Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 27, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 27, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. REAX. ESTATE. FOR SALE. FnrnitDTß, FMnres. efl Leas Of ii Present Tremont House. The house is most admirably adapt ed for families, having 120 rooms, 40 of which are in suites, with all the modern improvements. Furniture in most excellent condition, most of itbeing new. The house is in splen did order, rent low, and will be sold upon liberal terms. If not disposed of on or before Monday, May 5, it will be sold at public auction, duo notice to be given hereafter. lioiiMili Of all sizes and prices, from $2,000 to $40,000, in all parts of the city, and several bargains in unimproved property in the city and Hyde Park; 300 lots in the vicinity of the South Park, and several lots fronting'on the Park, at very low price on easy terms of payment. For sale by tUBEE,UR(incg. ISO Xja,Sa,l3Le-s-fc. FOR SALE. I'd those about to commence housekeeping. We have for sale one ofthe neatest and most complete 1-story and brick basement cotta ges, on a leased lot, on the West Side It is situated on Park-av., between Lincoln end Eobey-sta., Ho. 180 ; contains 10 rooms, hot and cold water, bath-room, etc., and is mmished throughout in excellent taste. The fimuturo consists of a elegant Chamber- Sets,! handsome Parlor Set, 1 Sitting-Boom do., besides Carpets, Mirrors, Curtains. Hat- Tree, Sewing 'Machine, Book-Case; also Kitchen Eurmture, Cooking Utensils, Dish es, and everything reqisite for housekeeping. The lease runs 33 years, at a very low rate, end there is on the premises a good bam. To those desiring to procure an elegant, com fortable homo, this is an opportunity seldom ofard. Apply to WE D. KEEFOOT & CO., JACOB C. REAL ESTATE, 81 and-83 South Clark-st. „ ACRES. - 'routine River.l(f Boulevard, ©2.000. will pay 200 per cent to subdivide. 40 acres. Sec. 24, 33, 14, $450; easy terms; & bargain. 33acres, Sec. 10, 37, 13, 8200; easy terms. 40 acres. Sec. £3, 33, 13, 5450; easy terms; cheap. 80 acres, Sec. 7, 37,13, $l5O, otwilloichango forahome. ____ houses. VD«CENNES-AV.— A marble-front, $6,000; ssoodown, balance monthly. * ELAMULTON-AV.—2-stoirand basement; octagon front, 'near ASHLAND-AV. and VAN BUREN-ST 5-storr, 9-room house, and lot, 83,500; & down, balance 1, ASHLAND-AV.—Elegant residence. 814,000; easy terms. See for sale column Sunday Times. Muni Stains. TbofcUpKlng wrjdeslrablo and choice tract*located at and adjoining this beautiful suburb, will be sold at prices and terms that will insure a good profit to buyers r 40 acres in Sec. 8, 37.14. * 100 acres in Soc. 23, 87, 13. 200 acres in Soc. 23, 87, 13. Grove. 40 acres In Sea. 25, 37, 13. Grove. 40 acres In Soc. 23, 37, 13, fronting on Western-av. 120 acres in Sec. 24, 37,13. Grove. 160 acres in Soc. 13, 37, 13. Grove. 160 acre* in Sec. 15, 37, 13. .Ait 0 lo “|i*cro tracts In the Vincennes Hoad Ad ftltlon, Sec. IS, 37, 14; depot on property. „ „ , _ J C.C.THATEB4CO., ■K. E. Anctioneera and Brokers, 186 East M*dlwm-gt, lIJSI Per An! 40 acres at Clyde, on the C., B. &Q.R. R. We have this property at the above figure only until WEDNESDAY NOON. For particulars call on STORRS & WARE, 94 Washington-st., Room 15. For Sale, The one-story and basement Brick Building, No. 25 Market-st., with lease of Lot for five years. Apply to BLISS & TOEEEY, . 171 and 173 Randolph-st. Riverside. An elegant Eesfdence, with Lot 200 feet' front, located In this charming suburb, for «Uo at VEEV LOW PIGUEES for a few daya. An unquestionable bargain. C. O. THAYEB & CO., Beal Estate Auctioneers and Brokers. HOUSES and LOTS FOR SAIiS. or two more of those elegant octagon stone-front 4 mantels and all other modern Improvement* in •sen boose. Inquire of own era on premises from Bto 10 b g- and 4 to 6 p. m. ffliii Pari; Mill Go.. OSce 153 MONROE-ST., Boom 4, Kent's Building. ***** and LoU for sale on easy terms. FRANK P. HAWKINS, Agent. . FOR SALE, CHEAP. l b ?5 k ««idence, 2-etoriesand basement, 10 -'““•i front; excellent location. West SldeV HENRY WALLER, JR,, ■— 86 Washlngton-et. OEI S6,OOO—MOBTHLY PAYMENTS, o? Modcra hnproremoaU; abstract np to ‘ .—_ JM. lukSH, 88 West Wgjbtngtoa-st. great bargain. fantl Dlv ' r * T ‘ aT - rear the corner of Halated- CHAPMAN A BARBER, * jj—- K) LaSalle-st. A Bare Chance. sf B^ssj?aaacf a , H. HARTT A CO.. 34 and «6 South Jeffcrton-st. JNO, B. DRAKE. Nos. 293. 800, andSQ3 West Madlson-st,, at the end of Carpenter-st. Two best Stores In tho city, size of each 36x120, fonr stories and basement, 17-foot coiling, fire-proof Vaulta, Elevators, and everything complete. _Tbose beautiful buildings ore now ready for occupancy. For Dry Goods, Furniture, Carpets, Crockery, oranyotn er first-class business, these stores are not surpassed. The location Is the best in tho West Division. For terms -PPly to D. COLK & SOX, 188 West Madison-it. FOE, KENT. Elegant four-story and basement brick house, 529 Wabash-av,, 10 rooms,in good order; good brick barn; lot, 25x180. Kent, $2,200 per year to a good tenant. House can be purchased at a bargain. Apply to TO, H. SAMPSON & CO., TO RENT. Large 2-stoiy and basement house, 91 Judd-st., 18 rooms, all modem improvements; bam 19 by 25; suitable for boarding house, In good condition; rent low to a good tenant. 1-story frame eottago dwelling No. 824 Twenty-sixth-st. Inquire In basement of 151 LaSalle-st. TO R.3E3^T Two Well-Lighted Offices' on First Floor, with good Vaults, built for Banks but suitable for Real Estate. Railroads, or any kind of Office-Business. Also, Suites of Offices in Second and Third Stories of Carver’s Building. Nos. 46and 48 South Clark-st., next to Sherman House. Inquire at Room No. 4, 48 Sooth Olark-st. To Rent. A Throe-Story and Basement Marble-Front House ele gantly furnished, and with all modem improvements; lo ■aasarg 181,1 •*" p,r mtmth ' Two pleasant Lofts, 60x100, at K. W. comer of State and Harrison-ste. (Nos. 352 and 354 State). Can be rented at a very reasonable price. Inquire of owner, onpremises. TO RENT, Desirable Offices in the Metropolis tan Block. Inquire of A. A. MDN GEE, Office No. 8. TO RENT, Store 30x100, No, BS9Wo*t Madison-st., fronting Aber deen, now occupied by Carson, Pirie A Co. D. COLE A SON, . House Agents, 188 West Madison-st. TO RENT, With rtoam power, two fine rooms, 40x115 feet each, being M and 4th floors of Store Nos. 343 and 245 East Lake-sU? vreu lighted and admirably situated for mechanical pur poses. Apply to JAMES J. WALWORTH, on the prem- FOR RENT. The cheapest Wholesale placo In tho city. Three-story and basement building, with Elevator, at 15 Mich igan-av. Offices, Offices, Exchange Building, comer Clark and "Wash , mgton-ats., Boom 43. To Seit-At a Bargain, Thoole,nntand .parlous Store and Basament. No, BO and 62 Eaat Adama-a‘„, SOiIOO feet, .Ith a team-fitting apparatna. Applj to E. S. HAWLEY A CO.. ‘ 81 Tribune Building. TO RENT. Store No. 53 West Madlson-st., 20 by 70 feet, 2 door* from Clinton-st., in brick building. Also, on first floor same building, 4 rooms for offices. Nos. 4 and 5, by WM. H. THOMPSON, To Bent. Tho two nppor stories in three-story brick building, con taining SO rooms, including largo parlors and dining rooms. bath-room, gas and water; suitable for hotel or boarding-house :in tho centre of business and town. In qatro of H. KAPFFMANN, Evanston, HI. TO RENT The 4-storyand basement brick building. No. 222 Wash- Ington-it. On desirable terms to a good tenant. W. M. HOWLAND. Very low, tfaebasement and second and third stories. No. 13 Michlgan-av. Apply on the premises to H. W. DURANT. TO RENT. sin ai ices, No. 48 Lake-st. 52 and 64 Lake-st. 56 and 58 liake-st. 69 and 61 Lake-st. 188 South Clark-st., 40x80. 195,197, 201, 205, 207, 209 and 211 South Clark-st., in Kentucky Block. 70 and 72 East Bandolph-st. 46 East Van Buren-st. 171 West Van Buren-st. 324 and 320 Wabash-av,, up-stairs. 138 and 140 Wabash-av., single or double. 330 and 334 Wabash-av., up-stairs. 80 and 82 Adams-st. 819 and 945 South State-st. Offices in Reaper, Speed’s, Ken tucky, and McCormick Blocks, Apply to J. M. MARSHALL, Beal Estate Agent. Booms 9 and 10 Eeaper Block, N. E. cor. Clark & Washington-sts. Siprlor Offices In Superior Block, 77 Clark-st., with elegant Vaults, Elevator, Speaking Tubes, Steam Heat, &c. Offices will be partitioned off to suit tenants, andrented at low rates. Also suites of rooms in building rear of Superior Block. One first-class BANKING OFFICE. H. C. MOREY, 7? CLAEK-ST. TO RENT. In Iron Building southwest comer Lake and State-sts.: One store 20x50 ft. facing Lake-st., $2,200. Store 20x40 ft. on State-st., SI,BOO. Basement 84x100 ft., $1,500. Second, Third and Fourth Floors, together, $3,500 ; separately, Second Floor, $1,500 ; Third, $1,200 ; Fourth, SI,OOO, each being 40x80 feet in size. Apply to W. D. KERFOOT & 00., 90 EAST WASHINGTON-ST. Stores to Rent. TO RENT, TO E-EICTT SILVERWARE. Sterlim Silverware. V7e have a very large assortment of the celebrated “GORHAM” STERLING SILVERWARE, which we offer at extremely low prices. Spoons, Forks, &c., &c., sold by the ounce. Fancy Kecec, in cases and trunks. Tea Sets, Cake Baskets, and Jelly •ishes. Knives, Forks, and Spoons, for children. Card Cases, Tobacco Boxes, Nap kin Rings, and Fruit Knives. . The largest Stock of Silver Goods in the West. s. Una t no. State and Monroe-sts. AUCTION SALES. BOOKS AT AUCTION. U,Alton (W. A. BUTTERS, Auctioneer) Will sell, at 469 Wabash-av,, On Monday, April 28, Commencing at 10 a. m., A large lot of Standard Works, Waverley Novels, the British Essayists, the Poets, in fine binding, and a great variety of Miscellaneous Volumes, togeth er with Quarto Bibles, Prayer Books, fine Writing Desks, Albums, &c. Cobb, Andrews & Co. 469 WABASH-AV. STORAGE. STORAGE! Good storage room for Household Furniture AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE. ■ LESTER & UPDIKE’S WAREHOUSE, Corner Taylor-st. and Paciflc-av. FURNITURE STORED. Burlington Warehouse, comer Sixteenth and Stato-ste. Money advanced on all kinds of property. CARPET CLEANING. HNS CARPET CLEANER Boston Garuet Clsanli Co,. 44 & 46 West Adams-st, Branch, 931-2 Twentf-sKOM-sl. ’"This is the only place in Chicago to have your Carpets thoroughly cleaned. We use the Rope-Beating and Brushing Machine, and guarantee to clean cheaper and better than any other establishment. Carpets to* ken up and reloid. No charge for cartage. This is the only machine of the kind in Illi nois. WE DO NOT USE AN3T STICK HA CHUTES. A. N. HAERUraOH & CO. CASH BOXES. TIN CASH AND OFFICE ” ZESOISgIEIS, AT 'WHOLESALE AND KETAIL. cm, PAGE, HOME & CO., GENERAL NOTICES. NOTICE! To Wlioin It May Concern : The undersigned respectfully give notice that they never give NOTES or ACCEPT ANCES under any circumstances, and that there is nothing of the kind outstanding, signed or accepted by them. BROWN BROTHERS, Sidewalk Light Manufacturers. N. W. Cor. Clinton and Jackson-sis. Cliicap & litlnten Eailwaf. SPECIAL NOTICE. On and after Thursday, May 1, the City Of fice for the sale of Tickets will be at south west comer LaSalle and Bandolph-sts. Commutation Tickets will be sold at this ofilce only.* MAEVXN' HtJGHITT, Gen. Supt. W. A. TBBATiIi, Gen. P. Act. Soiithwestern-av. Property-owner* are requested to moot at the new store near the corner of Vanßcron-st. and said avenue, Tues day evening, April 29. Come and make a united final effort for the much-needed improvements. By order of the Southwestern-av. Improvement Association. • EDWIN A. RICE, Secretary. THE POBMOUTH ffiON BDILIinfIJ Association have established an agency at 43 South Clark* at., whsre they will be happy to receive orders «nd make estimates for contractors and builders. Room 3. J. H. SMITH, Agent. CHICAGO, SUNDAY, APRIL 27, 1873-SIXTEEN PAGES. The WEST SIDE Branch Office of tbf* Company has bwo removed from 218 Randolph-st. to 60 South Halated sty comer of Madison. The SOUTH BIDE Branch Office, 620 Wabaih-av., will be removed to Wabaah-ar., comer of Twenty-eocond-ft.. May 1. 8. O. SEATON, Afent. H. E. SAWYER. THE LITHOGRAPHIC INSTITUTE, ESSROTEB, KUEHLOW A 00., Have remoyefl to cor. WasMnglon-st. and FM-ar, REMOVED TO TEE OLD STAND I HENRY SCHOELLKOPE, Nos. 22 and 234 Bast Raadolph-st., Groceries and Ger man Produce, wholesale and retail, established 1851. The partnership existing heretofore under the firm of Henry Schoollkopf A Bro. has this daybeon dissolved by mutual consent, and the business will be continued under the abore name. HENRY SCHOELLKOPF. SODA WATER. Agency for G, D. Dows & Co.’s Ap paratus, Generators, Copper Foun tains, Tumbler "Washers, Ice Shav ers, etc. Large assortment of sam ples on hand. BLISS & TOREEY, Wholesale Druggists’ Sundries, 171 and 173 Bandolph-st. Sell more !n New York tfa&n those of all other maker* to gether. Sold at manufacturer's prices at L. SCHICK 4 CO.'S, 108 East Madlson-st. aomtiPLUTS, A choice assortment of House, or Bedding Plante, at reasonable prices, at the largo Conservatory on North Clark-st.. one block north of Cbleago-ar.. or at southeast corner of State and Waehlngton-ite., entrance through Roddin 4 Hamilton's. Jewelers. WI. T. SHEPHERD, up P?4? p ,SU o .S!, he * d ‘*» b » w »?ot- Try sumrs hub hUAUalAill. MTJSICAX., PIANOS, Have on lianda stock ol goods from which it is a privilege to select. Owing to the delay in moving into our new store under the new Pal mer House, our stock has increased so rapidly at our present address as to induce us to offer PIANOS, &c., AT COST for the next TWO WEEKS. Call at warerooms, 390 & 396 Wabash-ay. Po lanos AKD Organs. 200 Pianos amt Organs for Sole or to Kent. All orders to tho trade filled with dispatch. Alarce assortment of SECQND;HAVP PIANOS and ORGANS FOR SALE on the MOST REASONABLE TERMS, prior to re moval to the corner of State and Adams-sU., to make room for new stock. - W. ¥. KIMBALL, ffaM-ay,, cor. MeonM REMOVALS. “'REMOVALT 1. A. WISWALL retail BOOTS All SHOES HAS REMOVED TO No. 76 State-st. s KBAB RAWIJOIPII. ' A choice variety of jkn the new SPRING Styles have been received, which will be of fered at reasonable prices. Removal.

MoMoitjMiaM Has Removed to its JTcw Office, HOETHWEST COBB OF fiIIGIOB MDDEABBOM, AMERICAN EXPRESS COMPANY. REMOVAL. April 25, 1873. REMOVAL. (Illinois Staata-Zoitung Building), MRS. PAULINE LETANU, FRENCH DRESSMAKER, .Removed to 324 Wabaih-av., corner Congreß.-it. SODA WATER. FOR SALE. 'oley’s Gold Pens flowering plants, &o. Upts. ani Herat Beslps. fdorist. hair luxuriant. MILLINERY. 1111 I i I I 228 WEST MADISON-ST. Grand Opening Suite aM Sflinßr Stylos! TUESDAY. MILLINERY, Lais’ FnniisMiig aM Fancy Goods, hats, laces, BOOTETS, CORSETS, FLOWERS, &c. Freici Pattern Bonnets anfl tad Hats LOWEE THAU EVEE. A. ACKEE, 228 West Madison-st. 1,000 Yards HAMBURG EDGINGS at lowest prices. GRAND OPENING, TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY. CHINA. CROCKERY, &o. AT RETAIL. Plain Band and Decorated CHINA. IHIIIM CUN! At about half cost of French China, BOHEMIAN GLASSWARE, LAVA & PARIAN GOODS, SILVER-PLATED GOODS, CUTLERY, WAITERS, &C. Cheaper than at any other Store, AT f. & E. JAEGER’S, 73 WABASH-AV. AT BETAIL, nmncnn, CROCKERY, GLASSWARE, SiMaled Goois, TABLE CUTLERY, &o BDBIET&TYBBBLL 274 276 & 278 fafiastav., CORNER VAN BTJREN-ST. WE ARE SELLIETG Me CMna Dimer Sets, 141 Pcs, for $35.00. Media Tea Sets, 50 Pcs, for 6.50. In feet, we are closing out our entire Wholesale Stock, at Ztetail, AT WHOLE SALE PRICES, in order to make room for an elegant Retail Stock for Spring Trade. Scolt&Onngimßros., 219 West Madison-st. FURNITURE. Furniture! The Largest Stock, The Finest Goods, AM) . The Lowest Prices, SAMPSON, GILBERT & CO.’S, 267 & 269 Wabash-av. Fur a Slort Tie Oily at Retail Now is yonr opportunity to obtain our fine Ornamented. Painted, and Enameled Chamber Saits at a low price Call and examine oar goods and prices. SWAN, CLARK 4 CO.. Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealer*. WANTED. Wanted, To borrow 815,000 in marketable stocks or bonds. Satis factory security given for safe return, and fair considera tion fornae. Address W 67, Tribune,office. “W-AJNTEID TO RENT, A good house, shoot 12 rooms, modsrn Improvements, located between Twelfth and Twentr-fifth-sts., east of Wabssb-ar., or North Side south of ChJcago-ar. and east of Clark-st. Rent not to excaed st.£oo. Hava small family: best of references given. Address for two dors K 29, Tribune office. WAITED TO BUY OR BENT. Dock and ground for a lumber yard. Apply to HATCH, HOLBROOK 4 CO., U&i Archor-ar. LADIES’ GOODS. BICIERTOI & JEFFERY, 36 East Washlngton-st, (second noon from state). Will offer, STOSDAT. iprii 28, the most exten ave and attractive stock of Ladies' Suits Id Beautiful Slades of Colors in Sis, Semes, CMies, Caslnneres, linen Tasso Cloths and Batiste Suits, in great variety of styles and prices. Tallnas - Dolmansj X-c,, in limp d Ete Cashmere and Cloths. Ll ?^ a „ L 2 ;Ce Po .V lts , aild Jacks, in beautiful Pat terns, from the best makers. Parasols and Ladles’ Neckwear, in new and de ora we goods. T^ e i*iL ana , G,li ?? re in «ie best French makes and patterns. lakes’ and Infants’ Underwear, in great variety of makes and styles. . y Ladies ■will study thoir own inter est by examining this stock, as we make a SPECIALTY of these goods, and, with an experience of thirty years in this line of business, we feel satisfied that we have presented a stock unsurpassed by any house in this city. Our DEESSMAKUTQ DEPABT MENT is under the management of the most experienced artists. YEAST, Sc. Twin Brothers’ TEAST AXD^ BAKING POWDER. . Warranted Free from all Impurities. Every Genuine Package Bears a Print of Two Heads. O'" your Grocer for TWIN BROTHERS* YEAST 4nd TWIN BROTHERS* BAKING POWDER. ROOFING MATERIAL. PIEE-PEOOP AND WATEB-PEOOP IR/ O O IE 1 I IsT <3- pS??s?rsv:„ P S r ' 7 ' b ‘ Ttz ‘* rccontlj- obtained Lotion ££*f?j , j* or Jno «boye-namod roofing, takes pleasure In in to t{ i°, P«°Pl» of tin* city, so that all who arall themselves of it may have a main* positively fir® 11 ** confidently affirmed that this roof ing in its two-fold purpose has not Its equal, nor anythin® nearly approximating to it. In giving the utmost possible protection from lira and water. Thoro Is. absolutely, nothing In roofing that can bo compared with It, aa all who eiaralno It mast admit. Attention and free criticism of persons Interested In roofing is earnestlydesired, believing this to bo the cer tain means of insuring its adoption la p refer enco to all other modes now in use. j. | aT prab!o reception. It la proposed to disposo of tho right for this city, eountyvor state, or to organize a company of competent men to establish a business, which this mode of roofing must im mediately create. ••***« and Interviews, please call nponPEftCY 4 BROOKtf. Room 17, at7sEiatllonrS£ st., from 4 to o p. tn. STOVES. T33HE3 HTE3X7V EMPIRE6OOK STO7S THE FINEST EVER MADE ! SOMETHING ENTIEEIiT HEW I Hus illore Good Features Than Any Other! An Examination Will Convince Toni Manufactured by Swett. Quhnbj I Sold Wboloaolo and 4 Perry, Troy N. Y. \ Retail by JOHN D. MACLEAN & CO., 335 STATE-ST. PAPER HANGINGS. Don’t Fail TO CALL ON HILGEB, JIMS & BAM, 107 STATE-ST., And see the largest and most com plete stock of Paper Hangings, Dec orations, "Window Shades, Lace Cur tains, Lambrequins, Bedding, &0.,t0 be found in the city—all Hew and Beautiful Designs. SUMMER RESORT. Summer Hotel. The new Hotel at Highland Park will bo open Jnne 1 This Hotel la only three stories high, bat contains 135 rooms. It la 200 feet long, has broad nails running fall length of boaso; 6CO feet of piazza 13 feet wide; a broad deck on the topoftbe homo. SCO feet long, overlooking Lake Michigan. It is ono hoar’s ride from Ghlcagoln the growing town of Highland Park, where a pier is being ballt for the accommodation of pleasure excursions from Chicago. Elegant Billiard Hall, Croquot Grounds, and fine Livery Establishment in connection with tbo Hotel The Hotel will be ander the management ofO. D Hon kins, formerly of Stanwlx Hall, Albany. For farther information apply to O. V. HOPIdINS, Proprietor, High land Park, or F. P. HAWKINS, Agent H. P. & cS. 153 Monroo-at., Room 4. Chicago. * BOARDING. ACCOMMODATION. 14 EIiDJEUDGE-COUET. „P“* ll > b J 0 “d cental '““Hof: Boom. lirg. >nd «lrr. Farnished or nn/nrpiihed. Tabl. nneicoptlombla. Dn guests invited. Prices reasonable. 1 w t» , E; REYNOLDS, Proprietor. —oapf’nar to some. Inferior to pods. PERSONA!,. Personal. Tho noted Analytical Physician, DUMONT C. DAKR, M. D,, who formerly resided at 15 Bills Park, is now a guest at the Matteson House, where his friends and patients can. visit. INSTRUCTION. MRS. H. SIMONS, Successor to Mise Mott, 4«0 Hichlran-av. French. Ger man, English, Dajr. and Boarding School. Needle work and embroider/ Caught. tni& Msralul’s report for the year on,ling March »nbmUtca to the Board of Police, yeelcr. day He «ayi the offecUvo force of the Department consists of 257 men, including the officers, Fire War dens, and members of the Fire Alarm Telegraph corps. The apparatus is divided as follows: Twenty steam Are engines, with hoaocarts ; three Eabcoct-sclf-act> ing fire engines; four hook and ladder tracks - two hose elevators; three supply hose-oarts; four fuel wagons; one supply truck; fire-alarm machinery complete, and two repair wagons. The value of the t4-c e S^h o aVh‘ee? o Sa^ * ud worked l,iM3i-60 hours. AU the 18111 8°od order. The coat of repairs had ?° ti re at as the year previous, and would have been less had the streets been In good con especially those in which tracks are laid. Much delay was occasioned in reaching Urea on &o count of obstructions, building materials, Ac., In the streets, and many accidents had occurred by this neg ligence of the property-owners. The upon the Board of Police to take immediate stew to remedy this evil. Three now fire engines, three Bal> cocr engines, and one host-cart, with appendages, had been added to the department during the year! at & ° f ,*fS 7o - They were locateS at dSkublo Sft “’Jl?*' ono exception, bad not been called “ ou ßb to teat their effectiveness. h f!L (lone 8 0 ? d service. The two hosa elsvators had not been naed, but preparations sra mak -111 » short time. After *0 the inspection of the department 5 0ard 01 PoUce > “3 Board of .i~<T° ri 7 lter s, 1“ September last, he suggests that a similar inspection bo made every year, believing that" tne force win be benefited by it. One hundred and two horses sre in use at the present time; five died during o a ? d eight had been sold or exchanged for -.oi er /f lotdt " animals were, affected farther epizootic; only four died from Us effects, vet tha msUdy seems to have disabled others, andtbeMar abal thinks they will not recover. Only the boas horses should be purchased for the Department. Then had been bought during the year 14,000 feet of rubber hose, and 16,000 feet more waa needed for the cominff year. Although the Fire Insurance Patrol did nor Mlong to the force, ho felt It hla duty to can ibo attention of the Board to tho great assist-* once they had rendered, having by energy and promptness saved a large amount of property front damage, and assisted materially in the extinguishment of Area, The supply of water had been much bette? than heretofore, and there was little cause for com* plaint since the new pumping works commenced operations. The supply would be increased when thfl iG-lnch main on Adams street is connected withth* 35-ineh main on LaSalle street. This, ho waa informed* would be done soon, and when it was done, the supply of water would be equal to an demands. He urged that a temporary tower be erected la the business por* tlon of the dty, and that a large bell be placed therein to strike alarms of flro and the hours of the day and night, Xbo buildings erected during the year for en- P ll ®* No. 1, 4, io, and II were substantial, and pre sented a creditable appearance. Tho amount required, for repairing the biddings in use Is necessarily in creased on account of the limited appropriations mad® last year. No accidents of a serious naturo had occurred to the membeis of the department, although they had performed their duty well and taken many risks at flrea. The uniform adopted last sum mer and now in us® had greatly improved the moral® and discipline of the men. With a few exceptions theirconduct had been becoming and orderly, and the Marshal believes that the citizens have reason to feel proud of the organization, and conlldent of its effi ciency. After recommending the appointment of a theoretical and practical builder to decide doubtful points in relation to th® fire ordinance, the Marshal is so large that violations of the fire ordinance have been frequent. To enforce the law thoroughly, be asks for two additional Wardens, and that all be instructed to report dangerous walls and buildings claimed to be unsafe to the office before mentioned, who shall pass judgment upon them after personal inspection. He also recommends that an ordinance be passed compelling the cleaning of chim neys at least once a year, and os often as it may bo necessary to prevent the ignition of the soot. No ices than flfty-one alarms had been given during the year forth® burning o.ut of chimneys, resulting in great loss to the buildings and to the machinery of the De (partment, by being unnecessarily called out. Sparks from locomotives had caused fires which destroyed SIOO,OOO worth of property, and ho hoped railroad cor porations would devise some means, to confine the sparks In tho smoke-stacks, or render them harmless, Tho Marshal suggests that an or dinance be passed requiring owners or oc cupants of buildings with shingle' roofs to keep on their premises a ladder long and strong enough to reach tho roofs. By having it, citizens witi be enabled to protect their property from flying sparks and cinders. After recommending the purchase of lots, tug-boats, and steamers, and the erection of tho buildings given in the estimates, which have already been published in Tub Tkibcnk, the Marshal shows that Chicago is deficient in tho number of appliances for protecting property. Boston has 22 engines, 11 supply hose carta, 7 hook and ladder trucks, and 1 river steamer; Philadelphia has 23 steamers cnJ fl trucks; Cincinnati, 20 steamers and 4 trucks; St. Louis, 12 steamers and 2 trucks ; Chicago, 20 steam ers, 4 trucks, 3 supply carts, and 3 chemical engines. It was well known that this city was composed mostly of wood. Previous to tho great flro of 1871, the num ber of buildings within the dty limits was estimated to bo 63,753, classified thus : Frame, 48,082; brick, 4,050 ; stone and iron, 1,005. The number of brick and stone buildings had increased since then, yet many manu factories, mills, and lumber-yards are being contin ually added to the already combustible dty, which needs increased protection. Owing to the southwest erly winds prevalent In the spring, he had naked for engines to be located in the southwestern portion of the dty. not only to protect the great lumbar and man ufacturing interests there, bat to guard against a repe tition of another October 9. During April there wore 50 fires and 3 false alarms ; loss, $16,329; insurance, $791,450. May, 33 fires and 4 false alarms; loss. $26,790; insurance, $61,600. June. 32 fires; loss, 64.580 insurance, $76,800. July, 25 Arts* and 4 false alarms; loss, $12,662; Insurance, $184,800. August, 23 fires and 2 false alarms; loss, $106,402; in surance, $382,400. September. 26 fires and 6 Xalso alarms; loss, $11,350; insurance, $151,850. October, 47 fires and 6 false alarms ; loss, $194.386; Insurance, $318,050. November, 39 fires and 3 false alarms; loss, $33,290; insurance, $278,225. December, 45 fires and 6 false alarms; loss, $21,400; insurance, $278,225. Janaary, 62 fires and 3 false alarms; loss, $133,465; insurance, $322,950. February, 30 fires and 2 false alarms ; loss. $24,650 ; insurance, $573,350. & fires and 3 false alarm ; loss, $34,886; insurance, $307,- 400. Totals, 441 fires and 44 false alarms ; loss. S6BO - 099; Insurance, $3,763,275. * The causes ox the fires were as follows; acddentol, 5; carelessness, 99; children playing with matches, 14; defective and foul chimneys, 61; ocfective stoves and gas pipes, 19; fireworks, 1; friction, 1; explosions cf gas and boilers, 10; incendiarism and supposed incen diarism, 99 ; damp explosion, 34; powper explosion, 1; spontaneous combustion, 5; sparks from chimney, 23; sparks from locomotive, 7; sparks from fire en gine, 1; overheating stoves and furnaces, Ac., 40; lightning, 2; unknown, 68. Th® Fire Wardens issued 5,965 notices, and discov ered 5,070 violations of the fire ordinance. nBE-ALAUM TELEGRAPH. The Sopcrintendent of the Fire-Alarm Telegraph reports that he has reason to be satisfied with tho working of the lines daring the year, although tho borrowed machinery In use until recently was not all that could be desired. With the new apparatus an In creased sense of security is felt, and, nniww g iin« was disabled, there was little chance of a wrong number being received' on the Department’s gongs or bells. The new “ repeater ” for sounding alarms is the most complete instrument of the kind ever manufactured. The “register” for receiving and recording box sig nals is, next to the one in use in New York, the largest In nse in any fire-alarm telegraph office in the coun try, having a capacity of sixteen lines, and is a model of beauty and exactness. Thirty boxes had been added during the year, but there were yet a number of locations where they are needed. All the boxes or dered will be delivered at an early day, and be placed in position as soon as possible. When they are, 233 will be In operation. There had been a marked im provement in the management of the dial Instruments at the police stations during the; year; calls were an swered promptly, and messages sent correctly. A UtUo more care and attention, however, was necessary to make thia branch of the service as valuable to the de partment as It should be. The Superintendent recom mends that the wires be removed from house-tops and placed on polls, as every day they were endangered by raising, moving, or building houses. TO the Editor of The Chicago Tribune: Bj reference to the aura of Smith to. The People, 25th Illinois Beporte, page IT, it will be eeen that, . “A coni P lra c]T to aedneo a female la punishable by £b^mi^i^L CU ° D ’ KhMerth resorted Criminal offenses not enumerated In our code may be tried at at common law , offense to conspire to do an na iawiui act by any meant, or to conspire to do any act by unlawful means.* 1 If, therefore, we hare a Criminal Court, with Grand Jury and Prosecuting Attorney, it would seem that there need bo no delay or difficulty in ridding this community of the presence of the beast and all his aiders and abettors, without waiting for the uncertain movements of Capt. French. A Fsoro QX CtOOP Om>sb, NUMBER 251. OUR FIRE DEPARTMENT. Report of Marshal Williams for the Year Ending March 31, 1873. The Department in Excellent Condition, and Everythin" Working Satisfactorily. Our Fire-Alarm System the Most Complete in the Country, THE CASE OF McLAUGHLIN.

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