Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 23 Nisan 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 23 Nisan 1873 Page 3
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THE LAW COURTS. The Robinson Reservation—A Characteristic book County Land Story. Important Decision in an Injunction Against tho South Park Commissioners. Further Affidavits in the West Chicago Election Business—A Re- , turn Volley. Revival of the Blake Divorce Scandal in a New Bom. Big Suit for Damages Arising Out of Bankruptcy. ORE BtDE OF A Rid LAND STORY. Joseph Bobinsonpetitions' the Circuit Court for injunction and relief under iho following cir cumstances : Ho alleges that hla father, Alex ander Boblnson, iu tbo y ear 1871, claimed to bo tho owner of certain lands in Cook County, thereafter described, being at that time well ad vanced in years, when ouo Alexander W. Mo- Oluro, who Is made defendant, approached tho old man, and offered to perfect tho title, where upon an agreement was entered into by Alex ander Boblnson and his son, tbo complainant, on tho one part, and MoOluro on tho other part, that McClure should take stops to perfect said Utlb, upbn his successfully accomplishing which, ho was receive in full payment therefor ono-half of sold lands, tho other half to belong to tho. complainant, for which purpose o deed of trust was to bo prepared convoying said lands to MoClnro, ono-half to belong absolutely to tho complainant and ono-half to McClure, when pos session had beon successfully obtained. After nemo months passed in negotiation, MoOluro presented four deeds for execution,’ namely, a conveyance of part of tho lands from tho old man to hla son, tho complainant, a convey ance of those last mentioned lands from the complainant to MoOluro, and two other deeds from tho older Boblnson, convoying all tho lauds in dispute to McOiuro, tho latter representing distinctly that they woro in trust only for tho purposes above named. Neither tho son or father could toad, and both woro cautioned not to speak of tho transactions. Tho’ throo deeds from Alexander Boblnson wore duly signed, in good faith, on tho IGth of November, 1871, and that from tho complainant to McOiuro on tho 22d of tho samo month. The property bo conveyed consisted of • 169 56-100 acres, being part of that port of tho south section of the tract known as Robinson’s reservation (Dosplolnoa River), sot apart from said south section to. said Alexander Robinson, by dcctoo of partition of said Robinson’s Roser . vatlon, In tho Cook County Court, May 20, A, D. 1843, the consideration alleged being 910,173; a tract consisting of the south fraction of tho southeast quarter of See. 2-i, 36, 14, containing MG 07-200 aoroa: tho northeast quarter of See. 80, 37,16, containing 117 G7-100 ; and tho south west portion of tho southwest quarter of . Sec. 5, 86.14, containing 54 77r100 acres. Tho complainant goos on to allege that np con sideration whatever was received from McOluro for such transfers, and nothing over done to ab rogate said trusts: that Alexander Robinson died on tho 22d April, 1872 ; that sinco tho exe cution of said conveyances McCluro has procur ed from tho President of tho United States his approval of saiddooda of said lands in Robinson's Reservation (McOluro has so stated to tho com-' plainant), and has commenced proceedings to clear and perfect said title to tho wiiolo of said lands, in his own name, and without reserving any right, titlo, or interest of tho complainant to - any part thereof ; that without complainant’s knowledge or consent, said McOluro on' tho 7th , January, 1873, executed a trust deed to Wm. Tolcott.of said IG9 GG-lOO'kcres. to se cure the payment or $1,600, duo by McCluro to James H. Abbott, on a. promissory note : and later, a contract for solo of half of said 169 66- 100 acres ,to said Abbott for §3O per aero. And' . bo further represents that ho is in poor health, . and desires to settle up his affairs so as to placo them in a more safe and certain condition for bimsolf and family, and that as soon as ho loomed that said deeds to McCluro contained no recitals of said trusts, ho applied to him to have the matter righted without delay, hat without effect, until about tho beginning ox ibis month, . when McClure said ho had concluded to giro complainant .& deed ,of fifty . acres lying wost of Desnlainos Rlvor, and road over, in a low, hurried manner, some thing that ho alleged ■to bo a receipt xor tho same, .which ho would not suffer to bo taken out of his hands, but which tho complainant subse quently signed, learning not until lately that it was a release of all claims upon tho whole of his' lands. And said McClure having always refused to give complainant any written document, de fining his rights, and having always insured nb solute secrecy as to tho wholo. of those transac tions, and there appearing no other way of ob taining relief, ho prays tho Court to enjoin tho defendant in any way interfering with said lands, and to docl&ro tho rights and title of all parties heroin. A temporary injunction was granted. Tho other sldo has to bo hoard from. . THE SOUTH PARK CASE PRACTICALLY DECIDED. 9 The hearing of tho cause, Clark v. tno South Bark Commissioners, was yesterday continued . before Judgo Drummond. Tho arguments showing a tendency to degen erate into a discussion, The Court said ho had heard enough to enable him, he thought, to understand the case. With out criticising tho evidence, and tho allegations contained in tho bill, ho was inclined to think that the bill must bo sustained on tho ground that tho plaintiff, being tho ownor of tho tract of land that bad boon expressly designated for appropria tion for park purposes, had a right to insist that bis property should not bo subjected indefinite ly to the claims of tho Commlssiouors, and (ho result that might arise out of those claims, with out the compensation provided for by law being paid or soenrod. Tho Court, therefore, would say by way of suggestion to tbo counsel, that the defendant must bo restrained from inter fering with or taking possession of tho proper ty of the plaintiff until this had boon arranged; at tho same time observing that nothing that bad appeared in tho case, in his opinion, pre vented the defendant from proceeding under tho laws of tho State to condemn tho property of tho plaintiff for tho public uses provided for la tho act, inasmuch as tho Supreme Court of this State bad substantially decided in several cases before it, that the act of tho Legislature was a lawful exercise of power, and that property could bo condemned for certain public purposes under Che laws of tho State. Independently of the law of tho State, there might arise other ques tions during tho progress of the cause respect ing proceedings for condemnation, which should be left to tho State Courts to pass upon, and with which this Court did not desire to interfere. This Court considered, however, that it had tbo right to protect tho plaintiff in hie prop erty. The Court threw out those remarks to counsel on both sides by way of suggestion, and would not enter any order until to-morrow (to- day}. Mr. Ayer thought tho suggestion of the Court would have tbo appearance of success iu tlio causo on tbo part of tbo plaintiff, and it might have an injurious effect as regards tbo future action of tbo Commissioners. Tbo Court replied that ho was of opinion that tho property was subject to condemnation; and this was one of tbo objects that tho Court had in view, when be stated that a Btato court was tbo 6 toper tribunal to decide many of tbo quos ons that must wise under this. bill. And tbo Court further considered that, whilst the property was subject to condemnation, it was also tbo duty of those author ised under tbo act to proceed to condemn it, as well as to provide the moans for its purchase, whether by levy or otherwise. Tho bill was framed particularly on the ground that tho pro ceedings taken, or to bo taken, by tho Commis sioners wore unconstitutional, ana that tho laud could not bo condemned, and [ids (ho Court over ruled, whilst tho injunction should bo granted. THE DLAUE-TIIOMraON CASE RESTORED. Another phase of tbo notorious Bl&ko divorce ease was evolved yesterday, Tbo complainant in tbo original suit yesterday filed In tho Circuit Court restored declaration and affidavit, charging Thomas M. Thompson -with debauching hla wife and alienating her affections, and for tho lona of her comfort, fellowship, society, and assist ance complainant Books to obtain from de fendant tho aum of $20,000. In hla affidavit, complainant describes the seductive wiles of de fendant, who, ho alleges, lent her books to road, visited nor secretly, artfully flattered her. and succeeded, on the 10th of November, 1800, In consummating his alleged villainy. Complain ant requests, also, that defendant bo bold to ball, im ho foara whatever Judgment bo ‘obtains against him may bo difficult to collect. . Tho de fendant files an affidavit in which ho avers that bo was served with what purported to have boon copies of tho original papers. Dotting forth plain tiff's cause of action, on 1110 in said onuso prior to tho firo of October, 1871, but, from bln rocol , -lection and belief, an exact copy, bold by 9. K. Dow, a member of the’ Illinois Legislature, varies in Important particulars frqm tho alleged cony served on him; that ho desires, to procure said original copy and compare it with tho alleged cony served ou mm; that about tho time this, milt was commencedDomum Blnko began a suit of divorce against his wife, based upon charges, of adultery with defendant} that on change of vonuo said divorce suit was tried In the Superior, Court, before Judge Gary and n Jury, and oftor throe weeks 1 trial a verdict was relumed against Barnumß.; that Blake Jins not, and never had, any meritorious cause of action against defend ant { that the matter's ami things sot.forth in complainant's aOldavlt havoboon adjudicated and disapproved j that tho gratuitous and wholesale charges of adultery with complainant’s wife scattered through said affidavit aro falco : that Blake openly declares himself an Inveterate .en emy of defendant, add threatens to ruin him t and defendant believes that tho present case is sought to be restored from , a dcslro for revenge on complainant's part; that it Is eighteen months since tho original pa pers* wore destroyed by Are, from which tlmo hitherto uo attempt has boon mode to restore the papers to tho flies ,* but, in tho absence of defendant's bail-bond,.ho claims tho benefit of hla privilege as aa attorney of the court to, bo exempt from arrest, giving as reason why ho baa not before claimed this privilege, that at tho tlmo said cause was commenced defendant sup posed Blake might bo misinformed and sincere in his belief, but long ago it became clear to de fendant that tho mainspring of Barnum’s action was malice THE WEST BIDE ELECTION-FURTHER AFFIDAVITS. In iho West' Chicago contested election cash tho complainants will this morning 1110 tbo affi davits of several citizens. The document to which those gentlemen will append their names will, assort that they more present at an assemblage on the Ist of April. 1873, pursuant to a notice, calling an annual town mooting, to bo hold at the office of tho Town Clerk of West Chicago, on said day, in the “ Masonic Building," corner of West Randolph and Hoisted streets ; that there was no mooting called to order at tho Town Clerk’s oillce or in any other part ’of tho said Masonic Building, by tho Town Clerk or any other person having;-authority to do so; neither was there any vote taken by the assemblage pres ent to adjourn to any other place. But that there was a mooting called to order at a place known as No. 15 Halatod street, whoro no-Mod orator was elected or chosen after tho meeting' was called to order ; that ono Homy Pilgrim as sumed to act as Moderator without being chosen by the electors present, ho calling to his aid ono Thomas Fitzgerald, and Patrick P. Shall, who, to gether, proceeded to declare the polls open for tho election of town officers for tho Town of West Chicago for tho year ensuing, and then and there did receive and deposit in a ballot-box tickets containing tho names of candidates written thereupon for tho various town offices. Tho complainants will also file a transcript of record of tho Town Clerk of tho proceedings at the election. Tho record, in substance, sets forth, the holding of the mooting on tho Ist of April; 1 pursuant to notice by tho Town Olork, citing the posting of notices, m which notice tho place of mooting was fixed at tho Town Clerk’s office, in tho Masonic Building, on tho corner of Hoisted and Randolph streets. Tho record fur ther recites that tho mooting was not hold at the place indicated in tho notice, but was called to order and hold at No. 16 misted street ; that Henry Pilgrim acted as Moderator, not be ing chosen or elected by tho moot ing; that tho polls of election. con tinued open until 4 p. m., at which time they woro closed by Homy Pilgrim, Acting Mode rator. After setting forth sundry resolutions, adopted in regard to raising funds, the affidavit concludes as follows j ‘ At tho hour of 0 o'clock, In the afternoon, on mo tion. which was put and carried by tho majority of tho electors present, tho mooting adjourned, siuo die, to moot again at tho Clerk's office at tho call of tho Olork. 'At.tho time of final adjournment of tho mooting tho ballots were not oouutod, hut woro taken by Horny. Pilgrim, tho Acting Moderator, to tho Masonic build ing, to ho counted oy himself and his associates. The object of complainants in filing this record Is to showtbat tho mooting was not legally held in more than ono respect, and also that tho Acting Moderator orrod In not canvassing tho ballot, between (Uo hours of 4 had 0 in tho afternoon, tho ouly hours in which ho had any right to do so. . . A TRADE THAT DID NOT COMB OFF. Christian Stoldt brings action in tho Superior Court against Mary I. and Richard T. Groan. Complainant on March 7, 1872, owned land in tho northoast corner ol tho northwest quarter of Section 29, Town. 38, north of Raugo 11 oast, containing twonty-fivo acres, whereon ho resid ed. On tho date [aforesaid ho mado a contract for tho .exchange thereof for a farm in Kano County, belonging to Mary J. and Richard T. Green, together with stock and farm implements. Thebonlract,which woo made under tho condition that each party should furnish a clear title to their property, was duly recorded. Complain ant on several occasions subsequently askod defendants to produce an abstract of titlo to thoir property, but thoy woro unable to do uo, as several lions tuoreon existed,—among thorn ono of §6,000. Finally, bo decided to back out of tho contract, and did so, ns defendants woro un able to consummate it; and now ho wished to obtain from defendants a release and discharge of record of said contract, which thoy will not grant. Wherefore ho prays that thoy may ho summoned in a court of equity to answer in the caso, and remove all cloud from complainant’s title. NE EXEAT. A. writ of so exoat was obtained and served on Monday evening, at the instance of one Henry Broyor. against Jacob Baker and Edward Tophi. Tho origin of the arrest is as follows : On April 18,1878, suit was brought bv oao Patrick Iritz gorald against Baker and Topin, by the issuing of a writ of attachment against veal estate own ed by them, and the Sheriff attached chattel property of theirs, consisting of “CDhoad of cattlo and one bay mare.” On tho 10th of April, at their request, plaintiff, in conjunction with defendants, executed a forthcoming bond to tho Sheriff in tho penal sum of $2,885.05, that tho said property should bo forth coming to answer the judgment of tho Court. Lately, it appears, Baber and Topin have felt n hankering for tho balmy gales of Indiana, and purchased farms In that State, to do which, com plainant believes, they sold all their real estate in Illinois, and woro at tho point of soiling tho cattlo which woro attached by tho Sheriff, and released by tho forthcoming bond, and moving in tho direction favored by tho star of empire. Complainant did not fancy being loft the one solo available signor of a bond with a penalty of nearly $8,000; so ho wont energetically to work, got out tho writ of no exeat and tho* would-be escapadists woro secured. SUIT RY A. BANKRUPT TOR $25,000 DAMAGES. In tho Circuit Court, Leopold Bohrhnck brings a suit against Cyrus Bentley, Horace B. Clallin, Edward E. Fames, Horace F. Fairchild, William S. Dunn, Dexter N. Force, David Kobouson, John Olailin. Benjamin 11. Campbell, aud Stephen H. Tourtollotto. Tho complainant brings suit on a plea of trespass, in that tho defendants, on tho 20th of January, 1873, with force of arms, took away from his store, goods and merchandise of tho value of $25,000, thoioby greatly damaging his business to the amount of SIO,OOO, which* in sued for. Tho c.v,o arose iu tho action of defendants, who tried to put complainant into bankruptcy, ami made tho seizure alleged, and held tho goods over sixty days, A trial succeeded, iu which complainant was acquitted, and ho now brings tho present action to recover SIO,OOO for loss of buamoß*, 010., occasioned by defendants’ action. The goods oro still held by order ot tho tho Court. Tho defendants flay Umt (hoy hovo a good defense, tho proceedings being regular throughout, and tho plaintiff, by his own mi mission, being in a ntato of insolvency preceding tho soiziuo of his property under tho action of tho bankniwlcy court, A $2O,()0O ACTION FOR PEUBONAI. INJURIES. Frederick Schmidt complains of tho Joliet Iron and Stool Company, placing bin damages at $20,000 5 and relates that on tbo 201U July, 1872, defendant was tbo possessor and occupier of a certain foundry, etc., at Joliet, wherem w.ia eroded a derrick for lifting Iren walcr-plpon, constructed without sufilcicnt stays, r.upporls, or fastenings, in consequence of which insuffi ciency. and by negligence, tbu derrick gave way, and foil to tbo ground, carrying plaintiff with it, cutting off three Ungers of bis right band, and injuring him so severely that bo has boon dis abled over since, and has expended over 62,000 in lighting tho man with tbo scythe and hour glass. Plaintiff was in tho employ of tbo foun dry, and engaged In his logltitnato labor when tho accident occurred. 13. G. Asay and W. L, Hirst, Jr., for tho plaintiff. lUNKßurrov matters. Charles E. Tonuo, assignee of Boot & Cady, in THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE! WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 1873. bankruptcy, yesterday commenced suit In as sumpsit against Henry O. Bbotwoll, SB,OOO dam ages. ’ Sweet, Dempster k 00., yesterday potUlonOd for tho bankruptcy of Augustus S3. Oogodd, claiming as creditors on two notes of SBOO each, and alleging that ho had allowed his property to bq taken by legal process at tho suit of Jacob B. Ouslor, for S2OO, upon which ■ a levy was made upon Iho debtor’s real estate val ued at CO,‘XOO, Io?s an , ouourabranoo of BCOD, and tho nbovo lion, and that tho debtor has called his creditors together'and offered to compromise at tho ralo of 50 cents on tho dollar. Bale to show cause was entered. In tho matter of the Union Scrowand Bolt Com pany. tho property was ordered to bo sold to satisfy tho trust deed to Joel O. Walter, for tho benefit of tbo bondholders of said Company, Tho final accounts of Wm. 11. Haokott, bank .nipt, wore yesterday referred to tho Bogiator. . CRIMINAL' COURT ITEMS. ' Before Judge .Farwoll, yesterday morning, .twenty-six prisoners woro arraigned to plead to indictments returned by tho Grand Jury ou Sat-i .urday, ThtToffousos ranged all tho way from, assault to potty larceny. Seven prisoners plead ed guilty, nineteen not guilty s and one of the former, O’Douohuo by name, who stole an Iron wrouch worth sl2 from Andrew Davidson, wad sentenced to ton days in County Jail. . 1 A nolle prosequi has boon entered in tho case of Goetz Bros. v. Alexander, In which defendant was to aland a now trial for alleged conspiracy . against plaintiffs, no evidence being found against him. „ ‘ '■ ’ ! Tho ease of John Bchalk, charged with shoot ing August Adolor, was resumed. • Tho contest ants in this case woro members of rival musical bands, who mot by chanco iu tbo samo saloon, ' Both parties played before tho assembled multi tudes, and both sent round a hat. A dispute arose between SchalU and Adolor, which ended la tho former following Adolor homo and shoot ing him between the eighth and ninth ribs. The baft penetrated tho lung and inflicted what was considered at tbo tlmo a mortal wound, and Bchalk was arrested on a charge of -murder. Adolor, hbwevor, convalesced, ana is now con siderably bettor, so tho indictment is softened down to assault with intent to kill. GENERAL NOTES. Tho Gorraan Mutual Firo Insurance Company is going for Its policy-holders in a lively stylo in Juugo Porter's Court. In a ease against ouo BeOKor,thoyobtalncdsloo.96 damages. in another against one Topp §08.75, and still another is pro gressing against ono Yvlsohoovor, in which tho Company nodes to recover §2OO damages. Tho suit of Field v. Shepherd, which has occu pied several days in Judge Tree’s Court, was concluded yesterday morning, plaintiff getting a verdict for §2,700. The caso of Behrens v. City of Chicago was fo-. Burned before Hunter yesterday morning. Gen. Stiles made apoworful argument on tho part of tho defendant, showing thp danger jurymen run in a caso of this peculiar class if allowing thoir uympathios to bo run away with. Tho ooour ronco of tho old gentleman slipping and break ing his foot ho characterized as an accident, and, if Tt wore visited upon tho city, no end of cases would ho brought. Notwithstanding his logical appeal, tho sympathies of tho jury caused them to award tho plaintiff $1,200 damages. Dwight F. Cameron, of Ottawa, United States Commissioner, has resigned, and Duncan Mo- Dougall is appointed inula place. In BostwioK v. Hess ot al., on motion of tho defendant Unloaf, leave to withdraw answer and file plea was entered. Hearing, and bill dis missed as to Unleaf for want of replication to plea. In tho report of case N0.43,0M, John Mattocks ofc oh v. Joseph DUman ot ah, Superior. Court Cook County, yesterday’s Tribune, it was erroneously elated as John Mattocks eb al. v. Edward G. Mason, tho latter being ono of tho plaintiffs and not a defendant in this suit. ' In the Superior Court, Charles Peck, for tho UHo of Charles Tilton, asks for a writ of attach ment against Charles B. Curtis, for $2,000. The debt Is $1,400, which represents 350 sickle-grind ing machines which defendant purchased from plaintiff at §4 apiece. NEW SUITS. • United States Circuit Court.— Qocrgo P, Nolson ct ul., executor of the estate of Wm. Nolson, deceased, v. Ocorgo E. Stanton ; debt, $1,713.42; damages, SSOO. Abraham Kahn and Isaac Wolf v. • Wm. 11. Harper, James M, Harper, Wm. Harper, and J. T, Harper; assumpsit, SI,OOO. United States District Court— Oharlcn E, Towno, assignee of Root k Oady,v. Henry O. Bbotwell; nssutnr&lt, $3,000. Joseph it. Payaon, assignee of the Republic Insurance Company, In oscumpsJt, y. -Miss P..D; Pilch ($1,000), Samuel Dcmicaou, Sr„ ($500), Ocorgo B. Martin ($1,000), Goo. W. Sawyer ($500), It, Uodgmau ($10,000), and Thomas Parker ($1,000). Circuit court— o,os9— Leopold Robrbach v. Cyrus Beutly ct al.; trespass, $25,000. 6,o(so—Marshal .field otnl, v. Leopold I/uilornmueb and E. R.Dawcan; as sumpsit, S6OO. o,66l—Adolla 8. Ferris v. Emily C.Jobu stone; trespass on the caso, $5,000, o,662—Barumn Blake v, Thomas M. Thompson ; trespass on tho caso, $25,000. G.6CJ—Appeal, o,o64—Edward O. Rogova v. Lyman Bridges ct al.; petition to foreclose mortgage, 6,665— lonao Holmes v. William and Ellon Edellne ct al,; pavilion to foreclose mortgage. 0,666 —John flood v, fetor, Frederick, Herman, ami Henry Keratons ; trespass, $5,000. O,CC7 —Jomca' Howe v. Same ; tres pass, $5,000, . . Burr.tuon Court.—43,loo—Wm. Reubl v. OttUea Roubl; divorce on ground of desertion. 43,107—0ar ollne Ahvbockcr ct al. v. Joseph Blmport; assumpsit, S6DO. 43,103—'Wllhelmlna v, August Heteo; divorce on the ground of cruelty. 43,109—Fraucid Comnrc, oxocu Into John Denlay, v. Jeremiah DcnlnV ot al,• petition to supply record. 43,110—Edgar Loomia v. John U, O, Haakoll; covenant, SI,OOO, 43,111— Henry Oppcnhclmcr c-t al, v. O. D. Townsend; assumpsit, S3OO. 411,112—'Wililam Ailen ot ul, v. Joel R. Ford ami Edgar Ford; assumpsit, S6OO. 43,113—Wm. Goldlo ct nl. v. lluboru Clallia ana Alonzo O. Gleason; petition to restore judgment nud decree, 43,114— Appeal. -43,115 —Helgo A. Ilamrau v. Stella Coaleworlh ot al.; petition for mechanics' lien on Lot 13, Block 27, or Ogden’s Addition to Chicago, said lot situate on north west corner of Curtin and Fourth, or West Huron streets, in Chicago. 43,116—Morton Culver v. Kund K. Foraaftt and 010 M. Jacobson ; debt, $2,500. 43,117 —Mosoa Strang ct al. v. Thomas Hanson ; nastimpßit, SSOO. 43,119— George Bold v. John Keyes; appeal. 43,120— Hugh O'Brien v. John I'. Stapleton; confession of judgment, S2OO. 43,121 —Caldwell v. Caldwell: di vorce. 44,122 Christum Stoldt v, Mary J. Grccu'und Richard T, Green; bill to remove cloud from title. 43,123—William Crowell v. Frank Parmlco and David A. Gage; trespass on the case, SSOO, 43,124 Ann 8. Allis v. John I‘. Allis; divorce on ground of desertion. 43,125—Daniel Burton v. Elizabeth Burton; divorce on ground of adultery. 43,120 —James J. Curtis v. Mary Curtis ; divorce on ground of desertion and cruelty.' 43,127 Mary J. X’algo v, Virgil 8. X’algo ; divorce on ground of deeurtion. 43,123—J0hn v. Frances Lcletnor; divorce on ground of desertion. 43,129—Charles Tilton, for use of Charles Pock, v. Charles 11. Curtis; attachment In assumpsit, $2,000. 43.130—Nicholas Simon v, Simon ot nl.; bill for partition and dower of lots IC, 17, 18, 19. 20 and 21, In Barron’s Subdivis ion of Block 15, In Brand’s Addition to Chi cago. 42,131—Fred Wagner v. Rosa Wagner; divorce on ground of adultery. 43,132 William W. Coster v. E. A. Holloman; assumpsit, SI,OOO. 43,133—J0hn Alston v. Henry Waller, Jr.; bill, 43,134— Joseph N. Darker v. William J. Edwards; nftsumpsit, |COO. 43,135— Joseph N. Barker and Mur ray P. Tulcy v. James Montgomery; neamnmlt, SI,OOO. 43,130 F—Appeal. 43,138—Elizabeth Osgotmo v. Araasn May, John B. Tallmtm, ct al.: petition to establish and confirm title to Lots 73 nud 74, in E. Randolph Smith's snbdlvlaion of Block 30, of Sheffield's Addition to Chi cago, 43,139—Melissa Rockwell v. Martin Rockwell; divorce, on ground of cruelty ami desertion. CORRESPONDENCE. 3b the Editor of The Chicago Tribune Sm s Tho readers of tho Journal ought to bo congratulated, perhaps, that tho man who does tho legal department of (hat paper has procured a copy of Bouvior’s Law Dictionary as a work of reference. If ho would also got a copy of tho Constitution of tho United States, and road it carefully, ho might avoid somo of tho blunders which characterized hia article entitled “Ex Boat Facto.” While it is true that those words, as used in tho Constitution, arc limited to crimi nal statutes, it is not true, as asserted by (ho Journal, that they are the only laws prohibited by tho Constitution. Tho language of tho Constitution is, that no Slate nhull “ pans any ox-ponl-facto law, or law impairing the obU'jalian oj conirocta," A perusal qf the authorities cited by him with no much pedantic ostentation would have in formed him that it was because civil causes were jeforrod to in other terms that the words ox post facto wore limited in application to laws of a criminal nature only. lie will doubtless And, on further research, that a charter is a contract within tho moaning of thcfhinguago above referred to, as decided by Chief Justice Marshall in tho Dartmouth College cave ? but ho was probably an “ antediluvian," and deserved impeachment for his opinion, Chicago, April. 1873. Attorney, —- THE CITY'S ASSETS. Comptroller Burley has been figuring upon tbo clly’ii and will exhibit some millionsmoro than has heretofore been included, naiholy: tho properly of the Water Department, which will bo Included hi bh report for tbo year ending March 81, 1878. Following Is tbo coat of works to date j Cost of works to dnlo from b0nd5,,,..,..5*,295,905.77 Corft of now liiko tunml 83,052,29 00-itof now om'lne 230,502,00 Cost of now crib 1,270.83 Coet of now pumping works 03,000.00 Costof lukohuuiut extension.,,,o2s.oo Water works from 1 mill tux. 516,709,62 Total $0,212,606.55 SINGULAR HOMICIDE. A iffnn iictiicn to I>on(h whh a Fry* itig-I’an In llto Hanils of a Joaloni Xlitnbtuul* If tho Station-Keeper at tho Union Park Sta tion had performed hia duty, tlio publlo would have boon Informed yesterday morning that ft probable murder had boon committed In the Sev enth Product, aa tho encounter In which the fatal blow was struck occurred on Monday after noon at 2 o’clock. If such disregard of tho positive Instructions of tho Superintendent of Police Is continued, there Is every rea son to believe that It will bo followed by a removal. The encounter In question occurred at No. COS ’West Madison 'street, between two colored men, William Brown and Jesse Jones. Tho details of tho affair are ad follows • • ■William Brown Is tho proprietor of a barber shop at the above number, ahd.Joaso Jones has: boon for some time In bis employ. Brown’s ros -1 Idotico was over the shop, and, taking advantage of this fact. Jones bocamo-vory Intimate, with, : Brown’s wire. Mrs. Brown was not at all averse ito tho young man’s attentions, but reciprocated hia attachment. Clandestine mootings were planned and consummated, and loving glances exchanged whenever their eyes could possibly moot. Brown,who before hod not thought of his wife once hia fortnight, now began to think often of her. Ho grow enraged over tho condi tion of affairs, and mode it so unpleasant for the young men Jones, that on last Monday a week ago, ho loft Brown’s service. • Brown not only visited liia anger upon Jones, but also upon tho person of his wife, by boating her so severely that she was compelled to take her bod. During her. Illness Jones, it .'la said, made frequent visits to her room. ; Last Saturday jouos • returned to the shop of Mr. Brown, ana was again received into bis ser vice. The intimacy which had before existed was renewed, and that tho lovers might bo alone together Mrs. Brown became ill again and was confined to her room. -On Monday afternoon Brown returned to his house from down town, in an intoxicated condition. Tula was nothing very remarkable, aa lie baa boon for many years a hard drinker, and, therefore, a frequent board-, or at tho Bridewell. When drunk ho Is said to bo entirely devoid of reason, and a perfect boast. ; On tho afternoon referred to, not finding Joaos in tho ohop, ho at once surmised that ho was up-stairs with hia wife, who was confined,’ as usual, to her bed. Ho proceeded directly to. her apartment, and, as ho reeled Into the room,, Jones arose from the bed, as if ho bad boon lying down. Brown at once flow into a violent passion, and demanded that ho immediately leave the room. Jones , would not go, and en deavored to cool tho passion of tho Irate husband by reasoning with him. Brown would not bo cooled, and, seizing an iron skillet from off tho etovo, pounded the invader o£ his homo on the ..head With .it until lie fell insensible upon 1 tho floor. Mrs. Brown’s screams attracted tho at tention of tho barbers down stairs, and, Justus Jones fell, they rushed, into tho room. Brown was yet very drunk, and was only prevented from boating his wife by being overpowered by hia harbors. A. physician was called in, and tho matter hushed up. Ho' pronounced tho wounds very serious but not dangerous. Tho death of Jones, at 8 o’clock yesterday morning, and tho post mortem examination made by Dr. Emmons yesterday afternoon, which developed tho fact that tho negro’s skull was fractured almost from oar to oar, over the front of the head, do not speak much for tho opinion of tho attending phy sician. Jones died without uttering a word, and, ap parently,'.without pain. Brown was arrested by Officer Roche, of the Union Park Station, at a late hour on Monday night. Ho was arraigned at the West Side. Court, ..before Justice Scully, yesterday morning, charged with the crime of murder. Ho pldaaod nob guilty to tho charge. ' Tho case was continued ! without bail, and tho prisoner removed to tho County Jail. Ho is; apparently, about 35 years of ago, and has lived in Chicago. years. It is said that ho has served some time in tho Penitentiary at Joliet. - A reporter of I’nETnimmE attempt ed an interview with him at the jail last evening. Ho refused to eayanything except that “ ho saw Jones at his wife’s bedside.” Nothing was done toward holding on inquest yesterday, except to secure tho witnesses and ‘make a post-mortem examination, the’ result of which has already boon slated. Tho inquest will bo hold at 10 o’clock this morning. SHE WOULD AND SUE WOULDN’T, A Curious Illustration of now Vir tuous and It expectable a Combined and Ben of I*rov» tltutiou .Becomes After Its License is Bevolccd* ; When ho or sho can make money by being vicious and dopravod, ho or sho is only too glad to onoourago tho popular idea of Ids or hor depravity. But when tho excess of his or hor viciousncss causes Mayor Modill to rovoko.his or her liconso to sell liquor, then ho or sho invaria bly repudiates as utterly fallacious and unauthon licatod,. tho. stories set afloat to that purport. This was forcibly illustrated yesterday in tho Mayor’s office,‘ by tho woman Ella Brown, alias Waldron, alias “ Dolly Varden,” propriotfosa of tho den of iniquity known as tho “ Dolly Varden Parlors;’ 1 Her liconso was revoked yester day morning, and as soon as tho notlco of revo cation was served upon her sho raado hor way to tho Mayor, and bogged that hor license might bo restored. Tho Mayor said sho kept tho worst den .on tho West Side, and, therefore, it was useless for hor to bog any such favors at his bands. Tho woman, whoso reputed vioionaueßS was hor principal advertisement, assorted hor unblemished purity *, declared that blvo was a woman of unquestioned virtue, that her parlors woro conducted ou principles of tho stoniest morality, and that sho had two daughters who lived blameless lives beneath hor hallowed roof. Tho Mayor reiterated bis remark and told hor that ho would on no account lot hor have her li cense back. Thus this place has lost one of its attractions. Now Capt. French can and must, if ho wishes to preserve his star, pull the house until ovory prostitute in driven away/ from it. Other similar dens are to bobrokou up as fast as the revocation notices are served. It appears that Superintendent Washburn has Ki express orders for monthshack to hie Cap to extinguish thOBO horrible dens, and has especially directed Cant. French to cloan out McLaughlin’s abominable brotbol, but no atten tion has boon paid to hi» commands. Why dot* ho not arraign his subordinates boforo tbs Board? Nothing can oxtonuato their negli gence. THE CITY IN BRIEF. Tho Board of Public Works yostorday accepted tho bid of Edward Kelly for tho repairs of street lamps, at CO cents each. John Agnew, piperaan of supply hose No. 4, was yesterday appointed Piro Wardou for tho South Division, temporarily, during tho ilinoss of B. F. McCarty, ono of tho regular wardens. . An alarm of llro from Box 371 was caused by tho burning out of a chimney ut No. 22 Boward street, a house occupied by John Dwyer. No damage. All vehicles found without a license will bo captured to-day, and their drlvora arrested and fined. The days of grace havo expired, and now let tho teamsters a bide by tho law or tako tho consequencea. Coronor Stephens hold an inquest yesterday, upon tho bodies of tho two men, Daniel Ouloa and John Murborg, who wore hilled on Monday morning, ot tho Potter Palmer Hotel. 'The ver dict of tho jury was that tho accident waacaußod by the insecure fastening of tho supports of tho wooden arch. An immense wooden sign recently erected by Messrs. Lyon tk lloaloy over their atoro, at tho cornor of Monroe and Blivio streets, wan ex amined by the Police Commissioners yesterday, their attention having been called to it by tho Mayor, Tbo Commissioners camo to tho con clusion that it was an unsafe addition to tho building, being extremely dangerous in tho ovoub of storm or llro, and recommended that the Hoard of Public Works causo its immediate removal. Justice Daggett yesterday afternoon examined Into the grievances which tuo “ striking eorvant gtrhi” allego they havo Buffered at tho hands of Rtc. 0. Bauds, proprietor of the Bauds House, from which tho plucky maidens took their de parture, without a moment’s warning, ono week ago. Tuo girls, championed by Mr. Follows, suc cessfully proved that their taskmaster had un lawfully and unjustly withhold from them their trunks and wages, and a judgment was rendered in their favor for tho possession of tho trunks, tho balance of wages claimed, and tho costs of both suits. A short time ago 11. S. Lang, of No. 85 North Wells street, purchased, on time, about $1,005 worth of goods from F’ororaau it Prloudland, ou Mudlsou street. Boon after receiving the goods into his store. Lang wont off to California, leav ing them in tuo ohurgo of a man named Joseph Jacoby, who attempted, it is said, to run them off. 110 wnb arrested by Foreman A Frlomlland, on the charge of scouring goods• under falsa protonaoß. Justice Daggett bold him In SO,OOO ball. The prlaonor thou took a change of vouuo to Justice mince, who will examine Into tho matter next Friday. > . Tho contest for tho possession of tho Olobo Theatre building still goes mi. The last report from the seat of war was to tho effect thafc tho Wood party wore in possession, Recent reports show that tho battle has changed, and that the conquororn have boon more than conquered. Yesterday tho Gorman Benevolent Society swore out State warrants against tho Wood party on. tho charge of riot, and had all arrested who Wore j in the building, tans leaving it in possession of.f •the Gormans. Tho vanquished promise that to day they will regain possession of tho old shell,; and in such a way that (hoy shall hold ii, PERSONAL. L. P. Warner, of Philadelphia, is at tho Sher man House. ’ 1 J. W. Pillsbury, of Cincinnati, is at tho.Sher man House. . “ Tho Hon. 6. A.. Haines, New York, is, at the l Bhorman Houbo. 001. A. G. Babcock, of Canton, IsftfthoTro mont House. Tho Hon. J. B. OtiuneU, of lowa, is at tho TromoutHouse. , ~ i Dr. L. Allport, of Philadelphia, is at the Gault House. United Slates Senator Howo, of Wisconsin, hi at the Sherman House. “ Qon. George W. Reynolds, of Springfield, is at tho Gardner House. . J. W. Cary, General Ticket Agent Lake, Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad, is at the' Sher man House. ' B. M.’Tumor, of tho Troraont‘‘House, gave Ida friends a supper last evening, to commemo rate tho close of his tenth year as dork ot tho Tremdnfc. .. • > Col. L. O. Gilman, of Belvidoro; Rev. Mr. Leonard, of Normal; John D. Nichols, of In dianapolis, and Mr. J. O. Thompson, of Lancas ter, Pa., wore among arrivals at An derson’s Hotel. . Among tho arrivals at tho Treraont Houso, yes terday, woro the following: Otto Friedrichs, Now York; J. F. Going, Cincinnati; James Howard, Jofforsonvillo ; J. W. Powell,- Washing ton; G. Balt and wife, Michigan ; A. D.Fibko and wife, Mansfield. Among tho arrivals at tlio Mattosoa Houso, yesterday, woro tho following: J. Darling, Bur lington ;A. QiiurchlU, Now York; J. L. Froo man, Cleveland; NY. H. Stacy, Byracuso ; J.Yf. Lovell, Boston; 6. B. Williams, Philadelphia; Thomas Arnold, McGregor, Iowa; W. It. War on, Winohoslor, Mass. Among tho arrivals at tho South Sldo Briggs Houso yesterday woro tho following:' 0. P, Woodruff, Morrison; 0. 0. Wilson. Springfield, Mass.; Goorgo N. Terry, J, ,H. Qiddmgs, Now •York; W. A. Aiken, Baltimore j J. A. Noonan, Milwaukee; W. 11. Babcock, Albion, Mich. Among tho arrivals at thoWost Side Briggs Houso, yesterday, wore tho following; D. It. Bailey, St. Albans ; Goorgo W. Hill, Cleveland ; H. North, Englewood, XU.; P. D. Mlchlos, Jr. t Syracuse; W. 0. Card and family, Kankakee; 11. T. Lewis, Lincoln, Nob.; J. A, Sanborn, Man chester, N. II.; H. B. Hall, Momonco, HI. Among tho arrivals at tho Gault House, yes terday, wove tho following: Charles Thomp son, St. Paul; Jamoa Qrogg. Kansas; P. B, Hewing, Now York; H. 11. Giles, Madison; B. F. Gibus, Fox Lake; John J. Bush, Lansing; Goorgo w. Reynolds, Springfield; H. McKinney, Fort Wayuo; J. G. Thorne, Eau Clairo; H. D. Harris, Be. Louis; J. W; Powell, Washington. - Among tho arrivals at tho Gardner House yes terday were tho following: William Milispaugh, New York; It. P. Hughoa, U. B. A.; Charles S. Busted, Brooklyn; R; W. Daniels, Buffalo; William F. Stifol and wife, Wheeling; W. ,J. Barney and wife, New Orleans; A. M. Knight, Plumb, Philadelphia; T. 11. Bamsdell, Boston; Charles Y. Goddard, Now York. Among tho arrivals at tho • Sherman Houso yesterday, wore tho following: F. P. Wade, Indianapolis: A. J. Blslug. Council Bluffs; A. Wallenberg, Now York; XI. M. Townsend, Pe oria; J. Vt. Parsons, Toledo; 0. E- Erekino and wife, Baciuo; James J. Hill and family, 6t. Paxil; M. M. Buck, fit. Louis; L. P, Parmer, Piiiladolphla; H. Parker, Boston; J, N. Morton, Milwaukee; J. C. Burdsoyo, Boston: Q. W. Hamblin, Kansas; J. H. Irwin, St. Louts. Tho Into Bov. Eloazcr Thomas, massacred by tho Modoca, had SIO,OOO insurance ou his life. 33. F. Taylor will mako his homo in Dunkirk, N. Y., tho coming summer. Anna Dickinson has boon sued in St. Louis for broach of promise—to lecture. Tho lato Qon. Conby married Hiss Louisa Amos, of Baltimore, a nioco of Bishop Azuoa of tho Methodist Episcopal Church. T. T. Scott, a Doorkeeper to tho United States Senate, is just getting ovor an attack of small pox, at Crawfardsville, lull. Ex-Liout. Qov. E. D. Campbell, of Wisconsin, died at tho residence of his sun, Samuel Camp bell, in LnOrosso, last week Wednesday night, aged C 3 years. Capt. E, G. Hall, for somo timo past with the Indianapolis Journal, has accepted tho position of confidential secretary to tho President of tho Erio railroad. Tho lad whoso parents advertised that tboy changed his unmo to Fortescuo Grosvonor Plan togonet Howard, was originally christened Schuyler Colfax Bmitb.—A'etc York Comvwcial Advertiser. It is pretty generally understood that Judge Richardson, Secretary of tho Treasury will soon resign his office to fullUl his arrangement to bo como a partner in tho banking house of John Mouroo & Co., of Paris.—American Register, Pans, April 0. Miss Abby Hutchinson, of tho Hutchinson family. Tribe of Asa, was married, April D, at Hutchinson, Minn., to SamXiol G.,Anderson, of Litcliflold, Minn. Tho bride is a nioco of that Abby Hutchinson who was of tho original Tribe of Josso. Suit has boon commenced, in Utah, against tho Into Associate United Stales Judge O. F. Strickland by George 0. Bates, ox-District Attor ney, on behalf of Thomas J. Drake, formerly Associate Justice of Utah, for a note of $2,800 given Drake by Strickland io induce tho former to vacato his office in favor of tho latter. Jonathan Duff, of Pontiac, 111., writes to a gentleman in Hoaldsburg that ho will bring out the machinery for a woolen mill, to be oroctcd at that place, if tho citizens wilt put up a SIO,OOO building, and furnish SIO,OOO moro as a working capital.—San Francisco Call. Joseph Holman, father of William S. Holman, died at Centerville, Ind., last week, aged 85. Ho was a member of tho Convention, in 1800, which made tho first Constitution of Indiana, and also of tbo first Legislature under it, ana tho last surviving member of both. Ho was Reg ister of tho Land office at Fort Way no under President John Quiuoy Adams. Works of Art. The readers of Tun TmnosE aro again reminded of the extensive sale of oil paintings which will *tako place to-day at the store No. 183 East Madison street, Messrs. EUson & Foster auctioneers. This collection of paintings is one of tho best over brought to our city, and embraces a number of very fine pictures—pictures that would ornament any gallery or cabinet In this city. Tho sale commences at % o’clock this afternoon and at o’clock this evening. Tho pictures will bo on exhibition during the forenoon. There could be no belter chance for those who wish .to put valuable works of art in their houses than this. Something to Hake One’s Mouth Water. Qrocn turtle roup and Rtcak, fresh brook trout, Rocky Mountain trout, California salmon, North Elver Blind, calves’ sweetbreads, lamb fries, boned turkey with jolly, (his day at Anderson’s European Uotoi Restaurant, No. 115 Madison street. Burnett’s Kalliaton Removes tan, sunburn, and freckles. WANTED. FIRST-CLASS TRAVELING SALESMAN Of Bomo years’ experience wishes a Situation) refer ences unexceptional. Address 2 73, Tribune Office. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages OB' FRICTIONAL CDHM FOR fc»AUS AT TRIBUNE OPPICE. AMUSEMENTS. ROBERT GOLDBEOK’S {Grand Farewell Conceit, t TIIIJUBDAY* April 84* at 8 p. m«». • At tlio MloWgan-av. Baptist 'Olmuoh, Combination Performance lor Upon six Planes and tlio Organ by (ho Director oftthoMu-. . »leal Gkdlomv Florence fllnrield, nnd his pupils, mud Uio Director, Profeasors and Pupils ol thn Oousotmtory of Murio. Othbt dlsllnmilMvid tnlontwlU nsMst.. • Uosorvod Boats, admission tickets, $1; can bo, obtained (HI Thursday, till 4 p. m., nt Messrs. Ourponter ' * Bholrton’i, P6B Wahash-av., and Buck, it llaynot’s, cor* nor Madison and Htalo-sts. . . . ■ HOOLEY’S THEATRE. ' BEST COMPANY IN AMERICA., ' DOUIU.R HILL—DRAMA AND FAHUR, Wodnos day and Thursday, April SOand 01. roaiTIVKLY IiABT TWO NIOHTB. • 1 .a-..Xa.. : 1v35: -es J And the laughable DILLON farce, of" ' TURN HIM OUT ! , AVodnosday—LAST ALTXR MATINRR. . ‘; Friday—(Fraud Complimentary to Mr. JAB.' I 0. I’AnOET and Mr; »T. w. BLAIHDRLL, assoolato managers, , TIOKKT.OF-LEAVB MAN. with lhi>- best oast oxer given Infills city. • 1 ; : • , lu preparation ffrou-d'rou ** and.Vßlsks." , MoYIOKER’S THEATRE. .. j Engagement of tho Popular Aoior, ) - 3s/Eei,i*33L • •Who will appear on MONDAY EVENING, April 31. nnd * everyovonlnguntll further notice, and Saturday Mati nees, as JAtjOKS PAUvEL, In thenow emotional and. picturesque play, entitled ~ , . ONE HtTNDBED YEARS OLD, ' AaPlaysdfor nVor twomonths, at the UNION SQUARE#' THEATRE, New York. .Price of Seats. 81, 7G nnd Mo, according to location. MYERS’ OPERA HOUSE. , ; Montoo-Bt., botwoon Doatborn tfad BUtOtßii. , ‘ Arlington, Cotton- & KemWs Minstrels. ‘ A iIOKBTBB DILL OV TOH I - • ; Great enoccsfl of Ed 'Marble’s burlesque of'ROMEO AND JULIET. "■ MAOKIN 4 WILSON In now Songs and Dances. ■ Tbo Modoc War. Tho Throe Graces. Now Vocal Quar* totlo. Quloi Lodgings. - Rvory Ercning and Snlnrrl/iy Malineo. Monday. Aprllgß-Donefitof DILLYiRIOB. AIKEN’S THEATRE. ' , ; .This Afternoon at 2#, Evening at 8 o'clock, STUART ROBSON, In bis Immensely funny conception of WILKINS Ml* OAWBEII, ta Dickens’ charming,romsneo, Little Em’ly. MoKRE RANKIN.. ....URIAHKEEP. Allas KITTY BLANCHARD....ob..,..ROSE DARTLB. Friday—Benefit of STUART RODSON-throo im raotiso pieces. Hatunfay—Laat ROBSON Matlnoo. . .• ACADEMY OF MUSIC. SET YOUR SEATS EARLY. ■ HODSES PACKED.’ THE LAST WEEK OF :p*. s- And his wonderful drama, KIT, The Arkansas Traveler; 1,600 Ladlog and Ohlldren at tho Matlnoo last Saturday. COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT TO Miss Kate Van Wordragen, MONDAY,: April SB. at Oipbona Hal], Assisted l)y some of tho best nr ttstes of Chicago. REAL ESTATE. MONEY. I am ofTorlng an unusual opportnulty for Young Men, Bookkeepers. Clerks, or any ono to make a Uandsnmo Rrolit on tho Invoatmoat of a small sum ta tho beat loco* on around Chicago. Those wishing to secure a choice lot for a homo aro also requested I o call. H. A. OSBORN. 128 Sooth Olark-at. NEW PUBLICATIONS. STAR MUSIC BOOKS. DITSON &: CO. odor thn following resume oI promi nent books recently advertised: STANDARD,- Price, Emerson & Pobuor’a Fatuous Now Church Music Book. Solis fluoly. CHEERFUL VOICES,’- 50 cents. h. O. Eraorson’s Brilliant Now School Sons Book. All tbo Schools will use It. SPARKLING- RUBIES, 35 cents. 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Can bo bad free of oliorgo on application, or sent by mail on receipt of threo cent stamp. ALLAN LINE Montreal Ocean Steaislilj Co. Pirst-clasa Stcaimliijia, Unsurpassed for Speed and Comfort, running on the Shortest Sea Routes between EUROPE AND AMERICA RATES OF PASSAGE; CABIN as low as by any other FIRST-CLASS LINES. Itniura ticket# at Croat reduction, STEERAGE Tickets either to or from Europe, also at lowest rates, ami through to points la the West loner than by other linos. RATES OF FREIGHT i Tariff arranged on all elassos Merchandise from Liver pool or Glasgow THROUGH to Chicago. For other information, or frulghtoontraoU, apply at tho Company’s Office, 72 and 74 LaSallo-at. ALLANACQ.. Agents. STATE LINE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. Hew YoiK mi o!as®w via Moudeny, Those elegant now steamers will sail from fitate Lino Pier, Martin's Stores. Brooklyn, N. V. asufnllws: PENNHYLVANIA, 2,600 tons Wednesday, May 7. GEORGIA, 9,6of>tons, Wednesday. June 4. VIRGINIA, 2,t00 t0n5,...,... Wednesday, Juno 18. rorWlnbll? UinMfur. AUSTIN IIAI-DWIN A CO.. Agents. 72 Broadway, N. Y. Steerage office. 4g Broadway. N. Y. STOCKHOLDERS' MEETINGS. BTOOK-UOLDEUB’ ANNUAL MEETINS OP TOE Lake Shore & Michigan Sonttera Railway Co, OypicE op The Lake Shore & MiomtuN Southern) Raix/way company, > Cleveland. 0., Mnroh 27.1H73. ) Tho annual mooting of the Stockholder# of tills Com* pany. lor tho election ol Director# for tho ommlng year, and for tho transaction of other Important business, will bo held at tho office of tho Company, In tho oily of Olovoknd, 0„ on' Wednesday, 7th Day of May noxt. between the hours of 11 o’clock la tho forenoon and 2 o’clock in tho afternoon of that day. Tho transfer hooks of tho Company will bo closed at the olosoof biiMnojtt, on tho 6th day of April noxt, and will rc-opon on tho morning of tho Bth day of May nest. GEORGE ». ELY. Secretory. GENERAL NOTICE. NOTICE la hereby given that application has boon made to tho Atlantia and Tactile Telegraph Company for tho roistuo of the fallowing oertlfloates of stock, tli« origins}# having been lost, mislaid, or destroyed! Fob. 21, 11x19, No. 790} 16 share#. jomv ooerah. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. MFmFmdre of'trmns, Winter Arrangement. Rxpt,A)J atiom or Rrpkuknce t Saturday oi* copied. * Sunday excepted. i Monday oxcoptcd. I Ar rivo Sunday at 8:00 a. ra. i Pally. MICHIGAN CENTRAL ft GREAT WESTERN RAILROADS Depot, font <\f Lake. H , and foot t\f JSrentiMfeond-tt licktiifalte, 16 Cannl*i., corner df flatllenn. * B:30a m. * B:4flp. m. 1 fliCOa, m. • Bioop. m. I 8:35 p. m. Hos2on. m. i fidsp. m. 9 8:00 ft, m. f*9:Mp, ra. 1*6 , 80 a. in. Moll fvla main and air lino) Day 1Cxpr0M,,.................... Jackson Accommodation,.,.,.,. A((nn((o Expre55................ Night Kxpross... INPIANAI’OUBVIA PRtttt HOAD. Mall * (1:80 ft. m. *B:lsp. m« ’6ißoam. 0,00 a.m. 8:00 p. tn. 15:10 p. m. *o:<X»a. rm Night Rxprow OIIAND HAPJUB AND rKMXWATEJI. Morning Express Night Express... O. WPINT WORTH, icral Passenger Agent. HENRY < ' Gem railroad: ugh Line, and Loulela'n** jolo Anrtsas City* Union if. brittle, Xeaes. Arrive. Chicago & Alton p Chicago, Alton «fi W. fault TVtrou iMo,) new abort routefrnni Ohfeag lepol, tt'eal tilde, year Mgillton-tt St. Louis A Springfield Rxpross, Jacksonville, HI., and Loulst. Wonnn jv ,°I ji c o nj' Washington *Kx* press tWoitom Division.) Jollat A Dwight Aconmo’datlnn, St. Louis A Springfield Lightning Kansas City Express, vlft Jack sonville, 111. f ALouUlana r Mo.. Jefferson Olty Express , Peoria, Keokuk A BurPn Kx * dtlSai m. * 0:15 a. m. * 4:10 p.m. * 4:10 p. m. 110:00 p. m. Uft:oo p. m. p. m. * 9:00 p. m. tDally, Tin Main Line, anil dull JacluonvlJlo Division, li Dally, except Monday, via Jacksonville Ily except Saturday, via via Main Line, and d aily Division* CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & SI Union Depot, earner Madison anil ' 07 UVui ifa'Uton'tl, an IT. PAUL RAILWAY. ' (Mnnl-Hi.{ Tiekel Offiet id at Depot, • Leave, Arrive, Milwaukee. Bt. Pan! A Mlnnoap* ' ' ola Day ......... •0:00 a.m. 17:20 a. m. Milwaukee A Pralrlo du Onion ..MallandExpress.......*4:3o p, ra. *U;2O«. m. .’Milwaukee. &(, Paui'4 MlimVap. ■ ®’ oUaMight Eipro»B,... I9:00p. m. to. CHICAGO,- BURUNQTOrT& OUINCY RAILROAD. Depoli-L.pool of Zake-tl,, tndlana-av,', and Sixteenth'll,, and Canat and Sixteenth'll*, Ticket office in Drinqe nouu and at depot* £<nte, Arrlre. Mai! and Exnresß.. ; * 7:<r. a. m. M.lsp. w. .Dubuquo and Sion* City Exp.... *9:ioa. m. »2:10 p. m; Pacific l'a*ALina MOiiwa, m. *B:l6p.'ra. Galesburg Paßßongor. * 3:ir.p. jn. * B:ortp. ml Mondoia « Ottawa Passenger... * 4:30 p. m. * 9:65 a. m Aurora Pasaongor * 1:43 p, m. * 8;16«. m. Aurora Passenger. * 5:Mp. in. • 8:55 a. r.i. AuroraPMSopgor (Sunday) Loop. m, P;ssa. m; Dubuquo 4 Sion* Oily Exp 19:00 p. m. t 7:09 a. ill. Pacific Nig lit Express, tlliOOp. ra. i nt, Downor’a Grove Accommodation ’ll :00 a. m. • B:50 p. in. Downot's Grove Accommodation * 6:15 p. m. • 7:16 a. w. Ottawa and Strcator Passenger;. 7;4fl a. in. 8:00 p. m. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot foot of LaJce-*t. and foot qf Txeentu-eetond-it,"' Tick'd office, 75 Cbnat-it., eorntr qf Madleon. ■' Leave. -‘Arrive. St, fauia •7:30 a. m. M):f)0p; ra/ Bt, Louis Fast Lino,. t«:lsp.-m. • 7:65 a. m. Ca ro Stall * 7:30 a. in. • flrtOp; m. Cairo ICxnreas... tß:lsp. m. • 7:R5a. m. Bpriogfiold Express,,,., * 7:30 a. ra. • 9:00 p. m. ftartagfloid Express, tß : lsp. m. MAS a. ra. Dubuque A Slou* City Ex 4 9:15 a. in. 9 2:QOp. m. B* + 9:00 p. m. * 7:00 a; m. "Gilman P0M0ng0r.............. * P;W\». tn. * fl-.CKi a. ta. m. HydeParkand OakWooda • 7:l0a, m. * 7:46 a. ta, llydo Park and Oak Wood*.. 5 9:00 a. m. * B;«a. xo. Hytjo Park and Oak Woods U2:lop. m. *9:00 a. m. Hydo Park and Oak Woods 1 8;00p. m. «0:30 a. ra. Hyd« Park and Oak Woods • 4aoo. m. 9 1;45t». m 3 Hydo Park and Oak Woods • 5:16 p. m. 6 r3d n to. Hydo Park and Oak Woods • 8:10 p. ra. • 6:55 p. m. Hydo Park and Oak Woods *U:oflp. m. * 7;SRp. m. ••On Saturdays this train will bo run to Champaign. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. Tiekttqffice, 81 ir«ai ,<tadt«on-*i. ■■ • • • ■ - Leave, . Arrive. Pa clflo Fast Lino .. *10:15 a. ra. »T:45 p. m.' Uubnqun Dmr Kx. vlaOUnton..., 10:15 0 . m. 3:45 p. nj. Pacific Night Express..... tl0:15p. m. *6:30 a. m. Dubuque Night Ex. via Clinton.. I0:16p. m. 6:30 a.m. Preoport&DuhuquoKxpma..... • 9:15 a. m. • 2:00n. m. M waukoo Mall • 8:00 a. m. *10:15 a. tn. Milwaukee Express...... * 3:39 a. in. • 4;«Jp, tn. M waukoo Pasaongor,...., *5:00 p. tn; • 7:40 p. in. Milwaukee Passenger (dally) {11:00 p, m. { 6;00 a. m. Oreon Ray Express 9:40 a; ra. * 7:lsp.ra. fit. Paul Uxnroe* *loslO a. m. 6.00 p. m. Qroon Bay Express • fl:oQp. m. - • 6dDa. m. ,Bt. Paul Expre55...,.............. 19;3Q p. ra. t6;5Qa. ra. CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILROAD. .jDrpoi, corner qf Ilarriion and Sherman-ete. Ticket office, C 3 Wc*t Madieon'it. . * Leave. .Arrive, Omaha,Loavonw’thiAtchlsonEx *10:15 aTm? • 8:45 p. ra. Porn AcoojjmiodatJon * 5:00 p. m. * 9:70 a. m. Night Expre55......... tlo:oop.ra. 1 7:00 a. m. Loavonwortb A Atchison Express 1 10:00 p.m. i 7:00 a. in. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN'RAILROAD. Depot, corner Ilnrrtenn and Sherman-ete. Ticket office*, northxetef corner Clark and Jtandolpk-els,. and eouihtcest comer Canni and Miullsoii'ets. Leave, Arrive. Air Lino.... * 9:00s. ra. * 8:00 p. m. .Atlantic Express, via Air Lino., 5:16 p. m. 8:00 a. m, Might Express, via Slain Lino.... *t9:oop.m, •IR;SOa. ra. Elkhart Accommodation • 3:40 p. m. *10:l0a. m. South Chicago Accommodation.. 13:00 m. 1:60 p. in. CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. Fauenger Depot at P., C, tC SI, Louis Depot, comer q/ C*» nal and Kintie-tU. freight and Ticket office 163 irasAfny-torwt. Mail.... *7:4 da. m. Evansville A Torro Haute Ki.... • 7HX)p. to. PITTSBURGH. FORi WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. Day Express,..,, Pacific Express Fast Ud0....... Mall Valparaiso Accommodation. • 9:00 a. m. t 1 (5;lo p. m. 5 f£>;oOp. m. V • 4-.55 a. m. • • 8:40 p. m. * CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. • (OPEK TOnoBELT.R.) Depot comet ITahied andL'orth Jlrnneh-Me. General office 10 Metropolitan Block, comer Jtandolph and LaSatle-nle, Resell© Accommodation. KosoJlo Accommodation. GP.O. 8. BOWKN, • GEO. 11. DANIELS, • VJco-Prcs. and Gon.MarKigor. Oou.Fasgeogor Agont, CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS •& CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. From fTis Great Central Jtodroad Depot, foot of Lahe-it, for through tiekete and eleeping-ear berthi applu of Ticket office, IB comer Jlaatean; I2d lraiAfnyfon.j(.; lYnnont Uoute, comer Congrue-at. and Sitchioon-ao,; aUo yootqf, Leave Chicag0............... Arrive at Inulannpolls Arrive at Cincinnati ....... * 8:00 a. Rt. } 8:00 p. m. * 4 ;2U p. m. | 3:50 a. ra. * 9:30 p. ra. } 9;15 a. tn. Only lino running Saturday night train to Cincinnati. Pullman Bloopers on night trains. MEDICAL CARDS. DR. C. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 464 Btato-st., Chicago. It is well known by all readers of the papers, that Dr. O. Bigelow is tho oldest established physician in Chicago, Science and experience have made Dr. IS. tho most to* nownod SPECIALIST of tho ago. honored by the press, esteemed of tho highest medical attainments by all the medical institutes of tho day, having devoted TWENTY YEARS OF HIS LIFE in perfecting remedies (hat will euro positively all cases of OUROmO AND SPECIAL DISEASES In both sexes. CONSULTATION FREE. SEPARATE PARLOUS (or ladies and gentlemen. Calf. CORRESPONDENCE CONFIDENTIAL. Address nil letters, with stamps, to Dr. O. BIGELOW, No. 464 Btato-st. r COBURN Medical Institute, 176 and 177 South Olark-st,, corner Monroe, Chicago, founded and conducted by Hr. J. O. Oohurn, for the treatment and euro of all forms of obronlo and apodal diseases In both sexes. This Institute la unquestionably the most sotontlllo In this country for tho treatment of diseases. Dr, Coburn (s a regular graduate of medicine, ami has throo diplomas from the boat colleges in tho world, and has bud more experience In tbo troatmea tnf private diseases than any physician In Chicago. Young men who require a physician never fall to Una speedy re lief and a permanent enro at tho hands of Dr. Coburn. Bond two stamps for his books on male and female disease, to any address, In sealed envelope*. Address letters, Dr. J. O. OOHURN. 176 and 177 South Olark-st,, Obtcsgo. 111. All confidential. Office hoars: toß,} Sunday, 2 to4p. m. 58SS?i Br. Kean, 300 South Olark-st., Chicago, May bo confidentially consulted, personally or by mail, free of charge, on all chronic or nervous diseases. DR. J.KEAN is the only physician in tho city who war ranta cures or no pay. Office hours from oa.m. U> 8 p.m. PEESOEIPTXON EBEE For the speedy cure of Nervous Debility, Early Decay, and tho whole train of gloomy attendants, Loss of Memo- Ad - COAL AND WOOD." 0. H. DYER & 00., Corner Wabaah.av. and Msdbuu-st., dealers In all kinds of Fuel. Illinois Coal per tea, delivered, $0; Kirkland Grata Coal (host Indiana) per ton, delivered, $8.60; Wa bash Cent (Indiana Bituminous) per ton, delivered, $6.60. Hard Coal and Wood of all kinds always oil hand. SCALES. FAIRBANKS* [ftl STANDARD I SCALES J OF ALL SIZES, vtA ran Altf KS. MOHBE &0O « WBST WASUINQTON-BT. Arrive, Arrive. * 8:10 p.m. * 8:10 p. m. * BilOp. a. * 9:40 a. m. U7:30 p. m. 117:30 a. m. 117:30 a. ro. 1 8;10 p. m. Leave. Arrive. 1* 1:40 p, m. I* 7:30 a. m. Arrive. Leave, 7:80 p. id. 6:30 a. m. ■'8:00 a. ra. Q'.lOp. to. 8:50 a. m. Arrive. Leave, 0:00a.m.l 11:59 a.m. B:QQp.m.l 7:50 p.m.

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