lirat-class foreman. Will bo sold to a responsible party on time, and, If pre ferred, goods manufactured in tho place takon Inpay ment. In easy lustalmenta; $3,000 to $3,000 will run the business finely. No cash required lu purchase It. Ad dress B 40, Tribune ofßco. ____________ TVININO AND IOK ORRAM PARLORS, ON SOUTH X/ Sldo, for sale; 13 rooms above; very low rent; ontab llshod business. Bargain. Owner going South, Apply to J. K. KIMBALL, 126 Dearborn-st. IiUTUER THE WHOLE OR HALF OF A DRUG Li store for sale, at o low prlou. location very good, on Hnutli Bldo of Chicago. Persons buying ouo-half will liavo the advantage of an educated druggist and chemist for Sartnor. nood not bo, on that account, a rugglst. Address J 44, Tribune office. ON ACCOUNT OF POOR HEALTH, I WILL SELL my DRUG STOUR: also furniture, piano, nto.; give long lease of store and dwelling; or will exchange for house and lot or farm worth $4,000 to $6,000. To drug gists, physicians, or odd wishing a safe, profitable busi ness, this is tho best ohonoo over offered in this city. Terms easy. Address J. L. WEBSTER, 826 Cottage Grove-,av. - , IMIB STOCK, GOOD-WILL, AND FIXTURES OF . a retail grocery, doing a largo business, In allrat-olaso neighborhood, for sals. Tonus cash. Address S -IS, *1 rib* unootttoo. fpWO VALUABLE FLOURING MILLS FOR BALE, X 40 miles from Chicago, on railroad; water powers lire run burrs each; sold to oloso up an oalato. l<or narlieu* lars and torms apply to, or address, I. B. WALLER, i«- eoutor, 820 Stato-st., Room 8. fpO PHYSICIANS—AN ESTABLISHED PRACTICE, X with otllcoaad furniture, on easy terms. Anlutro* duotlou guaranteed. A desirable opening for a young physician. Address B £B, Trlbuno oflloo. WILL BE SOLD CHEAP FOR CASH, THE VV Merchants’Dining Rooms, No 63 West Madison* at. Tho Merchants’ has threo ladles* dining rooms at tached, baa been recently rofltted throughout, and It has tho best trade on the West Bide. It is ilia finest chance for a party with small means to Invest In a strictly cash business In Chicago. Apply on the promUoi. WHY* LAND A FOSS. TO LEASE. 110 LEASE-DOCK LOT 150 FEF.T, ON RIVER JUST . south of Tvvoiity-socond-sl. bridge, end now occupied by Daniel Bogle as a coal yard. Apply in basement, northeast corner Madison and Dearborii-stJ. TO LEASE—A 1 DOCKAGE. FOO TOF RIVER AND Dock-sis.,formerly occupied by Chapman. Possession OUdemand. Apply to F. W. BUCKiNOHAM, BUB Wa bash-ay. ■ filO LEASE—THE BEST COAL DOCK IN THE CITY; X lot on Canal-st.. near Adams, formerly occupied by Holbrook; dookl2o feet. Inquire at 343 East Maulionst. A. H. HOLDEN. fpO LEASE-VALUABLE DOOK PROPERTY. FRONT X lug on West Übloago-ay,, adjoining C. A N.W. It. U. Round Houso, 150feef front ami rear, by 445 feet deep: railroad track on lot; vonr doslrablo for lumber or coal yard. Apply to UARNUM A RICHARDSON Mann tauturlng Company, 04 South Jofforson-st. TO LEASE-DOCK (MO FEE!’, MAY BE LEASED in parcels). Railroad facilities. Immediate possess, lou. Apply to S. SOiIOENE&I AN, corner of Arcuor-av. and Btate-st. _________ TO LEASE—I6O ACRES, ALL FENCED AND IN cultivation, at Peulyne Station. 40 miles out uu tbo Illinois Oeutral Railroad. D. WILLIAMS. 136 South Olark-st., Hunnill. DIVORCES. T\rVOROEB— LEGALLY OBTAINED—FEE AFTER XJ decree. Scandal avoided. Nine years' practice In tbo courts of Chicago. Address P. O. Box lo3f. NO DIVORCE, NO FEE—DIVOUOEB LEGALLY obtained for cause*; all law business attended to. Room B, 647 South Olaia-it. Inclose etamp, WANTED—MAM HELP. Booldceepon, Clerks, Etc* XKT ANTED -BY A PIULADULPHIA. UOBIRRY, T T notion, nnd white Roods Jobblno-honso—A flnt-olus {raiding salesman acquainted with tlio business, and having an established trade. Address, stating Amount OO "rbllß^nlpblft' 10 * D;iporlono0 ' ct0 ‘* oox » oMITU A WA NTi: D-aUOOKII 01-KUK TO dO TO THIS county. Inquire Immediately at No, 197 South Jot* forson-st. CLERK; ONE SPEAKING French preferred 5 single man with reference. Ad* dross Box tCO, Kankakee, ill. W/ - AN^F.D~-AN~ASaISTANT BOOKKEEPER FOR it a life Insurance company; must bo a good penman, and coma well recommended. Address V I*7. Tribune of* flee. UTANTED-A BRIGHT, ACTIVE BOV FOR OF- Y V flee work: must bo a Rood penman, quick at figures, and como well recoiumondod. Apply at 803 BumU Oa nal-it. Trades* WANTED— ORF.RNHOUHM MEN-ONIC FIRST* das* man and two or throo second-class: need not apply unless well nualltlod and recommended. W» U. FARRELL, 567 Wabeih-av. WANTim-AN EPPERIItNOE!) STAIR BUILDER it to tnko ohargo of stair donartment In a mamifao. taring ealaldlsbmont. First-class man wanted. Address with reference, STAIRS, Tribune ofltco. ■UTANTKD-A FIRST-CLASS WATCHMAKER, TO VY go into tlio country, Call at WENDELL A IlY* MAN'S, 236 Wahnsh-av., eordor of Jackson-sf. ANTCD-HIjfIUCADY GARPENTERH. APPLY from 0 to 11 o'clock a. ra., at office of Irving Park Land Company, IG7 East Mndlsou-st. WANTED— PA INTERS AND CARPENTERS TO tako contract at Illghwoodj part pay In lots; every moobaulu there has scoured good home, nnd Is growing richer oaoh year] In Ohloogo prlco of labor roraatns same, and rent koops advancing, and mechanics’ position keeps growing from bad to worse. E. ASULEx SI EARS, XiS LaSolle-st. " TITANTED-A MAN WHO IS A RULER. BOOK* YY binder, and can sot typo, Address JOURNAL PRINTING CO.. Louisiana, Mo. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS HOUSE PAINTER TO work by tho day at north city limits. D. WILL IAMB, 125 Booth OlarU-st,, Room XI. lit) Clybourn-at., Milwaukee. WANTED— A FIRST-CLASS CARPENTER FOR setting nn of Inside work; must boa responsible and steady man. MEISSNER FURTS. Mfg. Go., 847 and SitfWesi Lako-et. WANTED— 4 OR fi FIRST-OLASS OIL FINISHERS. Also, a good man for varnished work. MEISSNER FURTS. Mfg. 00., 847 and 849 West Lako-st. BARBER AT M 3 STATK-ST. WANTRD-BUOK, KID. AND FUR GLOVE MAK- W ora at SHARP A DUNNING'S. 655 Stoto-at. WANTED— A FIRBT-OLASS BARBER} STEADY work. Apply at No. 3 Aburdoen-at. Conohmon* Toamstora, &o. WANTED-COAOHMAN} ONETHAT THOROUGH* V» lyunderstands tho uso of horsos. and oan como woll recommended. Apply at 242 South Watcr-st. WANTED-A RELIABLE MAN, UNDERSTAND* VV ing tbo caro of liorsoa nnd carriages, and willing to work about tho promises. K. B, MYERS, OT Washing* ton-at. MisooUnnooua, WANTED-A GOOD WAITER TO WAIT ONLY VV at (Honors, at Bonnott’s Dining-rooms, roar 03 South Wator-at. WANTED-MEN FOR CITY AND COUNTRY. VV Mora money can bo tnado with our goods, on small capital, in one wook, than In ono month by hard work. Samples free. A. RAY, 25 WestLako-st. WANTED-AN OFFICE BOY. APPLY AT ROOM U Morrison Block, southeast corner Madison and Olark-sts. WANTED—3 GOOD MEN FOR STEADY JOB, 4 VV first-class salesmen: also railroad mon, company work, entirely froo faro. 167 Ilfth-av., Itoom4. WANTED— 100 MORE LABORERS AND 15 TEAMS for railroad work; good work, good wages, and froo fare. A. ANDERSON A CO., 15 South Oanal-st. TIfANTED—A MALE NURSE FOR ORNTLKMAW. W Apply At Room 4l,Erorott House, 218 West Madison st., from 1 to 3 p. m. WANTED— ERRAND BOYR ACQUAINTED IN ovary division of tho city* D. WEBSTER 4 00., 270 and 272 "Wabash-av. • TIT ANTED—IO ACTIVE, SOBER MEN FOR THE VV country, light work and largo profits. Call early at 148 North Dorplalncs-st. __ WANTED— A MAN TO DO GENERAL WORK IN » boardlng-honso; must como well rocommondod. Apply at 441 West Washington-st. WANTED—GOOD ACTIVE MEN TO CANVASS YY for tho now improved Howo Sowing Machine In tho city of Milwaukee and vicinity. This i* a comparatively unworkod territory, and agents can make largo wages. Are ollorlng unprocodonlod Imlucoraouts for tho right kind of mon. Address O, CADY, City Agent, 113 Wls consla-at., Milwaukee, Wls. WANTED-10 GOOD ACTIVE MEN. READY FOR VV business, to call on oraddresa JONES 4 CO., 71 South Canal-si., Room 3. S3O to S4O por wook; sure money. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS CANVASSER FOR A No. 1 medium salary or commission. Rooms 1 and 3, 119 Dcarborn-at- WANTED—A COMPETENT HARDWARE MAN, VV to soil goods on commission In-tbecountry. Addrosi A. W. W., Carrier gi. WAKTBD-OAKVAnanitt roil 3 NEW sewing machine attachments. Largo prolltsonall our goods. Room 15, 179 East Madlson-et. ■nrANTED—too MORE MEN FOR PIITfiBURGH VV 4 Ft, Wayne Railroad, plenty station ,work; en tirely free faro. Apply early to HENRY HJORTII 4 CO., 210SouthWfttcr-st., or2oNorthCanat-st. TtTANTED —75 MORE TRACK-LAYERS AND LA* VV borers, tn leave to-day: good wages; surepuy. Call on BRAW 4 WILSON, 38 West Maditon-sU TITANTED—A. COOP MAN, ‘WITH S7C, TO TAKE TT charge of an olHco; also, ono porter, teamster, watchman, and coachman, at 93 South Olinton-st. HT ANTED—MEN IN EVERY TOWN. COUNTY. Vi and State, to acll our now bnttun-bolo oultor and necdlo-thrcadlng thimble. Agcnta that wish the goods will savo money and timo by buying direct of thomanu facturortt, at iftt East Madlton-ct., Uoum 6. _ WANTED—FEMALE HELP, Doznostios. XIfANTED-A GOOD, RELIABLE GIRL, TO COOK. TT wash, andiron, in a private family. Apply 613 North LaSnllo'Bl, __ TJTANTKD—A GIRL TO DO HOUSEWORK; MUST tt boa good cook, and have tbo host of references; wnges 84 per wook. Apply at 40 East Ilarrlson-st. WANTED— IMMEDIATELY, A COMPETENT, RE liable girl to do gouoral housework: smalt family; South Sldo; applywith roforoucus, at 180 Thlrty-first-st., cor. Calumot-av. W‘ ANTED-A FIRST-CLASS COOK, ALSO NURSE girl. 69 North Sboldon-st. WANTED— A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND Ironorwhoro n second girl and man are kept, ’lea competent and good girl $4.00 will bo paid: a family of 6 besides servants and a permanent place. No Irish want ed : n German, Swodo, Norwegian, or Canadian. Apply at iWjo Mlcblgao-Av., tbo third marble front bouse south of Twonty-atath-st. __ TVANTICD-GOOD AMERICAN GIRL TO DO GEN VI oral bousovrork, In family of three, at Evanston. Ill; must bo well recommended. Address 8 80, Tribune office, TJirANTED—A COMPETENT GIRL TO COOK. tt waah, and iron. Kofuroncoa required. Apply 29 In dlana-av., fourth house south of Tblrteenth-at. WANTED— A GOOD RELIABLE GIRL TO COOK, wash, ami iron. -Apply at 49 South Morgan. W ANTED-A GOOD COMPETENT GIRL TO DO general housework for small family; reference re quired. . ttid Wabush-av. W ANTED-A GERMAN OR SWEDE GIRL, ONE who tbnrougnly underatamla cooking, washing, and ironing. A pleasant homo and high wagea oro oQorod to tbo right girl; family small; work light. Call quick at 1-187 ltidlana-ay. W ANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework. Apply at 43 North Asliland-av. TITANTED—TWO THOROUGHLY COMPETENT VI girls to do sououd-work; must bo experienced at wait- Ing un tablo; also ono to do washing and Ironing; must bo ’first-class; best wages. Apply to-day, before 1U o’clock. At 184 Warrou-nv., corner Wood-et, - - . ■ TWANTED—FIRST-CLASS PASTRY COOKIMMR >> diatoly. Apply at otbco of Orient Hotel, corner State and Vanßurcn-sts. Sotvmutroßsos, ■TOT ANTED—IMMEDIATELY, TWO FIRST-CLASS IT stilrt-lronora at tbo American Steam Laundry, 139 Wost Madlsonat. ' Latmdraesoa. TXTANTED—A FIRST-CLASSIKONER AT BURKE’S IY European llotol. MiiooUaneona. TfrANTED «-WET NURSE. APTLY AT BASE* YY mont, D 69 Mlcblgan-av. , TIT ANTED—A YOUNG LADY, TO. GO HAST FOR YY a abort season, to sot as saleslady In a novelty store. Address li_4l, Tribune office. TOR SALE. I POR SALK-ONE SAFE, NEARLY NEW (3 IT. 4 ' in. by Bft 10 In). Also lot of shelving. Inquire at 165 South Water-st., 3d lloor, Saturday or Monday. IriOU BALE—THE MATERIALS OF THE PORTA -1 bio frame building No. 1-W South Wator-st., cornet Clark t also fixtures, known as City Lunch Room. Musi bo sold Immediately. Inquire on iho promises. iron BALK-CROCKERY-WARE, TABLES. X 1 dining chairs, castors, carpets, restaurant tea and coffee pots; also 13-foot ojiiutcr. Basement 871 Wabash. FOR SALE-1 LARGE UPRIGHT METAL SHOW case, 1 9-foot couutor show case, 120-foot awning with Irons, 1 13-loot walnut-tup counter, gas-uitucos, and tholvlng, 1 desk. 37'J West Jlndlson-st. I'pdir SALE-CHEAP—4 FIRST-CLASS, NEW 12- 1 feet counters, SW-lnoh solid walnut tops. Inquire 81 West Klozlo-st. I~rioil BALE—A LOT OF UOGEUH’ PLATED SPOONS ■ and forks, at loss than Now York prices. 81fi Stalest. IPOirSALE—A NEW OCTAVO NOVELTY I t°* eto>> * W * BONDER- Oil SALE—BAR, COUNTER, AND FIXTURES. Apply to Room 48 Exchange Building, corner Clark and Wasnlnatua-sta. _ _ PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED—I HAVE A HOUND COM merclal buslnois well-established, wholesale and re tail, and about SI4,WK), and doslru to inorenso It with like amount and nu active partner. More money can bo used and pay handsome profits, sure, aud aafu. Address X 60, Trilmno olllco. IDAUTNEU WANTED-A PRACTICAL MAN AND X about $16,000, to extend a llrat-class sowing machine business}U good wholesale and retail trade established. Tho machine has nu superior, ami there Is no question as to good prolit* and success, a# will bo shown; reference given aud roqulred. Address F UO, Tribune oltlca. I>ARTNIDI WANTED—WITH s4c6,' IN A’OKNTEKL X cash business that la well established and onn Uo ra 1 »- idly Increased by tho help of a live muu. IliJ East Wash- Ingtuu-st., Room 38. ■ •pAUTNIiIt WANTKB-A YOUNG, I.AUY WOUI.U X like to go Into partnership with «i lady ors, or to take a house ami board tho lamlly. Address, Monday. 0 41, Tribune oltloe. . _ ■pAIITNKII WANTItU-HAU 1 ' INTEREST IN OAIJ- X pentor and building business for taloi shop and mu chluory la llrst-rsto order, aud business well establlshud s cause for ■siilogi llokUSlS la fsmll/* Apply MM lw Aboidein m SITUATIONS WANTED—'MALE. BookkooDora, Olorlu. &o. SITUATION .WANTED—OR A ONE-FOURTR Ol< M one-third Interest In somo well established business, city or country, by aii notiio man willing th work; refer ences A No. I,’ Address AUSTIN EDWARDS, oato ol Tribune otlloo. SITUATION wanted-in liquor store by a O young man haring ton years oxporlnnoo as rootlfler, distiller, and compounder, on orabout Mar I. Can fur. nljtilbn best of references. Address OLAItUNOB LYN. UKU, Cincinnati I>. Q. . (SITUATION WANTED—IN A WHOLESALE OH » wtailßrocerratoro, by a young Hoandlnart&n man. who talks English ami somo (Inman: Is willing to worst MJrajrtohitnaolif useful. Call before Monday. Address W 68, Tribune office. ,S I .L U ) I '', 0N wanteii.-iiy a youno manfuom SWfA-™ 01 * w A NTJtD -AOIt NT f.K MA N EMPLOY. U cd for years as gcmaral bookkoonoc lu a National Bank, and who la highly recommended. by authorities, Is open for an engagement either in banking or commercial bust*! noss. Address Y 01, Tribune oßloe. # * SITUATION WANTItb-lIY A YOUNO MAN IIAV.’ lug had experience In a commleslon business as book.! keeper, eta.; good accountant nnd writes a good hand. Boat of roferoncoßßlroii. U6, Tribune office. 1 Trades. CITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS OUB-- O tom culler; has had 10 years' oxporlcnro: I* ctpablo of taking charge of.tlio business. Address FIELD £ BEN* EDICT, corner Market and Washington-sts. ■ -:i . * SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS MER* kj_ chant miller. Apply at73i'oroßt-av. SITUATION WANTKD-iTO PRINTKRS-AYOUNa O man 20 years old, a years at the printing business, ’ would like to work In a good nnlonjob olTlco under la* . stmollona for ono year. Best of recommendations as te ' character onil ability, Address P 29, Trlbuno office. : SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENGINEER OF U years’ experience; good city roforonoos given.' Ad* dross It M, 61101110-at,,Tjity. ■ • Conolnnen, lonmatora, flCo* SITUATION WANTED—BY A MARRIED MAH' O (Swede) of industrious and temperate habits, as llrat-olaia coachman la a private family, who truly under. 1 stands the care and management of horses; best of olt) • roforonoos giron. Address It 81, Trlbuno office. • SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN ' (Dane) as coaobman In a private family; thoroughly I undentanda the oaroof horses and carriages, good clu roforoncos. Address X 43, Trlbuno olHce. SITUATION WANTED—AS A COACHMAN IN A private family, by a young man (Swede) who truly understands his business; sober and steady; address 0, 217 Churcb-it. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO ENGLISH man to take oaroof horsos; able to drive, and willing to bo generally useful. Address for throo dayso 4, Trl biipo office.’ Mlbooll ancons. CITUATION "WANTED—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, KJ by in young man from the East, or as porter la store, . 010. llrfll-olnts testimonials; 7 years’ with last omnlovsr. • Address or call at 881 North Martat-it. . CITUATION WANTED—BY A MIDDLE-AGED GBR* ♦ M man who sneaks English well, la woll acquainted la ' tho city, strictly sober and reliable, as portor or watch* - man, or to drive a doUverywagon. Dost of city reforoncs" Sivpn. Call on or address VO, 39 Grangor-at., between I edgwick and Wells. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG DANE. . O sober, strong, and willing to work: somo years In thla J country ; plcnso address, Tribune office for two days. «• SITUATION WANTED-A BASS BINDER DR. I p sires a position In a oltycholr. Address VA B/IU' 1 LaSallo-st. , * SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE ’ Domoatloa. QITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE O girl as cook. Apply at No. 248 Burnsldo-st. QITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD GIRL, IN 4 O respectable family to do general housework : call fox three days at 178 Buttortiold-Bt. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAjTaI j moat and pastry cook la private boardlng-bouto at MUurant. Call at tfol Stato-et. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD 3IRL FOB* plain cook or gonoral housework In a private family. Call for two days at 118 Onlario-st. No others need ap*> pi/- ; _ Honsokoopora, SITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER IN lirat-ciacs hotel or large boardlng-houso; would so* copt a situation as saleswoman in dry goods store; boat of toloroucca; address, Trlbuua office, SITUATION WANTED - BY A LADY 00 thorough ability and responsibility, who desires to so. euro tho position of housekeeper in a tfrst-uUss hotel. Cag give the best nf roforoocoa. Address «T 6, Tribuno ofßoe. BOARDING AND DODGING. South Sldo* A Q IIUBBARD-COURT NEW BOARDER*, tfcO hnuso; tirst-olaas board, with room. $4 to .$6.60 p«. week, with uso of piano; day board, $4. 140 TIIIRD-AV.—TO RENT,WITH BOARD,TiII HO parlors, with or without furniture: also a foi smaller rooms. QOQ OALUMKT-AV.-DAY BOARD, $4.50} BED iJOO and board, $6; ploasantrooraa; dinner atQp. m«| throo meals Sunday; stublo lor two horses. ~AC\A WABASII-AV.—NICE ROOMS, EN and singlo, on first and second floors, with first* class boordj also a fow day-boarders can bo aocommo* dated. • A CIO OOUTUPCAUUOKN-3T.(BURNSIDE), NEAR Twenty-ninth—A nice, choerful, family hotel— Excellent table and surprisingly low prices j double rooms for married couples, sla and sl3} single rooms, SO. ren WABABH-AV.—FURNISHED ROOMS, WITJ QOU hoard. A low day boardors accommodated. WABASII-AV.—FRONT FAMILY ROOMS* also rooms for gentlemen, single or on suite, with board. Day boarders received, and references ox*' changed. £Q.f WAD AS 11-AV.—PLEASANT FRONT SUITDf clt/tt also other rooms, for Rent and wlfo or single gents i Drst-class board; also day boarder*. y>OQ WEST ADAMB-ST., NEAR UNION PARK— An elegant, large front unfurnished suite of rooms, with board; location and accommodations No. 1. non WAIIASII-AV.—ONE FURNISHED AND TWO ODD unfurnished rooms, with board; also a number o| day-boarders. ■ West Side, QOQ WEST WASHINGTON-ST., CORNER MAY- Furnished room, with good board, suitable foi one or two goutlemou. ~ 'non WEST WASHINGTON-ST,—LARGE PLEASj OOJj ant front room, with hoard, for goatlomaa and wife, or two gontlcmen. ‘ JOHNSTON HOUSE—II 4 AND 118 WEST MADISON* at. Just opened; everything flrat-olais. • Pleasant rooms, single or on suite. 89 par day; tablo board, $S per week. : North Side: OHO SBDGWIOK-ST. NIOKLY FURNISHED Zt\J O rooms, with board, for lady and gomloman, oi single men at 85 a wook. 8 mlautea* walk to the cars. MiioeUanooni. I HAVE ROOM FOR A FAMILY OR SEVERAL single hoarders; roforonoos exchanged. Mrs. D. O. DICKINSON. Waukegan. BOARD WANTED. BOARD-A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, WITH UNEXi ceptioaal cofetoace. desires breakfast, tea, and nicety* furnished room, in a strictly private family. Will bo pen manontandno trouble. Don't care for table variety, Quito particular though as to family and location. State terms. Address L 60, Tribune office. TJOARD-AND ROOM, FURNISHED OR UNFUR JJ ntahod, by a lady; best of roforonco given. Addrost 8 43, Tribune oflico. Board-androom, furnished OR UNFUR-' nlshed. In private family, by a lady engaged during tbo day: beat of reference given. Address 8.43, Tribune office, slating toms. TJOARD-A SUITE OP UNFURNISHED ROOMS Jj with hoard, for gentleman and wife, in a private fam ily, or whore tuera are few boarders, within ave blocks of tbo Wost Sldo library, 239 Wost Madlson-st. Best refer ouces oxohanged. Address U, 339 West Madlaoo-st.,with full particulars. - BOARD-AND COMFORTABLE ROOM, BY A lady employed during the day, In a pleasant, quiet, private family, living on the South bldo. Will mako no trouble. Unexceptionable references. Address, A 80, 3# Wabash-av. ijOARD— AND A SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS, UN JJ furnished except oarpota, for a gentleman, wife, and child 83jj years old; good board ana homo comforts fat preferable to style; price must bo moderate. Address, giving terms and location, B 84, Tribune otbco. . - BOARD-BY MAY 1, WITH FURNISHED ROOM, on ono of thoavoauea. on South Side, for two; reft oroncos given and required. Address V 95, Tribung otbco. Board a single gentleman wants a pleasant furnished room in tho vicinity of Eighteenth at., wltii or without table board. Address Q M Tiibunt o&co. TiOARD—AND PLEASANT ROOMS WrniPlUVATjr JJ family, at either Harlem or Oak Park, for 8 adulU and child 6 years old. A good prloo will bopsldifor th% rlulit kind of accommodations. Address ZuJ, Tribune olßco. , B" OARD-FOR FAMILY OF 6 PERSONS (8 OHIL* drou), south of Twontloth-st. and east ol Stale. Ad* dross, stating terms, V. U» BOARD, care Carrier No. 17> Board-wanted, a suite OFROOMB, unfur ulshod, (except carpet), with board, by a gentleman and wlfo. wuoro tlioroaro noothor boarders: must be oa West Slue: would liko place to store a few trunks. Ad* dross, stating terms and location, 839, Tribune office. TJOARD-IIY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE IN A Jj lirst-olasa private family; South Hide, noar railroad depot. Address giving location and toms, P 43, Tribune olhoo. . Board-two unfurnished rooms, with board; West Side,east uf Morgan-st, whoro there am few or no other boarders. By gonlmmau and hladaugh* tor. Address V 20, Tribune office. . LOST. T 08T-0N SATURDAY, A LARGE NEWFOUND Xj land dog, with red eyes, with white stripe over'tha breast. Listons to the name of '* Rove.” A liberal re* ward will bo given by GEO. BLKXMEB, 58 Olybourn av. T OST-niiTWEKN TllK riTTSUUIiaU * I’OItT Jj AVoyao Depot, byw.yot dig Wn.hlliltuip-.t. tunnjl .mlClntk.l., .liTiHlnl pook.lbook, conl.lnlo, »10l lu monay, .mJ' .omu [taper. TuUiamutothaopnar omy. Party returning tho papurs and pocketbook may keep the money, and no nuustlaua asked. Loavo papers and nook with iiio proprietor of tho Central. Hotel, Markot-st. WM. OOWLEH. . LEATHER POCKETBOOK, WITH- Jj out strap, containing butwooa 860 and S7O. Finder will ho liberally rewarded by returnlnglo Q. O. BUOLES, Western Unlou Telegraph oluce, Central Block. TOST-$5 REWARD—AN AMETHYST RING, ON Jj ornnsrthooornur of Poorla and Madlion-sU, Tho Under wlil please leave It at 233 West Madlson-st. L'CST-FRIdAY AFTERNOON, ON A MADISON* •t. cor, a morocco pocketbook, containing $6 or $7 fit small bills, and a last season Star Loeturo Oonrtg ticket. Tho Under will bo rewarded by returning to O. M. WKHKlt.with Cogswell A (Jo., Boa West Madlson-st, INSTRUCTION. INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN ON THIS BANJO, CLOG. X Jig, song and dance. Pupils lltlod for Iho stage. Oa receipt of $1 will send two written lessons au tho Banjo or dancing uorfoollv explained. Address with stamp. Prof, K, HICKEY, No, 173 West Randolph-st., Chicago, 111. Eitablishod J year*, MABSAOUUSKTTS INSTITUTE OF TEOUNOLO ay. Entrance examinations Juno 3and 8, and Got, lauu3. Fur catalogue, recent entrance examination pa pers, or further Information, apply to FAOf, SAMUEL kMiKUND, S.UHUry, Unt,R. Uui, ' B 7

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