Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 22, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 22, 1873 Page 3
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LAW COURTS. The Equitable Company—-What Is Being Done to Realize , Assets. Tho South Park Commissioners— Continued Hearing Yesterday, Resurrection of (fie Cassette Suits —End of the Wafer- Lots Case. Tho Courts in Brief General Notes —Bankruptcy Matters— Now Suita. Tbo following letter ban boon addrosood to iho editor: flm; In your reports concerning defunct Insurance companies, I trust you will inform the publlolu rtfgnrd to .tho-Equitable. About all tho policy-holders know from iho papers Is, that tho oßlcera or Iho Company cohld not remember who tho stock-holders wore, but that only 40 per cent had been paid In on iho capital stock. By somo means tho Assignee found a few of thorn, and got an order to havo them examined. Somo delay was obtained,* and from that time nothing has been board of tho ease. Information as to the matters of this Company, would.obllgo A Poliot-Uolder, Proceedings were commenced against this In- Bolvont on 800. 29, 1871, by Simon Doylo, peti tioning creditor, by his attorney, Homor Cook. On tho; 80th, rulo to show cause was ontorod. On tho BtU of January, tho Company demurred to the petition. • On tho 29th, tho insolvent was adjudicated bankrupt; and on tho Bth of April, James Long, having in tho meantime boon elect ed Assignee, filed bis bond. On October 10, 1872, an order was mado for tho postponement of tbo examination of certain witnesses, from whom it was hoped to find out who woro tho stockholders of tho Company, and how much they owed; since which time nothing appears to havo boon dono, by tho records. It seems, however, that whilst masterly inac tivity has prevailed to a groat extent, respecting thoso examinations, bills havo been filed by tho Assignee against all those who have boon dis covered to havo hold stock, for tbo purpose of discovering tho amount of their liability to tho Company. Thoso hills havo been referred to H. Bishop, Master in Chancery, to tako proof, and this proof-taking has lasted down to tho present ilmo. Inquiry of tho Master, yesterday, elicited tho foot that tlio groator portion of proof has been taken, and the exact sums duo on notes and so forth discovered. When complete, ho will report to tho Court, and tho particulars will bo mado known. Meanwhile, it is ascertained from another boutco that tuo cash assets of tho Company avo between $50,000 and SOO,OOO, too small an amount to pay out in dividends, and too largo to bo lying idlo for a year without producing interest at a tlmo when money is producing such heavy in terest. THE SOUTH PARK COMMISSIONERS. Tho bill for injunction, brought by It. E. Clarke against tho South Pork Commissioners, to restrain them creating a lion on his lands, as already fully reported in the Tbibune, was yes terday argued boforo Judgo Drummond, United States Circuit Court Judgo. Counsel for tho plaintiff asked tho Court as to Which sido should first address tho Court. Mr. Ayers, for tho defendant Commissioners, In answer to tho Court, said ho had a demurrer to file. The other side bad not scon tho domurror; and flora 1 * conversation ensued, after which iho deraum* wna ordered to ho filed, and the de fendant, by Mr. Ayers, addressed the Court. Mr. Ayers said that tho Court was probably not acquainted with tho facts charged in tho pro ceedings. Tho Court said ho was not. All bo know of the case was a general idea gathered from what ho had hoard and road. It would be as well if the counsel road tho bill, or gave him somo idea of tho case. Mr. Ayers did so. Ho said that tho complain ant represented himself to be the owner in foe simple of certain lands near the South Park, which the Commissioners would bo Ukoly to re quire for pork purposes, which they had once occupied, putting up a fouco to claim possession, under certain acts therein cited, and which lands they had afterward abandoned, after tbo filing of % decision of the Supromo Court of the State. The complainant charged that the lauds woro represented in certain plats ifiaued by the Com missioners as liens for certain lands. The re mainder of the case baa been already very fully reported in Tub Tribune. . Argument lasted the whole day on tho points raised by tho complainant, andtho defense there to. as to tho powers of the Commissioners to take and condemn lands which they were au thorized by existing acts to take and condemn, tho proceedings already had by tho Commis sioners relative to these particular lands, the pecuniary condition of tho Commissioners, - and their ability to moot floating indebtedness, in cluding contracts already made for purchase, tho liowor of tho Commissioners to create a lien on &nds which they had neither taken, condemned, nor paid for. and many other points already familiar to tuo reader, which occupied tho whole of tho day, and tho matter wont over. ONE OF THE CASSETTE SUITS. Judge Gary yoatordaybeard tho cause, Charles M. Smith against Silas P. Goesotto James Goary, and William Guilfoylo, for on 1 injunction to stay tbom from proceedings for tbo recovery of W. Yi of Lot 2, Subdivision of Sec. 18, Town ship 89, north of Itango 13, E. of tbo third prin cipal meridian. Tbo property in question is part of tbo well-known largo property of 576 acres, owned in 1857 by Modoreß. Boaubiou, who sold it to T. It. Marstou, by warranty dooci duly recorded, and through whom, by a regular eham -of conveyance, tbo property in question came into plaintiffls possession. Modoro Baau bien and bis wifo Theresa, in 18G9, convoyed to Emma Elizabeth Jones, for a one dollar consideration, their quit claim to all property tboy owned, and by virtue of this transaction, tbo defendants claim to bo, through a purchase from said Emma Elizabeth Jones, tbo possessors of tbo land which plaintiff seeks to havetbom enjoined from claiming. It appeared from tbo ovideuco of tho oaso that before tbo law was resorted to as a moans of finding an issue, war material of tbo light and heavy des cription woro invested in ; one side purchasing a consignment of revolvers, while tbo other in vested m a cannon, wbotbor a six or six hundred pounder, parrot or Columbiad, deponent saitb not. Abandoning tbo idea bellicose, however, they bring tboir suit before Judge Gary, who will probably rondor a decision on tbo merits of tbo oaso to-day. END OF TUB WATER LOTS CASE. Melvin N. Palmer, who tried to palm off on Goetz Brolbors & Co. somo subaqueous lots on cbo banks of tbo Calumot Bivor in oxebango for a stock of dry goods, snugly storod away in store No. 470 State street, and Jacob Cohn who aided him in deluding tbo Goetz firm, wore each fined SIOO and costs by Judge Farwoll, tbo heaviest penalty that it was in tuo power of tbo Court to impose. Alexander, tbo third of tbo alleged conspirators, was also found guilty by tbo jury, but tbo Court granted him a now trial. In tho jirosecntlon, Charles 11. Boed was assist ed by J. B. Doolittle, Jr., tbo dofouse of tbo amphibious trio being conducted by Messrs. Evans and John Lylo King. THE COURTS IN BRIEF. In Judge Tree’s court, the oaso of Fiold v. Bbonhora was continued. Tbo witnesses exam ined wore Montgomery, who borrowed tbo money upon the worthless deed, and tbo vonorablo Ship herd. Tho latter showed considerable tact In both bis diroot and cross-examination. Mont gomery said, amongst other things, that Kolloy and Bliopberd, as woll as himself, know that the deed was not a first mortgage. This Bliipbord denied in bis ovideuco. The counsel made tboir arguments and the caso was put to tbo jury, who woro instructed to deliver a sealed verdict, which wifi bo opened this morning. In tho County Court tbo will of James Dalton, Br., was proven, and letters testamentary woro issued to Andrew Dalton, under a bond of $30,000 to bo approved. In tbo Criminal Court, Magglo Morrison was sent down to the County Jail for ono day for stealing $lO, and sundry otbor articles from bor mistress. John McNair and G. D. Beach wore charged with larceny. Prisoners were, at the time tho of fense was committed, saloon-keepers, and into their placo sauntered one Ilantz. Hush of money, and Hushed with what money can buy, Hants conceived tho idcaof visiting some friends and. before going out, handed prisoners some 6070, odd chango he was carrying in Ids pocket at the time, iletiimiztg to tho saloon ho de manded bis money, but, of oouruo, McNair aud Beach were both blissfully Ignorant of Us exist onco. Tho jury took a view of tho cano very un favorable to both prlflonorn. who, they decided, ought to bo Bout to tho Penitentiary, McNair for three yearn, and ]loach for ono. - The Chicago & Great Wootorn Railroad Com pany brings oulfc against Mary Richmond, in tho Circuit Court, for condemnation of a atrip of land, eixty foot in width, norouß tho N. W. >4, of 800. 27, 00,13. nANKnurTaT MATTERS. In tho matter of Kabl «k Colin, bankrupts, BnnmolE.Dolo was yesterday elected Assignee, at tho first mooting of creditors, "hold yesterday boforo Itogiator lubbord. ; llohort E. Jonkhiß \raa yoatorday appointed by , tlio Court Assignee of tho oetato of Lowin w. Ctißo, tho colohratod, not to Ray nolorlomi, BontU Clark fitroofc clothier, whoso midnight fllttlngs 'arc matter of newspaper history, i Ordoro of diachargo wore entered In tho mat tom of Mosos.M. llmvo and Louis A. Littlefield. GENERAL NOTES. ! Attention lo directed to an article on Judges ' of oloctionß ; and a report of tho Wont Bido 0100- Won trial boforo'Judgo Williams. 1 ; Judge Ilopklna was engaged throfighout yos ; torday in hearing tho continued caeo of Kibbo v. Lotto ot al. . ! Judge Blodgett was in chambers nil day, settling knotty points in bankruptcy matters. NEW SUITS. Trtn United States Circuit Court,—John 0. Tucker nml Juraoo M. Monde v. John Stock ; aemimp nit SI,OOO. ITcury Patel and John I’fltcl v. Tolcot Ormsueo; MBumpslt $0,009; Elizabeth M, 8. Mather v. Hibernia Insurance Company ; nneumpait, Record from Superior Court, * The United States District Court.—Joseph It. Payson, by Tennoyp, Flower Ar Aborcromilo, tholr al tornoya, ah Assignee of the Republic Insurance Com pany, yesterday commenced suits against the following stockholders: lluwo h Terry, $.100; It; Ohainirfon, $100: Samuel Patterson, $500; W, O. Robinson, §I,OOO 5 W.F. Osgood, $500; n. 1\ liunt, SSOO ; 8. L. Wilcox. SOOO ; 3t. oarnfonj. SOOO ; T. F. Talman, $30o; J. For sou, $500; O. M. Bryan. SI,OOO ;J. E. EUwood, $500: Chauncoy EUwood, SSOO ; John Black, $1,000: W, J.* 1/vwtou, $1,000; .11. T. .Rockwell, SIOO j Jnmcfl G. Knapp. $500; E. F. Thomas, S.IOO ; E. A. Blncknlton, $500; N. Anthony, SSOO : A, Kitchen, $1,000; D, A. Harrows, $1,000; D.,A. Taylor, $1,000; F, Ruprocht, $2,000 : 6. Afaybnrn, SI,OOO ; P. F. Ward, SSOO ; An drew Bhorrard, SSOO ;O. F. Oates, $1,000; W, P. Baa well. $1,000; William M. Gregg, SI,OOO ; R. If. Shultz, $500: 'Levi Pcarco, $300: A. G, Porter, SI,OOO ; Mrs. D. M. Beors, $300: Mrs. L. A. Onmd, SSOO ; Mary Mclntyre, $500; E. A. Bowen, $500; Miss B. O. Ames, SSOO ; Mrs. D. W, Morrison, SI,OOO ; Sarah E, Andress. SI,OOO ; Mrs. E. B. Kelsey, $500; Myra A. Price, $1,000: M. G. Lovorln, $500; U. D. Bryant, SO,OOO SJ. Burrllt, SSOO ; O. M. Daniels and Daniels, $2,000 ; W. E. Clifford, $500; E. A. Clifford, S3OO ;L. Clifford, S3OO ; 8. K. Putnam, $500: Georgo n. Edgnrton, SSOO ;O. G. Hammond, $500; J. N. Field, SI,OOO ; Eliza Macey. SI,OOO ; B. F. Hay, $5,000 ; Caroline G. Fratley, $5,000 ; Louisa E. Snow, $1,000; S. B. French, $1,000:11. A. Smith, $1,000; O. 11. Morse, $2,000 5 Mrs. P. A. Avery, $2,000; Oharlolto M. Wilson. $0,000; P. B. Nowell, SSOO ; 11. U. Smith. SI,OOO ; Olivia B. Xleove, SI,OOO ; H, 11. Harris, SSOO ; E. Mendel, $500; G, M, Evarts, SSOO * A, D. Tltsworlh, SI,OOO 5 F, A. Buck, $500; Louise A. Richardson, SI,OOO ; Mrs. R. O. Richardson, $500: D. J. Pike, SSOO ;E.M. H. Smith, $500: Sarah 6. McFar land, $1,000; D, W. O. Castle, $5,000, and Herbert A. Smith, SSOO. Tub Circuit Court—o,osl—John W. Coombs v. Cook County; asnumpelt, s},ooo. 0,052 J.K. McDon ald ot al. v. P, P. Hawkins ot nl.; assumpsit, S9OO. o,os3—Appeal. 0,054 —Chicago & Great Western Rail road Company v. Mary E. Richmond, widow and exe cutrix of i>can Richmond, for condemnation of a strip of land, 00 feet In width, across N. W. X of Soo. 27, 39, 13. 6,o6s—Appeal, o,G6o—Benjamin U. Ohndhourno v. James B. Cheney and Oliver P. Johnson; esse, $5,000. 6,6s7—Thomas Swartwout v. James Bolton: replevin of household furniture, $l2O. o,o3B—Robert Smith v. Samuel 11. Hunter; confession of Judgment, $l7O, and Interest. The Superior Court.— v. Chris lane Elch; divorce. 43,091—Daniel v. Sarah Brown; divorce on ground of desertion. 43,092—Jeremiah v. Catherine O’Connor; divorce on ground of desertion. 43,093—J0hn 11. Wren ot nl. v. Walter N. Woodruff; assumpsit, S4OO. 43,094—J0hn Mattock’s ct al. v. Ed ward Q. Mason ; assumpsit, S3OO. 43,095—Jac0b A. Rothschild ot al. v. Johannes Sjockcl and Jackanas Peterson; confession of judgment. $70.35. 43,090 Edwin S. Wellset (U. v. Wm. E. Remington; assumpsit, S3OO. 43,097—5am0 r. Ferdinand Scheffer; assumpsit. S6OO. 43,098—Lorenz Mather v. John O. Bponcor; confession of Judgment. SOOO. 43,099—Henry H. B. Hoyt t. Ezraß. Lincoln: confession of judgment, SI,OOO. 43.100—Lina v. Louis Stork; divorce on ground of drunkenness and cruelty. 43,101—Thomas J. Pyre v. Mary and William Druyoar; petition for mechanic’s lion. 43,J02 Suppressed for service. 43,104 —Ansel Hocht v. Georgo F. D. Utassy; assumpsit, SSOO. 43,103 Charles Dayllug v. Jehu Weber ot al,; petition for mechanic’s Hon. DOWN TO DEATH. Two Men Employed in nuildln£ tlio Palmer mouse fall from tho ISoof to the Third Floor and Are Almost Instantly Killed. A distressing fatal accident, the sixth which has marked tho erection of tho building, occurred at iho now Palmer Houso, on State Street, yester day morning at 11 o’clock. This fatality, like moat that havo proeodod it, could have have boon avoided had proper caro and caution been taken in tho construction and nso of tho stag ing. Tho circumstances of the accident aro as follows: Tho arches of tho roof of the building, unliko thoso of tho other floors, will consist of brick. Tho practice has boon to build an arch of wood, supported in tbo ceutco. by a wooden beam, which rests upon tho floor below. This arch has boon considered capable of sustaining tho work 7 men and tho material used in the construction of tho brick arches. It is evident, however, that it was not thought absolutely safo, as tbo men had repeatedly boon cautioned to lay their material down softly, and not to congregate upon it. If thoso instructions had been obeyed it is probable the accident would havo boon avoided. ' Dan Oats, ono of tbo men killed, was em ployed aa a carrier of brick. Inlaying down a wboolbarrow load of bats contrary to instruc tions, bo throw thorn on tbo wooden arch with great force, and, at tbo timo, was standing upon it, os was also a mason, named Andrew Now berry, a Swodo. Tbo orcb gave way, under tbo forco with which the material .was thrown down, precipitating tbo two mou through tbo seventh, sixth, fifth, and fourth stories to tbo floor of tbo third. In tho descent, tbo men struck several iron beams. Newberry, as be passed between tho sixth and sovoutb stories, clutched at a beam, and bold on for a minute or more, but lot go, and when bo landed on tbo third floor, bo was-mangled and blooding, and barely alive. Oats was senseless when picked up, and died in flvo minutes after. Ho was mangled fearfully. His logs wore broken in four places, and tbo loft oido of bis skull fractured. A largo gash near tho navel exposed tho bowels. Newberry’s logs wore broken in many places, and bis loft ebook cut open. Dr. Purdy, tho contractor, was at onco called, and did all in bis power to rollovo tbo sufferer. Nowbeny was taken' to tbo County Hospital, wboro bo died at 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon. Ho was conscious to tbo end, and endured, there fore, much suffering. Tbo body of Daniol Oats was taken to bio homo, 182 Bremer street, wboro tho Coroner will hold an luqnost this morning. Ho loavos a wifo and six children, and was about 85 years old. Ho was an Irishman, and bad boon a resident of Chicago about six years. Nowborry was a alnclo man, about 20 years old, and boarded on tuo corner of Chicago av enue and Townsend street. Some of tbo workmen about tbo building com- Elain very much of tbo fact that there are no cards laid upon tbo iron beams, upon which tboy may walk in passing over tbo building. Tho rapidity with which tbo bouso baa been hunt may account to a certain extent for this. Tbo body of Newborrywill bo removed to his boarding-house this morning, THE BBICKMAKERS. A mooting of tbo Briok-Manufooturors’ Asso ciation was hold yesterday afternoon in tbo roading-room of Anderson’s Hotel. President Jones was in tbo chair. Tbo Committee on Booms reported, through Gen. Maun, that tboy woro in favor of selecting one on tbo first floor of tbo building now erect ing on the northwest comer of Adams and La- Ballo streets. Tbo rout would bo SOOO. A long discussion followed on the question of collecting assessments and the impossibility of maintaining tbo Association without money. Several said If tboro was not enough interest taken to pay up, tboy did not wont to belong to tbo Association. Mr. Mason moved to reconsider tho veto fixing the assessment at fifty conln per thousand on the capacity of ouo working day, but tbo matter was finally loft as it was. Another disusslon followed as to tho rooms, after which Ur. Doriokson moved nil present bo called on to subscribe, to boo what they were will ing to do. That was objected to, and It was Insisted that tho members would pay their Assessments when called on. Tho principal object of the Associa tion was to equalize tbo cost of tboir labor. They bad bettor wait and have a big mooting. Tho motion was agreed to. A largo amount of money was paid over by those present, and tho Committee on lloomu was Insinuated to negotiate further, and report at tho next meeting, to ho bold at tue same place and hour next Monday. THE WEST SIDE ELECTION. A Muddle That tho Lawyers Fail to See Through, Tho Question Whether Common law or Equity Shall Bo Ap pealed to. Various Views of tho Proceedings of April 1, Looked at Through Interested Glasses. ; The West Bido olocllon cano was up boforo Judge Williams yoatorday. Tlio notes of tho authorities quoted alono would HU sovoral col umns of Tub Tribune, and a synopßie only con bo given of tho general result, and tho logai ar gument must bo disregarded. 1 In opening tho argument for tho defense Mr. Knickerbocker hold that tho Court was not a proper tribunal for tho disposal of this cause, and that tho plaintiffs hod tholr remedy at com mon law-if they desired to - avail themselves of it. Equity was no placo to determine the election of on officer; which was a matter of, fact to bo discussed by evidence, 110 oiled numerous authorities. Ho also hold, as to tho placo of mooting for election purposes, and tho charge that it had not boon advertised, and that tho proceedings wore irregular, that it was near, enough to tho ofllco of tho Olork to bo scon by everybody interested ; that it wna well known that it was thoro that the mooting was going on: that tho change from tho Glorias room to No. 10 • South Hoisted street was rendered necessary by tho fact that tho Clerk’s oOlco was unfit for iho purpose, and othor points that lioroaftor appear.. In support of somo of thoso allegations, ho filed tlio following affidavits: Thomas Fitzgerald deposed that on Tuesday, tho Ist of April, ho was present at tho town election, between 0 and 10 a. m.; and that Henry Pilgrim gave notice that tho town meeting would tnko placo at Ho. 15 Bouth Hoisted street, where upon tho Moderator of said town mooting and electors then present proceeded to that placo, and continued to hold said mooting, until fi p. ra.. said placo being distant not moro than 10U feet from tho entrance to tho building in which Mil ler’s office was situated, where said town moot ing was advertised to behold. Affiant was elected ono of Iho Moderators of said town mooting, and acted as such, and tho counting of. votes, etc., was conducted with duo observance of tho laws,* and without ovil practice of any kind; and, fur ther, said mooting so adjourned for tho reason that tho on trance to said Miller’s office was through tho office of Justice Van ’t\Voud, a small room on tho third floor of tho building, entirely in adequate for tho accommodation of the electors; and that by such removal tho interests of no electors woro injured. Peter O’Flanagon deposed that ho was present at Miller's ofllco on tho said occasion, and tli&t tho announcement of tho change was mode, as already stated, and everything dono according to law. Ho was elected ono of tho olorks of said mooting, and acted as such throughout. Ho gives tho satno evidence as tho preceding witness as to tho counting of votes being legally accom plished, and as to tho reasons for the adjourn ment. Further, that tho canvass of said vote was commenced by tho Moderator and dorks in tho presence of a number of tho doctors, at 7 p. m. of tho somo day, continuing till 4= o’clock tho following morning, when tho full vote for Supervisor, Collector, Assessor, and Town Olork was ascer tained, and tho following p’orsous wore declared elected to yio following offices: Thomas F. Hall, Supervisor; Adam L. Amborg, Assessor; Lawrence- O'Brien, Collector ; Jomos W. Clark. Town Clerk; that tho canvassers then adjourned till 2p.m. of tho next day, to the house of Homy Pilgrim, 381 South Halstod street, whoro tho canvass waa complotod, a number of doctors being present. 'Further, that it was impossible for any elector to havo entered tho building whoro said Town Clerk’s ofllco Is situated, whoro tho election was advertised to take place, without seeing tho election in progress at said 35 South Halstod street; and finally, that said Pilgrim and said Miller woro duly sworn to dis charge tholr duties boforo entering upon them. Patrick B. Shell mode almost precisely the samo affidavit as that of Thomas Fitzgerald, ho' having noted as Moderator at said election. James Byan, as ono of tbo electors present, made a similar deposition. Tlio counsel argued at considerable length on tbo abovo points. Ho insisted that tho men who last year hold ofllco, except Morrison, woro bo-' hind these relators, and pushing them on, and that tho election was as near to complying with tho law as any election in tho Gtato had over been. These elections wore committed to men unskilled in iho law and technicalities, and tho .Courts took notlco of tho faot in tho spirit of tholr decisions, which recog nized tho vitality of elections that had not been procured by fraud. Thoro hud boon no fraud charged in these elections; tbo worst that had been said was that tho proceedings woro loose mid irregular. Tho placo chosen for tho meeting was convenient to tho Town Clerk’s office, and tho electors had boon dulynoticcd of tho change. If they had not been noticed, they could havo soon what wna going on, and taken part in it. Ho had no doubt that it was an election that would bo sustained, no matter what court it was taken into. • Mr. Haines replied in an exhaustive argument; Tho question was, wbotbor such an oloction could bo bold at all, on that Ist April, and, ns to tbo remedy, wbotbor.this Court bad jurisdiction. First, as to tbo mooting, County of Cook did adopt township ' organization. Tho law was changed, however, by which tbo town mooting was authorized, and finally abolished (1859). Ho bad not found any statute that restored that abolished law. Tbo Constitution of 1870 did not do so. Tbo law said when you hold your town mooting you may oloot town officers: but tbo town meeting itself was abolished, and Jnovor restored, *a»d tbo time for tbo olootion of officers changed to November. The Constitution further provided that tbo affairs of Cook County should bo managed by a Board of Commissioners. Tho counsel roviowod tho laws touching tbo matter in question at great length, failing to find anything to demolish bis position, and then traced tho growth of township organizations, as tbo accompaniment of romoto eottlomonts or civilization wboro there was no otbor moans of government, into tbo matured municipality, showing bow absurd a thing it was for Chicago to have tbroo township governments and a municipal government all taxing her citizens, and administering bor affairs, Tho argument was exhaustive on ovory point. Aa to tlio mooting at which tho alleged olootion took place, bo held tbo view that it was Pilgrim, not tbo doctors, who bad de clared the mooting adjourned ; that it was Pil grim, not tho doctors, who transacted tbo wbolo of tbo business ; ho pointed out that tboro woro tbroo Moderators present, of whom two could certainly not have boon Moderators, for tbo law only allowed ono; and bo insisted that the law bad boon disregarded in almost ovory particular. Pilgrim took tbo ballot-box away, and thou bo counted tho votes. Next ho declared that such and such pooplo wore elected. That was a thing Mr. Pil grim could not do. Mr. Pilgrim bad produced this result alouo and unaided. Ho considered tbo authorities quoted by tbo otbor side ir relevant. This was not a question as to tho wrong persons being voted to ofilco; bis clients claimed tbo protection of this Court of Equity for relief from injuries for which no remedy could bo bad at law. Tboy must, therefore, In quire what tbo mischief would bo. Equity would not decree any ono to office, as in tbo Galesburg case, wboro tbo city provided for tho oloction of an officer; tboro tbo parties woro all willing, and no injury could bo sustained. This won a different affair, being tho application of tho pooplo to got rid of officers who woro illegally elected. The fact was, Mr. Amberg was in office, irregularly and hastily elected, and iio bad obtained tbo books; ami bo says bo is going to malco an assessment. Tboro Imd boon groat basto to got bold of tho books; but getting tho books did not niako him Assessor. Tbo other Assessor was also going to makoan assessment, and goodness knows what kind of assessment tho two would produce. Those were wanted to colloot and dispose of our taxes, and that was why (iio authority of tho Court should bo exorcised in favor of tho rato-payors. Ho continued In this strain at great length, go ing into tbo details with a minutcnjss that would fill several columns of Tina Tiubunb. At tho close of tho argument, Judge Williams said be would tako tbo caso into consideration. THE CHRISTIAN UNION. Tim quarterly meeting of tbo Chicago Ohria tian Union was bold at ihoir rooms, No. 758 Michigan avenue, last evening, Vice-President Hall in tho Chair. There wore very fow mem bers present, doubtless on account of tbo in element weather. The Finance Committee reported that tho ro- colpis for tho quarter wore 60,015.07 j disburse ments, 60,515; balance, 6100.07. The uncol- Icctoa anßotH of tho Union aggregate 610,230. . Tho Commiiloo on Llomborßhip rondrlod hn Ihcroaao of 20 life mombora, ami 000 annual members. The total life memberships is now 100. Tho Committee on Holly Tree Inns reported,' that thoy had made rmaugomouls to open two more, ono at No. 103 Fifth avenue, and the other ut No. 40 Franklin street. Tho Committee on Rooms reported that thoy had accepted rooms in tho building No. 114 East Madison street, between Clark and Dearborn streets. Tho two branches ar6 to bo united, tho now rooms being ’ am ple, Tho Society will occupy the . three Aoora; tho Arab na a reading room, the second as a lecture hall and claan rooms, and tho third ns a gymnasium. The present gymnasium at No. 1052 Indiana avonuo will not ho discontinued, Tho now rooma will bo formally opened during tho Arab week in May. , After the reports had boon adopted, tho Asso ciation adjourned. THE CIRCUIT JUDGES. Whon Do Their Torino of Ofllco Expire ? A Tour Among the hnnryors—Tholr Opin ions A Kovloiy of Ilio law. 1 , Tho question of tho election of Circuit Court Judges is one that is apparently In as great a muddle as almost ovory other election question. It being generally understood that Judge William’s term expires In tho month of Juno next, a reporter of this journal waited on him to' ask his opinion as to tho law. The Judge sold ho had no doubt whatever that his term expired in tho month referred to, but ho was not sure what tho law contemplated as to tho other Judges. After waiting on several of the most promi nent lawyers, tho reporter’s attention was direct ed to tho following: By Bco. 1, Art. 0, of tho Constitution, tho Judi cial powers are Invested in ouo Supremo Court, Circuit Oourte, Countv Courts, Justices of tho Peace. Police Magistrates, and In each courts as may be created by law in and for cities and Incorporated towns. - By Sec. 13 tbo Jurisdiction of Circuit Courts la defined, and It is declared that 11 tbo terms of office of Judges of tbo Circuit Courts shall bo six years.” Sue. 13 declares that tbo State, exclusive of Cook County, and other counties having a population of over 100,000. shall bo divided into Judicial circuits, and ono Judge shall bo elected from each circuit. See. 14 provides that "tbo election for Judges of tbo Circuit Court shall bo bold on tho Arab Monday of Juno, in the year of our Lord ono thousand eight hun dred and sovonty-threo, and every six roars there after.” ’ ' By Sec. 23, tho County of Cook la made one Judi cial circuit, and tho number of the Judges is fixed at five, until Increased by tho Legislature. This section provides that the single Judge (Williams) thou in office, and tho Judge of thollocordcr’a Court (McAllister), shall bo twd of thoso fivo Judges, “and shall remain In office for tho tofms for which they wore respectively elected, and until their successors shall be elected and quali fied. By this section tbo Superior Court Is continued. It is tbeu said, “Tho terms of office of tho Judges of said Courts hereafter elected aboil bo for six years.” See. 7 of tho Bohodule makes provision for the elec tion of tbreo Judges of tho Circuit Court in Cook County, as. provided for In tho article relating to the Judiciary, on the same day tho Constitution should bo submitted to tho people for ratification; and, If the Constitution should not bo ratified, no certificates of election should bo issued to said Judges. Tho vote on the Constitution was taken on tho first Saturday of July, 1870, and it went into force on tho Blh day of August, 1870. Judge McAllister was elected a Supremo Judge on 'the day tho Constitution was ratified by the people, re signed tho office of Recorder, and never acted os Cir cuit Judge. Bis place was filled by tho election of Judge Tree at, the general election In November, 1671, by the direction of tbo Governor. who treated tho office 1 as vacant. Judges Rogers, Booth, and Farwoll wore elected on the 2a of July. 1870, to make up the comple ment of five Judges for the Circuit Court. Tbo term for which Judge Williams was elected ex pires In Juno, 1873. The question Is, When do the terms of Judges Rog ers, Booth, Farwell, and Tree expire? When ore the successors of each of the five Judges to bo elected ? ' It

will bo observed that tho election which provides l for fivo Judges of tho Circuit Court of Cook County and continues the Superior Court, while It fills two of tho places in the Circuit Court with the occupants of the Bench in the Circuit and Recorder’s Court, and fixes tho time for tbo expiration of tbo terms of those two Judges, docs not mention (ho time when (ho three ad ditional Judges uhould go out of ofllco. Tho only lan guage In that section in relation to tho length of term is that which concludes tho section, namely ; “Tho toms of offico of .tho Judges of said Courts hereafter elected shall bo six yean.” Tho Judges referred to oro thoso of both Circuit and Suporlor Oourts, and thoso to bo hereafter elected. According to all nettled rules of construction tho word “hereafter” is to bo considered as referring to tbo Umo when tho Con stitution took effect, which was (ho Btb day of August, 2870. As Judges Rogers, Booth, and ianvoll were elected on tho 2d day of July, 1870. thoy are not Included In tho class of per sons referred to. Nor arc tho Circuit Judges Included in tho twelfth section of tho judicial article, which fixes tbo terms of offico of Circuit Judges at six years, because they became Judges, by election, before tbo Constitution went into effect, and they are not entitled, as a matter of right, to hold offico for six years from tbo tlmo of election, commission, or qualification, or until somo tlmo in 1870. TUo lauguago of the Conalltutlou is not retrospective. It makes a rule to bo observed after it should become the fundamental law. If these Judges can bold be yond Juno next, it Is because they were elected and commissioned before the adoption of (ho ConotlUitlou for a term running beyond the time of ratification, within (ho meaning of See. Cof the Schedule. It will ocnvccly bo contended that they are included within that section. There is no provision that they may hold for more than nix years, or until their successors may bo'olcct cd and qualified. By tho construction of similar lau gusgo Jn tho Constitution ;of 16id f in regard tot ho office of Supremo Judge, given by the Supremo Court itself, the incumbent must retire from ofllco at tho ex piration of bln term, whether there is a successor ready to take hln place or not. Tho Legislature cannot provide for an election of successors, to enter on a term of office in 1070, because See. Hof the Judicial article establishes the day for tho election as tho first Monday of June, 1870, and every six year# thereafter. . A prominent lawyer, being questioned on those points, said: Ono seems drlven to tho conclusion that there must bo vacancies InthoolUcen of Circuit Judged from 1870 to 1670, or tho terms of olllco of Judges Rogers, Booth, aud Farwell must expire lu Juno next, because their successors can only bo elected on tho Urst Monday of Juno, 18730r 1870. Again, tho provision In tho Consti tution that tho cloctiou for Judges of tho Circuit Court shall ho held on tho first Monday of Juno, 1879. covers all Olrouit Judges, without qualification or limitations. Whoa to this consideration la added tho fact that nono of these gentlemen became Judges after tho Constitu tion took effect, and uro not, therefore, covered hy tho provision that all Circuit Judges shall hold for six years, it seems to bo clear that their successors cau and must bo elected next Juno. It was doubtless the intention of tho framers of the Ooustltuilou to provide temporarily for tho organiza tion of tho Circuit Court of Cook County, uutil tho first Judicial election should take place after Its »do2>- tlon, and then hnvo tho election or all Circuit Judges uniform throughout tho Btuto. It Is truo that Judge Tree was elected after (ho Constitution was in force, aud, therefore, ho would bo included In the class or E arsons “ hereafter M elected. But, on tho other hand, owns not chosen under any act or tho Legislature or Constitutional provision. On the contrary, ho only entered tho otfico on tho theory that there was a va cancy caused by the promotion of Judge McAllister to .the Supremo bench, and, therefore, it would scam that ho could not have any greater rights. Taking all those facts and provisions into consideration, there Booms to bo no escape from tho conclusion that live Judges of tho Circuit Court of Cook County must bo elected on tho firut Monday qf next Juno. Tho result of any other reasoning la (o continue them in office to January, 1870. ' A GOOD COMMENCEMENT. The Crufiiulo Against tUo Asilffnatlon mouse Saloons mid Restaurants lie* gun tn Earnest—'JTwo Licenses Re voked Yestorduj'—A Warning* for Mc- Laughlin. Mayor Modill yesterday commenced tho cm eado against the asslgnation-honso saloons and restaurants by rovoklng tbo liconso of tbo noto rious procurer Johu McLaughlin, No. 217 West Bandolph street,which effectually Interferes with bis arrangements, Tho Grand Jury will - next tackle him. Tho license of Pier & Crlmmine, proprietors of a similar place, No. 83 Hoisted street, opposite tho Aoadomy of Musio, was also revoked. If His Honor will now revoke tbo liconso upon which tho “Dolly Yardon Parlors” are run, to tho disgrace of tho community, tho citizens will fool assured of a revolution for tholr benefit. Lot tho Police Captains report without delay tho hundred other similar places ; or tako tho conse quences. As anticipated, our nrtlolo of Sunday and yesterday, In connection with tho depraved crea ture, Joliu MoLaugldiu, has created a most pro found sensation throughout tho whole commun ity. It is a healthy symptom, and one that bodes ill for any demon that may bo caught again In tho same pursuit. It has hud uo effect, however, upon tho craven bully, McLaugh lin, except to raise him higher than over in Ida own estimation. Yesterday finding his “ Occidental Parlors” deserted oven by bin former patronn, tho groat bully wan ob nerved swaggering round town, smoking a cigar (bought ■with thoprocoodflof hiodovillnh pursuit) and haunting auonormoua gold chain (acquired with money almllarly obtained) and aadrosuing respectable people. Ho wan mot everywhere with tho aversion ho doaorvod. Even tho nowo boya learned who ho waa and called after lilm on tho dtreoto, until oven hie affrontory and brazen Impudence gavo way, and ho endeavored to tako rmugo at Foley's. lloro ho commenced ahaklng hands with everybody ho could aoo. Many of those ho mot had never aeon him before, while 'others who know him by eight did not identify Idm with tho procurer of Infanta for hla equally depraved patrona. Ilonoo, ho man aged to got hold of half a dozen clean hands. Hut whon ho tried It on tho proprietor ho mot with a rebuff that made him wilt, ami ho Anally loft in despair and hotook himoolf to hiu don. Tho oolnmunlty, as above hinted, la in a state Pf feverish oxoltemont, which has found vent In .the following algnlilcant poster, of which wo produce a fac-shmlo; T. AND P,*U*iV HAT.LT 1 JIALLT I RALLY ! RALLY ! All members of the T. andP.D. [Tar and: Feather Brigade] boat tbolr rondozvouu; (corner of nandolph and Peoria ntreets) at; 7 p. m., 23d Innt,, to glvo J. McL., tho in-: faut Hoduror, bln junt deserts in tho way of a BPHINQ BUxT. By order of OOMMITTRE. mile such treatment at tho hands of a town mooting ia not to bo especially encouraged, should tl"v brigade fulAll tholr promise ana Erovldo tho burly animal with a now liiclo, ne edy would regret It very much. His safest place would bo at present inside the four walla of tho County Jail. • SPECIAL NOTICES. Schonck's Pulmonic Cnudy Embraces In a (treat dcßren all tlm principles of fichonok's I’ulmonlo Byrup, and, whllo an pleasant to tho potato ns tho purest of confections, Its mcdlolunl properties render It effectual In cohrlis, colds,-bronchial and catarrhal af fections, Au. It is tlm most acceptable remedy for child ren or infants, and can bo given with Impunity: while far professional Rontlemoa, nr those who suffer from lass of voice, It Is Indispensable. 'Those candles aro put up In 3fl coat boxes, convenient ' for tho pokeot, and ore for sale hr nil druaßlsis and deal* OtS. J. If. SOIiKNOiCA HON, ' N. K. corner Sixth and Arch-sis., Philadelphia. TO RENT. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in the Trib une Building 1 . Single or in suites. With and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during qll business hours. These Offices are not equaled in the city. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo cation. W. O. DOW, ' Room 1 Nevada Block. OCEAN NAVIGATION. FOR EUROPE. INMAN LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. Will sail from Now York ns follows: CITY OF BALTIMORE.,..Thursday, April 34, 3P. M. CUTY OF LONDON Saturday, April 2d, a P. M. CITY OF NEW YORK Thursday, Slay 1 9A. M. CITY OF PARIS Saturday, May 3, 9 A. M, And each succeeding SATURDAY and THURSDAY, from Pier No. 45, North River. Cabin PaKimgc, 885 and 8100 Gold. Steerage, to British Ports ..'....580.00 Currency. Steerage, to Gorman Porte 33.00 Currency. Steerage, to Bremen or Scandinavian Poriß.. 08.00 Currency. SIGHT DHALTS (or sale nt low rains. FRANCIS O. BROWN, General Western Agent, 80 South Morkot-st., Chicago. Soiling from Now York for Queens town and Liverpool every Satur day, and for London direct every fortnight. Cali Passage SBO ai S9O Currency. Excursion Tickets at favorable rates. Intending pas* sougors should mako early application for bertha. STEERAGE, $29.00 currency. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool, Quoonslomi, Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardltf, Bristol, or Loudon. SBI.OO ourrenoy. Passengers booked to or from Gorman and Seandina-' vfan points at low rates. The Steamships of this lino aro the largest in the trade. Drafts on Great Britain, Ireland, and tho Continent. Wn.MAir MACALISTBR, Gon'l Western Agent, Sailing twice a week from Now York, and carrying pas sengers to all parts of Great Britain. Ireland, Continental Europe, and the Mediterranean. Cabin from $65; Steer* ago, British and Irish ports cast, friU; west-, iBStl. Conti* iiunta! ports same os other rcgulnrllnos. All payable in U. 8. currency. Apply for full Information at tho Com pany’s ottloua, No. 7 nowlingQroun, Now York, ami N. E. corner LaSalle ami Madlson-fite., Chicago. HEKDEBSOU BBOTHEHS, Agents. Just published, “Tho Trip to Europe,” a Magazine of Information for Ocean Travellers. Can bo had free of charge on application, or sent by mall on receipt of throe cent stamp* GVNMSJ MAIL LINE. ESTABLISHED 18-iO- c Passengers carried during 1872 - - - - 72,363 From Now York every Wednesday. From Boston orory Saturday. Cabin Passage, SBO and SIOO Qold. Excursion Tickets at Reduced Ratos, Spring tailings aro now arranged, and Intending pas* sougors arc recommended to make early application for bertha. Steerage Passengers booked to ond from Europe at low est rates. Drafts on Great Britain, Ireland, and tho Con tinent. Through Bills of Lading for Merchandise to and from Europe. „ • V. 11. DU VERNRT, Gon’l Wcst’n Agent. N. W. or- Clark and Raudolpb-sl., now Sbonnnn House. ■STATE LIE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. NewYoft aM Glasgow Tia lomoaflßrrr. TbOßo elegant now steamers will sail from State Lino Pier. Marlin’# Stores, Brooklyn, N. V, asaa follwa: PKNNBYLVANIA, 5,600 ton Wednesday, May 7. OKOUQIA, a. WO tons,.. ......Wednesday, Juno 4. VIUOINIA, 3,600 tons..., .Wednesday, Juno 18. Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN A. CO.. Agents, 73 Broadway, N, V. Btoerayo offloo, 4fl Broadway, N. Y. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETINGS. STOCK-HOLDERS’ ANNUAL MEETING OP TUB Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Co. Office op T ttz Labe Bnomj A Michigan SoutueiuO Uailway Company. V Cleveland. 0., March 27.-1873. ) Tho annual mooting »f tho Stockholder# of this Com pany. fop tho election of Directors for tho ensuing year, anil for the transaction of other Important business, will bo hold at the otUoo of tho Company, in the city of Oloroland, 6,| on‘Wednesday, 7th Day of May noxt. between tho hours of tl o’clock In Uto forenoon ami 8 o'clock in the afternoon of (hat day. Tho transfer hooks of the Company will ho closed at tho close of business, outhoMh day of April next, and will ro-opon on the morning of tho tolls day of May noxt. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages 03? FRACTIONAL CmfflCY VOn RALB AT TEIBUNE OFFICE. AMUSEMENTS. AIKEN’S THEATRE. List Week of tlio Inimitable Comedian, Mr. STUART 3FL -o 33. SI O 3NT . ■ Every evening until further notice, and nt. tho Wednes day Matinee, STUART ROBSON In his Intensely funny ooaouplton of WILKINS MICAWBKR. lu Dickens’ charming Uomnnoo entitled ZLaltrtl© ESma. ! ’ly. Mr. MnKRE RANKIN and Min KITTY BLANCHARD u URIAH UERP and RUSH DAHTLK. Frlilnjr—HonotU of STUART ROBSON. Batunlay~tA.itßOßSON Matlnoo. MoVIOKER’S THEATRE. Engagement of tho Popular Actor, 3MCt*. HMSCsirIE. rSnaitii, .Who will appear on MONDAY EVENING, April 31, and every ovonfnu imtll further notion, and Saturday Matt dwi, nsJAQUKSPAUVEL, in tlio novr emotional and pltUurosquo play, entitled ONE HUNDRED YEARS ODD, Aj played for aver two months, at tho UNION SQUARE THEATRE, Now York. Price of Seats, sl, 76 and Mo, according to location. HOOLEY’S THEATRE. : MONDAY, April 31—Durlnn the week and at the Mall nooo. GRAND DOUBLE IIILL, COMEDY AND FAROE. : Tho wonderful Parisian Sensation,* • ALI ES 2 And JOHN DILLON in tho now farce, . TURN HIM OUT I Friday evening, April Benefit to .Mosora, BLaIWDELi, and PADOKT, associate man* SKors. nn which occasion will be produced for this night only, THIS TICKET-OF-LKAVIs MAN, With Tho atrongoat oast oror given In this city. : ■ ACADEMY OF MUSIO. j LAST WEEK OF. i - s, OHiA.isrFßA.rr,, WITH 1118 WONDERFUL EIT! ISiXT 1 2S3C‘3C I I TUB ARKANSAS TRAVELER! Every Evening and Wednesday and Saturday Matinees. •MYEES’ OPERA HOUSE. Monroo-st., between Donrborn nnd State-sit.' Arliitou, CottouTlcinlile's Minstrels, A MONSTER BILL OF FUN I i Groat success of Ed Marble's burlesque of ROMEO AND JULIET; MAOKIN A WILSON la now Bongs and Dances. ThoModooWar. The Throe Graces. Now Vocal Quar tette. Quiet Lodgings. . Every Evening and Saturday Matlnoo. Monday, April 23-HonoUtof BILLY RICK. MIOHIGAN-AY. BAPTIST OH’OH. ROBERT OOUDBECK’S Grand Farewell Concert, THURSDAY EVENING* April 24. Reserved Seats at Carpenter A Sheldon’s, 968 Wabash qv.. or Buck A Raynor’s, cor. Madison and Btato-sts. NEW PUBLICATIONS. MAMOOD, WOMANHOOD. AND NERVOUS DISEASES, POBUSHItD BY TUB PEABODY MEDICAL INSTITUTE, No, 167 South Clark Street, OHIOAGO. Dr. G. W. WARIIEN. Assistant IMiTalclnn, Mtdlcal Knowledge for Everybody. Tieo iUUhn Copfei Sold. A HOOK FOR EVERY MAN. THE SOIBNOB OF LIFE, or Bolf Preservation. A Medical Treatise i<u Iho Causes and Cure of Exhausted Vitality, Premature Decline in Alan. 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A., Honorary Member of tho American Modlo&l Faculty, and Assistant Physician of tho Institute, may also bo con sulted on all diseases requiring skill and experience, to whom all correspondence should bo addressed, or to ths PEABODY MEDICAL INSTITUTE, No. 167 South Olark-st., Chicago. GETTYSBURG WATER. GETTYSBtTRa KATAL7ME WATER. Tho United States Dispensatory, tho anthorlzed record of our Materia Modtoa, classes tnls water with tho most renowned Alkaline or Carbonated Springs of Europe. It fsr excels any other known In Us self-preserving proper ties. It does not deteriorate by bottling and keeping. It has novorbocn claimed for any other mineral water the f tower to dlssolvcttho urates, or so-called chalk formations n tho body or on tho limbs and Joints. ThU-tho Gettys burg Katalyelno Water has done in hundreds of instances. 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For sale by VANSOHAAOK, STEVENSON & REID, DUCK A RAYNF.R, and druggists generally. GENERAL NOTICES. NOTICE. To tho Creditors of the Hide and Leather lasnranco Com- pany, of Boston, Massachusetts, who have not proved their claims: Tho Supremo Judicial Court of Massachusetts, upon tho fifteenth day of March, A. D,, 1673, passed tho rol lowing order and decree, to wit: It Is ordered and decreed that the creditors of said Company, who have not yet proved their claims against said Company, may tnako suoh proof, so as to bo entitled to tho dividend of thirty pur cont heretofore ordered, at any time on or before tho tuntb day of May next; bat no creditor shall no permitted, except upon the special or der of this Court, to provo any claim agalntl said Compa ny so as to bo entitled to a dividend thoroon, unless said claim is presented for proof to tho Rocslvors of said Com pany on or beforo said tenth day of May. Claims for proof under tho above notleo and decree should bo sent to the Receivers at their Office, No. 16 Dovooshlro-st., Boston. CHESTER I, REED. JOHN W. CARTWRIGHT, OLIVER 11. COLE. Rooclvors Hide <t Leather Irstiranoo Company. NOTICE Is hereby given that application has boon made to the Atlantic and Paolllo Telegraph Company for the. reissue of tho following certificates of stock, the orlgtuals having boon lost, mislaid, or destroyed: Fob. 34, 1889, No, 799; 16 shares. Fob. 21, 1669, No. 68; ‘26 shares. JOHN ORERAR. COAL AND WOOD. C. H. DYER & CO., Corner Wabash-av. and Madison-st., dealers in all kinds of Fuel. Illinois Coal per too, delivered, 83 j Kirkland Grate Coal (best Indiana) per ton, delivered, $6.50; Wa bash Coal (Indiana Bituminous) per ton, delivered, $6.60. Hard Coal anil Wood of all kinds always on hand. MISCELLANEOUS. AH Right Sttlvo for lluriiK» Uollu, COENS! DR. STEPHENS, 121 Doarborn-st. 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Day Express........ * U:00a. in. * fl:00p. m daokaon Accommodation......... 5 3:35 p, m. {lOuOa, nt- Atlantic Express 4 6:16 p. in. I JRMft. m. Night Express t*9:oop.ra. 1*6:300. W. INWIANArOLIB VIA Pitnu ROAD. . _ Ma 11.... * 5:30 a. m. *BH6n. ra. Night Express IPilOp. m. *6:30 ora. ORANI) RAPIDS AND PENIWATEU. MOrnlngExpress 9,00 ft. m. 8:00 p.m. Night Express,. 19:10 p. m. *6:OOa. m. ‘ * “ Henry o. Wentworth, General Passenger Agent. CHICAGO & ALTON RAILROAD. Cfilraao, Alton <6 At. Lout* Through /Arif, and Louiiima • (Jlo.) ntic thorl route fmm Chiragoln Kntmu CMy, Union Depot, Writ tilde, near, bridge, Leave, Arrive. Bt. Louis A Springfield Express, . via Main Lino, • 0:10 a. m. ♦ 8:l0p. m, Kansas City bait Express, via . Jacksonville, 111., and Louisi ana, Mo. ...... * 0:15 a, m. * B:lop.m* Wonona, Lacon, Washington Ex press (Western Division.)..«... * 4:I0p, m. 1 8:10 p. m. Joliet A Dwight Acoomo’datlon. 1 4:10 p, m. * 9:40 a. m. Bt, Louis A Springtide! Lightning lit press, via Main Line, and also , via Jacksonville Division. U9:oop, ni, }J7:DOp. in. Kansas Olty Express, via Jack sonville, 111,, A Louisians, Mo.. 119:00 p. m. 117:30 a. m. Jofloraon City Express, 119;00p, m. ii7:Boa.ra. Peoria, Keokuk A liurl’n Ex..... * 0:0Qr. m. * 8:10 p. m. ’’ .UDafly, via Main Lino, and dally except Haturday. via Jnokionvlllo Division, it Dally, via Main Lino, and dally except Monday, via Jacksonville Division, . . CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL RAILWAY.* UnlonDepol, corner Mitdleqn and CVuinMfu.; Ticket Office ' ■ • 87 Wett Slrtdlton’tf, anelrtl Depot, Leave, Arrive,. Milwaukee.-St. Paul A Mlnnoap oils Day Expr0n5..., ............. *9;ooa. ro. J7:20 a. m. ’ Mllwaukoo A Pralrlo du Chlen Malt and Express.,....., *4: Bop, m. *ll;90a. m. Mlhvnukno, St, Paul AMlnnoap • oils Night Express tO:QOp. m. * 0:00 p.m. CHICAGO. BURLINGTON** QUINCY RAILROAD. Dtjiolt—Fbot rtf' Ixike-t(., /ndfana-av., and" Str/e«n(6-rt., and Canal and Sixteenth-eft. JYc kel office fn Brim* /route and at depot* Leave, Arrive', RTall and Express * 7:16 a. m. •4.15 p.m. Dubuque and Sioux City Exp,.., ■ 9:10 a. m. * 9:l0p, mj Pnolllo 1-aaf, Lino *10:00 a. m. * 8:15 p. m. OnlosbnrirPassenger * 8:16 p. m. * 8:00 p. raj Bfondofa A Ottawa Passenger... * 4:2 tip, m, ■ 9:Wa. m, Aurora Passenger..,.. * 1:45 p. m. * 8:16 a. m, Aurora Passeugor * 6:80 p. m. * 8:56 a. m. Aurora Passenger (Sunday) I.OOp. ra. 9:665. mi Dubuque A Hloux City Exp t p. m. i 7:00 a. m. Paclflo Night Express... +ll ;00 p. m. ifliOOa. mj . Downer’s Ororo Acoommodatlon *11:00 n. m. * 6:60 p. m. Downers Grove Accommodation * 6:16 p. in. * 7:16 a. m. Ottawa and StreatorPaßßonger.. 7:45 a.m. 8:00 p.m. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD, , Depot fool of Lake-*l. an djoat rtf' Treenty-iteond-tl, Ticket office, 76 Canal-il., corner rtf’ Sfaditon. I Leave, I Arrive. Bt. Louis Express • 7:30 a. m. • 9:00 p. m. Bt. Louis Fast Line.. t 8:l5p, m. * 7:56 a. m. Cairo Mall • 7:30 a. m. * 0:00 p. m. Cairo Express... + B:lfip. m. * 7:66 a. m. Springfield Express • 7:30 a. m. * S:00p. m. Springfield Express .+Bjl6p. m. • 7:66 a. ra. Dubuque A Sioux City Ex * 9:15 a. m. * 9:00 p. m. Dubuque ASlohx Oily Ex tfltOOp. ra. *7:oo*. tn. ,’Ollman Passenger • 5:15 p. ra. • 9:00 a. m. HydoParkand Oak Woods.. • 6:10 a. m. • 8:48 a. m. Hydo Park and Oak Woods • 7:l0a. m. • 7:45*. m. Hyde Park and Oak Woods 8 9:00 a. ra. • 8:40 a. ra. Hydo Park and Oak Woods 612:10 p. m. • 9:00 a. m. Hydo Park and Oak Woods 1 8:00 p. m. il0:30a. m. Hyt o Park and Oak Wood 4:»np. m. I l:48p. mj Hydo Park ond Oak Woods *s:l6p. m. * 6;20p. m. ii , S o o at^ am iS ft^ t S oo( l , SdOp. »• * 6:Mp. m- Hydo Park and Oak Woods *ll;00p. ra. * 7-.86 p. m. **On Saturdays this train will bo run to Champaign. " ' CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. from the Great Central Railroad Depot, foot of Lake-il. For through ticket! and eUtplng.enr berlht apply at Ticket ofiee, 75 Cnnaf-if,, corner Jfadlson; 120 Wathinglon-it.i iremont ITouse, andj UeMaan.av.s alee joot J\een(, LeareCblcago ~ • 8:oo*. ra . s g:00p. ra. Arrive at Indianapolis • 4:5« p. m. 5 8:60 a. m. Arrive at Cincinnati • 9:30 p. m. { 9:16 a. m. Only lino running Saturday night train to Cincinnati, Pullman sleeper# on night trains. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. Ticket office, 31 iVett ifailleon-it. leave, Arrive, Pacific Fast Line Molis’a. m. • 3:45 p. ra. Dubuque Day Ex. via Clinton.... 1(1:15 a. m. 8:45 p. m. Pacific Night Exjnros m. *6:30 a, m. Dubuquo Night Ex. via Clinton.. 10:15 p. in. 6:80 a. ra, Freeport & Dabuqno Express • 9:15 a. m. * 2:00 p. m. Freeport 4 Dubuquo Expros • 9:15 p. m. • 7 a. m. Milwaukee Mall * 8:00 a. ra. *10:16 a. ra.: Milwaukee Express • 9:30 a. m. * 4;00p.r0. M naukco Passenger.... • 5:00 p. ra. • 7:40 p. ra. Milwaukee Passenger (dally) {11:00 p. m. 5 6:00 a.m. Green Oav 9:40 a. m. * 7:15 p. m. St. Paul a. m. fi.Mp.m, Green Bar Express • 9:00 p. m. • 6:20 a.m. Bt. Paul Exproas 19:30 p. m. t 6:60 q. ra. CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILROAD. Depot, oorner q f Uarrison and Sherman-tlt. Ticket office. ■ 83 »«<< Leave. ( Arrive, Omaha,Loavenw’thAAlchlsonEx *10:16 a. m.t* 8:45 p. dr Peru Accommodation.. 1 6;00p. ra. • 9:30 a. ra. Night Express.. +10:00 p. m. i 7:00 a. ra. Loavenworth 4 Atchison Express +10:00 p. m.|j 7:00 a. m, LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. Depot, corner Harriton and Sherman-tlt, Ticket ojteet, norlhteeit comer Clark and RandoJ}i/i-i(»., and lourittroi comer Canal and iladlton.tU. Leave, Arrive. Mall, via Air Lino and Main Lino * 6:40 a. m. * 9:20 p. m.' Special New York Express, via Air Lino ..... * 9:00 a. m. • 8:00 p. tn. Atlantic Express, via Air Line.. 5:15 p.m. 8:00 a.m. Night Express, via Main Lino.... *+9;oop. ra. *i6:3ou. in. ElkhartAccommo<}ation * 8:40 p. m. •10:10 a. ra. South Chicago Accommodation.. 13 ;00 m. l:5 Up. ra. CHICAGO. DANVILLE - & VINCENNES RAILROAD. Pamnger Depot at I\, C. & St. Louie Depot, comeroj Ca • natond Jffntfwft. freight and Ticket office 103 irariifng-<on-«(. . Leave, | Arrive, Mall * 7:40 a. m. I* 1:40 p. ra. Evansville &. Torre liauto Ex.... * 7:00 p. m.|* 7:80 a. ra. PITTSBURGH. FOR i WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. I Leave, Arrive. * 9:00 a. ra. 1 7:80 p. m. {s:lop. m. i 6:30 a. ra. +*9:oop. m. +*8:00 a. ra. * 4:55u. m, * 6:10 p. tn. * 8:40 p. m. * 8:50 a. in. CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. (OPEN TO ROSELLE.) Depot corner Untiled and North Uranch-nfe. General ofiee 16 Metropolitan Jilaek, corner Jtandolph ond LnSaUe^te. iLeate, Arrive . Roselto Accommodation 6:00 a.m. ll:’>9a.m. Rosollo Acoommodotlon 8:00 p.m. 7;6op.ra. GKO. R. BOWEN. GEO, 11. DANIELS, MEDICAL CARDS. ./ DR. O. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 464 Btato-st., Chicago. It la well known by all readers of tho papers, that Dr. O. Bigelow Is tho oldest established physician (a Chicago, Science and experience have made Dr. H. tho most re nowned SPECIALIST of the ago, honored by the press, esteemed of the highest medical attainments by all the medical Institutes uf the day, having devoted TWENTY YEARS OF lUS LIFE In perfecting romodios that wifi care positively all oases or CHRONIC AND SPECIAL DISEASES in both sexes. CONSULTATION FREE. SEPARATE PARLORS for ladles and gentlemen. Call. CORRESPONDENQQ CONFIDENTIAL. Address all letters, with stamps, to Dr. O. BIGELOW, No. 464 Ktato-st. S8 STi I)r. Kean, 300 South Olark-st., Chicago, May be confidentially consulted, personally or by moil, free of charge, on all ohronlo or nervous diseases. DR. J. KEAN Is the only physician In tho city who war rontn cures or no pay. Oftfoe hours from 9a. ra. to 8 p.m. JO 3R,. BTOJXTE, CorifldentialPhyulolan, 112‘W‘iMadIaon-st,,Ohicngo 1 111,, (A regular graduate In modlolno) cures all ohroulo and “ Special Diseases,” of both sozoa, at reasonable prices. MedloinoifurnUhed. Nomerouryuscd. Consultation free, eerionallyor by mail. Cures guaranteed. All "female dif. oultlcs 11 treated with safety and sucooss. Circulars free. DR. J. H. CLARK, 101 East Harrison-st., botwoon Clark' aud Hlnto-sts., Chicago, ouroe all dlso&sos and dhlloultlos of a Prlvatg and ConfldontlaUnaturo, and warrants a euro In all cases. Special attention to Funoin DHUcultlcs. Office open day and ovonlng. Bond stamp for Circular to tho Married. jDr. TOWHSKNB, 183 SOUTH OLABK-BT., Continues to curo all Chronic, N°rrotis, and Urinary Diseases of both sexes, and may bo confidentially con' suited, personally or by rati), freo of charge, beinult dltfieulUea tro.ilou with safety and sucooss. Ills Medics) Treatise to ladles anil gnntlnmon sent frop, DISSOLUTION NOTICES, ' Ry mutual consent tho firm of Carucs A Morrison, SI West Adams-st., is (his day dissolved, ond alldohts, dues, and demands aro to ho settled by Samuel Morrison, ol said-firm. 01ilcaKOi | AprilT9. | _197g. MM _^ M^^^^^^ scales] faisbXS'ks 1 Bril STANDARD r SCALES >.l OF ALL SIZES. /tegBfejaBFAIIIBANKS. MOUSE &OC jP66 WEST WABUINQTON-ST,