Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 25, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 25, 1873 Page 8
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8 POOR DE BELLOY. The Checkered Career of a French Marquis. The 17;.s and Downs of an Im practical Gentleman. losses on 'Change Drive Him to Seek tho Grave of a Suicide. The Chicagoan rapidity with which France la recovering from her humiliating lesson received from Germany, is of great benefit to tho disci ples of euthanasia. It is especially French in idea, and, furthermore, numbers among Its ad herents more Frenchmen than any other nation ality. There is something comical about a Frenchman's idea of snlcido. “ When in doubt, die," appears to bo his motto. If bio mistress * miles upon a rival, ho bows with inimitable grace and shoots himself like a well-bred gentle man. ITo is not cowardly enough to shoot his rival. It would bo impolite. Bobo scatters bis own brains out. Ho has no horrors of sulcldo,— rather likes the Idea of it, apparently. . An excellent illustration of a Frenchman’s idea of life is found In tho checkered career of the Marquis Do Balloy, who yesterday chose a boor-saloon in which to sacrlfioo himself. Tho jflaoo selected is indescribably ludicrous, taken in connection with the rank and brooding of tho suicide. But perhaps it would bo bettor to give a short biography of this truly commendable tnan, to wind np with the manner of bis death* The first thing known of him is that ho is a French Marquis, “ la good standing,” is because his attempted suicide is not yet successful—ls the failure that everything else has boon with pim. When quite a young man ho foil heir to property worth SBOO,OOO in gold. His titlo and his money, whore money goes a long way, made life exceedingly enjoyable to him. So full of life was ho, that ho did Paris and tho rest of Europe in two years. Ho could havo continued doing it, had not his money given out, leaving xmly SBO,OOO between him and absolute beggary. %Vhat was SBO,OOO to a French Marquis who had done Paris ? Absolutely nothing. Bo ho came to the United States, where it would go only about half as far, and landed in Now York. Dur ing his sojourning in Paris ho had mado tho ac quaintance of an estimable Now York family,who returned to this country with him. Ho was a groat favorite. Young, witty, good looking* musical, a philosopher, utterly skeptical of everything, and as polished a disciple of Vol taire os over landed in Now York City. Such a man finds money vanish with a rapidity known only in this country, where everything costs about twice as much as In Europe. It is not eurprislng that a very short time sufficed to re duce his SBO,OOO to SIO,OOO. This was disgust ing, so ho wont to Utica. Utica is not a pretentious city, but our Mar quis was happy for a while. Ho mot Mr. N. K. Falrbank there, and tho two gentlemen became friends. Ho remained in Utica some time, and wandered Westward to Michigan, where bo spent one winter in tho backwoods, fishing, hunting, enjoying himself immensely, •nd wooing a most charming lady, as only a French gentleman can woo. When his sports came to an end bo enmo West to Chicago, and again mado himself quite at homo hero. His good fortune appeared to stick by him pretty closely, for though ho bankrupted himself in enoculation. or came so near it that min stared him in tho face, a convenient relative died and loft him a fortune of some SBO,OOO. But speculation was too much for Mm. Ho In vested m grain receipts and other snares, and coon found himself Hat on his financial back again. This was very hard, but not to a mer curial Frenchman. Ho ohniggod his shoulders and found himself itho possessor of a few thousand dollars. Ho concluded to go back to Michigan the following winter and hunt, hint ing that ho would get married boforo the sea son was over. Accordingly ho hunted and wedded the charming lady who now mourns over his prostrate body. Speculation had no charms for him in tho city, so ho started a coun try grocery in the wilds of Michigan, made lovo to Ins beautiful wife, and lived there till four or five children wore born, by which time hoVyas, of course, bankrupt. * Under tho circumstances* ho returned to tho city and gave lessons in music, but this did not cult him, and ho gave it up,as being monotonous and stupid. Ho therefore wrote a brilliant lecture on spiritualism, which ho secretly regarded os a most gigantic fraud, and so ably presented It that ho made many converts and a few hundred dollars. But the thing grew stale, and ho was too honorable to bo oblo to preach what ho did Aofc believe after tho novelty had worn off, and Lo gave up spiritualism for speculation onco more. Luck seemed to smile upon him. A friend from Franco came along with 800,000, and tbo two sot to work to loso it oil In speculation in Iho. shortest possible space. They wore very •successful In ibis direction, and wore soon re duced to penury. Nothing could daunt M. De Bolloy. 110 bad shown himself to his social acquaintances a most brilliant and versatile gentleman, the soul of honor; bo had proved to tbo satisfaction of tbo Board of Trade that ho was as unfortunate a speculator as any man could bo. Ho now showed his indomitable pluck by hiring himself out as a laborer in Mr. Fairbanks establishment at $1.76 a day. Mr. Falrbank liked him very much, and determined to assist him to a bettor position as soon as ho showed any desire for it, but the Marquis got tired of tbo laborious work, and itched to make money on tho Board. Hr. Falrbank generously advanced him $3,000, ■ set him up os a broker, and for onco M. Be Bolloy’s worldly prospects began to brighten gradually. But betook to speculation again, and' lost heavily. He was perpetually losing. Mr. Falrbank, before bo went to Now Orleans, lot it bo known that ho would bo security tor an addi tional SI,OOO, but that followed the rest. Tbo Marquis woo caught in tho great “corner.” lost his credit, and at last his courage. His imme diate wants were supplied by email remittances from France, but bis courage was at zero, and the outlook was gloomy. Since Friday last he bos boon especially despondent, and was prepared for almost anything. On Monday be offered to bet S6O that be would not live another week. Tho same day bo pulled out a pistol in Wolford’s saloon and pointed tbo muzzle at his bead, and would probably have used it had it not boon knocked out of bis band. I Between 5 and 6 o’clock last evening, be went Into Korcboff’uboor saloon, No. 122 South Clark etreot, in company with Messrs. J. E. Brown, whoso office is ot No. 127 LaSalle street, and B. Cbamplln, Esq., of No. C2B West Erie etreot. Ho sat down to a table and • ordered a glass of beer. While it was being -drawn he pulled out a small revolver, placed tbo ■muzzle to bis forehead, fired, and fell off the Beat. Tho doors wore instantly locked, os the report of tbo pistol bad already brought a crowd to them, and tho wounded man. with a bullet buried in bis brain, was placed upon his feet. He thereupon walked to tbo bar. tbo blood streaming down bis face, shook bauds with sev eral persons, and apologized in tho politest con ceivable manner for tbo inconvenience bo bad caused tho proprietor, and bocamo insensible. Br. Farwell was sent for, dud arrived in time to find the poor follow insensible. Ho examined the wound, and pronounced it fatal. A back was procured, and tbo unfortunate gentleman taken in it to bis bouse, No. 703 West Washington etroot. ° While the story of his life is ludicrous, and the circumstances of this tragedy are not desti tute of a certain amount of humor, there is no one in this city who will bo mourned as ho will if bodies An accomplished gentleman, honora ble, kindly, brilliant, and generous, ho won that esteem winch all tho money that passed through his hands could not have bought for him. LATER. Tho physician who Is attending Mr. Pe Bolloy (tho gentlemen who shot himself yesterday afternoon) is convinced that ho is not danger ously wounded. An examination of tho scalp, late last evening, showed that tho ball did not enter the brain, but glanced off and lodged near Hie loft touiplo. It was removed without diffi culty; oud, although suffering considerably at present, Mr. Polialloy will not bo indisposed for more than a week or two. niff nxciimiou Party* Paubonh, Kb., April 24.—Gov. Osborn, Liout.- Qov. Btovor, and Congressman D. P. Lowe, ac companied by tho State officers and Senators of Kansas, the Sneaker of the House, and a large number of ladles, passed through Parsons to-day en route for Denison and Galveston. The hoa- CUalitles of tho Missouri, Kansas & Texas and io Texas Central Bailroads having been ex tended to the uerty at Parsons, they were joined by Gon.-Supt. W. B. Woodard. ami Judge T, 0. Soars, Attorney of the road. The party will visit Galveston, Austin, ami other points of in terest in Texas. Arrangements have boGh made for a grand reception by tU6 Governor and Legislature of Texas. Denison, Tex*, April 21.—The Kansas excur sion party arrived hero to-day, and, after a short atop, proceeded on the way to Galveston. STATE LEGISLATURES. MICHIGAN. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Landing, Mich., April 21.—The hill substitut ing tho county system of taxation for tho pres ent system centralized at tho Audllor-Qonornl’o ofilco, failed by two votes on its final passage In tho Senate. A hill passed regulating which pa rent shall have the custody of tho children If tho garonts havo separated; also, for taxing licensed late homestead lands after fivo years; also, for the custody and safo keeping of persons tried for murder and acquitted on tho grounds of insanity; also. provid ing for tho establishment of a State House of ; also, allowing persona making improvements on lands under color of title the right to recover tho value of the im provements ; also increasing the Jury foes. Judge Uowoll’n general bill for tho incorporation of cities was somewhat amended and passed. tTo the Associated Press.] Lanstno, Mich., April 24.— The House bill to abolish tho present and adopt tho county system of taxation failed In tho Senate, wanting two votes of tho required majority. Tho Senate passed House bins to provido that in caso of the separation of tho parouts, tho mother shall bo entitled to tbo oaro and custody of tho chil dren under 12 years, unless a court of competent Jurisdiction shall otherwise decree. Tho Houso passed Senate bills to provido for tho taxation of licensed State homestead lands after five years; to provido for tho custody and safe-keeping of persons tried for murder and acquitted on tho ground of insanity; to make provisions for establishing a State Houso of Correction. To-morrow tho Legislature ceases to transact business, and tbo members and officers will dis perse, excepting those who must finish tho en grossing ana signing of bills. Tho session has continued 115 days, and tho day of final adjourn ment next week, Wednesday, will make 121 days, being seventeen days longer than tbo session two years ago. A smaller number of acts has been passed, however, than at any session.for tbo lost six years. OHIO. Columbus, 0., April 24,—1n tbo Houso, this morning, tbo Houso joint resolution directing tbo State Auditor, Railroad Commissioner, and Attorney-General to Inquire as to tbo faros and freights on railroads, the taxation of tho same, •and report to tho Legislature what changes or now laws aro necessary to 'compel equity and justice between tbo people and thoso companies, was adopted. The Houso bill to authorize Coun ty Commissioners td furnish blanks and state ments to Sheriffs and Clerks was passed. In tho Houso this afternoon, tho Senate bill io prevent cruelty to animals was passed; also tho House bill to authorize cities and villages to tako charge of that portion of tho national road that lies within their corporate limits. Tho Sen ate spent tbo wliolo day in discussing the Gen eral Appropriation bill. Tbo bill was finally de feated—yeas, 14; nays, 20, NEW YORK. Albany, N. Y., April 24.—Tho Legislature to day elected Martin J. Townsend, Regent of tho University, in place of John A. Qnswold t de ceased, ana the Senate passed a bill providing for submitling to the people the question, “ Shall the office of Judges of State bo hereafter filled by appointment ?" ARKANSAS. Little Roce, Ark., April 24.—80 th Houses havo boon in session all day, and will bo in ses sion all night and until the final adjournment to-morrow. About thirty bills passed tbo Sen ate to-day, all without reading except by title. NEW JERSEY. Tbenton, N. J., April 24.—Tho Senate to-day adjourned sine die. FIRE INSURANCE. Convention of tbo National Board of Underwriters—-Second Buy’s Pro ccotllngfi, h New Yobk, April 24.— I Tho National Board of Fire Underwriters, in session to-day, adopted a resolution, on tbo recommendation of the Com mittee of Local Boards, empowering Supervis ing Agents to examine privately the books of any insurance agont suapootod of taking rlokb at loss than schedule rates, and to report tho facta to agents of tbo company only. A resolution was also adopted to establish a fund of SIOO,OOO to pay rewards to secure tho arrest and convic tion of incendiaries. After long discussion,' a resolution was adopted giving the Executive Committoo power to consider a recommendation for tbo adoption of the “ Tliroo-quartora limitation olauuo,” such clause to bo Inserted in all policies, thereby limiting the liability of tbo companies. Tbo bill ponding in tbo Legislature providing for a corps of sappers and miners, with power to destroy buildings to prevent groat fires, was favorably viowod, and a copy thereof ordered to bo sent to oaoh Board of UTiro Underwriters in the United States. A resolution was referred to tbo Com mittee on Legislation advocating a repeal of tbo State law, taxing premiums and deposits of for oign > companies and premiums of State com panies. Tbo only change in tbo now board of officers is Samuel T. Blagdon for Secretary. After recess, the Committee on Adjournments and Statistics offered a supplementary report, requesting all companies to collect as much sta tistics of firos and losses on different kinds of property 06 possible, and furnish such informa tion to tbo general agent, with a view to as oor roct an adjustment of rates and premiums on property as possible. Tbo report was accepted. Mr. Gorriguo offered a resolution to tbo effect that in losses whore a number of companies are interested, no company shall pay tbo minimum on its amount of risk until ft has notified the other companies. Tbo resolutions also advised precautions against tbo hasty payment of losses, and provided that adjustors, before any claim is paid, shall send proof of losses and adjustments to tbo homo offices. Mr. Hoodoo and Mr. Wobstor opposed tbo resolutions, and, after considerable discussion, tbo resolution regarding tho b&sty payment of losses and requirement of proof of losses being sent to homo offices before payment was with drawn. Tbo following was offered in its stead and adopted t Jtesolved, That tbo companies constituting tbo Na tional Board will discourage tbo baaty adjustment and payment of losses, and will, so far as Is ex pedient, have the proof of said losses soot to their re spective offices before their payment. The following was also adopted: Resolved, That tho payment of adjusted loises beforo maturity shall not be authorized by any company with out the consent, In writing, of tho majority of tho companies interested having boon previously received. Tbo election of officers was then gone into, Messrs. Webster, Little, and Miller being ap pointed tollers. Tbo ticket reported by tbo Nominating Oommltteo was elected. Mr. Locko submitted a long statement from tbo Now York State Board regarding tbo rates on farm property, and giving tbo principal fea tures of tbo now form of policy and regulation of rates, asking tbo National Board to indorse their action In ibis matter. Mr. Locko an nounced that the Fire Insurance Company of Watertown bod withdrawn from tbo State Board, and refused to agroo to tbo now regulations. Tho statement was referred to the Executive Committee. Adjourned slno die. tho President promising to announce tho standing committees at a future time, Suffocated to Death* Sjxcial DitpaUh to The Chicago Tribune, Buarpsville, Pa., April 24.— Two men wore suffocated at Sherman's furnace this morning. One of the tho slowing-cylinder got out of order, and tho two engineers wont in to repair it. The valve between tho cylinder ami hot-blast was not tightly closed, and tho gas from the furnace came hi on them, killing them Instantly, It is supposed. They lay •in the cylinder from midnight until 0 o’clock before they wore found. Thoir names are John Palo, hond-onginoor, and Harry Stott, assistant. They each leave a wife, but no family. The Itichmond Hivltch Disaster* Providence, B. 1., April 24.—Tho remains of another victim of tho Bichmond switch disaster have been identified as tho body of Jerry Cream er, a sailor, who loaves a wife and sovou children in Boston. Parts of two moro bodies remain’ without apparently any possibility of identifica tion. Inquiries are made for four or five miss ing persons, believed to havo boon on the ill fated train. The Supremo Judgeship. Peoria. 111., April 24.—Tho National democrat of this city will contain an editorial, to-morrow morning, favoring tho nomination of the Hon. A. M. Craig, of Knox County, as a candidate for Supremo Judge by the farmers of the THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 1873. Princeton Cohvontlon on tho 80tb. After speaking of Judge Craig’s personal popu larity and acknowledged legal ability, mention ing his repeated election to the Bench in fa district largely opposed him in politics, and to tho State Constitutional Convention from Knox County, the article closes as follows t “ But in those laudations of tho legal and per sonal character of Judge Craig, wo say nothing in dlsparngent of Judge Loland, and if either of those gentlemen, or any other whom wo think worthy, competent, and fitted for the position bo nominated, they will re ceive the hearty support of the Democrat in the coming judicial campaign. "Wo hope tho Convention may make a good selection and act with harmony and co-operation with on orgy and effect.” RAILROAD NEWS. Boston’s Finns to Soonro a Greater Share of tho tVcatorn Trade-—l*ro posted linllroad OonnollAatLon Other Railroad Matters. Special Dispatch to The Chicago JWsun«. Mansfield, 0., April 21.—A grand excursion took plaoo to-day over the now Mansfield, Cold water *t Lake Michigan Railroad, Toledo Divis ion, the' train running from Toledo to Mans field, and return. About 800 loading citizens of Toledo visited Mansfield, joined by CO or more from Tiffin, and as many from othor points. Tho excursionists wore welcomed to Mansfield by much noisy demonstration, and the Hon. John Bhomion delivered a brief welcoming address, responded to by Gon. Wager Bwayno and Mayor Jones, of Toledo, and tho Hon. w. P. Noble, of Tiffin. Tho excursionists woro entertained at tho Bt. James by tho Pennsylvania Company, and departed for Toledo about 4:80 p. m., about fifty Mansfield oilmens accompanying thorn. Tho road will bo opened for general business on May 1. New York. April 24.—'Tho majority report of tho lloosao Tunnel Railroad Committee of tho Massachusetts Legislature, providing for a con solidation of a number of railroads into one cor poration, by the name of tho Boston and North western Railroad Company, is regarded hero as tho beginning of a deflection of those ourronts of trade that have hitherto made New York tho shipping focus of tho continent. Tho consoli dated company, it io provided, shall operate tho Hoosao Tunnel and Its approaches, hut all rail road corporations connecting therewith, or with the Boston and Northwestern Railroad, shall pos sess the right of sending their oars, passengers, and freight through tho tunnel upon equal terms and with equal facility. It la also provided that the Commonwealth may after six mouths’ no tice, take possession of the roads of tho consoli dated company. A letter from Boston says that, by tho near opening of tho Hoosac Tunnel and tho consoli dation of railroad interests, Boston hopes to •share in tho Western trade, which is to undergo groat and rapid development. Boston expects to bocomo a grand grain depot, through tho now railroads, harbor, and dock improvements, and arrangements for tho rapid transhipment of goods. Commercial expedients are oven now needed for tho rapidly increasing Western trade. Four Western connecting lines are project ed, and connection with Oswego is proposed to secure tho lake trade. Chicago will bo brought within 024 miles of Boston, while it is 1,018 miles from Now York. Tho difference in favor of Now York to Oswego is 22K miles, but Boston is 200 miles nearer Europe. Now Boston gets tbo siftings of the Western trade, bnt hopes soon to got tbo bulk of it, and to make producers seek tbo Now England market. Toledo, 0., April 24.— An excursion train loft boro this morning for Mansflold, 0., over tbo now road, tho party consisting of loading business men and tbo city oificials of Toledo. Upon their arrival at Mansfield an address of welcome will bo delivered by tbo Hon. John Sherman, fol lowed by a banquet at tbo St. James Hotel. Louisville. Ivy., April 24.—Tho Superintend ents of tbo Western railroads adjourned to-day, not having boon able to complete tirao-tablo ar rangements for summer. jThoy loft tbo matter to a committee to settlo at a mooting on tbo Ist of May In Now York, Tho difficulty was with tho Pennsylvania combinations, which could not bo arranged satisfactorily at once. Tho representatives of tho " Groon Lino ” or ganization mot boro to-day. The principal ob ject of tho mooting was to obviate tbo frequent freight blockades consequent upon tbo detention of cars of tbo Louisville «k Nashville and St. Louis & Iron Mountain Roads by Southern con nections. which appear short of cars. The con vention determined tbo Companies should issue 750 additional cars pro rata to tho roads,' and a superintendent should bo appointed, at a liberal salary, to look after tbo return of tbo care to tho roads to which they belong. Dubuque, April 24.— Twenty thousand dollars have been subscribed at Independence, lowa, to lusnro tbo completion of tbo Burlington, Cedar Rapids Mluncnotn Railroad to Hull City. Tho tax of $82,000, voted them last year, was forfeited by tbo road not reaching In dependence by October, and tbo abovo amount will bo withhold unless the road shall reach the city within a specified time. Tho probabilities now are that the road will bo built to Postvillo, lowa, by tbo Ist of January next. MADISON. Vho End of tlio Crazy Smith Excite* ment—Good Prospects for Lumber* men* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune . Madisok, Wia., April 2*l.—The excitement about the /anally of Mr. Smith, so successfully circu lated for so many months In tbo centre of our oity, that ho was boliovod to bo dead, and his wife hjs murderess, baa boon quieted by tho committal of Mr. Smith to the Insane Hospital, mid tbo release of his wife, who, It is believed, baa reason onongh loft to tako care of herself and child. There are some who regard interfer ence of tho public and officers unwarranted, and talk of notion for false imprisonment. Spring has bo?n rather discouraging for our farmers in this section, but encouraging for tbo loggers, who are gottipg out good drives on al most all tbo streams. THE ENGLISH FORGERIES, JBldwoll Turned Over to England By tho Cuban Authorities—Tko ITlac bonnoll Case In Now York. Havana, April 20.—Bid well, tbo alleged Bank of England forger, baa been delivered over to tbo English Consul on oh order of Oapt.-Gen. Pioltain, and will probably bo sent to England in a man-of-war. Several of tbo confederates of Bidwoll, including Wilson, are still In Havana. N&w xobk, April 2-I.—-Tho examination of Maoßonnoll, tbo alleged Bank of England for gor, wae resumed to-day before the United States ommlsaloner. The counsel of the Bonk of England stated ho bad no moro evidence to of fer under tbo old warrant, on which tho prisoner was bold, and tbo prisoner was discharged un der that warrant, and an examination Into tbo complaint on which bo was arrested yesterday, waauoguu. Tbo new warrant and deposition taken in London, were put in evidence. Navigation Items* Mackinaw, April 21.—Mercury 40 degrees. Fair weather. The Transportation Company’s propellers ore oft northward of Bound Island: tried all day yesterday to break the ice, but could not. AuSadle, April 24.— Ice still firm and solid. Port Austin, April 24.—Wind light from northwest. Clear and pleasant; lake packed with broken ice. St. Catherines, Ont., April 24.—The Welland Canal is unusually low, and a number of vessels are aground in the Long Level. At Welland it is four feet below the usual spring level. Milwaukee, April 24.—Milwaukee Bay is still blocked with ice. The propellers Messenger and Ironsides, and two sail vessels are stuck fast. Borne passengers walked ashore to-day on the ice. Wind still from tho west. ''obituary* Evansville, Ind., April 24.—Ex-Gov. William Pickering died at tho residence of his eon, Biohard Pickering, In Edwards County, 111., on Tuesday last, of apoplexy. Ho was one at tho oldest residents and most Influential citizens of the State. Cincinnati, 0., April 24.—Mrs. G. A. Hickey, formerly tho wife of Judge W. T. Barry, Post master-General under President Jackson’s Administration, died in Newport, Ky., yester day. PuiLAUELTuiA, April 21.—John Wilson, Jr., a prominent member of tho Masonic fraternity, and largely engaged in tho insurance busmens, died to-day, aged 41. New York Central Hnllroad Taxes, Albany, N. Y., April 24.—Collector Baiioy has seized twoniy-tnroo locomotives and thirty eight passenger and throo baggage cars of the Now York Control A Hudson llfvor Ballroad Company for non-paymout of taxes. Telegraphic (Brevities* Tho prominent retail stores of Syracuse now close at C p. m. • This has boon a gala week in Charleston, S. 0., the citizens generally uniting with the Gor mans in celebrating tho Schutzonfost. Charles H. Allen, of tho firm of Allen, Heath he. 00., brass founders, at Toledo, was danger ously. ond perhaps fatally, Injured by tho burst* Ing of an omory wheel yesterday. Tho Philadelphia JSocning Tcteqraph reports tbo arrest of Harrison Rambo, a banker, on tho charge of embezzling $2,100 worth of slock be longing to n merchant. Tho hearing is post poned until Saturday next. Delegates representing the Gorman printers of different ncotlona of the country are still la ses sion In Philadelphia, the business before the mooting being tho adoption of a constitution and by-laws for tho proposed now Notional So ciety of Gorman Printers. A Providence (R. I.) telegram says there Is reason to fear that Colin O. McPherson, of Brooklyn, N. Y., perished In tbo disaster at Richmond Switch. Ho was expected to attend tho conference of tbo Latter-Day Saints, and loft homo, but did not arrive boro. Tho bridge, whore tho accident occurred, was built In 1834 or 1836. The wood work was renewed throe or four years ago. THE INDIAN QUESTION. Gon* Sherman on tlio Proper Ircat« mont of tlio Savages* Tho following 1s a letter from Gen. Sherman to a friend in Washington t IlBADQUAnxins Ajimtop tith Unttid States,! Washington, D. 0., April 17, 1873. ) Dead Sms I havo your letter of thisdato, and am unwilling in a private letter to express my opinion on all tho questions you make. Tho army has no “ policy ” about Indians or anything olso. It has no voice in Congress, but accepts the laws as enacted and tbo Interpreta tion thereof by tbo proper oificials, and executes them with os much Intelligence, fidelity, and hu manity as any other body of citizens. From the organization of Government up to 1850, the In dians and Indian Bureau woro under the War Department, so that nearly all tbo civilization and Christianization of tho In dians thus for accomplished, occurred un der army supervision. To-day, in case an Indian suitors wrong, I believe be will bo more likely to appeal to tbo commanding offi cer of tbo nearest military post than to bis own agent; for in the one be sees with bis eyes tho evidence of a force to compel obedience, where as in the other nothing of tho kind. In like manner I believe tbo annuities io treaty Indians would reach tho parties in interest quite as sure ly through army officers as through civilians. And when Indians havo committed depreda tions—-as is very common—and tho annuities are chargeable with tbo amount of damages, such stoppages could moro safely bo made by a com manding officer having soldiers at his back than by ah agent afraid of bis life, as too many of them are and have reason io bo. Tlio present Indian Agents, as a class, are very good men ; but they lack the force, the power, which sav ages alone respect. Tbo existing policy, usually caliod tho poaco policy, is to gradually asseroblo tho wandering tribes on reservations, with boundaries clearly defined, and then, through civilians, to instruct thorn in agriculture and tho rudor arts, and edu cate them as far as possible. To this I think no army officer objoota. And ? further, when tho Indians leave their reservations to steal, murder, and plunder, they fall under tho jurisdiction of tho army, This Is tho theoretical condition of tilings, but it would require ton times onr present army to mako a cordon around tbo reservations, so that murders aro done, tho stealing of cnttlo, horses, etc., perpetrated, and tho Indians quickly escape to tbeir reservations, where the troops cannot follow them: so that in fact thoso reser vations help thorn in their lucrative business. I am safo-in saying that half tho horses and mules now owned by tbo Kiowos, Comanches, Chey ennes, Arapaliocs, Sioux, «to., —all treaty In dians. all at peace, with agencies and annuities,— havo boon stolon from tbo United States or from oitizons. I have myself soon, at tho Kiowa and Comanche Agency, and at several of tho Sioux agencies, horses and mules branded <( U. S.” led up to bo packed with annuity goods, and I uovor hoard of an agent demanding tho restitution of one for that reason;. and, though murders are of so frequent occurrence, I do not hoar of tho mur derers being surrendered, as is required by tbo treaties. Again, though tho Sioux and Chey ennes aro at peace, tho army has to send escorts with all trains and parties of surveyors who go rightfully to work within tho borders of sneb States os Kansas and Nebraska, as though actual war existed. All I will venture to assort 10, that tbo army lias a ranch moro difficult task now than if wo woro actually nt war, and could anticipate depredations and follow tbo perpetra tors to tbotr very camp, os I did in tbo caoo of tbo Kiowao two yoars ago. Thou tbo Texas peo ple were constantly complaining that tbo treaty Indiana woro depredating on tbolr property, killing tbolr pooplo and taking rofngo on their 1 would not bollovo it until T wont n person,and was actually near by when Santauta killed Bovoa poor toamstora in Texas, one of whom was found bumod, tied nt tho wngon wheol, and a few days after bo oamo to tbo agency at ForUSUI, boasting of the deed. With the approval of tbo agent, Mr, Tatum, I arrest ed mm and two others and sent thorn to Texas for trial. Now lam told that Santanta is to bo turned looso again, although 1 bollovo bo has committed fifty murders, ana baa notorious ly violated ovory promise hitherto made. No gonoral rnlo will answer for tbo govern ment of ovory tribe, but each must bo treated according to tbolr conduct, and, I think, tbo army officers aro better qualified to judge than tho average of citizens, though I am by no

moans anxious that this disagreeable duty should bo imposed on. ns. If tho Christian agents can bettor control tho wild savages, I wish them all success: but, suroly, tbo wbito pooplo who venture into tho wilderness to labor and toil, aro entitled to tho protection of their, lives and property ; and it Is natural that they should feol the greatest interest, although it is tho exclusive privilege of Congress to dovise tho best moans to secure this end. Many good pooplo residing oast of the Alio gbanlos mistake tho character of tho emigrant population who have of luto years brought mill ions of acres under cultivation, and produced fifty or sixty millions of gold and silver, where, twenty years ago, a white man dared not ven ture. Those pooplo aro of tbo samo kind as set tled In Ohio, Indiana, and lowa.; thoy aro as good as wo aro, and woro wo in their stood wo would act just as they do. I know it, because I have been ono of them. Thoy now pay choir full shore of taxes, and contribute to our national wealth and power. As a rule tho emigrants do objoot that tho Indians should forovor remain non-producers. beggars, and robbors, if not worse. If tbo Indians are willing to work, as thoy used to, in tho gold mines of California, nobody wUI prevent them. So to-day, if tho Cheyennes, Arapahoos and Kiowas will ntillzo tho beautiful pastoral loud assigned them in raising stock, they will soon become tho richest pooplo in tho Southwest; bat this thoy havo not done, and it looks as though they novor will. And tbo question will surely arise, and that very soon, bow long must tho Government continue to olotho and food them without any assurance of self-support ? Tho pressure of white settle ments ou tbo borders of Indian reservations is nothing now. It has gono on for 200 years, and mast go on, and tbo In dions must conform. In somo instances thoy 'will do it without resistance, in others thoy will resist, and in somo cases injustice will bo done ; but suroly oar Government cau novor ad mit to practice tho prinoiplo that ono wrong justifies another; ana a greater, that because tho soldiers in Now Mexico chase and kill a few Choyonnos near Fort Basoom, who aro moro than a hundred miles off tbolr reservation to steal horses, tboy can go and kill tbo surveyors near Comp Supply engaged in a lawful survey ; and because “ Whistler 1 ' has boon killed bysomo murderer on tho Republican, thoy must demand of the Government an indemnity in ponies, also bis death must bo avenged on any stranger. Those aro not supposititious cases, but oases ac tually ponding, and illustrate how far wo havo thus far progressed in tho groat work of civili zation. Tho affair with the Hodoos is not regarded as an exceptional case, nor lias it any couuootiou whatever with tho Apaches, Sioux, Cheyennes, Arapahoos, and Kiowos, that wander over a re gion of country four or five times as great as the whole State of California. Tho Modocs ore a small remnant of what used to ho called Pitt River Indians, {or Roguo River Indians, with whom wo have had several wars. They are familiar with tho habits of tho whites, ana havo soon gold dug from tho canyons of their moun tains, and have participated in it; have soon the wild valleys whore they used to hunt and Ash converted Into prosperous farms and ranchos; but In this they seem not to havo imi tated their white neighbors. Whether they havo sustained wrongs or not Is not tho ques tion, but they havo taken refuge in a natural fortress, havo defied tho civil and military agents, and, lastly, under a flag of truce, killed Con. Canny, who was their best friend 5 aud this was not an isolated fact, for about tho same time they decoyed Lieut. Sherwood within ro&ah of their rifles at another and distant part, and also stokllhily attacked Col. Mason's camp on the opj penile side from that whore Qon. Cauby and the Peace Commissioners wore shot.' All tho Mo docs ore Involved, and do not protend that tho murder of Qeu. Onnby was the individual not of Oapt. Jack. Therefore tho order to attack is against the wbolo, aud if all bo swept from the face of the earth they themselves have invited It. Tho place is like a fortress, and during an as sault the soldier cannot pause to dibUngaisbjbo- twoon male and fomalo, or ovan dlnorlmlnato as to ago} an long ns resistahoo la nlatlo, (loath must bo motod out, but tho moment all reslst- Mioo ceases tlio firing will atop and Iho survivors tumod ovor to Iho proper Indian ngout. Tlila wholo matter must bo loft to tbo ofllcora on tho spot, and thoso must bo sboltorod against iho howl such as followed MaJ. Baker after tho Piegan attack, as also God. Oustor after his attack on Black Kettle's camp. There is not much danger of too much barm being done. To bo offoollvo and ex emplary tbo blow must Involve tbo lorriblo { enough to Impress tbo -kindred tribes of Kla mnths and Pl-Utcs. I boliovo tbo civilians and soldiers wish tbo s&mo and, and, in fact, do not differ much as to tbo process. All Indians must bo mado to know that when tbo Government commands tboy must obey, and until that state of mind Is reached, through persuasion or fear, wo cannot bopo for poaco. lam yours, with rospoot, W. T. Biieiimah, General. FIRES. Dootructlon of Properly lu various Places* RpeeM Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Kansas City, April 21.—A special to tbo Daily Nexoa of this city from Fort Scott, Kansas, dated 8 p. m.. says a terrible tiro broke out in this city loot night at 15 past 11, on Market street. Al though there was Jittlo wind prevailing at tho time, tho flro spread despite tho efforts to ebook it until it threatened tho ontiro city. Had thoro boon a strong wind, tho best portion of tbo city would have boon deatrovoa. Tbo entire row from Bamberger's Building, comer of Wall street, to Qooalondor & Blclrs Building, was ut terly destroyed. At loast ouo-tlurd of tbo business portion of tbo city la in ruins, and bolwoon thirty and forty buildings woro destroyed. Tbo loss approximates SIOO,OOO. Tho scene during the flee beggars description. Hundreds, fearing that tho ontiro city would bo burned, woro making preparations to oscapo. Tbo streets woro thronged with people frantic ovor their losses, and anxious for tbo safety of their friends. There was groat excitement In ibis city on re ceipt of news of tho Fort Bcolt iU'o. Telegrams wore sent to merchants and friends in that city from boro and elsewhere, offering them money and goods with which to start business again. Host of tho friendly offers come from Chicago. Tout Scott, Kas., April 21.—The fire here last night was the most destructive that over visited the city. Over thirty buildings, covering a largo area of tho central business part of tho city, wore totally destroyed. Tho buildings wero old wooden structures, built before and during the war, and not of groat value. Only two on three good buildings wore burned and two or throo others damaged. Tho loss of stock is 875,000; insurance not over SIO,OOO or 820.000. Tho flro raged with violence for two or throo hours, but it was stayed in every direction on reaching tho brick buildings. New York, April 21.—The Now Jersey Plow Company’s hoardlng-houso, at Newark, burned to-day. Porty-flvo boardora in the house nar rowly escaped with their Uvea. Loss, 815,000; insurance, 85,000, [By Mail. - ] Tho IXondsboro (Mies.) Democrat, of the 20th. sayo tho Wesson Cotton Factory was destroyed by fire recently. Lose, $250,000, At Sparta, Wis., April 21, the hop-houso of Moffatt A Cargill, Lose, $6,500. t At Williametown, Oswego County, N. Y., April 21, the extensive tannery of P. A P. Cos tello. Loss, $70,000, At Paola, Kan., April 10, tho northwest corner of the Square, ten frame buildings, occupied as stores, offices, etc. Loss, 820,000. The old homestead of Joshua B. Giddlnga, oc cupied by hio coUj in Jefferson, Ohio, was burned down last Friday night. A part of tho furniture was saved. .Lo?s at least $3,500. To flSo I&nnpcil* Fulton, 111., April 2-I.— Joseph O’Neal was to day reiUoncsd lo bo banged on May 16. Thomas was granted a now trial. Now Orleans fllarUel* New Obleahs, April 21.—Bhan—Firmer nt 80® &sc. Pbovmiond— Pork Arm at $18.75; dry emit meats flrmot7*i(£B94®9*fo. Lard llrmor ; tlcrccn, packers, ? refined, o‘*®oi.fc; keg, Others unchanged. CoxroK—Qulot; Bales, 3,600 hales nt yesterday's quotatlouo ; receipts, 5.119 hales ; exports, Liverpool, 678 holes j ntock, 105,090 bales. MARRIAGES* CARTER—BLANCHARD—At tho Fourth Unitarian Church. April 2-1,1673, by tho Her. Robert Laird Colllor, Mr. Evorill Carteranu Mias Mary 12. Blanchard, daughter of Dr. J. Blanchard, all of this city. DEATHS. KCOLTvfl—April SI. Nt his residence, C 6 Llborty-st., James Ktcloj, ngod 37 years. LALOR—April 21, at hor residence, 835 Mtiy-01., Amelia Lalur. . Notice of funeral In to-morrow’s papers. WITKOWSKY-On Thursday, April S-f. at 4 p. m.. Oracle, daughter of David and Esther Witkowsky, aged 3 years, I month, and 27 days. TRIPP—April 21. Ermlanio Augusta, oldest child of Wm. R, and IS. A. Tripp, aged 7 years, I month, and 15 days. Funeral from tho rosldonoo, 623 Larxaboo-at., to-day, at 1 p. m. TO EXCHANGE. TO RXCHANGE-A FINE RESIDENCE AT HlNS dalt>, with2acres: no incumbrance. S Irving Park lots, with shade trees. 6 good farms, well improved. 7,800 acres of aholoo lowa lands. $7,000 residence in Gonova, grounds blent? cultivated, for farm In Invra or Minnesota. 1 house on Fulton-st., lor lute. SIO,OOO residence and 8 acres at Battle Creek, for stock of coeds. $23,000 agricultural implement factor?, all complete, for othoE good property. M. A. LAWRENCE & CO., 181 East Madlaon-at. O EXCHANGE—UNTIL MAYI, 88.000 WORTH OP buildings with lot, near Blue Island-av., that will rent for SI,BOO poryoar; will take about half in aero prop, ortvoriots, and balance cosh payments. M. A. LAW* KENOEAOO.. 181 East Madiaon-st. TO BXOHANOE-A GOOD FARM OF 90 ACRES, IB of which Is Umber, within 16 milosof Muscatine,lowa, aud only ft half-mile from depot; fenced and undoroultl val lent will exchange fee a good house and tot, wall situa ted, in Chicago, w. P« JONES, SR., Room 10, Bryan Block. - TO EXCHANGE-FOR GOOD HOUSE IN OAK Park or Lombard, my residence, 808 Wainut-st.; houso is In good order and well located, contains 11 rooms, be sides pantry and closets, lake aud olatoru water, gas pipes toovonrroom, marble mantel: price $5,000; toexolmugo for suburban property: Oak Park preferred. Address OWNER, 916H WestLsko st. mO EXCHANGE—AN~ELEGANT HOME AT WAU- Xkoognn, southeast front, for bouse and lot in tho city, worth from SB,OOO to $lO.€(X). Will assume an incum brance. orpay some cash. WARNER & CO., successors toHoaid a Warner, 130 Clark-st. After May 1, Reaper Block. mo EXCHANGE—fO FRET. CORNER .WEST J. Laks-st., 2 blocks west of Wostorn-av. Inoutnbranoo, $3,900. Want a good house and lot worth SI,OOO or $5,0C0, west of Union Park; or for good house aud lot at Oak Park or Lombard. TbU Lake-st property is Increasing SO per cent por an num. Apply to M. HALL, Room 20, Central Union Block, or evening at 890 Fulton-st. WANTED— $12,OCO WORTH OF SEASONED LUM bor, sash, doors aud blinds, in exchange for good outaldo real estate, near city limits; or will purchase on time, secured by tonl estate. Responsible parties only dealt with. Address N S3, Tribune otllco. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. I?OR SALE—A PEERLESS COOK-STOVE; SIZE, J 7M; lu good coudltluu. Prices3s. Apply at 853 Cot tago Orove-av. TnOR SALE-HALF PRICE; NEW SET PARLOR J? and bed-room furniture. SMITH PROS , 174 Wo«t Washington-fit., Room 4. TTtOR BALE—I CORNER WHATNOT, I RED. X' aprlag, 1 baao-burnor parlor stovo, 1 7>-J Poorlosa cook store, a 6 foot etup-laduer, and a 3-whoolod baby car riago. Apply at 859 OotUge Ororo-ay. TF YOU HAVE HOUSEHOLD GOODS TO DISPOSE X of, and would bars their full valuo In caab, call on,or address, IJ, 177 Twopty-accoud-at. PARTIES WANTING FURNITURE SHOULD AT. tend tbo nation at 1!} North Paullnn-«t., at 10 o’clock Thursday. Hoo auction column- .EDWIN A. RICE A CO., AuoUonoora. IDARTIES fIAVINO HOUSEHOLD GOODS ON X merchandise of any kind for unlo will find a oash pup. chaser by addressing il 75, 'i'rlbuno otlloo. 11 HB HIGHEST CASH PRIDES PAID FOR HOUSE. . hold furniture, t| i>lauos,,, carpottt, iiilrroM, oto Tt In AtldroßH_ PARTNERS WANTED* PAIITNRR WANTED-?M,«M, EITHER AS BPR olal or active, to tnko tho place of a partner doconood; !□ & largo ami well established shoo jiiftuufsuturhiK estab lishment, located In Philadelphia. represented favorably in all tcollons, i.ui utptosent in an oxtiumclv prosperous condition. employing upwards of&00 hands ana duliiK a bug. inossof ijoOO.OOUporanunras clear ovidonco given lliula nrotltcf $30,000 to if 60,000 can bo tnadn yearly, aud om nraclng 0110 ut tho most prompt and reliable linos of trada , intbooonntryj a business iu every way Iron from the slightest risk. Address IMJ North SUleonlb-st., Phila delphia. . IJAUTNEB WANTKIJ-Wmi «1.6«0, IN A OOOD X manufacturing bittiness; an excellent opportunity for an energetic man. Applyai SJ weal Washlngton-at. A OOOD PAYING HU«I- X 1 mw*. established live years, with cash capital of $3,. £OO. Call and see fur youraelf, or address A. b. D„ 205 SEWING* MACHINES. A Qft] WIIKEMSU A WILSON SKWINn-MAOniNK, Improved gluas-sllppur, 010. s In cablnst-oaso; Is nearly now, and In perfect order. Price, tfcSW. Uosldunco, 7 East Klgnluonthst. ______ /I HOVMH 4 DAKEU’B K hfwTN U•M A 0 HIN li 8-H EN IT oral ulHopt IM> Stato-at.s branch ollico, 1)7:1 Wabash av. Parsons bavin* old Uruvor A linker simlng-machlnet arc Invited to call ami sou tho now Improvements, ami boar Ecimothlnif to tholr advantage- GINGIJK, WIIRISUiU & WILSON, HOWK. FI.OU kj onoo, an.l all fiiat-oUaa soninu-mnuUlueii. ologamly ttnUbod, aud Lilly warrantnd, /or Tuen lUau liaH-I’npo at vrliloh lamo nro mild by miulur tsgonlu. A. W, liSUUx Ageuta, No.‘Jill Wont iladlßou Bt. AGO., WIIKKLKiI * WILSON HEWING MACHINES, thu uow Improved told or ranted ou oa»y monthly parraouta. HUUNIIAM A b’LANWICKY, Ully AgoaU, oflioo, tuaWott Madlion-sl.i will remoru about Slat I, 1879, j#l»SUto«t FINANCIAL. TNfIUUANgR CLAIMS BOUGHT IN ALL BANK* X nipt Anmbaillei. , Como and boo mo before selling. 11 Si DlimilUll. 77\VoBtMadison-al., up.stairs. f CANS NEGOTIATED ON CHICAGO REAL ICS- Jj Ifttot application*! for nums of from ShWO to $17,M0 wanted. W. E. FURNESS, Koora 10, 1M Wonroo-st., Chicago. . VCONRY TO LOAN ON HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, I>l. houses, pianos, and other chattel security. E.ItOO BUS, 177 Knot Mndlaonat., Room 9. . Money to loan oTTfieo i;red paCI-%., A .F 1 ? real estate, in nuns to suit, M. 0. BALDWIN k CO., Stand69LaHnllo-tt., RoomCf. ATONEY TO LOAN-ON LONcTaND SHOUT TIMIL IVi. A. B.PALMER, Jam 01 Washlnglon-st., Rooms 10 and 17. Money to loan in sums and timetohuitj money in hand. TRUESDELL A BUOWN, 170 Wsil Madlaon-Bt. T> BAL ESTATE LOANB-I AM PREPARED TO J.L plaoo several loan* of largo amounts on favorable terms. I Mae have In hand several Buma of modorato amount, including otio of $0,500 and another of $2,000. NORMAN C. PERKINS, Attorney, Room IS, Kendall’* Building. t* HtO LOAN-ONE SUM OP $6,000 AND ONE BUM X of $4,Q00, fora term of years; money In hand. J. D. HAH'V KY. 174 LaSillo-at. WANTED-TO BORROW FROM 05.000 TO SIO,OOO for one or two years on good security, to bo itflod In manufacturing; 26 per cont per annum guaranteed; prin cipal and Interest socurnd by real estate j fullest invest!- fallen granted. Priuolpala only need reply. Address D 5,1, Tribune olllco. WANTED— A RESPONSIBLE PARTY TO LOAN $16,000 in Installments as needed, to build a number St email house*, already sold, A good profit guaranteed, fonoy secured by first mortgage. None butmonwlth tbo capital need apply. Address K 36, Tribune office. WANTED— I WILL PAY 10 PER CENT INTEREST and 5 par coni commission for SI,OOO, one year, so. cured on first-class aollvo unimproved property worth $13,000. Address T 13, Tribune office, WANTED— $6,000 TO SIO,OOO FOR ONE OR TWO years, for which 13 per cont will bo given, or 10 per cont and small commission. Address, stating conditions and terms, 1C 87 Tribune office. TfrANTED-8«,00() ON FIVE YEARS’ TIME. OR Yi party to advance tho nbovo amount for building doublo briok house In popular location and take a lease on on one of tho houses long ouuugh to pay back money ad* vancod; will pay 10 per cent Interest. Address I' 49, Trib une odloo. ■ WANTED -A LOAN OF SB,OOO ON PROPERTY near Hyde Park station] will pay 10 per ci’ntand 3!< for five years or 4 per cent for ton years. Address P. O. Box 317, Obioago. WANTED-GOOD PUUOHABR MONEY NOTES. No ceromlaalous. Apply at No. 6, £2O Stato-st. WANTED— TO nonnow $16,000 IN MAliniCTA blo bonds or slocks. Liberal oomponsatlon and ample security. Address WJS7, Tribune office. Y\f ANTED—I WILL PAY v,i PER CENT PER VV mouth for sC,OiWono year, scoured by $l,£CO worth of aoltvo unimproved boulevard property. Address 0 24, Tribune oflico. Cil KAA TO IX)AN ON REAL ESTATE. $6,000 itli.OUU nn good oollaterols. ABBOTT A OLIVER, llooro 9, IC3 Mouroo-at. o*l A nnn to LOAN FOR FIVE YEARS, IN ©iU.UUv two sums of $6,000 each, on real citato security, at 10 per cent Interuat. BLANCHARD BROS., 163 HORSES AND CARRIAGES. AUCTION EVERY WEDNESDAY AND BATUR j!I, day of horses, wagon?, carriage*, harness, 1 line’*, and a car-load of mules nod homes! car-load of hones to bo Bold to tho highest bidder; good stabling for horses; money advanced on gauds, O. liltlOOH, 421 Stato-et. (lELEBRATED STALLION ETHAN ALLEN, JIL, J wilt stand this season at 421 Slato-st.; tho best stock* horse In tho Wost for speed, TPOR BALK-40 HORSES OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS X 1 drivers, and MOO workers, at Omaha Stables. M, 0. MILLER A GUO., 107 and ICS Mlchlgan-av. 7JIOH SALE-PAST TROTTERS, PACERS, AND 1' matohod carriage horses at Omaha Btablcs. M, 0. MILLER A DUO., 167 Mlchlgan-av. TPOR BALE-HORSE, HARNESS, AND SPLENDID X* delivery wagon, together or separately. Inquire at 137K South Ilnlatod-at. f7IOR~BALE-LIQIIT AND HEAVY EXPRESS AND JL; delivery wagons of nil hinds. Two second-hand ex- 6 rosa wagons, and 000 yacht box buggy. At 269 South anal-Bt. THOR SALK—A FIRST-CLASS EXPRESS WAGON, i; horse, and harness. Call for throo days at No. 221 Twonty-sixth-st., or corner State and Twonty-tlfth-sta. TBOU SALE-A BASKET PHAETON CAN BE HAD X at a bargain. Apply at Oontro-av. Stables. ROBERTS A BRO. TROR SALK—ROOKAWAYB, BAROUCHES, PIIAIS - tone, slldo-sonts, and buggies. 27 and 29 South Clin ten-R., near Washington. If. B. HILL. 1?OR SALE-TOP BUGGIES, PHAETONS, OARRY- X' alls, and open buggies. C. W. ABBOTT, 140 Mlcbl gnn-av. • F* ‘ OR SALK—CHEAP, 25 GOOD BUSINESS HORSES; alsu a Hue carriage team, at a bargain. C 3 West Mon* roo-st, THOR HALE—THE CELEBRATED TROTTING *X' stallion Heart of Oak; alsot some flnu drivers. AOKERMAN, 63 Etdridgo-court. 1?OR RALE—HORSE, WAGON, AND HARNESS, X 1 uuitablo for light express or delivery, cheap for each and oil in good order, at 746 West Lako-at. Inquire for three days. POR SALE-CHEAP—a HORSES: ALSO, A BLOOD od marc, with colt. No. 11 Aloxaudor-st., near Twonty-third. JR. BROOKMAN, 190 TWENTY-SKCOND-ST.. • corner of State, has for salonownnd eooeud-baud buggies, open or top; business wagons with ono or two seats, single And double harness; also a few good horses. Carriage! and buggies of o\»ry description to let, with ot without horses. • rno EXCHANGE— A FINE BLACK ROADSTER, 6 X yonr.t old, for a taddlo-horso. Call any time In fore* noons, at 183 south Canal-at., EDWARD HMI’III. 1* TAKEN FROM - IN FRONT OLD POST OFFICE, A . chestnut sorrel homo, and yacht-top buggy pain.od blnolc, brown lining. ITndorwlll borowardoa by W. 0. BTRIOKLER, 7 Markot-et. _ WANTED-TO UUY-A SECOND-HAND HALF >T top, two-acat carriage. Inquire for purchaser ot Oscar Field's Livery Stable, 43 and 44 Oongress-st., for two days. WANTED-A HORSE, IN EXCHANGE FOR HOWE •owing machine. Apply 161 Mllwaukoe-av. SION PAINTER, BY 0. A. zander m North oiark-st. oonfi-noRSR, buggy, and harness, a bargain; also now mllch-cow, $35.- At 238 Calumet-av. MISOUIAANEOUS. CASH PAID FOR OAST-OFF CLOTHING AND miscellaneous goods of any kind, by sending a lottor to I. OELDEK, Loan OlQco, ftHßtato-st. DJ. GALLERY 4 00., TEAMSTERS; FURNI • turn moved; good, careful men always on hand at 43 South Markat-at. G" AZk'S TOURIST TICKETS FOS EUROPE and the _ , , East, by shortsea-routes from Englnml. Oner’s Hotel Coupons fur Europe and the East. Tickets by the London 4 Northwestern Railway. Atlantic passages secured by any lino of steamships. American office, No. 0 Howling Green, New York. OLD BOOKS-OASR PAID FOR PRIVATE, MEDI cal and law libraries, at the Standard Old Book Store. CHAPIN BROS.. 214 and 214)$ East Madlson-st., four doors oast of Franklin. STORAGE-CLEAN DRYLOFTS FORFURNITURE; also storage for seeds, bag grain, Hour, oto., at 161 East Klnzio-st. 0. M. THIKLOKE. rmvo THOUSAND GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, X Jewelry, oto,.ntbalf price to way advnnco»:Bopercent discount allowed from factory prlco-Hstn on all American watches: weekly payments taken. Old gold, amor, and old watches taken In exchange or bought for cash. J. 0. BARTLETT’S lioan Office, 203 East Mftdlson-st. n^REES—TREES—SHADE, EVERGREEN, AND X ornamental troos In largo variety Suitable for Immo dtatontloot for city and suburban maqtlag. 20 acres of nursery stock must bu sold regardless of price, to clear land: nursery 40 rods north cl Graooland Comotary; city depot, 432 North Clark-sl. rpHB HIOIIEST OASII PRIDES PAID FOR OLD X books, miscellaneous bound, or pamphlets. Call or address BALDWIN'S Cheap Book Store. 103 East iladl aon-aU WANTED-A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL BABY, 0 wooks old, to bo adopted out lu a good family. Ad dress F 43, Tribune offico. WANTISD— GAS-FIXTUUES FOR A 10-UOOMRD brlok house with basement. Address B 51, Tribune TirANTED—TO BUY-ON THE SOUTH SIDE, A YY 3-story frame dwelling, to move. O. F. BIbSELL, 49 LaSallo-st. WANTED-A CONTRACTOR (RELIABLE) TO VV furnish the raatorlal and labor for the erection of' twenty cottages, near tho city limits. The cottages are already engaged- A liberal profit guaranteed. Address K 39, Tribune office, for three days. •WANTED-TO BUY—A SECOND-HAND SODA VY fountain. Apply before Saturday morning at 80l Slatc-st. WANTED-A 7 OK 8-FOOT WIIITK-METAL SHOW £aao, bevel front, at J. A. KING A CO.'S 658 Wert Lnko-at. WANTED— A FAMILY OP BTO JOIN SAME NUM per In renting a house at SSO to S7O, near the parka, West fitdo, Address P, 578 West Lako-it. k nnn TO INVEST IN ANY SQUARE BUM- Cl t). V wl/ nojs that pays; no time to trot about town; particulars insure attention. Address NERVE, Bor 87, i». o. - For sale-store fixtures, consisting op counters, shelving, tables, stoves, do., by HUNT. BARBOUR A CO., lU3 East Madleon-at. SALEHS TEA-CANS AND 7'FLOUII COEFRB JL' cans: for sale at a groat bargain. D. COLL A SON, IVi West Madlsou-at. __ :nat klgl'itocuthat. fji'oil SALE-COUNTER AND blliHA 7 ES"u”Fi£Kf X’ joiig; also, 1 silver show-caio, 8 foot; all as good as new: cheap, If you call at uuoo. Apply at 7U West Ran dolph-lit. ■ FOU SALE—A SET OF GLASS LABELED BOTTLES for drus store. Can bo soon on shalvor, till lit of May, at 1067 Indiana-av. 1710U SALE-TWO AWNINGS. INQUIRE AT 137J X' South llalslod at. IKJU BALE-OHEAP—THREE NEW DILLARD TA bios and lUlurcs. 0M West Madison-iA. 171 Oil SALE—HOUSE, BARN. FENCES, TO BE HE- X' moved, -Id South Atin-at., cheap. Almoat given away. lilbir¥ALß~TH‘E LARGE WOODEN BUILDING X' Nos. 313 and 215 Fail Lakest., for aalo low. Contains a targe amount of good dryjumboj*. _ i,Voil SALE—A GOOD SET TINNER'S TOOLS, PAT- Jj terns, shelves, and counter. -UMlalstod-st. CLAIRVOYANTS. DU. MATHEW AND MADAMiTmAYNAUD CAN till of butinocs, marriages, journeys, law ouUa.absanl friends, lost aud stolen property, or anything you wish to know; cure ilia, paralysis, rheumatism, deafness. sore eyos, seminal weakness, oousumption, liver complaint, ague, catarrh. Delicate diseases cured In a few days. (Jure onto pay. 105 West Madlsou-st., up stairs. M" _ ADAME I*AIUE, THE WONDERFUL ‘GVPSY . iPn. m. to » p. tn.. (Sunday* o\copt«d.) Ladies only. I'Ve, til o'iita. West Miuliso»-sl TDOR SALK—OIIUAP, $200: ONE BEVRN-pOTAVB X* piano, manufactured by Marshall A Froror, Now York. Co»t $5- r iQ. JAS. B. HTQUKY, 81 LaSallQ-et., Room 36. nib RKNT-A GOOD IIALLET A DAVIfI PIANOi X Apply at Ultt Frairio-ar. FOR SALE. B2USZOAL. AUCTION BALES. The Closing Sale OIL PAffITMS "Will take plaoo this Afternoon, AT iH O'CLOCK, At Store 183 East Madison-st.- Tho balanoo of tho oollootlon will positive ,ly bo sold, among which aro some very flno Pointings. Wo shall also soil, for aoooimt of whom it may concern, a number upon which a deposit has boon mndo but havo not boon called for. EDISON & FOSTER, By ELISOW & FOSTER. 302 MICHIGAN - AV. Genteel Honloll Mm -A.T AUCTION, On Friday Morning, April 26, at 10 o'clock. At DwelUng-houHO 302 Miohlgan-av., all tho Parlor, Chamber. Dining-Room, and Kitohon Furniture, Carpets, Mattresses# Sodding, China, Glassware, Etc. ELISON A FOSTER, AooUonecrs. 1055 INDIA3STA-AV. GENTEEL FURNITURE .A.T ATTOTIO3ST, Qn FRIDAY, April 25, fttlO o’clock, at dwelling house load ludiana-ar. Wo will soil tho entire household effects, such as Parlor, Chamber, Dining-Room and Kitohon Fur* nitaro, Carpets, etc., oto. DON’T FORGET THE SALE OP SecoM-HandFurmture A.O? A.TJOTXO3ST, On Friday Morninpr, April 25, at OK o'clock, at our salesroom, 87 Markot-st. Solo posi tive, as tbo goods must bo closed. ICLISON A FOSTER. Auctioneers Beautiful Furniture At tho Marblo-Front Hooldonoo MB. Q-. D 23 XiOYNES, 564 MicMgan-av., ASV AUCTION, MONDAY MORNING, April 23, at 10 o’clock, conslstlnjsc of very rich Parlor Suits, Marble-Top Chamber Sets, Mar blo-Ton Tables, Easy Chairs, Paulines, Engravings. Brussels Carpets, Bods and Bedding, Dining-Room and Uitohon Furniture, Stores, Crockery, Cutlery, Olaaiwarc, etc., oto. Abo best make 7-Octavo Ohlokuring Piano, full round-corner Rosewood case. Salt) positive, as tbo family aro going abroad. ELISON A FOSTER, Auctioneers. WB.A.BUTW&GO, BEAL ESTATE AND General Auctioneers, 55 & 57 South Canal-st., (WEST SIDE,) HOLD REGULAR SALKS OF )RY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS AM SHOES- EVERY WEEK, AND THEIR Regular Saturday Sale OF FURNITURE AM GENERAL HERCRAMISE, Which they established seventeen years ago, and has nev become of groat magnitude. WE STILL LIVE! Notwithstanding tlio infamous efforts of several individuals to in jure our reputation, the public will find that wo are the OLDEST. LARGEST, MOST PROMPT and RELIABLE AUCTION FIRM in CHICAGO. Wil. A. BUTTERS it GO. .Auctioneers, By G. P. GOBE CO., 23, 24, and 28 East Randolph-sf. AT AUCTION, Furniture and Carpets from Several Pirst-Olaas Dwellings. A large and attractive salo of second-hand Furniture, consisting in part o! Parlor Sets In Btooaiolle and Roto* wood frames, Parlor Sots In Velvet and Hops. Marble* top Chamber Sots, Sofas, Lounges, Tables, Chairs, Bed steads. Mattresses, Ice Chests, Mirrors. Wardrobes. Side Hoard*; also 12orates of English and C. O. Ware, Glassware, Show Cases, Office Desks. Brussell and Wool Carpets, largo Store Safe. At 11 o'clock, Buggies, Wag ons, Harness, Ao. On Saturday, April 26, at 91-2 O'Olook. Q. I*. PORE 4 00., Auctioneers- havens & co.. Auctioneers. AUCTION SALE. Entire stock of Stoves, Tinware. Hardware, House- SATURDAY, to close the buhluoss. No. feM Stato-st., U.L.LUNDY. HAVENS 4 CO., Auothucors, 63 South Oanal-st. By HAVENS & CO. Auction sale of Staple end Fancy Groceries, Provis ions, 4c. On Saturday evening, April 2d, the entire stock of a grocer retiring from business, at 136/S West Lako-at. Sale to oommonoo at half-past?. HAVENS 4 CO.. Auot'rs. 63 South Cansl-at. By TAYLOR & HARRISON. XiAHG-B AUCTION SALE OP Household 'Goods, &c., Saturday, April 26, at 01-2 o'clock. Wo will offer one of the largest and meat attractive stocks of doslrsblo goods this season. TAYLOR 4 HARRISON, Auctioneers, 81 and 33 Sooth Osnsl-st, B Casks C. C. Ware, 8 Crates W, G. Crockery, In open lots, to the trade. TAYLOR A HARRISON. Auctioneers, By EDWIN A. BICE & CO. At Private Beeidenoo, 111 North Paulina-at., Near Union Park, unreserved fumlturosalo THIS DAY at 10 o’clock sharp, emulating of U. . Rep Parley Suite, B. W, Marble-ton Obamhor Suits, Bodstoads, Bureau, Wasbstauds, Lounges, Toto-totos, Brussels aud Ingrain Carpets, Secretaries, splendid Heating and Cook Stores, Easy Chain, llockorv, C. K. Clrnire, Cooking Ulouslle, Crockery ami Glassware. Kitchen Furniture, do., do. Sale positive, and without reserve. . Wo also soil the entire otmtonls of the Eng o Hotel, corner West Klurio and,Svost Wator-sls., WEDNES DAY. April 30, at U o'clock. Full particulars In Sunday .nd BIOE 4 CQ i Auotloußc „, Office. 14? Randoltib-sb. By HOUGHS & CO. r,.rgo Auction Tbo.o boocU theresidences, bylfoclßosA Co, They will be removed to the warorooms, 813 West Lako st., and bo Ho Auction to the highest bidder. Warron-uv., 47-1 ami 471 Fulbm-Ht.; also, a largo lot from the comer of Madison and PauUna-at. Halo peremptory and without reserve. A rare ehanoo for bargains. Sloibto-Top, Walnut, and Oak Furniture. Carnets of all kluds and descriptions, Dining, Parlor, aud Kltohoa Furniture complete, Stoves, Ice-Ohosts, do„ do., oa Saturday morning at |0 a. m., and evening at 7 p. m.. April 36, 1878- We will sell (ho entire ountenta of tBS Monroo-sl., on Monday morning at 10a. m., aud tho on tiro contents of 310 Wnlnut-st, on Tuesday morning at 10 a. m> You hotter look Insldo for bargains. HODGES «k CO., Auctioneers, (113 West Lako-st. _ . TO LEASE. rno lkasb-dook i.ot m I'kivr, on mvr.ii .lusr X south of Twpiity-sooond-st. bridge, ami new occupied by Daniel Boglo as a coal yard. Apply In basement, northeast corner Medium and Dcarborn-sts. nib LEASE—THE BUST COAL DOCK IN THE OITV) X lot on Uanalst,, near Adams, formerly occupied by Holbrook; dock ISO foot.* IdiiuLto at *l3 East Maduon-st. A. It. HOLDEN. - fllO LEAHK-DOOK PROPERTY. ON SOUTH X branch, near Twuiity-sacoud-st., Bw foot onitho Hvor, bvSJafoottoC. A Apply toIILNRV I.ISHAM* rno lease-book at bridgkeort im vbrv, X may bo leased in parcels). .B*• 1 . r ,9?M1 1 mediate possession. Apply to ti. BOIIOBNL6IAN, oos* ner of Atchor-av. and pall-*l. Auctioneers.

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