Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 27, 1873, Page 15

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 27, 1873 Page 15
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WANTED—MALE HELP. Eootkecpcra, Clerks, Etc. ■VrTAKTED-A. COMPETENT CLERK IN THE EE ff tail and prescription dreg business. Apply at 64 East Chicago-av. WANTED— AN ENTRY CLERK ABOUT 21 YEARS of ago, correct habit*, good penman; references required. Address K S3, Tribune office. *II7’ANTED—AT 397 LOOMIS-ST., CORNER HAST- Vl ings, a younc roan (German) to work as clerk la a grocery aiovo; ono who thoroughly understands tho bust ness and can speak good English. [ WANTEU-SALKSMAN TO SELL TO, THE CITY trade. Apply between 9 and 12 at 63 East Madison #L, up-stairs. „ T\rANI ED- A GOOD SALESMAN IN A HAT AND VV cap aiore; mustbeof Jewish persuasion, no other peed apply; one who understands, andean bring best reference- Call on this (Sunday) afternoon, bctnenl and 6 o’clock, at lei Blue Island av., corner o, 3’aylnr-st. wakted-a salesman in a hat and cap T» store. Cilylroferonccs required. Address U 43, Tribune office. . I\TANTED— FIRST-CLASS DRY, GOODS SALES- Vr m*"- Reference required, at KLEIN A SHLOSS’, 144 Twcnty-second-Bt. ' WfANTED—A YOUNG MAN FROM 15 TO 18 THAT IF has a knowledge of bookkeeping and is smart at fig ure* Address U ba, Tribune office. • - WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER; T F one acquainted with the lumber business preferred. AddrebS with reference 1229 Wabash-av. Trades. TTTANTED-TWENTY SHIP CARPENTERS. AP ITpI/ at 250 Water-aU MENOMINEE RIVER lum ber company. _ TT-ANTED-A FIRST-CLASS CARRIAGE TRIM- Ff mcr; steady work the year round. Address at once R. HINK t SONS. Lafayette, Ind. TT7 ANTED PAINTERS AND CALCIMINERS: FF ihi>6o tlut understand graining preforrod; good wages and steady work all tumour. (Junto to shop i-C Eazimvood roadj* lur work Monday morning, J. S. PaT CUISON A CO. \\TANTED—A NO. \ BELL-HANGER, FOR PUT- V! ting up work, at 156 North Clark-at., hfonday morn ing at 7 o’ clock. . \\T ANTED —A NO. I RTIOLESALE-XaZXTER, AT >1 BAYKE BROTHER*' clothing manufactory. Sl3 Diriaion-Bt. Apply Monday morning. WfAlvrßD-A FIILST-CLAKS AiIKRICAN WATCH- Vf maker, with good references. A. P. BOANION, tS2 State-st., City. \\T ANTBD-TWO MOKE GOOD WHOtraALE VV clothing cat tors. Apply Monday at 254 and 2ao Md waukeo-av. CLEMENT a SAYhU. GOOD MAS AS FOREMAN OF A Vi forai'uro factory in tho country; one well posted on. Cnt-clns* bod-room inrniinre preferred; state qualinca tioaa and wages expected. 3113, Tribune office. . I?rANTED-20 CARPENTERS MONDAY, 7 A. M. W abarp. to smooth door on tbo Grand Pacific Hotel; firing tools. WANTED—7A COafPETENT DRAUGHTSMAN. ij Apply at Hoorn 65 Custom-Homo, between 9 and 11 a, m., Monday. . ' . Tl WANTED—2 GOOD CARRIAGE TRI3IMEKS AND VV 1 good blacksmith and 1 helper at southwest corner of Quincy and Franklln-tu. • TUANTED—HOUSE PAINTER BY THE DAY—A VV first-class workman lor inside wall-painting and yrnfnfng. Apply 125 South Clark-st., Room IX. fir ANTED—FIRST-CLASS PAINTERS AND CAL- Vf cimiuer*. MARTIN A LEONARD, 125 West Mad hoa-st. _____ TT7 ANT ED-10 OR MORE MEN WHO KNOW EOW \\ to work on Portland cement to lay sidowalks, Ac. Good wages. Apply to J. D. DECREET, office of Scbil huger Artificial htono Co., 126 Dearbom-st., Room 15. TIT ANTED—A GORDON PRESS FEEDER; ONE V* who can mako forms ready and run a press without instruction. Apply at once at tho Newspaper Union Job otScc, IU Moaroe-gt. WANTED-PAINTERS, PLAIN BRUSH HANDS; VV steady job. PAGE A TERRELL, 66J West Van Boren-st. TIrANTED—PAINTERS. APPLY AT CONDON’S VV Building, 47 LaSallo-st. O’BREiN BROS. : PAINTERS. IC6 SOUTH SANGAMON WANTED-A BOY TO LEARN THE GRAINING V r trade; ono that has worked at pointing a short tizno preferred. Call at UI booth Clark-st. Monday morning. ANTED—TWO BUSHELMEN. APPLY AT 228 S;ate-*t. WANTED-A MAN THAT UNDERSTANDS WOOL VV ca machinery, carding, etc.; aal&ry and an Interest. Address P. O. Box 47, Chicago. WANTED—A COLORED MAN COOK AT THE VV Parker Home, cor. Madison and Halsted-sts. WANTED— 6 GOOD CARPENTERS THAT Un derstand working on hard wood, coon tors. etc.. No others need apply. Inquire at Cooley's, 72 and 74 Dear born-it., to-day between 1 and 3 o'clock. WANTED-MONDAY MORNING, FOUR OIL FIN: V T ishers. F. B. WOLFINGER, corner Lincoln and Kiarlo-sls. , WANTED-A GOOD, HONEST BOY WHO KNOWS VV how to take care of a horse and cow; nazu but tom - pcraace boys need apply. 620 Michlgan-av. ( TTTANTED—A STOUT BOY AT H. W. WETH -11 EKELL’S. 45 and 47 Jackson-st. WANTED-TWO PAINTERS WHO CAN CALSO- V V mine, oa Monday morning. Apply at 76 North Mor caa-st., between Fulton and CarroU. Come prepared for work. RICHARD DABB. WANTED— A FIRST-CLASS GILDER. APPLY 467 Wabasb-av. WANTED-FIRST-CLASS WOOD CARVERS, AT VV JAMES BARKER’S, Benedict’s Mill, comer Green gad Kinaie-sta. ' ITTANTED—IO GOOD PAINTERS AND OALCIMIN VV ors at3o3 Mlcidgan-av., Monday morning; come to work; none bnt good mon need apply. ANTED-A FIRST-CLASS CARRIAGE PAINT cr. Address J. WRIGHT A SON, Leavenworth, Kas. ¥ANTED-CAEPENTEES-FOUB GOOD FBAM; era at Fonr <t Bro.W Lumber Yard. wrat end of Eighteenth-at. bridge, Monday noon. ANTED—CARPENTERS TO PUT IN STORE front, at West Madlson-at. TU ANTED—SO FIBST-CLAbS INSIDE WORKMEN. Vf Kono other need apply. Call to-day at 1 o’clock. A. UEADB, 627 South Haistcd-at,, op-staixs, roar room. T\fANTED—GOOD JEWELER- I? Madison-st., Koom3. TITANTED-A FIRST-CLASS FINISHER (NONE \I others need apply), on buggies, at COaN & lEN BROEKE’S Carriage Manufactory, comer Ann and Ran (blliii-sl*. ' _ WTANTED-A GARDENER; ONE WHO CAN \» give the best of references. Inquire of N. MAI - corner State and Moaroe-sta. WAKTEB-TO TAILORS; A YOUNG MAN TO u work on coats and be generally useful In store. SoathHalsted-st., Room I. McMASTERAHAGERTY, litre hint Tailors. _ CoaolunoH* Teamsters. &c* WTANTED—YOUNG MAN TO DRIVE A MELK- U wagon and make collections, with 'good references, iasricu preferred. N. if, liYDiJ, 277 Madison-st., Room 14. '* . “WANTED COACHMAN TO STAKE CARE OF II horse and cow, and make himself generally useful; 033 that understands the cars of horses. Apply at 93 Cal caut-av., before 9 a. m. WANTED-A COACHMAN. NONE NEED APPLY ? I unless perfectly acquainted in the city and folly com pKcnt. 323 West Washington-st. - " ■nr AKTED-A YOUNG MAN TO HELP TO TAKE il care of horses and make himself generally useful •boot barn. Apply to MINER T. AMES A CO., coal dt;*, corner of iunzioand Grcen-ats. Kiscell ancons. WANTED-GOOD ACTIVE MEN TO CANVASS for tho new improved Howo Sewing Machine In the fifty of Milwaukee and vicinity. This is a comparatively taForked territory, and agents can mako largo wages. An offering unpreoodonted inducements for the ngpt of men. Address C. CADY, City Agent, 113 Mis- Knnn-fiL, Milwaukee, Wis. TUANTED—MEN IN EVERY TOWN. COUNTY, • I aad State, to sell our now button-bolo cutter and teedie-thrcadlng thimble. Agents that wish the goods .rkl save money and time by buying direct of thomanu hrturera, at99EastMadison-st., Rooms. - ' r ANTED—TWO GOOD CARPET-LAYERS. B. F. HOLLISTER A CO., ISI and 133 Stato-st. WANTED—EXPERIENCED LIFE INSURANCE II solicitors. Apply to ERNST TRUSSING, 6SWest Ufcs-st, ‘ ' *■ . U r ANTED-A YOUNG MAN VOTH $3 OR S3 TO U'' sell a new article; can mako money; sells at eight. ftßstrboarding house, rear.of 253 Cottage Grove-av. TP ANT ED—AT ONOE, FOR THE AVENUE HOUSE, Jl 2 good colored waiters, comer Wabaah-av. ana "vaty-eecond-st. > f ANTED—IO GOOD CANVASSING AGENTS FOB city work. Call Tuesday, between 10 and 12, at 166 pnk-rt., second floor. "tITANTED—A NO. 1 HEAD WAITER TO TAKE M charge of a hotel dining-room. Apply at the office d the Barnes House. . . . TUANTED—6OO MEN, STOUT AND ACTIVE, WHO U want to go to Sftmftna Bay, San Domino. They will r *cta>paseftso from hero toft steamer which will ftail _ m *hoat two weeks: old cavalry and artillery men preferred, jrofrto o. w. imouEs, lamth-tr, tITASTED—COLORED BOY ABOUT 16 YEARS OP U ego at 73 South Halatod-st., cp-stoira. ANTED—A NEAT, ACTIVE COLORED BOY TO Jj wait on table *«d work around the house, at <sl y&ab-aT. ■friSTED-A TOUNG MAN ACQUAINTED WITH J* tie dry-pood# business, to work on the Dir-Uooda must bo able to writ© market renew* and !*d*l notices, and be willing to make himself foneralbr S®! mures liberal. Applr, by letter, to AUG. O. igaoQlEr. 55 South CanjJ-st. TPASTED-SIAIt AND WIFE TO KEEP A DINING haII with every? Mag famished, stock, ijjProrlgioat. <2 WestMadison-st/, Room 1. ItfAXTEB-A BOY ABOUT 17 YEARS OLD, •. QMiatedlntliocity, at §lO oer week. SSMotropou ggetoclc. between 8 aao 9 Monday. # lirASTED~A SMART, ACTIVE BOY OP ABOUT c Must bring references. Apply Monday Sjy Prairie-ar. • I^AKTED—A GOOD SMABT BELL BOT; ALSO, < foreman, at 953 Wabash-ar. ,]ri*vr£D_iiAr.' on stodt boy to take care bones and cow and make himself naofni * c&rpeater’e shop. 238 Calamet-aT. ftWED-AN OFFICE BOY ABOUT 16 YEARS t«^ < r. t AppJv, in own handwriting, stating salary to- Tribune office. ■ WAST£D-TlfO GOOD BUSINESS MEN; THOSE tt« with newspaperwork preferred. Ad* Tribune office. FEW MEN TO SELL NON-EXPLO “ city and country; costa 8 cents, sellsfor2s hi v’chance fur good moa to make $4 a day. A. Lake-st. ' LABORERS FOR WORK IS IS - Wiscunsin. Michigan, and Illinois; freo faro. Bandolph-stT (3, V. SNELL, Agent. AND WIFE TO GO A SHORT 878 j 3 tbe counter; man to work on form, and IjSiA borne; steady employment. Call or address > i Sf-?~ GRS ™ MEJi and ladies to can- V*. t? ,*°r an article needed in every family; largo or address MW, Novelty Rubber Co., I£3 S R S-AN EXPERIENCED MAR IK-THE .?® commission trade, to make himself Esnttal- A lightning Individual wanted. c --» Tribune office. fuist-class white waiters. jSgv?lrHofii»ja;&2sHiitV4a Barsu-st, SL Eli** V7ANTED—MALE TTjiXT\ MlscelLmeons—Con.tia.uct3. WANTED-GOOD BOY, FOB DINING-EOOM, AT BAYLBY’S Hold, 6£3 Sl.-.te«c. •TO ANTED-A good boy to take care or V T horses and work about the bouse. Apply to 199 Park- TTTANTED—FOR OUR NEW FURNITURE WARE- Vr rooms at once; I foreman for upholstering and finishing-room, CO furniture upholsterers, *2O finishers, and 6 cabinet-makers. Non« bat first-class workmen need apply. E. F. HOLLISTER A GO., Fumlturo and Carpet vtarehoa&c, 121 and 123 Siato-st. _____ WANTED—A FEW GOOD COLORED MEN. AP- Fl ply Monday morning to N. V. Carpet Renovating Co., 51V- est Wasbmgton-st. '\T r ANTED—TIIIIKR OJUFOOR ACTIVE MEN TO n sella book needed by ercry one. particularly just now, end sells at sight. Apply to H. R. THOMPSON & ■ WANTED— 2XMA2.B HELP. Eomestica- T\ r ANTED—A GERMAN OR AMERICAN GIRL W f • or 14 years old, as auras girl. Inquire at HH thirty sevonth-kt. • . WANTED-AT 1M THIRTY-SEVENTII-ST., A t1 colored woman to cook, wash, and iron la a family of five; will pay good wages. Apply at onco_- ■\\ r ANTED —AT 104 THHWY-SEVENTiI-ST.,, A if. first-class American, English, Gonuan, or Scotch girl to cook,, wash, andiron; good wages paid. Apply at ouco. , WANTED-AGOOD COOK TO GO TO EVANSTON; must wash aud iron well. Apply at 461 ost V» aab- Ington-sL • . - - TirANTED—AT THE MASSASOIT HOUSE, OPPO \ T alto Michigan Central Depot, a first-claw* femalo. meat and pastrycook. Mages no object. Apply tamo dlauly. ■ ; : lIfANTED-A GOOD GIRL IN A SMALL FAMILY. VV Campheu-Ar. ROGERS. TifANTED-GIUL TO DO HOUSEWORK IN A VV private family. American preferred. Call Monday at 499 >Yea; Madison-st. ; W"" ANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL FOR KITCHEN and general housework; must bo a good wanhor. Geniian, Swede, Norwegian, or Danish preferred. Apply at S3 Throop-at. TTTAKTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE- T i work. Good wages. Apply at No. I*9 West Wash lugton-st- on Monday. t TXT ANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR FAMILY COOK if iag, washing and ironing, to go to Highland Park. Good place; good wages. Apply at office 65 South JV ator-. 6t., up-stairs, between 1 ana 2 p. m. Monday and Taos day. WANTED— A GIRL TO DO THE HOUSEWORK of a family of three ncarThirty-socomLst. Apply at Hid Micbigan-av., Tuesday, front 9 to 12 a. m. Rcf croucca. WANTED—A FIRST-CLASS (WOMAN) PASTRY TT cook. Refcroncca required- Apply atthoolScoof tbo Barnes Honso. . WANTED— GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK; four in family. 812 Tylor-st. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework, and understands washing and ironing, •Ac. Apply at 803 Carroli-at. ■\WANTED—A GOOD GIRL FOR KITCHEN WORK V V at 803 West Barrison-st. WANTED-GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK in small private family. 16 North Grccu-et. TXTANTED-A YOUNG LADY (PROTESTANT) TO V V help with sowing and housekeeping in a small fami ly: must bo respectable and bring good references sho will bo treated as ono of tbo family. Apply, Monday or Tuesday, at 966 Jackson-st. WANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL FOR GENERAL housework in a family of four; extra wages will bo paid to the right person. Apply, Monday and Tuesday, at 496 Boldcn-av. TWANTED—A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO SECOND V V work. Apply at 76 Twenty-fonrth-st. TTrANTED A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL VV homework in a family of two. H. GOURLAY, 896 Archor-ar. ‘ ___ WANTED-A GERMAN, SCOTCH, ENGLISH, OR Norwegian girl logo to Genova, 111., to do tho gen eral housework of a small family for six months from May 1. Apply at 973 Mlcblgan-av. WANTED-A GOOD GIR FOR GENERAL Vr housework in a small private family, to go to Lawn dale. Call, Monday and Tuesday, at 8U West Adams-st. TTTANTED—A STEADY, COMPETENT, ENPERI VV enced girl for second work. Apply, Monday, at 413 Hlohlgan-ar. „ WANTED— A GOOD DOMESTIC FOR GENERAL housework in small family. Apply at 72S Fnlton-st., Monday or Tuesday. WANTED-3 GOOD GIRLS FOB KITCHEN AND yV cbprnber work, atßs2 East Indlana-st. WANTED A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL homework In a small family; a Norwegian or German preferred. Apply, afterAprilSS, at®6lndiana-av.,noar Eighteen tb-at. XtrANTED—COMPETENT DINING-ROOM GIRL, Ti at Douglas Home. Call at once, ___ WANTED-AN AMERICAN WOMAN A 8 KDHSK; W «leo 20 Kiris for different kinds of work. Great Western Business Exchange, comer Washington and Unlon-sts. _ WANTED A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework In a *maH family. Inquire at 960 *> a basb-av. | WANTED— A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO GENER albonaßWork. Apply, Monday, atl64Calumot-av. ANTED—A CAPABLE GIRL, AT 804 PRATT place, just west of Hoyno-st.; German or Norwegian preferred; must bo good cook, wasbor, and ironer. Wanted— a good cook, washer and ibon er. - Also a good sowing girl who is willing to assist about tbo homo. Apply on Monday at 49 South Mor gan-st. . _ _ TUT" ANTED A SECOND-COOK AT LAURIE'S YV European Hotel and restaurant, comer of Canal and Madlson-sis. WANTKD-A GOOD FIRST-CLASS GIRL TO DO iV cooking, washingand Iron; beat wages given. In quire, afterlo a. m, Monday, at 444 Wabaab-av. WANTED— A GOOD GENERAL SERVANT FOR bid a ll family at Hydo Park. Apply Monday morning at Room 7, First National Bank Building, comer of State and Washlngton-sU. ' WANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL FOR LIGHT Vr second work and nurse. American, Scandinavian, or English. Good wagoa. Apply, with city reference, corner Ellla-av. and Douglas place. APPLY 74 EAST WANTED-A GIRL TO DO SF.COND WORK TO \ V go to Evanston. Apply at 81 Pine-st. Xl TANTED—A SWEDE ORNOEWEGIAN GIRL FOR VV general housework in a family of throe, at No. <3B West Washington-st. ♦ TiTANTED—A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK »V in a family of four: must bo a good waahor and ironer. 635 West Washington-st. - WANTED-GOOD GIRLS OF EVERY NATIONAL ity, for all kinds of housework, in city and country. MRS. THOMPSON, office, IQCfI State-st. - W" ANTED-ONE FIRST-CLASS COOK: ALSO, ONE girl for diningroom and chamber work, at 604 »a bash-av. . WANTED-A GOOD GIRL, AT 433 WEST MON VV roe-st. Call on Mon Jay. _ • HrANTF.D-A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO GENE VV nil housework in a family of four. Apply at once, at 109 Sonth.Rohey-st. _ WASTED— A GOOD COOK: ALSO ONE GIRL FOR washing, Ironing, etc. Apply at63l Michigan-av,, corner Eightcontii-st. ' TXrANTRD—AT 833 WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-A >l eoznpetmtJcook.Also girt to do general work. Danish, German, or Swede. Goon references positively required. Wanted— a cook ior boarding-house; steady altnatioa and wagon $6 to *7 per week, at 499 South Dearborn (Barosido-et.) near Twenty-ninth. WANTED-A NEAT GIRL FOR GENERAL \Y housework; must bo a good washer and Ironer. 864 West Harrison-sL ■ TV ANTED—A, GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE VV work, German or Swede preferred; good references required. Call at 1172 Michigan-av. ANTED-A NKAT RELIABLE GIRL TO ASSIST la the care of a baby, and with plain sewing; good wages to a good girl; no Irish wanted. Call on Monday at 8U South Halstcd-st. • WANTED— TWO GOOD SCANDINAVIAN GIRLS, at 5M MtcMgr.n-av.- TIfANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERALHOUSE iI work in a email private family. Apply at 4-6 Butter field-st. • • ■ W" ANTED—A GIRL TO COOK, WASH, ANDIRON. S8 North Poorit-st., northircgt.conier of Late. Inted-a good german or soandina vian girl to do general houaswork in a emali private family; must wash and iron weU. Apply at IGI North Doarborn-st. TTTANTED—SECOND GIRL AT Sl4 NORTH LA- V» BHIo-.t. Call Monday. Boferonco rnqnired. WANTED-A GIRL M OB IS YEARS OLD TO HEU> W do light work and take care of children. WILSON, 229 South Stato-st.. up stairs. WANTED-A GIRLFORGENERALHOUSEWORK. VV Apply At 47 North Carpcnt er-gt. • - ' TXTANTKD-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAi \V housework In ft family of two. J»o. IQ North Pago-st. ITTANTED-A GOOD SWEDE, DANE. ORNOEWE y f gisn girl to do general honsowark in a email Ameri can family. Apply to PEKIN TEA COMPANY, 576 Statelet. ' ANTED—A GIRL AT 976 WABASH-AV TWANTBD-A FIRST-CLASS MAN COOK. APPLY Vy immediately at Continental Hotel, 47A 481, and 4£3 Statelet., corner Eldridgs-coort. TIT ANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE IT work in a small family. Do not apply until after 9 o'clock Monday. 231 West washlngton-st. - TVTAKTED GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSB- M work at 187 South Pattllna-st., near Van Buren. WAKTED-GOOD COOK. 'WASHER, AND IRON er; small family, second girl la bouse. Apply at No. 70 Soath Morgan-st. WANTED-A. GOOD GIRL AT 73 WEST VAN- Baren-it. anted-a good colored woman to do housework. Ono who can go borne at sight. Apply at 853 Wabasfa-ar. ' Wanted— a german girl to cook, wash, fi nd iron In & small family; good wages paid: none oeod apply uhlcm perfectly competent. Apply 619 Micb- Igan-av. WANTED— A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work. Bolernncea reqtiirecL Apply at 651 Wa ba-h-ar. : XXTANTED-A good" capable girl to cook, W a private family, at h*X Wa fa ash-ar. " WANT ED—AN EXPERIENCED COOK* CALL AT <34 Micblgan-ar. WANTED-A. GOOD, STOUT GIRL TO DO GEN* W eral houapirorki Apply at 573 Michlgan-ar. W' akted-two giels-one to ACT ASSK'R end cock; also, one for washing dishes, at 799 Wa bseh-ar. * —— WANTED— NO. X CHAMBERMAID: Al5O, A Sundress. Will pay big wage*, at 633 West Adams. TIT ANTED-AT NO. 14 SOUTH SANG AMO N-ST., A vV pirl for housework in admail family. References re quired* _ * —— TirANTED-IIfA PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO GIEIA VV one as cook, other as laundress or second girl, um Indiana-ar. Wanted— a good girl fob kitchen work 63Grecn-«t. • W' ‘ ANTED-A FIRST-CLASS, COMPETENT COOK for a hotel CO miles from Chicago; good wage*. Mrs.. ■p a MILTON, 46 South TJnlon-at. TTirA-vrED-A GCOD'orni- FOB.EYAKSTOS IST . A Vt f«mi!r ofS; aliu, iO *tcl» lor clw. Sin. UAMIL 105* <BSontb Uxiion-rt. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SUNDAY. APRIL 27, 1873. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics—Conzbmeil- WANTHD—A GOOD DLVING-UOOM GUIL. AP- It ply at 10 Eldridgo-conrt. TVTANTF.D-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE rr work in a small family; Gorman or Aorwoglan pre ferred. 460 West Indlana-st. ■ WANTED—A GOOD GIRL FOR COOKING. WASH; VV 'ißg; ironing, and general housework, Apply at 143 Caluraot-ar. Y\rANTED—A GIRLTO DO THE GENERAL HOUSE f T work of a small family. Nona but thoso fully corope tent need apply. 27Q Walnut-st, t WANTED—A FIRST-CLASS COOK AND A SEC- Vf oad girl. Apply at West Washington -3 1. WANTHD-A GOOD GIRL TO GO EVANSTON. Vr Apply, Monday, at 63 South Sholdon-st. WANTED— TWO EXPERIENCED DINING-ROOM girls at the ADAMS HOUSE, corner of Clark and Harrison-sts. TV ANTED A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL Vr housework, afowmilos out of the city; a good homo In a small family. Apply IBoStalu-st., up-slalrs. TtrANTED—A YOUNG GIRL TO ASSIST IN GEN- I V era! housework, and taking caro of a child, a short distance nut of tho city; small family. Call at 136Stato st., up-stairs. WANTED A COMPETENT SECOND GIRL, English or German preferred. Apply Monday, at 878 Pralrio-av. TWANTED-A SWEDE OR NORWEGIAN GIRL TO VY • do general Jmnsnworkina family of two. Apply Monday toronoon, RO7 Indiana-av. WANTED -A GOOD, STRONG GIRL FOR HOUSE work; $5 per week; Gorman preferred. Apply at 854 Went Polk-st. TO* ANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO GENER- V V al housework la a small family, at 556 West Wash- Ington-st. *\\r ANTED—TWO OIRLS-ONE FOR GENERAL i r housework, and a young girl to taka care of children. Apply at 359 Orchard-st., North Side. ff class cook; also first-class diningroom girl. No other need apply. ; WANTED-GTRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. ff washing, ironing, 4c.; good wr.goi; Polk-st., second bouse west oi Wcsturn-av,, iromlag north, WANTED- A GOOD SMART GIRL AS CHAMBER maid In a boarding-house atMS-Wabasli-av. -\ \T ANTED-A YOUNG GIRL, AS NURSE, AT 1112 f F Pratric-av. \\r ANTED-A GOOD SECOND COOK, 1 LAUNDRY V r girl, and 3 dining-room girls, at tbo Irving House, 149 Wabash-av, TO ANTED-A NEAT YOUNG GIRL TO DO HOUSB ’Y V work In a family of two. Apply Monday afternoon atCPO West Lake-st. *\XT ANTED—GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF CHILDREN; V r one who can do plain towing preferred. Apply at 603 West Mouroo-st. ' » TCTANTED-A GOOD GERMAN OR NORWEGIAN IT girl, for second-work. Applyat 895 Waba»h-av. TT7* ANTED—GOOD GIRLS FOB PRIVATE FAMI- V» lies, of any nation. MISS BARTON'S Intelligence Office. w3 State-st., entrance on Eightconth-at. TXT ANTED—A GERMAN, SWEDE, OR NORWE ? V gUn girl, for general housework; three in family. 244 weat Tyler. TXT ANTED—A GOOD SERVANT GIRL. WHO HAS ,VV experience in cooking, and can do general house work; good wages paid to a good band. Call at 872 West Waablngton-st., from 11 till 8, Monday. TWANTED-A KITCHEN GIRL AND A SMALL VV girl. Como ready for work. Apply to the head cook at tbo Ogdon House, corner of Waaningtaa and Frank lin-sts. - ’ WANTED-GIRL AT 13 BRYAN-PLACE. GOOD pay to good girl. German or Norwegian preferred. W’ ANTED—A GIRL ABOUT 15 YEARS TO HELP to takecaw of a baby, and wash dishes, at 263 South Morgsn-at. TITANTED—6 COOKS, a SECOND GIRLS, AND 20 VV girls for genera! housework, at tho SCANDINA VIAN EMPLOYMENT ROOM. 13l Superior-st. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO SECOND WORK: TO go to suburbs for tho summer; ono who understands her work can got good wages and a good homo. Call at Room 19, Major Block, corner Madison and LaSalle-sts. WANTED-AT WILLIAMS HOTEL, K'AND 61 EAST Kinzle-st., 2 dining-room girls. Apply at tho office. TITANTED-COOKS AND CHAMBERMAIDS FOR VV tho lakes. Also girls for hotels, restaurant*, laun dries. boarding and' private bouses, and girls for tbo country. Girls, remember that wo always have tho best places in the city at No. 5 West Madison, and branch of fice 136 West Monroe. STAR EMPLOYMENT OF FICE. WANTED-A YOUNG GIRL IN A SMALL FAMI VV ly to help do general housework. No. 485 Ful ton-«t. WANTED-A GOOD COOK. WASHER, AND Irooer, to go to South Evanston. Apply to HOHNEB HOGE, 53 East Van Boren-st. TTTANTED—A SMART, ACTIVE GIRL TO DO VV kitchen work, 233 West Wasbington-st. TTr ANTED-AT CM ILLINOIS-ST.. BETWEEN RDKII VV and Pino, two girls, one to cook, wash, andiron, tho other to do second work. WANTED-COOKS AND KITCHEN GIRLS FOR VV general work. MRS. WHITTAKER, 265 East Cbl cago-ar. ' ; WANTED-A GIRL FOB .SMALL FAMILY. AP ply early Monday morning at 2G3 Warrcn-av. TTTANTED—A GIRL TO HELP TO DO GENERAL V V housework at 155 Wost Van Burenst; good wages paid. Oall to-day. WANTED-A GIRL FOE GENERAL HOUSEWORK; must bo a good cook, washer, and ironer. 336 West Van Buren-at. Call Monday. * Se&mstressoß- WANTED-THREE LACE-WORKERS. APPLY Monday morning, at 1446 Prairio-av. Wanted first-class milliner at 69 Douglaa-place. References required. "WT ANTED STRAW BRAID SEWERS; EXPERI- V V encod hands come prepared for work Monday moru og. E. J. TURNER, tta&ndTQState-st. TXrANTED—2O GOOD STRAW-SRWERS AT W. VV CLISBY’S Straw and not Bloachory, 95 South Halsted-st. W ANTE D-C ACTUS BRAXD-SEWERS. W. F. V V MAYHON & CO., 274, 27t>, and 278 Wabsshav. WANTED— EXPERIENCED SHIRT-MAKERS, ON fino shirts, at COLLINS A HUNT’S, 128 Dcarbom-at. AN OPERATOR ON WHEELER & YV Wllfon’s machine, and first-cloas sowors. Apply Monday at 732 Cottage Grovc-av. WAKTSD-rOR DRESSMAKING-2 APPREN VV ticcs aod one good hand. 310 South Clark-st. WANTED-5 FIRST-CLASS SEWING GIRLS AND VV oao machine operator, to work on cloth over gait ors,-at 93 East Washing:on-st. WANTED— A SEAMSTRESS THAT UNDER-* stands Singer machine and white sowing. Inquire at 139 Trontialb-st., near Wabash-av. WANTED -25 STRAW-SEWERS, AT HEWS & VV PRESCOTT’S, 2.'9 WnLosli-av. WANTED— 25 EXPERIENCED HANDS ON THE Whooler A WiLon and Singer sowing machines. No. 115 Frankllu-fit., up-stairs; only good hands need to apply. WANTED-A GOOD DRESSMAKER FOR TWO V V mouths in a private family at Evanston. Address U 74, Tribune office, WANTED- FIRST-CLASS SUITJILAKERS; ALSO \? sewing machine operators, at J. W, GRISV»OLD A CO.'S. M and £6 Madbon-sL Knrsos. WANTED-A WET NURSE AT 440 WEST WASH ingtott-at. WANTED-A COMPETENT FRENCH NURSE TO V V take care of child 4 years old; must speak English. Call Monday at 1132 Indlana-av. WANTED-A COMPETENT AND FXPERINCKD VV person to take oere of a young baby; must come recommended. Apply at 19 Aberdccn-st, after Sunday. WANTED-A WET-NUP.SE. APPLY AT 644 MlCH lgaa-av. Xiaxmdsosses. *VTTANTED—FIRST-GLASS SHIRT AND LADIES* Vr clothes fronors at tho Troy Laundry, SOI West. Lake-et. • ' WANTED-GOOD SHIRT-IRONERS AT DORE mas* Steam laundry, 205 South Paulina-it. TtrANTED-A"FIRST-CLASS LAUNDRY GIRL TO VV wash In a laundry. Apply at 276 Foartb-av., Mon day morning at 7 a. ro. eharp. - WANTED FIRST-CLASS* LADIES’ CLOTHES ironore at Homo Laundry, 533 State-st. MiscellanooTis. TTTANTED—3 PRACTICAL WEAVERS ON POWER VV looms. A. G. GARFIELD & CO., 239 and 211 Lake-sL ■ TirANTED—FE3IALE HELP-A FINE SHOK-FTT- W tor to taka work out. InaulrelSTOMtHarTtoon-at., In the store. . WANTED - IMMEDIATELY—THREE WOMEN Vi for housecleaning; also, a. irirl to assist generally through tho houso. Apply at 14 U Ulard-plflco. TTrANTED-BY ~THB DOMESTIC SEWING MA* tT chine Company, in their office No. 74 ialeelady acquainted with soaring and having bosineas experience. Inquire for E. PHILLiya. ANTED—SEVERAL LADIES FOR CITY AND country. AMf now operntine la maktejt 815 iij on Arc articles. Saranlo aont for 25 oonta. AddreaaMra. J. DgVQE, Drawer 65, Chicago, 111. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS CHAMBERMAID, W Americanproferrod: also, woman to wash and iron, at CAYLEY'S Hotel, 653Btatq-Bt. ___ AjrTED-TWO gibls to wasii glasses ai*d label bottles. Wayos 82. Call Monday momlnff. Inquire at 205 West Waslilngton-tt. TtriNTED-LADIES TO CANVASS FOR AN AB- W tide worn orclu-ircly by ladles: an can easily earn from «o to Sfo for day. Call at 631 West Lakc-et. Monday, from 10 until t. ™-ANTED-LADY OAJTV'AfiSER FOR THE GRObS- Yt feldaowincmachine attachment. >une bat tiiow acquainted trith the different good addrom need apply; good pxy. Applyat r SEACHINEKY, JV of well lighted shop, 100x25 ft. Kent very low; term* •Aty. Apply at 296 Wo»t Lako-st. , up-Btaira. . TpOR SALE—TO MACHINTSTS-A COMPLETE i? outfit ofelathos, forge, anvils, files, etc.. At «*> Mlcbigan-tv. TTIOR SALE-COPPER., ®ALLO»& CTILL -15 worm, Koose. and culnam 40 Inches diameter. 1- apmtmeat*. Also one 30-lach eoluma and gooie, ! modem camtmcUon; equal to ntn* nnr H> for either or all. Addres* H & C, SCO Greenfficn-tt,, Kaw York. • TflOR. SAI E-EXCHANGE, OR TO RIOT-SHOPS JD with a 13-hor*e engine boiler, 3 foot Pl“ 5 Ot’ier necessary machinery for carrying on the naMoisc turingof furniture; first-rate place for a builder, Lau at 183 South Clark r>L* Room 14. • FOR SALE-ONE GOOD FIVE-HORSE POWER upright boiler, and threo-horae power engine, at a bargain. Apply at 2ft North Jeffcraoo-st., basement. Machinery for sale-two new and com plete sotta of atone saw-gangs; two now and com plete rubbing-bads, The afcoro machinery u entirely new and complete in all respects, billing, shafting, Ac., and rcadjr to set up, and will bo sold at abargain. Inquire at 80 West Randoiph-st. ANTED-A SECOND-HAND UPRIGHT BOILEIC GEO. B. SWIFT. 148 and HI Fultoo*«t. ViTANTED-A SECOND-HAND TALLOW PRESS. VV c. A. BAKER, 143 and 144 Fulton-at. TSTANTED - FIRST-CLASS SKCOND-H AND Ml- VV cliin-iT for sash and mortala* tzetory; msrt b» choap. Addrcae, stating kind and price, U 64, Tribune office. * - - TTTAKTED-FOK CASH-PAPEB-CtHTEM AND VY fiolito irodlaa Gordon pnars*. t.SIMEBT PKV>- puiETAny co., aw West Liko-rt- SITUATIONS WANTED— MAiE. BookkeeDora. Clerics, &c. OmrATIOIf— PABTNEK-40.—WANTED-BY A O rospoariblo elderly man, accuitotnod to varied buM ness, with creditable references, and proofs of strict hon esty, 4c. f as clerk la a coal or other office orstore. Ora partnership of about BI,(XiD, with another elderly man, or woman near 60, having corro*pondmg proofs of boncafy, aobrieiy, 4c., oven with less capital; or would lend a sol vent parly, procuring or supplying him a suitable posi tion, somo raonay; bat no sharper need apply. Addroa*, with particulars, C, second floor, 131 vVoatllaadulph-st. SITUATION WANTED—IN A DRUG STORE, BY a yonng man 21 years of ago, who wishes to loam the buslnoss. Addrcu T 70, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-IN A FIRST-CLASS RE tail drug store, by a young man, drug and proscription clerk of 6 years' experience; good references given. Ad dress U2J, Tribune office. . SITUATION WANTED—BYAFIBST-CLASS HOTEL clerk and bookkeeper of four years'' experience in first clssshousoft, io a good boiot; has tho highest recommen dations. Addreaa T b9. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED - IN A WHOLESALE house, by an experienced bookkeeper, who is well recommended. Addrers P. O. Box 125. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED bu.inces man, in tho prorleionorproduco business, as salesman and assistant bookkeeper; willing tomakohlm scjJf usafnl in any wholesale bouso; iirst-clasa references. Address U6B. Tribune office S~ ITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN AS bookko.*per, collector, copying, or writing of any kind; good rcfcroncefl. Address AfU, Tribune office, SITUATION WANTED—iiY A DRUG CLERK OF 9 O years’ oxporieuce, who vpoaks Jbronch. Address R. PEARCE, 142 West TwoUlh-it. SITUATION WANTED-BY A BOOKKEEPER OF O 7 years’ experience with ono firm; perfectly reliable aud willing to work. Address K 69, Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED—A YOUNG MAN (GER- O man) that was active one year In a retail drug store, is looking for a situation. Address T 72, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A THOROUGHLY KX poricuced bookkeeper; is an adept in tho examioation and adjustment of accounts. Address U C?; Tribune office. ' SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS clerk, bookkeeper or penman; tbo best of reference givon. Address U 45, Tribuna office. SITUATION WANTED-A YOUNG MAN, MHO O recently came from Now York, want* a situation in a first-class retail drug-store; has had thirteen years’ expe rience; can famish satisfactory reference; salary no ob ject. Address DIB, Ng. orf7 West Van Bureo-at. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS paying teller in sums banking institution: baa bad tivo years’ experience. Addrccs U 53, Tribune otfico. SITUATION WANTED—IN WHOLESALE HOUSE; have bad twelve years’ experience in fruit business; can command trade in the country; no objection to travel. Address W 81, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OF practical experience in tbo grocery burincss; cither In storo onto drive; city or country. Address TC 5, Tribuno office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, 21 years of ago, who has been employed in some of tho largest city banks and mercantile bouses; good hook* keeper and cashier. Address R If, Tribune office. , SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED accountant, wholesale house; books and accounts audited and adjusted promptly; charges modor ato; good reference. Address M 6, Tribune oifaco. SITUATION WANTED-HAVING AN EXTENSIVE O acquaintance through Missouri, lowa, Texas, and tho West, would liko to engage as traveling salesman, either with commission, groceries, or liquor house. Address M 7, Tribuno office. SITUATION WANTED —AS SALESMAN IN A first-class hat and cap store, by a party folly convers ant with tbo business In ail Us details, cither In Chicago or some live Western or Southern city; Chicago references of the first class. Would Iron and conform customers’ bats. Addross, with real name, stating time and place for an Interview, T 58, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG ENQLISH man. Has bad four years* experience in a wholesale bouse in London as lodger-keeper and clerk. Excellent testimonials given, if required. Apply to M HO, fc£l State-st, SITUATION WANTED-BY A PRESCRIPTION and retail druggist of fi years’ experience; ppoaks and writes the Gorman and English language; references given; no objections to go to tbs country. Address HYDROGEN, P. O. Box 977, Aurora. 111. ■ SITUATION WANTED-AS SALESMAN IN ALUM beryard for city or country solicitor; understands tho business thorooghly.baring had several year*’ experience. Address K2B, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A MAN HAVING 9 years’ experience in tho hardware business, either to take charge of stock or as salesman. Addreaa U 73, Trib une office. . SITUATION WANTED-A POSITION IS IDESIRED by a middle-aged man in a wholesale drug, or paint and oil bouse, as salesman or solicitor; baa extensive ex perience and nigh testimonials. Address D 91, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OP strictly temperate habits. In a wholesale grocery, hardware, or retail hardware store. Address J 93, Trib une office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN IN A, merchant tailor's as dork or under-cotter; under* stands hat and cap trade. Addross O 64, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED —BY AN ACTIVE YOUNG man as entry, shipping dark or porter; has bad several years' experience In hardware, and highly recommended. Address U 71, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-A SHORT-HAND WRITER of proficiency and long practice wants employment with some law, newspaper office, or otherwise; salary moderate. Addross U 60, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG AMERICAN, IB years of age; grocery or grain commission business S ‘erred: is employed at present. Please address T 63, uno office. _________ SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OF experience as collector. Addross T 71, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—IN A JOBBING LIQUOR house cither as traveling salesman or in store. Have had? years’ experience, and can command trado. Ad dress P 27, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED AS ASSISTANT BOOK koopor, copyist, or clerkship. Will give lirst-claas reference. Aaaross T 85, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, IN A retail grocery atoro. Ha* got a limited knowledge of the business. Is willing to make himself generally useful

In any capacity. Will work for modern to wages. Best reference* and security given. Address for three days U £6, Tribuno office. SITUATION WANTED—AS BOOK-KEEPER—BY A young man of three. given to former employers. Address, MEN it x MULi, Tribune office. - SITUATION WANTED-AS ASSISTANT BOOK keeper or Invoice clerk in a wholesale house; having had four years' experience lu both of these positions; can f ifnt«li reference as to ability and honesty to former em ployers. Address, THOMAS BLANCHARD, Tribune office. • QITUATION IVANTED—H, I. DIXON. EXPERT accountant, Room 1, 119 Doarborn-st. Books opened and closed; complicated accounts examined and adjusted. Posting by tho day, week, or month on reasonable tonns. Office work In general promptly executed. ~ SITUATION WANTED—AB DRUG CLERK BY A young man of 4 years’ experience. Best of references. Address D, care of Carrier si. '■ SITTATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPEP.-BY A young man of experience In general mercantile busi ness; Is now closing up an engagement os bookkeeper; firm going out of bufJncr*; can furnish ,c°°d city refer ences. Address T 63, Tribune otfico. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO Las bad nearly 3 years’ experience in a large establish ment cf this city; can give written references from las* employers. Address T 39, Tribune office. Trades. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG ENGLISH man, as miller; ha* had seven years’ experience twill log to work; can figure aud write well. Address KIS, Tribune office. • SITUATION WANTED-A WATCHMAKER HAV ing four years’ experience at tho business; tho best of reference. Address K 93, Tribune office. ' SITUATION WANTED-BY A PAPER-HANGER. Address U 49, Tribuno office., SITUATION WANTED-BY A BOY 16 YEARS OLD to learn a good taado, photographer or any other kind, or work in an office. I can write a good hand, and am quick at figures. Apply or send by mall to ROBERT A. BWEDMAN, 164 Townsend-st., City. SITUATION WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS CUTTER and fitter would like to go out by tho day, or take charge in tho country. Address M 19, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OF two years* experience in tbe tinner’s trado; will work very reasonable; good city references given. Address T 66, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN IN A photograph gallery to color, retouch, aud make hun self-gcnerally useful; good references. AddressUM. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG 3f AN FROM tbe country—an opportunity to improve himself In the printing business; la willing to work. Address J 79, Tribune office.' SITUATION WANTED— BIT A WATCHMAKER; IS a Ado workman. Address or call on HOROLOGi, 251& Park-av. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS EN ginocr, In a wholesale house;best of references; baa bad 'JO years* experience in dty. Address U 35, Tribune otfico. SITUATION WANTED —BY A COMPETENT draughtsman of savors! years’ exp eric ifee In mapping, sketching, etc., steady employment at moderate wages. Addre&sKld, Tribnno office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS FAST ry cook in a hotel or restaurant; no objection to a first class summer resort in the country: reference given; nono but first-class need apply. Gall Monday or Tuesday, At Honoro Block, corner of ilonroo and Dcarborn-sts., Room Ed. _• SITUATION WANTED—AS CUTTER, OB TO TAKE charge of the work department of a shirt manufactory. Has hada long experience. Can giro dty references. Ad dress M ICO, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BYA FIRST-CLASS JOB printer, (non-Union); can take any department in a printing office. Address for, 4 four days, T 83, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY AN ENGINEER, QITY reference. Address A. O. M., 60l Sbate-st., city, or call between 10 and 13 o’clock, Monday. Coachmen* Teamsters. &c. SITUATION WANTED—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY as coachman and groom, by a young man who thor oughly understands hit business, la willing to make him self useful ;Is a good drlrer; can furnish best of reference Address T Si, Tribune office. S‘ ITUATIONS WANTED-BY MAN AND WIFE AS coachman and cook: have long experience; best city reference. Address L 100, Tribune office, * S' ITUATION WANTED-AS GROOM. BY AN ENG liibman; can drive, and understands the care of horses thoroughly; willing to make himself generally use ful ; reference. Address HB, Hyde Park. S~ ITUATION WANTED-BYA COACHMAN, FULLY competent, not afraid to work, and can come well recommended. Address M 20, Tribune office. __ SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG. MARRIED trim. &scoachman; is a careful band with horses. Ills wife, who is a good cook, would have no objection to cook for Mine family. Address, for one wook, SB, Trib une office. ITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN IN A private family in a silent place: would like to hire with a nice family four or five years; is bandy in many things. Ploase call at 165 East Harrison-st., for two S~“TfUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS ftrvt-clasf coachman la a private family, whothorougn ly understands hi* ba«iue;s. Address I\£d, Tribuns office. OITUATION WANTED -BY A FIRST-CLASS o coachman; understands the care of horses and can drive private caxriago: is pretty wyd acquainted In thn city. iad has hod experience la tho business. Address a &$, Tribune office. SITUATIONS WANTED—MAZE. Coachmen. &c..--Continnoi. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YODXO MAN (German) u coachman or gardaor. Beat reference given. Address W 83, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN OR TEAM stor by a steady young man; is acquainted in Cho city. Call at 2SO North Rsuben-st. WANTED—BY A GOOD STRONG BOY, O 14years old, la a familrrona that can take care horse and milk cow. Apply at 272Morgan-at. S' ITUATION WaNTED-AS COACHMAN; WILL .bo useful. T 33, Tribnad office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN (Swede) as first-class coachman; has bad several years' experience, and best of nforcncos. Address OSKAR, Tribune offices. . SITUATION WANTED—IN A FIRST-CLASS FAM iiybyan English coachman. Address X 3J, Tribune office. C ITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN IN A PRI- O vatJ family, by a young Irishman (Protestant); refer ences presented. Please address, lor two daya, S CB, Tribune omce. ' C ITUATION WANTED—A PRIVATE FAMILY WHO O wiOi a married man ascoachmau, who canclvothe best of references, will please address T 50, Tribune office. Mlsc oJlanoonsi- CITUATION WANTED-A YOUNG MAN AT PRES- O out traveling la Western IlUncisondSouibim lowa, with dry goods samples, will be open for an enrrigemont about Aug. 1. Hu commands a lirst-class trade. None but first-class houses treated with. Address JR B, 137 Foarth-sU, Milwaukee, Wis. SITUATION WANTED-TO WORK BY TUB DAY, a first-class Isnndrese, or will go out to bonse-cloan; prirato family preferred. Call or address 117 Scymour-at. SITUATION -WANTED—ARY ONE WISHING A No.l washwoman; shirts a speciality; first-class city reference in regard to work and honesty: call or address Mrs. SMITH, South Holstcd-st. _ SITUATION WANTED-AS WATCHMAN OR JANI -or porter. In a store; not afraid of work: can Cor nish the best of references. Address J P, 610 Sooth llalsted-st. QITUATION WANTED-BY A QUICK, ACTIVE O young man as waiter, bartender, or any light occupa tion. Aadrosa N fid. Tribune office. ITUATION WANTED-A GENTLEMANLY StAN of good address, married but no children, requires a responsible position of trust: security and first-class city reference. Address B 3-1. Tribune office? SITUATION WANTED-BY AN INDUSTRIOUS man, with the assistance of bis mother, as janitor of building, or himself as porter in store; first-class reference given. Address T 59, Tribnao office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG -MAN (Dane) in a private family, or any other kind of work; speaks and writes English: is sober and willing to work. Address ~VV C 9, Tribune office. - SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN (Scandinavoan) to Isarn tho painter’s or carpenter'# trade, or work in a store or private family; he understands tho care of horses and Is well acquainted with tho city.' Addross K 96, Tribono office. • SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE, reliable, and responsible carpenter, an ex-army officer, baying but one natural leg (no family), as overseer or timo-Eoepor, janitor, clerk, or watchman. Addross or call on A C, 237 Diviaion-st. SITUATION WANTED—A YOUNG MAN (GER man), owner of a boreaflSOO lbs.), wants a place as teamster, where ho can work his horse. Call or address T. MASON. 202 East Van liuron-st. ■ SITUATION WANTED—A YOUNG MAN (MAR rlod), an excellent dork, wishes a situation in a law' office wberobe can study law; speaks several languages. Address M 33, Tribane office. . ' ' SITUATION WANTED-BY A SHORT-HAND WRI - ; has had largo experience as newspaper reporter, and also in mercantile correspondence. Address J 45, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN, AS bar-tondcr. Best of references and security given if required. Address for quo week F 41, Tribune omce. QITUATION WANTED—BY A BOY 18 YEARS OF O age, wholivcs with parents, to loam tho hardware business. Inquire 1214 Indlana-av. SITUATIONS WANTED—AS JANITORS BY MAN and wife; throe years’ experience; reference; ouo child of lo years. Address or apply, for one week, toC. W. EDGECOMB, 125 North Clark-at. - SITUATION WANTED-AS OFFICE-BOY BY A good and reliable boy that can famish good reference. Please address K3l, Tribuno office. SITUATIONS WANTED—FBM AXE Domestics. Situations wanted-by some of the best cooks and chambermaids in tho city, on tbo lakes. Captains, if you give our office one trial yon will always continue to patronize us. Satisfaction guaranteed. Ho tels, restaurants, laundries, boarding and urivato bouses are invited to give us a call, as we work to the interest# o! each and every one. We famish, first-class female help, with references, to all branches of business. MRS. POTTER can bo found at No. 5 West Madison-st. W. A. REDDY, Branch office, 126 West Monroo-st. Star Employment Office. SITUATIONS WANTED-FOR FIRST-CLASS PAS- O try cooks, seamstresses, and general family help. Ap ply at MRS. BATES’. Office, 10 Peck-court. SITUATION WANTED —BY lady, as none and sewing-woman in a respectable family. For further particulars apply at 166 North Mor gaa-st., Monday and Tncsday. SITUATION WANTED-BY TWO COMPETENT girls In a private family or private boarding boose, one as laundress, tbo other as chambermaid; good city references. Address T 67, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY TWO YOUNG LADIES, one to do second work, one to do sewing and light work about the boose; can furnish her own machine; can Sire best of references. Address EA W, Tribuno office, nmodiatcly. Situations wanted-a family relinquish lag housekeeping, desire to find good places for two excellent girls, in private families. Apply to 1140 Wa baih-av., before May 1. _ SITUATION WANTED-BY TWO COMPETENT young girl*; one as cook and the other second girl. West Side preferred. Apply S3B West Polk-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A SWEDISH GIRL TO do second work in a small family. Please call at base ment door of £6O West Lakc-st., for two days. - SITUATION WANTED-BY A COLORED WOMAN as cook. Apply 491Fourth-av. Situations wanted-by two girls ; one to dn housework, and tho other chamborwork. Beat ox reference* given. Address 377 West Kinzlo-st. Two Swedish girG- ' CITUATION WANTED-AS NURSE BY A RE- O spectablo woman, who is cspablcof taking the entire charge of lor 3 children. Call Monday aud'Tuesday at 61 Thlrty-first-st. SITUATIONS WANTED-FOR TWO NICE GIRLS as second work. Noboardlng-bouaesnccd apply. Call at 111 Eightcenth-st., between State and Clare. ■ SITUATION WANTED—IN A SMALL PRIVATE family to do general housework. Can bo seen for two days a; IQSaMicbJgan-av., basement-door. _ SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL TO DO second work In a first-class private family. Apply at MRS. THOMPSON, 1000 Statc-st. . SITUATION WANTED-BY A SCOTCH GIRL TO. do second work or general housework, without wash log. Call for two days at No. 225 East Twenty-sixth-st. CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY IN A O small family, who can do all kinds of plain sowing. Ploaso call at 861 Sooth Clork-st., near Eighteenth. SITUATION WANTED-BY TWO SCOTCH GIRLS > (sisters) in a private family, a* cook aud second girl. Please call on Monday at 857 South Statc-st. ■ S” rrUATION WANTED-BY A WELL EDUCATED Gorman girl in a privato family. U 44, Tribune office. S' ITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS COOK In a gentleman’* family, or a private boarding-house. Good reference. Can be seen for 2 days at 1304 Prairio-sv. SITUATIONS WANTED—LADIES SHOULD KNOW that tho proper placo to get suitable help is at the Scandinavian Employment Room, m.Supcri°rst. Situations wanted for excellent house servants. Reliable help furnished by MRS. ROOT, formerly Mrs. Patch, 1555 atato-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl to do general housework In'small privato family. Apply at 873# Stato-st., South Side, for 2 days. SITUATION WANTED-BY A HEALTHY, EXPE rlcnccd, and capable girl, to do work fora small fam lly permanently. Call in person on Miss CAMP, 9d Cor nelia -st., near Milwaokeo-av. car*. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS COOK, who understands nil kinds of cooking. Apply, for two days, at No. 45 North Groen-st. SIT CATION WANTED-B Y A FIRST-CLASS COOK, washer, and irosor. Call before Ist of May at 770 Wa bash-av. ; SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl to do second work in privato bearding-bouso: can wait on tabic, and understands Singer machine. Call at fßßrown-st., near Twelfth, Uowm-stalrs. OTTUATIONS WANTED - FAMILIES NEEDING O servants carefully supplied at MBS. WHITTA KER’S, £65 Chlcago-av. . C mjA.TIO.VS WANTED THREE FIRST-CLASS 0 cooks to bo bad at my office 873 West Lake-sU First* references given. SITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD, RESPECT abJe girl to do general housework in small family. CaU Monday at ft} Archer-av. References il re quired. t SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRD TO DO GEN erallinMworli In a anmll prirnto family; tho beat of reference. given If required. Fleaao call on Monday at gg West Scbor’St. ; ; S“ ITUATION3 WANTED-FOR GOOD GIRLS OF all nationalities. Great Western Business Exchange, comer West Washington and Ualon-sts. S’ ttUATION WANTED—FOB GENERAL HOUSE workbra good German girl; references from present employers. 7 Apply, Monday afternoon, at 1133 Michlgan-av. TTUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG GIRL AS nurso girl ia a private family. Call at No. 12 North EUzabeth-st. ; S TtUATION WANTED-BYA RESPECTABLE COD orod girl to do second work or take care of children, Pleasecfu for three days at No. SBlThlrd-»v., between Taylor and Twolfth-sts. Situation wanted-by.-a young girl as cook, or would do general housework in a small Call Monday, at 264 Bine IsJand-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED rid to do second or dining-room work: best of refer ences tron last place; lady breaking op housekeeping, ipply 1*34 Micbigaa-ar., cornerThirtletb-at. HonsoheeTJors* SITUATION WANTED-A WIDOW LADY OF SU nerlcr cuillScatlous and character wishes a situation «r>T&k« thlrzo of agoatleman's house; no objection to giTor tiSSSdnm. AddrcssT 51, Tribune oCieo. fVfTUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER IN A S Xi widowePs fatally, by a resectable American lady. U> oUjSnswl or 2 children. 319, Tribune office. OfTUATIOS WANTED-BY WIDOW LADY, WITH three days. : . • _ ~ _ orTUATION WANTED-AS NURSE OR HOUSE b keeper, byawidow. Addita., far on, weak, P. O. goxSCo, Waukegan, Lake Co., 111. • . —ITUATION WANTED -AS HOUSEKEEPER IN A hotel or privata family by an American woman; have had sereral years’ experience in both; best of reforsnee. Address A «f, 113 Msthar-it. p ITUATION WANTED —BY A MIDDLE-AGED O American lady as housekeej>cr or seamstress. Bscb •ior’sor Vidowor's family preferred. No objections to the country. Eoforaacas exchanged. Address O gd, Tribune office. ‘ rirfUATION WANTED —BY A MIDDLE-AGED b lady, in a respectable family, as housekeeper oreor eroesaV’ Tho bust of reference* given. Address fc. Si, Tribaneoffice. _ .. . S“ ITUATION WASTEE-fY A LADY. AS HOUSE keaparin an American tolly, or cumpanlon >- ■ SITUATIONS WANTED—TF.MAXT,. Housekeepers—Coatinncd* SITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER, BY an American widow lad/, in private family; Is an ox porleacedseamstn?-33 and perfectly-competent to take charge of children* Call at 224 West Randolph-st. CITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER <!>• A O widower’s family preferred), by an agreeable widow Indy. Address MiO, Tribune office. S ITUATTON WANTED—BY A YOUNG WIDOW, as iKmaykcoper; a homo desired nmro than wages;* widower’s family preferred. Address U l9, Tribuna utbee. Soazastrossei. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS FlT tor and dressmaker, by the day or week. Address id 111, Tribane office. CITUATION WANTED—TO LEARN SEWING OR O dressmaking In all its branches: has bad some cx- Kriaace. Apply at 80 North Ualstcd-st. Can operate a nger Machine. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL as dress-maker. Apply at 971 Wcat Lakc-at. SITUATIONSWANTED-AN AGED LADY WISHES a homo in a good family, to sow plain sowing oiidchll dreus’ clothes for her board. AddressT 67, Tribane office. SITUATION WANTED—A FAMILY RELINQUISH- Ing housekeeping, detiro to bad a sUuiilcn In a pri vate family for a French girl, who Isa good seamstress. Can furnish good references. Apply immediately, at 923 Ind’iina-av. ■ CUTUATION WANTED—BY AN ATdEKICAN WID- O own Tjuiifloa in r. private f.irrllyas seamstress; no ob jection to care of children. Address No. 5, H# L., Trib-- me othce. - ■ Nurses. OITUATION WANTED —BY A RESPECTABLE O -onUp woman, fta wet-nnrsor no objection to so ont of town; small wages. Pleaso address Boddsn-st. • SITUATION WANTED - BY A NURSE OF LONG experience. Reference from the best physicians la the city. Call, or address NURSE, 315 West Honroo-st., ap stairs. . SITUATION WANTED—BY AN ENGLISH GIRL, as nurse in a private family. Can be seen at 609 Clark st. on Monday or Tuesday. SITUATION WANTED—TO WET NURSE A BABY in its second summer, or to take cam of a baby. Call at3l3 North Stato-st., the present situation of the appli cant. • • Miscellaneous. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY OF several years’ experience, as sales-lady in a notion or corset and underwear department. Beat of reference given. Apply or address SALESLADY, 776 Wabasb-ar, SITUATION WANTED—TO DO SECOND WORK In private family. Apply 874 South ClarK-st., up stairs. SITUATION WAN TED-BY A YOUNG LADY WHO has had experience in & dry goods •tore, fancy store, or confectionery. Call or address Alias M. 0., 414 Mox well-st., osar Bine I*land-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE sirl, as norso girl, to travel. Apply At No. 177 Sod g wlci-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY MIDDLE-AGED LADY as traveling companion for an Invalid lady, or widow er. Kono bat responsible parties need apply. Address L. C., Tribune office, for ono week. SITUATION WANTED—A LADY WHO HAS HAD experience in bookkeeping wishes to obtain a situation as bookkeeper.' Address, stating salary, £ 90, Tribune office. ' SITUATION WANTED—BY A LADY WITH EXTRA ordinary ability us a saleswoman, in a sowing-machine office, or to sell any article which merits praise. - 446 Wo baah-av., Room 4. Will not canvass. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY TO take care of children and do sewing; has no objection to travel. Apply 243 West Taylor-st. SITUATION WANTED—A LADY WITH LARGE experience in office-work; would like to obtain a re sponsible position In an office. A fair salary expected in return for faithful discharge of duties. References from' former employers given if desired. Address S 61, Trib une office. . SITUATION WANTED-BY AN INTELLIGENT - young lady to travel with an Invalid lady, either East or to California; is a good seamstress: best of reference given and required. Address U 89, Tribune, for 5 days. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY WHO SPEAKS English, French, and ‘ Gorman, as saleslady in A Store. Address PL, 191 West Jackson-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WIDOW IN reduced circumstances as nursery governess to young children. Address M 45, Tribune oflico. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. A 3 EVERY PERSON COMES TO NOS. 251 AND 263 _i\ State-st. to bay an open wagon, express wsgoo, car riage, or open buggy, new or second band, common sense would teach most people it is the place to sell them. BRADLEY A WILLS. Auction every Tuesday and Friday, of horses, wagons, and harnesses; also, ono good, sec ond hand dray for sale cheap. Bring in your stock if you want it sold; no charges if not sold. At brick bam/ 943 West Twolfth-et. W. A. RUSSELL. , A PARTY HAVING A STYLISH HORSE OR horse and top boggy for sale cheap, can bear of a cash customer by addressing 3163, Tribune office. A UCTION EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATUR- J\. day of horses, wagons, carriages, harness, 1 back, and a car-load of mules and horses; car-load of hones to be sold to tho highest bidder; good stabling for horses; money advanced on goods. O. BRIGGS, 431 State-st. AIN’T NO USE IN TALKING. CAN SELL 600 good square hones this week at their real value. Oome and see us, and if you are a good fellow, will go to see a man. Oar whole basin css Is selling hones, baggies, and harness, now and second-hand. Splendid location, and any amount of customers. Don’t fool away time and money with shysters. bat come whore you can either buy or sell, and no deception. Room at 10 o’clock for 200 horses. BRADLEY A WILLS, 251 and 263 State-st. Bet your last dollar we can get better prices next two weeks for coach-teams. trotters, roadsters, saddle horses, and workers of any description than they will bring again this season, as we hare a slash* lag demand, and they are scarce. Splendid accommo dations, and good treatment for both oarers and sellers, at 261 and 263 State-st, BRADLEY A WILLS. B” ANKRUPT SALE— 1 HORSE, HARNESS. OPEN buggy and express wagon offered rery low. The prop erty may bo soon at Wheeler A Cook’s stable. No. 140 Mlchigau-av. For terms apply to GEO. W. CAMPBELL, Assignee, Room 2?, No. 159 LaSallo-st. COME IN OUT OF’ THE WET. AND SEE THE finest stock of licht buggies in the city. MILLAR & PARDONS, 155 Wost Waahlogton-st. CELEBRATED STALLION ETHAN ALLEN, JR., will stand tbla'saason at 421 Staco-st.; the best stock horse in the West for spaed. • CARRIAGES, ROCKAWAYS, PHAETONS. BUG giaa, and a lino assortment at low prices, at 327 Stafo st., between Congress and Harrison-sts. - P. L. SMITH. Cl HEAP FOB CASH-A GOOD BUGGY, HORSE, ; and harness; a good work horse, 1,200 weight; 63 Foster, et., off Harrison. Elegant barn room for twenty horses, near the centre ol business. Apply at 11 Metropolitan Block. • . For sale—the black mare western Maid. The finest and handsomest five-year old road maro in Chicago: perfectly sound in every respect; black as a coal: tall to the'ground, and aa stylish as a hone can be: stands 15 bands 2 Inches high; and of the best trotting peafgroe, and shows great speed for a colt: will bosold cheap as the owner baa no me iorhor. Call at 338CaIn met-av., For sale-a hambletontan horse, five years old; has trotted in S minutes. Also, a horso and top buggy, horso can trot in 854, kind and gentle, good for a lady: can bo soon at the Centre-av. Stablos, No. 373 West Msdison-st. For sale-oheap-pair carriage horses; at 1344 Indiana-av. TTIOR SALE-A PHAETON BUGGY, CHEAP. CALL X? at 207 and 209 East Monroe-st. Fob sale-or exchange—a nearly new buggy. Apply at 854 WeatPolk-st. FOB SALE-A FIRST-CLASS EXPRESS WAGON. Call for 3 days, 213 South State-st. FOR SALE-CHEAP FOR CASH. BY WISNEB Bros., 133 West.Madlson-at., Room 3: S top baggies, nearly new. 1 two seated business wagon. 3 good horses. 2 single buggy harness. I light double barueas. For sale —top buggy, with pole and shafts; also doable harness. Address T JO, Tribune office. • For sale-oheap-ano. i stone truck, a loch iron axle; bed & inches thick; also aho. 1 coal cart; both are now. Comer Green and West Lake-sts. For salb-a second-hand top buggy and light spring wagon. Can bo seen at WEST’S stables, la the rear of 116 South Sangamon-st. FOR SALE-A TROTTER; a GENTLEMAN’S dri rer; a fast colt; a fine largo carriage horse; a skele ton wagonrand a largo Newfoundland dog. Inquire at stablela rearof 1060Wabash-av. A. C. CHITTENDEN. For sale or exchange-fob a good horse and buggy, lots at Hyde Park. T. MAHONEY, 103 West Polk-st. TIOR SALE-A GOOD HORSE AND TOP-BUGGT. Ju in perfect order, for $135, at 145 and 147 South Sang amon-st. A great bargain. FJB SALE-ONE PAIR GRAYS, I HEAVY DRAFT team. 1 conpo horse, 16)$ hand*, ANTHONY, No. 17 Slxtecnth-st. FORSALE-CHEAP— EIGHT-TEARS OLD SORREL maro, gnitablo for buggy, at PTH.State-st. OR SALE-0 EKTLEMEX’S AND LAITIES’ SAD dlo and driving horaos, matched and single. Call or address ANTHONY, 17 Slxtecnth-st. For sale-cregar has just received a car loads of horses atNo. 70 West Monroe-gt., which most be sold regardless of price. Call ud box* For sale-express wagon, nearly new. Inquiro comer Seventeenth and BqtterSeld-at. • FOB SALE-ONE HORSE BUGGY AND HARNESS. Inquire 61 West Atadisoa-at., op-atalm. FOR SALE-SPLENDID DELIVERY WAGON, torso and harness, for sale cheap, together or ato Inquire at IS7M Soath Halsted-st. ' For sale-a very comfortable coupe, suitable for one or two horses; also a now single har ness; will bo sold Tory cheap for cash, together or separ ately. Call and geo thenrat 606 Wabaah-ar. ‘ For sale-light and heavy express and delivery wagons of all kinds, at No. 259 South Canal-st. ■ ' ' , * F" OR SALE—ONI? SECOKB-HAIfD.iyAOHT buggy, and two second-hand express wagons, also oao new peddlqy ’gagon at i?S3 Sooth Canal-st. T7TOR SALR-THE CELEBRATED TROTTING J* Stilllnn Heart of Oak; sateraliino trotters sad pacers. ACRERMAN, S3 Eldridge-coart. For sale-or exchange-fob a light gentle horse, or other property, a sound reliable horso and buercy with extra wagon body, barneys, »tc., oom pleto. Apply to BOWLES & BATE 3, Kq. 17 Canal-st. Fob sale—one open delivery wagon. Apply to *'MAT,” Contro-ar. SUble*, nparcprner of Centr o-sr. and West Madkoa-at. i EOR SALB-AT A BARGAIN, A BAY MAKE, soand and a good traveler. Apply at' 73 West Maaroo. TpOB SALE—A BASKET PHAETON, NEARLY Ju. potr. Apply at Centre Arcana Stables, West Madi s'm-st. ROBERTS A BKO. _ FOR SALK—A6-YEAR-OLDMARE, 60UND.KIND, and true, and weighs LOW pounds, ®IW; sqi»r»-bo*- bngyy, nearly, n«v, *110; Wnwj, good, o;dy «la. AU three for ££>/cash thl* week. A big bargain. liIBNEY HAND, in ifadison-it., and 025 Weft Laio-at. T?OB SALE—I 3 HORSES OF ALL GRADES ; 5 LUiL J? ber-wagem, I two-hors* spring track. 5 bocgies, U sets harness, heavy and light. WHI trade for real estate, and give time tc honest man. Apply at 53s Imoboll-st. Ivor S-*LK GRAY MARE. SOUND AND KIND, 1 snlfablo for light delivery or express wagon. SAW YER * TKUDELL’S livery stable.,’ Third-av., near Jackson-ct. ; • frOR - SALE-ONE PAIR OF DRAUGHT HORSES, J cPsaly matched: s-u’ud f.a«l ; iveizbs 3.000 pcoade; HORSES AND CARRIAGES. For sale-two horses, buggies, act hah kom. ataSMiehlon-ar. TJIOU SALE—BY THE OWNER ONE PAIR GOOD t ■t? a T w ? *‘i r at 421 State-st,, Monday, bo loro 12 o’emek, » F° n t» S i\ LE r SOTTKI) » CHEAP, LIGHT HOUSES. . ri li £* prcM ordriving, at CROSSMAN A ua.\S Livery, Boarding, and Sale Stables, 414 to 413 West Kaadolpb-at. FOR SALE-A NICE TEAM AND CARRIAGE. OR will (or proper!/ on Una U„ B, A (>. u. R. ISAAC L. HINDS, Hinsdale. ’ 1 FOR SALK—or exchange for an express wagon, a truck, harness, and horse, lid Dear bo ru st*. Room 9. For sale—a no. x horse, wagon, and har. ness, cheap lor cash.- 2fc9 North Faullaa-st. For sale —on elizabeth-st., between West Randolph and Lake—l pair heavy gray geldings; 1 pair heavy bay geldings; 1 pair browns: also. IQ nna driving horses lua; in from lowa, and mast bo cold* For sale-i second-hand tof-buggy and 1 horso that a lady can drive; cheap. OSCAR FIELD, 42 and 44 Congress-st. , OR SALE—A BEAUTIFUL THOROUGHBRED riding mare, 6 years old, thoroughly broken and per. fictly sound; particularly adapted for a lady. A now Eng- I’sU alde-saddlo can be fold with It; mast bo told Imma* dluttly. Apply at SCB Indiana-av., corner FOR S.VLE-1 TWO-SEATI2D TOP CARRIAGE, 3 f ou buggies, afevlight road wagons, 21igni grocery or cxprais wagons, at HATHAWAY’S, 600 Stato-s;. Fob s old; good, gootle, rides and drives well. Apply at 235 Third-av., .Monday forenoon. FOB SAIiE—A GOOD HORSE AND 3-SEA TED family carriage, nearly now. A pply at lt)3 Abordoon-st. FOR SALE —TWO DRAPD HORSES; ONE weighs 1,600 pounds, and one 1,650 pounds: sound and kind. M. C. WILBUR A CEO., 187 Mlchigan-av. 771 OR SALE—3S HORSES OF. ALL GRADES. FROM X 1 a cheap work horse to a duo carriage team, at low prices. 65 West Monroe-st. Fob sale-a horse and buggy, and a lady’s saddle pony; can bo seen at Noa. 55 and 57 South .HaUted-st. (livery stable). FOR SALE—fast, pacers, and matched carriage horses at Omaha Stables. M. G. WILBUR «t BKO.. 167 Micb!gan-ar. Good pasturing for horses at lelano’3 Farm. Hinsdale. W. LELAND, Hinsdale. Office, 205 Soventcoath-st., Chicago. H~ ORSES PASTURED BY TEE WEEK OR SEASON by V. FREDRNHAGEN, farmer and breeder of car riage and road horses. P. O. address Downer’s Grove, HI. Refer to Reed A Sons, 90, 03, and 94 Van Boren-st,, or R, Lancaster, £B6 Mlchlgan-ar. Harness of superior quality con stantlyonhond and made; to .order by J. A. ISLE* 40 Stats -st. FYOU WISH TO BUY A STRICTLY FIRST-CLASS buggy, business or road wagon, top or open, and at a srice5 rice that will enable jroa to lire, the place to do it Is ‘LETCHER, LAZEAR A CHENEY’S, 325 State -st. T WANT TO EXCHANGE A LOT FOR A HORSE JLsnitablo for express wagon. Call at 083 West Mcdlson. JR. BROOKMAN, 190 TWENTY-SECOND-ST.. . comer of State, lias for sale new and second-hand baggies. open or top: business wagons with ono or two seats, single and doable harness: also/ a few good hnnos. Carriages and buggies of every description to lot, with or without bones. SMALL BAT* HORSE, 6 YEARS OLD. FOR SALE cheap; sound and gentle, good traveler, child can drive Mm. 519 Wabash-av., up-stairs, from 12 to 3p. m. TO EXCHANGE—A FINE BLACK ROADSTER, tf years old, for a raddlo-borse. Call any time in fore noons, at 188 South Canal-st., EDWARD SMITH. TIT ANTED—A GOOD HORSE AND BUGGY IN EX- V V change for lot* at Hyde Park. J. MAHONEY, IC* West Polk-at. TIfANTED—IS 3IORK BOARDERS AT THE NORTH v V Western Stables, 260 and 962 Mlchigan-sU, near Rush-st., first-lass accommodation, at reasonable prices. D. F. DANFORTU A CO. WANTED-A LIGHT ROAD WAGON, CKEAPFOR cash. A. J. CUTLER, 111 State-st. WANTED-A GOOD SECOND-HAND FHAETOJL with top, but little usod, and cheap for cash. Au. dress W. H. FRASIER, 115 Madison-st. WE ARE MANUFACTURING STRICTLY FlßST class light carriages ol all styles, and all work guar, autood. which wo sell at living prices. If you arc in want of some, giro ns a call. FLETCHER LAZEAR A CHE NEY, Factory comer Sedgwick and Divisioa-Sts., sales. room 235 State-st. _ TTTANTED—GOOD HORSE AND BUGGY*. PRE- Vr for to pay with real estate, but will give cashfoea bargain. Andreas or call at 99 East Madisoa-st., Room 4. WANTED-A NO. 1 LIGHT EXPRESS WAGON, cheap for cash. Apply Monday st No. 10 LaSalla-st. 5 BOX STALLS VACANT FOB BOARDERS; TERM 3 36 per week. O. K. BABBAGE, Slxteeuth-st., bo tween Wabash and Michlgan-avs. ■ £.l Opr -FOR SALE-HORSES, HARNESS, AND tpJLXit/* carpenter’s wagon; rare bargain. Southeast comer Blue Island sv. and Loomis-st. tf»-ler£-IIORSE, BUGGY. AND HARNESS-' «JU_I O “ Horse a pacer," child or lady could drive him; not afraid of eon; also new milcb-cow, price $25. 37$ Calnmet-av. TO EXCHANGE. A GOOD ROAD BAY MAKE TO EXCHANGE FOR a stock ol liquors. Address M. 63, Tribune office. A FIRST-CLASS IBRIOK HOTEL, CONTAINING 100 rooms, rerr nicely fumltbod and located in an oa tcrprixlug city of is,ou) Inhabitants In Michigan. Also, » largo livery and sales ttables in connection. Hotel, stable, and fomituro worth 393,000. all of which I will ex change for Chicago property. A. D. TINGLEY, Room W, Republican Life Building. •. ONE 600 ACRE STOCK FARM AND A FLAX MUX, 2 hours’ ride from bore, to exchange for other proper ty. No. 183 Mlcbigan-st., cornorDcarbom. " mo EXCHANGE-GOOD SUBURBAN PROPERTY, X with some cash, for & paying business. Gtoccrr pre ferred- Address/ with location and hind of tndo, B 345, Tribune office. mo EXCHANGE —FOR GOOD HOUSE IN OAK X Park or Lombard, my residence, 303 Walnut-st.; honsa is la good order and wall located, contains 11 rooms, be sides pantry and closets, lake and cistern water, gas pipes to event room, marble mantel; price 35,000; to exchange fir suburban property; Oak Park preferred. Address OWNER, 915j$ West Lako-aL r EXCHANGE—UNTIL MAYI, 33.0C0 WORTH OP buildings with lot, near Blue Jsfand-ar„ that will rent for $1,600 per year; will take about half in acropron erty or lots, and balance cash payments. M. A. LAW HENCE A CO., Ibl East Madlsonst. TO EXCHANGE—NEW HOUSE AND LOT ON South Side, 31,400 credit. 3200 cash, and balance la cheap lots. L. It. WHXTNEy, Room 25, Otis Block. T" O EXCHANGE-FINE ROADSTER, FOR WORK horses; al*o, furniture and sewing-machines, for work-horeosandexprees-wagons. P. BRADY, 653 West Lako-st. TO EXCHANGE-A NEW WHEELER A WILSON sawing machine, half case, with latest improTcmouta* and a Grover A Biker, for clothing or gents' fumishina goods. Address SEWING MACHINE; Tribone office. TO EXCHANGE-2 BRICK HOUSES AND LOTS OS Wuat Side, one new. to exchange for brick and lons bcr. M. W. POWELL A CO., 173 Monroo-sU, Bxyaa Block. TO EXCHANGE—FOB FURNITURE. MERCHAN dise, or a lor, ono horse, harness, and good 2-seated, open buggy; or soil cheap for cash. Address MB6, Trit> nae office. ■ TO EXCHANGE-FINE RESIDENCE IN JANES-, rille, Wis.: farm, 250 acres, near Janesville- Wit.; 1.000 acres choice pine lands in Wisconsin; 1.230 acres chiTre farming lands in Minnesota and Wisconsin. JAMES R. MAY, 164 Madison-st., Room 2. mo EXCHANGE—I HAVE A NEW GRAND PIANO X now in stock; wish tb exchange it for board, or will i..ft cash with it for desirable city lot. Address M Tribune office. • r EXCHANGE FOB CHICAGO PROPERTY, some choice tracts of coal lands in the Wilmlngtoj coalfield. byL. INGLEDEW, ItßLaSalle-sL, Room 17, Bryan Block. ' r EXCHANGE-FOB NEW YORK OB BROOK, lyn residence, 12Sxi r >o foot, with splendid 2-story ane brick basement dwelling, cast front, on Oark-st., neat Dlrersey-av., worth $15,000. T. B. BOYD. 130 Weal Washingtoa-st. TO EXCHANGE-ELEVEN' PORTABLE GRlST mills, 16, 20, 24-lnch stones, best French burr; best, mills in the market; will sell at discount for cash, or ex change for Chicago property, SP.I.DEH, FISH A CO.* 165 LaSallo-st. O EXCHANGE—S2,SOO—2SxI2S, EAST FRONT, ON Cottage place, between Thirty-first and Thlrty-seo ond-sts.,for cottage and lot on Side; good neighbor hood, worth 95,000; will pay halanoe cash. T. B. BOYD* 180 west Waahington-st. • TO EXCHANGE—IO ACRES AT ENGLEWOOD FOR business lot on CUrk-sL, between Harris onaad Jack son, and pay cash difference. DR. J, KEAN, 860 South Clark-st. TO EXCHANGE —lO NEW LUMBER WAGONS (Michigan make), lor small stock ol goods or other property. Inquire of H. M. FOWLER A CO., 207 West Madison-et,, Room 25, from loto4. TO EXCHANGE—VERY DESIRABLE PROPERTY at Lincoln., Wicker, and Irrtng Forks, for farms, sad for residence and business property in country. J. 8. WOLFE. 64 Soath Pe«platPfee-»c. TO EXCHANGE—I NEW COTTAGES AND LOTS, North Side; 9 cottages West Side: 3 cottages Sect* Side. J. K. FINLEY & CO., 127 Clark-at. WANTED-TO EXCHANGE—CARPENTER WORK for ft smell horse. Apply at 181 Archer-ar. TTTANTEIX—TO EXCHANGE—FIRST-CLASS CAR' i Y pouter and mason work fur aero property In Chirac* suburbs; about fivo-aeru tract. Address, with descrip tion, G. NICHOLS, 2UB Sobcr-st. TTTANTKD—SOME GOOD FURNITURE AND A YV good gold watch la exchange for good suburban lots at low price. Address. M -T2, Tribune ofSee. agents wanted. A GENTS WANTED-TO SELL OUH^NEW BUTTON JX Hole tmttor and Needle-Threading Thimble. AgtsnU clear sSoper day. 99 East Hadlsoa-si., Room 5. AGENTS WANTED FIRST-CLASS EX.PRKB -A. enced a goats for tho oltr trade on the Improynd Howe Sowing Machine. Liberal Inducement* to both male and female. Call at led Deorbora-st. laqclre for N. O. * CENTS • WANTKD-NO MORE EXPLOSIONS A from KorosenOr-fnOforjclirami toon In the United. SWIM end Canadas to «01l Prof. Jotmson’s non-exploriro keroseno oil ponders. -Agents can dene Iromssto SlO - day. Liberal dlHoonntmado to grocers and druggists. L calces in koroeeao die Mod fm *en!.rj graplo box •oflt on receipt of S3os Address JOHNSON a CO», P. O. Box KO Chicago, 11L A GENTS WANTED—S3O SILVER WATCH FEES' J\ tat ta dars. m<l boit chase*) for oaring mono? Tv the Wevt;KAS2pbfl free. MERRILL A CO., 35 Weal LakS'tt. Agents wanted-ourthread-cutters fos Singer, Heme, Wood. Wheeler A WUson machines, road/to-day. Sample, 30 cents. A child triad* bobbin! Uka spool* of cotton with onr spooler. Oar spool-holder i* worth its weight in gold. Samples of the threo mailed. fl.lA CHICAGO NOVELTY COMPANY, 173 East liadlaon-at.. Room 13. Agents wanted—lady agents ax brown’s Pattern Emporium, 226 State-si. AGBNTS WANTED-FIVE LADIES.AS GENERAL Traveling A cants; can clear from S2Q to 810 por . Bare chance. Call at 6CB Wabath-av. A GENTS WANTED-GREAT INDUCEMENTS TO •AL agents and lady canvasser* for the city end all parts of tho United States, for the Kxoolalor Self-bUlng Drasa- Charts. Agents are making to 2 ICO a week. Call aV. 207 West Maulsop-st., Room' 7. Agents wanted-to sell the hewttt flut log, Polishing,. eadJELmd-lron. all in ono. Floteaaoy length. Good territory and pay; selling fast. 175 East lladiaon-Bt., Room 15. A GENTS WANTED-TO SELL OUR NEW COSf- J\. bined rlatinwand >oi .f*-Si r i «-» u ~ - 15

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