Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 25, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 25, 1873 Page 3
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THE COURTS. The Lincoln Park Assessment Case on Trial. What North Side Real Estate Is Worth. Injunction to Kcstrnin Action on a $40,000 Note. More Railroad Condemnation lion for loss of a Wife. An Accommodating Brother -in-Law— Now Suits, Et^c. Tho Lincoln Park caso camo up before Judge Williams, yoalorchvy on an applica tion by the Commle' d ion orfl to have the assess ment confirmed, Tho Park Commissioners wore represented b.v Mr. Jewett, assisted by Mosard. Wiloon and Adams, tho contestants Doing repre sented b.v fludgo Trumbull and Mr. Storey, At tho opting of tho case somo'discusslon arose ns to legality of tho publication of tho notlco by *lao plaintiffs, the contestants arguing that ton ‘days before tho application is made for tho as sessment, a throb weeks’ publication of notlco is necessary. Tho plaintiffs hold that according to tho reading of tho aot a single notlco published ten days bofpro tho application was sufficient. His Honor decided that tho notice given by tho Commissioners was sufficient. The examination of Mr. Culver was proceeded with. The moat interesting portion of hie evi dence was that bo was an Assessor of a tract of Hand In which ho himself was a largo owner. Wilson K. Nixon testified that ho was familiar with real estate values in Lako View. Knows Block 13, Pino Grove Subdivision, owned by Mr. Bees } considers it worth from $125,000 to $150,- 000. Ho owns tho tract next west of It, and should consider $7,500 per aero a low valuation •of it; would not take that for it. Two years 'ogo, tho property north of it was sold for SIO,OOO per acre, and six months later tho owner refused to sell it for $20,000 per aero. About ono year ago tho real estate of Lake Yiow was valued -at about $50,000,000. A lot on tbo corner of Cass and Ontario streets is worth $225 per foot, or $9,000 for tho lot. which, on tho assessment roll, is valued at $1,400. Block 27, in Kinzlo’s Addition, is worth from SIOO,OOO to SIIO,OOO. Tho assessed value ■of property in North Chicago is about ono-sov enth its actual value, and in Lako Viow It is about ono-fiftloth. Tho effect of tho Lincoln Park improvement upon Lako Yiow real estate has been to double its value, apart from tho effect caupod by tho increase of tho city. Ono third of tho present value of Lako Yiow proper ty is duo to Lincoln Park. Hr. Nixon stated that his estimates woro based, upon tho markob value of tho property. Edward M. Barnard testified that ho was ono of tho parties who made tho Lincoln Park assess ment. Was Assessor of the Town of Lako Viow. At tho first mooting in September last a full Board of Assessors woro present. Tho amount of tho assessment was determined at that mooting. After talking the matter over, it was concluded that tho property in question coula bo bought for loss than $1*200,000. A cal culation was made as to tho coat of getting tho property and tho cost of oppool, but no definite sum was named for details. William 6. Boynolda testified that he had been tbo attorney and Secretary of tho Gracolaud Cemetery Company for six years. An offer was made tbo Company to buy somo of its property Xor park purposes, but it was thought tuat tho ■charter did not confer power to buy or soil lands except for oomotory purposes. David Goodwillio testified to being tho owner of property assessed about SB,BOO for tbo park extension. Part of tbat property is located on the corner of Franklin and Sophia streets, tho other port is in Wright’s Grove, tho doptn ■of which is reduced 200 foot, and ono front is taken away. Ho considered his property on Sophia street damaged by tho extension of tho pork. It was formerly sold at S2OO per foot; ho would cow take SIOO for it. Before the Pork exten sion was talked of, property at North avonuo, in front of tho cemetery, was hardly salable. It cow sells for S2OO per foot readily. Tho reason cf the depreciation of his property at Sophia etroet was tho fact that tho park extension in creased tbo park front&go. Mr. James H. Bees testified that in his judg ment tho value of the laud on Franklin street was not increased by the park extension, being already situated in front of tho park. Tho other piece of property in Wright’s Qrovo would cot ho increased in value. Property at the corner of Dearborn street and North avenue is worth about $250 por foot. The proposed extension would bo no advantage to the property on the north end of tho present park, owned by Mr. Thompson. E. K. Beech could not see that Mr. Thomp son’s property would bo benefited by the exten sion. as it already has a park frontage. Should say the same of Mr. Goodwillie’s Franklin and Clark street property. ' F. H. Winston testified thot property on tho comer of Erie and Cass streets was worth about S2OO per foot. A few choice comers wore worth $250, and somo SBOO, Sales are slow, and on credit at these figures. Bohort Grier, of Bavonswood, an insurance agent, testified that lots of 50 fcot front woro worth on average of SBOO each in that village. Daniel Goodwin testified that sinco tho firo two largo brou cries had been built near Mr. Gpodwufio’s property on Franklin street, near Sophia, Tho extension of tho park would on banco the value of tho property. From exami nation of the Lako Yiow assessment rolls, should sey that the valuation made for State and Conniy purposes was about ono-fortloth of their actual market value. In North Chicago the assessed value was about ono-sixtk of the actual value. B. F. Culver testified that tho valuo of lots in Culver’s Addition was SIOO por front foot, Tho addition of tho Newberry aud Foster tracts would diminish tho park front about 1.000 feet. Should think tho value of tho Qoodwillio and Thomp son property would ho materially in creased. Approximately, thorn are 0,000 acros in Lake View, and 8,000 acres iu North Chicago. The assessment rolls for State and county purposes convoy no idea of tho valuo of property there. Real estate in Lako View is worth about $50,000,000, exclusive of improve ments. Judge Trumbull askod Mr. Culver as to tho amount of funds which had como into tho pos session of the Park Commission since ho be came a member of it. Mr. Culver replied that about $40,000 bad boon received during tho past eighteen mouths. Mr. Jewott suggested that this matter was ir relevant, and the Court coincided in that view. Judge Trumbull held that tho testimony was competent, as it was proposed to show that tho act under which tho Park Commission was pro ceeding was an amendatory act, and was there fore unconstitutional. The Court ruled that tho testimony was In competent. The bearing was adjourned until 10 o’clock this morning. LXOAIi BEriJDIATION O? A $40,000 NOTE WANTED. Samuel J. Walker brings a suit in tho Circuit Court against Joseph H. Burkham, Elzy G. Burkhsm, Henry G. Millar, Thomas O. Frost, and H. L. Lewis, asking for an injunction to stay defendants from bringing action against him on a promissory note of $40,000, or to transfer the same to another party. Complainant avers that for several years prior to 18Q5-G he had ■large dealings with Burkham A Co., and became largely indebted to them* which indebtedness bo scoured to them with collaterals, consisting of promissory notes, etc. 5 that during tho years 18G5-6 he reduced tho Indebtedness to $2,800, for which he made a promissory noto bearing in terest at the rate of 10 per oout. At tho time of making the noto the amount of security bold by Burkham A 00. was as large as over; that be fore its maturity the $2,800 was sold to EUy G. Burkham, of Now York, and several of tbo notes were transferred therewith as soourity, upon which sold E. O. Burkham has collected SII,OOO. for none of which ho has ac counted to complainant \ that daring the yews 1805-0 complainant had trans actions with Joseph 11. Burkham. of Lawrence burg, 111., becoming indebted to him In SOO,OOO, as security for which he deposited, from time to tune a large amount of commercial paper and other securities, which indebtedness complainant largely reduced by Sept. 25,1809, at which time complainant gave Joseph 11, Burkham a note of Henry 11. Walker’s, Indorsed by himself, for $40,000, due two years after date, and scoured by a laud mortgage, tho land upon which the mort gage was made virtually belonging to complain ant; that the note was IrauaforrealoElisy Burk inan, who demanded Us payment on tho oth day of June, 1872; that complainant behoves he has paid thofnLt amount or the note, but that his books and all memoranda of hla business trans actions wore destroyed in tlio Uro, and bo cannot apeak with absolute certainty upon tho subject, wherefore lio prays that tho books of tho defend ants Burklmm may bo examined to show exactly how complainant stands with them, and that In junction to «lay proceedings against him upon, and tho further negotiation of, tho note may bo granted. ANOTHER CONTESTED TRUSTEESHIP. Yet another application for a writ of quo war ranto has boon inado, at tho Criminal Court, arising from Illinois Btato township elections. Tho complainant this time la a*Blr, John K. Lewis, who claims tho school-trusteeship of Township 88. In his declaration ho avers that h° wan oix the 12th day of April Inst, eligible to tho ofl’co of Sohaol-Truutoo of Township 08 ; that J°hii 11. Ely who Is and has boon for a year past I'jwnßhln-Troaßuror, filed a notice on tho 2d April to the effect that ,ou Saturday, tho 12th of April, at tho school-house In District 5, Town ship 86, Banco 14, Cook County, an election would ho hold for tho Trustees of Schools ; that on tho 12lh of April In pursuance of tho notice tho electors mot at tho placo designated, found it looked, cot tho koy, opened it and hold tho election in duo form, and appointed complainant Trustee. At tho timo this election was proceeding another was going on for tho same purpose at tho house of James 11. Ely, and tho parties running it aver that tho originally-intended meeting was adjourned to Ely's house, and that a notice to that effect had boon posted on tho school-house. Complainant denies any knowledge of tho postponement or notlco of tho postponement. Complainant also holds that tho alleged adjournment was illegal, and that tho object of moving tho placo of elec tion from tho school-house to Ely’s dwelling was tho utilization, os voters, of 100 laborers employed by tho South Park Commissioners, whoso work brought thorn directly in front of Ely’s house; that, at tho election at Ely's, tho original Trustee. George W. Wait, was ro-oicotod, ana refuses to givo up tho place to complainant, who asks that a rulo may bo made upon tho promises for tho Pooplo of tho State of Illinois to show cause why loavo should not bo given to placo an injunction on tho return of a quo war ranto upon tho relation of Lewis agaiust Walt for usurping and unlawfully holding tho ofiloo aforesaid, Judging by the above, Lowls has very strong grounds of contesting tho election, os tho law with regard to tho postponement of such elec tions la explicit, allowing a postponement Of a week, to bo determined upon by tho trustees or voters present, said postponed meeting to fake place at tho same place and timo of day as tho original. Hr. Lewis’ case is in tho hands of WiUott A Herring. TIGHTLY LOOKED-UP SECURITIES. In tho Circuit, Court, O. Wondle Beano brings suit against Josiah Grout, Jr., and Austin B. Woscott. Complainant avors that, in October, 1872, ho borrowed from ono James P. Prindlo, of this city, tho sam of $2,000, agreeing to pay him therefor, on tho 27th of December, 1872, tbo sum of $2,110, giving as security tho promissory note of $2,000, signed by himself and indorsed by Hunter & Cusbiuly, and also a deed upon property of his own of considerable value 5 that the conveyance was made by deed absolute, hut under tho understanding that only a mortgage was meant; that, at tho tlmo of making tho deed of conveyance and assignment of written contracts, a deed was executed by Prindlo, consisting of certain articles of agreement iq tho nature of-a defeasance; that tho uoto became duo and was extended by Prindlo for $2 a day interest; that when Prindlo demanded payment, one Bisboo told complain ant Blsbeo’s urothor-in-law would load him tho money at 10 per cent, wherewith to pay Prlndie s that Gront, Blsbco's brother-in-law, supplied the money, got hold of tho debt and tho securi ties therefor, and now refuses to accept payment or give up tho property. Wherefore complolu ant asks that Josiau Grout and ono Austin Wos« cott, who claims to have an interest in tho prom ises mortgaged, may bo brought before a court of equity, in order to declare complainant's title to the lauds-in question. 0.. D. 4 Q. n. n. CONDEMNATION OF LAND. In tno Circuit Court the Chicago & Groat Western Bailway petition to condemn a slip of land GO foot wide, running entirely across and through tho E of tho N vTof 800. 20, Township 89, N of Baugo 18, E of 8d P. M., said strip of land lying parallel to and adjoining to tho right of way now owned by tho Chicago, Burlington & Qumoy Eaiiroad Company. Tho following par ties represent that they have an interest therein, viz: Goo. Willard, J. D. Woodward, Emilius S. Albro, Gertrude and Charles E. Dix, Aldon O. Hillard, Edwin J. Dickson. They also seek to condemn a strip of land running through tho W % of tho N W H of See. 26, Township 89, north of Bango 18, E of Sd P. M., said strip of land being parallel to land adjoining the right of way now owned by tbo said 0., B. & Q. 31, B. 5 also u strip of land CO feot in width running through tno ElO acres of tho W of the 8E % of Sec. 23 of Township 89, N of Banco 18, E of 8 P. H., said strip of land lying parallel to and ad joining tho right of way of said 0., B. & Q. B. 8., ana a strip of land GO fcot wide* running through tho BE% of tho S W of Sec. 24, Tow nship 89, N of Bango 13, E of 8d princpal meridian, parallel to right of way of said 0., B, & Q. B. It. Tho following parties represent that they have an interest therein, viz; John T. Matthews, John O. Bounds. H. Hodgson, Albert G. Web ster. Wilbur F. Haven, Margaret Bobinson, and Levi P. Morton. ACTION ron THE LOSS OF A WIFE. A very interesting case was begun in Judge Tree’s Court yesterday morning, in which Francis Campbell sues a druggist named Fredizko for tbo loss of his wjfo, through alleged carelessness of tho latter’s assistant. Tho declaration states that, on tho ,23th of Juno, 1872, Johanna Camp bell, wife of plaintiff, visited tho defendant's store, No. 472 State street, and asked for wood bine, stating tbat sho bad purchased of it before tho uro, but had not succeeded in coming across any since. Tho clerk by mlstako gave tbo wo man 20 cents worth of tho root of yellow jasmine, of wbioh sho partook tho next day, and died within an hour. The evidence of tho daugh ter of the deceased, and of Dr. Bon. O. Millar, who participated in conducting tho post mortem .examination, occupied tho greater part of tho day. TUB COUnTS IN DIIIEF. Lydia Kavnnagh was appointed administratrix of tho estate of tho lato CharlesKavouagh, under bond, to bo approved, of SIOO,OOO. Bridget Dcylo and Adolpho Horok wore declar ed to be insano at tho County Court yesterday morning. An ordor was issued at tho County Court con firming tho assessment roll of tho Village of Jefferson, except so much of It as is contained In tho objection filed by Goorgo Kingsbury. Judge Portor rushed through tho cnees sot for yesterday, and got through them by H o’clock. Tho caso of tho Gorman Mutual Tiro Insurance Company v. Wischronor, resulted iu a vordiot for plaintiff, with $123.18. damages. In tho case of tho United States Brick-Machine Company, insolvent, a mooting was hold beforo Register Hibbard, yesterday morning, at which a majority of tho creditors appointed Mr. Lewis Assignee. In tho United States Circuit Court. John M. Durand ot nl. brought action ogainst tho Grand Trunk Railway of Canada, as common carriers, to rocovor tho value, $4,000, of 100 barrels of sugar, lost by the Company botwoon Boston and Chicago. Tho caso was dismissed by stipu lation. The Chicago Composition Granite Company brings action against Adolph Faoratonborg for alleged infringement of p&ienfc rights, laying damages at $1,600.. The First National Bank of Springfield, 111., brings action in tho United States Circuit Court against tbo Board of Supervisors of Kendall County, HI., to recover the amount of railroad bonds held by tho plaintiff issued to the Otta wa, Oswego A Fox lUvor Valley Railroad, amounting in all to the sum of SIB,OOO, and $25,000 damages. Charles L. Willoughby, of Boston, ot al., bring action in tbo United States Circuit Court ogaiuat Louis Heftor to restrain him from mak ing use of tbo expression “ square-dealing clothing store/* and tho imposition on their business cards of these taliemamo words, togeth er with the “ hub” emblematic of Boatonia, as the plaintiff has secured tho solo right of tho use of the expression os a trade-mark. • In tho United States Circuit Court, the case of tho United States of America v. Alexander T. Askin, Martin C. Bissoll. and William A. Strong, the defendants defaulted for want of compliance with rale heretofore entered. The cause was submitted to the Court, who gave judgment for plaintiff for the amount of tho debt, $12,000, and damages, $4,807.69. In tho Circuit Court, John F. Latehaw brings a suit against I’hllologua 11. Loud. John F. Pease, and Frederick 11. Gilbert, to recover $6,000 damages for alleged libel published by defendants in their Journal, tbo Chicago Mercan tile Journal, Tho plaintiffs are real estate men, and the libel of which they complain was contained in tho Mercantile Journal of tho 12th lust. Frederick Hardin? ot al. bring euit in tho Su- B odor Court against tho Riverside Water and as Company, m tresspass on tho ease, for $lO,- 000 damages, Rudolph Woholl suoa tho Riverside Hotel Oom- Bauy, In arnumpslt, for $2,000 damages, lu tho uporlor Court. In the Superior Court, George Miller brings euit against Henry F. Billings, in assumpsit, laving damagou at $5,000. CBOIINAL COUUT ITEMS. A number of hitherto Impenitent prisoners Tlllii LmuAuu JL/Jiiij iT” nun u i vij . — 1- m iT. i i declared tholr determination to assume a virtue Which they had not, and changed their plea of. lunoconcoto one of guilt; Quo Thomas Lamb pleaded guilty to driving off with tho horse and buggy of another party; ono John Finley re lieved tho front well of a tailor’s shop of a pair of pants; Edward Vino stole a gold watch; James Boynolds, while picking tho pockob of a passenger on the Chicago, Burlington A Quincy Railroad, was stopped by ono of tho railway offf cors, and resented tho affront by striking tho olllcor with a slung shot; all those owned up this morning, and will bo sentenced In duo cout&o of lime. • The Klokko case camo up on the motion en tered by Gen. Blilcs to quash information. Tho motion was overruled, end twenty days allowed defendant to plead. NEW SUITS. The Omoorr Counr.—o,C91 —John T. Lalsbaw and Lewis Biennis v. Flillolognß 11. Loml, John F, Foaso, and Fred. 11. Gilbert {libel. $15,000. 0,093, 4, and 6 Appeals. o,oßo—Samuel Walker v. Job. U. Burnham, Elsnr G, Burnham, Hoary O. Miller, Thomas O. Frost, and 11. L. Lewis; petition to stay proceedings on a promissory note. 0,087— August Arnold v. N. B. Boydcn, John Motzcr, Francis 0. Iluisell, and William B. Uyas • trover and conversion, SI,OOO. 0,088— Ap peal. o,oßo—o. Wcmito Beau v. Josiah Grant, Jr., end Austin I), Wcflcott; hill to redeem, o,o9o—Appeal, o,ool—lsaac M. Ilavomau s'petition to supply record. 0,002— Itudolph W. Wohell v. Ullrich Ilohrbach; as sumpsit, S3OO, o,oo3—Borne v. Thomas T, Ellis ; ns sumpsU, SI,OOO. o.oo4—Folly Moyer v. Wolsllno Moyer; assumpsit, SI,OOO. O,COS— Chicago & Groat Western Railroad Company v. Oco. Millard et alj petition to condemn land. o,ooo—Baroo v. John O, Rounds ot nl. • camo. o,oo7—'Withheld for service. 0,008— Joseph Fcnrson ct al. Stephen B. Barrows, Charles Sharpe, Mark W. Watson, and J. McM. King. The Summon Counr—l3,lss— Leopold Graf ct nl. v. Joseph Wclmbrodt; assumpsit, SSOO. 43,155—W00d ct nl. v. same; ansumpslt, S3OO. 43,157—Charles J. L. Moyer vs. James 11. Granger; assumpsit, $450, • 43,166 —Suit Company of Onondaga v. Whalley ot al.: as sumpsit, S3OO, 43,150—Manufacturers* National Bank v. E. A. Bruce: confession of Judgment, $425. 43,100 Jacob It, Shepherd v. Chicago Fnvlng Company; as sumpsit, $3,00(1. 43,101—Harrietv. Lovi A. Simons; dlvorco. 43,102—Thomas 11. Smith v. Field, LcKor St Co.; appeal. 43,103—Mary A, v, Edward T. Doueber ty; dlvorco on ground of drunkenness. 43,104 Joseph Gould eta), v. Thomas Caldwell; assumpsit, SSOO. 40,105 E. A. Brico for two of D. K, Tumoy v. Bank of Montreal; garni shee summons. 43,100—Frederick Harding et al. v. Riverside Water & Gtn Company; iroapnts on tho case, SIO,OOO. 43,107—Julius Rocnshlld v. Abra ham Natter and William L. Shrader; petition to sup ply record. 43,106— Joseph F. Hinson ot al. v. John B, Young; assumpsit, SOOO . 43,109—Suppressed for service. 43,170—G00rg0 E. Blanton ct al. v. John J. 81ms ; confession of Judgment, $1,200. 43,171—Martin N. Kimball ct at. v. William Vdlo ot nl.; petition to declare title. 43,172—Simeon C. Collin v. William O. Foloman ; assumpsit, $1,070. 43,173—C. L. Nloholf ct al. v. O. Thlclman; confccelon of judgment. 43.174 Suppressed for service, 43,175—Jnn0 C. Hamlet V, Lewis H. Hamlet; dlvorco on ground of cruelty. 43,170— Rudolph Webcll v. Emory C. Childs and other partners df tho Riverside Hold Company ; assumpsit, $2,000. 43,177—Godfrey A. Jossol v. William A. Bnmer; assumpsit, $2,000. 43,178—Paul iTaltv. Louis Leon hardt; nsannipsit, SI,OOO. 43,170— Goorgo Miller v. HenryF. Billing; assumpsit, $5,000. 43,180—Anna Krummscher v, John Marbsch et al,; petition to amend deed. 43,181—Appeal. 43,182— Joseph Hopkins «t al. v. D. 8. Williams ; assumpsit, S4OO, 43,184—J0hn W. Williams v. Elion Williams; dlvorco on ground of cruelty. THIS IS INTEMPERANCE. Organization of tho Chicago Wirtschaft Vorein. A Constitution and By-laws Adopted— “Nolrish Need Apply.” A mooting, composed in groat part of North Bide saloon-keepers, was hold yesterday after noon in Foltz’ Hall, at tho corner of North ave nue and Larrahoo street. After half an hour of miscellaneous talking, tho saloon-keepers woro called to order, and wero provided with a tom poiary Secretory, Ur. Peter Muller being put in with a viow to keep him from talking. Tho Committee appointed at tho previous meeting to draft a Constitution submitted its report,which was read and acted upon, article by ariiolo. Tbo name fixed upon was tho Chicago Wirtschaft Vorein, or Saloon-Keepers’ Union, organized for tho purpose of defending tho rights, redressing tho wrongs, etc., of tho mem bers. After tbo adoption of thoso articles, tho ques tion was raised whether tho Union should cover the whole city or bo a North Bide organization, was discussed for the first time. Thu next articles reported by tbu Committoo woro in regard to the officers of tho Union, their duties, etc., and wrro adopted after sorao dis cussion on tho ono rolaliug to tho Treasurer, all present wanting to throw safeguards around that office. Ho was required to report onco a month. An earnest man broke in at this point, and wanted it understood that tho union was to bo purely a North Sido ouo, and not ono for Chica go, and that tho Committoo had no business to do what it had dono. They did uot want to bo swamped by West and South Sidcre. A representative of tho South and West Sido people arose to explain, and denied any inten tion of swamping anybody. They merely want ed to talk, and would not further interfere in tho deliberations. [Cheers.] Others explained that tho object was to havo a union in each division, ail to act hand in hand. This interesting subject was talked about for a long time, and tho Committoo explained they had stricken out ** North Chicago Union” and inserted “ Chicago Union,” whereupon a fat sa loon-keeper denounced it as an exorcise of arbi trary power. Then tho question of tho participation of tho West and South Sidcrs came up ogam, and it was finally moved that tho South aud West Bidors should leave. This gave rise to much excite ment, tho people concerned getting up in a body. Tho motion was lost, and poaco'restored. Tho articlo defining tho duties of members as consisting in attending meetings, paying their dues, obeying tho constitution, etc., was adopted. Tno next article, fixing tho initiation too and monthly duos, was naturally discussed at length. Tho amount of tho former depends upon tho sales of tho saloou-koopor, and tho latter was put nt $1 a mouth. There are also to bo special assessments to defray sudden expenses. Tho by-laws woro thou road and passed upon, A motion that certain paragraphs in the Con stitution bo loft open, so that if tho South and Wost Sides wanted to add anything it could bo put in. and that tho North Bide could also make amendments, was lost. Tho question was put whether Irish should bo lot into tho Union. Public sentiment was against it, and it was declared that tho Union was purely Gorman. After a desultory talk, Mr. Mullor moved to oloct a temporary Treasurer for tho North Bide to receive the Initiation fees, and thus And out who tho members woro who woro entitled to voto for officers. Tho motion was agreed to, and several nominations woro made. A motion to allow West aud South Sido mem bers to voto gave riso to another squabble, but was finally decided in tho affirmative. Tho voto rosultod in tho oiootion of Goorgo Felon. Money was then paid by many members, and the moating finally adjourned. EXCURSION ON THE C. & P. R. R. ■ A small party of tbo officers of tho Chicago & Paoiflo Railroad Company mado a trip over (bo road yester day for tbo purpose of inspection, and to make ar rangements for straightening out tbo curves in one or two places. Tbo parly consiated of Col. Dough, Col. Wilcox, Mr. W. L. I’easo, Ocn.-Bupt. Jauoa K. Lake, E. O. Kincaid (lato of Elgin Gazette), and ono or two others. Arrangements wore mado for a more direct right of way, and tbroo curves wero dono away with altogether. Numerous friends of tho road whoso property adjoins tho (rack had been Invited to Join the party, and the now and elegant passenger coach Was mute comfortably /filed. Mr. KJrchotr, who is building an |3,000 residence at Windsor, thirteen miles from Chicago, gavo a most substantial and excellent dinner to tbo excursionists, who then went on ns far os Col. Hough's place. Tho return was mado at morn than average speed, showing the excellent condition of tho track. It is expected to reach Elgin as soon os the weather wilt permit steady work on tho grades. Ladles’ Suits, Underwear, Etc. J. W. Griswold k Co.'s manufactory for cloaks, suits, and underwear, Nos. Cl uud St) Madison street, Chicago, is a hive of industry. Their main workroom 80x110 foot, is tilled with girls silting each sldo of long benches Altod with sewing-machines run by steam, onch machluo making 1,000 stitches per minute. Their labor-saving attachments and machines arc truly won derful. They advertise to sell ready-made goods at about the price of the material, and It looks as though they could do it. Certainly dealers will do well to look In upon them. Their stock, styles, and pricu would eoom to satisfy any one. Closing Sale of Oil Paintings. Tho closlng-out sale of paintings by Elison k Poster, at No. 183 East MadJaon stfroot, takes placa this after noon at o’clock. Thcro are still a number of valu able pictures remaining to bo disposed of. and It is (ho intention of tho owner nut to ship any back to New York, but to sell them for what (hoy will bring. THIS IS TEMPERANCE. The “Committee of Seventy” Wake Up and Abuse the Mayor. Mr. Kelly, the Celebrated At torney, States His Troubles. The Mayor Charged with All Sorts of Misdeeds. Tho Committee of Seventy awoke from their long sloop, and hold a mooting at No. IS3 La- Salle street last evening, Mr. E. Burnham in the Chair. That Is, nineteen of tho veterans wore present, and endorood tho suggestions of tho celebrated Mr. Kelly, tho attorney for tho Tem perance Bureau, who road a long report up to date. Tho Bureau was established to enforce tho law, collect statistics], create healthy public sentiment, etc. Upwards of eighty complaints of violations of tho now law hnsboon examined. Two convictions had been secured, and throe indictments jvero ponding. Several criminal cases wore now on hand. Over 200 convictions have boon secured in tho Police Court for vio lating tho Sunday law. In many cases citizens furnished evidence. Tho Bureau had mailed . over 3,000 loiters, and sent out numbers of cir culars, papers, tracts, petitions, etc., and pre pared over 100 pages of legal briefs, some of them at tho special request of tho Mayor. Sev eral petitions had boon forwarded to Springfield, but It was too late to got any fur ther law. Mention was made of tho labor in tho Common Council and tho .preparation of newspaper articles. Ho thought the Temper ance law was enforced as far as it could ho in Chicago unless tho ofUcors of tho law gave more efficient aid. Tho Bureau, which was running in debt, could not do it. It was tho duty of the Mayor to oxocuto it, but ho had never lifted a finger to carry it out. Tho Mayor had boon tho groat obstacle to enforcing tho Sunday law, and ho had never treated any body of men who called on him with decent civility, except when the law and order men es poused his quarrel with tho.Polico Commission ers. Ho had failed to revoke licenses in caeca when ho had promised to do so. Tho saloon keepers' friends had declared that the Mayor would not interfere with them, and no had fre quently stated tho lav could not bo enforced on the North Side this summer. Ho had said In a few weeks tho whole thing would blow over. Mr. Kelly then felt compelled to notice tho malicious attack made on him by tho Mayor in tho papers of Saturday, containing things which tho Mayor know to bo untrue, and which it was ungrateful in him to say after Mr. Kelly had done so much for him. ' Tho Bureau had furnished much evidence in liquor suits, and had not boon tho useless thing the Mayor said it was. There had been two or throe licenses re voked, and there had boon 200 convictions. Mr. Kelly had long ago arrived at tho oonclusion tho Mayor intended to enforce no law but what pleased him. Tho saloon-keepers had known that fact for months, and said it was tho citizens only, they fouod. Tho people wore disgusted with tho Mayor’s nervousness, and would not try to work if ho did not. This report was not intended as as an attack on tho Mayor, but was a plain statement of fact. If that officer did not do his duty, then perhaps tho Bureau should bo given up. Tho Bureau had done much, for it had shown that Sunday liquor-soiling could ho stopped, and a weak liquor law enforced. The report was referred to a committee which was directed to report some future plan of action for tho Bureau. .The Committee was made up of Mosers. Walker, Drayman, Qookins, Burnham, Myor, and Woodard, Tho following was offered by Mr. Kelly: •ficsotufd, That a Committee of Sovon ho appointed to perfect a plan of organization of tho Temperance and Law and Order partlen In thoßlnto, to co-opcvato with all other otgauizalions now la existence, or that may he constituted for that purpose to carry such plena into execution by such measures as may bo neces sary. It was stated that there was a State organiza tion, of which Dr. Fowler was President, and which would soon meet in Chicago. The Rov, Mr. Kitiridgo wonted to wait till they had data, and lot tho Bureau attend to matters in Chicago. Other gentlemen agreed they bad hot ter organize in Chicago. Mr. Kelly explained, and Mr. Myers offered a substitute, that tho Committee bo appointed to co-oporato with tho State Temperance organiza tion In regard to prosecuting the most efllcieut measures for advancing tho temperance cause in Illinois, and it was adopted. Tho Committee consists of Messrs. Kelly, Everts, Thomas Moulding, Gookins, 0. 0. Bou ncy, Thomas Wilco, A. L. Morrison. Mr. Kelly offered tho following: Resolved, That a Commutes of three ho appointed to devise a plan of organization for the next city election to sustain and enforce (ho Sunday ordinance. This proposition was characterized an abuse of f lower, and it was suggested they had bettor oavo politics alono, ana that there wore too few present to speak for (ho “ Sovonty.” Mr. Kelly defended his resolution, and said tho other side had bean organizing for weeks. It was not too early to begin to take preliminary stops, and it took somo time to make a plan. They had laws enough, if they had proper oUlcers, and they could bo secured only by working at the polls. If there was no effort niado, the whisky party would elect Council out! Mayor. The Temperance people could carry tho

city by ten thousand, with organization. Tho resolution was amended by requiring tho Committee to report to tho General Committee. It was then stated'by Judge Moore that if tlio tomporanco pooplo undertook to organize ns a K, they would inevitably fail. A majority of aoplo would adhoro to their old party or ganizations. and, therefore, tho temperance cause should work in those organizations, and not seek to sot np for itself, ana lose what it had gained. It was only by reason of the fact that it had not set up a special party that tomporanco had gained all it had. Any intention of forming a now party was de nied, tho resolution was molded into proper shape, and discussed some more. Fault was found with passing so many resolu tions and appointing committees, whilo 80,000 young men wore m tho clutches of tuo Fiend. "What wore tho temperance pooplo doing? Nothing; and tho Tomporanco Bureau was pretty much of a fail ure. They ought to have weekly temperance mootings, and ovory church should bavo its tem perance societies. If tho ohurohos and Sunday schools would take the thing in hand, In a year they would not need any Mayor. Ho told of tho good things dono on Clinton street and Third avenue. An effort woa made to choke off thin individ ual, who seemed to bo in earnest, but they could not stop him. According to him, temperance mootings wore tho panacea. At tbo noxt moot ing they were going to consider whether it was allowable for ouurcu-mombors to rout rooms lor saloon purposes. The resolution was postponed til! tbo noxt mooting. Dr. mttrodgo said bo wanted to bo nndor stood os not agroolng'Witb tbo criticisms of tbo Mayor in tbo roport made by Mr. Kelly. 110 be lieved in tbo honesty and integrity of tbo Mayor, and, ovon if bo bad orred, still it was wiser not to call names. It was prottybard to bo good all tbo time. Mr. Myors agreed with Dr. KlUrodgo, but still felt that the Mayor clogged tbo wheel of success beyond all other iulluoncea. Ho would not revoke licenses, and yet bo deserved praise for many things bo bad done. A direct iasno should bo roado with tbo Mayor on tbo question of revocation. Mr. Mitchell discussed tbo advisability of coaxing tbo Mayor to do Ids duty by promising a ro-oloolion, or of threatening him into it by promising to vote against him. Mr. KHtrodgo against making attacks upon tbo Mayor in a random way. Mr. Myers said if the mooting bad boon larger they might have appointed a committee to wait on tbs Mayor, and quietly and kindly admonish him. Mr, Kelly defended his roport, and could not toll an untruth to shield the Mayor. That onicor bad said certain things, knowing them to bo un true, and Mr. Kelly did not know bow else to state it. Beyond members hoped that no mention would bo made of tbo discussion. The Committee on tho Roport moots Monday night at the rooms of tiio Bureau. The reporters woro requested to make no ex tracts from tho roport, and also" not to mention any personalities that oocnrrod In debate, The mooting adjourned. Why Comiimnlcntion Is Interrupted# Tho Baltimore -dmcricnn learns, by a private loiter from Hong Kong, that “tho poor but in dustrious Chinese earn on honest livelihood by I IXI fishing tip half mlloa of tbo cable between Japan and China, and selling It in tho old junk-shops.” Such a course, though highly praiseworthy on Iho part of those “loiloro by tbo sea,” aa a proof of tho hazards men trill run (o support their wives and children, is apt to militate against iho usorulnoßß of tho cablo as a moans of convoying intelligence. It ia a fact that a junk was seized at Foochoo, a short (into since, with nearly two miles of cable In her hold} and nearly every day an advertisement appears in one of tho local prints to tho effect that ‘'communica tion with Iho North is temporarily suspend ed,” &o. THE cm IN BRIEF. Tho South Sldo Christian Union Gymnasium will give another in their interminable series of exhibitions this evening. A regular monthly mooting of tho Bearfl of Managers of tho Soldiers' Homo will bo hold at tho Homo at 1 o’clock to-day. Tho 11:1(3 train will bo tho right one to tako. A houso building for Mr. 0. M. Henderson, No. 804 Prairie avomio, was entered on Wednesday night by thiovos, who stole a chest of carpenter's tools worth $125. An incipient fire occurred at No. 3G5 Wahah avenue at 11 o’clock yesterday morning. It was extinguished by some Post-Office employes after SSO damage had boon done. A defective chimney was tho cause. Tho annual mooting of tho members of the Humane Society,for the election of Directors for tho ensuing year, will behold at tho office of tho Society, Boom No. 14Union Block, at 2:80 o’clock to-morrow afternoon. The Oommittco appointed to arrango for a banquet on tho Queen’s birthday, May 24, to ho participated in by gentlemen born in tbo British Empire, will hold a mooting to-morrow evening at the office of E. Sanders, Nos. 84 and 80 La- Salle street. Tho Wabash Avenue Synagogue congregation, comer of Pock court, will hold public service on this and all future Friday ovoulngo, nt 7:30 o’clock. An excellent choir will bo in attend ance. Bov. Dr. Machol will deliver a oonnon in English during tho service. Thomas Furgio jumped from tho Rook Island dummy at Polk street on Wednesday ovoniug, ami, coming in contact with a post, was thrown down. Ilia right arm rested on tho track, and tho wheels of tlio dummy nearly severed it from his body. Ho was taken to hla homo, No. 188 Ewing (street. An exchange, commenting on tho resolutions adopted at a recent meeting of North Side saloon-keepers, remarks that Iho first one, that they should sell no beer on Sunday, is well enough, and adds iho second one, that brewers should not sell boor to families on Saturdays, that “ this thing of forcing a private party to buy bis wife’s and children's supply of Sunday boor as early in the week as Friday is unnecessarily pre vious.” Commissioner Prindlvillo, of tho Board of Public Works, Houses wore regaled yesterday by tho following lines, which wore written on tho wrapper of a pamphlet ho received through tho mail: Go, llttlo book, punmo thy course, Homo westward by iho “ Iron horse,” Which hears our undo Samuel’s mails Lllto lightning o’er the endless rails. And when yon'vo reached that wondrous town,— •Chicago.—lately leveled down. I trust that tho Postmaster will Hand you to llcdmoml I’rludlvlllo. He’s one of tho ” old soltlcr” hand, A man with honest heart and hand, And Illinois may treasure such; Thoy’ro not 100 common now—** not much.” Tho Board of Polico hold a regular soml wookly mooting yesterday afternoon, President Mason in tho chair. Charles A. Dually, pipomau of Engine No. 13, was suspended until tho 80th Inst., with loss of nay, for being absent from duty without permission. Peter J. Hammers bach, pipomau of No. 17, was similarly dealt with for having boon drunk. An order was adopted directing all suspended firomon to report to the Foreman of thoir companies three times a day, tho Foremen to report to tho Board thoir conduct while under suspension. Charles M. Oration, driver of hose-cart No. 3, was also sus pended until tho 30th lust., for being absent without ■ authority. Charles J. Koucko and Qoorgo H. Adams wore appointed regular mem bers of tho Fire. Department, and Eph Newsome and Mathias Mathews special policeman for Lin coln Park. While the religious nowspaporo, tho Times, Jouninf. and Korlkicestern Christian Advocate, aro displaying their claim to tho adjective they have assumed by reviling a newspaper be cause it has ten limes tho advertising patronage of all three together, a word or two of encouragement might bo uttered to tho editors thorool; by tho publication of certain facts. Ono of the editors of tho Advocate , it is well known, writes tho dramatic notices of “ Shakspoaro’s ploy of Richelieu” for tho Journal, and, it is charged, furnishes the scandal out of which Mr. Bolhwoll, tho excellent short-hand writer of tho Times, weaves the “Walks Among the Churches,” thus clung out his salary from tho sleepy apologist of Congres sional salary-grabs, and saving his denomination from tho weekly assaults of iho other religious paper, tho Sunday Times. Does this pious triumvirate hotter represent Faith, Hope, and Charity, or tho Word, tho Flesh, and tho Devil ? And now again a seneo of sorono superiority fills tho soul of tho average denizen of Mil waukee. It has caught two Chicago thieves.— William Guy, alias Hines, alias Squinty, ami lid ward Smith, alias Shang, operating in thoir quiet limits, and feels ns good as any town now. It seems that thoso gentlemen had been engaged la tho lucrative pursuit of robbing tho Chicago, Alton & St. Louis Railroad Company of pig iron in small quantities, and had conveyed it to Milwaukee, where it was pretty certain that no local polico authorities would find it. Their anticipations wore fully realized, and they suc ceeded in stowing away thirty tons in various places, about eighteen tons in tho bed of tho river. The police authorities, of this city, however, telegraphed to Milwaukee for tho pairof thieves, and Officers Smith and O'Con nor, of Milwaukee, had no difficulty in capturing thorn, as strangers in Milwaukee can easily bo distinguished from residents, oven by strangers. Toward ovoniug Detective Flynn, of tho regular force, and Detective Wright, employed by tho railroad company, arrived in Milwaukee, and brought thoir prey to this city, whore they now await trial. Tiiero was to liavo been a mooting of property owners at tho corner ot Clark ami Eighteenth Btroots, last evening, to take action concerning certain improvements that are needed on Clark street, between Sixteenth and Twelfth, but a postponement was agreed upon In order that a committee appointed to petition tho Council on tho subject may have time to report. PERSONAL. Dr. P. V. Bchonok, of St. Louis, is at the Gardner. Mr. Walter Orockost, of the Baltimore Pullman Oar Company, was at tho Gardner yesterday. Tho Bor. W. H. Wilburn, of Jacksonville, was at tho Gault Houoo yesterday. Capt. E. Parkinson, of England, was at tho Gault House yesterday. L, L. Broofio, Secretary of State, Wisconsin, was at tho Sherman yesterday. Qon. J. F. Farnsworth was at tbo South 6ldo Briggs House yesterday. Cant. W, R. Mnzio, U. S. A. ; was at tbo 'West Side Briggs, yesterday. Edward J. Fnmo, of Ireland, and Jno. A. Dob* son, of England, are at tbo Gardner. 0. L. Dablor, Esq., of Balt Lake City, was at tbo Mattosou House yesterday. Oapt. A. W. Grooioy, United States Army, was at tbo-Slattoson yesterday. Tbo following wore among tbo arrivals at tbo Gardner yesterday ; John P. Badger and wife, Now York; U. D. Miller, Akron, Ohio ; P. Sv. Scofield, Now York j D. C. Bates and sister, Cherry Valley, N. Y.; Ira Thomas, Wisconsin. Tbo following wore at tbo Tromont yesterday s W. B. Fox, Charles Poirot, Now York; J. M. Treat, Hannibal, Mo.; G. N, Grinins, Miss G. L. Bhorwood, Grand Rapldti; H. Ilogouhanl, Now York ; F. Donley, Granville, Ohio { W. H. Crugor, Peoria; B. W. Mather, Uonouoo, 111. Tbo following woro at the Mattoson House yesterday ? D. B. Knight, Boone, Iowa; J. H. Woodman, Bennington, Yt.; George B. Hodges, Now York 5 11, F. Hobart, Beloit, \Yis.; 11. 0. Irish, Hamilton. Canada; E. 1). Packer, Mon tana ; Mrs. E. iloouoy aud daughter, Denver, Col. Tho following woro At tho flborman yesterday: R. \f. Wilson, Kentucky; 11. Grouoo, W. X’. Fay. Boston; George Brigga, J. 0. Konuall, Grand Rapids; E. A. Treat. Piiiladolpbla; 11. M. Bou ton, Boston; A. Boris, Kt. Louis 5 F. W. Myor, Quincy, Tbo following woro at tbo South Bide Briggs yesterday: Mr, and Mrs. D. 11. Hastings, Bos ton ; W. J. Gordon, Jackson, Mich.; L. Hunton, Nutaok, Maas.; It. B, Graham, Minneapolis: W. R. Haven, Burlington 5 W. 0. Wyukoop, Colo rado; D. wiloox, Milwaukee. Tbo following wore at tho Woat Side Briggs yofltorclftVJ A. Mngornhorg, Now York; M. J. Malllok, Qaloßhum, Mich.; W. Loiigim, 0. 11. P. McCord, Mineral Point; T. F. Gregg, Macon, Mo.; 13. A. Hatch, Rochester, N. Y.; A. Mur doch, Now York. Tho following wore at tho Gault llonso yester day t 0. E. Lucas, Atlanta, Qa.; W. A. Hunt, Provldonco, B, I.; SVm, Dovino, Philadelphia ; ,T. D. Robinson, Buffalo; B. Rotlichild, Han Fran cisco; tho Roy. W; Adams, Mankato; 8.8. Korr, Now York; 11. 11. Sever, Boston; J. Levy, Cin cinnati ; H. W. Myers. ■ AMIJSinvJENTS. AIKEN’S THEATRE. .Mr. HARRY O. CLARKE. MANAGER. ONE WEEK ONLY, commenting Monday. April 23, also, Wednesday and Balunlay Matluoos, the ORISAT AUTISTIC, MRS. Q. O. HOWARD, Will appear In hor Original and World-rnnowned cliarno tor of TOI’SY, In tho oolobrntod American drama ol UNCLE TOM’S CABIN, Supported hy a Powerful Company. AIKEN'S THEATRE. To-night, Benefit and last appearance but two of STXTAET IROBSOUST Look at (ho fallowing groat bill; FIRST ACT OF LITTLE EARLY. Wllklna Mlcairbor, Stuart Robson; MoKce Rankin at Uriah Hoops Kilty Blanchard as Rosa Dartlo. Then Robson on “Fish, Astronomy and Oysters,” AWorwhlch, Camilla;or. ThoUraokod Heart; Camille, Rluattßobsoni Annand, RloKoo Rnnklu. To conclude with The Hesslok TnbaccnnlstiTnblasShortout, Hluart Robson. Iho above bill will bo presented at tho Alatlnoo and evening to-mor HOOLET’S THEATRE. BEST COMPANY IN AMERICA! Friday, April 25, 1873, Ornnd Oomnlinirnfair Benefit to,. J. O. rMMJK'L' .ml ,lOilN W. JII.AISDBI.L. (Associate Managers), whoa will bo produced Tom fay* lot's masterpiece, THE TICKET-OF-LEAVE IAN, With tho strongest east over given In Chicago. In rehearsal, * * ITItOU-ruoU," and Bartley Campbell'* "lUSKB. 11 AOADEMY OF MUSIC. PRANK OHANEBAU’S BUSINESS IMMENSE. Secure your ecata for tho Inst representation* of DESJLH?. Must bo withdrawn this week on account of engage* monts with XjITTXjB JSTBXir.. MoYIOKEB’S theatbe. Engsgomonb of tho Popular Aotor, 3MDc*. HMEEiiraaL ®a3altlx. Who will appear on MONDAY EVENING, April 21, and every evening until farther notice, and Saturday Mati nees, as JAQUE3 FAITVEL, Mi the now emotional and picturesque play, entitled ONE HUNDRED TEARS OLD, As played for over two months, at tho UNION SQUARE THEATRE, New York. Prlco of Boats, sl, 75 and Mo, according to location. MYEES’ OPEBA HOUSE. Mouroo-st., botwocn Dearborn and Stato-its. Arlington, CottonTlemlilc’s Minstrels, A MONSTER BILL OF FUN I Great success of Ed Marble's biuloiquo of ROMEO AND JULIET. MAOKIN A WILSON In now Songs and Dances. Tho Modoc War. Tho Throo Graces. Now Vocal Quar* toito. Quiet Lodgings. Every Evening and Saturday Matinee. Monday. April 28-Benollt of BILLY RIPE. NEW PUBLICATIONS. JDSTm MCCARTHY’S NEW NOVEL. A CHARMING STORY BY A BRU.T.IANT WRITER, A FAIR SAXON. One Vol„ 12m0., Fancy Cloth, 51.50. “ u Paper, 1,00, WHAT THE PRESS SAY OF HIM. "Mr. McCarthy's reputation as a novelist Is do firmly established that no recommendation la necessarylSfc. Louis Democrat. Lady Judith, by Justin McCarthy. This novel Is very graphically written, and Is'full of Intenso Interest."— [Now York Evening Mali. PARADISE IN THE PACIFIC. A BOOK OF Travel, Adventure, and Pacta in tbo Sandwich Islands, BY TVM. H. BLISS. Oas vol., IS mo, tinted paper, Price, 81.26. Receutly Published s PHILIP EARNSOLIPFE, Airs. Annio Edwards 1 most powerful story, SI.OO. 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Cabin from SCS; ntoor ago, British and Irish port# oastu Qs3o; wont, 833. Conti nental ports samo as orhor rogufatllncs. All payable m U. 8. currency. Apply for full Information at tho Com pany’s othoes, No. 7 Bowling Croon. Now York, ond N. IC. corner LaSalle and MadUan-ats., Chicago. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agents. Jast published, “Tho Trip to Europe,” a Magazine of Information for Qcoan Travellers. Can bo huafroo of charge on application, or soat by mall on rooolpl of throe cont stamp. ; OHROMO, 3STE-W CHBOMO, ENTITLED THE CONVALESCENT, Givon to each customer by the GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA COMPANY, 116 Vest Washlngtoo-st., 183Twonty.«ocond-st. COAXi ANDWbOD. 0. H. DYER & CO., Comer Wahasli-ar. and Madlsoo-sL, dealers in all kinds of Fuel. Illinois Coal per ton, delivered, $0; Kirkland Grate Coal (best Indiana) per ton, delivered, $8.6(1; Wa bash Coal (Indiana Bituminous) per (on, delivered, $5.60. Hard Coal and Wood of all kinds alwayn on hand.... $5 Packages OF MCTIOML CDBREBCY FOR SALK AT TEIBUKE OFFICE. time table. ARRIVAL AND DEPAthw. op TRAINS Winter Amuipomom. Explanation ot REmnnitcr. Map no.—t Saturday p*« copied, • Sunday excepted. i Monday excepted. I Ar rive Sunday at 8:00 a. in. 4 Dally. MICHIGAN CENTRAL & GREAT WESTERN RAILROADS Depot, foot rtf Mte at . nml foot <\f T<ct»l;j-reeoHd‘ii j jehet office, 75 Omnf-st., roniti;qA .WmDon. Mall (via main and air 1in0)...... Day Express .. ■laokaon Aocnmmodatiou Atlantia Express...... Night Express INDIANAPOLIS VIA VBIW HOAD. Mall Night Express UllANn JUl’lDg AND PKNTWATBn. Morning Expre55......... Night Express CHICAGO ft ALTON I Chteaao, Alton AT. Ao »U Throt (J/o.) nstr thnrl ronto from Chita;, Depot, ifeil .Vi'iii*, near Mn<lUon‘i Bt. Tiouls ft Springfield Express, via Main Linn.................... Kansas Oily Fast Kxpross, vlu Jacksonville, 111., and Loulsl ann, Mo Woßuna, Laoon, Washington Ex press (Western Division.) .Toilet ft Dwight Aooomo’datlon. Bt. Louis ft Hpringlinld Lightning Express, via Main Lino, sndnlso ▼la Jacksonville Division Kansas City Express, via Jack sonville, 111., ft Louisiana, Mo.. Jefferson City Express...... Peoria, Keokuk ft Uurl’n lit UDatly, via Main Lino, nml dall Jacksonville Division. It Daily, ~ except Monday, via Jacksonville CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & S Union Depot, earner Mailiem i aud 07 1I«( Jfad(«m.>(. «in leave. Arrive, Milwaukee, 81. Paul A Minneap olis Day ISxproßß * 0:00 a. m. 17:20 a. a, Milwaukee A Pralrio du Ohlen Mali and Express M:3op, tt. *11:208.10. Milwaukee, Bt, Paul A Mlnooap* olio Night Express tfl'.COp. m. * 6:00 p.m. CHICAGO. BURLINGTON** OUINCY RAILROAD. DtpnU—Fbot of Mie-it,, Indtaua-av., and Slxteeulh-et,, aud Cdnal and Sixteenth-ite, 2Hektt office in Hrlggt Home aud at dtpoit Leave. Arrive. Mall and Exprosc. * 7:45 a. m. • 4.15 p. ni. Duhuqnoand Sioux City Exp.... * 9:10 a. m. * 3:lop. rad Pacltlc Fast Lino... *K):00a. m. *B:l6p. ra. Galesburg Passenger • 3:16 p. ra. * 8:00 p. raj Mondota A Ottawa Passenger... * 4:20 p. m. * 9:&5 a. m. Aurora Passenger..,,,. * 1:45 p. in. * B:lr.a. ra. Aurora Passenger. * 5:30 p. m. * 8:36 a. ra. AuroraPAßSonger (Sunday) 1.00 p.m. 9:55 a. raj Dubuquo A Sioux City Exp + 9:00 p. m. i 7:00 a. ra. Pacific Night Express rll:00p. ra. z 6:00 a. mj Downer's Grovo Accommodation *ll ;00 a. w. 5 :50 p. ra. Downer's Groro Aoonmraodatlou * 6:15 p. m. • 7:15 a. m. Ottawa and HtroatorPaßsongcr.. 7:15 a. ra. 6:COp. ra. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot foot of Lake-tt. andj'ont of Tuentj/.teeond-ei, Ticket Office, 76 Canaf-H., corner of Jfadleon, Leave, Arrive. Bt. LoulaExpress * 7:30 a. m. * 9:00 p. m. Bt. Louis Fast Lino t 8:16 p. ra. * 7:65 a. in. Cairo Mail... * 7:80 a. m. * 0:00 p. tn. Cairo Kinross + 8:I6p. ra. * 7:66 a. in. Springfield Express * 7:30 a. ra. • 9:00 p. tn. Bprlngtlold Express, + 8:l6p. m. * 7:55 a. m. Dubuque A Bloux City Ex.. * 0:15 a. m. * 2;00p. m. Dubuquo A Sioux City Ex t 9;00p. ra. * 7:00 a. m. ••Gilman Passenger • P:l6p. in. • 9:00 a. m. Hyde Parkond Oak Woods * 6:10 a.m. • 6:48 a. in. HydoParkand Oak Woods * 7:10 a. m. • 7:48 a. ra. Hyde Park and Oak Woods « 9:00 a. ra. • 8:40 a. ra. HydoParkand Oak Woods tUslOp. ro. • 9:00 a. m. Ilydo Park and Oak Woods » 8:00 p. m. 610:30 a. m. Hydo Park and Oak Woods * 4:30 p. m. J 1:45 p. mi Jlydo Parkand Oak Woods •fi;l6p. m. * 6:20 p.m. Ilydo Park and Oak Woods • 0:10 p. m. • 6:65 p. m. ilydo Park and Oak Woods. *ll:00p. m. • 7:36 p. m. ••On Saturdays this train will bo nmlo Champaign. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. Ticket office, 81 Well .VadiVon-«t. Leave, Arrive. Pacific Fast Lino •10:15 a. m. * 8:46 p. m! Dubuquo Day Ex. via Clinton.... 10:16 a, m. C:4sn. m. Pacific Night Express +10:15 p. ra. 16:30 a. m. Dubuquo Night Ex. via Clinton.. 10:16 -p. m. G;3O a.ra. Kroopnrt A Dubuquo Express • 0:15 a. m. • 2:00 p. m. Freeport A Dubuquo Express ■ 0:15 p.m. • 7:00 a. m, Miiwankeo Mail * B;00 a. in. *10:16 a. m, Milwaukee Express • 9:30 a. m. • 4:00 p. ra, Milwaukee Passenger.. • 5:00 p. m. • 7:40 p. ro. MllwaukooPassongor (da11y)..... {11:00 p. m. 6 6:00 a. ra. Oreon Say Express 9:40 a. in. • 7:15 p. m. St. Paul Express.,.. *10:10 a. m. C.OOp, m. Green Bay Express • 9:01 p. m. • 6:20 a.ra, Bt. Paul Express +9:30 p. tn. +6:50 a. ra. CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILROAD. Depot, corner of Darrlton and Mrnnan-rf*. 7YcA-«( office, Leave, I Arricv. Omaha,Leavenw'thAAtchlsonEx *10:16 a. in. • 3:46 p. m. Pent Aocommodation • 5;00p. m. • 9:30 a. m. Night Express..... +10:00 p.m. t 7:00 a. ra. Leavenworth A Atchison Express +10:00 p.m. + 7:00 a. m. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. Depot, comer Hnrriton and A'Acrman-ift. Ticket o-Jiees, noriMreet earner Clark and Jiandolph-tte,, and eouthueU corner t’uiiai and Madiion-ste, I Xcaec, I Arrive. MM), vlft Air Lino and Main Lino * SpoclalNovr York Express, via Air Lino I* Atlantic Express, via Air Lino..) Nlpht Express, Wa Main Lino.... Elktiart Accommodation I' South Chicago Accommodation. CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. Fataenger Depot at P,, C. & SI, Louia Depot, corner of Ca nal and Kimie-Us, Freight and Ticket office 169 irtwMns.fon.sf, Mall , * 7:40 a. m.l* 1:40 p. m. Evansville ATorro Haute Ex.... * 7:00 p. m.|t 7:SOa. nu PITTSBURGH. FOR i WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. Bay Express Pacific Express Fast Line Mall Valparaiso Accommodation. CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. (OPEN TOUOfIELLE.) Depot comer ITalaled and A'orth Hranch-tlt, General office 10 Metropolitan JJtoek, earner liandolph and LaSnlle-rte. .Price, $1.36. Roaoilo Accommodation Itosollo Accommodation lllvor Park Accommodation, lUvor Park Accowwodatlon. CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS ft CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. From fRs Great Central Fatlroad Depot, foot of Lnfce-et. For through ticked and aletping-ear bertha avplg nf Ticket office, 75 Canal-if., <om*r Uadi ton; ISO Ilcii/ifwilon-Jf.; Tremont llouae, corner Congreia-at. andllichifian-av,: aha foot (if r»c,n(p-ifComf.«t. Leave Chicago Arrive at Indianapolis Arrive at Cincinnati Only lino running Saturday night train to Cincinnati. Pullman slesporaoa night trains. _ _ STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETINGS. STOCK-nOLDEUS’ ANNUAL MEETING OF THE' Laie Store & MlcUgan Soutton Railway Co, Omen of The t.xkr Suonc A Mrcmtuw Sodtoksn) RAILWAY COMPANY, V Cleveland, 0., March 27, 1873. ) Tho annual mooting of the Stockholders of this Com* puny, for tho election of Directors for tho ensuing year, aud for the transaction nf other important business, will bo hold at tho office of tho Company, in tho city of Cleveland, 0,, on' Wednesday, 7tli Day of May next, between tho hours of U o’clock In tho forenoon and 2 o'clock In tho aftoruutm of that day. Tho transfer books of tho Company will bo closed at tho close of business, onthofith day of April next, and will ro.oooQ on the morning of tho Bth day of May next. v GEORGE 11. ELY. Secretary. MEDICAL CARDS. COBURN Medical Institute, 175 and 177 South Olark-st., corner Monroo, Chicago, founded and conducted by Dr. J. 0. Coburn, for Uio treatment and euro of all forms of ohronlo and apodal diseases In both bozos. Tills Institute is unquestionably tbo most Bclontitlo In this country for tho treatment of diseases. Ur. Cobum la a regular graduate of modlelne, and has throe diplomas from tho host colleges In tho world, and has had raoro experience in tho troatmnn tof private diseases than any physician In Chicago. Young men who require a pliyelolan never fall to lind speedy re lief and a permanent euro at tho hands of Ur. Coburn. Hond two stamps for his bonks on malo ami fomalo disease, to any address, in sealed envelopes. Address loiters, Ur. J. 0. COBURN, lift and 177 South Olark-st.., Chicago. 111. Allconiidontla). Otllco hours: 1) a. m. toS p. m. *, Sunday, 8 to 4 p. m. DR. C.BXGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, Stato-sf., Chicago. It Is well known hy all reader# of the papers, that Dr. 0. Bigelow is tho oldest established physician In Chicago, Bclonuo mid experience have made Dr. B. the most re nowned SPECIALIST of the ago, honored hr tho press, natonmml of tho blithest medical attainments hy all tho r„mBln.“'lu!o°i!nlo<l"y. h V ln« dovolMj TWENTY vkahs Ob' HIM LIFE In perfecting remedies that will euro posltlvoll nil oaves of CHRONIC AND SPECIAL U OOmfi;fATION°EUi!E. SEPARATE PARLORS fof Indlos ."'I «ntlcni.n, Call. COUIIEHFONUKNOB noNFIDENTIAL. Addrosaall letters, with stamps, to Ur. 0. BICKLOW. No- W Stato st. NO OUltltl ~TY"r>X*. NO I*AY I! JUI . XLOd>ii, 800 South Olark-at,, Chicago, May ho confidentially consulted, personally or by mail, free of obnnro. on all chronic or nervous diseases.. DU, J* KEAN Is tho only physician In tho city who war rants cures or no pay. OBiou hours from 9a. m» to e p»m. PRESCRIPTION FREE For tho speedy cure of Nervous Debility,. Early Decay, ond tho whole train of gloomy attendants, Loss of Memo ry, Knoray, Ac. Any urirngiit has (ho Ingrodlonls. Ad* dross DR. UILTONi CO.. Cincinnati. Ohio. Leave, • fi:3oa in. * • P:(W». m. • 4 8:3.’, p. m. 41 4 Bdfip, ni. 4 |»9:oop.m. >' :!5 p. ni. ;00 p. ni, :20 a. m. R:IK1 a. m. 1*6:80 a. m. • B:3fla. m. *8:l5i». m. 19:10 p. m. *0:30 am. P,ooa. nf. 8:00 p.m. 10:10 p. in. *6:ooa. m. 0. WENTWORTH, ;ral Passenger Agent. HENRY ’ Gem IAILROAD. K/7A Line, and Louisiana u/oto Knntai Cthj. Union at, hrUl'je, Arrive. I.enve, * 8:10 p. m. * 0:15 0. m. * 6:10 p. m. * 0:1 ft a. ra. * 4 sUI p. m. * 4:10 p. in, * 8:10 p. m. * 9:10 a. m. tf9:Mp. m. 117:30 p.m. H0;00 p. m. H9;oop. in. * 9:00r. m, P7 :30 a.m. 7:HOa. m. 8:10 p. m. llv otrfopt vlnMain Lin* Dlvlilon. ' iturday, via a, aud dally if. Paul nr ' Ganal*tt»,f nd at Depat, MLWAY. Ticket Office 0:20 p. m. 0:40 o. m. 8:00 p. ra. 8:00 a. m. 10:00 a. in. 10:10 a. m. 1:60 p. m. • P:00a. m. 5:15 p, m. ■fO :(H) p, m. • 3:40 p. m. 13;00ra. Arrive. Leave, Arrive. Leave, * 0;00a. m. t 7:80 p. m. {5:10 p. m. 5 6;3pa. TO. ■t*9;oop. m. 1'8:00a.m. * 4:fisa. m. * 6:I0p. TO. * 3:40 p. n>. * 8:50 a. m. Arrive . Leave. o:( 7:50 p.m. 111 :51a.u. 7:21 p.m. 6:tio n.m. 3:00 p.m. 0:15 n.ra. 8:30 p.m. * 8:00 a. m. 4 8:00 p. ra. * 4:20 p. m. ft 8:50 a. qj. * 9:30 p. m. { 9:15 a. m.

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