Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 25, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 25, 1873 Page 7
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CITY REAL ESTATE. Irion SALE— OALUMKT-AV., NEAR TWBNTY -5 sixth-st., 26x180, at $135. . , Indiana.*?., mat front, north of Tliirty-fifth-sl., BOz '^lndlnna-in*two'2s ft lota north of Thtrty-slxlhst: north of Thlrty-slxth-et., 60x138, $l3O. South Turk boulevard, oast front, near iorty-llrsl-st., 100x160; very cheap. Northwest corner Ootfago Orovo-a?. and Forty-Dfth •t.. 100x170; cheap If taken soon. Northeast corner Wabash-av. andFlffy-fourth-»t., 170 alOOi cheap. House ami lot on South Park-nv., near Twenty-ninth •t.t only #B,OOO. Houses on Thlrd-a?., between IlnrHson ami Folk-it. { from SB,OOO to 47,600. J. HENRY WKIL, 160 Deathem-st., Hoorn 6, Puller** Bunding. TPOR SALK—BY M. HALL, OWNER, CO CENTRAL X: Union Block, Markot-st. entrance, or evening at 890 Fnlton-st. s West Lnkc-st.—7o*4 foot, corner of Valon* llno-at., il block* west of Westcrn-av., Just outsldo of fire limits, at the Inw price of $76 per foot, easy terms; a fine corner for business purposes; a block of 4 frame build* logs would root for $3,600 a year. Davls-it.—l)4 blocks from oars, nearly new houso of B rooms, wotor, $3,700; S4CO cash, $1,200 in 6years, balance monthly If desired.—No. 688, first-class bouse, lot 25x140: water, E as pipes, shade trees; $-1,760. Julicn-st.—Near Alilwau co-av. andWnod-at., SOOO. Toylor-st.—Close to West* crn-BT., now house. 13 rooms.vory cheap; $3,800. Og* den-a?.—Two blocks south of TweUth-a?., 160 foot wide; lot 25x126 feet wide; SI,OOO, worth $1,600. For balk-cotta"ge of b rooms, bath* room, pantrr, and closets, on leased ground, on Indl ena-sr., near Twonty-aocond-at., with nr without fnrnl* turn. Apply to JAB. T» ALLEN, iQj Twonty-socoml-st. FOR SALE-DESIRABLE COTTAGE, LOT, AND barn, on South Hide, near horse and steam cam! great bargain, SI,OOO caan. J. O. MAOII.L, BlClark-st For sale-secure it to-day, brick coi logo and lot, mmr Tnlrty-eovonUrst. and State.; gj,600; bring funds and secure 11; possession at once. R. . QUOD WILLIE, IEI Wust Madlson-st. FOR SALE-COTTAGE AND LOT ON TWENTY clghth-et.: price $1,6C0; $260 cash, balance on eaey terms. TUUEBDELL A BROWN, 176 West Madlson-st. TBOR SALK—WE OFFER FOR A FEW DAYS LOTS XV, or blocks In our now subdivision at acre prices. TUUEBDELL A BROWN, 176 West Madlson-st. For sale-oottaoe on leased lot on ada. at,, near Randolph, S4OO cash; lease paid up for five yoara. TRUBHDELL A BROWN, 175 West Madlson-st. For sale-west wasuington-bt., near Ada, basement and 3-story octagon stone front bouse, Id rooms, finished with nil modora Improvements. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo and Loßaflo-sts. fBON SALE—26XIOO FT, AND 80X100 FT. ON WEST X* Wnehlngton-st., between Jotlerson and Dosplalsos. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroe and LaßaUo-sts. FOR SALE-PARK-AV., NEAR WOOD-ST., 2- story frame house, brick foundation, 10 rooms, bam, and lot 61,4x133 ft. SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixon BaUd- Ing, northeast corner Monroo and: Laßallo-sts. TTOII 8 ALE—STATK-ST., N. E. CORNER THIRTY JJ seventh., 99x178 foot, ootaide of fire limits. SNYDER *LKK, 14 Nixon Building. northoastcorner Monrooand LaSalle-st*. ‘ IpOR BALK-BY LEVI WING A 00„ 178 DEAR * bom-si.: House and lot, 179 Walnut-st., $1,600. UmißO and lot, Thlrty-flrst-st., near Wabash-ar. House and lot, Colfar-av., near Thlrty-sccond-st. House ami lot, West Wa«lilngton-st., near Ada. House and lot. Writ Adams-st., near Oampboll-av, JfOxlW), Original Town of Raveuswood, 60x1 M>. Langloy-av.,south of Forty-sccond«st. Largo lot, ootnor Dceplalncs and Mathor-sts. All bargains. Owners must havo monoy. JTOR SALE-GOOD LOTS ON THE FOLLOWING } stroeta: State. Burnside, Butterfield, Arnold, Garl aldl, Hanover, Dntlor, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Mar ray, and Halstcd; also on Wentworth, ShurilofT, Portland and Stowart-avs; alto on Alexander, Twenty-fourth, Twenty-sixth, Twenty-seventh, Twenty-eighth, Napoleon, Twenty-ninth, Earl, Thirtieth, Haven, Thirty-first. Thir !y-*oconcl. Thirty-third, Thirty-fifth. Thirty-sixth, Thirty aoventh, Fontaine, and Thlrty-elghih-sts. Title perfect. Warranty deeds. A very small paymsnt down, five year’s time, 6 per cent Interest. No agency business. Apply to owner, ALBERT ORANE, 873 Wabaeb-av. POR RALE-NO. 4B SOUTH MAY-ST.—HOUSE, brick basement, 14 rooms, two bath rooms, furnace, tint nnd cold water, gas, and all modern convonlonuios; nt 86x120 to alley; location one of tho pleasantest in tho City; between Washington and Mndlson-sts. 5 convenient tomiilnofi centre, and within a few blocks of Union Park; nan bo bad at a bargain If taken previous to May 1. H. F. CULVER, 147 LaSalle-st., Major Block. For sale-3 three-story brick iiouses inarblo fronts—togsthor with lots, situated on tho northoast corner Union Park Plans ami Oarroll-av; bouses Lave all the modem improvements, sob-basements, bath rooms. water-basin*, firnaco, ranges, brick bams, and everything requisite for first-class bouses: the vicinity 1s first-class, and those bosses will bo sold on easy terms. Apply on the promises to the owner. T. E. COURTNEY. 17*011 SALE-ON ADAMS-ST., NEAR WOOD, SIX . now brick two-story and basement bouses; octagon fronts: modern improvement*; complete; $10,600 *nd 813,600, on easy terms. Inquire a* above, oral 28 North Jeltorson-st. FOR SALE-BRICK HOUSE, AND 25 FEET, DEAR born-st., near Harrison; $14,000. $2,000 cash. A bargain In sor 20 sores, all subdivided, near depot at South Englewood. Block ot ground near comer Halstcd and Twolf th-stl.; Would oxonauco and pay money. AVERY, MILLER A UIODON, 143 Monroo-at. 17*011 SALE-PARTIES LOOKING FOR IMPROVED 1 or unimproved property can find a choice list at tho West Sido Agency. West aids property a specialty. Par ticular attention glvon to non-rosldonts. D. COLE A {>QN, Real Estate Agent*, 163 West Madlson-»t. 77*011 SALE-OR EXCHANGE—LOTS ON WASH JL 1 ington-st., east of railroad tract. D. OOLB & SON. Real Estate Agents, 188 West Madiaon-st. FOR SALE—FIVE NEW STONK-FRONT HOUSES; will bo ready for occupancy May !; with all of tho Im §E9T. c ,7 , £J}! , i P*Jniont down,- balance long tlmo. R. OWLEB, 163 Washlngton-Bt. WOK BALE-HOD3E AND LOT 85, INDIANA-ST.. 4. 1 near Oakley; cheap. $1,500. Lf>tcomer LaSalle'and Erio-ats., east front, W. H. PHARE, 143 LnSallo-at., Major Block. I BOR SALE-269 AVABHINGTON-BT.—TUB FINK . largo bouse, lot 60x200 foot; barn cost $5,000; will sell Vory cheap; only ss,ooocash required; must bo sold till# rook If at all: possession May I. B, O. COLE A 00.. BLaßallo-st. FOR BALE-NO. 620 HUBBAHD-ST., OORNHROP Lincoln. Lot 75x125. This can be bail at a bargain. if taken before May 1. MEAD A COB, IMLaSallo-st. TBOH HALE-A NICE NEW 6-ROOM COTTAGE ON XI Erio-st., between Roboyand lluyno. with lot: tonus easy. B. M MILLARD, 135 South Clark-st., Room 9. For bale-a very desirable lot on bry ant-av,, 50x156 fool to an alloy. This tithe most tie* !irahlo street south of Douglas-placo. W. H. PHARE, 43 Laßallo-st.. Major Block, ground floor. For sale-at a bargain, oottagr with hasonicutand lot, No. 300 Thirty-thlrd-st., one block wostofßta(o-st.:7rooms, closets, and now barn. Inquire on promises. I BOR SALE-AT A GREAT BARGAIN, LOTS ON ‘ IVostorn-av., Loxlngton, Polk. Taylor, and Camp toll-sta. Parties wishing to build, no money required down; also 5 new homos oontainloglO rooms oaob, $50(1 cash, balanco on terms to suit. Inquire on premises of GEU. CAP WELL, or at 185 Booth Clark-st., in bank. I BOR SALIC—4B FEET ON MICHIGAN-AV.. ABOUT . 50 foot north of Monroo-st. Tonus to suit; must be sold. Apply to ELIJAH SMITH, Trustees. Room 1, southwest corner State and Madlson-sli. TBOll SALE—FIRST-CLASS PLACE, NO. 460 OALU- X' inct-av., corner Thlrty-lirst-st.; will soil either 2 or 4 lota with houso; long time, and easy toms. Inquire on promises. TBOU BALE-TWO BEAUTIFUL SWELL-FRONT, X French roof, 3-story brick houses, for ouly 8 days lon ger; this is tho Inst chance for tho hast bargain on West pido: trill be ranted Ifnotsnldat that tlmo; quick, oryou insotboprlxo; situated two blocks from Union Park, on West Monroo-st. Apply to J. U. BRAYNARD. 649 West Manroe-st. tV«OR BALE—IOOxI6O FT ON OOLFAX-AV., BE LV twoen Thitly-sccoud and Thlrty-thlrd-sls. SNYDER ALEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Moaroo and Laßallo-sta. TBOR SALE-GOOD LOT ON NORTH SIDE; WILL X* take part nay in painting; no cash down. HESS, WHITNEY A CD.. 146 Laßallo-st. * I BOR SALE-NICE STONE FRONT HOUSE AND . SO-foot lot near Union Park for only $8,500; cheap as flirt. HESS, WHITNEY A CO., 146 LaSallo-st. i’fBOHSALE-BY H. O. MOREY, 77 OLARK ST., 837 ■J.' font front, on Adams and Jackson-sts., ono block west of Wcitom-av., with 3 bouses; offered at 50por cent loss Ilmn'loU are rotalllug for in tho neighborhood. BALE-COTTAGE, LOT, AND DARN, 43 X 1 Wlncbostor-av. - Apply on promises. SBOR5 BOR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT, 129 PARK-AV.. AT ‘ a bargain. THOMAS FREEMAN, 56 West Ran dolph-st. • TbOR SALE-MUST BE BOLD-HANDSOME NEW J. tt-room cottage, 60 Artesian-av.; large lot, with good rani. AVlll bo'iold at a bargain, upon easy terms. Apply o O. F. AVORK A CO.. IBrSouth Olatk-et.. i'BOR SALE-HOUSE, U ROOMS, HOT AND COLD . wator. and good barn, on Pralrlo-av., near Thirty- Brat-at. JAMES A. COWLES, Room 17, .corner State god Madbion-Bte. ,77011 SALK - A VERY GOOD BTONE-FRONT oL' bouse on Vlnconnos-av., noar Wahp&meb. atacrsat bargain. R. FOWLER, 163 Wa»hlngton-st. ffp OR SALE—AORK PROPERTY IN TWO AND FIVE X? aero tracts In LIU A Dlvony’s Subdlvltlon, Section 99, mO, 14: Lots on Madison, Wilcox, and Monroeats. 35 foot corner Robor and Fint-sts. Lots on Lincoln, Wrlghtwood, and ScmlnarT-ars. Lot on Chlcago-av.. corner Robey-st., $1,050. S3 foot fronting on North and Clynoume ars. PHELPS A BIOHL, SALE—TO BUILDERS—I2O OR IS3 FEET COIL J 1 ner Contre-av. and Tylor-st.; thla property la well located for a block of residences, 30 minutes’ walk from KJourt-lluiun; $560 cash if improved Immediately, also s7ls foot ou Washington-st., uoar Hoyno; street paved; paon property has sewer, gas, and water. 139 foot south* past corner Vincennes and Kgon-ava. E. W. HOQERT., Boom 18, 133 Clark-at. ER 6 A LID-A DECIDED BARGAIN—A 9-ROOM iotblo house, lot 43x310, only $7,500. Call on 11. J. IDRIUII, C6B Wabaih-av., or ownor at 570 Cottage e-av. ifciOU SALE - NORTH 81DE-BARO AIN-NORTH II? east cor. Cass and ludlnua-ats., 75x100 feet, on|ysl4,soo If taken at once. The cheapest and moat desirable resi dence lot on (be North tilde, A few days only* $14,000 has been repeatedly refused. Tills property will aeon bring $0 per cent more tbanprsaontpnce. J, F.SAIAB WARREN, 18 Chamber of Commerce. STIOR SALE-99'YEARS LEABES-38X44 FEET ON I titato-st., near Randolph. 38x110 foot adjoining Michigan Avenue Hotel. 40x170 on Wauash-av., near Kldridgo-court, with good bouse and barn, No. 461. This lease inoludes 80 years privilege of purchase. There are no loasu In tho market like these. No ro-ap* praißals during entire term. J. EBAIA9 WARREN, 18 Obambor of Commerce. *T7IOR SALE—4SXIIO FEET ON HARUIfION-RT., BE- J? tween Clinton and Jefferson. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeastcornorMonrooandLaßallo-sts. 7IOH B*“l.E-NO. 610 MICIIIO AN-A V., FURNISHBD J or unfurnished: 14 rooms; all modsm Improvements. <ow: easy terms. Apply on promises, or to R. M, GAN ION, Board of Trade. TOOK BALB-BKLOW BOTTOM PRIOEH-BMALL. 1? neat oottagoand lot on Fourth-st., near Oakloy;$1.500 If secured to-days SBOO down, balance monthlv. Ilfi OOQDWILLIE, m West Madison-st. 7 ’ ’ ftiOß SALE-COTTAGE AND LOT, 48x124, FUL -1? Jorton av., noar Raclao-av.; a bargain. Cuttago and lot, Wontworth-nr.; montlily payments. House (14 ronros) and lot, Walnut-it., monthly payments. BOYD A WISNEK, 85 Doarboru-st. l?OR BALE—HOUSES NOB. 60 AND 64 TWENTY JJ thlrd-st., bet ween Prairie and Calumetav., with 100 foot of ground. J. F. SALTER, 441 Wabsah-sv. IjlOU HALE—TWO-STORY COTTAOE. AND LOT, 1 In Uottsite Grovo, No. 83 Thlrty-eighth st., only #3,61W; quarter down. Inquire of the Owner, 68 Via •wmos-av. l ! M/ulUoa-it., near Uoyns. ABNER TAYLOR, 411 CITY REAL ESTATE. S ALE—MARDLE-FRONTB, ,4-STORY {OOTA lift and 1163 Michigan.a?.; $18,600. IlSOMlohlgan-a?.; SIB,OOO. Pralrlo-a?., ibolwoon Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth-ale.; SIB,OOO, • si.ooodoTni, hatanoo In 6roars. Tho homos on Prnlrlo a?, have swelled roars as well as fronts, and aro finished In tho most comploto stylo; watcr-howls,, two wnler-oloiqfi, fane? ouillngo, frescoed halls, doors all Brained,8 rained, plated and bronzed door-knobs; nro elegant and niihod places: or will tako Ural payment In real eaUto. E. ASHLEY ME ARB, owner, 148 Laßalle-st. IJIOR BALE-HOUSE NO. 180 PARK-AV., WITH J' furniture, barn, and 83 yean* l lease of lot. Apply to W. D. KEUFOOT A CO., 00 East For balr-bplendid octagon marble homo, with fancy ceilings, bay wlndovr, stone stops, and elegant finish. I want money; will sell low; 37,000 can romala 4 years. B. ME ARB, 148 Laßallo-at. WOR BALE—THE DWELLING NO. 163 OA LUMET- X 1 a?., north of, lot 26x160 to alloy; two-slory framo end briolc basement, and kitchen on first floor, wltb parlors; largo hall, olosot In ovory room In the homo, gas fixtures, furnace, nud car rots included, and will sell part of furnlluro If desired. If not eold by May 16, will rent to a good tenant, furnished or unfurnished. Can give possession any time between now and June 1, at which time the owner is going away. Apply on the promises any week day aftnr 4 o’clock p. m., or at Room 18, Motropolltnn Block, B. IV GUYTON. For bale-marble-front house on indi ana-a?. near Twonlloth-st., with or without furniture. 61A fSON HILL, 401 Webash-ay. For baxk-at a bargain-terms to suit— largo now coltago, 60 foot; corner lot; south front; desirable location: will tako 120 acres good Government entered land In Missouri in part payment. D. P. WAR NER A CO., successors to lleald A Warner, 120 South Clark, after May 1, Reaper Blook. , IIOR 8 ALE-83,600 CASH, FOR ONE WEEK ONLY, S-story and baaomont houso and lot, with good barn on Robecca-st., voir near Blue Island-a?.. horso ears; srent5 rent bargain. GIBBON A 110SMER, 118 East Ran olph-st. For sale-8 iiouses-new-7 rooms, forty thlrd-st., corner Langley, $4,000. 4 now octagon fronts, ludlana-a?., bolwoon Thirty, soooud and Thlrty-UUni-ste., 14 rooms; thoeo aro bar. gains. No. 18 Btanton-a?., 3-story briok basement, SB,OOO. 60 feet South Doarbon. near Taylor, SB.IO per foot. _ FRED K, HMli’ll, 121 Utark-st. TROR BALB-A RARE OHANGK-AT A GREAT X l . bargain, a houso aud lot for SB6O cash, on Ferdinand* at., botweon Lonvllt and Oakley, fourth houso oast of Oakley-st. Apply to WILLIAM GIBSON, on the prom ises. IHOR SALE-COTTAGE STORIES, CAMPBELL ' a?., comer Wiloox-at., $4,000: collage on Butter flold-at., near Egan-a?., $3,200. HENRY WALLER, Jr., 66 Washtngton-Bt. For bale-or bxouange-good houses and lots, on Jaekeon and Adame-sts, oast of Collforola-ar. AddreesMoQALLY, Builder, 1091 Jack»on-«t. For bale-west monkoe-st., asxiso feet, 100 foot west of Paullna-Bt.; cheap, if taken soon. A. BLAKE, 137 La Sallo-st. • For bale-at a oreat baroain-i03X83, northoMt coraor of Jefferson nnd DoKovon-sts., price, $6,000. Inquire at 186 South Clark-st., in bank. FOR SALE—BTATB-BT., NORTHEAST CORNER of Thlrty-seventh-st., 99x178 ft. Outside of flro lludla. HNYDKR A LKE, U Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroe and LaSallc-ats. FORSALE-BYH. O. MOREY. 77 CLARK-ST.. lOOx 131 foot, corner Westem-ar. and Monruo’st. 100x131 foot, corner Wostem-ar. end Wllcox-at. IMxlMfoot, Jackion-st., east of Ookloy-st.; SB,OOO. 6lx2Cofcet, Monroo-at., oast of Oakloy-st. 99 foot, Mnnroo-st., cast of Oakloy-st. 130 foot, Jaokton-at., 2Jtf blocks west of Westem-ar.; $4, MO. • FOR SALE-OR RENT-HOUSE 884 MTOHIGAN nv., fully furnished, 14 rooms. W. J. BARNEY, IC3 Km Randolph-st. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. FOR SALE—HTGIIWOOD, BETWEEN EVANSTON and Lako Forest, on the lake shore, In a beautiful park, with vigorous growth of large shade trees, gravel walks and drives. t&OO. cottage, partially finished, $lO monthly nntll paid. 1,200, cottage, sido wing, two piazzas, bay window, inside blinds, SSO down, S3O monthly, including Interest until paid. sl,Wo,cottage,same style; cosh down SSO, monthly,s2o; 9 years. SI,OOO in 5 years. $2,000, very stylish cottsgo. front and side piazza, bay window, hall, parlor, sitting, dining, and family room, rear addition, with kitchen and wood-shod; same terms. $3,000, S-stery frame, with roar addition; SSO down, S2O monthly. $4,000, spacious brick, ncarW. W. Boylngton’a palatial residence. This residence will be rented at SSO month, payable la board; has fine view of Lako, and can bo filled with summer boarders. $4,000, 3-story brick with 3-story brick addition, parlor, sitting, family, and dining-room, licit floor; piazza and bay window, 6 chambers ana 6 oloaots; any terms, no mat ter bow favorablo. All above houses have desirable lot*. House* built to suit, and sold nn as favorable terms. Houses are carefully and substantially built, one hour from Chicago! yearly commutation, 13 cents arldo. Tho tonus on which I olTor these houses will cost yon only what you are now paying for rent; so you can decide between a rido of one hour to your own homo on train* that carry a largo number of the wealthiest merchants of Chicago past Hlghwood to their palatial residences in Lako Forest, or haug H to *4 of an hour on rear of strcct-car to rented bouse in poor location, subjecting yourself to annoyance of frequent removals and over advancing price of rents. _ E. ASHLEY MEARS, Residence Hlghwood; office 148 LaSalla-st. POR SALE-IN LAKE VIEW—A NEW AND BEAU tLfuI bouss with one aero ut ground, delightfully sit uated upon a wooded ridgo In town of Lake View, near the lake shore, 2X miles north of Lincoln Park; house two stories, 10 rooms, bath-room and water closets, hut and cold water, well and forco pump in basement, first class fumaco and kitchen range: every thing entirely new: bouse never yot occupied; can bo had at a bargain ana upon easy tonus. This Is a rsrn opportunity to secure a beautiful country homo within one tiour’s ride by street oars from tbs heart of the city. B. F. CULVER. 147 LaSallo-st., Major Block. FOR SALE—at kvanston-a fink new homo, fronting tho University grounds and lake, on easy tennn and allow figures. House* and lots in various R arts of tho village. Lots In Evanston nud South Bvaus in at low figures. Aflnebousoon Chlcago-av. to rent. THEODORE REESE, Real Estate Dcalor.Eranston.lll. For sale-at maywood. near the depot, large, now, modern house, 11 rooms, collar, and els* torn, large lot, 80 minutes from Wolls-st. depot. OHO. P. KIMBALL, 46 West Washingtoo-st-., Room 5. For sale-25 per cent ouaranteed-you can buy lots at Uluidalc, andpayouo-half thoan- E raised value In 4 years, at 72 and 74 Doarborn-st. O. J. TOUGH. For sale-byh. o. morey, 77 olaric-st., a very desirable residence at Wlnnotka, with 1 acre of ground; house contains 11 rooms, furnace, mantels, bath room, brick cellar, and other conveniences. In onnao quonco of omier removing East will eoll at tho low figure of $5,700 for a few days. T7IOR BALE-LOTS AT NORTinVEBTERN OAR- X* shops; well located: (Itlo perfect; ono-slith cash, balance 4 yoattj. LARKINS A JKNKB, 145 Clark-st., Room 1. For bale-from i to 10 acres, between Chicago aud Washington Heights, mid on tho lino of the proposed Chicago, Danville i Vincennes Railroad; excellent for subdividing. D. W. SANDERS, 705 South Btato-st., Chicago. IBOR SALE-TWO 10-ACRE BLOCKS, ADJOINING , tho Northwestern oar-shops, at a groat bargain, by the owner. Address D 65, Tribune office. l?OR BALE-VERY CHOICE LOT ON MADISON- X 1 av.. between Fifty-sixth aud Kifly-eevonth-stv., Hyde Park; trees on it, near depot, sidewalk, fence, ges pipes laid: offered at ft great bargain foroao-half cash. ULRICH <t BOND, 67.1)oarborn-»t. FOR BALE—AT HIGHLAND PARK-A NO. 1 house for $6,000. Also a cottage to rent at S2O a month, by O. GRANVILLE HAMMOMJ, M Washlngton-st. For halb-at winnetka-large gothic cotUgo, 10 rooms, bath-room, brick cellar, cistern, Ice-house, well, oarrlago-bouso, otablos, sheds, henory, flue garden, 3»0 grapevines, cherry, pear, and apple trees. evergreens, shrubbery. Ac., one acre of enk grove, in All five acres, elevated 70 foet above Lake Michigan, ocoupied by Mr. Walkor. Look at it. Price reasonable, and easy terms. Inquire of O. T. CLINE, 885 Walmsh-av. FOR SALE-AT AUSTIN, A FINE HOUSE (WITH lot) with all modern improvements. Apply to LY MAN BRIDGES A CO., corner Haugamoo and Carroll. For salr-40 acres at a rargain-$206~ on Fifty-fifth, Fifty-sixth, and Flfty-sevoath-su; all fenced; beautiful place lor residence. Also property to exchange. 171 East Madlsoa-at., Room 2. IBOR SALE-SEVERAL FINE BUILDING SITES * at Egandalo,- near Drozol Boulevard and parks: fiuo growth of ornamontal trees. ULRICH A BOND, 87 jJcarborn-st. FOR SALE-SEVERAL BEAUTIFUL IMPROVED places ut Hyde Park and Oakland. Some offered at groat bargains. Also, two good bouses to rent at Hyde Park. ULIUOII A BOND, 87 Dearborn-st. rR BALE—AT SOUTH EVANSTON, NEAR depot, choice lot 60x250, A. T. UKMINQAVAY, Room 36 143 LaSalle-st. IBOR SALE-OR RXCHANQE—AT LOMBARD, A ; nice house, with large lot, ohoap and easy terms. A. T. HEMINGWAY, Room 88 143 ÜBaUe-st. FOR SALIC—AT NORTH EVANSTON, to parties who will build good bouses 1 am ofTering a number of chotoo iota at much loan than market pries. Call for a plat and torma. JOHN CULVER, 142 USallo-st. FOR BALE-LOTS IN EVANSTON, S3 FT. FRONT by 150 deep, with sidewalks and trees, for S3OO. Terms, ono-fourtn cash, balanoo I, 9, and 8 years, or $lO monthly payments. Liberal terms to parties who will build. ROBERT COMMONS. HaLaSsflo-at. FOR BALE—WASHINGTON HF.IOHTS-A FEW mure of those desirable Iota: only $lO cash: $5 month* I. till paid (or. THUKSUKLXj i liltOWl), 115 Wait MadlsoD'it. For bale-b or 10 acres in s. e. h op suo. 14, Morgan Park Addition to Washington Heights: a bargain for cash. TRUESDELL A DROWN, 176 West Madtson-st. CIOR BALE-10 8-10 ACRES FRONTING EAHT ON J? Douglas Park, and eoutb on Douglas Park boulevard. SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroe and Latiallo-sta. IflOR HALE-AT OAK PARK-UEAUTItTL HOUSE 1 with large grounds; also several choice lots. A. T. HEMINGWAY, Room 36. 143_La8aUo-at. FOR SALE NEAR BUDAN-BT,, ON FORTY ninth, choloo lot at a bargain. A. T. HEMINGWAY, Room 86. 143 Latialle-st. FOR SALE—winnetka—new 9-story house, 8 rooms; largo lot; price $3,500; easy terms. Apply on the promises to E. J. CLINTON, ortoWAI. RAN DOLPHA CO., 29 Exchange Building. f/6‘lT^lLK~o‘R" AT ENGLE- X 1 wood, ouGuuu-st. (Slxtloth-st.), 7 rooms, lot 50x135, nicely Improved. Also collage of 8 rooms, lot 50x135, on southwest corner of Ft. Wayue-av. and Uoduoy-st., be tween Forty-eighth and Forly-nlnUi-sts. W. J. BARNEY, 163 East Randolph-st. For sale-good residences at uvanbton. from SBOO to $18,000; also choice building lots, ami acre-property for subdivision, on easy terms* ALFRED L. SEWELL, 159 LsHalle-st., Chicago. FOR SALK-6 ACRE LOTS; high state of oul tivatlon: good dry land; 83 miles from Chicago, ou Fort Wayne Railroad; one-fourth mile from Hobart; pop ulation, 1,000; price, including city lot, $600; cash, $35; balance, $lO monthly. Office days, Monday and Friday,o to 3. J. BAULK, Room 8, basement, 153 Mouroo st. lilOH HALE-OHEAP-OH TO RENT—NEW HOUSE 1 and lot at Oak Park, 8 miles west of Chicago, on (J. A N. W. R- R. S tonus easy. Apply to 11. HOIIROEDER, 140 North Uulon-at. 1 POR BALE-FORTY ACHES IN BUG, 15. 89. 13, AT A 1 bargain. J. W. WAUGHOP, 40l Walush-nv. 1710H BALE—OIIEAP—AT wVIKATON, MY CHOICE X 1 homo noar (he college and depot; bonsulU rooms; food collars, walls, and outnrn : largo grounds sores. DU hearing fruit trees, sms'l fruits, large ovargrrv'iis, ana shade trres. UEU. P. KIMBALL, 45 WoR Wastilug. ton-xt.. Room 6. For bale-at iirNtiDALn-iiouaEs, with largo grounds, atsl,suo, SI,BOO, $9,500. $3,5*0, $4,500, 55.0U0, tud up to $30,U00, on any turms Uoflrud: also, outos to rent. Inquire of thv owner, at 79 ami 74 Dear born-at,, mala floor, or at Uiuadale, O, J, BTOUQH. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 1873. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. For sale-aubtin-desirable building lota for sale on oravolod and sewered street. No nnor location. OItAFfH A BNQW, M Laßallo-st. T?OR BALH-OU RENT—AT HINSDALE-I HAVE X 1 ono elegant place, with ono or more acre*, at a groat bargain. Alio, a large now house, and ono or more acres, at $3,600. A nlco placo of 7 rooms, and G acres of land, at a groat bargain, on monthly payments. A good placo of 6 rooms, and Ji aero of land fors3,ooo; Tory easy terms, * A neat, email place for $1,600; oaty tonus. Gall on Iho owner, at 7a and 74 Drarborn-st. O.J. BTOUOII. For sale-at ravknbwood-a neat oothio . dwelling, brick baaomont, 8 rooms, ham and soft water, and furnaoo; lot 143*163 font, with fruit and ahado trees; easy tonns. Apply to ROBERT QUEER, 84 La* Ballo st., Room 3. For balic-a decided baroain-saoreh at Cornell, corner HoTonlyfifth.nt. and Coltago Ornvo* a?.: the block la fenced and good houso on samo; will he sold at * rock bottom " price, on liberal tonne. UUL* BURL) A CO., 96 East llarrlson-st. IROIIBALE—AT ENOLEWOOD-A BPLENDID BAR. X 1 gain—lßß foot two blocks from depot, $8() pop foot; !i cash, balance 1 and 3 years. HULBURI) A.00., W East Harrlson-st. For salu-bkvbral lots at Cornell to parties who will build Immediately, on monthly pay ments. Labor and material furnished those desiring to build. Address W 79, Tribune oftico. FOR BALE—ICO ACRES OP LAND IN THE TOWN of Lyons, Gouk County, 111,, 1 mito west of Rlvoraldo, on Chicago, Burlington A Quincy Railroad. SCHRADER BROS., 123 LaHalln-sf., Room 7. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. TBOR BALE—AT DOWNER'S GROVE. 20 MILES X*. from Chicago, farms, uoar village and depot; homos and lots, and building lots, by J. 11. LYMAN, No. 77 Dearborn-id., Room 21. REAL ESTATE WANTED. WANTED— REAL ESTATE AT WASHINGTON Heights, la Boos. 11, 14, and 23. Address 03, Trib une ollicu. WANTHD-C0 FOOT LOT IN KENWOOD, OR Ilydo Park. Address, stating ozact location, with price and terms, Z59, Tribune olllco. *l\ r ANTED—A LOT ON BLUE ISLAND-AV., AT 1 TT or near iunotion of Mltoboll-et. Address, giving lowest torms, U 93, Tribune olfioo. ! "\XT ANTED—A TWO-STOUY FRAME, OR NICE 4 cottngo-houso, with modem Improvements, worth $4,600 to $6,000, located north of Thlrly-socoml-st. and cast of Stato. J. HENRY WEIL, 160 Dearborn-el., RoomC. WANTED - CENTRAL INSIDE PROPERTY, either business or residence, in exchange for good suburban lota nud acres, uloso In, and very cheap. Ad dross K 44, Tribune office, \\Tamt>7d-i have an all cask CUSTOMER 7 » fornrasldoncoln good location. JACOB O. UA OILL._BI and 63 South Olark-st. BOARDING AND BODGING*. West Side. fjn SOUTH MOROAN-ST.-TWO UNFURNISBIED • %J i rooms, cn suite, with excellent board iu tbo eaiuo block; from May 1. Inquire at onco. 1 9Q WEST MAOIBON-ST.—PLEASANT ROOMS Aa/O with board, with nso of piano; tablo board, $5 per week; ploase call at east aide of ball. O'] £ FULTON-ST.—A FURNISHED ROOM, WITH iiiU all modern Improvements, with, good board, to man and wlfoor throogentlemen, PostaetJonoa tho Ist of May. Apply at tho brick bouse, SIS Fulion-st., corner of Poorla. QQ a WEST ADAMS-ST.-OAN ACCOMMODATE OOUporsons wanting board with nlcoly furnished rooms and first-class board. 070 MONKOUST., WEST OF AIIERDI!EN-a| OIU largo second-story front room and dressing room, 1 with board. WEST RANDOLPH-ST.—BOARD IN A PRI-| OC/U vato family, with largo front room nicely furnish- 1 ed, suitable for gentleman and wlfo, oretngle gentlemen., COQ WEST ADAMS-ST.-A VERY FINK SUITE OP Uiiiu unfurnished rooms with board; house contains • modern Improvements, anft surrounded by fins grounds; I location and accommodations No. 1. Have a nice suite of front rooms with every convenience, Including marble mantel In. house, on Park-av., near lloboy-st; also a largo back room with water, gas, and closet. Price for suite unfumlsh-, ed, with board for two, S2O: forlargo room furnished, with J board for two, sl6. Family consist* of two ndnfts. II want four boardors. Attached to house is bam and large carriage bouto. Address 044, Tribune office. JOHNSTONE HOUSE—II 4 AND 118 WEST MADI- * son-st. Just opened; everything lirst-olass, Pleasants rooms, tingle or on salto. $3 per day; table board, $& per wook- ' ! South Side. 1 IQ EAST HARRISON-ST.—A FRONT ROOM TO JLOront, with board. Also day boarders accommodated. A Q HUBBARD-OOURT - NEW BOARDING- . JtO houso; find-class board with room, $4 to $6.50 par*' wook, with uso of piano; day board, $4. m COTTAGE GROVE-AV., JUNCTION OP OAL-a umot—A handsomely furnished front room with? board;also a small room; houso first-class. ; 1 A Q THIRD-AV.-TO RENT WITH BOARD, TWO J-XO splendid parlors, unfurnished, except carpets., separata or together. /IQI MIOHIQAN-AV.—FRONT ROOM FURNISHED ‘Xt/JL with board for two at $lB a week; house baa nil modern improvements; families accommodated with tablo board. A Q/L WABABH-AV.—NICE ROOMS, EN SUITE* 1 Xt 7 Jt nnd single, on first end second floors, with first-.- class board; also a few day-boarders can bo accommo-4 dated. /LQQ SOUTH DRARBOHN-ST.. NEAR TWENTY--* ±UV ninth—A nlco, cheerful family botol. Single room $7. x KKA WABABH-AV.—ROOMS, WITH BOARD. JL KJO\J few day boarders accommodated. i Zf*f* miciiigan-av.-guiinished rooms and'- OULf board for gentlomon and wires or gonllcmoa; uof children. naA WABASII-AV., NICE ROOMS, WITH OR« i Dtc wit bout board. Q77 INDUNA-AV., CORNER TWENTY-FIRST* H wl I s(.—A sulto of roomn, unfurnished, to rent, first* *1 class board; will furnish carpets, if required. ; 1 017 WABABH-AV.—'TO RENT WITH BOARD A. lull suiteof rooniH nicely furnlahod-ftlaofiomoelugloCf rooms for gentlemen; all iirat-claaa. North Side. OflQ BEDQWICK-ST. - NICELY FURNISHED* iJuQ rooms, with board, for lady and gentleman, or' single mnn, at $5 a wool:; 3 mlnutca* walk to the care. BOARD WANTED. BOARD-A LADY IN DELICATE HEALTH, OF* very retiring habits, wishes a nice room with closets,! wator, bath, oto., In some quiet family in South Chicago, » eact of Btato-at., for a few mouths; means limited; atylod no object. Address B 48, Tribune office. TTOARD—I'OR A GENTLEMAN, WIFE. AND TWo/i J J sons, botwosu Luko-at. aud Adame, from Robey to-; Halstod; will furnish tboir own rooms. Address 2 96, 1 Tribune office. j TJOARD—FURNISHEDIIOOfIf, WITH BOARD, IM-4 X) mediately in good locality; beat of rotoreuuos given* and required. Address X Cl, Tribune office. *J Board-suitk of rooms' AND BOARD FOllll gentleman, wife, two small children, and nurse, onffi South Bide, east of Btato-st. Address, statins terms aad& location, B. 6 Eiohanee Building. 7 BOARD-NIOELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOftlC with board, for gentleman audwlfo; private family! preferred. Address D 64, Tribune office. t T) OAUD-BY A GENTLEMAN OF UNEXOEP- i J-> tlonuhlo habits and reference, in a strictly privates family, whore pleasant society and tho comforts of a..< hqme can he onjoyud; would not object to an agreeable** room-mate. Terms must bo moderate. Address, terms and locality, Z 100, Tribune office. TDOAUU-THREE OR FOUR UNFURNISHED V X> rooms, with board, about tho middle of May, fur a ' family of elz; In city or suburbs. Aadrass, stating loca- • tlim and tcnng f 68. Tribune office. WANTED—TO RENT.’ WANTED-VTOBENT— Ing-room in sorno building or business block on the Bonthbide; rent not to exceed sl2 per month. Address* CD, Tribune office. \ WANTED— TO BENT-HOUSES FOB FIRST:' class tenants in all purls of tho city. JACOB C. MAGILL, 61 and 83 Clark-st. j TU-ANTED-TO RENT-FOR A TERM OP YGAIVs, i VT for school purposoe, one or two atorlos, sayaboull 4,000 sonars foot, In a building situated between Chicago-*’ av. and Dlvlilon-at., on or near Clark-st.. to bo oocunfod on tho l«t of Soptombor next. Address Dyhronfurthuol loge, £24and2Bo Mllwaukoo-ar. ANTED-TO RENT—A COTTAOFR WITH 7OR si rooms, somowhoro bntwoon Harrlaop, Adams, Hal stud, and Morgan-als.; tho best of references given. Ad dress C 2S, Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-A FURNISHED ROOM' IT annth of Twenty-seoend-st. and east of State, or would aharo room with another gentleman; ront not to ox cued $lO nor month. AddrosiZM, Tribune office. TV ANTED—TO RENT-DESKROOMS^INVIOINI TT ty of Haletod and Madhjon-sts. Address Q4, Trib uno oflioo. ANTED—TO RENT—COTTAGE OF 8 OR 9 rooms., ou South tilde, near street oars. Address W., Room 31, Exchange Building, corner Clark and Wash* lngton»ats. TV ANTED—TO RENT—BY A SINGLE GENTLE _»,» man, a nice furnished front room on the South Bide. With a widow lady preferred. Address D 58, Tribune olnco. WANTED— 'IO RENT-A NIOB COTTAGE OF 7OR 8 rooms, oast of titato and north of Twouty-ninth st. t would like a small barn. Parties having such can find a respectable and responsible tenant if rant does nut exceed SSO a month, by addressing X 13, Tribune oliioc, or calling at 623 Cottage Orovo-av., to-day. TV ANTED—TO RENT—A PARTY OF 8 YOUNG. vT gontlomon doslro a double and single room connect ing, with or without board. Keforonooa exobangod. Ad dross, stating terms and location, U 8, Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT—A2-BTORY HOUSE IN THE South Division, 10 to 13 rooms, south of Fourtoonth st., ront $l,lOO por year, by prompt paying tenant, pos session May 1. Apply to W. U. SAMPSON A C 0,,144,,144 Otis Block. ’ WANTKD-TO RRNT-BY MIDDLE OF MAY 10 rooms, South or West Side; will uot go south of Ad ams-sU Address D 66, Trlbuuo office, TVANTED-38 MORE LIVE MEN, LIGHT WORK VT and big pay for the summer, SMITH BROS., 174 West Washlngton-st., Room 4. Wantkd-to rent-a la to h-room dwell lag with modem improvements, In a pjeaiant neigh borhoud, and nuarlino of horse cars; will bo taken on a lease If desired, and If the property is In good repair, sat isfactory assurances will be given that It will be Kept so; ront not over $1,300. Apply to or addruss Provldonco Tout Company, 68 DIVORCES, Divoroeh-leoally obtained-fee after dooree. Scandal avoided. Nino years' practice In the courts of Chicago. Addruss P. Q. Box 1037. NO DIVORCE, NO FEE—DIVORCES LEGALLY obtained for Cannes: all law buainoss attended to. Room », 317 Month Clark-st. Inolosu stamp. PERSONAL, PERSONAL— MISS LOUISE BTENDKL(DRERDKN), or any poraau knowing bor ronlilouoo, Isburubyro- Questod, in order to bear somotbhig advantageous, to forward her address, under ohlffro, F. B. DRESDEN, to Tribune oflioo. PERSONAI*— IF ANYONE KNOWS THE WHERE shouta of John M. Peyton, ploaaa loud his addreia to QOl, TribuuootUoe, TO RENT—HOUSES. mo nnNT-uy w. B. BAMrsoif a co„ ukal x Estate and Renting Agency, Ui Laßallo-st., OUa Block i HOUSES—SOUITI DIVISION. Two fi-story frame liouaoa, 490 and 493 Wabash-av. t 9 rooms each. Largo Jt-slory and basement brick homo on Wabash-av., near mrmon-oourt: 17 rooms j 53,200 a year. 135 Viuoomiei*av. ( btlokhouao, 0 looms jBCS per month, Marblo-fnmt houses onLangloy-ar,, 10rooms each: 976 per month. A largo list of g^ t p|jo\| ) * r<a ot the city by fno RENT—A HOUSD OF 13 ROOMS, AND FURNI- X taro for sato at a great bargain: rent Terr obuan. Ad. ply to 2R2 West Lakost. nPO RENT—NICELY FURNISHED HOUSE, GOOD X locality, modern improvements. immodlato possosslon If desired. LEVI WING A 00., l? 8 TO RENT-COTTAGE OF FOUR ROOMS, $25; lOF 8 small rooms, sl3, No. 65.1 West Van Uuronat. rno REN’iCFURNiniiRD no"ijHi{7T~iidOMS. a X bargain. Call at 36 Coltngo Orovo-ar. TO RENT—MAY 1, 6-ROOM COTTAGE 809 Met Orrgor-sl. between Twenty-fourth and Twenty, fifth, about 4 hlooka west of Btate-st. Inquire of O. W. SHELDON, Ouatom-Houio. rro RENT-HOUSE, AND FURNITURE FOR BALE X —Tho leaso fur two years of a house in perfect order, and furniture, nearly now, for sale, located north of Twolfth-it. on Mlohtgnn-av. Every modern conruulonoe, Grooms. hoaldo kitchen, 3 bath moms, laundry, cellar, do. '1 o a porsou having the means of buying furniture, this la a rare opportunity. JOSEPH B CRAWFORD A CL)., 160 Laßallo»at. TO RENT—HOU6U3 IN ALL PARTS OF THE city, low to good tenants. JACOB O. MAQILL. 81 and 63 South Olark-st. fitO "UK NT—A HOUSE OF 10 OR 13 ROOMS, NO. W7 X North Paulina-st.. with largo yard and bam. Will bo routed for a term of years, if domed. HITCHCOCK. DUPKW ARVARTS, C 2 Bryant Block, * TO RRNI-TIIH 2-BTORY AND BASEMENT BRICK dwelling 213 North Stato-st., near Oblcago-av., wltli completo modern Improvomenta; rant, SI,OOU. Apply on tho promises after 10 a. m. HtO RENT—WEST BIDE, 4 FRAME HOUSES 6 X rooms, marble mantel, jiae ana grate, on North Pau llna-81., from May 1. Good neighborhood. 840 nor month. Inquire at 109 X North Paullna-at., up-atalrs. rno RENT-COTTAGE. NO. 81 WALNUT-BT., NEAR X Y Unlon Park, oontalulng Orooms. Apply to HENRY P. ISHAM, 10 Congress st. ' TO RENT-A VERY DESIRABLE BRICK HOUSE, octagon front, aUconvoniouoes; elegant location, cor. nor of State and Ontarlo-sla., North Hldo. HOWARD. 201 East Washlngton-Bt. . rpp RENT-OR FOR SALE—FURNISHED COTTAGE X HO4 lndlana-av., noarTwonty-fonrlh-st.; prIoo.SI.MX); KJOOcnali.balanoomonthly; rout SOOpormonth. M. O. BALDWIN A 00., 84 and6o LaSauo-at., Room 34. RfC) RENT—B-BTORY AND BASEMENT STONE- X front house on Wabash-av,, noarThlrtoonth-st., No. 661, byH. FOWLER, 162 Washlngton-st. TO RENT—TWO-STORY HOUSE NO; 78 LINCOLN st., near Washington-av., 6 rooms. Inquire 674 Wash- Ington-av., corner Unooln-st. f|lo RENT—2-STORY AND BASEMENT MARBLE JL front house of 13 rooms and large attic, oast frdnt, with good brio): barn, on Michlgan-av., near Eighteenth at. Inquire of D. U. LINCOLN A 00., 188 Madlson-st., Room 6. riio RENT—COTTAGE 464 WEST INDIANA-BT., X and other cottages and bouses. W. WALLER, No. 8, 830 aUto-st. T~'o RENT-NORTH SIDE PIRST-OLASS BRICK houso corner Wobstor-av. and DayUm-st. Inquire of 11, II..GAGE, corner Wobstor-av. and Tromont-st.. or of SoOTT A OAQE, 831 South Ualstod-st., between I andSp. ni. rpO RENT THREE-STORY AND BASEMENT X marble-front houso, 116 Calumot-av., 16 rooms, all thomodern Improvements; also largo barn; gas fixtures and furnace go with houso. Apply to W. 11. SAMPSON A CO., 144 LaSallo-et., Otis Block. rpO RENT-TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE, 691 WA- X bash-av.. 10 rooms, modern improvements. Apply to W. H. SAMPSON A 00., 144 Laßallo-st.. Otis Block. mo RENT—HOUSE AND DARN, HOUSE 99>tf AND XlOl btowart-av., corner of Barborst., 14 rooms; and barn in roar, room for 16 horses, hayjeto., key at No. 99. Will nalnt to suit. 0. M’DONNELL, 171 East Madison st., Room 9- TO, RENT—NO. 795 COTTAGE GROVE-AV., largo 2-story frame houso, near horse and steam oars; water and gas; $65 par month. Inquire ULUIOU A BOND, 87 Doarborn-Bt. rpO RENT-SECOND FLOOR, BEING 7 ROOMS X and bath room of building No. 836 West Madlson-st. S6O per month- Coltngo No. 76 Walnnt-st., Grooms. s3Bpar month. Dwellings Nos. 490 and 493 Wabash-av., containing 11 rooms each; bath room, furnace, etc. $1,050 each per annum. 29} Dayton-st., frame bouse, 10 rooms, hot and cold water, bath, oto. $46 per month. W. D. KERFOOT A 00., 90 East Washlngton-st. r RENT-HOUSE, FURNISHED OR UNFUR nlshod; Wabash-av.. south of OElghtoonth-st.; 7 rooms, bath room, hot ana cold water oto. Address Z 94, Tribune office. niO RENT-FURNISHED COTTAGE, 1496 PRAIRIE- X bt., with reservation of right to occupy onx room by owner. Kent, S6O par month. Inquire at 1494 Pralrlo-av.

mO UENT-FIRST-OLABS STONE FRONT HOUSE, X three stories and basement, with or without furniture: $225 per month. Inquire at 660 Michlgan-av. mo RENT-HOUSE NO. 607 WEST MONROE-ST., X two slorloe and bosomont, small barn; S9OO. Inquire at the homo. 2-STORY HOUSE, NO. 19 SOUTH X Duspialnes-st., containing 8 rooms, or each floor separately, each containing 4 rooms and closets, with Sis and water. Inquire at No. 134 West llandolph-st., com No. 3. rpO RENT-HOUSE 659 WASHINGTON-ST.. SEO x oud and part of third floors; owner would board. Ap ply from 13 iu3. rpO RENT-COTTAGE, WITH FIVE ROOMS AND X barn, No. 13Gano-st., near Calumot-av., only S3O per mouth. BARKER WAIT, 169 Doarborn-st! ?pO RENT—'WEST MADISON-ST., RESIDENCE 637, X with 8 rooms, water, and eu. A. BLAKE, 127 La- Sallo-st. riVo RENT-TWO-STORY FRAME DWELLING ON X Van Buron-st., near Ooutrc-av. PHILIP MYERSA CO., Room 18, Major Blook. TO RENT-ELEGANT TEGRKE-BTOUY AND BASE montmarhlo-front houso on Mlchlgan-av., south of SUteonth-Bt., completely /furnished, 14 rooms; rent fS,£OU: not to bo rented fclr boardtne-houso. Apply to VM. 11. SAMPSON & C 0... 1H LaSallo-st., Oils Block. rilO RENT—CHEAP TO A. PROMPT PAYING TKN- X autNo.Cu6Wabash.av. J. S. GOULD, 119 Doar bora-st. TO HKNT-VEHY UiKßinißliE TWO-BTOIIY X houso with brick baaomant No. 82 Twonty-sUth-st.; Z'irnauo and all modem Improvements, lo rooms; owner (younglady) wishes to board an tho family retain 2 rooms. Apply to WM. U. SAMPSWN 4 00., 1U LaSaUe-st.,OUs Block. . • rnq kent-a t wostoiut and basement brick X liouso. Inquiro on tha iiromlaoß, 5)33 West Uouroo-at. TO RUNT-llOlfcß. NO- 3 UUDBARD-COURT, IN .vcrj good repair; 1U or U irooms, with furnace and gaa* fixtures complete; rent, QlPdipor month la advance; nuuo 9P,°l apply unload tho references. Apply to MYRON L. PILAKCII, ltd Wabaah-av.. or OTTO MOOR, 7 Market-flt. fpO RENT-COTTAGE* !p»Oi 6€5 WEST ERIE-BT.; X $33 to a good tenant. Inquire at South Hal stod-st. TO RENT—FURNISHED COMPLETE, MARBLE front, IB rooms; uu>dom improvement*, and first class barn, Wabash, noair Twonty-llftb-ot.; and similar homo unfurnished. S. DELAMATER, southwest cor. Clark and Mauison-sta. fllO KENT-GOOD HOUSE WITH GAS, .ON CORN- X er lot, In a vory_ bond/ location. Root, SBO per month. O. GRANVILLE HAMMOND, 54 Washington- rpo RENT-HOUSE NO. 87 TUIRD-AV.. STORE X and basement, with 8 roomi aboro; suitable tor families. Room fi, southwest comer Uooroo and- Olark «td., 11. LOWY. T'O RENT—NO. D, UNION PARK PLACE. SM: AND X Gurlpy-st. i bolh Plttoas hare barns. YOWNGA KAIYLby, itoom 11, No. 163 IXiarborn-at. 110 RENT-NO. HU PILAIIUK-AV., BETWEEN Twenty-fourth and Twontyvflith-st., 14 rooms: cheap. Apply on premises. ntO RENT-HOUSE NO. 283 WEST LAKJT-ST..FROM P»nnonUi. IlKHli. DAViSOMt WELCH, 143 LaSalle-at. TO RBNT-COTTAOBNO. SCB PARK-AV., 6 ROOM 6 la good order, A. AL. H. PIERCE. 178 Doarbom-st. r RENT-587 WABABH-AV., STONE FRONT, 12 rooms, furnaoo: modern. Improvements: immediate S. M. MOORE A CUMMINGS, lltf and IST atO RENT—SECOND STORY OP HOUSE 777 WA baab-av., suitable for housekeeping or office. In quire on promises. atO RENT—HOUSE NO. t»4 WEST MADISON-ST,, 453 and 456 West Lako-el.. 0 rooms and summer sit ohou. Apply at No. 2U Nprtb Ada-st. . • to RENT— UPPER FLOOR OFTw6-BTORY HOUSE* quite now, 6 rooms, on Tarlor-at., near Southwestern av., $25 per month. M. HALL, Itoom 28 Central Union Block, corner Madison and Markot-sU., Markot-st. on* trance. rno RENT—A LARGE. CONVENIENT HOUSE, X with heater and ail modern Improvement*. 13 rooms, loullow, No. 1111 Pralrio-av, near Twtmty-fourlb-st. Alio very flue marblo-front a tore, with dwolltag-rooms In third story, on oodcwlok-at.. pear North-av. W, P, JONES, fill., Room lt>, Bryan Block. fflO RENT-HOUSE NO, 41 SHELDON, NEAR ’ X Wasbington-st., has 10 rooms, bath-room, marble, mantels, hot and cold water, shd all modern eouvon-1 Unoea. Inquire at 76 Loocals-st. before 1 and after Bp. m. • 110 ndNT-OHEAP FOB THE SUUMBR. A MioSS 1 ly-iurnlihod honao of 13 rooms, modem Improvements: pleasantly situated on ono of tbo avenues*; Address K 43, ' Tribune oflloo. Posaossloa May 1. To. nitNT-two-aTonY fhamk hodsb. Kb 5 modem Improvements, 11 rooms, barn, and Fargo garden. Inquire of WAUL BROTHERS, HW Michlgan-av. TO KKNT—'iSTOItV FRAME, <U WEST JACKSON •t., 8 rooms, gas, water,nice bora, largo lot. repairs will bo made, 6W; also 1460 Stato-at., store and o rooms, to gather or separata; also, sloo cottage, 313 North Halated at., 0 rooms, 636: also, 3 8-story and basement houses, nicely finished, lino neighborhood, on Irrlng-idaoo, be tween Leavitt and Oakley and Adams and Uouroo-sts., gUloach, D. E. FIBKE, Room 6, Otla Block. mq RENT—COTTAGE OP SEVEN ROOMS, GOOD X barn, large lot,'and everything In best order. , Apply ou premises, kU Ssropaon-at., mar A"hbind.av. 1 T~ OIRUNT-A GOOD HOUHK NEAR UNION)PARK, 11 rooms, both, gasiflxturos, furnace, all modern lm provomonts. Apply a, 146 Laßallo-st., basomept. 110 RENT—COTTAGE, NO. 104 WALNDT-BT. l 0 rooms; gas and water. D. LEONARD, 133 La nallo st. mo RENT-8-BTORY HOUSE, 7 ROOMS, 868 WASH* x ington-st. d. Leonard, ii&LaSatio-ot. HlO RENT-9 NEW OCTAGON*BRICK ON~UAMIL- X ton-ar., between Monroe and Adams-ats. Al6 modem Improvements. Oboap. mq* RENT-TWO, 3-STORY HOUSES. 9 ROOMS, X bath, hot and ootd water; on Wuat Adamsat., near Wostern-rv. Cheap. DAVIS A PIKE. mO RENT—COTTAGE, ' 15 AUERDKEN-BT. s 8 X rooms; gas aud water, liiqulru at IBS South Joffor sou-st. 1" 10 RENT—COTTAGE*, 8-RUOMB. CLOSETS. AND . barn, 809 Wcat Madlaon-st.; tfitd pot month. Apply on promises. _ r "RENT-IN NORTH DIVISION, SOUTHWEST punier of BMdun-av. and lURUid-it., largo 2-story and brick basemunt bouse of Bromus, with modern lm kbahon on main floor. OGDEN, SHELDON <fc CO., Nixon's Building, corner Laßalioand Mouroe-ate. HIO* RKNT-BY J. B. KIMBALL, 196 DEARBORN. Xst., house of 8 rooms. Bollsvue-av*, 687.60 ; 4 rooms and pantry, Coolldgo-at., ifilU. i West Adaros-at., 17 rooms, fhlii West Washlujjton-st., I'J rooms. 876. furniture 16rooms, Bl6Muxailui^ f 81,2W, *e. TO RENT—HOUSES. fno RENT—4-STORY OCTAGON MARBLE-FRONTS, X 1161 and 1168 Mlcblganav. ; St.SOO. 1120 Mlchlgan-ar, i 81,660. Pralrie-av., near Twonty-nlnth-st. s 91,800. Houses arc now, elegantly bulU, amt are perfect In all rospeote. Tho fumlturo can bo had with 1163, If desired. The houses on Pralrlc-av. nro very doop, and bate bny windows In rear, fancy ceilings, frescoed hall, do.; nr will sell SI,OOO down, balance In five years, or will tako good real estate In part. I built (ho houses whan land and mntnrlal wore low, and can eell for Icm than they can bo reproduced at present. The bouses will hoar Inspec tion. R. ASHLEY MBARB, owner, 149 LtSallo-st. THO RENT—WARABII-AV., NEAR TWI£M>TII-ST., X largo brick bouso of 13 rooms. BAYLUB A WALKER, HO LaSallo-st. TO RENT-NO. 699 WABARH-AV., 11RI0K HOUSE, 11 rooms, do., located south of Twelfth-st. Apply to 11. J. GOODRICH, Hiia Wabash-av. mo RENT-A NEARLY NEW EIOHT-ROOM COT- X taco: s6oper month; possosslon Mayl. Apply at L 3 West Adams-at, a 10 RENT-TO A PARTY OP TWO OR THREE, A . l«-«tory oottago, 678 West Jaekeon-at. Owner will tako root In board. T'~ O RENT—A GOOD 8-RTORY 0 ROOM lIOUHK, No. 13 South Ann-lit., between Randolph and Wash- Ingtou; rent 860 per month. Apply at No. 10, next door. alO RKNT-313W FU.LTON-BT.—HOUSE 9 ROOMS; 836 per month ; and a large hoarding house with 81 rooms, full of hoarders and fumlturo, for sale ohonp. Ap ply toJUIIN DAVIB, SOB WestLako-et., from2to4 pm. ntO RENT—63I FULTON-BT.—TWO-STORY FRAME X P rooms, wator, do, salto 0-room cottago oonier Lnko andDavls-ats. Apply to Treasurer llooloy’a Opera House. Sabnrban< mo RENT-A FINK LAROB HOUSE AND LOT AT X Glencoe, near tho lake shore, 18 miles from Chicago, 4 minutes’ walk from depot; situation high and healthful; school, ohureh; neighborhood and surroundings delight ,ful; faro to Chicago by the yearlow:will soli cnenn, In qnlroof F. W. NEWHALL, comer Lake and Canal-sis. TO RENT—IN WHEATON, CONVENIENT TO DE pot and college, good house, 10 rooms, largo grounds and abundance of fruit. GEO. P. KIMBALL, 46 West Washlngton-st., Room TO RENT—IN MAYWOOD. NEAR THE DKPOt7 largo, new, modern house, 11 rooms, 30 minutes from Wolls-st. depot; hourly trains. GEO. P. KIMBALL, 45 West Washlngton-st., Room 6. TO RENT-PLEASANT C-ROOM COTTAGE IN Englewood, nnar depot; $25. ABBOTT A OLIVER, 163 Monroo-Bt., Room 8. ■ TO RUNT—BY M. V. HOTOHKIB3, 87 OLARK- X st., fine place at Maywood, s4oanionth; alsosavoral homos at 880 and $33 a month. TO RENT—AT EVANSTON—A HOUSE OP SOME 16 rooms, with lot 183x310, well shaded with largo troes, with esrpote and stoves.onlya square from depot. TUEO PORE REESE, Roal Estate Dealer, Evanston. QlO RENT—IN WINNETKA, A GOOD HOUSE, ON . Elm-st., two blocks from railroad station, parlor, dining-room, kitchen, bath-room, C sleeping apartments, range, fnmace, oto. Kent, S6O por month. MISS li. J. LEONARD, Wlnnetks, Ilf. TO KENT—AT MAYWOOD,IO MILES FROM COURT- House, new, well built suburban oottago, 8 minutes’ walk from depot, good sidewalks; ban 8 rooms, 9 closets, bay windows, dormer windows, and piazza; good wetland cistern; will bo rented at reasonable ront. A. T. HEM -INQWAY, HULafisUo-st., Room CO. niO RENT-AT 11INBDALE-HOUSE OP 7 ROOMS, X furnished, for fi months, for S2OO. Inquire of 0. J. BTOUGH, 73 and_74 Dearbormst. TO RENT—STORES. OFFICES, &o. mo RENT-STORE AND SECOND FLOOR, WITH X a good collars 207 South HalitsJ-st.; also 3 rooms on second lloor of 205 South Halstod-st. fTib RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT NO. 818 WEST X_ Bandoloh-st; SI,OOO. Apply to W. 11. SAMPSON A CO., 144 Laaalle-st.,OtU Block. T" O RENT-HOTEL BUILDING ON THE CORNER of Flfth-av. and Adams-st., containing 66 rooms. Including bath-rooms, water-closets, laundry, hot and cold water, etc., suitable for a hotel. Apply to owner on the promises, or DREW A NEWBURY, Rooms 8 and 9, Bryan Block, mo RRNT-9D, BD, AND 4TII FLOORS. WELL X lighted, corner Wabash-av., and South Wator-at.; steam and hand elevators. Also, 3d floor over 7, IV and II Wabash-av.; also, base ment under 7. 9, and 11 Wabash-av,, lowtogood tenants. Apply to CHASE, HANFORD AGO., oornor Wabash av.t and South Wator-st. mo RENT-ROOMS WITH POWER. INQUIRE AT X 11. DISSXON A SONS, Lind Block, Randolph and Markot-ats. mo RENT—THE FOUR-STORY AND BASEMENT X brick building 333 Washlngton-st., suitable for mer cantile, manufacturing, or storage purposes. W. M. HOWLAND, 165 Washlngton-st., Room 24. TO RENT-STORE 635 WEST MADISON-ST., TO A responsible partrt now osod for a shoo store, A. BLAKE. 137 LaSalle-st. TO RENT-STORES AND OFFICES IN ALLLOOA tIonn, low, to good tenants. JACOB 0. MAQLLL, 81 ana 83 South Olark-st. TO RENT-A LARGE STORE-ROOM AND BASE mont, on West Lako-st., noar brldgo. Call at 880 West Washlngton-st. TO RENT-STORE NO. 970 NORTH OLARK-ST., with 7 good living rooms above, $25 per month. Store No. 74a Cottxgo Uruvo-av,, with Bring rooms abovo, largo yard, Ac. WM. D. KERFOOT A GO., 90 East Washlngton-st. rpO RENT-FROM MAY 1, STORE AND DWELL- X lag, No. 146 Blue lulaiid-nv.; sizo 34x43; good loca tion; is now occupied as a boot and shoo store. 'lnquire at 859 Halatod-st., botwcon Ewing and Forquer. n'lO RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT, 221 NORTH X Olark-st.: dwelling above, 13 rooms. Applytoß.il. FLEMING, Room 14, 166 Washington-et. mo RENT-BASEMENTS ON WEST MaDISON-ST , X 26x70, la Thompson's Block, suitable for any business; runtoboanto right parties. WM. U. THOfIIPSON, 229 West Madlson-st. - rpo RENT WITH STEAM ELEVATOR AKD X steam power, if wanted, second story and part of baaomonto[23and 26 Rnndolnh-st., 40i185 ft. by H, U. HARRIS, at Hafo Factory, 62 South Cannl it. TO RENT—MARBLE-FRONT STORE AND BASE mont. No. 638 West Lako-st., near Paulina. Apply onpremises, Room 8, up-ataira. rpo RENT-STORES 339 X AND SI! WEST RAN- X dolpb-it.; 2-story bouro 839 West Rnndojph-it. s 2- story houso 1 May-st.:2oottagos, Aihloy-st., noarßoboy. N. F MERRILL, 13 Otis Block. fllO RENT-NO 879 WABASk-AV.—STORE AKD 8 X rooms. No. C 2 Cottage-plcoo, 7 rooms, besides bath. Burnsldo-st., & rooms, cheap. H. J. GOODRICH, 868 Wobash-nv. TO RENT—THE LARGE STORK ROOM NOW oc cupied by Carson. Porlo <t Co.'s retail dry goods de partment, J(29 WestMadlson-st., byD. COLEA UOK, 16’i West Madlson-st. fpO RENT-STORE 160 WEST MADISON-ST., NEAR I Halstod, 25x85. A 1 location. D. COLE A SON, Houso Agents, 158 West MadUon-st. 11Q KENT—WELL LIGHTED OFFICES, FINISHED , Infirat-claas style, on LaSallo-at., near Randolph, cur* nor of alloy; first floor, S2O to $113: second. sls to BSS; third. sl2 to S2O. WILLIAM H. CONDON, 47 LaSifllo st., Itoom 2. r RENT—STORE AND BASEMENT NO. 255 WEST Madlion-at.. Thompson's Block, £ox7o, suitable for an; first-class business. A good tenant more desired than high rent. • WM. □. THOMPSON, 229 West Modi •OQ-Bt. r RENT-ONE HALF OF STORE AND NICE light front office. with storage In loft and basement if domed. CHAPIN A MITCHELL, 83 South Water-st. r RENT—A STOUR ON STATE-ST., OPPOSITI* Potter Palmer's Hotel: also offices sod lofts, all well lighted. Inquire at Room 11, 151 Monroo-st. rno RENT— A DESIRABLE CORNER ROOM ON X Lake and Poorla-nta., second lloor, sire 118x43; well Ilgbtod and vontilatod, suitable for society purposes or light manufacturing. W. U. PHARE, 113 Laballo-st., Major Block, ground floor, TO RENT—OFFICE WITH LARGE FIRE PROOF vault, at $25 per mouth. Apply on promises. Room 23, No. 163 Washlngton-st., between LaHallo and VVolls. fHO RENT—ITH AND 6TU FI.OORB, NICELY X finished, of brown stone building 183 and 185 Stale st. Tenants can have offices on third floor If desired. Apply to Q. F. WORK A CO., 183 Bonth Olark it, TO RENT-STORKS AND BASEMENT 173 AND ITI Olark-st., north of Monroo-st., 43x83 foot. Will bo dl rldod and finished to auit occupants; 2d floor to root. Apply to O. F. WORK A CO., Ifci South OJark-st. T“ 0 RENT-TWO FINE STORKS ON BTATE-ST., near Twenty-ninth. Apply to PEOKHAM A BROWN, 4LB Wabash-ar. ’ TO RENT—ROOMS. mO RENT—A SUITE OF SIX ROOMS. WITH WA- X tor, 425 May-st., at $26 nor month. Also throe rooms 457 Tvrolfth-st., sl3 aJTmoutb, and two room* at $7 per month. Apply at 457 Twolftb-flt. • a tO RUNT—4 ItOOMS IN NEW COTTAGE. NO. » . Koadal-st., for small family. D. LEONARD, IS3 LaSallo-st. TO RENT-FIRST FLOOR, 8 ROOMS, DESIGNED for housekeeping, in residence 1448 Pralrlo-av. s water, (as, bath, and burn. Rout, $35. L. Q. BRAINARD, 448 Pralrlo-ar. * a tO RENT-UNFURNISHED, TWO SUITES BACK ■ rooms, fourth floor, Kant's Building; witter la rooms, bath, and all modern conveniences; ono floor (orgontlo* moo only; root S2O per month. Apply at Room 5,161 Uoaroo-st. TO RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED AND UN furnished roouia far the day, wook, or month, at the fit. Jullen, 161 and 163 Dcarborn-at. TO RENT-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS, ON MAY 1, Wabash-av., near the Post-Oflico. Address K 66, Tribune ofllce. Fj'lO RENT—NICE fiUHE OF 9 ROOMS, FAOINQ X Wabash-av,, in building northwest corner of Harmon court and Wabash-av, filfeo per year. Also, one small room, in tame building, facing Harmon-onurt, SIR per mouth. W. D. iLERFOOT i 00.. 00 Bast Washing ton-st. TO RENT-TO A FAMILY WITHOUT CHILDREN, a floor of 6 rooms at No. 338 North Wolls-at. TIO RENT-ROOMS SUITABLE FOR HOUSE keening. Inquire at 75 llonore-st., near Adams, or of MCCANN. 13 and 14 South Loke-st. * TO RENT-LOWER PART OF HOUBB 089 SOUTH Doarbom-at., corner Thirty nlnth-st. 5 s2opor month, 6 rooms, pantry, closets, oto. Inquire of J. w, QOULd, ■ op-stairs. mO RENT-SUITES OF ROOMS IN TUB NEW X building at the northwest corner of Arnold andTwon ty-nlutU-its. Apply at the building any day between 10 and 11 o'clock, TO RENT—FLAT OVHR STORK 705 WAUABII-AV.. Brooms, oloaots, and pantry, suitable for housekeep ing.lnquire In atore. TO RENT-UNFURNISHED ROOMS FOR GEN tlcnum in seooml and third stories brick building cor ner Randolph and Joflenon ats,: have Inside blinds, with gas, and olusota ooiamu tluor. Apply at Room 40. No.UIS West Itandolph-st. a *~lo RENT—OK) MIOIIIO AN-AV. A PLEASANTLY . furnished room, with modern conveniences, suitable for onu or two gentlemen. fllO RENT-UNFURNISHED. ; TWO HANDSOME X suites back rooms, 4(b tluor, Kent's Building; water In rooms, bath and all modern conveniences on floor, for fuuUomon only ;rent 890 per mouth. Apply at Room 6, hi Monroa-st. AGENTS WANTED. Agents wanted-to hell our new button- Hole Cutter and Noodle-Threading Thimble. Agents clear S9O per day. WEastMadlsoo-sU, Room 6. AGENTS WANTED—IN CITY AND'COUNTRY, for Huwltt fluting, polishing, and band Iron—thruo in ones flutes any length. Large commission to good men. 176 East Madlson-st., Room ft. Agents wanted-bilveu watch free to all. and 96 to (8 a day easily uiado on small capital, in ollyor country. Bond for paper*. MERRILL MANU FACTURING OQMI’ANY.kanq 27 West Lako-st. A GENTS WANTED—FOIi THE CITY AND OOUN ta wtsA'Anr 1 *” A ' M ' ' WANTED—MALE HELP. Bookkeepers, Clerks, Etc. WANTISD-A GOOD COMMERCIAL TRAVELER I r who |.i acquainted with (ho hardware trado and has some trade of Ids own. Onowho can loan hla employer, on real estate security, from SI,OCO to $5,000 wlllscoiirna Rood sllnntlnn and good salary. Address, stating partic ulars, ,K 39, Tribune office. "\ATANTED—A COMPETENT CLERK IN THU UK- Tt tall and proscription drug business. Apply at 64 Cost Chloagn-ay. TITANTIID—THREE FIRST-CLASS DRY GOODS T T salesmen: no other need apply, GKO. K. I’AJtD* RIDGE A CO., tna Htato-st. TXTANTED—A SALESMAN WHO UNDERSTANDS TT tho hat am) cap and Routs’ furnishing-goods busl nosn thoroughly: no other need apply: host of roforoneca required. inquire Immediately at 1M Bluo Island-ay., corner Taylor-st. Tradon. ■\ATANTED—A GOOD CARRIAGE-PAINTER TO TT work hy tho year or dav j steady work and good pny. Apply to L. S. BASSETT, or address Box 121, bt. Charles, 111. ANTED-A FIRST-CLASS BLACKSMITH. AD dross CLOW REA PER MANUFACTURING COM PANY, Janesville, Wls. WANTED— PAINTERS. APPLY AT CONDON'S Building, 47 LaSnllo-at. O'BRIEN BUGS. \\TANTKD -10 PAINTERS. APPLY AT NEW tt' buildings on South Park-ay., between Twenty-fourth •ad Twcnty-rtflh-cta. WANTED— PAINTERS AND OALCIMINERS, AT WANTED-TO CARPENTERS—#I,COO WORTH OP workdono at Washington Heights: half cash, bsl ancojn lots. Address J loti, Tribune office. W" ANTED—IMMEDIATELY, A FIURT-OLASS OU3- tom boot band; none but good workmen, and those ludlnml to kosj) need apply. Address ENGEL & ■\\TANTED—PAINTERS AND OALOIMINERS FOR TT Jmldo work. None but good workmen nood IC3 East asblugton-st. T\T ANTED-A GOOD CARPENTER WANTED AT VV M South Peorla-st. \\7" RHIP CARPENTERS. AP BEIFI JoMEANY 1110r ‘ ‘ 1 ‘ MENOMINEE RIVER LUM- TXTANTED-A YOUNG MAN OF 9 OR fl YEARS’ EX TT porlonoo at tho plumbing busiuoss atl223Btato-st. WANTED - TWO CARPENTERS. FINISHED workmen, slnclo men; atoady work. 110 South Mou roo-st., from It tllll. WANTKD-EXPERIENOED, SCALE BUILDERS. Apply at 38 Htato-st. A. M. GILBERT a CO. WANTED SQUARE FRAME JOINER. BAM MONH, CLARK A CO., 1117 South Cltntou-st. Coachmen. Tcmmstoru. &o. WANTED-A STEADY, INDUSTRIOUS MAN, AS coachman nod gardener, willing to make himself gen* orally useful about tho homo. Should prefer ono ac quainted with tho cultivation of plants ana honors. To such a man I will giro Rood wages and a permanent place. Also a good cook and laundress. Prefer a man and his wife. Apply at Room 1, Ilonoro Pluck, \\TANTED—A GOOD STEADY MAN AS TEAM tt ator. Apply at S3 DoPuyster-st. Misooilonoona. TXTANTED—GOOD ACTIVE MEN TO OANVABS Ti for tho now improved llowo Sowing Machine In tho city of Milwaukee and vicinity. This la a comparatively nnworkod territory, and agents can mako large wacos. Aro ottering unprecedented Inducements for the right kind of men. Andress O. CADY, City Agent, 113 Wls* oonsln-st., Milwaukee, Wla. , VyANTED—MEN IN EVERY TOWN. COUNTY, IT and State, to sell our now buttoa-hofo cutter aud ncodlo-threading tblmblo. Agents that wish tha goods will save money and tlmo by buying direct of themanu fftoturers, atWKaetMadlsonst., Room 6. WANTED -INTELLIGENT YOUNG MEN TO .learn and ougago In tho telegraphing busluoss, at J'UitTKIl’S National Tojegraph College, U9 LaHallo-at., Room 79. \\T ANTED—THREE OR POUR ACTIVE MEN TO TT soil a book noudod by every ono, particularly just now, and soils at sight. Apply to H. R. THOMPSON A CO., 499 Wab&«h»av. WANTED-H YOUNG MEN FOR THE OITY, AND any number for the country. $lB to S4O a week can bo made on smsll capital. A. RAY, 35 West Lako-«t. Tlf ANTED—100 RAILROAD LABORERS," 15* FOR TT . atatlonwork; dry sandy work; board with fanner*. Apply early. 59 West Itandolph-st., Room 3, WANTKD-OANVASSERS: FOR THREE NEW and best soiling sewing-machine attachments over invented. Room 15, 179 East MsdUon-st. WANTED— COO RAILROAD MEN FOR WIBCON* sin; wagoa $2.20 ito $2.40 per day; froo faro; nono but good men need apply: 10 farm hands; M choppers; 1,000 laborers and mechanics for Texas. ANGELLA QUAKER, 81 West Randolph-at. TyANTED—SOO RAILROAD MEN FOR A NEW TT road, not far from Chicago; wages at lirat $1.76 por day. board from $8 to $8.50 por week. Plenty of elation work at liberal prices. Alio 200 choppers and tlo-makers for Indiana. Apply to CHRISTIAN 4 BIND, No. I South Clark or lul South Oanal-tt. WANTED-A BOY H TO 16 YEARS OLD, WHO IS _ not afraid ofwork, at WlLßONßUO.’Sfihirtfacto ry, 6SWoat Waihlngton-at. WANTED-TWO GOOD. OARPET-LAYRRS. B. F. HOLLISTER A CO., 121 and 128 Stato-st. WANTED-A GOOD, STEADY, RELIABLE watchman; must bring references. Apply toOILEU BROS. & CO., 260 and 268 Wabasli*av. \yANTED—2OO GOOD LABORERS FOR P., FT.W. TT AO. R. R.: wages, sL7saday; froofare. Apply early at bl Mllwaukoo-av. WANTED-AN ORGANIST. INQUIRE AT 248 South Wator-st. G. B. DUNHAM? "WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED WAITER (MALE) TT to wait dinners only at BENNETT’S, roar BS South V a tor-81. WAN'I'ED-MKN LOOKING FOti EMPLOYMENT and willing to work at good wages, to call ut 03 South Cllnton-Bt, WANTED-GOOD ACTIVE WEN RKADY FOR business to call on or address JONES 4 CO., 71 South Canal-st., UoomS. Big Inducements oiferod. bolero 9:20 a. m. J. 8. iIIiWSOH, 90 East Van Bnreo-Bt. WANTED—rESSALB KEEP. Domestics- r WANTED— A. GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE, work. Gorman, Swodo, or Holland preferred; must bo a good cook. Apply at 7 Calumotrav., after 19 o'clock. \\rANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL M housework, Gorman or Swodo preferred. Apply at IC6I Imllnna-av. \irANTKD-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK T r in a family of two; good wages paid to a competent girl. Gall at 1-t‘jß Pralrlo-av. WANTED— A GIRL 15 OR 16 YEARS OLD, TO DO second work and carp for children. 1310 Pralrlo-av. WANTED— X GOOD SWEDE OR NORWEGIAN girl to do general housework in a small family. Ap ply at no. 619 West Monroo-at. WANTHD-aißi. Fon oknkhal nousewonic at 450 West Van Buron-st. Gorman or Swodo pre ferred. WANTED-AT TUB MABSASOIT HOUSE, OPPO ■Uo Michigan Central Depot, a female meat aud pantry cook. ' WANTED—A COMPETENT GIRL FOR OBNER- Vi al work, and one second work aud tukocare of baby; family of 8 porsouru Apply at 7P Vluconuos-sv. WANTED— IMMEDIATELY—A GIRL FOB GEN (oral housework in a small private family. Apply at 187 South Park-ay., neat Twonty-slxth-et. WANTED-GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, washing, Ironing, do.;good wages. Polk-at., saoond house west of Westeru-av., fronting north. WANTED-A GERMAN OR NORWEGIAN GIRL, to do general housework In a small family; references required. Inquire at 818 Monroo-st. WANTED— A NEAT, RELIABLE GIRL. 16 TO 18 years of ago, to do light second work, and take care of children;good wages; references required. Apply at 7116 West Monroo-at. WANTED— X GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work; German, Norwegian, or Swede. 63 Wah panseh-ftY. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL, FOR SMALL FAMI- ly. At 221 South Orouu-at.; call Immediately. WANTEU-A GIRL TO DO SECOND WORK- Apply at 429 Wabasb-av. WANTED-AT THE WILLIAMS HOTEL 69 AND 61 East Klurto-at., 9 lirst-class dining-room girls and a porter. Apply from Btoll a. hi. WANTED-A COMPETENT SECOND GIRL; GER- manor English pooforrc'd. Apply at 876 Pralrlo-av. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL lloUßE work, nt 1109 Wabash-av., between Twenty-fourth and Twenty-flfth-sta. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, TWO GIRLS TO wash dishes, throe Sirin to do scrubbing, and one to do general housework; all In ono house. Apply at 131 Su* parior-st. WANTED -A GOOD GIRTi TO DO GENERAL homework: Swedish or Gorman preferred. Gall this morning at 13 Uannpo-court. mNTKD— FIRST-GLASS PASTRY GuOIC AT OQ- EN HOUSE, corner Franklin and Waahtngton-ats. WANTED -AT 24 BISHOP-COURT-A GOOD,, ■mart girl that understands waiting on table, and to assist lu tlio kitchen. Wages for good help, $lB a month. WANTED - GOOD GENERAL HOUSEWORK VV girls at 43 6outb Llucoln-st., 123 WestLako-at., 781 Adams. 771 Adams. 767 Jackson, 81 East Kinslo, 856 North Clark, 8110 South Clark, 93 North Ashland-av., 239 K. Van Burou, 480 Mlohlgau-av., till Paddo-av., 43 West Wash ington, lUIS Wabash-av.,769 Wabash-av.. IRA East Huron, 40 Union Park-place, 121 Wosturn-av., 134 Worron-ar., 003 Park-av., 933 Mlublgan-av.. StiGuld-st.: also, girls fur hotels, restaurants, laundries, boarding ami private bouses, at No. 6 West MadUon-st., Btar Employment OlUce. WANTED-A' GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL TT housework. Gonnan or Norwegian preferred. Ap ply at 11 North Fagu-st., between Klnxle and Ilubboid ■ts, "yy ANTED—A FIRST-CLASS OOOK AT 493 WA- WANTED-A GOOD QIRL TO DO GENERAL if bousowork In a vary small family; good wages; refer euco required. Apply llu Looiuls-at. WANTED-A GOOD GI HL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work. Apply at 727 West Wasiilugton st. WANTED— SIX GIRLS FOR LIGHT SEWING, ONE chambermaid, dining room, and girls lor general housework, at W South Oltuton-st. WANTED-A GOOD NORWEGIAN. DANISH, OR Tr Bwodlsh girl, for guuural housework. Apply linnie dlatoly, at 611 Oarroll-st., 3 blocks north of Union Park. ANTED—A GERMAN OH SWEDE GIRL TO oouk lu a small private family; must wash and Iron woll. Apply at 743 Mlchigan-nr. W' ANTED—AT 16# 81LVEH-HT., A OOMPKTENT person for general bousowork; must bo a good washer ami Honor; wages,- 84; come prepared to stay. W" * ANTED-A 1* lIOTE ST A N Im3 Hi IT 7 !'OilO GEN oral housework, email family, uoehildrou, liberal wages will bo paid. Apply ut4sß West Washlugtou-st. WANTED-A GIRL IN A SMALL FAMILY, MUST be a good cook, and have tho host of references; wages, $4 pur_woak. _Apply 43 East llarrlsnu-st. WANTED— IMMEDIATELY—A GOOD GIRL TO do genoral housework in a small private family. Ap ply at cottage house No. 3 North Uarpoutor-st., near Ruu tlulph. References required. . ' Sonmstroasoii WANTED— A YOUNG LADY (PROTESTANT) TO help with sewing and housekeeping In a small family. Must be respectable, aud bring good leforeuoes. bho will bo treated as ouo of the family. Apply at 938 Jack •ou-st. WANTED— FIRBT-OLASS UUIT-MAKKRS, AT J, W. URUWOLD A GO,, 64 and M Madßoa-aU WANTED—PEMALE HELP. Soamstrosnon—Continued* TtTANTKD— IMMKDIATFJjY - SEVERAL FIRST* tt class dmasmakers aud trimmers: also an operator on Singer sewing, machine. Apply at 423 Wobash-av., bo foro B o’clock. Nurses* W ANTED-A WET NURSE AT 4(0 WEST WASH- Inglon-st. WANTED— BY AN ENGLISH LADY LIVING IN onoof tho suburbs, o respectable woman an nurse. Apply at ANCHOR LINE OFFICE, corner LaSalloauu Madlaonets. WANTED— A WET NURSE. FIRST-CLASS RU foroncos required. Apply at 65-i WabasU-av. Honßokoouors, TATANTED—HOUSEKEEPER—WILL TUB LADY TT from. Pennsylvania. who has a little boy, and an sworodadrorllaomoutof O H at Anderson's Hotel for housekeeper on Wednesday, April 2J, please call at No. 127 LaHallo-st., Room 41 filioeollß-noono. WANTED-SALESLADY. IN A REWING-MA. _TT üblne office, at 74 Htato-at. Domosllo Sowing* Maoblue Company. TATANTED—ATIIOROUQIILY-INDUSTRIOUS AND TT willing lady, toanslsla mother; must bring unox ooptlonal references, and Bhall receive over/cnmlilorntlnn consistent with her duties. Call or address Mrs. A. M. WRIGHT. 107 Lonmlsot. SITUATIONS WANTED—KALB. Bookkeepers, Clerks. &o. SITUATION WANTED A GENTLEMAN OF varied business oiporlonce, thoroughly eonvorsanl with bookkeeping,and now in a prominent Chicago bank, desires a position as cashier or other financial clerkship la a mercantile house. Best oily references and highest testimonials from present and former employers regarding character and ability. Address P 60, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A. YOUNG MAN OD O some yearn’ experience In the wholesale grocery busi ness, who Is willing to maka blinsoll generally useful oltherasolorkorporter; salary not no much an object as a permanent situation. Address K 52, Trlbuno office. SiTUATION WANTED—IN A FIRST-CLAB3 BE tallorosorlption store, by ono haring lOyeara’ oxnorl* ence. Dost of roforoucoß. Address Q 6, Trlbuno office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A DRUG OLERK OF 1 /PA?f! experience, who speaks French. Address R. PEARCE, 142 West Twolfth-st. Trades. OITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG ENGLISH kJ man, as miller; has had seven years’ experience: Will ing to*TOPlc| can figuio auil write well. Address K 33. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNG MAN IN A photograph gal ory to color, rotouob, and make him. self generally useful 5 would Uko to ontcras partner. Ad dress 0 85, Trlbuno office. OITUATION WANTED-BY A BOOKBINDER, p sowing by hand or making boxes. Address D 06. Tribune otHce. OITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OP kJ four years’ oxpcrlenoo at press work, job or cylinder; will work for sls per week. Addross U 83, Tribuno office! Coachmen, Toamstora. &o. OITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG DANE. AS O ooaqhman in a private family; sober, and well no* qunlntod In tbs city, and who will mako himself generally moral. Good references. Addross W 80, Tribune office. CITUATfON IJWANTED—AFTER MAY 1 IN APR!* O valo family, by a Dane, as coachman; know how to tako caro of garden. Address II il, oaro of Clark A Co., 837 Cuttago Grovo-av. • MisooUnnoonn. OITUATION WANTKD-BY a YOUNG MAN WELL p educated, but without experience, though willing to learn, as light nortor In a store or warehouse. Address, for ono week, K 45, Tribuno offleo. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE , Domestics. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG OIEL TO p.„ t Cftro o* chlldron and do aooood work. Apply at HfSlndlana-av. OITUATION WANTED-BY ARHSPEOTABLE GIRL at 74 Ohlo g Bt Ilora in 4 Presto family. Applj Situations wanted—by 3 English girls! ’one as cook am! ono as second girl, In oprivate fan* uy. Call at 303 Oontro-av., near TayWit. OITUATION WANTED-BY A SECOND GIRL IN A kJ lirst-olssi private family; bostof reforoncos. 89Cot* tage Qrove»av. Sonmstrosßea* OITUATION WANTED-AS SEAMSTRESS IN A U private family by a competent girl. Apply at 61 Dlx* on-st. OITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL TO U sow In n private family, by tho day, week, or per month; can furnish my own sewing machine, If roqolrod. Address, for two day, Roo, Tribuno office. Honiokeepovß. OITUATION WANTED-AS HOUSEKEEPER IN A kJ hotel or private family by an American woman; havo had several roars’ exporlonco in both; host ol roforonco. Addross 353 South Oanal-at. SITUATION WANTED-AS HOUSEKEEPER, BY Raforoncoa given If required. Ad* areas U 22. Trlbuuo olUco. Misoollanoonc. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, as companion for an elderly lady, or would nndortukc tho caro of children In a private family; has a plain English education. Call at 4a Opaths-at,,. North Sldo. BUSINESS CHANCES. A LARGE PORK HOUSE FOR SALK, IN THE CITY of Louisiana. Plko 00., Missouri, 117 milos above Bt, Louis, on tlio Mississippi Itlror, with all tho necessary ar rangements for llio pork business, nmoko’bouso, oto., with tbroo cores of ground attached. This Is a rarochsnco for any party desirous of roldr into tho pork and prorision buslnosß, oo tho surrounding country is well stocked with boss, and a ready market for tho sale of tbo product either In fit. Cbicaso. For further particulars, apply to' GILBERT PUYOII & CO., Provision Brokers, No. l£g East Washington-st. Ar uX. tlsod stock of staple and office stationery bought ia Now York At bottom rates; good lento In a tino building in tho boat town ia tho Wait; will bo doted out at n bar kS;. 81 " ‘° Uta ‘- OBANIi 4 A RARE CHANGE - A DRUG STORK, ESTAB fished seven years, la a thriving town of 1.000 Inhab itants, now doing a good business, for sale. Stock about 82, WO. Sales, s6,oooper annum. Will soli or rout store building. Inquired JOHN MoKINNBY, Sturgeon Hoy: Dorr Co., Wls. • • GROCERY STORE AND FIXTURES FOR SALE, onStato-st.; a coed opportunity to start In a good location small capital. Satisfactory reasons flip Bolling. E. F. ADAMS AGO.• southwest corner Madi son andStato-ats. A SALOON DOING A GOOD BUSINESS, WITH stock and fixtures, for sale at» bargain. Apply at no. 716 bouth Halstod-st. AN OLD-ESTABLISHED AND NEWLY FITTED-UP dlulng-room for sale, cheap. Inquire at 874 Bouth Blatest. A GOOD BARBER-SHOP FOR BALE. FOR PAR tloulars Inquire at 86 West Raudolph-st. . A REASONABLE FORTUNE GUARANTEED TO A good business man who will Invest SSOO In a legiti mate business. 119Doarborn-»t., Room 6. Good patents wanted. A FIRST-CLASS SALOON AND HOUSE, FUR nlshod, for silo. Inquire at 71 EastTwollth-it., cor ner Wabasb-av. Business interests sold, partners pro. cured; good openings on hand for mon with 8800 to 810,000; worth Investigating. J. E. KIMBALL, 126 Dear born-st. /CONFECTIONERY, NEWS, AND TOY STORK FOR \J sale cheap. Present proprietor has run It for three years. Apply at 616 South Causl-st. First-class restaurant for rent, with good will and fixtures for sale at a bargain, situated on Bast Madison-st.. doing a vary ftuo business, at a bar gain. Apply to W. H. SAMPSON A CO.. 141 LaSalle ■t., Otis Block. • Good will, stock and fixtures, and lease of a first-class Hour and food business for salo, Cottago Grove and Egan-avs.; the best classof trade In the city, and a thriving, wall paying business: satisfactory reasons given; cash wanted and immediate possession given. Inquire at store. . Grocery stock and fixtures fob sale oheap;oorner location; business established. Call at 263 Chlcago-av. Grocery fixtures for sale, nearly new; oboap; store to rent at a low rontif wanted; Apply 605 North ulark-st. ON ACCOUNT OF POOR HEALTH, I WILL BELL my DRUG STORE; also furniture, piano, do.; glvo long lease ol store and dwelling: or will exchange for bouse and lot or farm worth 8-1,000 to 86,000. To drug gists, physicians, or one wishing a safe, profitable busi ness, this lathe best obanca over offered In this olty. Terms easy. Address J. L. WEBSTER, 820 Uottaqo Grovo-av. l 3 AOklflG IIUUSK FOR BALK AT A GREAT BAR. X gain; Is woll built of brick and in good running order. Capacity LOGO to 1.200 hogs daily; lot 110x100. minr the stock yards. SNYDER A LLIC, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroe and LaSalle-ats. ARB BUSINESS”CHANGE—IN ORDER THAT I may dovoto moro time to banking, I offer for aalo or rent my storo-room, StizCO, two stories high, dwelling ad- Joining. Splendid collar nndor tho whole, with good warehouse, barn, and other outbuildings oonTonfont. Have built up within the last tlftoen years a large and prompt-paying trade; have the oldest and best business corner in town; surrounded by ono of the host farming communities In the State; and to a lire man, who means business. will offer a good bargain and on reasonable terms. B. D. ALFRED, JUj, Cambridge, lit. TOOK, LEASE, AND FIXTURES OF A LAMP, crockery, and nils, gasoline lawns, and obaudoliors, with burners of all kinds, for sale. No. 9781u0 Island-av. STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A GENTS* FURNISH lug store for sale cheap; good location. Address K £O, Tribune office. TO THE RIGHT PERSON A FORTUNE CAN BE realised lu one yoar. Must command $5,000. Cash orders now ready to till to movo than doubly par the In veatment. Cull at onoo. Room 14, now Brlgga House. WILL BE HOLD CHEAP FOR CASH, THE Merchants* Dining Rooms, No. 63 West Madison ■t. Tho Merchants' baa three Indloe’ dining rooms at tached, baa been recently refitted throughout, and it has the host trade on the West Hide. It la the finest chance for a party with small moans to Invest inaetrlollycash business In Chicago. Apply on tho promises. WHY LAND A FOSS. dbl nnn WILL BUY HALF INTEREST IN:JA •PJ..UUU nice legitimate manufacturing business. Article staple; protits, sllO per day. Good roauous lot selling. 17(1 South Foorla-st. Call before 19 a. m. ok after 8 p. m. <l*o nnn WILL PURCHASE AN INTEREST IN A JJiO.UUU business whlcli will double the Investment half a dozen times in tho next twolvo mouths; will bear the closest Investigation; a genuine good thing. Address B6Q, Tribune office. fiQA nnn-? IALF . interest in a long lyD'/.UuU lease of a largo Unproved property, pay ing on sub-luaiss over tji-O.iHWpor annum, lor sale. Mali roanlred cash down; or will soil cntlro interest. Refer ences exchanged. Principals only need address, with real name. In confidence, U 21, Trlhuno utlioo. FOUND. pOUND-ON APRIL 18, A RED AND WHITE COW. X' which tho owner oau have by proving property anu paying charges. 11. F. CHRISTIAN, Wcaton at,, Lake TiiGUND-A RED COW, WHITE HACK,' WHITE X’tall, and white forehead; about 4 years old. Apply to M. VAUGHN, at 47 Markot-at., Room 3. INSTRUCTION. THE FOURTH TERM OP THE WEST BID& Klndec-Uatien will oommenoo Monday. AmU23, 7

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