Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 24 Nisan 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 24 Nisan 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME SB. WATCHES, DUB EKTTXTUa STOCK OP W A S I? o DEC 33 £3 AT COSTI In order to moke room for our Spring Stock of watches, wo nliall -close out our present largo stock of Watolios. whiok roaohed-us too late for tho Holiday Trade, at the actual) cost of manufacture and importation. ISO raESTEKVATIOIV. 3,000 GOLD WATOHE3, at from S2O to $l6O each; usual price, S4O to S2OO. GILES, BEQ. & 60., 266 & 268 WABASH-AV., AND 334 WEST MADISOW-ST. TO RENT. Stores to Rent. Nos.S9a.Boo, and 303 Westat tho.gond of Two host Stores In tho clt/, elzo of each 86x120, four Btorios and basomont, 17-foot colling, iiro-proof vaults, Elevators, and everything complolo. These boauUfulbulldlngs aro now ready for occupancy. For Dry Goods, Furniture, Oarpots, Orookory, or any otu |r fl rat-class business, theao stores are not anrpasaod. tho location Is tho host In tho West pirlslpn. l;or terra* tpply to D. COLE A HON. 1M West Madlson-st. DOUBLE BASEMENT a S?C> 3FL!Ea;Kr i! !E% Undor Government Goods Depot, 196 and 197 East Lako-at., 40x185 foot, suitable for first-class Hostaurant or Ooffoo House, or will bo routed for business or storage pur* poses. Apply on premises, up stairs. To M-M a Bargain, The ologant and spacious Storo and Basomont, Nos. 80 and 83 East Adnms-st., 60x100 foot, with stcam-hcatlng apparatus. Apply to Iff. 8. IIAWLKY A CO., 81 Tribune Building. TO RENT. Storo No. 83 West Madlson-at., 20 by 70 foot, 2 doors from Ollnton at., In brick building. Also, on first floor some building, 4 rooms for ofllcoa, Nos. 4 and fi, by WM. 11. THOMPSON, To Rent. A Throe-Story and Basomont Marble-Front House olo *autly furnished, and with all modom Improvements; lo- Ration one of tho best in tho city; ronfc SBOO per month. Addrosa 8 63. Tribnno otHco. TO EENT. , Pino Stores and Corner Basement In Briggs Souse, oor. Pifth-av. and Handolph-st. Ap ply to CHASE & ADAMS, RENT. Offices, Offices, Exchange Building, corner Clark and Wash- ipgton-sta., Room 43. BOUQUETS, &o. FLOWEM&PLANTS, Boipls, and Floral Eesips. A ohoioo assortment of House, or Sodding Plants, at reanonabld prices, at tho largo Conservatory on North Olark-st.i ono block north of Chicago-av., or,at southeast corner of State and Washlngton-sts., entrance through Sod din A Hamilton's, Jouolors. WE T. SHEPHERD, .piiorasT. BLANK BOOKS. BLANK BOOKS, For Bauto,lnsurance Offices, and Railroads, ON HAND AND TO ORDER, BY CULVER, PAGE, HOME & CO.. FINANCIAL. MONEY TO LOAN On firstrclaes Real EsUto. 83,600 and 81,600 In band. MEAD A COG, 168 LaSalle-at. Local Stocks. Chicago City Hallway, North Obloago Railway, and sov iral National Bank Stocks for sale, llavo also buyor* for several Bank Stocks. WM. P. WATSON A 00., 105 Olark-st. TIME LOANS Negotiated on Chicago Real Estate, by ■WIM- IP. 'WATSON Sc CO. 105 CLAltlt.-HT. 3DIC3-- Creditors of tho United States will find it to their inter* Mtto investigate us. Debtors, ditto. Wo collector no charges, without attorney's feus in suits; and publish the names of those who don’t pay. Wo moan business. FRAZIER'S M EUOANTILU COLLECTION AGENCY, 146 Madison-st. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages OF EMOTIONAL HUM. FOR SALTS AT TRIBUNE OFFICE. MEETINGS. Masonic. Wanbsnsla Lodge, No. 160, moots this (Thursday) evening at 7k o'clock, in Oriental Hall, 123 Laßallo-st., For work on M. M. Degree. Visiting brethren cordially Invited, By order of tho W. M. g. BT. JOHN, Bee'y, Masonic. The regular assembly of Oriental Consistory will beheld at the Masonic Temple, this evening, at 7M o'clock. rrork-SOth, JAMUB U.AIILES, Or, Beo’y,, ®3)£ Potlg REA L ESTATE. HOUSES FOB BADE ON Monthly Payments. 1 hfcro eovoral Uonsos, umo hut completed and others nearly now, which I will noil tm lona time sod easy terra*. I bate put in those elegant olmndollors, and water, throughout tho building*. They are convenient and thoroughly.bullt Houses, and easily reached by tho car*. Tho rent* will pay for thorn i aro now ready for oocupany. Inquire of tho undersigned at 67 qOVBRT Office hours, 13 to 8 o'clock. fasMiton Heights. I am authorized to offer for sale, for a fow days, 100 acres of choice timbered land, located on tho Bidgo at Washington Heights. A rare op portunity for a speculative invest ment. HENRY E. MARBLE, Boom 6, No. 70 Doarborn-st, A BARGAIN. For salo, vary cheap, a very desirable lot on Michigan' ar., north of; 40x180 to alloy. B. N. DEMENT, ■ 163 Laßallo-st. ■ ■ DREXEL BOULEVARD. .A. BARR BAIR.QA.X3Sr- Two Aral-class residences, with ample grounds and shade trees, at city limits, on South Side, within one nilnuto’a walk of steam and bone-ears. and at tho hcadof Droxol Boulevard, the iinost drirow&y in tho South Divis |°°- ,or " 1 °- CROCKERY, &o. CEocrai, GLASSWARE, LAMPS. &G. Wo keep the largest stock In the olty of abovo (food*, in original packages or open stock, and soil at Now York prices free of freight. Country merchants aro invited to szamloo our goods before purchasing olsowhero. F. & E. jaeg-er; 73 VaM-ay„ near Ranflolph-st MUSICAL. PIANOS AT A SACRIFICE. As, after ray removal to 148 Stato-st., Ishall discontinue tho Plano business. I offer balinco of stock on band at a groat sacrifice. .Those desirous of 'securing a flnt-oloaa Plano, very cheap, should call at ooco, upon GJ-. a. KNOPPBL, Sealer in Music, Pianos, &0., * 980 WABASH-AV. DRESS-CLEANING. Dresses Of every description. cleaned without removing trim* mines (velvet or lace) by a now process, and by which tbo gooda keep tbo same lustre and shape as when now. j3l. US, 264 Vest IMson-st. - ■ -158 Dlinois-st. SKIRTS. SHIRTS Made to order in the moat complete artistio manner, of fabrics unsur passed for durability. Large lines of nno Furnishing Goods at lowest prices. Money cheerfully refunded if not satisfactory. WMi BEOS., S.E.oor.Stato and 'Washington-sts,, 35 West Madison-st. (Sherman House), Chicago, PlUo'h Opera Houbp, Cincinnati. JACK SCREWS. JACK SCREWS. JACK SCREWS. JACK SCREWS. Always on hand, and wo soli at low prioos, at Nos. 3d and 30 Wost Quinoy-st., between Olinton and Jefferson. J. K. DIVE BEY. DISSOLUTION NOTICES, DISSOLUTION. iTho copartnership heretofore existing under tho name of 0. H. Beckwith A 00. la this day dissolved by mutual oonseut. Their saacossors, 0. 11. Beckwith A Sons, as same all liabilities of sold firm, and aro authorized to make all collections. 0. 11. BECKWITH, F. H. BKOKWITH, OIIAS. L. BECKWITH, Chicago, April S3, 1678. L. F. MASON. Referring to the above dissolution, wo announce tbe continuance of the Wolesale Grocery business at our old •land, corner Dearborn and South Water-ste., under the name and stylo of O. 11. BEOKWITH A SONS. NEW PUBLICATIONS. Will Bo Issued April 25, A OHARMING NOVEL ENTITLED, “ Atari Teiiest ail Tie," after tho German of Sophia Verona, by Anbnr Forostlor. 1 vol. 19 mo., BSW pages. Price $1.50. For sale by alt Booksellers, or will be sent postpaid on receipt of retail price. II. N. MoKINNBY A CO.. Philadelphia. SHIPPING TAGS, fl ft A DENNISON’S PATENT Iflllll SHIPPING T-VOS. I l\l_ \ Oror 200 million. Imvo l-«” »»oil within tlio I U III 1 put 10roan, wlth-jt oomplalnt of loi. bjt I nil I I tho fair lie‘, u W dotaohod. All EUprou li lIW V Oimipun'- 4*o them, ilorw nnil StntlonorH ISvcrvwlicro. Hol.l by 1' BATS. m/M AH tho Spring Stylos, in- tlio celol)rated Aml- Ur 104 East Mndton-st. J. 8. BARNES & CO. GENERAL NOTICES. MASS MEETING NORTH SIDE SALOONKEEPERS, To bs held oo THURSDAY AFTERNOON at 2 o’clock. At Fold Hall, corner North-or. And Larraboo*st., to form a Union of North Blue tialoon Keepers. By order of the Committee. PttTBR, MILLER. NOTICE. All Interested In Qaa and Water on South western-av., will meet at 842 Southwestern av., this evening at 6 o’clock. SOHENCK’S MANDRAKE PILES. BOUENOK’S MANDRAKE FILLS. BOUENOK’S MANDRAKE FILLS. BOUENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOUENOK’S MANDRAKE FILLS. BOUENOK’S MANDRAKE FILLS, BOUENOK’S MANDRAKE FILLS. BOUENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. boubnok’s mandrake pills. BOUENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOUENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOUENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOUENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOUENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOUENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOUENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOUENOK'S MANDRAKE FILLS. BOUENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOUENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS, SOUENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOUENOK’S MANDRAKE FILLS. BOUENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. * BOUENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOUENOK'S MANDRAKE FILLS. BOUENOK'S MANDRAKE FILLS. BOUENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOUENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. SOUENOK’S MANDRAKE FILLS. BOUENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOUENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOUENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOUENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOUENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOUENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOUENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS, BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE FILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S ziINDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE FILLS, BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE FILLS. BOHENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK’S Mandivatcw PTT.T.q BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK’S MANDRAKE FILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. If you have made a habit of drinking Bourbon whisky every day freely, so that in the morning you have no appetite for breakfast, bad taste In tbo mouth and tbo throat full of mucous, causing you to cough and spit, and yonr nerves so unstrung na to require five or six glsssos of whisky to steady thorn, that yon may attend to busi ness, It Is time you stopped tbo practice, and tho only way to overcome it Is -to tako a doso of BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS, sufficient to physio tbo bowels well, end unlock tho secretions of tho liver; after that, if you still oravo for liquor, tako a pUI, and a person may take throo or four hi tho oonrso of tbo day, and by following this up for a wook or ton days, all taste for stimulants will be gone and a good appotlto and a relish for food bo obtained. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE FILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE FILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. BOHENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. Bine Mass, and other preparations of Mercury, actually produce more suffering and death than tho diseases which they profess to euro, And yot (hie corrosive min. oral, so denounced by tho Allopathic doctors, Is proscribed by them almost universally In Llvor Complaint, Oon- sumption of tbo Lungs, oto. TUB MADRAKB PILLS are composed entirely of reota and herbs, obtained from tbo groat atorobouao of Nature, and (heir salutary effoota will appear as soon at tbo medlolno Is brought to the tost of a fair experiment. GOHENOK'S MANDRAKE PILLS do not produo any nausea or sickness of tbo stomach; bat when given for Dyspepsia, it may bo proper to use thorn In oounootlon with GOHENOK'S SEAWEED TONIO. By this Judicious treatment tho digestive facul. ties are tpoodlly restored to tboir full vigor, and the wont oases of Indigestion may bo cured. WJjon we reflect that tho liver Is tho largest internal organ of tho body, that to it is assigned the important duty of Altering tho blood and preparing tbo bilo, that it is subject to many disorders, and that when It la diseased, or iosollvo, tho wholo body suffers sympa thetically, it la not surprising that a medlolno which can restore tho healthy operations of tho Uvor should produce wonderful changes in tho general health, and effoot euros which may appear to bo almost miraculous. Headache, of long continuance, severe pains In the breast, side and shoulders, aching of- the limbs, a fool ing of general weakness and wretchedness, and other alarming and distressing symptoms, indicative of imperfect or disordered action of the livor, are speed, ily removed by tho use of HOHENOK’S MANDRAKE PILLS. OoaUvenoss. piles, bitter or sour cmiUtlons, And that Indescribable fooling of oppression, mental anxiety. Unguor, lethargy and depression of spirits which unfit a man for the management of business and tho enjoyment of life, aro all relieved by tho use of MAN* DRAKE PILLH. Prepared by J. H. BOHKNOK A SON. Ncrthneet comer gUth and Arob BUtets, Philadelphia. CHICAGO, THURSDAY, APRIL 24, 1873. ENOCH MOBGAN’S SONS' SAPOLIO Isa substitute for Soap for nil Household par* posoii o*c«pt washing olothos, . S .A.IP OLIO 61 For cleaning your honso this Spring will save tho g labor of onocloanor. I SAPO LXO ® Will nob Injuro or dlsoolor Paint, bub restores col* g or nnil brightness. Try It. 1 SAPOLIO 2 Cleans Windows without wotor, and saves tbo g tronblo of removing curtains and oarpota. I sapolTo Brighton* Knives at aatno tlmo they aro washed, g Baring tlmo and labor. Uso It. SAPOLIO S Clonus Bath-Tubs, Tables, Floors, do., quicker po and hotter than Soap. Try It on. I sapolTo co Polishes Tin, Brass, Copper, and all Motal Wares, 4 rondorlng them as bright as now. I SAP OLIO. For washing Dishes and Glaaswaro ia Inrolnablo. Cheaper thanßoap. £3 -A. UP O L I O Removes Stains from Matblo Mbntols, Tables, and Statuary, from llard.flnlahod Walls, and from China and Porcelain. 10 cents. • SAPOLIO Removes Stains and Groase from OarpoU and oth* or woven fabrics. Depot, 80 and 88 South. Water-st., CHICAGO, ILL. Removal. Tho Old Sellable Wine House of BEE BICE, Jr. & CO., (Successors to Perkins. Stem &00., in this city), late at 611 Wabash-av., havo removed to thoir new and elegant store, 119 Clark-st., Which will bo opened to the public TO-DAT. They will continue supporting their old •reputation, in making a specialty of Fine Goods, as the loaders m the California Wine Trade of the West. Confining their selections to oholco goods especially, they offer in their splendid stock rare inducements to families, druggists, and dealers generally, wishing fine reliable Wines and Liquors. BBNJ. BRHOE, Jr. & CO. 110 Olark-st. idotil J. P. STOWE & CO., Upholstery, CHIN GOODS, AND BEDDING-, Have Removed to 135 STATE-BT., NEAR MADISON. REMOVAL. Frederick Edler, DEALER IN LUMBER and BRICKS, Has removed bis Offioo and Yard to northeast corner of DlvUlon-sU Bridge, on North Rlvor. Hla friends and patrons arc solicited to call. ONE AND A HALE MILLIONS OF BRICKS For sale at lowest market figures. , Tnr]i, Cottrell & Co, HAVE REMOVED TO 52 STATE-ST, Where they have a complete stock of Hardware, Bronze Goods, Cutlery, Tools, &o. REMOVAL. On and after May!, tho Chicago Agency of tho MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAIi XiUTE nfBVBAHOE CO. will occupy tho Basement Office, Ho. 170 LaSallo-st., Bryan Blook. PHISBIE & EAPELBYE, General Agents. POR SALE. THE HOBIZONTAI ENGIIE, Diameter of Cylinder, 18 Inches: length of stroke, 80 monos; two hgllora, oaoh 43 Inches diameter, MB«moh tubus, and 13 foot long, with fronts, atoam, and mud drums, grato-bars, and connections complete, The aboToeanboßOon working in good order, and will bo dollvorod as e»ou as our now Englno and UoUon aro completed and sol up. Apply to Suporlntondonb OIUOAQO WIIITKLBAD AND OIL CO., Oornor Croon and Fulton*sM. TREES I TREES! 820|000 worth, all kinds and sizes, for sale cheap at tho SHEFFIELD HUHSEHY, 44 Eaclne-av. . R. J. LEWIS, Prop. _My Take the Ohloago and Olvbouru-aT. cara. CONFECTIONERY. JAS. C. SIMM, MANUFACTURER OF "grg CONFECTIONERY, 68 STjla.TB-ST. ' Orders from the country solloitod. Cash and short time buyers will And it to their in* torest to send for FQIOE EXBT. i SAFOLIO. REMOVALS. 808 SALE. THE INDIANS. The Osagcs in Southwestern Kansas on tho War-Path, Robbery and Murder of Thirteen Emi grants on Medicine Lodge Creek. General Gillem Thinks Ho Has the Modocs Completely Caged. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Leavenworth, Ks., 'April 23.—Nows of tho massacre of four emigrants from Macoupin County, HI., was received, to-day, from Arkan sas City, William Thompson, who escaped after having boon robbed of money, clothing, gun, and pistols by tho Indians, arrived in Arkansas City last Monday, and made oath to tho follow ing statement in substance. On April H, I was about a quarter of a mile from camp on Medicine Lodge Crook, Barber County, when I saw 000 or 400 Indians come from towards tbo crook and surround tho camp whore tbo rest of tbo party, namely, William Talkington, Joseph Falklngton,- John Mitchell, and Thomas Mitchell wore. At this tlmo I heard tho report of guns In camp, and saw tbo Indians strike down my comrades with tomahawks. Borne of tho Indians came to mo and robbed mo of S2OO, my clothes, and gun. I then walked away, taking an easterly direction, and arrived at Caldwell, Sumner Co., April 14. and have not soon or hoard of my comrades emco. Tho In dians woro around tho comp when I last saw thorn. The foregoing statement ia attested by tho Notary of Arkansas Oity. Oapt. Darling. Chief of tho Surveyors on tho 1 Cimmaron, arnvod to-day, end confirms tho report of outrages on Modioino Lodge. Tho Indians, supposed to bo bands of Osagos, and Ohoyonnos, were fifteen miles from tho boundary of their Association. Many settlors aro malting claims in tho Modioino Lodge. Tho Indians aro daily robbing and stealing from them, and committing murders whenever they dare. The settlors will fight before leaving their claims, and massacres will bo of frequent occurrence, unices tho Indians aro compelled to stay on their reservations. Atchison, Kan., April 28.—A correspondent of the Daily Champion , writing from Arkansas City, Southwestern Kansas, says, "that a man named Thompson arrived there on tho 20th inst.. who states that on the 11th Inst, ho was robbed by a band of Indians near Modioino Lodgo

Crook, and bis four companions killed. Tho party consisted of himself, John and William Mitchell, and William and James Fodkor ton, and wore recently from Macoupin Coun ty, 111. They arrived at Modioino Lodgo Crook near tho south lino on tho Bth inst. They had with them a span ,of horses, wagon, camp equipage, and about $l,O 00 in money. On Friday, the lltli inst., Thompson was about a quarter or a mile from camp, whon ho saw 800 or 400 Indians surround It. Shortly' oftorwords ho heard firing and saw tho Indians using tomahawks on his comrades. Ho supposes they wore all killed at the time of tho attack. Part of tho Indians took him prisoner, and rob bed him of all ho had, hut finally lot him go. Ho arrived at Caldwell about noon on tho 14th. While there ho was told that nine others wore killed on Medicine Lodgo Crook by tho Indians about tho oamo time bis camp was attacked. Ban Francisco, April 23.— There is no further nows to-night from tho Modoo war. A dispatch from Portland to-night says that tho Indians on tho Upper Columbia, Snake, and Lewis lUvors aro well posted on Modoo affairs, o;.d are imhslguig oxira.-agu.lly ia wai-paml, war-dances, and conduct of a menacing nature. nnro™”t'n7t.'“ 1 “"' In Sonora, tho troops aro making a vigorous war against the Apaches from Arizona, and ex pect to dimmish tho number of depredations materially. New York, April 23.—A dispatch from San Francisco says: “ Qon. • Gillom reports to Gon. Schofield that-tho Modocs have been discovered In tho lava-heds, four miles from their old stronghold. Tho Modocs wore compelled to evacuate their first hiding-place in consequence of tho scarcity of wator. The Indians are now three miles from wator. Gen. Gtllcm thinks that ho has the Modocs completely in his power, and that there is now no ohnneo for them to escape. He was actively ’ engaged for throe days before their hiding-place was discovered, Gon. Jeff. C. Davis, successor of Gen. Cmihy, arrived this evening. Ho will depart immediate ly for tho Modoo country. Cheyenne, April 23.—A letter from Sidney, Nob., dated the 22d just., says : Sixteen Indians dashed into Moore’s herd and stole thirty head of horses and mules. Moore and forty mounted men. with Capt. Hanley in command, have started in pursuit. Washington, April 23.—Gen. Pope, command ing the Department of Missouri, says that all tho parties sent out by tho Government will have protection while within his jurisdiction, if * they will report to him. Ho thinks it possible, from tho fact that tho bodies of tho surveyors aro said to have boon found buried, that they wore mur dered bp white horse-thieves, or other despera does, with motives of plunder. FIRE INSURANCE. Seventh Annual Convention of tho National Board of Underwriters— Proceeding!* Vcatorday* New Yoke. April 28.—Tho seventh annual con vention of tho National Board of Flro Under writers commenced to-day, Ilonry A. Oakley presiding. There was a very largo attendance. The President in his address said: “The Chi cago and Boston fires demonstrated that insur ing in companies that charged a small competi tive premium was very had policy. Their pre miums on risks wore so low that when heavy losses came they wore unable to meet them, ana tho policy-holders suffered. Referring to tho Boston firo, ho said that tho total loss was estimated at $70,000,000. On this there was an insurance in Massachusetts companies of $95,000,000, over $15,000,000 in companies in other States, and over $4,000,000 in companies of other countries. Of this amount, $80,876,843 had boon paid, which makes 05.73 per cent of tho entire losses. Regarding rates, ho said that after tho Chicago flro, when it was found uecos- S to advance rates 50 por cent on account of a no of business, tho puhlio mot it with good fooling, and cheerfully acquiesced In tho ad vauco. Tho President referred to the now dis criminating schedule of rates, varying in pro portion to tho safety from flro of tho property insured, and said it had boon favorably received and led to excellent rosalts. Tho statistics in tho address of tho President showed a total expenditure of 110 70-100 por cent for 1873, or a loss of $0,820,800 by tho companies connected with business in this country. Tho report of the Committee on Statistics showed there are in tho country 40,844 cotton, papor, flouring, and grist mills, boot and shoo factories, woolen mills, and hardware manufac turics, and assuming that tho average amount paid by each for insurance is SIOO por annum, there ore in tho aggregate $4,084,400, equal in amount to 16 por cent of tho insurance pre miums collected by all tho companies in 1871. Tho report dosed by recommending an appro priation for tho collection of needful informa tion for more safely estimating tho rates. Tho announcement was made that tho State Superintendents wore in full sympathy with tho National Board of Underwriters. Committees wore appointed, and tho Board adjourned till to-morrow. Innocents Abroad. Nnw York, April 23.—The most important ox* oursion of tho soasou will consist of ICO portions, engaged in scholastic pursuits, who will flail from this port on Juno 21, in tho Anchor lino steamship Victoria, which has boon chartered for their exclusive uao. Tho complement of tho company 1b nearly full, and includes seventy* throe persons from Now York, six from Now Jersey, eight from Pennsylvania, nine from Massachusetts, one from Vermont, five from Illinois, one from lowa, two from Michigan, five from Virginia, two from Wisconsin, one from Ohio, six from Now UammdiUo. throe from Maine, flvo from Maryland, throe from Dela ware. and others, Most of tho persons booked are ladies. After landing at Glasgow and inspecting that city, they will go to Edinburgh, Melrose, and Abottsford. On July 4, tho Earl or Shrewsbury will give a dinner to tho tourists at Alton Towers, ono of tho finest baronial residences in England. Later in the evening of the same day tho party will lako a special train from Alton to London, wboro they will arrive in time to attend a grand American ball to bo given at the St. Patterns Hotel. Ono of tbo mala objects of tbo excur sion is to visit, tho principal university towns, and accordingly Cambridge, Antwerp, Bonn, aha Munich will bo included in tho route. Several days will bo devoted to tbo Vienna Exposition, and on tbo return journey visits will bo made at Ausborg, Lindau, Lake Constance, Bomansborn, Winterthur, Bclmflf hausen, Zurich, Zug, Lu cerne, Interlocked Demo, Genova, and Paris. On tbo woy from Paris to Glasgow, from which port they will sail for America on Aug. 23, calls will bo made at llouon. Dieppe, and Now-Haven. Tbo party will probably arrive at this portion • Sept. 3. Families and smaller scholastic com panies, composed of from flvo to ton persons, aro sailing by every steamer. “HOOSIER” BROWN. Arrest of this Noted Burglar and Coun terfeiter In Now York for Bobbing a Clergyman whom ICo had Followed to that City* Special Dispatch to The Chicago JWfitm*. - New York, April 23. —E1l Brown, alias “ Hpos ior” Brown, said to bo one of the most notorious criminals in the West, was arrested this morning by Detectives Farley and Simington, of tho Cen tral Oflico, charged with having stolon $14,000 in greenbacks, and a gold watch,' valued at $l5O from Mr. F. W. Fuller, a resident of Chicago, but at present living at 168 East Houston street in this city. Mr. Fuller called at the Police Headquarters a few days ago, and mado known bis loss. Tbo detectives ascertained that bo was in the company of Bfbwn when ho missed his watch and money, and the officers, knowing Brown’s character, immediately jumped to tho conclusion that ho was tho thiof, and accordingly sot out to look for him. Mr. Fuller also stated that ho and Brown woro old friends, and woro together in Chicago only a short timo ago. Brown then know that Fnllorliad this money, and when tho latter camo on to this city ho fol lowed. After a short search, tho officers learned that Brown was stopping at tho Fifth Avenuo Hotel, and.* repairing there to-day. arrested him and brought him to tho Polioo Headquarters, where ho was confronted by Mr. Fuller, but denied having over taken either tho money or the watch. Ho was astonished however when Col. Whitley and Officer Butts walked into tbo office, and the lat ter drew a watch out of bis ppokot, and showed it to Fuller, who identified It as tho watch stolon from him. Officer Butts then explained that, by orders of Col. Whitley, ho hod noon watching Brown for some timo past, tho latter being charged with passing counterfeit money. Tho officer mado the acquaintance of Brown, who showed him tho watoh above named, and offered to lot him have it for $25,- at tbo same timo admitting that it was stolon. Butts bought tho watch of him, and reported the transaction to, his chief. who ordered bim to still keep company with him, and boo if ho could not catch bim with counterfeit money; but this they were unable to do. al though it was previously known that ho had previously passed a S2O bill and a $lO bill. Col. Whitley gives tbo following sketch of Brown's career: “ Ho is a native of Michigan, but for many years made bis headquarters at Fort Wayne, Ind. During tho last tea or eleven years he has been an extensive wholesale dealer in counter feit money with tho members of his gang, among whom wore Sam Rivers, Harry Homer, and Jim Carey. Ho also engaged in numerous successful burglaries and bank rob beries, extending bis operations through Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and lowa. Although notorious for his crimes, ho has always cho-.-'u „ remarkable facility iu evading punishment. At Elkhart, Ind., a few years ago, t ..vwi uu tho liuiguborliood wore. traced to him and his gang, and it was discover ed that they had a largo quantity of stolon goods concealed in a barn. Hero a party of police officers lay in wait, and surprised the robbers, with whom a desperate tight took place. .One of tho officers was shot dead, ana another was severely wounded. Subsequently Drown was concerned iu a bank robbery* in Illinois, iu which one of the ofllcors of tho bank was brutally murdered. A reword of SO,OOO was offered for tho apprehension of the murderers, but Brown evaded capture until bo was arrested in Chicago ou tho 31st of July. 1871, on the charge of dealing in counterfeit money. Efforts woro mode to procure his re lease by persons who thought ho could bo in duced to aid them la securing tho reward by turning State’s evidence against bis confeder ates, Horner and Rivers. He wasflnally released on bail, but was immediately foarrestod by some of Col. Whitley’s detectives, and taken to In dianapolis to answer another charge. After passing some time in jail, ho was ogam released on heavy bail, and has since been at large pur suing his old occupation. WALL STREET. Roviow of tlio Money, Bond, Stock, Gold, and Produce Markets* New Yonic, April 23.—Business to-day was very quiet in the different departments of Wall street. Money worked a little closer. Legal tender notes are now arriving more freely than during tho earlier days of April. Tho bonds bought by the Treasury to-day will bo paid for with National banknotes. Prime mercantile paper is moving satisfactorily at 10 to 12 per cout. STOCKS. In stoolta tho busiuoss and fluctuations wore important only in a few instances, the moat ac tive dealings having been in Western Union, Pacific Mail, St. Paul common, and Erie. Tho general list opened steady, hut, after tho First oard, become weak. Towards midday prices improved, and tho market was firm uutd about 2:30 p. m., when a reaction to tho lowest point ensued. GOLD. Gold, foreign exchange, and Governments wore dull. Tho shipments of specie to-day by tbo Java wore $103,731. rnocucE. Flourwaafairlyactivonndflnnorforinostgrades under $8.50. Good to choice family grades wore steadier, though not active. No. 2 and superfine wore more active and firmer, with more inquiry for future. Business was restricted for want of freight room. Sales of 13,600 brls, Including 0,000 brls shipping extra for May, at 87.30. Re ceipts, 10,160 brls. Holders of wheat have again advanced their prices 2@30 per bu, with a good inquiry for spring for export and milling, but the absence of freight room ebooks business. Single car lots aro extremely difficult of sale. Sales: 28,600 bu. Receipts, 28,010 bu. Fork was firmer for this mouth, which was quoted at 820.00. Some business in now mess was report ed early at $10.50@10.75. For futuro;doUvory, sales aro reported of 1,000 brls for May, at 8X0.60. Receipts, 805 packages. Out moats wore generally quiet. Small lot of dry-salted shoulders sold at 1%0, Fielded bellies aro In light supply, opu quoted at for H and 13 brls average. In pickled and smoked moats, no important business was reported. Receipts, 1,330 pkgs. Racoa was steady and moderately active. Settlements of long dear contracts are reported at oJ£o. Solos embrace 276 boxes long oloar, to arrive, at 0%0. Long door on tho spot was quoted at o%@loo. Lard was moderately actlvo and steady. Sales of Western Include 1,000 tea at 0%0 for May ; 10c for Juno, and 10>/c for July. April is quoted firm at 0%0 ; 30 ten city brought Receipts, 823 pkgs. Horrible Infanticide* New Yobk, Aoril 23.—This evening Mrs. Hon nossy, 26 years of ago, wife of George Houaosby, a respectable shoemaker, residing in a tenement houLo, 87 Third street, during a fit of in sanity killed, her two ohildron, George, aged 8 years, and Francis, aged 6 months. On returning from work tho husband found tho door of tho room looked, and after considerable trouble gained admission, when ho saw a tub standing in tho centre of tho room in which tho bodies of tho children wore-lying. Tho mother, who for some time has boon affilot ed with a religious mania, had choked the child ren, and thou roasted tho bodies on tho stove. The poor creature wm seat to the hospital py the police, NUMBER 218. WASHINGTON. The Uneasy ” Over (ho Mcnlloiim. Blaine for Next iS^sldcnt. Successful Compolr.' /s Under the Civil- Service Rules' Waiting for the Millennium. South American Republics Want Their Coin Minted by the United States. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, BLAINE OH THE PRESIDENCY. WASHINGTON, April 23.—tu- ovonlnff Admin istration organ to-day is moved to an editorial statement relative to a paragraph sent some time since in those dispatches regarding tup movement to nominate Speaker Blaine for the Presidency In 187 G. It says: The recent enthusiastic mention of Sneaker Blaine's name for tho Presidency, at a dinner-table Bitting of a few gentlemen of some political prominence, seems tn have caused quite a ferment In various quartern;' anil tho protoctfon/ata of Pennsylvania aro . dlt posed to mako waif&ro upon tho proposed nomination,, on tho ground that Mr. Blaine Is not sound on tho tariff question; ’ ‘ that" is to say, though not a free-trader bo la supposed to favor a reduction In high tariff rates, whore reduction is Just and practicable. Mr. Blaine is too astute a politician not to boo that this early mention of bis name for tho Presidency is calculated to do him more harm than good, and wo aro safe lu assuming thixt the present talk about him In that connection has been without his Instigation or consent; hut If tho Penn sylvaulo protectionists roally go ou in this blun dering way of declaring opposition to him in advance, they will put tho free-traders up to considering the question of bis eligibility as a candidate on that platform, and It is likely that tho free-traders will have quite as much to say In regard to tho question who shall bo our next President as the protectionists; especially should tho former bo rein forced, aa seems probable, by tho formidable organiza tion of producora known as tho Patrons of Husbandry. Tho hlgh-tarlff men had bettor not be too vociferous In proclaiming who they will or won't bavo for ProoU dent. THE BARNEY SWINDLE. Tho Post-Office Department bavo received no letters from tbo larger cities with regard to tbo swindling operations of tho Bov. J. Halo Barney, in exacting political assessments from Postmas ters. Tho postal officials regard this as indicat ing that tho letters wore only sent to tbo smaller - towns whore there would bo loss likelihood of suspicion. To-day thoro wore rooolvod soma twenty letters, all- making inquiries as to what the Poslmastor-Oonoral had to say relative to tho proposed assessment. TUB SYNDICATE PARTY. A dispatch vma received at the Treasury De partment this afternoon, announcing the safe! arrival of the Syndicate party In Loudon. The party carried out $12,000,000 iu bonds. It is stated at the Department that erroneous notions prevail as to tho compensation paid by the Gov ernment for tho services of those employed in crossing tho water. Secretary Bichardaon says that tho expenses of all those employed in carry ing tho bonds are paid by the Syndicate, and not by tho Government of the United States. TUB CIVIL SERVICE RULES. I‘lii \jl 1 ixj aitiiuum Great complaint is made hero by various appli cants for positions in tho departments that the Civil Service Raloshavo no effect when coming in collision with political influence. It is estimated that there aro now in the city about one hundred applicants for clerkships, who have passed a successful examination. It is charged that new oppointmonts are made every day in defiance of the examining boards, notwithstanding tho fact that those who have passed successful examina tions havo boon promised the next vacancies. TUEASDRY STATEMENT. During the last two days tho gold, balances in tho Treasury have increased $3,600,000, and the outstanding legal-tenders have decreased over $250,000. This brings the legal-tender revenue up to within about $2,000,000 of tho maximum. [To the Associated Press. ] ITEMS FROM TUB MINT. Wabhinoton, April 23.—The Director of tho Mint has fixed tho charge for coining tho now trade dollar at ono-hnlf cent per piece, which is tho lowest possible rate under the law. Great expectations are entertained of tbo trade'dollar, as a moans of creating a homo demand for part ing bullion, and keeping tho gold In tho country. The Republics of Hayti and Ecuador, and another South American republic, are anxious that their ooinago shall bo executed by tho United States, but as there is no law which will permit this to bo done, it is probable Congress will authorize such services. REVISING TUB STATUTES. The Joint Committee on the Revision of the Laws, in sessiouhoro since Monday, will adjourn this week. Tho Committee is providing for In dexing tho statutes already codified. GREENBACKS. Legal-tenders outstanding, 8357,007,220. METEOROLOGICAL. Signal Service Bureau Reports and Prognostications* Chicago, April 23—10:18 p. ra. Tho following reports have boon received from tho places mentioned below: Station. N. brisk, Calm. D 0.21 211.91 30.18 30.16 80.10 80.03 80.14 30.20 80.04 Breckinridge. Buffalo Cairo N. K* light. N. fresh, N. W. freah. N. Rontlo. Calm. Chicago.... Cincinnati. Cleveland,, Oboyenno.., Denver..... Detroit Kscanaba... Fort Carry, Keokuk.... Lacrosse.,, Marquette, Mlhrankco Omaha Pembina... Ht. Paul... Toledo N. W. light. 15. gentle. N. gentle. N. Fresh. N. W. fresh. N. E. fresh. N. fresh. N, 15. gentle. N. W. fresh. Calm. N. fresh. N. fresh. 30.2!) 30.18 80.93 80.16 80.10 30.83 30.36 30.18 30.04 rRODAJJIIiITIES. Washington, April 23. —Tho area of lowest barometer will continue moving Eastward be yond the Carolina coasts. For Thursday in tho South Atlantic States, falling temperature and winds veering to northwest, with cloudy weather. For tho Gulf States, north and northwest winds, increasing to brisk on tbo Western Gulf Coast, with generally cloudy weather and lower temper ature. For tho Middle and Eastern States, rising barometer, north and northwest winds, and gen erally cloudy weather. For tho Lake Region, rising barometer, diminishing northern winds, and oloudy'woathor, with slightly higher tem perature. Cautionary signals oontluuo at Washington and Norfolk. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribuns. Cincinnati, 0., April 23.—A polar wa>V swept through a portion of Indiana and Ohio last night, leaving sleet and enow to the depth of from two to five inches upon tho ground. This morning, tbo storm reached as far south as Rushvillo, Inch, aud Carthago, Ohio. Within eight miles of Cincinnati, northward of this lino, tho storm raged with more or loss severity as for east as Parkersburg, W. Va., doing muon damage to tho fruit crop. It is feared tho poach es are nearly killed. Wheat and other cereals are, however, doing nicely. Tho weather to night throughout tho region is cloudy, and clear ing, and cold, with heavy winds. Cincinnati manufactures. Cincinnati, 0., April 23.—Tho annual report of Capt. H. 11. Tatsou, Secretory of tho Board of Trade, is published. From this it is apparent that tho total value of tho manufactures of (ho city for the year 1873 was 8113.100,000, a gain over tho procoding-yoar of 87,500,000. Tho man ufactures of iron reached 825,750,000} liquors, 821.500.000 j food, 817,750,000; wood, 815,250,- 000 : clothing, 13,000,000 ; leather. 88,000,000; tobacco, $5,800,000; soap, candles, and oil, $500,000. All those departments show an in crease over tho preceding year, with tho excep tion of tobacco. Tho heaviest increase is in iron manufactures, which is $3,600,000. Tho number of bauds employed in tho manufactures Is 0,600. Ocean Stcnmsliip Nows. Litebpool, April 23.—Tho steamships City of Brooklyn, Oiiy of Bristol. Douau, Batavia, and Sormatiau have arrived out. New Yomc, April 23.—Arrived: Steamships Columbia, from Glasgow, and Hansa, from. Bremen. TT«a(A«r

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