Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 23, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 23, 1873 Page 6
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6 MONEY AND COMMERCE. monetary, Tukhdav Evening, April 22. Money is working closer in this market, as ia usually tho case in tho last half of April, when the sbipmouto of products to tho Enot by rail fall off in anticipation of tho opening of lake navigation. Deposits at tho bnnko keep up tol erably well, but tho loans bavo. Incroasod in greater proportion. Collections in tho country are small, and there is loss influx of money from tho country, or anywhere else, than usual. It io woll known that tho deposits at tho banks are at all times made up, to a groat extent, of tho loans of tho banks to their customers. This seems'to bo tbo case just now moro largely than usual, and accounts for tho high 1 rang© of' deposits,■ while money Is flowing from hero East faster than it is coming in from tho country. Tho movement of currency from all parts of tho country to Now York, which is helping to moko money easier in thot market, is at tho same time having the reverse effect hero. Tho opening of navigation will, howovor, ouablo holders of grain to amp and draw against it, and this will moko money easier again. ■ Now York exchange "Is in demand atoOto CO cents per SI,OOO premium. When, on tho 27th nit., tho Bank of England suddenly raised its minimum rate of discount from B>< per cent to 4 per cent, to chock tho practice of loaning of stoning bills in Now York, it was behoved on all sides that another ad vance • would soon bo made. Confidence In both . countries • was undoubtedly very, .much unsettled, and apprehensions of what might bo tho result of tho features then 1 prominent wore the greater because those fea tures wore altogether unprecedented. At pres ent, however, the:'aspect of finances, both in Europe and tho United Btatos,is much botlor.and tho apprehonHions have in a groat measure dis appeared. -The latest mail advices from Europe report money as becoming easier. At Frankfort, Hamburg, and Amsterdam, discounts woro lower In the firstlwock of April then in the last week of March, and tho' latest advices from London report the rates for money at tho joint-stock bonks as so much lower > than tho Bank of Eng land rate that a decrease in tho latter was looked for. Even the unusual Circumstance of a ship ment of $1,000,000 of gold' from London to New York created no particular ' sensation. Those circumstances, together with tho prepay ment of the $17,000,000 of May interest on tho public debt of tho United States, which willbegia this week, have been unfavorable to tbo riso m gold, because it is shown : 1, that there will bo no such colling homo of Europeon capital as was fsarod, and which, if ithadboen done, would have caused on increased export of specie; and, 2, that, temporarily, there will be an increase of r cash gold in tho market during tho next few weeks from tho Treasury - disbursements. Tho . Treasury balance of coin will, howovor, bo un -1 usually small after tho payment of tho May in terest. Tho Treasury now owns about $50,000,- 000 of coin .in . its own right, over and' above ' gold certificates. Making all due allowance for customs receipts from now until May 1, the Treasury will probably hold considerably less thau $40,000,000 of gold of .its own after tho payment of the May interest.- On June 1 the Treasury must have tbo coin to re deem $50,000,000 of 5.20s of 18G2. It is ap parent that tho ordinary coin revenue will bo entirely inadequate to make thio redemption of bonds, and, as there is no means of knowing yet what tho Syndicate' may havd* accomplished In the wav of exchanging now 5 per cents for tho •‘caUo{lG2a t ” tho approach of ,lho timo when this largo amount of bonds must bo redeemed will, bo - viewed with 'unusual interest. It la a woll-oatabUshod 'fact' that tho • stock 'of coin . in', tlio: • United Slates at present is smaller than it has boon for, 'several years.' For the present the tendency of tho money markets both in Europe and in this would are unfavorable to a further advance in tho gold premium, but that there .will bo largo fluctuations and higher prices for gold before July seems more than probable. • ■ LOCAL' STOCK A?;D BOND MAHKET. Messrs. Lunt, Preston & Kean quote as fol .' loWs.thisaftornoon Bwjinpi . Silling, e-MsoftW .' 117?# ' 6-20b of ’(M • lITJs 118), MOaof’flS UOtf 120 6-20s of’6s, Jon. oud July ;.,..117*.( :118 6-20 a of ’67, Jan,oud July 119), HOJI ■6*2 os of ’69, Jan. and' July 117?, UVi Ha?< ,114 U. 8. 6b (new isauo) U63i ; 116 Gold and Gold Coupons,.' 117),. 117), Gold Exchange Steeling Exchange.... 108jtf©109,', Northern Pacific Gold 7-30s .... 100' feint. Chicago City 7a.' .i.. 99*tf feint. Cook County 7b .... 09# feint, Ib, County and Township 10b. 02®95 .... REAC ESTATE. •The following instruments wore filed for record bn Tuesday, April 22: CITY PBOPEETT, West Huron st, near nw cor of Hoyno st, s f, Lot 97, dated April 11; consideration, S9OO. Lot 96, in Block 26, Sheffield’s Addition, dated April 23; consideration, S7OO. Hurlbut st, D 1 of and pear Linden fit, w f, 26 ft to alloy, dated April 21; consideration. SI,OOO. Augusta et. bet Oourrlor and Will sts, a f, 26 ft to •Uey, dated Match 81; consideration, SI,OOO. Hamlin av, 250 ft nof West Madison st, of, 160x134 ft, dated April 17; consideration, $9,000. Shurtleff av, near Thirty-second st e f, 26x100 ft, dated April 19 : consideration, sl*oso. Ogdon av, 131 ft sw of Leavitt st, so f, Lot 8, dated April 18: consideration, $l,lOO. State st, 806 9-10 ft nof Sixteenth st, w f, und M of 36 ft to alloy, dated March 81; consideration. $7,200. Elston road, near n w corner of Augusta st, of, 26 ft to alley, dated April 14; consideration, $3,760. Lot 10, In Blk 1, Ashland Addition, dated April 21; consideration, $1,600. Lot 44 and e 10 ft of Lot 43. of Wilcox's Lois 6 and 6. In Block B, Rockwell’s Addition, dated April 11; con sideration, SB,OOO. Evergreen uv, near Fowler st, n w f, Lot 6, dated April 1; consideration. $l,lOO. Wood st, 140 fl s of Twenty-second st, w f, 24x100 ft, dated June 0,1872; consideration, SBOO. Banin nvi 178 ft s of Thompson st, w f, 25x126 ft, dated April 22; consideration, $460.. Mowry st. 176 ft b of Twenty-fifth st, w f, 25x125 ft, dated March 10; consideration, S4OO. West Washington st, s e cor of Staunton it, Lot Cl, dated April 10; consideration, $2,600. Leavitt fit, 640 ft s of Madison fit, e f, 90x148# ft, dated April 1 1 consideration, $16,000. Lot 19, In Block 18, of o # 800 31, 39, 14, dated April 14; consideration, $550. Lot 7, In Crum’s Subdivision, In Blocks 3 and 4, United States Bank Addition, dated April 10; con sideration, $1,260. Hoisted st, 70 ft s of Thirty-sixth st, vr f, 24 ft to alley, dated April 21; consideration, $6,000. BAUlfflf S\B nivv ▼ TKriTD SOUTH OP CITY LIMITS. PUUiil VI «*.»***»•# Booth Park Boulevard, w f, 330 ft, running half way of Lot 2, In Cleaver ft Taylor’* a o if of Soc 3, 88, 14, dated Starch 1; consideration, $82,C00. Vitfcennea ay, of, 330 ft. running half way of same lot, datod Mtrcn 1; consideration, (35,000. W« a w of n®if of Sec 17,88,14, dated March 6; consideration, (24,000. , Lois 3,4,17, ana 18, In Lavlnla & Co.’* Subdivision of beV no V Sec 10, 85,14, dated Oct. 2, 1872 ; con sideration, (100,000. Same hb the above, datod March 27 ; consldcrallon, $106,000. Henry B. Eastman to John L. Reynolds. Lot 13, In Block 28, Hydo Pork, doted April 18 ; con aldoratlon, (1,850. Lot 32, in Block 3 of Helnta’s Subdivision In b w % of 800 4,88,14, dated April 10 ; consideration. SOSO. Lot 0, in Block 6, of n74 rods of no )i Sec. 4, 88,14, dated April 22; consideration, (2,000. Lots 1 and 2, in Block 1, in Bowen & Smith’s Sub division in neU of Sec. 3, 38,14, dated April 19; con sideration, (17,642. Lot 3, in Block 1, in same, datod April 22; consider ation, $6,000. Same lot, dated Oct. 16,1872; consideration, $0,250. WEST OF CITY LIMITS, Hyman av, s of and near Twelfth at, wf, 10 acres, dated April 8; consideration, $12,000. COMMERCIAL. Tuesday Evening, April 22, Tha following wore tho receipts and shipments of tho leading articles of produce in Chicago during tho past twenty-four hours, and for tho corresponding dato one year ago: hecuits, 23,400 0,505 00,245 48,270 350 0,540 37,020 i;i,(i(jo 315,110 Flour, brls ■Wheat, bu (V’u, bu O . e, bu Rye. bu. Barley, bu Grins seed, Hr,.,.. Broom corn, Iba... Cured meats, lbs... Beef, brls Fork, br1a,........ Lircl, fos Tallow, 1b5........ Butter, lbs Brconcd bogi, No. Live hogs, N0.,., Cattle,.No ttheep, No Hides, tbs Higbwlaee, brls... Wool, lbs Potatoes, bu Lumber, m ft Bblnglctf, Lath, Balt, brls., 153 100,770 25,000 38,500 12 8,098 3,308 210 60,420 320 20,600 6,310 2,691 2,220 223 Withdrawn from store yesterday foe city consumption t 714 bu wheat-; 374 ’bn com ; 4,070 bu oath ; 1,503 bu rye ; 2,58 l bu barley. The following groin lion ‘boon Inspected into etoro this morning, up to 10 o'clock: 11 tiara wheat; 94 cars corn? 5,000 bu No. 2 do, and 12,200 bu rojoctod do, by canal 5 43carsoalB; 1 car ryo ; 2 oara barley. Total (151 earn), 70,- 000 bu. The produce excitement yesterday caused ftu extensive calling of marglns.and tho Directors woro called upon, under the now rule, to deter mine the price on which margins should ho called, by reference to the selling values in East ern markoto. They fixed the figures at 350 for caoh com, and SIB.OO per hrl for cash moss pork. Those prices wore based on present freights to Now York, not on the rates that may rule at some time In the future', and the decision gave general satisfaction. , Tho loading produce markets wore again moderately active to-day, but not so excitable as yesterday, and corn wan absolutely weak, In spite of tbo snow-storm. With this exception, tho markets woro strong, probably on account of tho . weather, which was not only disagreeable per so, but fell liko a wot blanket upon the hopes of those who had built up golden visions of clear, skies and waving grain from tho sunshino of Saturday and Sunday. Tho shipping movement watrfair by rail, and tho receipts of produce woro not such os to oxclto alarm among holders, especially as some of that reported to-day camo in two or three days ago. ; Tho dry goods market was fairly active on interior account, but tho local demand was small, tho weather continuing nnpropitions for tho city retail trado. Tho general market seemed firm, whatever of weakness thoro may have boon being confined to unseasonable goods, and to tho less popular brands of bloaohod and brown cot-' tons. Groceries continue dull;and jobbers were not adhering to tho quotations with their accus tomed firmness. Sugars, especially, were weak, - and all grades below As woro “off” an K@%c. Coffees are quoted atrongornttho East, but horo liberal concessions woro being made.on anything like liberalordore. Thobuttormarkotwos without now features. Tho doraand-for tho bettor quali ties keeps even pace with the supply, but in low grades some accumulation is witnessed.- Bagging was in fair request for tho season, with prices steady and uniform: Stark at 870, Ludlow at 85c, Lewiston at 34% c, ond American at 82Ko. Ohoeso remains quiot and easy. Coal was dull and unchanged. Nothing now was noted In tho canned-goods market. Trado was dull, and. aside from com ond toraatotss, which are in scant supply and firm, tho market was looking in strength. Thoro was a fair inquiry for fish at about .previous -prices. Dried fruits woro quiot almost to dullness, and for domestic assortments tho prevalent fooling was unequivocally weak. Hay, both pressed and loose, was 'scarce, and prairio has further ad vanced. Nothing now was reported in connec tion with tho hide and . leather market, a mod erate amount of trading being dono at tho prices current for a. fortnight past. 011$ woro quiet, but woro generally firm. Quotations were 19Jfo for carbon; 750 for extra lard; 07c@51.02 for linseed, and GB@7oo for turpentine. Tobacco, wood, pig iron, and paluta woro unchanged. Thoro was no change in tho lumber trade at. tho yards r considering tho continued unfavora- ' bio weather a fair business was transacted., though not more than 'tho average for tho past week. Loth and split cedar posts woro easier. Tho receipts at tho wholesale market woro liberal this morning, but sales woro rather slow. Metals, nails, and naval stores woro in fair request and etcady. Iron was in moderate demand at un-- changed prices. Drugs and chemicals aro fairly active, and many articles rule firm. Thhoro was • no change in wool and hops; both markets aro very quiet, and tho former is weak. Broom corn has boon in bettor request for tho past week, and all grades, except tho very poor ones, are moving withmoro freedom. Slocks of tho lower qualities are ample. Hoods woro more active, and timothy was higher. Clover, Hun garian, and millet'wore very firm, but without quotable change. Poachblow potatoes continue to moot with* a good inquiry; other varieties aro slow. Green frnita were unchanged. Poultry, was scarce and firm. Eggs woro in moderate re quest and steady at 13@18J-.fc. Highwinos wero more active, but Jfo lower, though reported flrm.and salable in Now York at full previous prices. Sales wero reported horo of 200 bris at 80% c por. gallon, and tho market closed dull At that figure. Lake freights wore dull And nominally un changed, carriers asking 150 for corn and IGo for wheat by sail to Buffalo. One vessel was char tered on through rate to carry out about 25,000 bu corn by steam. Ball freights aro now quoted at Cso to Now York and GOo to Boston per 100 lbs for grain, making the terms on wheat equal to 88c and BGo per bu. ■ • Provisions wore steadier and loss active ; tho list of sales reported was larger than yesterday, but a considerable proportion were mado last evening. Moss pork opened weak and 250 per brl lower on tho Juno option, bat rallied aud closed a shade higher than yesterday. Tho demand was principally for Juno, tho impression being that there is still a long Hue of shorts out for that mouth, while May is not in much ‘.request. Lard was in bettor demand, and advanced 100 per 100 lbs on seller Juno, tho other options nob being so strong. Heats were quiet and again a shade firmer, tho liberal sales of yesterday having made a big hole in tho meats hold hero for solo. Tho market closed at tho following range of prices: Moss pork, cash or seller ‘April, 618.12hf@18.15; do seller May, $18.16@18.20; do seller June, SIB.GO@IB.CS; do seller July, • 618.05@18.70; primo moss, none hero; old pork, 617.00@17.50. Lard, cash or seller April, $8.05@9.00; do seller May, $8.95@9.00; do sell er June, 69.20@9.25. Sweet pickled hams quoted at 10@12c. Dry salted moats quotable at U%@6s£o?for shoulders; 8%@8%0 for short ribs s and B%@Po for short clear. Boxed shoulders. 6%@70. English moats, 8%@90 for short ribs; 9>£(s)9#o for short clear. Bacon is quoted at 7^ c » for shoulders, OJtfo for clear riba. 100 for shore clear, and 12)5@140 for hams, all packed. Mess beer, $9.00@9.25; extra moss do, $10.00@10.25; heel haras, $28.00@29.60. City tallow, 7X@8%0; grease quotable at C#@6)fo. Bales wero reported of 1,500 brla moss pork seller May at SIB.OO ; 1,230 brls doat do sollor Juno at $18.60 : 1,200 brla do at 618.50; 1.000 brls do at 618.25; M 0 brla do buyer Juno at 618.76 ; 600 brls do at $18.70 ; 800 brls do sell er July at 618.00 ; 500 brls do at $18.65; 250 tea lard at Oo; 250 tes do eeltor May at 9o ; 1,850 tea do at $8.95 ; 150 tea do at 68.90 ; 600 tes do seller Juno at $0.25; 250 tes do at $9.20 : 160 tes sweet pickled hams (10 lbs) at lie ; 10,000 tbs short ribs at 8%o; 100,000 lbs do seller Moy at ; 20.000 lbs do (summer-cured) seller Juno at B)jfc; 750.000 lbs short clear, part sollor May, at 9o ; 100.000 lbs do seller Juno at Oji’o. Flour was moro active, and a shade firmer, at yesterday’s quotations, being reported active and stronger in New York, wliilo our wheat market was firm. The demand was chiefly on local ac count, though the shippers took hold a little more freely, being encouraged by a reduction id freights of 10c per brl. Rye flour was firmer, and bran was 250 per ton higher. Bales wore re ported of 50 brls white winter extras at 610.00; 100 brls do at $9.60; 100 brls spring extras (Rod man) at $6.75; 160 brls do at 66.50 ; 50 brls do at $6.25; 100 brls do at sG.l2V<j ; GO brls do (Marlon) at SO.OO ; 200 brls do <low) at $5.00 ; 100 brls do on private terms ; 200 brls spring superfines at $5.00 ; 127 brls do at $1.76 ; 200 brls do at $1.00; 180 brls ryo flour at $1.25; 200 brls do at 61.00. Total, 2,067 brls; also, 10 tons bran at $9.60. on track. The following wore tho asking quotations at the close: Fair to choice white winter extras $ 8.25 <310.60 Hod winter extras.. '. 7,00 @8.55 Good to cholco spring extras, Low to medium Mlnnesotas (patent). Good to foncy Minuesota, Bpring suporflnes Ryo flour Middlings, 'Wheat was active, and averaged l%(ft2c higher than yesterday, with several comparative lulls in the trading. The bulk of tho business was done before' dispatches were received from other Gointa, and was Instigated by the report that iroe short operators hod failed. Those who bad expected to receive wheat from them com menced to buyin, and tho Aurry thus occasioned, ioiuod to tho snow-storm, caused some of tho iggost shorts to All in to the extent of several hundred thousand bu. The market did not ad vance materially later, which was probably owing to tho fact that the weather showed signs of olearing off for another little while: towards the close, however, holders became quite strong, and sales wore made at tho outside prices of tho session. Tho business woe principally speculative, though there was a much bettor demand for cash wheat than yesterday. It is noteworthy that tho present excitement in wheat occurs within a day of tho timo of a similar weather bulge last year. April 20,1H72, cash wheat was $1.20% ; tho next day (Sunday) there was a snow-storm, and Mon day's quotation was $1.29, tho prico advancing to $1,35 on tho 27th, though Now York refused to respond, and Liverpool advanced 2@ld per 100 lbs from the 20th to tho 27th, while our market advanced 8%0 per bu. Seller May opened this morning at $1.24, declined to $1.21)%, advanced to $1.2% foil to $1.24, rose to $1.25%, and closed at $1.25%* Seller June sold early at a premium of 3o above May, but the difference re ceded to 2%0 under a largo demand for tho ear lier option: Juno closed at $1.27%. Seller the month, or regular No. 2 spring was quotable at $X.22®1.29%, cloning at $1.23%. Fresh re 0,470 8,201 64,308 6,388 358 7,707 47,003 11,440 320,142 120 1,500 28,710 6,202 81,634 18,833 40,850 6,050 14,600 04,180 12,470 • 730 2,150 71,498 7,587 64,023 20,529 390,700 04,030 30 COO 61,023 81,000 729 123 11,500 55,100 30,062 1 5,405 5,717 6,730 1,508 170 74,039 141 319 82,770 71,820 110 2,800 1,335 1,337 1,648 65 613 2*20 87,200 4,046 9,824 1,000 00 630 1,062 728 1,270 09 THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 1873. - coiplo of No. 2 spring cloned nominal at 61.31. No. 1 spring was nominal at $1.23(§)1,80. No. 8 spring wao scarce at $1.12 for now receipts. Ho? Joctod wan Inactlvo. Cash salon woro reported of 40 bu No. 2 spring at $1.24# 5 7,000. bu do ot $1.23# 5 2,400 bu do at sl.2 \<2 ; 5,000 -budo at $1.23% 1 10,000 bn do at $1.23#; 25,000 do at $1.23: 20,000 bu do i>t $1.22# ; 10,000 bn do at $1.22%; 15,000 bu do $1.22#; 10,400 buNo. 0 spring nt $1.12; 400 bu sample at $1.20. To tal. 100,400 bu. Com was active, but weak, declining, #0 per bu from (ho cloning price of last evening, (bough tho weather was bad, tho receipts largely re jected, and Now York was strong. Tho ad vance of yesterday wan too rapid to hold, and • several of those who bought in at. tho top yes terday wore anxious to soli out at tho first signs of weakening., It in probable (hat tho move ment of yesterday wao ■engineered by tbo holders of corn, in hopes that It would bring in largo buying orders from tbo country, and enable thorn to‘partially unload to-day. Those orders did not come, and a drop was tbo necessary con sequence. Still there are many operators who Erofoss to believe that corn Is good for 460 nor u, and some of those took bold Into in the session, giving a Armor tone to tho markot. Seller May opened at 3D#c, declined to 88#o. advanced to3B#o, fall to 37#c, and closed at 08#o. Seller the month, or regular No. 2, sold at 87#c@S8#o. closing at 880. Fresh receipts closed at3B#c. Seller Juno sold at 40@41#0, closing. at 40%0. Seller' July sold at 41#@42#0; and: seller August at; 42%(5)48#c.. Cash calcs wore reported of 8,000 bn No. 2, fresh receipts, at : 38%o; 6,G00 bu do at 88#o; 8,000 bu do at 88#o: 05,000 bu - do, regular, at 880; 40,000 -bu do at 87%o; 20,000 bu do at 07#o; 10.000 budoat 07#o ;• 6,C00 bu do at 800, aAoat 5 11,200 bu high mixed at 880, afloat; 400 bu rojoctod nt 01#o; 10,000 budoat 840 : 5,600 bu do atOGo, afloat. Total, 150,000. Oats wore active In options, and irregular, at an average advance of #0 on yesterday’s quota tions, partially because tuoy wore reported active and scarce in Now York, and partially on account of tbo weather. Seller May opened at 20#o, ad vanced to 80#o, and closed easier at 80#o. Sell er June was active early at 83#o, but suddenly dropped to 320» closing at 82#0.. Regular closed , with 29#0 bid, and strictly fresh rocoipte nt 800. Cash sales, woro reported of 6,400 bu at 80#o 5 6,200 bu at BOot 10,000 bu at 20%o; 15,000 bu at 20#o; 10,000 bu at 29#0; 6,000 bu at 20#o: 000 bu rojoctod at 37#0; 1,800 bu do at 270; 1,200 bu white, by sample, at 85o; 8,600 bu do at ■ 840.' ’Total, 58,800 bu. Ryo was In good demand, and advanced 2@2#q Eer bu under light offerings, the receipts having eon very small for a long timo past. Sales woro reported of 1,000 bu No. 2,fresh rocoipta, at 60#o; 800 bu do at GOo; and 800 bu by sam ple at 09c- Total, 8,200 bu. . ' . f Barley was dull and little better than nominal,' but somewhat firmer than yesterday.. Regular No. 2 sold about noon at 700, and later at 71o; seller May was quotable nt tbo samb figures. Regular No. 8 was nominal at GOo. and do re jected at 400 bid. Freah receipts m any house outside tho Rock Island woro quoted at ,75@760 for No. 2; Gso for No. 3, and 45®400 for re jected. Gash anlos woro reported of 6.000 bu No. 2at 71o; 8,000 bu do at 70c; 400 bu No. Bat GOo 5 400 bu rojoctod at 450; 400 bu by sample at 00c; 400 bu do at 800 ‘ T 400 bu do at 740. • Total, 10,000 bu. »' Tho following is tho official report of the grain in storo in this city, on tho evening of ' Saturday last, and at corresponding dales: . , April 10, April 12, April 20 1873.. 1873. 1872. ' WHEAT. No. 1 mnber . .... 1,230 No. 1 red. No. 3 red, No. 3 winter. No. 1 spring.-,.. 3,093 5,747 27,453 No. 2 spring 1,095,217 1,005,076 1,150,921 No. 3 spring 337,000 410,800 60,340 No. 1 herd spring .6,387 . 6,387 0,576 No. 2 bard 5pring..,,..,. 94,537 85,385 37,657 Rejected spring 40,100 44,184 27,901 No grade spring.... 39 39 ,-1,269 Total 2,182/09, 3,247,313 1,316,965 COHN. While.; .... Yellow 49,753 ' 49,703, .43,182 No;l 218,899 217,448 ‘' 79,900 No. 2 6,120,447 6,321,090 4,977,671 Rejected... 143,813' 218,329 116,437 No2klln dried 0,633.. 3,633 ~.. Kiln dried .... ..... .... No grade • 301 SCI 1,839 - Now No. 2 . * ..... Total ....6,630,50S 6,820,514 6,217,032 ; oats. ' N0.1... 2,017. 2,017 0,941 No 2 1,724,417 1,702,820 009,242 Rejected 40,631 47,818 63,010 No grade.. , ... . ..... 1,110 Total .7,770,535 7,753,291 . 730,309 -Btfi. . j •’ No 1 - 6,674 , ~,6,574 42,401 No. 2 287,523 288,738 104,018 Rejected .1,937 1,957 .• 7,544 Total.. 205,050 . 290,209 244,501 VABLKX. No. 2. . 162,911 100,250 212,804 No. 3... 22,0*8 31,420 07,025 Rejected 29,845 00,099 • 7,550 Totol . 201,804 : 233,781 277,445 Total, 0,005,870 bu. Those figures show a de crease during tho week of 65,104 bu wheat; 283, 70S hu com; 1,218 bu ryo; 28,077 bu barley; and and increase of 23,204 bu oats. - Besides tho above, thoro was 176,965 bu wheat, and 1,761,002 bu com afloat In the harbor.. Total in store and afloat, 11,033,237 bu of all kinds of groin. - rnovisioN EXPORTS. Tho New York Produce Exchange Weekly gives tho following as tho foreign exports of provis ions from Now York for tho week ending April 15,1873, aud tho distribution of tho samo : 'Pork He'S Lard, Bacon, Cheese, To 6rl«. phgs lbs. lbs. tbs, Liverpool U33 ~225 1,200.179 4,603,025 1,073,669 r^ndoru..... .... 4 674 637 162 487 860 132 111, KM Glasgow... 63 111 85,000 800,980 Marseilles.. 6 ..... 40,073 65.810 Hambarff..... . 95 110 163 878 634.891 RXen..:::... 130.9791.828.906 Stockholm..,. n. N. A. Col 1,867 25 1,260 B. Honduras 330 10 400 .......... Uratll 63,833 698 •Total oTtll MW 9,677,410 9,189, KM 1,203,796 Previous week 3.293 1,650 6,842,070 9,878,466 660,703 Week April 1 4 284 2 229 fl 077,652 18,938,639 817,930 Wook March 86.... 4.879 1,752 5,660,650 14,677,892 830,440 Week March 18.... 8,050 1,768 3,953,084 7,947,071 19,188 Wook March 11.... 6 990 5!036 7,873,856 18,739,484 639,630 Wook March 4, 1878 4.443 3,806 6,611,611 14,873,888 618,610 April 16. 1873.. 1,411 l!l86 3,831,694 3,931,804 28.072 And butter. 40,972 lbs; grease, 289,094 tbs; stcarlno, 92,931 lbs. And from Nor. 1 to April 10, Inclusive, for four years: 1673-73- 1871-72. 1870-71. 1069-70. Pork, brls 60,468 77,051 75,649 83^145 Roof, brls, tos 64,373 63,463 103,668 40.025 Lard, lbs 107.481,700 09,656,843 41,816,883 16,760,048 Baoon. 1b5.... 207,794,053 180,180,316 88,038,238 21,461,725 Ruttor. tbs.... 1,731,250 2,109,609 1,697,873 659,617 Choose, 14 687,883 7,405,682 14,383,766 8,987,489 Tallow, lb 23,689,778 26,234,738 10,063,495 12,633,105 The foreign exports of the bog product from under mentioned places from Nov. 1, 1872, to April 13,1873. inclusive, ns compared with (hoexports from all united Statce ports, from Nov. 1,1871, to April 1, 1872, and Nov. 1,1871, to May 1, 1872: Pork, Lara, Laron nmt brio. lbs, ham*, lbs. 80,188 107,181,700 207,701,052 10,317 13,275,009 10,111,079 1,103 8,020,101 6,185,097 2,647 687,549 4,578,675 8,170 7,117,221 0,298,165 703 1,802,800 108,000 From— New York.. Boston Portland...., Philadelphia. Baltimore... Now Orleans. Total Nov.l to April 18.115,731 131,270,223 207,408,658 Total all 11. 8. porta Nov. 1,1871, to April 1, 1873 121,028 105,110,112 149,167,037 Increase. Decrease, 6.75 ® 0.70 4.75 & 5.76 PROSPECTS FOR SALT. 0.00 ($ll.OO The Bay Oily Tribune mya that this year the salt manufacture of tho Saginaw Valley will bo largely increased. It predicts that over 1,000,000 brio will bo made la Its own district It says freights will open favorably to shippers of salt. Owing to the small stock ready for shipment and the dulneaa of lumber freights, vessels will have to accept low freights or go light. Tho East Bagmaw Eiiterpylse says that tho general feeling among saltraannfacturors is that the season will ho a profitable one. Prices are likely to open at a considerably bettor rato than last year. The market is bare, and the pros pective demand good. The annual report of tho Superintendent of tho Onondaga Springs, submitted to tho New York Legislature, snows that tho quantity of salt inspected thero in 1872 falls short of tho in spections of 1871, 114,031 bu, and is 478,693 bu snort of tho average inspections for tho last Avo years. Tho net revenue to tho State is <533.- 091.78, a decrease of $516.30 from 1871. Tho fol lowing table sliowa where tho Onondaga salt found its market in 1871 and 1872 : 0.50 (4 8.05 2.00 ft 4.75 4.00 (3 4.30 0.50 @IO.OO 10.00 @14,00 Rent to Now York City. Bent to Albany Hunt" to Canada Lower lake ports Upper lake p0rt5...... Htato trade Totals, Of the salt coming West, there was shipped last year by way of Oswego. 1,876,004 bu, and by way of Buffalo, 3,872,944. LUMBER. The Saginaw Entciynso says: “ The lumber sales thus far are rather moagro. on account of tho high water. Prices range very much as at the close of tho last season; preferred bringing $7.00, $14.00, $35.00, while now out Is soiling ou docks for SO.OO, $22.00, SBO.OO, tho demand being rather inactive oven at those figures. The prospect, however, ’ls most’ flattering for a. lively season, as soon .ns the water gets low enough to make it safe for vessels to roach tho docks. Tho log cron this season is un commonly good, and thoro will ho no difficulty or tmuoual expense in getting thorn down, xho various mills la tho valley aro in unusually ex cellent working order, and mors lumber will bo cut than over. Thouemand, too, promises to bo as groat, if not greater, than over before, which will hnVo a tendency to keep tho prices stiff, Tho only drawback feared by lumber dealers is tho high rates of freight. Thoro is so much de mand for vessels In tho grain trade that, unless high rates aro paid, tho vessels that can doit will leave these waters and embark in tho transporta tion of grain or ore on tho other lakes. Consid erable attention is being paid by our mill men now to planed lumber, and probably more will bo shipped ■ already dressed this year, from tho Saginaw Volley, than has boon shipped for any two years previous." In tho afternoon wheat was active and irregu lar, closing Jfo lower than at tho close of ’Change, No. 2 spring sold at $1.21%®1.2Q% seller Mar, closing' at tho insidq. and $1.27@ 1.20% seller Juno, closing at $1.27. Corn was in fair demand and Irregular, soiling up to 800 seller May, and closing ' lower than on ’Change., No. 2 sold at 88%@300 seller May, and.40%@40%0 seller Juno, both options closing at tho inside. Sales of provisions include 600 hrls mess pork, seller July, at $18.76 ; and $9.85 was bid for lard, seller Juno. Tuesday Evening, April 22, ALOOHOL-Was In demand and easier; 04 per cent proof Is quoted at $1.7301.60, BROOM CORN—There has boon moro Inquiry for broom corn the past week than for some time past, Tho demand for choice burl exceeds tho, supply, and, as a consequence, buyers aro purchasing’ moro of tho medium qualities. Common corn Is in largo supply, and rather Slow. Prices rule steady, as follows: No. 1 hurl, C 3040 por lb; No. 1 stock braid, C 3540; No. 2 do, 43440; do, 83340; Inside green, 340 5 do rod tip, 3340; do pale and rod, 2094°« BAGGING—In tills, as well os most other depart ments of trade, the movement has been retarded by tho unfavorable weather and tbo almost Impassable condition of the country roads, but the aggregate of sales was fully as largo as for tbo corresponding week last year, and, all things considered, our dealers have - little reason to complain, tbo market ruling steady and Arm for the articles enumerated lu the following list: Btark, 87o; Ludlow, Sso; Lewiston, 34M0; American, 32'40 ; Amoskeag, 324 c; Otter Creek, 340; burlap bags, A and'Sbu, 20022 c; gunnies, single, 170 18o: doublb, 290290; wool sacks, 674 c. BEANS AND PEAS—Choice beans are In fair, re quest. Common are plenty and dull. Wo quote: Choice hand-picked navies, $2.60; do mediums, $2.45 ; inferior grades, $1.2531.00; green peas (In brls) $1.60; yellow do (In bags), (1.25. BUILDING MATERIALS—Wero in moderate de mand. Common , brick are quoted at $8.60010.00, ac cording to quality/ Very poor brick have been sold at SB.OO. Other materials are unchanged. We repeat: Stucco, $2.6002,75: Now York stucco, casting. $3.75®4.00; superfine do, $3.60®4.00; Portland coitiont, $7.0008,00 per brl; Rosohdale cement, $3.2538.50; Utica cement, $2.00 por brl; Louisville ce ment, $2.00; Akron cement, $2.00; marMo dust, $3.26@ 3.50; lime In bulk, OOc0$i.OO; lime (brls), $1.25 per brls white sand; por brl. (1.7809.00: plastering hair, Sor bu, 40060 c; floe brick, por. 1,000,; $40.00090.00 ; ulldlng brick (common), $8.60310.00 ; sewer brick, $12.00013.00; country brick, $10.00012.00, delivered;; St. Louis hydraulic pressed, $45,00, delivered; Mil waukee, $32.60, delivered; Racine, $30.00, delivered; Hillsdale, $25.00, delivered : Aro clay, per brl, $4,000 6.00. The following In tho list of - prices por hox'of-60 foal for domestic window glass, from which a reduc tion of 45 snd 6 nor cent Is made to dealers: . < “ nrat Double quality, . atrenqth. 6xß to 7x0...: $6.75 , $ R.OO 7xlo to Bxlo 0.76 0,00 Bxll to 10x1*1 7.25- •: 10.03 Bxl4 to 10x15 ..... 8.10 12.00 11x14 to 12.-17 8.75 ; 14,00 12x18 to 16x20 0.25 10.09 14x22 to 10x24 10.00 1&00 ; 18x22 to 18x30 .'. 11.00 19.00 20x28 to 24x30....'.... 13.00 *" 2ROO 20x28 to 24x50 14.00 l! 24100 20x34 to 20x40 15.00 20.00 23x38 10 28x44 10.09 20.C9 29x4610 30x48 18.00 29.00 30x40 to 32x52,. 30.00 32x64 10 34x56.... .... 80.00 34x581034x60.. 42.00 SOxOO to 40x00 .... 45.00 BUTTER—Prices of this staple do not differ mate rially from those currents week ago, though, aside from choice dairy, the feeling bus been rather weak, holders scorning desirous to prevent, as far us possible,, an accumulation of stock when the tendency of prlcca is so manifestly downward. ' But, notwithstanding their efforts to keep “ sold up,” n few packages have been left over, and any considerable increase In re ceipts can scarcely result otherwise than in a decline. The demand Is still restricted to meeting immediate consumptive wants, and Is cblolly centered iu tho bet tor grades. Roll butter Is very sensitive to changes In tbo Nvontber, and a fow warm days would send down prices 4@50 per lb. Wo quote /Common to choice roll, 2408Oo; strictly choice dairy, packed, 33®3C0; medium to good, 250 28o; inferior to common, 10@ GOODS AND PICKLES—In this branch of trado nothing has occurred to disturb the quid so long prevalent. Neither local nor Interior retailors have shown a disposition to anticipate wants, their purchases being limited to small orders to meet tbo current requirements of-their trade. Prlccshavo ■ undergone no decided changes, though, if wo except com and tomatoes, and Crape & Blackwell's pickles, which aro.Armly held at (ho quotations, there u moro or loss shading all around: CAMMED GOODS. Poaches, 2 lb Peaches, 3 lb Pears,2lb Plums, damsons, 3 lb Greou g&ges and egg, 2 1b... Quinces, 2 1b..... Strawberries, 2 lb Raspberries Blackberries, 3 lb. Gooseberries. 2 lb Tomatoes, 2 lb Tomatoes, 3 lb. Corn, Elgin Corn, Benton Harbor...... Corn, Yarmouth Peas,2 lb, pod Peas, 2 lb, soaked Lima beans, 2 lb Succotash,3 1b... Lobster, 2 th J Lobster, lib Oysters,! lb, full weight.... Oysters, 2 lbs fullwefcht.. Oysters, 1 lb,.slack weight. Orators, 2 lbs. alack weight. Small, hrls, 2,200 per pkg Small, # brls, 1,100 per pkg... Medium,brls, I,2ooper pkg... Medium, H brls, 600 per pkg.. Large, brls, 600 per pkg Largo, # brls, 600 per pkg In 10 gaL kegs, per keg In 6 gal, kegs, per keg Chow C* ow (Harvey), qta Ohow Chow (Harvey), pte O. & B.’s assorted pickles, pis. O. tt D.’fl assorted pickles, qw:. Pur®, X gal. can®, per doz $ 5.50@10.00 Pure, quart cans, per doz 6.60@ 0.00 Extra golden, X ft* l * cans, per doz 6.60® 7.00 Extra golden, quart cans, per doz 4.00® 4.25 OIIEEBE—Since our lost weekly review tbo quota tions have been lowered X°» tlie reduction being duo more to tbo deterioration of Blocks than to any actual depreciation in values. Fins goods may now bo said to bo out of tbo market, and from this Umo forward, until prime new'choose 'makes Its appearance, prices may bo oxpoctod to rule weak and variable. Small lots of new 14 bay cbecso ” are beginning to arrive, but tbo quality la poor, and sales can only bo effected at low prices, we quote s Now York factory, 16X@MX°» Ohio factory, 13@150 : Western factory, 13@15c. COAL—Only a light amount of trading has beon done in this department, and prices bavo not boon sub jected to rny change. The unsettled condition of tbo unpavod streets and alloys offers a serious impedi ment to the delivery of orders, and tbo wants of consumers have been only partially supplied. Wo quote: Lehigh, lump, $12.50013.00; prepared, $12.80 @13.00; Lackawanna, $13.00; Erie. $10.00; Briar Hill, $10.00; Walnut Ilill, $10.00; Bloesburg, SIO.OO ; Cherry Mine, $0.00: Hocking Valley, $9.00; Indiana eanuel coal, $10,00; Indiana block, $9,00; Kirkland grate, $9.00 ; Minonk, $8,00; Wilmington, $0.09. OOOPKUAGE—Whisky and flour barrels aro in moderate demand and steady. Puckers’ goods are quiet and unchanged. Wo quote: Pork barrels,sl.2o @l3s* lard tierces,sl.6o@l.7o; whisky barrels, SI.OO @2.10; flour barrels, 50@650; pork staves, rough, $17.00 @18.00; do bucked or sawed, $20.00033.00; tierce staves, rough, $10.00031.00; do bucked or sawed, $25.00028.01); whisky staves, rough, $23.00025.00 : do bucked, $28.00033.00; flour staves, $9.00®11. 00; circle flour heading, 7@Bo per set: flour hoop polos, $14.00 @16.00 per m; pork and tierep polos, $30.00035.00 * °DRUGH AND CHEMICALS—Continue to meet with an active inquiry. Chun opium and castor oil wore a trifle lower. Other articles were without material change, Wo quote: Acid, citric, !h Acid, oxalic, 1b........... ... Acid, tartaric, powdered, lb., Ammonia, curb, 1b,...; Asafcetldo, lb Axle-grease, Bldwell’s, doz, Beans, Tnuqua, lb Borax, ref., lb Blue-vltroll, lb Bromo-cblorslum, pts„ doz, Corrosive Sublimate Cream tartar, pure, lb Cochineal, llond., lb Chloroform, lb Glycerine, lib bulk, lb Gum Arabic, picked Gum Arabic, 50rt5........ Gum camphor, lb Gum opium, lb Gum shellac, lb Glue, white, lb lodine, lb. Lye, cone, case Morphia,sulph., 0z....... Oil,-bergamot, Band., 1b... Oil,castor, gal.. Oil, lemon, Sanderson’s... Potassa, chlor., 1b........ Potassium, cyan, fused, lb Potassium, iod.. 1b.... Potash, Babbitt’s, case. gululDO, sulph., oz.

edproclp., 1b.... 0,104 1871. 1872. .2,320,100 1,000,811 . 804,805 . 7,213 ,1,614,970' 1,076,054 .2.000,688 2,873,044 .1,637,043 1,093,180 .0,374,011 7,669,020 IATEBT. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. .$ 1.05® 9.00 . 3.35® 9.16 . 3.00® 3.25 . 2.00® 3.28 . 2.76® 3.35 , 2.75® 3.00 . 3.60® 2.76 . 2.60® 3.75 . 2.00® 3.15 . 3.25® 3.60 . 2.25® 2.40 . 3.65® 2.85 . 3.85® 3.00 . 2.60® 2.00 . 3.35® 3.60 . 3,16® 3.50 . I.CO® 1.70 . 3.50® 3.75 . 3.60® 2.G5 . 3.40® 3.60 . 3.60® 2.65 . 1.30® 1.30 . 8.20® 2.30 . I.oo® 1.10 . I.Bo® 2.00 MAPLE BTBUP. t 1.75 0 1.80 yu ws -3 0 90 P.UO («ft 0.60 0 0.50 Oft 6.60 2.00 0 2.05 I.CO 0 1.05 Root Ipecac, powd., lb J. 75 3 2.00 . Root rucl, 13.1,, powd,, lb 3.50 3 1.75 Sal cpsom, lb 0 Blivet, ult,. crynt., oz.. 3.15 @ 1.20 Boap. castllc, gen., !b 18 ® Sulphur, lb 5 (A EGGS—Wore In tolerably fair demand and Arm, at 13013,4 c. Bales wero reported of 1,000 doz and 103, canon at lOWoj 3,250 dor. nl 13c. * FEATHERS—Prime live gccßo feathers aro very scarce, and nil offering? sell readily on arrival. Chicken feather* aro in moderate request and steady. The Job bing trade in feathers Is fair for the season. Wo repeat: Prime Hvo geesoat 71@730, from first bands; Jobbing prices, 780880 for ansorlod foath era; mixed feathers, good grades, 60@00o; Common do, 8034 SO; chicken, 0380. FlSH—Trado has not boon particularly brisk dim ing the week Just closed, though in comparison with previous years at a correopondlng period business Is satisfactorily active. Tho slight falling off In tho local demand Is more than counterbalanced by tho increased Inquiry from Interior merchants; and tho market maintains tho Arm tone that has characterized it for the past six months or moro. With tho excep tion of whltcflsh and trout, which aro tem porarily out of stock, tho supplies aro ample. Wo quota: No. 1 wlmcAeh, J4 br1,57.00; No. 3 do, |a.7C; No. 1 shore mackerel, ys brl, $ll.OO @11.25; No. 1 bay, (9.0030.25; No; a bay mack erel. tfbrl, $7.2037.50: No. 1 shore kits, (1.8531.90; bank codAsb, per 100 lbs, $0,0030.25; George's codflsh, $0.5030,76 ; Labrador herring, split, brls, $0,0039.60; do U brl, $1.7530.00; Labrador herring, round, brl, $8.0038.00 ; do X brl, $4.2534.00: boxborring No. 3, 01333 c; box herring, scaled, 42345 c; Columbia River salmon, irf brls, $10.00310.25. FRUITS AND NUTS—No porcepliblo Improve ment boa taken place in tho situation of tho market for dried fruits, tho movement continuing sluggish and prices, with a few exceptions, ruling weak and unset tled. Domestics, especially, are dull and weak, very little attention being paid to tbo quotations when there Id offered an opportunity to sell. . Raisins and prunes ore moving 'with some freedom, ’and iu tho former a slight advance has taken place, owing to tho «corner” lu Now York. Nuts ore In good request at full prices. Wo quote: Fosgiqn—• Dates, 8,43 So; Age, drums, ll@14o; Age, box, 1440184 c • Turkey prunes, 04Q10o; raisins, $3.7502.00; Zanlo currants, 8084 c. Domestic—Aldcn apples, 18020 c: Michigan do, 64074 c; Western do, 60 040« Southern do, 44064 c; poaches, pared, 17020 c; poaches, halves, 6@040; do, mixed, 44054 c; black borrlcn, 0Q940 5 raspberries, 40341 c; pitted cher ries, 22024 c. Nxrrs—Filberts, 14@16o; almonds, Tar-, ragona, 21023 c; Naples walnuts, 240250; Brazils, 12 0l3o: pecans,-3101840; African peanuts, 6407 c; Wilmington peanuts, 708e; Tonncssoo peanuts, 440 oc. GREEN FRUITS—There was no particular change. Oranges and lemons aro in fair request and steady.. . Apples and cranberries aro rather slow and easy, ox-, copt choice lots, which are Arm at tho quoted prices. l Wo repeat: Apples, common to fair, $1.2502.60; good to choice, $2.7603.75 per brl from store; cranberries (cultivated) at $10.00012.00 por brl; common do at $5.0009.00; lemons at $9,6007.00 per box; Valencia oranges, $10.00012.00 por case; do por box, $5,000 6.60; Palermo do, por box, $3;6O04.OO; Messina do, $4.0006.60; Uavana oranges, $13.00 per brl. OHOOEBIE3— III this department the past woob was among'tho quietest of tbe present seasou, thoro having been a noticeable absence of anything resembling ac tivity cither In tbo local or outside demands, ami the firovftlcut fooling was ono of depression. Yet, taking nlo consideration tbo unfavorable surroundings of tbs market* the aggregate distribution of staple and side goods has boon quite as large as could reasonably bo expected. Tbo prolonged dullness at tbo East, and tbo extreme stringency of the money market has re sulted In a pretty general decline there, and our market has sympathized. Prices—lt Is now pretty generally believed—have reached the hard-pan and a return to activity, which must follow pleasant weather, will no doubt witness a general hardening of prices. Wo quotes ' lii Gaud Soda—7#@oc. r Oofkbkb—Mocha, 33333 c; 0. O. Javn, 27®28c; Java. No. 3, 2C@2C#c; fancy Rio, 24©24#0:' cholco do,-33#Q23#c; prime Rio, 2J*.fQ23#c; gootldo,23*f •@23c; common do, 21#@21?.f0; roasting do, lO#o Xo#c; Singapore, 23#©24c; Costa Rfco.faticy, 24#@ 20#o; do, primc,23#®2*o; Maracaibo, 23®23#c. Candles—otnr, full weight, 20#©210; Btcnrlno, full weight, 15#01Cc; do short weight, 14#©15c. Hide—Patna, B#©B#c; Rangoon, 7#@Bc; Caro- Una, o@9#c; Louisiana, 808#c. . Sooxna—Patent cut loaf, 13’:f(ai3#c; crushed, powdered, and granulstod ( 12>£@13 l fc; A, standard, lt,V©ll;«o; do No. 2, Xlff011#o; B, Xl©U*,,'o; ex tra O,IOJ6(g»U ; ONn. 2, yoliowO, IQ# ®10#o; cholco brown, 10®lU#o 5 prime do, 0;,(c4 lOo; fair do, Oii®'J#o; cholco raolncscii sugar, 10 C«filO#o; fair do,. O#09#o; Now Orleans sugar, choice, 10©10#c ; do prime, O#oO/fc; do fair, 0© o>/o : common, B©B#c. Hruura—Diamond drips, $1,35©1.40 ; silver drips extra line, 72®7:f0; good sugar-houso syrup, 45048 c; extra do, Co®6su; Now Orleans molasses, cholco, 82 ®83o; do prime. 76@80o; do common, C3®7Uo ; Porlo lllco molasses, choice, Cs(£Cso ; common molasses,*32 - ®4oc. • . Bai.eiiatur—Common to best, o®loe. Spicks—Allspice, 17(gl8o ; cloves, 37038 c ; cassia, 3fl@4oc; popper, ginger, pure, 28©30o; do No, 1, 20025 c; do No. 2,1(1 ®lUo. . , 1 Soaps—French mottled,C#@6#c; Gorman mottled, 7^@7>J-c; Golden West, C@o#c 5 White Lily, G#o While Rose, C#oC#o; brown Windsor, 4#© 4#o; palm, C@G#«; Savon Imperial. C#®C#c. Htahou—Gloss, o#@loc ; .corn, O011o; laundry, G© 7o ; common, s#®Gc. ' • HAY—Tho condition of the country roads bos been such that our supplies of looso hay woro temporarily cut oir, ami prices aro nominally $3.0004.00 per ton higher than n week ago. Pressed descrip tions have also been In lig* t stock, and-pral .rio (to which tho inquiry nt present is chiefly con fined (ban advanced $1.00,0r to S11.OO012JK). Wo quolo: wholesale prices paid by dealers, aa follows—cars to. contain 20,000 lbs: On Track—Timothy, boater pres ceil, $13.50010.50: timothy, looso pressed, $14.50015.00; prairie, pressed, $11.00012.00. On Waoon—Timothy, loose, $17.00010.00 : prairie, loose, $14.00010.00. For delivery of pressed, $1.0001.50, occording to dis tance. HlDES—Remain quiet, at substantially the prices 1 current during the previous week. Neither local nor Eastern tanners have operated with any freedom, and the dally offerings, though moderate, have quite equaled the wants of tho trade. Tho condition of tho Now York market Is thus spoken of IntboSAosoml leather Reporter: “ Business in dry hides during tho fiasfe week lias been very dull, ond tho sales have been ow. oven at tho decline noted last week. The receipts aro heavy again, and stooks of all kinds ore accumulat ing, Prices are altogether nominal, and quotations cannot be made which can bo depended on for any length of time, Tho amount received is over 85,000, ami the sales only some 33,000, leaving a stock on hand of 104,000 hides of all kinds.*’ Wo quote: Green city butchers’, 7o; green cured light, 12o; do heavy, 11c; part cured, 10#@10#o: green calf, 17@18o; vcalklp, 14c; dry calf, 2Go; dry kip, 220; dry salted, 16® 17o; dry flint, 10@20o; long-haired kip,l2o; deacon skins. 60@06c; grubby, scored, cut, or otherwise damaged, two-thirds price. HONEY—Comb honey Is very scarce, being out of season. Strained Is quiet. Quotations are as follows: Choice comb, 25@280; fair to good, 20025 c 5 strained ond common, 12015 c. .... HOPS—There has been no porlicnlar change in this market. Trade is very quiet, but stocks are hold with considerable firmness. Following ore tho prices cur rent: Prime to cholco Western at 40®50c 5 fairlogood, 330300; common to medium, 25030 c; Now York, 45 (3500: English, 40®60o; Bavarian, 50065 c. IRON AND STEEL—Merchants report a foir busi ness for tho season. Imported stock is lirm. Wo con tinue to quote: . . . 1r0n..... 4 *-10® 4 8-10 rales Horse-shoe iron 0 @6 8-10 rates Plato iron, common tank o*l @ 7 rates Russia iron 20®210 gib Russia Iron. No, X stained 180 lb Norway nail rods. 0# t3JOo $ !1* German plow steel XX $1? English cast plow steel.- 13 @l3#o 7£|b American tool steel 17# ®lßo & Chrome tool steel 18 @2O rates English tool stool 21# @23 rates English spring steel.. IX @l3#o <3 lb LEATHER—Prices remain unchanged. A fair amount of trading has been accomplished at tho sub joined quotations City harness..... Country harness Kino, city, ft lb. .$10.60@11.60 . 6.00® 0.50 . 8.60® 9.60 . 6.25® 6.75 . 7.60® 8.60 . 4.76® 6.25 . 3.75® 4.26 , . 2.76® 0.25 . 6.76® 0.76 . B.oo® 3.60 . 0.75® 7.25 . 3.60® 4.35 Kip, fllb Kip, veala Oily upper, No. 1, V ft Oily upper, No, 2, ft Country upper, No. 1 Collar, y ft Calf, city Calf, country Rough upper, light.. Rough upper, heavy Rough upper damaged Buffalo slaughter sole, host... Buffalo slaughter sole, No. 2. “D, A,” solo Calf X.28®1.« Kip. No. J, medium 85@ 1,10 Kip, No. 3. heavy 751!| 80 French calf, Jodot I!?*?? .2*22 French call, Lemoino 00,00®8ft.PO Frouch calf, 21 to 20 lbs I.Bo® 2.60 French calf, 26 to 80 Iba 1.75® 0.35 French calf, 30 to 30 lbs UK& ?.00 French kip, 50 to 100 Ilia 1.100 1.60 METALS AND TINNERS’ STOCK—The demand for these Roodn has been very fair, considering the un favorable weather, and a firm tone pervades the mar ket for all articles in the list. Wo quote : Tin PI.ATK—IO,IOxI4, *15.60: do, 12x12, SIO,OO ; do 14x20, $10.60 s Uo fc roofing, 10, $16,00; do, 20x23, $31.00. . . l*io Tin—Larpo, 420; small, 43e; bar. 44c. Bubbt Zinc—Full canke, llo; half caaka, loss quantity, UMo; slab, oc, Burner Ikon—No. 24,0»i« rates. Gai.vanizud Ikon—No. ID@2O, l»o; No, 22®21, ICo: No. 25®23,17c; No. 27,18o; No. 28, 200. A discount of IS per cent !s made from tho Hal. CorpF.u—Copper bottoms, 45318 c; brazlora, over 12 lbs, 470; tinned copper, 43c« ...... Wihe—2 t05,8c: 0, 8, andO, 10o; 10 toll, llo; 12, lU/o; 13amll4,12)<ft{ IB and 10, l4o; 17,15 c; 18, 16o; 10,10 c; 20,20o; full bundle, 10 per cent dla count; fence wire, 7&®7*£c. , . • NAlLS—Continue active at former rales, as follows: lOgiOOd, per hen, $5.50 rates; 8d d 0,56.75; Od do, $0.00; 4d do, $(1.25; lid do, $7.00; 3d do, lino, $3.60; 2d do, $8.76; clinch, $7,87 ) i ; 12* o off to tho trade, NAVATi STORES—Were In Rood request and steady at the following quotations: ... Manilla rope, V lb $ 18 @ *•) Sisal rope, Vlb 1° (A J? Homn Basil cord, tyj lb 30 ® .J Marline, Vlb 20 (A 22 Tarred rope, Vlb Id @l7 Oakum, V halo 6.80 (?d.5« Pitch, V hrl 6.00 1«'7.0U Tar, Vhrl 6.50 @O.OO OlLS—Trade has been quiet, owlnu to (ho unfavor able weather, but tho tone of tho market is Arm, and the quotulioua of a week ago have baeu fully sustained all around. Wo repeat our list, as follows : Carbon, 10*o; extra lard oil, 760; No. I, 70o; No. 2, 03o; lin seed, raw, 07a; do hailed, $1.02; whale, 88o; Btionn, $2.0002.10; uealafoot oil, strictly pure, $1.10; doox tra, 05o; do No. I,'ttOo; bank oil, 700 ; straits, 750; 010- pliant oil, Olio; turpentine, C 90700 i naphlho, 03 gravity, aioMot naphtha, common, 17®18o. , FAINTS, COLORS, ANDFUTTIf—TIio demand con tlrnioa lighter, and no doubt will bo continue until iho weather becomes mich (hat painting operations cab bo Buccosafully prosecuted. Prloos remain nominally un changed s WHITE LEAD. Blrlotljr pttro.. Fancy brands, Gonutnn Vclllo MonUguo. Amorlcnn. Booty wlilto Mssnry’a rallrom! cotorn... I’alaco car colors In cans... Rochelle ochre... English Von, rod English orange mineral.... Pittsburgh omnno mineral, Englishred 10na.... American ted load English TormliUon, peril). Bcnrlct vcrmlUlon .. I’atlb white. Wlillteff In bulk In bladder*. no IKON—Uualncßß is still rather quiet, but; hero are relatively low, and the market malntal Arm tone, We quote: BcotcU (Recording to brand) Tuscarawas. Massillon Lake Superior.. 60.00000,00 Chicago stone coal 67.00 Missouri atono c0a1,,. . 67.00@88.00 POULTRY—Was In continued good demand and firm at lC@17o; for turkeys and $4.7006.60 for Chick ens, Wo noto Bales of 8 coops turkeys at 17o ; 8 coops do’ at 10c; 6 coops chickens at $5.60; 10 coops at 16.36:14 coops at $6.00; 8 coops at $4.70. POTATOES—Wero In fair request at 60004 c for good to choice pcachblown ; mixed lots woro slow at 35@45e. | Wo noto sales of 1 car peachblows at flic; 0 cars do at COo on track ; 1 car at 610, dcllvorod. SALT—Woe in tolerably fair demand at the an annoxod prices: Onondaga and Saginaw, fine, $3.26; ordinary coarse, $3.26; coarse Diamond 0, $3.40; ground solar, $3.60; dairy, without bags, $3.60; dairy, with bags, $4.35®4.60; Ashton dairy, per sack, $6.00; ground alum, $3.2502.40: Turk’s Island, $2,00. BABn, DOORS. AND BLINDS—Were In moderate, demand and steady. Wo continue to quote: | noons—potra panel. Sire. ~...,2x ObyOx 6.;.., 2x 0 by Ox 8...., 2x 0 by 6x 0.... 2x 8 by Ox 8..., DOOMS—TWO PANEL. ...,..2x Oby Or 0...-. 2x 8 by Or 8.... 2z Oby Or 0,... 2x Bby Or 8.... ODIBIDR BLINDS. Thieknett. ■ Size, Price. 1 3-10 Sxio:. $1.75 1 3-1 C ; oxl2 2.05 1 3-10 ..10x12 2.05 1 3-16 oxl4 2.35 1 3-10 .:.....;.10xl5 i 2.50 Size of Thick* Size of 12 -light Prieemr giant, nets. window. window, Bxlo 1 3-10 In.. 2x 3*f byOxOtf 400 oxl2 1 3-10 la 2x 7 by 4x6 570 0x14......! 3-16 in........0r 7 by6x2 Clo 10x12 13-10 in..' 2xlo by 4xo B7e 10x14 1 3-10 In 2xlo by ox 2 040 Thieicmat, 1 3-10 1 3-16 13-8 1 3.8 13-10 13-10, 13-16. 13-8 , 13-8 , 9xH 1 5-8 In.; 2x7 byßx2 ••••....800 ,10x1* ;l in ..2xlo byßx2 800 A discount of 15®30 per cent Is made from the above list. ' * SEEDS—Timothy and clover were in good demand and very firm tho former was from B@loc higher. Tho offerings are very light. ’ Hungarian was firm at 51.0501.30. Millet at 90c@fl.00. Timothy Is quota ble at $3.85<33.C0. : Clover at $4X5@5.00. Flax at $1.85(31,90 for crashing, and $2.15(32.20 for.sowing. Sales include 25' bags choice timothy at $3.00; 60 bags do at $3.66; 100 bags do at $3.50: 77 bags at $3.45: Qll bags at $3.10; 13 bags nt $3.35; 280 bags prime clover ot $5.00; 102 bags good at $4.95; 43 bags choice Hun garian at $1.30; 12 bags do at $1.25; 10 bags do at $1.20; 10 bags poor at $1,05; 60 bags millet at $1.00; 65 bags do at 05c. - TEAS—RuIe quiet and. easy. No quotable changes are noted, as follows: Young Hyson, common to fair, 00®C0o; do good, Cs@7sc • do choice to extra fine, SI,OO @1.10: common to flue ola'llyoon, 75c@f1.00; common imperial, CS@CSo; good to choice do 80c@£$.10: fine to good gunpovfder, - 70c@$l,10; choice, $1.15@1.20; extra, $1;35@1.49; choice to extra leaf Japan, 90c@$1.00; fair to good do, 70@80c; common do 42@4Sc; colored natural loaf Japan, Cs@G3o; common to fine Oolong, 35®150j good, C0@70o; choice to extra, 00r@$l,00. . ■ TOBACCO— Id Id demand at tho prices given below; Chewing —Fine Cut—Extra, 75@830; choice, 05® 75c.; common, 56@G0c:. poor,'4o®soe. Plod—Natural leaf, 76@80o; half bright, 60®700 black, sound. 43@55c. - ; Bmokinu— Extra, 33@350; medium, 80@32o; com mon stems, 27@29c, 1 WOOD—Has declined a trifle within tho past half dozen days, tho following prices now being current: Bondi, $11.00; maple, $12.00; hickory, $13.00; slabs, $7.50<t%8.00, delivered, r ■ - WOOL—This market fa without especial change. The demand l.i very light and prices aro weak and Ir regular. Annexed are the quotations : .Tub, washed, extra medium Tub, washed, common to fair..... Common dingy .. Flccco, washed, XX, light Fleece, waohed, X, light Fleece, washed, Xx, dingy Fleece, washed, X, dingy Fleece, washed, medium ll"ht Fleece, washed, medium dingy Fleece, unwashed, XAXX. In good condition Fleece, unwashed,. XAcXX, dlngv. Fleece, unwashed, coarse to meat Fleece, unwashodt coarse, and dl Super, pulled Extra, pu11ed....; Burry wool 6(3,10n Jess. ’ RAILROAD FREIGHTS—A fll and 100 Is noted in rail freights, rates current Chicago to Boston Now York Philadelphia, Harrishurgh, and Baltimore Washington, D.O Alexandria, V& Pittsburgh, Steubenville.... Wheeling .• Albany ■ Cleveland Norfolk, Va Wilmington, N. 0 Charleston, 8. 0. Savannah, Ga Petcraburgband Richmond. CHICAGO LIVE STOCK MARKET* Tuesday Evenxno, April 33. The receipts of live stock since Saturday have boon as follows: • „ Monday. Tuesday. Total Biuno tlmo last week. Week before font, Shipments were as follows Monday. CATTLE—At tlio East prices are lower all around, but tho lighter receipts boro Induced a confident feeling, and former rates were firmly adhered to for all descriptions of stock, wbilo for especially desirable lota there wore buyers at a trifling ndyanco. Although there was no par ticular urgency in tho demand for any class, the different grades wore fairly active from the opening of trade to tho close, and about every thing was disposed of. In point of quality tho offerings wore all that could bo desired, thero being a noticeable absence of that aoallawag stock that usually enters so largely into tho supply. Very fow sales wore reported under $4.75, while tho groat bulk changed hands at prices ranging from ss.l2>£ upward to SO.OO. A sale was re ported at $0.75, hut investigation proved that no such sale was effected. Stockers wore salable at strong prices, tho supply falling considerably short of tho demand. Smooth, thrifty-young steers, averaging from 000 to 1,000 lbs, readily commanded $4,50@4.85, and In a fow instances oven higher figures wore paid. Of tho 20,000 head of oattlo shipped to this market last week, 6,454 head—or considerably more than ouo-fourih of tho .ontlro supply—wore purchased by Nelson Morris. Tho amount of money required to move this stock was $075,700 —a pretty good week’s business for ono man. i Tho markoj closed steady. ,t 39® 41 . 30® 39 . 41® 43 . GO® 1,10 . 85® 1.20 . 23® 30 . 2T»® 37 . 25® 27 . 20® 23 . 1.20® 1.40 . 1,10(4 1.25 . 33® 35 . 80® S3 . 27® 30 . 83® 30 . 83® 34 . 80® 82 QUOXATIOKB. Extra—Graded ateora averaging 1,100 ILa nud upwards • • • .10.10(30.10 Choice Beeves—Fine, fat, well formed a year to 6 year old alcora, averaging 1,000 to I,ISO ILa 5.18Q0.00 Good Hooves—Well-fattened, flucly formed eteerH, averaging 1,200 to 1,300 lbs 0,30(35.00 Medium Grades—Hloera hi fair tlcah, aver aging 1,150 to 1,300 Ibß 0.00(0,0.25 Butchers* Stock—Common to fair steers, and good to extra cowa, for city A slaughter, averaging 800 to I,IUO lbs 1,00(33.00 Stock Cattle—Common cattle, lu decent fleah, averaging 700 to 1,080 lbs Inferior— Light and thin cown, holfera, Kluge, bulls, and ucallawng steers, Cattle—Texas. Northern wintered Cattle—CoriMod Texas .Vo. Hluholoe steers..,. 13 Block steers US fat pony nliicra. 17 good stoors 10 extra steers 13 good steers 10 good oloors 81 good steers 81 good steers...,. 05 good steers 82 butchers’steers. 88choice atoors... IT good steers 16fholco steers,... 40 good ntcora.... R0 good Btcerfl...,, 23 medium atcora, 10 choice Bfeerfl. 04 choice etoora, 35 good steers.. 05 choice doors. 03 cboico Btcera, 111.50 0.00Q10.C0 830ood 8100r8.... 13Rood nlcora.,.. 80good 81e0rf1..., 30 Rood ulcers.... 76R00d etoorfl..,, 73 Texan Btaors... 20 obolco ntcora... 14.50 11.G0@12.00 11.50 OOLODR. .O.fiO@lo.BO® , 3.60® 3.75 ;.... 12,00 18 fat pony steers, 10good steers,... 80Rood steers.... 81 Rood steers.... 61 choice steers.., 17 Block Blccra, 18 good ntoors. 28 extra nicer*, 14 030 5.67& HOQB—Tho bog trade opened active ana continued so to the close, with prices firm .and higher. The small supply encouraged buyers, and tlio advance of 100 ashed by holders was cheerfully paid, prices going to 65.80@5.C0 for Eoor to choice. jFow sold under $0.85, and tho ulk fetched $5.05(5)5.50. Only a few oar loads remained unsold at the close, and the tendency of prices was apparently to a still higher range. Wo noto the following: FOTTI. .fC3.00@07.00 . 01.00 A'o. Av. Price, 60 330 $5.30 G4 310 6.45 07 200 6.40 107 339 6.45 CO 109 6.36 68 103 6.37 V 44 202 6.36 63 203 6.40 65 206- 6,37 V 67 231 6.36 01 230 6.35 -63 109 6.86 70 190 6.40 66 246 6.40 69 100 6.40 126 173 6.30 Price, ..$2.60 .. 2.73 ..2.75 .. 3.00 .. 3.00 ,61(<!iC3o .49@T(40 ,is@47o‘ ,46@G00 .44@4(Jo' .40@430 .40.T410 .43@480 .37(0420 ,30@330 *15®200 ,30@320 .27@300 .38@410 .380440 lon of no aro tho roduotl lowing irther . Toll lit |si 1.00 .47* l.lfi 1.30 1.60 1.50 1.44 Cattle, Uoqn. Sheep, 3,309 8,693 210 3,020 7.GSO 1,609 0,419 10,173 1,828 0,035 15,485 2,834 7,500 20,829 1,391 Cattle. Hone, Sheep. 1,852 7,174 3.76@4.85 2.76®3.80 8.75®4.25 4,00®5.00 OATILB BAX.EB. A t’. Price. * * 1380 6.05 * 1,230 6.02)4 mo® 1 340 6.05 : ..1,333 6.13# ....1,214 6.05 ...1,173 8.03tf ...1,272 6.70 ..1,044 4.65 .1,300 6.85 noo BALM, A r o. A i’. 04 ICO $5.30 43 233 6.46 21 105 67 217 64 205 31 101 63 254 02 183 62 300 120 333 OS 200 02 200 68 205 103 204 27 813 63 200 129 108 0.00 67 240 01 173 6,30 68 ; 2GO 05 180 6.35 , SHEEP—Were In good demand, and were Arm at full last week's prices. Local and Eastern buyers competed, and tho supply, which con sisted of Homo 2,000 bead, was disposed of at $4.26@5.25 for common to medium, and at $5.60 @0.50 for good to extra. SIICBP BTLE3 JVo. Av. PriceAXo. Av. PriceAXo. Av. Price* 100 . 70 $4.78 187 116 $0.50 79 112 $0.25 108 82 5.50 J CHICAGO DRY GOODS MARKET. , , Toesdat Evening, April 23/ Since our last weekly review tho situation of the market for domeatio drygoods has undergone rio oßsontial change. Although tho aggregate dis tribution made a very fair showing, thoro waa a noticeable absence of that activity usually preva lent at this season, and tho market has lost much of tho buoyancy that characterized it a fortnight ago. Tho principal drawbacks loan actlvo trade have boeii tho unnropitious weather, tho unset tled condition of tho country roads, and tho con tinued stringency in tho monoy market. How long these hindering causes will continue in op eration it is, of course, quite impossible to fore tell ; but wore they speedily removed, tho season is now so for advanced that increased activity of any considerable duration cannot reasonably bo anticipated. Tho fact, however, that purchases throughout tho qoason nave boon of a hand to mouth ” character, Justifies thp. belief that thoro will bo a steadily fair demand for goods far into tho summer. The changes in quotations during tho past week have boon few and unimportant. Whilo the fooling has boon somewhat loss buoyant, and in somo unpopular brairds concessions have been made to effect sales,- there is still a good degree of firmnaesiu nearly all tho leading. makes of cotton fabrics, and tho moro dooirablo woolens. Although stocks in Jobbers’ hands aro being steadily reduced, they are still large, and in point of assortment and general attractiveness are not. excelled in any of the markets of the country. lu tho liuo of dress goods, shawls, <kc.; eomo now and especially desirable stylos aro being ' offered. Notwithstanding tho exceedingly dis agreeable character of tho weather, tho past few days have witnessed a liberal increase in tho do mond for carpetings, and despite tho depressed condition of the market for the raw materials, a firm tone seems to porvado tho market, dealers i evincing no'disposition to increase sales at tho sacrifice of prices. The Now York Mercantile Journal says of the woolen goods market: Tho market for cloths and other woolen goods dur ing the past four months has been unprofitable for .tho ‘manufacturers, andifery unsatisfactory for all classes of dealers. The stock of goods on hand was made • from wool Liuugnt at mo very nighest prices, while tho market for goods has had a steady downward tenden cy. The fire In Boston last fall led to a very general belief that the market would be materially affected by tho destruction of so largo a quantity of fabrics, and for a while there was considerable speculative feeling among dealers and manufacturers. of woolen goods, which resulted In a temporary stiffen ing of tho market in wool and woolens in November and December. But since tbe Ist of January wool has declined from 120 to 150 ft lb on all of the principal grades, while the market still has a downward ten dency. Although thoro has not boon so great a depre ciation in cloths and other woolen fabrics within ths same time ns in the raw material, tho depressing effect has been severely felt. For most part of the firs* three mouths of the present year tho trade has been unsatisfactory in all kinds of woolen goods, and it still continues languid, with tho aggregate much below what has boon expected by even (no most conservative*. QUOTATIONS. DROWN COTTONS. amt Falls E,4-4...13#e Cabot A, 4-4 13 Cabot TV, 1-4 .12# Lawrence. L L. 4-i1..11# Agawam F, 4-4......10 SUawmut, LL......11 I Swift niver «... 9 # lloßlor. 4-4 -..10 J Utica 0 0 SINK miotros. Atlantic A, 4-4 H c Atlantic H, 4-4 13tf Atlantic D, 4-4 1% Atlantic P, 4-4 ll>tf Indian Head, 4-4... .14 Indian Head, 3-4....MJf Stark A. 4-4 14 Nashville, 30 in 13tf Nashville, 80 in 11X 3 Dwight Star, 4-4.....1 So Continental 0.......14* Lawrence D 14* Newmarket A 13 .Massachusetts 88..13 . Massachusetts E....11 PortsmoutbP...... . 8* IINTH. Nashua E, 40-in 16 o Nashua It, 30-lu 14* Nashua O, 33-in 13* Pepperoll E, 40-in.. .14* Pepporell It, 30-1u...13* Pepperoll 0, 83-in. ..12* . Pepperoll N,30-1n...11* Garner Taney Ujtfa Amoskeag Fancy....lo Mourning U to 11# Shirting 10# to 11# Mallory Pink 13# Mallory Purple 11# Mancheeter 11# Wanwutta Fancy.... 8 IAMB. MerrlmaoW. Pink..,l3#c | Morrimao D. Fancy. .11,K 1 Cocheco Fancy 12 Dunnell Fancy UK Richmond Fancy....UK American Fancy UK Bnraguo Fancy UK Gloucester UK dixo: 15 o lAmoskonff Glasgow.. Hartford. 1 jkanb. I Rockport 12tfQ Columbian ll>tf I Indian Orchard 12 18109. Slater’s Paper o>fa Manvlllo .Paper 0# Konfrovr.. Lancaster Bates.... .15 CORBET Naumkcag eatteeno. .18 o I Pcquot ratteens IB Laconia WM | CAMDI Garner Flat.... 8 c I Washington 8 f High colon, 1 cent extra. BREACHED COTTONS. „ Lonsdale cambric...aajtfo Androscoggin, E....18M0 Lyman, do 22 Blackstouo, AA '.HM Now York Mills 21 Cabot I<M Wamsutta ....20 Dwight Star IBM Prldo of the West,... 20 Western Product—l3M Langdon, OB 19 Harris I<M Fruit of tho Loom.. .17# Gold Medal...., H Lonsdale 17 Social, L .12# Hill '' Orcon, G ;11 Auburn, A.. .10 .10 1101 Methuen, AA .24 a Willow Brook, No. 1.24 Portland, AAA 25 York. 92-inch 25 York, SO-Inch 21 Paclflo 16 Swift River' .13 llMfl. Minnehaha, 4-4 35 o Minnehaha, 7*B 30 Amoskeag, AGA 30 Amoekcag, A 24 Amnrkcag, B SI Amoakeag, 0 10 Amoekcag, D 17 den: ,25 c | Wiuron, AXA ..23 o Wnrron, BD 21 Warren. GO ~..18 I Haymaker .14 I Bouton 12X York Dluo. Amoakonk. Columbian, OUb.AXA.. Otis. IJD... Oil*, C 0... HTRtI Minnehaha, 0-3 'iOJj'o I Amoshoag, 0-3 10 1 Amoekcag, 3-3 18 ) UuMßvllle, A H ] CARPET Standard xvhlto 37>s'o I Rockford, GOG 35 Reaper City 84 | (JAAPS' Tajienlry Thret Hartford, extra....l Hartford, Imp'].... 1.45 | imr Smith’s tapestry.... .f 1.30 Hartford extra 1.00 Hartford med 1.05 Relcwdo OS Whlttenlon, A .17#* Wbltteulon, 0 18)f American, 0-3 11 American, 3-3.......13 WAItP. Continental 33)14 Deo Hivo, colored... .37)1 ITINQB. Hruoseli, I Higgins $1.30 lluxbury 1.32W t’Ply. { Lowell $1.40 | Smiths & Sanford#, 1.45 rains, Lowell extra Lowell suyerfino, Common w001... Union mil. t Twilled anil ox. pl*n,. ..34a 'UU'I. I China matting 4-4 30a China malting r>-4 35i Chinn matting (1-4 40a lied and wb, ch’k o*4 . .45a Drigbt’a.. Urowloy’s. Common p1ain..22)4®270 j Matt English cocos, bc5t,...850 { American common.. ~65a American best ...75c Hod unci wh. ch’k 4—l. .350 lied and wb, ch’k C-4. ,40c TIUtMS. Spool thread, grain bags, etc., 30 days, or 1 per cent off 10 days. Domestics, cottonadcs, Kentucky Joans, etc., 1 poi cent off 80,2 per cent off 10 days. Regular department goods, 4 per cent off 60, 6 per cent off 80, 0 per cent off 10 days. INDELIBLE INK. VI Q VTfllflOTlfi h a Cose containing Pay«oti’( UH V \Jfl h |\!' VJ Imlolllblo Ink and linn's Pea, rfll tjllil Ll the only reliable Marking Ap. ■■“ " w v "' naratus. Trade supplied bj .. . , . Fuller 4 Fuller. Canvassers Cdlmtiou SST" s.oiT 6.05, ,j|293 ' 6.00 , .1,203 8.87K BJft' ,1,033 6.10 ,1.833 6.K0 ,1.333 6.60 .1.346 6.60 .1,377 6.75 1,001 ijljji s.ib j'4B9 CiM liYo. Av, Price , 60 353 $6.40 03 200 6.45 64 207 6.40 28 203 4.75 04 163 6.80 04 330 6.30 63 331 6.30 44 335 6.35 04 302 6.25 CO 210 6.60 61 176 6.45 107 235 6.40 82 309 6.35 63 . 250 6,35 63 254 6.40 64 312 6.35 49 172 6.40 48 176 6.40 .13 a ... 1.03 .Cs®7sfl .60(£60a

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