Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 22, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 22, 1873 Page 5
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THE STATE CAPITAL. No-Quorum Day in Both Houses —Condition of Busi ness. Temper of the Senate on the Ques tion of an Adjourned Session. - Proposed Amendments to the Act Incorporating the Union Stock-Yards. Another Batch of Railroad Bills Reported in the House. Special Dispatch to' The Chicago Tribune, CONDITION OF BUSINESS. Springfield, April 21.—0n0-thlrd of tho Houso mot this morning. Prayer was offered for the wholo House,- though two-thirds of it seems to bo past praying fpr. The; Senate la in’ even a more hopeless condition. On Saturday many members wont homo, and a squad wont to St.-Louis to boo tho sights. Nearly every dis trict has a delinquent member. Of the Cook County members, there woro present Messrs. Bradwell, Forrior, Hopkins, and Wayman, not quite ono-flfth of tho delegation. It is no won der tho session has boon drawn out. Everyday there is not a quorum is a day lost. There will ho no business douo until to-morrow, tho even ing mooting of tho Senate being merely a con trivance to ovado tho Constitution. An ad journment this week Is out of tho question. Mr. Sanford wont homo with tho Rail road bill in his pocket. When ho returns, tho Subcommittee will have to moot and pass urion the amendments, and the full Committee must review Us work. It is not likely, there fore; that tho bill will got boforo tbo Senate until Wednesday. Tbcro may bo a protracted debate, occupying a day or two. Anyway, it will bo Thursday or Friday beforo tbo bill roaches tho House, and if it is much amended, tho House will disagree. A Committee of Conference may take another day, going over to next week*. Tho General Appropriation bill has not passed tho Senate, and it will have a thorny road to travel in tho Houso. Tho Penitentiary report has not boon touched, and on that suh- J ect there aro a dozen speeches to bo delivered. It will bo impossible, therefore, to adjourn until next week, and as tho next pay-day comes on tho Ist of May. probably that will bo tho. last day of tho session. Tho Houso worked illegally for an hour this morning, and then broke up on o coll of tho House, tho following members not answering to their names : Armstrong (Qrun-Tlollca, Rogers, dy), Jackson, Rountree, ArmHtrong (La-James, Sawyer, Salic), Jeeaup, Scanlon, Barkley. Kami, Scctt, Bishop (ilcncnry)Lerama, Bonne, Booth, Lowiu, Blmw, Bryant, Lomax, Shorm&n, Bullard, Loomis, Bhumway, Casey, Marsh, Smith, Caaaccly, McDonald, Snow, Carpenter, McQoo, Boulo, Condon. McLaughlin, Stewart (Wlnne- Oronkrito, Middlucoff, bago), Cullcrton, Moore (Adams), Stewart(McLcan), Dmiß, Moobo, Elrcctor, Bawcy, MoflUt, Stroud, Bolton, NovlUo, Swan, Easley, Nowtou, Sylvester, Efncr, Oakwoou, Taggart, Freeman, . Obcrly, Thomas, Graham, ' Olohod, Tlllaon, Granger, Bollzer, Vlrdou, Grey, . Plowman, Washburn, Gridley, ' Pollock, Webber, Halpln, Pyatt, Webster, Hawes, Quinn, Weiuholxncr, Borringto I, Race, Wick, Hcrtlngj Ramey, Wicker, Hfto (Madison), Ray, Wymoro, Hilo (St. Clatr), Rice, THE ADJOURNED SESSION. Tho Senate 1b about evenly divided on the pro priety of bolding an adjourned .session. Many of the Sonatora are exoroieed as-to how they should vote. Wore the vote to bo taken by secret ballot there would bo an overwhelming majority for another mooting, Just as there would bo a majority against a Railroad bill in both Houses if tho voto wore secret. 13ut In tho Senate aro many sprouting Congressmen whoso ambition spreads out to Washington. They have a wholesome fear of their constituents, and will voto against on adjourned session or dodge. Those who novpr oxpoct to bo ro-olcotod will make the most of tholr little brief authority, and prolong tho session four mouths next winter. Every unmarried man will voto to como back; so will tho widowers and thoso whoso • wives aro severe. Ono Senator, of a pious turn of mind, has decided to vote for an adjourned session because, having examined tho Bible', bo found nothing prohibit ing it. " Thou shalt not steal ” five dollars aday from tho State of Illinois has direct reference to tho adjourned session, and possesses peculiar force in that connection. Seriously, thoro is not much to ho hoped from tho Senate. A sot of men who voted to remain idle fortwo days at this etago of tho session, are capable of “ stratagems and spoils' 1 of any kind,and tho chances are rather in favor of another mooting. No gobd reason has boon adduced for thus picking tho people's pockets of between 8100,000 and 8200,000. ANOTHER BOARD. Mr. Morrison introduced a bill providing for a Board of Eire Directors forthelrvingtonAgricul tural College—ono from each of tho following counties: Washington, Clinton, Jefferson, Marion, and Perry. These gentlemen are to ho paid their actual expenses, and ore to appoint and fix tho compensation of a Secretary and Treasurer. The bill was committed to tho Committee on Stato Institutions, which has boon sitting for two months on a bill appropriating 810,000 to tho College. This is one of tho 800 bills that will die tho death of tho unrighteous. THE MILITIA. Tho Militia bill, intended to reorganize tho military powor of tho Stato apd increase it in numbers and ofiioiouoy, was rood a first time. In spilo of its extraordinary length, its provis ions are believed to bo viso. A synopsis of tho bill has been published. TIME OF ELECTING SCHOOL DIRECTORS. Mr. Snow reported a bill from the Committee Du Education changing tho timo of holding elec tions of School Directors from Saturday to Fri day. This is out of dofcrouco to tho religious Sentiment of tho Sovonth-Day Baptists, whoso Sabbath is observed on Saturday, and out of consideration for tho ladies who may ho running for Directors, and wboso domes tic duties are supposed to accumulate on that day. Tho bill was ordered to a second reading. THE UNION STOCK YAIIDS. Mr. Rankin's House bill amends tbo act in corporating tbo Union Block Yards by adding tbo following: Provided, that said Company shall not bo permit ted to make charges for hay, straw, corn, or other, ar ticles used for the subsistence of animals in their care, exceeding in amount CO per cent additional to the cur rant market nrlco of such hay. straw, corn, or other articles supplied by them for tho subsistence of such animals. And, provided, further, That In every case properly certified weighing tickets shall bo delivered to tbo owner or owners of such animals, or to his or their agent or agents with each supply of such hay, straw, corn, or other articles. • i Any officer, agent, or employe violating any of tho {irovisloas of this act, shall bo liable to u flue of not css than SIOO. nor moro than SSOO, recoverable before any Justice of tho I’caco, I’ollco Magistrate, or court of competent jurisdiction, upon conviction thereof, In an action of debt, ouo-half to go to tbo parson prose cuting for tbu same, and tho other half to (ho common school fund of tho town or city whuro such violation occurs.' Tbo bill was ordered to a third rending. RAILROAD BILLS. Tbo Railroad Committee, por Mr. Hlldnip, its Chairman, reported several bills to tho llouso. : Ono, abolishing tbo Railroad Commission, was laid ou tbo table, and so wore several others paying in view legislation embodied lu tbo Com promise bill. Tbo bill removing tbo $5,000 lim itation of damages for persons killed by rail roads was reported upon adversely, and tbo House concurred. Tbo bill providing that trains pood not stop at crossings when tho grade was ovor 80 feet to the mile—-a bill In its original shape calculated to facilitate collisions, was reported back favorably, with a provision that flagmen should bo stationed at such crossings. There should have been another provision that the flagmen should not sloop at their posts, and then tbo bill would bavo boon reasonable per haps. This bill is intended to apply to tbo Northwestern Rond. Tbo Casey bill, allowing railroads which run to tbo State lino to purchase or bo consolidated with their extensions in an ptbor State, was reported with a rooommeuda tlon that it do pass. Tho Immediate application of this bill la not apparent Just yot. THE PEORIA COURT-HOUSE. Mr. Starr introduced a bill providing that whenever 500 voters shall sign n petition to that clToot, tho question of building a Oourt-IIouHO, jail, or poor-houso shall bo submitted to a voto of tho county. Peoria baa a littlo ahnnty of a Court* Houso, which that enterprising town do replace with a larger and moro dlgnlflod specimen of architecture, while tho remainder of the county ia perfectly content with things ah they are, and objects to bo taxed to Improve and beautify tho city. • • proposed compliment. There is uorao talk of sending a committee to St. Louis to Invito tho President atid his family to visit tho capital before tho Legislature ad journs. It is thought ho may decline, but the compliment wiibbo all the same. lIUIEOULAU • PROCEEDINGS. Mr. Dresser sent to tho Clerk’s desk a paper stating that litocolloftgno, Mr. Lewis, had boon Indicted by the Grand July of Calhoun County for forcible seduction., For want of a quorum no notion was had. It would acorn that tho Leg islature might llnd something bettor •to do than washing tho dirty record of its members. Tho criminal members, if any there bo, should ho loft to tho courts. SLIM .ATTENDANCE. Tho lloubo mustered but elity-ono members in tho afternoon, and the Houato had thirteen members, in the-evening, aa follows : Brooks, Prtlnmr, Btarno, Burns, Reynolds, Strong, Ciiblle, Sheldon, . Ware, Casey, Shepard, WliUuoy, Henry, Tho others woro absent, including tho Presi dent. Mr. Palmer wan put in thoolmir, and this fraction of a Senate adjourned, THE RAILROAD RILL Tho Buh-Oommittco of tho Senate Railroad Oomniitteo did not moot this evening as was in tended, and tho bill being still absent with Mr. Sanford. Tho wholo Committoo is called to moot to-morrow ■ evening, but is not likoiy tho Bub-Committco will havo - finished its labors. Nothing will thoroforo bo dono in tho Senate until Wednesday or Thursday. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. Springfield, April 21, SENATE. Briof ovoning session, no business douo. HOUSE. Prayor by tho Rov. Mr. Johnson. . MILITIA DILL. Tho Militia bill, Houso 411. was road a first time. ELECTION OF SCHOOL OFFICERS. Houso BUI 418, providing for tho election of School Officers, changing tho timo of electing Trustees and other odicers from Saturday to Fri day, was ordered to a second reading. NEW BILLS. By Mr. MORRISON—To provide for tho ap portlomnont of Trustees of tho AgrioultimU Col logo at Irvington. , By Mr. WARNER—Declaring twenty years' in curable insanity cause for dlvorco. By same—Requiring corporations to pay at torneys’ fees and damages in certain oases of ap peal or change of venue. By Mr. JONES—Providing for a uniform num ber of Trustees for Btato Institutions. By Mr. BRANSON—In regard to taking acknowledgments of chattel mortgages by Notaries Public. LIENS ON JUDGMENTS. On motion of Mr. Jones, tbo Houso voted to reconsider tbo voto by which Honso bill No. 1, In regard to limitations of lions of judgments and dooroos failed to pass. Consideration post poned. UNION STOCK YARDS. House bill 417 in relation to tlio Union Stock Yards and Transit Company of Chicago, was ordered to a third reading. RAILROAD RILL. The Committoo on Railroads reported favor ably BUI 451, concerning injury to persons and property in tho management of railroads. APPROPRIATION RILL. Houso bill 410, making an appropriation for tho Soldiers’ Orphans' Homo, was ordered to a third reading. TOWN LIMITS. Honso bill 291, providing for annexing terri tory to towns and villages, or excluding territory therefrom, was ordered, to a third reading. ANOTHER NEW DILL. By Mr. STARR—A bill to submit tho question of building a court-house, jail, or othor county buildings to a voto of tho people of tho oouuty. SCHOOL DISTRICTS. Houso bill 002. to consolidate school districts In Kaukakoo County, was ordered to a third reading. ORSOBNE LITERATURE. House bill 568, to provont tho circulation of obscene litoraturo, was ordered to a third read ing. ANOTHER' NEW DILL. Tho Committee on Railroads reported a bill for an act to onahlo railroad companies to pur chase connecting railroads in adjoining States. NO QUORUM. A call of tho House wos ordered, showing sixty-one members present. ' Recess,till.2l3o p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. SERIOUS CHARGE AGAINST A MEMBER. Mr. DRESSER arose to a question of privil ege, and stated that serious charges aro in circu lation altocting tho character of his colleague, Mr.' Lewis, of Calhoun County. Ho desired an investigation, and sent to tho Clerk’s desk a copy of tho Peoria Transcript of April 19, containing an Horn which states that Mr. Lewis has boon in-' dieted by the Grand Jury of his county for an attempt to commit arapo. Tho facthaving boon developed that thoro was no quorum present, tho Houso adjourned without taking further ac tion. A Onto Lady. Lady Browne and I wore as usual going to tho Duchess of Monroe’s at 7 o’clock. The evening was dark. In tho close lane, under the park Sale, and within twenty yards of tho gate, a lack figure pushed by between the chaise and tho hedge on my side. I suspected it was a high wayman, and so I found did Browne, for she was speaking, and stopped. To divert her fears, I was going to say, ‘‘ls not that tho apothecary going to the Duchess ?” when I heard a voice cry ‘‘Stopl” aud then tho’ figure caino hack to the chaise. I had tho presence of mind, boforo I lot down tho glass, to tako out my watch and within my dross under tho arm. Ho said, “Yourpuraoand watches?" “Ihavo no watch," I replied. “Then your purse." I gave it to him; it had nino guineas iu it. It was so' dark that I could not see his hand, but I felt him tako it. Ho then naked for Lady Browne’s purse, and said “Don’t bo frightened; I will not hurt you." "No, you won’t frighten tho lady," I said. “ No,' I give you my word I will not hurt you," ho replied. Lady Browne gavo him her purse, and was going to add hor watch, but ho said, “lam'much obliged to you; I wish you goodnight," pulled off Ills hat and rode away. " Well," said I, “ you will not bo afraid of being, robbed another time, for you boo thoro is noth ing in it." "Oh, but lam," sho said; “and now lam in terror lost ho return, for I have given him a purse with bad money that I carry on pur pose."—Lady Walpole, Bethosda Water. Bright’s Disease, Diabetes, Kidney und Bladder Dis eases, Dropsy, und Indigestion, It Is said, can bo cured by Dunbar’s Bcthosda, tho original Waukesha Water. This Is tho water recommended by Prof. Wel lard Parker, M. D., of New York (, Chief Justico Chase; Surgeon-Gen. Walcott, of Wisconsin, and thousands of others. It Is put up In barrels charred on the Inside, .in which it will keep for mouths unimpaired. Mr. Morton, tho 'General Agent, will bo at tho Sherman House Tuesday, between the hours of 12 and 2 o’clock, to confer with any party who wishes territory not dis posed of. or tbo representatives of hospitals or charita ble institutions, to which it will bo furnished free. Per further particulars address 1. N. Norton, Milwau kee, Wls. Save Tour Honey. Five hundred pieces striped dress silks at 05 and 75 cents, and sl, retailed elsewhere at nearly double. Largo lino of French cambrics at 16 cents—old prices CO cents ; COO pieces black Lyons dross silks at from $1 to $2.70. On theso goods buyers will savo at least 40 for cent. Suits, talmas, oto., of our own manufac uro in endless variety, now being opened. Dress making done in infest stylos. Satisfaction guaranteed. Will open this week in retail department over 1,000 cases of assorted spring drygoods. Buyers can roly ou saving ovor ono-thlrd of their money. O. W. kE. Purdridgo k Co., Nos. 116, 12U, 122, .and.l 24 SUto street, near Madison. Gholoo Property at Auction. Those of our readers who are lu search of choice and desirable property should not forget tho auction sale of 8 lots on Douglas place, between Prairie and Indiana avenues, and 7 lota on Callage Grove and Cal ifornia-avenues, between Blxly-flfth and Sixty-sixth streets. Tho sale will take place to-morrow (Thurs day) at 2W o’clock n. m., at the oflico of tho Auctioneers and Agents, O. G, TiiAYini k Go., No, 166 East Madison ■treet. Sale of Oil Painting’s. This ifiarnoon at 2:60 and evening at 7, tho sale of those hue oil paintings will take place at No. 183 Eaat Madison street. Tho ladies are particularly invited, This sale comprises many fine paintings, and those who fail to attend will miss an opportunity of obtain ing httlug ornaments for their homes, as they will bo •old without reserve. Tho prominent firm of Ellson k roster are the.auctioucors. Tbo Genuine Goyeer Sprint: Water U drawn by Buck U Reyney at both stores. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: TUESDAY, APRIL 22, 1873. THE COUNCIL The Time for Saloon-Closing Again i Placed at 11 O'Clook, ; Hossrs.. Adams and Hoorn Confirmed as Ilcoltli t'oiiimlssloncrs-Jlr. Hoard’s Nomina tion Rojoclod. Wool Lako Stroot Pavomont—Tito South. Clark Stroot Matter. A regular mooting of tho Council was held yesterday evening, Aid. Sohaffuor in tho ohalr. Present, Aldermen Bowen, Richardson, Dixon, Warren, McGonniss, Cooy, MoAvoy, Sldwoll, Stone, Piokoring, Tracey, Schmitz, McOlowry, Clowry, Bailey, O’Brien, Clark, Bwoot, Kohoo, Heath; Minor, Mooro, Cleveland, Quirk, Mo- Grath, Eokhardt, Stout, Mahr, Longaobor, Schaffnor, Carney, Cannon, Ogdon, Corcoran. PETITIONS. Petitions wore presented and referred for opening alloy in Block 81, School Section Addi tion; for gas on Hubbard stroot, between Bon bon and Paulinafor a sower in Forquor street, from Halstod to Bluo Island avonuo ; for grad ing and planking Block a, Canal Trustees’ Subdi vision; for opening Farwoll stroot; for water main on McHenry . street, from North Water to Branch; for a sidewalk on tho oast side of McHenry street, from North to Etnton avenues; for opening Han over street to Egan avouuo; for repairing Grovo streets for a sidewalk oi both sides of Clayton, from Leavitt to Western avonuo; for a sidewalk on tho oast side of Wood, from Mil waukee avouuo to Waubansla avonuo. ORDERS, Tho Board of Public Works was ordered to prepare ordinances for opening Hanover street from Thirty-first to Egan avenue 5 for paving Fifth avenue from Van Burou to Polk; for widening Saluted from Archer to Egan avenues; for opening Farrell street from Thirty-first to Hickory; for a sidewalk on tho east side side of Paulina from Waubausia to Noble and the south side of Vanßuron, from Paulina td Bonbon; to have all buildings and material re moved from tho Lake Front at once; to notify tho Joliet Chicago Bead to fix Grovo street; to build a sower in Sullivan street, between Sedg wick ami Hurlbut. and in Willow, from Larraboo to tho Newberry School. " CITY OFFICERS, Tho quarterly report of tho Bridewell Commis sioners was presented and placed on file. A communication was received from the Board of Fire and Polioo, recommending the Purchase of another site for tho main West Side olico Station, winch was referred to tho Com mittee on Fire and Water. ' SOUTH CLAUK, Tho Board of Public Works, in reply to a reso lution of inquiry relative to tho improvement of Clark street, from Twelfth to Twenty-second, reported an ordinance had boon passed for wall ing and paving the street, expecting the railroad tracks would bo removed. As they had not, nothing had boon done toward paving, though the . Board should recommend It when advis able. Tho Board do not think it advisable to have the'’ street planked, as provided in tho ordinance of 1850. and think tho side sowers unnecessary. They also state that tho road claims itdid not accept the terms of tho ordinance of 1856. It was referred to tho Committee on Streets and Alloys. STREET IMPROVEMENTS. Tho Board of Public Works submitted ordi nances for opening Vomon avenue to Egan ave nue, and for paving Union from Hubbard to Erie, and Doafborn from Twenty-seventh to Twenty-ninth, ond for walling oncl filling Town send from Chicago avenue to West White, which wore properly referred. Several lamp-post and sidewalk ordinances wore presented and passed. SIGNS. Aid. HcGonniss offered an ordinance amenda tory of Iho firo ordinance, providing that no signs constructed of wood shall bo placed on top of any building over two stories in height. It was referred to tho Committee on Firo and Water. THE INTER-STATE EXPOSITION. Tho report of tho Committee on Wharves and Public Grounds, recommending the passage of a resolution directing tho Board of Publio Works to build for tho Intor-Stato Expo- building on tho Lako Park, money and plans to bo furnished by tho Exposition, was submitted and laid over. CRUELTY TO ANIMALS. The engrossed ordinance for tho prevention of cruelty to animals, was slightly amended, and was referred to tho Clerk for engrossment. CLOSING SALOONS. Tho ordinance for closing saloons at half-past 11 o’clock was taken up. Aid. Heath moved to strike out bolf-past 11 and insert 11. Aid. McAvoy moved to fix tho hour at 12. Ho had understood half-past 11 was to bo tho com promise. Aid. Mooro moved to table all amendments, and Aid. Pickering agreed with him. Tho motion to table was not agreed to—yeas, 13; nays. 20. Aid. Heath made a speech In favor of tho 11 o’clock rule. Aid. MoAvoy’e amendment was lost—yeas, 0; nays, 21. Aid. Heath’s amendment was carried—yoas, 20 ; nays, 12—as follows: Peas—Bowon, Richardson, McQcddlbb, Cooy, Sid well. Stouo, Pickering, Tracey, McOlowry, Clark, Heath. Minor, Mooro, Cleveland, Quirk, Lougachor, Bchanner, Carney, Cannon, and Ogden—2o. Kaya— Dixon, Warren, McAvoy, Schmitz, dowry, Hailey, O’Brien, Kehoc, EckUardt, Stout, Mohr, ami Corcoran—l3, A motion to walvo tho engrossment failed— yeas, 25; nays, 7; and tho ordinance was re ferred back for engrossment. BOARD OF HEALTH. Tho Committee on tho Judiciary, to whom was referred tho message of tho Mayor, nominating certain members of tho Board of Health, re ported, recommending tho confirmation of McGregor Adams and Charles E. Mooro. Tho Committee say that whilo Mr. Hoard is a worthy and faithful man, and ’ will continue in the future, as in tho past, to servo tho city to tho host of his ability, it is believed that a younger man might perhaps ho moro olliclont and give general satisfaction. They therefore recommended ho bo not confirmed. Tho report was cououirod in. Tbo ordinance for .paving Lake street, from Halotod to tho viaduct, was passed. STREET ENDS. The Oommiltoo ou Wharves and Public Grounds reported a resolution tbo effect that tbo street ends should not bo leased for any pur pose whatever. Tbo matter was laid ovor. BELTS AND CLUBS. Tbo Committee on Police reported tbo Council could not interfere with tbo action of tho Board of Polico in directing policemen to wear bolts and carry clubs, and rocotnmondod that Aid. Tracy's resolution ordering a discontinuance of tbo practice, bo tablod. This flubjoot received a thorough discussion, Tbo matter was laid ovor. Tho Council adjourned. PERSONAL. Albert Fearing of Boston has given $30,000 to tbo Liberia College, at Monrovia. Tho whole male bouse of Bernadette Is now reduced to King Oscar 11. and bis four sous, ranging from tbo ago of 16 to that of 8 years. J. Q, A. King, of Joliet, has purchased tbo property of tho Braldwood Coal-Mining Com pany, at Braidwood. Gen. O’Neill, tho Fenian, finds East St. Louis congenial to bis tables, and will mako bis home there. V Liout. Erasmus Dennison, of tbo navy, a son of ox-Qov. Dennison, of Ohio, committed suioldo at San Francisco, Saturday, because of domestic difficulties, loaviug a wife in that city. Parson Browulow hesitated for somo)! weeks, but finally took tbo “ back-pay” money, at tbo same time cursing tbo poverty, proti abtod ill ness and big doctors’ bills that forced him to do it. M. F. Ayers, of Jacksonville, 111,. Is tho Pres ident of throe railroads, viz: Tbo Chicago, Homor A Southern, tbo Danville, Olnoy A Ohio, and tbo Jacksonville, Northwestern A Southeast ern. Tbdmas L. Wakefield of Dedham, Jonas Fitch and Sylvanus A. Donio,of Boston, have been ap pointed Oommmisnionora ou tho location and building of a now Btato Prison in Massachu setts. William Adams, of Chicago, has sold the National Hotel, io Joliet, to A Chicago gentle man. Consideration, $17,000, in Improved Chicago property. Mr. Adams has owned this property for nearly thirty years. The vacancy caused by the resignation of William D. Shipman, United States Judge for llio district of Connecticut, has boon Mod by the appointment of Nathaniel Shipman, of Hart* ford, who was Gov., Buckingham’s private .Boo rotary. ’ ' 1 James Brooks returned to Washington with* ont finding any relief in his two woohs'visit to Norfolk. At a consultation of physicians, it wao concluded to administer nourishment every six hours by injection, as taking it in the ordinary way Deems to havo failed almost entirely to givo him tho necessary strength of body. Mark W. Dolahay, tho 'drunken and bribe taking United States District Judge in Kanaka, who has Just .been impeached by the House of Boprosonlatlvos, in ono. of tho signora of the memorial asking Congress to incorporate a ro religious amendment to tho Federal Constitu tion. Tho letter from Senator Bayard, of Delaware’ returning to tho Government tho Increased salary voted him by tho last Congress,'proves the gentleman a worthy sou of the older Bayard, whoso dignified refusal • to* touch tho Credit Mobillor stock has gained him'the title of Chevalier.” —Hartford Courant, John W. Lo Barnes, a looally-prominont loader In tho Republican party in Washington, D. 0., will soon marry a daughter of George T; Down ing. Lo Barnes is'“plain;’! Miss Downing, colored. Tho bridols. outfit will bo of Paris make, and tho wedded pair will do Europe, tho first thing. Tho London Morning Host of April 5, says : “Tho Marchioness of Waterford, who was de livered of a stillborn child on Monday lost, died on Friday evening. Her ladyship, Florence, was daughter of tho lato Maj, : Rowley, Bombay cavalry, and married, first, tho Hon. John 0. W. Vivian, M. P., second son of Richard Hussey, first Lord Vivian, from whom she was- divorced in July, 1860. Sho married the Marquis of Waterford la tho spring of last-year.” Anna Dickinson doesn't like dogs. .In the midst of hor looturo last night she suddenly stopped and remarked s “If lam pleasing you' I hopo some of you Will please mo by nutting out that dog.” And 10, tho Governor of tho State of Minnesota gravely arose, and as gravely con ducted his favorite chicken dog to the ante room, whoro ho was ignominiously loft, while tho Governor resumed his previous attitude of an attentive listener. What offence “ that dog ” had committed was not apparent to the majority of observers.—SL Haul Hrcss. It is not generally known in this city that Mrs. W. R. Phelps had applied for and obtained a divorce through tho consent of Mr. Phelps. Such, however, was tho case, and her trip to the Territory was a removal, not merely a visit. Since her residence with hor brother-in-law, Gov. McCook, she has made now alliances in tho matrimonial lino, and was married a few months since to a Gorman Oonnt, said to bo worth ovor a million. Wo givo those facts as they were given to us, and, if true, wo hopo tho newly wedded pair may enjoy tho happiness of tho honeymoon commensurate with their deserts.— Heoria Democrat. AMUSEMENTS* M’VKJKER’b THEATRE. Tho now play entitled, “ Ono Hundred Years Old,” from tho French of “La Contonaire,” was produced at MoVickor’s last evening for tho first timo in Chicago, introducing, in the princi pal character, Mr. Mark Smith, ono of tho very host of American actors. A good audionco was in attendance, and manifested much enjoyment m tho extremely interesting play, and in the manner of Its acting. Tho story of the drama, briefly given, is as follows: Tho play consists of foor nets. In tho' first the old man, Jacques Fauvel, celebrates lus 100 th birthday. This also introduces his grandson, George Fauvel , and George's two daughters, Camille and Juliette. The latter la married, and has become seriously compro mised with one Max De Maugars. She confesses all to Camille, who resolves to shield her at any cost. De Maugars hopes to work through this resolve of hers, and obtain bor hand and largo fortune. In tho second act, De Maugars learns that Camille's hand is at tho disposal of Jacques Fauvel, who, by his extreme ago, has wonderful power in reading the characters of those ho meets. Uo also discovers that violent anger may kill tho old man, and when ho is repulsed in his suit for Cutntto, ho works tho old man into a passion, in hopes of killing him. But Fauvel sscs his aim, ana docs not allow him to attain It. CnmilU In summoned to her sister in her shamo, and is gone for fifteen days, no ono knows where. Fauvel Is passionately attached to her, and they conceal her flight from him. At last she returns, and refuses to toll where she has been. Bho asks them to trust her. Her father casts her off, but her betrothed coufldos in her and trusts her. In tho third act, Do Maugars pursues Camille and trios to induce her to marry him by threat ening bor. Juliette appears, and Camille re news her determination. to shield her, oven at tho cost of sacrificing herself. Just as tho nuptial contract bolwcon Jiene d’Abby ond CumWa is to bo signed. Jacques Fauvel leurns what ho supposes to'ho Camille's shame, and she will not vindicate horsclf by exposing Juliette. Than De Maugars declares himself Camille's partner in shamo, and tries to drivo bor to marry him. but sho indignantly scorns him. Tho old man trios, In ovory way, to got her to declare her in nocence, and when sho refuses ho goes away lu despair, but comes back to declare his trust In her. Xu tho fourth act tho firm of Fauvol As Sou la bankrupt, but tho old man saves his grandson from suicide aud incites him to work. There aro 000,000 francs needed to moot tho liabilities of tho house, and this sum is obtained moat unexpectedly from ono to whom 23,000 francs had been left in trust to pay a loan. This loan was made by Jacques Fauvel seventy-seven years before, and he hold tho borrower’s note. Tho sum had increased enormously, and was more than enough to restore tho firm to a solvent con dition. De Maugars still persisting in his endeavors to scare Camille into marrying him as the only way to regain hor good name. Is challenged by ho? betrothed, and, as he falls mortally wounded, tolls enough of tho

truth to clear hor aud mako hor happy. Tho construction of tho plot is skillful and effective, and its elaboration abounds plentifully in fine touches of good, pure, healthful senti ment. The play can bo commended heartily both for its dramatic and its moral merit. As presented by Mr. Smith, tho character of the' 'centenarian is invested. with a powerful interest throughout. Its clement of pathos is brought out with tho power of a lino actor, whoso raro art is shown in tho unvarying fidelity to the idea of oxtromo ago and grand dignity. It is a downright luxury to listen to Hr. Smith's splendid reading, with its every word and intonation, so completely, so conscientiously and so resonantly rendered. It is a performance which will ho peculiarly en joyed by tho more critical of theatre-goers, and wo look to boo tho claims and merits of this most ‘excellent actor recognized in a manner which shall ho alike flattering to him and creditable to tho dramatic tastes and perceptions of his aud itors. Tho play is very handsomely produced in all particulars, tbo cast being unusually strong and oven, whilo tho stage fur nishings are elegant and elaborate. Laok of space prevents, at this time, further mention in detail than to say that Ur. O’NoUl, Mr. Pierce, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Stone oil, Mr. Barry, Mr. Power, and Mr. Pendleton oil appear to tbo best advantage. THE OTFIEB THEATRES. Atllooloy’s, “ Little Em'ly" was given last night, with Hr. Stuart Robaon In the character of Micawhcr, Mr. McKee Rankin ns Uriah Uecp, Mr. Lawlor as JPeggotty, and a strong cast by other members of the company. A more ex tended notice Is necessarily deferred. The same bill will bo retained up to Friday night. “Alixo" entered upon Us second week at Hoo ley's to a lino audience.. The production is a brilliant success, and a notable one In many re spects. - Hr. Ohanfrnn remains another week at the Academy of Music, delighting crowded houses with the lino play of “Kit, the Arkansas Trav eller," and his superb rendition of the title role. Myers’ Opera House was well filled last night, and a choice melange of minstrelsy was present ed by the Arlington, Cotton & Kemble party. The programme ' embraces a world of good things, with the burlesque of “Romeo and Ju liet "as the afterpiece. Now York Dry Goods market* KifWYomc, April 31.—'Business was (pilot with the commission houses, but thoro was more movement with tho Jobbers lu domestic cottons. Tho market for cotton goods is unchanged, Tho best grades of heavy standard and flno brown sheetings ore firm, but In ferior qualities of brown and bleached goods arc irreg ular, though selling more freely ut reduced quotations. Colored cottons are fairly active and firm. Prints uro soiling well by the package. Woolens continue quiet. Foreign goods are quiet, except white goods, ulauk mohairs, batllnos, and colored Orleans cloths. Pittsburgh Ejlvo stock market. PxTTsnunoir, Pa., April 21.—OATrnx—Market dull; arrivals heavy; best, $0.2500.00 : Stockers, $3.76® 4.50 ; common, $5.00@5.60, Sheep—Market slow; arrivals heavy; best wool, 0W(.£70 ; medium, o®o/tfo ; common. B®s/tfo. lions—Market slow ; arrivals fair; Philadelphia, (5.80@0.00; Yorkers, $5.40@5,80. Philadelphia ILlve Stuck market. PtttLAUUCiMiu, April 21.—Beeves—In fair demand, Sales 2,100 Pennsylvania and Western steers, choice, at $7.60®8,00; fair to good, $0,6007,00; common, $5.0000.00. Huntr—Dull. Bales 10,000 at $7.0008.00. HociU—Dull, Bales 6,000 at $8.6008.76. Pittsburgh Oil market* Pittsburgh, April 31,—Orudo petroleum weaker, $2,3503.49; refilled dull and untfuugod, 16/tfo. * THE INEBRIATE ASYLUM. <Jrmrt«riy Mooting 5f thd I)lrcotors--Tlio Decent Investigation and Its Itcsulti Tho Asylum Now Alt Right—Proposed ttalo of tho Properly— Financial Statement. : A quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of tho Washingtonian Homo Society wan hold last evening in tho reception room, Dr. N. S. Davis in tho Chair, Mr. H. 0. Morey acting as Secre tary. Tho mooting was unusually well attended, and came to order withapunotualityuud prompti tude that showed something unusual ,iu tho wind. Tho following gentlemen and ladies woro present: Dr. N. S. Davis, 0. N. Holden, W. H. Wells, Dr. D. A. Colton, Dr. T. D. Fitoh, Dr. 0. W. Earle, J. S. Molntiro, W. Hodgson, W. War ren, Dr. Hitchcock, Philip Myers, J. L. Drake, E. It. Bowon, and Mrs. G. B. Marsh, Mrs. W, Warren, Mrs. Dr. Colton, Mrs. L. 0. Calkins, .oud Mrs. W. Hodgrion. ' Several gentleman arrived late, but In timo to participate in tho proceedings. * EXECUTIVE - COMMITTEE'S REPORT. ' Dr. K. S. Davis, Chairman of tho Exoonttve Committee, submitted a quarterly report, stating that it would bo remembered that, at tho annual .meeting of tho Board of Directors, hold in Jan uary lost, tho reports of tho Superintendent, Physician, and Ladies’ Committee differed so much in regard to matters of importance in ref erence to the management of tho*Homo during the preceding year, that tho Board appointed a committee to Investigate fully into tho mutter ' alluded to in said reports. Tho Committee ap pointed discharged tho duty assigned promptly .and faithfully, and, in their report, stated that tho facts alleged in tho annual reports of tho Physioian ana Ladies’ Committee woro fully cor roborated by tho evidence they hod received, and they recommended tho discharge of somo of tho inmates, and tho establishment of moro rigid disoiplino in tho Homo, and moro striot conformity to tho rules in regard to tho admission and discharge of inmates. Tho Ex ecutive Committee, after duo deliberation, ac cepted tho recommendation, hoping that tho Superintendent, Mr. T. M. Van Court, would cheerfully co-oporato in' an effort to correct whatever abuses existed, and to moro faithfully enforce tho rules in regard to the admission, dis charge, and conduct of. inmates. Instead of doing so, howvvor, ho pursued a course with tho inmates so Injudicious, and dictated such altera tions to tho Executive Committee, that his re moval became a necessity. Mr. Albert D. Hager was appointed to fill tho vacancy, and took pos session of tho Homo April 1, and during tho brief period which has elapsed has shown a most commendable degree of energy, tact, and ability in tho work of sotting tho house in order. Tho Committee look confidently to tho future for moro satisfactory results than havo boon ob tained in tho past. A * proposition bad boon received for the purchase of the Homo property for . tho sum of $35,000. The Committee recommended tho Board of Directors to authorize the Executive Committee to soil the property on the best pos sible terms, on tho|conaltion that tho Homo may continue tho ocaup&ncy of tho promises for ono year from tho first of tho present month without pay otoont. This would give ample time to ao ouro a now location andcomploto a now building before vacating the old one. Tho Committee also recommended the appointment of a com mittee to ooafer with tho Common .Council and urge the importance of including in tho Appro {mation bill of tho present year the percentage iconao fund to which tho Homo is entitled un der charter, and, in c&so of such appropriation, to waive the payment of the $13,000, at least un til such time os the city shall havo moro fully re covered from tho groat fire of October, 1871. Tho report was discussed at considerable length, some of the members expressing the hope that tho city would bo sued for the amount. It was finally adopted, however, and the follow ing Committee appointed by the Chair: Messrs. C. N. Holden, Wells, Morey, Myers, and Bowen. FINANCIAL REPORT. H. G. Horoy submitted a, quarterly report, showing rocoipta and expenditures as follows: Received for board poet quarter. Received for rent of chapel.... Total Received from Cook County license fund, ac crued fllnco Oct. 8,1871 $288.77 Received balance duo from Jonathan Burr es tate, final dividend... Balance lu Treasury Outatandlng bills Amount paid out for provisions, help, oud other expenses for poet quarter, $2,037.81 Due from City of Chicago to April 1,1872 1,839.00 Interest duo on loans 3,383.04 Amount board uncollected past quarter.. Average number of Immtcu pant quarter. Equivalent to eighteen free Inmutes Amount board uncollected past thirteen months 0,020.70 An equivalent of twenty free inmates for that timo Tlio Secretary also submitted a supplemental report omboyuing a correction of statements made by T. M. Van Court, in regard to tbo fi nances of tbo Homo as reported in tho daily papers of March HI. The late Superintendent insisted, in opposition to tho annual report of tho Executive Commit tee, which stated that tho Homo, under tho lato management, would havo boon several thousand dollars in debt the past year, had it not boon for $3,000 received from the city, that tho financial report for 1872 showed a balance to tho credit of tho institution, after deducting current expenses, of $12,590.73, omitting to state that $12,000 of those funds was money duo from tho city and not appropriated last year, and only obtainable by a suit at law. Ho states that $3,880.75 was collected in oxcosa of expenditure in 1872, but omits to state that $3,000 of thoso receipts wore from tho Burr estate and tho city, moat of it funds which could not bo used, but hod to bo loaned out. Tho report was adopted. MU. T. SI. VAN COURT, ox-Suporlntondont of tho Homo, submitted a quarterly report showing tho following atatls- Numhor of inmates Deo. 3,1872, 41; admitted, Janu ary, 7 ; February, 15 ; and March, 15 ; discharged, January, 7; February, 17 ; March, 23. In tho Homo March 29, 1873, 81 ; average number lu tho Homo, 40. Tho report was laid upon tho table. A letter was read by tbo Secretary containing tho resignation from tho Executive Committee of Mr. N. H. Wells, for tho reason that Ins en gagements conflicted with his duties on that Com mittee. The resignation was withdrawn, and the moot ing adjourned. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Now Vorlc Financial Mown* New York, April 21.—The week opens vritU a mark ed Improvement In finances, and a raoro cheerful fool ing pervades buslnens circles. Tbo two extremes for money on call wore 1-92 per day, and 7 per cent per an num. with most of the loans at 1-01 to 7 per cent. The supply of money la rapidly increasing, the receipts by express companies to-day being $2,600,000, and the le gal rate bids fair to bo the maximum price for money In the early future. The best mercantile paper la now wanted by capitalists at 10®12 per cent. Sterling advanced to 108/; for CO days, and 109/; for sight, closing at 103 7-10@108.Jtf former; 100/tf@lo9/; fortbe latter. ' ‘ Gold was weak at 117/ i down to 117/«, closing at U7/;®117/;. Loaus 1 per cent to flat for' carrying, with one lot at 1-04. Clearings, (09,000,000. . Treasury disbursements, $25,600. Customs receipts, $370,000. The outstanding legal tenders show a decrease of $34,000. Governments wore k@>tf higher, and very strong. State bonds ruled dull and steady. Teunoasaes wore very strong. The continued Influx of money and tbo easier rates of interest wore felt la tbo stock market, In a further advance In the general share Hat. Tbo principal deal ings to-day wore In Western Union, which at no time was strong, Pacific Mull, concerning . which there are already rumors In regard to a con test at the May election, Bt. Paul, Now York Central, Ohlos, Wabash, and Union Pacific. Western Union-fell from 87/; to 85//. Pacific Mail advanced to 01 /;, fell to 61)/*, closing uV CO. Bt. Paul fluotuated from 60>; to 02/;; Wabash, 09/tf to 71; Now Jersey Houthcrn, 35/tf to 88; Northwestern com mon, 81 to 82/tf: St. Joseph, 43/tf to 45/tf; 0., O. kI. G., 31) to 89//; Harlem, 127 to 125; Panama, 111 to 110; Central, 101/; to 102/«; Lake Shore, 02/; to 03V; Chios, 44/; to 45//; Hock Island, 109 to 100/;; Union Pacific. 33 to U3>tf; and Erie, 60J; to 00/;. Prices fell off In the afternoon under realizations, but tho market closed steady. Tbo liabilities of tho suspended firm of Barton & Allen are estimated at $300,000; assets not stated, but supposed to bo considerable. BterUng, 108/;. aOVEHNUENT BONDS. Coupons, 'O7 110/tf Coupons, 'OB.. ..117/tf Now 6s 113 !tf 1040s 113?; Currency 6s 114/; Downs. Coupons,’ 'Bl 120// 6-20S of 'O2 118>tf Coupons, 'O4 118/tf Coupons, 'OS .120 Coupons,'os (uow),. .117/tf MUsonrls 03/tf Tsunssieos, 01d...,..70/; Tounoiaew, now 70 Virginias, uew 49 Virginias, 01d........43 North Carolina!, 01d,.30 North Oarollnas, uow. 10 Canton. I Bt P&ulpfd 73/tf | Wabash 70 W.U. Tel 85/tf Quicksilver 39 Adams Express 04X Wells Fargo ;. 80X American Express... CSX Unitedßtftloa Ex.... 76X Pacific Ma1i......... 00 Now York Control, .‘.109 Erie.......' OCX Erie pfd 7C ■Harlem..'. ~.,126 Harlem jifdi 128 Michigan Central. ...103V Plllslmrgh.' Northwcslorn 81 Northwesternpfd.... 07 Rocklaland.. .„,.,,109X N. J. Control 100 81.Paul., Cl Foreign Jilnrlcotsi Liverpool, April 21—11 a. m,—Flour, 27s Cd. Winter wheat, 12s 2d; spring, llsol2s 2d ; white, 11s 4d@lls7d; club, llßOdol2s. Corn, 27s 3d@27a Cd. Fork, C7s Cd. Lard, 40s($40s Cd. Liverpool, April 21—1:30 p.m.—BrcadstUffs dull and, uncbaiigod, Lard, 40s Cd. London, April 21—5 p, m.—Consols, 03X; 5-20 a of ’CS.OIX; do of »C 7, 03>J; 10*406, WXj now 65,00; Erie, BIX. Tallow, 48s Od, I’aiiis, April 21.—Rentes, BCf 50, Liverpool, April 21.—Cotton firm; middling tip laud, fIXO9Xd; Orleans, OXd.; sales, 10,000 bales; American, 2,000 bales; speculation and export, 3,000 bales. Brcadstuffs qnlol: rod winter wheal, 12s 2d. Flour, 27s Cd. Corn, 27s 3d@27s Od. Lard, 403. Choose, CBs. Cumberland, 88a Od; short ribs, 40a 3d. Now York Live-Stock market. New Your, April 25.—Breves—Yesterday and to day, 330 cars, or 5,214 head, giving a total for week of 0,213, against 7,107 Inst week, and 0,407 tho correspond ing week Inst year. Tho quality ranged from common to prime. Tho market opened on Saturday with an ■earner feeling, nud liberal sales wore made at a frac tional reduction from previous quotations. To-day tbo market was a little Irrogalnr, and in some Instances tho butchers obtained concessions equal loXopbrlb. but tho demand proved to bo larger than sell ers generally looked- for, and the- Offer ings. wore entirely closed out before - 2 p. m. Compared with Monday last week, prices -arc about Vo per lb lower. Poor to good Texans sold at OX® llVo, and poor to strictly prime native steers, • 10]X@ 13VO, with a few extra beeves at 14c. Sales Include 21 oars Illinois steers at 6XOO,Xowt, at.llXol3X°? 7 cars do, 708 X owt, nt 12013x0 » 5 cars do, 7 owt, at ISXo, to dress 67 lbs to tho;gross owt; Scars do,7cwt, 12012X0; 0 cars do stlllore, 7 cwt,'l2Xo; 13 cars do, 6X07 cwt, lix@l2,\fc ; 11 cars do, OX cwt, 12Vo per lb, to dross 68 lbs to the gross owt; 6 cars d 0,7 owt, 12Xc; Bcaro do, 7,X owt, 12Xo; 2 cars do, 7X owl, 12Xo, to dross 68 lbs; 2 can do, 8 cwt, 13® 14c : 14 cars Ohio sliders, CX cwt, 11X012XO ; 12 cars Missouri cattle, 0.X07X owl, 11X012X0; 7 cars etill-fcd Texans, scant 7 owt, llxc, to dress 67 lbs; 0 cars ordinary Toxans, 6X owt, lUc, to dross 66 lbs to tho gross owt; Bears poor Texans. 6X cwt, OXc, to dress-66 lbs; 0 cars Cherokee cattle, OX cwt, 10Xc, to dross 60 lbs: 2 cars Cherokee cattle, HXc, to ureas CO lbs, StIU-fod bulls ranged from 4XO&XC, live weight. Dressed beef sells fairly lu Washington Market at 9XOIIXC.' SitEßP—Fresh arrivals, OScass, or 7,2C0 head, making 20,100 for tho week, against 14,000 last week. The mar- . kotwas over-supplied, and prices foil off about X°« Bales to-day Include 23 cars fair to prime sheared sheep, C®7c, and 14 cars ordinary to extra, unshorn, 7XOBXC. unshorn sheep aro not wanted, as the de mand for pelts, even nt $2.25@2.6Q each, is limited. Hoos—Receipts yostordoyand to-day 10,730, making 40,720 for tho week, against 43,860 last week. Nothing waa sold alive, as orrlvals wore exclusively for import ing slaughterers. Dressed hogs are steady and firm, at 7X®BXo tor extreme weights. XUo Produce markets, , NEW YORK. New Yoke, April 21.— Cottok— Higher, with bettor export and spinning demand ; middling uploncj, 19j£c. Breadstoffs Flour In moderate doomed ; prices steady. Receipts, 10,000 brie; Buporfluo Western and State, $5.70(30.25; common to good extra, $0.7507.40; good to choice, 17.4508.35: white wheat extra, $8,500 10.60; Ohio, $7.00 01U.CO; St. Louie, $7.60012J6. live flour steady ; $4.1000.00. Corn meal quiet. JWheat a shado Armor, with modorato demand, chiefly for spring for export; receipts, 25,000 bu; No. 2 Mil waukee spring, afloat. $1.03@1.G5; No. 3 Chicago and Northwest, $1.0601.00 ; red winter, 1 $1.8001.85 ;• am ber Western, $1.05; white winter, $2.10; rojectcd spring, $1.8001.45. Ityo unchanged. Barley dull; Canada, $1.25. Malt neglected. Com fairly active, a shade Armor: receipts, 10,000 ;bu now mixed Western, 6COC7^c; old do. In store, 64#©C5#c; yellow. 070 t7%c. Oats in fair demand, Armor; receipts 17,200 bu; now mixed Western, 52054 c; white, 640660; black, 60053^0. Cloveu Heed— Western, 814081/O; timothy seed quiet; $3.0604.00. ' Eaas—Dull; Western, 160lO>tfo. Hat and Hops—Unchanged. •GnooEnnts—Coffee Arm; Klo, 16K©193£c, Sugar irregular; fair to good roflnlng, 7J£@Bc. Molas ses Arm; N. 0., 67080 c. Rico quiet; 7j£@Bc. Petroleum— Crude, 9#@9*£c; reAnod, 19J£®20o. Turpentine— Nominal and Arm. Provisions— Pork Armor; now Aces, $19.60019.76; prime moss, SIB.OO. Beef steady and unchanged. Cut meats unchanged. Middles easier. Long clear, oJ£c; short clear, 100. Lard Armor; steam, kolllo, 9J£OO 11-ICo. ** Butter— Easier; Western, 300, Cheese—Steady; 11010 c. Whisky—Quiet; 91c. GRAIN IN WAREHOUSE. .$1,449.29 . 04.00 .$1,613.29 Wheat, hu. Corn, uu.. Oats bu.... Rye. bu... Barley, bu. Malt, bu... Peas, bu... 600.00 600.83 None. CLEVELAND. Cleveland, April 21.— Breadbtopfs— Flour Arm. Wheat quiet, but Af mer; Bales No. 2 red winter at $1.03; No. Ineld at $1.74. Corn blghor; high mixed held at 60o; Bales low mixod at 49c. Oats higher; No. 1 State hold at 41@420. .$1,157.02 Petroleum— lu good demand; car lots, IC.Vfo. CINCINNATI. OnranfKATt' April 21. — Brcadstuffs — Hour firm; $7,504*7.73. Wheat dull; $1.05. Corn firm; 430. Ryo firm at 80c. Oats firm; 34@41c. Barley higher; 80® 03c. rnovMTON*—Active. excited,and higher. Pork, SIB.OO hid; held higher, with light offerings. Lard lirra ; Btcam, B% @U»£okettle, B*£®9o, with Jobbing salon of city at Do. Bulk moats excited, with light offerings;, shoulders held at 70, spot; or April at 7c; dear rib hold at oc*; Bales at 9o buyer April; hold jfc higher at close; clear 'held at O&o. Bacon held higher; shoulders, whisky— Steady at 85c. BUFFALO. Bdwalo. April 21.—Market generally dull and strong ; pices strong. ‘Wheat, Bales 1 car No. 2 Mil waukee at $1.53. Corn, sales! cars on track at 630; 3 cara in etoro at 55c. AfILWAUKEE. Milwaukee, April 21.— Breadstuffs— Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat firm ; No. 1, $1.36; No. 2, $1.24. Oats steady; No. 2, 20c, Corn oxcited and higher; No, 2, 39*? c, Ryo actlvo and higher; No. 1, 07c. Barley dull and nominal; No. 2, 800. ■ Receipts— Flour, 4,000 brla ; wheat, 16,000 bu. Bkipmehts— Flour, 3,000 brls ; wheat, 29.000 bu. NEW ORLEANS. New Ouleaks, April 21.—Bubadbtupfs— Flour dull at $7.60@8.60; family. SB.IO. Corn advanced; mixed and yellow, 670; while, 68®00c. Oats advanced ; at 450. JJiiAH— Advanced; at 75®80c, Uav—Dull; prime at $24.00; choice, $27.00, ruoviflioNS—Pork advanced SSo ; mesa at SIB.OO. Balt meats Ann at 7c@B*£@oe; bacon Armor at 8®10#c; no dear rib; hams, lltfc, Lard—RcAnod Arm; tierce, 0c; keg, 9&®loc. ■ Urooebius—Sugars dull; fair to folly fair, B®Bjtfo. Molasses—Common fermenting, 85o; good, 40@450, Coffee at 17&10& O. Whisky—Dull at 00®9ic. Cottok—Active; sales, C,GOO; good ordinary, 15»fo 5 low middlings, l7J£o; middling, • 18*£o: mid dling Orleans, 18,'fo. Receipts, B,‘iOfl halos, exports —To Liverpool, 0,837 balsa: coastwise, 671 bales. Block, 1C0,470 bales, MEMPHIS. Memphis. April 21,—Cotton—Dull; good ordinary, Iflo; low middling, 17#c. llreadsxuffs—Flour dull and nominal. Corn in good demand; 840850, Oats quiet; 40@Uo. Hat— Dull: $70.00020.00. Bbak— Dull and nominal. Bacon—Firm; shoulders, 8o; sides, 10010X0. BALTIMORE, Baltimorb, April 21.— Breadstuffs —Flour steady and unchanged. Wheat unchanged. Corn firmer and scarce; Wontom mixed. 01c. Oats dull; Western mixed,4CQ47o; white, 48@490, Rye quiet and un chnngod. Provisions— Firm and unchanged. Butter— Unchanged, Whisky—Firm at 01 Wo. LOUISVILLE. Louisville, April 21.—Breadstuffs—Flour quiet and unchanged. Provisions—Active and higher; moss pork, $16,00 @16.60. Bacon—Shouldorn, 7*a@Bo; clear rib, o#o : clear, 10c, packed.* llama—Plain, 13o; sugar-curoa and fancy, 14#o. Bulk shoulders, 7oj clear rib, Oo; clear, o#c, loose. lard, choice loaf, tierces, Whisky—Steady ut Stic. ST. LOUIS. Bt, Lctoio, April 21.— Breadstoffs— Flour dull and unchanged. Wheat dull and lower; choice soft spring. No. 3 rod fall, $1.66. Corn active and higher, with but little demand for track lota ; No. 2, 30@30W0 In elevator; 42#@430 sacked. Oats.a shade botlor, out no demand for track lota ; No. 2, 800 In ele vator ; 3K334W0 Backed. Barley unchanged; only sample lota sold. Bye quiet at 05@08c. Whisky—Quiet at 87c. Provisions— Fork active and higher, hut Irregular j sold nt SIB.OO for spot, and $18.60 for seller July; hold at oloso at SIO.OO seller Juno and $19.37# July, Bulk meals firm and higher; dear sides, o#o. Bacon strong; shoulders, 7#o seller May, and 7#o cash ; clear sides, 10#o seller May. Lard higher at Oo seller Juno. Hons—Belter at $4.80@5.20. Oatixk— Firm; Texans, |2.00@5.00t fair to extra natives, $1.7607.00, TOLEDO. Toledo, April SI. DucADßxnrrE—Flour firm. Wheat iu fair demand, and higher: extra while Michigan, $1.05; Ho. 1 d0,‘51.83; amber Michigan, spot; $1,711(31.71 seller Juno; Mo. 1 rod, *l,*r4tf ; No. S do, SI,OB. Corn lu fair domand at full pricea; high mixed, 43tf@440 spot; 44@14.tf0 seller May; 45tf @46tf o seller June; low mixed, 43tf o; no-grado, 42c. Oats—37o asked ; UUtf o bid. Clovku Heed—sl.os ; mammoth, SO.OO. Receipts— Flour, 2,000 brlu; wheat, 11,000 hu; corn, 0,000 bu; oats, none. Shipments— Flour, 3,000 brlflj wheat, 10,000 bu; corn, 4,000 bu ; oats, 3,000 bu. DETROIT. _ Detroit, April 21,— Dueadbtupfs— Flour active and higher; extra white, $1,03; No. 1, $l.00@l.0l; amber, 51.72. Cora steady; nominally 400. Oats steady at 30tf(337c. PHILADELPHIA, rniuxußM, .ptll Flout dull; Wisconsin and Minnesota, $7,75(38,26. Wheal steady ; Western red, $1.88(31.00 { ambur, $1.05. Ryo hold at 85c. Corn In fair demand; yellow, 02 Oats steady { while, Blot mixed, 47040 c. Petroleum—'Crude, 14c; refined, ll>x° • at 0210. Wabash Jif J 86X Fort Wayne 03.X Torre Haute 13 Torro Haute pfd.,.., 40 Chicago ft Alton 110 Ohlcogo k Altottpfd.llO Ohio ft Mississippi;. 44X 0., 0. A 0 86 V 0., B. ftQ 110 Lnkoßhoso 02ft Indiana Central,..,.. 512 Illinois Central.,.. ..117 Union Pacific stocks, 83 Union Pacific bonds. Bf»X Central Paclllo bonds.lo3 Bel. Lick, ft Western,looV 8., H. ftErlo 3 SpteUxl-Ditmtch (o Tht Chicago Tribune. . LaSalle, HI.. April 21.—The sloamor Depue came tip the river last evening, towing tile canal boat Monte Christo, from Lake Popup, loaded with coni for ChU engo. [The prop. Whale, with her barge.Friendship, also loaded with com, for Chicago. This morning the stmr. Beaver, light, arrived, having dropped -three barges and canal boat Montreal. light, nt Peru, and dei parted towing from this port tho canal boats, May. QUoon, loaded wllh pig Iron, and Lovlathau, loaded with lumber, both for ut« Louis, and lowing flvo barged of ico from Peru, four of which ore bound for Bt, Louis and ono for lied Illvor. .Tho rivor stilt continues to fall slowly. To-day the Monte Christo and tho propeller Whale with her barge Friendship, all loaded' with com for Chicago, passed Into the canal, and tho Lovlathau, loaded with lumber for Bt. Louis, passed out. ' - < • Prominent shippers of corn nt Peru think tho ship* trionln of com for Chicago will continue to be light until prices aro considerably further advanced. . Canal Collt;cron's Ornce..April 21, AnnrvED—Prop Mohawk 8011, Kankakee Feeder,, 8,800 hu corn ; Jack Robertson, Kankakee Feodor, C.GOOlmcom; Wave,' Morris, 6,6oobucom: Sunrise, Marseilles 6,000 bu com ; Lily, Morris, 6,800 bu cam; Jcimlo, Maoris, 0,000 bu com. , Cleared—Fetor add Paul, Ottawa, 7B brls salt. 25 brls lime, 70,003 feet lumber, for Joliet;- and'2s oris salt for Morris; Champion, Bcardstown, 100 m loro* ber, BO m shingles. 3,400 Hr iron ; Elizabeth, Look*. port, 6,039 bu wheal,merchandise, r - : -- GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY Mb. 329 West Madison-st., JhLS-ib~&. LotofWhitoPhpcsnt 15 eta. yard, just half price. Lot VVlilte Pipes, Hair Cord, 30 eta,, worth 60 eta.' Rich Wliite Pipes, lu very choice styles, 40 eta., formerly SI.OO. Bargains in Marseilles Quilts,-Table Linens. Towclings and Housekeeping Goods. Black and White Serge Plaids 20 cts.,half price. English Prints 18 els., worth 30 cts. New Shades in Mohairs, Alpaca, PopUns, Ac., at 37 1-2 cts., very cheap. Now Shades in nil-Wool Cretoncs nt 40 and 5Q cts,, regular value 05 nud 80 cis. Rich duality Silk and Wool Epinglines, choice shades, 7o cts., well worth $1.25. Bargains on Cheap Dress GoodsTnblos at 18,20, • and 25 cts. yard. Japanese Silks about half price. Cheapest Stripo Spring Silks in the city. Great Bargains in nll-Silk Black Qros Grains from sl, $1.15, $1.25, nud $1.50 up to rich est qualities, Bargains in Spring Stylo Ottoman Shawls, Cottons and Sheetings of all grades at very low prices. ; ■ SHIRTS Hade to order in the most complete artistic manner, of fabrics unsur. passed for durability. Largo lines ol fine Furnishing Goods at lowest prices. Money cheerfully refunded if not satisfactory. mm Bii=, S. E.cor, State and Wnahington-ata,, 35' Weal Madiaon-at. (Sherman Eonae), Chicago, Plke’w Opera House, Cincinnati. Turpin, Cottrell & Co, HAVE REMOVED TO 52 STATE-ST., Where they‘have a complete stock of Hardware, Bronze Goods, Cutlery, Tools, &c. . 841,000 .1,373,000 . 454,000 . 55,000 . 73,600 . 107,000 . 8,000 EEMOVAL. On and after May 1, the Chicago Agency of the MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO, will occupy the Basement Office, No, 170 XiaSaUe-st., Bryan Block. ERISBIB & EAPPLEYE, General Agents. Aa Elegant Home. The house, with large brick barn. No. 57 Oahunot-av., next north of the residence of Senator Logan, ,1s for sale on easy terms. The lot is 48 foot by some 350 feet. One of the finest locations in the city. Inquire of WM. L. OGDEN, Cashier Tribune Cilice, 2to4p. m. . DOUBLE BASEMENT "I?0> UFa.ESPXTT 1 ,, Under Government Goods Depot, 106 and 107 East Dake-st., 40x185 foot, suitablo for first-class Restaurant or Ooffeo House, or will bo rented for business or storage pur poses. Apply on promises, up stairs. TO RENT. Flno Stores and Oornor Btiaomonfc in Brlgga Houbo, oor. Fiftli-av. and Rfindolph-st. Ap ply to CHASE & ADAMS. COPARTNERSHIP. - Tho undersigned have this dtr formed a copartnership under the name and style of J. 11. A 1. M. Frank, for tits purpose of manufacturing and dealing in Gents' find Nockvroar, Collars, tihlrt Jewelry. Ac. __ __ JACOB n. FRANK, April 18, 1673. 18AAO M. FRANK. ' The copartnership heretofore existing between the an« dorsignud, under the Ann namo of I. M. Frank A Co., U this day dissolved by mutual consent, wo Laving sold oua stock and outstanding accounts to J. H. and 1. M. trank, who mil pay our indebtedness and ara hereby authorised to collect all our outstanding accounts. A ISAAC Af. FRANK. April 18, 1673. DAVID WITKOWBKY, Jb. The copartnership heretofore existing beacon the on dorsignou, under too name of R. W» QAQR A CO., it this dsy dissolved by mutual oonsont. Either partner will sign tho firm mono In settlement. At. —V. uAtil.i CHICAGO, April 10, 1973. J. W. TILLSON. Tho undersigned will continue In tho General Oommls. •luu Business at Room 20, Open Board^Buildln^, D. P. WARNER & CO., Suoceuora to Hoald A Warner, ;kto>. Iso oiEM-i=c.-st., Will ooeuny offices la Reaper Block, comer of Washing. ton and Clnrk-sts., May I. Special Conclave of Apollo Oommandorjr. No. 1. K. T., this oreiilng at 8 o'clock, at Home Lodge Hall, lul Twea* ty-iecona-Bt., lor work on K. 2'. Ordor. Visiting BU Knight# courteously invited. Ur ordor of tbeU. 0. U. S. W, LOCKE,.Uwordfr. Illinois River and Cnnnl* DRY GOODS. SHIRTS. >VAE. REM] HEAL ESTATE. TO RENT. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. DISSOLUTION NOTICES. DISSOLUTION. DISSOLUTION. BUSINESS CARD. MEETINGS. Attention, Sir Knights, 5