Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 25 Nisan 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 25 Nisan 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 25. REAL ESTATE. AGEES. AGEES. Wohavoconnlant lna«lrlo« for /loro Pwnorty. -800- llons 13, l.Vatul 24, in W, 13, aro PARTIOUL AULT IN. QUIUED FOR. HOUSES. HOUSES. WobaToalonnlistofnosltlonceo nt all prlcos and on Otey terms, TO UENT ntid FOR HALE. 80S list In LOU SALE column of flumlar’a Tribune. JACOB O. MAOILL, _ Hi ami 83 South Clark-at. ■Mi PARK. FOB BALE— Two-atory Frame Dwelling, nine rooms, hot and cold water, bathroom, ftirnaoo, and barn. Grounds in oomploto order. Price and terms low and easy. Pobj session givon May 1. Apply to B. B. BAMBO, American Powder Co.« 13 State-ot. A Rare Chance. FOR SALft—llulldlnjr and Lom«, with Rnnlaß and {Boiler, or will toll Engine ami co , d nff * 84 ami'S3 South .Toflononet. MBE BAEGAJN IN A HOME, down, am) balance can run 10 years. It will pay you to In* Tastlgato A^rF Q Rp , j 6a Eftst Wasblngton-st. CORNELL. Ono-half sero near Elghty-flfih-st. and Stony Island *v. for aalo. Property hereaway has ndvancod largely of li to . ABELL A lIOTOIIKIBS, 4! OU» BloeV. TO BENT. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in the Trib une Building. Single or in suites. "With and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled In the city. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo cation. W. O. DOW, Boom 1 Nevada.Blook. TO BENT, To the Wholesale trade, Nos. 142 & 144 Wabaslx-av., 40x160 feet, first floor and basement; also, Lofts, separately or to gether, on favorable terms. Lo-. cation and building are flrst olasa. Second floor rented for Wholesale Millinery Goods. WM. D. KBKI’OOT & CO., 90 East Washington-st. TO RENT, FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT, With good-will and fixtures (or eata. doing a good busi ness, which la increasing dally; for sale at a bargain; sit uated on Rust Madlaon-at. Apply to W. It. SAMPSON A CO., lit LoSallo-st., Otla Block. TO RENT. *Rtoro No. 53 Wost MadUon-st., 20 by 70 feet, 2 doors from Cllntou-st.. in brick bultdlug. Also, ou first iloor sauo building, 4 rooms for offices, Nos. 4 and 5, by WM. H. THOMPSON, To Rent. A Throe-Story and Basement Marblo-Front ITonao ele gantly furnished, and with all modern Improvements; lo cation ono of tho best in tho city; rent 8300 per mouth. Address S 63, Tribune oltioo. TO RENT. iMno Stores and Oornorßasemontin Briggs House, oor. Pifth-av. nnd Randolpli-st. Ap ply to CHASE fc ADAMS, TO RENT, Two pleasant Lofts, MxlOO, otN. W. corner of State and Harrlson-sta. (Nos. 863 and 354 State). Can bo rented at $ vary reasonable prlco. Inquire of owner, on premises. RBKTT. Offices, Offices, Exchange Building, comer Clark and Wash ington-sts., Boom 43. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. BISSOUUTXON. .The partnership heretofore existing between the under signed undor the Arm came of Goodman A Chisholm, has this day been dissolved by mutual oousaqU All laaebt eduoss of tbo firm hat boon assumed by MitaK. E. Good* £rq A Go., who will oontlauo tbn bualnoiwatß96)i West dco-st. EHTILEIt GOODMAN. EMMA UIIIBHQLM. SCALES. y&SPS BA IE BAN KB 1 |r»j STANDARD H * SCALES OF ALL SIZES. JjgMSSBZKffl FAIRBANKS,MORBB &00 ' M "WEST WASIIINGTON-ST. WANTED. WAJNTTEI3. A sltoatioa by a competent and experienced solicitor, with some strictly flrst-clssa institution that can furnish e permanent situation (providing the roan suits): no oth ers need apply. Address Soe Interview, O 20, Tribune oHloe. MISCELLANEOUS. NOTICE Is hereby given that application has boon made to the Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Company for the reissue of tbo following oartlllcatos of stock, tbo originals having been lost, mislaid, or destroyed: Fob. £j. 18®, No. 199: 15 shares. hob. 31, Util, No. 6fi; 25 shares. . JOHN ORERAR. PASSPORTS OBTAINED OF £»I3VKEO3Nr tV. ECIaXTGr, For VIENNA EXPOSITION, and all portions of the Old World. Office. Hi? East MadUnn-at. MEETINGS. Masoino. Corinthian 'Chapter, No. (59.—Regular Convo cation thla'Friday) evening, at VA o’clock. Work on the M. Degree. J. Q. Masonic. Oriental Lodge. No. 83, A. F. and A. M. Bpo<-ial oom muntoatiuu this fFriday) ovonlug, at 7>j o'olcuk, for work. oxdcx of tiro Master. „ „ I ,C. N. TUOKEC, CHINA, CROCKERY, &o. A.T RETAIL. KIH HIM, CROCKERY, GLASSWARE, SilTßi-PlateflGoofls, TABLE CUTLERY, &o MIMMYEIELL 274 276 & 278 WaM-av., OOBNBB VAJf BPHEN-ST. i CROCKERY, GLASSWARE, LAMPS, &C. Wo boon fho largest stock la the city of above Roods, la original packages or open stock, ana sell at Now York prices froo of freight. Country merchants aro invited to examine our goods boforo purchasing olsowboro. F. & E. JAEG-EE, 73 Watasli-ay., near RaioliM, PAPER HANGINGS. Don’t Fail TO CALL ON HUGER, MIS HOT, 107 STATE-ST., And see the largest and most com plete stock of Paper Hangings, Doe orations, Window Shades, Dace Cur tains, Lambrequins, Bedding, &0.,t0 bo found in the city—all New and Beautiful Designs. FURNITURE. The Largest Stock, The Finest Goods, AND The Lowest Prices, SAMPSON, GILBERT & CO.’S, CARPENTERS AND BUILDERS. JOHN MIDDLETON & SON, Carpters'Mte, 60 and 52 Third-av. GENERAL CONTRACTING, STORE & OFFICE FITTING. REMOVAL. IRIEIMIO'V.AL. J. M. W. JONES, STATIO3STBR, Has removed from 69 Canal and 107 Olnrk-sts. to Mos. 104 and 106 Tdadison-st, A SPLENDID STORE, PLENTY OF GOODS, AND FAIR PRICES. FLOUR. MAIZE FLOUR. THE UNITED STATES MAIZE FLOUR MANU FACTURING COMPANY, located at Kook Falls, Bl», Smith A Phelps, Proprietors, most respectfully atmonnoo to tbo citlxonn of Chicago and tbo public generally that they have uocurod tbo right to manufacture (under Jones A Standing's tyitont) tbofr celebrated Silver Flake ond Golden lint Indian Maizo, or Corn Flour, aud are fully prepared to supply tbo trade. For sale by all tbo loading grocers in tbo oily. _ S. H. McCRBA A CO., 187 East Washlngton-et„ Rooms land 2, Chicago. HOTELS. BRIGGS HOUSE, REBUILT, Oomor of Eandolpli-st. and Pifth-av. OI.D TERMS. 83 PER DAY. BIOKOORDB & HUNTOOM", Proprietors, LUMBER. HENRY N. HOLDEN, Wholesale and Retail Dealer la all kinds of HARDWOOD LUMBER, .Also, Mahogany, Rosewood; Florida Oodar. Vonoors, So. Particular attention paid to filling bills fop any kind of Hardwood or Fancy Lumber. OFFICE AND YABD-No. 211 Snulli IM-st. BOARDING. ACCOMMODATION. 14 ELDJRIDGE-COUItT. Dsslrablo and contra! looatlo*. Rooms largo and alrv. Furnished or unfurnished. Table' unexceptionable. Bar guests Invited. Prices reasonable. * w „ B . . K; REYNOLDS, Proprietor. _N. n.—fluperinr to some, inferior to noun. HATS. B\ , All (ho Spring- Styles, in cludiiig the celebrated Auil -1(14 East Madlson-Bt. FOR SALE. EGG-BOILERS, AT J. O. LANGGUTH’S, OPTICIAN, 63fita(o-at., liotwocn Washington and Randolph. Foley’s Gold Pens 801 l more in New York than (hoio of all other makers to goUivr. Bald at manufacturer’s prices at L. fiofllOK A 00.’8, .« 10J liariilodlsya-it. , WATCHES, OYrra~liKrrisiEl ©took op w rr o TT MtBMHI ”Ts~a JELfI ■ S AT COSTI ma^e ifoom for our Spring Bfcook of watches, we shall close out our present largo stock of which, reached us too late for the Holiday Trade, at tho actual cost of manufacture ana importation. WO RESEKVATION. 3,000 GOLD WATCHES, nt from S2O to tt SIBO oaoh; usual prtco, S4O to S3OO. fsm, BRO. & CO., 266 & 268 WABASH-AY., AND 334 WEST MADISON-ST. FINANCIAL. WALKER, MDEBWS & CO., 14 Woll-st, N. T. ANBHIIWS cfc OO. r 10 Placo Vondomo* PARIS. Travelers’ Credits Issued, both la STERLING, on UNION BANK OF LONDON, And in francs on PAIMS, UNDER THE SAME LETTER. Circular Notes, OfXlO, X2O, and ISO on the UNION BANK OP LONDON, Commercial Credits; Exclaiige on Lonflon & Pans. Stocks, Roods, and Oeld bought and sold on commit* slon. Railway Loans negotiated. . Adam Smitti&Si. Bankers, first National Bank Bnllflisg, sotoest corner of State and WasMngton-sla., CUcago, Deaton la Gold and Sliver Bnlllon, Bar. Loaf, Shoot, and Granulated form, for mechanical purposes. Deposits received In olthor currency or ouln, subject to ohoqk without notice. - ......... Six percent Interest allowed on oil dally bakrooos. Chocks upoi>us pdas through the Clearing House os If "drawn upon any city bank. Interest credited, and accounts current rendered monthly. Coin and Oarronoy Drafts on Now York. MSB ESTATE OF THE EitenriselDsnceGipy. The second dividend (forly-throo por cent) awarded by tbs Auditor, will bo paid by THE PHILADELPHIA TRUST, SAFE DEPOSIT AND INSURANCE COM PANY, Assignees, at tbolr Office, No. 431 Ohostnut-sU A form ot receipt will bo sent to each creditor whoso address U known to tbo Assignees. I. L. ERRINGER, Vioo President. ' Offlcs of tie County Treasurer and County Collector, Cook Counts, Illinois, ) Chicago, April 25, 16(3.) FINANCIAL. Interest on Cook County Bonds duo on tbo Ist proximo, and Cook County 0 por oont War Bonds duo on tbo same day, will be pawl now, on presentation of tbo Coupons and Bonds respectively at the Office of tbo County Treasurer, In tbo old Court ilooso. J. S. RUMSBY, Treasurer, CHARLES H. BROWER. R. PARKER FIERCE. PIERCE & BROWER, BROKERS, Os it/KAjpisioja'-QTC I . Local Stocks, Commercial Paper, Govern ment and Western Securities. Illinois 10 per cent Registered Coupon Bonds. Stocks for Bale. Chicago City Railway, Traders' Insurance. West Division Railway, North Division Railway. MONEY TO LOAN On flrsbolMO Real Estate. $3,600 and $1,500 in band. MEAD A COE, 163 Laßallo-st. STOVES. ■araaiEs m-jes-wt EMPIRE OQOK STOVE THE FINEST EVER MADE I BOtILTIUNO ENTIRELY NBWI Ilna Rloro Good Features Than Any Otbor! An Examination Will Oonrlnoo Yon I Manufactured by SwoU. CJulmby I Sold Wholesale and A Terry, Troy N. V. | Rout) by JOHN D. MAOLEAN & 00., 335 STATffi-ST. ALBUMS. PHOTOGRAPH & AUTOGRAPH ALBUMS, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. CDLVEB, PAGE, HOYffi & CO., 118 AND 120 MONItOR-ST. CARPET CLEANING. films Who want thoir soiled Carpets made olonn and bright as now, uninjured, should paU-ouiiJo the new Carpet Cleaning Machine of B. A. ED WARDS & CO., 263 & 265 South Canol-st. CHICAGO, FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 1873. FOREIGN* The Conflict of Parties in Madrid— Tho “Reds” in Possession, of tho City. Relapse of the Pope—He Is Again Confined to Bed. Twenty Thousand English Coal- Miners on a Strike. The English Democrats Want the Spanish Republic Recognized. Coal-Mlno Disaster In Wales. London, April 24.—A, special from Madrid says that tbo temporary retirement of President Figueroa and tbo appointment of PI y Margall to administer tho duties of tho Exooutivo ofllco havo caused intonsp oxcitomont In Madrid, and a rising of tho population is Imminent. Later—Tho city is quiotor, and aro loss apprehensions of an outbreak. Madrid, April 24.—Oastolar has induced his colleagues to order tho enrollment in tho army of mon 20 years of ago throughout Spain. [iVejs York Uerald Special,] Madrid, April 24.—Madrid ia full of tho conflict of parties. Recently there tv os a definite division of political elements, oooli taking sides for and against a Permanent .Commission, by ■which tho body of tho Assembly hoped to control th'O Min istry. Serrano apparently hoped to determine tho balance against tho Ministry by a coup d’etat. though a military demonstration,and a pronunciamonto in favor of tho Party of Ordor and against a dissolution of tho Permanent Commission. His plan failed, be cause at tho critical moment tho soldiers frater nized with tho people, and tho volunteers proved faint-hearted. Disorders began- on ‘Wednesday night. Contreras, lately Captain-General of Catalonia, was fired at near tho Plaza Toros by voluntoors who had takon arms in defense of tho Permanent Commission, and hold a bull ring. At 9p. m., six batteries of ar tillery and mitrailleuses woro turned on tho posi tion hold by thoso voluntoors, and they woro summoned to surrender, which they did. At midnight, tho Ministry ia Council, recognizing that tho Permanent Commission was tho souroo of reactionary agitation, called upon tho Commission to dissolve willingly or bo dissolved forcibly, and decreed its dissolution and disarmed its defenders. The Rods, bo coming violent, forced their way into tho presence of tho Commission. but the members of tho Ministry personally protected tho Commis sioners from obnoxious Individuals. Tho Reds havo posted themselves at ovory street corner, holding possession of tho city. It iu variously reported that Serrano has been thrown into prison that ho has left tho city. GREAT BRITAIN. London, April 24.—Tho shareholders of tho Atlantia oablo companies at an unofficial moot ing adopted a resolution favoring a consolidation ofibo companies and an amalgamation of thoir interests. Twenty thousand coal-minors ia Leicestershire havo struck. Tho Frinoo of Wales will loavo to-night for Vienna. A mass mooting of Democrats, to protest against tho refusal of tho British Government to recognize tho Spanish Republic, is to be hold in Trafalgar Square on tho 6th of May. Tho trial of tho Tlohhorno claimant on tho chargo of perjury is in progress. Mr. Hawkins commenced tho qponiug address for tho prose cution yesterday, continued it to-day, and at ad journment of court this evening, had not con cluded. Tho court-room was crowded with spec tators, including many titled and distinguished pontons. Among tho emigrants who ealld yesterday from Liverpool, woro 100 operatives from tho manufacturing town of Yeovil, Somerset. By an explosion of fire-damp, to-day, in a coal mino in tho Pariah of Rhlwaoon, North Woles, several minora woro killed and wounded. Thosuicido of tho. Earl of Do La Warr was tho result of mental depression, caused by tUo death of lady friend. His body was found tbis morning in the River Cam. Id the House of Commons this evening, tho resolution offered by tho Chancellor of tho Ex chequer to carry out tho proposals of tho budgot wore discussed. Word Hunt spoke in condemna tion of a financial administration, which under estimated tho revenue and overestimated tho expenditures. Ho also opposed the payment of any portion of tho Geneva award in Exchequer bonds. ' Mr. Childers defended the Qovornmqnt, and drow a contrast between its administration of tho Treasury and that of tho Conservatives, whou they wore m power. The resolutions flnajly passed, except that re ducing tho duties on sugar ono-half, which Mr. Lowe proposed should bo recommitted. CANADA. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Toronto, Ont., April 21.—St. Goorgo’s Day was generally celebrated yesterday throughout Canada with tho usual dinners and suppers, though in many instances tho number and re spectability at tho gatherings is on the decline. Sir John A. Macdonald has put a notico in tho papers to tbo offoct that tho salaries of tho Judges aro generally to bo raised throughout tho Dominion. An increase is also to bo given to tho Lioutenant-Govomors. Members of tho Dominion Parliament aro to havo SI,OOO por annum in futuro. Tbo report of tho Groat Western Railway mooting In London on tho oth shows that thoro was eomo discontent at the management. Tho receipts wore nearly £150,000 more than last year, yet the dividend was not so largo. Tbo proposed increase of capital stock to the extent of £1,000,000 was also objected to. Halifax, N, 8., April 24.—Tho strike of tho Acadia Coal Company's mines terminated to-day, tho Company having advanced thoir wages. Havana, April 23.—The Captain-Qonoral has informed tho English Consul that tho trial of O’Kelly must continue. If O’Kollv’s guilt la established, tho Coptaln-Genoral will exerclso olomonoy, bat he cannot atop tho course of the law. Tho Captain-General baa given strict orders to treat O'Kolly with tho utmost kind ness, and soe that nothing is wanting to insure his comfort. Tho British Consul-General hns telegraphed to tho British Consul at Manzanillo, asking mm to do all ho possibly can for O'Kolly. and informing him that tho moment tho tribumvl dooldos, Capt.-Qon. Ploltoiu will act. Cits op Mexico, April 15.— Tho Juarist and Farfirist parties onoh desito to maintain their oxiatonce.and propose to unite on tho nomina tion of Palacios for President of Congress. Iglosla’s prospects for tho oillco of Supromo Judgo aro bettor than thoeo of tho other candi dates. Tho proposal to prolong tho term of tho United States and Mexican Mixed Commission has not yot boon ratified by Congress. Tho forces under Qon. Logada aro decreasing. GERMANY. Berlin, April 21.—Tbo Upper House of tho Prussian Diet, to-day. engaged in a debate which lasted six boms, on tuo bill regulating tho train ing and appointment of tho olorgy. Bismarck mndo ono of his powerful spocchos iu support of tho hill, 110 defended tho attituda tho Govorumout had taken, as fully justillod by tho domineering assumptions of tbo priesthood. Iu tho oourao of Ids speech ho look occasion to deny tho ofton-ropentod report that he instigated tho occupation of Homo by tho Italian Govern ment. Lisbon, April 24.— Tho Directors of tho Portu gal & Brazil Tologroph Company to-doy present ed tho Kim: tfUluuwub iu on olcaant casket, of SPAIN. CUBA. MEXICO. PORTUGAL. tho bod of tho Atlantic, over which tho cablo Is to bo laid, with a specimen of tho cable selected. Tho section to oztond between tho Portuguese const and Madeira will bo completed by tho man ufacturers in Juno. The tramway between Lisbon and Olnlra will bo oponod to public travel noxt week. SUMATRA. The HaouE. April 21.—Tho Minister of tho Colonies has given to tho press a detailed state ment of tho war in Sumatra, from which it ap pears that tho Achinoso asked for aid of Franco and Italy hoforo war was declared, but notes wore received by Holland from tho various Powers, which contained tho moot friendly as surances, and showed that tho intrigues of Achinoss had wholly failed. AUSTRIA, Vienna, April 24.—Tho Iloiehsrath closed yes terday with a speech from tbo throne, In which

tho Xlmporor made a fitting allusion to tho World’s Exhibition to bo inaugurated noxt month. FRANCE. . Paris, April 24.—0n0 Englishman and two Frenchmen havo boon arrested by tho French oilicors on tho Spanish frontier and sent to Per pignan. They aro charged with holding com missions in tho Carliet army. BRAZIL. Baltimore, April 24.—A' letter received from a Baltimorean at Poruambuco, Brazil, states that a bitter controversy is going on between tho Archbishop of* Poruambuco aud the Masonic fraternity. Tho proso afliliatod with tho Ma sons, and it was thought tho difficulty would culminate in tho expulsion of tho Jesuits. ITALY. Home, April 24.—'Tho Popo has had a relapse, and is again confined to bod. TURKEY. London, April 21.—Tho Sultan of Turkey ia reported seriously ill. WALL STREET. Review of tUo Money, Gold, Rond, Stock, and Produce Markets, Special DUmtch to The Chicago Tribune . Hew Vouk, April 21.—Tho monetary situation is improving once more. Tho banks to-day woro offering roonoy moro frooly to leading brokers at 7 por cent, and tho supply of loanable capital is steadily increasing. In tho oarly part of tho day money was worth l-10 per diem, but during tho aftonioon thbro was a gradual decline in tho rates. Doforo 0 o’clock loans woro made at G@7 por cont por annum, and aftor that hour money was offered at d to 5 por cont. It is reported that tho clique in Western Union are seeking to negotiate a loan in London, with tho tolograph stock as collateral, which will ena ble them to carry their load .over tho summer months, and not sacrifice their securities. IMPORTS. It Is estimated that tlio imports for this wool: will bo about 69,000,000, or nearly $3,000,000 loss than last week. stocks . woro dull. Tho transactions woro largest in St. Paul common, Pacific Mailj and Western Union. Erie was weak on account of tho investigation, and of tho rumor of prospective unfriendly rota tions between it and tuo Lake Shore, which weakened both stocks. At ono timo Now Jersey Southern declined !}■£ por cont, In consequence of n rumored 11 hitch" in tho arrangement for a through connection with Baltimore. GOLD and governments woro quiet and firm. Foreign exchange was dull and weak. PRODUCE, Flour oponod moro active, but closed weaker on most grades under 69.00. with larger offer ings and loss inquiry. Sales, 0,800 brls; re ceipts, 1,029 brls. Wheat oponod dull, but closed fairly active. Good grades of spring are firm ana salable. Common spring is dull and easier. Tho demand is chiefly for osport, though fair for milling. Sales, 10,000 bu; re ceipts, 18,800 bu. Pork was quiet in tho whole sale way. Tho jobbing business iu now mess is done at Sales embrace about 150 brls. For future delivery no transactions reported. Receipts, 877 packages. Cut moats are still generally quiet, but prices rule steady. Dry salted shoulders are quoted at 7?,fc. There is some jobbing business in light city smoked bams at 14)<jC. Receipts, 1,148 packages. Bacon ruled steady, and a moderate demand provailod. Sales, 50 boxes city long clear on snot at and 250 boxes first half Mav at 10c. Short clear on spot is quoted nominally at 10c. Lard was very firm, with a modorato business. Sales of Western include 1,500 tierces at 10)£o for Juno, and for July. April quoted at 95£0 bid. Of city 200 tiorcos sold at o>£c. Receipts, 107 kegs and 1,038 packages. SENATOR INGALLS. Ella Views on Kansas Politics* Leavenworth. Kan., April 21. —Tho banquet to Senator Ingalls to-night was largely attended, many persons from Atchison, Topeka, Law rence, and Fort Scott being pres ent. Mayor Anthony delivered tho recep tion speech. Senator Ingalls, In response to a toast, referred to tho political strifes in Kansas, and said tho masses of tho pooplo aro no\v harmoniously united upon all questions vital to tho prosperity of tho Stato; that from the assurances received from tho press, tho Legislature, and persons of all parties, ho believes ho represents tho ontlro peo ple of Kansas 5 that tho Democrats and Republicans, who wore all shades of opinion upon previous Issues, aro united in their efforts and aspirations for tho regeneration of tho Stato. This crisis, ho said, had boon hastened by tho growing conviction among tho pooplo that their honor had boon stained, thoir prosperity retarded, and their lib erties endangered by abuses which bad grown too bold from success to fool tbo need of conceal ment. When political vices uro arraigned for inde cent exposures,their verdict will banish thoculprit from tho society of all docent men. Those who would direct public opinion havo now a goldon opportunity to rodoom thoir errors of tho past. Tho present is froo .from all complications. Honesty is not' hereafter to bo unprofitable Morit Is not. to bo an In cumbrance, nor subsorvioney to braggarts and charlatans tho only avonuo to preferment and distinction. JUDGE UNDERWOOD. ICIB Confiscation Conspiracy Pro nounced Shocking: to tho Moral Senate of JE very Uoucat Man* New York, April 21.— A dispatch from Rich mond, Va., says: Tho Virginia Supremo Court of Appeals have rendered a decision in tho case of Underwood v. MoVoigb, affirming tho judg ment of tho Corporation Court of Alexandria, which directed a writ to issuo ejecting ’Judgo Underwood, of tho United States District Court, from tho possession of a handsome residence in Alexandria purchased by him at a confiscation sale, which sale was ordered by him colf in 1801. MoVolgh, tho owner of tho property, and who wont to Richmond during tbo Rebellion, introduced testimony to hliow that Gabon Amos, Johu B. Alloy, Samuol Hooper, and Judgo Underwood and his son had organized to causo confiscation proceedings to ho instituted. Tho Supremo Court, in giving its decision, according to tho dispatch, declared that iu its opinion Underwood's conduct had boon “such as to shook tho moral sonso of ovary hon est man.” The Numluy-Selkool (taiine. SpceUU Dfevatch to The Chiraqo Tribune. Rookiori), XU., April 21.—'Winnebago County for somo time has boon notorious for Us few Sabbath-schools, This fact has caused many Christian citizens to mako one nioro effort to infuse life into tbo old, and organize now, Sun day-schools, A largo and onthuHiastio Sunday school Convention was held to-day at tho Stato street Baptist Church. Mr. B. I l ’. Jacobs, tho noted Chicago Sabbath-school worker, was in ■vltod to pvosldo at tho Convention, and in tho ovoning deliver an address on tho subjock of Sunday-schools. Tho morning session was prin cipally occupied tu organizing an association. Tnoro woro delegates present from ovory town ship in tho county, besides nearly ovory minister •in tho county. Tho now delegates appointed .woro as follows: Itookfonl—lt. r. Crawford, J, U. Agnrd, Jnmoa La ment, 11, O, Olark; I'ccalonlcr.—l’. Parley : llockton— M, CsrpmUor 5 Winnebago—George Marrlnor ; Har lem—M. limner. In tho afloruoan tho ohuroh was well filled. and tho following topics wore dlsousaod : “ How to start now schools.” Discussion oponod by S. 0. Withrow. *' Undeveloped talent in our churches, and how to ueo it In our Sunday school work.” Discussion oponod by tho llov. F. I*. 'Woodbury. ** Boat method of studying and teaching tho Blblo.” Discussion open ed' by tho IKov. W. S. Curtis. Biblo lesson conducted by B. F. Jacobs, livery avail able scat was occupied by an intelligent audi ence, who listened with tho utmost attention, and ovary now and then expressed their appro bation of a stirring address delivered by B. F. Jacobs, of Chicago, 110 entreated all to put their hearts and souls into this work, which was as important as preaching, but far more neglect ed, Every .mau and woman should sparo an hour’s labor and a dollar in furthering tho work of Sabbath-school institutions. Tho uontimonlu of Mr. Jacobs, to Judge by tbo enthusiasm ex pressed by many, wore fully appreciated, WASHINGTON, Payment of the May Interest Not Likely to Bo Anticipated. A Financier’s Prognostications Regard ing Gold and Stocks. Special Dttpatah to The Chicago Tribune, JAPANESE LOAN. Washington, D. 0., April 24.— Information has boon received boro at tbo Japanese Logo* iionof tbo eucccsaful negotiation in London of a loan of $10,000,000 for tbo Japanese Govern ment. Tbo negotiation was conducted by Gon, Goo. 13. Williams, formerly Deputy Commission er of Internal Eovonuo boro, and Mr. Jonhldo, Japanese Minister of Finance. Tbo rate of in terest was fixed at 7 per cent. Offers woro mado to loan $2,000,000 more, but tbo Commiesionorß wore not authorized to oxoood tbo abovo amount. VIRGINIA POLITICS. Tho Virginia Democrats propose to bold tboir Stato Convention at Lynchburg. Tho Republi cans havo already announced tho samo point as tho place at which tboir Convention shall ho bold. Tho object of both parties Is to avoid tho Rich* mornl influence and cater to tho wostorn portion of tho Stato. Tho evening administration organ boro closes an editorial to-day on tho continued Indian out rages in tbo West, as follows: “It is timo to Suit fooling. Tho savages might as well un oretnnd, first as last, that their solo altofnatlvo on ibis continent is civilization or annihilation.’* LOUISIANA. Tbo Administration has lately given Now Or loan’s parties to understand that if tbo pooplo of Louisiana consulted tboir best interests they would submit at onco to tho Kellogg Stato Gov ernment. No roliof is oxpootod from tho noxt Congress, as tbo Republican party will than bavo a greater majority than during the last session. WEST POINT VISITORS. Tho following is announced as tbo official list of tbo Board of Visitors to tho United Staton Military Academy for tbo year 1878, appointed by tbo President: Tbo Bov. J. L. O. McKown, Illinois; N. R. Tbayor, Penn sylvania ; William T. Early, Virginia ; Joseph H. McMullen, Maine; H. B. Curtis. Ohio; A. T. Akorman, Georgia; A. L. Chopin, Wiscon sin. Appointed by tho Senate: John Sherman, Ohio; John W. Stcrvonson, Kentucky. Ap pointed by tho Houso of Representatives : John Coburn. Indiana ; L. P. Poland, Vermont; S. S. Marshall, Illinois. THE MAT INTEREST. No order has yot been given by tho Secretary of tho Treasury for tho payment without rohato of tho May interest on tho public dobt from and aftor to-morrow*, tbo 25th, os has boon dono in several procoding instancos ( and it is probable that tho interest will bo paid only whon duo on tho Ist prox. MONEY AND STOCKS, Gov. Henry D. Cooke, of tho firm of Jay Oooko & Co.. and brother of tho senior member thereof, said to-day that tho reaction for the better in tho money and stock market was sur prising to him. Ho novor know quiet in tho market to bo restored so quickly as it has boon sinco tho recent collapse of tbo bull movement. Ho is of opinion that comparatively little change in the standard of prices of stocks and gold will occur during tho summor, for tho reason that during thoso months they range pretty steady. Ho boliovos tho prico of gold will not bo noticeably ultorod by tho disbursement of tho May interest, amounting in round numbers to $17,000,000, owing to tho fact that gold is in gobd demand In consoquonco of tho unusually largo importations, which aro likely to continuo until tho close of tho spring and oarly summer trade. r ,To the Associated Press, 1 PUBLIC LAND REGULATIONS. Washington, April 24.—Tho Commissioner of flio General Land OfQco has just issued regula tions under tho act providing for tho salo of United States lands containing coal, approved March 3 Inst, as follows: Any individual of 21 years of ago and a citizen of tho United States, or who has declared his in tention to become such, may ontor by logoi sub divisions any area not exceeding ICO acres. Any association may ontor not to oxcood 820 acres. Any association, if not loss than four persons, who shall have expended not loss than $5,000 in working and improving any coal mine or mines, may ontor not exceeding CIO acros. Tho price per acre is $lO whore the loud is sit uated more than 15 miles from any completed railroad, and S2O per aero whero tho land is within 15 miles of such road. In conflicts when improvements, etc., havo boou commenced subsequent to March 3 last, or shall bo hereafter commenced, priority of pos session and improvement shall govern the award, when tho law has boou fully complied with by each party. A mere possession, however, with out satisfactory improvements will not soouro tho contract to tho first occupant, when tho sub sequent claimant shows his full compliance with tbo law. AGRICULTURAL. Tho following is a summary of tho condition of tho winter wheat, just issued from tho Agri cultural Department: On tho first wook of April; a considerable por tion of tho northern bolt of tbo winter wheat area was covered with snow. Tho condition of that visible gave promiso of general exemption from winter injury, leaving the crop subject to tho meteorological vicissitudes of April. In tho Middle States, a groat improvement upon tho allowing of last spring is everywhere conceded, especially in Now Jersey and Pennsylvania. *lho prospects in tho States south of Maryland is loss favorable than last »3roar, and there aro indications of a diminishing (.area la tho cotton States, although tho acroago ;tis not intended to bo given in this report. Miolu ..gan, tho only State of tho northern border In • which winter wheat is mainly grown, presents a /green and vigorous growth, wherever snow has : disappeared to rovoal it, and Ohio makes for 'moro favorable returns than last year. In Ken tucky, a more checkered showing is made, giv ing tho present appearance a decidedly unfavor able case, with indications of future improvo ■inout us tho weather becomes settled. In Indiana and Illinois, tho un ,favorablo returns outnumbered tho roso ..tcolorod. Tho dry autumn retarded seeding oand germination, and left tho plants too weak land shallow rooted to onduro well tho olfootß of the winter’s changes of temperature. Similar causes affect tho condition of whoat in Missouri, “but a groat improvement over last year is re ported, and a still moro favorable condition ex ists in Kansas. In Wisconsin, Minnesota, lowa, and Nebraska, as is known, very liitlo winter wheats produced, but full reports arotyvon of Hiioli experiments. Tho indications from Cali fornia all point to another year of great abund ance, scarcely a county reporting an unfavorable .condition. As a whole, tlio wheat prospect at itho close of tho winter is moro favorable than at ’tho samo date in 1872. FOn VIENNA. J. 11. Hodge, of tho Department of Agricul ture, having beau dcßignated by tbo President one of tho Honorary Oommißßiouerß to tbo Vi enna Exposition, will accept tbo position as an aid in bin investigation of European statistical systems, and in acquiring increased facilities for bis division of tbo Department. PATENT HEFUHED. i • The Oommlßslonor of Patents to-day refused tbo application of Ralph B. Morshon, of Zanes ville, Ohio, for regulators for time-keepers. {IUEENHAOKB. Legal-tenders outstanding, ©3,570,020.30, JAMES imooKu. James BioqKs is reported somewhat improved. NUMBER 319. MEXICAN BORDER. IKE Horribly Condition of Affairs Along p Upper Rio Orande. Murdorß- Me* Robbery of Americans by |ans— ■Barbarous Amuse •j ments of Cochise. Great Decrease in Population, Wealth, and Business. • Washington, April 24.—Tho Treasury Depart ment has information of tbo following state of affairs on tho Texan border : On or*lnbout tho 2StU of March ,an American rnnehoro, living near Fort Quit man, was brutally murdered by the Mexicans, bis body thrown into tho Rio Grande, and his animals, horses and mules, driven into Mexico by bis murderers. Immediate pursuit waa started by'a party of citizens, and tho Mexicans wore overtaken. A fight ensued, in which tho pursuing party was defeated and cotumod to Quitman without having accomplished tho re covery of the animals or tho arrest of tho mur derers. In Arizona and Now Mexico, Cochise, nominal ly nt poaco with tho United States, continues to practice his favorite pastime, and occasionally roasts. a whito man, moroly as a matter of amusement. In Mexico, matters are in a state Of confusion quite beyond tbo compass of an ordinary mind. Tboro are wars and rumors of wars in Sonora and Sinaloa. In Chihuahua, several business bouses have boon closed by tbo General Govern ment, and tbo property confiscated and appro priated by tbo Stato, ou account of duties alleg ed to bo duo on tbo introduction of merchandise, and which duties oro levied in compliance with authority granted by iho late President Juarez. Tbo author of this official communication to tbo Secretary of tbo Treasury says: Where all this will finally ond is a question of importnuco and interest. Its immediate re sults are hoing dallydoreonotratod by the gradual decrease of business affairs of all descriptions. The disregard shown to tho laws and legal au thorities, tho frequent violation of tho extradi tion treaty on tho part of Mexico, coupled with tho refusal or inability—probably tho latter—to onforco Lor own laws and control hor own peo ple, has crippled American interests to an in credible degree. Tho perpetual turmoil and strife across tbo border, iu addition to tbo In dtau depredations, is fast depopulating ibis sec tion. Since my arrival at this place, Paso del Norto, about two years ago, tboro bos been a decrease of at least 10 per cout in tbo white population, and It is still growing loss; and, unloss some measures are adopted with a view of providing bolter security , for lifo and property from tho lawlessness of tho Mexicans ana slaughter by tho Indians, tho collection dis trict of Paso del Norto will dwiudlo into noth ingness, and bocomo an oxponso to tbo General Government. The abovo letter is dated “ El Paso del Norto, March 81." THE INDIANS. Confirmation of Osage Itlurdcrs—Can., titro of a GorernmentTraln in Texas —Four nicii Killed—The Nevada lu> (Hails Posted on the JTlodon War— Foan Entertained of an Out-broalc Among the Plutcs—ludlau Outrages iu Oregon. Special Dispatch to Tht Chicago Tribum. Leavenworth, Kan., April 21.—Doc Colburn, messenger for Cnpt. Darling, arrived m Kansas City April 22, and reported tho finding of thir teen dead bodies of whito men, all in one place. Tho bodies wero found on Medicine Lodgo . Crook. Virginia, Novada, April 21.—Tho Indians oi this State as far oast as tho Utah border are well posted on tho Modoc war. A dispatch from Wiunomucca says a large de tachment of troops has arrived, on route from Camp Qallook for Camp McDorrait. Fears aro entertained among tho people there of an outbreak among tho Pintos. San Francisco, April 21.—Tho Indians have stolon 1,300 Load of cattlo from William Wells, Yakima Valley, Oregon. Throo families arrived at Dalles from Klickitat report that tho Indians aro so surly and insolent they did not think it safo to remain. Gen. JofTorson O. Davis loaves for tho seat ol tho Modoc war to-morrow. General Hardio, from the Inspector-General’s Department, ac companies him. St. Louis, April 24.—' The Democrat has a special from Donison, Texas, which says: Re ports aro in circulation hero which aro behoved that a train with government supplies for Fort Griflln honco from horo on tbo 10th inst., and consisting of oight four-mulo wagons, was cap tured by tho Indians on Cole Crook, sixty-five miles from horo. Four of tho oight mon with tho train are said to have boon killed, and two wounded. MICHIGAN. Tho Fruit Disaster—Fearful Winter-* Havoc Among’ Young Nurseries* filial Ditpatch to The Chicago Tribune . Battle Creek, Mich., April 21.—Tho state* meat I sont you some wooks ago ns to tho nature and oxtent of tbo havoc among the young nureo noa of tho fmitroglon of Michigan by tbo intoned cold of last winter has boon considered by bovobo! wisoaoro agricultural and horticultural editors as erroneous, «feo., and bo published. Now, to save my reputation for accuracy, 1 will state a faett coming under my observation horo to-day. Mr. Ohilsou, a largo nurseryman at this place (Battle Crook), is now cutting down .to tho ground CO,OOO young nursery apple-trees, which the cold weather last winter froze and killed to tho ground. Tho roots aro not killed, and they will grow up again. This ruin* his nursery trado in apple-trees this year. Mr. Chilson also tolls mo that all the nursery trees in tho largo Grand River Nursery (of tho Hustoda). at Lowell, Mich., aro killed—many of them roots and all. So'much for what I know about forming. If this is truo of those nursery trees, it is probably true of tho larger portion of them in this State. Of oourao, old apple-tree* aro not killed to any extent. War Department Weather ProgdontU cations* Washington, April 24.—Tho area of highest barometer will oxtoud on Friday southeastward over tho Southern States, and tho pressure will fall decidedly ovor tho Missouri Yalloy and the Upper Lakes, with rising temperature and rti< mlnishiug winds. For tho Obio Yalloy, Miaul* and Eastern States, northwesterly winds, with cloudy, or partly cloudy, weather. with possibly somewhat higher temperature. For tho South Atlantic and Eastern Gulf States north and weal winds and partly cloudy and clear weather. Foi tho Southwest diminishing northerly winds, ris ing temperature, and clearing weather. For tho Lake region westerly winds, with cloudy weather. An Explanation a« In an Explanation* Special Dhpateh la The Vhuayo Tribune, Cincinnati, 0.. April 21.— ibo Hon. James A. Garfield publishes a letter In yesterday's Western Jlcservo Chronicle , defending bis veto for the Retroactive Salary bill in Congress. Tbo letter la mi answer to a resolution passed by bia constituents lately at a political mooting, oovoro ly couHuriug him. Ho explains that bo opposed this amendment to the Appropriation bfil increasing tho Balary, first to last, and all tbo time, and when it wan fastened on to tho bill, bo bad no alternative but to vote for tide bill with its amendment increasing tbo salaries, or vote ngaiußb tbo Appropriation bill entire. Capture of Western Criminals* LocKiwr.N. Y., April 21.—Michael Conncra and .lames Bishop, who wore arrested boro yes terday, are supposed to bo professional burg lava from Chicago, although they report themselves from Detroit. Bishop Is said to bo an oi.capod oonviot from Fond du Lac, Wlfl.j and oCicera art comintr boro for him.

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