Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 26, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 26, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME SO. SHOES. CAUTION To the Public. It having oomo to iny nolloo that »omo aoolera are offering for aalo inforlor grade, of Shoes, representing them to bo of wy menu faoturo, surohaaora will ploaao notloo that hereafter all Shoos of injr make will boro my namo stamped on tbo lining i alee, fao-almllo Jfmodal rooolrod attboPAßlßßxpoaition, X 867, and tbo trado-tharlc on tbo solo of eaob Shoo, Seven Widths to Each Size, Insur ing a Perfect Fit. ©sjwlthm ftlmwwlto PARIS, 1567. I HAVE GIVEN TO BULLOCK BROTHERS. Oor. Wabaah 7 av. and Twenty-first-si and 244 West Madison-at,, The oxoluslvo solo of my Goods in Chicago. EDWIN 0. BURT. removal. J. P. STORE & CO. Upholstery, CURTAIN GOODS. AND BEDDING, Havo Removed to 135 STATE-ST., NEAR MADISON. AMERICAN EXPRESS COMPANY. REMOVAL. WEST SIDE Branch Office of this Company h&a l»oa removed from 3lß Raudolph-et. to GO South Halited. 00 5S?W )f u J l ail#on *...T ho SOUTH SIDE Branch Office, 650 Wabaih-a?., will bo removed to Wabasb-av.. comtr ol Tweaty-aecond-Bt., Way I. 8. Q. SEATON, Agent. jrllW, 1673. REMOVAL- Frederick Edler, DEALER IN LUMBER and BRICKS, Baa removed bis Office and Yard to northeast corner of Dlviilon-it. Bridge, on North Rivor. Ilia friend* and patrons are solicited to call. ONE AM A HALF; MILLIONS OF BBICKS Foraalgat lowestmarket figures. TO BENT. OFFICES. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent In the Trib une Building. Single or in suites. With and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled in the city. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo cation. W. O. DOW, Boom 1 Nevada Block. TO XtESKTT" Rallroads-or any kind of Offlca-lJailneßS. Alio.Suttai of Offioaala BBcond and Third Storlo* of Oarror's feulldlag. Nos. 4fland 48 Booth Olark-tt., next to Shennan House, logoff at Room No. 4. 48 South Olarkit. To Rent. A Throe-Story and Basement Marble-Front House ele gantly furnished, and with all modern improvement*; lo cation one of the beat In the city; rent S&00 per month, AddmaSW, Tribune offloo. TO RENT. Fine Stores and Corner Boaementin Briggs House, oor. Fifth-av. and Bandolph-st- Ap ply to CHASE & ADAMS, TO RENT, Tbe House 672 Wabash-ar., SIOO a month. Apply on premises or dOO Wobash-av. TO RENT, Two pleasant Lo/U, Mi 100, ft tN. W. comer of State and Harrlson-ste. (Nos. m and 8M State). Can bo rented at a very reasonable price. Inquire of owner, onpremises. R.B3XTT. Offices, Offices, Eiolmngo Building, oornor 01 ark and w M h. iugton-atg., Hoomaa. vUBn WANTED. VESSEL WANTED~~ 111., daring tit prtSMtseason of navigation. m A. n. WILCOX * 00.. Kt- 9 Lumberman's B*chaag # , Wfait J3aiX|| ©fibniiJCf. CARRIAGES. BREWSTER & CO OP BEOOME-ST., WAREKOOMS, Pifth-av,, cor, Fourteenth-si 3STEW YORK. Elegant Carriages, In all the fashionable varieties, from original design* of our own and tho bo*t styles of Paris and London, exquis itely finished In all Sllk-Satlns, French Morocco, and the finest Broadcloths. Special attention is called to tbo fact that oTory Carriage offered in onr Warerooras Is tlie pro duction of onr well known HUOODIE-ST. FACTO UYi and equal, in every respect, to those bnitt to the order of the most valued customer. In addition to our etook of the LABOUR veblolee, wa offer a complete nuonmoat of ROAD WAGONS, with and without tope, IN ALL WEIGHTS, for PLEASURE DRIVING OR SPEEDING, embracing In tholr construc tion thevarloni improvemonU Introdaocd by n* during the past fifteen run, and which hsvs msd« the “BREWSTER WAGON” The Standard for duality. OUR PRICES BEING FIXED AND UNIFORM TO ALL, orders by mall have equal advantages with those placed In person. To prevent confusion, the pnbllowlll ploaso remember that wo aro not connootod with a Joint Slock Company of Dealer* now socking to share oar reputation by adopting a firm name similar to our own. BREWSTER& CO., 03? BROOMB-ST. PTorooma, Difth-av., cot. Fontteenth-at. REAL ESTATE, ffasiigton Heights, I am authorized to offer for sale, for a few days, 100 acres. of ohoioe timbered land, located on the Ridge at Washington Heights. A rare op portunity for a speculative invest ment. HENRY E. MARBLE, Room 0, No. 79 Dearborn-st. FOE SALE, Tho one-story and basement Brick Building, No. 25 Market-st., with lease of Lot for five years. Apply to BLISS & TORREY, A Rare Chance. Boaso, with Engine and Boiler, or will soil Engine and Dollop ONLY S6,OOII—MONTHLY PAYMENTS, ‘in 1 oxcoUont dsU> Jnqalro of *°^ oni improvement*; abstract up to J M. HIRSH, S8 Watt WaalUngton-st- CORNELL. One-half acre near Elghty.fifth-st. and Stony Island* ar. for tale. Property hereaway has advanced largely of lato ‘ ABELL £ HOTOUKISB, - . _ U Otto Block. DREXEL BOULEVARD. ■A. BAUB' B-A.EGi-ja.Xaxr. -i- T 7 o . flr,Ucl .' u, .. rosl doDceß. with ample grounds and f lt / toto, on South aide, within one °°' t ° goil uLW'Mto A^C.,w... raioosiEs® loc»Uon C ° ttVOUtont t0 and bowe-oara. KxooUont n. F. DOWNING, oa SHIRTS. SHIRTS Made to order in the most complete artistic manner, of fabrics unsur passedfor durability. Largo lines of flue Furnishing Goods at lowest S rices. Money cheerfully refunded not satisfactory. nine, S. E, oor, State and Washlngton-sts., 35 Weft Madison-at, (Sherman House), Chicago, BOARDING. ACCOMMODATION. 14 ELiDBIDGE-COtTRT. Doglrfcblo and central location. Rooms large And >lrr to MWefiDfaRSSSSS! n. n.-s» REVENUE STAMPS. Revenue Stamps. i c SWTSI”TH“? Madlaon-it*., Chicago, keep stamps of different denoml- PftVS9A-* a reasonable nuantltlos, and the TWO CENT STAMPS la an? quantity. onunt° nU * Bt * mpß that aro out of uao bought at a (Its- MEETINGS. Masonic Funeral Notice. The members of Coienant Lodge No. 636. F, &A. M.. r to meet at tbo Lodge boom, corner . it SP *92 Roboy-ate., to-morrovr (Sunday) morning. Aurlia?, at 9 o'clooic sharp, to attend ibe funeral of our late brother James Bodes. By order of S. M. HENDERSON, W. M. Masonic. A regular oommunloat/on of Wo. B. Warren Lodge No. 4* A\M;i w , lbo held this (Saturday) oven* ingat Oriental Hall, 121 LaSalle* t., for buslnoasand work on tho P. O.Degree. Visitors cordially Invited. By order of the W. M. J. R. DUNLOP, Secretary. 1 li. o. I. The member* of No. 67, Red, White, and Blue Loyal Orange Lodge, are requested to meet at Uio Lodge Room, 14 South darkest., on to-morrow (Bunday) morning, at 8 o'clock, to attend the funeral of our late Brother, James Boolea. THOMAS CARBON. W. M. Ancient Order of Foresters, The members of Court 6.619, A. O. P., aro requested to moot at tbelr hall, 83 West Randolpb-st., on Sunday morning, J7tii ln«t v at Do’olook a. ra., sharp, to attend the funeral of our lato Brother Boolea. Members of tho other Courts are respectfully Inrltod to narUolpato. By orderof tho 0. R. M. J. Mali UP If, Soo'y. American Protestant Association, Themomborsof Garden City Lodge No, I. A. P. A., aro requested to assemble at the ball of Star of the West No. 8, northesst corner of Randolph and Clintou-sts., at 9o'clouk on Sunday morning, 37th ln*t., to attend the funeral of our late Brother, James Uccles, Members of sister lodges are earnestly requested to attend. S. HHKNAN, Recording Seo’y. American Protestant Association. The members of Star of tbo West Lodge No. B, A. P. A., are hereby requested to assemble at tbelr hall, north east corner Randolph and Ollnton-sta., at 9 o'clock, Sunday morning, 27th Inst., to attend the “ tolh,r ‘ Recording Seo'y. MACHINERY. RICIARBS' IRON WORKS, 47 & 49 South jefferson-sti ‘.. ■gaptl D. BATUIIAH, Preit. J. 0. RlgiUllDfl, BVIIjDEIW OK rjUHT-CXiASH Portable and Stationary ENGINES, J . AND IMPROVED ••. EUBVAXOJB MACHINERY. ' TUB "OLD RELIABLE” Richards Power Oorn-Sheller. Over 1,500 In Dally Use. *° # koU oloaa from tins cob without Out "dA?m bru , lsll ‘K t, ‘° Kraln, and clean the com In ttrstrdasa condition for market. . Tho taloeof thoao machines tbopast neaaon have ex !?£«?£ t A h ™ ,,g , hoat th 2 Union, to California and America, and their already high reputation gr rrf enhanced by rooont valnabto Improvementa. fnelr ilmpllcltyof mechanism and substantial construe* V*° that they-will do rnoro and hoitor vrork, wit fa less expense for repairs* than any other machines In the market. «*»»«»* Wo make a SPECIALTY of the oonstrnolton of IMPROVED ELEVATOR MACHINERY, In all its details, laolndlog Ketlmatoe, Plane and HpeclOcatlnns* Engine and Holler, Shafting ana Pal leys, BboJlorand Separator. Baiting, Ooaring, Drag Belts. Dumps, Ae., cOmploto. Having constructed more Ele vator* than any sad all other houses In this lino In the West, wo aro prepared to advise with those contemplating building, and suggest many valuable Improvomsnts In handling grain and saving needless expense. Wo refer to over 100 Elevators of our own construction lathe West; also, to the Chicago Board of Trade. Rail* road Companies. Mills. Ac. DT Bond for Catalogues. WATCHES, OTTB, ENTIRE STOCK OP w .A. •X 1 ■■Shi O h: -O-J AT COSTI order to make room for our Spring Stock or Watches* wo shall close out our present largo stock of Watches, which reached us too late for the Solidoy Trade, nt the actual coot of manufacture and importation. NO RESERVATION. 2,000 GOLD WATCHES, at from S2O to $l5O oaoh; usual prioo, S4O to S3OO. OLES, 810. & 00., 266 & 268 WABASH-AV., AND 334 WEST MADISON-BT, NEW PUBLICATIONS. CHICAGO HOMEOPATHIC PHARMACY. Just Published; A MANUAL 01 HOMEOPATHIC THISINAEY PEACTICE. Designed for oU kinds of Domestic Anl. mala and Powlb. This is a complete work, pro fins el y illustrated, of 084 pages. PRICE, $5.00. Sent free by mall on receipt of price. HALSEY BROS., 7S STATB-ST. FINANCIAL. XXOMIiHJ SAYINGS |||p BANK, lOR CT.AWIC.RT.* lUetKoOlat Clmrcb Block. BU per cent interest allowed on deposits, payable somj* annually. July 1 and Jan. 1 In each year, w v GEO. BCOVILLE, President. Wu. Kelsey Reed, Cashier. NOTE.—Until further notice, any boy op girl calling at tbo Bank will bo prestMilod with a pass book free, and one diinodepoaitedtohUorbororeolt, which sum can be drawn out at pleasure. once of Ho County Tre asnrer anl Connty Collector, Cook County, Illinois, ) Chicago, April2s, ml FINANCIAL. Inlaroat on Cook County Bonds duo on ths lit proximo, and Cook County 6 pot oont War Bonds duo on tbs same nay, will bs paid now, on nreaenlatioa of tho Ooupona and Bonds respective!/ at tbo Office of the County Troaauror. In tho old Court House. J. 8. ItUMSBY, Treasurer. IDXGr. Attorney# everywhere, and oollsot the claims of Wholesale Merchants and others In any part of the country. No Attorney's fees In suite; no charges until eoNeoHonj *ra made. FRAaifiß’fl MERCANTILE COLLECTION AQHNGV, 146 flladtaou-st. FOR SALE, FOR SALE. THE HORIZONTAL ENGINE, Diameter of O/llodsr, 13 inches; length of stroke, 80 inches: two boilers, each 43 inches ulnmolor, 89 B-Inch tubes, and 13 feet long, with fronts, steam, and mud* drums, grate-bars, and oonnt.oUonß complete, Tho above can be soon working In good order, and will be delivered as soon as our new Engine and Boilers ar* completed and sot up. Apply to flmiorintemlout Chicago wnmt lead and oil go., Corner Croon and Fulton-sU. mI‘EUFECTXON JUMPER* Hard to got. Frosh lot roeelvod. Going faet, at HO Htate-st. Call soon sMy AUvu'« Urovif, WU. CHICAGO, SATURDAY, APRIL 26, |1873. ENOCH MORGAN’S SONS* ■ SAPOLIO la a snbstltnta for Soap for all Household pur poses, sxoapt washing clothes. . . , ~SAPOL X O S For cleaning your house this Spring will save the u labor of one cleaner. SSAF OLIO 5 Will not Infare or discolor Paint, bat restores col-' g or and brightness. Try It. | SAP OL XO 9 Cleans -Windows without water, and saves the q trouble of removing curtains and carpets. I SAP O LIO J* Brightens Knives at same time they are washed, g saving time and labor. UlO It. SSAPOLIO fa Cleans Bath-Tubs, Tables, Floors, Ac., quicker g and better than Soap. Try It on. SSAP O LI O ” Polishes Tin, Brass, Copper, and all Metal Wares, rendering them as bright os now.' iSAPOL 3Z O Vor washing Dlshoftand Ohonpor than Soap. SAPOLIO Removes Stains from MarbloMantels, Tables, and Statuary, from Hard-finished Walls, and from China and Porcelain. 10 cents. • sa:p a XjXo .HomoTM Stales and Qroais from Carpet* and oth* •p woven fabrics. Depot, 86 and 88 South Water-st., omoAOo, iXiX._ AUCTION SALES. BOOKS AT AUCTION. UUiMCo. (W, A, BUTTERS, Auctioneer), Will sell, at 469 Wabash-av. On Monday, April 28, Commencing at 10 a. m., A large lot of Standard Works, Waverley Novels, tho British Essayists, tho Poets, In fine binding, and a great variety of Misoellan eons Volumes, togeth er with Quarto Bibles,, Prayer Boohs, fine Writing Desks, Albums, &c. Cobb,Andrews&Co. 469 WABASH-AV. STOVES. RANGES. &o. MTHBONFS STOVES Are favorably known all over the United SUtoi. Among tho most popular patterns Is tho FEARLESS COOKING STOVE, For Hard Coal, Soft Goal, or Wbod.with how Enameled Reservoir, or with Pines for Heating Water for Path Rooms, ote. We olio manufacture a largo variety of GOOD CHEAP STOVES, Using the same quality of Iron as In tho Fearless, vrhloh can be bought as low oa on Inferior Stove. FOR SALE TO THE TRADE ONLY, BY RATHBONE, SARD & 00., 3d & 40 Lakc>st. Above Stoves are forsalo at retail by tho prominent deal OFFICE FURNITURE. AT COST. Oar Entire Stock of Fine DESKS. Other Office Furniture at Reduced Prices xjzLtu nvcsiy i, , BOSTWICK’S wIsBSf ZE3l.i\. t X , SL The greatest variety, as well as the LABGEST and BEST STOCK, is at BREWSTER'S, Com (M and MafUson-sts, AABi Al# 104 Fuat Mmltson-st. J. S. BARNES & CO. DRESS-CLEANING. SPOTS Of oil. grs&Ao, cltAtnpkgne, loooroatn. ototakenoutof the most delicate material without cleaning the whole gar* meat, or removing trimmings. A. BOIIWARZ, The Original Importer of tho Industry. 264 West Mattel - - -158 Hioisl BUSINESS GARB. lAILEOAB & COMMERCIAL PRINTING. MB, PAGE, SOM & CO., 118 AJO) 120 JSIONJIOE-ST. SAPOIiIOi • SrniNariELD, HI., April 25.—Hon. Charles Boaro, of this city, has boon requested to allow his namo to bo brought before tho people of this Judicial Circuit as a candidate for Judge. Tho call is signed by Hon. Milton Hay, Hon. Shelby M. Callom, D. 0. Molvor, and forty other law yers in this and Maooupin County. Mr. Soaro, in bis reply, consents to become a candidate. A Sunday-School Convention is to bo hold in this city, to continue throe days, bkglnnlng May 27. Gontlomon omineut In tho work will bo present. Andy Orson, a Northerner belonging to tbo Groat Eastern Circus Company, was fatally slabbed this afternoon by Samuel Wood, a can vas-man, also in tbo employ of the company. Tho deed was without provocation. Orson, who is a nallvo of Kentucky, is still alive, but no hopes are entertained of his recovery. The lenifo fiorcod tho loft lung, tho blado being six inches ong. Tho murderer was at ouco arrested and lodgedln jail. During tho passing of tho procession on attempt was made to rob tho safe of Holme's, wholesale liquor store, but the salesman re turned from the door.whore ho had boon attract ed by tho passage of tho show, too soon to al low the daring operator to accomplish his work, and bo was captured aud lodged in jail. His namo could not bo learned, but ho Is evidently a professional burglar. HATS. Railroad Thieves Arrested* Sptcial D<»patch to Tht Chicago Trihxmt, Quihov, HI., April 26.—During tlio past throe yonre. tho Oliicago, Burlington £ Quincy, and Toledo, Wabash £ Western Railroads have suf fered serious loss by the frequent robberies of freight from the yards in this city. Tho matter was given in charge of Detective Flanigan, of Chicago, a few weeks ago, and last night ho caused tho arrest of a regular band of thieves, six in number, three of whom have boon iu tho employ of tho roads for years, and tho others confederates, being in tho vicinity of tho freight depot. They had a preliminary examination this morning, when two of them turned States evi dence. Tho others were committed for trial. BpniHariELU, Mass., April 25.—1n the Supremo Court, in this city, to-day, Albert W. Smith wo« convicted of murder, la the first degree, cf Charles D. Baokett. at Westfield, on tho 20th of November last, and ho will bo sentenced to monow. The circumstances that led to the crime FOREIGN. Revolt of Eleven Battalions :; of Volunteers, in i Madrid. Reported Proclamation of a Command tbo Spanish Capital. Breaking Out of tho Cholera in Vicnnas Probability of Civil War in France. SPAIN. . London, April 23.— Dispatches from Madrid

Bthto that Figueras and Salmoron wore tho noly members of tho Government absent at tho con ference [with tho Permanent Gommittoo of tho Assembly, on Wednesday. Castolar admitted :tu6 of-tho' situation, but said it was not sufficient o£3tp r to nocoeaary tho conrok li,h ot or a postponement of tho election of members. The Committee refused io.adjourn the conference, and the minority re tired to confer, but did not return during tho afternoon. ] Elovon battalions of volunteers revolted and firod on Gen. Contreras, who'Oßcapod, but four others wore killed and'several were wounded. Shota wore firod tho night In various quarters of the city, and the volunteers broke into thollall of Congress, whore the Permanent Committee was in session 5 'but they sought safety in flight. Marshal Serrano and a number of political friends concealed themselves. On Thursday the Government dissolved the Perma nent Committee, and the oity.bocamo more tran quil. Lleut.-Gon. Sodas lias boon appointed Captain- General of Madrid, in place of Gen. Pavia, who has resigned. „ London, April'2s.—A. Paris dispatch says*. “The Oauloia announces that the Commune has boon proclaimed in Madrid.” • -London, April wing to the troubled con dition of Spam, a groat number of families are leaving the country. • The steamers arriving hero and in French ports are crowded with refugees. Madrid, April 26.—A formidable demonstra tion will soon bo made by the Federal Bopubli cans in this city. Brig.-Gon. radios has recaptured a largo amount of property coptured by the Carhat Chief, Saballa. The journeymen masons of Barcelona are on a strike, and to-day formed a procession, which £ aaaod through the principal streets of the city. Cany other workingmen wore compelled to iom lu the strike. NEWFOUNDLAND. New Yobk, April 25.—The Evening Post baa a letter from Newfoundland which states there is a clause in the charter of the Now York, New foundland & London Telegraph Company which has passed almost unnoticed, which provides that, at the end of the first twenty years, the Government of Newfoundland boa the right of purchasing the lino ot a valuation. Tho twenty years terminates in 1875. The Company re cently applied to tho Government to havo this clause. rescinded, and their posses sion bo thus continued for tho next thirty years, _ but the Government under tho most eminent legal advice in London, that they have the right to purchase the Unoat the cost of tho plant without paying anything fui lUo good ■will or valuation of proilto, Jmvaro fused. Tho receipt of this intelligence in Lon don caused tho stock of tho Company to foil from £2O to £l4, but after tho panio abated somewhat it rose to £l7. AUSTRIA. New York Herald Special. Vienna, April 25. —Twenty-five cnees of spora die cholera wore brought to tho hospital, yoater day, five of which proved fatal. An effort i being made to conceal the fact of tho appoarance of tho disease in tho city. GERMANY. Behan, April 25.-—Tho Upper House of tho Prussian Diet to-day passed a bill for the con trol of tho clergy. Tho Gorman Parliament has ordered the with drawal, on the first day of January, 1873, of all bank-notes not of tho now Imperial standard. Tho Emperor William loft tots city to-day for St. Petersburg. Ho stays over night ot Konlgs borg«, Groat preparations aro being made at St. Petersburg for his Majesty's reception. FRANCE, World Special. London, April 25. —Tho gravest apprehensions are felt in the highest circles in Paris of an im mediate civil war. Tho Monarchists aro deter mined to oust President Thiers at any cost. CANADA. Qoebeo, April 25.— The oxodus of French Canadians to tho United States from tho country districts and this city is greatly in excess of for mer seasons. GREAT BRITAIN. London, April 25,— The American press dia latch tent hence, announcing tho death of log ical, is not true. SPRINGFIELD. TUo. Judicial, Contest—Sundny-School Convention Fatally Stabbed—At* tempted Safe Ilobbory* Special Dltpateh to The' Chicago Tribune. nturdoror Convicted* Tver© that Smith bad an infatuated passion for Miaa Jennie Bates, of Westfield, and meet ing her returning from the theatre in company with Bookott, to whom uho was bo- 1 trothed, fired several shots from a pistol, wound ibg Miaa Bates in throe places, and putting a bullet through Sackoti’a breast, from the effects of which wound ho died in a abort time. The lino of defense was that the murder was commit ted under a monomaniac delusion. NEW YORK. Dloaklof, tlio inurrtoror ol 1I1« Nleco f ' Ways the Suicide Dodge—Tho Cnso 1 of JPholps, Dodge & Co.—sCampfon’» , Case—A. Wretched IQalliicluation— A. ISintorlc Cannon—Snlloc Bonrd • ingvllonso Troubles—Miscellaneous Local item** Special Ditpateh to 27ia Chicago Trihunt, . Nbw YonK, April 25.—Tho reported attempted suicide of It. P. Bleakloy, the murdoror of bis nleco, Mary Aim Foloy, alias Maud Morrill, turns out to have boon nothing moro serious than a transparent dodge to create sympathy. The facts are as follows t At 4 o’clock this morning, as Keeper Orr was making bis rounds of the prison, bo saw Blcakloy’s arm sticking out of bod and covered with blood. lie immediately unlocked the cell-door, and discovered the mur derer lying on bis back, apparently in a stupor. A small pool of blood was oq tho floor, and near it lay a Woody razor, one used by the prisoner to shave him self, After binding tho wounded arm tightly with a rag, On* put Bloakley in a atraihfc- Jacket, and awaited tho arrival of Dr. Noolls. It was found on examination that the murderer had cut a slight wound in tho fleshy part of his arm, a little above the elbow, and had oarefnlly economized tho little blood which flowed from It so as to give tho arm and surroundings as much tho appearance as possible of a desperate attempt at suicide. Ho had taken groat pains to steer clear of any artery. A few pieces of stick ing plaster dressed tho out, and beyond remov ing tho razor, no precautions wore taken against a repetition of the deed. Tho following fottor. written last night, was found in his coll, which had previously boon put In tho noatost order. “ You might take my life, my integrity, never.” New Tons, Friday, April 34,1073,—G00d-by Lolly. I wrote for you to como, but you did not. To tbo world and all men. lam going before my God, and my last words are. I never wronged my nieces In any way, morally or otherwise, I never received a cent of money of any kind from Mary Ann Foloy, my late niece, who I always loved os a parent and guardian. No matter wbat anybody save ttod, whoso presence I hope to bo in soon, knows tbls is troth. Those who know me best both In the United States and elsewhere, will speak a kind word for me. I had many faults, but I always loved my sister and children, and hone to bo with them | soon. I shot my poor nleco, but did not go thereto do so. It happened In the moment of frenzy, i tnltl everything lam guilty of to her. I hope God will for give Lotty for what she said at tho Coroner’s Jury. I want her to go homo ond bo a mother to the rest of my sister's children, and give them my lovo,xfor I will never boo any of them in this world but hope to In tho next. 1 know full well tho game* that is playing, hut it won't do. Give my watch to' Lotty. God forgive my enemies and calumniators. (Signed) Rodebt P. Bleak let. Bleakloy shot bis nleco because she refused to continue to give him part of tho wages of her sins. Since his arrest he has been extremely despondent. He says ho has no money and no friends. Tbo other murderers looked down on him on account of his shooting a woman. Ho refused to outer a ploa of insanity when ar raigned, and insisted on pleading guilty. Tho Government will publish, next week, tho official statement of Phelps, Dodge «fc Co.’s case, in which the firm will bo shown to have sworn falsely, and to have been guilty of a wilful tempt to defraud tho rovonue. A number of damaging letters which passed botwoon the firm and the officials, but which wero suppressed by tho former in their recently published explana tion, are to bo incorporated.. The statement is drawn up and ready to go Into tho hands of tho printers. As soon as it Is put in type, it will bo Riven to tho newspapers for publication. Tho officials claim that they have boon driven to this course in self-defence by the assertion of Phelps, Dodge & Co., that tho Government in sisted on taking from them $271,000 while con ceding tholr innocence. Ever since tho passage of tho now United States shipping law. and tho establishment in this city of a Seaman's Exchange, sailors’ board ing house keepers have manifested tho moat I potent opposition to its workings. They handed ! themselves into an asaociotion under tho namo I of the Sailors’ Boarding-House Keepers’ Associa- 1 tion, with the avowed purpose of opposing the 1 enforcement of tholaw. For a while they wore con tent with conducting their illegal business in an underhand way, but latterly they have been em boldened to such an extent that they kept agents stationed in tho Exchange to prevent seamen from entering. When persuasion failed they did not hesitate to resort to downright violence, and in several instances boat and abused their poor victims because they ob jected to bo robbed of their advance pay, and to become accessory to violation of tho statute. This course exercised such terrorism ovortho minds of tho seamen that they wero afraid to go near tho Exchange, and business then dwindled down to almost nothing. Capt. Duncan has for some time had tho utmost difficulty In filling orders for crows for vessels which wore disposed to obey tho law. Last week the ship North America, bound for Melbourne, and freighted with a cargo, worth half a million .dollars, was compelled to postpone her voyage throe days from this cause, and had dually to send to Boston for a crew. Another source of complaint'arose from tho fact that tho Ex change was in the habit of paying (< seamen’s notes,” as they are called, for money duo tho boarding-house keepers, throe days after sailing of seamen whoso names were appended. Lately Capt. Duncan has noticed many irregularities in tho filling out of those notes, and some have ac tually boon presented with the debtor’s signa ture omitted. Tho boarding-house keepers have gone farther, and have recently demanded that tbo notes shall bo paid within tnenty-four hours of tho departure of tbo seamen. Capt. Duncan at length grow tired of this, and recently presented 127 names of members of tho Sailors’ Board iDg-Houeo-Koepers Association to District At torney Phelps, with a request that ho would take action on tho evil. This morning, tbo Grand Jury found indictments against the whole crowd for conspiracy and combining to resist the I United States law, and bench warrants wore I immediately issued for their arrest, tip to 9 o’clock fifty-throe had been captured, and tho police were on tho track of others, although It Is known that some have got wind of tho action of the authorities, and mode themselves scarce. H. L. Powers, of the Grand Central Hotel, was arrested to-night at the instance of Ellis H. Ellas, proprietor of the dollar-storo in tho samo building. Elias’ dog spoiled one of Sir. Powers’ carpets, for which bo demanded SSO damage. Elias refused to pay, and Powers seized a piano belonging to him. Ellas replevlncd it, but fail ing to find it, brought suit, and an order of arrest was granted. When Deputy- Sheriff Curry attempted to serve tho order, Powers resisted and called tho servants to his assistance. Curry thereupon summoned a posse, and charging through tho assembled domestics, dragged Powers out on tbo street, and lodged him in Ludlow street jail. Subsequently Pow ers’ brother deposited $450 security with Under- Sheriff Stevens, and he was released. Several capitalists from tho northern portion of Hudson County, N. J., project a ship-canal under tho Palisades from Woohawken to Hobo ken. They are to purchase a strip of land 000 foot In width, beginning at the North Illver, Woehawkon, and running to First street, Hobo ken, a distance of two miles. The canal is to bo 160 foot wide by 20 feet deep, and is to have plank road dooks 40 foot wide. The estimated cost la, for tho laud, $1,000,000, and for con struction, SOOO,OOO. [To ih« Atsociated Treat.] New York, April 25.—A writ of habeas corpus was granted yesterday, made returnable in tho Court of Oyer and Terminer this morning, in tho case of 0. G. Hampton, who was arrested on tho charge of stealing a SI,OOO bond of tho Al legheny Railroad Company from the safe of the Deposit Company of Pittsburgh. The Court of Oyer and Tormmor not being in session, the : S-iaouer was brought before Judge Barrett, who rooted tho case to be brought before Judge Brady on Monday. Hampton was in charge of Keopor Daly, of the Tombs prison, while in Court, Deputy Shoritls Gale and Erb, having a requisition from Gov. Dix, to bring Hampton to Pennsylvania, attempted to takon him from Daly. The latter resisted, and to prevent a disturbance in court, the Deputy BUoriif were rejected. As Daly was leaving the room with hU prisoner, Gale and Erb again at tempted (9 obtain Hunptoa’e custody, but W NUMBER 250. ■ ■ ftiled, a.o’-Tamp ton was safely lodged In tbs Tbmbs. i'.rn\ • A privt ,(ji,»ablo lologram states that Blsohoff- Bholm bar: ® '-I a quarrel vritli tbo Brio Railroad mhnftgorri‘'g:tl has given orders to boU bis Block on both bi. g .if tbo Atlantic. At tbo tnaor’s inquest last evening, Mrs. Wodnosd/iv t*-.d that “ Qod and Ills angels In a vision tola nor to kill her children.” . Judge Blatohford dismissed tbo writ of habeas corpus in tbo case of Oarl Vogbt, and remanded him for examination. Tho Board of Folico has granted Officer Hen derson permission to bring miii for damages bgainst llobdrt Crawford, brother-in-law of Com modore Vanderbilt, for shooting him over a year ago. The Grand Jury indicted Assistant Deputy- Marshal Moses Moritz for murder.' Moritz, as alleged, in attempting to dispossess Margaret Goraouof,No. 73 Garrick street, lost January, kicked and pursued her so violently that sho-diod in February last. • A cannon weighing 1,950 pounds has arrived hero from Berlin, as a present from the Emperor to the Lutheran Church, of Titusville, Pa. ,Tbo cannon was captured at Sedan, and will be oast into a bell for the church. WALL STREET.) Review of tlio money,. (Sold, Bond, : Stock, and Produce markets. SpeciallHspatch to Th« - FINANCIAL. New York, April 25.—Wa1l street was ex tremely dull oil day. Money continues to im prove. Prime mercantile paper was in good de mand at 9 to 12 per cent. Stocks wero without feature, oxcopt that they were a little firmer. Gold was Arm in the morning, but heavy and lower at the close. > Governments wore quiet and steady. It is now assorted that the recent tightness in money , was, in a great part, the result of tho operations of two railroad Presidents, in connec tion with tho deposed President of another road. TOm Scott was ono of this triumvirate, J. F. Tracy, President of tho Northwestern and Rock Island Roads, was another, and Jay Gould, ex- Presldont of the Erie, was tho third. The wholesale dealers In groceries In this city find business so dull that they are sending their clerks ont through tho country to see if they cannot draw np trade. Tho im porters of too, coffee, etc,, have ’ largo stocks on hand, which they cannot dispose of at a profit, and would be glad to con vort into cash oven at loss, in order that they might make their remittances. Many dealers in .tea are seriously contemplating- tho policy of countermanding orders for shipment. VUODVCE. For flour the inquiry was moderate, and offer ings liberal. Spring wheat brands are plenty and fancy quite heavy. Choice family grades are quite steady, but sell slowly. Good to ohoico ■ winter wheat extras ore in moderate request. Sales, 10,400 bris; receipts, 18,698 brls. wheat was firmer, with some inquiry for common quali ties. Inferior grades or© much neglected, and prices very uncertain. Winter is scarce and firm. Soles, 54,600 bu; receipts, 19,780 bu. * °. r ., , , ver y quiot, and prices so un settled that reliable quotations can hardly bo given. New mess is about $19.75 for "prii end May. Sales of cash and regular about 12j brla at $18.50 for old mess, and $10.25 for extra prime. For future delivery, no transac tions. In cut moats there was some business, and. prices wore generally steady. Pickled hams sold at ll,hf(5)18o, and dry-salted shoulders at 7>£c. Sales include 200 boxes dry-salted hams yesterday on private .terras; 50 boxes mcklod bellies, 13 pounds, at lO&c; 25 boxes do. 12 pounds, .at 10>£o: 100,000 Iba smokod aides at 10>£c, and 120 tea do hamain canvass at 160. Receipts, 1,967 pkga. Bacon was very quiet and .prices about' nominal. Long clear is quoted at o%@loo,’aud short clear at about 10c. Lard Is fairly active and lower. Tho business reported Is maitily for future delivery. Western for April is quoted at 9%0t city, 9Wo. For future delivery. 3,750 tes at 9 11-100 for May; 10c for Juno, and lOj/o for July. Receipts, 255 kegs, and 1,003 pkgo. THE INDIANS. The Alleged Outrages In Southwestern Kansas Denied—-Tho jviodoc War— Departure of the Red-Skins from the Lava-Uodi Topeka, Kb., April 25.—Several parties lust arrived from Barbour County deny tho account© of tho Indian troubloa in that county, recently reported by tno Atchison and Leavenworth pa pers. Travelers are constantly passing be tween Medicine Lodge and Hutchin son, and no trouble with tho Indians have boon board of. Throe citzons returned to* Huchinson yesterday from a journey of 200 mile©, southwest, crossing tho Cimmaron and Canadian Rivers, visiting Camp Supply, returning through tho Comanoho country, traveling In perfect safety. , Washington, April 26 It is expected at tho War Department that Gen. Davis, who loft San Francisco this morning for tho Modoo country, will arrive there and assume command of the troops about Monday morning next. San Francisco. April 25.—A dispatch was re, ceived at Yreka, to-night, with nows from the lava-bods to April 24. Nothing particularly in teresting, Col. Ferry’s cavalry returned from a scout unattackod, and ore convinced that no In dians have left the lava-bod. Donald McKay re ports forty Modoca encamped in the big caves, four miles southeast of the first battle-field. Tho Modoca must come out for water. McKay’s In dians are posted to pick them off. It is thought desperate fighting wilt bo required to dislodge the Modoca. The captured squaws say that at the first fight an Indian picued up a shell and chewed the fuse, when it exploded, blowing bis head off. cutting John Schonchin in two ana killing another. A general border war is feared owing to bad faith with tho Indians on the reservations, and the encouragement received so far by tho Mo doca. Mcocb&m is recovering. Ho bos left tho hospi tal for Forrera' Ranch, Klamath Lake. Capt. Eagan is recovering. Later—Donald McKay just returned to comp, says tho Modocs have loft tho lava-bed. No fighting since the 17tb. San Francisco, April 25.—A dispatch from Yreko, Just received, says that some men have Eono to tho Lava-Bod to bringaway the body of liout. Sherwood, to bo sent Host. Neither tba cavalry nor tho Warm Spring Indiana found th© trail of tho Modoc© on their scout at first, but tho Warm Springs finally found ■ tno Modoca retreat. McKay crawled up on them and counted forty, including squaws, but did not deem it expedient to make an attack. The Warm Springs and troops wore expected to at tack the Modocs on the night of tho 23d, In tho first day’s battle, “Bogus" Charley and “ Hooka " Jim wore wounded. New York, April 25.—The Indian Peace Com missioners mot this evening and made award© for supplies to the amount of over half a million dollars. Among successful bidders wore George 8. Bower, Minneapolis, Minn., blankets; Cohn. Wampold & Co., Chicago, shirts s J. H. Holton; Richmond, Ind., dry goods, and Logan, Gregg a Co., Pittsburgh, hardware. Prices are very low: there being about 100 bidders. The Hon, F. R. Brunot, Chairman of tho Board, and Robert Campbell, one of tbo members, loft to-night foj Washington, at tho request of Secretary Delano, to ooofor with himiu regard to visiting tbo vari ous sections of tho Indian country ana holding conferences with the different Indian tribes during tho summer; Louisiana Affairs* New York, April 25.—A special from New Or leans says: “ Gov. Kellogg has sent State mili tia into Tangiahohoa Parish, installed tho offi cers, scattered a mob who bad collected, and re stored order. He has secured a steam boat, on which is mounted a 12-pound howitzer, for service in tho rivers and bayous, and bos organized a bat talion of cavalry. Ho has also directed the At torney-General to prosecute Gov, MoEnory un der tho Usurnatiau aqt, and also for treason, and has offered n largo reward for evidence which will load to the conviction of those who wore engaged In the recent massacre in Grant Parish. Iffurdorml for a Woman* Portland, Mo., April 25.—Two laborers at th© Alms House, named Michael Sullivan and John Warren, quarreled this morning about a woman, and th© former waa killed by a blow from th© fist of the latter. Warren is 55 yean of age, and has a wife in the State Prison. Sullivan wo© 00 years of ago, and loaves a wife and child in Uit Aims House*

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