Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 23, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 23, 1873 Page 7
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CITY REAI. ESTATE. ALL OF THIS X ATommsfroroftt.WWtrifW.cpO. ... , n Hyde Park, a flrst-olasa frame houso and lob on Joffor ■on-at., ohonp. T j N ,MrnOVHD. Washington Ilolghta, 80 acres In southwest ,V of 800, 7, 87. 14. at a bargain If sold soon. < Watash-av., botwoon Thirty-fourth Thirty-fifth* its., west front, 60x175, fttlosa than lll'minn.; - . WnatTwelfth-st., corner Franolaco-av., opposite Doug* las Park, ICmhD. at a low prtoo. • i Central Park, 19 to 40 acres, near now N. W. car shops. 80 acres In Rees* subdivision, U100k17,18, 81, and 83, Bca. 11, W.l B. , Lawndale, 90 lot* on WlltanLav. and Central Fark-av. Vomotmv., 44x183. Llnoolu-ot., corner Krlo, 8 lots 21x131 oneb. Robey, corner Fourlh-st., 4 lots 8-Ixl9l each. Chlcago-av. and Rnboy-at., 9 lots 24x125 each.- Atobor-rtv., noarTwonty-thtrd-st., 46x160 foot. . , Southeast comer Blanohsrd-av. and Forly-second-st., 85lots24x125atavorylowprloo. ■ ; - 'Doarborn-st.. between Soventy-sixth • and Seventy* •ovouth, 800xlw, very ohoap. ■, between Lako-av, and tho lake, 178 x 170. • r Dlvcrsoy-st,, west olllalstod. 75x126. ‘ Fremont-at., between Ccutro and Clay-ats., 4 lota 94x 186. • - Cottage Orovo*nv.« botwoon Tblrly-flflh and Thirty* tlxlb-st., out front, 73x179. ... ... Evann-av., between Tblrfy-rtfth and Thirty-sixth, west front, 72x173. 11. F. ELDIIKD * CO., 165 Monron-at. tilOU SALK—.IULHCN-KT., OLOSB TO WOOD-3T, Jj and Mllwaukoe-av, SCUO; very cheap. Fulton-st., corner of Oakley. 60x140; best lob outside flre-limlt*. . . . Taylor-st., just south of Wextorn-nv., now home. Ta rooms; will rent for S6O por month; prlcosß,Koolf sold by Ist May. • CornerWo»t LakoaudValontlno-Bts.. 3 blocks wostof Wostom-av.. juit outside tlrc-llmlli, 78M.feob fronton Lako-st., suitable for block of four buildings, price $75 a foot, If sold boforolstMay; cosy tonus. Apply to M. H A I.U 20 Central Union lilook, Mirkot-st. entrance; or ovenlog, at 890 IVltun-ot. IPOR SALK-DY F. O. VIEUI.INO, REAL KB - tato Agent, Room 18,126 Dearbom-st.: CHOICE REtfIDENOK PROPERTY—NORTH SIDE. Erlu-st.,between Clark and Laßallo, 86 feel south front. Whltlng-st., oast of Wells, 60 foot north front. wi;.st aiDK. Warron.av., ncarLoavlft-st., 3d feet south front. Wnrron-nv., corner OnUlcy-st., WJ feet south front. Adams-st., near Aberdeen, (to foot north front. SOUTH BIUK. , ' Mlehlgan-av,, cottage one! lot near Twenly-fourth-st. Wabtah-av., 60x151 foot east front, ncarThlrty-lUth-st. Indlana-av.. houoo and lot near Twonty-slxth-st. Foroat-av,, 60 foot oast front, near Thlrty-flOcomMt. trOR SALK-GOOD LOTS ON TUB FOLLOWING' X 1 strootas Blato, Uurmldo, Buttorflold, Arnold, Gari baldi. Hanover, Butlor, Wnllaeo. Summer, Winter, Mur ray. end Halstod; also on Wentworth, Ohwrllcff. Portland •ml Htowart-avs; alio on Alexander, Twonlv-fourth, Twenty-sixth, Twonfy-fovonth, Twenfy-olghfh, Nspoloon, Twenty-ninth. Earl, Thirtieth, Haven. TlUily-flnjt. Tlilr l,"cS;TliWtblr.l, Thlttj.imh, •ovonlh, tontalno, amlThltly-clghth-Bts. Title porfeot. Warranty deeds. .A very small payment down, Qvoyoor s. time, 6percenttnlorent. No agency hnslnese. Apply to, owner. ALBERT ORANB. 879 Wabaab*av. ™r BALE-NO. 43 SOUTH MAY-ST.-HOUBK, J brick basement, 14 rooms, two bath rooms, furnace, Hot and cold wator, Ran, and oil modern oonvonlonclos; lot 30*120 to alleys location one of tlio p|ea«antc«t in tho cltyjbetwoon Washington and Madjson-sls.; convenient (o business centre, and wifliJn a few block* of Union £*rk: can bo hod at a bargain If taken previous to May I. . F. OULVBR, 147 LaSalle-stMajor Block, InOH BALK-LOTS! LOTS! CHEAP LOTS 1 SAVE ’ 43 a week, and own a homo of-your own. Wo soil thoao lota from 8400 to 8600, for small payment down; balance attborato of $8 ft week. They aro just out ado of the tiro limits, on tbo highest ground In the city. Call and lot us take you to bob them freo of charge. A. u. STORY 4 SON, 143 South Clark-at., Room 8, and 237 Mihmokeo-av. • . TjibU BALK-2 THEBE-STORY UlllOK HOUSlia l> Kiorblo frouts-togotbor with lota, rltuated on tho northeast corner Union Park Piaco ami Carrol j-av; houses have all tbo modern Improvements, sub-basements, bath* rooms, wntcr-bnslns, furnace, ranees, brick bartia. and everything roqulilto for first-class houses: tlio viclnUy is first-class. and those houses will bo told w onsv terms. Apply on tho promises to tho owner. T. E. COURTNEY. TjtOß SALE—2-STORY, WITH BRICK J? house 10 rooms, lu closets, bath-room and walor-clos* ols, hot and cold water, furnace and rangb. maut ole, and Building* -i ■tfOß BALE-TWORTORY FRAME HOUSE OF JO J? rooms, lot 43x125, corner Monroe and Lincoln. SNY DER 4 LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Mon goo and LaSallo-»t«. TftOß BALE-2 HOUSES AND LOTS ON FULTON* J? 8t„ owned and built for myaolf; on oa*y terms. If not ■old in two or throo day* must bo withdrawn, ns I mnko fresh arrangements by Ist May. No. b9O Is S-atoryand basement, 8 largo rooms, water on two floors, gas Pipes, good barn, lot 25x140, price $4,850. No. Bbß is good sub* ■lanital $ would suit any ono, prlco $4,600. Abstruot.mado fll No. 89 Davls-st., IM-stonr, with water, oloso to cars, built last summer,price $9,700: S4OO cash, balance month* ly payments, Apply to M. HALL, 28 Central Union Block, Markot-at. entrance; or in evening, at 890 Fulton. IFOR SALE—ON ADAMS-ST., NEAR WOOD, BIX J now brick two*storyand basement bouses: octagon fronts: modurn Improvements; corapioto; 600 nnu S 19.500, on easy terms. Inquire as above, or at 28 North olforson-at. FOR BALE-BRICK HOUSE. AND 25 FRET, DEAR botn*st., near Harrison; $14,000. 83,000 cash. A bargain 4n 6 or S) acres, all subdivided, near depot ao South Englewood. .. . , _ .... . Block ol ground near corner Hauled and Twomu-sla.; would oxohango and pay money. ..... AVERY. MILLER 4 HIGDON, 143 Monroo-st. For sale-3 houses on south park-av., botwocn Twenty-fourth aud Twonty-flfth-sts.: lot 60x180. oast front. E. S. UULOURD, 92 E&stllarrl* son-st. ’ ' • 111011I 11011 SALE—HOUSE AND LOT 661 INDIANA-ST 1 near Oakloy: cheap. $1,500. Lot corner Jjti/alte aud Erla-att., oast front, W. 11. PHARE, 143 LaSalle-at., Major Block. IJIOR SALE—363 WASHINGTON-ST.-TIIE FINE ' largo house, lot 60x200 foot: barn cost $5,000; will soli very cheap; only s6,(HX)cash required; must b° *o'd tills week If at nil; possu&slun May I. 11. U. OOLB a 00., l3BLa3alie-st. FOR SALE—THIRTY-SIXTH-ST., NEAR MIGHT* bau-uv., new 2-atory ami basement brick bouso, mod* era finish, U rootnn, and lot 20x118. SNYDER 4 LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo aud La* Sallo»sts. ■ FOR SALE—LINOOLN*AV.—TRIANGULAR LOT at Sadwlok and Oontre-sta.; 105 feet: will lot it go cheap. E. Q. COLE A GO.. 13a LaSalle-at. Iil OR SALE—!3O FEET OF GROUND, WITH A ’ frame house, on comer Culmuot-av. and Twenty* eixth-st. Will bo sold at a groat bargain, A. J. AVKll* ELI., Real Estate Broker, 180 Dcarbora-sl., llonoro IpOR SALE-NO. 620 IIUBBARD-ST., CORNEROF * Lincoln. Lot 78*125. This can bo had at a bargain, U taken before May I. MEAD A CUE, 153 LaSalle-at. • POR SALE-NEW BRICK HOUSE ON VAN” Bunn-st., cast of Robey, 12 rooms. Will bo com pleted by May 1, Price only $0,003. No. 119 Peorla-ct., two-stmy frame, CO ft lot, at a bargain. .MEAD A COE, 153 LaSalle-at. ' • t For ralb-a nice new g-room cottage on Erlj*st., between Uoboyaml iloyno, with lot; tonus easy. S. M MILLARD, 135 South Clark-at., Rcom 0. 'II"SALE—S4SO WILL BUY A 2-3 TORY FRAME ’ house and lease on Third-nv., south of Twclfth-st. F. O. VIERLING, Room 19,120 Donrborn-at. FOR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT NO. BPO WEST Harrison-st., near Iloyno. ABNER TAYLOR, 441 Wabash-uav. TilOll SALE-A VERY DESIRABLE LOT ON ORY- X' ant*av., 50x15*5 feet to an alloy. Thin Is the most do* tlrabla street south cl Dnuglns-placo. W, 11. PHARE, 143 LaSalle-gt.. Major Block, ground floor. POR SALE-HOUSES NOS. 60 AND 61 TWENTY tliird*Bt., between Prairie and Oaltunat*avs., with i(jQ foot of ground. J. F. SALTER, 411 Walmsh-av. FOR SALE-50 FEET ON PRAIRIK-AV,, BAST front, north of Forty-saventh-vt.; can bo hod a(,a bargain. 11. F. COY 4 CO., 162 Waßiilogtoa-st. I?OR SALE-OR EXCHANGE-HOUSE AND LOT. V 723 Cottage Grove-tv.; or will rent second flour, 7 raoniß, to a Bmsll family;'no children. Apply to the owner, onprcmltoß. • 111 OR HALK-AT A BARGAIN, COTTAGE WITH ) haiomontand lot, No. Thlrty-thlnl-ct., ono block wo»tof SUto-it. ;7rooraa, closets, and now barn. Inquire on promises. FOR SALE—AT A GREAT BARGAIN, LOTS ON Wcstorn-ar., Lexington, Polk. Tnylor, and Camp* boll-Bls. Parties wUhiug to build, no money required down: aloesnowhmnea containing 10 rooms each, ssoa DAnh, balance on tcmiß to milt. Innniro on promises of GEO. OADWRLL, or at 135 South Clark-st., in bank. . T.IOR SALE—LOT.SON HOLT, ARNOLD, THIUTY. X' ulnth-sts., and Weutworth-av., from $550 tn SBSO each, on easy tonus. «T. C. STARR, 60 West Randolph. FOR BALE—2-STORY FRAME HOUSE, 10 ROOMS, lot 28x90, SCU South .Influrson-at., ot a bargain. SNY DER 4 LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Mon* roe aud LaSallq*st. TIOR SALE-A FINE 2-STORY BRICK BASEMENT X* house, south front, on cue of tho best residence streets West Side; honso has 10 rooms, with every cotivenlonco and Improvement; lot extra deep, W. J. DAVIS, 146 Madtson-sf. BALE-WF.BT WASHINGTON-BT., TWO 1} blocks wait of Union Park, 2-story tad. basement brick of 11 rooms, furnace, pas fixtures, oto.; lot 20x122. SNYDER ALEE. U Niton Building, northeast corner Monroe and LaßaUa-sts. F~”OH BALE-VERY CHEAP, I&-STORY AND baaemont cottage, with 100 foot ground, on liydn Park ay., within two blocks of Hyde Park Htation; tarms easy. Apply to PAUL CORNELL. 169 LaSftllo-flt., or address P. 0. Box 100, Hyde Park. 171011 BALK—BY J. T. McCORD. 166 LASALLE-RT.: ' Several brlok bouses, with all modem Improvements, in Cottage Grove; • tho owner must soil, ana has put (he price way down In order to closo thorn out at once. 7TOR BALK-BY LEVI WINO, 178 DKARBORN-BT. j Houbo and lot, 17H Wnlunl-st., $J,t3uU. Honsoaud lot, Tblrty-llrst-st., near Wobash-av. Houin and lot, Oolfni-nv., noarThlrty-bocond-st. {luusoand lot, West Wasliluglon-st., noiir Ada. loose and lot, West Adams-st., near Uampbollav. HWxIW, Original Town ol Ravonswood. 60x160, Langley-ay..south of Forty-socond-at. Largo lot, corner Doipiplncß and Mathcr-sls. J.}} lrowlnt. Or/nertmust havo money. TUTOR SAI.B^hTFEET ON MIOHIGAN-AV., ABOUT X 1 M foot north of Monroo-st. Terms toault; muat'bo fold. Apply to ELIJAH SMITH, Trustees. Room 1, louthwosl corner State and Madlson-ata.' TPOR OALE-AT A BARGAIN, ON EASY TERMS— X? Two nlco now collages and lots In good condition, nidj f” trauUMay 1. JAMES H. JaY, IM Mult ■un-st.. Room 3. I TOR BALE-2-STORY FRAME HOUSE, 8 ROOMS, ’ 669 Woat Adams st., choice locality, iuml a great bargain. Easytonns. HNYDEK & LEE, 14 NU bo Building, northeast corner Monroo and LaSallo sts. CHOR BALE-VERY CHEAP-A SMALL 6-ROOM i? cottage and lot on North Roboy-st. Apply to GIBBON X HQSMKR, 116 East Blmdolph-st. ' 1 ' ■|?OR BALE—THE DWELLING NO. ICU OALUMET- X 1 lay., north of Twenty-fourth-st,. lot 26x|fc8 to alloy: two-stury frame and hriok basement, dining-room and kitchen on Ural door, with parlors; large hall, closet In ovory room In tho hen 0, nas fixtures, furnace, uiul car nets Included, and will Bull part of fumltnra if desired. If not told liyMay 16, will rent to a good tenant, furnished or unfurnished. Can give poiiosfllou any Hum between now and June 1, at which time tho owner la going away, /pply oi| Hiepromlsjiany woblc day after 4 o'clock n. m., ormltwnn 18, Metropolitan Block. 11. F. GUYTON. IfRUR BALE-AT A HACItIFIOE-CUITAGE AND 1} lot, must hounld this week, No, Ul I’eareon-st., near Laflallo; prlco, sll,Naj; coltago twn-slory, new, and will runt for $75 per meuiU. E. 11. UUMMINUH, 103 East jlaudolph-st, IpOR SALE-AT A BARGAIN-LOTS ON MADISON * _st., near Woslarn av., SHxl2s. Two lots, 87*123 each, onCharlotlii-nt,, mio block osstuf boulevard. s37soacb. R. M. roiJUHER A CO., laOlUMlock. * fPOR HALIf-AT A .GREAT BAUGAIN-103X83. J 1 northeast corner of Jom-rroa and DcKovon-sts.. price, gO.OC'O. Intiuho at 135 South Olark-at., in hnnk. For salb-at a.baugain-oroom house, brlok basement, and 48 feet lot, on Huyno-st. ABELL 0 HOTCHKISS, is OUs Block, ÜBaUetudUaiiUoQ-shh CITY REAL ESTATE. FOU SAI.It—BY T. D. BOYD, 190 WKBT WASH lngton*sl., homos and lota: possession May Is $5,000, ftl.OCOdown, balance monthly: 13-room. 3-story houso; lot 85x1901 south front, on Van Unroo, near **sJ, n iK)b. 10-room, 3-ntory dwelling, lot 25x120; 8600 down, balance very easy: south fronton Lake, nonr Peoria, $0;0C0, 11-room, 2-story dwolllua. lotßlxlßo to alloy, on i Qroon-st., between Randolph and Washington. Bargain. Collages at Irving Park and Englowood on monthly 1 P6 ts™CW. 25x125, on Harrlson-st., botwoon Roboy and par foot. ssfo down, balancolhl, 9, 8, and 4 years; lottlSxiafi foot, south front on Van Buron-st. and Honora, sCwinach. Two cottages to bo romovod, on Green and Randolph. ~ ■ ■ __ 1 7\ OH SALK—IMPORTED MARBLE-FRONT HOUSE JJ on IVod Vanlluron-st.i only SIO,OOO, on very easy , House and lot on Oalomol*av.. 97,000. .25 feet, South IHato-st., near Thirty-first, 8150 per foot, lU7 feet, Hhorman-ct., near Ilartlioa, only SBOI por foot, on easy tonus. ‘ . 91 lots ot South Englewood, S2OO each. r . 10 aoroa at Hinsdale,with largo house not quite finished, at Washington Heights for ssln or oxchnngo. Anblvto ENOS TURNER,. 1 v 09 East Madleon*st., Room 10. TRORBALR-A GOOD STONE ITIONT lIOUBE ON X‘ Oalumot-ftv.j noarTwenty-fourtb-st. $13,000. A nlco mnrblo front, houso on Mlohlgau-av., botwoon Twelfth amt Thlrtconth-sts., oast front. A good brick homo and burn, situated on a corner, on Indlana-ftv. $13,000. . T i. Two-story brick house, with 41 foot of ground, on Lake* * A gootluiarhlo front homo on Mlchlgan*av., near Four* toemh-st. $15,00(1. Throo-slory marble front houso, No. 607 Wohash-ov., nearFonrteontli-st. . . , . _ Rrlck home, Nn. 148 Calumol*av., botwoon Twenty third and Twenty-fourlh-st*. A. J. AVBURLL, Heal ICnUlo Olllco, No. I£o Pcarhorn-st., Honoro lilock. IpOR SALE—A HAUOATN—LOT. 60X183 (WITH OR * without hnlldlngs), on West Washlngton-st., between Uohoy and lloyno; terms easy, jprico low. MORTON CULVER, Room 4, Metropolitan Dlooh. F~ OR SALE-50 FEET ON SOUTH PARK-AV., NUAR Thlrty-thlrd-at., SRU. 75 feet on Watiash-av., noarThlrty-Mxlh-»t., $126. 9.1 feet on Thirty-thlnf-st., nearlluddan. s4(l. 25 feet on Mny-nt., near Eightoonth, $45. 66 focton llarrlson-Bt., near Oakley, SG6, 60 foot on Floumoy-st., near Oakley. $Cd. _ dAMrtS R. MAT, IHOK RALE-FIVE NEW BTONB-FRONT HOUSiIS; 1 ' will bo ready for ooeupanoy May 1; wltlr alt of tho lm* {irovomonta: atuall payment down, balanoo long time. R. fQWLKR, 169 Washington st. Fob sale - a very good btone-front home on Vlnoonnoa-av., near Wftbpameb, ot a groat bargain. R. FOWLER, IC9 VYashlnglon-st. . Ip OR BALI3-COTTAQB"i« STORTKS, OAMPDKI.T.- ’ av., corner Wlloox-st.. $4,000: cottago on Butlor flold-at., near Rgnn-av., s2,‘iUO. lIUNUy WALLER. Jr., 86 Washington-Bt.' FOR BALK-106 FRIST ON WINOHESTER-AV., 83,000: 61 foot corner Roboy-flt. aadOadon-av., on Tyler-st. HAIU 4 CO., Room 20, T7IOR SALE—BfARBLE-FRONT ON NORTH DEAR- X l ' born-st., 11 romns, llrst-olass In every tospnof, and a Urst-class man can got It cheap. MEAD 4 COE., 153 ' - FOR BALE-3-STORY AND EASEMENT HRIOK houeo with French roof, on North LaSMla-Bt*; 16 tonmn, bath-rooms: good bam,built In superior manner. MEAD 41C08., 158La8a11o-st. , FOR SALE-HOUSE ON MIOHIOAN-AV., UK tween Twenty-ninth and Thlrtleth-stn. 5 also base* mont oottago to ronfc on Twonty-slxth-st. A. B. PALMER, JR., M Washtngton-at. lAOR HALE-BUSINESS LOTS: 180 FT. ON SOUTH * Wator-st., northeast cornerof Dearborn: . 63 foot on South Watorst., 80 foot west of Clark. 80 foot northeast corner Lal:o and Wolls-ets. .... 90 foot on Markst-st., between Lako and Randolph. jf,| foot northeast corner Washington and Despiaiuos. 20 foot on Lako'nt.. near Clark. .... Bong time at low Interest on Uiroo-fourths of purchase nrlcc. QBDDES 4 REID, ■ 124SouthOiark-st., Room?. ITOR BALE-TWO-BTORY FRAME HOUSE OF 13 ’ rooms, stono foundation, all modern improvements, bam and lot 68x125, southwest corner Warmi-av, and Robov-st; a great bargain, SNYDER 4 LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast comer Monroe and LaSalle-sls. OR SALE—FIIIST*OLA6S RESIDENCE LOTS; Kastfront of block on Indlans*av.,botwocn Twoatloth and Twontyllrst-sts. . Long time at low interest at throo-fourths of pnrchoio pricj. OEDDES 4 REID, ' 124 South Clark-st., Room 7. OR SALE-OR EXOH ANOE-GOOD HOUSES AND lots, on Jackson and Adams-sts, oast of Oallforala-av. Address McO ALLY, Builder, lUOI Jackiop-it. . POR SALE-WEST MONROE-ST., 25X180 FEET, 100 foot wost of Paullna-st.; cheap, if taken soon. A. BLAKE. 137 La Sallo-st. . For balb-ata great bargain, if taken Immediately, 50x161 foot, on Prahio-av., uoarForty lifth-st. GKO. A. EMERY. 163 La Sallo-st. FOR BALE-10 ACRES ON HALSTED-ST.. SOOTH of Boulevard. AYRES 4 KOFF, 74 Washington-fit. FOR SALE—24 LOTS, ALL OR PART, NEAR ABU* land-sv., and fnelclo bonlovard. on thnoouth, ots2Co each, for cash. Address W 73, Tribune otfioo. - FOR BALE-NEAR AROHER-AV. HORSE-OAR Ex tension—lQ lots at $260 and 10 lots at S3OO, for cash or part time; bargains. Address U 53, Tribune otHoo. FO BALE—OR RENT-MAY 1, IP NOT SOLD, 18 Stanton*av., $0,U00; S3OO 1878; 10 rooms; modern; 53 feat on Praltio-av., near Twonty-olghth-st., S2UO. D. F. HEAD, 126 Clark*et. lilOR BALE-DREXEL-AV., NEAR FORTY-FinbT . at., two-story and basement frame houso; 12 rooms; two-story barn, largo trace, 1 etc.; lot £oxl6o. BNYDKU 4 LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast comer Monroe and LaKallu-ats. POR GALE—3OXBO FEET ON FRANKLIN-ST..WEST front, between Lake and Randulpb-sts. 5 alley on tbo side. HNYDER 4 LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast comer Monroe and LnSaflo-sts. . FUU HAlili— BLKGANT IB BOOM MAIUII.RUOUSTtH —Wabash, Michigan, PrMtlo-av*.; sl2, WO, $15,1:01), only $2,000 down. S. AiEAUS, 1710R SALE—PRAIRIK-AV., NO. 1291—TWO-STORY ' brick house: mansard rocn; lot 110x180. SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixon building, northeast corner Monroo and LaSalle-sts. For sale-gotiiio house, d rooms, lot 43s 232. Immediate possession will bo given, $7,5C0. 11. J. GOODRICH, 868 Wabnsh-av. ipOR SALE—WABASH-AV., NEAR TWENTY- X 1 third-st., 2-story and basement brick of 12 rooms: lot 20x125. SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nlzou Building, northeast comer Monroo and LaSullo-sta. For sale-by tub owner, at a bargain for It cash, now cottage. and lot 44x125 on Wcs.t Adama-Bt. Call at Room 5, MaJUon-nt., do cor Clark. FOR SALE-NEW brick house, octagon front, nil modem impiovc moots; bam la rear. Inquire on promises, 153 North Denrhom-at. ■ - 1* pOll SALE—BY THE OWNER. A PINE LOT ON 1 Wahash-av.,ucar corner Fifly-thlrd-Bt., 28x132 to alloy, cast front; will sell, if taken this week, for SSO per foot. This is a bargain. A. BARRETT, 522 Bulturhold-st. F" OR SALH-OR at., fully furnished, 14 rooms. W. J, BARNEY, 163 East Handnlphst. For sale-a large fine farm west of Madison, Wlb., with-or without stock aud impio* incuti; cheap. HENRY P.. GEORGE, fetlOlurk-st. For bale-at downkiph grove, 20 miles from Chicago, farms, near tlllairo and depot; houses aud late, and building lots, by J. H. LYMAN, No. 77 Doarbum*fit., Ronm2l. RE AL. E STATE -WANTED. \\TANTED-FOITfiPEOIAL CUBTOMER. 40 ACRES •TV onnoro In Range 13, southof Slxty-tnlnl-st. and mirth of Morcau-av.; prefer to 000 owners. ABELL 4 HOTCHKISS, 43 Otis Block. F. ELDRED 4 CO., REAL I!S* tnto Ageute, 153 Momoo*ut. Houeea and lota he tween Twelfth and Thirtieth-etn., or cross streets, cast of State, worth from $6,000 to $15,600, for customers that wo now have. T\ r ANTED~SO FF.F.T EAST OF STATE-ST., BE »l tween Forty-llfthanrt Forty*BeTonth*«ta. Will pay half cash. Owners address 06. Tribune olSco. \ATANTED-TO PURCHASE FOR CASH SOME IT lots In Austin. Address WM. ROSS, Tribune office. State location and price. ‘ WANTED— I HAVE AN ALL CASH CUSTOMER for a residence in good location. JACOB C. MA GILL, 8l and 83 South Olark-at. FDR SALE. For sale-a young black bear about d mouths old; is quite tame. Call at 96 Weal Madl son-it. • • ■ ■ FOR SALE-A FINE BLACK WALNUT AND ASH bar counter and fixtures complete: has only boon used two months, aud will be sold at less than half cost. Ap* ply at 83 Mfchtgan-av. FOR BALE--A FINK RET OF STONE CAMEOS, withpoarlsoUiiiuu, jewelry? also lino tea sot of six idocoH, Very low. JAB. U. STOREY, bl LaSnUo-st., Room 25. For rale—light drauma eggs for hatching, at $2.1X1 per dozen; from splendid Improved stock. MARTIN, at Hardware titoro, ITU East Madlson-ot. • FOR SALE-ONE UPRIGHT SHOW-CASE ; ONE 9-fuut counter show ease: one desk; Ono-t-globo chan delier; ono 8-globo ohamlollcr; one 20-foot awning, and Irons ; shelving. 070 West Madlson-st. TIOR BALE—THREE 6-FOOT SHOW-CASES, AT X 1 m Btafo-st. - 11l Oil BALE—CHEAP—A 8-WHKKLKD BABV-OAR rlago; also, a 6-fout stop-ladder. Apply atl£9Cot tngo Grovo-av. ; ■_ BALE—NKW BILLIARD TABLES AND FIX • turos. CC6 West Madlson-st. T.TOR BALE-SHELVING, COUNTERS, SCALES, L' 100 box, otc.. of grocery stent. Also, liorsocnddo llvory wagon. Address 88, Tribune jillloo. DR BALE-TUB ENTIRE FIXTURES 01? HES tauyant 6Uf '' ' IjlOR BALE-TO DAY. FIXTURES AND COUNTERS ■ li>7 Olark-st. Store 231 Cottage Groro-av. to rent; llx tnros for sale. EORBALE-A GOOD BET TINNER'S TOOLS, PAT torns, shelves, and counter. 475 Hnlstod-st- LOST. LOST-YEHTERDAY P. Mm IN A OAR ON STATE si., pooket-bouk oontalulug S6O, lu an envelope. and other bills and papers. Any party flndlOß the same will confers favor mum a pour widow Ir.dy, and rocclvo a lib eral reward, by leaving Hie samo at the eflioe of O, S. Lacey, 119 liaatbom-sF. T OST-A BLACK DOESKIN CAPE, SUNDAY AV- Xj tornoon, West Bide. The tinder returning UlO samo to 600 wlll_ho I“‘ Oflf—s3o REWARD—A BROWN MOUBE-OULOP.- Jcd Hootch terrier dog. Call at 1U Calmnot-av. T OST-ON THURHUAY m’OUNING, A NRWI'OUND- Jj land dog, white breast and neck. Reward for return Him to 451 Mldtlgan-nv. TO EXCHANGE. fllO EXOHANGK-80 FEET, CORNER, ON WEST X Luko-at., two blocks west of Weslorn-av., fur good house and lot on West Hide; cnoumbnumn on lota, $3,900, to bo assumed. M. 11 Aid., owner. No. 26 Central Union Block, or (uveuing) at 890 LnUon-st. mo "KXCHANOk—i.OT ' 40X126 ON SPRING-ST., X near Wontworthav., botwoon Twouty-slxth and Twenty-Hovonth-ata. Will takoaboutsl,oooworthof fur nltnrolnpartnaymnnt. Address or eiitl on BIiIPMAN A MoKEEVEit, IdJ ]ji3ulle-st.,Jloom lfl._ ANTED TO EXCHANGE^LOT'WORTH SIO,OOO, lu burnoddhtrlot, South Bide, fur ohoaii residence lota or aoro property near city. Oivo doioriptlon, prlco, •to. Addrass Pl 9, Tribune olfloe, TliW ciuuMiu JJax ii x nrrnTnw Trrrmn —jtdtl — SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. Fou BAT.K-iiioinvoon. iiutwubn kvanbton and Lake Forest, ontlio lake shore. In & beautiful park, with vigorous growth of largo shads trees, gravel* If COO, outtnne, partially finished, $lO monthly nntU paid. • sl.l*llo, oottago, ildo wing, two platras, bay window, Inililo blinda. SSO down, s2o monthly, Including interest until palch $1,500, oaali down SSO, monthly, s2o} 3 yoota. $1,060 In 6 yearn. ... $9,000, Tory stylish cottage, front and aldo nlar.KA, bay window, hall, parlor, sitting, dining, and family* room, roar addition, with kitchen and woodshed; same $3, wo, 3-itory frame, with roar addition; SSO down, S2O monthly. S4,OCy. spacious brick, ncurW. W. Boyington’a palatini rosldonco. This residence will ho rented at SSO month, paynbto In board; has lino view of Lake, andeanbollllod with summer boarders. H.U. .MIUUIUI UUHIUULO. All nboTO houses h&ro drstrahlc lots. Homos built to suit, and sold nn ns favorable lenno. Houses nro carefully and suhatantlally built, ono hour from Chicago: yearly commutation, sin conta aiido. The terms on which 1 oiler thoso houses will cost you only what yon nro now paying for rent; so you can decide botwoon n fido tif one hour to your own homo on trains that cany a argo number of tho wealthiest merchants of Chicago past Hlghwood to thoirpalatlnl residences In Lake bora*!, or hnnu U to?i of nn hour on rear of street-ear to vented homo m poor local lon, subjecting youtiolflo annoyance of frequent removals and ovoradvM^ln^^lMofretus, Rotidsneo Ilfghwood; oltioo 148 LaSallc-ct. TRIOR SALIC—NE^iTtWO* S’fORy'IIOUHI^ IN HYDE J’ lot fl’xlM), to trade for lotslosldo. IXAIU A CO., Room 20, Bryan Block. 7DOR SALK-AT WINNRTKA—LARGE GOTHIC .1/ collage, 10 rooms, bath-room, brick collar, cUtcru, 100-houso, well, carrlngo houso. stables, chcds, hunory, line gnnlon, 860 grnpo-vinos, cliorry, pear, and apple trees, ovaigromis, shrubbery, Ac., one aero of ock grove, In nil 6 acres, elevated 70 fcoi ahovo Lako Michigan, occu pied by Mr. Walker. Look at It, Price reasonable, and easy torniß. Inqulro of O. T. OLINF,, Wabasli-av. IROR SALE-LAKE FOREST RK3IDENOE PROP i; orty—Thoanscoklng homes should visit this beautiful suburb. Residences from $3,000 to $20,(W0. Residence sltos from SSOO to $1,600 pur aero. Englmvoudlots near depot. Wo will build h&usos to or der and 801 lon easy terms. Havo also tome good aero ri Au»lln| lota near depot, churcb, and school. Rook Inland Cor Shopo, Idiots. Coutral Park, lovoral nieces aero property. Li.ko Vlow. lot corner Ilalilod and Ornce-sls. CANFIELD A MATTE3QN, CO Laasllo-at. IPOU BALE-FOR SUBDIVISION, 116 AOUKH IN ’ Oook Connly, on tho Chicago A Paclllo Railroad; de pot located on the land s Just ntiored, and at half 1U value. Apply to QIIiSON A HQBMEII, 110 East Randulph-et. IPOH SALE—IO AORKS ON RAILROAD BETWEEN X' Oak Park and Thatcher; 10 acres and 3 )i acres in 7, ft*, 14, and 10 acres in 0, 88, 14: also 6 acres In 8, 53, 14. J. W. HKDKNUERO, W East Madlaon-ct., Room 4. SALE—OR RENT-COTTAGE AT ENGLE- X' wood, on Gunn-fit. (Hlxtloth-at.), 7 rooms, lot 60x125, nicely Improved. Also cottago of 8 rooms, lot 60x196, on southwest corner of Ft. Wayne-av. and Rodnoy-sl.. be tween Forty-eighth and Forty-nlnth-sls. W. J. BARNEY,, ItiSEaat Randolph-at. XT'OH SALE-CHEAP LOTS—CHEAP LOTS-G LOTS X' on Burusldo-st., InO. White’s Subdivision, near For ty-nlnth-st, SOOO each; ono-fourtb cash, balance 1, 2, and 8 yearn at U por oont interest.. 20 lots, 26x126, on Sovsnly-fifth-st, oast of Junction ana Stony Island bonlovard; very obofeo high ground and of.bred cheap. , 16 lots nn Stony Island bonlovard, in grove, cast aide, and north of Bevonty-flr»t-st. ULRICH & ROND, 67 Dearborn-si. *I,IOR SALE-BY HENRY P. GEORGE, REAL ES- Xj state Agent, 80 (Jlark-st., opposite Court-House: 100 foot, onruur Evans-ftv, and Forty-tlilrd-it., at a bar* gain and on long time* 26 foot, Tblrty-sovonth-st, near Wubnsh-av. New 8 room homo in tho grovo near city limits, 83,800, partly on longtime. 130 foot, Inoiana-av., comer Thlrticth-nt. POR BALB-IN LAKE VIRW-A NEW AND BEAU tlful house with one aero ot ground, delightfully sit uated upon a wooded ridge in town of Lake View, near tho lake shore, miles north of Lincoln Park; bouse two stories, 10 rooms, bath-room and water closets, hot and cold water, well and force pump In basement, first* class futnaco and kitobon range: everything entirely now: houso never yet occupied; can bo had at a bargain and upon easy terms. This Is a rare opportunity to secure a beautiful country homo within ono hour’s ride by street cars from tho heart of tbo city. 1). F. CULVER. 147 LaSaUo*st., Major Block. FOR SALE—AT EVANBTON-A FINE NEW house, fronting tho Unlvorslty grounds and lako. on ossy terms and allow figures. Houses and lots in various parts of tho village. Lots la Kvamlon and South Evans ton at low figures. A lino bouao on Chlcago-nv. to rent. THEODORE REESE, Real Estate Dealer, Evanston,lll. TTIOU BALE-AT MAYWOOD. NEAR THE* DEPOfT X' largo, now, modern houso, 11 rooms, collar. and els tom. largo lot, 80 minutes from Wclls-it. depot. GEO. P. KIMBALL, 45 West WasbiogtoD-st., Room 6. For sale-i will offer for one week 16 houses and cottages of from 6 to 10 rooms in Evanston. North Evanston, and Gloncoo, at lower figures than any party can soil for who does nut deal exclusively in bis own property; you that want housos coma direct to mo and bdvo tbo commission; ono-fiftb down and balanoo in monthly or yearly payments will buy a homo; lota lu any of tho places named at wholesale prices; lumber furnished those who will build: none need apply who burn not a lit* tlo money. Q. E. BItQWNE, Gruvors Block, Evanston. THOR SALE-25 PER CENT GUARANTEED-YOU JD can buy lots at Hinsdale, amljtayono*half tho ap praised vaiuo in 4 years, at 73 and 74 Doarburn-st. O. J. BTOUGH. F~OR SALE-GOOD RESIDENCES AT EVANSTON, from S6OO to $10,000: also choice building Intv, and acrn-propnrty for subdivision, on easy terms, ALFRED L. SEWELL, 159 LaSallo-at., Ohtcogo. tpbll SALE—6 ACRE LOTS; HIGH STATE OF OUL* L' tlvatlon: good dry land; 83 miles from (Ibicago, on Fort Waynoßailroad; ono-fuurth mile from Hobart; pop ulation,' 1,000; prloo, including city lot, $500; cash, $25: balance, 810 monthly. Otlioodnys, Monday and Friday, 9 to 3. J, BAULK, Room 3, basement, 153 Monroo-st. I noil SALE—CHEAP—OiI TO RENT-NEW'hOUSB . and lot at Oak Park, 8 miles wost of Chicago, on C. 4N. W. R. 11.: terras easy. Apply to H. SUHROEDER, 1-10 North Uuion-st. I~POR BALE-OR EXOHANGE-AT WASHINGTON . Heights find Montrose, 50 acres. HO acres At a bargain. Also block sndloto, Union Park. 171 East Madlsou-st.. Hoorn 2. ‘ • FOR SALE—AT ENGLEWOOD—3 NEW COTTAGES on easy terms. UULUURU AGO.. % East iiavri* aou-st. F*oll SALE-AT ENGLEWOOD—COTTAGE AND lot. $2.1100, H cash, balance S3O per month until paid; splendid clianoo for a salnrlod man, ao you have 6 years to secure a homo, with easy p.iymontfi; commutation 845 a yoar. HULUURD A CO., 1)3 Heat Hanlson-at. THOR SALE-FINE RESIDENCE L*OTS AT WASH- X 1 inglon Heights, convenient to ntatton. Also at South JCnnlcwntd and Austin, cheap, and easy terms. K v ANS A DICKINSON, 125 Clarlt-al., Rcom 23. VOU HALE—FORTY ACRES IN SEC. 15, 88, 13. AT A JbugMn. J. W. WAUGUQP, 401 Wabayh-nv. TpOR BALE-CIIEAP-7.T WHEATON, MY CHOICE i' homo near thu collegu uud depot; house It) rooms; (■end cellars, wells, aud cistern : largo grounds 2if acres, 03 hearing milt trees, ima’l flints, largo ovorgro'Tis, and shade trees. GEO. P. KIMBALL. 45 Weal Wusning ton-st.. Room 5. . ■ For salh-by m. v. hotohkiss, 87 olark st., lumsos and largo lots at Maywood; prices from $1,600 to $7,500; also house atOak Purk, $5, Cup. For sale-in englewood, on easy terms, at a bargain, the southeast 'corner ot Stato and Sixty* Bocond-aU., nolngSOO footon Stalo-at., and 170 feet on Slxty-socond-st. Title perfect. T. MAPLE & CO., Hoorn 53, Central Union Block. F~ Oil SALE-AT liINSDALE—IIOU3ES, WITH largo grounds, atCfI.COO, $1,800,. $2,500, $3,51-0, $4,500, SS,WK), and up to $25,020. on any terms desired: also, houses to rent. Inquire of tho owner, at 72and 74 l»oar boro-Bt., main floor, or at Iltnidale. 0. J. STOUGH. TTtOH BALIS-AUSTIN—DESIRABLE BUILDING X' lots fur tale on graveled and sewered struct. No liner location. OHAITS 4 SNOW, 64 LaSallo-et. pOIi^ALK—SVOO WILL BUY, AT DANiIY, 83 X 1 minutes from Chicnco. on O. 4. N, W. R. R., u well* built U-romn cuttngo, with to acres hlgh'rolllng land, largo aud smull fruit uud ormtnontal trees; is cunvcnhmt to BLitleii.audßUScnplibloofßubdivlßiou. O.A. PHILLIPS, 154 LnSnlio-ut., buaemont, TROR SALE—AT UAVEN3WOOD—A NEAT GOTHIC X' dwelling, brick basement, 8 rooms, hard and soft water, and furnnoo; lot 142x152 foot, with fruit and shade troos;oosyterms. Apply to KbBURT GREER, &1 La fe’allo-at., Room ‘J. For sale-near Washington heights-a chance for small Invoatmoulu—Blocks of 2>i acres on Hnuth-st., or Ono llundrod-and-sovonth-at.; corner John -B«ii-av.; beautiful residence land; $350 per aero; 7 nor cent on deferred payments. (Jnlyllvo blocks loft. Aul-LL A .HOTCHKISS. 43 011 a Block. LaSnlloandMadhonsts. WANTED—TO RENT. WANTED— TO RENT-FOR LIGHT HOUSEKEEP fug—4 rooms north of Twenty-second-st. uud ouut of Slate, by man and wife; no children; will pay $36 to $35. Address P. O- Box 252. WANTED-TO KENT—BY A RESPONSIBLE PAR ty—A 2-etory house of 0 rooms: muat bo In good neighborhood and convenient to street can; rout not to exceed $55; would rent for ono or more years. Address S 21, Tribune ofllpo. WANTED—TO RENT-liY A RESPONSIBLE PAR TT to—Two nice cottages togethur; must be in good neighborhood and within a block of street curs; root $25 each. Address B 23, Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT—IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD of Klghtoonth-it.—Ono nmall furnished bud-rfrmi fora single gentleman; rent'about ©l‘i poc.iuonth. Ad dress Fill, Trlbunoollloa. ' ■ WANTED— TO RENT-TWO ROOMS SUITABLE for light housekeeping, within 5 minutes' walk of Madison and Hangamon-ais. References exchanged. Address F 16, Tribune office. ' W' ANTED-TO RENT-FOR LIGHT UOUBEKEKP lug. 8 or 4 pleasantly slUmlcd rooms, on South Ride, cast of blato-Bt., by a young married couple, without children. Address, stating price, D F B, euro Swan, Clark $ Co., 211 and 318 Monruo-st. WANTED— TO RENT-HOUSE. OTO 8 ROOMS, OR would rout part of largo house: South Bldoi stole prlco. Address FlO, Trlhuno ompo, WANTED-TO UtiNT—3 OR 4 PLEASANT UNFUR nlsbcd rooms for light housekeeping, In a respecta ble American family, noar Madlson-st. cars, oast of Union Park, by man and wifo, without children. Best of reference given. Addrosa FlB. Tribune ottlco. WANTED—TO RE NT-A FLOOR OF FIVE OR TT six rooms, on one of tho South Sldo avenues, suit able for housckaoplng. Roforoncos oxchangod. Address L7O, Trlbuno 011100. WANTED-TO RENT-A ROOM ON SOUTH HIDE In private family by a ilrabemakor, with Sunday board. Addre.w X) 1, T.lbuno office. ' WANTED-TO RENT—BY A SINGLE GENTLE man, rooms on South Side, with or without board. Address EBB. Tribute office. __ WANTED-TO RENT—HOUSES FOR FIRST VV class tenants in all parts of tho city. JACOB U. MAGILL, bland 89 Olark-at. WANTED —TO RENT THE UNDERSIGNED wants to ront a largo brick burn, nnrthnf Twmdy aicond-at,, between Slato-sl. and Wuhaah-av. Addrcra ’/> 87, Tribune 011100. _____ TITANTED-TO RENT—BY TWO YOUNG MEN, 3 IT orSunfurnisbod rooms, and stall inotahlo, westuf Ilalstcd-st., and bolwoon Fidtoii and Harrison. Address, Gating torms, B. A. BAKER, 48 East Erlo-at. \kr ANTED—TO RKNT-A ffOVSIS, NEAR T UK IT Chlesso University or balrview depot. Address D WB, 1W Yluconnoa-av., Darning price and number of roomi. Hif AN'I'ED —TO RENT-4 OUOQOOD ROOMS SUIT IT for housokueplng; small family; West Kldo; rants2Uors23. Uefouiuoos givou. Address /, 63, Trlb mm olltco. • rOUND. TjIOUNU—ABOUT A WEEK SINCE,' ON WAUABH av., aaiiiull-slzcd gold baud, Inijulio fur "BEN," at 266 Mlclilgan-aT._ J ‘ IjUJUND—A HKD COW, WHITE BACK, WHITE X 1 tail, and wblto fmohoad; about 4 years old. Apply to M, VAUOU, at47Uarkot-it., Room 2. TO RENT—HOUSES. ' niO RENT - AT' THR OKNRRAL RENTING X Agonoy of DREW A NEWBURY,. Rooms 8 and 9, Bryan UloeV 161 I*a 6allo*st. 130Thirty-tlnt-st,, 9-story frame, 11 rooms, modem lm* provemonls, S9OO. • B4 Forrit-av,, 9-story frame, S6O. 1951 Indlana-av.. 0 rooms, SBOO. 45Thlrly-fleeunu-Bt., 8-story brick, 10 rooms, $65. CsoStato-st., 12 rooms over store, S6O. 143 Adams-sl;, 2 tenements, 6 rooms each, water, 010., S4O. Cottago northeast corner of Miller and Taylor-sls., S3O. Comer of Seminary and Fuilortou-avs., 3-story houses, SBS and S4O per month. . , Corner of Division and North Slate-sis., 8-story and basement brick, now, oil Improvements. Resides a largo llstdrljousos In all parts of (ho city. niORENT—4-STORY 001 r AdbN*ftIAirBUf-FUbNTS, X 1151 and 1163 Mlohlrtan-av.; $1,9u0. 1120 Mlchlgan-av. s $1,650. Pmlrlo-r.v., near Twcnly-nlnth-st.; SI,BOO. Houses nro now, elegantly (milt, and am perfect In oil respects. Tho furniture can bo bad with 1153, If doslml. Tho houses on Pralrlo-ar. are very deep, and havo bay windows In roar, fancy ceilings, frescoed ball, etc.: or will soil SI,OOO down, balanoo In. (l»o years, or will (ako good ton! estate In part. I built (ho houses when land and material wore low, and can soil (or loss than they can bo reproduced at present. Tho bouses will boar Inspec tion. R. ASHLEY MEARS, owner, 148 LoSalle-sL TO RENT-filE TWO-STORY (WITH BRICK basomnnt) framo houso and ham. No. 1068 Indiana* av.,, furnished; modern Improve inuntn and conveniences: basement contains kitchen, laundry tubs, water-closet, furnace, ooal-ulns, and por* mnnont refrigerator; lint lloor contains two parlor*, hath* room, and dlning-ronm; second floor contains four sleep* Ing-roomi and bath-room. Inqulro of R. O. PAGE, at Kantr.lor it Hargis' Cigar Store, comer of Wabash-av. and Tivcnfy-socond-st., from I to 4 p. in. only. rjtb REN'iCo WEST"PbLK-BT.7ifoUßEfl ROOMS, X will: gas and water, and all conveniences; also, 6 rooms onground floor, with same; root, SBO per mouth. Gallon promluoß. rpo KENT—2-STORY FRAME, 445 WEST JACKSON* X st., Brooms, gas, wntor, hnrn, largo lot-, repairs will bo made, S6O: also 9-story frame, 1450 Stato-st., 10 rooms and store,slo. Alan, nlco collage, 313 North Ilaistod-st., 6 rooms, $25;214 Ninth llalsted-nt., storo and 9 moms on firaMloor, 6 rooms up-stalrs, sls: also 2 3-story houses, nicely llolshcd, lino nolghborhood, on Irvlng-placo, bo* tween Leavitt and Onklnv and Adams-and Monroe-ata., gIX) each. P. E. FIHKE. Room 0, Otis Block. fpO HKNT-BY F. O. VIERLINO, RKAL RHTATR X Agent, Room IS, 136Dearboro*st., houso of 13 rooms, 1235 Indiana.av.; has hnm and largo lot; $75 por month. Houso of fl rooms, 187 Thlrd-av., S6B por month. History oottagn, now, of Brooms, comer of Sophia and Orclinrd-sts., at S4O por month. Furnished house, first-class, of 14 rooms, on Pralrlo-av. near Twciity-tourth-st,, at $176 per month. • DIO RENT—ELEGANT 16-ROOM MARBLE HOUSE. X Wabash-av. near Twolfth-st., and on Michigan and Pralrio-avs. S. MEARS, 148 LaSMlo-st. a” 10 RENT—THE ELEGANT 8-BTORY AND BASE* . meat brick houso, No. 4 Park-plncu, 10 rooms, all modern Improvements, $3,6t!0 per year. SNYDER A LEU. 44 Nixon Building, northeast corner Moarooaml LnHallo-sts. m 6 KENT—DWELLING. 0 KOOKS, AT 231 SOUTH X Halatod-at. A liberal discount to parties paying years’ rent la advance. fiVo rSnt’-cottageandbaßn, no. 47 win. X ehoator-av., botweon Monroe and Adams-sts.; $lO per month. HAIR 4 00.,, Room 26, Bryan Block. rilO RENT —FROM MAY 1 THREE-STORY X marble front dwelling, No. 8 Eldrldgo-oourt; root. Q1 800. u’wo-story frame dwelling No. 0 Eldrldgo court; rent, 81, COO. Tiro-story frame dwelling No. 297 Mlohlgan-av.; rent, $1,500. Apply to J. O. FARRINGTON, care Qoorgo 0. Olarko, D and 4 Bryan Block. r RENT—HOUSE, AND FURNITURE FOR SALK —Tho loaso for two years of a bouio in porfoot order, and furniture, nearly now, for salo, located north of Twclfth-st. on Mlohlgan-av. Every modern convenience, B rooms, bgaldu kltobon, 2 bath rooms, laundry, collar, oto. To aporeou having tho moans of buying furniture, this Is a rare opportunity. JOSEPH U CRAWFORD 4 CO.. 160 LaSalle-at. • TO RENT-DWELLING, AND FURNITURE FOR anlo. Tho llrst-qlass two-story and basomont brick bouse, N0.*477 West Randolpb-st., rent, 81,500. Furnl turo now, comploto, and first-class, must bo sold If hooso is rented. Apply on promises, or to P. COLE 4 SON. 110 RENT—3-STORY HOUSE, 863 WEST TYLBR .st M 7 rooms, 9 pantries, 8 closuta; rentß46a month. Inquire at 800 WuatTyior-st. rno RENT-A NEW 8-STORY AND BASEMENT X house on North LaSallo-st.. noarOnk. All modern Improvomonts. Apply to JOHN McKWEN, 943 North Wolla-st. mo RENT—HOUSES IN ALL PARTS OP THE X city, low to good tenant*. JACOB O. MAUILL. 81 andfcSSouth Olark-st. TO RENT—IN NORTH DIVISION, SOUTHWEST corner of Deldon-av. and Halstcd-st., largo 3-story and brick basomont house of Brooms, with modern im provements. Dlning-rom and kltohon on main floor. OGDEN, SHELDON 4 00., Nlxon’a Building, corner LaSalle and Monroo-sta. rro RENT—FURNISHED COTTAGE HOUSE OF lo X rooms, from May 1, No. 19, Wlllard-placo. Apply next door south, No. 16. mO RENT-COTTAGE OF 6 ROOMS, NORTHWEST X oor. Oampboll-av. and Jackaon-st., $25. 11. 0. MOREY, 77 Clark-st. alO RENT-A HOUSE OP 10 OR 13 ROOMS, NO. 307 . North Paullua-st., with largo yard and barn. Will bo routed for a term of years, If desired. HITOHOOOK, DUPEE 4 EVARTS, 52 Bryant Block, mo RENT—ON WEST NO. 1029, A X nowly furnished house, containing eight rooms, on socond floor, with all modern Improvements. First floor for store, 22xC0. Apply at 944 East Mndlsou-at. rno RENT-A COTTAGE WITH BIX ROOMS, NO. X 61 Hinsdalo-st., near Rush, SBS per mouth, byO. J. HAMIiLKTON, Room 'd,* No. 124 South Olark-st. rpO RENT-HOUSE 669 WEST WASIIINGTON-ST,, X first, scooud, aud part of third floors, 9 rooms. Apply roml2(u2. rilO RENT—TWO-STORY HOUSE ON FULTON-BT., X near Lincoln, with barn, S6O. Alto, coltaceoftirooms on Hubbard-st., uoar Wostorn-sv,, SBO. Apply at 101 Fark-nv. . Fpo KENT—OR FOR SALE. NO. 1-160 PUAIRIR-AV., X lino two-story frame houeo with bsm nt $65 por month: forsalo until May 1 for $8,600. J. L. FAKE & CO., 88 Waebingteast. TORENT-THE 2-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK dwelling2l? North Stnto-st., near Oblcngo-uv., with complete tnodsrn improvements j rout, SI,OOO. Apply on Iho promises after 10 a. in. TO RENT-MAY 1, ft-ROOM COTTAGE, 209 Mo- Orogor-et., between Twenty-fourth and Twonty-flfih slo., four blocks west of Stato-st. Apply to QKO. W. SHELDON, Custom-House. TO RENT—HOUSE NO. 191 WEST KINZIE-ST., 8 rooms. 8. WHITTIER, f>f»7 Stato-st. THO RENT-1223 PRAIRIE-AV., BRICK BASEMENT X homo and barn: 18 rooms, furniture, and all Improve ments. Apply to G. L. UOODLEBS, Room 13, 183 La ballo-st. - TO RENT-HOUSE CONTAINING TEN ROOMS, rooms, pantry, olasota, and good collar, all in first classcondltion, ou Pooria-st., bet. Lake and Fulton. Ap ply at 223 Fulton-st. rpo RENT-NO. 881 FULTON-ST., 2-STORY HOUSE; X baa IS rooms: la good repair; rent, $65 por mouth. Apply to J. D WKBlcll, Room 14 Otis Block, ooraor Madison and La3allo-»ts. rp6" RENT—A NEAT 6 ROOM COTTAGE. EXTRA X width, twu lots, gas, water, barn, and bandy to steam and horae-oqrs, No. 656 Wentworth-av. Apply at 256 Stato-st. rpb‘RENT-A BRICK HOUSE OP 10 ROOMS. N. H. X coruorVan Uuron and Throop-sta. Inquire nt 139 Tliroop st,, before 11 a. m. rpO RENT—2 NEW 3-BTORY- AND BASEMENT X brick houses, of 7 rooms each, corner Adamt-at. and Soeloy-av., S6O per month. F. M. GRAY, Room 6, 127 LaSallc-st. fpo RENT-ON FORQUKU-ST.. NEAR BLUB X Islaud-av., a largo and comfortable homo of lOroomsi with bath-room, storo-roem, etc. Apply at 263 Ferquer-st. Rout. $55 per month. rpO RENT-COMMODIOUS 2-BTORY FRAME* X dwelling, 939 Mlchigan-av. 5 has all modern Improve ments; bam and very largo garden. Inqulro of WAUL BROTHERS, lilC Mtchigan-av __ niO RENT—HOUSE 788 MADISON-BT., COR. LIN- X coin', containing 8 rooms, besides closets, pantry, and bath room; all rooms connect with the ball, and well ar ranged; references required. Inquire at store. rpo RENT—2-STORY FRAME DWELLING, 400 WEST X VanUuron-Bt. PHILIP MYERS A CO., Room 18 Major Block. rMO RENT-DWELLING 9J3 WABASII-AV., 2-STO" X riea and basement, all modem improvements. J. W. WAUGHOP, 4Ut Wabash av. fpO RENT-WEST HIDE, 4 FRAME HOUSES 9 X rooms, marble mantel, gas and grate, on North Pau- Ilna-st,, from Muy 1. Good neighborhood. $49 por month. Inquire at lo9to North Pauuua-st., up-statra. niO UENT-NISW IfOliSE, 6 lIOOMS. .00 WHST X Erio-it., near Asblaml-av. Apply onpremises. Rent $23. N. U. GRAY. V rp'O RENT—TWOSTORY DWELLING. No, 187 X Walnut-st. Terms, SSO per month. Inquire of OilAB. W. GRIGGS, 150 Washlngton-st. _ mt> RUNT—A NIOKLY-FINISHKD HOUSE OF 9 X rooms, ami alcove. with basement for wash ana store room, near Oakland Station and Cottage drove street oars. SHIPMAN & McKEEVEW, iSs la Sallo-at., Room 16. ■ rno RENT—COTTAOH. NO. 81 WALNUT-ST., NEAR X Union Park, containing 9 rooms. Apply to HENRY I*. ISI lAM. 16 UotigrcsH at, rilO RENT—FROM MAY I, FURNISHED HOUSE, X No. UtSouth Wond-st., with barn, and all modern linjmivommitH. Apply on promloos, or to D. 0. BRAD LEY, 151 Washlngton-Bt. TO RENT-A FIUST-OLABB HOUSU, IN PER foot repair end all modern Improvements. 03 Thlrd av., corner Harrlson-st. rno RENT-A VERY DESIRABLE DRIOIC HOUSE, X octagon front, all conveniences: olopant location, cor ner of titato and Ontnrlo-sta., North Dido. HOWARD, kul East Waahlogtoa-at. rpO RENT-MARBLE FRONT FURNISHED HOUSE. X Mlcblgaa-ftv., for $2,600; uoar BUtooulh-st. HENRY A. HILL, 161 Laßallo-st., basement. rncTRENT—SIX ROOMS, PANTRY AND CLOSETS i X also throe rooms, pantry and clpjOt; water on both iloors: two doors from van il.uron-at. card. Apply In rear of 11*3 South Wood-fit. * rno RENT—TWd-BTORY HOUSE WITH 9 ROOMS, X pantry,‘closet*, summer kltolion, lake and cittern water; barn. 80 Suymour-st..between Lako and Fulton, and near horse-cars. H. M. BOOTH, 88 Hoymoor-st. rno RENT—a-STOUY mudk AND brick base- X mont house, on West Uonroo-st.. near Morgan, with barn, has modern Improvements. J. n. GOULD, 119 Dourbom-st, rno RENT— II6O WABASH-AV., FURNISHED OR UN- X furnished in&rblo front, H rooms, and barn; also, ulinl lar house, tlnuly furnished, 15 rooms, and barn. 8. DE* LAUATER, seuthwofit corner Clark and Madlaon-sts. r n on'ii srr-if (TT99WAB ash ■ av. . i Ito 12 rooms, 1 $1,6C0. Apply to H. J. GOODRICH, 868 Wabash av. rno RENT-COTTAGE 191 WALNUT-ST., HBOUND X imtuowostof Wood; gas and water. D, LEONARD, 198 LaSalle-fit. - _ • • rno RENT-FRAME lIOUBR, NO. 13 EAST' IIARTH- J. tem-st.. uearMlehlsan-av. , Am IV to BRANDT A HOFFMAN, 125 SouthOUrk-et.. Rum 2d. mV RENT—OR FOR SALE—FURNISHED COTTAGE 11104 indlima-av., noarTwonly-lourlh-Bt.; price,; S.’UU cash, bnlannu monthly; rent 490 nor mouth. 51, C. ALDWIN A QO., 61 aud SI LaSalle it., ItaoidfL rnVRENT— 8-ROOM HOUSE.* MW*WaIWS;Av7T X boar Twenty-slxth-ai., at sls per month. HENRY IN GKOUUE, bJ Clark-bl. • ■ ‘ ' rno iIISWT— S-STOKY* AND BAfIBMHNT STONIi- X fnmt hmißnott Wabush-av,, nour Ttilrteenlh-at,, No. Ml, by It. FQWLBU, 103 Wa»hiugßm-ri. rno RENT-A COTTAGE, CONTAINING « ROOMS, Xanucloiots. Inquire 19 Price Place, down stairs, between Dusplalnes and Halatod-sts. West Hide. rho RENT—I9-ROOM, 8-STORY UOUSE, CORNER • Xof I'oorlannd Tylor-sts. (JWpermonth, !. B. BOVD, 1W Weat WMhlngtOMt. ‘ ; to RENT-HOUSES. To rent-tub four*story and basement brick building 593 Wasnlngton-at., suitable for mer cantile, manufacturing, ■or storafto purposes. W. M,' HOWLAND, leSWasblngtomst., Room 24. ' Suburban. rno hunt-a fine dwelling often rooms X In boaulirnl location opposite Ladlos' College on ohi* csgo-av., in Kvsniton ; pouoaalon al*on May 1 1 runt awl per month. OallonornddroasM. Is, STEVENS, oflico of Mutonl Uf o Ins; On.. 831 Woat Madlson-st. rno hunt—a fine large house and lot at X Glonooo, near the lake shore,-18 tnlloa from Chicago, 4 minutes’ walk from depot; situation high and healthful; soiiuol, church; neighborhoodnndsurroundings delight* full farotoPhloagubytUoyoarlowi will sell cheap. In* quire of F. W. NKWIIALL, corunr Lako and Oanal-wis. ; rno HISNT—AND FOR BALRtIN WINNISTKA, ONE X good homo nnd lot for sale, and two for rent. It. 11. GRAVES, Winnotka. ; ; rno RKNT-I,AKK FOREST RESIDENCE; HOUSE. X now { modern Improvement!; grounds handsomely fitted up: pleasantly located. PANE IEIJJ A MATTE* HON, Ufl Lnßallo-wt. ri}O.RENT—IN WHEATON, CONVENIENT TO DR* X pot and college, good Homo, 10 rooms. largo nrounds and abundance of fruit. GEO. I*. KIMBALL, 45 West Washiugton-at., RoomO. a* 10 RENT—IN MEYWOOD. NEAR THE DEPOT, . largo, now, modern house, 11 room*, R) ndmiteu from Wolts-st. depot; hourly trains. GKO. I*. KIMBALL, 45 Woat Waslilngton»st., Roomfl. 110 RENT-FOR THE BUMMER, ONE OF THE llnoit residence* lu the State, furnished or unfur* uithed, with largo ground!, bountiful grove, fruit, Ac., situated at (lonova, Kano County, 111. Inquire of M. T. POLE, Geneva, 111. mo RENT-RY M. V. 'HOTCHKISS, 87 CLARK- X at., flno place at Maywood, S4O a mouth; also several homes at SBO and SOS a mouthy , ■ a~lO RENT-AT EVANSTON—A HOUSE OF 80MB 10 rooms, with lot 102i‘JU), well shaded with large trees, with carpels and stoves, only a square from depot. TIIKO DORK REESE, Real Estate Dealer, Evanston. f|lo RENT—LAKE FOREST RESIDENCE. HOUSE X now, grounds handsomely Improved. OANFIELD A MATTEBON, <0 IJiSallo-Bt. , TO KENT—STORES, OFFICES, Sc c. TO RENT—3D, CD, AND 4TII FLOORS. WELL lighted, corner Wabash-ar. and South wator-st.; atoam nnd hand elevators. Also, SJ floor over 7, 0, and 11 Wabash-nv.; also, base mont under 7. P, and 11 Wuhnah-a?., low togoodienants. Apply tn CHASE, HANFORD A CO., corner Wabash* av., and South Wotor-it. TO RENT-STORE 20*65 FEET NO. IP3 .WASHING* ton-st.; also double store 40*95 In same, brown ato'no building. These stores are splendidly lighted, have a 35 foot alloy directly la roar; tiro-proof vaults, and have finished uasomonts, which may ho rented with them or not, at'pleasure of tenaa’. Apply directly to owner. Room 6, No. IbSWashlngton-st. 1"10 lUsNT—Ofilt-HALP STOKE ON SOUTH WA lor-*t., suitable for commission business. Ront moderate. Address 0 41, Trlbano olfloe. 1 rno RENT—STORK 035 WEST MADISON-3T., TO A X responsible party* now used for a shoo store. A. BLAKE, 127 LftSallo-st. rno bkn't-baskment <oxb suet, nos. 105 and X 197 Washington-st. j baa wide alloy directly In rear, D re-proof vault, sidewalk lights, and llulshod throughout. Apply at Room 6 oamo halloing. • ■ . rpO RENT-STORES AND OFFICES IN ALL LOOA- J. Uons, low, to good tenants. JACOB O. SJAGILL, 81 and 83 South Clark-st. ___ TO RENT-FROM MAY 1, STORE AND DWELL tag, No. 145 Blue laland-ar.; slro 34x43; good loca tion; wnow occupied as a boot and shoo store. Inquire at 859, between Ewing and Forquer. r RENT—FROM MAY 1, SECOND FLOOR OF NO. 46 State-st,; good light in front and slao; corner of to ifMutINO 4*oo Apply on promlsos T“”0 RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT, 821 NORTH Clark-st.; dwelling above, 12 rooms. Apply to It. U. FLEMING, Room 14, 166 Woslilnglon-it. TO RENT-BASEMENTS ON WEST MADISON-ST , 86x70, In Thompson's Block, suitable for any business; rent right parties. WM. 11. THOMPSON, 229 r RENT —WITH STEAM ELEVATOR AND steam power, if wanted, second story and part of basement of £3 and 23 Randolph-st., 40x155 ft, by 8. H. HARRIS, at Safe Factory, C 3 South Canal-st. niO RENT-A VERY DESIRABLE REAR OFFICE X on tint floor, Major Block. W. U. L’HAUE, 143 La- Ballo-st., Major Block. fflO RENT—WELL LIGHTED OFFICES, FINISHED X In first-class stylo, on LaSallo-st., near Randolph, oor nerof alloy; Uni floor. S2O to 8361 second, 815 to 936; third. sl9 to S2O. WILLIAM H. CONDON, 47 LaSalle it.. Room 3. , mO RENT—STOUR AND JIASKMKNT NO. SS6 WEST X Madison-st.. Thompson's Block, 26x70, suitable for any first-class business. A good tenant more desired than high root. WM. U. THOMPSON, 899 West Madi- BOU-St. r RENT-ONE HALF OF STORE AND NICE light front office, with storage in loft and basomont If desired. CHAPIN 4 MITCHELL, 83 South Wator-st. mO RENT-OFFICES, SINGLE OR EN SUITE, X with llro-proof vaults; only one flight stairs, first class In all rospoota. Apply to ownor. Room 5, same building, No. 193 East Wasnlngton-st. mo RUNT—MARBLE FRONT STORE AND BASE- X mont No. 838 West Lako-st., near Paulina; flrat-rato location. Apply on promisee, Room 8. rno RENT-A STORE ON STATK-BT., OPPOSITE X Putter Palmer’s Hotel: also offices and lofts, all woll 11 ghtod. Inqujro at Room IL_ 161 Monroo-st. TO RENT-SEVERAL SUITES OF ROOMS SUIT- X able for offices, at Ml Stato-st. GILBERT 4 01V -INB.JB Laßallo-et. rpO RENT—HALF OP STORE ON WEST MADISON- X st., near Union; oxoolleat location for a jowolor, mer chant tailor, oto. NOCKIN 4 FISCHER, 16 South Dcs plalnos-st. TO RENT-SECOND AND FOURTH FLOORS. AT 65 West Lako-st.; also, stable, with 8 stalls. Apply to CUTLER 4 HUBE. 66 West Lako-st. __ Mb RENT—A CORNER BASEMENT, ON WABASH- X ov. t convenient to bnsluoss, peculiarly adapted for afirst-class laundry, having doom and hotwatorilituros already In position; good light, gas fixtures, Ac, F. A. BRAGG A CO., 46 East HarrUon-st. TO RENT—A GOOD BUILDING NORTH OF IlAß rlson-st., on Wobashav., 41)i60, for a laundry: water lu building; S6O por month. J. S. GOULD. 119 Dear born-st. ffib RENT-BASEMENT 20x60 AT 283 BTATE-3T., X under Orient Hotel. nT6*RI2NT-A GOOD DARN AT 683 WABABU-AV. 1 Inquire of E. HOFFMAN. 171 East Madlson-st. niO RENT-A DESIRABLE CORNER ROOM ON X Lnko and Peorla-sls,, second tloor, size 88x43; well lighted and ventilated, suitable for society, purposes or light manufacturing. W. H. PHARE, 143 LaHnllo-at., Major Block, ground floor. rpo RENT-DESK ROOM, IN ONE OF THE BEST X located o»loe-bulldln«B tu tho city. First-class parties only need address H 76, Tribune otllco. T“ O RENT-OFFICE WITH LARGE FIRE-PROOF vault, nt $25 per month. Apply on promises. Room S3, No. 123 Washington-st., between LaSalle and Wells. mO RENT-STORE. WITH LARGE SHOW-WIN- X dowc, in,brick building, 140 South ilnlstcd-st. T" 10 RENT-BASEMENT, 140X29. WELL LIGHTED, gas and water; ono of (ho boil locations in tho city, will bo vented to a first-class tenant on reasonable terms, inquire at 103 South Wator-st. J. F. A J IS. WHITE. rpO RENT-STORES AND BASEMENTS IN MAR- X bio front block nn Wabasb-av., near Twenty-second st. Stores under Continental Hotel, corner Stnto-st. ami Eldrldgo-conrt. BAIUD A BRADLEY. I*o LaSallc-at. TO BENT—ROOMS. TO RENT-UNFURNISHED. TWO SUITES BACK rooms, fourth floor, Kent’s Building; water In rooms, bath, and oil modern conveniences; one floor for gentle men only; rent S2O per mouth. Apply at Room 6, 151 Monroo-st. rpO RENT-TWO NICK ROOMS FOR HOUSE- X keeping. 64 West Vanßuron et., up stairs. TO RENT-UNFURNISHED ROOMS FOR GEN tleuion in sooond and third stories brick building cor ner Randolph eud Jofforeon-sts.: h&vo itiildo blinds, with «ns, and closots on samo tloor. Apply atKoom 40, No. 103 Went Randolph-st. TO RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED AND UN furnished rooms by the day, wook, or month, at tho St. Julien, IBi and 153 Donrborn at, TO RENT—AiWKLL-FURNIBUED FRONTPARLOR, _ with or without board, at 486 West Madlson-at. fpb RENT-A SUITE OF 4 FRONT ROOMS WITH 3 X closots, water, ami gas, in marble front block No. 63*1 West Lako-at. Apply to J. D. WEBER, 279 Park-ar. TO RENT—IF TAKEN IMMEDIATELY—A FINE ■ulto of rooms at 106 Twenty-fourth-st., topsides who have good referonceo. rpo RENT-SLEEPING-ROOSI FURNITURE FOR X sale cheap, wttUUmnodlato pociocsion. Call at Room 49, Otis Block, corner of Mndtson and LaSsllo-ets., from Rlfr to 1 o'clock, noon, thta week. rpO RENT-DOUBLE PARLORS; ALSO BASEMENT X of 4 rooms; first-class locations for merchant tailor, laundry, Ac. MOSES J. KELLY, 174 West Washing ton-st.. niO RKNT SEVERAL LARGE FURNISHED X rooms, easy of access by olovator: Republic Dining- Roam earns floor; can bo mado nullable for artists; sky light 1( doslrod, Gall or address. Room 61, Republic Lllo Building, 181 and 163 LaSalle-fit. rno RENT-NICE FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. X with closet, suitable for two gcnllomoD ; also a email one. Apply at lt)80 Wabash-av. rno RENT-HALF OF HOUBB ON INDIANA-AV., X near borso oars. Inquire JANITOR, Uavon Babool, 829 Waba«h-BT., basement. 110 RRNT-THK PARLORS OF THE FRAME COT tngo. No. JB9 Wabash-av., for business, or furnish ed for lodgings for two or four gentlomou, rpO RENT-TWO FURNISIIKD OR UNFURNISHED X rooms with closets; also uso of bath-room; day board convenient. Call to-day at HO llulihard-st. >pO RUNT-A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT Xroom* H9 South lialstoa-st, T* 0 RENT-NICE FUHNISHKD ROOMS AT 761 WA baah-ftT.i with or without board. TO RENT-A NICELY-FURNISHED ROOM FOR man and wife or ninglo gentleman at 1M West Wafib- Ington-at. Terras, $lO and $lB. rno RENT-SUITES OF 6 ROOMS. OAH. WATER, X and waUir-elosots with each, suitable for uoußohaqii. 1111(1 alry ‘ * M - TO LEASE. rno LEASE—FOR TERM OF YEARS, £5 TO 199 FEET X on south side of Lako-st., half block oast of Union Park. J. U. STARR, CO West Randolph-st. niO LEASE-DOCK LOT ICO FEET, ON RIVER JUST X south of Twunly-aoouud-Bt. bridge, and now occupied by Daniol Boglo as a coni yard. Apply In basement, northeast corner Madison apd Dearborn.ate. filO LEASE—THE BEST COAL DOCK IN THE OITVI X lot on Canal-st., uoar Adams, formerly occupied by Holbrook; doeklSUfoot. Inquire at 3U Eaot Maulson-st. A. H. HOLDEN. a 10 LEASE—DOCK PROPERTY, ON SOUTH branch,’ neurTwoniy-fiocoud-st., Iwi foot on thorlvor. by 229 foot to U. & A. It. R. Apply to HENRY P. ISIIAAI, iJOongiogait. rno, LEASE-DOCK AT BRIDGEPORT (010 FEET, X may bu leased lit parcels). Railroad facilities. Im mediate possoulon. Apply to S. fiUIIOENICMAN, cor ner pf_Av°hor-av. and Kqlt-st. STRAYED OR STOLEN. STRAYED OR STOLEN—A YOUNG, SMALL, NEW tulloh cow; color, red, with whito face and whlto stripe ou back. Tim Under will bo suitably rewarded by return ing tho satmi to 815 West SUluonth-st. OHAS. REIH3IU. STRAYED— FROM 'fillT UIIBmK*NCB OF O. A Rogue, corner of Forty-sovonih-st. and Egandalo-av., on Friday, April 16, a small sized bay mam, wlthsiarln horfoicuoaa. Any person returninglicr or giving Infer- WANTED—MALE HELP.* Boolcltoopom. Clorlm, Eto. ' TAfANTKD-nnyQ OI.RIIK, ONE, Vr-110 Bl'Haks VV English nrul Gorman; must lia familiar with tho business.-Boticl nddroaswllh roforonco, U2s,Tribune otlloe. , ■ \\f ANTED—THRICE TRAVELING SALESMEN. VV 178IUate-st. > Room 13. __ . WANTKD~AN'KXPBUIBNdi-n> GERMAN SALKS. VV man fur city trado by a wholesale giooory bouso. Ad. dross Y ID, Tribune office. WANTED —A , YOUNG MAN WHO WRITES A if bold clear hand, to nonduot the correspondence of a Imfllnoifl. Address. > n own hand-writing, nta inr'salary expected, Z 71, Tribune olllco. ■Tradoo. WANTED-rmST-OLARS UI'IIOLSTEREim. AP- V> ply nt SAMPSON, GILBERT ft CO., 2*17 and 203 Wauasli-nv. ANTED— furnished. Address R. C. UUNTOON, Rex 01D, Pontiac, Livingston County, WANTED-A GOOD TINNER, STEADY WORK, to go Into' Wisconsin. Apply to RATHBONE, BARD ft CO., 83 nnd 40 Lako-at. wANTKU-a'fIHABS"MOULDER WHO UNDER. 11 alandinfixing metals for car brncsee, 611 Wabash av.i up-stalra. ■ ■ WANTEIi-A GOOD lIAUNICSHMAKER FORTHE Vi country, to do coarse and lino work; steady em ployment ana good wages. Apply at HAYDEN A KAY’S, 45 and 47 Uko-at. AT 103 lIARUISON.ST. WANTItn-4 GOOD PAINTERS. CALL AT 19 VV Grecn-sl., between 11 and 12o'clock, iVAN 7 n£b->TrBW nobb~bAlciminers, imme* It (Hatoly. at 103 Kant Washlngton-st. GEO. L. BOUUKLER. WANTED-SIX FIRBT-OLASB STAIR BUILDERS VV at the Whoolor ft Wilson Building, IbQ Stato-st. Ap ply to-morrow morning. WANTED TWENTY HOUSE-PAINTERS THIS • VV rooming. l Call at 121 Monroo-at., ready for work. WANTED— FIRST-CLASS CARRIAGE PAINTER. Address JOHN L. LORD, Dixon, HI. WANTED-A GOOD CARRIAGE BLACKSMITH. > V 283 Mllwaukco-nv. TYTANTED—GOOD GRAINERB. APPLY TO WM. VV PHILLIPS, at J. W. Uont’s Factory, Monroo-st,, between Franklin and Fifth-av. WA n 'TED-A GOOD MAN OH WOMAN YY Also dishwasher aud scrub-girl. SMITH’S Oyster House, ElHarrUon-Bt., near State. ■ WANTED-A GOOD COAT-MAKER TO GO IN VV the country. Apply at BIDDLE ft BOYD'S, 271 East Madlson-st. - • WANTED —UPHOLSTERERS WANTED, TWO first-class workmen; steady employment, and good wages. Inquire nt tho oflloo of Central Hotel at Ip. m. and 7 p. m.. to-day and so-morrow. WTANTED-TWO FIRaT-OLABS OIL FINISHERS W on office work and furniture. F, 11. WOLSTNOBIL corner Lincoln am) Kiunlo-st. TirANTF.D-MOULDINO POLISHERS. BAMMONS? YV CLARK A GO., 197 South Ollnton-st, TO-ANTED-S OU’ffiOOD HOUaE PAINTEHS AT • T corner of Lake and Olark-ste., to-morrow morning early. WANTED— 6 GOOD CABINETMAKERS OR OP- Hop litters. Call at Room 11 Otis Block, LaSallo-st. corner Madison. WANTED-A GOOD COMPOSITOR: ONE WHO Is experienced in label work preferred: also a oyllu dor pressman. BASSETT, BUSH. A MITCHELL. Coaohmon. Teamsters. &o* WANTED-AT THRTHIRTY-FIRBT-BT. MARKET, a young jnno to tako care of horses and deliver orders. Apply early. 207 Thlrty-flrst-st. Miscellaneous. WANTED-GOOD ACTIVE MEN TO CANVASS for the now improved Howe Sowing Maoblno In the city of Milwaukee and vicinity. This is a comparatively unworked territory, and agents can make large wages. Aro olforiug unprecedented Inducements for tbo right kind of men. Address O. CADY, City Agont. lia Wla oousln-st., MllwaoUoo, Wis. \\T ANTED—AOTIVeT MEN READY FOR BU8I »> noes to call on or address JONES A CO,, 71 South Canal-st., Room 8.; £3O to £io a week sure money. WANTED-A NEAT COLORED BOVTO WAIT »T on tsblo and work round the house. Apply with ref erences at 751 Wabash-av, \\TANTKD-GOOD RAILROAD LABORERS TO VT work on double track of Pittsburgh. Fort Wayne 4 Chicago Railway, at Valparaiso; wages, $1.76: board, 34:' faro. BJ.M;no passes Issued. 0. W. DURHAM, Con tractors* Knglnnor. WANTED-ONE OR TWO MEN WITH ABOUT £5,000, to Join mo In manufacturing brick: con fur nish machine and yard, Address, for two days, D 49, Tribune oflloe, ' ’ ' \\T ANTED—2OO RAILROADMEN AND 10FOR8TA- V “‘i? '™. r “ L d «X Baud work: free faro; one family for a farm. MATHISON A CO.. 69 \V. lUudolDh-9t.. Room 3. WANTED— SALKSMAN.TO SELL A LINE OP GRO cats’sundries to the Jobbing and retail trade In the cuy. Au active and thorough young salesman will bo paid a fair salary. Address 1> uj. Tribune olllco. TyANTED-LABORERS AND MECHANICS FOR T » . Tessa; 25 woodchoupers, 81.26 per cord; one man and his wife; 10 farm hands. ANO ELL 4 OOA It EH. W 'ANTED—MEN IN EVERY TOWN. COUNTY. ’ and State, to soil our new button-hole nutter and ncedlo-thrcadlng thimble. Agents that wish tho goods will eavomoney and time by buying direct of the manu facturers, at W Itast MadUon-st., Room 6. WANTED-MEN WITH A FF.W SHILLINGS ready cash can clear $3 to £9 o day with our goods, in city or country. A. RAY, 25 West Lako-st. • \\TANTRD-A, BUTLER TO SERVE IN A FIRST /T class family lathe city; must luivo experience, and fuinish best of city reference. Applyot Mrs. BATES' olllco, 10 Peck-court. WANTED— 23 GOOD RAILROAD MEN, TO LEAVE to-morrow sure. Free faro; pood pay aud good board. , Apply early at Room 3, No. w) North Canal-st.. cornorLako-st. WANTED MEN —FOUR NEWEST AUTICLKS nut, Extra largo profits to agonts. Soils fast. 170 East Mndlson-st., Room 16. WANTED-OOOD, STEADY, AND RELIABLE man who can drive loam and aroused to hard work. Inquire at omco, 780 Indlana-av., near 0., B. & Q. R, U. crossing. WANTED— 200 GOOD LABORERS, TO LEAVE TO night for P. iFI W. n. U.; wage., 81.75 n day! irce faro. Apply at 01f»^lwaukoc-av. \\rANTED r lU LIVE MEN FOR LIGHT SUMMER Vl job. Call or address, with stamp, SMITH BROS., H-tWostWashlngton-at.. Boom 4. T\TANTED—A GOOD ACTIVE MAN OF GOOD AD. JT dross to deliver books and make collections. MOSES WARREN, 499 Wabash-av. WANTED— 9 SALESMEN, BOOKKEEPER, DILL dork, porter, Uclorkn, bartendor; also 60 railroad Inborors for Indiana; free fare. Apply at 167 Flfth-av., Room 4. WANTED— 500 RAILROAD MEN FOR A NEW road uot fsr from Chicago; wages at first 81.70 per day, board from S3 to 83.6(1 per wook. Plonty'of station work at liberal prices. Also 200 choppers and tle makers for Indiana. Apply to CHRISTIAN 4 BING, No. 1 buuth Clark nr No. lOt South Qunal-at. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics. WANTED— A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work: good wages paid; references required. In* quire at llt>s Pralrlo-nv. wANTED-A FIRST-CLASS COOK AND SECOND TV girl, la a private family. Gorman, Swede, or Nor* wcglan. Apply at O Wabash-av. » ANTED—A GOOD WOMAN TO DO GOOD PLAIN cooking. Apply at 121 West Lako-st WANTED-A GIRL ABOUT 10 YEARS OF AGE to do light work in a prlvato family. Apply this morning at lU7B West Adams-st. WANTED-A GOOD COOK. WASHER AND ironor, at 85 per week, in small prirato family. A man to do chorus. At northeast corner Tyler and Fau- Ifua-uta. WANTED-AT 278 SOUTH OLINTON-ST., A GOOD girl to do plain .cooking and general housework. Gorman or Swmia preferred; 81 par weak. W' ANTE MM E [TI AT ~100 SOUTH Wood-et.. two good glrlsf ono for kitchen, tbo other second work. Answer for four days. WANTED —AT 1253 MIOUIGAN-AV.. CORNER Thlrty-thlrd-st., two girls, ono to cook, wash, and iron, tho other to do second work and assist with tho wash ing and Ironing; rofcroneqa required. WANTED - GOOD GENERAL SERVANT EOU small family at llydo Park, Inquire at Room 7, First National Bank Building, corner State and Washing ton-uta., city. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work In a small family; ;must bo good washer and ironor. Apply at 1109 Pralrlo-av. WANTED-A YOUNG GIRL 16 TO 18 YEARS OF- Hcolo takocuroof two small children. Apply at (moo at 099 Wathlnglon-av. \VANTED-A COMPETENT .GIRL TO DO GEN* V. pruf housework lu a private family at Oakland. Ap ply to Will. HUGER, 210 South Wulor-st., basement. WANTED— A GOOD KITCHEN GIRL FOR A private family. Apply at 481 West Ra»dolpb-at. WANTED— IMMEDIATELY, A , GIRL AT OAK Park, for general housework. Call to day at 73 South Maagamon-st. ANTED GIRL HOUSEWORK WASHING, Ironing, do.: good wages. Polk-st., second house west of Wostom-av., fronting north. WANTED-A GERMAN, SWEDE, OH NOUWE elan girl for general houeowork. Apply at B7 Twon ty-h/th-sl. WANTED-1N A SMALL FAMILY, A GOOD GIRL coiopotont as cook and to do gonorsl houeowork. Apply at 1149 \\ abash-av. "wanted - girl to do general house. Tv work in a small private family. Callut 1174 In dlnna-av. WANTED-TWO GOOD GIRLS; ONE TO COOK, wash, and iron; tho other to do second work. Ap plyat 893 Wabash-av. ' WANTED— IN A PIUVATB FAMILY. A GOOD girl for general houseworks must bo a good wushor and truuor; bring your rofursnooa. 773 West Adama at. W~ ANTED-GIRL TO~DO GENERAL lIOUSK work; roferoucos required. Apply at 170 Walnut-st. WANTED-A GOOD TIDY GIRL TO DO OIiNEIL al housework In a email private family. Apply ut cottage house No. 1) North Oarponlen-at., noar Randolph. References required. wXNTED-A GOOD OIRL TO DO GENERAL VY housework, Gorman or Swadu preferred, Apply at IWI Indlaua-av. \XrANTED—AT 1223MiamaAN-AV., good cookT >1 washer, and Irouor; Swcdo or Gorman girl; good wagon. WANTED-A GOOD STOUT GIRL FOR GENERAL VV housework, at km WostTblrty-Ursl-st,, uearMlch igan-av. WANTED— COOK AND SECOND-GIRL TO WORK together In 0110 of tho best tamlllou. Also dining room and kltohun girls, and thu bust of wanes lor cood help. MRS. WUirTAKEU'S, 2bfi East CliloagQ-av. WANTED- GOOD GIRL TO DO' GENERAL housuwork In a gonteol boarding-house; aliwodoor Norwegian preferred, tig North Kaugamon-st. TITANTED-ONIj GOOD WOMAN OOOK.IDININCH TV room girl. 1 waali-womnn, I dishwasher. at Col tago Grovo Hotel, ooruor TUlrly-socuud-st. and College Grove-av. __ WANTED-ITITY GOOD GIRLS FOR GENERAL YY housework, Also 000k far country hold; wages $lO per month, at MRS. THOMPSON'S dllco, IJOO WANTED— AT CKJ MICHIGAN -A V,, A GOOD kltohun girl, who understands plain cooking; refer oiioos required. TAT ANTED—A PROTESTANT GIRT. FROM 13 TO VY IB yearn of ago, as nurse for a ohllu. Call, for two days, at \V#rrcu-»v.| ooraor Oiuey*«t. WANTED-FEMALE HELP. Domo>tloB«-Oontixmod« —■ ■ •UTANTRD-A. GOOD COOK, WASHER AND VV Iroaorj also upstairs girl. The right person will have a steady place And good wages. Apply at W6 imll ana-av. h ' ■ •nrANTRD-A SWEDISH OH NORWEGIAN GIRL Ti to cook, wash nnd Iron, lu a small private family. Call ftt 743 Miohlgnn-av. _ WANTED-A GOOD EXPERIENCED COOK FOR (!l A private board Ins house. Apply nt 1U a. m., 233 Went ■■ WANTIfn-A GOOD COOK, WARlUfll. AND iftON. cr. Nt 131 South Orcen-st., near Adame, up stairs, ANTED—A ClfioO OF.nMAN Oil KORWEOIAN girl for second ApplyaUiO.") Wnbr.fcb-av. __ iAfANTKD-AGobITGmii^FOR^GENERALIIOURR VY work in small family; good wages to thu right kind. Applyat96BlueUland-av. • • . , ... WANTED-A GOOD COOK, DINING-ROOMOIRL, VV mid girl for general housework; good wages. Apply at43Hubimrd-court. W“‘ -ANTED-AT Bfeo WEST RANDOLPH-ST., ONE first-olass conk. Also, n girl Her Id yoars old to makohorsulf generally useful; bringreferences. WANTED-A FIRS’rdLARR rrAUNDUKfIS, DINING VV room nnd ohambomnld for hotel; highest' wngta Smld to good girls, Alaufint-elass man cook fora hotel summer resort), and sovornl girls aud laundresses. Also O<J good general homework girls wanted nt No. 6 West Madlson st. STAR EMPLOYMENT OFFICE. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL WHO UNDERSTANDS VV chnmborwork thoroughly. Apply linmodintoly. Ash* laud Block, opposllo Shormau House, upper floor. No Irish. WANTED-GKRMAN GIRL TO ASSIST IN COOK- Ing and general work where a few boarders ore kept; also, sowing girl wanted, 11l Abonloon-st. * W‘ ANTED—SCANDINAVIAN IJITb BUM AN GI RL to do general housework in small family. 878 Weal Van Buron-st. WANTED— HIGHEST WAGES WILL UK PAID A competent Gorman or Swede girl to do general housework in a family of six. Must como recommended. Comer Stanton and wahpaniob-avß. . <• • • • ■ WANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK in a small family, at 606 Fulton st. Good wages will ho paid. « Sofimstrosßoa. WANTED-A GOMPETENT SEAMSTRESS; ONE willing to do light; Hwado or Norwegian R referred. Cull at tOB Fullerton-av., one block west 01 ortli Clark-st. ■ t ■\\TANTKD—EXPERIENCED OAOTUS AND FANCY VT braid baf-sowom. Work itlvon out to a few good hands, atTURKINOTON’S, 266 Stato-st. WANTED— SEAMSTRESS IN PRIVATE FAMI- Iy, perfectly competent for dressmaking and plain sowing. Cal), with references, at (Ml West Washing* ten-at. . • . . • TITANTiID - BTRAW*SEWRUS, IMMEDIATELY \ V T none but experienced bauds need apply. WM. OLISBY 4 QO., W South Halstcd-st., up-stairs. . . WANTED— A GIRL TO SEW~6n A WHEELER'* Wilson, or oao who can furnish machine. Also a pood llulshor. References required. 1 Forest-av. Honsokoopora. WANT HD-A GOOD, RELIABLE WIDOW LADY to tako charge of a bachelor's country house, 80 mllos from city j roforoncos exchanged. Apply at ulllco Amlor son's Hotel, between 8 and 4 p. m., wouuoiday, April 23. C. H. _ Miscellaneous. WANTED-GIRLS FROM 12 TO 18 YEARS OP VT ago; light work. No. 165 West Madison-st., Rooms 0 and lu. SITtJATIONS Bookkoopors, Olorlcs. &o. SITUATION WANTED - A GENTLEMAN OP varied business experience, thoroughly conversant with bookkeeping, and now in a prominent Chicago bank, desires a position as cashier or other financial clerkship lu a mercantile house. Best city references and highest testimonials from present and former employers regarding character and ability. Address PC 6, Tribune otfleo. QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO p speaks German and English and has been lu business before, and wbo Is willing to work; is looking for a place In tbo city or country, in an office or store. Address L 88, Trlbuno office. QITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD AND RAPID O pouraan, and oorroot accountant, omploymout for a fow hours caoh oyonlog. Address D 53. Trlbuno office. S' ITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OP experience as travoling agent In dry goods or notions. City references. Address D al, Tribune oaico. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN IN heavy or light hardware, any capacity; Is conversant, with tbo business, aud highly recommended. Address P 8, Tribune office, • SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN IN some established house; can furnish the best of rof erencos. Address 11 8, Trlbuno olfleo. SITUATION WANTED—IN A NOTION HOUSE BY ayoungman, who is a good bookkeeper and writes a fair hand; la willing to commence as porter and work his way up; salary uo object. Address W. WAKEFIELD, Post-office. QITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE O young man as rrocor'a cleric or somo wbolosalo busi noss: who can furnish the best of city roforoaou. Address F 9, Trlbuno offiem • SITUATION WANTED—IN - DRUG STORE, OR on the road, by one who has completed tho course In qualitative chemistry, and has bad eight months' experi ence In tho drug business ;Is not a German. Address P 12, Trlbuno office. S“ ITUATION WANTED—AS SALESMAN OR GEN eral helper In any respectable store or shop, by an ox- 6 silenced young man, with bust of roforoncos. Address 20, Trlbuno office. QITUATION WANTED-BY A GERMAN DRUG O clerk, with good references; well acquainted with the retail drug trade. Address N 78. Trlbuno office. QITUATION WANTED—IN A SMALL PRIVATE O family by a young girl (Dana) as cook or second girl. Call at 129 Uulon-at, Situations wanted-ladies should know O that tho proper placotogot suitable girls Is at th» SCANDINAVIAN EMPLOYMENT ROOMS, 131 Stipe, rior-st. QITUATIONS WANTED—AS FIRST AND SECOND O glrla lu a private family by two sisters. Address northeast comer Twelfth and Dosplalnoa-sta. QITUATION WANTED-AN ENGLISHMAN, A O tlrst-clsss bookkeeper, Is desirous of a situation; ha* the host of oily reforonoos and testimonials: writes a good hand sod Is fond of work. Address P 46, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BYrA FIRST-CLASS HO tcl clerk and bookkeeper, with a good hotel. ,Oaii furnish No. I referuucos. Address Z 80, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN JUST arrived In tbo city, la office or storoj willing to work; can figure and wrlto well. Address P 47. Tribune office. Trades* SITUATION WANTED-AS WATCHMAKER IN tho city; good references can bo given. Address W 71, Trlbuno office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS O gardener, clthorbytho month or day: can tako canr of hornoa nud oows If required; not afraid of work. Ad« dross F P 07, Trlbuno office. Coßohmon, Toamstors. &o, SITUATION WANTED-BY MAN AND WIFE, HE cbNu. Icoachnmn, sho as cook or laundress; hose city references. Address R 81, Trlbuno office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A SOBER MAN (Swede) to work iu a wholesale store, or as teamster; lan good driver, sud can bring tho best of roforencos. Call or address 03 Bromor-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN (Dane), as coachman in a private family; thoroughly understands the caro of horses and carriages, and well' acquainted with tho city; good city roforencos. Addrcss- D 33, TrJbuutt office. SITUATION WANTED —BY A FIRST.OLAHJJ O coaolimnu fully oomnoiont: can coiuowoll recommend* od. Address E 87, Tribune office. Miscellaneous. QITUATION WANTED-AS WATCHMAN; STEADY, O temperate, and rollablo; city roforonoogiven. Addroso D 62, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG, ACTIVE, sober man la a clothing store, who speaks Soamll navlaa and English. No objection to any other kind of work. Reference given If required. Please address O M J, 157 Wesson-si., city. QITUATION WANTED—IN A LUMBER YARD BY O nyoungmanof several years? oxporlcncolu the linn* her trade; Isa good inspector and Is willing to make him self generally useful. Address, for 2 days, D 81, Trlbuno office. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domestics* SITUATION WANTED —BY A RESPECTABLE girl, capahloof doing second work, or would (logon* oral uouaowork In small family. Call at No. 12 Liberty* st., In the rear. QITUATIONS WANTED-BY 9 SWEDISH GIRLS, O to do up-stalrs work In prlvato family. Apply at Hi Yowmond-st. Situations wanted by Twp good rr sneetablo girls, in a nice, respectable, private family, one to cook, wash, and Iron, and tho other to do second work: if they cannot biro together, will hire separately; cun give good references. Gall at 999 Indlana-av., their present place of living. SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE! girl, as chambermaid In a private hoarding-house: can wait on table; also understands Singur maublno. Call Wednesday, 86Browa-st., down atalra. SITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT GIRL In a small, ttrat-ulass, private family to cook, wash, and Iron, whore they keep a second girl. Apply at lltk] Stale st., to-day. S" ITUATION WANTED—BY A GERMAN GIRL, IN a small private family, to do general housework. Ap ply', this morning, at 881 Wabaab-av. OITUATION WANTED—TO DO GENERAL HOUSE* O work for small family by a competent woman. Apply L&Qm-ut. _j C;ITUATION WANTED—IX)R A GIRL IB YEARS Q old, to take caro of children. Apply 484 Stalest. Soomotresßos. SrrUATION WANTED-A FASHIONABLE DRESS, maker (German Indy), dodros employment by tho day nr week. Send orders to Sid North Fraukllu-st. AIRS. KELLER. • SITUATION WANTED—BY A WIDOW LADY AS seamstress In a private family or hold 5 Is willing to assist in tho care of oulldrmi or second work 1 can furnish maehlno. F7, Tribune oMca. . Ijaumlrossos. OITUATION WANTED—BY A FIHfiT-OLASS LAUN- O dross; is a Canadian; con nlvo thu best of references. Uall at 131 West Jacksonnt.. Mis. BALK AM'S oDlco. Noruoa* SITUATION WANTED-BY; AN EXPERIENCED nurse to take caro of o child and do light sewing. Uall ot IM North Wells, up stairs, corner huporlor-st. Houiolioopora. SITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER IN llnd-clnsa bold or largo boarding-house; would uo* cept a situation an sulaswoninn In dry goods store; best of references. Address J 43, Tribune omoe. MisooUnneoua. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY, A3 copyist. Has had some osporkmco, and cun glvs satisfactory references. Address MH, onro Carrier tuft. SITUATION WANTED—BY A RlimTlurMlui young woman to work In an office to tukooarooflt; ■ good osuurlouocid band. Address K 63. Tribune nUli o. DIVORCES. IXIVOROEB—LEG ALLY OBTAINED—VRH AFTER \J decree. Scandal avoided. Nino roars' practice in tbo courts ul Chicago. Address P. O. Hex 100/. XTO DIVORCE, NO FEE-DIVOitOHU LEGALLY J.v obtained for oaiikosi all law business attended to, Room 8, 817 South Olark-sl. luoloso staiup.

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