Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 23, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 23, 1873 Page 1
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For Dry Goods, Furniture, Carpets, Crockery, ornuy oth er nrst-olass business, tboso stores aro not surpassed. Thel location is tho beat in tho West Division. For terms apply to D. COLE A SON. 168 West Madlson-st. TO RENT. Two first-floor Offices, with Vaults. Also, fine suites of Offices in 2d and 3d stories of Carver’s Building*, 40 and 48 South Olark-st. Inquire Boom No. 4,48 South Olark-st. To Rent. A Three-Story and Basement Marblo-Front Hoaso ele gantly furnished, and with all tnodorn Improvements; lo cation ono of tbo best In tbo city; root S3OO per month. Address B 62, Tribune office. TO RENT, Desirable Offices in the Metropoli tan Block. Inquire of A. A. MtTN GEB, Office Wo. 8. PROPOSALS. THE CALCASIEU SULPHUR And Mining Company of Louisiana Invites proposals for tbo construction of a abaft In Cal oaston Parish, State of Louisiana. The object of said abaft la tp roach a deposit of sulphur, about (our hundred and forty (440) feot below (he surface of tbo ground. Tbo nature of the soil, and thickness of •trataa arc os follows: First—l6o foot of clay containing sand, Second—l7o foot o/nulcb sand, Third—llo foot of Calcareous or Hmo slono, and next tho sulphur bed, which is about one hundred and ten (110) foot thick. The Company will exhibit apian and specifications to contractors for said shaft, and lias on tho spot Iron rings, extraction engine* atad tools, imported from Eumpo, with tho Tie* of using tho Kind A Ohtmdron system, also a et?am saw-mill, abundance of timber, necessary build* tugs, oto.. etc., etc. Tbo work will be done under tho supervision of tho Sn* ginoor of tbo Company. Proposals trill be received unto tbo lot of July, 1873. Address . V. A. BELA.UMK, Secretary. »M Carondolet-st., Now Orleans. LUMBER. HENRY N. HOLDEN, Wholesale and Retail Dealer In alt kinds of HARDWOOD LUMBER. Also, Mahogany, Boaewood, Florida Oodar, Veneers, &o. Particular attention paid to filling bills for any kind of Hardwood or Fancy Lumber. 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Recent Operations Against the Murderous Modocs, Boston Charley’s Body Found Torn to Pieces by a Shell. Mncteen of the Savages Killed During the Three Days’ Fight. Stragglers Found Daily, and Summarily Dis patched. Effect of the Slicll-Sliowcr upon the Indian Stronghold. Indications of Trouble with Other Indian Tribes. Special Dispatch to Tho Chicago Trihum, In xue Lava-Beds; Headquarters of) Gen.Gillem, April 10. ) This morning tho' command of Col. Perry broko camp at 3 a. m., and mounted to pursue tho escaping Modocs that have taken to, tho mountains for safety, and to secure tho squaws that had moved to tho timbered mountain south of Tulo Lake, and about five miles south of tho orovloes that formed tho stronghold of tho Mo docs during tho heavy shelling. On tho 17th, they mado a charge upon tho • right wing of Col. Millor*s command and woro repulsed, but they did ‘ not relish tho idea of being forced to dlo of thirst,, and about 0 o'clock that evening they again charged upon tho same place, and a few of thorn wont through tho linos, and some stole out at tho gap that re mained open at tho right and loft wings of the forces. Tho majority of them aro now missing, and oro supposed to have passed through In tho same manner. Yesterday, tho 18th. hist., Com panies K and F, First Cavalry, mado a charge upon tho loft of tho sinks, and carried their po sition, and moved their wholo force for ward and took the Medicine Man's modiclno bag and polo, and killed Scar-Faced Charley during the charge. Private Moore, of K Com pany, First Cavalry, gavo him tho fatal shot, and Charley was scalped by tho First Sergeant, Qoogo A. Leo, who, with his banner of the Med icine Man and Charley's scalp, was ready to moot his fato. Tho attacking party woro cov ered during tho chargo by tho mortars. They did excellent work, and wo may attrlbuto tho victory to tho woll-oxooutod work that was ac complished by those., in chargo of them. Aftor tho tiring had ceased, an examination was made, and . pieces of shell woro found In tho alcove that offered shelter to tho onomy, and this was evident by tho finding of Boston Charley’s body, that was literally tom to pieces. Everything had been removed to somo place of security, and nothing was found of value. They hod no provisions, os has boon reported by many that had boon in tho cave and stronghold; no ice, no water, and were minus of that nice little stream that runs through the cave. All that was found In tho jvay of provisions was old, rotten hoof, and a very small quantity. All tho ponies were captured before tho fight commenced, and they aro unmounted In tnelr flight, with tho exception of tho four horses that they captured from Eugene Hovoy oud Mr. Watson. They Itlllod young Hovoy and took his scalp, mashing his head with a largo rock. There was a bole mado by a knife In his right breast, and his intestines woro lot out by a cut across the abdomen. Ho received three shots before ho fell, two In tho right shoulder, and one In tho head. This is another person that has fallen a prey to tho blood-thirsty vil lains. Eugcno Ilovoy was a youngand well-respected man, just dawning into manhood, and a precious member of his parents’ family, who partly looked to him for sustenance. A party wont out and secured his body, and brought it into camp last night, and it was interred to-day with the dead that wore killed during the light. It appears that this same party of Modocs came up in the rear of Battery E of the Fourth Artillery, and fired upon them in their retreat, killing Sergeant Morgan, but ran at tho return fire. During tho throo days’ engagement 10 Modocs havo been killed, including one squaw and one papoose, and it is supposed that more wore killed and burned up before they departed, os skulls and tooth ore visible whoro tho fire was tho night before they loft. Tho wonderful cave, which has boon so minutely described, proves to bo nothing but a long crevice that has boon made during some orruption in tho past, and extends north and south for about ono and a half miles, and adjoining it are numerous round and deep sinks which are capable of - giving a groat defensive force if used as they were by the Indians. There is, now and then, such a sink found, that still holds a straggler or wounded Modoc, but they ore soon dispatched when found by tho soldiers. During the charges, they found a wounded Modoc, who, after firing upon them whoa they wore coming up to him, asked and bogged for moroy, but tho boys are too much enraged by them to allow moroy to such a demon, and shot him dead. They afterwards found another and cut his head off, and every man that passed relieved his mind by giving him a round of two for exorcise, and in memory of Gen. Canby's murder. They have taken no prisoners and shown no quarter so far. Tho Warm Spring Indians are iu hot pursuit of those that Hod, and say that they will not leave one of them to represent tho tribe when found. Com panies K, F, D, and Q, First Cavalry have taken the right and loft wings of tho chase and the Warm Springs the centre, and no nows from them has boon received since their de parture. There wore two Indians soon two* miles south of hero from tho signal station to-day. They woro moving southwest, and it is unquestionably believed that they are making for the infernal caves up on Pitt llivor, whore Gen. Crook whipped them before. Tho following is a fist of tho wounded and killed, as stated below, during tho throe days fight and skirmishing: irowmktf—E Company, Fourth Artillery, Pri vates Henry Meagan, Jolm McManus, and Cun ningham. It Company, First Cavalry, A. N. Pliinoas, Bernard, and Sorgt. Frank Gilmore. F Company, First Cavalry. Denis Delnny, Cor ?oval Pllnlclc, and Owen Dooley. G Company, 'welftli Infantry, Sorgt, Goohy. One warm Spring Indian, total. 10. Kiuvd— Fourth Artillery, Company E, Sorgt. Morgan and Private Howard. K Troop, First Cavalry, Charles Johnson. F Troop, First Cav alry. Bugler William Qorsots, M Battery, Fourth Artillery, William Smith, and one citizen, Eugene Hovey, Total, 7. Wo may rejoice that more woro not killed in charging upon tho Modoo entrenchments, as the boys rose like a cloud and wont forward with a about of defiance, and exposed their ponouo to deadly fire from behind the rocks and rifle-pits that are thrown up all around the sinks and the numerous crevices whore they could oratfl in out of the wot from the twenty-four pound shells that wont seeking for a Modoo with such terrific force that when they exploded tho heavens seemed to tremble beneath • their sway. In fact, Mr. Modoo would hold ids breath in four from tho report. Wo may say that tho war is over, or at least tho hard lighting is done, and nothing remains but to out off tho stragglers that havo left tho lava-bod, Tho troops aro in high gloo over their victory, and aro anxious for tho tlmo to como when thoy may rosmno tholr homoward march from this rugged, holey country. Thoy havo left six companies i” tho vicinity of tho lighting-ground, rocon noltoring tho holes and sinks for those that chanco to bo hid awav. ArniL 20—Everything is now still, and it onco moro has tho air of a peaceful country, Nothing has occurred since yesterday'to disturb tho tran quility and quietness of this booutiful spring day. Evon tho birds aro chirruping In groat gloo? but whon wo think of our follow soldiers that havo dropped upon tho breast of Mother Earth, novor to awakon, many aro worthy of pralso for bravery during tho light, and among such oro Sorgt. Frank Gil more, who led tho lino in tho charge over tho rooky ridges. G. 0. Pearce. By courier to Yroka, April 22. LATER DISPATCH. Special Dispatch (o The Chieapn Tribune. South Sim: Tdle Lake, April 20.— This mom* •ing a pack train loft tills camp on route to Col. Mason's with supplies, and an escort started from tho Lava Led to moot thorn half way. Thoy deployed as skirmishers and oamo to tho southern extremity of the lake, and in making tho turn around tho point thoy wore flrod upon by four Modocs who wore conooalod In tho rooks, and killed ono private, John Walsh, of Q Com pany, Twelfth Infantry. A general skirmish took place, and thoy ran toward tho mountains, but wo did not succeed in killing any of thorn. Thoy did not gain their wish in capturing tho pack-train, os it passed tho point In safety. Tho escort returned about noon, and had passed tho grounds where Gen. Canby ..was murdered, whon . thoy woro flrod upon from tho loft and rear. Thoy mode no reply, but camo on into camp, as tboro was no company there to protect tho sick and wounded, upon thoir arrival hero, thoy took up a position that would hold tho camp, and waited a moment, whon tho Signal Corps an nounced that thoro woro four Indians running to tho lake for water. * They placed tho mortars in position and flrod a shot that exploded hoar them, and thoy vamoosod for cover. Tho recall was sounded, and tho troops camo Into camp,' it

being late. No attack was mado, as it would have boon of no avail, and perhaps would havo resulted in tho loss of several soldiers. Col. Mason’s skirmishers captured two squaws, and havo thorn still in custody. Yesterday, as tho skirmishers woro exploring tho sinks, thoy oamo upon flvo Modocs that had boon cut off from those that loft tho stronghold. They did not flro upon tho ranks until thoy woro in quar ters so ofoso that tho powdor burned tho boys’- facos. Thoy wounded ono, private Nolen, of Q Troop, First Cavalry, in tho arm ana right sldo. Tho ball passed through tho arm and struck a package of cartridges and a largo noto-boolc, and cut its way through to tho flosb, but did not mako a fatal wound. Two of thorn woro killed and tbolr hoods word out off and passed round. Tho Signal Corps report that twolvo more Modocs oamo down to tho lako for wator Just at dusk, and wont book to tho rocks again. An at tack upon tho camp is expected to-night. Thoy hod tho audacity to flro two shots from an ele vated position toward tho camp, and they struck near tho touts. .Tho troops that wont out on the scout have not yet beep hoard from, but are looked for at a late hour to-night. Whoa they arrive there will bo a gonoral reconnaissance of tho entire lava bods. There is supposed to bo about twenty five warriors yet at large, and It Is feared that more aro constantly joining them. They have a poor supply of food, oud can only get water in the lava-beds from tho lake, and it is evident they are trying to hold this point be tween tho camp as long as they stop la the lava-beds. They aro scouting tho country over, and it Is unsafe to travel, as they are jumping on escorts and wagon trains. They opened on Mr. James Olonn as ho passed the point of rocks upon Little Klamath Lake, but did not do any damage. Part of tho Warm Spring Indians have come into Col. Mason’s camp, and report that they have six Modocs corralled, and will dispatch them to-night. Everything is in tho moat possible excitement over finding that so many have escaped from tho stronghold. The Modocs are endeavor ing to capture horses, as they have boon lurking arouud. It looks as though they intended to run tho country over, and prolong the war all the season. If they should succeed in getting reinforcements, wo shall want at least 2,000 troops in tho field to equal tho strength and ad vantage of their warriors. Ai'iiiL 21—8 a. m.—lt snowed last night to tho depth of two - inches, and is very cola this morning, and probably there will bo no move ment of troops to-day. There was no alarm during tho night, and everything is now quiet. G-. 0. Pearce, [To tho Associated Press.) San Francisco, April 21.—A courier arrived at Yroka to-night, with nows from tho front to April 18. The First Cavalry, Col. Perry, Lieut. Miller, and 110 men, loft camp at sunrise this morn ing, on a scout southeastward. Nothing will bo done in camp until tboir return, unless the Modocs attack, which is not probaolo. Part of tho command will return to-morrow pight, and part will proceed to tho Willow Spring Lake route, to determine whether tho Modocs fled that way. Indians woro soon in close proximity to the camp to-day. Thoy came to tho lake for water. Throe shots woro hoard in tho southeast, evidently tho Indians killing cattle. This afternoon Indians woro scon out with a herd of their horses at tho foot of Sand Butte, four miles southeast of hero. At an equal dis tance south of their former position there are said to bo largo caves, and a strong position, and they wiU make a stand at that point. Tho women and children wore removed before tho massacre, with a quantity of ammunition and water. Fortifications are well thrown up at Joints commanding tho lake shore which guard bo wator-Hne. Eleven bodies and one live Modoo wore found In the cave at tho lava-bed to-day, which makes sixteen warriors slain. Somo of the bodies wero horribly mangled by shell. Six soldiers and one civilian woro slain, and eleven wounded, two seriously. Four woro dis abled by sprained ankles. It is reported that two more are wounded in Lava Bed. Mi's. Meooham camo within throo miles on tho 17th, and was turned back. Monoham is doing finely, and will bo taken to Ferris Bancho day after to-morrow,— by boat; to Lost Biver, thence by ambulance to tho Bnncho. As soon ns tho cavalry returns the Modocs will be attacked if thoy remain wfaero we think thoy nqw are. Capt. Egan Is recovering rapidly, Hovoy, of Yreka, was Imriod this evening. Ho was Beamed, disemboweled, and hna hio head mashed by a flat rock. Harmon, who foil within the Indian lino, I ‘was scalped. llisadquabters Lava Bed, April 20.—Nothing further has transpired. Wo are waiting the re turn of tho cavalry. The Warm Spring Indians aro scouring tho country oast of tho battle ground, and working toward tho orators, which ond tho high lodge of tho Modoo stronghold at tho south. If tho Modocahavo lied to this, they will striko tho trail and tho troops will fol low as soon as notified. Tho cavalry will return to-uight. Wo shall thon know whether they have fled to tho south. Tho Warm Spring In dians and cavalry will probably communicate with ouch other to-day. Col. Mason lias moved his camp into Capt. Jack’s lair. Lava-Bod presents a horrid spec tacle. Bodies aro discovered in orovlcos, and from under heaps of rocks sickening a stench is filling tho uir, There must have been many killed and wounded wo know nothing of. Wo liavo evidences of tho death of seven teen Modocs, Their wouudod must ho at a greater rato than ours. Tho ground is literally covored with fragmouts of broltou shells all over tho place. Three shells foil in tho main ravine, In tho centre of their camp. Most of thoir women and children ware removed before tho nmusuoro of (ho Teuco Commissioners, and, therefore, a largo portion of thorn still livo. There woro about 220 men,women, and children, sixty of whom could fight. Probably fifteen warriors woro slain in tbo throe days* fight. Yeetcrdwr tho hoyu captured m old aauaw, who was unable to osoapo. Sho confirms tho death of Sohoncbln, Second Chief. Ho was shot by Moaobam. If tho Indians mako a stand, this country will ho in a horrid stato this summer. Thoranphors with all tholr cattlo, will bo compelled to aban don tho ranchos. Fifty desperate savages roam ing those rooky fastnesses, will work Incalcula ble destruction to property, and cause a fearful loss of life. Thoy will lay waste tho country, and tho soldlors will bo comparatively powerless, bcoauso thoy cannot hurt thorn when thoy find them. Thoy cannot vonturo out without an es cort, for they know not what branch of sago brush conceals a foo. Tho troops will not bo idlo. Tho Modocs will havo no chance to re cruit their shattered forces. Extermination is tho word. Mr. llovoy came hero last night. Ho will raise tho remains of his son, and toko thorn to Yroka for interment. Tho country in aroused in this section, and is in a terriblo excitement. All business is sus pended, in a great measure. Wo aro in hourly expectation of hearing of tho massacre of de fenceless citizens living in ttio valleys. If tho Indians will but mako a stand together in any place, wo shall soon havo tho last ono i but in scattering, small bands, it will bo noxt to Impos sible to got them. Lateii, 10 a. ra.—Firing has commenced at tho head of Long Gave, where tho iroopn were at tacked. Tho Indians aro coming down to water. Tho escort coming in to meet the pack-train has also been attacked, men aro ordered to fall in. Light Battery B, Sixth Aarlillory, is on tho way from Presidio, as also tho cavalry. Battery G, Fourth Artillery, from Blaok Point, is also on the way. Tho at tack is about a mile from camp. Tho firing is heavy and steady.. Tho oscort is driving tho Modocs. ' Tho firing has coased. No particulars before tho courier loaves. LATEST. Yreka, April 21. —James Glenn arrived at 6 p. m. from the front, and brings dispatches from Qon. GUIom. He loft at 12:80 yesterday. Ho reports being shot at twice when four miles this siao of -camp by Indians, but was untouched. W. A. Hovoy is on his way in with ibo remains of his son. The company who started out day boforo yes* torday will return to-night. The settlors of Bocrua and Willow Greeks are much excited, and all preparing to move into town. It is reported that Indians wore in the neighborhood of Bogus a few days since. Others wore soon down near Picark’s, near Klamath Blver. It is supposed that tho Modocs are at Crystal Greek, in Scott Valley. The Klamath Blver Indians pro painted, and are having war-dances. They number fifteen or twenty, and are well armed. Whether there bo danger or not, tho people are well armed. One family has loft tho neighborhood whore they con gregate. Col. Mendenhall's command has boon ordered to move via Shasta Volley instead of tho Pitt Bivor route. San Francisco, April 20.— The regular courier arrived from tho front this evening at Yreka. Some volunteers, escorting Hovoy’s remains to town, talked with Fairchild, and learned that • Scar-Faced Charley was not killed, tho body supposed to bo hia being Shack-Nasty Frank. Bchonohin’s body was found, and bis head taken to camp. Ho was not killed, only wounded by Moaouam, and afterwards killed by a shell. Hie whole body be low tho breast was tom out. Watchnatato. another young Modoo, was also recognized among tho dead. Tho eholl that killed Bchon obin and others, was picked up by Watchnatato boforo it exploded. From tho way things looked in the cave, and the finding of ammunition, provisions, and other articles, it was evident that the Indians loft in a hurry, no doubt supposing tholr stronghold would blow up. Tho tracks of at least seven Indians have been seen between Fairchild's placo and Klamath Lake. Tho opinion of many is that small parties may scout around after good horses, while enough will remain in Lava- Bod to keep the soldiers there. April 20—1 p. m.-*-Tho cavalry have returned. There wore no signs of tho Indian trail. Dr. Oabaness, returned from tho Lava-Bod, reports two squaws captured. Tho old squaw brought in yesterday was shown Sobonchin's bead, and said it was his. Col. Perry traveled about 80 miles, making a circuit of the Lava-Bed. Ho saw no Indians. Tho Warm Spring Indians will bo on the trail of tho rambling Modocs who bothered us to night. Dr. Calmness was along the Hue during tho day’s fight. Ho says ho counted twelve warri ors slain. How many they buried no one knows. Modocs wore seen to-day from tho lookout on tho signal-station. Tioknor started with an express for Linkville, to-day. He saw tho Modocs and had to turn back. Two Modoos are supposed to bayo been killed in tho fights of yesterday. Thoro is much speculation in regard to the Mo dooß,gaining aid from othortriboß. It ispossiblo that all tho tribes except tho Warm Springers sympathize with Capt. Jack, but they are satis fied that aid to him moans extermination. The Fit Rivers Indians will bo not bo likely to join JackJunlcßß ho forces them. They aro a miserable sot, and have become so demoralized over tho many severe chastisements given by Gen. Crook that they havo lost all courage to fight the whites. Tho Smoko Crooks about Fall lUvor aro a moan sot. Thoy really belong to tho Piuto Snakes. The Flutes who roam about Gooso Lake, farther north, are vicious customers, although belonging to somo northern reservation in Idaho or Oregon. Thoy are con stantly prowling around that section, comprising Gooso Lake, Chomocan, and other villages in Eastern Oregon. Northern Nevada, and Southern Idaho. On this eldo tho Shaslas scarcely number half a dozen warriors. They havo always boon bittef enemies of tbo Modoca. Tho Scott Valley and Klamath River Indians, although sought for aid, havo never shown tho least disposition to tako stock In Cant. Jack's crusade. Tho Indians hereabouts and throughout Scott Valley aro as well posted os the whites on tho movements of tho Modoca. Signal flroa havo been reported In some of the bills in Scott Val loy. whether they wore tbo signals of tho Mo docs or not wo are unable to say. San Francisco, April 21.—The following is just received: Camp at Lava Bed, April 20.—A pack train, under tho escort of Liout. Howe and twenty men, was attacked yesterday, about 10 a. ra. Previous to tills tho escort from Mason's camp, coming to meet it, was attakod at the head of Long Cove. Lieut. Leary and men sought shel ter behind tho rook and drove tbo Modocs back. When Liout. Uowo came up the Modoca at tacked him, but wore again driven back. Liout. Leary lost ono man killed and ono wounded. Tho train arrived safely, but was fired into when entering tho Lava Bod, and again on return. When on this side of the Oovo Liout. Howe was again attacked by the Modocs. who followed nun to camp firing on tho train. They crept up to within 800 yards. Tbo pickets sent a volley through camp. Mai. Thomas sent a shell into their midst, which scat tered them. There wore eleven in tue attacking party. Arms wore distributed to all in camp. The Modocs soon Hod into tho rooks. A correspondent of tbo London Illustrated Hews arrived yesterday. The Warm Spring Indians will bo around to day, and start to bunt tbo Modoca out. They are scattered in small parties, and it will bo dif ficult to follow. Tbo roads aro not safe. After tlio Cheyenne* and Arapahoe** Salina, Kan., April 22.— Five companies of the Sixth Regulars, well mounted, Col. Oakes com manding, passed here to-day, on & quick march for Hayes, 100 miles west of hero, on the Kansas Pacific. That neighborhood, it is said, Is threat ened by the Cheyennes and Arapahoos, the al leged murderers of tho surveyors. Milwaukee Special Election* Milwaukee, April 22.— Tho special election hold to-day to fill tho vacancies occasioned by the ineligibility of certain candidates, elected at tho regular election on tho Ist of April, resulted in the election of Harrison Ludiugton, Repub lican, for Mayor, over Levi H. Kellogg, by 1,200 majority, carrying nine out of tho twelve wards. Emil Walbor, City Attorney, and J. M. Whaling, Alderman of the Seventh Ward, had no opposi tion. Mr. Kellogg had a majority of 260 over Ludiugton at the regular election, but was Inel igible on account of holding the office of Coun cillor. Tho Labor Question* Cincinnati, April 22.—The strike of tho stok ers at tho gas works has been attended with no disturbance. From tho first tho places of tho stokers have been filled. A guard.of fifteen to twenty police Is around the works as a precau tionary ueasuc* "DUMBER 247. [Washington. §i i-sj Alleged I Connected Wit[;NjVlonnn Commls- slonorsliiiis. More Monopoly-Extension of the Paper-Collar i Patent. Spteial Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune* SWINDLERS COMMITTED, Washington, April 22.—T1i0 so-called Rev. J. Halo Barney, who waa going to make a fortuno out of the unsophisticated Postmasters of the country by forging the names of the President and Gen. Babcock to a circular demanding sub* acriptions for political purposes, was to-day com* milled to prison in the sum of $15,000 to awuir a hearing by the Grand Jury next fall. His con federate, Sutton, was also committed in the sun of $5,000. The counsel of the accused admitted that the ball required was equivalent to on im* prisoumont of at least throe months. GEN. nUBUMAN’s INDIAN POLICY. The evening administration' organ hero con* tains a statement to the olToct that Gen. fiber man is In perfect accord with the Indian peace policy of the Government. The General baa never hesitated to declare his opinion, that tho only way to deal with tho Indians is at tho point of the bayonet, and that any compromise short of this can only bo taken in blissful ignorance of their treacherous character. LAND GRANT HQDABRLB. During tho past week, tho Secretary of the In terior has hoard arguments In regard to tho re spective rights of tho Winona & St. Potor, and St. Paul & Sioux Oity Railroads, to certain lands in Minnesota claimed by each, tho Winona & St. Peter Road being represented by H. A. liamborton.Land Commissioner of the road, and tho Bt. Paul <fc Sioux City by E. F. Drake, President of tho rood. Those roads cross each other at a certain point, and tho whole auestlon is as to which company first located its no. The decision by the Solicitor of the De partment is reserved for the present. [7b the Associated Press.} COLORED LAWYER. Washington, April 22.— The first colored grad uate of tho Law School in this District was to day admitted topractico in the Supremo Court oi tho District of Columbia. INTERNAL REVENUE. Commissioner Douglass has issued orders to all Assessors of Internal Bovonuo to turn over all tho papers in tholr respective Districts to tho Collectors, except those showing a list of per sons indebted, which will bo sent to the Depart ment. This order is issued preparatory to abol ishing the office of Assessor, which will be done on the 20th of May, In accordance with the late act of Congress. After that dato assessments will bo made at tho Internal Bovonuo office. TUB PENSION OFFICE is now prepared to receive applications under tho late law from such of tho Indians as served in tho late war in tho Union army and sustained Injuries, entitling them to pensions. PAPER COLLAR PATENT. The Commissioner of Patents has extended tho patent of W. E. Lockwood, represented by tho Union Oollor Company of Now York City, for paper collars and cults. CONDITION OF UR. BROOKS. The physicians of James Brooks pronounce bis condition very critical. THE SECRETARY OP WAR. A dispatch received to-day from Secretary Belknap mentions that ho and Gon. Sheridan and party wore at Binggold Barracks, on tho Rio Grande, and would leave to-morrow for Browns ville. All are well. They will take tho steamer from Brazos, Santiago, on the 28th mat., for Now Orleans. GREENBACKS. ■ Legal tenders outstanding, $368,111,665. VIENNA COMMISSIONERS IN TROUBLE. New York, April 22. —A Washington special announces that one of tho Commissioners to the Vienna Exposition has boon suspended for im proper practices. Ho is now on his way to Vienna. Another is suspected, and his caso is being inquired into. Reports are in circulation that some of the complimentary Commissioners secured their ap pointment in order to represent certain manu facturing interests, and that a sowing-machine company and a gun company oach has a Gov ernment Commissioner in its employ. It is ascertained from an official source that Minister Jay and Thomas MoElrath, in addition to being instructed to examine fully into the charge of tho sale of sites for restaurants on tho American grounds of the Vienna Exposition, have Just boon instructed by telegraph to extend tholr examination to tho charge, recently made, of tho sale of Commißsionorships. They have power to suspend any Commissioner thus impli cated. Tho power of removal rests with the President. METEOROLOGICAL. Signal Service Bureau Reports and Prognostications* * OnioAao, April 32—10:16 p. a. Tho following reports havo been received from tbo places mentioned below: -Sfalfon. Bar. TArj IWmf. Weather Hreokioridse.. 30.31 111 N. fresh. Clear. Buffalo 29.03 83 N. K. goalie. Fair. Cairo 29.65 68' N. E. iroab. Fair. Cbloago 30.01 87 N. Iroab. Cloudy. Cluolnnatt.... 29.89 4(1 N. E. Iroab.' threat's Cleveland 89.05 87 N. 15. Iroab. Cloudy. Ohoyonuo 80.08 13 N. 15. Iroab. Lt. aakv Davenport 80.08 40 N. E. fresh. Cloudy. Denver... 30.14 23 N. 15. fresh. Cloudy. Detroit 29.99 83 N. IS. Iroab. Cloudy. Dulutb 30.29 84 N. Iroab. Clear. FortGarry. v .. 30.41 26 N. Iroab. Fair. Konkulc 30.03 83 N. E. brisk. Sloot. LaCronso 30.20 88 N. K. brisk. Cloudy, Milwaukee 30.06 83 N. K. brisk. Clear. Omaha... 30.19 BJN.brifck. Cloudy. I’omhlaa 80.37 2A N. 15. fresh. Clear. St. Paul 30.34 80 N. fresh. Clear. Toledo 29.07 86 N. 15. brisk. Cloudy. IODABILITIEB. Washington, April 22.—The area of low baromotor will extend on Wednesday eastward over the Middle Atlantic Const, andthonco north east as a storm of considerable severity. Tho barometer will continue to rise in tho Northwest and over tho Upper Lakes with cold northerly winds. Southerly winds will veer to. northerly in tho Western Gulf States, probably forming a severe norther. For tho Eastern Gulf and South Atlantic States southwest, tbo winds will voex to tbo Northwest, with cloudy weather and fall ing temperature. For Now England, Now York, and Lower Lakes northeast winds, cloud, ana rain. For Lake Michigan increasing northerly winds during Tuesday night. Cautionary signals continue at Chicago, Mil waukee, Grand Haven, Detroit, Toledo, Cleve land, Buffalo, Rochester, Oswego, Wilmington, Cape May, and Baltimore, and aro ordered for Charleston, Savannah, Now York, Now London, and Now Haven. Tbe Memphis A; Cl Paso Railroad Swindle* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, New York, April 22.— A Washington special says: It baa recently boon reported that 700,000 acres out of 8,000,000 acres of land, granted to the Memphis & El Paso Railroad Company by tbo Stato of Texas, wore’ sot apart when tbo franchise of that rood was transferred to tbo Texas Pacific Railroad for tbo purppso of paying off tbo bonds disposed of in Paris by Oon. Fre mont, Tbo agent boro of the French bond- that any arrangement baa been mado whereby the bonds aro to surrendered and tbo lands taken in exchange, and says he has authority to and will decline to oc* copt such a proposition. The lauds in Texas, as Is advised by the Loud Commissioners of that State, ore not worth at the present time morn tbim 10 conla par ooro. nnd 700,000 ooroa it Bold would bring loss tbmi 9100,000, whllo there sro booda outstanding to tbo amount of flvo or oix millions of dollars. Tbo agent further says that the bondholders expect to procure from the Paris Stock Exchange,which admitted the bonds to its lists, the full amount they paid for the bonds, leaving that body to recover their money, If they con, from Gen. Fremont and the other officers of „ the Memphis AKI Paso Road. Suit for this purpose is now ponding before the legal tribunals in Paris, and a decision la expected • within throe weeks. Indian Supplies* New York, April 22.—Ride wore opened to-day by tho Purchasing Committee of the Hoard of Indian Commissioners for tho annual supply of annuity goods. Prices woro lower than over bo* tore effect to Uiq Ctovorwuent.

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