Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 23, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 23, 1873 Page 8
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8 FOREIGN. Additional, Details of tho Lager-Beer Biots in Frankfort. Twelve Persons Killed—4o Wounded and 120 Arrested. Spanish Punctilio of Greater Importance than Spain. An Advance Expected in Atlan- tic Cable Kates. GERMANY. Frankfort, April 22. —The rioting in this cilyi yesterday, was caused by an advance in the price of beer. The disorderly demonstrations lasted until midnight. The troops wore pelted with atones several times during the evening. Sixteen breweries wore wrecked by the rioters, and there was much plundering. During tho conflict which took place, twelve persons wore killed, •and forty wounded. One hundred and twenty of the rioters wore arrested. SPAIN. Madrid, April 22.—President Figueroa, la consequence of the death of his wife, nos tem porarily retired. Pixy Margall, Minister of tho Interior, will discharge tho duties of his office. Madbid, April 22.—Some of tho adherents of Don Carlos yoslordoy raodo an attack on tho Alcalde of Flguorns, in tho Province of Gerono. A number of the people of tho town armed themselves ond rallied to tho support of tho authorities, driving off tho Insurgents. Differences have arisen between tho Govern ment and tho Permanent Committee of the As lembly, growing out of the appointment by the former of Benor Pi y Margall to act as President during tho absence of Honor Figueroa. The Committee claim that tho Government, in mak ing tho appointment, has exceeded its powers. CANADA. Swcfal Dfopafch to Tbt Chicago 3Vftunr. Ottawa, April 22.-TUo limits of the Im penal Government Consulates in tho Dominion of Canada have been nowly defined. The hoad ouartovo of tho various consulatos aro Toronto,. Quebec, Halifax, and St. Johns. Tho wookly statement shows tho Dominion notes in circulation, $9,088,775.50 •, Provincial notes and fractionate, $19,506,222 j specie re servo, S2,BW, 177.12. „ „ „ In tho Senate to-day tho Hon..Mr. Rooson moved for copies of all tho powers of attorney need in the signing of tho Pacific Railway articles o! agreement. On tho motion being made, the Postmaster-General, for tho Government, ad mitted that no power ofattomoy had boon used by any of luoso who signed the names of other contracting parties. This is hold to bo strong evidence of tho bogus nature of tho Company and its engage ments, several names having boon signed per Sir John A. Macdonald. A sum of pearly $4,- 000,000 in stock was subscribed in this way by unauthorized persons, and In the case of one of those, for whom Sir John A. Macdonald constl . tuted himself attorney, ho was at tho same time tho principal party acting In tho opposite inter est. Barrie, April 22.—Carruthor, the wife mur derer, is to bo hung hero on the 11th of June. Toronto, April 22.— A man digging in a gar* den here yesterday camo upon two tin cons con taining a largo quantity of bogus American coin, together with a full sot of counterfeiting tools. London, April 22.—T1i0 fury in tho inquest on Dan. Sullivan, killed by the boiler explosion at Hyman’s tannery, censured Goorgo Horner and George Vincont for tho unsafe condition of tho fcj'ety valve, and recommended that stops bo taken by the Government to compel persons en trusted with the caro of steam engines to un dergo an examination as to fitness. An Im mense audience attended tho honofit in aid of tho suffering families by tho Holman English Opera Troupo last evening. Hamilton, April 22. —Tho Chief of Police in this city has taken measures to soouro tho hotter observation of tho Sabbath by livory stable keepers, cab drivers, and others. Halifax, N. 8., a April 22.—Tho Consul-Gen eral of tho Netherlands in Canada, has appointed William Wickwirc, M. D., Vice-Consul for tho port of Halifax. In tho Nova Beotia House of Assembly, a resolution has boon placed on tho journal affecting tho expediency of abolishing tho Equity Court, and a commission has boon ap pointed to prepare a bill for enactment at tho next session. Montreal, April 22.— Tho Journeymen bakers threaten to etriko on May 1, for from sl2 to sls. The money market remain extremely stringent. FRANCE. Paris, April 22.—Tho authorities of tho Audit Office have seized tho property of M. Jsnier Do La Motto, and will hold it until ho has rendered his accounts to the Government. The election to All tho vocancy in tho National Assembly from this city, which will take place on Sunday next, is already causing much excite ment. Unsuccessful efforts have been made to induce M. Barodet to retire from tho contest. M. Eugene Pelletan, the eminent French writer end politician, is supporting Count do Romusat. The Hon.- E. B. Waehhurne, United States Minister, to-day presented to Baron Do Itajuba, tho Brazilian Ambassador, on behalf of the American Government, two cases of silver plate, in recognition of tho aoilityand impartiality with which he discharged his duties as a member of the Genova Tribunal of Arbitration. Baron Do Itajuba, in roply to tho remarks made by Mr. Waehhurne, acknowledged gracefully tho com pliment bestowed upon him by tho United States Government. The Hon. R. 0. Schouok, Ameri can Minister to England, was present on the occasion. GREAT BRITAIN. London, April 22.—An advance In Atlantic cable rates is now expected, instead of a reduc tion, as was some time ago announced, to take place on May X. Tho Epsom spring meeting commenced to day. Tho city and suburban handicap was won by Mornlnglon, Oromorne second, ana Bertram third. The betting Just previous to tho start was forty to one against Morniugtou, nine to two against Uremorno, and twelvo to one against Bertram. Twenty-five horses ran. SUMATRA. London, April 22.— A dispatch from ronaug, under date of to-day, announces that the Dutch expedition against the Atcheen have boon re called to Fadary. Outbreaks are apprehended it other parts of the Island of Sumatra. The Hague, April 23.—The Minister of the Colonies to-day informed the Chamber of Derm ties that the Dutcli losses during (ho campaign against tbo Atcbeneso were 7 oQlcers and 88 men lulled, and 86 officers and 383 men wounded. TURKEY. Paris, April 22.—A dispatch from Algiers says tb&t four insurgents, Arabian Chiefs, have been executed at Constantinople. CUBA. Havana, April 21.—Prod Boca, United Slates Consul at Manzanillo, was drowned on the X6th loot., while on a Ashing excursion. Delaware Rattle Pings* Wilmington, April 22.—T0-night tho battle flags, of tbo Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Regiments of Delaware Volunteers woronrosont odto tho Historical Bocloty of this State, at the Grand Opera-House, before tho Wilmington posts of tho Grand Army of tho Re public, tho Historical Society, and a largo audience. A number of prominent persons from abroad woro present, including Maj.-Gon. Hancock, Gens. Bingham, King, Hoffman, and Venable. Kx-Judgo Hull presided, and Gen. Hancock, ou behalf of the Grand Army, pre sented tho colors in a brief speech. Deliberate Murder. Special Dispatch to The Chicago '3'ritune. Vienna, 111., April 22.—A cold-blooded and brutal murder was committed at Htono Fort, fif teen miles from hero, this morning. A young fellow named Wise had a dispute with a Mr. Newton somo time since, regarding a mule trade. This morning Wise rodo up to whore Newton was at work, and called him to one side, a dis tance of 100 yards or eo, where, after talking to him a few minutes, Wise drew a revolver and shot Newton In the right side, killing him al most Instantly. Wise then mounted bis horse jcdroJe off before ho m! 4 be reached ah .W- tloa wllncßßlng tho mtlrdor. A reward baa boon offered for hlo opprebpnDlon. ■ NuiiivitWj Tonn.. April 32.—-Jesse Duke kill ed* a man named Grants, In Lafayette, MacoiL County, this State, to-day, while tho 01rou»! Court was in session. Duke assailed Grants With a stick, when Grants resisted with rooks. Duke's then fired five times, killing Grants, and making his escape, though a hundred podplo wore on tho street at tho time. RAILROAD NEWS. fiorloua Troubles wltU Trackmen on tUo Chesapeake A: Ohio ItallroatU* Other Important Advices. Social Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Cincinnati, 0., April 22.—Humor 1b current hero to-night, Mid tbo report comes from relia ble parlies, that Borloue trouble has been en countered during tbo paafc week by tbo Chesa peake A Ohio Railroad Company, near Hawk's Neat. W. Ya. Tbb report ia that a largo number of white and other track laborers have not re ceived their pay for live montha. No demon strations wore make until a day or two ago, when a riot ensued. Tbo rioters torp the track from its road-bed for a distance of about three miles, and no trains are allowed to pass over tbo road. The Stale authorities in an swer loan appeal have sent 200 muskets from Charleston for tbo protection of the road, and fears of bloodshed and further trouble are enter tained. The railroad officials have used every effort to keep the matter from the public. Wo loam the foregoing facts from passengers by steamer to-day from tbo vicinity of Hawks Noßk *sWcfnl Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Cleveland, 0„ April 22.-J. H. Dovcrpui, General Manager of the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad, has been elected President of the Cleveland, Columbus A Indianapolis Rail road, vice Hurlbut, of this city, resigned. Deveroux will also bo chosen Vice-President of tho Erie Road, and General Manager of tbo Atlantio A Groat Western, vice B. Hodgskin, who retires. This programme was sot up by Watson, Barlow, and White, after their defeat boro a week ago in tho effort to gam control of tho Columbus Adudianapolis Road in tho interest of tho Bischoffsoheim party. Doy erouz is a giant among railway managers, and m 1 securing him the broad-gauge party baa made a, strong point against the XaKO Shore. Detroit, April 22.—Tho Detroit, Monroo & Toledo Hoilrond Company hold tholr annual mooting boro to-day, and tbo old Board of Di rectors, without on exception, was re-olcotod. New York, April 22.—Tbo extension of tbo Now Jersey Southern Railroad is expected to bo completed about tbo Ist of July. This will practically make a now tnmk-lino to tho West, extending from St. Louis to New York by moans of connections with tho Baltimore A Ohio Rood near Baltimore. Tbo capital stock of tbo road is 87,000,000, and a bonded debt of 80,000,000. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tnbune, LaSalle, 111., April 22.—Tbo corps of en gineers engaged in locating tbo lino of tbo pro jected Lafayette, LaSalle A Clinton ’Railroad report a remarkably direct and feasible route from Sheldon, near tbo Indiana State lino, to a point a short distance wost of tho mouth of tbo Big Vermilion River, immediately south of this city, and aro confident of an easy grade in reach ing tho level of tho prairio north of tho city. Tho confidence of* tho people hero in tho pro jected railroad has occasioned a marked activity in real ostatotransactiouß. Special Diapatch 'io The Tribune. Cedar Eatids, April 23.—Tbo Sabuln, Aobloy & Dnkoln Eailrottd in now connected with Cedar Enplds. Oars will commence running bora im mediately. Horotoforo Morion bao boon tbo end of tho road, and tho citizens of that place are well worked up because the managers have Boon fit to make oonnootioa with this city. SalinA. Kan., April 22.—Ground was broken In this counlv," to-day, on llio Saliua, Atlanta & Raymond Railroad. This road forma an impor tant link in a line which will prove a rich feeder for Chicago. It will extend from Concordia, in Cloud County, on tbo Central Pacific, south through bore to tho Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fo Road to the copper, iron, and quicksilver mines, at tho foot of tho Wichita Moun tains, in the Indian Territory. It shortens tho route oast of Raymond, Us present terminus on the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, via this town to Kansas City, Hannibal and Chicago by twenty miles, and must eventually bo tho line for the transportation of Texas cattlo to Chicago. FIRES. Destruction of Property in Varioui Places. Special Dttpalch to The Chieaao Tribune, Lexington, Ky. r April 22. — Tho town of Owingsvillo, Ky., was visited by a disastrous flro last night, which destroyed half of tho place. Strang© to say, it originated in an ioo house, which it soon consumed, and spread to adjoin ing buildings with great rapidity. Among the principal losses aro 0.«. Boon, furniture deal er, James Stone, livery stable; Henry Scott, saddler; H. H. Dougherty* Co., dry goods: Booth* Go's jVfcwa office; Ncsblut* Gudgela law office. No Insurance, except on Nosblut * Cudgel's office. The loss is estimated at $28,000. The fire is supposed to ho tho work of an In cendiary. , Independence, Mo., April 22.—Hiram Young e wagon and yoko manufactory was doetroyod by flro this morning, with a loss of $7,000 ; in surance, $2,600. The cause is supposed by some to be accidental; others, incendiarism. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Mitouell, lud., April 22.—A disastrous con flagration occurred hero tills afternoon, during a heavy gale which threatened tho entire destruc tion of the city. Half a block of frame build ings north of tho Ohio & Mississippi Bailroad Depot wore tho first to go, quickly followed by others, among which wore tho Putnam and Barnes Houses, two prominent hotels. Tho loss is estimated at $30,000; no insurance. The citizens wore powerless against tho flames, owing to the gale provailinaat the time. Dixon, 111., April 22.— A fire broke out hero this morning in the Hon. E. B. Stiles' residence, partially consuming it. . T , , New York, April 22.— A flro In the Immigrant Savings Bank building, this morning, burned out a number of lawyers’ offices, and made nec essary tho closing of the bauk to-day. Salt Lake, April 22.—A flro at Saturn Works, Sandy Station, last night, destroyed all tho char coal, railway track, cars, and some machinery. Loss, SBO,OOO. Joliet Items. Special Diepaleh to The Chieaao Tribune . Joliet, April 22.—Capt. Hall has been ap pointed Deputy Warden of tho State Prison. At a meeting of the Bar this morning some fifteen memhovs signed a paper pledging them* solves to the support of the Hon. S. W, Harris, of Morris, os candidate for Circuit Judge. The Judicial question is exciting a great deal of at tention, and tho canvass promises to bo an earnest one. Judge Mcßoborto, the present in cumbent, is a candidate for ro-olootion. President Gram. St. Lodw, April 22.—President Grant has apont a quiet day in tbo city. To-night, ho in company with a number of promi nent gentlemen, dined at the residence of Ohauncy J. FiUoy, tho * Postmaster, after which ho attondod a reception &t the house of Mrs. Edgar Amos. Tho Proal dont will leave here, on Thursday morning, for Idaho Springs, Col., whoro he will remain two or throo days, and then go direct to Galona, 111. Ocean stoamalilp News. Liverpool, April 22.—Tbo steamers Assyria and nolsatla, from New York, Imyo arrived out. PonisMonan, April 22.—Tho steamship Aus trian, from Liverpool, has arrived. New York, April 22—Arrived—Steamships Cuba and City of London, from Liverpool ? West phalia, from Hamburg, and Perelro, from Brest. For West Point* St. Louis, Mo., April 22.-Tho coramjtteo ap pointed some days ago, by the Hon. William il. Howe, representing tho Ihird Congressional District, in this city, to examine candidates for West Point cadetship, reported to-day. John D. Sullivan, 18 years old, was the successful com petitor, out of a class of seventeen competitors. Telegraphic Krovitloa* Tho wheat throughout Northern Kanaaa is in good condition, and promises a largo yield. Tho Princo Edwards Island Government, hav ing boon defeated lu recent elections, has re signed. Tho Board of Railroad and Warehouse Com missioners hold a mooting In Springfield yester day, but transacted no business. A Mr. Robinson, from Minnesota, aged 122, passed through Milwaukee to-day, to visit a young son iu Illinois aged 03. The spring la exceedingly backward in lowa, and thefarmers fool discouraged. Not over ono halfof tho wheat crop of tho Stale has boon planted. Dr. White, Professor of Natural History In tho lowa Stato university, has roooivad a calf to the same chair in Bowdoln College, and it is said has accepted the same. John Cunningham, a laborer, fell from tho Wn?n», JUan., «lot«tor yMtwday dltomwn, THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE s WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 1873. and was Instantly killed. Do loaves a largo family. Helen McCaffrey was thrown from a buggy and instantly at Marshall, yesterday even ing. while returning from church. Her father and mother also woro seriously injured. A Aow York telegram says that a vessel has cleared from Philadelphia, which, it is believed, will bo turned into a gunboat to aid in freeing Cuba from Spanish dominion. Mary Gaffnoy.whilo returning homo,at Cohoes, N. Y., Sunday night, from a funoral.toU down an embankment on Eighth street, ana became eo mired in mud that sho could not oxtrloato her self, and was in this manner strangled to death. lowa stopped paying interest on tho outstand ing Stato warrants to-day. All appropriations to the State institutions have boon paid, and the State Treasury has a balance on band of $220,000. Dr. Mooro, of Henry (Jounty, has boon re leased from tuo lowa Penitentiary at Fort Madi son, haying boon pardoned by the Governor of the State. Six years ago the prisoner was con victed of the crime of abortion upon the person of a young married woman of mount Pleasant, lowa, and was sentenced to a term of ton years. The petition for his release was signed bya largo mnnoor of the loading citizens of that place. On receiving his freedom ho wept for Joy, and reasserted his innocence of the crime of which ho was charged. NEW YORK. Gonoron* Gift— TUo Stakes Case- Hound for Europe—Tho Produce Ex change and tho Canal Debt—lmmi grant Statistics—Personal—Miscella neous Local Nows. the Associated Press.] New York, April 22.—John Anderson yester day gave to Prof. Agassiz a deed of Penokov Island, to ho used for hls natural history school. The caa6 of Stokes was before tho Supremo Court to-day on a preliminary motion as to pro eoduro In error. The Court will glvo Us decision to-morrow, when an argument on tho main mo tion will bo hoard. Tho number of passengers who arc booked to cross tho Atlantic this season is 21,800. The Produce Exchange at a mooting to-day declared unanimously in favor of tho bill now pending in the Legislature having for its object tho funding of tho canal debt. Charles G. Hampton, arrested yesterday for having in his possession $50,000 worth railroad bonds, was before tbo Police Justice, and a representative of Fitch & Otis appeared, and stated that ho represented Col. Phillips, of Pittsburgh, tho owner of tho bonds. The prisoner was com mitted to await a requisition from Gov. Hart ranft, now on route. Fifty-four thousand four hundred and eighty nine immigrants htfvo arrived hero since Jan. 1, against 40,783 the same time In 1872. The petition to have the Bull's Hoad Bank de clared an involuntary bankrupt has boon discon tinued on the payment by the bank of nearly $6,000 accrued costs. A party of artists, men of letters, and bank ers assembled at the Lotus Club last evening to dine and wish a pleasant voyage to Col. Thomas W. Knox, who sails for Europe to-morrow in the Minnesota. Among tho passengers by tho steamer ‘West phalia, from Hamburg, to-day, was M, J. Cra mer, United States Minister resident at Copen hagen. The stockholders of the Bull's Head Bank met to-night and reorganized. Tho bank is to bo re opened for business to-morrow. Tho World this morning in a long article on the Democratic party, soys: “Wo fellowship with all genuine Free-Traders: we scorn politi cal association with any Protectionist; every citizen who Is unequivocally for Free-Trade is a good onongh Democrat for us; no Protectionist can bo a Democrat at all. Wo stake all our hopes on making the Democracy an ont and out, “thick and thin,” aggressive, and, if you please, intollorant, Free-Trade party, euborni nating all issues to this, and thereby drawing to itself all citizens who have a true appreciation of this great principle. POSTALCARDS. Description, Prices, Use, and Otlior In formation llcßarding XUem* J - Washington, April 10. , Tho Third Assistant Postmaster-General, E. W. Barber, has given notice that tho necessary appropriation having boon made for tho purpose, tho Department will, on tho lot of Slay next, commence tho issue to Postmasters of the pos tal cards authorized by the act of Juno 8.1872. Tho card adopted is five and one-eighth Inches in length, and three inches in width, and la mado of good, stiff paper, woter-marked with tho ini tials U, 8. P. 0. D. in monogram. Tho faco of the card is engraved, surrounded by a border, in scroll work, ono-olglUli of an inch in width. The 1 cent stamp printed on the upper right-hand corner is from a profile bust of tho Goddess of Liberty, looking to tho left, and surrounded by a lathe-work border, with tho words “ U. B. Postage” Inscribed above, and u One Cent” below. On the upper left-hand corner ere the words “ United States Postal Card,” with di rections to 11 write tho address only on tins side, tho message on the other.” Underneath, and occupying the lower half of the cord, are ruled linos on which to write the address, the top lino being prefixed with tho word ** To.” Tho bock of the card, intended for tho commu nication, Is entirely plain, being devoid oven of ruled lines. In color, the body of the card is light cream, the printing velvet-brown. No va riation in size, shape, color, or in any other par ticular, will bo made from tho regular stylo to accommodate special oases, nor will tho Depart ment do any printing on the cards beyond the engraving specified m the description.' Postal cards will bo sold for 1 cent each, neither more nor leas, whether in large quanti ties or In small. Tho object of tho postal cards is to facilitate letter correspondence, and provide for the transmission through tho mails,at a reduced rate of postage, of short communications either print ed or written in pencil or ink. They may, there fore, bo used for orders, invitations, notices, re ceipts, ooknowlodgmonts, and other require ments of business and social life, and the matter desired to bo convoyed may be either Id writing or in print, or partially in both. In their treat ment as mall-matter, they are to bo regarded by Postmasters the same as sealed loiters, and not as printed matter, except that in no case will un claimed cords bo sent to tho Dead-Letter Office. An ordinary printed business card may bo sent through tho mails when prepaid by a Icout postage stomp attached \ but such cord must contain absolutely no written matter except the address, otherwise it will be treated as not fully prepaid, and refused admission into tho mails. All cards different from those herein described bearing embossed or printed postage stamps, and purporting to be United States postal cards, are counterfeit; and tho manufacturer of such cards, or the attempt Vo use the same, will sub ject the offender to a fine of SSOO and imprison ment for five years. (See. 178 Postal Code.) Postmasters will not, under any circumstances, be permitted to reduce or exchange postal cards that may bo misdirected, spoiled m printing, or otherwise rendered unfit for use, in the hands of private holders. - The Department will not furnish loss than 800 cards on tlio order of a Postmaster. Individu als desiring postal cards will purchase them of a Postmaster, as in no case can they obtain thorn upon application to tho Department. THE WORLD’S FAIR. TUo Vice-Consul on tho Preparation* for Visitor* at Vienna —The Exposition Building and the Cholera* Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Consulate- General, Xeio Tori - . To the Editor of (he Herald: Seeing a special dispatch In tho Herald from your correspondent in Vienna to tho effect that the Industrial Exhibition building in that city Is in a backward state of preparation and cannot possibly bo finished for use on tho Ist of May. and rumors having been circulated again and again that a postponement of tho opening of tho Exposition is contemplated, I bog leave to stato, for tho information of the public, that, accord ing to advices Just received from the Dlroctor-ln- Chief of tho World’s Fair, tho grand opening of tho Exposition will positively take place on tho Ist of May, and that ail reports to tho contrary aro unfounded. Tho preparations for tho opening -wore very far advanced as early as tho middle of March, and nothing has boon loft undone sinco in order to reach a stato of completion. While ou this themo, I would further say that the reports about an existing scarcity of accom modations, extravagant routs, and exorbitant prices of all tho necessaries of life, eta., are greatly exaggerated. A superficial count, taken m the month of March, revealed tho fact that there wore vacant at that early day 10,000 places of residence suitable for transient visitors, at prices ranging from $1 to $5 por day. At tho Central Bureau for Residences. No. 0 Liehtonstelnstrasso. established by tho Director- In-Ohiof for tho Accommodation of Visitors, there wore then on tbo books 200 to 800 very eligible residences, at S2O to SBO a month per r °Lw«y, loyeral naff hotels haye beta erected, and tho accommodations of tho others Increased, ao that ample preparation hoe boon mode for the Influx of strangers. Extensive arrangements wore effected under tho direction of tho State and municipal author ities for tho increased demand for provisions of all kinds to provent a rise In prices. Excursion tickets to Vienna and back are is sued by all tho continental railways and steam boat linos at reduced rates. The reports about tho prevalence of cholera aro totally nntruo. Tho sanitary condition of tho city, on tho contrary, is oxcollont, and loaves nothing to bo desired. Tho authorities spare no pains to do all in their power to contribute to tho comfort and oonvoulonco of visitors. I have tbo honor to ho, &0., IT, O. Fiuthoit, Imperial and Iteyal Vice-Consul.^ Largo Exploring: Expedition* Salt Lake, April 22.— An exploring expedi tion to operate in Southern Utah, Colorado, Now Mexico, and northeastern Arizona, loaves from this city, Denver, Santa Fo, and Fort Wingate in May and Juno. All tbo explorations will bo west of tho hundredth meridian. Exten sive preparations aro being made, a military de tail being arranged to escort portions from tho principal points of tho Union I’aoiflo Bailroad in perfect order. MARRIAGES, MOSELEY— MAINHARD-At tho residence of Mr. Galon Kastman, Grand Haven, Midi.. April IC. 1873, by tho Hot, Henry T. Rose, Edward A. Moseley. of Robin son, Allah, (formerly of PalnosTllle, Ohio), and MUh Mar garet E. AiAinhsrd, of Grand Rapids, Alloh. No curds. DEATHS. BARROWS—Monday, April Si, at tho residence of his father. In Ravonswood, 111., John J. Barrows, agod 37 years. Services at tho hooso at IS m., Wednesday, 33d. Tho remains will be taken to Massachusetts for Interment. CARTER—On Tuesday morning. April S3, Emily M., daughter of R. and M. Carter, agod IS roars and 8 months. Funeral from the residence, No. 80 Ugan-av., Thursday, at Ua. m. Friends of tho family aro invited. Carriages to Rose HiU Cemetery. IBIIAM—Ia this oily, on tho COIh and 32<1 Inst.. HalMo Jnd Carlos, the infant children of Carlos T. ond Hattlo 1. Isliam. IIOFFMAN-In St. Joseph, April 10, Albert J. Hoff man, formerly of Chicago, aged S3 years, BOARDING AND DODGING, South Side. 1 a AND M ELDRIDQE COURT-WILL BE RE XU opened May 1. A few desirable family suites to rent, unfurnished, with hoard; also, single rooms; ref erences required. Apply this week at No. 3 Hubbard court. A QHUBBARD-OOURT—NEWBOARDINOHOUSE; *±o llrst-olass board with room. $1 to $5.60 per week, with tho use of piano; day board sl. Q1 TWENTY-FOURTII-BT.—FURNISHED OR UN. OX furnished rooms (with carpets) to rent, for gentle men; also n pleasant front parlor, in private family, close to oars, and good boarding accommodation. References required. TOO COTTAQR onOVR AV., .lUNGTION OF Oalumot—Handsomely furnished rooms, with hoard s pleasant summer location; tine shade and croquot grounds; bouse flrst-olosa. NO TIHRD-AV.-TO RENT,WITH BOARD,THE 1/atO parlors, with or without furniture; also a tow imallor rooms. QQ/f WABASU-AV.—AN ELEGANTLY FUR OOti; nishod room, private bath-room, with first-class board, for gentleman and wlfo; also room for two gentle- A Qri WADASH-AV.-NIOB ROOAIS, EN SUITE Trt/Tfc and single, on first and second floors, with first olsss board; also a few day-boarders can bo accommo dated. . QQA INDIANA-AV., NEAR EIGHTRENTH-ST.- OOU To rent with board, front parlor, unfurnished, ex cept carpets and curtains; also second floor furnished room, with largo closet. Permanent parties only desired. t7VV7 INDIANA-AV., CORNER TWENTY iuui thlrd-st.— l One large front room and a pleasant single room to rout with board. References required. PRAIUIK-AV. -A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE loving quint, elegant rooms and good board may ad* drosa Room fl, ISa Doarnbom-at. Sands house, ho and ne fifth-av.-fiust class day board at roaeouablo rates. West Side. A n SOUTH OURTIS-BT., BETWEEN WASHING- I ton and Madison—Two front rooms (o rent, with board, to steady boarders; ohoap. Pond hoard. Q1 SOUTH MOHGAN-ST,-A LARGE ROOM, OJL nicely furnished, with board, or without, sullablo for two or tbroo gentlemens bouso has all modern Im provement*. QC SOUTH MORQAN-ST., NEAR MADISON.— OO Furnished rooms with board; house first-class with modora improvements. Accommodation for a few day boarders. mWARREN-AV., CORNER WOOD-ST.-TWO unfurnished rooms, with strictly superior board; rooms aro in second story, nnowllh two front views, tho other largo hall bod-room, both communicate; these aro suitable for family of four, price S3O; location near Union Park, only ono block from Madlsonst.; a beautiful sura-, merhomo. f)OQ WEST MONROE-BT-—THE IST OF MAY, iO front suite of rooms, wlth.board, to gentleman and wife, or single goatloraou. Drlok house; modern'lm* provomonte. OQK EWING-BT.—2 SINGLE ROOMS, 1 FRONT ■AOO parlor, for gant and lady or 3 gouts, with first class board, $6 and aOporwook; convenient to cars. QQO WEST WABUINOTON ST.~X.AROB PLEAS OOZi ont front room, with board, for gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen. Alcoto suite from May I. QQC WEST WA9UINOTON~BT.—PLEASANT 000 rooms with board (or gontloniatMmd wife and sin glo gentlemen. one WEST BANDOLPH-ST.-BOARD IN A PRL Ot/O rate family with largo front room, nicely fur

nlsbod, suitable (or gentleman and wife, or single gentle men. . A ftQ WEST RANDOLPH-BT.—HANDSOMELY furnished room to rent to goat and wife, with board for lady. . el A WEST ADAMS-ST.—FURNISHED AND UN DXtc furnished room with board. Also atablo to rent. PLEASANT GOOD SIZED SUITE*OF ROOMS AND large olosot, with board: modern improvements ;vl clolty o( Joilorson Park. Address P <O. Tribune otHgej__ BOARD WANTED. BO ARD-BY FIVE ADULTS ON SOUTH OR WEST Side, together or singly, whore there ore few or no other boarders. Address, stating price and locations of rooms, Z 73, Tribune ofßoo. TJOARD-UNFURNISHKD suite of rooms on JJ South Side, with board, for self, wife, and child. Address, with terms andlocatlon, 13 43, Tribune office. "HOARD-BY GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. IN A I > nice family whore there are (ewer no other boarders; nrofertho North Side; particular about family and loca tion. Apply to O. A. H., 11 North Olark-st. "DOARD-AND SUITE OF ROOMS, FOR GENTLE JDman, wife, two children, and nurse, In a private fam ily, oast of State-st., on South Side. Address, stating tonne andlocatlon, 8. 8 Eiohsngo Building. 130ARD—FOUR YOUNG GENTLEMEN WANT A JD neatly furnished suite of rooms, with breakfast and tsa, by May I. Private family preferred. Address, giving tenns and location, Fll, Tribune office. Board-by a gentleman and wife, on South Side, east of Stato-st.; two rooms preferred, or one largo room. Address, with terms and references, L 78, Tribune office. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. A SECOND-HAND, SMALL-SIZED, PONY PHAE iXton wanted. Address, with lowest cash price, M US, 831 West Madlson-st. • A FINE ASSORTMENT OP CARRIAGES, PHAE tons, buggies, do., at low prices, at 837 State-st. P. L. SMITH. _________ Auction every Wednesday and satur day of horses, wagons, carriages, harness. 1 hack, and a car-load of mules and horses; car-load of horses to bo sold this morning to the highest bidder; good stabling Sor horses; money advanced on goods. O. BRIGGS, 4JJ tate-st. fpOR SALE-8 HOUSES j'DNE A GOOD WORKING X l . horse. 1,200 pounds weight; the other a buggy horse, and harness. No. 231 West Harrlson-st. FOR BALK-S2OO—HOUSE, BUGGY. AND HARNESS —any lady could drive him. Also—Cow and calf, $lO. Apply at 238 Oalumet-av. OR BALE—I CAR-LOAD OF HORSES, dUST Re ceived, at 68 West Monroo et. Must be sold regard leas of price. Come and see. First-class express wagon, horse, and harness for sale. Call at boarding stable, corner Twenty.hfth andStato-ats., for 3 days. .. FOR BALE—light and HEAVY express and delivery wagons of all kinds. Two secondhand ox- Broas wagons, and one yacht box buggy. At 2tß South qnal-it. _ TTOR SALE—A PINB BAY MARE Bi YEARS OLD, jj buggy and harness, or will ttado for suburb lots. Apply at 00 Douglns-place. Til OR SATjE-ROOKAWAYS, BAROUCHES. PIIA JU tons, alldo-ieatß, nnd uiisgice. 87 ami 519 South Oli toD'it., aoar Waflhingtoo. H» B- HILL. Family carriages. "jump-seat" nun ones, phaeton*, etc,, told at Eastern factory prices. Noi. 10 and 13 West Randolphat., near tUo bridge. 11. J. EDWARDS. —rm fiALR—TOPBUGOIKS, PHAETONS, CARRY nUa, and open bugglea. * CL W. ABBOTT, MOMlotai gan^ar. OBLKBRATKO TROTTING JM guilfon Heart of Oak; alto aomo fine dklvor* AOKKRMAN. 63 Kldrldgo-court. OITsALB^FINK BT ABBOHTMIINT OK OAR- Hatroa harnesi. oto., io (ho city; every stylo am) do eoripUom 1.8 TOVkiIaPRO.. odtnaro, with colt. No. 11 Alosandor-st., near I'wenty.thlnl. _ fITYOUAURTN WANT OK A BUQOY,* PIIAKTON, X road, or tuilnem wagon, bo sura to call atMSHlolc. IT Wn will soil you one at tba lowest cash price. I’LRTOITKII. LAZftABA OIIENKY. _ partners ‘wanted. iVartnbr waktrd-in a profitable husi i nMß*lrQßdfoßtnbllshod; (mm S4,«X) to «8,(K» re qulrods mmo but thoso having tho money and menu bust, noas need answer, with reference. Address S 63, Tribune otfleo. _ IXARTNRR WANTRD-A MAN WITH «MO. IN A 1 business promising not only a fortune, but a nice reputation hi a few yuan*. Hnnoity.lutogrity, and ability required. Address Jl4 olfioo. liARTNKR“WANTRD-AN ENERGETIC PARTNER .L with SI,OOO to $2,000 cash, to imih an Increasing bus* inoss, roquMog two persons. 42 W. Madlaou»st., Ilouml. tsaWnlgTwantru-Vvith ucu, in a;okntkkT. *1 cash business that is well established and pan bn rap idly increased by the help of a lire man. 11(1 East Wain iugion*st.» Room®. __ fIARTNEtt WANTED-! WANT BOMB ONE TO IN- X test 88,600 with tho advertiser to establish a business ib&t is sure to pay a large percentage on tho money invest ed 5 don't bo auafd to reply, as U fiworlh Investigating 5 the very best of reference given. Address, whom can bo aeon, l 5 W, Trlbtme otßoo. __ Partner wantrd-a lady with ffiop oahii, in s well established business paying sl6 per day nroflt; this la the host bargain In Chicago; sjUitaotory reasons given (or taking in partner. Address U 27, irlb* uno 90169 i BUSINESS CHANGES. A SPLENDID BUSINESS CHANCE FOR ONE having publishing experience. One of the member* of an old, largo, nm! Biioooastiil publishing firm desiring to retire from business, on Account of. ago and failing , health, will aoII SIOO,OOO to $160,(100 worth of his Intercut (o an active business man who will ha acceptable to the othnr partners of the (Inn. Addcot*, in confidence, RETIRING PUBLISHER. earo of B.M.PellonßniAOo., 07 PArk How, Now York. Only principals with tho requisite qualifications and capital wUluc troatocl with. "a LARGE PORK HOUSE FOR BALE, IN THE CITY Jxof Louisiana, Pike Co,, Missouri, 117 mltos above St. Jauls, on tbo Mississippi River, with all Ibo necessary ar rangement* for tho pork business, smoko-bouso, oto., ?dta (hroo sores of ground Attached. Tills la a raroohanco or any party desirous of going Into tho pork and provision business, as tho surrounding country Is won slocked with hogs, and a rosdr market for tho sale of tho product either In m. Louis nr Chicago. For further particulars, Apply to GILBERT PRYOR A 00., Provision Brokers, Wo. 166 East Waslilngton-at. A FINE BRICK,"STEAM GRIST-MILL, at lIAM- J\ iUon, Illinois, on too Mississippi River, for sale on easy tonus, or exchange for real estate; mill baetworun of stone: machinery all now and In complete running or ders with two largo lota. W, H. SMITH, at Potwlo A Corby's. IIP Franklln-at. A WELL-ESTABLISHED, THOROUGIILV-ADVER* Used stock of staple aud office stationery bought In Now York at bottom rates i good lease In a lino building in tbo host town In tbo'West; will bo closed out At a bar* gslnj satisfactory reasons given for lolling. CRANE A BYRON, Topeka, Kanins. A DRUG STORK FOR BARK, COMPLETE, FIX. turos, stock, and everything! prices6oo; to remain or to bo removed; must bo sold before Ist of May. OIIARLbB HAUBSNEK, 875 Olyboum av. A RARE CHANGE A DRUG STORE, EBTAB* Ilsbod seven years, In a thriving town of 1.000 Inhab* Kants, now doing a good business, for salo. Stock about S9.CCO. Sales, SB,OOO nor annum. Will sell or rent store building. Inquire of JOHN MoKINNEY, Sturgeon Bay. Dorr Co.. Wla. A FORTUNE FOR AN ADVERTISER—FOR SALE, tho rlgbtof tbo advorttsingshow ease. STONER A 00., Patent Solicitors, 125 CJlark-st., Rooms 79,73, 74, 61, 62, 63. a’ny man, woman, or ohildhavino horses JX for sale, of any description, will Had a ready market nt reasonable prices at 861 and 263 Stato-at., BRADLEY A WILLS. . A SHOEMAKER'S STOCK FOR SALE CHEAP. Call at U4 West Twoaty*tooond*it. STOCK OF BOOTH AND SHOES FOR BALK AT a bargain for cash. Invoice about $3,000. Inquire atB7H West Madlson-st. A 1 DINING AND ICE CREAM PARLORS, SOUTH jti Side, doing a good business, for salo at a bargain. Low rent. J. ii. KIMBALL, ISO Doarborn-gt. ■ REST BUSINESS OH ANDES IN THE WEST AUK L> olforod to men of small capital who are willing to wort itllDDoarborn-st., Room 6. Good patents wanted, Brick- yard at a bargain; tools, ma* chine, carte, otc., for salo, exchange, or to let on royalty to good parties; Ibodryest and hoat-ioealod In ?;;t; ; n cV n , ? T v^r. r^.i? t v^vr-F-v, KI2R, Urlokraakors’Agency, basement 163 East Wash* ingtomst. ____________________ B'usiness interests sold? partners pro. cured. flood business openings on hand for men with S3OO to SIO,OOO. Worth lutoeUgaUog. J. L. KIM BALL, 126 Donrhorn-st. TCuUG STQRES' ON THE SOUTH. WEST, AND J J North Hides for Bale. MePHERSON 4 CO., Room 85, 163 Wsshlngton-st. TVrUG STORK FOR SALE, OR KXOIIANGE FOR XJ roaloßtato, In a growing Wisconsin towns poptila tion 6,000. This town la Inthoload regions and at tho tamo time In the host farming port of tho State; to any fisrty wishing to Invest in a safa and paying huslnoss this ■ a ohanoo seldom offered; ploasocall and got terras and tho inducements wo can offer sou In this store. Mo- PHKUBUN 4 00. Room 35, 162 Washlngton-st. Desiring to f.noaoe in manufacturing, tho subscriber will sell a finely selected slock of hard ware and house furnishing goods, with building, In tho choicest location for retail trade In tho city; capital re quired. $30,000, or will sell a half Interest. Address, for 4 days, W7o, Tribune oflico. F~OR BALE-A WOOLEN MILL; BUILDING 8)$- tlorloa, hoary frame. 6t1x76; engine 40 horso power; woolen machinery all oftho best kind and In good order; capacity 1,600 yards per weak s located on a stream of soft water just suited to woolen mill use, and in rich agricul tural region whore thoro Is a largo local demand. Tho property cost SI%COO, but will bo Bold f'»r do jo an assignment; terms easy. J. W. HEDENRERO, 69 East Madlson-at., Room 4. TDIRST-OLASS DINING-ROOM FOR SALE CHEAP; J.' owner leaving on othor business. Inquire 074 South Stato-st. • Good will, stock and fixtures, and loaso of n llrst-olass Hour and food btisloens, Got • tago Grnro and Egan-avs-; tho best class of trado in tho city, and a thriving, woll paying huslnoss: satisfactory reasons given; cash wanted and Immediate possession given. Inquire at store. TTOTKL FOR HALE IN ONE OF THE MOST XX thriving towns In Michigan, with or without furni ture. Address Rox 160, Milford, Mich. /SN ACCOUNT OF POOH HEALTH. I WILL SELL Vy my drug sloro ; also furniture, piano, do.; glvo long lease of store and dwelling; nr will exchange for house and lot nr farm worth SI,OOO to SB,OOO. To drug gist*, physicians, or ono wishing a safe, profitable busi ness, this Is tho host chanco over red in thla olty. Terms easy. Address j. L. WEBSTER, 820 Cottogo Urovo-av. ESTAURANT AND OYSTER-ROOMS FOR SALE t cheap, If taken to-day. 9 South Olark-st. TO LEASE—A RESTAURANT “ONK BLOCK fromCourt-Houso; allln running order; got othor business. Address 0 63, Tribuno office. • • The stock, good-will, and fixtures of a retail grocery, doing a largo business. In a urst-class neighborhood, for salo. Terms caah. Address S 46, Trlb uno office. m 6 A PRACTICAL MILLER I CAN GIVE AN X excellent opportunity to engage In business. W ill sell half or onllro Interest In a now steam fiourlmr mill, well located for custom and shipping trado. J, DEXTER, CO LaSallo-st. The best paying billiard and sample room on tho West Sldo is altered for sale; this is a big chance for any ono wishing to make money. Address Q 93, Tribuno office. rtfltTl, BK SOLD CHEAP FOR CASH. THE W Merchants' Dining Rooms, No 63 West Madison et. Tho Merchants' has three Indies* dining rooms at tached, has boon recently roflttod throuehont, and It has the best trade on the West Side. It la Iho finest chance for a party with small moons to Inrost In a strictly cash business In Chicago. Apply on tho promises. WHY LAND A KOBB. - FINANCIAL. Commercial and real estate paper pur chasod. Will loan $20,000 at low rate lor one year. CANFIELD * MATTEaON, 60 LaSallo-st. INSURANCE CLAIMS BOUGHT IN ALL BANK- X runt companies. Oomo and see mo before selling, ll B. DIETRICH, 77 West Madlson-st., up-stalrs. "MONEY TO LOAN ON SECURED PAPER AND i>l real estate, In sums to suit. M. 0. BALDWIN A CO., 84 and 86 LaSallo-st., Room SI. Money to loan on household furniture. planes, houses on leased land, and other collateral security. No. 120 South Olarkst., Room 1. K. WINNE. Money advanced at lasskn's loan of fleo. lateß. Jacobs A Co., on diamonds and other valuables. 177 Olark-at., comer of Monroe, Room S. ANTED-TO UQRROW-SI.OOO ON GOOD IM proved real estate. Willing to divide roasonabl commission. Address O 47, Tribune office. WANTED-A LOAN FOR A TERM OF YEARS, OF VV S2O per acre on each of throe, of 600 acres apiece. Im proved farms. Cash value, SOO per acre; la this State. Address UlO, Tribune office. Wanted— to BOURow--s6oo or seoo on two lots worth each $660 to S6OO. Address AW D, 638 Madlson-st. fpAft IN HAND TO LOAN ON CHATTELS OR SIOUU collaterals: or short-time paper bought. Ad dross L 71, Tribune ofllca. _ nnn purchase money notes in four •JITT. UUU annual payments, secured «m Inside Im proved properly : made equal to 13 percent. ; for sale, Adtlrosa F77. Tribune offlco. 1 SEWING MACHINES. AN EXCELLENT HOWE SEWING-MACHINE, with Improvements and cover, equal to now, in per fect order; cost, S7B; price, only $25. Residence, 7 East Eightcoutji-at. TPOR SALE-ONE AMERICAN nUTOON-lIOI.E I; sewing-machine, new; only $36. J. B. SIOREY, frlLftSallo-st., Room 25. . /-I ROVER A BAKER'S SEWINO-MAOHINES-OEN \T oral office, 160 Stato st.; branch office, D 72 Wabash «v. Persons having old Grover * Baker sowing-machines are invited to call and sno (ho now Improvements, end hear something to their advantage. SINGER. WHEELER A WILSON, HOWE. FLOR once, and nil first-class sowing-machine;, elegantly finished, and fully warranted, for less than half-nrloo at which same are sold by regular agents. A, W. PERCY A CO., Agents, No. 218 West Madlson-st. WllEELElf* A WIpON SEWING MACHINES, VV tho now Improved sold or rented[on easy monthly payments. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agonta, office, 888 West Madlson-st.; Will remove about Msyl, 1878. ro 165 State-st MUSICAL. rare gimnor to ruy.’A piano ww for A cash. 7-cotnvo, rosewood case, ovowtrung boos, for SIM, Including stool, If taken atonoo. 600 Washington- iOR SALE—A KNABB PIANO, AT A BARGAIN. Address U 20, Trlbuno oillco. UOU"BAT:E-NO 1 BTKOK PIANO. COST 5800 I? nine months' uroj for talo for.S4WJ. Ownerleaving tlioclty. Call at Room 80, IBlandjW Doatborn-st. plWi IN .L' good order orory way. Price, $225. Address W 72, Tribune oflko. _ ‘ I,IOR HAI.i:-ain'.AV, «20l); ONE HKVKN-OC'I'AVK Jj pUno.cianufaoturcd ny .)!»relmH A Froror, Now York. OostaSßo. .lAB. R. STOREY, 81 RoSalle-st., Room 26. 1> KMONAIToF PIANO RbOMB~f6 274 STATK-ST. IV pianos to rent and for aalo. Renting a specially. \VM. R. PROSSER, oatnldlabod 1860. : MACHINERY. A N IMRRNSICSTOCK JVtahlflnnaln'HUtlowprloo*. W. A. JAMES, UOOIIF. * SI'ENOKR, 275 South Pannl-sl. TjlOtt HAIiK^OIIKAP—ONI? # NEW PORTABLE J? steam unglue, Hlandy manufacture, S-horso nowoh Anvils, blacksmith tools.oto. Government Quods Depot, 105 Kpst Uke-st., uputslrs. , i> RUON DU AND IRON PLANISRH. ENGINE* Houtli Oan»l«st« DR. CAN toll of business, marriages, Journeys, law aults.oljsont friends, lost and stolon property, or anything nm wish to knows euro tits, paralysis, rheumatism, deafness, sore eyes, seminal weakness, consumption, liver complaint, anna, catarrh, Delioutu dhoases cured In a few days, dure or no ADAME paribl’thk wonderful'oypsy 10a.m. 101 l p. m. (Hmidavo oioopted). -Ladies only. Foe 60 cents. 209 West Madfson-st,, Room 4R, upper tlnor. - BUILDING MATERIAL. M.K—PRIOR—O UT HTONJS, 12INUII J? face, dressed and made for u wall IRO foot long and 4 feet nigh, and with tablofor top? would make first-class basomoiu*waU or stono fence for, corner lot. Apply Govornmont Quods Depot, 195 and 197 East Lako*st., up stairs. » INSTRUCTION fTOIB fourth term of the west ride i. Klnder-Uarleu will commence Monday, April 28. GIFT ENTERPRISE. PUBLIC LIBRARY OF KENTUCKY THIRD GBAHDGDT CONCERT! NINETY DAYS POSTPONEMENT. A Full Drawing Certain. ¥500,000 in BS"to Pay Rills! 0,000 CASH GIFTS PAD) IN FULL. .00,000 for Only Ten Dollars! Enough of (ho 100,000 lloknla Issued for tho Third Grand Gilt Concert, In nUI o( tho Public. Library ol Kentucky, having boon sold to Insure afull drawing, and tho wish having boon universally expressed that tho W.OM cash gifts offered should bo drawn In full and paid In full with out any scaling down, as heretofore, tho Managoraont, with tho onnonrronco of the Trustees, have determined to allow ninety days more for tho sale of the remnant of tick* «t« loft on hand, Tho concert and distribution advertised for April B is therefore postponed to Tuesday, July 8. 1873, onwhlohday. ami no other, they will positively and une quivocally toko plnco in Public Library Hall, Loalsvillo, ” m! LIST OP GIFTS. Ono firnnd Cnnli CJlft, . . 8100.000 Ono Grand Gitnh Gift* - » - 50,000 Ono Grand Cash Gift, ... 25,000 Ono Grand Cash Gilt, ... 20,000 Ono Grand Cash Gift; . - - 10,000 Ono Grand Cash Gift, • • - 5,000 24 Cash GlOs of SI,OOO each, 24,000 60 Cash Gifts of 600 *• 26,000 80 Cash Gifts of 400 “ 02,000 100 Cash Gifts of 300 “ 30,000 150 Cosh Gifts of 200 *• 30,000 Bill) Cash Gifts of 100 “ 0,000 Cash Gifts of 10 “ Total, 10,000 Gifts, all Guslis' - 8600.000 Tho money to pay nil these gifts In full Is now upon de posit in tho Farmers' nnd D rovers’ Utnk of Louisville, nnd ■ot aside fur Hint purpose, and can only bo used for that Burnoso, as will bo socn by the following cortltlo&to ot tho ashler: * OFFICE OF FARMERB* AND DROVERS* BANK,I Louisville, Ky.. April 7. 1873. f Tills Is to certify that there In In tho Farmers’ and Drov ers’ Bank to tho credit of tho Third Grand Gift Concert, for the benefit of tho Public Library of Kentucky, livo hundred thousand dollars, which has boon sot apart by tho Managers to pay tho gifts In full, nnd wlllboliold by tho Bank and paid out for this purpose, and this purpose only. R. 8. VJCKOH. Cashier, Tho party, therefore, who holds the ticket drawing tho capital gift will got fflloo, 000 In greenbacks, and soot tho $60,000 gift, tho $25,000. tho $20,000, the SIO,OOO, tho $9,000, and all tho other gifts, 10,000 in number, amount* log to $600,000. The remnant of unsold tickets will bo furnished to those who first apply. Whole tickets, $10; halves, $5; and quarters, $2.60. Tho concert and distribution of gifts will begin at 6 o'clock on Tuesday morning, July o, In Public Library Hall, and tho following will ho tho order of proceedings: First—Muslo by orohostral band. Second—Plsolng of tags (ono for onch tlokot sold) In largo wheel. Third- Placing of gifts In small wbool. Fourth—Musiu by or. ehostrol band. Fifth—Explanatory remarks by Presi dent. Sixth—Drawing of lint half of gifts. Seventh— Music by orohostral band. Eighth—Drawing of last halt of gifts. Ninth—Placing of largo wheel with tags In tho hands of Committee appointed by mtdlonoo. lonth— Grand orchestral concert. Tho muelo on this grand occasion will bo tho host that can bo procured, ana tho gontlomoitwho count nnd place tho tags and gifts In tho wheels, end superintend tho drawing end koop tho record of tho drawn nurabon, will hoohoaon from thohestknown and most trustworty citi zens of tho State. "Ail will ho so conducted as to ho a per fect guaranty against complaint from any just source. Tho payment of gifts will begin on Saturday, July 12, a . 9 o’clock n. m. Tickets drawing gifts must bo prqpontci at Room No. 4, Puhlio Library Building, wboro cash chocks upon tho Farmoro* and Drovers’ Bank of •Louisville, or sight drafts upon tho Fourth National Bank of Now York, at tho option of tho holder, will bo given for tho tickets. All gifts not called for In six months from tho drawing willhe turned over to tho Puhlio Library fund. For tickets, full programme. Information and all par ticulars, amity citbor to lion. THOS. K. BRAMLETIIS, at Louisville, or V. I. DIBBLE & CO., 164 LaSalle st.. CHICAGO, ‘Western Depot of Supply. ApplyaUo at Bookstores of w. PHILLIPS,- 183.1>ear horn-it., and 987 State-st.: HORTON A BRO., f>37 West Lukc-rt.; I*. V. FITZPATRICK, B&3Stato-aU, L. MA NASRIS, Optician, 83 West MadUon-at., or at TRB MONT HOUSE. AUCTION SALES. By G. P. SORE CO., 22, 2J, and 38 EastHandolph-st. Begnlar Wednesday Catalogue Sale, .A.T AXJCTION, April 23, at OX a. m., of > Boots, Sliobs, mi Slims. This will bo an ELEGANT ASSORT MENT of the BEST GRADES of Seasona ble Goods* GEO.P. GORE & 00., 9Q, 24. and 28 Sandolph-81. SPECIAL Sjft-Xiß Open Buggies, - Democrat Wagons, Express Wagons, Double and Single Harness, 12 Parmers' Wagons, On THURSDAY, April 21, At U o’clock. Must bo doled to p&y adTancos. Q p t pore A 00.,' Auctioneer*. MISCELLANEOUS. T HAVE A FEW THOUSAND DOLLARS AND J, would tAko an Interest In sorao manufacturing or other business: or would take a position in ojnoo-worlc, and loan my money to employers. Address 88, Tribune offloo. FAMILY WISHING TO ADOPT AN INTELLI gont boy, will pleoso address D M. Trlbuno office. EDGING PLANTS—SEND FOR CATALOGUE Splendid stock, as usual. Address EDGAR SAN* dors, 260 Htate-st. /COLORADO—PARTIES, WISHING TO GO TO \J Colorado oboap, or to Join tbo Southwestern Colony, will do well to call on Dr. HAWKEB, 137 Clark-st., Room , botweenSand norlands. Extra Inducements to all lartlos going to Colorado. COLONY— ALL MEMBERS AND OTHERS WISH- Ing to go with us come In and complete your arrange ments at onco. Wo arc nosriy toady to start. The boat chance over offered. 167 Fifth-ar., Room H. JrtASH PAID FOR OAST-OFF CLOTHING AND W mlscollaneous goods of any kind, hr sending a letter to I. OELDER, Loan Offloo, Bdi State-st. G" AZE’S TOURIST TICKETS FOR and tho . . _ , . iiaat, by short Boa*rouloa from England. Gael's Hotel Coupons for Europo and the East. Tlokota by tho London 4 Northwestern Railway. . Atlantic passages secured by any lino ol' steamships. American office, No. tf Bowling Green. Now York. OUSE MOVERS, ATTENTION-TWO WOODEN buildings, with store fronts, for sale; 63x64,Wcst Mad leon-at., to bo moved by May 1. Inquire at 61 West Wadlson-st. . . O' LdTOOKB-OABH PAID FOR PRIVATE. MRDI oaI and law libraries, at the Standard Old Book Store. CHAPIN BROS., 314 and 214JiJ East MadUon-ut., four door* ea«t of FrankUm * TWO THOUSAND GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES. Jewelry, etc., at half price to nay advances sCO por coufc discount allowed from factory price-lists on ell American watches; weekly payments taken. Old gold, silver, and old watches taken In exohanno or bought for cash. J. O. BARTLETT’S Loan Office, iO3 Last Mndlson-st. rpRRICS—TREKS—SHADE, EVERGREEN, AND X omamontal trees In largo variety suitable for Imme diate affect for city and suburban planting. 20 aoroa of nuraory stock must bo sold regardless , of price, to olear land; nursery 40 rods north of Ornooland Oomotary; city ■dppot, ftQNortfrOlark-Bt. _ _ WANTKD-TfOSE''IVANTmG PAINTING AND VV oalolmlnlngdono good aud cheap, address 0 47, frlb- Una office. • . firANTED-MAPS OF CITY, COUNTY, ETC.. AL VY so dosk, to furnish real ostalo oiuoo. I) S3, Tribune oßlce. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. IjIURNITUItE OF IB ROOMS, CONSISTING OF I 1 chamber «ots, bedstead*, bureau#, spring beds, m*t trerros. chairs, tabbs. lounges, tote-a-totos, parlor fur* nltara, axteaiion tables, dining chairs. crockery, Hla«* ware, kitchen furniture, and carpols-Bruejol# and la grain-all now Inst. October, to bo sold at auctloru by TAYLOR A HARRISON, on tho promises, No. 409 Woafc Washington*#!., Wednesday morning, April 23, at 10 o'clock, , T?OR SALK—TUB RNTIRB TjJRNITUIin. CAR- X 1 t)ot9, and gaa llxUires, oomplota for furnlsmnß a two-atqry ami basemont borne. A Rood oiiDortuultjr for a party desiring to go to houEobooi.jntf. Willbo sob! as a \vbofo or In part. Inqujroof Qltl i M AN, & Rlvor-st. SAIjIS^OIIKAP—NIOB NEW BBT PARLOR ]f and bedroom furniture. SMITH BROS.. 174 Wet WashlugloQ-st. *OP Ti'Oß 9ALIS—A 'PEERLESS. OOOK*STOVE: RIZK, Jj 73tf; in Rood condition. Price $35, Apply at CSD Col lage Ororo*av, TF - YOU HAVE HOUSEHOLD GOODS TO DISPOSE i of, and would havo their full taliio in cash, call on,or atldmi, I J, 171 Twquty-socondst. _ _ WAlfl'lES llAVlNd”i!oU‘flßlfoliD GOODS ON J. incrtihandlao of any kind for caio will And a cash pur* cbasor by addressing 1175, 'ijibutio OAS'n PJIIOBB PAID BOH HOUSE* i hold furniture, pianos, carpels, mirrors, etc. Ad* dross 7 East Klahtoonth-sl. FOR A TEN-ROOM W homoalso, good parlor futaUuto, osrpoto, do. Addrftaa H 76. Trlbmio nffleo. agents wanted. Tghnts wanthd-to hici.i. omt nrw iiurroN JV liolo Outlet and Needln-TiiniaOlnß flilrable. Agents clear S2O pot day. Pit KastMadlson-it,. Hoomß. _ ■ATIKNTH WANTKU-aAMPI.iiH'FUKKI $lO TO »M A - ,!.» can bo nmdo by enorgotlo porooiis, male or tO" malo/lnany toitu. 1 25 ~i O RNTR W A NTUD--TU HKU.ONT. Ob' i’HK BKBT .A Masonic charts over published. Apply to Homu 4 1. Kvorctt House, between l and 3p. in. None but Uaoont need nppiy. Vrr ATtKNTS wanted - HtfWITT fluting and A polishing Iroua. FUUo any length, with R-m«. Throo Irou “ft ono. Largo commissions, 179 Kaat Madl son-st.. Hoorn IP. i ■ PERSONAL. davib, the owner of lots IT fl (<i l!i in Uluok 9. Andor»o»Till», i»lo*»o c*ll on* or information wantkd-ofKDWAIDDRANR. iformerly of No. 260 ticmth,. br UAUUONI) A QAUEi FlnunoUl Agauti, M VfA»blog(on-»t. AUCTION SALES. By ELISON & FOSTEBf rt Sale OF HIGH-OLASS MODERN IL FMNTINGS, By Distinguished American and Foreign Arttsla from (hf> Now York Art Gallery. Among this Pino Collodion will bo found Choice Exam ples from tho following Eminent Artiste: Albert Dlersthdt, Jus. M, Hart, Wm. Hart, Goo. 11. Halt, ,T. F, Cropsoy, B. Rosloroo, ,7. p. Kensolt, U. Krutr.or, It, Do Buel, wm. M. Carey, W. A, O. I'rorioh, Oravarr.lo. N.O&lyo, I*. Rosenborg, \V, A. Tumor. And many others of equal eminence. Now on exhibition, with catalogues, and will ho peremptorily sold BY AUCTION, On TUBSDAY and WEDNESDAY, AlWmoon «nd Evenings, April Wand 23, at2>s and l}i o'clock, at Blot* No. 183-East Madison-st., Between LaSsllo-st. and Plfth-nv. ELISON A POSTER. Auctioneers. 905 MicMgan-av., WORTH 025* TWBNTY-PU’TH-BT., FOUR-STORY MARBLE FRONT RESIDENCE. 50,000 00,000 WANT FURNITURE . .A.T AXTOTIOnsr, On THURSDAY MORNING, April SM, at 10 o’clock. Body Brussels Carpets throughout tho house, Elegant Basswood and Black Walnut Parlor Suits, Elegant Mar blo-Ton Chamber Hots, Easy Chairs, Oriental Chairs, Hall Tree, Wardrobes, Marble-Top Tables*. Hofao, Lounges, Beds and Boddieg, Dining-Room and Kitchen Furniture, Crockery. Glassware, etc., oto. Sale absolute. Parties leaving tho city. . ELISON A FOSTER. Auctioneers. 303 MICHIGAN - AV. Hunted inli Furniture -A-T .AXJOTION, On Friday Horning, April 25, at 10 o'olook. At Dwelling-house 302 Miohlgnn-av., all tho Parlor, Chamber, Dining-Room, and. Kitchon Furniture, carpets. Mattresses* Podding, China, Glassware, Etc. , ELISON & FOSTER, Auctioneers. By WM. A. BUTTERS & CO. GKEtIELAtT SALE. ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY CARRIAGES, OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, jAST .A.XJO'rXOIDT, To pay artrancea ami chargor. OX APRILS, AT-10 O'CLOCK, at 35, 27, 23 and 8! Waehlng’ l °Thiß la tho largest number oror offered at ono sale In tho ■West. Sale peremptory, term* cash. war. A. ntrJTJBKS A CO., Auctloneera. T3aAX>l!i SAIiB White Granite and Yellow Ware, ASSORTED GLASSWARE, A. desirable lino of Table Cutlery, Hardware and Plated floods, oo Wednesday, April S3, at DM o’clock, at 65 and 67 South Oanal-at. WM. A. BUTTERS A 00., Auctioneers. Dry Ooods, Silteß, EEADTMADE CLOTHING, Straw Goode, Notions, Boots, Shoes, etc. . AT AUCTION, On TlfoneoAY, April 94. Nt PM o'clock, at 65 and 67 South Canal-at^ M A pUTTBRBA C o M Auctioneer*, By TAYLOB & HABBISOS. IAEOE AHB ATTE ACTIVE SAIiB OP Dry Goods, Clothing, &c,, &c., TUis morning, at OX o’clock# Largo assortment of Handkerchiefs, Towels* Napkins, Goats* Furnishing Goods, Cloth* ing, Hats and Caps, Dress Goods, Notions, and Fancy Goods. TAYLOR & HARRISON, Auctioneer*, 81 And 83 South Canal-st. At No. 409 West Wasbington-at., On WEDHEBtIAT, April 23, at 10 o'oloolt, • THE ENTIRE Houseiiolil Furniture Contained in the above Dwelling, consisting of elegant Parlor Furniture, Carpets, y aam ber and Dining-room Furniture. Kitobon Stove and Utensils, China and Glassware &0..& C. A fine oasorimont of nice goods, nearly new. Rare chance for housekeepers. TAYLOB & HABRISON. Auctioneers. tUROPB, HAVENS & CO., Auctioneer*. . _ HARDWARE AND hO^J|JJ& NIBHINO aOODS AT Tho ontlro stock of o retail dealer will bo soldl at AVI Stato-at., oommondugon Wednesday evening, April •t7o tn! ibarp,' Tho attention of dealers U called to lh« Shore ealo, and the good®, consisting of Move* {kW* 1 llouso. Furnishing goods, Carpets, end Builders tools* Cutlery, Store Fixtures. Ac. will be >rithout rosorvo, IIAVENS A CO., Auctioneers, 63 booth Canal-st. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT AUCTION. room furniture, carpets, bedding, otc. olognnt Rosewood Plano by one of the best makers, lobe Bold on Wednesday, April 23. at 10 a. rn., without rosonro. IIAVENS A CO., Auotionoorfl, 63 South Oanal-al. SPECIAL SALE OF Cliromos, EncraviuES, M Stationery, On.THURSDAY* April 21. HAVENS & CO., Auctioneer#, 63 South Oanabet. AncM Sale of SMile Oniamenlal, ana Fruit Trees, Shrubbery, Etc., Elm, extr.-largo L‘g a . „„ nMts - 63 South Oanal-st. Household Furniture nt Auction, Wo will veil, on Monday, April 29, the entire content* of house No. 70110m7-"t., ncerOoiUre-av., consUt ngol Parlor am! Chamber Sole, Dining and Kit chon Furniture, Carpetv, Uoddimr, Urookejy, Aucllonoors, 63South Oanal-Bt, liy BRUSH; SON & CO. First-Class Fifire at Auction. THURSDAY, April 2-!, at 0 1-2 a. iu., All the Fine Furniture (boughtlastfell).atro«- idouoo 41 Thivty-BQOoud-bt., between Rhodes rmd OottaKO Qrovo-ava. Bloffont Rosewood Plano. Msrblo-Top Chamber Sets, ooßting ennn tn £4OO onoQS Turkish Busy Chairs, Fancy Parlor Ohaira, Parlor Suits, Brussels Und 3-Ply Carnots, I’ronoh plate Mirrors, jft oo OurUlns, Ohromoa, Eloaonf Marble-Top Contra Tableu, WUito Hair Mnt trosßo., Fronoh Counterpanes, Sproade, Bod and Table Linen, Bedding of all kinds, dhlna dnnor and Tea Soto, Bilvor and Plated Ware. Dining-Room and Kitohen 1 urnltura oUoft BHU e sH?BO i^ r & CO, Auctioneers, Oillno IHB East Madiaon-et, WK WILL BKLLTIIH Entire Stocl, Mms, Etc., ol tho Faintly Orooory comer of-'Loayltt and I«aVa-sls., this Wednesday craning, at 7 o’clock, Bala peremptory. And without reserve. A rare ohanoo lor grocers. corns early and soouro bargains. ~ _ . . N. B.—Also a largo sals ol Household Goods at oat iraroroom. 813WeitLaVo-st., this morning, at lOa. m. wareroom, MOIUUfION, AaoUeaw*

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